Harley Stage 1 Upgrade

“How to get more power” is one of the most frequently asked question received about improving the performance of your Harley motorcycle. Some people are looking for more “get up and go” from their stock engines, while others are looking for higher dyno numbers.

For those who have a stock or mildly modified Harley engine the answer is to move up to the next “stage”… or a Stage 1 kit to be more exact. Before dragging out the catalogs and bolting on every gizmo claiming to make your ride go faster, let’s start with the basics of a Stage 1 upgrade.

You’ve probably heard terms such as Stage 1, Stage 2, etc. Now depending on who you ask, a Stage 1 upgrade could be anything from an exhaust upgrade to a new carburetor. I’m going to base the term “Stage 1” on what the motor company typically terms for this upgrade. With that said, a Stage 1 upgrade consists of the following:

1. Free breathing air cleaner.

2. Free breathing exhaust.

3. Rejetted carburetor or remapped EFI.

4. Upgraded ignition (if require*).

There is probably no greater beginning upgrade you can make than Stage One, which consists entirely of bolt-on parts. If you want you can take this upgrade one step at a time however, I recommend going in the order listed above if not all at once.

Free breathing air cleaner. This is the simplest upgrade to perform for most Harley owners. Depending on your budget this ranges from changing the air cleaner to a K&N or other element, to installing higher end air cleaner   assemblies  like Forcewinders and Hyperchargers. At minimum you need to let your engine breath by changing the stock air cleaner. You don’t have to spend a fortune but pick something that fits your bike well. If your plan is to keep the look of your current cover  assembly  go with Screamin’ Eagle or Arlen Ness “Big Sucker”  assemblies . These allow you to use your stock cover but the difference over stock is amazing.

Free breathing exhaust. As with the air cleaner this upgrade can be simple or extreme. Many choose to keep their stock pipes and go with slip-on mufflers. These are easy to install, maintains a stock look, and adds plenty of performance. Popular slip-on models include HD Screamin’ Eagle II, Cycle Shack, Bubs, and Khrome Werks to name a few. My favorites are the ones from Khrome Werks and Python, but the others are just as good. If your budget is slim (join the club) then try buying used like on Ebay. There you will find many models from people who are upgrading to full exhaust systems or another flavor of the month. I’ve found the best deals on slip-on mufflers on eBay that were sometimes less than HALF of what the item would cost new. To read more on other exhaust systems check out the Harley Performance Exhaust page.

Rejetted carburetor or remapped EFI. Once your engine is breathing it’s going to need to do a better job at providing a stable fuel mixture. Your carburetor or EFI will need to be corrected to compensate for how differently the engine now breaths. On carbureted models this means rejetting. This is a simple operation that is explained in detail under Harley Carb Jetting. Various kits are available to recalibrate the carburetor including those offered by Dynojet, Yost, and the Stage 1 Carb Kit. EFI models are another story. Fuel injected models use a programmed map to regulate how much fuel is to be delivered. Since you have changed the way the engine breaths, those instructions may not supply the proper stable fuel mixture under all conditions. Granted your bike will still run, but the only way you are going to get the most out of your EFI bike is to have it remapped by a qualified shop. There are simple ways to do this yourself using devices like the Power Commander or SE Race Tuners kit.

Upgraded ignition*. I placed a “*” next to this last item because under certain circumstances you can go without this upgrade and still accomplish a Stage 1 upgrade. Particularly with Twin Cam models, which already use a single fire ignition. Aftermarket TC88 ignitions offer higher rev limits and altered advance curves but unless you plan on hitting 6200 RPM (you shouldn’t anyway!) then stock is just fine. Evo engines and earlier models have Dual-fire ignitions and can really benefit from the single-fire upgrade. Dynatek’s very popular DYNA 2000 ignition was previously reviewed and is an excellent performance upgrade for pre-1999 Evo engines.

That’s really the core to performing a Stage 1 upgrade. The next step is Stage 2 which includes installing a performance cam, and Stage 3 (and 4 and beyond) include upgrading your heads, big bore cylinders, and stroker kits. Before tearing down your engine or spending your hard earned cash on modifications, try your own Stage 1 upgrade as described. You may be surprised just how much power is lurking within your stock Harley engine.

Enjoy the Ride!

How Does Satellite Internet Work

If you are new to satellite internet, then you have probably asked yourself this question, “how does satellite internet work?” If you are considering a one way multicast system or a one way system with a terrestrial return then you will first need the following outdoor equipment: the right sized satellite dish, a mounting structure, a feedhorn, a feedline and a Universal Low Noise Black Connector. The inside equipment that you will need includes: an internal DVB-S PCI card or an external DVB modem, a telephone modem, a telephone line, and software and hardware from your service provider.

