Faith is Not Religion

Periodically, I beat this drum. It seems especially appropriate now, with Christians waving teabag banners declaring that if you cannot afford it you do not deserve healthcare. These being the people who claim they follow the teaching of Jesus, a man who healed the sick for free, who hated capitalism as he watched it bleed the poor into chaotic despair and utter ruin.

Faith is not religion.

Although the two are often confused, faith can be found outside of religion. Religion cannot be found outside faith, or if it can, then that religion is the raving ranting of politics.

I spoke with a man who claimed he found God. Strange idea, I thought, as if finding God took nothing more than scanning his surroundings with the equivalent of a spiritual metal detector. Perhaps God was a glint of light, a diamond chip lodged in the bottom of his soul he’d not discovered earlier. Suddenly there was God waiting just for him alone.

When I asked how that occurred, he said he found God in his newly adopted religion. He made it sound as if God existed nowhere else. The longer we talked, the clearer it became that this was a man transformed by his discovery. He reminded me of a drug addict or alcoholic, transfixed after the first huff or drink.

I asked how this transformation made him feel. Unbelievable, he said with wide-eyed wonder. Reborn, he added confidently as he examined his hands as if they were not the same hands he bore at birth, his true birth.

For him religion was like a spiritual aphrodisiac. He could stroke it and find satisfaction, arousal, deeper and stronger than anything physical. I wondered if he would survive the first test life dropped at his feet, a tragedy, serious challenge, or would his shelter shatter like stacked crystals.

We walked different paths after that day. I chose the path of faith. He chose religion. You may not yet see or the understand difference, but faith is like a spiritual cloak. Once it’s wrapped around you, you do not remove it. You cannot, nor will you want to, open a door and walk outside of faith. Faith is lived each minute, not just a few select hours each week.

Religion is like a   trench  coat. If life “rains” on you, you hastily don it. Yet you don’t really trust it completely so you pop the umbrella of readings. When you leave your House of Worship, it’s okay to take the  trench  coat off, set it aside, place it on the night table maybe, hang it up to dry.

Sometimes religion is dictated by leaders who demand more of you, or that you perform deeds you are unwilling to do. Yet a true follower feels compelled to obey, drinks from the glass that reads “Drink This” and wonders why nothing changes as a result but everything seems or looks distorted.

Faith makes no demands. Faith is understanding; accompanied by the desire to prosper spiritually. There is no guidebook for faith; no lesson plan, none is needed.

Religion is laid out in books, road maps that must be read repeatedly to be followed and understood. Without daily immersion, one might drown in misunderstanding, leave the path of dictated behavior, and make decisions for oneself. Frightening thought, making decisions for oneself without religion’s God to blame, or to seek succor or solace from.

Faith-guided living becomes a teacher. Such a life requires self-examination. It promotes healing oneself as the first step to healing others. Accepting one’s own flaws leads to understanding the actions of those around us. Forgiving ourselves directs us to learn the skills needed to forgive others.

Years passed before I heard from the man who found God. He had abused his body through poor eating, drinking, and too much sun. In the end, I wondered if he refused the medical care that might’ve saved him because of religious conviction, or because he decided to give up. Perhaps the two were interchangeable.

Religion offers guidance based on the words of men lost to history, words written and rewritten until the ink faded into the obscurity of politics, which was when religion began representing government not faith.

Faith is guidance. Words are unnecessary; action propels the faithful to make the decision best for their spiritual self. And the path lies open, lit by inner light seen by the faithful alone, carried along though eternity.

Dog Training – 3 Tips to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People

A sure sign of a well-behaved dog is when you enter someone’s home and their pet does not jump on you in greeting. Not only is jumping on guests annoying, it can be dangerous. Large dogs can knock people down and are capable of seriously injuring small children or the elderly. Not to mention all the mud he gets on your clothes on rainy days!

Jumping on people is also a sure signal that your dog thinks he’s the leader of the pack. Watch dogs together and you’ll see them exhibiting the same behavior. Allowing your dog to jump on people undermines all your training.

These dogs have learned if they jump on people they get attention and often petted. Your job is to help them unlearn that with positive reinforcement. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Ignore your dog when you arrive and leave the house.   Ditch  the long goodbye and the long-lost dog owner greeting. Don’t greet your pet for five minutes once you get home. This will help break the habit.

2. Do you want to dance? If a week or so of not greeting your dog doesn’t break the behavior, try this on your medium or large dog. When he jumps on you, firmly grip his paws while he’s still on his hind legs. Hold them without squeezing until he starts to squirm, then firmly command, “Off!” Some trainers recommend stepping on your pet’s back paws at the same time, but this could cause injury to your pet’s delicate feet. Holding his front paws, sometimes for several minutes, will do the trick and won’t be painful.

3. Use the leash. If guests are coming over, keep your dog on a leash. When he jumps on the visitors, pop the leash to engage his training collar, command, “Off!” and lead him to the other side of the room. Praise him after you lead him away.

Marilyn Burnham

Author: ‘Dog Owners Boot Camp’

The How To Guide, Dog Training Secrets Professional Dog Trainers Don’t Want You To Know!

