Remote Control Helicopters – When to Consider Upgrading?

Why upgrade an RC helicopter?

An upgraded remote control helicopter offers more power and playability, perfect for stunt flying.

What are some popular upgrade options for an existing RC helo?

  • Upgrade a plastic helicopter to a metal version.
  • Change out a brush motor with a brushless.
  • Swap a general remote control system to a JR, Futaba, or Spektrum remote control system.
  • Some 450 remote control helicopters can be upgraded to obtain a Flybarless E-Stabilizer Gyro System using GYRO 3 Axis Gyro System Flybarless E-Stabilizer.

Which models are worth upgrading?

Some upgradable models simply by swapping out for metal parts:

  • Esky Lama v3
  • Lama v4
  • Hunter
  • Kob
  • Comanche
  • Esky Big Lama
  • Esky Honey Bee King 2
  • Esky Belt cp v2
  • Esky Belt cp.

Owners can also adapt the Esky Honey Bee King 2 to a brushless motor and ESC to upgrade to a brushless version.

How easy is it to upgrade these models?

These upgrades require some technical skill.

Which models require more skill to upgrade but offer greater performance?

  • The Esky Honey Bee King 2
  • Esky Belt cp
  • Esky Belt cp v2

Who would enjoy upgrading an RC helo?

New pilots who tried out less pricey models and discovered they’re now real enthusiasts.

What is the price difference between buying a new vs. upgrading an existing model?

It can range from US$10-100.

Which tools do you recommend for these projects?

The RC Hobby Tools, a set containing 10 pieces:

  • tip nose pliers
  • a cut silk clamp
  • a ball head clamp
  • a 5.5mm long-handle socket
  • a 4.5mm long-handle socket
  • a long-handle Phillips screwdriver
  • a long-handle A screwdriver
  • a 0.9mm long handle hexagon socket screwdriver
  • a 1.5mm long-handle hexagon socket screwdriver
  • and a 2.0mm long handle hexagon socket screwdriver.

There is also a RC Helicopter Tools Portable Kit.

Five Straight Steps to Opening an Offshore Bank Account

Despite what you may have read or heard, anyone is free to open an offshore bank account nowadays! In fact, banking offshore has been used successfully for tax reduction and asset protection by both individuals and worldwide organisations for decades.

And  opening  an offshore bank account in this day and age couldn’t be simpler either! Here are five straightforward steps to take towards  opening  an offshore bank account.

Step One – Understand The Advantages Of Banking Offshore

There is no point in  opening  a bank account offshore if it is going to be of no use to you! So you need to understand some of the general advantages of banking offshore.

Depending on an individual account holder’s personal circumstances it’s possible to reduce tax liability, increase wealth potential and maximise privacy with the use of an offshore bank account.

Further advantages for an expatriate or internationally focused individual are the flexibility, ease of access and global reach that an offshore bank account may provide.

Other general benefits may include asset protection, estate planning, better interest rates and the chance to exploit active business interests overseas.

At this point it’s essential to point out that each individual’s circumstances are unique and a person should seek personalised professional advice before venturing into the offshore world. This article does not constitute direct personal advice.

Step Two – Pick Your Jurisdiction Carefully

There are so many offshore banking providers offering a wide variety of account type and they are located in low to no tax jurisdictions worldwide so how do you choose which country to bank in? Again, depending on an account holder’s personal circumstances certain offshore jurisdictions will present themselves as being more favourable.

Jurisdictions range in quality from highly regulated, politically and economically stable centres like the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey to high risk jurisdictions that few would recommend!

Remember that an offshore centre that is suitable for an American expatriate might not be so suitable for an English international investor! Consider your circumstances, your country of residence, country of domicile and any reporting restrictions placed upon you. Further examine the reporting requirements of any jurisdiction that you’re interested in.

Step Three – Select Your Offshore Banking Provider

Do your due diligence carefully and find out who’s the financial security behind a particular bank. Research the bank’s history in terms of its stability and security. This research is mainly applicable to those thinking considering banking with a lesser known offshore provider.

Clearly if you’re thinking about  opening  an offshore bank account with HSBC then your research needn’t necessarily be so intense!

You need to make sure that you’re comfortable with your chosen bank’s attitude towards you, its customer, and if you’re considering online banking be sure that your connection to the bank will be secure.

Much of this essential information can be found online.

Step Four – Choose The Right Bank Account

With so many providers vying for customer attention there are more account types on offer now than at any other time before. Each account structure claims to offer something the others don’t, but remember that the more bells and whistles you add to an account structure, the more expensive the charges for running and marinating such a structure will be! And who will bear the brunt of these costs? Most likely you – the customer!

So, think carefully about exactly why it is you need an offshore bank account and what are the features of that account that are essential to you. Do not be tempted to add to this list any unnecessary complexity.

