Why is a Business Plan So Important to Your Success?

A good business  plan  is the most important but often overlooked part of running, starting and expanding a successful business, and obtaining finance for a business. If a  plan  is written properly, running a business and obtaining finance is much easier, leaving less room for error and failure. While you cannot predict everything that can happen in a company’s future, a good  plan  helps you avoid certain pitfalls and overcome obstacles, while anticipating and creating opportunities.

There are different  plan  formats for various circumstances. A comprehensive  plan  will help you run your business venture or project more successfully. There are also specialized  plans  for various purposes, such as a funding  plan  for a bank, investor or venture capital firm.

The business  planning  process is very important. It is a building block system that is continuous, systematic and comprehensive. It involves the entire company, produces effective decision making, and executes those decisions effectively in a strategic  plan . A good  plan  also measures the relationship between expectations and performance. It evaluates your company’s progress or lack thereof.

It is said, writing an effective business  plan  is more art than science. It is good to have a proven process and format, but you can’t just fill in the blanks on a master  planning  program or document. It is a matter of asking yourself the right questions within the proven process and format that brings about a successfully written business  plan .

The comprehensive  plan  that I develop has eight sections: the executive summary, company overview, management and operations, marketing strategy and  plan , strategic and sales  plan , financials and appendix. I amend the eight section  plan  for specialized  plans , like the funding  plan .

The organization of the business  plan  is quite important. The eight section business  plan  is in a specific order from which each section builds on the previous section. There is fluid thought and reasoning employed to achieve a business  plan  which reaches its specified purpose. Although I wrote that the executive summary is the first section, it should be written last. All the other sections should be written in the order they are listed. A  plan  contains a very precise and concise format and is organized into numbered sections and sub-sections, which contain specific information in short, paragraph form.

A business  plan  is a dynamic document, as it changes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. By being able to access it on your company computer network and online, various key people within the company can use and update it easily and effectively. For a Business  Plan  to be successful, it must be intertwined into the fabric of your business, have a detailed implementation schedule and be carefully tracked.

A well written and implemented business  plan  can do a lot of things, including: running, expanding or starting a successful business; be readily changed, adapted and updated to suit market conditions; be a fantastic sales tool; obtain funding; react quickly to market changes; give you the ability to make realistic forecasts and projections; seize market opportunities; establish and sustain your competitive advantage; and more.

Always consider hiring an experienced business consultant and planner to help develop, write and most importantly, implement your business  plan .

The Best Handrails For Hotel Renovations

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why and how these  handrail  systems would be of benefit in hotel renovations.

Due to the anti-corrosive materials used to manufacture the components of the system, outdoor use of these railing systems is extremely popular. They are extremely durable in the outside elements. They can be used to border gardens, lawn areas, pool perimeters, walkways and patio areas. Installing these railing systems in these areas would allow pedestrian traffic to be guided safely when moving about the exterior of the property. The clean and modern design contributes to the exterior appeal of the building and landscaping.

These stainless steel  handrail  systems can be utilized inside the building in many ways as well. They can be installed as balustrades for balconies and staircases. Systems utilizing the brushed stainless steel railing with wire rigging or glass panels work well in these areas. They can be constructed for use as partitions for building offices, delineating dining areas and to provide privacy for telephone use in the lobby areas. These systems could be designed with frosted glass or etched glass panels to provide the privacy noted above.

The best  handrails  for use in hotels will also include the use of grab bars in the restroom facilities for the handicapped. The railing incorporated in these systems is manufactured to meet the building codes for handicap facilities in both residential and commercial buildings. The design of the components complements the décor, reducing the “sterile” feel of the restroom facilities to allow for a more comfortable experience during the customer’s stay at the hotel.

These stainless steel  handrail  systems are manufactured to meet building codes for buildings, both residential and commercial, all over the world. Their primary purpose is to provide a safe and secure hand hold for people in areas where there are safety concerns. The design of these systems has evolved over the years to become, not only a safety product, but also one whose presence enhances the surrounding décor.

The best  handrails  for hotels are manufactured in modular components. This makes installation easy, safe and quick for anyone, including home do-it-yourselfers. They can be manufactured to fit your needs whether you are using them in a new building project or a renovation project.

A Guide To Fixing Common Problems With Timber Staircases

Unfortunately, timber staircases are known to sustain a little damage over time due to frequent use and old age in general. Luckily for you, it is possible to fix most of the damage that your staircase may have developed, and you won’t even need to call in the professionals to do it! Follow these directions to repair some of the more common forms of damage in timber:

• Broken, frayed, chipped and cracked treads

The main reason that the treads of your timber staircase will sustain damage is because they haven’t been covered. Even then, you will probably notice that the nosing has sustained the most damage. Simply remove the damaged portion of the tread, use a jigsaw to cut out a section of new wood that is the same size, and screw or glue it into place. You should also think about covering the nosing so that this same problem does not occur in the future. You can do this with carpet or with a special nosing protector strip.

