How to Build a Defensible Space to Protect Against Wildfires

There are steps that can be taken to protect your home and family from a Wildfire. Creating a defensible-space will allow a safe area for firefighters to be able to beat back the fire if it comes too close. This space should be from 70 to 75 feet around the home. A larger area should be created if your home is located on a slope.

Other measures to take is to thin the pine trees on your property to 10 to 12 feet between the crowns of the trees. This will help to prevent the fire from jumping from tree top to tree top. Prune their branches to a height of 10 feet above the ground. Thin continuous trees and brush from around all structures. Small shrubs and trees known as ladder fuel, should be removed from under the tall trees. This will present the fire from climbing the small tree and in the process and igniting the taller trees.

The State Forest Service recommends the removal of flammable vegetation with 15 feet of a home's walls. Keep grasses and weeds moved to 6 inches or less creating a defensive zone of 30 feet from all structures. Clean your gutters at least twice a year removing pine needles which are very flammable.

While there are some things that are out of your control you should still be aware of ways your home can be turned into a non-combustible residence. A house constructed of brick, adobe, concrete, stone, tile etc is less likely to burn. Windows can still be blown out by the fierce heat of a Wildfire and the inside of your home will be gutted.

The next time you have your roof shingled consider installing a tile, clay tile, concrete or slate shingles. These types of shingles are made of thick noncombustible material. Now days they can be made to look like wood shingles but are not combustible. They are rated a Class A and provide the best protection against a fire.

No matter how much time you have to evacuate you will not be able to take all of your memories with you. Memories are made of so many different things – the crib you bought for your first born, the curtains your wife made by hand, your special work shop in the garage. By making your house easier for the fire fighters to protect you increase your chances that your home will still be standing after the Wildfire has been extinguished. A little effort now will be worth the final results.

Types of Banners and Signs You Might Be Interested In

If you're looking for customized banners and signs, there are a lot of different options available. Some of these options may be ones you're already using in your signage or your marketing but there may be some options here that you have not yet explored. Here are several of those options:

Color Banners

Color banners are highly popular and quite effective. They can be displayed on your walls, suspended from ceilings, suspended outdoors, and they can hang from your building's exterior, too. The great thing about color banners is that they're an excellent blank canvas that you can do a lot with. They can be excellent marketing tools if you use a great design and work with a company that can produce high quality results.

Economy Banners

Your banner does not have to always have a splash of several colors in order for it to be an effective tool. Some banners and signs simply need to say something and be noticeable. Economy banners can be very effective. You'll even find eco friendly options, too.

Roll Up Displays

Roll up displays are compact signs and they are portable. These can make excellent portable marketing signage that you can take anywhere. They're great for traveling salespeople who attend conferences and tradeshows and can work well at corporate events.

Pavement Boards

Pavement boards, also known as sandwich boards, can be pre-printed or can be made as a white board or a chalk board. These signs allow you to share information with others in a great way. They're used in restaurants, theaters, and other venues.

Magnetic Signs and Vehicle Graphics

If you want to transform something into a marketing tool, you can do it with magnetics, stickers, and vinyl graphics. A vehicle can be a great mobile marketing tool. You can add signage, such as a sign on top of a taxicab or you can add vinyl stickers or magnets to the side and vehicles can even be thoroughly wrapped with graphics. Whether you have one car or a fleet of cars, sign and banner companies can help you use magnets, vinyl, or stickers / decals on a number of things.

Are you looking for help with banners and signs. Companies specializing in this area can help with advice, can provide design information, and can be an extended marketing team member who works with you to create the signage that will meet your needs. Whether you need a free standing sign, a banner that hangs outside, or some other signage, talk to a professional sign company about the right product, fixing of the signage, and the best process for serving your needs.

Cabinetry – Before Flooring Or After?

"Should I install my cabinetry before my flooring or after?" After a number of years in the custom cabinetry industry, this is one question that I have answered countless times. I am a big fan of black and white answers, but in this particular case there is no right or wrong answer; there are pros and cons to either option. My personal preference is to have floor installed before installing cabinetry.

