Happy Nail Days Are Here to Stay With Gel-Nails

A good beauty regime is your first step to confidence and success today. A well groomed person is a pleasure to look at, winning the admiration and envy of many. Lovely hands with those beautifully turned out healthy looking UV gel-nails is one of the best grooming accessories you can ever hope to do to your nails and what more? They are now just a click and order away.

UV Gel-Nails are the latest most sought after nail fashion enhancement in the US and Europe today with the fashion conscious as well as with the lady opting for that everyday well groomed look. This is simply because gel nails look so healthy, shiny, and natural always.

Well, before the numerous benefits of UV gel can be listed out, it is important for one to know what gel nail are: These are natural looking nail enhancements you can opt for instead of acrylic nail extensions which are artificial looking, more prone to chipping, require high salon maintenance, and have been around for a while just because the newest alternative nails gel has not been completely understood and discovered.

UV gel nail are completely cured, odorless, premixed compounds which are in a gel like consistency. They can be applied directly on to your prepared nails and are cured in a period of 2 to 3 minutes under a UVA light for a permanent solution to all your bad nail problems.

Benefits of Gel Nails are:

1. Gel-Nails are superior to acrylic and fiber nails as they are odor free, low maintenance, and definitely more natural looking and flexible. Unlike acrylics which chip and break and require salon visits every 2 to 3 weeks, UV gel nail give you the benefits on all the above counts, saving you time, dollars, and giving you freedom from unsightly nails permanently.

2. UV gel nail are thinner, shinier, non- yellowing, and fix on better than acrylics. UV gel nails are non-porous, as a result of which your nails are protected from fungal and mould infections which are a probability with other nail enhancements or even your natural nails.

3. UV gel nails are extremely versatile and can be used to sculpt onto forms, be used with acrylics and fibre nails for added strength, or alternatively for any repairs.

4. Gel nails are a perfect fit for those of you looking for a permanent, hassle free solution for your nails. They are perfect for your days in office, your long vacation, your honeymoon, or even the everyday grind at home.

5. UV gel nails are available in a wide variety of types and colors, giving you a wide choice to decorate your nails with.

6. As UV gel nails do not require glue for their application, they protect and maintain your nail bed from damages that may arise due to lifting and cracking.

7. Gel nail stay on longer than any other nail enhancement systems as well as your conventional nail polish. So no more wasting your time and energy to look beautiful.

8. UV gel nails can be handled just like your natural nails. Gel nails can be cut, filed as you please without the fear of them breaking or shattering. UV gel nails are superior high quality and not prone to clean breaks or cracks unlike other nail systems.

9. Should you decide to remove the UV gel nail enhancement, it is extremely easy to do so. Your nails need not be soaked in dangerous acetone for 20-30 minutes like it is done for acrylics. They can simply be removed by filing them off and it is far less injurious to your nail bed than acetone.

The benefits of UV gel nails are tremendous and should you opt for this choice of nail enhancement, be assured that Gel-Nails will meet all your expectations and more. In fact, you will go back to Gel-Nails again and again for the gorgeous looking you.

Find the solution to all your bad nail problems with our Gel Nails collection of nail products. Gel-Nails is the perfect place to shop around for your nail art accessories, kits, nail gels, and more to get you that eye catching look. We have attractive additions in our product line every week to get you the latest that’s around the corner. Get going now and dress up your nails with the very best.

Architecture and Different Design Phases

 Architecture  is a process of creating different structures. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that  architecture  is an imaginative art where an architect uses his imagination to create outstanding structures. But, it is also important to mention that  architecture  is not all about imagining something but there are certain scientific rules involved in the process of creating different structures.

People need an environment to live in and that’s where  architecture  comes into use. People need places to live, eat and relax but they can not create everything on their own. They need someone who knows how to create structures according to the scientific rules and that’s when a student of  architecture  helps them.

In  architecture , it is the duty of an architect to combine different design options to create a building while staying within the budget. Since budget constraints can create a problem, it is important for architects to plan everything within a limited budget. What it means is that  architecture  is not all about building a structure but it is also about knowing how much money you need to complete a project.

