Best Malls in Mohali

Mohali City is at the West of Chandigarh. It has greatly prospered in the recent years. The industrial city saw a mushrooming of several commercial establishments. Shopping malls were built to gather these trade stores under one big recreational area.

Here are some shopping malls worth visiting during your trip to Mohali.

Suncity Mohali Mall

Suncity Mohali Mall is near Kharar Road. This mall is over 600 feet, and has a grand frontage that leaves passersby in great awe. The retail stores are aplenty. The hours go by fast as you explore the shops inside.

The features of Mohali Mall are unrivaled. It is a five star hotel in a global retail experience. It has well articulated service apartments. The food court houses eclectic stalls offering a variety of specialties. Parking is never a problem here. It has a huge parking space that can accommodate 3000 vehicles. It also has eight theaters that show the current local and international movies.

Mall Matrix Mohali

This is a mall is close to Chandigarh. It is considered an ultra modern landmark and a silicon valley of India. The mall has been the base of many multinational companies. It once served as host for the Parsvnath ‘Mall Matrix,’ a big bazaar event. Such an event always draws a big crowd. Many food and non-food establishments here put up their stalls for prosperous trading. There is held nightly entertainment to enliven the place. The event definitely gives a big boost to the city’s economy.

Mall Matrix Mohali is at the Punjab Urban Development Authority (PUDA) headquarters. This means that it is close to the Mohali Cricket stadium. This stadium has a great picturesque. There are also corporate giants like Reliance Infocom, Semi conductor Complex Ltd., Godrej & Boyce and many more.

Mohali is considered the new living planet. This is the reason why Entertainment Hospitality & Retailing also formed its based here. The hotel also has a hotel within the place. This hotel has international standards. It also has a magnificent atrium that offers a lot of galleries in it. There are enough spaces for each gallery. The mall has elevators glass clad and façade glitters.

The Mall Matrix has become a national and Global retail Goliath. It runs from apparels, fashion studios, hypermarket, and play station and foot gear. There is a large space for lucrative playground for all its visitors. The location of the mall is very unique and is great for malls, multiplexes and hotels.

Because of the large income that the mall has incurred every year, more and more investments are willing to come in to invest in the mall. The population of the mall can be seen in the screen multiplexes. The mall can provide up to a thousand seats per show. Even the kids are provided with their own place. Their parents can shop all the way while leaving their kids in a hyper active area where they can be sure that their kids are safe. The kids can have a full to the blast entertainment in this area.

There are also gourmet delights available. Their food court has all classes of multi cuisines that you are looking for. Even bakeshops, ice cream parlor and other delicacies have their own places. These things can surely satisfy your need when it comes to food. Visitors are always charmed by the beauty of the place and hospitality of the locals.

Have fun shopping the malls of Mohali!

Paris Guide – Sights and Interesting Places to Visit in Paris

Paris has always been one of the major tourist destinations in Europe. The city is situated on the banks of the Seine River and is one of the largest European capitals. The metropolitan area of the city is one of the most populated in Europe, about 11.5 million people live in it. Paris is a leading political, business and cultural centre with a global influence on the arts and fashion. Many international organizations and large companies have their offices in the city. Paris is world-known with its neo-classical architecture and is a home to many museums, art galleries, historical monuments and recreation places.

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris. It is an iron structure erected on the Champ de Mars beside the Seine River. It is 324 m. high and stands out against the skyline of the city. The tower was built for the celebration of the French Revolution centenary and was inaugurated on March 31, 1889. The builder and architect of the tower, Gustave Eiffel is also famous for designing the iron backbone of the Statue of Liberty. The Eiffel Tower is the most visited building in the world. The annual flow of visitors is about 6 million a year, more than the Empire State Building with 3.6 million and the Tokyo Tower with 3 million. The tower was the tallest structure in the world for its times and replaced the Washington Monument. It remained so until 1930. The tower was struck by lightening in 1902 and 300 feet of the top were reconstructed. Today, the tower has 1660 steps to the top and elevators. It is made on several levels and is a host of several venues. The twinkling lights of the tower were at first made for the arrival of the year 2000. They did not function for about a year and were brought back in 2003. Today, the Eiffel Tower looks elegant and alive with 4 floodlights rotating on the top, which make it visible miles away from the city.

