10 Interesting Places To Visit In Europe

From the rolling greens of Scotland to the beautiful ancient ruins of Greece, there are a variety of interesting places to visit in Europe. Take a trip to Europe and your most difficult decision is going to be which places to visit during your vacation.

Some of the major cities on this diverse continent include London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Madrid, and Frankfurt.

Since there are so many interesting places to visit in Europe, you may need a bit of help deciding where to go. The following are 10 of the best places to visit for a great time.

Eiffel Tower – Known as one of the most famous landmarks in the world, there is no structure that has ever been built like the Eiffel Tower. The tower is 984 feet high and one of the tallest buildings in the world. The view of Paris from the tower is a definitely must see if you are in Europe.

Acropolis – If you are interested in history, one historical site in Europe that you won’t want to miss is the Acropolis. Located in Athens, you’ll see sites such as the Parthenon, sites built as far back as the 5th Century BC. Not only will you get to have a close up look at all these ancient buildings and ruins, but you’ll also get a great view of the city of Athens from here as well.

The Roman Coliseum – Another of the many interesting places to visit in Europe is the Roman Coliseum. This grand site was originally a huge amphitheater that could seat more than 50,000 people. With amazing ancient architecture, even in disrepair, this is a magnificent site that you definitely have to see.

Tower Bridge – Since 1894, this beautifully designed bridge has been standing over the River Thames in the city of London. From the bridge’s beautiful walkways you can see some breathtaking views of London. You can also visit the engine rooms containing the steam engines that power the bridge. Whether you go in the day or at night, this is a breathtaking must-see.

Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh Castle is another of the most interesting places to visit in Europe. It is over 1,000 years old and once you see this magnificent castle you’ll soon understand why more than a million people visit it each year. You can tour the castle, enjoy the views and visit the surrounding gardens as well.

Buckingham Palace – Since 1837 Buckingham Palace has been the residence of British royalty, and what would a trip to Europe be without taking the time to see the home of the Queen of England. If you visit during August or September you’ll even be able to see inside the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace.

Big Ben – The world’s largest turret clock tower, Big Ben is one of the best known landmarks in London and definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Europe. Although it is not open for public tours, it looks spectacular, especially at night when it is all lit up.

La Sagrada Familia – While in Europe, another must see is the unfinished church La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, designed and worked on by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. Unfortunately, he died before the structure was completed. With amazingly designed towers and innovative architecture, however, this is an excellent place to visit while in Europe.

Cathedral Notre-Dame – No visit to France is complete without stopping by the Cathedral Notre-Dame. History buffs will enjoy the rich history of this attraction while art lovers will enjoy the beautiful statues, columns and windows.

St. Michaeliskirche – Right in Hamburgh, Germany, is the beautiful St. Michaeliskirche, known locally as Michl. During the day you can enter the church for free. However, if you choose to go up to the top of the spire, you will have to pay a small but worthwhile fee for its beautiful view of Hamburg.

Bushing Replacement

When suspension in a wheel   assembly  gets a little loose or sloppy, bushing replacement can bring it back to a responsive condition. This applies to aircraft wheels as much as to your road car. On an aircraft we are talking about equipment that is subject to huge stresses and abuse by comparison with most wheel  assemblies .

Precision machined bushings for aircraft have to be replaced with more frequency. Landing gear bushing overhaul with short lead times and at the best possible price is much sought after by both OEMs and MROs.

Standard-size bushings are used in corrosion-free bores and oversize bushings for installation in corroded bores. A bushing should rotate freely, therefore seizure or excessive stiffness of the inner bushing cannot be determined without disassembly.

Aircraft landing gear consists of the main legs and arms, the oleo shock absorber strut  assemblies , arm pins, oleo strut pins, oleo valves, axle spacers, seal rings, wheel, brakes and all required hardware.

The leg and arm are welded-and-machined, corrosion protected by means of anti-corrosion coatings and sealants. The bronze bushings for the landing gear arms are installed and honed to final size. All is designed to withstand huge landing loads.

Best practice includes lubrication avoiding friction and wear, and aiding the transfer of forces throughout the gear during use. Lubrication keeps out water, de-icing fluid, and other corrosion-causing substances. However, the wrong grease can damage landing gear bushings and necessitate bushing replacement. The high tensile steel used for landing gear can suffer hydrogen embrittlement and cracks.

Finding Perfect Speakers

There are many steps to finding the perfect speakers to meet your audio needs. There are all types of stereos that can produce a high-def surround sound. Having the right speakers can also be extremely important to DJs or event planners that need them for meetings or events.

