Hoi An – An Enjoyable Stop

If you are fed up with your unstoppable working days and want to refresh your soul, Hoi An’s charming Old Town is a best choice. Set on the Thu Bon river, Hoi An – or Faifo – has a peaceful life style. It once played an important role as an international trading port in the early 17 century and was widely known as the gateway for Chinese, Japanese and European to access Vietnam. This historical position has deeply influenced its culture, which is currently preserved and reflected in local architecture, art and food & drink.

The first impression when you visit Hoi An is the long street containing many old house with ancient roofs, which are blurred in the foggy air of the early morning, or the fuzzy lights of the lantern in the late evening. You cannot leave Hoi An without visiting the Tan Ky House and the Japanese Covered   Bridge  – two magnificent architectures in the Old Town.

Tan Ky House is a lovingly preserved house since the 19th century which once belonged to a Vietnamese merchant. You can easily see the Chinese and Japanese influences in this construction. Especially, the house-owner can speak English and French quite well, so it is all the easier to visit this place.

The Japanese Covered  Bridge , which was built in 1593, is a special structure which has a roof for shelter and a small temple in its northern side. There was a myth that the  bridge  was constructed in the year of monkey and finished in the year of dog, thus one entrance is guarded by monkeys, the other by dogs. It is an impressive religious architect that you should witness at least one time.

It is not only the architectures are exquisite but also is the art. You should opt for the arts and crafts villages here to shop for handmade clothing or souvenirs. Hoi An is well-known for its fabulous fabrics and skillful tailors, which can satisfy the most fastidious customer. Also, it boasts a line of art galleries and handicrafts, especially on the wet side of the Japanese Covered  Bridge , selling a various range of fake antiques, wood carving and reproductions of famous paintings. One more thing that you can never forget is the glow of shining lanterns, which are in line on the streets.

Last but not least, you should not miss out on the diverse local food and drink. There are mainly three local specialties here, and the most famous one is caolau. It is a mixture of doughy flat noodles, croutons, bean sprouts and greens, topped with pork slices and served in a savory broth. The traditional taste can only be found in Hoi An. The other two delicious dishes are “white rose” – a type of shrimp steamed dumpling made from translucent white dough bunched up to look like a rose; and wonton dumplings – essentially the same as the Chinese kind, served up in soup or deep-fried.

There are always certain reasons for tourists to visit Hoi An, but there is one same thing that Hoi An is too good to miss. It will totally be a tranquil place to hide yourself for a while. If you have any interest in this charming Old Town, please visit Threeland Indochina Travel and contact us to get more details. We will simply be your best local friend.

A Selection Guide for PCB Assembly Services

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly comprises of several electronic components that enable the functioning of an electronic device. PCB assembly services consist of multi-stage processes that include placing components on a PCB board, soldering them in place, and inspecting and testing these components. PCB assembly is often outsourced by OEMs to a specialist firm, as setting up a printed circuit board assembly unit requires a significant investment. There are hundreds of tiny components that help complete the circuit in a printed circuit board.

Most small and medium sized businesses usually rely on the services of an electronics contract manufacturing firm to source their PCB units. There are several advantages of enlisting the services of a contract manufacturer. These include:

  • Save investment and labor costs:The capital investment in a PCB assembly unit is very high. A company can easily outsource these costs and save millions of dollars that would go into setting up operations, hiring labor, managing inventory, upgrading and maintaining their facility and so on.
  • Benefit from specialized skills: A contract manufacturing firm most likely specializes in the limited services that it offers. For instance, an electronics contract manufacturer would have a dedicated set-up and work force to take care of all its PCB projects. This would ensure that the OEM gets specialized, expert services in adherence to the latest industry standards.
  • Focus on core competencies: Having outsourced the non-core activities to a third party, the OEM can now focus on its core competencies. It can also put in more efforts in brand building and strengthening its sales and marketing network.

When choosing a firm to contract the PCB manufacturing and assembly process, it is very important to make an informed choice and decision. Here are some things to consider when choosing a partner for PCB assembly services:

  • Your foremost concern should be whether the chosen firm is equipped with the latest SMT and DIP line management capabilities. These are the latest standards in the printed circuit board industry. The speed of the SMT lines is integral too. A speed of 0.09 seconds per chip is great by international standards.
  • As most electronic and electrical items become more compact, it is essential to integrate multi-layer PCBs. Hence, the firm you are choosing should be able to manufacture PCBs of eight layers or even more if need be.
  • Other specifics include the ability to use a variety of conductive materials to suit your circuitry requirements. Choice of materials would include tin, bare copper or gold. Also, check if secondary inline operations such as BGA and bonding can be provided by the chosen PCB assembly manufacturer.
  • Finally, it is vital to ensure that the firm manufactures UL-listed and RoHS compliant services in keeping with environmental mandates.