One of the main arguments for installing flooring first is that you do not need to be concerned with floating issues during potential remodels that may be done in the future. For example, if you want to replace your cabinets later and you only have tile down in the exposed areas you are stuck with the same footprint, or cabinet layout, unless you are going to put all new flooring down again.

From a financial standpoint, you really have to look at the trade-offs and examine what it is you are trying to accomplish. It may cost more in materials to floor the entire room but you may save in labor costs because there will be a significant number of measurements to take cuts to make in order to fit flooring around the cabinets. Additionally, if you do decide to install your cabinetry before flooring you will need to buy shoe molding, or some other type of architectural millwork to hide the transition between your toe-kick and flooring. If you are installing custom cabinetry , chances are that you already plan to use shoe molding. If that is the case this would not impact your decision as the molding would not be an unplanned expense. It all comes back to what works best for you and what your long-term plans are for your kitchen.

One other consideration many people do not think of in the before vs. after debate is the impact your decision has on dishwasher installation. If you install your flooring after the cabinetry and dishwasher are installed the floor height MUST allow for clearance of the dishwasher in the event that replacement is required. Finding out that tile has to be taken up before a dishwasher can be removed is frustrating for even the most patient of homeowners. Avoid this and other potential pitfalls by using a qualified kitchen design service to plan your project from start to finish.

HHO Gas Car Conversion – Convert Your Car To Burn Water

HHO gas car conversions have been seen in the news. Why are these conversions gaining in popularity? It is because they are increasing gas mileage by 20-50%. Some are seeing these vehicles as a water hybrid car by supplementing HHO gas with you gasoline or diesel fuel you could save money at the pump.

HHO gas kits do not come cheap. Even ones found on popular auction sites sell for hundreds of dollars. If you have a few vehicles you would like to convert this could add up.

How this gas works is that it is generated in a cell full of water and a catalyst such as backing soda is contained in that cell alone with a few or many plates usually stainless steel that is similar to a battery. The designs can vary. The cell is hooked to your cars battery to help with the process of electrolysis to generate a gas. The gas is introduced into the intake manifold of your car or truck using the assistance of your vehicles vacuum. By using this gas it should increase the efficiency of your engine so resulting in better gas mileage. Larger engines may require 2-6 cells but that is not usually an issue a typical cell is about the size of a quart jar.

You may have seen reference to these HHO gas cells online or in forums as hydrogen on demand or even hydrogen cell. This is not exactly pure hydrogen it produces but the effect is similar.

The parts to build a home HHU gas conversion can easily be found around town. A really savvy shopper can build a cell for around $ 60 and anyone who uses their hands or likes to build stuff should have not problem constructing a home conversion kit. When the conversion is made to the motor very little modification is needed to the vehicle.

HHO gas technology is still considered experimental but it is a supplemental fuel additive of sorts that could help you increase mileage, increase horsepower, reduce emissions while providing a quitter and cleaner engine. So why not convert your car to burn water?

Window Treatments – Going Vertical for a Different Tilt

Window treatments make such an important statement about your home, and without them a house does not even feel finished. Vertical window blinds have been a popular option in window decor for decades now and are an option you might want to look into when considering new window blinds for your home.

When vertical blinds were introduced, they literally took the idea of ​​the common horizontal Venetian blind and turned it on it's side, with the slats, or vanes, running from the top to bottom of a window rather than side to side.

Vertical window blinds are attached to an overhead track and usually also have a cord or a chain that connects the bottom of the vanes loosely so that they do not become tangled. They also have a cord attached at one end of the track to facilitate easy sliding of the vanes to one end of the track.

The vanes can be rotated 180 degrees which allows for excellent light and air flow control and also allow for a level of privacy control that can not be achieved with traditional horizontal window blinds. This is because, with the right positioning, the maximum amount of light can be allowed into an interior space, while maintaining complete privacy.

The rotation of the slats on vertical shades can be manipulated either by a second pull cord, or by the use of a safety wand, which is becoming the preferred method of opening and closing the vanes. The safety wand is normally located to the same side as the pull cord and is used by rotating the wand either clockwise or counter clockwise, causing the vanes to rotate in synchronization with the wand movements.

With motorized window blinds, the opening and closing of the vertical blind, and the rotation of the vanes can optionally be controlled electronically with motors driving the movement and adjustments and a remote control signaling the instructions to the motors.

