How to Clean a Split Air Conditioner

Cleaning a split air conditioner can be a tough job considering the amount of labor involved. For those who have someone else do this job for them; there are the least of issues. But for money savers who prefer doing these tasks themselves, the cleaning process and then winding up the task afterwards gets pretty tough. Here are some simple tips however to make this task easier.

Turn Power Off and Unplug:

The very first thing one has to do while leaning an air conditioner is to turn the unit off and then to unplug it. Many people consider it worthless unplugging the unit once it is powered off. They are unaware of the fact that units can get bust due to water seeping on to the live wires as electricity is not absent entirely even if the unit is switched off and not unplugged. Getting an electric shock can also not be put out of the question.

Blow Air without Targeting the Air Reflectors:

It is advised not to wet the unit until and unless it is the only way out. If only a person takes pain to regularly clean the split air conditioner then he may not need to wash it with water and detergents. Air blower does a hell of a job in lesser time but it should be made sure that the air pressure does not get to the air reflectors of the unit. At a high speed; the air coming from the blower may as well damage them and they may not be able to spread cool air properly.

Use Cool Water:

Hot water is hazardous for the closely bound metallic plates as they may get expanded due to it. It is advised to use cool water while washing an air conditioner and to use lots of cloth pieces. There are a lot of air conditioner cleaning agents available in the market and one can choose the lesser acidic one to prevent it from burning the plastic and rubber inside.

Place the Unit into a Drainable Place:

Garages, porches and courtyards are good places to clean or wash split air conditioners as they mostly have arrangements for water drainage. This way the cleaner can simply wipe the water away into the drain rather than having to dry it out or eventually wiping it with a cotton broom.

Cover the Wires with Water Proof Material:

It is always better to cover the electric wires of air conditioner with water proofing material. If not done so, then there is a chance for the wires to get wet and this can lead to short circuiting and the entire unit may get burned out.

Considering these simple tips, one can expect great ease while cleaning a split air conditioner himself.

Handy Air Compressor Accessories to Take on Camping Trips

Portable compressors for air are very handy tools not only for vehicle owners but for off-roaders and campers as well. These portable compressors have a number of uses other than supplying emergency air for flat tires. They can also be used to inflate air mattresses and other inflatable recreational toys.

I remember when my best bud went camping with his family. They packed everything for an overnight camping trip save for a portable air compressor. They had bought with them a manual foot pump and by the time that they were inflating the third air mattress, it was almost midnight and they would have given anything for a 12 volt compressor.

Here are some accessories that might come in handy the next time you go out camping:

1. Portable air tanks. This is probably the most useful compressor accessory that you can bring out to camp. Portable air tanks store compressed air and can be used in the outdoors when you have no access to electricity to power on your air compressor. If you’re going off-roading during your camp, this air compressor accessory can also be used to re-inflate your tires and bring the pressure back up to required level of highway speeds, or inflating your footballs, basketballs and even your air mattresses.

2. Accessory kits. This contains a whole bunch of useful compressor accessories in one kit. There are a lot of accessory kits available from 25 pieces accessory kits to 9 pieces kit set. The set includes nozzles, air locks, plugs, male and female couplings, tapered inflation nozzle, safety nozzles and a whole lot more. It’s like an all-in-one kit for your air compressor accessories needs. You’ll never know when disaster strikes therefore you always need to be prepared for whatever comes.

3. Retractabe Air Hose. Hoses are always a welcome accessory for compressors. Wherever you are and wherever your compressor may be, a hose is always needed to especially if you don’t have extension cords. Retractable air hose are advised than reel types since they are more handy and convenient.

If you don’t want to suffer the same fate as my friend’s, do yourself a favor and bring a 12 volt compressor and its matching air compressor accessories the next time you go out camping.

“I learned my lesson,” my friend concluded. “I will certainly have one along on all future camping trips. I have a 12 volt compressor as standard equipment in each of my vehicles. “

How to Make Him Happy Which Will Ensure That He Will Never Leave You! These Tips Will Help

Perhaps the ominous feeling that your guy may lose interest in the relationship is nagging you. Though nothing has happened yet to perturb you, it’s worth trying these simple yet powerful ways to keep him happy and never leave you.

Keep your relationship happy

It is very important to keep your relationship ever happy and fun loving so that you both feel happy being with each other and without outside distraction to cause fear. If you can manage to keep this alive then you have nothing to fear.

Do not force him to commit

Most girls make the enormous mistake of forcing their guys to commit. Guys inwardly fear the proposition of making a commitment too fast and too quickly in their lives. They need their time to consider various aspects before they willingly commit.

You need to be his pillar of strength

Though guys do not like to admit it openly but they really need a strong woman by their side to be their pillar of strength. You should be confident and self assured about handling most things for yourself and also for him. He would prefer not to be bothered by your responsibilities.

Do not encroach on his time

Men need to have their own time and space to spend as they like. It could be a game/sport or other activity like catching up with their reading for which they prefer to be alone. Most women do not realize this and wonder how he likes being alone.