Stay in touch with your immediate money management requirements; do not be tempted to deviate!

Then work through what’s on offer and pick the account type that best suits your needs.

Step Five –  Opening  The Bank Account

Nowadays you neither have to visit the offshore jurisdiction in which you wish to bank, nor do you have to travel to the country for the continuance of your banking activity and account maintenance.

Depending on the jurisdiction you favour, the provider and account type you have selected you will be required to submit certain paperwork, forms of verified ID and deposit funds.

The majority of legitimate offshore banking organisations will also allow customers to conduct all ongoing banking activity via the internet, e-mail, post, fax or telephone.

With many providers now offering full credit and debit card services as well you will also have easy and direct access to your funds at all times.

Understanding Golf – Golf Basics for Beginners

While most novice golfers simply started playing golf for the fun of it, a knowledge and understanding of the game of golf will add greater pleasure of playing the game. An introduction to some golf basics for beginners of how golf is played and the rules of the game will go a long way in helping the novice golfer starting on the exciting game of golf.

The game of golf is best described as the objective to hit a ball with a club from the teeing ground, to the fairway, to the green and into the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible. A round of golf normally consists of 18 holes and the player with the fewest number of strokes (i.e. with the lowest score) to complete the 18 holes wins the game. Most courses have 18 holes but some smaller course may have only 9 holes. Hence, the golfers would normally play the round twice to complete the 18 holes. There is another form of scoring for the game, i.e. match play whereby the golfer is concerned only of winning or tying one hole at a time against his opponent.

Each of the 18 holes is allocated a par figure depending on its length and the number of strokes required to complete the hole. Hence, a par three hole normally requires three stokes for the experienced golfer to complete the hole. The length of the hole is less than 240 yards and is termed as short hole. Likewise, a par four hole is termed as a medium hole of length between 240 to 475 yards and requires four strokes to complete the hole. There are also the par five holes or long holes of length over 475 yards. The par five holes would normally required the experienced golfer five strokes to complete the holes.

Just like other competitive sports, there are a few basic rules and etiquette that the novice golfer should understand and be aware of. These rules are set by the United States Golf Association and are followed by most clubs all over the world. However, some clubs also includes in additional local rules for the golfers. Some of the more common rules include the following:-

1. You are not allowed to touch you ball once it is in play until it is on the green. When your ball is on the putting surface, you are to mark it with a marker and pick the ball up. When you replace your ball, you are to put it back exactly where it was earlier.

2. If you lose your ball after it is play or hit it out of bounds, you must take a stroke and distance penalty, meaning that you count the original stroke, plus the penalty stoke plus the replay stroke as well.

3. If you hit your ball into a water hazard, it is a one stroke penalty.

As there are several other rules in the game of golf, it would be a good idea to keep a small rules book in your golf bag.

Golf is a unique game in that the golfers must police themselves especially in friendly competition where there are no referees, umpires or officials. Hence, it is important for golf beginners to have a good understanding of how golf is played and to know the golf basics including the basic rules of golf so as not to have any misunderstandings with their fellow golfers.

Grow Lamps for Plants

When it comes to grow lamps for plants, there are quite a few types to choose from. The one that you decide on should work well with your needs. It is best that you learn a bit about each form of lighting so that you will know which grow lamps will be most effective for your plants. The following is an overview of each type as well as the benefits of each.

Fluorescent Lighting

There are two different forms of fluorescent lights that can be used with your grow lamps. The compact version, also known as CFL, tend to be sufficient for most people who have a few plants in their home. T5 lighting is a higher quality version of fluorescent lighting, as it emits a larger amount of PAR, which stands for photosynthetically active radiation. Most fluorescent grow lamps for plants give off very little heat, which provides you with the ability to set the close to the plants without having to worry about damage from the heat of the lights.

LED Lighting

LED, known in its long form as light emitting diodes are the newest providers of light for plants. They use the least amount of power of all other glow lamps available. On the other hand, their PAR is also quite low. They are also expensive since they are the most recent type of lighting on the market, but there price is starting to drop. A bonus of using this type of illumination is that LED’s are tiny, so you can use them in many different configurations when setting up your glow lamps. Another perk is that they are sturdy and can provide you with up to 10 years of light.

High Pressure Sodium Lighting

HPS lights offer your plants a great deal of illumination. They tend to lean toward the red end of the spectrum. This makes them an efficient resource for plants that need red lighting in order for their flowers to blossom well. These grow lamps for plants can be used in conjunction with other types of lights if a more stable light offering is necessary. These lamps tend to get hot so you do not want to place them too close to your plants. Many commercial plant growers opt for high pressure sodium lights because they offer the most PAR in relation to their energy consumption.

Metal Halide Lighting

The MH lights are very similar in their features to the HPS lighting. They provide the user with intense beams of light, and tend to get too hot during use to be placed within a short distance of the plants. The one difference between the two is the metal halide lights leans toward the blue end of the spectrum. It would be wise to couple these with the HPS lights if you need a well balanced light for your plants.