• Squeaking steps

There are a number of issues that can cause the steps in your timber staircase to squeak. Are the glue blocks properly positioned between the tread and the riser (you need two per step)? If you find a missing or loose block, be sure to replace it with a brand new one. Are the wedges still in good condition? If they are loose or worn, they will need to be replaced with a new one. If you cannot get access to the underneath of your staircase, you could try driving a screw down through the tread and into the top of the riser. See if this stops the squeaking.

• Broken or loose handrails and balusters

If this sort of damage goes unchecked, you could find that your timber staircase is subjected to even more damage. Look for small gaps and openings in the handrails and balusters. To fix these, simply place some glue into the crack and use clamps to hold it all together. For larger cracks or openings, insert a piece of dowel that has been cut to size and glue it into place. If the damage is irreparable, you could simply replace that section of handrail or that single baluster.

In some cases, there is nothing that you can do to prevent your timber staircase from sustaining damage. Squeaking steps and loose balusters, for example, are issues to arise due to old age. Fortunately, by fixing these problems yourself, you can ensure that your staircase lasts you for a number of extra years and that you are not out of pocket for something that took five minutes to repair.

Cast Iron Reasons For Balustrades

Did you always secretly long to be serenaded? Well, now is your chance because railings are coming back in vogue and this means  balustraded  balconies on your bedroom windows! Decks and balconies will soon boast stylish railings and there will be many more railings on view in newly built homes.

Coming back into fashion with the railings look is also the old American idea of the front porch and verandah – with railings of course! Industry statistics inform us that as many as 70% of all new houses being built will have some type of rail decoration by 2015.

The delicate cast iron railing that will often front a long window on an upper floor has never really been popularized in North American homes, except perhaps, in the deep South. It has mostly been associated with Mediterranean, Latin and Mexican countries, perhaps because of the hot climate.

In the days before air conditioning everyone threw open their bedroom windows and as these were often the ‘French’ window style it was safer to have a railing in front of it.

However, in these days of air conditioning, people are more likely to close their doors on a hot humid night, yet the architectural tradition of the  balustrading  remains prevalent abroad.

In North America, home design consultants say that one reason for the increasing trend towards railings around a deck is to make your home look a little different. Homeowners like to customize their decks, especially in neighborhoods where similar decks exist side by side.

Another reason that decks are getting more attention is because of the trend that is sweeping the nation: that of outdoor living. Suddenly we are spending much more time on our decks and we want it to feel more comfortable.

There may be a question of privacy and the custom made archway and a couple of delicately curved sidebars for a climbing plant offer a form of privacy that is non offensive to the neighbor.

One North American consulting company has said that there is also a demand for multi-material railing systems such as wood and metal, or composites or metal and glass etc. Another way to add railings is to have top and bottom rails that match the color of the homes’ exterior trim.

Outdoor lighting in and on the deck railings is also being streamlined by some adventurous home owners. Changing the material of the deck rail (from traditional wood to iron or aluminum) will not be such a different look as decks have always been synonymous with an American home. However, the idea of railings on the American home brings with it some unique ideas for a whole new look.

The concept of  balustraded  windows on the upper floor is a fairly new concept here, but one that builders of new homes think will catch on. This will look especially attractive when it matches the decorative railings on the lower floor.

The old western front porch and the extended verandah is making a comeback – where better to show off your new  balustrading ?

There is a growing demand for powder clad and vinyl clad aluminum railing for those who want a maintenance free look. In order to have your house uniformly decorated, fence manufacturers have been quick to introduce new railing products to match the home accessories.

The elegance of an upstairs ‘French’ window that leads out only to a minimalist verandah of a few inches will definitely give a new look to a home. This idea is also purported to be coming into vogue and will definitely be a new look for most parts of America.

Put a Rocket Under Your Page Rank

As we all know, Google’s algorithms for Ranking Pages are known only to the chosen few. But there are some fantastic and creative minds who are happy to freely share their findings, on discussion boards and forums from their constant testing and experimenting to improve their own page ranks. These unsung heroes of the Web have come up with many novel and some not so novel ways to significantly increase your Page Rank.

Page Rank is a relevancy score comparing a web page with its pages and posts content, and it is scored between N/A or 0 and 10, with 10 being the most relevant. If you are running Firefox as your Internet Browser there is an excellent free tool named SEO Quake that will give you numerous details on websites including Page Rank, Number of Backlinks, Number of Pages Indexed, Bing and Yahoo stats, Keyword data and much more.