There are a couple of things that make up a good speaker; one of these things is watt. Watts have a lot to do with peak powering. The highest quality speakers have a maximum depth of at least 3.7 inches. Another component that creates a good sound is the aluminum woofer. For high quality sound, the aluminum woofer should be at least 8 inches (this is also good for producing deep bass in music). If the consumer is interested in using a speaker to produce a home theater sound (surround sound elements), it is a good idea to invest in a speaker package.

Speaker packages come with multiple mini-speakers which can produce the power to create a surround sound and deep bass effects. A surround capable audio and video receiver can be used to power the subwoofer. Most of the best speakers come with a 5.1 channel sound. Twiddler drives also have a hand in creating deep sounds which can move air from their small enclosures. A desirable size for the Twiddler drives should be 2.5 inches.

Some speakers have built-in surround sound speakers. A broad low height VCS-10 is an option for consumers who want a speaker to sit on top of their television to create a deeper effect. Amplifier power has a lot to do with the makeup of the speaker. Most amplifiers for quality speakers have around 10 to 100 watts per channel drive. Sometimes, speakers can get overworked. There should be features included in order to prevent this, which can make the speakers last a lot longer. Automatic protection circuits helps in stopping speakers from being overworked. This will also produce room acoustics.

To reduce air turbulence, which can get in the way of the quality of sound, speaker flare slot ports should be included in the speakers by the manufacturer. Consumers should also be careful to use the correct gauge of wire for the distance between the speakers and the amplifier. Some speakers come with mounting brackets, which makes it easy to include speaker cables and/or wires. It is also a good idea to invest in a set of speakers which include a user’s manual and self adhesive rubber feet.

Build Your Glamour Muscles With These Bicep Exercises

When talking about fitness big arms or the glamour muscles are put in the conversation very easily. Are you pleased with the size or definition of your biceps? If not try these bicep exercises to get them looking nice.

1. EZ-Bar Bicep Curl – One of the most common curl exercises. This one lives up to it’s name. Using an ez-bar to do curls makes life easier. It makes it easier to do the exercise.

When doing these make sure to not rock the weight for momentum or allow elbows to move forward. If you can avoid these two common mistakes you will get the most out of your bicep workout.

2. Resistance Band Curl -Using resistance bands are a great way to attack any muscle group if weights are not an option for you.

Stand on resistance band with feet a little wider than should width apart to do the curls.

3. Concentration Curl – While sitting on a bench with feet on the ground. Bend over and grab a dumbbell with palms up. While doing curl your elbow should be touching the inside of your thigh. Switch arms since you will be doing curls with one arm at a time.

4. Hammer Curl – Stand shoulder width apart with dumbbells at your side with palms facing in. Curl dumbbells one at a time. When you get to the top squeeze bicep, pause briefly and return back to starting position.

5. Standing Dumbbell Curl – Similar to hammer curls with the starting position. The only difference is when you lift the weight. When lifting the weight you want to turn your wrists and the dumbbells toward your body.

6. Kettlebell Bottoms up Clean – With 1 kettlebell on your side swing it back and then curl it up. The bottom of the kettlebell should be facing towards the ceiling. Not only will this build strength in the biceps it will also build forearm strength.

7. Seated Dumbbell Curl – Same as standing dumbbell curls but you are sitting down on a bench. It is just a different option. Maybe you are feeling a little fatigued and want to sit down and work your biceps.

8. Kettlebell Towel Curl – Put a towel through the dumbbell (obviously by the name). Perform a curl. Make sure the towel end toward the kettlebell is facing the outside of your hand with your thumb facing forward. Do this one right and you will torch your biceps.

Whether its spring, summer, fall, or winter you can have your glamour muscles looking awesome if you add these bicep exercises into your workout routine.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tile Remodels Done The Right Way


Employing a bathroom tile installation company with no experience or qualifications can lead to a big catastrophe with your remodel. One piece of tile placed incorrectly can throw off the look and alignment of the entire area being remodeled. In addition, grout that is not sealed correctly, can lead to water damage on the floor, countertop, baseboard, & walls. A professional bathroom tile contractor with eco-friendly product knowledge will take the necessary steps to avoid these mishaps.


There are many eco-friendly materials & products a company can use to tile a bathroom. Certain types of tile use different applications, adhesives, grout, & other materials to install them properly. That being the case, it is important to hire a bathroom tile contractor with the knowledge to make these choices. Generally a company with many years experience in the industry, that has worked with every type of tile available on the market, should poses the knowledge to make these choices.


