Floating Cork Flooring: No Glue Required!

If you’re a homeowner you may or may not know the satisfaction of handling a home improvement project on your own. It’s strange, but as a homeowner myself I take great pride when I’m able to tackle any repairs or improvements to my home; and you might too if you haven’t tried it yet. This article is designed to help educate you on a simple do it yourself flooring project for your home using floating cork flooring. Not only is cork an eco-friendly material, but the concept of a floating floor means you can easily handle this project with little to no experience. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of cork floating floors!

Before we get into all the mumbo jumbo of home improvement let’s take a moment to review cork and learn why it’s an eco-friendly choice as a flooring solution. Cork is actually the bark from the cork oak tree; cork is commercially harvested by removing a small layer of the bark of the cork oak tree. This process is 100% safe and doesn’t harm the cork oak tree in any way, shape or form. In fact, a cork oak tree can produce cork material for over 200 years. So, if you do choose the route of a floating cork floor you can rest assure that you can brag about its eco-friendly properties along side its beauty.

Now, I know what you must be thinking “Sounds like a great product, and sounds expensive!” I’ll agree that cork flooring isn’t the cheapest wood flooring product on the market, but it’s one of the most beautiful and durable. The big cost in any type of home improvement or home repair project is the labor. Look at a past bill or maybe a neighbor’s past bill and you’ll see that a minimum of 60% of the bill was labor. You can save a lot of money if you simply try to tackle the project yourself.

Yes, regardless what thought ran through your mind after reading the above last sentence you CAN tackle a project like this yourself. One of the primary benefits of a floating cork floor system is the fact it’s simple to install. You can even install a floating cork floor right over an existing floor as long as it’s not too badly beat-up and level. There is inter-locking system that snaps the floating cork planks together, so you don’t even need any glue! The manufacturer will provide easy to follow instructions on how to install it yourself.

Hydraulic Hand Pump

A hydraulic hand pump is instrumental in providing an additional boost up to the pump to extract the fluid beneath with more efficiency. In case you are planning to buy a hydraulic hand pump for yourself then it would be wise to go through the options available thoroughly make a decision thereafter. In fact it would be all the more sensible to make a list of the key features you are looking for in a pump. Following are the three primary solutions for every user regarding a hydraulic hand pump:

Fresh New Hydraulic Hand-Pump

If you are a first time user then it is best to buy a fresh new pump laced with the latest technology, up-to date features and inclusive warranties. Though it is obvious that the investment would be higher but the quality and the advantage of having a fresh pump is quite worth the charges. So do not hesitate in buying a new pump as it offers you a whole lot of advantages and credentials. Also, make sure that you check the extended warranties and add-ons while buying a hydraulic hand pump.

Used Hydraulic Hand-Pump

Buying a used or refurbished pump can be a great option if the finances are restricting you from getting a new one. A used hand pump would obviously be priced less, given its wear and tear but it is wrong notion that a used property would not render proper work. Though its a fact that a second-hand pump would not be as efficient as the new one but the former one too can be obtained in a well-to-do condition with the required repairs and alterations. At times one can also find a relatively newer model disposed by the owner due to business closure or other personal problems.

Replacement Supply Provider

If you already own a hydraulic hand pump then the only thing you should be quipped with is a reliable source of stock replacement parts and supplies in the vicinity for quick repairs. Besides, you yourself should also know the tid-bits of repairing the pump on-site.

What Are The Best Weight Loss Aids?

You know that feeling you get when you are stuck in a rut and you can’t seem to find a way out? So you starting look for help or tools that can pull you out and get you back on top again. Tools to help you shed unwanted are valuable especially if you find yourself in a rut.

So what are the best weight loss aids and tools? The best weight loss aids are those that are more natural. Since using natural methods are safer, you can usually take them longer, thus enjoying a healthy lifestyle for the long run. We all know that natural is what is best for our bodies. So let’s explore some natural ways to lose weight.

The Best Natural Weight Loss Aids:

*Flush out you system. Keeping your digestive tract clear of blockage and making it easier to digest will aid in increasing metabolism. The easiest and best way to do this is to drink plenty of water everyday. Adding in a squeeze of lemon takes flushing out your system to a new level. Lemon water is excellent for decreasing the appetite and detoxing.

