How to Write a Restaurant Review

The point of writing a review is to give information about the good & bad aspects (if any!) about the dining establishment.

What should be the style of the review?

It should be in a chatty style to make it fun to read & not in a boring formal style.

What aspects should be emphasized in a review?

All aspects are important – the location, the exterior, the ambience, the decor & furnishings, the menu, the table settings, the service, and, of course, the food.

What are the ways to describe the various aspects?

* The location: Is it easy to locate with some major landmark nearby? Is it a busy commercial area? Is it primarily a residential area? Is there parking space?

* The exterior: Does the restaurant have indoor & outdoor space? If only indoor space, is there seating space outside for waiting diners? Is there any overhead awning? Is a staff member outside to take reservations or parcel orders?

* The ambience: Is the atmosphere a cheerful one or is it a dull depressing place?

* The decor & furnishings: What is the lighting system – soft/dim/harsh/garish lighting? Are the walls covered with some kind of paintings or other decorative designs? What is the seating arrangement?

* The menu : Was the menu design anything extraordinary? What is the least expensive & the most expensive item listed in the menu? What is the variety of cuisine listed? Is there a separate wine list?

* The table settings: How is the table top – glass, wood, Formica, etc? Were glasses, & table napkins already set?

* The service: How was the attire of the staff (e.g. if a festival is on-going, then the waiters could be in traditional clothes matching the festival)? Did the waiter come quickly to take your order? Did the food come to the table quickly? Was any food item not ordered brought to your table? Did the waiter hover around the table in an irritating manner?

* The food: Was it bland, spicy, salty, too sweet? What exactly did you / your group eat? Were the prices worth it?

Additional Tips:

Be creative: Basically in writing a restaurant review you should use different kinds of words when describing the decor and the food. You cannot use the word ‘nice’ and ‘tasty’ or ‘delicious’ repeatedly! To find different kinds of words and not sound like a parrot, type out your review in a Word doc. on your computer; check out other similar words by using the computer dictionary [Tools-Language-Thesaurus].

Enhance your review with photos if possible. If you have a digital camera with you, you can take photos of the food too. It is very important, however, to always ask for permission to take photos inside the restaurant. Some establishments are very strict about taking photographs and you must always respect rules & regulations. If at all you are asked why you are taking a photograph, you can simply say you are trying out your new camera! Naturally, you should not state that you are going to write a review too – then it is guaranteed that the management will go out of their way to please you & you will not get the real picture!

10 Things You Absolutely Must See Or Do in London

If you’re an infrequent visitor to London and plan to hit the tourist trail then the last thing you’ll want is to be pointed in the direction of the underwhelming, the uninspiring or the instantly forgettable. There’s enough of that where you live, which is why you’re visiting London!

Our guide features London’s best galleries, museums, landmarks, historical sites, shopping areas and entertainment zones, all guaranteed to provide the ultimate London tourist experience. The attractions we’ve highlighted are unashamedly well known, but do you really want to be returning home to tell your friends about the fantastic thimble shop in Pimlico you visited? Or would you rather rave about the phenomenal view of one of the world’s great cities from the top of The Eye, or that you’ve actually seen the beauty of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with your own eyes?

London has a multitude of varied and exciting attractions but these are the ones without which, your trip just wouldn’t be the same!

Oxford Street

Britain’s busiest high street and London’s best known shopping area is chock-a-block full of the largest branches of the nation’s most popular shops – over 300 in fact. Many of the biggest high street names have their flagship stores here and the street also boasts the oldest record shop in the world (HMV at number 363). It’s not all hardcore shopping though – light entertainment is often provided in the form of chanting Hari Krishnas skipping along the pavement. If you can’t find what you want to buy in Oxford Street, you haven’t got much of a hope elsewhere.

Nearest Tubes: Marble Arch, Bond Street, Oxford Circus, and Tottenham Court Road

Camden Market

If you’re after a more bohemian approach to shopping than the Oxford Street experience, then get yourself up to Camden. One of London’s coolest areas has a seemingly endless array of shops and stalls selling such items as clothing (new, second hand and retro), customised Doc Martins and trainers, jewellery, bootleg CDs and DVDs and craft ware. Open daily; it’s a multi cultural experience with some great little food outlets dotted all over.

Nearest Tube: Camden Town

Tower of London

Built by Billy The Conqueror nearly a thousand years ago, this is one of the best preserved and most famous historic landmarks in the world. Full of the history of executions and imprisonments and offering the spectacle of the Beefeaters, the ravens and the crown jewels as well as the majesty of the building itself, this remains THE essential place of historic interest to visit when in London.

Nearest Tube: Tower Hill.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Britain’s best known place of worship and certainly one of its most recognisable buildings, having so often been the centrepiece of state occasions. The cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built 300 years ago following the destruction of the previous building by the Great Fire Of London. An awe inspiring feat of architecture, steeped in history and featuring works of art, monuments, mosaics and the Whispering Gallery, the Cathedral is also still a busy working church. So booking your wedding here during the summer months might just be a bit tricky.

Nearest Tube: St Pauls

National Gallery

The National Gallery is home to one of the greatest collections of European art in the world. Featuring works painted between 1250 and 1900, the collection includes such well known pieces as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Botticelli’s Venus And Mars and Constable’s Hay Wain. Sadly, the work of the great Rolf Harris is too recent and too Australian to be included – see the Tate Modern.