If you are considering signing up for 2 way satellite internet service then you will need a little more equipment. First you will need a similar collection of outdoor equipment. You will need the right type of satellite disc, a mounting system, a feedhorn, a feedline and a Universal Low Noise Black connector. Inside you will need an indoor receiving unit, an indoor transmit unit, and the proper hardware and software for your service and provider.

Now that you know what equipment you need for satellite internet service the next set of answers that you need for the questions to how satellite internet connections work relates to how signals are sent and received. If you have a one way system with a terrestrial return then you will send your request for information via a land based ISP via your phone line. Your request goes from your computer through the phone line to the network system of your service provider to the satellite. The information that you requested is then transmitted from the satellite to your computer.

5 Things To Do With Old Paper Cups

You really don’t have to throw your paper cups away after use. There are many ways to reuse them, for example you can make many toys that can provide your kids with endless fun. Here are 5 things you can do with your old paper cups:

1) Paper Cup Pyramids: If you are wondering what to do with the disposable cups from last night’s party, here is an idea. Let your kids build a paper cup pyramid. Testing how high their pyramid can go before the cups topple over can be an exciting game for little boys and girls.

2) Treasure House: If you have a kid who loves to collect treasures like pebbles, rocks or even bugs, arm them with these cups. They can keep their collections in the disposable cups. Since this involves outdoor adventures boys and girls will love it.

3) Pouring and Dumping Tools: Kids normally love to play with water. Give them a disposable cup and show them how to use it as a filling and pouring tool. Next time when you take him/her to the bath tub, let them carry a cup. They can have oodles of fun of fun filling and pouring bath water. They can use it with not only water but with sand and whatever else they’re playing with.

4) Paper Cup Workshop: All kids love doing some serious jobs. Well let them enjoy hammering then. All you have to do is give them a few old paper cups, a golf tee and a toy hammer. Let them hammer the golf tee into the paper cup over and over again. It is not just some fun activity; it can refine your child’s motor skills.

5) Chatterbox:This is an old trick. Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, insert a long string into the hole and secure with a knot on the inside. Tape the other end of the string to the wall to create a chatter box. Whenever your child feels like squawking they can make use of their own personal chatter boxes.

There are many other fun things you can make with disposable cup. Preschool kids can use them as ball catchers. They will definitely have fun trying to catch a small bouncy ball in the cup. With a little imagination you can make flowers, telephones, purses, shakers, Christmas bells, garden and much more.

So next time you have a bag full of paper cups, don’t worry about where to dispose of them or how to recycle them. Just let your kids play with them and boost their imagination and creativity.

His Most Famous Stained Glass Painting (Garden Landscape & Fountain) – Louis Comfort Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany or Louis C. Tiffany (February 18, 1848 -January 17, 1933), an American painter and ‘Glass Designer,’ was born in New York. Since very young age, Louis was interested in art and painting and formally learned painting in Paris. Tiffany’s most works had the influence of ‘Art Nouveau’ and ‘Aestheticism.’ Starting as a painter, he got attracted towards glassmaking in 1875 and worked with many glass houses in Brooklyn, until 1878. In 1879, he associated with Samuel Coleman, Candace Wheeler, and Lockwood de Forest to establish the organization Louis Comfort Tiffany & Associated American Artists. His aspiration to focus on glass painting led to the splitting up of the company. He incorporated his first sole ownership, Tiffany Glass Company, on December 01, 1885 that came to be known as Tiffany Studios, in 1902. In the meantime, Tiffany created his most famous glass painting “Garden Landscape & Fountain” (1905-15).

This all time masterpiece, inspired by Byzantine Art, was probably a commission by the Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia. Louis’ finest imagination took the painting beyond its conventional creation of a flat decorative work. In this glass painting, measuring 8′ 7 ½” x 9′ 6″ (262.9 cm x 289.6 cm), Louis Comfort stunningly captures the beauty of the nature. “Garden Landscape & Fountain” a Favrile Glass Mosaic artwork carries the natural effect through the Favrile Glass Mosaic that has been cut to diverse shapes to accommodate the view. The painting is a classic example of the usage of colors, which were highly inspired by the nature, i.e. plants, sky, and insects. In the Louis Comfort’s landscape, “Garden Landscape & Fountain,” there are tall slender cypress trees with a multicolored sky above. Two swans carve a rippled pond of shining blue. The presence of a cluster of pink water lilies is also supporting the extraordinary view of the scene.