*Eat plenty of lean protein. The occasional side of beef or pork is okay, but try to eat more of turkey, chicken and fish. They are excellent for helping you stay full and have sustainable energy. Lean protein meats are so much better for you and help your cholesterol levels as well.

*Smaller portion sizes on your plate. Make sure you save your seconds for the next day and just eat until your satisfied. If you are still hungry, drink down that water! I like to use smaller plates and bowls to help me control how much food I am consuming. This is a good idea for measuring food amounts.

*Add chia seeds to your daily meals and snacks. Chia seeds are packed full of protein and omegas. Sprinkle a tablespoon of chia seeds into your yogurt, smoothies, or oatmeal.

*An ancient science has been renewed with Essential Oils. I love to use essential oils for speeding up my metabolism, decreasing my appetite, and detoxifying. They are safe, natural and very effective.

*Get rid of bloating with Acidophilus. Acidophilus is a natural bacteria that helps to illuminate gas and indigestion. It is found in yogurt, but you can also take it in a supplement. It is very helpful in keeping your gut flora in good shape.

Best Sex Positions For Couples Looking For the G-Spot

Are you interested in the best sex positions for couples? More specifically those focusing on the g-spot? If for some strange reason you have never heard of the g-spot, the g-spot is a term used to describe the area of a women’s vagina that when stimulated properly can lead to very powerful orgasms.

If you are looking for some new and best sex positions for couples to try then I would highly suggest positions that can lead to g-spot orgasms. Watching and experiencing your lady have g-spot orgasms is highly arousing for men as well.

Three of the best sex positions for couples that you can try for g-spot stimulation are the cowgirl, accordion and the ever faithful doggy style.

  • Cowgirl Position: This is becoming one of the best sex positions for couples and has the women on top of the man, kneeling and leaning forward towards him. The man, while on his back, should try and tilt his pelvis forward as much as possible. The tilting of the pelvis, along with her being on top, allows for the proper angle to help stimulate her g-spot. To changes this position slightly have her brace herself with her feet instead of her knees. This is also known as the Aggressive Cowgirl
  • Accordion Position: This is one of the relatively unknown best sex position for couples that also has the women on top. The man is sitting semi cross legged and the women then sits on the man’s penis while facing away from him. The women then leans forward with her hands touching the ground and then makes a back and forth motion. The women is now able to control the angle and degree of penetration allowing for excellent g-spot stimulation. Making this one of the best sex positions for couples looking for g-spot pleasure.
  • Doggy Style: This position is very common and is by far one of the best sex positions for couples. What most do not know is that the position is great for stimulating the g-spot. With the women crouching on all fours, legs slightly apart, the man enters from behind. This position stimulates the g-spot while also allowing for deeper penetration if desired

If g-spot stimulation is what you and your partner would like to explore than I highly recommend trying all three of these best sex positions for couples. Experiment and communicate with each other and before you know it these will be a part of your repertoire.

How To Take Care Of Your Awnings

If you want to take really good care of your awnings, the main thing that you need to be aware of is the weather. Bad weather conditions can damage them, so here are some guidelines of how you can protect your awnings against the elements.

When it comes to awnings, the most befitting rule that is easy to remember and apply is: if you would be happy to sit outside, then it would be safe to wind-out your awning. However when the conditions are bad, you should wind your awning back in.

The most important condition to consider is gusting wind. This is because wind can accelerate really quickly and it is the snap-change that can damage the awning. The awning is designed to move up and down but you should look after its welfare. So basically the saying ‘better safe than sorry’ is very fitting in this situation.

If ground-lock support poles are provided with your awning, make sure that they are fitted at all times when it is out. These poles anchor the front rail securely, making the whole structure stronger. On the other hand, just because the poles are attached does not mean the awning can be left out in all weather conditions! Your awning still needs looking after and retracting back when the weather turns unpleasantly cold and wet.

Please remember that when retracting the awning, you should make sure that the support poles have been removed, especially if the awning is electrically operated. If the awning is operated with the support poles attached, this will put strain on the electric motor, causing damage and shortening its life.

When the cover is wet retract it when it has dried out. If this is not possible, let the cover back out when the conditions allow, so that the cover can dry naturally.

The awning is designed to be fully wound out although you can partially wind it out if preferred. However, if the weather conditions are poor, it would be better to not wind it out at all. It is designed to be rained on and the cover has been water and rot proofed, but it is not a snow canopy and thus it is very important that the snow does not lay on the cover, otherwise it will break it and put tremendous strain on the fittings and arms, making it dangerous.