Nearest Tube: Charing Cross. Admission: Free

British Museum

Founded over 250 years ago, it could be said that the British Museum is one of London’s oldest and most prized exhibits – the museum building itself is one of Britain’s greatest architectural landmarks. Housed inside is a collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures the world over spanning two million years featuring the Rosetta Stone, the Easter Island statue and the earliest known image of Christ.

Nearest Tubes: Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street, Russell Square & Holborn. Admission: Free

London Eye

Undoubtedly the quickest way to take in all of London’s major attractions is by jumping on the Eye. There’s not much of the city that can’t be seen from the top of what has become one of the London skyline’s most dominating features. To further enhance your flight on this modern day feat of engineering, you can even order champagne to be served in your capsule (not recommended for the easily nauseas).

Nearest Tubes: Waterloo & Westminster.

Tate Modern

If random blobs of paint on canvas and piles of rusty old engine parts is your idea of art, then get yourself down to the Tate Modern. Created in a disused power station on the banks of the Thames, the gallery has become one of London’s most fascinating attractions since opening in 2000. The collection features works by Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Pollock and Warhol and represents all the major movements since 1900. Sadly, the work of the great Rolf Harris is too art like to be included – see the National Gallery.

Nearest Tubes: Southwark & Blackfriars. Admission: Free (however donations are gratefully received)

Covent Garden

Formerly a fruit and vegetable market, ‘The Garden’ is now a constant and varied hive of activity. It has a hugely diverse selection of shops, eateries, bars, a market selling art, crafts, antiques and souvenirs, historic buildings, theatres, the Royal Opera House and fantastic free entertainment provided by street entertainers and musicians. If you can’t find something to capture your interest at Covent Garden then you must be harder to please than Simon Cowell on a bad day.

Nearest Tube: Covent Garden.

Trafalgar Square

Undoubtedly one of the most famous sights of London without visiting which, a trip to the capital would be incomplete. Not only are tourists drawn to see Nelsons Column, the fountains, the lions, the annual gift of a huge Christmas tree from Norway and the pigeons (dirty little so and sos), but it is where the masses flock to in times of national celebration or when there is cause to demonstrate. Trafalgar Square truly is the meeting place of the nation.

Nearest Tube: Charing Cross.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Customized Software

Other questions you could ask: Advantages and disadvantages of proprietary software what is proprietary software? How to customise fields in Optimism software? How to Use CRM software? How to customise software is musical software to create your own loops? How businesses use customised software to improve relationships with customers by developing there own software?

Custom software is not targeted to the mass market and is tailor made for specific needs of companies and organisations this requires having a reasonable understanding of these principles. The software is made and will in some way represent that organisation and make it stand out in some way for the options available for clients customers and users of these websites and make communication better between the two.

The first advantage of having this software is Users of the program will find a custom-made program more friendly and intuitive as it will not contain superfluous facilities Custom software. The second advantage of having software that represents a company well that brandishes this software statistically has proved to convert into higher profits for the company and by being customisable these elements can be adjusted and tweaked as is.

Some reputable software developing companies are SiliconEdge, get website ranking, Lucrosus, Software developers UK and Endeavor. These companies call themselves bespoke software developers, and like tailors who make clothes they need details from there customers before they can deliver a product software based. These companies have approved and certified staff and savvy is the variety of computer languages out there.

This is a key problem of all time understanding, sharing what you mean and then remembering it every day. Companies with technical jobs in all organisational areas spend hours on not working on tasks, focus groups, webinar meetings, forum chats, researching data that does not pay anymore and other sections that because new confuse society. These are the only solutions available to truly understand what needs to be done in the age of information.

That is why software developers get paid so handsomely because they are optimised and aligned in a place where when you need them they will be there at the top of the search engine, depending on your location. If you know what you are looking for this could be anywhere in the world.

A disadvantage of these software services is that you need to always understand the ebbs and flow of where work is being distributed worldwide.

These languages can create better graphic designs and engineering of internal workings of any companies web based hub. By understanding the languages Java,.NEt,C++, VB, PHP, DELPHI, Oracle RUBY on RAILS and many more they can provide exactly what it is you need.

One man cannot in his lifetime learn all these languages because the disadvantage is a man or women cannot live a normal life, however there are people out there who are trained within the industry for many years who can gather the cross-section of communication data needed to offer something that will stand out look great and do what ever it is you want to be a leader in your field.

In this environment of cost-cutting outsourcing is taking precedence, knowing where to advertise your requirements or educating your self for these skills are very confusing especially if you learn a new skill to only find out this skill is no longer worth the annual yearly rate of pay anymore.

Outsourcing as it grows can put professionals into a difficult position when recruiting the complicated services required to make sure the software’s created with a sustainable guarantee at a price that suits the company or organisation.

Within Public services and organisations this can differ in their flexibility because when contracts over time are solved, this can create red tape that restricts the use of outside sources, but if developers know enough people and can provide a professional resume anything is possible.

Off shore software development provides guides and recommendations which you can follow to ensure your company does not get messed around by infallible outsourcing. Form these guidelines you educate yourself at a local level to recruit a decent software developer face to face or over the phone. By knowing the right questions to ask and the terminology used you will be able to probe your software developer. By knowing the current and earlier variables you will be able to distinguish if you and when interested in educating yourself with skills that will earn you a living online.

Electroforming Basics for Miniature and Specialized Component


Electroforming is the process of depositing thin layers of metal onto a mandrel through electroplating, dissolving the mandrel chemically, and leaving the plating as the final electroformed product.


