Take Time to Enjoy a Good Game of Golf at an 18 Hole Course

Have you been working a lot lately or perhaps you just need a break from the same boring scenery? Why don’t you treat yourself to a break? Going for a round of golf at an 18 hole course is just the escape you need from the everyday hustle and bustle of life!

Why not relax and take a breath of fresh air while enjoying the verdant scenery replete with native wildlife and lush vegetation as a refreshing change of pace from the humdrum of the urban sprawl? A natural plant and animal habitat, after all, is an ideal location for an 18 hole course, allowing you both the pleasurable leisure of sport, and the opportunity to enjoy nature’s gifts unspoiled.

Doesn’t that sound pleasant? It certainly does, but that doesn’t mean it has to be too good to be true! Unlike most sports, golf is an accommodating sport for all ages and experience levels. Given the ease and learning curve for all ages, it makes an ideal hobby for families to come together to enjoy quality time. What better way to unwind and release pent up tension or sibling rivalries than playing a few holes?

When you set out to golf though, you can’t be totally carefree. It would be disastrous if you misbehaved without even realizing it! It is easy to avoid making any potential snafus by simply learning the proper course rules and etiquette in advance. All courses have general rules that vary depending upon the course, though almost all of the rules and etiquette are the same, regardless of the location. Just read up in advance, and be sure to make yourself acquainted with an individual familiar with the specific golf club’s etiquette and rules once you are ready for your golf outing. An extra reason to make yourself acquainted with a club regular is to avoid any snafus involving informal rules or norms related to that particular clubhouse.

Speaking of acquaintances, even if you aren’t so fond of nature, a sports outing is a lovely opportunity to meet, greet, and become acquainted with new individuals. When you’re done having a friendly rivalry with your new found friends, you can have a delicious meal and drinks to relive the highlights of your game, but be sure to make reservations beforehand! Fine dining is as popular as it is pricy, and seats fill up fast.

So, regardless of whether one is young or old, we could all use a break from tradition and the day-to-day of our normally dull routines to kick back and relax. Why not take an exciting and relaxing break by having some rounds of golf at an 18 hole course? The sport accommodates all ages and experience levels; it’s a great opportunity to make new friends; you get to enjoy nature and stress-relieving exercise, as well as delicious food and drinks when you are finished playing.

Angelic Art – Alternative & Spiritual Healing Therapy

As more and more alternative and spiritual healings are being studied and documented they are

finding that all forms of upliftment heals the body, mind and spirit. Angelic art falls within this

category by uplifting the spirit. I do not claim Angel paintings create physical healings. Angel

paintings soothe the emotions and create a more peaceful atmosphere helping today’s society

deal with the stressful world we now find ourselves in on a day to day basis.

Angel paintings are unique. They are a form of healing art. Angelic art uplifts, motivates, comforts,

soothes and inspires. Each painting holds it’s own inspirational energy and you do not have to be

a ” Believer” for this to work. These paintings work on a deep emotional level, clearing, releasing

and comforting the emotions and melting the stress of the day away. Inspiring within each individual

that gazes upon them their own God like image and this is how the healing takes place. A place of

beauty and perfection is remembered by the Soul.” Divine energy is at work assisting alternative and

spiritual healing through Angel therapy in the form of fine art.

My Angel paintings for example are personal, whether it be in one of my collection series or for a

specific individual or relationship or group. Upon completion of each painting, I know that it is indeed

meant for someone and their heart and soul will instantly know and respond to the Angel and the

energy before them in the painting. My Angel art is a gift, given to and through my talent by Divine

Angels guidance instructed to them by a much Higher Source. The Angels oversee and instruct every

brushstroke and detail of paint color and every brushstroke within each painting … they truly know “Who”

the painting is for and the message it portrays. You can read more about how the paintings are created

on my Sharae’s Studio page. These paintings are truly a “Living” source of Divine Energy. I have witnessed

some pretty amazing emotional releasements, and reactions when people have gazed upon them and truly

responded with their soul !

Each day, more and more documented proof is coming through from the medical fields proving that Art

and Music are truly a recognized healing tool to be used by everyone. Whether it be in participation,

gazing upon or listening … Art heals. This has always been known in the Alternative and Holistic

medicines, but now is being used more and more in the traditional medicines opening up a whole new train

of thought causing many, many positive results benefiting all. I look forward to it becoming an everyday

occurrence … just as a standard prescription is used.

‘Healing With The Angels’, by Doreen Virtue who also authored Angel Therapy, ” teaches esoteric and

practical methods that help you work with your Angels in healing your relationship, family and body issues.”

Angel or Angelic art is an extension of this therapy.

Indigo and Crystal Children and the elderly respond to the Angel Paintings with a knowingness of love

and   illumination  that comes from within them. Sometimes the reactions have been as though they are

recognizing an old friend.

I am a level 2 Reiki Practioner and I incorporate this energy into my paintings. Reiki is Japanese for

Universal life – force or Spirtually -Guided Energy. Rei, Univeral all-energy compassing and all – knowing,

and Ki, life – force energy, the same as Chi in Chinese. This is the energy that binds all living things together

in unlimited amounts. With the guidance and wisdom of the Universe, this is the most powerful form of

energy healing.