Here are a couple choices of popular environmental friendly tiles used for bathroom remodel’s. Porcelain is a great choice because it has a hard density and will not absorb water easily, which makes it easy to clean. If you want to use a natural stone tile, marble, quartz, or granite make for great choices. Just make sure to ask your bathroom contractor how to properly clean these types of tile with a softer density. You want to make sure to avoid any type of algae issues, other than that natural stone tile are absolutely beautiful!


Before hiring a bathroom tile contractor, do yourself a favor and research the companies in your area. Use the internet to search for experienced installers, look at social sites that display reviews for local companies, and search for sites that show testimonials on remodel projects that completed in the past. Companies that have a website usually offer reviews and testimonials from their clients. Following these steps will help you find a business with a proven track record.


If you want to go a step farther, drive around the area you live in and look for construction sites and developments. Take a minute and ask who the general contractor is for the project. If you ask around enough you will start to hear the same names being mentioned. These are the contractors you want to use. It might cost you a little more, and you might have to wait a little longer to get your remodel done, but most likely it will be worth the wait, and you will have an environmental friendly custom tiled bathroom.


Using the best quality products, no matter which type of tile you pick, is step number one. Finding a professional eco-friendly bathroom tile contractor who provides quality workmanship on every single project, no matter how big or small, is step number two. Finally, step number three is to learning to properly clean your tile. Following these three steps will help you feel confident, and hopefully result in a successful remodel. So good luck, and enjoy planting your carbon footprint in your home!

How To Install Ceramic Floor Tile – Yourself!

Want to learn how to install ceramic floor tile? Installing tile is a step-by-step process that any handy person can learn to do. It’s like many other home projects. The pros are fast because time is money. Plus a pro must handle a wide range of project situations.

But we amateurs can take it easy and maybe just do a room or two, so we don’t have to handle a lot of different situations. You can learn to do a professional job and enjoy the satisfaction of installing ceramic floor tile while saving some money too!

Ceramic tile makes a beautiful as well as practical floor . A tile floor will literally last for generations with minimum maintenance. Ceramic tile is a perfect floor surface especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers.

Ceramic Tile Floor … The Base.

Ceramic tile can be installed over many different materials, including old tile, vinyl floors and concrete. Wood is usually poor base for ceramic tile. Shifting of the wood may cause cracking of tile joints. The best base for floors and walls is Hardi-Backer cement board. This material is isn’t damaged by water. Plus it’s stable and fairly easy to work with too.

Gather The Tools.

Gather your tools first. You’ll need the following:

  • Plastic 5 gallon buckets
  • Tile saw
  • Nippers
  • Cutter board
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Notched trowel
  • Margin trowel
  • Chalk line
  • Pencil
  • Tri square
  • Spacers
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Tile sponge

Lay Out Your Floor.

Usually your first floor layout step is to find the center of the room. Measure the width and length of the room and strike lines to determine the center. Use these lines as guides to lay the tile. Continue to strike chalk lines on the floor as guidelines as you proceed along the floor.

The appearance of the floor must have eye appeal. You may need to start along a wall, so you have cut tile only on one side. This depends on the room and the situation. Starting in the center is the most common method.

Lay some tiles on the dry floor spaced like you plan. Dry setting of tiles lets you better visualize the finished floor look before you apply adhesive!


The adhesive, or thin-set, is a mortar mix especially designed for ceramic floor tile installation. There are several brands and types of thin-set. Different additives are used for different applications. Your dealer will help you choose the best product for your job. Thin-set comes in different colors too.

You can get ready-mixed thin-set. Pros use thin-set that comes as a powder, like mortar mix and is mixed with water. Mix using a stirrer with an electric drill.

Laying Ceramic Floor Tile.

Spread thin-set with a trowel. You’ll want a special tile trowel with notched edges to build ridges in the thin-set. The ridges will help you gauge just the right amount of thin-set. Too much adhesive will ooze out the top of the joint and make a mess.

Leave your chalk line guide lines uncovered and put the tile edge right on the line. For a floor, you will want about 3/16 inch gaps between tiles. To get consistent spaces use regular tile spacers made for just that purpose.

At the floor edges, you will cut ceramic floor tile pieces to fit. Usually many of the edge pieces will be cut to the same size. But keep checking, since many rooms aren’t exactly square.

Keep coming across the floor, striking lines every few rows to keep yourself lined up in both direction.