At the end of Champes-Elysees is the Arc de Triomphe. It is situated in the middle of the large circular square Place Charles De Gaulle, from which about 12 streets named after French military leaders emanate. Built between 1806 and 1808, it followed the model of the Arc of Constantine in Rome. It commemorated the victories of Napoleon and the grand army who had won them. The Arc de Tromphe is lavishly decorated in rose marble in the columns and the front paneling. The bronze horses on the top of the monument were taken from Sr. Marc in Venice. There are the names of generals who were in charge of the French troops during the regime of Napoleon engraved on the Arc. It is adorned with many bas-reliefs commemorating the battles of the emperor. The most famous one is the Departure of the Volunteers in 1972, also known as the Marseillaise. At the top of the monument there are 30 shields, each of them bearing the name of one of the successful battles of Napoleon. The Arc includes as well the Grave of the Unknown Soldiers from WWI. The Arc is a home of an observatory with glorious views of Paris and places in the city.

Notre Dame de Paris is a Holy place of worship, a premier tourist attraction and one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the city. It is located on the banks of the Seine River and in the eastern part of the Ile de la Cite. It is the place of residence of the archbishop of Paris for the Roman Catholic Church. It is a supreme example of the Rayonnant style. It has two massive towers from the Early Gothic period, which crown the western façade divided in three stories and doors adorned with carvings and surmounted by figures of the Old Testament kings. The western façade of the cathedral is the most famous sight for tourists. Stained glass is its major feature. A ‘Rose Window’ is an intricate and massive window located in the centre of the front. The southern tower houses Emmanuel bell cast in 1631. The connection between the two towers is the Grand Gallery, which holds the famous gargoyles of the cathedral.

Monmartre is a historic hill at an altitude of 130 meters in Paris and is crowned by the Sacre Coeur Basilica. It has always been connected with culture and trends and has many cafes and studios of many great artists. Sacre Coeur is a Byzantine basilica and is crowned by white elongated domes. The white stone whitens with age and gets more beautiful as time passes by. It has a bell weighing 19 tons, which can be heard from the distance. The remarkable statues on the façade are made of bronze and depict Joan of Arc, St. Luis and Christ with his hands raised in blessing. The interior of the basilica is adorned with mosaics and a figure of the Virgin and Child. Sacre Coeur was erected in 1914. It is an important place for pilgrimages of worshippers from all over the world. It is an imposing building and a landmark of Paris.

The Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world and one of the most famous. It began as a fortress, later it was a royal residence and in 1793 it became a museum. It has an enormous and varied collection of 300 000 works of artists from all over the world. The art of works spans over 3000 years. The collections on display are: Western art from the Middle ages to 1848 and civilization, which have influenced it. There are the Oriental, Egyptian, Etruscan and Greek departments with art objects and graphic art. There is a section devoted to the history of the Louvre as well as divisions dedicated to Asian, African, Oceanic and American art. The latest addition to the museum was the Glass Pyramid, which is a combination of modern art and historic architecture. It allows light to penetrate to the underground floor.

Home Solar Panels to Heat Your Home

Saving thousands of dollars every year can be done by the generation of free, renewable energy. The depressed economic environment means we all need ways to reduce expenses the way Home Solar panels do. Thermal energy comes to us every day at no cost and the sun is the only way to get it. The ever-increasing bite electric bills take out of our income can be replaced with converted thermal energy. The panel sizes are tailored to fit your energy consumption requirements. The consumption of electrical energy from home appliances and be supplied by trapped and converted solar energy.

A variety of solar panels can be used to accomplish this process. These sun panels are comprised of semi-conductors working in concert with solar cells. A large area of p-n junction in diode is created. The solar cells, when coming in contact with sunlight or solar energy, produce electrical energy. Equipment such as geysers, mixers, heaters, etc. can be run by the energy produced. A radical reduction in the monthly electric bill is the result.

Economical DIY kits are available and will involve a considerably smaller investment than the high-priced large Solar Panels. A do-it-yourselfer capable of assembling the kit on their own also significantly reduces the investment. Panel repair is facilitated if you keep a few basic tools at hand. Kits usually supply all of the items required for installation. DIY kits have all of the small items such as screws, poles, bolts, solder, solder gun, meters, plywood as well as a complete instruction manual. The manuals are user-friendly and simple to understand.

Installing Home Solar Panels can reduce home electric expenses by 90%. You can drop totally off the electrical grid by installing multiple DIY solar panels. Within seven days of installation the extraordinary savings are noticeable. This is an excellent way to have a positive impact on the ecosystem. A great deal of enjoyment can be derived from solar panel repair. Your enjoyment performing the work is just one of many benefits you receive. Reduction of global warming is an issue to which we can all contribute and this is one excellent way to do so.