I find the Angels like working with this gentle ever flowing energy and some Reiki practitioners that do hands on Reiki healing treatments actually see the Angels working with them in their treatment sessions.

Angels are so much more than we realize. I have found them to be a great source of information. They have

a wonderful sense of humor and are always there when I need them consciously or unconsciously.I can almost

hear the chuckling in the background as I sit here writing. I am an Angel artist not a writer, but as usual it

seems the Angels have a different agenda so I might as well go along with it. They have gotten me out of my

comfort zone more than once. They are my pep rally, they are my comfort through everything and my mentors

and they never steer me away from my chosen path … my destiny, I am sure of it.

The Angels just expand it and broaden it more than I could ever imagine when I started this quest

so many years ago of helping and uplifting humanity with the love and the message of such definite

light there can be no mistaking where the source of this energy comes from… The Divine.

I only hope that people respond with their hearts in today’s times as there is so much love and

compassion and healing just waiting for all. Let down the barriers and just accept the love that is so freely given

and the help, healing and assistance that is just there for the asking. Every moment of everyday we are not alone,

we don’t have to carry the burden that was never ours to carry. Release the pain, release the baggage

that you carry to the Angels… just think it and it is done. It is that simple. The healing begins.

If you want proof, ask for the proof it will be given this I can and will assure you. When you truly

act and react from the heart your lives will blossom with more than you could ever imagine …

more understanding of this world will encompass you. It is all right there … and it can be something

so simple as a gentle whisper or the viewing of Angelic art that will confirm in your heart and knowingness …

Angels are so much more than messengers.

© 2005 Sharae Taylor

Energy Efficient Security Lighting

Photocells and motion detectors can be installed on your home for security and energy efficiency. Lighting can be tricky but also very important. Some people like a lot of outdoor lighting that can be used for ambiance lighting, for beauty. One of my customers used LEDs for all his exterior lighting such as walkway lighting, dock lighting, and tree lighting. Many people use photocells on their flood lights. They are more reliable. They go from dusk to dawn. The problem is that they run for 12 hours.

There is a difference between security lights and lights for beauty. Ambiance lighting is just for effects. It’s so that people will say that your lighting is pretty.

Some homeowners have installed photocells on motion sensors. They only come on if there is motion within that area like something passing within that area. So motion detectors within your lights are better. You can walk completely around a house and all the lights will come on as you pass each one. And, you are not using up electricity all night long so the motion sensors become energy efficient.

Homeowners like motion sensors because you don’t have to have a light on 24 hours a day. The light is only used when someone passes in front of it. In fact, if you go outside and work in an area and it will stay on for 5 minutes. You can make a motion and it will come back on. You can set the motion sensors to come on at different intervals. You can set them for 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes. They are most commonly used on the exterior of your house on the flood lights. They can also be used on commercial applications such as street lights. Street lights are photo sensed.

There are some subdivisions that will not let you place exterior lights whatsoever on your house. They said it interfered with the residents star watching. But you should have exterior lights for security purposes. Exterior lighting is really important. You don’t have to install a photocell light which will run from dusk to dawn. You can go with a motion sensor light and be energy efficient.

Did you know that most lights with sensors can be turned on as a regular light? All you need to do is turn them off and turn them back on quickly, and they will stay on. They will stay on until you turn the switch off. Then they will reset again as a motion sensor light. That’s the neat part: you can use them as regular lights.

If you have company coming to your house and you want flood lights continuously on, you flip the switch. You turn it off and then turn it back on quickly and the motion part will be off. You will be by-passing it. And once you turn it off again, it will reset and go back to motion. But if you don’t have company, what is the use of lighting up the neighborhood? Burglars like lights because they can see where your house is. Most burglars will not expect a light if they come close to your house and lights comes on. They don’t know if someone inside the house flipped a switch or if it came on automatically. And if you are inside your home and see an exterior light come on, you know someone or something moved within the range of a flood light. It would alert you that something is lurking within the area of your photocell.

Cat Barrier

What can you do to make living with your cat a pleasant experience for you and your feline friend? Cats are wonderful pets, and they are great companions. However, indoor cats will exhibit natural behaviors that can be frustrating and hard to control. Many cat owners enjoy the company of their furry little friends because they have solved behavior problems by using a cat  barrier .

Can People and Cats Live Happily Together?

Having a cat as a house pet can be a rewarding and happy experience. They make excellent companions, especially for the elderly and people who live alone. Kittens are playful and amusing to watch. They can be very affectionate, and the sound of a purring cat can be very relaxing. Also, it is possible for two cats to live in one house harmoniously. In the some cases, having two cats can be better for everyone than having only one, especially if they are from the same litter and are adopted into your family at the same time.

Natural Instincts that Become Problems

Since cats are hunters of live prey, they will try to slip through the doggie door if the opportunity presents itself, but the outdoors can be dangerous for a cat that has been raised indoors. A cat will jump, climb and explore its surroundings, that being your home. The number one reason most owners consider getting rid of a cat is house soiling. A cat  barrier  is an easy way to solve many kitty problems. This is a safe and effective way to discourage unwanted behavior.

