Mobile Wallpaper – Totally You

One of the really awesome things about modern cell phones is the capacity they have for being personalized to suit you. With personalized ringtones, with coloured or designed or sparkly or light-up faceplates and holders, with all the great gadgets that make them really yours, cell phones are more than just a communication tool. They’re a fashion accessory.

So why not go all the way and personalize your cell phone  wallpaper ? That’s the part of your phone you’re going to be looking at the most anyway. You can go classy with scenic  wallpaper , or with pictures by French Impressionists. Or you can go total coordination with cell phone  wallpaper  that matches your faceplate.

Or you can download pictures of your favourite stars and movies.

Celebrity Mobile  Wallpaper  for Your Cell Phone

Whether you prefer Christina Aguilera or Aishwarya Rai, you can find your idol in celebrity mobile  wallpaper . Why not have cell phone  wallpaper  that matches your ringtone – if you use Madonna’s new song for your ringtone music, download a picture of the star to go with it?

Or you might just want some eye-popping eye candy. Whatever you want, you can find it.

Dress Up For the Holidays

What about a picture of Old Saint Nick coming down your chimney with a bag of toys just for you? Or maybe a classic snowscape, or even a snow globe with animated snow drifting down for you. Don’t forget the appropriate ring tone – a hearty Ho! Ho! Ho! might be nice, or some classic holiday tunes. Your mobile  wallpaper  can be more dressed for the holidays than you are. You can get holiday cell phone  wallpaper  for any holiday you choose: Chinese New Year, Halloween, Passover, Yule – your choice.

Moving Pictures: Animated Mobile  Wallpaper 

It’s not supported by every cell phone yet, but if you don’t want a boring static picture on your phone, you can find great animated mobile  wallpaper  with a variety of subjects online. Think about having flickering flames on your phone just behind your latest romance’s name.

Cell Phone Themes

If you’re one of those people who like to match all the time, you can find cell phone themes that include mobile  wallpaper  too. Each theme is specific to your cell phone’s brand, so be sure you choose the right one. Cell phone themes are currently available for Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson mobiles.

Weight Loss and Alkalinity

Raise Your pH Balance

When we try to lose weight, the first thing we do, is changing our diets and develop an exercise plan. While these are very critical steps in achieving that goal, there is also something else that needs to be considered, that is the role that the type of water we drink play in that equation. Often, we fail to recognize the importance the alkalinity of water can play in our attempt to achieve weight loss. The excess of acid in our body naturally contributes to an increase in the number of fat calls, which further translates into packing on the pounds.

Foods such as meat, fish, poultry and eggs, and most carbohydrates including grains, breads and pastas and fats are acidic. Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline.” Although citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruit, contain organic acids and may have an acid taste, they are not acid-forming when metabolized.

Our cells are slightly alkaline, and we must maintain that alkalinity in order to remain healthy and alive. However the cellular activity in our system creates acid; as a result, it gives the cell energy. As each alkaline cell performs its task, it secretes metabolic wastes, and the results are acid in nature. Although these wastes are used for energy and function, they must not build up. The body, in its effort to protect itself, will neutralize and detoxify these acids before they become a threat to our body, eventually altering the environment of the cell. Maintaining a level pH balance is the first step against weight gain, sickness and disease and for overall health and vitality.

As we maintain a diet consist of alkaline foods, and by drinking alkaline water and by living a healthy lifestyle we can begin to detoxify our body, as we remove the excess proteins and acid wastes within our system. A primarily alkaline environment within the body will help with weight loss and will put us on a path to good health. The water we drink can be either acidic or alkaline.

Acid can get trapped in the fat cells, when the acid comes into contact with an organ it creates holes in the tissue. This may cause the cells to mutate. As a defense mechanism, our body may create fats to protect us from our overly-acidic self. Those fat cells and cellulite deposits may actually be packing up the acid and trying to keep it far away from our organs. These fats, while protecting our vital organs from damage may make us sick. A healthy inner body helps us to lose excess fats.