Aqua Medic Aquarium Lighting

Many aquarium hobbyists and professionals use Aqua Media aquarium products in their tanks. Aqua Medic has been provding quality aquarium products for a few decades now. They also have a wonderful website where you can find out information about products you already own or are thinking about purchasing.

When it comes to aquarium  lighting , Aqua Medic certainly understands the importance of  lighting . It is very important that you have the right amount of light for either your planted freshwater aquarium, or your reef aquarium. It is also essential that the specific colors given off in the lights are going to be beneficial to the species of plants and/or reef that reside in your tank.

Aquarium  lighting  is one of the most confusing and often misunderstood aspects of a whole aquarium system. For this reason, companies light Aqua Medic have gone that extra step to help find the configurations that work ell together, as well as provide the customer with different options for further customizing their aquarium environment.

Whether you’re just building your first aquarium, or are working on a larger project, there are all kinds of lights and  lighting  kits to choose from. If you are just starting out or want to keep things simple, check out the compact  lighting  systems that are available online.

Compact aquarium  lighting  systems are great because they contain every single part that you need for an entire  lighting  set up. Whole aquarium  lighting  kits from Aqua Medic come with individual lamp(s), with lamp reflectors and clips, eight foot socket cords with quick connecting attachments and water resistant end caps, aqel ballasts that have an on-off switch as well as a power cord.

When you visit the Aqua Medic website, there are many helpful glossary pages and other information that help you to make informed decisions along the way. There are even handy guides about how to configure  lighting  or build your own custom aquarium.

Pretty much everything you’d ever need to build and maintain an aquarium (except the live reef, plants and fish!) can be found at Aqua Medic, including top of the line aquarium  lighting  supplies. These include quality bulbs of every type and size, halides and fluorescents, as well as ballasts, timers and mounting kits.

And when it comes to  lighting  separates, like  lighting  canopies, Aqua Medic’s selection simply can’t be beat! They’ve got pre-fabricated hoods and canopies for several different dimensions, as well as all kinds of retrofit systems and parts and pieces for building your own custom mounted  lighting  system.

There are a lot of parts and processes that go along with maintaining a large aquarium system. You can find our about each of the various processes and equipment used to carry out the work, at the Aqua Medic website. Everything from additives ad algae cleaners, to RO filters, food, UV sterilizers and protein skimmers are covered.

And if you’re still not sure exactly where to start, there are several recommended books on the topics of aquarium building and  lighting  for aquariums that are mentioned on the Aqua Medic website, along side the relevant products and information found there. With a little bit of research and experimentation, you’ll have a breathtaking underwater haven of your very own.

Result Action Barrier

Did you enter into your career or business with the idea that you would fail? Of course not! You most likely had a combination of hopes and fears and when the decision making was over, hopes won and fear begrudgingly trailed along on your new journey. Are they still there – the fear…are they still trailing after you? Take a good look, turn around and see what fear is doing to you and your ability to succeed.

Fear of making calls, fear of rejection, fear of looking silly or not knowing. Fear that keeps you in your chair instead of out in the community making new connections. Fear interferes with action, it inserts its sinister self right smack in the middle between you and the action you need to take. To get the results you would like to have your business needs activity, your business needs you to take action. Fear is self generated – a confusing cycle that is a mishmash of real or perceived experiences along with a projection of anxieties concerning what might happen in the future.

The key to overcoming fear is to set something beside it that is much more attractive. You need to be passionately connected to your success – you need to know what it look likes, feels like, tastes like and you need a vivid image of yourself being successful. When you are connected to an idea, vision or goal of yourself being “successful” you can shift your energies into the actions that drive you to that success. For example; if success to you means you get to golf three days a week, then you need to identify an incentive – a mini success goal such as treating yourself to a day of golf when you contact ten clients for a referral. The incentive for you is the day of golf – it is your reward for accomplishing your mini success goal of asking ten clients to provide you with referrals. If the fears you have around contacting clients and asking for referrals is overcome by your desire to take a week-day out of the office and golf you will engage in the actions your business needs from you, in this case ten conversations with clients in which you ask for a referral.

To set yourself up to remove fear as a  barrier  to your success and replace it with the right actions and rewards follow these six steps:

1. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns. From the top left title the columns RESULT – ACTION –  BARRIER .

2. Under the Results column make a list of three Results or outcomes you and your business should be experiencing, but have not been able to achieve. Take your time with this – once you have selected a Result, dwell on it and examine what it would mean for you if this result were achieved – connect yourself to the success of it!

3. Beside each Result, in the Actions column identify the actions or business activities that you should be doing (or others in your business) to achieve the Result you have identified.

