Ipe As a Bridge Decking Solution

When people are considering building an outdoor wood bridge, the choice of wood is often paramount as the single most important decision of the entire process. The wood used will influence not only the design of the bridge, but also its aesthetic value and its reliability and durability over time. Luckily, the choice is easier than one would imagine, as ipe wood is the clear choice when it comes to bridge building material. Why is this?

Ipe is a South American wood, most commonly harvested from the forests of Brazil. Ipe is hard, tough, resilient, strong, and resists weather wear, abrasion, and naturally occurring wood rot. Ipe is incredibly weak and hard. Because of this, it is also naturally resistant to fire and mold damage. In fact, ipe is so resilient that its fire rating is equivalent to that of concrete. Compare this to a more common cedar or walnut deck that, in the case of fire, will act as kindling. An ipe bridge will just about last forever.

Ipe is also beautiful. In its appearance, it is similar to mahogany. It makes a fine interior wood when it is shined and varnished. It has that dark, blood red brown that is so desirable in finished woods. You're guaranteed to love the look of an ipe deck.

With this in mind, let's look at Ipe versus some common bridge woods.

Mahogany. Although mahogany is usually a good choice for high quality bridge material, there are some significant disadvantages compared to ipe. Firstly, mahogany wood has to be treated and re-sealed every few years, and every year if you want to maintain the wood for any length of time. Ipe does not need to be sealed at all except for on the ends of the lumber and will, even if left un-treated over the life of the bridge, will out last mahogany. If you treat and seal ipe deck wood, then it will last almost forever. Additionally, since mahogany is used as an interior wood and in the production of consumer materials like guitars, the supply has been dwindling. Because of the diminishing supply, it is very possible to get lower grade and inferior mahogany. Twenty years ago, this was not a problem, but today, a lot of the mahogany on the market is of an inferior quality.

Cedar and pine. Unfortunately, most bridges are constructed out of either cedar or treated pine. Both of these woods are susceptible to rot, particularly in wet climates or in climates that experience extremes in temperature. Pine is also a fire hazard.

Ipe is rated higher than cedar and pine in durability and resilience, and also rated much higher in terms of appearance. If you are interested in building the best bridge possible, you should choose ipe.

Printed Circuit Board Or 'PCB' and Its Features

Many people have attempted to build an electronic circuit board. Did you know that electronics knowledge has to be acquired first? The 'PCB' or printed circuit board is one type of electronic circuit board. When you venture into building your first 'PCB', be patient. It will most likely produce errors or would not work at all. Worry not, as I will guide you towards making your own 'PCB'.

Reasons for using 'PCB' as a desired circuit board is that they are very stylish. No, I am kidding. They do look stylish, though. 'PCB' can fit in many electronic components in an organized manner. This is because of the copper tracks (can be seen as copper lines) that were designed to go up or down or left or diagonal! Thus, the traditional method of using straight wires are not of use here. This is one advantage of the 'PCB'.

Other than that, a 'PCB' will allow you to learn much more on electronics. Once you have manufactured your very own 'PCB', you will need to test two copper tracks that are adjacent to each other. In other words, both copper tracks that are side by side. Switch your voltmeter or 'multimeter' to connectivity function.

The connection function works this way. If you connect both probes onto a straight wire, it will emit a sound. That means the straight wire is connected. The path between the probes are valid, or connected. That is why it is called the connectivity function.

Back to the circuit, testing copper tracks that are beside each other is important. Why? If you get a sound from the voltmeter, that means the two copper tracks are connected. They are not supposed to be connected! Notice the gap between the two copper tracks. When sound is emitted, it means that a shortfall has occurred, in this case.

Hardwired: The Xbox Kinect Review

This Xbox Kinect review takes a look at the different components that make it a fun piece of technology.

Black-boxing Hardware: Part I of the Xbox Kinect review

The hardware is a combination of several distinct technologies including an infrared sensor, a CMOS sensor and an RGB camera. The infrared sensor floods the gaming space with invisible light and enables depth perception along with the CMOS sensor. The sensor detects how infrared light is reflected onto the scene and transfers these grayscale images to the console. This also enables the detection of movement in 3D space.

The RGB camera is used for facial recognition as well as in-game snapshots and video chatting. These cameras are paired with four capsule microphones that have the ability to detect where your voice is coming from, as well as eliminating background noise. The console is also equipped with a motorized sensor that adjusts depending on the users height and distance from the said console.

When we filled the unit out of the box for our Xbox Kinect review, the first thing we noticed is how lightweight it was. The heaviest part of the console is the base, which is trivial because it needs to support the whole system. The overall size of the unit makes it difficult to mount on most flat screen televisions. However, a mount can be purchased separately to make mounting easier. The unit is glossy black, a perfect match for its counterpart, the Xbox 360 S, which it was designed to work with. You simply need to plug in the unit to the Xbox 360 S expansion port and you are almost good to go. So far we have covered the hardware components in our Xbox Kinect review, the next is the setup.