Breeding Crickets

Breeding crickets can be fun and easy. Many people have been buying crickets from pet stores for years. The money spent could easily add up to hundreds of dollars in a year. Breeding crickets isn’t all that hard with a few simple rules and methods. In this article I will explain briefly how to breed crickets at home.

First you will need a container for the breeding colony. I like to use large plastic storage containers. The Rubbermaid kind work great and are under $10 at most retail stores. You will need to make some holes in the lid for circulation. I make about 20 holes with a   soldering   iron . A drill bit works fine as well.

Now a very critical area is temperature. The crickets have to be kept between 75 and 80 degrees. They will live at lower temperatures but their reproduction slows down and will even stop. I keep my colonies in the closet of my spare bedroom. If you can’t keep them in the house because of their sound or a frightened family member you could keep them i the garage. But you will need to provide a heat source in the winter. What i have done in the past is place a medical heat pad under the container. Another thing you can try is cutting a hole in the lid and placing a light bulb through he lid. the light will provide enough heat for your crickets.

Now for shelter within the container. The best thing to use is egg cartons. They provide a ton of hiding places and increase your floor space. You could also use toilet or paper towel rolls. These can roll around though and kill some crickets.

Feeding your crickets the right diet is crucial. Mating and egg laying will drain your female crickets if they do not have a high protein diet. I give my crickets cheap dog or cat food. I also provide my crickets with vegetables once a week. You will need to be very careful that the veggies you provide don’t have pesticides on them. I have found that growing my own is the easiest way to do this. I grow mustard and collard greens in my flower beds and give them to my crickets. I provide water in a shallow jar lid with pea gravel on the bottom. This prevents smaller crickets from drowning.

Now all you have to do is provide a place for the females to lay their eggs. Place a small sandwich storage container filled with moist vermiculite on the bottom of your container. Your females will start to dig and lay eggs immediately. Now you can either remove the container and place it in another container until the baby crickets hatch or you can leave it in with the large crickets.

That’s all it takes to breed your own crickets at home. Feel free to check out our site for more detail about breeding crickets.

Blacksmithing – Crafting Mail & Plate Armor

Blacksmithing is one of the 11 primary professions which can be chosen in WoW. If you decide to become a Blacksmith you will need a Blacksmithing Hammer which you can purchase at one of the trade supply or general good vendors in any of the bigger cities. To begin with you will need to visit your Blacksmith trainer who will learn you this profession and can also teach you to craft new and better items as you go.

As a Blacksmith you will need loads of ore which can be mined from the veins that are scattered all across Azeroth and Outland. There are several ways to obtain these ores and the best way is by taking Mining as your second profession so you can gather the ores yourself because the ores are really procy on the Auction House.

Blacksmithing is actually quite easy to level up as long as you have access to the much needed ores. With Blacksmithing you will learn to make nice items. At first you will primarily be making Weapons and Mail Armor. At a certain point you will start learning how to craft better Weapons and Plate Armor. Plate Armor is worn by Death Knights, Paladins and Warrior which makes Blacksmithing a perfect match for these classes.

As you continue to level up your Blacksmithing you will be asked to specialize yourself in either becoming an Armor Blacksmith of Weapon Blacksmith. As an Armor Blacksmith you will still gain access to most of the plans that allow a Blacksmith to craft weapons though and this also goes the other way around. If you do specialize in Weaponry or Armor you will be able to learn several patterns that teach you how to create several rare items. The choice isn’t that heavy though because you will still be able to create most of the good stuff that the Blacksmithing profession offers you anyway.

Especially when you reach the higher levels of Blacksmithing it becomes interesting because you will be able to make nice & shiny epics! The items you can make can be either worn by the Blacksmith or can be placed on the Auction House to earn some gold. Besides epic armor and weapons you can also create Belt Buckles. These can be used on belts. Once used you will see that you receive a socket on the belt which allows players to place a gem in their belt which makes the item better.

You also have the advantage of being able to create Socket Bracer and Socket Gloves. You can apply these two on your gloves and bracers to create a socket in your Bracers or Gloves which will also allow you to place a gem in them. Socket Gloves and Socket Bracer are two items that become soulbound once created which means that the Blacksmith can only use these himself and that they cannot be sold.

Altogether, Blacksmithing can work out really nice for people that wear Plate Armor. If you choose to make Mining your second profession Blacksmithing is quite easy and cheap to level though you can make nice amounts of money out of money out of it at later levels.