Show him appreciation and admiration

Probably he may undertake to do a small insignificant job for you but in turn he would expect tons of admiration and appreciation for doing something that was so difficult for you to handle and you needed him to do it. Men love being given importance.

Increasing his self esteem

When you praise him and compliment him for his achievements and the way he handles things for you or at work then his self esteem increases. He leans heavily on you for the praise and compliments to build his own self esteem.

Show him loyalty and devotion

When a man sees that he has by his side a woman of substance who is sought by most men, he will feel a sense of pride as though owning a prize possession. You will further enhance his pride when you show him how loyal and devoted you are to him in spite of so many men pursuing you. He will always be happy and never think of leaving you.

Absolute References Vs Relative References in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is built on a regime of   Columns  and Rows with the intersection of these two elements giving us our cells. The cells in Microsoft Excel are always named  Columns  and then Rows, so a typical cell address would look something like – AB256. This particular cell is found on  column  AB and in row 256. The reference I wrote there is very important as it tells me something significant, that is, it tells me the cell address is a relative cell address. So what does this mean? Well there are two types of references used in Microsoft Excel which is an Absolute Reference and a Relative Reference. On a day-to-day basis, the relative and absolute reference doesn’t really affect the operations of your spreadsheet. Where it does become a noticeable issue is when you start copying formulas from one cell to another.

Lets investigate the difference between the two …

A Relative Reference is one that when copied from one position to another will adjust the formula cell address to suit the position it is in. For example if you have a formula in cell address C4 that was =B4*C1 and then copied the formula into say C5 what you will notice is that the cell addresses of the formula will change to =B5 * C2. The reason this has occurred is that the cell addresses are in fact relative addresses. That is the cell address is relative to its current position.

To change a cell address from being relative to being absolute we simply add dollars signs to the cell address in this way – $C$5. What this address is now saying to us is that we must absolutely refer to  column  C and absolutely refer to Row 5. This means that if we apply the dollar symbols to our previous formula in cell C4 which is =$B$4 * $C$4 and then copy our formula to cell address C5 you will notice this time round that the cell addresses didn’t change. The reason is that by adding the $ symbols to the cell address we are telling the formula that regardless of where you place the formula you must absolutely refer to  Column  B and Row four thus we have $B$4.

There are many reasons why you may use Relative References over Absolute references and vice versa. One of the most common one for using absolute references is when you have a specific value you want to refer to in a formula. For example, lets say you are building a mortgage calculator and you need to refer to an Interest Rate. To ensure you are always referring to the right cell that has the interest rate value you may set an absolute value.

In Microsoft Excel there is also a reference called a mixed reference. Essentially what this means is that only either the  Column  or the Row has the dollar symbol, for example $C3. What this is telling us is that in the formula you must absolutely refer to  column  C but the value in the row is relative to the position of the formula.

There are a number of ways that you can enter Relative and Absolute values into a formula. One technique is that you can simply type the $ symbols next to the Row or the  Column . However there is an alternative. Once you have typed in the Cell address like C4 you can move back into the cell address and then use the F4 key to toggle the cell reference from Relative to Absolute to a Mixed References.

Absolute and relative references are extremely important in Microsoft Excel and they ensure that the formulas you are creating actually refer to the correct cells. Remember one simple rule, if the cell addresses have a $ symbol next to it, it means you must absolutely refer to either the  column  or the row.

5 Ways Rubber Truck Bed Mats Are Better

Rubber truck bed mats cost so little yet do so much. It’s no wonder the lowly rubber mats sit over many much more expensive bed liners. Either alone or with other bed covers, rubber mats excel at protection more than just looks. Here’s why these mats work…

1. Shock stoppers.

It’s not exactly just a rubber mat. The material is actually a corded product that’s tougher than just a rubber mat. It’s a superior shock absorber. That means no matter what you throw at it or drop on it, the mat takes the hit instead of the bed itself. Where that’s really valuable is preventing dents. Fixing dents in beds is much harder than fixing scratches. Prevent dents with a rubber mat.

2. Paint protection too.

Scratched bed paint leads right to rust and corrosion. Now it’s true that most bed liners can reduce scratches. That often means that the liner takes the scratches and not the bed itself. Problem is: who wants a scratched up bed liner? Think spray on liners are immune? Not so. They’re repairable, but they scratch too. Let the rubber take the hit, not the high priced liner.

3. Slide protection.

Cargo slides on some liners. Rubber mats put a stop to moving. If you want a slippery liner, these are not the best of choices. Put cargo in place and it will stay there with the right mat.

4. One mat.

You can’ tear it. It won’t get hard and brittle. Chemicals mostly won’t harm it, nor will anything else. It’s easy and cheap to replace, but probably one’s all you’ll ever need. That’s unless you’re determined to tear up your truck.

5. Nearly no cost.

For one-tenth the cost of a spray on liner, you get even tougher bed protection. Not as good looking as the alternatives, but hides damage that’s already there or protects the most expensive good-looking liners you can get. Easy to buy and easy to replace too.