For More Information On Dog Training

Contract Furniture Manufacturers and Hotel Furniture Suppliers

Look to leading furniture manufacturers who specifically manufacture for the hospitality industry to supply quality furniture for your hotel. Whether you are interested in developing new furniture designs or purchasing value-engineered hotel furniture, working with qualified commercial or contract furniture manufacturers will give you everything that you need to distinguish your property and elevate your guest’s experience.

Quality materials and craftsmanship are of the utmost importance when purchasing hotel furniture. Reviewing a photo portfolio of a furniture manufacture’s past work, seeing their original designs and having their finish samples in hand will help you to qualify those who stand out in the field. Seek out a company with a turnkey approach. Your manufacturer should be willing to assist with design, create shop drawings, develop custom finishes and handle all elements of production and shipping. The most capable manufacturers will always customize designs and value engineer the pricing. Contract furniture is not subject to a cookie cutter approach and customization should always be possible at affordable prices. Successful hotel interior design projects regularly take nontraditional approaches and do things “outside of the box” while staying within the budget. Delivering high quality interior design for a hospitality setting requires identifying a qualified contract furniture manufacturer that is willing to work with your design ideas and meet your standards. Your project is unique and your brand matters- ultimately the furniture in your hotel must reflect this.

Re-branding is at the forefront of the hospitality market today as the leading hotels are seeking to distinguish themselves. Many hospitality companies and individual hotel properties are reinventing themselves to remain competitive in the marketplace. Innovative interior design and unique furnishings are central to this industry-wide push. Never underestimate the impression that quality furniture and quality furniture design makes on the guests at your hotel. The guest experiences your brand during each stay and their experience should be of the highest priority. The condition and quality of furnishings and style of furniture guest rooms dictates a key element of their experience. Hotel owners, commercial interior designers and purchasing companies should embrace this opportunity to create a unique experience for the guest. By delivering a unique and memorable environment for the guest they will continue to return.

The age-old argument of form vs. function is never more alive than in a hotel setting- especially in the hotel furniture design. Elements commonly found in highly designed, residential furniture don’t allow enough durability to withstand the demands of hotel use. By working with the right manufacturer suitable materials will be substituted and design engineering can be applied to resolve most challenges surrounding the debate of form vs. function. Great furniture design is very alive in the hospitality industry and it will continue to play a central role in years to come. Furniture designs reflecting the brand identity and overall aesthetic of the hotel will strongly emphasize both practicality and function. The right manufacturer will provide you with functional furniture that is attractive, high quality and suitably constructed for commercial use.

Contract furniture manufacturers build high quality, high endurance furniture that is ideal for your hotel and will withstand the most demanding usage. Seek out high quality, innovative manufacturers for your next hotel furniture project and you will find a new world of possibilities. The best manufacturers in the industry will work with you and exceed your expectations building exactly what you want, in any quantity you need for the prices you expect.

Growing Vegetables in Self-Watering Containers

Most people think that vegetables must be grown in a garden bed. But there is in fact another option – containers. Vegetables don’t care where they are grown, as long as they have enough room for their roots and they receive enough sunshine and water to allow them to grow strong and healthy. Therefore, containers are perfect, with the added advantage of being able to move the container if the need arises.

The most important thing to remember when growing vegetables in containers is to water them often. Containers tend to dry out quicker than garden beds, so they do need more water. If you are like me and you have a tendency to forget to water your plants that are in containers, there is a simple solution – self-watering containers! These containers have a reservoir system to hold extra water. The reservoir allows the water to seep up into the soil, keeping it moist but not waterlogged.

It is so easy to grow vegetables in self-watering containers. To get started, use 50% compost and 50% peat/perlite for the soil or a specially formulated soil mix that contains ingredients such as sphagnum peat, perlite, vermiculite and limestone. Simply place the soil mix in the container and add plants. You can start seeds in seedling trays, or buy young vegetable plants from your local garden center. Then just add water once a week to the reservoir and watch as the vegetables grow, grow, grow!


There are several advantages to growing vegetables in self-watering containers, such as:

  • You don’t need to add fertilizers, because frequent watering does not wash away the nutrients in the soil,
  • You don’t need a lot of space,
  • You can have different types of plants in one container,
  • Vegetables grow better in self-watering containers than regular containers, and
  • You will have higher yields from vegetables grown in self-watering containers than traditional gardens planted in the ground.

So, why do self-watering containers have higher yields than traditional gardens? That’s due to the way plants grow – by bringing water up through the plant’s roots, up the stems and out through the leaves. This is called a “transpirational pull”. When a plant has constant access to a water supply that will never run out, the plant can grow continuously. It will never have to pause it’s growth stage while waiting for more water and nutrients. No pauses means more growth and more yields for you, the gardener. Plus, the plants are healthier because they do not become stressed or weakened from the lack of moisture.

As a final note, remember that certain vegetables will need extra support, such as a trellis or ladder. This support system can be easily added to the container. Vegetables that can grow upwards include cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and peas. If you do plan to grow these vegetables, it is a good idea to add the trellis support before adding the plants. Also, growing vegetables vertically rather than horizontally saves space and that’s a good thing no matter how much or how little space you have for your garden.