If you want to get the most out of Blacksmithing, then check out our WoW Blacksmithing Guide for more on leveling your character and making tons of Gold, plus a video review of Penn’s Professions Guide one of the most comprehensive and coolest World of Warcraft Professions Guides available.

Opening Pandora’s Box: 8 Female Personality Types and Attracting Women

There are only eight female personality types. Every woman can fit into one of these personality types in accordance with what they’re interested in in a man and how they will react in any situation. A guy that understands these personality types and can take advantage of them has a huge advantage over guys that do not understand these personality types and where the woman they desire might fall within these guidelines.

Pandora’s Box and the a Personality Types of Women

For anybody trying to attract women, understanding the basic female personality types is essential. They’re more than just general. They describe exactly what you need to do to attract the women you desire. Here are the 8 female personality traits according to the Pandora’s Box System:

  • The Seductress
  • The Connoisseur
  • The Modern Woman
  • The Social Butterfly
  • The Cinderella
  • The Private Dancer
  • The Playette
  • The Hopeless Romantic

How use the Female Personality Types to your Advantage

There are probably some types of women that you configure out of the top your head which category they fit into. Maybe even experienced enough to know some of the “proper” techniques to attract a few of the types. Real understanding of women gives you a distinct advantage over guys have no clue. What attracts these women will always be true to form. These methods of attraction are not rational. They come from the sub brain. Chances are the women don’t even know why certain things appeal to them and others don’t.

Have you ever heard a woman say that she has no clue as to why she always likes the, “wrong” type of guy. This is because that type of guy fits in to her personality by filling specific needs. You don’t need to become the “wrong” guide to attract her, but if you learn a few subtle tricks you can get her interested in you rather than that wrong guy. It all starts with opening Pandora’s box.

Fuel And Oil Termite Control

Every year, termites account for one to two billion dollars worth of damage. Subterranean termites are to blame for the majority of the mess, feeding on wood byproducts found in many home construction materials. If you suspect that your home is infested with termites, there are some techniques available to help you address the problem on your own. In this article, we will outline the steps necessary for DIY termite control with fuel and oil.

Step 1 – Using a shovel, dig a series of trenches around the perimeter of your property. You’ll want to dig closely to the foundation and around the entire building where applicable. These areas have been found as the main entry point for most breeds of termites. Your trenches should be at least 3 to 6 inches in depth.

Step 2 – Do not dispose of the dirt, but rather lay it next to the trench. Once the application is completed, the dirt will be returned to trench.

Step 3 – Using a pick, make a series of holes in the bottom of the trench. Once again, this should be as close to the foundation as possible. Holes should also be angled toward the foundation as a way to break through to the termite tunnels. If your holes do not make it into a tunnel, discard it, creating another hole a few feet away.

Step 4 – If you don’t have one already, purchase a water can and fill it with fuel, oil or orange peel oil, commonly called orange oil.

Step 5 – Grab a funnel and position it into one of the pick holes. With your water can, slowly four the fuel down the funnel. Use a small amount and move along to the next hole in your trench.

Step 6 – Once you have completed pouring oil or fuel into each hole, go back around to the first hole and check on it’s status. If the soil has absorbed the fuel add some additional fluid to it. Continue this process with the other holes.

Step 7 – Give the fuel a good 24 hours to sink into the soil. Once this period of time has passed, apply an additional application of fuel to each hole.

Step 8 – Next, grab your shovel and push the dirt back into the trench. Make sure when doing so that the dirt is compact and compressed. This can be accomplished by using the back side of the shovel. Termites always return to their home base for moisture, and when denied access they will ultimately die. Termites that happen to be in the tunnel system will be killed off by the fuel application.

Give this process a week to take effect. If you don’t notice any difference, you may want to consider hiring on a professional exterminator for termite control. He or she will be able to inspect your property and provide you with service you need to protect your home and avoid infestations down the road.

Working With a Green Screen Photography Background!

Have you gotten to the point of being sick and bored with capturing (plus seeing) the identical old images, time and time again? You’ve heard that “blue screen” is the way to go, except you don’t truly understand it or even know a great deal about it? Here is everything you need to understand to utilize it as a photography background!

Firstly…What exactly is it?

You will hear the words “green screen”, “blue screen”, and “chroma key” tossed around and employed to mean the same thing.

Chroma key merely means working with a backdrop which is one unpatterned, evenly illuminated color. The green and blue are the most employed colors. Actually, you could work with ANY color – however blue and green tend to be easiest. I’ll explain why that’s the situation in a minute.