Booting up the system: Part II of the Xbox Kinect review

In order to complete the Xbox Kinect review, we need to setup our system. As mentioned earlier, all you need to do is unbox the unit and connect it to the expansion port. The rest of the set-up will be handled by the software. The first time you turn on the unit, after connecting it to the Xbox, you will be greeted by a welcome screen that serves as the starting point for the guided set-up. There are several steps that are done on each screen. Most of them are used to calibrate the system, eliminate background noise and creates an acoustic map of the room you are using.

The next stage of setting up was the Kinect ID. It is a method of recognizing the user and signing in the user automatically. The process is done by placing in front of the sensor and copying the poses of the avatar on the screen. This process is dependent on the play size and may require you to pose in several different areas. This process in the Xbox Kinect review requires a few minutes and took the tester more than 20 minutes to finish all of the steps. As it turned out, eyeglasses needed to be removed to make a better facial match. All in all, the whole experience passed our standards for the Xbox Kinect review.

5 Things That Should Be in a Survival Kit

There are certain situations that require a person to have the tools needed to survive. It does not need to have an outlandish scenario such as the collapse of the federal government either. A person may simply be put in a difficult situation due to being stranded, lost, or confronted with harsh geography or weather. In such a situation, it is very important to have the proper field equipment and survival gear. Below is a top five list of items that may come in very handy.

1. A First Aid Kit

One obvious thing that should be in a person's survival gear is first aid. Certain things should be included in a first aid kit. This includes bandages, wraps, and disinfectant. However, it should include other items for situations you may have not thought of. For example, a quality first aid kit should also include a snake bite kit and insect sting and bite treatment scrub.

2. A Forever Flashlight

If you are stranded in the wilderness, having the ability to see in the dark may help you survive. This is why a flashlight should always be part of any survival kit. Unfortunately, the lifespan of the batteries of most flashlights is rather short. One solution is to purchase a Forever Flashlight instead. Such a flashlight only needs to be taken to be charged. Half a minute of shaking will provide exactly 5 minutes of light.

3. A Fire Starter

Unfortunately, starting a fire in the wild is not as simple as it is illustrated in cartoons. Rubbing two sticks together is illegally to do the job. For this reason, it is also a smart idea to keep some kind of fire starter in your survival gear. There are thankfully many great choices that work much better than simple match sticks. This can include tinder quick fire tabs, a tindercard, or firelighting flint.

4. A Poncho

Dealing with the elements is one of the most important steps to surviving the wild. At some point, it is going to rain. If you do not have proper protection, you could get soaked and suffer from hypothermia. One way to stop this from happening is to have a nylon poncho in your survival kit. Such ponchos are easy to fold and store in small spaces.

5. A Survival Hatchet

Having the proper tools is also important. At some point, it is likely you'll need something a little stronger than a Swiss arm knife. One such tool is a survival hatchet. This will come in handy if you need to chop anything. This kind of hatchet is also multi-purposed. It is designed to also be used as a hammer, nail puller, and a crowbar.

Why To Choose Marble Mosaic Tiles For Your Home Improvement Project?

New age homeowners love to embellish their homes with the best flooring material available in the market. This is the reason they choose marble mosaic tiles because they are simply perfect for every nook and corner of the house. Nothing can match the exceptional beauty of marble mosaic tiles.

Marble not only has novelty but is also a long lying flooring material for your home. It can be used on the wall, floor, terrace, countertop, and patio. The best thing about these marble tiles is that you can easily set them up on any kind of surface, and these pieces will not crack or break during trimming, cutting and installing. Moreover, marble is highly resistant to dust, grime, and moisture because of which they remain completely unaffected by weather changes.

Another great thing about marble mosaic tiles is that they are hard wearing, durable, and stain resistant. Marble is considered as one of the most durable materials for homes because it is a stone which is found under the earth's crust. The high temperature and pressure inside the earth makes this material tough and sturdy. This is the reason that it can withstand bulky objects like a large dining table, a huge refrigerator, a grand piano, and a recliner sofa set.

So, if you are planning to renew your home, you should opt for marble mosaic tiles. The marble mosaic tiles come in wide range of colors, patterns, designs and gradients. However, if you can not afford to install marble in whole house, you should get them installed at least in your bathrooms because they can withstand soap residue and heavy flow of water. Along with giving a rich look, marble tiles will also bring a natural purity to your bathroom.

You must be wondering that marble becomes slippery after coming in contact with soap or water. But the good news is you can make your marble slabs slip resistant with the help of an invisible anti-slip treatment. Also, these marble slabs are ideal for your kitchen countertops as they can resist acidic liquids like vinegar and sauces. The bottom line is there are no limits to what people may use marble for in their houses.

In addition to this, maintaining marble tiles is not a great deal because you can easily clean them with oxygen bleach solution. Along with cleaning the marble slab, the solution is perfect for cleaning the grout lines. In order to clean the tiles perfectly, you can even wash them with oxygen bleach solution. You need not wash your marble slabs every day, but once in a month would be sufficient. Though, marble slabs remain unaffected for many years, but if you think they have lost their sheen, you can simply refinish your marble with the help of few products that you can buy from the local home improvement store.

You can purchase marble mosaic tiles at highly economical price on the online tile stores or at other marble store in your area. A majority of home owners prefer to shop online because they can save a reasonable amount because of the discounts that websites offer. Along with beautifying your home marble flooring also boosts the resale value of your property.