The body is largely made up of water. The lower the pH number, the greater the acidity, and the higher the pH number, the greater the alkalinity. An imbalanced pH describes the pH level of the body when it becomes too acidic or too alkaline for long periods of time. Just as acid rain can destroy a forest and alkaline wastes can pollute a lake, an imbalanced pH continuously corrodes all body tissue, slowly deteriorating our veins and arteries like corrosives eating into marble. Your diet can be a major factor in maintaining the right levels of pH throughout the body.

According to the literature, when food is metabolized and broken down, it leaves certain chemical and metallic residues, a   noncombustible  “ash” which, when combined with our body’s chemistry, yields either acid or alkali potentials of pH. Certain foods are acid-forming in nature, whereas others are alkaline. By raising the body’s pH level, we increase our energy, our body functions more efficiently, as a result, we enhance the body’s ability to lose weight.

The lower the pH number, the greater the acidity, and the higher the pH number, the greater the alkalinity. Optimally, we want the fluids in our bodies to have a neutral pH level. foods in the diet. An ideal diet should consist of foods that are alkaline. For instance: A diet rich in dark green and yellow vegetables, soy beans, sprouted grains and nuts, and essential fatty acids would reduce our susceptibility to toxins, detoxify the body, and reduce or prevent future exposures illness. It is, therefore, very important that there is a proper ration between acid and alkaline. As we drink plenty of alkaline water we hasten the cleansing process in the elimination of acids and toxins from the body.

Glass Design And Modern Uses In Today’s World

The creation and production of textured and coloured glass, for decorative glass projects, is a highly specialised and skillful business. There are quite a few companies within the UK who perform this function but not many of them can deal with glass art.

Modern homes today use glass in ways unexplored before and glass features have increased to such an extent that it is sometimes very difficult to decide whether a standard household item, like a sink, should be made from the usual traditional material or from glass.

There are a few companies who thrive on exploring the seemingly endless possibilities of using glass for unusual purposes as well as those who have the ability and foresight to create stunning, visual concepts of design and then are able to adapt them to the real world.

With glass of so many different colours and textures it is not surprising that ideas for its use are so varied and diverse. Each of the differences are produced using a different method of heating, cooling and kiln control and each type has its own niche market where it is most usually used.

Coloured Glass

Coloured Glass can offer an alternative to traditional stained glass. It can create a contemporary alternative to such things as kitchen splashbacks, feature walls and of course windows.

Coloured glass artworks provide a focal point on any wall or ceiling and an instant talking topic as soon as one enters a room.

Textured Glass

Textured glass has a unique ability, in architectural applications, to perform as a decorative as well as a functional and structural building material.

Among its many uses and features is that it can provide a private yet airy environment that benefits from full light transmission that will limit casual attention. It can have a custom design or logo embossed onto it for added professional effect and is safety toughened to meet British and European safety standards.

Textured glass can be produced and supplied with a range of special effects and body tints that will enhance the natural green tint of the clear kiln formed glass by dramatically changing the overall look of the finished item.

Gilded Glass

Gilded glass can bring reflection and light into, a possibly, dark interior space or provide more light into a room that is used for a professional or special purpose. Like a mirror it is easy to clean, can be created to custom specification, can be applied to a textured or flat wall and is safety laminated to meet British and European safety standards.

Gilded glass can also be used to create artworks which could become a stunning focal point.

Glass, as we know it, has come such a long way from its humble beginnings and today is used in ways that are exciting, mind-boggling and eye-opening.

Balterio Laminate Flooring – The Pros and Cons

The Balta Corporation in Belgium has been producing Balterio laminate  flooring  for many years now. Balta offers a wide range of products from the more traditional looking to something a little more contemporary. So whatever your design choices for your home are, this company is likely to have a laminate  flooring  that suits your decor perfectly.

Every one of the products found in the Balterio laminate  flooring  range comes with a water resistant core made from HDF as well as having a warranty that lasts between 10 and 30 years (for residential properties) and 12 years (for commercial properties).