Blue screen strategies can be employed in both video and still pictures. You photograph somebody in front of the chroma key and then we later (or at once working with high quality video cameras) you delete the solid color and replace it using any type of backdrop you want!

It’s how the local meteorologist does the weather report. They are standing in front of a blue screen and the camera digitally strips it out and puts in your local weather map. They are watching themselves with a monitor to find out where to point and so on. It can be confusing and harder than you might imagine in order to be a weatherman!

Secondly…Why use blue or green?

Typically we work with green and blue because they’re the farthest from the colors found in skin coloration. The technique was primarily done with blue, but as the standard of cameras changes, green seems to work more efficiently. It can be less difficult to strip out of the background, thus most studios are switching to green. However it does not do any harm to own both.

Another good advantage for green is that it creates fewer apparel conflicts.

Since the color is mechanically eliminated and substituted, if the subject has on a hue of that color (blue) as part of their apparel…it’s replaced. You can often see shirts and ties that become strange appearing holes in the subject – showing through to the brand new background.

It’s even happened among blue eyes!

Green tends to produce less of a apparel conflict, it’s less complicated for the cameras to work with also it’s easier to light evenly.

Flat illumination is vital because shadows on the backdrop will show in the ultimate effect. This can ruin the realistic effect of the photography background. Plus, employing irregular lighting, you’d make different shades of the color…a few of which might not get deleted properly.

The 3 main types of blue screen backgrounds are: paper, fabric and paint.

Paint is good if you have a studio that has a cove and you do all your photography there…it’s useless in the event you ever need to go on location.

Paper is available in big rolls, but is easily ripped and continuously needs to be replaced. This can get pricey in a hurry.

Fabric tends to keep going best and is transportable. And fabric is easy to wash (soiled blue screen backgrounds do not work well).

Any fabric supplier can offer some material that could accomplish the job. Obtain a little and do some testing with your photography background, any photo editing program is able to strip out the color. Experiment with it, you will like it!

LED Lights – Lighting Up The World

LED the abbreviation for Light Emitting Diodes, lights are one of the new technology lights of today. They are tiny electronic lights that work with the assistance of a device known as the diode which helps to conduct power through the lights. A LED light is as small as an eraser that children use and as they do not contain a filament they last practically a whole life time.

In spite of the fact that this form of lighting was first developed in the early 60s they started getting popular only in the last few years. Today you can avail of a variety of LED light specifications for various types of lighting. Usually these lights are made from inorganic materials like silicon and aluminum.

One of the advantages of LED lights are that they are extremely energy efficient and for this very reason people are realizing the worth of utilizing them in their households to save on electricity bills that are so high that many people find it difficult to make their payments.

These lights can be used in homes, gardens, commercial complexes, offices and even in industries. And every day their popularity seems to be increasing by the day with more and more people going in for them. Moreover LED light products do not give off injurious gases or ultra-violet rays and emits far lower amount of carbon dioxide when compared to other lighting products therefore they are even considered eco friendly lighting systems.

It is understood that LED lights utilize white energy for lighting thereby making lighting easier to afford. They are also far more efficient and cheaper in comparison to other lightings. These lights are said to have a life of around 100,000 hours to say the least implying that they can be used non-stop for over eleven years. This when compared to the normal lighting that have a life of 5000 hours is really stupendous.

LED is extensively utilized in light strips, rope lights, street lamps, flood lights in stadiums, and as spotlights on stages and auditoriums. They are available in a wide variety of colors so they are also used as decorative lightings for a variety of functions and parties.

Due to its tiny size they can be used in a design especially when used in the tail lights and indicator lights of any motor vehicle ranging from scooters, motorcycles to cars, buses, lorries etc. Another advantage of LED is that unlike their incandescent counterparts they do not require any time to get started, the brightness can be dimmed and they can be used even in places where the voltage is quite low.

Great Barrier Reef Diving

One of the true natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is the longest reef of its kind on Earth. Home to a spectacular diversity of animal and plant life, recent legislation has granted even greater protection for this abundant natural habitat.

Vast Ecosystem

The Great Barrier Reef is so extensive that its precise size has never been recorded, although it is estimated that it stretches for 1,400 miles (2.250 km), and covers around 135,000 sq miles (350,000 sq km) – about the same surface area as Ireland. It is made up of 2,000 individual reels, and around 71 coral islands are spread along its length.