When you will delve more into the details pertaining to  architecture , you will find that everything moves in systematic way. Producing a work of  architecture  is not the easiest of jobs. There are so many complications and technical details that have to be considered before starting the whole construction process. Generally, the process starts with the creation of schematic design. This is the first phase where preliminary design sketches are made by the architect. The list of proposed materials and products is also prepared in this phase.

After this  architecture  phase, the next phase comes which is all about design development. This is the phase where sketches made in previous phase are converted into real drawings. This phase also involves checking requirements set by regulatory agencies. With the completion of this second  architecture  phase, a complete project plan is obtained.

After the full development of design, the next step is to develop project manual. This manual contains information about the final specifications. This is the phase where such documents are prepared which work as legal documents. After this particular  architecture  phase, it is the time now to get all important products and materials to start construction work.

Though the whole  architecture  process seems simple but it is not. In fact, the first phase of  architecture  is full of several complications that arise during the creation of design sketches. All other  architecture  phases have different things to consider. Due to the complications involved in all  architecture  phases, it is easy to deduce that you need an expert architect to get a great  architecture  structure.

Her Baby Died Before Birth and No One Wants to Talk About It

Just yesterday a woman called me and told me that she had lost her 24-week-old fetus, and when she told those whom she thought cared about her, most didn’t want to talk about it. Or even worse, they responded with comments like: “well, it was never really born, so…” or “you’re young, you can have more children.” Even her closest friends were at a loss for words. She was devastated by their lack of compassion.

I was not at all surprised. Most of us today shy away from talking about death. We are uncomfortable with this topic, because we have no idea what death really is. Oh yes, we know that when the heart stops beating and the lungs stop breathing, the body dies. But no one knows what happens to the non-body part of us, which we call the soul. No one knows what happens to us after we die, since no one has come back thirty days after they died, to give us any information. We have beliefs, it is true. Some of us believe in Heaven and Hell, some of us don’t. But nobody knows for sure.

Between that lack of knowledge of death and the fear we all have of it, silence reigns supreme when someone dies. And I suppose it is even worse when someone “dies” even before their birth, or when there is a miscarriage, or a stillbirth.

What makes this such a painful experience is that such a death can be called a “double death,” and it is this doubling of grief that complicates the mourning process.

First, the baby died. That in itself is a tragedy. Mom carried the fetus for however long she carried it, and to now be faced with the grim reality that what was growing in her body is now gone, has got to be hard for her.

But in addition, this death is also the death of her hopes, dreams and expectations for this unborn child of hers. She was already dreaming about his growing up and making friends in school, moving on to college life experiences, her marriage and the birth of grandchildren. All this too has now come to an end. This is the “double death” that Mom is now feeling. And nobody wants to talk to her about it. Or worse, they treat this death as something less than important, unworthy of caring about it.

And the tragedy of it all is, all she needs is for those close to her to reach out and listen to her, to treat this as “real,” not something she made up. She needs hugs from her friends, not silence or condescension. She needs to know they still love her, so that she can begin again to love herself and to properly prepare for the rest of her life.

Components of DIY Solar Panel Kits

Basic DIY solar panel kits have the following components which when put together to make a solar panel can help you to save money which you, would otherwise, pay as electricity bills.

1. Plywood: This wood is very inexpensive and can be bought from any hardware store. It is advisable that you buy plywood in large sheets as you will need to cut down the plywood in smaller sizes to build your solar panel. This component is one of the most important in DIY solar panel kits as it forms the basic frame of the panel.

2. Solar Cells: These cells are also now becoming inexpensive day-by-day. You can obtain solar cells from any hardware/electronic store. If you live in an urban area then you can buy these cells from specialist shops that keep a huge stock of these cells.

3. Glass Sheet: You can obtain this at a reasonable cost from glaziers. If you do not have the basic carpentry skills then it is advisable that you cut it from the glazier, as it requires a fair amount of skill to cut glass sheets.