I believe Page Rank is updated monthly with Backlinks and Keywords being updated quarterly (every 3 months). Increasing your Page Rank will increase your Google Position and in turn will get your site more visibility in the search engines. This will run on as a cycle getting you more backlinks (if you have interesting content) and a better Page Rank leading to even more backlinks. Revealed below are some of the best tips I have come across for increasing Page Rank.

Increase your Backlinks.

Google sees other sites linking to and from yours as a sign that your site must be of use to, and therefore relevant to the readers. This is looked upon very favourably, and will get your pages ranked a lot higher. Backlinks will be graded, related to their relevancy to your niche, and also will be given a higher points score if they come from an authority site in your or a related niche with a good Page Rank of it’s own. The site with the most links does not usually rank above a site with fewer, but better quality links, so always go for quality then quantity.

Add Regular High Quality Content

There is much debate on whether Google penalizes sites for having duplicate content, many people believe that sites with a lot of duplicate content get ‘Sandboxed’. Personally I have yet to see enough conclusive evidence of this happening to convince me. However I can testify that sites who post regular original quality content gain higher page rankings and search engine rankings than other sites that scrape content from all over the web. This alone is enough to make visitors come back to your site for more, and being interesting and original can gain you many good quality backlinks for free, as other sites will want to be associated with quality sites such as yours.

Set Up your Site Correctly

Ensure that your site is set up so that it loads like lightning using the latest software and compression methods. Make sure that it’s internal structure is set up as a Silo as the Google Spiders love this setup. Interlink any and all related articles and pages and include a Site Map and Google Analytics as must haves. Ensure that your on page SEO is up to the task, using your H tags and Keywords to their maximum potential. Spiders love Bold, Italics and Underlines, so try to use them at the start of your pages too.

Advertise Your New Site Everywhere

You have a new site and the world will need to know about it. Tweet it, Facebook it, Digg it, put it in every Directory you can think of, Ping it, get it Crawled by Google, E-mail a Newsletter about it to the world, post on your Blog about it, join discussion boards and forums and put it in your Resource Box and RSS Feed it. You get the picture, sell it!

Increase your chosen Keyword Density

If you are writing a page or post on cars and your Keyword is Aston Martin, you have to include it numerous times, in fact put it in as many times as you can whilst still allowing the article to make sense. If your Article has it 17 times and another related article has it in once, who do you think Google will think is more relevant?

Chose your Title Carefully

Ensure that the title of your Web Page or Blog is also your main Keyword if possible. Your Title Tag should be a Main Keyword and your Meta Tags should be Keyword Loaded to the Max for super SEO benefits. Also chose the titles of any images carefully using Keywords such as Aston Martin 1, rather than image 1. Categories, Directories and Pages should only be named after your Main Keywords, anything else is a waste. For links never put ‘Click Here’, put ‘Aston Martin’, for example.

Think about your Page Setup

Studies have shown that readers take in the Top of a page and to the Top Left first, and they give the information contained there the most relevance. Position your most important offers or information in those sweet spots and don’t hide them away. After all that’s the whole purpose of this venture, to get the reader to see and remember your information,and hopefully to take some action.

If you have a new or existing site, try out the tips above, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Height Increase After Puberty

Is it possible to increase height after puberty?

I’ll give you just one answer to this question: yes, yes and YES!

I’m pretty sure you’ve been told by everyone around you that it’s not possible to increase height after age 18.


A 100 years ago, it was thought that Small Pox was incurable. 60 years ago, there was no way to prevent polio. 50 years ago, landing on the moon was only a distant possibility.

My point is that science keeps on advancing. What was true 10 years ago is not true today for science. Think about it: 20 years ago, you wouldn’t be reading this article because there was no widespread internet.

Science keeps on advancing, and if there’s one thing that science has learned in the past decade or two, its that there is really no limit to the human body’s capabilities.

Roger   Bannister  first ran the mile in under four minutes in 1954 and that was once thought unbeatable; the current world record is 17 seconds lower than 4 minutes at 3:43s. Going below the 10 second barrier in the 100 meter race was also thought improbable. Now athletes are hitting 9.6 seconds in the 100 metre.

How was all that possible? Through better science and better understanding of the human body, of course!

Science claims that height increase is very much possible after puberty or the age of 18. A good exercise regimen, a few supplements, and a good diet have been proven to be effective in increasing your height. There is really no age that you completely stop growing; that would mean that the body itself would break down. Of course, your age is a big determining factor in the speed of your growth, but that’s the only role that age has to play in controlling how tall or big you can get.