During 1896-1900, Tiffany created large number of beautiful Favrile Glass, with various pieces attaining mysterious and ‘Impressionistic’ effects. His vital contribution made him the head of the ‘Art Nouveau’ movement. Tiffany’s company was renamed as Tiffany Studios in 1900, after which Louis Comfort Tiffany ventured into lamps, pottery, jewelry, and bibelots. In 1911, he produced another of his best achievements, a gargantuan glass curtain for the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City. Tiffany founded the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation for Art Students at his luxurious and renowned Long Island estate, which in 1946, was sold to provide scholarship funds. Some of Tiffany’s other famous paintings are Stained Glass Window, Favrile Pottery, Laurelton Hall Loggia, View of Oyster Bay, and Autumn Landscape Window. “Garden Landscape & Fountain” is currently displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Metal Detecting Tools

So you have bought a metal detector and you are ready to venture out on your first metal detecting hunt. Before you go ask yourself ‘What metal detecting tools do I need?’ To a certain extend that depend on the geography of the area you want to explore. Is it on the beach, in the park or in the mountains? To save you time and effort on the excavation of a find you will need the following tools:

Pouch – The first item that you need is a pouch to store all the items in that you collect and that you would like to investigate closer at your leisure later on. Some metal detectorists have a second smaller pouch to keep the valuables in and they use the larger one for all the other items. You can buy very fancy pouches designed for metal detecting but any regular shoulder bag should do the trick.

Digging   Trowel  – The second tool that you need is a digging  trowel , especially for the beach. The  trowel  will probably be not very useful anywhere else but it is small and you never know so take it along. Again there is a wide range of digging  trowels  available in different sizes, from 10 inch to 14 inches and you even get some in stainless steel. There is also digging tools available that can be used as a digger, a saw or a knife. It is not necessary to buy an expensive metal detecting  trowel , any garden  trowel  will do the job just as well. You even get a Nylon garden  trowel  that is my favorite and it is ideal for the saltwater and beach.

Metal Detecting Scoop – The third tool that you need is a scoop. The scoop has an aluminum bucket with holes punched into the sides and the back of the scoop and a handle that is welded to the top of the bucket. The idea behind the scoop is that you scoop up some sand and then you can sift the sand though the holes to capture the item in the scoop. There are various models available from hand scoops to scoops on long handles, scoops where the bucket is welded at an angle. I use a tin that I punched holes in and I have screw on a wooden handle with two 90 degree brackets and it work just as well.

Digger or a Spade – The fourth tool that you need is a small digger. Any foldable camping spade or digger will be just perfect as it can be carried in your pack out of the way. Again you don’t need to go the expensive way and you can use any garden spade. However I prefer the smaller lady type garden spades above the bigger and bulky garden spades just to keep the weight down especially if you need to hike quite a distance.

With these basic tools for metal detecting you will be set for your metal detecting expedition, happy treasure hunting.

House Painter

Are you looking forward to paint your house? Then it is time that you look for a good house painter. You would find lots of painter, but is important for you to get the best professional house painter who would be able to give a new look to your house. It is very important that your house is washed and that too four sides of it.

As you know it is not possible to wash all the four sides in a single day if your house is too big but it can be done in a period of three to four days. Even you can go for painting of your house but it is best if you can go for a professional one who would be able to do all the work in just a few days without taking much of your time.

Using the right type of paint

When it comes to painting your house, then it is very important that you choose the right color. There are professional house painters who can give you advice on the type of colors that would suit your house. But there are people who go for choosing odd colors that destroy the beauty of the house. The painters also go for using latex paint in the exterior of the house which helps in letting the moisture out of the house.

If you go for oil base then it can suffer from cracking as well as peeling. So, this is the main reason why it is very important to choose the right type of paint for your house. You should never go for using inferior paints and then losing all the hard labor. So, get the best paint with a good color and hire a professional painter and you would see your house sparkling.

Things to Consider Before Installing a Crystal Chandelier

Want to have a beautiful interior in your house, well crystal chandelier might be a good help to add beauty and elegance in your house. Chandelier has increase its popularity in the market and it’s been a demand especially to rich people.

Crystal chandelier will give a beautiful effect of lights in your house; aside form its elegance it can make your place modernize. You just need to be cautious in choosing crystal chandelier, make sure that the chandelier you will install will fit and suit your room. If you have chosen the right chandelier on your room it will surely give you the effect that you want. Some modern crystal chandelier has the ability to make your room bright and can save space in your home. But above all the elegance that this chandelier can give is the price that you are paying purchasing this crystal chandelier.

