Free Work at Home Assembly Jobs – Putting the Pieces Together

There are so many jobs to choose from in online employment. If just depends on what you are looking for. If you like crafting, making things and putting the pieces together, free work at home assembly jobs may be just what you want. You get to do something you like, you get to work at home and you can get paid big bucks! Almost seems too easy doesn’t it? Anytime you get to do something you enjoy, the job is easier. When you are enjoying yourself, it just doesn’t seem real; you almost feel that you should be paying for the pleasure. But this job is absolutely for real.

When you are working an assembly job, there are different categories, such as electronics, crafts, jewelry and toys. You could be working with wood, shells, plastics or material. There are so many items that companies could need you to make or finish. Christmas ornaments, and doll furniture could be among the products.

You get to choose the category that you want to work in, so if you have particular skills in wood, that is what you would want to choose. Anything that gives you an advantage is good, it means you can work faster and make even more money.

When you choose assembly jobs, the company will send you the materials you need to make or finish a product. You will need simple household tools such as scissors, screwdriver, hammer, glue gun and sewing needles. You also get a postage paid packet to return your finished products. The more you complete, the bigger the paycheck!

Horse Riding Games – 4 Great Games on Horseback!

Are you a riding instructor, looking for fun horse riding games to play with your students after lesson time? Well here are some great ideas to help teach them riding skills while having a fun time together!

1. Boot Game: With 6 riders, place 12 boots on the rail at one end of the ring. Riders can be on teams or individual – If they divide into teams, riders line up at the far end of the ring and trot or canter (depending on their ability) to the end where the boots are placed. They pick the boot up and travel to the center of the arena where a muck bucket is placed. They must drop the boot in the bucket and continue to the end of the ring where they started, tag the next person who then does the same thing. The first team to complete moving the boots is the winner. If the rider misses the bucket, they dismount, pick up the boot, remount, and drop in again. (If they are small or too young, you can skip that part!

The rider learns not to head the horse directly to the boot they want. Rather they learn to ride up along the rail and scoop it up. If the horse is facing the boot, the rider cannot lean over to pick it up. They also learn not to race to bucket quickly and throw in the boot. Rather, they learn to approach the bucket at the walk and drop it in carefully. It really teaches a lot of patience, planning and steering!

2. Musical Horses: This is a horse riding game that works just like Musical Chairs! Place ground poles parallel to each other, about 8 feet apart, in the center of the arena creating horse parking lots, for lack of a better description! The kids ride on the rail to music and must do whatever is asked for – walk – trot – canter – halt – half circle – reverse – circle. When the music stops the riders must continue in the same direction but get to a ground pole parking lot quickly. Because you have created one less parking lot than riders, one rider is left out and must exit. Then, you take away a pole and start the music again, and again until there is a winner. The kids love it!

3. Red Light Green Light: The kids ride in a straight line from one end of the ring to the other and listen for commands. “Red Light” means to walk your horse. “Green Light” means to trot your horse. If rider makes a mistake they have to back 5 steps. The first rider to cross the finish line is the winner. This develops the skills of eye contact and body language while encouraging control and calmness with the horse.

4. Mounting and Dismounting Game – I play this horse riding game with 4 older riders who can mount from the ground and 4 little riders with mounting blocks. One older rider is paired up with a younger rider. The younger riders are in center ring tagged up to the mounting block and keep an eye on their team mate. Commands are asked of the riders on the rail. When the instructor says “halt” the older rider stops on the rail and dismounts while the young rider runs from the center to her horse and partner. The older rider has to get to get the little rider on safely and then race back to the mounting block. The last person in that team is out. Now the little riders start their riding commands. The halt is called for and older rider runs to the little rider who is dismounting. The older rider mounts and little rider runs back to mounting block. By now, it is pretty funny as older riders are riding with no stirrups or in jockey style in little kids stirrups – teams are screaming for one another and it is quite CRAZY!! This continues until one team is left!

For more information about games on horseback, visit Horse Riding Videos.

Douglas Hammer – A Best Seller

The hammer is a basic tool that is usually used by many professions. They are essential especially if you want to deliver impact to an object. They are commonly used for driving nails, forging metal and for fitting parts. There is a variety of designs meant to be used for specific purposes. Their usual features include a handle and a head. It is one of the oldest tools used in building structures.

One of the companies that can be related to this tool would be the Douglas Hammer brand. This company is dedicated to providing the highest quality, maximum utility, wood handled hammers to the trade professional or the simple homeowner. They offer hammers for all kinds of carpentry. You will discover that old hammers will not compete when it comes to utility, style, comfort and functionality.

The Douglas Brand uses the latest patented technology of H2IT also known as Head-Handle Interface Technology. This is exclusive for the Douglas brand. H2IT technology reduces vibration by uniting the natural vibration of the wood with the strength of the steel.