4. For every action that you have described identify a fear or  Barrier  that you think is preventing the action from taking place. Dig deep here, get real, be honest and bold in identifying the  barriers  or fears you have to engaging in the actions that will enable your success.

5. Next compare the Result to the Actions you have identified. Ask yourself if the result is important enough to you that you will ensure the actions are taken. If the answer is yes – then set aside one hour to explore the  barriers  you have identified and decide what you need to let go of, accomplish or overcome in order to take the necessary actions to achieve the Result.

6. Set mini success goals for the Actions you need to accomplish. If one of your fears continues to be a  barrier  don’t be afraid to explore your fears with others. Talk to and industry peer or work with a coach to help you gain a productive perspective and focus on the RESULTS you will experience.

Sit down today and tackle your fears head on by creating your listing of Results, Actions and  Barriers . Get reconnected to your success and engage in the actions that will reward you with a successful life!

Fireproof Hard Drives and How They Work

The computer hard drive or hard disk drive is one of the most important pieces of hardware for both personal and business use. Today we store all of our precious family photos, videos as well as business and research data on external hard drives for many reasons and backing up data from the primary hard drive to a backup drive is a simple process that can be done manually or with software to automate the process. The important thing to remember is that backups occur on a regular basis.

Hard drives are mechanical devices (with moving parts) and will eventually stop working. This can be due to overall usage, virus or even a natural disaster such as fire or flood. Because of the nature of hard drive failure, it is very important to backup data to an additional hard drive or external disk drive to ensure complete recovery from loss of data, corrupted files or the complete loss of your storage device.

External  fireproof  hard drives provide a common sense approach to data backup and offer additional data security from fire, flood, water sprinkler systems and fire hoses. Since the majority of fires also have water present this combination of protection essentially provides an insurance policy for your precious data. Though  fireproof  hard drives vary from model to model, they typically are built to withstand fires up to 1700 degrees F and can do so from 30 minutes up to 1 hour.

Today, there are many fire safe hard drives available in the market that you can purchase for about the same price as a regular external drive. Most importantly it is beneficial to understand how a hard drive operates inside a  fireproof  safe to overcome the buildup of heat. Storing hard drives (active electronics) inside a fire safe is a new technique that has been developed over the last decade. In comparison to traditional fire safes where you would store a hard drive inside, the newer fire resistant hard drives can be directly attached to your computer, laptop or PC so you can easily backup directly into a USB storage device.

During normal operation the hard drives remain cool with airflow going through specially designed air chambers. Once the temperature of a fire starts to rise, tubes melt and seal off the outside heat from fire from entering. While the fire burns outside, water that is embedded into the insulation surrounding the hard drive begins to evaporate, creating a cocoon that keeps the hard drive cool. Once the fire has been extinguished by the fire department, the drive can be opened and the disk inside is functional. This means that the data inside can be recovered from the drive and used as if the fire never occurred. If a fire disaster does occur, all manufacturers of the external hard drives offer data recovery services and replacement hardware.

No matter what type of  fireproof  hard drive you choose, it is always beneficial to consider the pros and cons of all hard drives and backup your data on a regular basis. There are many independent consultants, computer stores and electronics retails outlets that can provide you with exceptional advice and guidance to determine the best storage solution for your unique needs. From the perspective of the homeowner or business owner that is currently paying for fire and flood insurance premiums, a  fireproof  hard drive can be a valuable investment.

How To Remove Wallpaper Borders

So you bought a new house. You love everything about it except for the ugly wallpaper borders in almost every room. Time to get them off the wall. Removing wallpaper borders is not an easy task, but with a few good tips and some elbow grease, you can get the job done.

The best way to remove the wallpaper border depends on what type of wallpaper was used, what type of surface it was glued on and what type of adhesive was used. One of the easiest things you can try is to use a hair dryer to heat the wallpaper border which may loosen the adhesive enough to let you peel it off.

Usually if the border has been glued to wallpaper, it will come off fairly easy. Slightly mist it down and use a plastic scraper to remove it from the wall. If the wallpaper border has a vinyl covering that won’t let the water or any commercial wallpaper remover soak through, use a perforation tool over the entire surface of the border to allow it to soak in.

If the wallpaper border has been glued directly onto a painted wall, use warm water and some commercially available wallpaper remover and give it plenty of time to soak in before you try to scrap it off.

Steaming also works well for removing wallpaper borders. Steam the entire surface of the wallpaper border. Start from the bottom to the topmost part in sections. If the adhesive is very strong, steam the boarder twice or more until the wallpaper boarder starts to loosen from the wall. Use a plastic or soft metal scraper to avoid damaging the wall. Scrape the border off the wall working from the bottom up. Use warm water and a clean sponge to remove any remaining adhesive from the wall.

Instead of using a commercially available wallpaper stripper, you can also use a mixture of fabric softener and water. Mix 1 capful of fabric softener with 1 quart of water. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray it right on the wallpaper border. For very strong adhesives, you can also use a sponge and soak the boarder with pure fabric softener.