How to Use an Indoor Wireless Cat  Barrier 

This device is very easy to use – simply put the wireless disc shaped transmitter where you need it. The cat wears a nylon collar with an elastic strip that is safe. You set the range between 2 to 10 feet, and the signal goes in all directions. Set it to beep only or adjust the correction level for your cat’s training needs. If you have more than one cat each cat wears its own light weight collar. When your pet enters the restricted area, a beep sounds, if he continues a safe static correction is given. Most cats learn very quickly.

Where to Put  Barriers 

They can be placed anywhere you need to control, and make off limits. If your cat is notorious for slipping out the doggie door the disc can be put in that area to keep him inside. No one likes cat hairs in their food or paw prints on their counter-tops – however, some cats cannot resist the urge to jump on the counter and explore. Place the  barrier  in the kitchen to solve this problem. Does your cat have a favorite carpet that he has chosen to use like a litter box? Put the  barrier  near the doorway of the room to correct this problem. When deciding where to put the  barrier  always make sure the litter-box is not in the range of the signal.

For years, cat owners have struggled to train their cats, and discourage unwanted behavior. Finally, there is an effective and safe way to teach your feline friend what areas in the home are restricted. Wireless  barriers  for cats make it easy for people and felines to live together in harmony.

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Fireproof filing cabinets offer an efficient solution for protecting a large volume of files, documents, and paperwork in a safe environment.

A modern, fire-resistant cabinet is able to protect all vital documents, if engulfed in fire, at temperatures are in region of 1700 – 1800 degrees F. A fire safe cabinet will remain locked and intact without ruin of file and papers stored inside. Construction materials often consist of molded resin, gypsum, and steel, as well as coming complete with a heavy-duty locking mechanism for additional security.

FireKing, SCHWAB, and Sentry Safe Groups all produce a complete line-up of impact, fire, and water-resistant file cabinets to safeguard all critical pieces of paperwork in one compact package. A choice of sizes, configurations, and designs ensure that all protection issues are handled, with two, three, or four drawer options accessible. Design wise; expect to find these cabinets as vertical standing, lateral file cabinets, and side-tab or end-tab cabinets.

A filing cabinet in this style is constructed to withstand impact damage, such as a ceiling collapsing on top of it or falling 25 – 30 feet. In addition, a water-resistant cabinet is able to prevent water penetration as a result of fire hose or sprinkler system.

A compact alternative, to a full-sized file cabinet is a relatively small, fire retardant chest for holding a small amount of paperwork, and often comes with a secure key lock. Thousands of home office or business premises circum to the devastating effects of fire, so putting in place steps to ensure the safety of critical documents is a necessity.

The Pros of Wallpaper

Choosing between paint and  wallpaper  when making a wall makeover can be a major dilemma, as both have their own set of advantages. Paint has been the preferred option because it is the cheapest way to redo walls and the easiest to apply. But choosing paint over  wallpaper  and borders also has its own pitfalls. Paint fades much quicker compared to modern  wallpaper . It needs more restoration or revamping jobs than  wallpaper  too.

 Wallpaper , on the other hand, has tons of advantages especially if you perceive it as a long term investment. Walls clad in  wallpaper  and borders do look more attractive, especially when they blend well with the room’s fixtures and theme.  Wallpaper  gives a wall a much nicer detail that paint cannot parallel. Aside from that,  wallpaper  lasts 10-15 years, which is economically sound, considering that paint jobs need to be redone every 2 years. A homeowner can save as much as 30% for painting costs if he chooses to use  wallpaper  over paint.

While some argue that traditional  wallpaper  and  wallpaper  borders are more difficult to install than paint, modern technology has allowed manufacturers to produce easy to apply and easy to remove  wallpaper ,  wallpaper  murals, and  wallpaper  borders. Most brands today offer a one-step application process, which also makes its repositioning and removal easier. Most  wallpapers  today are pre-pasted; all the homeowner has to do is cut the  wallpaper  into strips, dip them in water, and apply them to the walls. Of course, careful and meticulous wall preparation is still an elemental factor if one is to achieve a great finish with  wallpaper .

Another advantage of using  wallpaper  and borders over paint is the wide range of designs and textures they present to the homeowner. While paint may be glossy, achieving the desired shade and hue can be tricky and messy especially when mixing two or more colors. Sometimes, a paint job requires professional help, especially when dealing with oil-based paints. In contrast,  wallpapers  offer an assortment of designs like landscapes, flora and fauna, geometric shapes, classical themes, among others. Textured  wallpapers  are also increasingly popular, especially those with faux finishing details. They give walls a vivacity that paint simply cannot deliver.

With a wide selection of  wallpaper , murals, and  wallpaper  borders to choose from, a homeowner can embellish his or her abode according to his or her personality. Men almost always prefer  wallpapers  that exert a sense of masculinity especially in the living room. Women typically like  wallpaper  and borders that radiate soft colors and patterns. Needless to say, children in their preteens want their walls to burst with colors and child-friendly patterns. Teenagers, on the other hand, fancy having walls that assert their cool personality — they are likely to prefer designs that display their hobbies, role models or the music they are into.

Its durability, ease of application, luxurious, stylish motifs and allowance for personalization –  wallpaper  may very well be the best choice for wall designing or makeovers.

The Beauty and Versatility of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is basically made of clay or earth and it is then fired under high temperature. It is the most popular and widely used flooring material that is used all over the world. Being ingrained with numerous qualities, it is the best chosen product for enhancing the décor of a home, office, commercial centres and so forth.