After all, isn’t that how Usain Bolt was able to run the 100m in 9.76 seconds when once even going below 10 seconds was considered impossible?

How Softswitch Differs From Traditional Circuit Switch

Softswitch has modernized the way the telecom industry worked before. Assimilating a stream of solutions like voice, fax, data and video, the technology has transformed the basics of this industry. Below we will discuss how softswitch varies from conventional circuit switch.

The telecom industry has seen massive technical innovations in recent years. A development or innovation that cannot be overlooked is the modernized softswitch technology. The softswitch is rapidly replacing the traditional switches based on hardware. Softswitch technology allows linking over the web, wireless networks, conventional telephony networks and cable networks, resulting in a congregated network.

Softswitch: – Describing the term

Softswitch is an Internet Protocol- (IP) based voice and multimedia switch. Softswitch can process the signaling for various kinds of packet protocols. Call Agent, which is the key element in the VoIP solution, is referred to as softswitch.

How softswitch differs from a traditional circuit switch?

  • Softswitch is software-based switching platform, whereas circuit switches are hardware-based.
  • Softswitches are based on open systems, whereas the framework of traditional circuit switches is different.
  • Softswitch is executed on general purpose servers, whereas circuit switches depend on dedicated conveniences for connection.
  • Softswitch can handle a wide range of applications such as fax, voice, data and video, whereas circuit switches are developed mainly for voice communications.

Advantages of Softswitch:-

  • Seamless assimilation of different networks and modules
  • New revenue stream for softswitch solution providers
  • Nominal cost of solution deployment and entire ownership
  • Adaptability in use and operation
  • Allowing innovative telecom services
  • Trustworthy communication process
  • Integrated messaging

Softswitch Perceptions & Functions:-

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) operates on the concept of fully separating switching units from the middle network framework. A VoIP network incorporates circuit switched phone and computer networks, with a softswitch working as a junction between both these networks. Softswitch transfers numerous data requests from a single network, lending functionality to it.

A main function of VoIP softswitch is to offer an adept and strong mechanism for inter-communication between packed-switched and circuit switched networks. When connected to a packet switched network, Voice over Internet Protocol forwards requests like voice and video conferencing, interactive chatting, web browsing and multimedia file sharing from both the above mentioned networks.

Class 4 softswitch

Class 4 softswitch is one among the highly expandable VoIP switch solutions available today. It accomplishes all your carrier-grade needs, perfect for both small and large scale patterns. Class 4 softswitch allows the delivery of safe, trustworthy VoIP traffic and solutions over diverse IP networks. Class 4 softswitch is a strong solution enabling clients to send carrier-grade VoIP solutions.

Alternative Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses. There are sinuses located above the eyes frontal sinuses to either side of the nose, inside the cheekbones maxillary sinuses, behind the bridge of the nose (sphenoid sinuses); and in the upper nose (ethmoid sinuses). Sinuses are air filled pockets in the skull that are connected to the nose and throat by passages designed to drain away mucus. The sinuses are the first line of defense in protecting the lungs against infection. Most cases of sinusitis affect the frontal and or maxillary sinuses, but any or all of the sinuses may be involved, and each individuals tends to have problems with a particular set of sinuses. If the sinuses are too small or poorly positioned to handle the volume of mucus produced, they can become clogged. Pressure in the sinuses increases, causing pain. Sinuses that are clogged for a long time seem to invite infection.

Recommended herbs for alternative sinusitis treatment

Clearlungs from Ridgecrest herbals contains Chinese herbal ingredients to restore free breathing, ease mucus accumulation, and enhance tissue repair. Echinacea boosts the immune system and fights viral infection. Ginger root can be crushed and applied as a poultice to the forehead and nose to stimulate circulation and drainage. Anise, fenugreek, marshmallow, and red clover help to loosen phlegm and clear congestion. Fenu-thyme from nature’s way products relieves nasal and sinus congestion. Take 2 capsules three times daily. P.S.I. from Terra Maxa is also good. Bayberry is a decongestant and astringent. Cat’s claw defense complex from source naturals contains a combination of herbs designed to strengthen the body and help the body to deal with outside elements. Warning: Do not use cat’s claw during pregnancy. Bitter orange oil can be used to swab nasal passages for local relief.