You can choose between a smooth or textured  flooring  surface and each one comes with either beveled or square edges to their profiles. There is a wide range of different Balterio laminate  floorings  available and we will take a look at some of these below.

1. Ambassador

This particular laminate  flooring  comes with either a 20 year warranty when installed in a residential property or a 10 year warranty when installed in a commercial one. It has a 7mm thick HDF core which is water resistant and the smooth surface on this particular laminate  flooring  is covered with aluminum oxide. This covering prevents scratches or dents occurring in the  flooring . It is best used in either bedrooms or a living room.

2. Generation

This is a tile looking laminate  flooring  that is offered by Balterio and again comes with a 20 year warranty (residential) and 10 year warranty (commercial). Again it comes with an aluminum oxide top coating which helps to prevent scratches and dents from appearing in it and the all important 7mm HDF core which is water resistant. This particular kind of laminate  flooring  is only really suitable for installation in either a bedroom or living room.

3. Natural Style

This particular laminate  flooring  from Balterio comes with a 25 year warranty if installed into a residential property and a 12 year warranty when installed into a commercial property. It comes in 9 different styles including hardwood and bamboo styles. The HDF core of this particular laminate  flooring  is 7.5mm thick and is also extremely water resistant which makes it the ideal floor covering for either a kitchen or bathroom. As with all types of Balterio laminate  flooring , the top layer is coated in aluminum oxide.

Gas Pump Toppers and Digital Signage

Gas stations heading the push forward for a digital signage revolution, ensuring that each on site convenience store can survive the recession. We all hear that people are hungry for information, sports news and the like; this is one of the main reasons why gas station TV channels are so popular, as they blend in advertisements in to the news slots or weather updates. This way of marketing is called the Captive Audience Marketing, yes because you are captive only for three to five minutes whilst filling your car, so these TV channels can sell to you the in-store merchandise.

When you have been driving past gas stations in America and Australia you will probably have seen these units, they are a small scale version of a digital signage billboard, sat atop the gas pump, (hence the name gas pump toppers). Many TV stations are specialised in offering this sort of advertising medium, and it is also gives the consumer something to do whilst filing their car. You can select the area you want to target as these systems offer local, regional or national coverage, all you need to do is set out who you want to target.

These pump toppers are manufactured from steel and accommodate 2 LCD televisions or displays at a viewable angle back to back, with a media player located between the two displays. The media player can have either a wireless or hardwired connection into the data network of the gas station utilising the existing category 5e data cabling already there or wireless technology. From here the content can be updated at pre set times taking the stress out of updating the content for convenience store operators and owners.

From Fat Cheeks to Lean Cheeks

Most of us had had chubby cheeks at one point in our lives, especially when we were still kids. Some were able to deflate their plump cheeks as they grew up, but a lot just find it an issue that persists. As a kid your round cheeks must have made you look cute and even angelic to grown-ups. But as an adult you may have been taunted due to them.

You do not have to go for surgical face fat reduction or facial liposuction to have fat taken out of your cheeks.

Life-threatening risks aren’t worth going through just to look good. Seriously, why go through all the pain and dangers when something much cheaper and safer can bring better results? Besides even with the surgery cheek fat will just keep coming back if you don’t take care of their underlying causes.

Don’t go on a hunger strike to get rid of face fat. A well-chiseled face is what you’re after, not one that has been carved in the wrong places. You want to look attractive, not scary. It’s face fat that you want to lose and not facial muscles. And this can only be done by flexing your buccinators.

Facial exercises will help you lose fat cheeks in a short period of time. If you eat the healthiest foods as you do them you will see results in one month or less.

The best foods to eat are fresh and raw fruits and vegetables for your face and body. Make it a point to consume at least ten servings of these nourishing foods each day.

Nutrients such as vitamin C and amino acids are needed to build new skin and muscle tissue. Get these nutrients from greens, citrus fruits, bell peppers and raw nuts and seeds.

You also have to de-stress and get enough sleep to lose face fat. Experts say that the best time to sleep is before 11 in the evening.