Reasons Why Ceramic Tile Is Preferred By Many

Ceramic tile is preferred as the best flooring option mainly because of the following reasons:

Innumerable varieties and designs: no other flooring comes with such a wide and varied variety in terms of colors, designs and sizes. These floor tiles are available in almost all colors you could ever imagine. Shades of blue, green, red, brown, black, hazel, golden and many more can be obtained easily. The designs include patterns of leaves, flowers, squares and many other diverse shapes. Ceramic tile can be chosen according to the décor of the room. It is easy to find one that suits every décor as the variety is endless.

Easy to clean and maintain: these floor tiles are quite easy to clean and maintain. It can be cleaned easily by wiping it with a damp cloth. It does not retain any dirt or grease for long so it is used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, swimming pools, hospitals and so forth. Compared to other flooring options, these floor tiles are easy to clean.

Durable and strong: ceramic tile is long lasting and strong. But it can crack if hit with a hard object. Since it is hard and durable it is used for construction purposes in most of the commercial buildings and homes.

Incombustible: since it is made of materials that are inflammable, it does not cause fire and is therefore preferred by people to be used as floorings and wall tiles.

Hygienic: ceramic tile prevents the growth of bacteria and germs as it does not retain moisture. It is therefore hygienic and is used increasingly in places like bathrooms, kitchens and pools.

Ceramic Tile- Different Varieties

Different types of tiles including floor tiles, wall tiles, vitrified tiles, colored tiles and so forth can be obtained at affordable rates from the online business portals. Quite an endless variety of tiles including both wall and floor tiles can also be bought at reasonable rates.

The other varieties of tiles include the glaze tiles, the porcelain tiles and the terra-cotta tiles. The glazed tiles have quite an attractive variety of designs and colors. The porcelain tiles are similar to stone in appearance. This tile absorbs very little water and so it can be used both outdoors and indoors. The terra-cotta tile is available in different shapes like triangles, square and other shapes. It is best suited for dry surfaces.

In addition to the above varieties, the granite tile countertops are also in great demand as it is adds to the décor of the home. There are many branded companies which supply floor and wall tiles of different varieties at different prices. Truly, the ceramic tile can compliment both traditional and contemporary styles of interior decors.

Funeral Planning

One of the first items of business in funeral planning is to determine what to do with the body of your loved one. This first decision will govern many of your other decisions to come. The basic choices are burial, cremation, and donation. Let’s take a look at each one a little closer as it relates to funeral planning:


The majority of people are still being buried after death. Some religious are against cremation therefore, burial is the most viable option. If you choose this option, you will then need to make further selections of a casket, burial plot, and a marker. This is the most expensive of the three because there is the cost of the plot, there is more labor involved in opening and closing of a gravesite, the burial container is more substantial than that of cremation.

You will need to purchase a plot at a cemetery. This type of purchase is similar to a real estate transaction. What you are buying is not a plot of land but rather a plot of land owned by someone else where you can bury the body. The prices vary depending on location of the plot, size, and the more attractive the plot, the higher the cost. If the body is buried in a military cemetery, there is no cost to veterans. You will also need to purchase a marker for the gravesite plot which vary in prices depending on intricacies of the stone.


With cremation, the body is subject to an intense heat of approximately 2300 degrees for several hours thereby reducing the body to a course powder or commonly referred to as ashes. These ashes are noncombustible bone fragments. The ashes are then returned to the family within a cardboard container for you to scatter, keep at home, bury, or place within a special container. Usually if they are kept or buried, a more substantial container is purchased.

By scattering the ashes or keeping the ashes, it cost little to nothing. Containers are available from funeral homes or where you can purchase a supply of grave items. Some people seal the ashes and keep them in a beautiful vase at home. Scattering can be done at just about any location at anytime.


There are some people who wish to donate their body to science for medical research. Arrangements for this type of selection must be made in advance with a medical school or research facility. Not all bodies however are accepted. Most schools reject bodies that have been seriously injured in a car accident or those that have had a serious disease. If the body is accepted, the school uses a special perseveration embalming method that does not require refrigeration. Medical or dental students use the body for education and study. After about a year, the medical school will have the body cremated with its ashes returned to the family.

Once the initial decision is made on what to do with the body, the rest of the funeral planning begins to unfold. Funeral planning is not an easy task, there are many decisions and details to tend to. It’s wise to enlist the help of a close friend or family member and distribute the tasks involved.

The Ethernet Digital Wall Clocks

Digital wall clocks configuration can be done easily. The Ethernet NTP digital wall clock can be configured from a telnet session. From any pc on your network, logon to the device. They can then be configured using few simple commands.

These ethernet clocks display accurate time which they obtain from an NTP (Network Time Protocol) or SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) server. The NTP or SNTP server can be either intranet based or internet based. By providing the digital clock with the IP address of the NTP server, it will synchronize its time.

The digital wall clocks can be provided in one or two display formats with four or six digit units. A four digit device will display hours and minutes only. A six digit device will display hours, minutes and seconds. The Ethernet NTP digital clocks can be configured for EU daylight savings using commands.

The LED digital wall clock comes with four or six digit formats. The four digit LED clock units display hours and minutes. The six digit units display hours, minutes and seconds. Both the LED clock units have 4 inch high LED digits. These digits can be read easily even from far distance of 50m.