Sir John Everett Millais – Painter With Some Controversy

Sir John Everett Millais was born in Southampton in 1829. His parents were well known and successful people. They moved to Jersey for a while and then to London in 1838 in order to help their son develop his art career. Millais became the youngest ever student at the Royal Academy in 1840, and was known as "The child", and his talent caused envy among the other students. He was very agile on his feet and afraid of nothing and this helped him survive the time at the Academy. He made lifelong friends at the Royal Academy in William Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rosetti. This meeting caused the beginnings of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhod.

Millais is considered by many as the most gifted of the three, and his attention to detail and long painting time for his works produced some amazing scenes. It is said the he would paint outside landscapes in summer and in winter add the figures.

A quote from Millais himself in 1888 describes some of his technique:
"For my own part, I have often been engaged, but whatever I am I am never careless. I may honestly say that I have never placed on idle touch on canvas; and that I have always been honest and hardworking; yet the worst pictures I ever painted in my life are those into which I thread the most trouble and labor, and I confess that I should not grieve were half my works to go to the bottom of the Atlantic-if I might choose the half to go. "

His early works, as with the early works of the other Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, were not accepted well. A prominent art critic of the day John Ruskin wrote an article in The Times, supporting the young artists and it was not long before Millais and Ruskin got to know each other. Ruskin, his wile Effie and Millais went on a holiday to Scotland and a strong attraction developed between Millais and Effie, an acrimonial divorce followed, Effie and Millais married in 1855 and quickly had eight children. Even so, Ruskin provided critical support for this young painter.

After the marriage, Millais' style changed, and he was no longer economically capable to spend so much time on each painting. Some of the detail was no longer included, but it was in keeping with the style that was eagerly purchased. He also started painting portraits and is considered as one of the best English portrait painters. Many have debated the economic circumstances paved the way for the new style and the world lost a great painter. In 1885, he was the first English painter to be made a Baronet.

In his later years, Millais could see that the quality of his work was declining. In 1892, he thought that he had influenza, but it turned out to be throat cancer, which he had contracted because of many years as a heavy pipe smoker. His health continued to deteriorate. In 1896, Queen Victoria, asked if there was anything that she could do. Millais asked if his wife could be accepted by her, as she had been excluded because of a scandal associated with the annulment of her first marriage. She became Lady Millais. He died a few months later.

After his death, many wrote against Millais for a variety of reasons, but in the end he produced some amazing pieces of art that are still appreciated today.

Crystal Chandeliers – How Gaudy Should You Get?

Chandeliers possess that enchanting capacity to emit a glow of elegance, radiance and warmth to where they may be installed. And since lighting your home is a major ingredient, it makes sense to use it as a way of building, as well as adding to the ambiance in whatever method you decide.

Well arranged lighting will magically give life and added glow to the rooms that you hang these pieces. You can adjust the lighting like ingredients in your favorite dish. Subdued light creates restful settings; a wide array of colors may set different moods. You can have fun choosing the kinds of lighting that you feel comfortable with. If you think you need to show certain aspects of your individuality or personality, verify if you can decide how to co-ordinate that ..

Genuine Crystals Enhance The Quality of a Chandelier

The real beauty of the crystal chandelier resides in the quality of the crystals used. There are many different kinds of stone used in the various creations you come across. There are just a lot of "crystals" that one can find or produce, as some are molded while others are cut by machine or hand; and within these are different levels of quality. To a certain degree, those of you who are not experts can clearly get a good indication by looking for defects in the gem stones.

If there are cracks, color inconsistencies, bubbles or imperfections, the degree to which they cause you displeasure and the density of flaws indicates lower quality. When the fixture is hung on the ceiling, the flaws or slight defects become invisible, though some crystals of dubious quality will not give that 'dazzle' nor such striking rainbow-like refractions of beauty that the highest quality would. Some people are happy knowing they've got the best crystals in town, whereas others are content with the display of elegance.

Chandeliers Could Be Custom-Designed

To become appropriate lighting fixtures for your living or dining room, a chandelier's design may be custom-made depending on our personal tastes or inclinations. There are some individuals who refer old-world designs, whether they be Victorian, Renaissance or early-18th century types.

However, if you find it a bit hard to choose which designs are appropriate for your home, the best thing to do would be to consult with an experienced and professional interior designer or home décor expert. Always remember to take your room's overall design and space into consideration, to avoid installing a chandelier that is way out of touch with your room's character and ambiance.

A Chandelier's Size Is A Deciding Factor

An important aspect in deciding which lighting fixture is appropriate for your room, would be size. Consider two size factors, first of which is the size of your room, and second is the size of the chandelier that would have hung on that room. Consider this: If you hang a small crystal fixture in a really large room, the chandelier would look secluded, or would not even get noticed. If you install a large lighting fixture in a really small room, then it would create a crowded, cluttered effect on the room.

Crystal Chandeliers – http://crystal-chandeliers.xon.us

Types of Drill Bits

Drill bits are equipments or tools that are used in making cylindrical holes. Drill bits can also be referred to as a drilling machine. Drill bits are available in various drill types such as metal drills, gun drills, screw machine drills, core drills, step drills, spade drills, forstner drills, masonry drills, dental or surgical drills, wood bits, twist drills, drill blank taper drills and much more.