More recommendations for alternative sinusitis treatment

Do not eat dairy foods, except for low-fat soured product like yogurt and cottage cheese. Dairy products increase mucus formation. Eliminate sugar from your diet. Reduce your salt intake. Go on a cleansing fast. Drink plenty of distilled water and fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Also consume plenty of hot liquids such as soups and herbal teas. These help the mucus to flow, relieving congestion and sinus pressure. Adding cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, horseradish, and raw onion to soups or teas may bring even faster relief. Eat a diet consisting of 75 percent raw foods. If you are taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, be sure to add and acidophilus supplement to your program. Do not take the acidophilus and the antibiotic at the same time.

Another important and powerful alternative treatment for sinusitis is the “The Cure Within One Minute: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases” by Madison Cavanaugh. The cure within one minute presents the therapeutic effect of the only natural substance that sparks or initiates the movement of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cell membranes to a radical degree than is usually reached by other means.

This alternative treatment for sinusitis creates an oxygenated environment that no viruses, microbes, or harmful bacteria thrives. They just cannot exist in a highly oxygenated environment. And it also helps the body to cure and recuperate itself of virtually all sickness and diseases starting from sinusitis, common colds, influenza, swine flu to cancer, aids, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and asthma and etc.

The long history of this therapeutic treatment can be trace back 170 years ago when it was used effectively to stop a wide variety of illnesses from minor ones like colds and flu, sinusitis and to serious ones like aids, cancer, tuberculosis, cholera and malaria.

In the last 70 to 80years, this inexpensive, safe and effective alternative treatment has been used by an estimated 15,000 European doctors, top alternative doctors, naturopaths to more than 10 to 15 million patients to convincingly and successfully treat practically every known sickness and diseases.

Feather Flags and Banners Make Advertising a Breeze

Feather Flags are an excellent marketing tool to grab the attention of potential customers, these highly portable marketing tools move and flap in the wind to grab attention; Feather Flags do not need wind to fly as they are mounted on a curved frame so the marketing message is always highly visible.

Feather Flags are especially effective as multiples forming a dramatic visual of your brand, these items can be used inside at exhibitions and trade fairs to add height to shell schemes so your brand can be seen from afar, these special marketing flags come in a variety of different sizes from 2 metres to 5 metres high, there are a range of different bases to suit all locations from water and sand filled portable bases to spike bases to drive into the ground and under wheel forecourt bases for car forecourt displays.

Technological developments now mean that full photographic images printed onto fabrics is possible, these strong polyester fabrics help to produce vibrant colours and with accurate colour matching deliver outstanding results and representation of a company logo.

Retail establishments are realising the benefits of utilizing these Flags with valuable advertising space i.e. their own shop frontage, event companies are adding sponsorship branding and using feather flags to direct people, also sporting events are using these to indicate race start and finish locations and the locations of important area like first aid tents.

The portability and ease of set up and installation of Feather Flags is one of the keys to these Flags becoming so popular, dye sublimated graphics are printed onto a paper then the sublimation heat process transfers this to the fabric this process is so good that the flags can be put in a washing machine at 40 degrees with no ill effects to the printed image. Feather Flags are the latest, new alternative to conventional flags. Telescopic and portable they provide immediate impact. Feather Flags can be used for any display event such as forecourt display, exhibitions, festivals etc. When in multiples, feather flags can really be an eye catching wonder to behold!

These Flags are an excellent temporary tool that can help promote an indoor or outdoor event. Kits can be supplied complete with carry bag so transporting them is easy. Also referred to as sail flags they are ideal for many display environments and unlike traditional flags don’t require wind to get your message across.

Plasma Cutter – A High Performance Standard Equipment

Plasma cutting is a fast growing method that is considered as one among the fantastic technologies nowadays. It’s powerful in whatever ways we want it to be. Heated up as well as commanding characteristic features of the plasma beams are being used for the purpose of cutting and welding in a lot of industries. The cut that is made use of by this system using plasma cutters are always extraordinarily substantial.

Plasma cutters are accurate metal cutting machines. If you are planning to get a plasma cutter for your industry then it’s meaningful to make an effort and choose a plasma cutting machine which comforts the most excellent for all your metal cutting needs.

Plasma Cutter Is Having Unique Engineering Importance

A plasma cutter is a comparatively user-friendly industrial tool to engrave steel and other electro-conductive metals. These cutters exerts by using a high voltage electrical arc and a condensed gas. An electrical arc produced by an inner electrode ionizes gas passing through a nozzle, constructing a concentrated arc of plasma at the cutter’s angle. The arc’s contact with the working   facade  makes a high heat circuit.

A machine is normally said to be perfect when it does exactly what it needs to carry out. That’s for what you want exactly every time. We can examine that electro-mechanical machining processes in all-purpose. Indeed, this gives the use of themselves to easily assign standard tolerance, but that is not so for plasma cutting equipment. The actual machines like the cutting table, motors, rails, CNC, as well as the bridge. In fact they have recognition with the objective of far away surpassed the tolerances of the plasma cutting progression.