One of their best sellers would be the Douglas 23oz framing hammer. It is a polished steel alloy shank that slides into a 16 inch slotted hickory handle. Aside from stiffness and strength, the principal edges of the shank protect the wood from faulty strikes that is the biggest factor to broken handles. The ergonomic design strives for improvement to old hammers.

The handle shape of the hammer that Douglas refers to as a Crossover design is expected to deliver the best functions of both straight handles and axe style curved handles. It also has the property of a magnetized nail set to hold the nail in place before you begin. There is also a side nail pull and a side strike surface. The back-end of the head of the hammer boasts a rip claw that’s sharp enough to tear down blocks and dig out nails.

The Douglas line does not come cheap. Expect to pay $60 or more which is reasonable since they have a warranty for two years. You may buy them from hardware stores and online stores.

6 Different Types of Wall Tiles

Ceramic tiles are just thin pieces of clay, usually with a colour or pattern on the face, covered with a glaze and fired to produce a surface that is extremely hard-wearing, waterproof and stain-resistant. The surface may be smooth or textured.

Tiles come in squares, commonly 4-1/4in (108mm) or 6in (152mm) square, oblongs and a small range of interlocking shapes. Some tiles are sold in metric sizes – 100mm, 150mm and 200mm, for example.

Originally, ceramic tiles had unglazed square edges, and special border tiles with one or two rounded edges had to be used to finish off at the edges of tiled areas. Now, square-edged tiles are often glazed on all four sides, or some tiles in a box have one or two glazed edges. “Universal’ tiles have angled edges so that there is no need for spacers – the correct size of gap is left for grouting.

Two sorts of plastic spacer are available for use with square-edged tiles which have no spacer lugs. Both are cruciform in shape and are tilted into the junction between four tiles (or two on a border); one type is removed once the adhesive has set; the other is smaller and left in place. An alternative is to use match slicks positioned between adjacent tiles.

For finishing off the edges of areas of ceramic tiling, you can get a plastic trim, part of which fits under the edge of the last tile. For internal corners (next to a bath, say), matching quadrant tiles can be used, and there is a special trim for sealing the gap between tiles and a kitchen worktop. Flexible silicon sealants can also be used for both these jobs.

Special-purpose ceramic tiles are also available heat-resistant tiles for around fireplaces and next to boilers and frost-resistant tiles for unheated outside WCs, for example.

Fixing tiles is relatively easy, although it can be time-consuming. They should be stuck to the wall with a special ceramic tile adhesive, and the gaps between the tiles should be filled in with hard-setting waterproof compound called grout.

A tiled surface is a cold one, and so in humid rooms it can suffer from condensation.

Cork tiles are made by slicing up pressed layers of the bark of a cork tree to produce thin panels. Most are 300mm square and about 3mm thick, but oblong panels are also available.

The surface of cork tiles is warm to the touch, but unless it is scaled (cork floor tiles, for example) it marks easily and is not easily cleaned. Tiles can be stuck to the wall with cork tile adhesive or contact adhesive, which makes them relatively easy to fix but almost impossible to remove later.

Metallic tiles are made from thin metal sheets and have hollow backs. They can be fixed to the wall with double-sided self-adhesive pads or with an adhesive. Most metallic tiles can be cut to shape with scissors though tin snips may be required for the tougher ones. Metallic tiles can also be bent to shape. The tiles are usually coloured gold, silver or copper and may have a matt or semi-gloss finish. In addition, the metallic effect may be overprinted with a pattern or an individual design. Sizes are 108mm, 150mm or 300mm square. The durability of metallic tiles varies from brand to brand – some are affected by steam. Most are damaged by abrasive cleaners.

Mirror tiles are small squares of silvered glass, usually 152mm or 230mm square. Most are clear glass, but there is a choice of silver, bronze or smoke-grey finish. They are usually used for decorating the backs of alcoves and similar small areas, and are fixed to the wall with small double-sided self-adhesive pads. Unless the surface to which they are fixed is perfectly flat and true, a distorted reflection is produced from the surface of the tiles.

Brick and stone tiles are man-made simulations of real brick and stone. Some are actually wafer-thin pieces of pressed stone aggregate or slivers of brick. Most types are stuck to the wall with special adhesive. A wide range of colours, shapes and sizes is available.

Mosaics are tiny pieces of ceramic tile, usually square, though round and interlocking shapes are also available. The pieces are mounted in sheets, held together by a paper facing material that is peeled off when the mosaics have been stuck to the wall or mounted on a mesh backing. The gaps between the mosaic pieces can then be tilled with grout, as for ceramic tiles. The surface of the mosaics is hard-wearing and easy to clean, although the grouting may gradually become marked.