In broad terms, the Great Harrier Reef can be said to be divided into two regions the inner reef, known as the Great Shallow, and the outer reef, consisting of deeper reef systems and sloping walls leading to the open sea beyond. The reef itself is made up of over 100 species of coral, and supports around 1,500 species of fish. Approximately 4,000 species of mollusks inhabit the Hats and nooks and crannies of the reef, while 23 species of marine mammals may be encountered along the vast length of this complex ecosystem.

Global Importance

Certain areas of the Great Barrier Reel have enjoyed protected status since 1973, when it was established as a marine park. This was enhanced in 1981 when the reef was recognized as a World Heritage Site. More recent legislation has seen 71 percent of the total area of the reel covered by some sort of protective status-an optimistic sign for the future of a reef that is larger than any other coral system, but just as vulnerable to misuse and exploitation.

Diving in the Region

There is a mass market for diving the Great Harrier Reef, operating out of Cairns and Townsville in day boats containing very large numbers of divers. There have been a number of well-publicized incidents where divers have been missed when boats have departed back to shore, and although this is now very well regulated, it is still worth, on the larger vessels at least, ensuring that the correct procedures are in place before diving The other main diving activity on the reef takes place from liveaboards that venture farther afield to more remote sites.

Divers on the reef are assured of reasonable hard coral and colorful fish life almost anywhere along its length, but there are also a number of notable individual sites. Ribbon Reef Number 10 is particularly rich and diverse, even by the Great Barrier Reef’s high standards, and is the location for dive sites such as Cod Hole-famous for encounters with giant potato cod-and Pixie’s Pinnacle, renowned for its diversity of large animal encounters.

Fireproof – An Action Packed Movie That Inspires As Well As Entertain

 Fireproof  is the story of a firefighter, Captain Caleb Holt, who lives by the old firefighter’s adage: Never leave your partner behind but when seven years of marriage to his wife, Catherine fails neither one knows how to deal with it. Mainly because neither understands the pressures the other faces. Caleb claims that Catherine is too sensitive and doesn’t show him any respect. Whereas she tells her hospital co-workers that he is to insensitive and that he doesn’t listen and they both prepare to file for divorce. As they prepare to file for divorce, Caleb’s father challenges his son to commit to a 40-day test called The Love Dare. Caleb starts it, but mostly because his father asked him to rather than for his marriage.

When Caleb discovers the book’s daily challenges are tied into his parents’ newfound faith, his already limited interest is further dampened. Even though he wants to keep his promise to his father, Caleb becomes frustrated when every effort to win back his wife fails. He eventually asks his father, How he is supposed to show love to somebody who constantly rejects him and his father explains that this is the love God shows to people. People are constantly rejecting God and yet He patiently, maybe even stubbornly continues to love them. With this new information Caleb makes a life-changing commitment to love God and with God’s help, he begins to understand what it means to truly love his wife.

Caleb and Catherine Holt give the viewer a very good picture of how the breakdown of a marriage begins. In one of the first scenes between the Holt’s begins with them barely speaking in their kitchen. When they do speak it quickly turns into a heated argument. It’s in the heat of one of their arguments where Catherine has had enough and tells Caleb through tears that she wants a divorce.

It’s in that moment that the audience realizes that Caleb’s anger from his wife’s disrespect and Catherine’s bitterness from feeling rejected due in part to her husband’s unspoken addiction has ruined their marriage.

Catherine talking about the computer and at one point a pop up of a female face on Caleb’s computer only alludes to Caleb’s addiction in the movie. It’s obvious that his addiction is probably to Internet porn, but Catherine’s attitude makes it even more evident that Caleb is not the only problem.

Catherine also has problems of her own. She’s faced with financially supporting her father and sick Mother and becomes angry with her husband because he isn’t helping her with her family. Furthermore, she compounds their already strained marriage by sleeping in a separate bedroom and is openly hostile to him. All the while, she’s respectful and caring at work, and begins finding emotional fulfillment at her work as she begins to confide in a male doctor at the hospital about her sick mother’s needs.

Another brilliant angle to  Fireproof  is that it also addresses the subject of being unsaved. The Holt’s are just two very real people with real problems that any married couple could battle. However, God is integrated into the film first through Caleb’s friend, Lt. Michael Simmons (Ken Bevel) and then through John Holt (Harris Malcolm), his father.

As a friend, Simmons takes the indirect approach to encourage Caleb to make things right in his marriage, while John Holt takes an interactive approach by challenging his son to fight for his marriage through a 40-day experiment called The Love Dare.