There you have it. A simple, healthy and powerful face fat loss program that will obviate the need for surgery. Try it and you will end up a believer!

Having The Right Posture

Posture simply refers to the way one positions his or her body with regard to the golf ball. Having the right posture is the exercise of achieving such an important aspect. This is mainly the angle one places the body. It is one of the fundamentals of golfing and thus is regarded as one of the most important things a player should learn especially a beginner.

This aspect is considered much important due to the following reason, it gives one the balance and power required when swinging the club. This aspect gives a player the strength to hit the ball very well thus enhancing a perfect progress in the game.

This element is not only important in this game but also in any other activity that involves bending of back in order to protect the back. The back of a body is very delicate and hence the importance of its protection from any kind of harm.

The whole process should leave a body in a manner such that, back is relatively straight with the spine   tilted  over the ball slightly. There should also be a slight bent on the legs while the hands should just hang freely.

The procedure of achieving such an aspect mainly involves; it all begins with one standing upright while their back remains tall and very straight. The one has to  tilt  the upper body right from the hips while maintaining the back straight. This should continue until one experience a balance loss such that they feel as if they are just about to fall down on your face.

The other step is to flex the knees so that the legs bends a little, this will automatically lead to the concentration of weight back to the balls of the legs. This is mainly to avoid weight concentration on the toes or heels of feet. Following these steps result to achieving of this fundamental of golf.

There are some considerations that guarantees that they have achieved this important aspect, these includes; these is much pressure felt on the balls of the feet than it is on the toes and heels of such feet.

A lot of pressure is also experienced on the thighs and the caps of knees, back, there is a feeling that the buttocks are lifting. The arms appear hanging down freely with the head being held up over the ball. The back remains straight one feels as if the face is leaning over the ball. All these demonstrate having the right posture.

Concepts In Construction – Sun Shading

Sun shading refers to the various ways in which direct sunlight is kept out of spaces in the building. This is especially necessary in high rise buildings where direct sunlight gets into the building through windows. The following are ways in which this problem is tackled:

· Built Solutions: These are sun shading solutions that are built as part of the building. Examples here include:

o Cantilever balconies: Although balconies are meant to be used as external spaces, they are at times designed to offer a supplementary duty of offering shade from the sun on windows on lower floors. This can be enhanced by designing the balconies with a downstand beam for better shading.

o Glazing films & Solar glazing: Since most windows are infilled in glazing, it works best to target these when sun shading is being considered. This is either done by the use of glass with sun diverting or absorbing capabilities or by covering such glazing with solar film, whether reflective or absorptive.

o Curtain walls: A curtain wall can simply be defined as a supplementary wall, usually decorative and covering the main functional walls. They are usually made of glass and the above mentioned glazing solutions apply.

o Hanging sun shades: these are various solutions whereby elements like wood, steel or concrete pieces are hang above windows, whether in louvers or full pieces.

o False roofs / eaves: These are small roof-like structures butting into walls and aimed at covering windows below them in a bid to shade them from direct sunlight.

· Furnitures: These are items input in the building after it is complete in a bid to enhance their sun shading capabilities. They include the following:

o Blinds: these are usually in the form of light clothing. They are in most cases done in two layers of different weights.

o Louvres: these are many small pieces, either going horizontally or vertically that can be tilted in a bid to divert or avert sun rays. Louvers are either made of clothe, timber, PVC, aluminium and so forth.

The best and cost effective solution is however by designing the building in such a way that it will require little or no sun shading. This is usually done by orientating the building in such a way that windows are directed against the sun’s path, thus ensuring that no sunlight gets in the building through windows. Sun shading will ensure comfortable spaces by reducing sun distraction as well as heat.

18×36 Magnetic Signs – Election Signs

Election time can be very exciting for any candidate. There is a lot of work that leads up to any election whether it is on the local, state or federal level. Lots of people including the potential candidates put a lot of man hours into making the election a success. As with any election the main goal is to win. In order to win candidates need to draw as much support as possible from their fellow residents. They hold many campaign activities that are geared towards getting the word out about their campaign.