Grouting Ceramic Tile.

Let the tiles set for 24 -48 hours, then they are ready for grout. Use grout to fill the spaces between the tiles.

Grout comes in many of colors and is easy to apply. Mix the grout with water, making sure to mix well, so it isn’t lumpy. Apply the grout with a rubber trowel.

Grout comes as sanded or unsanded. The sanded grout contains sand to make it stronger. Use sanded grout in joints larger than 1/8 inch wide.

Clean the grout from the tile after about 30 minutes. At that point the grout is glazing over on the surface of the tile! Clean an hour later a second time. Use clean water in a sponge for cleaning. Use a little vinegar in water on stubborn areas to get them perfectly clean!

After about 24 hours drying time, the tiled area is ready to use…for generations!

Those are the basics of how to install ceramic floor tile.

Did Casanova Really Need the Oysters?

Scientists are rubbing their hands together with glee. A recent study of underwater creatures proves conclusively that oysters have certain properties that could very well enhance performance in the bedroom. Thus it follows, say the scientists in great satisfaction, that Casanova’s reputation as the world’s greatest lover can now be put down definitely to his voracious appetite for oysters.

But did Casanova really need the oysters? Or did he simply like oysters?

There are, after all, other well-documented lovers whose names have never been connected with oysters. Yet, like Casanova, they were every bit as successful with women.

Take Mozart’s Don Giovanni, for example. His conquest of over two thousand women, in at least five different countries, makes Casanova’s 100 odd seductions look rather anemic.

There is not a whisper of a maritime diet in Don Giovanni’s life. But there is certainly a common denominator running through both these men’s attitude that could very well explain their success with women.

Don Giovanni, like Casanova, was a man who found every woman appealing. He loved the tall, he loved the short. He loved the young, he loved the mature. He was as fond of the experienced lady as he was of the innocent one. Dazzled by princesses and the marchionesses, he was just as charmed by country lasses. Looks mattered to him not a jot. A blonde or brunette, the thin or the voluptuous, it was all the same to him.

Casanova may have been a little more selective, but when he was standing on the corner watching all the girls go by, his mind was certainly not on oysters.

He would watch with interest the changing faces. The bold or the demure. The smiling or the sulky. The inviting, the discouraging. Staring at them he would wonder about the kind of life this or that woman lived. What made her happy? What made her ecstatic? What were her secret yearnings and desires which she didn’t dare to disclose to anyone for fear of being laughed at?

With patience he would soon discovered that the little country girl wanted nothing more than to be treated like a lady instead of being dragged into the bushes by the local yokel. He could see under the aristocratic lady’s sophistication, a woman bored to tears, dreaming of romance and adventure far away from her comfortable and secure life.

Giacomo Casanova de Seingalt was only too willing to give them what they wanted, and, their own dreams fulfilled, the ladies were only to happy to go up to his bedroom to have a look at his etchings. And yes, while entertaining them in front of a vigorously burning fire, he would feed them and himself with oysters. But if they were not as fresh as they should be, he could very well survive without them.

Which reminds me, apart from reading about the break-through study about the oysters, I’ve also just heard on the radio of another interesting experiment. This one involving couples in a relationship.

According to these most recent studies, it has been proved conclusively that men who help their partners with housework, have sex twice as often as men who don’t.

If anyone is interested in testing either of these theories, share with us your findings.

How to Find a Cheap Painter

Time is something that you should consider when you hire contractors that will improve, update and repair the looks of your house. The same principle applies as well when you hire a house painter that will re-invent the looks of your house. You have to make sure that every time spent is a time worth paying for. You are paying for the services that can improve the value of your property and as such, you need to work with a house painter that can provide you with the services that you can be proud of.

You will find a number of professionals that can provide you the services that you need but not all can provide you with the services at the price that you can afford. Here are recommendations on how to find a cheap painter that can meet your budget and at the same time provide you with the services that you can be proud of at the end of the day.

Network with professional organizations

One thing that you can do is to network and contact professional organizations. Different areas and states will have their own professional organizations. If your linkages are not enough, you can always get referrals from friends or business partners who have worked with painters in the past. You can get their suggestions on who are the best painters in the area and who are the ones that can provide the cheapest services around.

Validate their credentials and experiences

Don’t just take their credentials and pronouncements at face value. You need to make sure that you can back up their claims with real life experiences and portfolio. In your search for a cheap house painter, make sure you ask the right questions that will drill down on their experiences and competencies. Be sure to verify the length of experience that they have in the business and the kind of certificates and licenses that they maintain. It is also critical if you can ask if the company can offer a bond and insurance. This will ensure that the company that you will hire can provide assistance and protection for their workers. If possible make sure to pay attention to the guarantees or warranties that can be provided by the company.