Mounting Paper Artwork – No Hinges Required

This article will expand on mounting options for paper artwork beyond the method using paper hinges. If you wish to mat and frame artwork for museum-quality, with the option to change it at a later date the mounting job must be reversible. Here I will go over some methods that are reversible. The following information on Corner Pockets, Mounting Strips, and Sink Mounts are the preferred archival mounting methods.

Over time, the preservation of artwork has evolved. Previously common practices have been shown to be harmful to artwork and are no longer recommended. For example: the use of masking tape which yellows artwork due to acid burn and covering of all the edges of the artwork with tape, providing no breathing room which causes the artwork to buckle. An option to using hinges is applying acid-free linen tape to attach the cut mat to the mounting board. When trying to choose tape look for one that says Framer’s Tape on the label. This is a strong cloth tape with a tactile nature similar to that of duct tape and was developed for pH neutral mounting, matting, and heavy frame work. As long as it is good quality is will not be predisposed to yellowing or cracking. This type of tape can be torn by hand in one direction; no knives or scissors needed. This tape is compatible with paper, board, and most porous surfaces. It’s pliable, and is ideal for use.

Unless you already have premade matting ready to go your first step will be to build your matting by starting with acid-free 4-ply matboard used as the mounting board; 2-ply is too thin and is prone to warping. This kind of matboard is also referred to as museum mounting board. Keep in mind that what touches artwork should be acid-free for the sake of preservation. For photographs, always use photographic mounting boards.

The mat and the mount board should be of equal size. Lay the cut mat face down and the mounting board face-up with their top edges together. Make sure the tape is approximately an inch shorter than the mat’s edge, and lay the tape along the seam created by the top edges of the two boards touching. Close the mat, and examine alignment at the corners.

Next you place the artwork to be mounted on the mounting board. Make certain you do not attach it to the cut mat. Close the tape-hinged mat and position the artwork precisely as you want it within the mat window. Put something weighing down the artwork that will not damage it so that the artwork will stay in place. Open the mat and mark on the mount board the position of all four corners of the artwork. Now that you have your mat it is time to decide which of the following techniques is appropriate for the artwork you are mounting.

Corner Pockets are made by bending a strip of acid-free paper to form a triangular pocket. Corner pockets are also available ready-made in a variety of sizes. Tape the pocket to the mounting board with acid-free linen tape. Slip the corners of the artwork into the four pockets.

Mounting Strips are made of 100% rag or mylar and hold the artwork in place from the sides, top and bottom instead of the corners. Half of the strip is backed with an adhesive to attach to the mounting board. The artwork is slipped into the inner grooves on the side of the non-adhesive strip half. You must measure very carefully to have a close fit for securing the art properly for display.

Corner pockets and mounting strips require no attachment to the artwork, as no adhesive makes contact with the artwork. When implementing these methods remember to allow 1/16″ to 1/8″ breathing room for contraction and expansion of your artwork. These methods are effective options to T-hinges if the artwork is small enough and stiff enough not to slip out of them. Also, the artwork must be overmatted to hide the corners and strips.

Sink Mounts are used for artwork on thick supports, e.g. illustration board. The sink mount is a board of equal thickness to the artwork. Cut the center out of the sink mount board the same size as the artwork. For the backing, attach matboard behind the sink mount with double-sided tape or ATG tape. Place the artwork in the sink mount opening. The artwork in the sink mount is sandwiched between the backing and the window mat.

You may want to ask a local art store framer to show you their mounting materials and supplies so they can answer questions about the specific materials on hand that best suit your project. More mounting information and methods are discussed in this article, Matting Art – What Matters and Why.

Tile Roof Repair Overview

There are few roof coverings that can match the beauty of tile, but the downside is that the individual tiles can often become cracked or broken. Even just a single damaged tile can hurt the look of your roof, not to mention the fact that you may expose the area below the broken tile to the elements.

It is for this reason that you need to think about tile roof repair the moment that you see there is an issue. It’s always best to call in the professionals when you need this work done, but you can try to do it yourself if you have some construction experience.

The first thing that has to be done before you get started is getting hold of a replacement tile for the one that is broken. This is actually a little trickier than it sounds, as there are many different types of tile on the market.

You will have to ensure that the design and color exactly match what you have on your roof. Once you have what you need, you will then need to take all of your tools and tiles up to the roof. It’s always best to make this a two person job, as you should have someone there to hold the ladder steady as you climb.

The good news is that you do not need to carry a lot of materials up there with you. All that you will need is your replacement tile, a couple of small pieces of wood, and a trowel. Once you have located the broken tile you will need to carefully raise the tile that overlaps it. You can then slide in the two pieces of timber to hold open the overlapping tile, making it much easier to get the damaged tile out.