24000 BTU Air Conditioners

Generally speaking, air conditioners can be further classified into one of these 4 categories: portable units; wall or window units; mini and multi split systems; and central air conditioner systems.

In terms of cooling power, the standard measurement used is BTU units. The higher the BTU is, the higher the cooling power. The cooling power of air cooling systems is quantified in units of 12000 BTUs, commonly known as 1-ton. As such, 24000 BTU air conditioners are also commonly known as 2-ton air conditioners.

The information on the cooling power of an air cooling unit can often be found on the data sheets or even on the labels itself, indicated by either BTU units or tons. If you’re looking for one with the highest possible cooling power for your home, you’re pretty much looking for 24000 BTU air conditioners.

Setting central systems aside, the highest cooling power of wall or window air conditioning units is 24000 BTU. Higher cooling power is seldom heard of for home air conditioning units.

In case you were asking yourself this no-brainer question: “why would people want 24000 BTU air conditioners”, the answer is simple. We know that the installation fees for a central air conditioning system are high as compared to small window model, since you’d have to set up the network and pipes throughout your entire home, or a large room, if you do not already have it. Those looking for a single unit for the entire floor or home should have the 24000 BTU air conditioners at the top of their list.

The 24000 BTU air cooling units are probably the most powerful cooling units for your home, capable of cooling built-up areas of up to 1400 square feet, the built-up area of a medium sized home or a very large room.

With air conditioning units such a high cooling power, most average consumers would expect to fork out a hefty price for their monthly bills. Rest assured though, with green technology built into newer air conditioning models, you’re looking at much lower sums than you’d expect thanks to those designers and researchers. Look out for energy saving models to maximize your wallet in the long run.

Since the 24000 BTU air cooling system draws up more power in order to work their magic, you’d need a 240 volt power supply for air conditioners of this size. A dedicated 50 amp circuit is recommended for the air conditioning unit, unless you don’t mind having your circuit breakers burn out once in a while, or having constant power trips from your power meter.

Make sure to contact your local electrician before your eventual purchase of the air conditioning unit. A major plus for these large air conditioner units is most of them are pre-equipped with built-in heat pumps; you’re looking at a all-in-one air conditioning unit running the whole year through.

The 24000 BTU air conditioners are your best bet for the cooling of your home or large rooms without having to go through the hassle of central system or mini split set up.

Top 3 Portable Car Jump Starters

Whether you’re looking for a car jump start that you can put in your garage, or you’re looking for one that you can take on the go, I wanted to showcase some of the best jump starters that are on the market today. Listed below are my favorite three, as well as ones that receive rather good ratings online:

  • Energizer 84020 All-In-One 12V 18Ah Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor and Power Inverter can offer you competent, dependable and accessible car jump starter. Its outstanding features include 12 volt, 18Ah lead-acid battery that gives off 400 CA which serves as battery jump-starting power, air compression for tire inflation and unbind AC and DC current suitable for most devices. Also it is made up of 250 PSI internal air compressor than can inflate a car in just 10 minutes, two 12 volt DC power sockets, resilient 400A insulated metal battery clamps, a 12 volt 1 amp internal battery charger that goes with two-stage charger making it very safe to be left connected until it is fully charged. Its dimensions are 8 x 13 x 13 inches and weighs 11 pounds.
  • Stanley J5C09 500 Amp Jump Starter with Compressor can effortlessly jump start a car, a truck, an RV, or even a boat. It is packed with 500 amps of continuous power and can emit up to 1000 amps of peak power. Another feature of it is a 120 PSI air compression and a high powered LED light that goes around up to 270 degrees, a polarity alarm for protection, and a strong metal handle. This device has a built-in 120 volt AC charger which allows you to recharge it using a household extension connection. However, it weighs about 18 pounds.
  • Schumacher IP-95C Jump Starter & Air Compressor comes in very handy and ideal for those who are traveling on the road all the time for it is compact and light in weight with a tough polypropylene case. Its features include a built-in high pressure air compressor and DC power source for 12 volt accessories and 5 volt USB devices. It also has an ON and OFF jump start switch and an overload and short-circuit protection on the 12 volt accessory outlet. You can just simply attach an extension cord to recharge the device, and note the its 18″ cables stay resilient in cold weather.

When picking one out, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re picking out one that not only works for you, but you will want to make sure that it is within your price range.

A Different Spin on Candles

One of the main attractions to people when they are doing finishing touches to their home environment is to add candles. This gives you a great welcoming feel to your home. The main reasons that people love their candles is the fact that they provide one of the best glows that you can possibly find for your home. This light is not like any other and you can only achieve this through a candle. These lights also give your home a touch of classical feel as well. They have a history with them that so many people like and are drawn to. What are the best candles to get this glow from and what can you add to them to decorate your home in a different way?

Well the first thing that you need to look into is to really do some research on pillar candles. These candles have continued to grow in popularity because they have a large center allowing the wick to burn down the middle. By doing this you are able to get a constant glow through the entire candle. This is something that other types of candles do not achieve, This type of candle really makes all the difference when you lite it in your home.