These clocks use PoE which is Power over Ethernet. It simplifies the installation of network devices. The device takes its power from CAT5 network cable. Therefore, the necessity to have a mains outlet at the point of location of the digital wall clocks is eliminated. When your network segment is PoE enabled, it is just enough if you plug the digital clock onto your network which will power-up automatically. In case if your network is not PoE enabled, then a low-cost midspan-convertor is required which is nothing but a small power supply.

These digital wall clocks come with various mounting options. They are usually provided with two keyhole cutouts on the rear panel to aid in wall mounting conveniently. Sometimes, depending on the manufacturer, they do come with a digital wall clock mounting kit using which one or two clocks can be   suspended  from a  ceiling  or you can mount them on a wall.

You can mount a single digital wall clock using this kit or else, you can mount them back to back with two such clocks. These clocks are configurable according to time zones and daylight saving settings. They are very accurate and do not require any human intervention and have no requirement of any special hardware or software. The time updates take place automatically.

Hardwood Flooring – The Essentials of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors is normally exclusively utilized for some portions of the house. For instance, my partner and I installed marble floor with regard to the living room but chose to use hardwood flooring for my personal sleeping rooms. Making use of hardwood flooring is actually excellent as it is usually sturdier but if you don’t look after the flooring and get the flooring moist, you would possibly get termites. Moreover, cleaning shall be much simpler if you are using it.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Its natural imperfections lead to solid hardwood flooring to be less widespread compared with engineered hardwood flooring. Just like I already stated, humidity levels must be taken into account, but that’s not the only challenge you’ll need taking care of.

Plank sizing is yet another major problem. Because of restricted plank width, it often brings about gapping or even cupping, situations where by there are breaks remaining in between planks because of the plank dimensions (the typical planks seen are 5 inches wide, three quarter inches thick). Not to forget, never install it above cement and never mount it in the downstairs room (as a result of moisture levels becoming very high).

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Flooring firms use this kind of floors much more as compared with the solid kind. It features no serious downside to it besides the increased charge but is actually otherwise generally more sturdy. This happens because of the multiple layering of the wood, while only 2 of the 3 would be the really significant ones. These are the lamella and substrate, both being the plank’s key support.

Since a substantial variety of sizes are offered for engineered flooring, it will be less complicated as well as inexpensive to install and repair engineered wood flooring. However, the plank cost would be higher. This kind of flooring is very easily mixed up with laminate, vinyl and veneer flooring despite them being different things. Laminate for example, is created from some other resources with just an picture of wood on it. Vinyl and Veneer have got different compositions when compared with engineered hardwood.

Hard wood Grading

Integrated by National Wood Flooring Association, this particular grading system is employed to categorise the appearances of various hardwood. Level of quality as well as resilience are usually hence less of a aspect in hardwood grading, regardless of what the name implies.

The 6 grades usually are Clear, Select, Common, No. 1 Common, No. 2 Common in addition to No. 3 Common. This clear level implies that the hardwood is close to perfect as well as being extremely softly colored. The select rank can be somewhat darker colored when compared to clear rank, and will possess more markings. The common grades are less costly and much more natural looking. The escalating number symbolizes their escalating colour variation while a greater number implies that the hardwood is more rustic.

Installation to-do’s

1. To steer clear of disturbing the installer, restrain animals and children away from your location.

2. Furniture removal may perhaps incur additional fees. Do it yourself if at all possible.

3. Take away fragile items to prevent damage as a result of damages.

How to Eliminate Arm Pump

Arm  pump  is the topic that racers address me with the most. There have been many explanations as to why we get it, how to prevent it, supplements have been made to try and combat it, and physicians have gone as far as to perform surgeries in order to correct it. As a strength and conditioning coach I would like to address ways to improve your training so that you condition and prepare yourself not to get it.

There are 15 muscles in your forearm and 40 in your hand and wrist that are responsible for holding on to the grips, shifting the clutch, applying throttle, and working the front brake. This does not include all of the tendons and ligaments that make up the very complex system that primarily controls our machines. Strengthening your forearms and hands should be a major component in your training program.

As always there is no substitute for riding and racing when conditioning yourself for the race season. When practicing try and chose really rough sections and concentrate on riding them for as long as you can at a race pace. The longer you can last riding the rough stuff the better you will condition yourself. After you have fatigued or have experienced arm  pump  take a break and stretch your hands and forearms. After your arms have relaxed go back out and ride until you reach fatigue or arm  pump  again and repeat your stretches. Using stop watches and practicing with riders of equal or better ability will help you keep your pace and assure you are conditioning your hands and forearms to the fullest. Try and ride like this as often as possible and you will soon find yourself over coming this common issue.

Finding the time to ride can be a difficult task, especially if you work, have a family, and attend to life’s everyday chores. Fitting in an effective workout is the next best thing for conditioning. While all aspects of training should be addressed in your program, I am going to suggest several exercises and techniques that will help to combat arm  pump .