At this point you can then slide the brick trowel under the damaged tile and lift it over the baton underneath so that it can then be slid out. The tile should slide out fairly easily at this point, although you may have to do this in a couple of steps if the tile breaks during removal.

You will need to make sure that no pieces of tile debris remain in the area, as this could affect your ability to easily add the new tile. This should be easy to do, as it’s just a matter of sliding it in under the raised overlapping tile. Once it’s in place and you see that it is not interfering with any of the surrounding tiles, you can then remove the timber and be done with the job.

You really need to exercise extreme caution when up on the roof, and that includes calling someone out to hold the ladder steady when you are ready to come back down. It is not necessarily a difficult job to replace a roof tile, but it is one that can potentially be very dangerous. If you are in any way unsure about what to do, or nervous about the job, call in a professional roofer to do it for you.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Painter

If you’re doing renovations, completing an addition, remodeling or simply changing the colour of your house, commercial painters can help you complete the project, saving you both time and money.

Getting It Done Right

Projects like colour tint application can be very complicated and the average individual wouldn’t know how to do this the proper way. Discoloration is a tendency if the coats are not applied evenly and you’ll find mismatched spots if you do not get someone who is experienced and skilled for these types of jobs. Such projects should be handled by people who have the tools and specialized tools to finish it the right way the first time.

Professionals Are Trustworthy

One thing about having any type of renovation to your home done, is that you’re going to be welcoming strangers in your home. Hiring people who are not certified professionals can leave you open to all sorts of liabilities and possible theft. Commercial painters may be strangers at first, however you’ll soon see that these professionals earn a living based on their reputations.

Commercial Painters Save You Time

They know that they are there to complete a service and be out of your home as soon as they finish the job and anything but that could affect their future ability to find work. Professionals also will likely have other jobs lines up, and will not want your project to take any longer than necessary, making it in both your best interests to have the project completed in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

Commercial Painters Save You Money

They can even help you avoid overspending on paint and other materials since they have been doing this for years and know everything that’s truly needed to complete a painting project. They can go to your home and perform and assessment while providing you an estimate based on the services you require and nothing more.

Unless you know a close friend that also has a great reputation in painting, it would be a safer bet to leave any project you value in the hands of experienced professionals. When it comes to tough decisions such as colour choices, commercial painters are the best people to go to as they have vast experience picking and choosing the right colours to make any home look its best. They can provide you the best assessment of the colours and tools that will do the trick.

How your home looks matters and that is why you need to have someone paint it exactly how want it to look. The benefits of hiring commercial painters are many. Reputation is very important as well as experience.

Choosing a Commercial Painter

With today’s technology, you can review what other people say about a certain company online and these workers are not different. In fact, you can easily check how they work by visiting their website and reading customer comments and reviews. Most major cities have these contractors and by interviewing them carefully, in case they do not have a website to check, will provide you with a little bit of assurance.

Finding professionals who can do the job for you may cost you a little bit more as compared to regular painters but having the job well done should be your priority. You will end up spending more if you get the services of people who can’t perform well, only to have to hire another professional to fix up their shoddy jobs. In the end, it always pays to go with a reputable commercial painter in your area.

Getting a Kick-Ass Black Chandelier

The black  chandelier  was known as a status symbol in early times and not only black the  chandelier  but many other types of  chandeliers  were considered as status symbols. A person having a large-sized  chandelier  in his or her home was thought to be a luxurious person. In the past, large-sized  chandeliers  were used in palaces and houses of those persons that were nobles and aristocrats. But with the passage of time,  chandeliers  lost their status and value as modern lighting fixtures took their place because of their low price cost. If you observe the presence of  chandeliers  over some past years you would come to know that these  chandeliers  were part of the reception halls and hotel ballrooms. These  chandeliers  were also used in the dining halls of rich and famous people. And these  chandeliers  were not used in normal or cheap form but these were used in crystal and with gold framing. These crystal and gold framed  chandeliers  were primarily used as decorations and not as lighting fixtures.

A typical large-sized  chandelier  is not perfect for a normal sized house because it requires a high ceiling and eats up a lot of space as well. They are only perfect for homes with high ceilings and enough space to accommodate a large extravagant fixture. If you have a  chandelier  in your home and it is a black  chandelier  then every time you enter your home you will feel like it an old classic period. Black  chandeliers  with crystals remind you of the past times and your friends and guests will feel the same when they will enter your home.

If you are going to buy a  chandelier  for your home then you should go for such  chandeliers  that are gaining popularity because of their use as decorations in the form of lighting fixtures. You might be looking for elegance that is infused with modernity. If so then a black colored  chandelier  will surely fit your requirements and if added with crystals then you will have a luxurious and elegant lighting fixture in your home.