The mandrel is the base machined component, typically made from Aluminum 6061T or stainless steel, which defines the internal geometry of an electroform. In component manufacturing, it is typically more difficult to hold internal dimension to tight tolerances than external dimensions. Since electroforms are based on the machining tolerances of the external mandrel geometry, the internal dimensions are precise. With advancements in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, miniature, specialized components can be machined, plated, and converted into custom electroforms. Currently, electroforms can be manufactured to less than a 0.5mm diameter with a wall thickness of less than 0.008mm. Special tooling can be utilized for custom configurations in order to match design specifications. Multiple machined components can be assembled together to create more complex shapes. The result is a seamless electroformed assembly.


During the plating process, the mandrel acts as the cathode while the source of the electroform material is the anode. Controlling the time, current and current density in the plating tank will control the thickness of the electroform. Constant monitoring of the chemistry within the tank results in a more precise component.

The metal(s) selected for plating are chosen based on parameters defined by the customer. The most popular materials for electroforms are nickel, copper, gold, and silver. Different forms of nickel as well as a nickel cobalt alloy are available to meet the installation and strength requirements. Nickel is a cost effective material, operates at cryogenic temperatures, and produces low leak rates. Copper, gold, or silver can be used to meet other design specifications such as media compatibility, reflectivity, conductivity, and tensile strength. For example, a gold-plated surface will increase conductivity for bellows electrical contact applications. The nickel base material gives an electroform its strength, while the gold finish reduces signal loss.

In addition, special surface finishes can be applied internally or externally to the electroform assembly. For optical applications, a mirror finish (4 R.M.S) can be required to increase reflectivity; in infrared filtering applications, a blackening can be added to the internal surface to limit the range of light passing through the assembly.


After the plating process, the mandrel will need to be removed from the assembly. For an aluminum mandrel, this is accomplished by exposing a portion of the mandrel; for example, the mandrel is made slightly longer than required when manufacturing an electroformed bellows. The ends are trimmed after plating to the desired length to expose the mandrel. The assembly is then put into a caustic soda to chemically remove the mandrel, leaving only the electroformed bellows.


Depending on the application an electroform is either a stand-alone item or a component to be integrated into an assembly. Electroforms can be installed using epoxy, solder, or welding, depending on the chemical composition of the component and the material that it will adhered to.


Electroforms can be used in applications that require extremely tight tolerances, miniature sizes, and a wide operating temperature range. Here are a few examples.

Bellows are flexible tubes that can be used in a variety of applications including pressure, volume and temperature compensation, actuators, couplings, and more. Electrodeposited bellows allow for much smaller sizes and tighter tolerances than comparable technologies.

Electrical Contacts created by an electroforming process allow for an electrical connection to be made between miniature components. If a bellows is integrated into the electrical contact, it can compensate for misalignments and offsets. A gold-plated surface increases conductivity and reduces signal loss.

Electromagnetic shielding is a common requirement in today’s digital world. Electroformed assemblies can protect against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference with less weight than materials such as stainless steel and with greater survivability than brass plates.

Reflectors with mirror finishes use electroforming technology for its structural rigidity, light-weight construction and surface finish to transmit light in the direction and magnitude required.

Cold Shields are complex assemblies used in microwave devices to protect against unwanted electromagnetic radiation. Baffles, gold external finishes, blackened internal finishes, and cryogenic temperature ratings make electroforming technology an ideal fit for the design of cold shields.

Waveguides are used to manage electromagnetic waves. Electroforming technology is chosen to add flexibility for non-stationary applications and give tight tolerances to the internal geometry.

Forming dies and molds are typically manufactured using plastic, yet electroforms can be used for applications that require tighter tolerances than plastics can provide. For example, many medical devices rely on electroformed molds to control the shape of catheter tips. Also, automotive plants use electroformed components to create consistently shaped interior molded components.

DVD Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale DVD distributors license the DVD distribution rights from studios producing the movies and supply DVDs to retail stores, online merchants, DVD rental companies and mail order stores. Often the DVDs are manufactured or imported by wholesalers themselves.

DVDs are sold as bundles containing different titles. Action, comedy, drama, family, horror, kids, martial arts, and western are some of the popular DVD genres. They are sold as pre-boxed bundles or customized according to orders. Often DVDs contain extra content not available to viewers in the movie theatres. These include interviews with the stars, behind the scenes action from the movie sets and scenes which have been deleted from the movie. These extras are an added attraction for DVD consumers.

The major revenue accruing to wholesale DVD distributors is through the sale of video products to retail shops and video rentals. There has been considerable growth in the mail order rental via the Internet in the US. Netflix, which is one of the largest online rental companies, has more than two million customers. The company expects to have about five percent share of the entire US market in 2006. It ships about three million DVDs each week.

DVD retailers enjoy a good margin and an increasing number of people are taking to purchasing DVDs in bulk from a wholesaler and selling them on auction sites such as EBay and online stores. Several DVD distributors offer drop shipping and mail the DVDs directly to the end consumer on the retailer’s behalf.

DVD mail order via the Internet, digital distribution which includes providing a movie download service via the distributor’s own broadband infrastructure, game stores, video on demand services, and pay-per-view services are the current trends. Video on demand (VOD) systems allow users to watch video over a network as part of an interactive television system. The video can be seen at any time, whereas a pay-per-view system allows television viewers to purchase events for a private telecast in their homes.