Pulling exercises such as pull ups, rows from various angles, and arm curls work the targeted muscles most effectively. These exercises should be performed in a compound manner working multiple joints during each rep. Exercise examples would be a squat and row using a cable or rubber band system or an underhand dead lift into a bicep curl using dumb bells or a bar bell. Pull-ups are considered a compound movement and should be a primary exercise in any program. Large Grip or “fat grip” handles have been used with power lifters for many years. Large handles and over sized bar bells develop grip strength quicker than normal sized equipment. Within a few reps using these over sized grips you will soon discover the onset of arm  pump  and grip fatigue. After each set it is important to perform your stretches to help aide blood flow, flexibility, and range of motion. Super sets, drop sets, and circuit style sets are another way to keep constant force on these muscles. Design your workouts using these variations as well changing the tempo of your reps periodically.

A great way to cross train and develop amazing hand, forearm, and core strength is climbing. Both in door and out door rock climbing, cargo net walls, and climbing ropes, are very beneficial and challenging. The constant tension put on the body helps to develop muscle endurance and stability.

Rest and recovery are as important as training, especially if you are a racer with a physically demanding job such as a construction worker, mechanic, land scaper, or laborer. Massaging the forearms and hands should be a major part of your program. There are many different ways you can achieve this. A massage therapist would obviously be the best choice, but you can also use hand held devices such as electronic and manual massagers. Much like stretching massage will increase and improve circulation, relax tight muscle fibers, loosen and stretch fascia, and help reduce any occurring inflammation that may exist. Be sure to practice deep, slow, and controlled breaths when receiving massage to further your relaxation.

Poor hydration can play a major role when experiencing arm  pump . Hydrated muscles are ones that will perform at their best. Muscle cells function properly when they are at their “fullest” giving stronger contractions and having longer lasting endurance. Hydrating the body should be a part of everyday life not something that is achieved in three days or less before the race. There is no substitute for water, drink as much as you can throughout the day, everyday!

Preparing yourself properly is the best way to over come and defeat arm  pump . Try my suggestions and you will soon discover that you efforts will reward you with a pain free ride.

6 Weeks to Bodybuilding Victory

When you are 6 weeks away from your next bodybuilding competition, you need to make some changes to your diet and cardiovascular exercise to begin to lean down to a desirable body-fat percentage. This is a time of total commitment and any cheating on any meals can lead to failure.

You should decrease your calories by 1000 calories or less depending on your lean body mass and increase your protein and vegetables while reducing simple and complex carbohydrates.

You should eat every 2-3 hours. This could be anywhere from 4 to 8 meals or more depending on how long you are awake. you am eating a maximum of 25 active carbohydrates per meal (total grams carbohydrates minus total grams of dietary fiber) before 6pm.

You should eat flaxseed, safflower and olive oil instead of other oils and fats. You should not go on a no-fat or low-fat diet. General recommendations of fat intake should be no lower than 30 grams. The human body needs fats on a daily basis in order to lubricate joints and cartilage. Once or twice a week, it is okay to eat a few complex carbs. If you decide on the 2 days per week, they should be spread out like on a Wednesday and Saturday.

You can increase your metabolism by eating foods that induce thermogenesis (the production of heat, especially by physiological processes.) such as:

Apples, blueberries, grapefruit, peaches, strawberries, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, celery, onions, radishes, spinach, and tomatoes.

You may also want to began to supplement heavily. Beverly International has quality supplements.

An example of a supplement plan may look like this:

Meal #1

5 oz lean meat (90% lean beef, chicken, or turkey breast.) 6 egg whites & 2 yolks Small grapefruit (see list)

* 1 Super Pak

* 1 Lean Out

* 4 Mass Aminos

* 5 Ultra 40

Meal #2

Protein Drink

* 1 Super Pak

* 1 Lean Out

* 4 Mass Aminos

* 5 Ultra 40

Meal #3

8 oz chicken or 9 oz can tuna 4 cups salad, using 2 tbs of oil & vinegar dressing

* 1 Lean Out

* 4 Mass Aminos

* 5 Ultra 40

Meal #4

Protein Drink

* 1 Lean Out

* 4 Mass Aminos

* 5 Ultra 40

Meal #5

8 oz lean meat (90% lean beef, chicken, or turkey breast.) 2 cups vegetables (see list)

* 1 Lean Out

* 5 Ultra 40

Meal #6

1.5 cups oatmeal 10 oz potato or sweet potato 6 oz banana 1 cup vegetables (see list) 1 tbs olive oil

* None

You can also take a serving of Creatine Serum before and after a weight training session.

You can start a more intense cardio regimen. You can do an A.M. and P.M. 300 Calorie Burn. This is an advanced level of cardio and should not be attempted unless you know what you are doing. You should do your AM Cardio before your first meal and your PM Cardio after your last meal and before bed. Keep the cardio intense like your lifting. You can usually burn 300 calories in less than 20 minutes if you push yourself.

Keeping Track

Keeping track of your weight and body fat percentage is important to be sure that you aren’t using any muscle as fuel through your dieting stage. After all, you have worked so hard to build the muscle, why burn it off now?

It is important to keep your body hydrated. For this reason, you should now begin drinking 2 gallons of water a day and continue to do so until right up to the last couple days before the show. For most people, this means to take a large water bottle with you to work, school, the gym, the store, your friend’s house, and anywhere else you go. Also make sure that a restroom is closely accessible (for obvious reasons.)

You should continue to work out just an intensely as you have in the past. Even though you have dropped your calorie intake somewhat, you should still be able to put on some more muscle even while you am losing body fat.