Another way of taking care of your awning is to give it a good clean. If you wish to clean the cover, do not use soapy water on the acrylic materials (although you can on PVC material), as the soap itself could go mouldy and make the cover unsightly. Instead, brush the cover carefully and wash off any of the debris with clear clean water. The more regularly you clean the cover, the easier it will be to keep it clean. The majority of the hardware is powder-coated and is easily cleaned with a mild soapy solution.

Finally, if in doubt, don’t wind it out. Subjecting your awning to poor weather conditions will risk its durability. It is a sun-blind after all. Also take care when cleaning it to ensure that it lasts as long as it should.

Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System Review

Kids easily get tired and cranky especially when traveling or even just walking in the park. And it is the parents that are left to struggle with carrying their little ones all the way home. That is why nowadays, strollers or baby carriers are essential. Here, the child can sit snugly as the parents conveniently push them around so they too can enjoy a nice leisurely stroll. This is perhaps the inspiration for the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System.

This Graco Travel System is perfect for any child’s age as it is created in a way that it can adjust and adapt to the traveling needs of a growing baby. It has also is given 4-5 Star ratings on most Baby Stroller Reviews sites because of the high quality and the many great features.

What are its key features?

For years, the Graco company has been creating products that cater to the needs of children as well as their parents. Products such as the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System have been created in order to provide so much convenience for the users.

This Graco Quattro Tour System model is built in such a way that it gives comfort to the child. It has a soft cushioned seat that can be easily reclined in any angle in order to accommodate the baby’s position. The seat can even be fully reclined to be suitable for infants. Attached to the seat is an adjustable sun shade to protect the child from the glare of the sun.

The whole frame of the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System is also guaranteed sturdy as it is made from stainless steel aluminum material. It is lightweight but at the same time durable in order to carry the whole weight of the baby. The wheels are made from high-quality material to endure increased friction due to frequent use. Plus, it is equipped with locks to secure the child when the stroller is parked.

One of the added features for the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe System is the drop down basket for putting all of the child’s things. It is placed beneath the seat and can easily be accessed even if the seat is reclined. The system also comes with a tray that has cup holders. It also swings up so that the child can easily get out of the stroller.

What are its benefits?

What’s great about this Graco Travel System is the fact that it is collapsible. It can easily be folded to fit in the car or in the closet for storage. This travel system also comes with a SnugRide 32 infant car seat that allows the child to be safe when riding a vehicle. Indeed, this product is perfect when traveling as it provides all around convenience both for the child and the parents.

The Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System is a complete system that you can use for many years. One of the best places to start your search for the best prices on this baby travel system is the Internet. You will be able to find baby stroller reviews sites that will have a more detailed review and also provide you with the best shopping sites that will have the best prices!

Camping in a Woodland Park Model Trailer

Camping – It’s that time of year when we all get together and let go of life’s everyday demands. For me, my wife Vicki and our little Bichon Lexy, we dream about it all winter and can’t wait to settle in with friends that think the same about camping as we do.

I don’t want to brag but I will when it comes to camping. We have paid our dues. We started on the ground in tents, then into pop-up campers and finally camping trailers. Up until a few years ago, we kind of roughed it. Now we camp in a forty foot, two tip out Park Model that my brother calls a small apartment (he does not camp) so I say he’s in no position to judge.

If you are going to have a unit that you will leave in a campground season after season, I recommend the Woodland Park models. These beauties really give you a lot of amenities for the price. We even have a washer and dryer in our unit. Ours has the front kitchen, full size refrigerator and colors are fantastic. The wife had a great deal of color and patterns to choose from for the interior. I was able to choose where I wanted the outside electric outlets to be located and what size awning we should go with We selected the twenty-five foot and then added a screen room for it. What an add on. It gives us so much more room and allows our dog Lexy the ability to be outside in a super screened in area.

So my tale is not to tell you where to camp or how to camp but you sure can give your family a great camping experience and do it in comfort with the Woodland Park Models.

Look your local dealer up or go online to discover what Woodland Park Model is right for you. Then get out there and CAMP!

Backhoe Attachments – Select the Right One According to Purpose

The general purpose bucket is used for digging and scooping sand, gravel and soil. This is the attachment that you see most often at construction sites. Rock buckets are kind of backhoe attachments that are used to scoop larger rocks, dig ditches and excavating below the frost line. The cemetery bucket is used in cemeteries because it is able to cut 90-degree corners, and is available in many widths.