During election time people will see countless number of signs all saying something different about a particular candidate. 18×36 magnetic signs are good because they are larger than many other signs and candidates can put a lot of information on them to try and appeal to the public. They can put information about laws or bills they support as well as give examples of experience they have or things they have done in the community.

In any election the main goal is to outshine the other candidate or candidates. In an election where several people are running for one position, patrons may see a dozen different signs all talking about the same position. Residents must then decide which candidate appeals more to their needs and their values.

18×36 magnetic signs can be used by candidates so that they can talk about the things that are important to them. Most candidates like to talk about the tough issues and appeal to whatever way the majority of voters are swaying. It is also important to be likable so signs that showcase candidates with their families or discussing ways they have helped their community are also a good way to entice voters. Remember the first goal is to gain publicity as well as popularity which can help to lead to a victory. Informative 18×36 magnetic signs can be used to talk about campaign events.

Most candidates have debates as well as rallies where supporters as well as those that are undecided can hear what they think about certain issues. Campaign workers must make sure that the public is properly informed of what is going on in order to get a good turnout. Some people remain undecided all the way up until right before the election so it is never too late to try and bring in voters. Signs and advertising are a big part of any campaign.

How to Slide Your Longboard

If you are planning on learning to slide, the first thing you should do is throw on a helmet and some protective gear. There is a high probability you will be spending some time on the asphalt during this process. So slide at your own risk. Even if you don’t know how to slide yet, don’t be afraid to invest in some gloves. I have found that most common long boarding injuries can be avoided, if you know there are large plastic pucks on your palms, making them impervious to pavement.

Once you’ve got your pads and board all prepped and ready to go. Head out to a parking lot or somewhere relatively flat to practice speed checking. A speed check is a very small slide, where (for starters) your back two wheels let go of the pavement and do a very small slide. It’s called a speed check because this move is sometimes used to burn speed (but mostly it just looks sick). Learning to speed check can be somewhat awkward. So here’s a list of the basic motions you will be performing.

1. Start on a flat area and give the board 2 or 3 good pushes

2. Lean forward, putting most of your weight over your front foot

3. Open your shoulders, between a 45 and 90 degree angle from the board. The wider you open your shoulders the larger your speed check, or drift will be. Also keep in mind that the longer you leave your shoulders open, the longer the slide will continue.

4. Use your back foot and leg to swiftly force the back end of the board outward. Heel side is generally the most comfortable way to learn to slide. But it’s all about whatever feels best.

5. Close your shoulders and even your weight back out

Keep in mind that part 3, and 4 should be happening simultaneously. (Or very close to at the same time) Your first few speed checks should be pretty minimal, really focus on taking a lot of weight off your back foot, until the slide has begun. The less weight on the back of your board, the easier it will be to force the back two wheels out.

If you have never slid on the wheels you are currently riding, your slides will be fairly choppy for a while. Speed checking is also a great way to break in wheels. Once you have rounded edges on your wheels, you know your wheels are broken in. And it may be time to do a quick rotation.

Once you’ve got the speed check on lock. Start incorporating it into carves for style points if you’d like. Now, you’re ready for the full slide

At this point in your longboarding career, gloves are a must if you plan on learning to use drifts and slides down hill. Slides are a great way to control your speed, and widen the range of hills you’re able to ride as you progress.

To start sliding using your hands, you will need a small hill, and it helps if your wheels somewhat broken in. Treat your slide a lot like your speed check. Put almost all of your weight over your front foot, some riders even lay their back foot down sideways. Doing this not only looks stylish, but really forces you to keep weight off the foot and only use it to help push and guide the board around. Most people generally start with their back hand grabbing the middle of the deck and their front hand down on the pavement. This is a great first slide to learn. All it takes is commitment. Once you can turn your shoulders the full 180 degrees, your board will follow.