To achieve a different spin on your candles most designers recommend to use more than one at different sizes. This is great to do when you are going to stagger the heights to add some variation. The most popular variation that you can take advantage of is with a group of three candles that are arranged in a tier down effect. With all three of these candles lit at the same time you really increase the attention to your candle display. With these candles lit you may have some issues with wax melting down the sides and getting on your tables. This cannot be contained with just a simple candle stand. What is going to happen is that these candles will fill up the stand and then pour over the sides and then make a mess all over anything.

One spin on this issue is to add something that will help catch the wax and still be functional at the same time. You can buy decorative trays. Now instead of having individual candles with their own stands you are able to have a single tray that is holding all three candles and able to collect all three candle wax ruminants together. This is a great idea to take advantage of. You want to be able to consolidate whenever possible and simplify your home décor. With this spin on candle decoration you are able to do this.

Expert Family Vacation Planning

There are some basic certainties in life, even now as we as a nation languish in demanding personal economic challenges. The children will be home for the summer, the desire to spend quality time together as a family, and finding something…anything…that will occupy the interest of the offspring. These truths are the given rites of summer, and exists regardless of our ability to easily address them.

It is also a fact that our ability to provide easy solutions to these issues has been a bit compromised by economic belt tightening, job loss and financial pressure beyond the norm. The standard vacation ideas of the recent past may no longer be in play, and yet the need remains. This can be an awfully difficult pressure to deal with, the need to provide a sense of normalcy and stability to your family. The added pressure of insulating the children from the ‘grown-up world’ and the problems living there can sometimes present. The good news, and there is good news to be sure, is that there are solutions. Remember first that your families love and admiration for you as a parent or guardian is NOT dependent on glitz and glamor. It is dependent only on your attention and inclusion. By following the steps outlined below, you will have a basis of information and structure to quickly move forward on your vacation plans.

  • Asses the time available to you.
  • What is the maximum number of days, in a perfect world, that you can devote to the vacation?
  • What are the minimum number of days that you consider adequate to spend on the vacation?
  • On two separate   columns , A and B, record these numbers.

  • How many people will be traveling?
  • Record the number of people in each  column , below your previous entry.
  • What is the total, maximum,amount of money that you will spend?

  • Record the total funds available in each  column  below your previous entry.
  • Get out the Calculator and do some EASY computations.
  • Multiply the dollar amount available by .25. ..this is the amount of money to be spent on travel costs.
  • Subtract that number from your total dollar amount available, rounding the number to the higher dollar amount. This is your new total cash number to work with.
  • What accommodations will you require?
  • Camping? Multiply your total cash number by .15. This is the budgeted amount to be spent on lodging fees if you decide to CAMP.
  • Hotel? For an average hotel, decide on the number of rooms needed. Multiply your total cash number by .30 for an average Hotel, and then divide that number by the number of rooms necessary. For a destination type hotel or resort, multiply your total cash number by .55 and again, divide that number by the number of rooms necessary.
  • All Inclusive Resort? These vacations provide all meals, a great many built in activity options (some with an up charge), and personal service. Many also provide childcare and children oriented activities as well.Multiply your total cash number by .70. This is the total amount of money available for your all inclusive experience. Finding the per person cost is not necessary, as there will be separate rates for children and adults as well as seniors. Simply view the Resort Provider on the Web for specifics. We recommend (and are not being compensated for these recommendations) Club Med, Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Starfish resorts.
  • Divide the total amount you are now willing to spend by the number of people that are traveling.
    ex. 2 parents, three 5 people. I will spend $100. …$100 divided by 5. The result is $20. You are budgeted to spend $20 per person.

  • Divide the amount of spending per person by the number of days, first in  column  A, then repeat the step for  column  B.
    ex. $20(per person) divided by 2 days( column  a)=the cost for each person per day.

  • Now you have real figures to deal with. Use them

Having now arrived upon your financial platform, you are now able to make some solid decisions.You now have the following information to work with:

  • Total Budget in Dollars for my Trip=
  • Total Travel Dollars I can Spend=
  • If I camp, the dollars I can spend on a campsite=
  • If I stay at an average limited service hotel, I can spend this amount on each room=
  • If I stay at a full service, resort hotel I can spend this amount on each room=
  • If I stay at an all inclusive resort I can spend this amount=
  • After I spend money on travel and accommodations, I can spend this amount per person daily=

Mini Cooper Floor Mats

BMW, one of the leading brands in European cars, has made a breakthrough in the auto industry by introducing a sporty, stylish, yet affordable model: Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper began its popularity with its appearance in the comedy hit “Mr. Bean”, as he owned a cute little old Cooper. The newer design of this model became even more popular in the movie “The Italian Job”. It showcased the fantastic exteriors of a prized BMW car as well as the well-famous German auto technology in Cooper’s astonishing speed and driving experience.