One of the advantages of vertical blinds is that they can cover a very wide window opening almost without limit to width, and without sagging or dividing the blind into two or more sections which is common with horizontal blinds.

Ease of access to outside areas through sliding glass windows or French doors is another reason to consider vertical shades over the more conventional Venetian window blinds. With vertical blinds you can simply slide the blind to one side away from the access area for unobstructed use.

Vertical shades are available in an excellent array of different materials, making it a simple matter of choosing the right selections to match or compliment your decor. Some of the materials you can choose from are aluminum, vinyl, wood and a huge choice of fabrics. They can also be treated with special finishes or textures to blend right in with any style. There are some vertical blinds that even have the appearance of draperies, and these are a particularly nice choice for sliding glass doors, especially those that are easily see from the exterior of the home.

Vertical window blinds are also easier to keep clean than their horizontal counterparts because the dust does not have a flat surface to collect on like it does with horizontal blinds. It's easy to keep vertical shades clean with a quick swipe of a damp cloth or a bit of vacuuming.

Watch Out Lexus and BMW – The 2009 Hyundai Genesis is Out to Get Ya!

Lexus and BMW should be seriously scared! The new 2009 Hyundai Genesis is turning heads and making quite an impression. If you're looking for a luxury car but not the high expenses that come with it, you might want to take the 2009 Hyundai Genesis into consideration. The new Hyundai Genesis is a luxury sport sedan that closely resembles the Benz S-Class exterior. It has chrome exterior accents and with all emblems removed the car could have been mistaken for a flashy Lexus or even a Mercedes. The 2009 Hyundai Genesis has 18-inch alloy wheels, full power accessories: power and heated front seats with driver memory settings, dual zone automatic climate control, an updated seven speaker Lexicon audio system, a six disc CD player, satellite radio, iPod auxiliary input jacks, and an adjustable power steering wheel. It also includes rain sensing wipers, antilock disc brakes, leather interior seating with the matching leather / wood steering wheel and trim, traction and stability control, automatic dimming rearview mirrors, front head restraints, rear power sunshade, and front / rear seat side airbags .

In addition to all these luxury features, the new Hyundai Genesis has many other optional features. You can choose between a 3.8L V6 or a 4.6L V8 engine. The V6 has 290 horsepower with 264lb.-ft. of torque and an estimated EPA fuel economy of 18-27mpg. The V6 engine may have better fuel economy but the V8 is definitely faster. The V8 engine has 375 horsepower and 333lb.-ft. torque and also does 0 to 60 in just 5.9 seconds. In both models, the six speed automatic with manual shift capability gives ultimate power to the rear wheels. Optional for both engines is a Technology Package. This package includes a computer, front / rear park assist, Logic-7 surround sound audio, navigation system with "real-time" traffic patrol, xenon headlights, a rearview camera, and Bluetooth capabilities.

The new Hyundai Genesis is a sport sedan all its own. It has a premium luxury element, extensive convenient features, and more horsepower with better fuel economy than its rival competitors. Best of all, this Hyundai looks and feels like a top of the line Lexus but is cheaper! The going retail price for this striking Hyundai is around $ 30,000 to $ 40,000.

A Look at Window Anwnings

Chances are, you have seen a home with awnings installed. Perhaps you took a second look to admire the beauty, style and elegance the awning added to the home. Awnings can be a significant investment both in time and money but can add valuable value and style to your home. Awnings are commonly used to beautify windows, walkways, patios and decks. Not only do they add beauty, they also serve a functional purpose to shade the home from the hot summer sun and provide a long-term solution for energy efficiency and savings.

Not only do window awnings add charm to your home, they can also keep temperature between eight and fifteen degrees cooler in summer months. In southern facing windows, window awnings can reduce solar heat by up to 65%, and by up to 77% for windows facing the west. Today's window awnings, especially the fabric awnings, come with a protective acrylic coating that helps to protect them against harsh weather elements. The protective coating can reduce fading and wear for up to five years and even longer in some cases.