Chandeliers are in different styles and it came with various sizes. In choosing a chandelier you must think first where you will install the chandelier. One good place to put a chandelier is on the entrance of your house, this will impress your visitor upon entering your house. This will light up the place where your guest will stay and surely your guest will appreciate the light that your chandelier brings to your place.

Chandelier should not be too expensive, having a beautiful effect of light on your house installing a crystal chandelier; you should choose the right chandelier that can do the job in putting a beautiful effect in your place. There are varieties of chandelier that you can choose from. There are different colors, styles and shapes. You can have the one you need by merely trying each chandelier you can see on the market. You don’t want to make mistake, once you have chosen one and install it on a ceiling, it is hard to change it because it need a lot of time and effort in installing and uninstalling a chandelier.

Before installing a chandelier, make sure that you have measured the dimension of the room where you will install the chandelier. You can ask some professional or an interior designer that can help you choose what kind and type of chandelier that will suit your place. You also need to consider the decoration in your home, the color of the curtains and some other factors that will affect some changes if you install a chandelier.

Considering the shape of your place is very important, this will help you out what shape and size of chandelier you need to purchase. Existing decoration on your place need to match the chandelier you will buy. Measure the height of the ceiling before installing or purchasing a chandelier. You don’t want to have head bumps on your chandelier and seeing yourself lying on your carpet with stars dancing in circle on your head. So for your safety make sure that you follow a standard height in installing your crystal chandelier in your home.

Eliza Maledevic Ayson


Kate Spade Diaper Bag – A Mother’s Best Friend

When it comes to style and functionality, Kate Spade diaper bag is one of the impressive bags. Kate Spade made quite an impression among stylish mothers with the belief that your sense of style doesn’t need to go away just for the kids. No wonder her fashionable nappy bags stands out from the various line-ups of different brands. Are you still using that traditional looking nappy bags? If so, here are some models of Kate Spade diaper bag you should be looking at.

Large Rainbow Serena Baby Bag

A practical choice for mommies, this tote is just like a pretty bag with the purpose of holding baby items. On the outside, it may look like your average bag, but inside this bag are different zippered pockets and compartments that can help you organize your stuff. The rainbow-striped nylon on the exterior features a wipe clean surface that is stain proof. While the shoulder strap may not be as funky as the bag, it is a strong strap that can help you carry your things.

Kate Spade Henry Diaper Bag

This Henry baby bag is striped with bold green, white, and khaki. Made of leather, this Kate Spade diaper bag is a great option for mommies who want more pockets and compartments for storing things. It comprises of 2 outside pockets, 2 interior side pouches, and one zippered pocket. You will really have an easy time packing your things when you’re on a rush. Aside from that, it comes with a sizable changing pad that is common in this line of brand. From the inside, it is edged with polka dot nylon material that can easily be wiped off. It even has an adjustable strap if you prefer to hang it on to the stroller.

Kate Spade Audrey Bag

The playful and functional Audrey Bag is made of water-proof material so you don’t need to worry about leaks, spits, and spills. The design comes with a black shade for versatility with cream polka-dots which makes it full of life. But, it is not called a nappy bag if it doesn’t have child-friendly features. The bag is complete with a set of changing pad and roomy pockets. There are several discreet side pockets that can carry more than one feeding bottle as well as some inside pockets for personal items.

Barrow Street Anabel Baby Tote

This Kate Spade diaper bag is highlighted by a cutesy bow in the middle. While nylon isn’t really the most stylish material, it comes in handy especially if you have clumsy kids around. The material is lightweight and easy to clean. The inside features zippered pockets and elasticized pouches that can help mommies organize baby’s stuff. As with the other diaper bags, it is equipped with a changing pad for each time you need to change your baby’s nappy.

Choosing a Kate Spade diaper bag from Kate Spade’s wide array of selection can be quite a challenge. But, now that you know what options you have, you are ready to decide which one is best for you.

Roof Shoveling

Many states recently have been hit hard by heavy snow and ice. These super storms have wreaked havoc on commercial and residential properties in many ways. Large amounts of ice and snow can put a lot of stress on your roof, which can lead to holes, leaks, and other significant damage. In the dead of winter, it is not advisable for the average home or business owner to climb a ladder and inspect a roof. A roof ice dam may have formed, and these can be extremely dangerous. They can fall on people walking by, causing serious injuries. They also lead to deterioration, which can result in loose and missing shingles. A reputable roofing contractor can perform an inspection to determine what steps are needed to adequately restore your property.