While the exterior seems to be the main thing attracting car buyers most of the time, the interiors of a Mini Cooper will not let consumers be disappointed. The first things to be noticed is the interior layout: a bold dash featuring a huge center-mounted speedometer, the stereo control system, and A/C control system are re-arranged non-traditionally with a touch of comfort and a feeling of high-tech innovation. Once a person takes a hop in a Mini Cooper, the most impressive thing is that neither legroom nor headroom is an issue for a driver of any height.  Moreover, the Mini Cooper’s interior is truly one-of-a-kind, with backlit armrests in the doors, handsomely sewn seats. It’s surprisingly comfortable for a long drive with good support from the bolster.

Apart from having clean interiors and floor  mats , comfort and stability should also be noticeable once a passenger gets in. Pairing your nice car with high quality  mats  sustains the elegance of the vehicle. The perfect floor  mat  is something that does not get out of place, can be easily cleaned and maintained, and has a very simple but classy look.

Mini Cooper floor  mats  are exceptional because the fit is perfectly made for the vehicle. Their impressive look maintains the positive aura exuded by the car. Even though the floor  mat  is made of rubber, it is environment-friendly because it does not have a strong smell, unlike that of a new pair of rubber slippers or your car’s tires. It is also made slip-proof in order for it to stay in place. It also has a dust-proof element because of its easy-clean texture. What’s also good about these  mats  is that they’re perfectly aligned to the flooring of the car making it appear as though it’s actually part of the flooring. Each  mat  also provides skid-proof floor patterns to make your feet rest perfectly on the  mat . Get your own Mini Cooper floor  mat  now.

Green Homes Are the Latest Trends

The latest trend in building, both residential and commercial, is green construction. Earth friendly, sustainable construction is being hailed as the way of the future. Major changes in the way buildings are constructed as well as in the materials used are becoming a priority for many people. Green homes can be vastly different from traditional homes. Several trends have become industry standard and are helping make the homes more energy efficient and healthier. Here are a few of the major features you are likely to find in a green building.

Steel frames, which are stronger and more sustainable than wood are replacing the traditional wood framed models. Steel is also impervious to mold, making it a healthier choice.

Heating and air conditioning systems are now coming with HEPA filters installed. The filters can reduce many of the allergens found in our homes.

Special energy efficient windows have greatly reduced the amount of air exchange, making the homes easier to heat and cool. These windows also block out UV rays.

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are being fitted with filters, purifying municipal water supplies that are dropping in purity.

Traditional   carpeting  and vinyl flooring is being replaced with ceramic tiles or hardwood flooring. Carpets are notorious for their off gassing and are extremely difficult to keep clean.

A green house can be slightly more expensive during initial construction, but the energy savings can make up for the costs rapidly. Long term benefits make the homes appealing to many people.

If you currently have a home and aren’t planning on building a new one, there are several improvements you can make on your current home to make it greener and more efficient. Here are some of the most popular:

Cotton insulation can be installed in place of traditional fiberglass types. Cotton is just as effective but much safer and more Earth friendly.

If you must replace your roof, opt for redwood shingles that are reclaimed from old lumber. These shingles prevent the destruction of thousands of trees each year and are beautiful.

Traditional smoke detectors use radioactive materials which are certainly not Earth friendly. New models avoid these impossible to dispose of isotopes.

Improve your home’s air quality by replacing ordinary heating and air conditioning filters with HEPA filters.

When it comes time to replace that old, dirty carpet, replace it with ceramic tiles. These are the trend in modern design and are much healthier, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

The green movement is here to stay. Even if you aren’t overly concerned about global warming, the health benefits gained from modern construction methods can make green right for you.

Cleaning Wool Carpets – Providing the Best Carpet

A carpet made of wool is the best choice for any room that is subjected to heavy traffic. Most authentic carpets are made of wool. In countries where wool is harder to come by, a mixture of wool and cotton fibers may be used to construct the carpet. Cleaning wool carpets in the right manner will protect the wool fibers from being hurt by soil and dirt that can become trapped in the carpet. Dirt and other particles are easier to remove from wool as opposed to other materials used to make modern rugs. Rug cleaning for these types of carpets is fairly simple and a minimal amount of effort is needed to preserve these rugs.

Valuable and authentic carpets do need specific precautions to be taken and may require a little more detailed care. Experienced hand weavers spend a lot of time creating these carpets and the wrong cleaning practices can be very hard on them. Specific cleaning solutions and spot treatment products must be used to make certain the fibers are not harmed and the natural dyes do not fade, bleed, or become discolored. Contacting a local rug cleaning company to ask questions about caring for your carpet can save a lot of time and ensure that the right products are used on such an expensive item.

Use certain cleanup practices within the home to further protect the carpet from extensive damages. Vacuuming is vital because it will remove all loose dirt from the carpet and prevent it from being working into the fibers. Wool rugs resist dirt and soil and with a consistent vacuuming routine, most of the resisted particles can be removed before they are embedded into the carpet. The recommended vacuum frequency is at least three times each week. Vacuuming daily will help it remain in the best condition possible.

React to spills quickly and clean then with a white towel and blotting. The spill can be diluted with water if needed. Make sure a small amount of water is used to prevent the carpet from absorbing large amounts of water or other liquids. Access liquids can lead to discoloration leaving it with a hint of yellow or brown coloring. Do not scrub the carpet if a spill or stain occurs. Scrubbing will break the fibers down faster and cause the carpet to look fuzzy and rugged.