Window awnings come with many options, such as stationary, retractable and freestanding. They can also have open sides or closed sides, and come in a huge variety of colors. The standard projection of window awnings is usually about half the size of the window. For example, if a window that is 48 inches high will have an awning with a projection of about 24 inches. Though these measurements will vary with your needs, it is a general estimate of what to expect.

Window awnings must be mounted on a window frame or exterior wall. This is necessary to keep the window awning level and sturdy. Window awnings are an excellent and reliably inexpensive way to add value, charm, style and elegance to your home. You should shop around at local installation companies to find the best deal; do not forget to inquire about their warranty agreements. Researching companies, prices and warranties will guarantee your satisfaction with your new window awning.

Rock Carpet As Driveway Pavement

Rock carpet flooring is also used as driveway pavement. It sounds like an "oxymoron" but its not. It's the latest flooring for driveways of all shapes sizes and dimensions. Rock carpet is nothing like your ordinary driveway, in that it's slip and stain proof to reduce tire slippage and unwarranted "burn-outs". It's dent, scratch, and crack proof so there will be no damage from continued tire traffic nor lose gravel from your travels. It's finished with a resinous epoxy polymer, which leaves it waterproof and free from the possibility of future water damage or set in stains. It also has a particular shine that is uncommon to driveways.

Rock carpets have been a big hit for the modern design conscious property owner. When you drive into up scale neighbor hoods you will typically find driveways made of black top or clean fresh looking concrete. When you drive past a property owned by a design conscious owner, you'll see a rock carpet. Its functionality and versatility is unmatched by that of any other flooring & / or pavement type because you can custom design its color, pattern, depth, and overall look. It has been referred to as "little rock carpet", "round rock carpet", or "quarry Carpet".

It can be installed on any driveway regardless of its shape and angle. Rock carpet does cost more than that of regular concrete but it is well worth the expense up front due to its durability and lack of required maintenance. Regular concrete and or black top requires cleaning, repaving, or cracking correction while rock carpet requires none of those.

Its endless options yet newness to the public have made it a very hot topic for both residential and commercial property owners. Its name is derived from its composition, which is many thousands of tiny rocks and stones primarily from North / South America and New Zealand. Passing by a property with the revolutionary rock carpet in the driveway will definitely turn heads and is a definite consumers best buy.

"The Bridge Is Love" author Cheron Joy Mayhall: Book Review

"The Bridge is Love" is a beautiful but heart-rending story about a how a family deal with the tragic loss of their four year old son. Scotty died in a car accident. The story is written from both the parent's perspective of how they deal with their grief and in a fictionalized account from Scotty's perspective as an angel. When a young child dies tragically, the grief of the parents and family members runs very deep. Dr. Mayhall hung on to hope and her faith in God that Scotty lives on in heaven.

As Dr. Mayhall went through the stages of grief, she found positive things to do to help her deal with the pain and make a difference for others. She also became involved with The Compassionate Friends Network and was able to reach out to other people to help them through their grief.

I highly recommend this book to families that are grieving from the loss of a loved one. It will help you to know that the horrible feelings that you are experiencing are normal. Dr. Mayhall writes about how hard it is to be a parent and lose a child. Parents tend to feel like they did something wrong, or did not do something that they were supposed to, when their child goes first. You learn that this is something bad that happens, but not to blame God for it. God is what helps you through this time. In this story, Scotty also meets with Jesus and Jesus helps him understand that Jesus is helping his family through their healing.

If you have experienced the loss of a child, this story will give you hope and help you with your healing.

The Bridge Is Love

Cheron Joy Mayhall

Trafford Publishing (2006)

ISBN 1412063280

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/06)

The History of HP TouchSmart Desktop Computer

The TouchSmart is a touch screen computer from HP. This range of computers comes as an all in one desktop PC or a laptop. The operating system used by the HP TouchSmart is Windows Vista and more recently the new Windows 7. Depending on the model you choose it will have either an Intel or AMD processor.

Bill Gates launched the TouchSmart way back in January 2007, it was the first touch screen computer to be mass marketed as a desktop computer. The first TouchSmart machines, known as the TouchSmart IQ770 series, had a 19 inch touch screen. The machine had all you would expect from a modern desktop including a range of USB ports and connectors to allow you to hook up to the internet and other devices. The first models received good reviews from critics.