Rubber truck bed mats protect truck beds and expensive liners too. It’s a rare deal that you get this much for nearly nothing. That truly is the cost… next to nothing.

Preventing Large Loss Damage

Water damage from a flood, a storm or burst pipes can be devastating to the interior of your home. There are ways to prevent large loss damage. When constructing a home or finishing a basement following a few simple common sense steps can easily save a considerable amount of money from water damage that may occur sometime in the future.

1. When finishing interior rooms of a house install dry wall horizontally. If there is a flood you may only need to tear out the bottom dry wall sheet for repairs.

2. Leave a ½ inch gap between the upper and lower baseboards. This will allow for drying and prevent the water from socking into the upper wallboard. Caulk the gap and cover it with a chair molding that can be easily removed to make repairs.

3. Leave a gap at the bottom of the lower wall board that can be covered with floor molding. Attach the floor molding so that it can be easily removed. The gap will allow water to drain from the inner wall cavities and for faster drying.

4. Use flooring that is water resistant, such as tile and concrete. If you want carpeting try area rugs that can be rolled up and moved easily. Installed carpet and pads will most likely need to be removed and disposed of after a water or flood event.

5. Elevate utility systems such as the main circuit breaker; fuse boxes and meters, above the potential flood level.

6. Move outlets and switches to higher levels in rooms when permitted by local or state codes.

7. Put in Ground Fault Circuit breakers to prevent short circuiting electrical fires and injury to people and animals.

8. Elevate heating equipment and air conditioners to a level higher than the potential flood level, a higher floor, or to the attic.

9. Washers, dryers, and water-heaters can be moved to higher floors but be sure to provide spillage pans and overflow drains to prevent water damage from leaks when these items are moved.

10. Install check valves or back-flow valves in sewer lines to prevent floodwater from backing up into the drains.

11. Check the drainage hoses on washing machines and dishwashers. If the hoses need replaced use reinforced hose and install and use shutoffs.

12. Monitoring devices that sense water on floor surfaces and sound an alarm or automatically shut off the water are available.

13. If items must be stored in the lower level use plastic storage containers with tightly fitting lids and store them high off the floor where they will be less likely to end up under water.

14. Keep valuable items out of basements and off the first floor if it is subject to flooding. Use an offsite storage facility if necessary t protects valuable items.

15. Make sure the lot is properly contoured to drain water away from the house. A French drain can also be used to drain water away from the house.

You may not be-able to prevent all damage from water that gets into your house but you can and should take steps to prevent large loss damage.

A Bit More Time to Get A Bit More Back

When we buy a piece of furniture or decor items we look at the long run. Does it work with the surroundings, does it liven up the area, etc etc. When so many questions are predominant in the mind, it should work the same for   rugs  as well. People don’t buy multitudes of  rugs  for their houses.

That’s a fact.

So when the decision to buy a  rug  is made, it should be well conceived.

There are many different types of  rugs  out there, from traditional to modern. So there definitely is something there for everyone to wet their appetite on.

Before buying a  rug , there are 2 things that should be done prior.

1stly, measure the area where the  rug  is supposed to be set on. Don’t do estimates and guesses as the tendency to buy  rugs  of wrong sizes are very high. Also take note of whether there is furniture in the area and whether it is going to surround the  rug  or sit on it, as these affect the size that is to be measured.

2ndly, work out a preferred colour template and design for the  rug  based on the furniture colour and the existing decor. Something that works with the colours and manages to give a uplift is usually the best option. As  rug  stores nowadays have online catalogues, browse through them to check if there is anything there that tickles your fancy. Always have an idea of the range available before heading out to a  rug  store.

If you can’t decide what colour works best with your home, just bring along a cushion or something that exemplifies the colour scheme of the area the  rug  is planned for.

Hopefully these simple tips save you time cracking over the type of  rug  and the size required.

Just remember, there is no point in rushing to buy a  rug . A well thought out buy saves time and gives back twice the satisfaction.

How to Give Mind-Blowing Blow Jobs

No matter what you call it, a blow job, giving head or fellatio, one of the first things you encounter when you start sucking cock is your gag reflex. Most men seem to want to force their cocks down your throat as far as they can get it (particularly at the moment when they cum!). As mentioned earlier, it’s a man’s nature to want to thrust his cock into you as far as he can get it, particularly at the moment when he cums. If he wants all of his cock in you, can you take it all in? Do you want to take it all in (do you actually even need to take it all in)? Consider this: the length of your mouth from your lips to the back of your throat is about 3″ to 3½”, while the average cock’s length is 5″ to 5½”. The laws of nature would seem to say that getting all of that cock into your mouth is impossible. But the laws of sex say that you’ll want to get all of it inside you.