Rohan Online Elf Templar Class Build (Pure PvE/Pure PvP)

This is an awesome build for the Elf Templar, great at PvE and great at PvP. Templars are in a sense battle priests. They are extremely difficult to kill in PvP and PvE making it easy to solo and great in parties.

Stat Build: This builds points are mostly distributed in Psyche but has some points in intelligence too. The main reason I put points into intelligence is to get the most out of the Hammer based attacks and the DoT’s (Poison). This also leaves room to add skill points to some of the intelligence/psyche based healing and attack spells. I suggest if you get enough skill stones from cash shop or finding them from mobs you should put them in Mental Barrier or Party Absorb HP, and Absorb HP.

PvE: You have access to Magic Barrier and MP barrier making you impenetrable and nearly impossible to kill. With these skills in your arsenal you will be able to take on multiple mobs at the same time and destroying then quickly without seeing your HP bar ever go down. Doing your quests and solo grinding is a breeze, your only problem is that you might get bored lol. This build allows you to be able to tank some smaller bosses and not feel much pain. However larger bosses that have a lot of HP and do a lot of damage it might not be a good idea to tank since you have very low hp. This build even allows you to act as a priest in a party if a pure priest cannot be found. Has good healing and good resurrection skills. Unfortunately you can do the killing in the party and need to focus on party survival unless you are great at doing some light killing and healing at the same time 🙂

PvP: This build and the Templar are very good in PvP. They don’t have a huge amount of DPS but they can outlast most classes as they can absorb a ton of damage with MP Barrier and Magic Barrier and on top of that they can heal themselves making them immortal 🙂 You can severely weaken opponents using Dispel on them and deleting their buffs and you have the ability to cast Reflection which makes you immune to enemy harmful effects and casts them back at them. If you are low on mana or your absorption buffs are out you can use the Teleport spell to buy you some time for a recast of them.

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Elf Healer Tree)

1. Heal-Level 5: Heals the target by 600% of Intelligence and 600% of Wisdom.

2. MP Recovery-Level 5: Increases the MP recovery speed of the target by 60% for 15 minutes.

3. Root-Level 1: For 4 seconds the target is unable to move.

4. Cure Confusion-Level 1: Cures the target of confusion.

5. Divine Aura-Level 1: Party only skill. When monsters become hostile, instantly resets the aggro value of the caster.

6. Cure Silence-Level 1: Cures target of Silence.

7. Magic Buff-Level 5: Increases the magical attack power of the target by 25% for 30 minutes.

8. Group Heal-Level 5: Heals the entire party by 700% of Wisdom and 200% of Intelligence.

9. Reveal Hidden-Level 1: Hidden players and monsters in a radius of 12 will be revealed for 30 seconds.

10. Magic Barrier-Level 5: Absorbs physical damage 12 times the caster’s Wisdom, lasts 60 seconds if not all damage is absorbed.

11. Teleport-Level 1: Instantly teleports 7 meters in the direction that the caster selects.

12. Resurrection-Level 1: Resurrects target of up to level 20 with 10% of HP.

13. Poison-Level 5: Deals 10 ticks of damage over time by 100% of Intelligence and 50% of Wisdom over 30 seconds.

14. Kill Time-Level 1: Causes the next skill cast to not have a recast time. Effective duration 15 minutes if unused.

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Elf Templar Tree)

1. Wisdom Buff-Level 5: Increases the Wisdom of the target by 15% for 30 minutes.

2. Reincarnation-Level 5: Resurrects target of up to level 100 with 75% HP and MP. Restores 70% of the experience lost.

3. Intelligence Buff-Level 5: Increases the Intelligence of the target by 15% for 30 minutes.

4. Rebirth-Level 1: If the caster dies within 30 seconds of using this skill, experience loss will not apply.

5. Absorb HP-Level 1: 3% of physical damage dealt is converted into HP.

6. Dispel-Level 5: Randomly removes 5 buffs from an enemy or 5 debuffs from a friendly target.

7. Holy Hammer-Level 5: Increases 1-handed hammer damage by 12% and attack speed by 60% for 30 minutes.

8. Party Absorb HP-Level 1: 2% of physical damage dealt is converted into HP for the entire party.

9. Reflection-Level 5: Harmful skill effects and debuffs are reflected back to the caster for 50 seconds.

10. Holy Crash-Level 5: 1-handed hammer attack skill with damage equal to 500% of Intelligence. Also stuns the target.

11. MP Barrier-Level 5: Each 10 HP damage taken is converted to 10 MP consumed.

12. Unravel-Level 1: Removes root status from the target.

13. Hammer Stun-Level 5: 1-handed hammer attack that damages 8 enemies in a radius of 14 meters and stuns for 6 seconds.

14. Final Crash-Level 5: Attack spell with damage equal to 800% of Wisdom.

15. AOE MP Drain-Level 5: Attack spell that damages the target and X enemies around it with 90% MP damage and does 14 times that amount as HP damage.

16. Cast Over-Level 1: The next skill used within 30 seconds can be cast instantly.

Credits go to

Be Happy Today

Do you tell yourself you will be happy when…?

You fit into those ‘skinny jeans’

You have enough money

You get that promotion

Your kids grow up and move out of home


There is a saying that life is what happens to you on the way to your goal. If you only focus on being happy when a certain set of circumstances occur, then you are missing so much joy.

Be happy today and live every moment of your life as if it were your last. Squeeze every drop of enjoyment from every second of every day. Focus on how great you feel now. Don’t wait until some set of conditions happen.