High capacity sand buckets are also backhoe attachments that are used most specifically in gravel, sand, light soil, ash, loam, and anywhere light materials need to be moved. The lightweight, yet strong, alloy steel makes it easier for the backhoe operator to use all the power of the machine. Then there is the pavement removal bucket. These are the only backhoe attachments that are specifically designed to demolish and destroy asphalt and concrete. The design allows for easier cradling and loading heavy, uneven materials.

A ‘V’ ditching backhoe attachments are able to cut ditches with just one pass. Different slope angles and bottom sizes are available. The rock/frost ripper attachment is equipped with single or triple rippers. This is the best and most efficient attachment for breaking up shale, limestone, rock, frost, and caliche. The teeth are replaceable when they get worn.

A bucket ripper attachment mounts instantly to the front of an existing bucket and is used to tear through hard surfaces. An asphalt cutter is just about the strongest cutter in the construction industry. It can cut to a depth of 6 ½ inches and can give a clean, straight cut to the asphalt before digging commences. A backhoe coupler attachment will allow the bucket to follow the geometric curve it was designed for, and it allows for the quick attaching of different kinds of buckets as needed.

A ditch and leveling bucket is available as backhoe attachments, and is the ideal attachment for digging, sloping, and precision leveling. The back fill blade is a great leveling attachment that makes quick work of any construction job. The cribbing bucket is a heavy-duty backhoe attachment that is excellent for narrow trenching jobs and digging in tight spaces.

Barrel handling backhoe attachments enable the operator to handle toxic waste, chemicals, oil and more. The pole handler attachment can lift and move poles weighing up to one thousand pounds and 40 feet in length. The heavy-duty construction grapple attachment is excellent for clearing the land, raking the ground, and handling loose or demolished scrap.

The severe service thumb attachment is great for gripping materials with the serrated teeth. It has superior strength and is usually made from high standard alloy steel. There are numerous other backhoe attachments available from various companies. Online research is the best way to locate the backhoe attachment you are in need of. The company who manufactures the backhoe you are now using will also have all the attachments you need in your line of work. A simple phone call is all it takes to locate and purchase the attachments you want.

A Beginners Guide to Photoshop CS5 Workspace

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is a software application used to enhance, manipulate, and even create images from scratch. It has become such a well-known and popular product that the name ‘Photoshop’ is often used a verb in conversation. It has been welcomed by graphic artists designers and amateurs and probably almost every poster, magazine, billboard and brochure you see nowadays has been made or edited in Phototshop. This article is designed to give the newcomer an overview of Photoshop and hopefully explain the workspace and some of the basic features of the program. There are really three components in play in Photoshop CS5 you have Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, and Photoshop itself.

Adobe Bridge.

You can access Adobe Bridge by clicking on the brown icon at the top of Photoshop in the applications menu, it can be accessed by all parts of Adobe Creative Suite 5 and is included in the stand-alone version of Photoshop CS5. It provides many features to manage and organise you digital images. As you open a new set of images in Bridge you may rank and rate them so you can concentrate on the best images and then even share them with others online.

Camera Raw.

Camera Raw can be accessed if you open an image in Mini Bridge also found on the applications menu, then right-click on the image and choose open in Camera Raw. It allows you to correct and enhance your images with a very user-friendly interface which implements a set of sliders, you can alter exposure, recover highlight and shadow details, you have sharpness and contrast options and you may optimise the colour and tone.

The Workspace.

Photoshop’s workspace can be a little overwhelming at first sight to a Photoshop beginner but there are basically five main parts: The Application Bar, The Options Bar,The Tool Panel, The Document Window, and The Panel Dock, lets look at these individually.

The Application Bar.

The Application Bar which has been around since CS4 is located across the top of the screen. It is made up of the old menu bar, launch buttons for Adobe Bridge and Mini Bridge, a Zoom menu, a tool for viewing extras, and a tool to arrange your documents if you wanted for example to view more than one at a time. The Menu Bar allows you to do many things, manage and edit files, control layers, manipulate your images etc. You also have your workspace switchers, Essentials appears by default but you can change for example to Design, Photography, 3D, there is even a workspace entitled ‘Whats new in CS5’ to highlight the newest features.