Many women can do it and so can you. You can take as much of his cock into you as you want. You simply take as much of it into your mouth as will fit there, and then slide your throat down over its head until the rest of it is in your mouth and your face is buried in his bush. It’s called deep throating, and when you really get into cock sucking you’ll probably want to do it. The term was made popular in the ’70s porno movie of the same name starring the (now) infamous Linda Lovelace. She wasn’t the first woman to do it by any means: women have been taking men’s cocks down their throats for centuries she simply popularized the term used today.

Can anyone learn to perform deep throat? Yes and no. For example, if you have a very small oral cavity and are attempting to slide a very large penis into your throat, no matter how great your desire it may just be physically impossible. That said, in most cases, with some practice the “average” woman can easily deep throat the “average” penis. Extremes, either way, are rare. Do you really need to do this to give great head?

You can give your man fabulous head without using your throat. Remember, most of the action occurs at the head of his cock – taking any more of it into your mouth is simply the icing on the cake. You can use your mouth on the head of his cock and your hand on its shaft and put him on cloud nine. But, maybe you’re the kind of women who likes both the cake and the icing, and is willing to work for it – even if it means burying your face in his bush. Although most men will be satisfied with the cake, there aren’t many men who would turn down the icing if offered. You need to try it enough to discover if you get any pleasure from this act – if you’ve given it a good try and simply don’t like it, then don’t do it he’ll understand. And, it’s especially fulfilling to deep throat someone that isn’t expecting it. Their eyes grow as large as a silver dollar when you slide the whole length in for the very first time! Why would you want to learn to deep throat?

Four reasons immediately come to mind:

First, it is visually arousing. Very visually arousing! Many of you have seen videos or pictures of a woman deep throating an erect penis. It is a very erotic image, especially watching her neck and throat expand and bulge as the penis slides in-and-out and one that all men get off on!

Second, if you don’t like the taste of your man’s semen but he wants to ejaculate in your mouth, when you perform deep throat the head of his penis is in so deeply that it extends past the taste buds that are on the back of the tongue. While this doesn’t completely eliminate the taste, it is not as strong when done this way.

Third, it a power thing for a woman to do. He must completely trust her. She has all the control.

Fourth, when done right, with enthusiasm and skill, most men find it very, VERY pleasurable. Imagine your delight when you hear your man moan with pleasure as you do things to his penis that most men only dream of!

What does it feel like for your man?

Most men report that they feel a “pleasurable ring of tightness” around the circumference of the penis just below the head with the most pleasurable sensation focused on the underside of the cock where the head joins the shaft (by the way, this area is the most sensitive region on the penis. When done correctly, you can bring your man to a very powerful orgasm just by sucking and licking on this spot). Almost no one says they dislike the feeling. This sounds WAY too difficult!

It’s actually fairly easy to learn to “take it all in.” Getting his cock in your throat is easy – getting your throat used to it being in there is what takes practice. While it might be a tad boring, if you understand the anatomy of your mouth and throat, you’ll see how easy it really is to take his hard cock down into your throat. The biggest obstacle to getting it into your throat is not the size of either his cock or your throat – it’s that sharp bend behind your tongue at the entrance to your throat. Stand in front of a wall mirror and use a hand mirror to get a good side view of your head and neck. Open your mouth wide tilt your head as far back as you can and see how your open mouth almost lines up with your neck. There, that bend is almost gone. Check out your guy’s cock – feel how flexible it really is – especially the end of it. Look at the shape of its head; you’ll note that there will be no problem sliding it around that curve.

A little more anatomy – yours this time. Recall that the length of your mouth (the oral cavity) is 3″ to 3½” from your lips to what I’m going to call the back of your throat (the vertical part of your throat that you see when you look in a mirror). Your trachea – the tube to your lungs – is at the front of your neck (you can feel it with your fingers). Your esophagus – the tube to your stomach – sits behind the trachea. Your throat – which is vertical and about 4″ long – connects your mouth to your esophagus in a straight line. When you take anything into your mouth, your tongue rises against the rear part of the roof of your mouth (the soft pallet with its attached uvula) to close off your throat. When you swallow, your tongue whips backwards and shoots whatever is in your mouth down your throat and into your esophagus. There’s an opening in the front side of your throat that leads into the larynx (the entrance to your trachea). The larynx has a flap or lid – the epiglottis – that closes off the larynx to prevent anything from entering your trachea (e. G. His cum) when you swallow. The larynx also contains your vocal cords. The amazing thing about this arrangement is that it lets his cock slide from your mouth down to the bottom of your throat without entering your larynx or disturbing your vocal cords.

Your throat is about 2″ wide at its entrance (a little less from front-to-back as it passes behind the larynx). It’s somewhat bigger in diameter than the “average” cock. The entrance into your esophagus from your throat is only about 1″ in diameter, so his cock generally won’t go into your esophagus without lots of practice and conditioning. So, the math says that you can easily slide your mouth and throat down over a cock that is about 7″ to 9″ long and about 1½ ” to 2″ in diameter. How does this compare to the size of your man? (Answer: these statistics encompass more than nine out of every ten men) Doing so will have your lips pressed against his groin and have the head of his cock just pressing against the bottom of your throat. It makes a nice fit your guy’s cock will just about fill your mouth and throat, you’ll like the feel of it filling you up.