4. Copper wire: You can get this wire from electronic or hardware stores. It will be more inexpensive if you buy a large roll of copper wire.

5. Passive Solar Home Plans: This is the most integral part included in all the solar panel kits as it brings all the above mentioned components together. It also allows you to convert them into a functional, power generating panel. Here, you will find measurements, diagrams and visual representations that are more helpful than words. You will also get instructions on how to wire up and install the finished system in your home.

All these components included in the kit will help you to build a solar panel by yourself and that too at a very reasonable cost.

Lean Six Sigma

The root of both  Lean  and Six Sigma reach back to the time when the greatest pressure for quality and speed were on manufacturing.  Lean  rose as a method for optimizing automotive manufacturing; Six Sigma evolved as a quality initiative to eliminate defects by reducing variation in processes in the semiconductor industry. It is not surprising that the earliest adopters of  Lean  Six Sigma arose in the service support functions of manufacturing organizations like GE Capital, Caterpillar Finance, and Lockheed Martin.

 Lean  Six Sigma for services is a business improvement methodology that maximizes shareholder value by achieving the fastest rate of improvement in customer satisfaction, cost, quality, process speed, and invested capital.

The fusion of  Lean  and Six Sigma improvement methods is required because: –  Lean  cannot bring a process under statistical control – Six Sigma alone cannot dramatically improve process speed or reduce invested capital – Both enable the reduction of the cost of complexity

Ironically, Six Sigma and  Lean  have often been regarded as rival initiatives.  Lean  enthusiasts note that Six Sigma pays little attention to anything related to speed and flow, while Six Sigma supporters point out that  Lean  fails to address key concepts like customer needs and variation. Both sides are right. Yet these arguments are more often used to advocate choosing one over the other, rather than to support the more logical conclusion that we blend  Lean  and Six Sigma.

What sets  Lean  Six Sigma apart from its individual components is the recognition that you cannot do “just quality” or “just speed,” you need the balanced process that can help an organization to focus on improving service quality, as defined by the customer within a set time limit.

Stack Tilt – The Truth About the Stack & Tilt Swing

The concept is rather easy, stack your weight and  tilt  to the target. The Stack &  Tilt  swing has convinced many, that this method holds the key to more consistency and power. But is this swing for everyone? Let’s look at this swing closer and what type of golfer would most benefit.

Stack &  Tilt  innovators Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett have pioneered a concept that is truly revolutionizing the golf swing. They have rolled out a method that has convinced some of the best golfers in the world to change their bread and butter… their swing. Not an easy task! The results have been quite astounding. Many PGA players are now either using, or considering using this swing with the same thing in mind. To gain consistency and power.

For the better player, it holds many possibilities to improve the swing. But for some, it may not quite hold as much promise…

If you are thinking of trying this swing and struggle with an “outside-in” path, a problem that plagues many beginners, you may want to reconsider. A player that struggles with a fault that results in an “over the top” swing path would probably only exaggerate the problem by changing swings. You would be better off trying to correct the fault before making such drastic changes.

If you are a better player that “hangs back” and struggles with pushes and hooks, read on. This swing definitely holds opportunities for improvement.

For the better player that already has a solid foundation and only wants to gain more distance or better control for his irons, the Stack &  Tilt  may be just the ticket. The swing emphasizes the “position at impact” to help improve ball striking consistency. Because the conventional swing uses a weight shift to both sides during the swing, players very often get “caught” with their weight on the back foot. This causes mis-hits and tops.

The Stack &  Tilt  centers your weight over the ball and promotes minimal weight shift, continually remaining centered is the goal. The result is a steeper angle of attack with a flatter and more rotational swing. This provides an element of consistency, especially with irons where your angle of attack needs to be steeper.

So if you struggle with an “over the top” swing path, correct the problem before moving onto this swing methodology. If however, you are a better player that struggles with the occasional push and/or hook, you will want to seriously consider the Stack &  Tilt  swing. It provides you the opportunity to add an element of consistency you may not find in the conventional swing.