Some time went by and in June 2008 the second series of TouchSmart computers were released, the HP TouchSmart IQ500. These computers had a larger 22 inch touch screen monitor, Intel Core Duo processor and a large 500GB disk space. HP also released the TouchSmart IQ800 series which features a 25.5 inch touch screen monitor and made it more of an entertainment hub by including a TV tuner with remote control. Some of the models in the IQ800 series had integrated Blu-Ray.

The most up to date models in the HP touch screen range are the TouchSmart 300 and TouchSmart 600 which were both released in October 2009. The TouchSmart 300 is a great family computer and is very easy to use. This third generation of HP touchscreen computers continues to get rave reviews from digital review sites. The TouchSmart 300 has started to integrate voice recognition into some of its programs making it a truly futuristic machine. The TouchSmart 300 and TouchSmart 600 are similar in specifications it's the screen size where they differ TouchSmart 300 has a 20 inch monitor while the TouchSmart 600 has a 23 inch.

The TouchSmart 300 and TouchSmart 600 are aimed at the consumer market however HP has released the TouchSmart 9100 for business users. The TouchSmart 9100 is very similar to the TouchSmart 600 it runs on Windows 7 Professional. The software packaged into this impressive machine better caters for business users than the models aimed at consumers.

MAN Trucks: From the First Diesel Engine to the Latest Solutions

The father of the revolutionary type of engine is known to be Rudolf Diesel, who patented his invention in 1897. But first diesel engines were extremely large and heavy and used only as stationary units in factories or for powering ships. Further development of this promising technology became one of the main concerns among machinery manufacturers. In 1919-1923 the German Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG (abbr. As MAN) was taking an active part in adapting diesel engines for use in commercial vehicles. The goal was achieved in 1924 when the world saw the new direct-injection diesel engine at the German Motor Show in Berlin. According to the expert public, the compressorless diesel engine from MAN was one of the most important innovations to be offered through the entire show. The series production was not long in coming. The low vehicle weight of the unit and the colossal 80% savings in operating costs (compared with the conventional carburettor engines of the time) stand for unquestionable sales points.

Such a successful automated technology boosted the evolution of trucks. In 1928, MAN unveiled its first three-axle truck, which was the predecessor of all outstanding MAN heavy-duty trucks. Further achievements, connected with the MAN brand, included the introduction of the all-wheel-drive, the first German truck engine with exhaust gas turbocharging, the motor units with electronic injection control and, finally, the innovative engine with common rail (CR) injection system. The latest Euro 6 engines are utilizing a third-generation CR system, aimed at limiting nitric oxide, particle emissions and consumption at every operating point.

Strong roots are considered to produce beautiful leaves. As for an experienced German manufacturer, it is known to offer a multitude of exquisite and practical solutions in the range of long-distance, construction and distribution transport.

Long-distance solution

When it comes to either national or international long-haul transportation, efficiency and productivity are the key factors to succeed. The MAN TGX trucks are tailor to this particular need. Their economic engine versions are claimed to be the most consumption-efficient units in the competitive market. The selection includes 6-cylinder Common Rail engines D20 and D26 with 360 to 480 hp of output as well as the 6-cylinder inline D38 with 520, 560 or 640 hp. The Common Rail high-pressure injection system is bolstered by turbocharging and exhaust gas after-treatment. Other contributions to the beneficial level of efficiency are provided by high-strength lightweight construction, aerodynamics adjustments and a GPS-controlled cruise control.

Building site solution

With respect to construction transport, special attention is paid to payload and axle layouts. The MAN's offering in this sector combines the TGS trucks. The range is represented by the 18 to 44-tonners with the choice of drive formulas. Either the permanent all-wheel drive or the MAN HydroDrive selectable front-wheel drive is responsible for the necessary transaction on the building site with its challenging road situations, while the driver is assisted by the MAN TipMatic semi-automatic manual gearbox.

Distribution solutions

Short-haul city and intercity distribution requires the most optimal combination of high payload, safety and eco-friendliness. In this regard, MAN developed even two model ranges, the TGM and the TGL, to meet every possible need.