Sounds great in theory, but can I really do it?

Let’s use an analogy that all you contact lens wearers will readily understand. Remember the difficulty you had overcoming the involuntary urge to blink the first few times you tried to put in your lenses? And, for those that wore hard contacts, do you remember the moderate discomfort and copious tears the first time they were placed in your eyes? But with practice and patience you were able to stop tearing, stop experiencing any discomfort, insert them on the first try, and (by gradually increasing the amount of time they were in your eyes) get to where you could keep them in all day. The same applies to deep throating! In the same way that you really wanted to learn to wear your contact lenses, if you really want to learn to give deep throat, are patient, and practice the techniques described in the next several sections, and you’ll be a world-class deep throater in no time at all! I promise! Go ahead and give it a try.

What I’m going to suggest is that you should do some homework before you try to deep throat a real live cock. While technical discussions about anything as pleasurable and emotional as sex is no fun, on the other hand you don’t want to run into any unpleasant surprises that will turn you off before you experience the pleasures of deep throating. You’ll need to learn some simple details that’ll help you overcome your gag reflex and control your breathing before the pleasures of deep throating can really be enjoyed.

Obviously, one of the first things you probably encountered when you started sucking his cock was a gag reflex when it went too far in. It’s the natural tendency of your body to gag when a foreign object, such as a deeply thrusting cock, is trying to slide down into your throat. But with practice you can learn to control your gag reflex. You then learn how to relax your tongue so you can slide his cock past it and down into your throat (you also have to learn to control your tongue during the entire time you’re deep throating).

In fact, there’s really not much learning involved. You’ve already gotten used to having his cock in your mouth – now all you have to do is get used to having it in your throat. Here’s what you do: get yourself a soft, flexible dildo of the “proper size” so you can practice with it in private at your leisure (the solid jellies are the most comfortable). You may want to get what is called a “double dong” so that you’ll have something straight with enough length to hold on to – 1¼” in diameter and about 10″ long (!) is a good size to start with. Most cocks are not much bigger in diameter and you need one this long to find out how much cock you can take. If your guy’s cock is bigger in diameter, then also get one that is about ¼” to ½” wider than his penis (after you’ve mastered the one-and-a-quarter you’ll want to practice on the larger size so that you’ll know that you’ll be successful when it’s time to perform on the real thing). Huh, you want me to swallow what?

You just use the dildos to limber up the muscles of the throat: start with the smallest and work your way up (since the muscles in the throat are like any other muscle in your body you’ll find that they will limber-up and expand the more you practice). Remember that the tighter the fit, the better it feels for your man. And, depending on the size and shape of your throat, you may even be able to breathe slowly through your mouth (maybe even through your nose) after you get the dildo past your pallet and down into your throat a ways. Otherwise, learn to time your breathing with the in-and-out strokes of the dildo. Note: NEVER, NEVER, EVER practice on hot dogs, sausages, cucumbers, zucchini, or even peeled bananas. They can break-off in your throat and choke you! You’ve got a really strong gag reflex? Then try this –

If you don’t have any adverse reaction to the medicine, dissolve one-or-two Cepacol (or equivalent) sore throat lozenges in your mouth about 15 minutes before you start to practice with the dildo (they will mildly anesthetize your throat and will help eliminate the gag reflex until you get used to having it in your throat). An alternative method is to place ½ teaspoon of liquid Oragel (a medicine normally used to numb the gums when experiencing tooth pain) in a syringe, place the syringe on the back of your tongue, squirt in the contents onto the back of your throat, and swallow. After a minute-or-so your throat will be completely numb. The effect will last about 5 minutes, provided you don’t drink anything (just don’t over do it – never use more than two dosages per evening, as more could make you sick). Be careful though and don’t get too aggressive with the dildo when your throat is anesthetized or you could bruise the lining at the back without feeling it.

By the way, you may think you see a short cut here (but there really aren’t any short cuts when learning to be a virtuoso, right?): why not just deaden your throat, skip all of this practice, and go straight to doing your man? Great concept, except that the same medicine that is deadening your gag reflex will also deaden the nerve endings in his penis after just a couple of thrusts. Your short cut into the world of deep throating will then come to a screeching halt as he loses his erection. If you’re wondering whether all of this is worth it, remember the old adage: if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time!