Don’t be afraid to put some weight on your sliding hand. The more weight on your board the more the slide will slow you down. Causing more friction between the wheels the concrete, making the slide more difficult. Two handed slides are generally easier once you get a feel for them. Because more weight is on your hands. And because with both hands on the ground, your shoulders are committed no matter what. But whatever slide you choose to learn first, practice is the key.

Some wheels slide a lot smoother and easier than others. Some decks are a lot more prone to sliding and free riding. But keep in mind that all boards can slide. It is true that some setups are more difficult to learn on than others. But with some motivation and dedication, any board can slide. Good luck!

How to Restring Your Guitar in Two Minutes

Many guitar players, especially beginners, are hesitant to restring their guitar. They mistakenly think that it’s a complicated, difficult procedure. In reality, restringing a guitar is a simple, straight forward process.

Before restringing your guitar, be sure to prepare a suitable work area. You’ll need enough space to accommodate your guitar, such as a large table top. You might want to cover the surface of your work area with a soft blanket or cloth to prevent damaging the finish of your guitar. It’s better to prevent nicks and scratches rather than to repair them.

When restringing your guitar, it’s helpful to have some simple tools, such as a string winder, wire cutters and a bridge pin remover. The string winder and bridge pin puller are optional, but they do make the restring task easier.

Step 1 Removing the old strings. Loosen the tuning peg enough so that the string slides out of the hole. At the opposite end of the guitar, use a bridge pin puller to remove the tapered pin holding the string. If you don’t have a bridge pin puller, you can still remove the pins, but you’ll have to be careful so you’ll avoid damaging the bridge. Just push down lightly on the string with upward tension on the pin – wiggle to loosen the pin and remove the string.

Hey, here’s an idea for you – while you have all the strings off, why not clean and polish your guitar? It’s the perfect time to get all those hard to reach places that are inaccessible with the strings in place.

Step 2 Installing the new strings. You’ll notice that one end of the new string has a little ball attached, this is the end you start with. Put the ball end of the string into the bridge hole, then press in the pin to hold it snugly in place. As the pin bottoms out, pull up slightly on the string to make sure it’s locked in place.

On the opposite end of the guitar is the ‘headstock’, where the adjustable tuning pegs are mounted. Insert the loose end of the new string into the hole of the tuning peg. There’s a little ‘wrap-around’ trick to fastening the string and you’ll see it in the video mentioned below.

Next, tighten the string enough to take out the slack. Don’t worry too much about tuning right now, just get it tight enough so you don’t hear a buzz when you pluck the string.

That’s it, you’re finished! Restringing a guitar isn’t the big project many people expect. It’s quick and easy, once you know how it’s done.

Industrial Ovens – What They Do

Just about every person is familiar with the normal cooking ovens that are in almost every home in America, but few know what an industrial oven is and what they actually do. Industrial ovens are actually heated chambers that are used for a wide range of different industrial applications, such as baking components. These ovens can be used for both large and small operations, batches that come in continuously on a conveyor belt, or for a wide variety of temperature ranges and sizes of materials. These ovens are used for so many different applications, such as food production, chemical processing, and even for creating circuit boards for electronic components.

There are several different types of industrial ovens that are commonly used in different industries today. Some of the most common types of industrial ovens include these.

Curing ovens – These are industrial ovens that are designed to cause a chemical reaction in a specific substance once a certain temperature is reached. Power coating is one of the most common uses for an industrial curing oven.

Drying ovens – These are industrial ovens that are designed and built to remove moisture, and are also known as kilns. These types of industrial drying ovens are usually used in ceramic kilns for pre-treating and painting.

Baking ovens – Industrial baking ovens are usually a combination of both the curing and drying ovens.

Batch ovens – These industrial ovens are also known as cabinet or walk-in ovens. These are large ovens that allow for curing, drying, or baking in small batches by using a wheeled rack, cart, or truck. These are usually found in large bakeries.

Conveyor or continuous ovens – These industrial ovens are usually part of an automatic processing line. By using a conveyor or continuous oven in an assembly line, any industry can process higher volumes of materials or goods.