 Fireproof  is a film that goes behind the closed doors of every married couple that’s facing the end of their marriage and in search of real love and giving your love even if it breaks your heart.  Fireproof  is a movie that hits home for both men and women.

Even though Caleb and Catherine’s marriage is the center of the movie, it’s not all tears and anger. In fact there are a few comical scenes, as well as, some intense action scenes with the firefighters too. Married or single, young or old  Fireproof  is a movie worth seeing for everybody.

Cell Phone Wallpaper

Now is the era of stereotype. People dress similar, work like machines and are all expected to behave similar. You can buy the best technology but it looks the same. One place that allows you to be creative is the accessories of your cell phone. You can now give the look of your choice to your cell phone. Most noticeable feature is the wall paper.

You have a he variety to choose from when it comes to wallpapers. People choose the one that expresses his or her personality the best. Cell phone accessories add a little spunk to other boring and drab looking cell phones. The individualized backgrounds for the cell phone can be funny, silly, emotional etc.

Many movie fans express their fan hood by downloading movie wallpapers. Many movie companies create fun wall papers for the fans. These wall papers show your favorite scene. These wall papers are usually free or a very minimal payment. This adds to the movies popularity.

Wall papers are not just limited for movie fans. Now one can down load images of their favorite music artist or a sports personality. Television shows are growing in popularity thus, television themed wallpaper are now the in thing.

The celebrities can be real or fictional. Super heroes are very popular among the people and have been an object of fascination among every generation. Super heroes are may be hard to spot in real life but in the worlds of wall papers, you can not only see it but capture them.

For animal lovers there are a variety of wild life themed wall papers. You can find cats dogs, wild animals like tiger or bear and many more as theme. If you are a marine animal lover, ten you can find hundred of rare and exotic images of these animals. There is something for every one.

Action lovers may choose to put up some adventurous images like sky diving, car racing, paragliding etc. these wall papers are mostly popular among the boys.

You can also save the image of particular places as your wallpaper. This could be an image of the place you visited or wish to visit depending on an individual’s tastes. From historical landmarks to beautiful landscape scenes there are plenty you choose from.

If all the above fail to fascinate you, then you can take the picture of an image of your desire and save it as your wall paper. These wall papers can be easily shared among friends with the use of blue tooth.

Owens Corning Insulation – More Than the Pink We All Know

Owens Corning insulation is perhaps the most well known of all the insulation manufacturers. They were the first to delve into the properties and uses of glass fiber, and have since on the leading edge of all things fiberglass, including constantly refining the well known ‘pink insulation’ that they have become famous for. If you don’t know Owens Corning, they’re the ones that use the Pink Panther as the mascot.

Owens Corning has been around since 1938, and in that time they become the most trusted source for insulating products of all types. They are the market leader when it comes to glass fiber technologies, and the biggest supplier of the world’s fiber glass insulation. They provide insulating solutions for any type of building project you have. From their residential ‘whole home insulation system’ to ‘quiet zone noise reduction solutions’ and everything in between.

They also are one of the biggest suppliers of commercial insulating products. From their commercial spray in foam, to roofing insulation products to complete commercial insulating systems. No matter what you need, you can find it all in one place with the complete line of Owens Corning insulation products.

One of the most important numbers, well the most important number when it comes to insulation is the ‘R-value’. This is Owens Cornings definition of ‘R-value’

R-Value: Measure of resistance to heat flow. Insulation materials have tiny pockets of trapped air. These pockets resist the transfer of heat through material. The ability of insulation to slow the transfer of heat is measured in R-values. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation material’s ability to resist the flow of heat through it.”

Whether you need insulation for your residential home, or you have to insulate a 200 suit apartment building, Owens Corning insulation, and all their insulating products is the first place you should look. You’ll find absolutely everything you’ll need, form start to finish, to complete the job.

Wildfire Defense

Once again it is wildfire season in Colorado. Years of beetle kill have left an area, roughly the size of Rhode Island, of dead standing lodgepole pine in Colorado.

Property owners are ultimately responsibility to protect themselves and their property from the threat of wildfire. The two best methods of protecting your property is to build a defensible perimeter around your structures and build your structures with fire resistant building materials.

According to Colorado State University, your first defense against wildfire is to create and maintain a defensible space around your home. This does not mean your landscape must be barren. Defensible space is an area around a structure where fuels and vegetation are treated, cleared or reduced to slow the spread of wildfire toward or from the home and allow firefighters area to do their job.