Rug cleaning by a professional service every one to two years can also help the carpet remain intact and looking beautiful. Do not employ in home cleaners or try to clean the rug in your spare time. Choose a responsible rug cleaning company that has many years of experience in cleaning wool carpets. Your chosen cleaner will have thorough knowledge of the carpets fibers and what chemicals and solutions are safe to use during cleaning. Professionals also make certain all solution is rinsed from the rug and it is dried all the way through. This will prevent color and fiber harm as well as more severe damages such as dry rot and mildewing.

Soda/Soft Drinks Do Not Hydrate Your Body

If you look at any soda label you will note many have phosphoric acid at approximately, 2.8 pH (very acidic) a soda triggers a massive emergency calcium (alkaline) flush to balance the acid. The body is safe at 7.3 pH to 7.4 pH, which means you are putting something into your body that is hundred of thousands of times more acidic that your body is! Diseases flourish in an acidic environment. Soft Drinks and other acidic food deposit acid waste in the body which accumulates over time in the joints and around the organs. For example, the Body pH of cancer or arthritis patients are always low. The sicker the person, the lower the Body pH. Don’t ever use Soft Drink when you are sick with a cold, flu or something worse. It will only make it that much harder for your body to fight the illness.

So much calcium is used–it takes 5-7 days to ‘detox’, or restore this precious mineral. And these reactions use a lot of water–thus they are NOT hydrating your body as you might think. If you want to loose massive amounts of essential calcium from your blood, bones and teeth and dehydrate the body, use those drinks high in phosporic acid. It is like a free acid trip–well not that kind of acid trip.

The elevated levels of phosphates in soft drinks leach vital minerals from your body. Soft Drinks are made with purified water that also leach vital minerals from your body. A severe lack of minerals can lead to Heart Disease (lack of magnesium), Osteoporosis (lack of calcium) and many other diseases. Most vitamins can not perform their function in the body without the presence of minerals.

Did you know that drinks high in phosphoric acid does a great job cleaning corroded battery terminals, remove rust from metal or toilet bowels? Soda can eat through the liner of an aluminum can and leach aluminum from the can if it sits on the shelf too long. Heavy metals in the body can lead to many neurological and other diseases.

Soft drinks steal water from the body. They work like a diuretic which takes away more water than it provides to the body. Furthermore, the high levels of sugar in soft drinks steals a considerable amount of water from the body. To replace the water stolen by soft drinks, you need to drink 8-12 glasses of water for every one glass of soft drinks that you consume!

Your body needs 8 – 10 glass of water per day. If you are drinking soft drinks you need to drink an additional 8 – 12 glass. I’ll do the math–you need to drink 16 to 22 glasses of water per day to hydrate and replenish your body’s water requirement.

Soft Drinks never quench your thirst, nor your body’s need for water. Constantly denying your body an adequate amount can lead to Chronic Cellular Dehydration, a condition that weakens your body at the cellular level. This, in turn, can lead to a weakened immune system and a plethora of diseases.

The high amounts of sugar in Soft Drinks causes your pancreas to produce an abundance of insulin, which leads to a “sugar crash”. Chronic elevation and depletion of sugar and insulin can lead to diabetes and other imbalance related diseases. This is particularly disruptive to growing children which can lead to life-long health problems.

Soft Drinks severely interfere with digestion. Caffeine and high amounts of sugar virtually shut down the digestive process. That means your body is essentially taking in NO nutrients from the food you may have just eaten, even that eaten hours earlier. Caffeine triggers a similar body emergency, with more essential minerals added to the event. Consumed with french-fries which can take weeks to digest, there is arguably nothing worse a person can put in their body.

Last, but not least, Diet soft drinks contain Aspartame, which has been linked to depression, insomnia, neurological disease and a plethora of other illness. The FDA has received more than 10,000 consumer complaints about Aspartame, that’s 80% of all complaints about food additives.

My intent is to inspire hope and a solution to hydration. Your body is primarily water. The more hydrated you are, the younger you look. Water transports nutrients, escorts toxins out, participates in temperature control, the focus of your eyes, pump of your heart, or your ability to comprehend words.

Acid Reflux Treatments – An Overview

What is Acid Reflux?

Acid Reflux or Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) is not a disease rather it is a condition. Over stuffing and under eating, excess use of spicy foods, regular drinking of alcohol and smoking accompanied with no exercise are considered as primary causes for acid reflux. In acid reflux the food in the stomach starts coming back to the esophagus. Food that is rising in the esophagus is not the simple food. It also contains strong acids and digestive enzymes. This acidified food burn the protective mucosal lining of the lower esophagus due to this burning mucosal lining becomes weak and even it is destroyed completely. This burning and destruction makes mucosal lining more sensitive to have ulcers and cancers. Most prominent sign and symptoms include burning sensation behind rib cage and stabbing pain in chest. Other symptoms include frequent coughing, difficulty in swallowing, sinusitis, voice changes due to damage of voice box and nausea. In case of improper treatments and ignorance acid reflux will be converted in to serious diseases like ulcers, strictures, inflammation of throat, larynx and lungs and even cancers.