Another “homemade” option is vinegar. Mix water and vinegar and pray it on, or use an old paint roller and roll it right on the wallpaper boarder. The stronger the wallpaper adhesive seems to be, the more vinegar you should use. Use the vinegar option as a last resort, since it will smell pretty strongly for a few days. Wipe the walls down with a damp rag after you removed the wallpaper boarder to get as much of the vinegar as possible off your wall.

Magnet Generator Plans Reveal How to Get Cheap Electricity

Without question, rising electricity costs has an extremely adverse effect on your budget, and is a huge reason that people seek out ways to get out of the clutches of the power companies. In response to this problem, more and more people are moving towards alternative cheap energy solutions to save money.

The most common of these resources includes; wind turbines, solar panels, and magnetic generators for free electricity production. However, unlike wind or solar energy, perpetual motion machines will work in any type of weather settings. Also, among these alternative energy solutions, wind turbine energy and solar panels requires a huge initial investment. However, getting magnet generator plans showing how to make a DIY overunity motor can be achieved very cheaply in comparison.

So please read on as I am going to reveal to you the top resources for finding the best solutions for getting cheap electricity for life. But first, let’s look at the multiple advantages of making a zero point energy machine from scratch. A top advantage of using a homemade generator to power your home is in reducing your electricity bill substantially. Plus, these types of generators do not make any type of noise and are very Eco friendly as it does not produce toxic or harmful pollutants of any source.

Because a perpetual motion machine has the advantage of using the force of physical repulsion and attraction properties, it will produce free electricity continuously for you. Another huge benefit of making an overunity motor is it’s affordability. The materials and supplies needed to build a homemade generator can be found at most hardware stores. And because these devices are portable, they can be used anywhere at anytime for outdoor activities, such as camping, or as an emergency preparedness backup energy power source.

Plus, after getting your magnet generator plans you can make your first cheap energy generator within a few days. When talking about power generators, most type of devices use some kind of liquid fuel, like gas or diesel, in order to work. Of course, in using an ordinary power generator, it is impossible to produce free electricity. But an overunity motor does not use, or need, fuel to run because the device produces a constant supply of free power (IE energy).

Another important advantage of an overunity generator is their safety factor. They do not produce toxic fumes or gasses, and are noncombustible and can not catch on fire. And, you can get magnet generator plans that show you step-by-step how to make a homemade generator from scratch. A properly built homemade generator powers the inner-working of the device to run smoothly without needing any additional external energy as input.

As the price of fuel continues to rise around the world, the energy companies will be forced to charge customers more and more money. As this continues to happen, more people then ever before are forced to either go without, or to find alternative ways to get cheap electricity. Among the cheap energy solutions available to you, such as; wind turbines and solar panels, the advantages of magnetic generators clearly out-weigh all other options.

Hanging Shoe Rack – A Space Saver at Home

A hanging shoe rack offers individuals with versatility when it comes to storing their shoes. This type of rack could easily be placed in an area where you feel is most convenient for you. Whether you would place it at the back of the door or in the closet, this rack would surely make life easier at home.

There are different types of hanging shoe rack that you can find today. You may think of a particular type as more beneficial than others, and you many also think that another type is the one that could provide a lot of benefits.

The first type of shoe rack that is commonly used is the closet-type of rack. This is usually made with canvas and is placed inside the closet. It could easily hang from the stainless steel rod and could hold varying number of shoes. Most of these racks could hold 10 pairs of shoes. There are different colors available such as blue, black, pink, white, green and brown. There is also a rack made of vinyl with transparent pockets. You could easily see the shoes that you have already stored, making it convenient for you to plan out what you would be wearing next.

Aside from the one that is used inside the closet, another type of hanging shoe rack that has already gained a lot of attention is the “over-the-door” type. This shoe rack, by the name itself is hung over the door. This could often be found at the back of the door and is made of different types of materials. If you like the feel of fabric, then you could go for the canvas type of rack. These racks are soft and are very light. They could easily be installed over the door without a lot of difficulty. There is also an over-the-door vinyl type of rack. Just like the one being used in closets, the one that is hung over the door also have several pockets where you could put the shoes neatly and in an organized manner.

Other over-the-door types of hanging racks are made from sturdy metal construction. These racks could hold as much as 18 pairs of shoes and are considered as very durable. The doors do not get scratched since these come with rubber bumpers that protect the doors.

Indeed, with a hanging shoe rack would always help you tidy up your room, by giving you a great and neat way of storing shoes.

Prefinished Versus Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Deciding between prefinished versus unfinished hardwood floors can be difficult. You need to consider the pros and cons of each before making a decision.

Unfinished hardwood flooring is delivered raw then sanded, stained and finished on site. It is available in more widths and wood species than prefinished flooring and can be matched to existing wood floors.