Be aware of their behavior

When you look for a contractor or a cheap painter, make sure you pay attention to the way the potential contractor presents his business to you. Look for signs that will tell you that the team is professional, courteous and only means business. Is the painter always occupied? Sometimes the best painter is always swamped with work. Can he come on time during your appointments?

Compare their quotes by checking websites

The nice thing about painters and painting services providers is that they maintain their websites where quotes are offered. Pay attention to quotes and use the web to your advantage.

The search for a house painter should be fun. Use the resources around if you want to find a cheap house painter that can provide quality painting jobs, at a cost that you can manage.

Capiz Chandelier

Found in the bodies of water of the Philippines and Indonesia, Capiz shells are abundant. Scientifically, they are known as Placuna placenta or windowpane oyster. It is a flat shell which is transparent and pearly and is an ideal material to use for lampshades, chandeliers as well as candle holders and the like. When illuminated, you’ll see the shells radiate a lustrous glow that will captivate anyone who sees it. A lot of people find Capiz chandeliers as a unique and striking item that are bound to receive a compliment from everyone.

A Smart Pick

Chandeliers that are made from Capiz instantly provide a beach-like ambiance with a beautiful light diffusion that radiates naturally and blends perfectly with the warm hues. It is also refreshing to hear the sound of the Capiz shell when blown by the gentle breeze of the wind. The wind’s gentle breeze will make the Capiz chandelier’s shells produce a sound that is soothing and calms your mind with just its mild rhythmic movement plus a tinkling pleasant sea shell sound.

Watch Out For

In finding such piece it is very important to note the authenticity of the Capiz shells, for there are some fake items in the market that sells something like the genuine shells that is made out of plastic and partly Capiz shells making it look like a real one. Thus this makes it difficult for buyers to identify which one is real or not.

Though you can use the price as an indicator if you are buying the real ones, it may not be enough. The uniqueness, quality of work or craftsmanship is also an indicator to know if you have the genuine items. Those that are plastic constructed were often being painted and does not have the unique and wonderful radiant which are the qualities of a real Capiz shell.

A chandelier made up of Capiz guarantees to become an admired and much loved home centerpiece in every home. In finding genuine and quality Capiz chandelier, you may want to consider looking for reliable people to contact with regards to this. You may also want to use the web to search for online producers of Capiz chandeliers and shell products.

Capiz Chandelier Market

There are numerous choices to choose from in selecting the right Capiz chandeliers for your home or establishment. And good things are there are also sellers who accept personalized orders and designs of your choice. Transforming your home and establishment into something more relaxing can be made as easy as possible through Capiz Chandeliers as your room or home centerpiece. If you live in Philippines or Indonesia which are the main producers of quality Capiz products, you may also find the local prices to be cheaper than those that are sold in the internet.

Capiz Chandeliers are not just like an ordinary chandelier that you buy, nor like the grandest chandeliers which were adorned with crystals and jewels. Capiz chandeliers create a statement of calmness, simplicity and class that transforms a room instantly by its presence.

How To Identify Genuine Kate Spade Bags Online With The Label

Every bag designer has their own unique logo and design. Some will use a label while others will print directly onto the designer bag helping their clients identify that the bag is original. One of the ones you may struggle with, especially when buying online, is the Kate Spade bags. This is due to the fact that they have had so many different labels throughout the years, so you need to know what to look for to ensure you are buying an authentic and genuine product that you can trust.

One thing you can be sure of when buying a Kate Spade bag is that the label will look similar across the years. The Kate Spade is always in lower case and below it will showcase “New York,” which is always shown in upper case. That being said, the size and spacing of the lettering has changed, so knowing how to identify a genuine product will help you make the safest purchase and enjoy your new designer bag for years to come.

From 1994 to 1996 the label on the Kate Spade bags was slightly larger than it is today. The lettering was bigger, which often leaves people wondering if they are buying an original. The label should be stitched inside the bag and the lettering should be stitched. Back then the label was either leather or fabric, which is where the confusion can come in. If you do purchase a bag and feel the label looks genuine, check it the minute it arrives. A designer bag will be made to the best quality with straight and even stitching.