Acid Reflux Treatments

Acid Reflux can be treated in two ways. One is proper medication and other is simple alteration in life style and eating habits. Whatever you use as acid reflux treatment it is highly recommended to consult with doctor. This is because of the fact that medicines used to treat other diseases can inhibit drugs used to treat Acid Reflux. Acid Reflux Treatments can be classified in to three broad categories.

– Changes and Alteration in Life Styles

– Medication

– Surgery or Laparoscopic Surgery

Changes and Alteration in Life Styles

In this treatment patients are advised to change their life style from eating habits to sleeping habits and even body postures during physical workouts. If we talk about eating habits patients will have to quit spicy foods, coffee, alcohol. It is also suggested to reduce the consumption of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. It is also recommended to have smaller meal but more than 3 times. Avoid having meal just before going to bed. This will reduce stomach expansion during digestion. Chewing gum just after having meal will increase the production of saliva that in turns neutralize the acid in esophagus and in turn give relief in acid reflux. Patients are advised to follow the following guidelines

– Give up smoking.

– Cut down caffeine intake.

– Bring down stress

– Try to maintain ideal body weight.

– Try to avoid wearing waist fitted clothes.

– Do not do physical workouts after having meal.

Bad body postures such as bending or slumping that causes contraction of stomach can increase the chances of GRED. Patients are recommended to try to keep their body in straight and comfortable posture. Don’t sleep without pillow. Keep your upper body elevated this will not let the fluid come in esophagus.


Proton Pump Inhibitor Drugs

Specific drugs are also designed to use as acid reflux treatments. Some drugs lower down the acid production by deactivating cell surface molecules (proton pumps) in gastric lining. Proton pumps work with positively charged Hydrogen ions and increase acid production. Proton pump inhibiting drugs have serious side effects.


Mild cases are treated with Antacids. Aluminum hydroxide, Magnesium hydroxide, Calcium hydroxide and Sodium bicarbonate are common antacids used as acid reflux treatments. Antacids increase the pH of stomach and decrease acidity by neutralizing acid in stomach. Antacids must be taken after one hour of having meal. Because antacid can not stay longer in the empty stomach and leave the stomach with in the hour. Meal increases the retention time of antacid in stomach. Other than lowering pH antacids have certain undesirable side effects. Aluminum containing antacids can cause constipation while magnesium containing antacids can cause diarrhea. Liquid antacids are preferred over tablets. Strongest liquid antacids available are Maalox II, Mylanta II, Gelusil II and Extra Strength Riopan

Alginic Acids

Alginic acid is the active component of foam barrier tablets. Foam barrier tablets contain Alginic acid in combination with aluminum hydroxide gel and magnesium trisilicate. Alginic acid in tablet form protective coating on stomach and lower esophageal mucosal lining. This allows cells to regenerate and repaired. Foam barrier tablets forms foam in stomach. This foam starts floating on the top of the liquid content of stomach. Foam act as physical barrier and does not let liquid to rise in esophagus. Two foaming barriers Gaviscon and Algicon are commercially available. It is recommended to chew well after 30 to 60 minutes of having meal or before going to bed.


Antihistamines are also used to treat acid reflux. Stomach walls produce histamine. Histamine accelerates acid production by binding specific receptors present on acid producing cells of stomach. Antihistamine drugs bind to these receptors and block histamine binding that in turn reduces the acid production. Ranitidine, Famotidine, Cimetidine and Nizatidine are commonly used antihistamines or histamine antagonists. They are available without prescription as over-the-counter (OTC) but the dose of OTC is lower than those available by prescription. Antihistamine drugs are taken 30 minutes earlier than meal. This will make antihistamine available in higher concentration when stomach is actively producing acids to digest food. Antihistamine gives fast relief from primary heartburn and inflammation of esophagus.


Prokinetics drugs act on lower esophagus muscles. As a result muscles become tough and accelerate the departure of food from stomach. Due to this food does not get the chance to return to lower esophagus. Due to dangerous side effects it is not recommended to use. Drugs have been withdrawn from the market.


Sucralfate are used for proper functioning of digestive muscles. They improve the healing of esophageal muscles. It protects the sensitive mucosal lining. It is normally used in combination with anti GERD drugs.

Surgery or Laparoscopic Surgery

Severe Acid reflux can be treated through surgery. Surgical procedures are use to support lower esophagus. This will stop the rising of acidified food in esophagus. Surgical procedure used to accomplish this is called as Fundoplication. In this method stomach is wrapped over esophageal sphincter. Surgical treatment of acid reflux is very complicated. Before surgery extensive investigation has carried out to check the patient condition. These investigations include combine pH-impedance, testing assessing non acid, and acid reflux. Surgery is invasive procedure and must perform with extreme care. In contrast laparoscopic surgery is less invasive method. In this method tiny holes are made in belly button and upper abdomen. Patients get fast recovery. Laparoscopic surgery must performed by qualified and experienced surgeons.