How can you tell if you need roof shoveling services? Here are a few things to watch out for:

1) If you notice any condensation on the inside of your home, near your attic, it could be as a result of heavy snow on your roof.

2) Look for large icicles forming on your gutters, and an extreme amount of snow on your roof.

3) Keep an eye out for interior leaks, as they may be caused by snow accumulation.

4) Take a look around your property, and see if you notice any shingles on the ground, as they may have become loose after a particularly heavy snow storm.

Some roofing companies provide roof shoveling services. Make sure they are experienced, licensed, and certified to avoid any future liabilities. Such a company will have the proper heavy duty equipment, materials, and safety gear necessary to effectively shovel your roof, no matter what kind of roof you have. It is important to verify that the company is rated favorably by its customers, so check out their website and look for customer testimonials. Most reputable roofing contractors offer free roof inspections, so call them to find out what they offer in terms of evaluations and other services. Roof shoveling is a valuable service especially when the temperatures outside are below zero. The average person can get frostbite or risk falling off a ladder if they attempt to shovel a roof on their own. In cases where snowstorms have resulted in a heavy accumulation of snow, it is wise to contact a licensed, bonded, and certified roofing company to do the job correctly.

Thread Lift

Thread lift is very essential for people over their forties or fifties who are not happy with the way their facial appearance look like. This is noticeable especially in women as they age in their faces. If you are searching for ways to enhance your face to change from the old you to a new, natural and youthful appearance then a thread lift will be the solution. Some people go for a thread lift as soon as they notice any change in their facial appearance say being sagged or worse.

With a thread lift you are free from the long major surgery that will need a longer period of recovery as well. It is not every body that can take off some months to build up the strength and most people are having threshold of pain. It may also require for you to stay away from work or social circle for an extended period of time for one to recover. This could be a major concern to the some individuals.

The other issue will be the cost of the surgery. It could cost from ten to fifteen thousand dollars and could even be more than that. To an extent it could even cost twenty five thousand dollars. Most people do not have that much amount to spend for a cosmetic surgery.

Nevertheless, it is a great means by which women could handle their problem of aging and coming back to youthful nature again. It is a one hour procedure, with some special barbed threads put beneath the surface of the skin, this lifts and tightens the face give the face a youthful and a sense of balance. These threads go a long way to arouse the production of collagen; collagen encourages the youthful appearance in a few weeks.

This process is of improving on facial beauty is done without the usual plastic surgery. Since many people wish to appear looking good and in our world today since there are is a lot of desire to retain the youthful look. It has been difficult to control or even fix this sagging skin that comes with old age. Plastic surgery has been tried but has many risks accompanying it as well as huge expenses.

But with thread lift, it is the solution to this problem of sagging skin, it is invasive, inexpensive and no risk of general anaesthesia. It takes only a down time of twenty four hours. It is low cost, the procedure is painless, done in the doctor’s office with local anaesthesia and within twenty four hours the patient is back to work.

Thread lift helps you to control aging skin with the sagged cheeks and jowls being lifted. It gives a look of five to ten years younger to face the everyday competition with the younger generation. Much attention from the opposite sex and enhance self esteem.

It benefits also include; It is safe, affordable, natural and you get back to work in twenty four hours.

Try it and you will not regret but rather be happy you did go for a thread lift.

Signet Home Elevator

If you are designing a new home, enhance the value of your home with the hottest selling and the most energy efficient elevator, the Signet home elevator from ThyssenKrupp Access. The world’s leading manufacturer of residential elevators, ThyssenKrupp Access has launched the value added Signet home elevator to assist elderly and disabled individuals who have difficulty in climbing stairs. In the accessibility products industry, ThyssenKrupp Access has introduced this high quality residential elevator as a useful practical solution for individuals with all types of mobility problems. These elevators are definitely economic options that will stay within your budget.

With this uniquely designed equipment, you can move between floors in comfort and style. The Signet home elevator utilizes the most cutting-edge home elevator technology to make it a perfect fit for any home architecture. Install this compact solution with 6” shallow pit anywhere in your home as it requires no separate machine room.