Prior to starting, be sure that the dildo (and, eventually, his cock) is thoroughly lubricated. THIS CANNOT BE OVEREMPHASIZED! Strangely, an excellent lubricant is the makeup remover Albolene (it is completely odorless and tasteless, is non-toxic, and has the added benefit of warming as it melts!) – it can be purchased at any local pharmacy. Another alternative is heavy mineral oil (also available at the local pharmacy). Just note that saliva is not enough, particularly when you’re starting out! I

To start, you want to be as relaxed as possible (yeah, right!). Take a long, hot bubble bath. Drink a glass of wine. Put on some relaxing music. When you’re ready to practice you want to be as comfortable as possible. Now that you know what you’re pushing it into, open your mouth and slowly slide the dildo in as far as you can without gagging. Hold it there and breathe normally, until you’re comfortable with it this deeply in your mouth. When you put something in your mouth, you begin to salivate. It’s difficult to swallow the saliva with the dildo in your mouth (since it will interfere with your tongue as it tries to drive things out of your mouth and down your throat). You can go through the motions of swallowing with the dildo in your mouth (but you probably won’t swallow much if it’s very far in). If you do get the urge to swallow, do it, it won’t hurt anything and you can’t really swallow the dildo (or his cock when the time comes for that). For most women, swallowing suppresses the gag reflex, so practice swallowing with the dildo in your mouth – starting with it just past your teeth and continuing until it’s all the way down your throat. (Hint once you’ve mastered the basic technique, try swallowing when you get his cock in your throat, it feels great to him).

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning is one subject that is often left to the last minute but is one of great importance.

If you wait until ‘something’ happens, it could be too late. I have seen people wading in calf deep water looking for the stopcock; others reading the instructions on a fire extinguisher in the middle of a fire.

In reality we should all know what to do in an emergency well before the emergency happens and be prepared for most eventualities.

We have read about the terrorist attack, the dirty bomb and other major catastrophes but it is often the ‘soft’ disasters which can cause irreparable damage to a company.

One such problem occurred recently; the company uses a card entry system to gain access to the building. The server housing the operating system failed and prevented anyone entering the building. It was apparent that there was no manual override; people milled around outside the building, not really knowing what to do. Eventually someone broke a window to gain entry. Of course the alarm went off and before it could be turned off the police were on site; embarrassment all round.

The company has now put a system in place to override the card system if it fails in the future.

The winter season also means that illness will increase; how many companies have prepared for a flu epidemic? Sadly very few.

Companies that have incorporated ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) will have an emergency plan in place, regularly tested and validated. This together with an IT disaster Recovery Plan will be able to deal with most eventualities. The old saying that ‘if you hope for the best but prepare for the worst’ is a good mantra to use.

Companies that have suffered major disaster, like being in the vicinity of the Buncefield fuel depot fire, and did not have any business continuity plan have disappeared without trace. Insurance cover just didn’t mitigate all the problems. Those companies that did have a plan in place, had difficulties but managed to survive.

It is a pity that, as of December 2007, there are only 363 companies in the UK certificated to ISO27001. It is a very big standard to achieve but the benefits are huge.

How to Apply Static Cling Window Film

Static cling window film is very easy to apply to glass windows, doors, or even to other smooth surfaces including aluminum, metal, fiberglass, and plastic. Usually, if the room that needs covering is small, it is easy for one person to take care of. If, however, you are planning on covering a larger expanse of window you may need to enlist the help of someone else as it can be a little difficult to do by yourself.

The first step is to prepare all the materials you will need to put up the film. You will need a putty knife which you will use to smooth the film onto the window; a couple of spray bottles with water; razor knife, and kitchen lint-free towels. In one of the spray bottles, place about half a teaspoon of dish detergent as you will use this to clean the window.

Measure the area you want to cover and then carefully cut the film to size, remembering to leave about half an inch extra on each side to aid you in your placing the film on the window.

Clean the window very, very well using the detergent and water mix and the lint-free kitchen towels. This step is very important, make sure that you get all smears and dirt and dust off the window and then dry it to make sure there are no smears left on it.

Once you are sure your window is clean, lightly spray a fine mist of warm water onto the window from the second spray bottle. You don’t need to soak the window, just lightly spray it.

The next step is to peel the backing off of the window film. The easiest way to do this is to grab the film on one corner and peel it down. This is where it is handy to have someone helping you as they can hold the film in place while you take off the backing. If you are hoping to re-use the film at some point remember to keep the backing that you take off, you’ll need it if you want to keep your film.

Line up the top edge of the window film with the top of the window, leaving that half inch hanging over at the top, and gently smooth the film onto the window. You are just getting the film in place on the window now, so there’s no need to push down too hard on the film just hard enough to get it to stick to the window.

Once you have the film in place, and you are happy with the placement, pick up the putty knife. Now you are going to work the film all over to secure it in place. Start at the top, tilt the putty knife to a 45 degree angle and run it carefully over the top part of the window securing it down.

Next, using the putty knife, go straight down the middle of the film and secure it all the way down vertically. Once that is done take it from the top middle, and still using the putty knife, smooth it out first to the right from the middle and then over to the left starting at the middle. Do this all the way down the film till you get to the bottom. When you have smoothed it out from the middle to either side start back at the top and work your way all the way down to the bottom with vertical strokes this time.

By now you should have the static cling film firmly in place. Now, still using the putty knife, work out any bubbles trapped under the film to the edges.

Finally, once all of that is completed, dry off the film with the paper kitchen towels. It takes a few days for it to really stick, so be careful with it for the first week.