Bridge Card Games

Bridge has been an ever-increasing popular game among card lovers, especially contract bridge. In fact, papers around the world have daily bridge columns. There are many bridge competitions with people around the world trying to become “Bridge Masters.” Bridge is the second most popular game in the world, after poker.

Bridge is a card game played with a standard pack of fifty-two cards. It requires four or more players. It is a complex card game that involves a lot of skill and has barely any element of luck. It is played by articulate and sharp minds and is a great source of entertainment. It is played in clubs or in the house.

There are various types of bridge games with different rules. They are rubber-bridge, duplicate bridge, Chicago-bridge and honeymoon-bridge.

Rubber-bridge is the fundamental form of contract bridge, played by four players. Casual, social-bridge is often played this way. Rubber-bridge is also played in clubs and it is also played for money. Duplicate bridge is a game usually played in clubs, competitions and matches. The game is basically the same, but the element of risk is reduced. The same deals are replayed by different sets or combination of players. At least eight players are required for this game. There are some significant differences in the scoring. Four players play chicago-bridge, and the game is completed in four deals.

Another type of bridge is honeymoon-bridge. In this game, there are two players, and that is why it is called honeymoon-bridge. There are various types of bridge games enjoyed by different people around the world. The preference for the number of players that are playing has a lot to do with the kind of bridge game played.

Assembly Jobs – Enjoying Assembly Jobs at Home

 Assembly  jobs at home is one of the best ways to spend your free time at home relaxing on a craft that you like most to do while earning dollars assembling a craft that you really like to handle, like assembling jewelry, sewing, sticking and even knitting craft products like pot and other kitchen holders, baby hats and gloves and so many other things that you really would like to work on.

 Assembly  jobs at home are what people do, to earn while staying at home doing an  assembly  job that they really like to do. The many product crafts that you can choose from  assembly  jobs will give you the opportunity to assemble products that you are very comfortable with, like jewelry, for example. Thus, when you do assemble jewelry, you will find relaxation in what you do because you enjoy doing your work. You find happiness in assembling stones and beads of beautiful and exotic colors. In effect, aside from the fact that you are in the comforts of your own home, what you are working on makes you happy and contented.

Added to these will be the earnings that you will receive from the assembled jewelry that you did. In sum, you have the best of both worlds. I really envy these  assembly  jobs workers at home who are working in a kind of work that they liked best. And for those women whose hobby and passion in life is creating things through the magic of sewing, they can of course always choose  assembly  jobs that are sewing related. They can choose sewing together of dolls and stuffed animal toys.

There are a lot of women who can sew and sew for the whole day without even standing up or taking a break from their sewing machines. These are women whose love for sewing is second to none. Actually, these women are now enjoying the best times of their lives with  assembly  jobs relating to sewing and stitching of stuffed toys and dolls. They are also enjoying  assembly  jobs such as sewing of pot holders, babies head caps, and other crafts that they would choose from a lot of  assembly  jobs that involved sewing.

For men on the other hand, there are those whose childlike fondness for toys is still evident with the happiness they find in assembling different kinds of toys. They enjoy their work so much so that their capacity for producing quality assembled toy products are heartily welcomed by toy companies that they are promptly paid for their labor. Enjoyment in their  assembly  jobs are what made these men and women reap higher rewards for their quality and bigger output of finished assembled products.  Assembly  jobs at home are indeed a good way of earning income working from home.

Dog Dominance Behavior – Dog Humping and Dog Mounting Problems

Among the many dog dominance behaviors, those surrounded by perhaps more myths than any others are dog mounting problems and dog humping women. No, contrary to popular opinion, these obnoxious dog instinctive behaviors have absolutely nothing to do with sex. How embarrassing, though, for those who do not know this!

“Don’t worry,” I said to a client who was bright red as he observed his male pup trying to mount mine. Visibly, the client wanted to dig a hole and hide. He was mortified! His dog aggressively continued in his attempts at dog mounting and dog humping on mine, especially going for the head. (My good-natured, large dog easily shook him off.)