Prefinished hardwood flooring has been engineered and finished at the factory, so it does not require any further treatment once it has been installed.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is relatively quick easy to install. Since it has already been coated at the factory, it is also far more convenient as no sanding or finishing needs to be done on site. This is a time consuming and dusty process that you may wish to avoid.

The multiple coats of finish applied at the factory give prefinished wood flooring a very durable wear layer and the finish itself is under warranty by the manufacturer. Such a durable finish can’t be achieved on floors finished on the job site.

Prefinished hardwood floors are more versatile as they can be installed over a wider range of subfloors than unfinished hardwood floors. Because prefinished flooring can be floated, that is, not attached to the subfloor, they can be installed over almost any type of subfloor including concrete. Also, the durable coating on prefinished flooring and its engineered design makes it more resistant to moisture and humidity, making it suitable for climatic regions with high humidity or large variations in temperature, or when the subfloor is below grade and more prone to moisture.

However, when refinishing engineered prefinished flooring, it is necessary to remove a lot more wood to achieve a level floor, so you will lose more life of the floor in the first refinish than with a solid hardwood floor. Also prefinished hardwood floors are harder to clean between the cracks, as they are not sealed at the job site like unfinished hardwood floors.

A custom sanded hardwood floor is perfectly flat looking, with a tabletop appearance that can’t be achieved with a prefinished hardwood floor. If the subfloor is uneven, then a pre-finished floor will be uneven. Since unfinished flooring is sanded flat on site, it is more forgiving of slight irregularities in the subfloor.

If your prefinished floor is damaged, the whole section of flooring will need to be removed and replaced, whereas in most cases, site finished hardwood flooring can be easily fixed with a quick sanding and finish.

Over time, it is easy to forget who the manufacturer of the prefinished hardwood flooring is, making it difficult to get an exact match if part of the floor needs to be replaced. There is also the possibility that your prefinished flooring will be discontinued in the future and so you will be unable to order replacement boards.

There are several factors to consider which should make your decision a little easier:

o Is your home of historical significance? Unfinished flooring would be more appropriate – to capture the old-world charm and keep the look authentic, or to match existing historical flooring, hand-distressing and aging techniques can be used.

o Are the fumes and dust resulting from finishing the floor on-site a concern, eg if children or pets will be present?

o Consider the location of your new wood floor – will it be in a high traffic or moisture area such as the kitchen or bathroom? If so, prefinished flooring is best as it has a more durable finish.

o Are you looking for a specific plank width, unusual wood species or color? Unfinished wood provides many more options.

o Are you installing wood floors throughout the entire home, or just in isolated rooms? If throughout your home, unfinished wood may be best. Having your floors finished on site will help ensure a uniform color and finish.

o What type of installation technique is required? Only prefinished flooring can be floated above a concrete sub floor. If the flooring is to be installed below grade, prefinished flooring is the recommended choice.

o Does your new wood floor need to match with an existing wood floor? If so, unfinished flooring is easier to stain and match.

o What is your budget? Unfinished flooring is typically the more expensive option.

o Do you live in an area with high humidity? If so, prefinished flooring is the better option as it is more resistant to buckling and warping.

Nitric Oxide and NO2 Shootout – Nitrix Vs Anadraulic Pump

In the crowded world of nitric oxide products (better known as NO or NO2 products) you have two vastly different forms of this supplement, pills or powders. Both have advantages and liabilities yet both are effective. NO products like Nitrix, NO2 and Anadraulic Pump are based mainly on the amino acid L-Arginine, which can convert into nitric oxide. Arginine-alpha-ketogluterate is the preferred form for most NO products on the market, but newer forms like Arginine Nitrate and Arginine Malate are also used commonly.

NO products like Nitrix and NO2 are an important category for any bodybuilder looking to get truly vascular and increase their muscle pumps. This pump effect may not just be for aesthetics, but may actually have a benefit for increased muscle size. Muscles have a “fascia” that that surrounds them. You may recognize it as the thin, clear skin that hold together a chicken breast as an example. This fascia holds in and restricts the amount of muscle that can easily be grown. The “pump” effect not only feels cool, but may help the body stretch out this fascia and thus increase the amount of muscle carried.

L-Arginine has some key benefits for the bodybuilder, it may stimulate mTOR, which is a pathway involved in anabolism and also it may increase fat loss. There are very few side effects associated with NO supplements, but some nausea and rapid heart beat symptoms have been reported but that might be due to some products having a high caffeine content.

Arginine Alpha-ketogluterate has a multitude of studies showing it works for performance enhancement and others that show it doesn’t positively effect muscle mass, but it may increase athletic performance. The main problem with Arginine in general is that much of it is eliminated by the liver before it can get into the blood stream and be converted to nitric oxide. This can be over come by blocking an enzyme called Arginase. Arginase is expressed heavily in the body, making supplements without an Arginase blocker much less effective.