Nowadays there are different sizes and designs available for these  chandeliers  so you will be able to mount them anywhere in your home either in dining hall or in your bedroom as well. You can shop this  chandelier  online as well. You will surely find a perfect stylish  chandelier  of your taste. Black  chandelier  lighting should be your first priority as it exhibits magnificent black  chandelier  shades that will impress your guests for sure. You should visit various websites online so that you can have your desired  chandelier  that you dream of. Remember that you should focus on making the comparison of the prices of these  chandeliers  while surfing through various websites. This way you will be able to have the best deal for your desired  chandelier .

Is a Cedar Hot Tub Right for You?

All types of hot tubs including those made of cedar are loved all over the world. This is because soaking in the warm water can relax the body and replenish the energy we use to get through our daily lives. Even in ancient times the hot spring was used for its therapeutic benefits. So I ask, who would not enjoy the luxuries of having a hot tub and all of the benefits that come with it. This is why hot tubs have become so common especially in the colder regions of the world. There are so many types of hot tubs to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you.

If you are searching for the right hot tub let me suggest one made from cedar. Cedar is a tree of the coniferous family and is closely related to the fir tree. The cedar tree can be found in the Mediterranean region, Western Himalayas and in much of North America. Cedar is very resistant to decay and is a very good type of wood to use when building anything that needs to last for a long time. The wood is also resilient to weather. Many closets and chests are made from cedar because of this reason and also because it is said that cedar wards off moths. Cedar is definitely prime wood and a hot tub made from it is sure to be extremely beautiful and enjoyable.

Another reason to get a cedar hot tub is because the coloring of the wood is very beautiful and many people love it for that reason alone. Manufacturers of spa tubs are really impressed by the woods potential. Tubs that are made from cedar are in great demand and very popular. Also the availability of cedar tubs is really large. Most manufacturers make it a point to have wood tubs built because they know that the cedar is one of the most popular materials to use when building a spa tub. Even the Internet is littered with spa manufacturers selling cedar units to the public, so finding the perfect one should be really easy.

Therefore, any reason that I have given above is a good reason alone to buy a cedar hot tub. The natural golden brown coloration of the wood will make the area you put the tub in will have an instant naturalistic feel to it and help you feel closer to nature. However, it does not mean that just because it has a natural feel to it that the tub is old fashioned. Most of the spas build in modern times have many excellent features like massage jets and temperature gages to make sure the water stays nice and warm no matter how cold it is outside.

How to Make Money From the Internet With a Shovel?

Of course there is no real way to make money with a shovel. But there are plenty of ways to make money on the Internet. One of these ways is called affiliate marketing. It is one of the most popular ways of making money online.

In order to start making money from affiliate marketing, you need a few skills. These skills can be obtained rather quickly and is something most people who try to make money online never actually obtain.

The reason they never obtain these skills is because they don’t have the correct guidance and mentors. In order to find these managers and proven guidance. You’ll have to do some more research than just the shallow research most people do. Instead of just going from opportunity to opportunity you should find one person to follow a follow the person closely.

This is a great way to start making money from the Internet because my have someone to copy and someone to trust. If this person is trustworthy and shows you good information than there is no reason why you can start making money on the Internet easily.

Skills you need to obtain are basic skills anyone can learn. These skills are just simple marketing tactics and techniques. Most of them can be taught in just 30 days and you can start making money from then on forward. Many beginners fail at this because they either do not believe or they don’t have the correct guidance.

Luckily there are many resources on the Internet that can help you find both good mentors and trustworthy resources that will actually help you and not make you poor, because that is what a lot of people fall victim to.

A byproduct after product opportunity after opportunity and then they never get anything in return. This is the sad truth but there are many ways to get around it.

one of the good ways is to actually just follow this system for at least 90 days before moving on to the next one. This is something that a lot of people mess up and they keep buying the next product after the other and it soon racks up on their credit card.

This is the reason a lot of beginners quit trying to make money online when they have actually just touched the surface. And there’s so much more that they could do. They just don’t know it.

Think Before Ordering A Suspension Lift Kit

Recently off road riding has been blown out enormously and the manufacturers of off road accessories are doing market their products for rough-and-tumble vehicles, sometimes even going as far as presenting their trucks splashing through muddy Hill roads and running through the rivers shown in the TV advertisements. The fact is many of those advertisements do not reflect the pros and cons of the kit perfectly. So before purchasing any lift kit, you need to think of the lift kit systems available on the market.

Suspension Lift Kits:

Suspension system consists of shock absorbers, coil over, springs, and other related parts that attached to the wheels to the rest of the truck/car. The suspension system is accountable for keeping the vehicle relatively constant while stirring on the road. A standard suspension system for trucks and SUVs, are often highly fitted to city or highway driving also on off road.