Lime Light Of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has turned out to be one of the greatest advancements that happened in the history of medical science. There are many people opting for plastic surgery and this is mainly due to the level of popularity gained through the services. The surgery is in a way helping people to get corrected with many defects that are happening in the history of mankind. It is true that in the past people used to move on with these defects and there were no remedy available to get them corrected in case if they meet with any accidents. Now the situation is completely changed and the main task lies in the level of getting the things corrected with the passage of time. There are many plastic surgeons functioning around the world and it is natural that you can never approach any doctor who is specialized in the field just like that without inquiring about the experience the doctor is having in the particular field. Most of the doctors with the required qualification are ready to move on with this kind of surgery but you can never guarantee about the level of perfection that can be gained from the operation.

Things go worse if you are moving on with this kind of operations without seeking from reputed and well experienced surgeons. This shows the importance of moving on with thorough enquiry in order to determine the best surgeon in your locality to carry on with all the procedures. These also include the pre operational as well as post operational care that has to be imparted apart from the actual operation procedures. It is commonly known that the expenses you need to incur with these surgeries are usually high when compared with all the other kinds of operations.

Most of the common people are actually finding it very difficult to move on with these kinds of operations due to the unlimited amount they need to spend for the cause. As a result many hospitals are providing the facilities like health insurance wherein people are given the opportunity to move on with the operation with the help of certain financial aid to come out of the situation in the best way. Many people are moving on with the surgery mainly due to the defects on the breast and it is better to approach the Beverly Hills breast revision center as they are excellent in carry out the task within affordable rates.

Looks or Practicality? Which Should Triumph When Designing a Bar?

There are hundreds of  bars , clubs and pubs out there and each one will be subtly different in its design. Although we might take the presence of the  bar  for granted, great thought goes into its design. This article looks at the different requirements of a good  bar .


 Bars  are undeniably one of the dominant features of a wide range of places. Temporary  bars  are required for marquee parties, for weddings and even for village fetes, whilst more permanent fixtures are required for  bars  pubs and clubs across the UK and the world. Whilst many of us take the presence of a  bar  in any one of these locations for granted, the reality is that a lot of thought and effort goes into  bar  design in order to ensure it does a great job. But it’s not just as simple as putting a few bottles behind a  bar . How do you actually go about setting up a  bar ? The age old conflict between those who pine for the most beautiful aesthetics and design and those who seek to maximise  bar  productivity and operations rears its head. This article takes account of both of these requirements i.e. that a  bar  must look good as well as function efficiently, to determine what kind of things we should be looking for in a good  bar .


One of the most important aspects of  bar  design is the aesthetics of the  bar  i.e. how it looks. In some places design is obvious; clubs in high competition sites such as London, New York and Paris have to create some particularly outre “wow!” factor in order to win consumers. That’s how you end up with fish tanks under the floor and a tree in the middle of the place. Whilst great looking  bars  in clubs often make it into our papers and magazines, a good looking  bar  is equally important in other contexts too. An outdated and ugly  bar , for example, will neither attract customers no encourage repeat business. When someone enters your pub or  bar  you do not want them to immediately comment on how unattractive it is. Whilst how the  bar  looks is important this does not mean it needs to be anything wildly out of the ordinary. It just needs to be clean and contextually attractive. By this I mean that the  bar  must fit its character and environment. If it is an old pub the  bar  should look traditional and wooden, for example, whilst in a modern champagne  bar  this would look rather odd. In this environment perhaps a stainless steel  bar  may look more attractive. We must remember then that the  bar  must fit in as well as look good, so it doesn’t put off people and therefore lose business.


For every person who argues visual appearance should be a design team’s dominant concern, there is another who would argue its functionality should have more significance. The barman’s tools, the drinks and the glasses all need to be within easy reach of the user in order to operate as efficiently as possible. Get this wrong and and queues will quickly be piling up five deep, which means less money and even less repeat business if people have to queue for a long time to wait to get served and might even end up going somewhere else. Along with thinking about the barman’s requirements it is also necessary to think about how the customer will use the  bar . Is it going to be a sitting  bar , or a serving only  bar ? If it is the latter then great thought needs to be put into where the taps, pumps and service stations will go in order to allow customers to order their drink at as many points as possible. Ideally the  bar  will draw them to an order point rather than have people waiting in a horizontal line which is always problematic for the barman. Finally, a useful piece of  bar  design which is very functional indeed is a mirror. It not only allows the barman to see what is going on behind him when he is preparing the drinks, such as the arrival of new customers, but it also allows those ordering their drinks to see what is going on in the rest of the room and therefore not have their back to the  bar  which makes it difficult for the barman.


Ideally therefore a great  bar  would look good and operate well. This is actually often achieved by  bars  and clubs who employ competent  bar  design teams. Often you will see pictures of great looking  bars  with wonderful colouring and shapes yet with plenty of shelving for glasses and an abundance of display and access points for the various bottles of spirits. In this way the  bar  looks great, the drinks on display look great, the barman can get to the drinks easily, and therefore the whole operation runs more smoothly and will generate more business.