The Options Bar.

Underneath your Application bar you will find the Options Bar, this will give you options relating to whichever Tool you have selected at the time, for example if the Brush Tool is selected you have options like Opacity, Flow, and a drop down menu to select your brushes from

The Tool Panel.

When you open Photoshop the Tool Panel can be found to the left of the screen, Tools of a similar functionality are grouped together, the small triangle at the bottom of certain Tool icons is an indication of hidden tools, you may hover your mouse over the icon to view the Tools underneath. There are three groups of Tools, the first appear at the top and we can call these Selection Tools, next is the Retouching and Painting group, and then you have the Vector group, these groups are separated by a thin line on the Tool Panel, the last icons are to do with things like 3D object rotation, you also have the Hand tool here, and below you have your Foreground and Background colours by clicking on these you can access your colour picker, then at the very bottom you have the an option to edit in Quick Mask mode which can be used for example alongside the Brush Tool to paint a Mask onto a specific area of your work.

The Document Window.

This is where the file you are currently working on is found in the central area of the screen, you may view multiple documents at one time, this can be useful for example if you want to drag one image into another.

The Panel Dock.

The Panel Dock is to be found running down the right hand side of the workspace, by default we see the Layers, Adjustments and Styles panels. You may rearrange the order by clicking on the tab of a window and then dragging it to its new position. All of the panels may be accessed by clicking on ‘Window’ on the Application Bar and the simply checking the panel you require.

I hope this brief article has been of some help in learning to navigate the Photoshop workspace, good luck.

Cleaning Electronics With an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning has become one of the most popular ways to clean electronics. The process saves time and improves results without compromising safety. Let’s take a quick look at how an ultrasonic electronics cleaner can be used effectively for circuit boards, PCB, and electrical assemblies.

Ultrasonic cleaners now play a crucial role in the circuit board and electronics assembly process. An ultrasonic circuit board cleaner helps to improve SIR test results while reducing rework and improving reliability.

An ultrasonic cleaner can safely and effectively remove solder paste and flux residues from post-reflowed circuit assemblies. If you are using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean PCBs after wave soldering, it is easiest to begin soon after the soldering process. Make sure that you allow the boards to cool below 70°C before starting the ultrasonic PCB cleaning process.

In the past, ultrasonic cleaners operated at a single frequency, and it was found that certain components in electrical assemblies suffered damage from the harmonic vibrations set up by the ultrasonic wave.ultrasonic circuit board PCB cleaner However, ultrasonic cleaners using frequency “sweeping” have been developed that quickly and reliably clean the electrical assemblies without causing damage. In Sweep mode, the frequency is continuously varied slightly, eliminating the potentially damaging standing wave.

Although there may have been a concern in the past about ultrasonically cleaning electrical components, the frequency sweeping ability of today’s ultrasonic electronics cleaners should alleviate any trepidations going forward. From using an ultrasonic cleaner on circuit boards all the way to small electrical components, the cleaning process is now faster and safer than ever.

If you regularly clean electronic parts, an ultrasonic electronics cleaner is the best tool for the job. The common concern is that ultrasonic cleaners will destroy delicate components. However, advances in ultrasonic technology have eased this concern by replacing the single frequency wavelength approach-known to harm electronic parts-with a variable frequency approach, called “sweeping.” This advance in ultrasonic technology has not only led to reduced production costs, but has proven to enhance reliability, thus reducing warranty costs as well.

In the area of electronics, every circuit board, PCB, and electrical assembly is reliant on precision craftsmanship, with no room for imperfection. In the past, the ultrasonic cleaning of electrical components was not viable. Certain electronic components immersed in an ultrasonic bath would be damaged by the harmonic vibrations set up by the single-frequency ultrasonic wave. In Sweep Mode, the frequency is continuously varied slightly, eliminating the potentially damaging standing wave. Additionally, Sweep technology offers more uniform cleaning of parts by eliminating “dead zones” where no cavitation occurs in the bath. Cavitation is the formation and energy-releasing implosion of tiny vacuum-filled bubbles generated by the ultrasonic waves.

How to Ride a Motorcycle With a Passenger

Riding a motorcycle with a passenger or as a passenger is one way to intimately connect with someone. And if your intention is to develop a long term relationship with this person, it won’t hurt to buy or invest in a backrest/luggage combo for your special passenger. Not to mention, buying her a set of protective riding gear like a full face helmet,motorcycle leather jacket,boots and riding gloves.