A lift kit allows truck owners to raise the suspension of their vehicles with a higher clearance. Lift kits are generally installed by experts, but truck owners with the right experience and tools can absolutely complete this modification themselves.

Selecting the Lift Kit:

To choose a lift kit system dramatically depends on your budget & the quality you want. You have to keep in mind all of the attributes when deciding your final purchase. Now let’s check out some features useful in buying a lift kited for your trucks or SUV’s.

When you are going to buy a lift on your truck or SUV’s the first thing that you need to think that your kit must be fitted with your Trucks and SUVs. Ideally rated coil springs, combined with your choice of specially tuned shock absorbers, provide unmatched ride quality and handling, both on-road and on the trails. Bushings should wear resistant. If all the parts are covered with the powder coat that would be great. The wear resistant bushing can play an important role in the off road riding. Kits should be designed in a way where no welding is required and it should be entirely built on. We need to think about the warranty and guarantee of the product. No doubt we should go forward to the life time transferable warranty.

Required kits:

To lift a truck there are some necessary kits and at the same time some optional/upgrade kits. Necessary kits are the accessories that are really important to run the kits and if we want to upgrade the kits then we need to think about an upgrade.

A lift allows for your tires to have better articulations (up and down range) so you can run over rocks and keep the body straight. It also raises the body up enough so when you come down on a rock from your front tires, your body will not hang up on it. Therefore to make a name in the off-road riding, customers are tending to use lift kits to make the mule look distinct and attractive.

Savaria Concord Eclipse Elevator

With the increasing number of aged and disabled persons in the United States, the need for accessibility products including residential elevators are on the rise. Having a mobility product installed on your premises is not a difficult proposition anymore, as all major accessibility equipment manufacturers are now offering their residential mobility products at highly affordable rates. Savaria Concord is a pioneer in the accessibility products manufacturing industry, having a wide range of products for both residential and commercial requirements. For clients who are looking for an affordable and efficient residential elevator, Savaria Concord Eclipse Elevator is the ideal choice.

This accessibility equipment from them is easy to install and maintain as no costly modifications are required to be made at your home or premises. As the unit does not require separate room for machine installations, the space requirements are also less. All Savaria Concord Eclipse elevators are built with highly durable components which are the same used in commercial accessibility equipments. So these are capable of ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for years. Savaria Concord’s Eclipse elevators come with lots of standard features and specifications and some of these include:

o Automatic 2HP-geared roller chain variable frequency drive

o Optional load carrying capacity of 750 lbs, 950 lbs and 1000 lbs

o Rated speed of 40 feet per minute

o Energy efficient variable speed motor drive

o Door interlocks

o Green drive energy return system

o Emergency cab lights

All Savaria Concord Eclipse elevators possess the latest safety features for ensuring a trouble-free ride. The safety features provided include battery powered emergency landing and manual lowering hand crank to tackle situations when the regular power supply has failed. The slack chain brake system also adds to the high level of safety in the Eclipse elevator.

This mobility product has a wide range of customization options to suit varying interior decors of traditional and modern homes. Customers have the choice of selecting their favorite cab styles and required sizes from various collections available.

All Savaria Concord Eclipse elevators are given a 36 months limited warranty for repairs and replacements of defective parts. With authorized accessibility equipment service centers and company trained technicians operating throughout the US, all servicing and maintenance jobs for the Savaria Concord Eclipse elevator are being provided in a professional and time-bound manner.

Considering the various value-added features, we can see that the Savaria Concord is the best suited model for residential use. Apart from providing total freedom of movement to the disabled and the aged, having these mobility products installed in your home can also add to the resale value of your home.

Paper Plate Animal Crafts

Paper plate animals make the perfect kids craft idea. Most are very easy and inexpensive and kids can pick their favorite animal. You can make masks, wall hangings, animal mobiles and standing animal crafts.

The great thing about making animals from a simple paper plate is you can make anything – from aardvarks to zebras and everything in between. Here are just a couple ideas for your animal crafts your kids can make.

3-D Paper Plate Elephant

Using sturdy paper plates, you can give your animal a fun 3-D look. The supplies and instructions below are for making an elephant.


8 Sturdy Dinner Size Plates 2 Flexible Dinner Sized Plates 4 Toilet Paper Cardboard Rolls Black and White Construction Paper Paint Black Marker Pipe Cleaner Scissors Glue