Nitrix contains many ingredients but first off I want to say that it isn’t really a pure N.O. product. It contains a big dose of creatine which is theorized doesn’t mix timing wise with NO precursors like Arginine AKG. That aside, let’s look at each ingredient.

It contains 3g per 3 tablets of L-Arginine AKG, L-Arginine Ethyl Ester and L-Citrulline. Like discussed above Arginine AKG is the preferred form of Arginine and in my opinion Arginine Ethyl Ester is complete junk. The theory behind the “ethyl ester” delivery is that the amino acids will be more bioavailable, but that is a myth in my opinion. Ethyl ester technology has not been shown to be any more bioavailable than standard amino acids and could be counter productive in some respects. It breaks down into ethanol in the body, which is “drinking alcohol”. Sure it is a small amount, but who needs alcohol to be in their body when they are working out. The addition of Citrulline is decent, since it can act as a precursor to NO as well, but the Citrulline Malate form is preferred, which Nitrix doesn’t contain.

Nitrix has an AVT blend that contains Creatine Ethyl Ester, which is just creatine bonded to the same alcohol forming ethyl ester technology. This is where I dislike Nitrix the most, why put creatine in the product? If the customer wants creatine, he would just purchase a creatine supplement. Additionally, the ethyl ester form is the worst form on the market in my opinion. It does contain Beta Alanine, which is very good at buffering lactic acid and increasing performance however, so that part is good along with Creatinol-O-phosphate which can also buffer lactic acid. The addition of creatine in this blend in my opinion takes away from the overall value to the consumer looking to boost NO levels.

Finally, it contains “phospoplexx” which is simply inert ingredients being passed off as supplements, minus the NAD, which is pretty cool stuff. The di-calcium phosphate and di-potassium phosphate are just binding agents that hold the tablet together. I am not sure why Nitrix is claiming these are active, since they are considered inert ingredients.

Anadraulic Pump is quite different, it is a powder that is a mix of free form amino acids. The taste is a very mild citrus and is quite pleasant. it has more than just Arginine AKG in it, but it also contains a healthy dose of Arginine and its variants. Taurine is the first ingredient and has been shown to increase performance and buffer lactic acid in the muscles. L-alanine the second ingredient is the second most consumed amino acid when working out, behind Glutamine. So, it should act in a similar way to Glutamine for muscle recovery. Aspartic Acid has been also shown to boost athletic performance and increase endurance, which should help with the workout.

These amino acids make a “performance base” that helps a person workout harder and more effectively, but don’t really boost NO production. That is left to the Arginine and Arginine molecules plus the Arginase blocker. Anadraulic Pump uses a combination of Arginine HCl, which is just a simple stable arginine molecule. This can have benefit, since it is well studied and is shown to increase NO levels. It also contains Arginine AKG, which is the ingredient of choice for boosting NO and increasing mTOR stimulation and fat loss. Finally it contains Arginine Nitrate, which should benefit conversion to NO, since nitrate is the main precursor to NO and adds in another critical pathway. Nitrate has been shown recently to increase athletic performance and improve NO levels, so its inclusion is interesting in this supplement.

Quercetin is a plant flavone that has been shown to both increase levels of NO itself and reduce the amount of arginase in the liver. This should increase the conversion of Arginine to NO and make the product better at increasing NO levels. Things like NorValine will also have this effect as well and it is used for this purpose in many other supplements. This factor is key in making the product give you the perfect NO boosting effect from Arginine.

Finally in Anadraulic Pump, which is quite different is the inclusion of Geranium Extract. This really separates the two products and is an important difference. Do you want the plain NO boosting of Nitrix or a little stimulation prior to the gym. Geranium extract isn’t a strong stimulant like caffeine, just more of something that will give you a little mental lift. Still, if you don’t want that, then Anadraulic Pump isn’t for you. If you enjoy getting a mood boosting effect along with your preworkout NO product, then this is a good solid choice.

Both Nitrix reviews and Anadraulic Pump reviews are favorable, making either a solid choice for boosting pumps and performance in the gym. The choice comes down to whether you want to take 3 large pills or drink the NO factors and if a little stimulation is good for you. Whether you want creatine in your NO product or would you prefer to take your creatine separate like is suggested. Either way, you can’t make a bad choice.

Elements of Define (DMAIC)

The first phase is Define. During the Define phase, a team and its sponsors reach agreement on what the project is and what it should accomplish. Presuming that a draft of the Project Charter is already in place, the main work in the Define phase is for the project team to complete an analysis of what the project should accomplish and confirm understanding with the sponsor(s). They should agree on the problem, which customers are affected, and how the current process or outcomes fail to meet their customers’ needs through “Voice of the Customer or Critical-To-Quality (CTQ).”