Clean room ovens – These industrial ovens are designed for industries that require a clean room, like a semiconductor manufacturing or biotechnology.

With all the different types of industrial ovens that are used in manufacturing today, the need to continually improve on the design and manufacturing of these ovens is a goal that few companies strive to reach. There are a few companies out there that are devoted to helping create the very best industrial ovens on the market, such as Epcon Industrial Systems. But, the few companies who are striving to create the top of the line industrial ovens are continually making improvements on the design and components that go into creating high quality ovens for today’s manufacturing industry.

Home Theater Sound Systems

When you get a home theater, you are probably really excited about your new TV. But a lot of people over look that maybe getting a sound system in addition to the speakers that come with the TV is a good idea. You can get surround sound, or just large speakers to attach to the TV. Getting clear sound along with the new flat screen clear picture helps to make for the ultimate movie experience. Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure that you are going to be getting the best movie experience possible when you combine a new TV with a new sound system. Surround sound is most popular for when people buy Home Theaters, and they are perfect to replicate that movie like room. In a movie theater, speakers are located all around you, not just in front of you. Duplicate that feeling with better speaker quality and surround sound!

Surround sound comes in a lot of different kinds of features, from stand alone speakers that you can put anywhere in the room, or wall mounts that you put in each corner of the room. Whatever you decide to do with your speakers, you will find that you can get great sound quality, from even the cheapest of surround sound systems you buy. You do not need to worry about blowing huge amounts of money, and you can find a sound system that fits your budget and all of your movie watching needs.

If you do not want to get surround sound, then additional, high quality speakers are also available that plug right into your TV. This is the best way to get great sound and not have to worry about installing a sound system. Speakers are relatively inexpensive, and you can get them easily at any store, whether it’s the local sound store or just at Wal-Mart. Speakers just plug right into your TV, and you do not need to worry about lots of complicated wires. The only thing you have to do is to install and get ready to watch your favorite movie in your Home Theater!

All You Wanted to Know About Tools That Make Do-It-Yourself Projects Easier

When doing any home improvement projects yourself, it is important to have the right tools. Yes, most projects can be completed with basic hand tools but there are several power tools that will save you time, make the job much easier, and produce better results.

Because many of these power tools are expensive to purchase and won’t be used after the big job is completed, it is best to look into equipment rentals at your local hardware store. Most tools are rented by the hour or the day and are well worth the cost. The following tools are just some of the equipment that can be rented.

* Nail guns – Nail guns are helpful in many different projects. Many people consider a nail gun essential when framing a house or room. A nail gun can also helpful when doing trim work such as base boards, molding, wainscoting, chair rails, etc. You can also get nail guns made specifically for concrete. When renting your nail gun, make sure you get the appropriate gun for the job and don’t forget the air compressor to run the gun.

* Hammer Drills – Some projects may require you to drill into deeply into concrete and because this isn’t the kind of project you do every day it would be smart to rent a hammer drill.

* Saws – Many kinds of saws can also be rented. If working on trim you may need a compound miter saw that easily cuts material at precise angles. A reciprocating saw can help when doing demolition or other various home projects. Other kinds of saws are also available.

* Tile Cutters – If you are tiling a bathroom, kitchen, or any other space in your home a tile cutter is essential. A tile cutter will cut each tile precisely and quickly and can be rented as well.

* Cement Mixers – Many landscaping projects require large amounts of cement to be mixed and if your project requires even a remotely large amount of cement, you will want to rent a cement mixer.

* Tillers – A tiller can also help with big landscaping projects by breaking and mixing up the ground with its forward moving rotating blades.

* Soil Aerators – You can rent a soil aerator run it over your lawn allowing air and water to penetrate the root zone of your grass. Doing this once or twice a year will promote healthy growth.

* Power Washers – It is important to wash the exterior of your house before you paint it. This can be done with a power washer which can be found in the equipment rental section of your hardware store.