These elevators are available in three standard car sizes – 36” x 48” (12 sq ft), 36” x 60” (15 sq ft) and 40” x 54” (15 sq ft). It comes with countless custom options with a load carrying capacity of 950 lbs. It is equipped with an optional hydraulic drive with submersed motor and 2-speed valve, which provides maximum travel up to 50′. This home elevator can make five stops. As this is a residential elevator, it delivers safe, quiet and comfortable ride for users. It is well-designed with many safety features such as:

o Pit switch

o Upper and lower terminal limits

o Car gate safety switch

o Battery backup emergency light and alarm

o Electromechanical interlocks

o 115 VAC lockable auxiliary disconnect for car lighting circuit

o Slack chain/rope safety

o Car top stop switch

o 230 VAC lockable auxiliary disconnect for drive unit circuit

Install Signet home elevator with additional options such as remote machine room elevator controller, counterweight safety device, automatic hoistway door operator, external modem for remote diagnostics and installation/inspection pendant control in your existing home. The Signet home elevator with its rich features and overall elegance will surely enhance your home decor. Best of all, this product can be easily installed without incurring any major structural change in your home.

This device has many advantages over other elevators since it has a programmable logic controller. In the United States, ThyssenKrupp Access’s Signet home elevator is the elevator most in demand, with the number of users growing day by day.

Plate Collecting is Fun

The collecting of every day  plates  with interesting designs goes back to when  plates  were first used. However designs on  plates  became a selling point for the tea/dinner  plate  manufacturers e.g. blue and white, of which there are many patterns, when competition became fierce and they wanted a slice of this market. Many of the famous potteries also produced very ornate designs for their tableware, Mason’s is a good example.

Some early collectable  plates  are now very valuable and “Delft” ware, going back to the 18th century, is a good example of this. Most potteries, like Royal Worcester and Spode, produced interesting designs , often hand painted by renown artists (not intended for everyday use, but purely decorative). Essentially the “Decorative”  plate , originally hand painted, became more available with the advent of transfer printing and mass production techniques in the 19th century.

Naturally the earlier  plates , especially hand painted are very valuable, and normally out of reach of the ordinary collector. However there are many  plates  which are affordable from the 19th to the 21st century and readily available. The real problem is to decide what to collect, whether it is a modern day  plate  from Danbury Mint or a commemorative  plate  from Victorian times. The range is enormous and it is, as always with collecting, a personal choice.

Most of the potteries worldwide produced decorative  plates  and one must decide what to collect, Art Deco, Blue and White, Belleek, Chinese, Clarice Cliff, Derby, Dresden, Meissen or Worcester to name only a few, or to collect by theme, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Flowers, Fish, Places, Commemorative, Birds and so on.

Decorative  plates  can play the same function as a painting or a print and may be used as part of an overall decorative theme in one’s home or office. In fact there is no reason why one cannot mix the two to produce an interesting effect. Experiment with a layout on the floor to start with, before committing to actually fixing them to the wall, it will save a lot of extra work filling in holes!

Since WWII the  plate  manufacturers like Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Knowles, Danbury Mint, W.S.George and many more have produced  plates  for this market and their  plates  are purely decorative and not functional, in fact they state that the paints used my be toxic. It goes without saying these  plates  are not dish washer safe. There are exceptions but they do not concern us here.

I believe the best approach is to study the various web sites and on line auction houses to see what interests you and then to concentrate on a particular area. We sort all our  plates  by theme which makes it easy to find a  plate  to complete a set or to replace a broken or lost one. Most potteries produce sets of  plates , usually on a theme and are issued on a regular basis so you can acquire a complete set if you wish. This of course only applies to new editions. To find previous issues you need to hunt for them on web sites like ours. Many companies operate a finder service, as we do, but it may take a time to find that illusive  plate .

Overall the collecting of decorative  plates  can be informative, pleasing to the eye or just plain fun. Good luck!

Caring for Your Camping Stove

For camping equipments to last long, they should be handled well. Camping stoves are no different. By taking care of your stove, you are guaranteed to enjoy campfires and cookouts for a long time. By following these maintenance tips, your camping stove is guaranteed to last.

Get yourself acquainted with the camping stove.

Before using your stove, be sure that you have read the user’s manual from start to finish. People usually ignore manuals and prefer to assemble equipments by themselves. But oftentimes not reading user’s manuals could result to improper usage and incorrect assembly of equipments. By following the correct procedures in setting up and using the stove, you will be able to operate the equipment fully and properly.

Test-drive your stove.

Before setting off somewhere far from civilization, be sure that you have already learned how to use your camping stove. Before the big day, experiment with your stove, get to know it well and get used to it. Make sure it functions okay and does what it’s supposed to do. This way you can protect yourself being beset with stove problems while you’re in the wilderness.

Use the appropriate fuel.