Look around you now for pleasure. Is the sun shining? Is a great song playing? Find something right now that you enjoy. Be grateful for having friends and loved ones with you. Be grateful for things you take for granted, like clean water, electricity, a roof over your head. Many people don’t have the things that we take for granted. Be grateful for the meal you are about to eat and your job.

You can find something good about everything you do during the day. You can find something good about everyone you meet. Try it, its fun, especially when you meet someone who tries to hide the good in themselves. I look at these people as a challenge. It makes life fun to crack those nuts.

Another way to make you feel great is to help others. Find ways to do little things for others. Don’t expect anything for it, except a warm fuzzy feeling. You’ll be surprised at the little rewards you will receive, unexpectedly. This helps you feel good and it spreads like a virus. You do something nice for someone; they feel good and do something nice for someone, and so on.

Someone once told me, if you don’t like doing something, don’t do it. You can always find a way to get someone else to do something for you, if you think hard enough. The funny thing is everyone has different likes and dislikes, so you can find someone who likes what you don’t and do something for them that they don’t enjoy. There is no need to do anything you don’t enjoy.

The best way to be happy today is to do things you enjoy. Look around and love where you are, love the people you are with and love yourself. If you don’t it’s up to you to change things. Don’t wait, do it now. Be happy today.

Good Tools and Hard Work is What Creates EyeCatching and Functional Gardens

“Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade.” -Rudyard Kipling

Sweat and toil along with gentle showers guarantee – pleasant flowers and pleasing fruits and consoling shade. As Rudyard Kipling says, “Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade.” It involves getting into the dust without hesitation. Long gone were the days when human beings consumed just what the earth produced. Now we have learnt to produce what we like to consume. It must have been an interesting episode for human beings to make the first association of plants and trees with water and rain. It must have been a tough lesson to grasp for our forerunners that there are seasons for everything, to sow and to reap. It must have been an even tougher lesson to calculate about season and off season. Along with these realizations, came the need for gardening tools. Because, when they consumed just what the earth produced, they did not have to do much other than gathering, but when they started producing what they wanted, they had to take control of the natural processes. In this newly learnt venture of gardening and cultivation they started utilizing simple tools to dig, to weed and to reap. The world of horticulture has now evolved a whole new generation of horticultural tools.

Though it is not the ideal way to classify gardening tools, I classify them under two categories – useful and nice but not necessary!!! Some of the useful traditional tools are, Garden shovel, Spade, Spading Fork, Hoe, Rake,   Trowel , Digger, Pruning Shears, Lopping Shears, and Hedge shears. These are the basic tools of gardening. You can see gardening stores and gardening catalogs crammed with a huge number of other so called sophisticated, fancy, power tools that are ‘Dollar Driers’. These equipments keep you busy in maintaining them rather than helping you maintain the garden you are tending!!! However, carefully selected garden tools though basic they are, will certainly make life easy.

Another factor that enhances your garden and gardening is Liquid fertilizers. Not many who realize that rain water in itself is one of the effective liquid fertilizers. Besides this natural liquid fertilizer, there are a variety of artificial liquid fertilizers that give your plants a quick nutrient boost because plants assimilate liquid fertilizers through their roots and as well as their foliage pores. Liquid fertilizers in the form of foliar sprays are found to be most effective during the flowering and fruiting stage of plants. However, one has to be extra cautious in following the instructions carefully especially in conforming to the dilution formula and to the application method, lest you may spoil your crop. Liquid fertilizers sprayed in the early hours of the mornings and in the early evening hours prove to be safe as they will be absorbed most quickly saving the plant from foliage burn.

A good gardener always knows it is just not tools and fertilizers that make a successful garden but patience and consistent care are the essentials of effective gardening. Effectively used gardening tools and moderately used liquid fertilizers blended with tender care will make you a happy gardener.

Electric Hot Plate

An electric hot plate is a great addition to any living environment. Whether you are a bachelor or college student, you can use this hot plate as a food warmer, to prepare tea or coffee and even prepare meals. The greatest benefit is that these hot plates are available in single and double burner. If you are single and are going to use the burner only for limited purpose, a single burner will do fine. A double burner electric hot plate comprising of two or more plates can be used for cooking full fledged meal for the entire family. They are light in weight and are ideal for campers, trekkers, and hikers.

Maxi-Matic ESB-301F Elite Cuisine Single Cast Burner 1000-Watt Hot Plate, White: This electric hot plate has the feature of self cleaning and hence is ideal for home, office, school or outside use. It uses 1000 watts power, and it heats up almost instantly. The heating element is made of cast iron which distributes heat equally to ensure that the food is cooked properly. You can alter the temperature of the plate to suit your requirements. The warm option allows you to warm the food at low temperature for optimum use of electricity.

The hot plate has a cool touch base to prevent accidents. The dimensions of this product are 3.6 x 9.2 x 10.6 inches and weighs 7.2 pounds. The price is $20.

Proctor-Silex 34101 Fifth Burner: This single burner uses coils instead of a plate and can heat up faster than a plate. This helps in conserving energy and lowering the electricity bills. This burner uses 1000 watts of power and has 3 temperature settings to cook at high, low and medium intensity. The power light indicator indicates if the burner is on which helps in preventing accidents. It comes with 4 legs to ensure stability. It has chrome drip pan which can be wiped clean easily. Its slender design saves space and can be put in any corner. It is portable and is ideal for home or outside use.