It is also a good idea to tan in the sun. It is a must to have a good base tan to go into a bodybuilding competition. You should tan wearing your posing suit or something even more revealing. It is also important to lay for the same amount of time on each side of your body. Tanning Accelerators are handy and should be used if possible. Though it is good to use accelerators on certain parts of your body, some areas such as your nose and cheeks need sun screen so they don’t get burned. It is important to not let yourself get sunburnt. Sunburns, as we all know, if serious enough can lead to peeling. Peeling is what we definitely do not want and is a real pain when preparing for a bodybuilding competition.


You should begin shaving your body. Now as you begin to lose body fat, shaving is important so that you can see each muscle, vein, and fiber to make sure you am preparing correctly. It also helps in tanning evenly. It is important to keep your face cleanly shaven (unless you plan to compete with some facial hair) so that you will not have tan lines when you shave it off.

You should begin to work on your poses this week. You should be watching posing videos if you don’t know how and get help from your trainer. It is important to learn how to do everything right! As you as you come in front of the curtain on the side of the stage, the judges are watching your every move. It is imperative to learn how to walk, do quarter turns, and hit each pose perfectly. All of this, combined with learning a posing routine is a lot of work but is well worth it in a show!!!

Remember, all of these preparations are necessary to put the Road to Victory at your fingertips!!!

20 Best Ways to Relax Your Body and Mind

If you follow these simple tips to relax your body and mind, you are on the best way to find relief from tension and anxiety, cope better with everyday problems, be emotionally stronger, and improve your concentration. You can become more positive, more tolerant and get more out of life. Generally the most effective way to overcome stress and anxiety is not so much to try to change the situations themselves, but simply to change the way you deal with them.

There are many ways to relax body and mind, ranging from the physical (massage, acupressure etc), to the emotional (influencing the subconscious) and spiritual (tapping into the universal life force and your inner spirit). In this article I will give you a few starters so you can instantly begin to relax. There is always more to learn!

  1. Improve your fitness – a fit body is much more able to cope with stress and there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from physical fitness and achievement. Start slow and don’t overdo it – but steadily build up your strength.
  2. Improve your eating habits – You are what you eat – try eating more vegetables and less fat and see how quickly your body will react and your ability to relax will improve.
  3. Improve your drinking habits – instead of coffee, have a glass of water or herbal tea. If you are feeling anxious, try to cut down on stimuli like caffeine or alcohol which will stress your body even more.
  4. Improve your posture: slumped shoulders and a dropped neck inhibit breathing properly. Straighten up and feel how good it feels to stand up to yourself.
  5. Get comfortable: To be able to calm and relax, remove your shoes, undo your tie or neck button, loosen your belt, unclasp your bra, slip into something comfortable. This is the prerequisite of any relaxing exercise.
  6. Fresh air: Open the windows and breathe in the fresh air.
  7. Slow down: Instead of talking and searching for company at any cost, take a couple of minutes outdoors to slow down. Nature has its own way of calming your mind.
  8. Silence: find a place in silence – treasure it, absorb it, immerse yourself in it, hang on to it as long as possible. Many relaxing exercises will start with a place of silence.
  9. Control Your Breathing: Straighten up and take a deep slow breath through your nose, deep into your tummy, do not let the chest rise, relax your shoulders – then release the breath slowly through your mouth.
  10. Muscle relaxation: Sitting or lying comfortably tense the muscles of one arm – hold it – then let them go limp and feel the difference. Savour the relaxed feeling. Do the same with the other arm and the legs one at a time
  11. Shoulders and neck: Slowly rotate one shoulder backwards and forwards, then up and down. Do the same with the other shoulder. Gently let your head fall down on your chest, then bring it up and backwards. After that, tilt your head on the left and right shoulder. Repeat this slowly.
  12. Jaw release: Open your mouth wide, then close. Repeat this a few times. Then put your fist under your chin, open your mouth and press the lower jaw against the fist. Hold this for a few seconds, then release.
  13. Hands: Clasp fingers tightly and press, then release. Become aware of how tension feels. Then nestle your left in your right hand, the thumbs gently touching each other. Remain like this and relax.
  14. Motivation: motivate yourself to continue on your path to calmness. Actively seek it; if you are certain that you can achieve it the positive energy will push you forward.
  15. Reject stress: Distinctly reorganize your priorities. Reject anything that will put pressure on you. Learn to say no and become more positive and energetic.
  16. Affirmation: This is a whole wide field of possibilities. Try to visualize a certain situation (you being able to cope with a stressful situation for example), then imprint this picture onto a stone or small object you can fit into your pocket. Then every time you touch it you will see this picture and affirm yourself that you can achieve it.
  17. Autogenic Training: This as well is a big field and is a good method for emergency stress response. Lie down and think of your arms. Feel them getting heavy. Think: “My arm is getting heavy”, again and again. Do the same with the other arm and each leg. You can also think: “My arm is getting warm” and repeat that. Feel it getting warm.
  18. Influence your subconscious: To reinforce messages to your subconscious, like “I am calm and can cope with this situation”, there is no way like this: repeat, repeat, repeat.
  19. Visualization: Go to sleep with a picture in your mind how you would like to be. Do this again and again, every night. Try to wake up with this picture in your mind.
  20. Concentrate on the task at hand: If you immerse yourself totally in a task, so that you achieve the very best result you are capable of (this can be anything at all, for example washing the dishes, ironing, driving a car or mowing the lawn), you will find that task becomes like a meditation in itself. Time flies, you derive satisfaction from your efforts and you spend at least this time completely in the here and now, not worrying about past or future.