From 2002 all the Kate Spade nylon bags were made in China. This lead to a smaller label with the letters placed closer together than in previous years. This again can cause confusion when trying to identify if the bag is genuine by simply looking at a photograph online. If you are buying privately, ask the seller to send you a photograph of the label. The lettering should be evenly spaced with the name in lower case and spelled correctly and the “New York” in capitals.

In 2002, the fabric Kate Spade bags were also made with a smaller label. The key identifier with these particular bags is that the label is made from genuine leather. Therefore the name is sewn directly onto the leather and then the label is stitched inside the bag. This can help you spoke a fake with ease.

The leather bags don’t have a label, which is another easy way to identify if the Kate Spade bag you are looking at online is a genuine or a fake. If the seller is trying to sell you a leather bag that has a label stitched into the bag, then it is most definitely a fake. Unlike all the other bags from this top designer, the leather bags have the label embossed or imprinted onto the bag, this makes it much easier to identify.

In addition to this, the leather bags usually come with a gold stamp of the label for added peace of mind. In some instances you will find the gold stamp on the strap of the bag.

Ensure you only purchase genuine bags from a reputable supplier. Buying second hand and privately can leave you disappointed and without a leg to stand on. At least with a professional company you are guaranteed to come away with a genuine product that you can trust moving forward.

Shoveling Snow the Proper Way

Here we are already with number three of our “Winter Awareness Month” articles. One of the realities of approaching winter time weather is the accumulation of snow. Every season after a snow downfall occurs we see people out  shoveling  snow and breaking up ice accumulations from their sidewalks and driveways. Let’s get real here, this kind of activity is hard work and not everyone is likely to be in shape to do these actions.

In order to prevent serious injuries when  shoveling  snow the National Safety Council in conjunction with the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons have provided guidelines. By following these simple tips is it hoped that serious injuries can be prevented during this winter season.

Preparations are important when you get ready to exit the comfort of your home and enter the cold outside to  shovel  snow. Always dress warmly and make sure to pay special attention to your extremities. Keep your ears, feet, hands and your nose warm and you will feel comfortable on the rest of your body.

Every year you hear how someone died in your town because of  shoveling  snow outside his home. It can not be stressed enough that one should never attempt to  shovel  if they are out of shape. The task is difficult enough for someone who takes care of their health and body but becomes down right disastrous for those who are drastically out of shape. Avoid the task if you have a history of any sort of heart trouble or difficulties breathing. Those with COPD and other respiratory diseases should consult with your doctor first.

Before you begin your task of  shoveling  snow it is beneficial to do a few light warm-up exercises to get you broken in. Schedule frequent breaks throughout the work process and never drink alcohol before or while  shoveling  the snow. Likewise avoid smoking while you are  shoveling  outdoors.

When you are  shoveling  always try to push the snow towards the front of you. If it absolutely becomes necessary to lift the  shovel  to remove snow then pick it up in small amounts while lifting with your legs and never your back. Don’t toss the snow over your shoulders or attempt to throw it to your side. More people knock their backs out by this maneuver then by any other means.

Make use of salt or some sort of de-icing compound in order to remove the ice from on your steps, the walkway and from the sidewalks. It never hurts to drop a bit of sand on walkways to prevent slipping. If you are lucky enough to have a snow blower follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper use. Always read the manual that came with the machine before you even start it up. Think safety for every step of operation when using it. Above all ensure all pets and people are out of the way and never place your hand near the blower’s blades to remove debris or snow. To remove any sort of build up near the blades first turn off the machine and than use a broomstick to poke and remove – not your hands. Lastly never leave it unattended.

Now we come to the end of this session and if you heed these tips I am certain I will find you reading the next articles. In the meantime please stay safe.

Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish


What Is The Best Handicap Stair Lift?

If you’re handicapped a stair lift can really give you back your independence. But the cost of a handicap stair lift is expensive so before you part with your money you should make sure you buy the best stair lift for you. Here’s a quick review of stair lifts for the disabled.

There are two basic types of stair lift; the straight stair lift and the curved stair lift. These further divide into electric AC mains stair lifts and DC battery operated stair lifts. First off, do you require a curved stair lift? The price of a curved stair lift is many times more expensive than a straight stair lift. And most stair lift manufacturers only make straight stair lifts. These manufacturers will tell you that you can use two straight stair lifts if you have a middle landing, however you should bear in mind that you will have to get on and off the stair chair lift twice; this may not be so easy, depending on your handicap, especially when changing stair lifts on a small interim landing.