They are designed to cut while doing a clockwise rotating motion. Several drill bits are coolant fed. They contain a channel or hole for directing the coolant fed near to the cutting edges. The split point drill heads of drill bits are used for chip clearance and for excellent centering. Drill bits can also be used in cutting aluminum, general-purpose metals, brass, copper, bronze, ceramic, and plastic, stainless steel, steel, wood, titanium and hardened materials. Various types of drill bits are designed for different uses.

Listed below are some types of Drill Bits.
Twist Drill: It drills holes in plastic, metal and wood. This drill is currently produced with a width covering a range from 0.05 millimeters to 100 millimeters while its length is around 1000 millimeters. The most usual twist drill has a tip angle of 118 degrees. This is a proper angle for an extended array of job. It also has a long series drill for extended length twist drills. It is not advisable to drill deep holes using this twist drill.

Diamond Drill Bit: This particular drill is used in the bathroom for updating or remodeling. It is also used in redesigning your kitchen decoration. Furthermore, it is used on ceramic, glass, tile, limestone, stained glass, marble, fiberglass, porcelain, stone, slate and porcelain tile. When using this drill, the main concern is to obtain water at the edge of the drill bit. Drilling fiberglass may be done with or without water but make sure that the fiberglass has an amount amount of water just to get the drill wet.

Indexable Drill Bit: This provides an excellent performance in making short-hole drillings. Stainless steel is drilled 3x in diameter and only a short-hole must be done.

Listed below are some other types of drill bits
o Adjustable Bit: This is built with a changeable cutter blade to bore holes of various sizes. It is also used for drilling gaps for wiring or piping.
o Around-the-corner bit: It is used to cut arched holes that are stretched in corners with a diagonal cutting surface.
o Auger Bits: This drill creates drill holes in wooden materials. The drill ends have a screw head so that the bits may be self fed.
o Brad-point drill: This drill looks almost the same as the usual bits but it has sharpened point to make wood drilling a lot easier. This drill has cleaner holes other than spade bits.
o Counterbore: The drill allows a screw to be driven under the wood outside. The holes that are drilled may be filled with a plug or wire.
o Drill Saw Bit: It is used to cut holes such as wood and metal and can enlarge current holes.
o Countersink: A drill that has an angled tip design that forms a "slump" in the screw head.
o Fly cutter: This one is often used to cut circuits in wood and other soft metals. The diameter of circles may be adjusted by changing the cutter blade setting.
o Hole saw: It cut holes from one to six centimeters in diameter and has a center bit for directing the cutting blade edge of the saw.
o Reamer bit: The tapered bit of reamer may be used on existing holes rather than to enlarge holes.
o Screw pilot bit: This beautiful bit is used for drilling body holes. A pilot hole is used along with the countersink.
o Wire Brushes: It use to remove rust and to clean up metal and is available either as a wheel or a cup with wire brush.
o Plastic bit: This is designed with a tip so as to prevent splintering when drilling plastic. It is important to reduce the speed and slowly drill the other side of the plastic.
o Plug cutter: Use this to remove cylindrical shapes from the wood. It covers the screw using a small cylindrical plug.

Group Rapport – Shovel It Up and Filter It Out

When I first started out in the persuasion business I would have huge anxiety for about a week before a big seminar. I was impossible to be around. My family would sequester themselves and avoid me. Even my dog ​​steered clear of my office somehow intuitively knowing I was in no mood to play. Not only was the gear up for these events intense and chaotic, but the let down after, not because the event was not successful, but because the energy I spent and absorbed and that worked its way though me, was immense.

As I became more comfortable with public speaking and more assured of my affect with students, I became aware of techniques that I could use to get my students / audience to become more connected and cohesive right from the start.

One that I use very regularly will help you form a group bond and a group rapport. I imagine a shovel, a big snow shovel, a great big wide thing, as wide as the audience, and it sits in the back of the room. The shovel starts just over the top of the heads of my audience and then it curves back around.

What I imagine that I am drawing energy through my feet, and I project it out of my eyes, so it goes like a blanket, over the top of everyone's head, all the way back to the snow shovel.

The snow shovel catches this blanket of energy, and whips it around and just as it is coming to my feet, it hits a box that is sitting right down in front of me. The box is a filter.

I'm bringing in everyone's energy, and this filter eliminates the negativity. I never want to take on all that myself, unfiltered. So I see the energy come back, and as see it coming to the box. As it hit the box, it becomes completely clear.

Then energy then comes right up through my feet and out through my eyes to the back of the room where the shovel is, and back up. That's how it starts.

At first it goes kind of slow, and then a little faster, and then pretty soon, it goes faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, until I can simply step away, and watch the energy

This energy has a life of its own. As I give presentations I let this go the whole time.

When I do trainings of 250, 300 people or more, it bonds the group like nothing I have ever seen.

Could this bonding be the language I use? Could it be the suggestions I make? Could it be that we're all working together and having fun? Yes. Absolutely. It could be all those things. But I think this adds dramatically to what I do.