The TGM trucks are driven by Common Rail diesel engines D08 that generate between 250 and 340 hp. The high-torque 6.9-liter engines hold their strength during start-up in short-haul distribution operations and are extremely smooth on longer trips. The TGM trucks in the 12- to 26-ton weight class combine a high payload and an impressive body-mounting capability.

Lighter variants of distribution trucks are represented by the MAN TGL lineup. The 7.5- to 12-tonners are driven by 4- and 6-cylinder engines D08 with the output of 150 to 250 hp. Thanks to their low weight, the TGL trucks are suitable for high payload and offer outstanding ride dynamics and optimum manoeuvrability.

What's next?

Engine technology has not reached its limit yet. The competition in the field never rests and lawmakers continue to put more pressure on the manufacturers regarding CO2 emissions. The MAN representatives claim that they look forward to taking on this challenge. No doubt, they can afford such intentions, as they have enough knowledge, experience, and passion under their belt.

In the meantime, there are 100 years of dynamic and productive history behind every MAN truck, produced in the 21st century. Such an advantageous background makes even used MAN trucks have a good reputation on the market.

Home Painting Ideas for the Newlyweds

When you lived with your parents, they primarily decided the colors of the home. When you lived in collegeorms, you could not undertake painting adventures on your own. And, when you lived in rented apartments, it had to be neutral colors to suit the landlord's prerogative. But, now that you are married, the place that you call home should be remarkable and romantic.

Make your Home Romantic Paradise!

As newlyweds, your home should enable you to live your life comfortably. But, it does not mean you have to undertake massive renovation projects on your property. You can paint the walls with the color of your choice and make it beautiful. It will be inexpensive, easy and quick. But, before dialing the number of a home painter, here are a few home painting ideas to make things easier for you:

· The Purpose of the Room

Painting a home does not mean selecting one color and painting all the rooms with it. It is not as simple as it looks. You have to consider the purpose of each room and then, make a choice. If you have a dining room that you will use for entertaining guests, it is best to go for colors that make the room elegant as well as create an illusion of space. Ask your painter to give a wooden finish to the floor to make it look sophisticated. On the other hand, the bedroom is your personal space. Seek inspiration from things that attract both of you and paint the room in rich hues to make it romantic.

· Not 'I', it is 'Us'

Newlyweds often have arguments about choosing the colors for the home. But, it is important to remember that even though you have agreed to spend your lives together, you are not the same person. Both of you will have different choices. And, if you want the home to be a romantic paradise, you will have to consider each other's choices.

If your spouse loves the color pink and you like the neutral shades of brown and gray, you can make it work. Ask your painter to provide you with color palettes that include your favorite colors. Typically, a reputed painter has a team of color consultants who work closely with homeowners to solve their dilemmas. You can ask the color consultants about your color choices and make things work.

· Center of Attraction

Painting is not only about giving a fresh look to the walls. You can have a piece of furniture, a painting or a wall-hanging to be the center of attraction. Do not just restrict the look of the bedroom with candles, hang a few photo frames to make it more personal. You can put up pictures of your wedding, honeymoon or other events that are special to both of you.

Once you decide on the thing that will be the center of attraction for a particular room, you can decide on the color of the walls. Make sure that the color complements the accessories and the furniture of the room.

Painting the home can be your very first adventure that you embark upon as a couple. So, it is essential that you spend adequate time on planning. When it comes to painting, patience is the key. Talk to your painter and ask him to give you suggestions. Research online and discuss with your spouse so that your home brings out both your styles and personalities.

Some Different Kinds of Chandeliers

Have you ever wanted to purchase a beautiful chandelier for your room or house, but did not know what the right one to buy was? Well if this is the case, then this article is for you.The four types of chandeliers that we will be talking about today are glass chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, antler chandeliers and alabaster chandeliers.

Glass chandeliers are the first type of chandelier that we are going to be discussing today. These glass fixtures are usually more times than not just cheap knock offs of the real crystal chandeliers. The reason that these are so popular is because they give the illusion of being high end but having a mid class price. There is an exception to this rule however and it is Murano chandeliers. These are world famous glass hand blown chandeliers that are very expensive.

The next type of chandelier that we will be going over is the crystal chandelier. There are many different types of crystal chandeliers available but for the most part there is only one brand of crystal chandelier that is recognized as being the best, and it is the Waterford brand crystal. Waterford crystals have been manufactured since 1783 and have the same high quality that they did back then.