Mosaics are easy to fix in place, particularly around obstacles, since the sheets can be cut approximately to the desired profile and minor irregularities can be taken up with the grouting, or with cut pieces of mosaic. They are, however, comparatively expensive.

Garden Equipments For Better Gardening

Different types of garden equipments are required to maintain a beautiful and neat garden. There are various types of hand tools as well as power tools that can be used for various purposes. Gardeners require many kinds of tools but there are some essential tools required for proper gardening.

Buying the right type of garden equipments can be quite confusing for beginners but there are some basic tools which can be identified easily. The following section describes some of these tools which can be bought from many of the online stores at affordable rates.

Basic Garden Equipments

Shovels: One of the most common and basic tools required for gardening includes the shovels. The shovels are needed for digging and moving the soil. It is also used for planting trees and shrubs. It has round and pointed blades. Shovels with flat edges at the top of the blades prove to be more useful as you can place your foot on it while digging the soil. A variety of shovels are available today in many of the leading garden equipments stores.

Pruning Shears: Necessary lawn tools should include pruning shears to trim plants and cut dead branches. Pruning shears help to cut the plants neatly without ripping them. There are mainly two varieties of pruning shears which include bypass and anvil. Pruning shears can also be differentiated by two types mainly the hand and machine operated shears.

Trowels: Garden equipments also consist of trowels of various types. Trowels are similar to spades in appearance but are more pointed and longer. It can either be narrow or wide. There are many designs which make digging an easier task. Choosing rubber handles is an excellent idea as it is easy to grip. Solid soil can be dug easily with the use of narrow blades.

Spading forks: Another useful lawn tool includes the spading forks which are similar to spades. Strong forks have square tines and can be used efficiently for breaking the soil.

Hoes: Most important garden equipments include the hoes which are used to remove weeds. Weeds can be found in every garden and it is essential to remove them easily without destroying the plants. Hoes can also be used to smoother the soil around the plants. Steel blade hoes are strong with suitable handles. Different shaped hoes are available today, so it is important to choose hoes that provide comfortable handles.

Lawn movers: The list of garden equipments is incomplete without the mention of lawn movers. Different types of lawn movers are available today which include electric lawn movers, heavy duty lawn movers, petrol lawn mover and so forth.

Water cans: Various kinds of water cans are available which include copper water cans, light weight water cans, and portable copper water cans.

Other useful garden equipments include carts and wheelbarrows. It is difficult to carry things around the garden without the use of wheelbarrows. Different types of wheelbarrows of various sizes and features are easily available today. With wide and varied options of tools and equipments, it is important to know the type of tools required for your garden.

Ditch the Vacation Debt

There are many times during the course of the year that we would like to take a spontaneous vacation/outing to get away from the stress at work and home, but without a plan this could lead to creating an exorbitant credit card debt. We live in a world where people want it now and do not think of the consequences of trying to pay later. It is difficult to pay off a credit card vacation bill in one month. Here are some things to do so as not to add unnecessary debts and help to ditch the vacation debt.

Make a Plan

Check your calendar: There are some months in the year that are the most popular for taking a vacation. At the beginning of the year, each family should sit down with a calendar and mark off each day that will be a non-work/school day for the entire year (January – December). These include holidays your company recognizes, vacation days you are entitled to and days the kids will be out of school.

Discuss the calendar: Sit down and talk about the calendar with your family, to see which dates everyone will be off on the same day. Most holidays are usually one or two days when the entire family might be off work and school and can spend time on a small vacation/outing. These days should also be planned.

Check your budget: At the beginning of the year, the family should look at their finances and determine if there is enough money to finance a vacation. Whether it is a trip to the beach, a weeklong vacation in the Caribbean or a one day trip to the city zoo, it is a good idea to put it on your calendar and put money aside in anticipation of each activity.

Discuss what to do: Each family member has a preference in leisure activities. It would be a good idea to discuss the activities each person would like to engage in. Discuss each activity and come to a consensus on what the family will do on each day marked on the calendar.

Save for your vacation: In January, if the family plans on going to the zoo for the day in September, find out how much it will cost each person for entrance tickets, food and any other activities at the zoo. Start saving towards your outing. January to August is eight months and say you put away $30.00 per month towards your trip; this will be $240.00. Therefore, there will be enough for the outing and no credit card debt. This same idea can be used for a vacation to the Caribbean, you might need to plan a few years in advance and put aside more monthly.

Implement your plan

Pay for your vacation: Pay for tickets in advance to avoid high costs. Usually, buying vacations (tickets) close to the date of departure will cost more.

Documents: Make sure all documents for travel are in your possession. These include passports and visas if your travels include going to another country.

Enjoy your plan

Sit back and put your feet up: Go on your vacation/outing and enjoy the fruits of your labor. At all costs try not to let your whim cause you to spend money on activities not planned.