When you're working with a big group, consider this to be another construct you can use.

Attracting Beautiful Women – Secret Techniques and Methods

The majority of men have intense difficulty comprehending the mind of a beautiful women. Given that some men have a successful love life, when questioned further that often have no idea why that is so. The ability to attract beautiful women does not have to be a dream or a fantasy for you. It is a learned thing and you need to know what to say and what to do in order to attract beautiful women. Naturally one would expect if you were wealthy, famous and possessed film star qualities then those hits would explain the ability to attract beautiful women, and in some cases that's what really works, like after all is Brad Pitt married to a Safeways check out chick? However women often look beyond these qualities to find love and in many cases they flock to men who have few obvious intangible assets. Men need to understand what goes through their minds when they meet an attractive women and they also need to interpret what the women is thinking and feeling at the same time so they can adjust their behavior to take advantage of the situation. If somehow you could discover how to develop these hidden insights talents and qualities, then you would have incredible success in attracting beautiful women.

Before looking at the physical aspects, you really need to want to be with a beautiful woman. You need to have a deep separated desire to be with a beautiful woman and almost before the event happens you need to visualise how it's going to be when you are talking to her over dinner. You need to know what you are going to say to her on the phone when you ask her out, and absolutely you need to know how you will handle it when she comes back to her place. You also must be aware that there will be rejected too, so be prepared for that.

To build a relationship with a beautiful woman is the prime objective here, so on that theme dependability is one of the most important assets a man can posses. All women go through times of mood swings, depression, ill health and in particular extreme disappointment with other men. I would estimate that over 80% of women in their 40's have had one and maybe two if not more tragic relationships with men in their life. So these problems act as a roadblock to you as a new guy on the scene. If you can empathize with these issues, then you will be the man who is there when she needs you, and then you will have no trouble building a relationship with her.

Women love self confident men. Their men need to handle and successfully negotiate the difficult situations with cool calmness. Successfully negotiating these situations can give a man the authority women respect and admire. When you loose your cool under tough conditions, then you look like a looser and, well, honestly, women do not like losers.

Along with the self confidence theme, women like men who can make them laugh. Maybe this goes hand in hand with the bad relationship scenario wherebe women like to be lifted out of their bad past experiences. It's a proven fact that you can not have two conflicting experiences existing in your mind concurrently so, when you are happy and laughing you can not possibly be sad – it's a fact and women know this, Do not ever laugh at her expense – that's a sure killer.

It looks clearly obvious but to attract beautiful woman you can not be boring. Beautiful women know they are beautiful and they know they have abundant choices in the man world so if you are boring and you sit in a dark corner then you will not even get noticed. Beautiful women love to be around fun adventurous men. They like unpredictability and they like men who dare to take chances. They like a sense of humor as well as the traditional 'Bad Boy' and rebellious attitude where a guy says what he means and means what he says. A bit of the adventurous element goes a long way with a beautiful woman.

A sense of attention is paramount. Remember what she says, her favorite foods, likes, dislikes, favorite activities, music, books etc. After all you will not build a relationship with a women when you portray entirely opposition interests. However do not rush out to her favorite restaurant on the first date and then treat her to all the stated interests in one swoop. Plan your activities to impress her slowly by introducing temptations regularly, hold back because you'll always need another trump card to play at the next date to blow her away and then you can show her that you really listened and cared about what she said last date. Springing a surprise night on her or a weekend in Paris goes down really well (trust me) because beautiful women love spontaneity, and if you play things right, if you are cool and you do things at your own pace rather than hers then you ' ve really got it made. Also bear in mind that women love men who are not afraid to be different, so be creative.

It's also obvious that personal appearance is a critical factor in attractive beautiful woman. You need to be dressed to perfection and you need to look sharp to attract beautiful women. Considering that on your first date the lady has agreed to meet you, and then she has gone to the effort to make herself beautiful in order to attract you, so look sharp and dress to perfection. Wear neat shoes and polish them if required. Women notice shoes from a distance and they will decide if you are approachable or not based on these aspects.

Three Reasons When You Should Take the Elevator Instead of the Stairs

The fitness-freaks among us will usually opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever we can. After all, taking the stairs presents us with an opportunity to do a bit of extra exercise outside of our rigorous routines at the gym and during our chosen sport.

There are, however, occasions when one should opt to take the elevator instead of the stairs. Here are a few of these reasons so you can make an informed judgment.

1. You have sustained an injury

We all pick up a few knocks now and again. You may pull your hamstring, or twist your ankle while at your jazzercise class. If this is the case, then you should avoid taking the stairs if there is a lift available for you to make the same journey.

Taking the stairs will put strain on your injury. This may delay recovery time, or make the injury worse than it originally was. Do not take long stair journeys until you have fully recovered from whatever injury you have sustained.

2. You're in a rush

If you are in a rush and you have got to move up a lot of floors quick-time, then you should take the elevator. As buildings get taller and taller, this is commonly becoming the case. City-dwellers often find that they must make their way to the top of a skyscraper. A lot of the time they will be in a hurry and do not want to be late for their appointment.