“I didn’t know my dog was queer,” he said very sheepishly and apologetically. I could not contain my laughter as I reassured the man that it was not so. How common is that misconception? In the dog world, there is no such thing as a “gay dog!”

One dog mounting over another one’s head, or even unsheathing his penis, is fairly common. The mounting dog is seriously trying to seize control over all others. The unsheathing is to release his scent on the other dog, to proclaim to all the others that he won the battle over this one.

Think about this fact: If a male dog mounts a female for mating purposes, his equipment does not miss its target. He does not fail to put it in the right place. If his intentions toward another male dog were sexual, it would be done. Note that his aim, when riding up from behind the other dog, is OVER the tail and back, not under the tail. That is NOT sexual! Riding up on another dog’s back raises the first dog above him. It is a reminder that, “Hey, you’re not the boss here!”

When the dog mounts another one’s head, he is going to one of the most extreme displays of dominance in the dog world. The head is the highest part of the dog. Bringing the head down brings the dog down from his highest point. It is all about who is higher than whom.

When a dog unsheathes his penis and releases liquid, that forces the dog who is leaked on to wear the scent of the dominant one. It is a very potent scent and stays for some time, making the low rank obvious for many miles — and even to other packs within scent range.

Dogs constantly try to dominate each other. That is dog instinctive behavior, among the rituals they go through every time they meet each other. The dogs will first size each other up through eye contact. If one surrenders by lying down, then leadership is settled. If not, the wrestle for dominance truly begins.

As they wrestle for the dominant dog position, the dogs continue to mount each other until one rolls over submissively and turns his eyes away. Until the eyes have completely turned away, surrender has not happened, and the dog who is losing may try a sneak attack against the other. Look out!

We homo sapiens usually prefer the challenge of a game such as “rock-paper-scissors,” a mind game like chess or Scrabble, or a socially acceptable ball game. It is less embarrassing to the public eye.

You have sometimes seen dog fights break out as the dogs jockey for position, through wrestling or stare-down dares. Normally, however, one dog raises his head higher than the other, and the one with the lower head surrenders.

Clearly, this is an instinctive dog behavior, a ritual dogs often go through. I recommend to all who are interested to question experts and to study this dog dominance behavior for themselves. Dog humping women and dog mounting problems have nothing to do with sex, and they CAN be solved. Remember, there is no such thing as a “GAY DOG!”

A Swiss Hammer Has Many Applications

The Swiss hammer is a small hammer that can be used for a variety of jobs. It is popular with jewelers and many other people who are involved with arts and crafts and who want a small and delicate tool. There are two different types of Swiss hammer, a more basic one that looks like a very small version of an ordinary hammer, and one that is the same as the Schmidt hammer. It would be hard to find two hammers that were less alike in style, reason for existence or price.

The larger of the Swiss hammers, the one that is meant to test concrete is an important part of the testing equipment. Be prepared to take the test, the concrete should be cleaned and all foreign bodies should be removed. If anything comes between the hammer and the concrete, it will give an inaccurate reading. Push the hammer against the area and push hard. You will know when you have pushed hard enough, as the trigger will release.

Release the pressure you are putting on it and the plunger will come out of the instrument. Press hard again so as you force the plunger back inside and the spring will have so much pressure on it so as the impact force will against the surface. The plunger must now be locked in place and the reading will appear on the scale. More than one reading should be taken to allow for errors.

Before you do any of this it is best to check that your hammer is working correctly. To do this you need to use a test anvil and take a number of readings. Average out all but the top and bottom ones, and this should give the figure that you will use. This should be repeated whenever you have taken 2000 tests.

There is digital Swiss hammer and manual hammer styles, and both have the good and bad points. The manual one is easier to use and the manual calculation of the result means that there is no mechanical error. There is the need, of course, to concentrate when you are doing the mental calculation and if you do not do it right away, may need the test to be taken again.