Antler chandeliers are our next subject in today’s discussion. Antler is a relatively new material that is being used in chandelier and light fixture construction. There are many different types of antlers that are being used. Some examples of the most popular ones are mule deer, white tail deer, elk, moose, and big horn ram. These types of chandeliers are more than likely going to be found in rustic style cabins and western influenced hunting lodges and mountain homes.

The last type of chandelier that we are going to be talking about is the alabaster type. Alabaster is a compact finely textured type of gypsum that is used worldwide for types of carving and chandelier lamp shades. The reason that alabaster made this list is because of its unique beauty when it is lit up by the chandelier lights. If you are looking for a chandelier with a touch of class but also holds some earthy tones then this is definitely the one for you.

Hopefully after reading this article you will have a little bit more insight about which type of chandelier that you want for your home. No matter which one you buy just remember to make sure that you are buying it for your enjoyment not the rest of the worlds.

Solving Starter Problems on 1992 – 2006 Ford Products

You turn the ignition key on your mid-90’s Ford motor vehicle and all you get is a click. Initially you think that either the battery is low or that the battery cables are not secured tightly. You may be surprised that the problem is with the small red wire that leads to the starter solenoid (which is attached to the top of the starter).

Ford products (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury) made from 1992 to 2006 had a design defect in the starter that often caused a no-start, no-crank condition. The problem was traced to the ignition terminal connection on the starter’s solenoid. Ford finally came out with a conversion kit that remedied the problem. It is Ford part number 6U2Z-14S411-NA, discussed in Technical Service Bulletin 06-19-14 dated Oct. 2, 2006.

The ignition terminal connection on the solenoid is the smaller of the two electrical connections to the starter. It is usually red and it attaches to the solenoid via a push-on, pull-off connection called a male spade connection. This connection is the primary source of starter problems because it corrodes easily, causing the connection to fail.

The Ford Motor Company has produced a conversion kit that converts the spade-type connection to an eyelet/post-type connection. This will solve the problem. Another alternative is to replace the entire starter assembly with a new or rebuilt unit that already has the newer connection built in. That is the course of action I recommend.

Replacing the starter is a simple task. There are only two bolts that hold the starter in place. Then there is a nut on the solenoid that must be removed to disconnect the main power lead. Finally, there is a smaller electrical wire that must also be disconnected from the solenoid.

Always disconnect the negative lead on the battery before attempting any repairs on a starter (or alternator, etc.).

Do NOT buy a replacement starter or a starter solenoid that uses the male spade connection, since the older type of connection will begin causing problems in as little as a year.

Exercise NOW To Shovel Snow And Avoid The Heart Attack

It's the beginning of snow season. Where I live in the Midwest, we are getting our first real snow fall of the year. Other parts of the country have already had thick or even paralling snowfalls. There's also ice and fallen trees to contend with. Big problems that need to be cleared.

Snow means heart attack and back injury. That's it. There really is nothing else to say. If you have to dig out your driveway or sidewalk, if you have to push the car off a patch of ice or out of a ditch, or just chasing the kids through snow – your heart is going to pound itself out of your chest, your back will tie itself up in knots, and every other muscle will cramp and pull.

What do you do? Well, even though you've got holiday plans and the "end of the year: wrapup at work, you MUST find time to get into condition.

The easiest and fastest way is to begin a daily 30 minute (work up to this if you're out of shape) bodyweight exercise routine that focuses on the heart:

-squats. Lots of them and every day. The great thing about squats is that you can do sets of 50 or 100 several times during the day.

-pushups. Do Hindu pushups or divebomers, as these will stretch the back as well as strengthen.

-jumping jacks. Yep. The old elementary school staple. Do a lot of these, for aerobic and breathing improvement.

If nothing else will motivate you to start exercising right now, how about this: the number 5 reason people go to the ER during the holiday season is injuries from Christmas toys. The number 1 reason is heart attacks. I'd rather have my kids tease me about getting my finger pinched while setting up the bike, than remember Christmas as the day daddy died. Make this Christmas holiday full of the RIGHT memories.