  1. Paint the sturdy plates the color of your choice for the elephant’s body. Let these dry completely.
  2. Glue 2 plates together at the rim (front to front) to form one section of the body. Repeat this with the other plates until you have 4 body sections.
  3. Glue each of these sections together, back to back, to form the elephant’s body.
  4. Using white paper cut out two large circles for the eyes. Cut out two smaller circles with the black paper for the pupils. Glue these to the front plate. Cut out some small strips with the black paper for eye lashes and glue these above the eyes.
  5. With the flexible paper plates, paint these the same color as the body and let dry. Cut a large arc on one side of the plates to create the ears. Glue these to the side of the front plate (in between the first and second section of the body).
  6. Use one of the cut out arcs for the elephant’s trunk. Glue this under the eyes. Cut out a mouth using black paper and glue under the nose. You can give your elephant a fun look by cutting out a cute bow tie (for a boy elephant) or hair ribbons (for a girl elephant) and glue these one.
  7. Next, paint or cover your cardboard rolls with paper to match the color scheme of you elephant. Glue these on at the bottom of the elephant’s body in the front and back, placing them in between two of the sections. With the black marker, give his feet some toe nails.
  8. Lastly, take the pipe cleaner and shape into a tail. Poke a small hole in the last plate (in the back) and stick the pipe cleaner in the slot. You may need a little bit of glue to help hold this in place.

This cute paper plate animal will stand on its own and will look great on any table. You can even make more zoo animals and dedicate a whole table for creating your zoo.

Paper Plate Rocking Horse

Every one of all ages love rocking horses. These were classic toys for many of us. So get some of this nostalgia back by making this cute animal craft.


Two Flexible Dinner Sized Paper Plates Brown, Black and Tan Paint 2 Wiggle Eyes Yarn Scissors Glue Ruler


  1. Paint the bottom of the paper plate with brown, black and tan spots. Leave some of the white show as well to create white spots for this horse. Let the plate dry.
  2. Turn the plate over to the unpainted side and mark the center of the plate. Using the ruler, measure 1 1/2″ to 2″ from the center on either side. Draw 2 straight lines (one on each side of the middle). Fold the plate along these lines to create the “rocker”.
  3. Take the second paper plate and paint it for the horses head. We used the tan color but you can use any of the colors to match the body.
  4. Once this plate is dry, cut out a horses head and neck from the center of the plate. Make the neck about 1 ½ to 2″ wide.
  5. Glue on wiggle eyes or use paper to create the eyes. Using a marker, draw in the details of the horses face (i.e. nose, mouth, ears).
  6. Cut a 1 ½ to 2″ wide slit in the rocking paper plate (horse’s body). Make this slit the same size as the neck. Slip the neck into this slit and fold over to hold in place. You may need to add a bit of glue to help hold it in place.
  7. Lastly, using the yarn, cut several strips and glue on the back end of the horse for the tail. Repeat this with smaller strips and glue to the horses head to create the mane.

If your paper plate horse is too heavy on one end of the other, causing it not to rock properly, just tape a paper clip on the inside to the side that is too light. This will help balance out the rocker.

The ideas are endless when it comes to fun and easy paper plate animal crafts. So get out the paper plates, craft supplies and your imagination and have fun.

Essential Wood Burning Stove Accessories

There are a broad range of accessories available for wood burning stoves, some of which you will find essential. Others are a handy accompaniment that will enhance this cosy feature of your home. As well as various tools to help you build a fire and keep it going, there are some items that are needed when installing a wood burning stove or carrying out repairs. We have therefore grouped accessories under two main headings, which are entitled ‘Installation and Maintenance Equipment’ and ‘Fireplace Accessories’.

Installation and Maintenance Equipment

If you are installing a wood burning stove or fireplace, building a chimney, or carrying out repairs or maintenance to any of these you are likely to need the following equipment:

Fire Cement – This is used for attaching a stove outlet pipe to a flue or joining a single skin flue to a double skin insulated flue.

Heat Resistant Paint – Made to withstand temperatures up to 650 degrees, it is ideal for use with wood burning stoves.

Glass Cleaner – This is used for removing smoke and tar stains from the glass part of the door.

Chimney Cleaner – A specialist cleaner, which is used as an additive on the fire to help prevent the build up of tar deposits inside the chimney.

Flue Brushes – These enable you to keep the inside of the flue free of tar deposits.

Stove Thermometers – To enable you to decide whether your stove is operating at the correct temperature, you can attach one of these to the stove pipe. It is a useful tool to have because low temperatures can cause a build up of tar deposits in the chimney and a higher temperature than normal may indicate that your stove is not operating efficiently.

Replacement Parts – Some parts of the fire may deteriorate over time and need replacing. These include the grate, the baffle plate and the glass. The grate is situated at the bottom of the fire and the kindle is lit on top of it. Because it is continually subjected to high temperatures it can become worn out over time. Likewise, the baffle plate sits inside the stove at the top of the oven, so it can also become damaged. The glass is fitted into the door of the stove to enable you to see the flames. It is possible to buy glass for doors, which is either, pre-cut and curved, or you can have a piece cut to size by a glazier.

The above parts are available from specialist stove supply companies:

Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace accessories are useful for building a fire as you will need something to carry your wood in, and fireplace tools for placing the logs on the fire and stoking the coals.