This is the traditional way to carry out the test, but before long more people will be using updated versions.The advantage of the digital model is that there is an automatic calculation and more compressive strength. This version can be attached to a pc and the results downloaded, so you have the details on paper or in a document immediately. If nothing else, it can limit the amount of times you need to repeat.

As you would imagine for such an important piece of equipment the price is quite high, but the swiss hammer is very much needed if you are in the construction industry. Manual models sell for around $540, whereas the digital model is a great deal more at $2400. The tester will set you back in the region of $790.

Easy Stained Glass Projects

There are many products that feature stained glass. However it is fun to create your own objects with stained glass. They will be unique and you will spend some time having fun and expressing your personality.

Stained glass   mosaic .

Stained glass  mosaics  are stand alone art pieces. They can add charm to your home. In fact it is quite simple to do one by yourself. All you need is a pattern, stained glass chips and glass glue and grout.

Get a stained glass patterns book or search the internet to find the pattern for your  mosaic . Transfer the pattern over the surface you will use for the  mosaic . If you will use a round surface such as a vase you will need smaller stained glass chips. Than glue them over the surface.

Once all of the chips are glued apply the grout. If you need to color it add a bi of acrylic paint to reach the desired color. Fill all gasps with grout and let dry. The final step is to clean the ready  mosaic  with a soft cloth.

Stained glass mirror frame.

Crafting a stained glass mirror frame is similar to making a stained glass  mosaic . You will need the same materials as well. The tricky part is in choosing a pattern suitable for a frame like project. You can make a full frame on the mirror edges or just enhance the corners.

If the mirror you will work on is on the wall you better take it down and place it on a flat surface. This will ease your work while applying the stained glass chips and gluing them over the mirror.

Follow the steps above and let dry for at least 24 hours before hanging the mirror on the wall again.

Stained glass lamp.

A side table lamp or a bed table lamp will look gorgeous if it is made of stained glass. Craft one yourself or revamp your old lamp in this famous tiffany style.

If you have an old bedside lamp remove the old shades and cut suitable glass pieces to replace them. Than glue colored glass pieces over the new glass shades in the desired pattern. It is better to larger pieces so that the grout is less allowing maximum light to pass through.

You can also craft a stained glass chandelier using stained glass pieces. Glue them over small glass pieces to create cute small patterns and hang them on the old glass pieces places. This will give new life to your own chandelier and add subtle luxury to your room.

There are much more easy projects you can do for yourself of as gifts for your loved ones. You can craft a stained glass jewellery box, a stained glass lunch box or even a stained glass dog bowl. Use your imagination and let your artistic side express itself.

Building a Concrete Pond

If you are planning to create a concrete pond, then you should be ready to involve in some tiring work. Concrete pond takes weeks to complete and is not a matter of day or two with mixing sand and cement, transporting barrows full of stuff from here and there, all is part of creating a concrete pond. However, this tiring work ensures you that you have a long lasting pond.

Excavate a hole of almost about 15cm (6 inch) deeper and width should wider than the required size. You need to shape the shelves and secure the surface with soil. To prevent the wet cement from sliding to the bottom slope, make sure that the sides are not steeper than 45 degrees.

Remember, if your garden soil is heavy clay, then it has the tendency to shrink in the summer season. This sort of soil is not good for your concrete. It is better to lay 8cm (3inches) of moist builders’ sand layer. For those having sandy soil, no need to lay the layer of moist builders’ sand.

Next step is to apply the base layer. You need to line the hole with a 5cm (2inches) thick base layer of concrete. To get the stronger and durable pond, it is better to adjust the ratios rather than constructing the pond with a single strength of concrete. There are three stages involved in building a strong, durable concrete pond. The first stage involves the base layer. The base layer should be: seven parts of gravel (15mm), one part cement and three parts builders’ sand.