Until recently just about all stair lifts for the disabled were powered from mains electricity. This had some problems: the units were noisy: they had a trailing cable, which could be easily tripped over; the ride action was somewhat ‘juddery’; and you couldn’t use it when there was a power failure. Most new handicap stair lifts are battery powered. You get many advantages with a battery stair lift: quiet ride; smooth ride; no mains wires and easy to install; and you can use it when there is a power outage.

However, there are some advantages to main power. With an electric stair lift you can use it as much as you like; battery operated stair lifts need to be recharged. So, if you think you might use the handicap stair lift more than 20 times a day, then you could consider an electric stair lift.

The following manufacturers make handicap stair lifts for straight stairways only.

The Acorn Superglide 120 stair lift is a very good battery powered unit. You get many features as standard; safety sensors to stop the chair when it encounters an obstacle, fold up seat and flip up foot rest, swivel seat, and a directional paddle switches that are operated by the lightest touch and can be used easily by those even with limited dexterity. You also get a choice of safety belts; inertial reel lap harness comes as standard – you have to pay more for a fixed 3-point shoulder harness.

Finally, Acorn also manufactures the Superglide Perch Stair Lift. This perch stair lift is especially useful for those who have only limited movement in their knees – it’s also ideal for stairways that are narrower than normal.

Summit stair lifts are designed to be cheap and easily installed. The company makes electric stair lifts and not battery. You get many of the features that come with the Acorn; however the controls on the Summit stair lift are not ideal for the disabled. Also, you don’t get a safety belt. If your disability is such that you have limited use in your hands or you need to be secured with a safety belt, then you really should consider the Acorn; the price of its disable stair lift is more than that of the Summit stair lift but you do get a lot more features that are better for the handicapped.

If you need a curved stair lift then you’re probably best is considering either a Bruno stair lift or Stannah stair lift – both of these companies also make excellent straight stair lifts.

All Bruno stair lifts are battery powered. The company makes the Bruno Electra-Ride III Curved Rail stair lift. You get a retractable safety belt; optional wrap-around parking so the chair doesn’t occupy too much space on the landing; and it can carry up to 350 lbs. All in all, the Bruno is an excellent stair lift for the disabled.

Stannah is a UK stair lift manufacturer who supply handicap stair lifts all over the world. The Stannah 260 stair lift is its curved stair lift. This stair lift is ideal for the disabled. The arms come with integrated controls that operate at the lightest touch – you can also get a joystick option if you prefer. You get a manually operate swivel seat as standard but there’s also a powered swivel option. The stair lift comes with 9 sensitive safety edges to detect any obstacle and stop the chair. Finally, the chair travels along a unique dual track that is very elegant in design.

The Stannah stair lift is a little more expensive that the Bruno handicap stair lift but it is worth paying that little bit extra.

The above four stair lifts all work well for the disabled. For a straight stair lift, the Acorn Superglide stair lift is your best option. For a curved stair lift, the Stannah stair lift is my recommendation. Whichever model of handicap stair lift you choose make sure it has the features you need.

Elevators For Commercial Applications

An  elevator  is a device used for transporting persons, luggage and goods between different floors of multi-storied buildings. Of the various types of  elevators  available, commercial  elevators  are the powerful ones and find a wide range of applications in healthcare centers, shopping malls, multiplexes and small scale industries.

Commercial  elevators  are of hydraulic or electrical types and are available in varying lifting capacities ranging from 1,000 lb to 6,000 lb. Hydraulic  elevators  that travel 8 floors or less can reach speeds upto 200 ft/min. In the case of electric  elevator  it is 500 ft/min. Acceciblity equipments that travel above ten floors have speeds ranging from 500 ft/min to 2000ft/min. Hydraulic  elevators  are commonly used in buildings having 2-8 floors.

Safety Measures in Commercial  Elevators 

Most commercial  elevators  are incorporated with excellent safety and security features. Alarm button is provided as a safety measure for signalling outsiders whenever the  elevator  is in trouble or when the lift gets trapped. An alarm is also triggered when the accissibility equipments are stopped for a long time.

Switches are provided to control the ventilation fan and light in the  elevator . Some accessibility equipments are provided with telephone for the passenger to use in case of emergency. Commercial  elevators  can also be controlled from outside using the up and down button in each floor and all controls are so user friendly that passengers can use them even in the absence of an  elevator  operator.

For commercial lifts designed to carry freights, stop switch is provided to hold the  elevator  doors open, for loading and unloading. Open/close buttons are used to instruct the  elevator  for opening and closing the doors.