I thought riding a motorcycle with a passenger or as a passenger was a no brainer. But for safety precautions you need the basics of pillion riding (riding two-up) down pat.

For the rider or the operator here are the things you need to tell your passenger:

1. Show your passenger to wrap her both hands around your waist especially if the cruiser has no backrest.

2. Use the foot peg as a step when mounting the bike.

3. Do not mount yet until the operator is already braced. If you catch the operator by surprise, it might cause the motorcycle to fall over.

4. Avoid the hot parts like the exhaust or muffler. Both feet must be on the footrests and away from the wheel and drive system.

5. Do not put your feet down during stops.

6. Be physically in-tune with the movements of the motorcycle and the operator. Lean in during curves, hold your weight over the hips during acceleration and when braking lean slightly backward.

7. Explain and set a system of communication signals if both of you don’t have a helmet mounted bluetooth communication device. For example:

– Two taps on the shoulder could mean “I have a problem”.

– One tap on the left shoulder could mean “Please slow down”.

– Three taps could mean “Stop right now, it’s urgent”.

– Thumbs up-means “I’m having fun”.

Remember with added weight (your passenger) will mean that the motorcycle will handle differently. It won’t steer as smoothly or brake in short distance. So it is wise to brake or accelerate gradually. Riding a motorcycle with a passenger requires more skills than riding solo.

Approach every maneuver such as cornering, accelerating, braking, swerving, shifting with careful thin ice smoothness. Also plan to stop at regular intervals just to check your passenger’s emotional state and comfort.

To be sure of your passenger’s physical comfort and if you can afford it, install a

backrest on the passenger section of your cruiser. There are lots of brands backrest/luggage combo in the market to choose from that fits the model of your bike. Backrest will enable the passenger to feel secure and able to relax and enjoy the scenery. Backrest also provides a barrier to sliding off the seat.

The saddle should be deep and roomy enough to allow adjustments to your position without crowding your operator. The saddle should not slope in the rear and not slope too much on the front that you won’t slide into the operator.

So before hitting the road, have a pre-ride discussion with your passenger as how often will you stop, how long will be the ride, what type of roads will you be travelling on e.g. lots of curve,twisty gravel roads or winding back roads or high speed freeways.

For the passenger here are what you should do:

1. Interview the pilot or operator before agreeing to ride with him. How long has he been riding this particular motorcycle? Any experienced riding with a passenger? The answer should satisfy you enough to trust your life on the skills of the operator.

2. Suggest to ride with the operator on one or two shorter rides before fully committing to ride with him on long weekend getaways. You will want to check if you are comfortable with his skills and abilities and the motorcycle itself.

3. Do not startle the operator by making any noises or movements.

4. If you need to communicate,use the set of signals that both of you have discussed.

5. Do not ride with the pilot if he is drunk, high on drugs,sick or emotionally distraught.

6. Wait to get on and off the motorcycle until the pilot is firmly grounded.

7. If you feel uncomfortable in anyway, be assertive and signal the pilot. The pilot or operator should be finding solutions to make his passenger happy. Whether it is making adjustments in speed, seats etc. Do not be stoic and suck up to your discomfort. Fine-tuning is never ending.

G-Spot Sex Positions For Penis Stimulation

Hitting the g-spot is often done by using finger stimulation. However, the g-spot can be stimulated by penile stimulation with a few sex positions. The primary positions that facilitate g-spot stimulation are doggy style, modified missionary position, women on top positions, and the jack hammer. Perhaps the most popular of these three is the doggy style. To successfully hit the g-spot in the doggy style position you need to be angling your penis downward to bump into the g-spot. You don’t necessarily need to have your penis pointed completely vertical, but it should be entering the vagina in a slight vertical position. Elevating your body and hips over the woman’s hips will allow you to come straight down without being restricted by the buttocks.

To hit the g-spot with the missionary position, you need to elevate the female’s buttock with pillows so that you are thrusting up toward the g-spot. To make this easier to visualize, think about attempting to hit the center of your partner’s pubic hair from below. Have your partner adjust the pillows to target the area as effectively as possible. The women on top position is also an excellent way to hit the g-spot with the penis. For this to work, you want to be chest to chest, and have the female partner push into the penis, and the male thrust into the g-spot- again imagining he is trying to hit below the pubic hair.