Whilst it comes to using a plasma cutter, there are a lot of specials features that will normally control the accuracy as well as capacity of the machine. In a normal scale we would refer to it as the quality or class, of the plasma cutting machine. This can be further determined as the kind of consumables used in the machine, the gases that are being used, the kind of material that is been cut by the machine, individuality of the material being cut, gauge of the material used as well as the design or structure of the elements on the metal plate.

While Considering Economical Aspect

It is correct that plasma cutting systems are fairly higher priced than some other cutting welding equipment. But there is certainly a difference between price and cost. The plasma systems are identified for their high cutting pace and excellence deliverance. Therefore they offer efficiency gain by saving welder’s time and money.

This is because the cutting machines do not necessitate preheating of the work piece. That’s why it’s enabling the operators to total jobs rapidly. The main benefits of using plasma cutters include enhanced quality cut. The labor demanding finishing works are required only in a least amount in the plasma cutting technique. Function of plasma cutting torches, consumables and power supply design have enabled the operators to get more cutting power and thicker cutting capacity.

How to Fix Red Ring of Death

The XBox 360 Red Ring of Death problem is caused by overheating. When Microsoft made their slim and modern console they didn’t realise the small size, powerful components and lack of sufficient cooling equipment such as fans and head sinks would cause so many problems.

To try and prevent getting the Red Ring of Death, take note of the following:

  • Don’t block any of the ventilation openings on the Xbox 360 console.
  • Don’t put the Xbox 360 console on a carpet, bed, sofa, or on any other soft surface as this could block the ventilation openings.
  • Don’t put the Xbox 360 console in a confined space, such as a setero cabinet or bookcase unless the area is well-ventilated.
  • Don’t put the Xbox 360 console near any heat source, such as a heater or amplifier.
  • If your XBox ever overheats, never put it in a cold area to cool down. The condensation this will produce will short out the console making the situation worse.

If you have the Red Ring of Death, try the following:

  • First restart the console. If this does not help then:
  • Turn the console off then unplug all the power and AV cables from the console. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket.
  • Reconnect all the cables firmly, and turn the console on again.
  • If the 3 red lights are still glowing, turn the console off, remove the hard drive, and then turn on the console again. If the 3 red lights error is no longer displayed, turn it off again, re-attach the hard drive, and turn it on again.
  • You should also examine the lights on the power supply. When the console is turned on, the power supply light should glow green even if the three lights on the power button flash red.

If none of this has helped then it needs to be opened up and fixed. You could either send it to Microsoft for repairs which takes between 10 days and 3 weeks, or you could try to fix it yourself.

If you do try to fix it yourself make sure to find a decent and safe fix. Do not under any circumstances try the “towel trick” which instructs you to wrap your XBox in a towel. This will cause the XBox to overheat even more and cause even more problems. There are many fix it guides on the internet, but be careful which you choose to use. Many of them instruct you to   solder  your XBox.

A reputable guide on how to fix the Red Ring of Death can be found at:

Choosing a Stained Glass Project

Stained glass is a versatile form of artwork that adds beauty and elegance to any room in your home.

Decorating with stained glass not only allows you to enhance the value of your home, but gives it that personal one of a kind touch which can be added in many different areas.

Stained Glass Panels

Stained glass panels can be used to enhance your windows and walls. Stained glass panels are one of the most frequently chosen types of stained glass projects. The versatility in design, size and shape are key factors in popularity. Glass panels can be inserted into window frames, transoms, cabinets, doors, sidelights, as well as used to adorn windows and walls. The design of a panel is unlimited. Any subject or design comes alive by using different colors of glass, textures and dimensions. Although glass panels are basically one dimensional, using overlays, wire and 3-dimensional objects (IE. shells, plates, layers, etc) your panel can have a 3-dimensional appearance. There is no issue with size and shape, because you design your panel to fit the exact shape and size you need. Basically, if you can dream it, you can build it.

Stained Glass Mirrors

Looking for that perfect gift for that someone special in your life? Stained glass mirrors may provide the answer for a truly unique gift idea. Combining a normal piece of mirror with the addition of colorful stained glass as an accent provides for a special piece of artwork. I have built mirrored pieces by using strips of stained glass as an access. Creating different shapes and sizes of stained glass along with varied sizes of mirror also works well. Some of my creations have included pieces that I have hung centered over the sofa which reflects the light already coming into the room. Smaller pieces of combined mirror and stained glass may be more desirable for the bedroom or bath.