The product dimensions are 10 x 4 x 11 inches and weighs 2.7 pounds. It carries 6 months warranty. This product is economically priced and is available for $15 only.

Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine Single Burner 750-Watt Hot Plate: This hot plate has a compact design to fit either in a hotel room or in an apartment. It uses 750 watts of power. It uses a coil type element which facilitates quick cooking and distributes heat evenly for proper cooking. It comes with 3 temperature settings of high, medium and low. Whether you want to simmer or just warm the food or really need to do some heavy cooking, you will have no complaints. The base of this hot plate features cool touch to avoid accidents. The chrome plated pan can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth and detergent. If you believe in eating healthy, home cooked food even while on the go, this is ideal equipment that every household must possess. It is priced at $15. The dimensions of this product are 3 x 9.5 x 9.2 inches and weighs 7 pounds. It comes with one year limited warranty.

Professional Series PS77311 1500-Watt Tabletop Double Burner: This table top double burner will serve you well when you organize parties in the yard, for outings and even for day to day regular cooking. It has two burners in round shape that will quickly satisfy all your cooking and heating requirements. The two burners vary in size to allow optimum use of electricity. The burner uses 1500 watts in all and can be adjusted to varying temperature settings. This tabletop is priced at $22.83. The product dimensions are 12 x 16 x 21 inches and weighs 5.1 pounds. This burner is compatible with metal, ceramic, glass or any other flat bottom utensils, and it comes with 2 year warranty.

If you want to be able to cook quickly and efficiently and at the same time contribute towards going green, then electric hot plates are the best option. Another advantage of using these cooking plates is that you never have to wait for LPG. The cookware generally gets spoiled from outside when you cook on traditional stove and have to spend lots of time and energy in cleaning the vessels. This drawback is avoided with these cooking plates. Secondly, there have been instances of accidents due to gas leakage. It is not advisable to travel with traditional stoves even if they are portable. On the other hand, cooking plates can be easily transported from one place to another.

Hot plates serve as the best food warmer. Simply place the hot plate in one corner of the dining table and enjoy delicious hot soups and other delicious items. In addition, hot plates are much cheaper as compared as compared to traditional stoves both in terms of price and operating costs. Many landlords allow only using hot plates in their apartments for safety reasons. Thus an electric hot plate is the best option for healthy, safe and economical cooking.

Sheet Music – Its Purpose and Uses

What is  sheet  music? Is it a magical piece of writing that only musicians can read and that allow them to play their instruments like experts? No,  sheet  music is just a form of musical notation, be it written by hand or printed. Normally  sheet  music is like its other printed kin in that it is usually found printed on paper. Before paper was a readily available medium parchment was the medium of choice. Now in the computer age “ sheet ” music is also readily available online as well. One of the reasons that  sheet  music is called “ sheet ” is so that it can easily be differentiated from standard music which is a presentation.

When used in everyday language the term  sheet  music simply refers to a printed piece of music whether it be intended for use on a show, an album, or for a movie. Another rather generic name for  sheet  music is score. There are several different of  sheet  music which can be used in many different ways. Whether it is meant to act as a means to perform a piece of music or is just a record of this music  sheet  music is not meant to actually replace the performance itself. It is merely intended to be used as a way to help study the music itself so that it can be performed to its utmost.

By doing so musicians can elicit responses from their audiences that would never have been possible had the piece been played straight through. By studying the different sketches and notes that a composer has created before the finished product can help one to understand the creative process that the composer was going through. Some of the notes that may be used for this are the many proofs as well as any marks left behind on printed scores.

There are some special skills that are necessary for reading  sheet  music. This is the ability to read musical notation. While it is not so for all people to be able to do so the majority must still be able to read thusly. Those who do not have to depend on reading  sheet  music have the ability to learn a piece of music just by listening to it. This is usually called “playing by ear.” There are very few people who can do this however.

The ability to read and play a piece of  sheet  music the first time through is called sight reading. This ability is expected of skilled musicians as well as serious beginners who will be playing both classical and contemporary music. There are a few very talented individuals who have the ability to look at a piece of written music and hear all the parts played out in their head. This can be a very handy skill for musicians that are aspiring to write their own pieces.

 Sheet  music is normally carried to all performances by classical musicians. With so many different movements and key changes it could get extremely difficult trying to memorize a whole symphony. Solo performances however are usually right the opposite. The musician following this route will often memorize the pieces they will be playing. Another form of use would be jazz players. They will often have a basic piece of  sheet  music. This might indicate chord changes and melodies but will still be able to improvise the piece.

Can I Get Scabies From Infected Toilets?

Short answer: Yes, you can get scabies from an infected toilet seat! Scabies is highly contagious and if the person that used the toilet before you had a bad case of it, they might be lingering on the seat itself, just waiting for you to park your butt down. This is the main reason why you’ll want to do your best to disinfect public toilets before you use them, and why you should keep your bathroom clean at home. While scabies is not common enough to walk around being paranoid all the time, you’ll want to be aware that it does exist and just stay cautious.

If you are experiencing intense itching, you may have contracted a case of the scabies. They are also referred to as the seven year itch. It will develop into a rash and cause an infection if left untreated. The scabies mite itself gets under your skin and burrows it’s way along, all the while cause an severe itching sensation.

You can get scabies anywhere on the body, but their favorite places are in cracks and crevices. Look for them in places like between your toes and fingers, around your waist, in the genital region, the underarms, and for women under the breasts. If you scratch too much you might get a secondary infection like strep or impetigo.