The great thing about this type of film is that it is even easier to take off than put on, which means it is a very simple process. If you want to take it off the window just grab a corner of the film and peel it back down diagonally across the window. The film can even be re-used at a later date, though you will need to store it by putting the original backing paper back on.

How to Spot a Fake Bottega Veneta Bag

Made in? Up to this point in time, Bottega Veneta handbags have not gone the way of Coach, Mulberry etc, by outsourcing some, or all, or their work to China. Currently they are continuing to manufacture their handbag lines in Italy. In 2001, the company was purchased by Gucci group, which produces primarily and exclusively European made merchandise. So any bag that has any indication of a Chinese origin is likely fake.

Labels and fonts: Always inspect the interior of the handbag for the label. An authentic Bottega Veneta bag should have a patch of metal or leather in the inside of the bag with the Bottega Veneta logo and the Made in Italy stamp. All real Bottega bags will have high quality labels, with clear and crisp stamp impressions. Beware of any label that looks like it has a sloppy or blurry logo stamp. If the letters appear to be unclear, puffy or are bleeding into each other, that chances are the handbag in question is a fake.

Labels with rivets or clamps: Some Bottega labels have two rivets, or clamps on the left and the right side of the logo, fastening the leather label backing to the inside lining of the handbag. If you encounter a label like this, always check the letter B in Bottega. Authentic handbags will have the “B” partially covered by the metal rivet. This is something the fake bags often times get wrong. They center the stamp of the brand name within the rivets, which would seem more symmetric, but Bottega does not do it that way. They clamp over part of the B. So pay attention to where the logo is stamped in relation to the leather backing and the rivets.

Zippers: Authentic bags will generally utilize riri zippers (but not in every single case). Riri zippers are superior quality zippers that many luxury designers (like Marc Jacobs) use in their handbags. To check if the zipper is riri, simply inspect the face of the zipper, or in some cases, the riri etching may be located underneath the zipper, stamped on the bottom. Good luck and safe shopping!

Fencing Drills – Tactical Analysis Drills

One of the challenges of developing fencers is building their ability to recognize their opponents’ actions and use that knowledge to gain a tactical advantage. The fencer who has this ability is at a significant advantage in the bout, but it is one that many fencers struggle to develop. The Tactical Analysis Drill may provide a tool you, as a coach, can use to help in that struggle.

The Tactical Analysis Drill develops the fencer’s ability to recognize and act on opponent actions by presenting the fencer with a series of actions and requiring the fencer to predict what the next action will be. This drill can be done as a coach and fencer drill in a queue drill format at any level. It could be done as a paired drill with two fencers, but that format requires higher intermediate or advanced participants.

(1) The coach identifies a set of related actions the fencer is capable of performing well. At the same time the coach identifies three cues that reflect reasonable responses that might be expected of an opponent the fencer will face. In my experience three actions works well as a set – two actions do not provide sufficient variety, and four or more actions make the drill cycle too long.

(2) The coach (or fencer partner) decides whether the skills will be presented randomly or only one skill will be presented. For example, the three actions the student will be expected to perform might be (a) change of engagement, straight thrust if the opponent does not react, (b) change of engagement, disengage against lateral pressure on the blade, and (c) change of engagement, counterdisengage against the attempt to change the engagement to its original line.

(3) The fencer and the coach do three actions. In our example, if the coach wishes the fencer to use all three actions the coach would randomly respond to the change of engagement with no reaction, lateral pressure on the blade, or an attempt to change the engagement. The coach uses all three cues or only one cue three times.

(4) The student has to identify whether this is a series of all the actions the opponent knows (three different random actions) or if the opponent is repeating one favorite action (three of the same one of any of the action set). This identification has to be complete by the end of the second action.

(5) The student reacts appropriately to each cue.

(6) At the end of the first action, if the student is willing to take risks, he or she can assess the probability of the next action and commit fully to the counteraction. This requires significant risk, for the student does not know whether the cycle is three of the same or three different actions, leading to a fairly complicated set of mental mathematics to determine the best course of action. Alternatively, the student can wait for the second action to commit fully.

(7) At the end of the second action, the student should know with certainty what the next action will be and commit fully to the appropriate counter.

The Tactical Analysis Drill does not force the students to make and stay with a choice to the degree required in the Analysis/Commitment Drill. Its strength is in being able to determine the opponent’s scenario and in recognizing a number of different actions and combinations of actions.

This drill forces the student to fence eyes open for the first and second actions, and helps to train the student to recognize specific actions and sequences of actions. It also helps to develop the ability to assess probabilities of specific opponent courses of action. By concentrating on the identification and prediction function in the drill the student starts to develop the skills of observation needed to be a successful competitive athlete.

Black Chain Link Fence

Stratification began when people started building  fences . It has been a source of security for many and eventually, it also evolved as a means to add beauty to a place. Thus, nowadays, when choosing a  fence , there are two main things that people consider: safety and beauty. Other factors, such as cost, may come into play and could also be among the topmost priority of homeowners. If you are among those who also take these into account, a good option for you is a black chain link  fence .