Fireside Accessories – These consist of a set of handy little tools, for example, brushes and shovels to sweep the hearth, and pokers. These are also known as companion sets. There are many different sets available include contemporary designs in materials such as glass and chrome to complement the many modern fire burning stoves that are now on the market. More traditional designs can also be obtained in brass, or with a black or silver veneer.

Fireguards and Screens – Protective screens and guards will help to keep small children and pets away from the stove and also prevent sparks from flying out of the fire if you have the stove door open.

Log Baskets and Containers – Large containers and log stores are useful for storing the wooden logs and kindle, and some of these are fitted with wheels to enable you to move the wood around. Baskets can also be used for transporting wood to and from the fire as well as storing it. Woven baskets look attractive in a traditional setting.

Buckets and Hods – These can also be used for storing or carrying wood. Generally buckets and hods are used for storing wood next to the fire, with a separate large store being kept in another area. They are sold in a variety of finishes and materials, including matt black and brass, to suit your taste or the setting of the wood burning stove.

Stove Matches – It is possible to buy extra long matches that are designed specifically for use with stoves so that your hands stay clear of the flames. Some suppliers also sell accompanying match holders. You could also wear heat resistant gloves to provide protection.

Log Makers – You can turn waste paper, cardboard and wood chippings into logs for a wood burning stove by using a log maker. These are relatively inexpensive to buy.

Moisture Meter – This is used to determine whether the logs are dry enough for use.

Although there is an extensive range of items available it is not necessary to purchase all of these straightaway. If you are having your wood burning stove installed by a specialist supplier then he is likely to supply all of the installation equipment. Wood burning stoves often carry a guarantee and it may not be necessary to buy any replacement parts for a number of years.

Fireplace accessories can be expensive but it is possible to shop around and compare prices. Alternatively, you could build your own log store or use an old bucket to fetch the wood indoors. Some of the accessories sold by the specialist stove suppliers are pricey, but they can make an attractive accompaniment to your wood burning stove and help to create a special ambience in the room. For that reason it can be worth treating yourself if you want to experience the full effects of a traditional, or a contemporary but stylish, wood burning stove.

Aga Cooker – Cooking Christmas Dinner On An Aga Cooker

An Aga  Cooker  is an amazing  cooker  at the best of times, however when Christmas comes around it really comes into it’s own. Just imagine; it’s Christmas Eve and you have made your list of Christmas food, possibly prepared vegetables and got all the pans ready for the Christmas day cooking marathon to come.

If you were to use a normal  cooker  or even a range  cooker  the chances are that you will have to slave over it for most of Christmas morning, however, if you were to be lucky enough to own an Aga  cooker  the chances are that most of the hard work will happen in the background whilst you are free to enjoy Christmas morning with the family.

Once you have prepared the turkey all you want to do is get it into the oven and cook it, however to do that and still be able to eat it hot, without the dreaded re-heat, can be a problem. The other struggle you will face when cooking it on Christmas morning is oven space, or should I say, the lack of it. Assuming you will be cooking roast potatoes, sage and onion stuffing and possibly three other vegetables it is likely that unless you have at least two ovens it will be difficult to cook them at the same time.

Working with an Aga  cooker  is simply a breeze as the four ovens are all continuously at temperature, so there is no waiting for them to heat up, and as they are all at different temperatures you can move food around making sure that it is not overcooked but is always kept warm.

The secret ingredient when cooking Christmas dinner on the Aga  cooker  is the warming oven, this is where you would normally warm plates or cook food as you would in a slow  cooker . If you are looking to reduce the stress of cooking the turkey on Christmas morning use the warming oven, as it operates at a low temperature, you put the turkey into a tray and slip it into the oven before retiring to bed; it will gently cook for around eight hours and then in the morning you will be amazed to see that it is cooked perfectly. You will simply have to brown it a little and it will be ready to serve.

Cooking it this way will also free up space in the roasting oven for the roast potatoes and other vegetables. The trick is planning ahead and you manage your precious time and lessen the stress of cooking the Christmas dinner. The Aga  cooker  also has the added benefit that no matter how much spillage you have you won’t have to clean it up as the constant heat burns it off.

Running Wires To Your Car Amps

Before you begin running the wires for your car amps you will want to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and wiring and equipment for the installation of your car amps. Then you will want to make a plan for how you plan to route your wires making a note of any components or parts that might get in the way. The first wire I like to run is the power wire. This is usually the most difficult since you are usually running the wire from under the hood through the firewall and inside to the car amps. Some cars such s BMW’s and Mercedes Benz have the battery’s in the trunk, usually making for a fast install of the power wire if you are installing your car amps in the trunk. Always make sure to disconnect the battery before starting any installation!