If you are older, or malnourished, or if you have a poor immune system you might get a worse case of scabies, where they can crust over and get really bad. You definitely don’t want to get Norwegian scabies. Do a Google image search for it if you want to be grossed out.

Since there is no vaccine for scabies you just have to use precaution and hope you don’t get it. If you do, your doctor can provide medications that will help calm the itch and kill the scabies mites. Prevention is the best cure, so you should thoroughly clean your home to prevent its spread. Here are some things you can do to make sure you don’t get it, or if you already did get it, to not get it again:

Be sure to treat all furniture and bedding. This makes a lot of sense because it’s where we spend the most time, and provides a nice warm place for scabies bugs to linger. Also you’ll want to vacuum up all floors, carpeting, and any rugs you might have. Use disinfectant like Lysol in the bathroom with a mop on the floor and other smooth surfaces. Be sure to scrub down the shower and tub each time you use it. And lastly, every day you’ll want to wash the clothes you’ve worn that day using hot water, and drying them on the hot setting and them using a steam iron on them.

Show no mercy when it comes to scabies!

Innovations in Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

 Linoleum , also termed as lino, is a flooring of a linseed oil, pine rosin, cork dust, wood flour, color pigments and mineral fillers composition. It was first used in 1860s as an excellent alternative to other hard floorings. It was discovered by Frederick Walton as he was observing the skin of linoxyn formed on a can of oil-based paint. He then thought that it could be an alternative for an Indian rubber.

Throughout the years,  linoleum  has been a favourite in the kitchen floors. It has established its reputation of providing warmth to bare feet and easier to legs and backs of those who spend most of their time in the kitchen. Furthermore, it serves to be a safety net for accidental droppings of cups or plates. Hypoallergenic, antistatic, durable and biodegradable products are now being released in the stores these days.

This hypoallergenic property is important for those with sensitive medical conditions. The antistatic feature is important since it prevents dirt and dust that usually stains  linoleum  found in the kitchen. Without this, discoloration usually results. Some critique says that maintenance of  linoleums  is hard especially in the kitchen where a lot of spillage may occur. This is not true since you can clean the  linoleum  with a damp mop or vacuum. Some use vinegar water for hard-to-clean stains.

The traditional kitchen  linoleum  flooring is viewed as something lifeless, boring and rigid to maintain. Nowadays, it is replaced with polyvinyl chloride. It has the same flexible properties with the traditional  linoleum , only brighter, more translucent and less flammable. Numerous color, patterns and designs are now being released in stores as an option to the traditional black, white and gray colors being sold in the past. Some even offer a customized design if you have the talent to create your own theme.

The colors in the market today are not just plain colors but a mixture of color schemes that gives a dynamic visual appeal. Using such would surely enhance the interior of your kitchen. A must-be for kitchen fanatics out there. It is important to note the use of less flammable  linoleum  in the kitchen to avoid possible fire. Durability as well as resiliency is important as moving around the kitchen is common. You wouldn’t want to trip up while walking around your kitchen juts because of broken  linoleum  flooring.

Environmentalist also prefer this product because of the renewable materials now being utilize ain its production which leaves no toxins in the environment. Compared to the old sheet-type format, glued to subfloor that contains asbestos, the modernized  linoleum  floors are now being sold in floating floor planks that are multi-functional and easily installed with glue or nails.

From simple  linoleum  kitchen flooring used by our grandmother’s house way back, we still prefer it to be used in our kitchens at present because of the developments in this product in response to changing times. It is only a matter of finding the one that suits your taste and budget. That is why, the next time you are being offered of  linoleums  for your kitchen, don’t hesitate to say yes.

Aluminium Ladders Review: The Three Section Extension Ladder

There are many domestic, trade and industrial applications where an extension ladder is the best and safest choice. Although many people try to make do with tall stepladders, most don’t know it’s hazardous to stand on the top platform of a stepladder. In fact, experts recommend that you never stand on the step below the top platform as well. The safest way to work in situations where significant height is required is to use an extension ladder. Three section aluminium ladders of this type are particularly popular, because they allow users safe access to locations such as the second storey of a house or building. Here’s some information about one we especially like.

About the Three Section Extension Ladder

These types of ladders generally have a reach of about 3.5 to 4.0 metres, which makes them quite versatile for those everyday tasks around the house, such as exterior painting or cleaning gutters. The best aluminium extension ladders have sturdy D-shaped rungs, rather than round ones. A D-shaped rung allows the user to stand on the flat part of the D, making the ladder much safer. The stiles of such a ladder have rigid, wide, box-type construction that prevents the ladder from flexing or bending under load. Another important feature of an extension ladder involves the feet, which should be broad and riveted securely into place. Many extension ladders have rubberised coatings on the bottom of the feet to help prevent slipping. The feet also should be able to swivel, ensuring stability on even ground.

Features of the Three Section Extension Ladder

This ladder is certified to conform to the important BS2037 Class 3 safety standard, which classifies the ladder as appropriate for domestic use, not trade or industrial use. If you plan to use your ladder for trade or industrial applications, it’s wise to choose a BSEN131 Class 2 (trade) or BS2037 Class 1 (industrial) model. You also should know that insurance companies often state that using a Class 3 ladder for these applications will invalidate any future claims for personal injury. Another safety feature of this ladder is the presence of extrusion hooks and guides. Expect to pay between £120 and £130 for this ladder. The price should include VAT and free delivery.