The outcome of the Define phase is:

– A clear statement of the intended improvement (Project Charter)

– A high-level map of the Processes (SIPOC)

– A list of what is important to the customer (CTQ)

– An understanding of the project’s link to corporate strategy and its contribution to ROIC

The tools most commonly used in the Define phase are:

– Project Charter

– Stakeholder analysis

– Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Output, and Customers (SIPOC) process map

– Voice of the Customer

– Affinity Diagram

– Kano Model

– Critical-To-Quality (CTQ) tree

Project Charter: The charter is a contract between the organization’s leadership and the project team created at the outset of the project.

Its purpose is:

– To clarify what is expected of the team

– To keep the team focused

– To keep the project and team aligned with organizational priorities

– To transfer the project from the champion to the team

DVR Security System

A DVR Security System is a security monitoring system consisting of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Security Data Recorders, Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) and Security Cameras. It’s possible to build extremely versatile and effective DVR surveillance systems for minimal cost. It is best to pre plan to allow for current needs and possible future upgrades and expansion.

Before starting to make purchases for the system there are several important areas that need to be considered. What areas are going to need protecting, whether they need protecting around the clock or only at certain times, and the layout of the premises? What entry and exit points exist, and where are likely areas for illegal entry to be gained?

DVR Security System – Digital Video Recorders

Dependent on the outcome of the pre-planning will be the selection of the DVR security device. The digital video recorders DVR system you select can be the central point for all the inputs received by your security cameras. If you are setting up a home system, the home security cameras will link into this unit. With the advances in technology there is no longer a need for the use of magnetic tapes to store data; the digital video recorders store all the inputs as digital video files. These files are video files that can be stored and transferred through various media, DVD and file transfer (including via the internet) are two possible options. Some systems have a live streaming capability for fast, high quality video which can be used for online broadcasting.

Digital Video Recorders DVR

Depending on how many security cameras you will have in operation, the key to the selection of a digital video recorder for your DVR surveillance system will be its ability to receive video inputs from multiple channels. The number of cameras required will dictate the DVR you require. There are a wide range of systems and you will be able to find one to accommodate your requirements.

DVR Hidden Cameras

The use of hidden cameras in the home security system DVR set-up is of benefit to the home-owner for a number of reasons. The camera allows the authorised person to keep a watchful eye on the property without the need for a physical presence. The use of DVR hidden cameras also aids in higher quality surveillance, the cameras operating in stealth setting and unviewable by potential criminals targeting the premises.

The positioning of these cameras is important, and will have been determined as part of your pre-planning phase. Whether a pan tilt function is required will also have been considered. These cameras are available in many sizes and styles so finding one to suit you circumstance will not be a problem.

In conclusion, the purchase of a DVR system will provide a cost effective way to protect your premises or family. The system can be purchased fairly cheaply for a small home system and gives piece of mind that your family is protected and your home is being watched whilst you are away. Some popular systems include the Dedicated Micros DVR system and the GeoVision DVR System. Both companies provide a wide range of DVR Security System products to suit all needs and budgets.

The Many Benefits of Sun Shades

Did you ever feel that your patio or deck is just way too boring to see? Well, maybe its time to put up something that will make it look more attractive and lively. You can actually have sun shades installed in your patio or other outdoor areas in your home. Sun shades are very much available in many weather protection and covers stores around. In fact, these have become in demand especially among businesses. There are actually so many benefits that one can get by simply installing these sun shades to their homes. Here are some of them:

* Sun shades come in various styles to choose from. If you are after making your deck or patio look more beautiful and attractive, you can definitely rely on this product. This product actually comes in different designs, colors, sizes and styles. You can choose the right one that will match the designs or theme of your home. You can even make your own theme for your patio or deck. With this, it can add color and life to your plain outdoor space.

* This is an effective heat and rain blocker. This provides shade and covering so that the heat of the sun as well as the waters of the rain will not enter the area. You can stay in your outdoor area whether it is raining or sunny. It can keep you protected no matter what weather there is.

* If you want less wind or light to come into the area, you can easily control this by having sun shades installed. This product actually has rollers so that you can easily let it up or down whenever you want to. You can let it up if you want the area to be bright and windy. You can control the amount of light and air that you want depending on your activity within the area.

* This product is also very affordable. You do not have to worry about its price as this is cheap but very functional. You can check out their prices over the internet or you may also visit a weather protection and cover available near your place.

* It is also very easy to install. Once you purchase this, it will include all the attachments that you will need to have it installed. It is also easy to clean as most of these are made with durable fabric. Simple brushing can make these clean and bright once again.

There are now many stores that carry this kind of weather protector and covers. You will not have a difficult time looking for one. In fact, there are also many online stores that carry this kind of product. Aside from sun shades, you can also check out other types of weather protectors like blinds, sails and canopies. You can purchase one that will even make your place shaded and beautiful.