Go back to work with a smile: Start saving for your next vacation without the debt of the last vacation.

Fundamentals of Contract Law

No matter where you live in North America, you must have seen some humoristic vignettes depicting a not-so-trustworthy Realtor intent at selling a house to some innocent-looking couple. My favorite vignette, which still makes me chuckle today, goes back to a few years ago when I was practicing real estate at United Realty. It involved a Real Estate Agent of Pompeii Realty, briefcase in hand, in the process of selling a house to an ancient Roman couple sometimes around 100 BC . The house is overlooking Mt. Vesuvius. There is a black, threatening, ominous plume of smoke coming out of the top of the volcano, and the Roman couple looks somewhat startled when the Real Estate Agent – big smile on his face – delivers the punchline: ” Plus, with a view like this what could possibly go wrong” !

What is it exactly that you do when you sign a ‘ contract ‘ . The term ‘ contract ‘ means a promise or a set of promises made by one person to another, which the Courts will enforce. A  contract  can contain a number of promises or ‘terms’ to be performed by either party. The person who makes the promise is called the ‘promissor’ and the person who can enforce that promise is called the ‘promissee’ . If the  contract  contains several mutual promises, each party will be both a promissor and a promissee.  Contracts  of Purchase and Sale of land and interests in land usually have lots of mutual promises.  Contracts  are a crucial part of every business transaction, but not nearly as much as in Real Estate. For instance, some  contracts  are made verbally while others are made by simply exchanging letters or even e-mails. This is not the case in Real Estate, where it is a requirement at Law that  contracts  be written down in usually lengthy legal forms to avoid uncertainty, ambiguity and to be binding .

A  contract  has seven essential elements:




Legal Intent.


Legal Object.

Genuine Consent.

Each of these elements must be present for a  contract  to be binding and enforceable. Let’s examine them individually.


An offer is the promise made by one party to another. Save and except in Real Estate where the offer must be in writing, an offer can be made in any form. In all circumstances, however, an offer must be made in clear an unambigous terms. If more than one interpretation can be given to an offer, neither interpretation will be followed by the Courts. There are ‘unilateral’ and ‘bilateral’ offers. Offers to purchase real property are bilateral, i.e. containing the exchange of mutual promises.

An offer is not made forever. Offers can either be finalized, when all mutual promises are fulfilled. Or they can expire, if not timely accepted. Or they can be released, if one of the parties does not – or cannot – deliver on the promise. Offers can also be revoked after acceptance, unless a term of the offer stipulates that revocation is not allowed.- as it is now the case in British Columbia for offers involving land. A ‘counter-offer’ is simply an offer from the offeree back to the offeror. The legal effect of a counter-offer is to terminate the original offer and substitute the offer of the offeree. What this means in practicality is that if the counter-offer is not accepted, the offeree cannot try to accept the first offer unless it is tendered again by the offeror. This is a point often times neglected in Real Estate, which has caused several tears to be spilled.


The acceptance, like the offer, must be given in clear terms. It must be a positive act. For instance, an offer cannot state “If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you have accepted”. Doing nothing will never be considered legal acceptance. The rule at Law is that where an offer is required by statute to be in writing, then also the acceptance must be in writing in order for the offer to become a  contract  binding on both parties. Such is the case in Real Estate. An acceptance has no effect until it is communicated to the offeror. Communication can be made by ‘instantaneous means’ as in the case of telephone or teletype or fax communications, or e-mail or hand-delivery and by ‘non-instantaneous means’ such as postal mail. The Law gives the responsibility to the offeror to specify how he wants the offer to be accepted. If the offeror chooses a method like slow mail, then he assumes the risks involved in that type of service (such as misdelivery).


For an offer and acceptance to form a  contract  there must be consideration or the  contract  must be signed under seal. Consideration is defined as ‘some right, benefit or profit accruing to the promissor or some forebearance, detriment, loss or otherwise responsibility suffered by the promissee’ . What this means is that the party trying to enforce the  contract  must have ‘paid’ something in exchange for the promise of the other party. Consideration must be of real value, but it does not have to be money. For example, a mutual exchange of promises is consideration per se.


For a person to be bound to a  contract , he must seriously intend to create legal obligations. For example, inviting a guest for dinner would normally not be considered a  contract  intended to create legal obligations. The Law presumes that there is legal intention in a  contract  involving total strangers. On the other hand, if the  contract  is between family members the Law presumes that there is no intention to be so bound (non arm-length transaction). However, this presumption can be reversed if there is evidence to show otherwise.