One of the most effective, but least comfortable positions for hitting the g-spot, is the jack hammer position. Basically, the women needs to be resting on the top of her back and neck, and the male needs to be standing over her with his penis pointed in vertical position like a jack hammer. However, when you do the jack hammer with the intention of stimulating the g-spot, you need to come in at an angle. Come from below and up, aiming for the clitoris, and pushing towards the pubic hair.

Famous Temples Worldwide

There are a number of temples world over which are famous because of one reason or the other. Some are famous for their architectural designs, some for their locations and some because of their spiritual and religious importance.

Wat Rong Khun, Thailand

Wat Rong Khun is a Buddhist temple located in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It has various dissimilarities with the other Buddhist temples of the world. It has been made using the white colour and various mosaic mirrors have been used to give it an amazing shine. Mastermind behind the construction of this temple is Chalermchai Kositpipat, a renowned Thai artist. The temple is still under construction and it is believed that it will take another half century to complete this temple.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest Monsatery has been constructed at the edge of a cliff, which is 3,000 feet high in Paro Valley, Bhutan. It is counted among the most holiest places of Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan. According to a famous legend, Buddhist Guru Rinpoche (famous as second Buddha), flew to this site on a Tigress back and meditated here in a cave. This cave now exists in the structure to the monastery. This monastery, which is called as Taktshang Goemba, was constructed in 1692.

Prambanan, Indonesia

Prambanan is a famous Hindu temple, which is located in Central Java region in Indonesia. Prambanan temple was built in 850 BC and there are about 250 small shrines inside the temple complex. Walls of the temple have been covered with carvings of bas relief narrating various stories of incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Ramayana.

Shwedagon Pagoda, Mayanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda in Mayanmar is believed to have been built 2,500 years ago between 6th and 10th century. The temples has been painted in Golden colour. The dome of this famous Stupa has been covered by using more that 2,000 rubies and 5,000 diamonds. One of the main attractions of this temple is eight strands of Lord Buddha’s hair. It is popular belief among devotees of this temple to donate packets of gold leaves after saving their money for a long time. These gold leaves are stick to the wall of the temple.

Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib), India

Golden Temple is one of the famous holy places of Sikhs in India. It is also famous by the name of Harmandir Sahib (Abode of God). It is located in the holy city of Amritsar in Punjab. It is believed that the site of the temple used to be a lake in the ancient time and Lord Buddha and the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji meditated here. Golden temple has been constructed using marble stone and sculptures and has been gilded in gold.

Apart from these temples, there are a number of marvelous temples around the world like Vishnu Temple in Srirangam, India, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple in Tibet, Hindu temples and holy ghats of Varanasi in India, Borobudur temple in Java.

3 Best Spade Handle Drills

Helping craftsmen drill though the roughest, most extended applications, a spade handle drill is a vital component for most industrial workers. With better balance, comfort, and stability one of these drilling machines can be a real life-saver, especially for the most heavy-duty craftsmen. These more industrial folks, of course, require the most high-performance power tools, and these spade handle drill models from Makita and Milwaukee, with superior design and performance, leave absolutely nothing to be wanted. When searching for the highest-quality spade handle drills, look no further than these three power tools.

The Makita DS4000 (1/2″) spade handle drill is a hugely high-quality tool boasting one of the toughest motors in the industry. With 9 amps of power and 500 RPM the tool offers aggressive torque to match each task, and its durable all-metal housing is tough enough to withstand industrial wear and tear. While durable, the tool is still lightweight for easier portability and comfortable operation, and built with ultra tough, precision-ground metal gears designed to withstand the rigors of forward and reverse transitions (and also with an ball bearing construction), the tool is a strong, healthy, and smooth-operating asset. A heavy-duty industrial (1/2″) drill chuck grabs tightly to your drill bits and the tool’s well-formed D-handle rotates a complete 360° for optimized movement and operation. The drill’s comfortable 12″ pipe handle provides users with enhanced control over the tool and its motions, and with externally accessible brushes (a craftsmen favorite feature), operators have simpler access to the brushes for simpler replacements. Overall, the tool is sturdy, well-balanced, and provides all the power and support to better drill the roughest applications.