There are many ways to provide enclosure to your place and different materials can be used to do so. You may use steel, wood, cement and you can customize it anyway you want. With a black chain link  fence , you can guarantee that your place will be protected from stray animals and even people and you can be sure that it will last a long time, which is also an important matter. This type is also a budget-saver, it is cheaper than the counterpart and since it can stand a lot of negative elements, it can stay with you for a long period allowing you to avoid changing  fences  again and again.

It is important that you opt for the color black if aside from the above requirements, you also are after style or beauty. Black complements any color so no matter what the background will be, it will not look out-of-place. It also has an elegant appeal and should you choose to add accessories to it, you will not have a hard time choosing because almost everything can go with it. Admittedly, chain link is not a crowd favorite especially to those whose main concern is privacy. However, knowing the right tricks, such as using slats or planting ornamental plants can provide the same amount of confidentiality that other types can give.

You do not have to spend a fortune to acquire security and to beautify your place. A black chain link  fence  can serve these purposes and more. Moreover, should you not need it anymore; you can actually use it for other things because its parts can be reused or recycled – that is just so practical! If you want to learn more about it, you can search online and see how else you can improve its appearance. You can also find there the best deals available so that you can be sure that you will get the right value for your money.

Arranging Hotel Accommodation for the Family

Preparing for a holiday with the family can be an arduous task for all concerned. It’s hard enough deciding on a destination that everyone will enjoy. It’s harder still to choose a hotel that will fit in with all your family’s individual needs. If you have a large family this can be especially difficult as may not be able to comfortably fit in a single room even if your hotel allowed you to.

Accommodating everyone’s needs can be a difficult task.

Here are some things you should definitely consider when arranging hotel  accommodation  for your family’s holiday:


Your location is especially important when travelling with young ones or stroppy teenagers. You should carefully plan the places you wish to visit when you are on your holiday, and try to locate somewhere with easy transport links to and from the places you wish to visit. Many hotels will even have shuttle services to a local attraction or transport hub but do make sure that they provide transport back as well as to the hotel.

On-Site Restaurants

A good breakfast is an absolute must for all children to begin what could be quite a busy day if visiting sites. Make sure your hotel provides a good choice of fresh juices and cereals. For main meals it can often be convenient to eat in, especially if you’ve been out all day to the local attractions and just want to relax. Try to find hotels which provide a number of on-site restaurants. If possible, they should cater to western tastes as well provide the opportunity to sample local delicacies from whatever far off exotic location you are planning to travel to. Bear in mind that children can often be very fussy when it comes to food, and not all our kids are willing to try out new things, especially spicy food.

On-site facilities

The more facilities your hotel has on-site the better. A swimming pool and games room may be enough to keep the children entertained in the day and in the evening, many hotels will provide a kid’s paddle pool. A fitness centre with a well equipped gym so you can have a stimulating workout. A Spa and Massage can be perfect to sooth away any stress and fatigue. Wireless internet access can be especially useful in today’s age as most phones/laptop or hand-held games consoles can make use of this.

Room Types

One of the most important aspects of your hotel will be the type of room you have. It’s important to remember that the holiday is not just for the kids, and try to find  accommodation  that suits every one. Fortunately more and more hotels are catering for this need and offering suites with two rooms. These 2 bedroom suites will usually consist of a living space, and more often than not kitchen facilities, and two rooms usually featuring a king size bed and 2 single beds in the other. These provide a perfect relaxing environment for everyone and ensure Mom’s and Pop’s have some privacy as well as provide plenty of space for the kids to enjoy.

Hotel Front Office Manager

Travel and tourism industry is expected to grow continuously but this does not actually assure that the position for hotel front office manager will also be thriving. It has been foreseen that smaller lodging facilities or new hotels but offering smaller and limited services are on the rise. These facilities will not be requiring large staffs and numerous managers as well. Furthermore, small lodging businesses are cost cutting and usually assign one manager to oversee the overall operations of their facility. Therefore, there will be a keen competition among hospitality trained executives applying for the above mentioned position. One must exert great effort in making their resume stand out and be considered in short listing of applicants.

Applicants for hotel front office manager may impress hotel owners or general managers by presenting excellent educational background and trainings as well as vast experience in hotel industry. If one lacks bachelor’s degree in business, hotel, or hospitality management, an associate degree or professional certifications as a Certified Room Division Specialist would be sufficient. Sometimes employers are more impressed with those people who climb on the executive ladder through hard work, determination and strong leadership capabilities. An effective hotel front office manager must be able to coordinate front desk operations including reservations and room assignments in addition to other guest services like concierge, transport and luggage services. He is also responsible for inter-department communication and coordination. He further handles the trainings of hotel front desk staff to ensure that guests are treated courteously, complaints and problems are tactfully handled and resolved and special requests and services for a specific guest is complied and well carried out.

Hotel front office manager must have the social capability to get along with different types of people even under stressful circumstances. He must have a good analytical skills and firm decision making to be able to resolve problems quickly.