No building materials are completely “fire proof”. However there are building materials that are highly fire resistant. A home’s roof is especially susceptible to wildfire since it typically is the largest exposed surface area of the home. Building materials are rated from Class C, the least fire resistant, to Class A, the most fire resistant.

Mineral reinforced asphalt shingles have a Class C fire resistance rating per International Building Code. The only benefit to mineral reinforced asphalt shingles is they are inexpensive. However, when asphalt shingle life-cycle costs are considered, including longevity among other factors, shingles are not the least expensive to own.

Metal roofing is lighter than asphalt shingle roofing, is sturdy and noncombustible. Additionally, it has a lower life cycle cost compared to all other roofing materials per analysis conducted by and presented by Ducker. Metal roofing is Class A per building code, however, not all metal roofing is equal.

Controlled tests were conducted per fire code rating methodology to compare fire resistance amongst roofing materials. The results of the test show a wide difference in fire resistance with 30 gauge steel shingles being the least fire resistant and 24 gauge steel being the most fire resistant by a factor of three. Common 30 gauge roofing includes exposed fastener systems such as corrugated and agricultural panels.

Standing seam metal roofing is made from steel, copper, zinc, aluminum and other metals. The standing seam metal roof panels are manufactured in continuous lengths, cut to span the distance between the ridge and eave without transverse seams. Standing seam metal roofs are considered maintenance free, unlike exposed fastener metal roofs that require maintenance.

Metal roofing is popular on mountain homes because of its aesthetics and durability. The system is typically manufactured from 24 gauge steel. The continuous lengths of SSMR panels and the gauge of the metal make it a wise and economical choice for topping a home in fire prone areas.

5 Things You MUST Do to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

In today’s real estate market, selling your home can seem quite daunting. Keep in mind that like any other competition,your home must stand out from all the other homes that potential buyers have looked at. This IS a competition, and something you need to prepare for. You wouldn’t enter a beauty pageant and come out in old sweats and your hair in rollers would you? Professional Home Stagers are an excellent resource in getting your home “market ready”. A professional Home Stager has been trained to know your market and create an environment that is pleasing to the largest amount of buyers possible.

There are a number of things any Home Stager will tell you that you can do to prepare your home. Most Home Stagers offer a consultation for a minimal fee and can give you great ideas, or you can also hire them to come back and do the actual physical staging themselves. These five tips would probably be found on the top of any Professional Home Stagers’ “to do” list.

1. CURB APPEAL- Cut back bushes, keep the lawn mowed in summer, sidewalks clear in winter, plant fresh flowers or add a few large pots of flowers to add a splash of color to the front steps. Remove any clutter- kid’s toys, extra vehicles, boats, or gardening equipment. This will be the buyer’s first look at your home, if they don’t like what they see they’ll just keep driving.

2. VISUAL CLUTTER- When a buyer walks into your home, that’s the first thing they should see- YOUR HOME. Not all the family pictures (although they are adorable, they are not for sale!), nor your collections of dolls, toys, dvd’s, Elvis figurines. If it is not enhancing your home for the buyer, it does not need to be there.

3. WALLPAPER- This is a big one. When buyers walk into a room and see wallpaper, they’re actually thinking “ok, how much time/money will this take for me to get this down?” Now, there are some wallpapers that are very neutral and non-affending, you may want to ask your realtor or Home Stager’s opinion there. I’m talking about the ones that have pastel flowers, swirls, stripes, or anything that’s been on your walls since the 70’s. Don’t make the buyer offer you a lower price because they know there’s a lot of work involved.

4. WINDOW TREATMENTS- A large part of my business is Interior Design. When I discuss window treatments with a client, I have yet to have someone say ” I really want my windows completely covered with frills, ruffles, panels and drapes”. If they’re not asking for it, chances are today’s buyers aren’t looking for that either. The windows are a huge part of the house, and need to be seen in order to help sell the home. Even if you are planning on including the window treatments in the sale of the home, they should still be simplified. Panels on either side of the window will soften the look without covering the window. If the windows are in bad shape, they should either be replaced or repaired. And don’t hide a beautiful view!

5. TOO MUCH FURNITURE- We often have extra furniture in our homes for ourselves: for entertaining, for comfort. But when it comes to selling your home, less is often more. It’s best to create a good traffic flow. Oftentimes the room’s furniture layout can maximize a small space or create a warm cozy feeling in a large space.

Getting your home ready to put on the market does take some work, but it may be the competition of a lifetime, and as you know, you only get one chance to make a first impression.