Even when all the foregoing essential elements exist, a  contract  can still be void, voidable or illegal. A void  contract  is one which is deemed at Law never to have existed. A voidable  contract  is slightly different: it exists until it is repudiated by one of the parties. An illegal  contract  is one which is made for an illegal purpose, and which is therefore always void. Examples of voidable  contracts  are the ones made when one of the parties is an infant, i.e. a minor or under the majority age. In this case the  contract  can be voided by the infant. Likewise, when one of the parties is legally insane, the  contract  is voidable. A special case is a  contract  stipulated when one of the parties is a limited company or corporation. Three questions must be first answered before the  contract  can be enforceable: 1) whether the corporation does in fact exist and 2) whether it has the capacity to enter into the  contract  and 3) whether the person signing on behalf of the corporation is, in fact, the authorized signatory.


Quite aside from blatantly illegal  contracts  such as, for examples,  contracts  to commit a crime or tort until recently here in British Columbia certain other types of  contracts  where considered illegal. For example, until the mid-80’s  contracts  involving the sale of land made on a Sunday were deemed to be a contravention of s.4 of the Lord’s Day Act(now repealed) and, thus, illegal and void. Since then, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the application of s.4 – in fact the entire Lord’s Day Act – is unconstitutional in that it infringes on the freedom of conscience and religion guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.


If one of the parties makes a misrepresentation or if the  contract  contains an inherent mistake, the  contract  may still not be binding. A misrepresentation is, by definition, a statement which is false and which must have induced one of the parties to enter into the  contract . A misrepresentation can be innocent, negligent or fraudulent and different remedies are available to the party suffering damages because of the nature of the misrepresentation. If the representation is innocent, the party can sue for rescission of the  contract . In the case of negligent or fraudulent misrepresentation, the affected party can sue for damages as well. Although misrepresentation requires a statement to be made, in Real Estate silence too can result in some form of misrepresentation. Disclosure of latent defects is one such example: failure to disclose latent defects on the part of the Seller will not, by itself, affect the consent of the parties but will have similar consequences as misrepresentation.

In the case of inherent mistake, true consent of the parties does not exist. The logic behind this notion is that the parties were negotiating for a subject matter other than the one stipulated in the  contract . A specific type of mistake is sometimes referred to as ‘non est factum’ , Latin for ‘this is not my deed’ . This occurs when a person executes one form of document thinking the document is something else. Duress and undue influence both affect the genuine consent element of a  contract . Duress occurs when a person is forced to enter into the  contract  against his will. As a result, the Courts will find the  contract  voidable at his option. Undue influence, on the other hand, is more subtle. Like duress it results in one party losing his free will to  contract  out. However it occurs more frequently when a person is in a superior or dominant position in relation to another and uses this influential position to induce the other to enter into the  contract . Again, if undue influence is found, the  contract  is voidable at the option of the innocent party.

Luigi Frascati

Real Estate Chronicle

Dubai Container

Most of the U.A.E shipping activities are dominated by Rashid Port of Dubai. However among all the small and large ports of Dubai as well as the leading ports of the U.A.E the shipping capacity of Port Rashid is the most efficient. In terms of size Dubai container facilities of Port Rashid is comparatively smaller than the Jebel Port but it is one of the most modern ports. Another advantage enjoyed by Port Rashid is its strategic position.

On the other hand the Jebel Port which is much larger than Port Rashid is popularly known as the Mina Jebel Ali port. The Jebel Ali Port was constructed towards the late seventies and is located approximately thirty five Kilometers towards the south west of Dubai. The harbor here is tagged as the largest man made harbor of the world, with the port being considered as the biggest in the Middle East.

The Jebel Ali Port is the most visited port of the world because of the depth of its harbor and its facilities. If you are into shipping then you can get the best Dubai container facilities here.

Dubai ports have world-class facilities and have been ranked as the 9th Top Container Port of the world. Dubai port world was set up in the year 2005 to manage its ports and has since emerged as the best of the lot in the entire region and has also been able to make its presence felt worldwide. It proved to be a successful corporate integration between Dubai Ports Authority and Dubai Port Internal Terminals and has thus helped augment Dubai container services.

The man made commercial deep water port, Mina Rashid port, provides passenger and Ro-Ro facilities. There is a large dry dock facility in the Persian Gulf which is the only one in the region and is adjacent to the Mina Rashid port.

Any services related to ship and air chartering, ship brokering, project forwarding and heavy lift transportation can be availed from the various Dubai shipping agencies. You can also get self-propelled semi-submersible vessels, tugs, barges, general cargo vessels, landing craft, supply boats etc if the need arises so.

There are professional shipping companies specializing in services like commercial operations, Dubai container services, ship management, ship supplies, agency services etc. There are others who provide carrier feeder services that are linked to trans-shipment ports and they have their own fleet of vessels headquartered in different countries or locations.