If you are only making a short journey, it may in fact be quick to take the stairs instead of waiting around for the elevator. The more floors you try to accomplish, the more tired your legs become and your pace begin to slow down.

3. You've just eaten

The final reason you may wish to avoid the stairs is if you have just ate your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Taking the stairs can be quite a work-out, especially if you have a lot to go up and you are not the fittest person in the world.

This work-out can cause indigestion if you have just ate a large meal. This can be both uncomfortable and painful. Always think about the last time you ate before you make the decision on whether you will take the stairs.

The lift can be avoided with a brisk walk up the steps. Follow this guide to ensure you know when to make the right decision.

Difference Between Dinner Size Vs Luncheon Size Flatware (Plate Size)

You might have seen a store with the $500 5-piece place setting. Or a store with $150 place setting. Relax, for a start you do not have to pay such a price yet. Start small, and slowly you can build up a very large collection of Wallace La Reine flatware entirely through eBay.

This article will note a few things you need to know regarding knives and forks in two different sizes. The examples and size used are specifically to the Wallace La Reine pattern.

Dinner Size vs. Luncheon or Place size

The main knives and forks in most patterns come in two different sizes: The dinner size and luncheon size which is also called “place” size. The dinner forks or knives are usually around a half an inch longer than the luncheon size. However, they are substantially heavier than that extra half an inch would indicate. Few patterns come in Continental size, but it is very rare and refers to the overall larger size and longer length of flatware that is popular in Europe. It is also marked by larger dinner forks, knives, and soup spoons than dinner size.

Continental teaspoons tend to be the same as American standard sizes. (For example, in the popular Wallace Grand Baroque pattern the knife sizes are – L: 9″, D: 9 3/4″, C: 10 5/8″.) Almost all the listings for collections and single place setting you see on eBay will be for luncheon size, not dinner size flatware. Dinner size is much rarer, and thus more expensive.

You must know the dimensions of the pieces in your pattern and be sure you are bidding on what you want; sometimes you may have to ask the seller for measurements. Some patterns (rarely) come in different weights and have an M (“Massive” – the heaviest), H (“Heavy”) and there are also lighter “Trade” and “Extra” weights. Of cause, the rarer it is, the more expensive it becomes.

In the next article, I will talk about French blade v modern blade knives and difference between a discontinued patterns and patterns that are still been manufactured.

Simplified Stove Maintenance Guide For Woodburning and Multifuel Stoves

The foremost thing in any stove maintenance programme is to ensure the chimney is swept on a regular basis. Have a look at our article on: Chimney cleaning for woodburning and multifuel stoves.

Make sure the woodburning or multifuel stove has been fitted properly. You may also want to read our article on: Fitting of woodburning and multifuel stoves.

The second procedure in the stove maintenance programme is to check the stove for poor seals which causes excess air to be drawn into the lit fire chamber resulting in lack of control of the burning fuel, poor combustion and under certain conditions gas leaks from the stove. This is best carried out at the start or end of each heating season or if at anytime the stove burning becomes more difficult to control.

Before you start please make a quick sketch of the stove.

Simply close all the air intakes of the lit stove, put on a pair of heat protecting gloves and take a cigarette lighter or a gas hob lighter. Slowly move the lit cigarette lighter or gas hob lighter around the stove door where it seals against the doorframe. Best to ensure that there are no major drafts in the room at the time of doing this. If the lighter flame is drawn towards the door seals at any point you immediately know that excess air is being drawn into the combustion chamber at this point. Note the whereabouts of any leaks on the sketch and carry on around the glass where it meets the door to ensure there are no leaks between the glass and the glass rope seal. Some cast-iron multifuel and woodburning stoves are bolted together by a system using iron rods that pass through the stove corners from the top of the stove plate through the insides of the stove to the underside of the base plate where they are bolted…Another method used is with interconnected lugs and bolts inside the woodburning or multifuel stove. All the cast-iron plates 6 in all, the top, base, front, back and two sides normally have grooves so they interconnect well before being bolted together. The grooves are normally lined with fire cement at the time of manufacture to ensure a good airtight seal. Run the lighter slowly along the joints where all the plates meet both vertically and horizontally right around the stove, again noting any point where the flame is being drawn to-wards the stove. Job done, you now know whether or not your stove is still working as it was designed to do or if it has developed a few leaks due to wear and tear.

The next stage in the stove maintenance programme is to sort out any of the leaks that may have been found as soon as possible. Let the woodburning or multifuel stove go out and do not light again until the leaks have been fixed. Poor sealing here under certain conditions can cause poisonous undetectable gases such as carbon monoxide to enter the leaving quarters if poor combustion is taking place in the stove. This is a special concern if smokeless or fossil fuels are being burnt in a multifuel stove. I like to leave the rest of the stove maintenance to the end of the heating season for reasons that will be explained later.