The mixture should be stiff but moist, so that you can easily apply it. Always prepare the mixture near the construction site so that it will not get dry before you apply it. Always wait overnight to dry the first layer before apply the new layer to get the strong joints. Apply the mixture of base layer to the hole. Wait for an hour or so, then take a stiff broom and brush the drying surface to make some rough patches. These rough patches help the second layer to hold the surface firmly. Leave the surface to dry for a night.

On the next day, use 5cm (2inches) of mesh wire netting to cover the base layer to strengthen the concrete. Make sure that you overlap the strips of wire by about 10cm (4inches) and tread it with your feet into the curves of the pond. Now you have to lay another layer of the concrete which should be 10cm (4inches) thick. The ratio of ingredients should be: one part cement along with waterproofing agent, three parts gravel (15mm), and two parts builders’ sand. Use trowel to level the surface and the edges. Also use sacking or horticultural fleece to protect the surface from sunlight. You have to wait for about two weeks before further tasks. In hot conditions, sprinkle the water on the surface.

After two weeks, apply the third and last layer over the entire surface. The layer should be 5cm (2inches) thick with the ratio of: one part cement, waterproofing agent, and four parts builders’ sand. Allow the surface to dry for couple of weeks.

In the end, apply waterproofing primer and sealant. Wash the interior and remove any debris or dirt. Fill the pond with water.

Air Compressor Oil

There are all sorts of reasons that you may need an air  compressor . Air  compressors  can be used on a small-scale basis, like for inflating bicycle tires, or they can be used for large-scale purposes, like for delivering a power source to your machinery and machine shop. These large-scale air  compressor  uses will probably need to take advantage of the air  compressor  oil that many people in the industry use for their  compressors . Using air  compressor  oil will not only increase the efficiency of the air  compressor  being used, but it will also lengthen the life of the air  compressor  that you are using.

Purpose of Air  Compressor  Oil

Many people do not realize the value that air  compressor  oil can have on the air  compressor  itself, but there are many benefits that one can have by using oil in their  compressor . First, the main purpose of air  compressor  oil is for lubrication. When the air  compressor  oil is added to the  compressor  system, the oil’s job is to use a splash-lubrication technique that will lubricate the bearings and cylinder of the machine. In other words, an oil bath is given to the  compressor  so that it operates more efficiently than a simple air  compressor  would operate.

What Type of Air  Compressor  Oil to Use

Even though air  compressor  oil may be a mystery to many people, the oil that is used for air  compressors  is basically no different than regular motor oil, even though many people say that there’s a difference. Nevertheless, though, there are a couple different types of air  compressor  oils that can be purchased. Synthetic oils can be bought if you want an increased performance, but regular air  compressor  oil includes the 20W/ISO68 air  compressor  pump oil, as well as the 30W/ISO100 air  compressor  oil. These two oils are among the most frequently used for air  compressors . All in all, though, using air  compressor  oil in your system is a good idea not only to have a better air  compressor , but also to increase the work capacity that your air  compressor  will perform!

Basel II Pillar 2 and the Supervisory Review Process – Why This is More Important Than Pillar 1

Most banks spend most of their resources that have been allocated for Basel II compliance, to meet the  Pillar  1 requirements. This is definitely wrong.  Pillar  2 is more important than  Pillar  1.

Basel II is a risk management and a compliance exercise. Banks have to quantify risks ( Pillar  1), but at the end of the day they have to persuade their supervisors that they meet the Basel II related minimum international standards.

What do supervisors expect from banks? Do they expect a number that is the capital allocated for the risks? Do they expect this number explained? No, they expect much more. Starting from a good corporate structure, best practices, international standards in risk management, a link between risks and capital allocated for these risks. If the corporate governance elements are missing, supervisors can not rely on the  Pillar  1 capital allocation calculations, and impose a  Pillar  2 capital add on.

Institutions and its supervisors must first understand each other. A clear and consistent dialogue that is proportionate to the complexity and importance of the bank is of paramount importance.

Basel II is not a quantification exercise. Under  Pillar  2, this is what is really important:

A. The legal and corporate structure.

It must be effective, efficient, transparent and clear. The position of the bank within a group is very important as well.