Always ask about the fuel to be used for the stove. Some of them can be used with different types, while others work only with a certain type of fuel. It is possible that specific types of fuel can affect the life of your stove or clog it up. The different types of fuel are kerosene, diesel fuel, white or unleaded gasoline, Coleman fuel, propane, butane and denatured alcohol. To be sure, choose a multi-fuel stove.

Fresh fuel is better.

When you first purchased your camping stove, it was free from clogs. It should stay that way. For your stove to remain unclogged, make sure you use only fresh fuel. Old fuel, most especially the one stored in the tank, breaks down and causes impurities that bung up your stove. Also, using old fuel is dangerous since it might be contaminated.

Filter while filling fuel tank.

Use a fuel funnel with filter while filling the fuel canister of your camping stove. This way water and debris won’t get into the fuel line of your stove and clog it up. In addition, when opening and closing your fuel canister, do it in such a way that obstructions do not enter it. This is to prevent your stove from clogging up.

Keep your stove spotless.

Make sure that you clean your stove properly after every use. Wipe it with warm water and dishwashing soap and then dry it before storing. Cleaning your stove after using it will prevent buildup in the burners and make the stove more fuel-efficient, corrosion-free and rust-free.

Store your stove safely.

Keep your stove where it should be. When you’re on a camping trip, put your stove and fuel away from fuel. Some stoves come with padded sacks or special cases just for this. When you’re not out camping, make sure that your stove and fuel are stowed separately.

Your cooking exploits at camp can be made more fun and enjoyable if you have a functional camping stove. By caring for your stove, you can prolong its life and keep it working efficiently.

Cookers, Lets Make It a Little Bit Simpler Please!

Okay, so you need a new cooker installed and you think, ‘let me search for one.’ As soon as you are put on that search engine or directed to that company website, you are bombarded with phrases such as ‘free standing’, ‘dual fuel’, ‘multi fuel usage’ and words such as range, gas, electric and you think to yourself, ‘I just want a normal cooker.’

Well let me help with your woes and breakdown what exactly each cooker is and what it exactly does, its uses and if it will even cook your food!!

Now, the most common cooker would probably be the ‘free standing’ cooker. This is simply a cooker that is all one unit. It has the gas hob at the top for your pans, and the oven/grill at the bottom. Sometimes a free standing cooker has one oven underneath and the grill will be placed at the top of the cooker. This is most common amongst older models and now it is easier to have two small ovens below, one of them which can act as a grill and oven.

Free-standing cookers can be gas or electric or even both. Free standing Cookers are often the cheapest type of cooker to buy, however if you like to do a lot of cooking and especially when it comes to holding dinner parties or Christmas time, it isn’t always the best option.

If you do need something a bit bigger and you prefer to have more than the average of 4 small hobs on the cooker top, it might be in your interest to consider buying a range cooker. Now a range cooker differs from the average free standing cooker purely because it is bigger in size. It usually has a much larger oven and has more than 4 gas hobs. This is good for big families and when you need to cook a number of things at once. Range cookers are definitely more favoured this day and age as it provides more space for cooking and can be more practical.

There is one cooker that is not named purely on it’s appearance. This is the dual fuel cooker. As you can guess from it’s title, the dual fuel cooker uses more the one type of cooking inlet. It uses both gas and electric to cook food in the cooker. Usually the oven uses electricity. This is because the electrical currents that cook the food move evenly in the oven rather than gas which is easily effected and tends to concentrate heat in areas. This allows more even cooking which is important when cooking roast joints, whole chickens and other large items of food. The hobs on a dual fuel cooker are often gas, as the flame allows the utensils to heat up quicker and when you need to change the heat, the flame allows a faster cooling and heating process. Now, dual fuel cookers can be found as a free standing cooker, range cookers or any other types of cookers, it is not limited to one type.

Nowadays, people are opting for the more aesthetically pleasing option of simply buying a gas hob and gas oven separately. The purpose of this is so they can fit it into the worktop of one of their kitchen surfaces, allowing the cooker to blend into their kitchen design and fit in better. The con of buying a hob and oven separately however is that it tends to be more expensive buying and installing two separate units. Also, there is the issue of cutting your work surface, providing the space for your oven and also weather you need to pay for extra copper piping depending where the appliances are located. This option is a bit more fiddly and expensive but if you have the money, by all means, a fitted hob can really compliment the design of your kitchen!