Once the fire in the woodburning or multifuel stove is out and the stove has cooled down, any leaks in the interconnected stove plates can be quickly sorted. In the past I have heard of people breaking their stove apart, re-fire cementing the plate joints and rebuilding the stove. I personally feel this is too much hard work and the same results can be achieved using a much more simplified method. The lid or top plate on most cast iron wood burning or multifuel stoves have a lip, which overhangs the stove body. Check your diagram from earlier to see if you have detected any leaks in this area. Run your finger under the lip where the lower plates are joined to the top plate. You may find excess fire cement that has squeezed out from the joints and hardened at the time of manufacture. I normally remove the excess with a strong flat-headed screwdriver and a mallet, tapping the excess off along the joints. I use a rubber mallet so if I miss I don’t damage the stove in any way .Now smooth off with wire wool. Nowadays you can purchase black high temperature silicon, which is great for this job. Fire cement eventually cracks with heat and falls out so I avoid using it whenever I can. Put the silicon tube into the silicon gun and cut a small angle slot at the top of the tube. Squeeze the silicone into the areas that are leaking or do all the plates, as it will last for a very long time and reduce future maintenance. Any excess you create can be easily wiped off with a small damp sponge.

The next stage of stove maintenance is to sort out the leaks where the door meets the doorframe of the woodburning or multifuel stove. Again in a cast-iron stove you will find that most doors close into a groove in the cast-iron doorframe. Sometimes the door catches or hinges are adjustable, if so consult your user manual instructions for the adjustment methods. I have found this more on traditional steel stoves, which makes more sense, as they don’t have the groove arrangement. The simple remedy is to replace the acrylic / fibreglass rope door seal. The glass rope seal can also be changed at this time if you have found leaks there, but make sure firstly that the glass is over the seal on all four sides as sometimes the glass moves a fraction due to the fact that on some stoves the glass is only held in place with lightly tightened metal clips. Most doors just lift off as they are hinged with removable pins so the rope can be replaced with the door lying flat. Remove the offending rope seals and take them to your local plumbers merchant, stove merchant or hardware store where the diameter can be checked and you can buy replacement lengths off a roll. Plumber’s merchants normally carry all sizes of this type of rope. There is a special rope seal glue you can also buy to complete the job, but yet again when I have been stuck I have used the high temperature silicon with no problems at all afterwards.

Clean out the door groove with a small screwdriver and smooth off with wire wool.

Just over half fill the groove with the adhesive you have purchased and apply the new rope being careful not to stretch it in any way. Tuck the two raw ends where they meet into each other and you are finished.

Now I have a reason why I always do the full stove maintenance at the end of the heating season (with the exception of checking and fixing leaks in the stove casing joints or doors) Spare parts at the start and during the heating season if needed are not always readily available because of demand. This then is a good time to always check the inside of the burning chamber of your woodburning or multifuel stove for wear and tear. As you wont be using the stove for some months to come it gives you plenty of time to order the parts if needed. Worst case scenario you might need a new baffle plate, firebricks or cast-iron linings, a grate or ashpan.

The baffle plate is the piece of cast iron, steel plate or scamalux board , which straddles the stove inside the upper part of the fire chamber. It is an important piece of kit as it deflects heat back into the chamber, thereby protecting the lid from excessive temperatures and aids in the secondary burning system of the woodburning stove. The baffle plate also creates a ventura effect for the draw of the stove. Replace this if warped badly or at least order a new one if it looks like it won’t last another heating season. The plate can be a bolt free fitting, but is normally held in place with bolts through a couple of lugs on which the plate rests. Some manufacturers use different methods to keep the baffle plate in place so consult your user manual for this if it is not obvious.

Cast-iron woodburning or multifuel stoves normally have internal cast-iron or firebrick linings to protect the outer cast iron and reflect heat back into the fire chamber. I simply replace these with scamalux board. This is a high temperature insulation board, which you can easily cut into the firebrick sizes, or cast lining plate sizes inside your stove .It is normally 20 to 25 mm thick. In the case of cast-iron liners fitted inside the stove, check with your supplier that it is OK to replace with scamalux board so you don’t infringe any warranty you may still have on the stove.

Check the pyroceramic stove glass for crazing, as the high temperatures seem to cause this over time. Measure the size and make sure you replace like for like. Your stove supplier can provide this if you have the stove make and model number. Carefully refit trying not to over tighten the screws. The glass may be great for high temperatures but it is susceptible to uneven stresses and knocks. The glass is sometimes held in place with small clips, so if this is the case put a small piece of flat fire tape seal, also available for stoves, between each clip and the glass surface. This does help reduce cracking from a slightly over tightened clip.

The final part of the stove maintenance programme although not essential is to buy some high temperature stove paint (assuming your stove is not enamelled.) This is available in sprays and brush on so you can have your stove looking like new again while it is sitting there over the summer months poised for action. While using the spray, which I prefer, mask off the glass and brass or chrome handles and hinges and surrounding areas. Best to use a mask and open a window if you are in a confined space as it has a very strong smell. The paint normally dries at normal room temperature in a very short space of time. Never ever use on a warm stove. Re light the stove on a cool summer evening just to re-test your joints. Don’t be over concerned if a little air seems to be drawn through the upper control vent when closed. Remember a woodburning or multifuel stove fire chamber requires a little oxygen to stay lit. Total starvation of air and the fire will go out.

I have a story if your not too tired reading all this information on stove maintenance.