B. Authority and responsibility of the board, management and employees.

It must be precise, well defined, and meaningful. The reporting lines must work. The staff must be aware of these policies and everyone must have the power to do what is needed and described in his job description.

C. Good risk management.

An enterprise wide approach in the management of risks is needed. A centralized office understands better best practices and international standards, and promotes more effectively a consistent implementation.

All material risks must be identified (a difficult task), understood and quantified. Risk assessment and risk monitoring procedures must be advanced and updated regularly.

D. Documentation and evidence for doing what is required.

Banks have to provide evidence that they did what is required: The minutes of the meetings of the board, the documentation of the risks, the controls and the tests that explain why the controls are effective, are all very important. Banks should help the supervisors understand and evaluate the operations.

E. Monitoring and review.

A systematic review of the strategies for risk management is necessary. The old controls may not be effective in a new, different and challenging environment. The cycles of the economy, the macroeconomic environment, the business cycle, the internal and external factors must be taken into account.

F. Strong internal control systems.

Banks are in the business of taking risks. When the risks exceed the board’s risk appetite, banks have to mitigate them. Effective internal controls are essential. The risk control, compliance and internal audit functions can provide reasonable assurance that banks control our risks.

G. Effective risk and compliance function.

Compliance risk is the (very important) risk that banks do not comply with laws and regulations. What follows is definitely bad for the reputation of the bank: Legal sanctions, regulatory sanctions, financial loss, negative publicity.

The risk and compliance officers must advise the management and the board of directors on new laws, regulatory obligations and standards. The Chief Compliance Officer and the Chief risk Officer should provide assurance that new products or procedures are in compliance with the legal and regulatory environment.

In small and less complex banks, according to the proportionality principle, the same persons may perform the tasks of the compliance function and the risk control function. This should never be acceptable for larger or complex institutions.

H. Effective internal audit function.

The board of directors has to ensure that the internal auditors are qualified and capable to assess risks and the adequacy of internal controls. Auditors are required to report significant deficiencies and material weaknesses to the board and senior management. The reports of the internal auditors are very important, so a formal follow up procedure is necessary.

A Regular Column: How to Start and Write One

Writing a regular column is a great way to establish a presence in your field or genre, and to reach more people than you possibly could one on one.

Start by recognizing a need. I recommend all my patients eat an unrefined diet rich in whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits. Few of them knew what these were, let alone how to cook them, but they wanted to learn.

Form your objective. My column’s objective is to educate my readers about the benefits of whole foods and how to prepare them. You will develop a devoted following when your readers know what to expect from your column.

Make sure your passionate it. Writing a column is like having a baby. Make sure you enjoy your topic enough to turn out fresh and original material even after your sick child kept you up all night. My editor wanted at least a year commitment. I knew I had at least that much material to share and the initiative to do it.

Choose a catchy title that gives you room to play. I titled mine “The Doctor Cooks.” It attracts people seeking credible advice on healthy cooking. I discuss nutrition, shopping, organic farming, techniques, tools and recipes all under the umbrella of my title.

Keep it relevant. My topic almost always arises from my holistic medicine practice. If it comes up several times there, then I know it is on the radar screen of my readers. Keep an ear out for the buzz about your topic.

Choose the right tone. I’m communicating brand new information to my readers to motivate them to change their lifestyle. I’m a cheerleader for healthy whole foods cooking. I lead them step-by-step with enthusiasm.

Follow your editor’s guidelines. My editor says she likes working with me because she doesn’t have to reformat my work. Make your editor’s job easy.

Read it aloud. I always read my columns aloud to my husband. If it doesn’t flow off my tongue well or if he doesn’t get my point, then I revise my work. Alternately, send it to someone else to read.

Don’t be afraid to request a vacation. Last fall I was studying for a new board certification and it was clear that writing my column wasn’t going to happen. My editor offered me a vacation that month. I learned who was reading my column when a number of people asked me how my vacation went!