Apart from availing ISO tank containers under Dubai container facilities, shipping agencies also offers liner services, vessel husbanding, project cargoes, and freight forwarding including logistics and distribution, cargo services, towage and lighter age, insurance, travel, and general trading covering all the major cities of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan etc.

About Portable Air Conditioner

A portable  air   conditioner  is an easy to carry, install, and remove unit that is usually built into a wall, window, or internal structure of a building. It’s available in a number of power strengths and all you need to do is to choose the one that you like.

Just like the other  conditioners , it uses compressors to inhale warm  air , cool it, and expel it out of a room through a pipe or hose.

How the units work

As mentioned, the units aid in cooling a room by removing warm air. As a result of this, the units have two byproducts: water and heat. Water is condensed as the compressor cools the air. The water is collected on the outer surface of the unit.

Heat is produced as a byproduct of the work of the compressor and it’s released through a vent which is located at the back of the unit.


Although, the units serve the same purpose, there are of different types with the main types being: split and hose systems.

A split system is characterized by a small indoor floor. It also has small wheels that are attached at the base which make it easy to move and transport the  conditioner  from one place to another. The inside unit is usually attached to a larger, permanent outdoor unit using flexible plastic pipes.

The unit’s compressor is housed in the outdoor unit in order to easily open and close the smaller door.

A hose system on the other hand is characterized by a medium-sized indoor that makes use of a hose window attachment in order to dispose the heat and moisture produced by the compressor. The hose system  conditioners  are of two types:  air-to-air  and monoblock.

Air-to-air units re-evaporate the moisture produced from the heating/cooling/heating cycle of the compressor. As a result of re-evaporation the  air   conditioners  are able to work continuously without any problems.

The monoblock system on the other hand collects the produced moisture and keeps it in a drip tray. To prevent the unit from shutting down, the collected moisture is dumped periodically.


This is what you need to know about portable  air   conditioners . To avoid spending a lot of power, you should buy units that consume minimal amounts of power.

If you want to cool just a small area such as an office, you should go for small units as they will not only consume small amounts of power, but they will also be easy to maintain.

Air Compressors Need Clean Air Too!

The air we breathe everyday is full of contamination. It has water vapor and airborne particulates that we inhale into our lungs. The vast majority is not harmful and we barely notice that its even there. However, to your air compressor these harmless contaminants can become quite harmful due to the compression process. During the compression process an air compressor concentrates natural contaminants in the air and this process makes them harmful to your air compressor and its components. Overtime they begin to erode your components, valves and be passed on to your air tools. Lets look at water condensation. Water vapor is a normal part of the air we breathe, especially if you live in a humid climate. It is harmless at normal atmospheric pressures. However when the pressure is raised in the compression process, hot air is pushed through hoses and fittings and when it contacts the cooler air condensation forms.

Water can be very damaging to your air compressor and air tools over time and removing it is a priority. Water is not the only liquid that can damage your system. Even, lubrication can cause damage if excessive amounts are in your air system. Older air compressors especially have this problem. As they get older and parts begin to wear out, lubricating oils leak into the compressed air can damage the unit. Don’t forget solids too. Rust, dirt and metal are all present and will attack your compressed air system. The results of air contamination are reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs on both your air compressor and air tools. There are several ways to attack these problems and protect your air compressor.


Aftercoolers will cool the air temperature as it is discharged from the compressor. As a general rule for every 20 degrees F cooled, approximately half of the moisture is condensed. Aftercoolers bring discharge air temperature down from 200 – 400 degrees F to within 20 -50 degrees of the ambient air temperature. This process will cause most of the moisture to condense into a liquid state. Then the water can be removed from the system before it can cause any damage. An aftercooler can generally remove around 60% of the moisture from the air.


Dryers also remove moisture from the air compressor system by reducing temperature. Dryers generally remove around 30% of the moisture. This is in addition to the 60% the aftercooler removed. This is why you commonly see an aftercooler and a dryer both hooked up to an air compressor to produce the driest air possible.

Coalescing Filters

Now that you are removing most of the water vapor from your air compressor using a aftercooler/dryer combination, that still leaves solid particulates in your system. These are commonly rust, metal and dirt. Lets face it, an auto shop is not the cleanest environment! Filters can be added to your shop air compressor to remove these particles. Filters do not condense water vapor and are only useful for solid particles. They are not a replacement for an aftercooler or dryer.

In order to get the cleanest air possible from your air compressor, I would recommend using all three options on your shop air system. They will pay for themselves in a longer life for your air compressor, better performance and efficiency for your air tools and longer air tool life.