Choose from a Wide Range of  Elevator  Models

There are many branded companies that provide different models of commercial  elevators  with varying features. ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord and Federal  Elevator  are some of the world class  elevator  manufacturers. These companies have nationwide dealers. These dealers provide you with necessary assistance for quality installation and maintenance of your  elevator . Always rely on branded  elevators  for long lasting and trouble free use.

How to Sell a Private Number Plate

Selling your Private Number Plate? Where do you start? You have a private number plate that you may have bought years ago or maybe inherited from a vehicle that you have bought or it may have been given to you as a gift. How much is it worth? How much should I ask for it? What will it cost me to sell it? How long will it take to sell? These are the most popular questions we are asked on a daily basis. In essence, it is a minefield to those who are not involved on a daily basis, and with that in mind, you could get duped into selling for too little.

Firstly, you will need to ascertain the value of number plate in question. This isn’t rocket science, to coin a phrase. Simply put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. What is a buyer going to do? Well you can be sure they will trawl the web for the cheapest combination of that plate that they can find and then try to buy it that little bit cheaper. So do the same thing. Find plates that are similar to the one you are considering selling and make a note of the prices. Use the list of suggestions below and you will have all the ammunition that you need to get the wheels in motion.

Check what is currently on the market.

See how long similar plates are taking to sell.

Check the prices of similar registration numbers.

See if the registration plate resemble a word/name.

You may have had your private plate valued by other companies and you may find you are receiving conflicting information. This is commonplace within the industry as there is no hard and fast guide value to a number plate. Some will value higher than others for various reasons as mentioned earlier. Experienced brokers will have years of records and data to relate to in order to evaluate a true valuation. The real test is in how long a plate takes to sell. Generally speaking if a plate has been for sale for more than six to nine months there is almost certainly a problem with either the popularity of the letters or the price. Its normally the latter as a dealer valuation will probably include the commission being charged. If the commission is too high, or the number plate valuation is outrageous it could prevent your registration number being sold. Always ask the number plate dealer concerned what they are likely to retail the number plate for.

Now that you are armed with all this valuable information you can pop your plate for sale amongst the other 34 million plates for sale, but don’t hold your breath.

Get Your Pot-Belly Stove Now For Winter

The pot belly stove is the symbol of Americana. Its’ use in colonial America was not just to provide sufficient heat. This famous stove was also used as the place to cook the household’s meals in more affluent homes.

They were constructed entirely from solid cast iron. The better the casting the more insulated the stove would be and therefore, the distribution of heat would last longer. Antique wood burning stoves were more ornate while the pot belly stove was small and compact. Its’ size made it great for use in public places such as general stores, one room schoolhouses and railroad stations. If you watch an old western movie you will usually see a this kind of stove off in the corner heating the room.

Many people remember the old stove in their grandparents’ kitchen. The kitchen became the most common room in the house for conversation and a friendly get together because of the warmth and coziness provided by the little pot belly. People today are trying to recapture that bygone era feeling by installing an antique stove in their own kitchen.

Wood burning stoves are a great way to heat the modern home. Any models made after the early 1990s and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency are likely to save at least one-third the cost of heating with a traditional stove. While the most famous stoves are cast iron, contemporary makers have found stainless steel versions with glass doors to be quite popular. If you have your heart set on a traditional potbelly stove you can find exact replicas made to today’s specifications and therefore, more energy efficient. Pot belly stoves normally burned either wood or coal, but more popularly burn wood pellets and grains. A lot of people still use these materials today, especially if they have bought a true vintage pot belly. Many companies that restore old stoves will also convert the stove to gas or electricity for a fee.

When thinking about installing the little stove make sure you have measured the room and found an appropriate spot for the it to call home. Every pot belly stove has a chimney that is attached to let the smoke out. Because of the intense heat put out by the stove set up must be at least 36″ from anything combustible. When you purchase a stove, be sure that it has sufficient draft controls, so that the heat can be properly controlled. If you increase the draft, the pot belly stove can turn out more heat, which is a must when the outside temperature drops and you want to keep the indoor temperature steady. All stoves should have an ash pan at the bottom to collect the ash from whatever fuel you are using. The pan should be easy to remove so that the stove can be easily cleaned.

The classic looks of an antique pot belly stove are something that attracts a lot of people to this design. Some of these stoves are over one hundred years old and still in proper working condition. If you have a small room that does not have any other form of heating then a pot belly stove could be a great choice to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. These stoves are very fuel efficient appliances and goodness knows in this day and age that can really help with the family heating budget.