Stained glass projects that include a 3d effect in their design are interesting conversational pieces too. These are oftentimes anchored to a decorative wood base and may be best displayed when set on top of a table. Other 3d projects include boxes, terrariums, business card holders, desk organizers, clocks and lamps.

Custom Sized Panels

It has been my experience that suggests a stained glass creation may be better displayed if it is custom designed to fit into an existing opening. When properly built according to that spec, the end result will appear better with little or no light coming from around the outer frame of the glass. A custom feel is quite desirable and will be worth the extra effort involved.

Cabinet Door Inserts

One common place that will surely create interest is the addition of a unique piece of stained glass anchored in a highly visible cabinet door. This can be a little tricky when sizing it to the door based on how you might have to attach it, however, with the addition of glass shelves and an electrical light in the top of the cabinet, the outcome will be something you will cherish every time you look at it in the future. Be prepared that if you don’t have a light inside the cabinet, it may not come off as you expected.


When walking through a big box home improvement store, you may increasingly notice the abundance of “stained glass” used in the fixed glass portion of entry doors. Although these are excellent invitations for someone to enter your home, you may not find the design you specifically need for your house. Create your own. There is special metal frames that can be used to safely insert and hold your own creation on a typical sidelight. This way you can select the right colors for the best look.

Cased Opening Accents

Many homes these days have an abundance of wood trim and this usually includes a pass through a wall into another room which may not include any doors, but most likely includes the jamb and casing. Designs can be incorporated into these openings near the intersection of the top horizontal jamb and each side jamb. It’s almost like envisioning an upside down bookend type of accent.

Keeping in mind when building any stained glass panel that natural or artificial light behind the artwork will always make the glass look better. Colors are more defined and the entire piece will “pop” with absolute brilliance. Textured glass may be necessary at this point to best illustrate the subject at hand.

Frequently, I mount my stained glass pieces in wooden frames which also tend to give substance to their appearance. Wooden frames can be made from any specie of lumber available and of course to any size. Sizing includes the thickness and width of the frame as well. Be careful not to get too big and accidentally remove the focus from the stained glass itself. Experiment with colors of stain too, to pull out the important colors within your stained glass.

Fact of the matter is, you really can’t go wrong when producing your own stained glass. There are infinite mixes to be explored by using different colors, textures, sizes, shapes of glass not to mention framing materials. Nothing is right or wrong, YOU are the artist. Have fun!

Computer Power Supply & Motherboard Replacing

If your computer is acting up, chances are it may need a new power supply or motherboard.

In this article you’ll learn how to replace these parts.

Most computer cases come with a power supply; however, in some cases it is not included, it may be necessary to purchase one separately.

The power supply is a metal box and it supplies low voltage power to the various circuits inside the computer. It also has a fan inside to keep it cool.

The power supply has 4 to 7 connectors that will plug into the mother board and disk drives.

Orient the power supply with its fan so that the fan faces the back of the system case, and place into position.

Fasten it to the case with screws using a non-magnetic screwdriver only!

You are now ready to install the motherboard, also known as a main or system board.

There are 2 types, depending on what system you want to build.

The AT   socket  7 and the ATX module slot 1 each using their own power supply and case.

If you are upgrading your present system you’ll want to make a diagram of all connections before you remove them.

Carefully remove each expansion card from it’s slot, it will be secured by a single screw.

It’s OK to seesaw the card end-to-end slightly to loosen it, but don’t bend the card sideways.

Set the cards on the power supply with paper separating them.

Leave all cables connected.

After making your diagram remove all cables to the motherboard.

Locate and remove all mounting screws.

Now you are ready to install the new motherboard.

Using the hardware that came with your computer case you will mount the motherboard.

Orient the board so that the power supply  sockets  are facing the back right corner.

Mount brass and plastic standoffs in the case to match the holes in the board.

Secure the motherboard with screws using non-magnetic screwdrivers only!

For an AT style board connect the two power supply cables to the motherboard.

The black wires go in the center next to each other.

Tilt the connectors away from the power supply and align the hooks on the connectors with the space on the  sockets  between the metal prongs and the back of the  sockets .

Tilt connectors toward the power supply until they are vertical and slide them down over the prongs.

For an ATX style you will only have 1 connector.

Your new motherboard comes with disk drive cables; these are the flat Grey cables with a dotted colored edge, usually red. There are cables for a hard disk drive and a floppy disk drive.

The hard disk drive cable is wider than the floppy disk drive cable.

If you are replacing your current motherboard use your original cables.

If you look closely at your motherboard you will notice that all connectors are marked in white lettering.

Insert the wider hard drive cable in to the PRIMARY IDE  socket , the colored edge will go near pin # 1.