Now what I am about to say may seem a bit silly, but be warned! The best of people have fallen victim to this. It seems that these days, children’s toys are more concise in image and are made to look as real as possible to adhere to the ‘pretend and play’ idea which is fun for most children. There are some ‘play cookers’ out there which in a picture, may look like a real cooker and even have lights that to a child, convinces them the cooker is actually working. Some company’s make the picture seem so genuine and real that people buy these mistakenly thinking that it is a real cooker. Okay so you have to of been careless to not read the details, however, believe it or not, it does happen.

Now I’m sure there are still a lot of cookers out there which may be given new names or may baffle you, however, as long as you keep to this simple guide buying a cooker should be a breeze! Now in the UK, you have to make sure all gas appliances are installed by a Gas Safe registered engineers otherwise, you can be at risk of gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning or even gas explosions. Make sure you use your new cooker (whatever it may be) safely.

So here you have it, your mini guide to ensuring you buy the right cooker for you!

Smart Car MP3 Cable Relocation

About 2 weeks ago my son bought a really sharp Smart Car and of course then decided it was not good enough as it was and he wanted to remove the MP3 cable for a Radio 10 model for easier access and to make it, what he termed, cool. Much to his dismay there are numerous challenges in moving the MP3 cable from the glove box to the small space between the steering wheel and the radio where he could easily reach it. The only other option for relocating the MP3 cable for easy access is in the upper kick panel in the passenger foot area (not really a good option).

So he enlisted my help because to tell the truth he is indeed a little mechanically challenged and I am an old school, died in the wool, do it yourself kind of guy (before we were finished with this little project I was wishing I was anything but)…

Well needless to say, as with almost any change you make to factory applications in a new car, we ran into a number of issues so I decided I would share this experience so you will not have to go through what we had to go through to get this done.

I am going to share what I think are some important step by step instructions that I feel will be really helpful to anyone wanting to accomplish this particular feat. Please follow each step before moving on to the next one, as it will cause you a lot of grief (as I learned from personal experience) to have to start over from the beginning if you do not proceed as directed.

First of all, the lower button console with the seat heater, door locks, hazard warning flasher, etc. buttons must come off first. This narrow console is easy to remove but needs to be pried up from the bottom as it comes straight back toward you (straight out from the console). Simply slip your fingers in behind the console from the top and pull toward you, then the removed console can hang loose without causing a problem.

Secondly, in the same square center hole where the lower console wires come through the dash panel, there is an Allen screw. This screw holds the   plastic   panel  in place, which surrounds the radio and a/c vents. Carefully remove the screw being aware NOT to drop it, which is extremely easy to do in this very tight space.

Next, slide your fingers under the  plastic   panel  which surrounds the radio and h vents and beginning on top nearest the windshield on either corner, gently lift up and pull it toward the back of the vehicle. This will release the plastic clips. Lift the panel up and out from behind the lower dash panel below the radio.

Looking at the radio, it has four Allen screws, which hold it in place in each of the four corners. Unscrew them until they are loose, as they do not need to be removed from the radio but simply unscrewed. Slide the radio straight back and then to the right where it should sit securely on the lip of the glove box.

At this point you may choose to drill a three quarter inch (18mm) hole in the passenger foot area just to the right of the vertical dashboard mount in the center of the car below the radio/heater area where there is a  plastic  kick  panel . There is a large hole to the right of that panel where you need to put your hand up and into to ensure no wires are in the way.

Behind the radio you can feel a large slot at the bottom of the radio hole. You need to pass your MP3 cable through this slot and mount it in the new three quarter inch hole that you drilled in the kick panel. This will provide for a nice, clean and out of sight installation.

Now simply plug your MP3 interface cable into the MP3 female connector in the kick panel at the back of the radio nearest to the drivers seat, where the main power connector and wires are located. Above this connector is a slim, dual male connector. The MP3 female cable connector plugs into the small connector slot in the slim, dual male connector, which is furthest from the drivers seat. The retaining clip in the MP3 cable connector faces the far side of the slim, dual male connector. Plug this square female connector into the back of the radio. This connection even mutes the music to answer the phone or allow you to make a call when needed.

Now you are ready to test your MP3 player by plugging the player connector cord into the female connector you just installed. Connect your MP3 player making sure it is at a high volume level in order to give a full range of volume control to your Smart radio. Turn on the car key and the radio, selecting auxiliary via the smart remote control button, and you should hear your MP3 music in impressive stereo. Be sure to check the controls for correct operation and functionality.

If everything works correctly and to your satisfaction, turn off the radio and the car key, reinstall the radio, the panel which surrounds the radio/a/c vent and the lower console by reversing the procedure as listed in the steps above.