* Power rollers and paint sprayers – Many people find painting tedious and frustrating but these feeling can be eased if you rent a power roller or paint sprayer.

Power rollers and paint sprayers speed up the process and spread paint more evenly with less work. These are just a few of the tools that can help you. If you have a big project, look into equipment rentals to make your job quicker and easier.

Early Christian and Romanesque Periods

Early Christian – A.D. 300 to A.D. 800

Due to the disintegration of the power of civil governments following the fall of the Roman Empire of the West, the heads of the church were enabled to obtain both political as well as ecclesiastical control over the people. The “Barbarians” who had overrun Rome had been awed enough by the merits of Christianity to hesitate in invading or destroying the precincts of the Christian church.

The Romans, realizing this fact, had transferred much of their wealth and many of their most valuable belongings to the church. The church also drew within its gates many of the younger generation of Roman citizens who sought the protection of its robe and veil. Mention has been made of the early sufferings of the Christians in practicing their religion. This was the period of the erection of underground places of worship, known as the catacombs, the walls and wood burning fireplaces of which were covered with symbols, many of lost or hidden meaning, the handwork of the Early Christians.

When the Christians as a political party, eventually gained the upper hand in Rome, their first desires were to build houses of worship that would be symbolic of their power and beliefs; nor was there greater joy than in the destruction of the heathen temples which at one time had been the emblem of the power and glory of the old religion. The earliest Christian churches were built with stones from the ruins of the Classical temples. We find architectural details within them of the best periods of Roman art but often arranged in the most crude and unusual compositions.

With the destruction of the Roman civilization, teachers who could carry on the Classic tradition in art were not available nor wanted. Not many generations had passed when the learning based upon the old forms had almost completely disappeared and although the ruined models were everywhere at hand to copy, the skill of the craftsman was lost during the many years of political turmoil.

By necessity a new art was in the making, based upon a new philosophy, new influences, and new materials which were to form a new tradition of its own. The new craftsmen, in their ignorance and enthusiasm for the new religion, intentionally discarded the influence of the old where possible. The Early Christian period was one of meager artistic production in the decorative field. The present evidences of it are largely in architectural work. The art of the   mosaic  worker was, however, developed to a great extent.

Romanesque – A.D. 800-1100

When the Christians spread into the Western provinces of the Roman Empire, and particularly into what is now the southern part of France, they had freer rein in the construction of new edifices than they even had within the walls of Rome itself. The local artisans, uninfluenced by the Roman ruins, were obliged to create new forms with new materials in a new land with no tradition and only a limited association with Roman art. From both of these causes, an entirely new art sprang up and by the year A.D. 800, a distinct type was developed which is known as the Romanesque.

Romanesque art is as much an ecclesiastical type as the art of the Byzantine Empire. It, however, does not show as much of the Oriental influence, although an entirely new sense of detail and proportion developed which was very different from the Classic ideal. When compared with the later developments of Gothic Christian art, the Romanesque forms were distinctly massive in detail; the walls of the buildings were heavy, the windows were small, and the fireplace surrounds were immense. The round arch is repeatedly used and is reminiscent of the Roman forms and contrasts strongly with the final development of the Christian building arts in which the pointed form is shown.

Charlemagne (A.D. 742-814) was the great early patron of the arts in Western Europe, but because of the utter ignorance into which the people of this period had fallen, it is stated that Charlemagne himself could read, but could not write. He nevertheless surrounded himself with the most learned men of the time. This was the period of the introduction of feudalism, the age of chivalry and eventually the Crusades.

The latter lasted from 1098 until 1270, and while they did not accomplish the purpose for which they originally were planned, they were the first causes of a movement in the fifteenth century to revolutionize the thought of the white race. They aroused the Western European to the magnificence of Eastern culture and opened up trade routes to the East.

The crusaders brought back with them many new natural products, as well as manufactured articles such as cotton, calicos, muslins, damask, satin, velvet and camel’s hair as well as the method for weaving them. Arabian architecture and the arts exerted an unquestionable influence upon the imagination of European artists.