Insert the floppy drive cable into the floppy disk drive  socket , the colored edge will also go near pin # 1.

There are several wires coming from the computer case, these wires lead to the indicator lights and the speaker.

If you are using an ATX case power supply and motherboard you will have an additional wire that’s marked P S for power switch. This wire will plug directly in to the ATX motherboard.

If you’re working with an AT style, plug the lead for the power supply directly into the power switch in the computer case.

The remaining wires are marked on their connectors as follows:







These wires connect to their associated  sockets  on your motherboard.

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Improve Opening Chess Moves – 3 Tips That Every Chess Player Needs To Remember

So you already know the rules of the game and its mechanics. So how do you improve your chess a little bit?

Every chess coach and teacher would agree that playing more and studying tactics will improve your chess a lot. And of course, you need some tips to improve opening chess moves and help you start the game in the right direction.

No, forget about studying dozens of pages of opening theory. That won’t benefit you a lot. Leave those ChessBase Magazines, TWIC Issues, etc. until you reach Expert to Master strength. For now, make sure you apply these tips to improve chess openings moves.

Believe me, this is going to be valuable in your first steps to conquering the 64-squared battlefield!

Improve Opening Chess Moves – Tip 1

Development comes first! The opening phase is all about mobilizing your army and optimizing their positions for the middle-game clash.

One or two opening moves in the opening is enough usually. Now, in case you are wondering what would be a good development sequence, here it is (1) Knights should be developed first since they are the slowest moving pieces. (2) Bishops are next. Put them in positions where they have maximum scope. (3) When there is no other developing move available, get your king to safety by castling. (4) And last BUT not the least, connect your rooks and bring out the all-powerful queen!

Now, this is NOT set in stone. However, this should serve as a good guideline.

Improve Opening Chess Moves – Tip 2

Pawn grabbing should be avoided.

In the other phases of the game, especially the endgame, nabbing that pawn could mean victory. However, that isn’t the case in the opening. Grabbing that extra pawn means you will be falling behind in development, and being 2 or 3 tempi behind in development could spell your doom especially in wide open positions.

Again, this is not a rule. If you can calculate that you can take a pawn safely, then go for it. But if you are going to face tremendous pressure for that extra foot soldier you have, and if you can’t calculate the end of the line, leave that pawn alone and be on the safe side.

Remember tip 1 – development comes first!

Improve Opening Chess Moves – Tip 3

Always keep an eye on the center.

The central squares of the board serve as a springboard for your pieces – giving an easier time to move to other parts of the board where they are needed. With central control, your pieces have greater mobility and activity.

From Beginner to Experienced: Tips For Choosing the Right Golf Course

Golf courses are not just for experts, or the rich and famous; golf is a fun, competitive sport that can be played by anyone. In most metro areas, you have several options for the type of place you play, difficulty, and even how many holes.

Public courses are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a member to play, although you will have to pay the green fee for the day. Most public facilities will recommend a reservation for your tee time, especially if it is a busy time of year. You may get lucky and be able to just walk on if it’s not too busy.

Private facilities, on the other hand, are only available to members and their guests. They may require reservations in order to make sure their members don’t have to wait unnecessarily. Usually there are other benefits, such as a lounge area, instructors, tennis courts, pool among other amenities.

Some private facilities are also available to the public, so you could say they are, “semi-private.” Many small-town clubs are set up this way, as are resorts in high tourist areas. They will reserve certain tee times for members and guests, and allow other times for the public. Usually the public will pay a higher green fee than members.

You may have thought that all golf courses had 18-holes. They have 9-holes that compose the front, and 9-holes in the back. While 18-holes are certainly the size of the majority of golf courses, there are other choices in some areas.

– 9-holes: A small town may not have a full size green. In this case, if you want to play a full round, you would just go through the holes twice. The difficulty and length of the course are usually much the same as a full size, just in less overall area.

– Executive: This type only has 9-holes, but they are less difficult than regulated facilities, so they don’t take as long to play through. This means it may be ideal for someone who doesn’t have an entire morning or afternoon to play.

– Par 3: This is a 9-hole course that only has par 3-holes. Because it’s not as difficult, it’s a good choice for beginners. It’s also great if you just want to get in a quick game.

The length of the holes and the objects around them, as well as the par value determines the difficulty of the course. Most 18-hole facilities have a combination of par 3, 4 and 5 holes. For example, the Executive course has only a few par 4 and 5-holes, which is why it does not take as long to play. If you’re just starting, choose a place with as many par 3-holes as possible.

From the beginner to the experienced, look around at the golf courses near you and pick one where you can have fun and play your best game!