Basic Information About the Drill Press Tool

Drilling tools are very important for professional technicians. These tools are many and they function differently, because each has its unique design. The drill press tool is among the varieties of drill gadgets you could buy. This device has other names such as a pillar drill, a bench drill or a pedestal drill. Usually, the tool has a fixed design such that its pillar or column attaches to a base. The base in this case could be a worktable, a bench, a stand or the floor. Briefly, the parts of this drill are:

• A base

• A column or a pillar

• A quill or a spindle

• A drill head and

• A table

All the parts work together to facilitate the work that you choose to do with the drill press. Normally, the drill head is huge, with a set of three handles that spread out from a central position. When you turn the handles, they in turn, move the quill or the spindle and the chuck vertically and parallel to the column or the pillar alignment. Of course, the head run via a powerful induction motor.

This tool boasts a vertically adjustable table. You could adjust it or move it using the rack and pinion, if you are indeed using the latest drill press tool. As you perhaps know already, the older models do not support this efficient table movement style. The technician has to lift and clamp the table again in a position he or she wants. Some styles allow the user to rotate the table perpendicular to the drill pillar. Others allow the user to alter the position from the spindle axis.

Another common term is the throat distance, which is the distance from the mid-section of the spindle to the nearest pillar edge. Usually, when you want to estimate the size of your drill press, you must determine the swing. This is normally the throat distance multiplied by two. Why should you use the drill press? The tool has many benefits to it. These are:

• This drill, mechanically, makes work easier. This is because the chuck and spindle movement occurs via a lever mechanism on a rack and pinion. The user will therefore apply less effort to work with the drill. The case would differ if a person uses the handheld drill instead.

• The table availability ensures the user to clamp it to make the work he or she is doing more secure.

• It drills holes accurately and consecutively. This is because of the spindle’s perfect alignment in proportion to the table.

The system has a stepped pulley arrangement, which facilitates the speed control by moving the belt across it with hands. The modern drills use different motors with variable speeds, plus a stepped pulley mechanism. This is why they work quickly and accurately. Some other tools use a spur gear system to drive the drill head by transferring the energy from the central motor to the spindle. This type of a drill press tool does not have any belts to reduce the negative effects of friction.

Dream Big and Work Hard

I am assuming you have great dreams that you are excited about. Yet when we limit ourselves with self-doubt, and self-limiting beliefs, it will be very difficult to push past what we label as “impossible”.

On the other hand, if we only dream outrageous dreams and not act on them, we will be so disappointed. We will have tattered aspirations and broken dream.

Let us try another exercise today.

Let us take a piece of paper and draw three columns for your dreams. List down dreams under the ‘I Can Accomplish’ column. Then work on the ‘I May Be Able To Accomplish’ column and the ‘I Do Not Know How I Can Accomplish’ column.

First column should be easy; you can write down previous accomplishments and those you are confident of achieving. Second column may require some thoughts. Then your red marker pen, cross out the current title for the third column and write ‘What I Need to Do to Accomplish My Dreams’.

When you phrase it this way, you are inviting your mind to give you options. These challenging dreams now become possible endeavours. Instead of shutting it out from your sphere of possibility, you are now opening up new opportunities that you can conquer.

What is stopping you from achieving your dream?

What can you do to overcome these barriers?

You may be surprise at what you come up with for the third column. You will find that the dreams you thought impossible can be achievable with actionable steps. And the impossible begin to seem possible.

You do not need to limit your imagination; nor subdue your passion. Aim high, and start working towards that goal step by step. However, try not to set a goal that you are not willing to work hard towards. Unrealistic goals will disappoint you.

Was it Thomas Edison that said genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration? For one to accomplish his dreams, there has to be had work and discipline. That that 1% has to do with thinking big.

There is no growth unless you stretch yourself. Life is all about growth. Challenge yourself once in a while; get out of your comfort zone. Do something you do not dare to do (within moral and ethical limits) and feel your own potential.

When I feel discourage and uncertain, I go learn something new. I remember a time when I was going through a rough patch. I had wanted to withdraw and be invisible.

Then I thought the best way to counter that is to face my fears and get out of my zone.

I had always loved the water and wanted to dive so I can weave among the corals and swim among the myriad of fish up close. But the thing is I am rather myopic and with astigmatism; I can barely see without my glasses. And I am dead scared of the cold. I sneeze like 19 times every morning. And if I were to learn to dive before I leave Sydney, I would need to do it in the winter as my project was coming to an end.

Well you know the rest of the story. I signed up for class, went for the training and got certified to dive. It was very empowering to be able to work towards that goal. Once I get over the mental battle, I looked forward to the pool sessions and going out into the sea in the early morning. It was such a wonderful experience. Apart from having a blast I out grew my unfounded fears and became a different person. And amazingly that power and confidence translates to other areas of my life.

When you achieve one dream it will fuel you to move towards your other dreams with greater certainty. So dream big and ask yourself what skills you need to learn, what new knowledge you need to acquire to work towards your dream. What is your next step? Then just do it! That is the only thing standing between you and your dream.