Also from Makita, the 6013BR (1/2″) spade handle drill is a remarkable little tool with surprisingly big power. With a 6.3 amp, 550 RPM motor the tool is a spade-handled powerhouse with with the authority to master all of your wood and steel drilling projects. The drill has a rocker type switch designed for easy one-handed forward or reverse operation, and with a D-handle the tool reigns in comfort with a complete 360 degrees of rotation; this movement provides multiple position options on the job. Additionally, the tool’s ball bearing construction enhances the overall lifespan and smooth performance of the drill, and with a heavy-duty industrial (1/2″) drill chuck that bites tightly to your bits, you can rely on the most accurate drilling achievable. Stable and capable, the drill is perfectly equip for the rowdiest of applications. Perhaps the most favorite feature of this tool is its chuck key. Too often craftsmen lose or misplace their chuck keys only to run into a boat-load of frustration when they need it. However, problem solved: the 6013BR’s handle has a cozy little space especially for your chuck key ensuring you always have it when you need it.

Additionally, Milwaukee is known for building some of the greatest corded drills in the industry, and as far as exceptional, superior quality is concerned, they have built a truly best in class power tool with their 1660-6. The 1660-6 (1/2″) compact spade handle drill is a seriously tough power tool built with Milwaukee’s standard durability and high-performance, and despite being a compact drill, the 1660-6 is chock full of power boasting a 7 amp (450 RPM, reversing) motor and the overall sturdiness to complete your toughest applications with striking ease. Additionally, this compact design and the tool’s extra long handles render the tool quite simple and comfortable to operate – even during the most rigorous applications the tool is stable and bears much of the working burden for you. Designed for heavy-duty, two-handed operation the drill is ideal for large hole drilling, material mixing, and other like applications. The tool touts heat treated helical gears for smooth, quiet performance and overall durability, and performs like a dream in high-torque situations consistently flaunting its big power and authoritative presence.

Ultimately, any of these models are certain to bring you remarkably good results, and with the high-performance and sound warranty of their manufacturers, these tools are top-tier, top-performing, industrially drilling, super-fine power tools.

Safe Snow Shoveling Tips

Shoveling snow is a hard and potentially dangerous task. If you prepare properly and understand the safest ways to shovel then you will be able to prevent injury to your back and make shoveling a bit easier of a task.

It’s also important to understand that shoveling is not for everyone. If you have a heart condition of any kind of have had a heart attack then you should not shovel. It is also recommended that people with low physical activity or those who rarely exercise abstain from shoveling. The stress shoveling can put on your heart is very real and the sudden stress on an inactive person’s heart could cause a sudden and serious problem.

Prepare Properly

o Avoid caffeine and a heavy meal just before shoveling as both could add stress to your heart.

o Dress warm- wear cotton socks, insulated and waterproof boots and a warm hat that covers your ears. Also wear gloves that aren’t too bulky so that you can get a good grip on the shovel.

o Bring a large water bottle with you outside which will help you remember to drink and make it more convenient as you wont have trail snow inside your home when you want to go get a drink.

o Make sure you stretch and go for a quick 1-2 minute walk to get your heart beat up. It will actually make the shoveling easier.

Snow Shoveling Tips

o Choose a plastic shovel over a metal shovel. Plastic shovels are lighter and will therefore be easier to use.

o Spray a silicone lubricant on the blade of the shovel. This will make the snow slide off and also prevent it form sticking.

o Do not throw snow over your shoulder; the safest way to shovel is to actually push the snow away from you.

o Shovel safely by bending legs slightly at the knee, letting thigh muscles do most of the pushing and lifting work; this will reduce strain on the heart and back.

o Use a shovel with a smaller blade. This will limit the weight of snow that you will be pushing and therefore limit your chances for injury.

o If you are at home during the start of a heavy snowfall, consider heading out to shovel after just a few inches. Going out a few times to shovel may be inconvenient and cold, but in the end it will be easier and quicker then shoveling many inches of heavy snow.

o The safest way to shovel to prevent injury is to always bend your knees slightly and gently lean over.


After Shoveling

o Make sure you re-hydrate yourself, especially of you did not drink enough fluids while you were out shoveling.

o Warm yourself up with a protein filled soup (like chicken noodle soup or a vegetable lentil soup). Not only will you get warmed up quickly but you will quickly feel your energy level return to normal.

Follow these snow shoveling tips for easy and safe shoveling. If snow shoveling is not for you or you just don’t have the time or energy to tackle it, then consider hiring a snow removal service to do it.