You will want to make sure you run the power wire on one side of the car and on the other side of the car run the patch cables or RCA cables. This will help prevent any engine noise from entering the system. Most RCA cables are shielded and prevent engine noise from entering into the system, but it is still a good idea if possible to run them on the opposite side. Now I usually will run the power wire on the side of the car the battery is on if possible as this will help me use the least amount of power wire to the car amps.

Now you will want to run the power wire from the battery through the fire wall making sure you keep the wire away from any moving parts or components. When running the wire through the firewall I first look for a pre drilled hole that simply does not have any wires going through it. If none of these are present you will need to drill a hole. Make sure you know exactly what is on the other side before drilling. It is a good idea to use zip ties when running the wire through the engine compartment to make sure the wire stays secure. Wait until after you have everything hooked up and your car amps tested and working before you do this though.

You want to make sure that when running power wire through the firewall (from the engine compartment to the inside of the car) that you properly seal the hole you went through. This can usually be done with a rubber or plastic grommet. Failing to do this can create more noise on the inside of your vehicle and possibly let water into the inside of your car.

You will want to run all the wires to your car amps underneath the panels and carpet for safety and it will also give your system a pro installed look, so after the wire is in the car you will want to remove the kick panels and entry plates or scuff guards and run the wire under the carpet and to the place where the car amps are to be installed. A panel remover will come in handy when removing some of the interior panels and will help not to damage any parts. Use plastic instruments when prying off plastic panels as a metal screw driver will bend and chew up the panels being removed.

Remember when installing your car amps never force a panel off, never just pull on a panel unless you know what is holding it on as replacement parts can be very expensive, and you don’t want to install your new stereo just to not have a glove box anymore because it broke. When in doubt do some research on the internet for your specific car.

Simple and Scrumptious Recipes for Cedar Plank Salmon

Are you a busy mom with not much time on your hands to spare in preparing a great dish for the family? Do you wish you could cook something truly delectable in only a matter of minutes? If you are looking for a nice recipe to make for the whole family, you should check out these great suggestions. You might want to try making a salmon recipe that does not eat up your time. Your family will surely love having salmon for lunch or dinner. Moreover, the dish comes with plenty of nutrients that make it even more satisfying to eat.

Cedar plank salmon is a great recipe to prepare, particularly if you are hosting a special luncheon with relatives and friends. You can set up a picnic table in the backyard, and serve the dish hot off the grill. Everyone will enjoy this tasty dish with an enticing aroma. Hence, you should definitely include this salmon recipe in the menu.

Check out this recipe for cedar plank salmon. You can prepare this dish in less than an hour. Thus, you will not keep your guests waiting for hours for the dish to cook. Enjoy making this recipe and have a truly exciting mealtime.

Salmon on Cedar Plank with Pepper and Honey

This appetizing salmon recipe takes about 20 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of cooking time. Have these ingredients ready to start making the dish.

Cedar planks (untreated),2 pieces (12 inch each piece)

Fresh pineapple juice, 1/4 cup

Soy sauce, 1/3 cup

Vinegar, 2 tablespoons

Fresh lemon juice, 2 tablespoons

Extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon

Raw honey, 3/4 cup

Brown sugar, 1/4 cup

Black pepper (ground), 1 teaspoon

Cayenne pepper, 1/2 teaspoon

Paprika, 1/2 teaspoon

Garlic powder, 1/4 teaspoon

Salmon fillets (skinless), 6 pieces weighing 6 oz. each

Pepper and salt

Cooking Procedure:

Fill a basin with warm water. Put the cedar planks in and soak them for a couple of hours. You may also consider adding a splash of bourbon to mix in the water. Then, prepare the sauce by putting all the liquid ingredients (soy sauce, pineapple juice, lemon juice, olive oil, honey and vinegar) in a saucepan. Simmer the ingredients over medium heat setting. Once it boils, reduce the setting to low. Add in the brown sugar, black pepper (a teaspoonful), paprika, garlic powder and the cayenne pepper. Simmer the mixture and stir occasionally. After 15 minutes, or once the sauce has turned thick in texture, turn off the heat. Set aside.

Meanwhile, preheat the outdoor grill with medium heat setting. Put the planks over the grate. When you see some smoke and a crackling sound, you can already start cooking the salmon on these planks. Place the salmon on a plate and sprinkle some pepper and salt. Arrange the fish on the cedar planks and close the grill’s lid. Cook the salmon for 10 minutes.

Then, open the lid and spread a little amount of sauce on the top portion of the salmon. Close the lid once again and cook for another 5 minutes. Afterwards, remove the fish from the grill and serve on a plate. Add the remaining pepper and honey sauce.

Anyone will go crazy about this delectable recipe that makes a fabulous main course for lunch or supper. Consider having this salmon recipe as part of the menu, which is truly convenient to prepare.