Sometime ago an elderly gentleman and his wife who had purchased several multifuel stoves from my shop for holiday homes told me that they were having a big problem with a smoking stove in their home that they had purchased some years ago from another supplier. They were advised that there chimney was at fault and it needed lined with a flexible liner. This seemed strange to me as the stove had been working perfectly for years, the chimney cleaned regularly, had a good clay liner and no cracks or leaks had developed. They took the advice and although costly had the chimney lined, as it was a good idea for the long-term life of the chimney and stove efficiency. However the multifuel stove still did not draw any better and smoke still filled the room when it was lit. They then decided that the stove must just be too old and needed replaced. I suggested that if they didn’t mind I would like a look at the stove, as I was intrigued by this story.

When I visited the home the fault was quickly apparent. The cast-iron lid on the top of the stove was a little loose. On examination inside the multifuel stove I could see that one of the bolted lugs holding the lid down had broken. This meant that air was being drawn into the stove via the top plate rushing up the chimney and upsetting the whole combustion process within the fire chamber of the multifuel stove. I tried a simple solution to resolve this rather than take the stove apart or replace it. I simply used high temperature black silicon under the lid to seal it again and advised the couple to leave it 24 hours before re-lighting. The result was 100% successful and shortly afterwards a new lug was welded inside the stove. That was almost 5 years ago now, and the multifuel stove is still performing well and staying in overnight as and when desired. Thankfully this elderly couples’ serious stove leak problem showed up immediately on the bolted stove lug breaking. Imagine the possible consequences if it had been a combination of small leaks due to lack of stove maintenance over the years and they had have been burning fuel with the odourless carbon monoxide gas being emitted into the room due to the stove combustion gradually deteriorating.

A wood burning or multifuel stove is a very efficient and safe way to heat a home but always remember that chimney and stove maintenance are very important factors to maintain a safe as well as a warm home.

Bordeaux – Gastronomy – New Fresh Cookers

Modernity is the word employed by professionals, they said that a new generation of young person is appeared to give a "New Air" to the Bordeaux Tradition.

Can recipes exist without Wine or Leek "in Bordeaux"? It is a crime your Majesty for the Gastronomical Tradition of this famous place. Recipes from Bordeaux belong to the local culinary inheritance. Nobody changed them contrary to Nicolas Magie, the reputable chief of "the Cape" did not hesitate before modifying these recipes.

The cooker shows his will and his honor of a young person allowing a local cuisine with a new generation.

Wine Grewer Inventions

Wine has been a cumbersome product for the Bordeaux Cuisine for a long time. Bordeaux has not created Cuisine without Wine for many years, related Michel Portos, Chief of Saint-James, restrain the cookers imagination by making the delicious Foie Gras with wine, fish from the river and using red meat like "Bordelaise" (from Bordeaux , generally with wine). Some scandalmongers claim that some food cooked with wine areventions of Wine Growers. They are certainly right but there meals are deeply anchored in the local traditions and used in all families.
Result: "It's so difficult to nourish them because they always refer to the recipes of their grandmothers or their aunts.

Should the local customers be refractory with the culinary innovation? "Not at all" answers Thierry Marx, chief of Pauillac. The local clientele time to accept the change but when she has discovered your Identity and your Target, she became loyal. People do not go more to the restaurant to eat the same food that their own. They want "A New Generation" of tastes.

"New Cuisine in the Air"

Cookers invent new dynamism and they use ideas from foreign countries. Travels influence new recipes as Asian Food, their principal reference. The open mind was considering as a defect of the Bordelaise Cuisine.

However, these influences coming from around the world do not penalize the Bordeaux Cuisine. On the contrary, the new generation of cookers work with all the local products and they have already
Known that all the products are available in Bordeaux.

Homemade Solar Power Systems – Solar Panels – Residential

Rising oil and gas prices, the price of electricity and your bills will not stop increasing. Individuals who have created their own homemade renewable energy systems have come up with do it yourself DIY solar panels following energy saving guides and manuals.

Essentially, these solar packages contain all the information such as the complete solar power system, how to make solar panels, setup plans and instructions necessary for you to build a solar panel from material found around the home and parts bought conveniently from hardware stores.

In fact, most DIY power systems can be assembled for less than $180. There are about a dozen of such renewable energy packages available from the internet.

Solar Guides followed a set criteria:

1. Easy To Understand Directions.

Made sure that these directions to be concise and explain the details of solar system clearly. They need to be so easy that someone of a non-technical background can understand and suitable for any home.

2. Economical To Make.

The solar energy system discussed in the guides must be economical to make. By that, the components must be affordable and within a small budget for building a complete home power system. Cheaper the better.

3. Energy Saving

Efficiency has to be the most important factor to consider. After all, we are using these renewable energy guides to make do it yourself DIY solar and windmill power system for our homes.

By that, we wanted to make sure that we can achieve maximum energy savings. This of course translates to a lower home electricity bill. Solar energy package works for any home with all the necessary setup instructions, proven energy savings, delivers results and has first class solar energy information.

The solar package illustrates the entire installation process in a clear step-by-step format that enables you to build it within 2/4 days or over a weekend by someone with absolutely no knowledge about solar power and wind power energy systems.