A Few Specifications of the Three Section Extension Ladder

This ladder has a closed height of 3.3 metres and an extended height of 8.5 metres. It has 11 rungs and weighs 19kg. How to know if the ladder is the right height? Well, you need to consider what’s called the working height. This is defined as the height that can be comfortably and safely reached when on the ladder and extending your arm. For example, a typical person about 5’6″ tall with a vertical reach of about 12 inches can safely reach a height of 19 feet on a 20 foot extension ladder.

Aluminium ladders are both light and strong, making them the perfect choice for home (domestic duty) use.

Self Hypnosis using the Staircase Technique

The first thing you need to understand about doing self-hypnosis is exactly what is happening to you when you are in a hypnotic trance. You are in a highly relaxed and deeply creative state of mind. Have you ever gone to sleep thinking about a problem and woken up knowing the answer? Studies have shown that we use our dreams to solve problems. You can tap into this same creative state by entering deep relaxation. What’s more, with hypnosis the process is guided and controlled.

Once you’re in the trance what you want to do is entirely up to you. The best thing is to give your unconscious mind suggestions that plan the seed for change. A powerful way to do this is through affirmations. Repeating to yourself over and over the things that you would like to change as though you have already experienced that change.

For example, suppose you are trying to improve your confidence. You might use the affirmation “I am a strong and confident person”. This affirmation may include visualizing yourself standing tall and proud, and seeing yourself confidently doing a task you would otherwise find intimidating.

In order to reach a mental state where this is possible we use the visual imagery of a staircase and the auditory use of a countdown. The reason this works is because of several things that are ingrained in our minds. First we have the idea of something covert and subtle being “underground”. We have the idea of travelling “into the depths” as something profound. And we have an association of a countdown as the end point of a goal. These visualisations lead us to travel deep into our unconscious mind, they allow us to relax and enter a hypnotic state.

Step 1

The first step is to plan what you are going to do when you are in the trance. You may want write it down or rehearse it a few times while wide awake. Practice both the affirmations and the order you will do them in. Practice the visualizations and the order you will do them in. Perhaps you will use this time to analyse a problem, use this prep time to consider everything about the problem that makes it something that needs to be overcome.

Step 2

Find a comfortable place to relax and be quiet. You want no distractions from the outside world and you want to be sitting or lying down. You want to relax your body and take deep slow breaths. Close your eyes and recognise that you are about to enter a trance, during which time you will be looking to achieve your goal. This is VITAL. Knowing that this is your goal already gets your unconscious mind working on the problem. By the time you enter the trance your mind will already have things in motion to get you where you need to go.

Step 3

Imagine that you are at the top of a very large staircase. It extends infinitely down into the darkness. Think about all of the details of the staircase. What is it made of? What colour is it? Does it have a railing? Does it go straight down? Make 90-degree turns? Zigzag? Spiral?

Step 4

Begin a very slow countdown. If this is your first time doing self hypnosis maybe do 20 or 30. If you have been doing this frequently do 5. Say the first number in your mind as though it were resonating throughout your entire imaginary world. Take a deep breath and take your first step down the stairs. Let the number echo throughout your mind as you take a few more steps down.

Step 5

Say the next number as you continue descending down the staircase. It is important to imagine feeling the motion of going downwards. Between numbers say to yourself “with each breath and each step down the stairs I feel myself becoming more and more relaxed”. Work your way slowly down the stairs until you reach 0. When you reach 0 imagine that you step off the staircase into your unconscious mind.

Step 6

From here you need to go through and make the suggestions to your unconscious mind that will lead to the changes you want to make in your life. Recognize that real change takes time and that you may have to do this several times to see tangible results. But also recognize that this is a powerful tool and that each time you do it re-enforces the idea to yourself that you want to improve your life. Make those suggestions and feel the changes happening in your mind.

Step 7

When you are done simply say to yourself “3, 2, 1 awake”. Counting upwards quickly suggests to your mind that you would like to return to a state in which you are wide awake. You should instantly open your eyes, feel refreshed and be ready to action the change that has started taking place


This is by far the most basic technique for a self-hypnosis induction. However it is also the most useful. I still find myself using it from time to time on myself and I even use it to guide clients into a hypnotic trance.

Basic Stair Building Vocabulary

Here are a couple of useful terms that stair builders use in the construction industry. Keep something in mind here, carpenters who work on the East Coast of the United States, often refer to certain types of stair building materials or operations with other words.

What is a stairwell? The stairwell is the opening in the floor where the stairs will pass through from one level to the next one.

What is a staircase landing? The staircase landing is any area that is larger than the treads and is located at different levels of the stairway. Most stairway landings are usually not smaller than 36″ x 36″.

What is a tread? A tread he has the horizontal section of the stairway that most people step on to walk up and down the staircase. Otherwise known as the stair step.

What is a riser? This is the vertical section of the stairway that separates each stair treads.

What is a stringer? The stringer is the structural supporting member that the stair treads and risers attach to. Some carpenters also refer to stair stringers in a stair horses.

What is the minimum stairway width? It depends on the use, but 36 inches is usually the minimum stairway with for most building departments. Always check with them before building.

I hope that this improves your stair building vocabulary and gives you a better idea of the words that carpenters and construction workers use while building stairways or making repairs to them.

I remember back when I thought it was difficult to build certain parts of a home, including the staircase, but with a little help from a few books, websites and of course some of these amazing articles, I have faith that you can learn everything I have and more.