BBC Dance Mat Typing Games For Kids

If you are still unsure whether you should expose your kids to typing games, don’t fret, there is a free program which is the courtesy of BBC that you can consider for your kids.

BBC dance mat typing games is not a no-brainer game that you can find in the internet. It is a game where your kids can pick up touch typing while playing the fun and interactive games embedded in the program. It is definitely beneficial to your kids if you would like them to pick up touch typing at their early age.

As you may be aware, touch typing is a skill that enables your kids to type without having to look at the computer keyboard. It also enables them to type faster and with higher accuracy and speed. Basically, if your kid is a touch typist, he or she is able to type fluidly. This is a valuable skill in their future working life and would definitely help in their career.

So BBC dance mat typing games for kids is such a game that guides your kids through the journey of becoming a proficient typist. Moreover, since the games are equipped with cartons and funny animations, it would be fun for kids to practice typing as compared to traditional typing classes.

BBC typing games can be accessed free online and it can be downloaded from the internet. Therefore, you can have an option to choose the offline version of the entire games so that it can be practice whenever your kids are free to do so.

Home Sweet Doll House

One of the misconceptions about doll houses is that these miniatures bring the owner to some sort of a fantasy world or to some a Neverland far away. Most people did not find it hard to believe. Their belief is not without good basis. After all, a doll house is just a make-believe and a toy.

The truth is, a doll house or any toy for that matter helps people get in touch with reality. Toys have their playful way of reminding their owners that there is a real world out there. In the case of doll houses, these miniatures reminds us that no matter where and how far we go, there is always this place we call home that we have not stop loving.

Decorating a Kidkraft doll house is just one of the activities that keep us in touch with our feelings for our respective real homes. When applying paint on a doll house for example, you apply as much care and diligence as when painting your own home to get a smooth finish. There are other ways of decorating a doll house with which you can express how much you care for your real home. Aside form painting, there are other ways to decorate your doll house which include:

– Wallpapering

–   Carpeting 

– Tiling

– Creating stone work

– Cladding the walls in wood

The most common decorating ways that most doll house owners prefer are painting, wallpapering and  carpeting  being the easiest to do.  Carpeting  for example does not require as much technical knowledge as would creating stone work. You need to have a little more experience before moving on to tiling, creating stone work, and wood cladding.

Painting is by far the easiest to do because you do not have to worry much about getting the right scale. All you need is to choose the color scheme of your choice. When painting the walls of your doll house, you can create a pleasing effect by adding trim work and moldings. It is best to use a non acrylic based paint. Wallpapering and  carpeting  need an entirely different approach, besides choosing the right color scheme, you need to find a carpet or wallpaper that is the right scale for your doll house. The same approach apply to tiling.

If you think wallpapering is only good and is limited to your doll house’s interior you are underestimating the beauty of wallpapers. There are lots brick papers to give the exterior an authentic look. Do not also underestimate the type of wall paper adhesive you are using since this will result to sloppy work. Do use special paper adhesive that are available in doll house stores.

There are available wooden flooring that is scaled and ready to lay down making it easier for you to work on the flooring. However, if you are using cabinet grade plywood you may stain and give it a good finish to give it a natural wood appeal.

A well decorated Kidkraft doll house is just too good to be true.

Asian Area Rugs

A lot of people make use of Asian design to decorate their dwelling places. The Oriental designs are considered exotic and interesting. Thus, Asian carpets and  rugs  are popular choices.

Many of these Asian  rugs  are expensive because they are handcrafted. The price of a high-quality Asian  rug  can even go up to thousands of dollars since it takes a long time to create these  rugs . Only a few people have handmade and authentic Asian  rugs . Most people buy mass-produced Asian  rugs , the quality of which leaves much to be desired. They are inferior to the real handcrafted Asian  rugs  that can last for many years because of their unique knotting process.

What determines the beauty of the carpet is the quality of yarn used. The warp consists of a set of yarns tightly held on a loom, while the weft is a yarn that is cross-wise and weaved between the warp yarns. A row of knots forms the pile. The knot is secured by placing yarn into the weave and wrapping it around sets of warps.

The piles determine the design, colors and patterns. This is the reason why Asian carpets that are really two-dimensional look three-dimensional. The knot type also determines the design. Asian carpets usually use two types of knots, namely the Turkish knot and Persian knot. The field and border patterns in handmade Asian  rugs  are the result of the repeated design of these knots.

Vacuuming regularly helps  rugs  retain their beauty and extend their use. Remember to clean spills at once. Blot the stain with a clean cloth, clean the spot with a non-bleach dishwashing soap, then rinse with water and finally blot dry. Do not dry clean or bleach to clean the  rug ; instead, use the professional method of extracting hot water.