Shopping For Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory blinds can alter the look and feel of any room in your home or office. They can bring the design to a close by completing the otherwise exposed windows and sliding glass doors. By integrating new blinds you can control the amount of soft and hard light that comes into and goes out of your room while also controlling the temperature. When shopping for the right conservatory blinds, it is important to consider elements which are both ornamental, and functional. Measuring horizontal is your best way to start. Start measuring your windows at the outside edge, to the frame, on the other side. It’s important to add six inches to this number, on every side, so that your blinds can overlap, when they are opened. After this, start measuring vertically. The measuring should start at the highest edge of the top frame, to the lowest edge of the bottom frame. There should be 4 to 6 inches added, making it possible to place a rod or track, on the top of your window.

After you have made all the measurements by hand, searching for a right color is the way to go. It’s possible to pick a color, the same as the overall room color, but it’s also possible to take a color contained in your furniture, or the patterned wall paper. In order to achieve a softer look, one should consider selecting colors for your conservatory blinds that really blend in with the existing colors in the room. On the other hand, it’s possible to make your blinds really stand out by picking contrasting colors, or complementing colors that exist in your furniture, or on the walls.

It’s important that you decide on either short window curtains or a valance. In order to add a feminine quality to the curtains in the living room or the bedroom, you should consider floor length curtains. After this, you should pick a style. For a feminine touch, or a country style, if that is what you are going for, you should include lace or sheer curtains with some ruffles. If you want to achieve a more sophisticated look in your bedroom, consider taking floor length curtains, and layering them.

Then, after choosing the perfect conservatory blinds, you can start selecting the hardware. This is something that should enhance the style you are going for. It’s possible to mix and match in a lot of possibilities. Some common practices are to match the curtain rod to some of the existing hardware in the room. A good example, if the main theme for your room is country style, the curtain rod you should go for would be a wrought iron look. Chrome on the other hand, is perfect for creating a chic look. A more casual feel could be created by including bamboo. For further enhancing of the curtains, you can attach multiple accessories such as tiebacks, blinds or valances. And you know what the best part is about the curtains in your home? You can make them look great with conservatory blinds, even on a low budget, with very little effort!

5 Best Beaches In Spain

Spain is a country which is renowned to offer some of the best beaches in the world. There is a great number to choose from, and visitors do find it confusing to select the right one. Given below are a few of the 5 beaches which is considered to be the best in Spain.

1) San Sebastian

San Sebastian is considered to be one of the best in-city beaches in Europe. It is unique mainly because of its special concept – where visitors can enjoy the beach right beside the great number of historical buildings and churches found in the city. It is a beach which is especially popular amongst surfers.

There are two main beaches on either side of the river:

La Concha: This is the larger one which is protected from the sea and has an island and boats in the bay. It has golden sandy beaches and forms an arc which covers an extent of about 2 kilometres. It is excellent for swimming because of its calm waters.

Ondaretta Beach: This too is on the same bay as La Concha; it is connected to the Concha beach by a narrow walkway which disappears at high tide. It is much smaller than the La Concha Beach

2) Playa de Las Catedrales

Also known as the Beach of Cathedrals, this is located in Galicia, Spain. It is unique and popular because of its unusual and spectacular natural rock formations. The characteristics of the beach with its arches and caves are only noticeable during low tide. Visitors enjoy walking along the beach amongst these exceptional rock formations. Large crowds gather to relish this picturesque sight which resembles church arches. This natural formation is sculpted by the wind, waves and briny waters. During high tide the beach is relatively small, sandy and suitable for swimming.

3) Beaches of Sitges

Sitges is a little town in Barcelona which takes pride in having a total of seventeen beaches of different types, to suit individual choices. If a visitor’s choice is something in particular, this could be found in Sitges. This area is popular for party-lovers; you can party till you drop into the wee hours of the morning. Visitors can be guaranteed a great time during the night and an exciting beach life during the day. It is a popular tourist destination during peak season and on weekends.

4) Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is another of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations which is located in the Malaga region and extends to a distance of over 150 kilometres. Its main attraction is the mild weather throughout the year making it possible for visitors to enjoy the beaches thoroughly as well as enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. There are over 70 golf courses around Costa del Sol and golf-lovers enjoy this facility when taking a break from the beaches. Amidst the endless list of activities, visitors can enjoy horse riding, sailing, scuba diving, dolphin safaris and so much more.

5) Ses Illtes, Formentera

The beaches in Formentera have a character of their own and are often called an “earthly paradise.” Visitors enjoy the turquoise blue waters and the white sandy beaches of Ses Illtes and they are equally popular for a great number of water sports such as sailing, sky sailing, snorkelling and much more. The beaches are complete with a wide choice of restaurants, kiosks, deck chairs,   sunshades  and all that is needed to have an exciting beach holiday. The beach of Ses Illtes is renowned to have the highest number of visitors and it can be reached through any mode of transport including by foot or bicycle.