Air Hammer Kit

Air tools are very useful for those who have a big job to do. They are designed to make the work easier. The air hammer kit can be a very useful tool since it not only has the advantage of being an air tool but it also has interchangeable pieces that mean it is like purchasing several tools and having them all use the same handle. The average kit will come with several heads. These may comprise a ripping tool, cutter, tapered punch, and a hammer.

No matter which tool you use from the air hammer kit it will operate on standard power. The barrel will weigh about four to five pounds before the head has been put in. It will be approximately eight to ten inches in length. This long barrel serves a purpose. It is designed this way to give extra power for projects that are destined to be extra work. The air hammer can work at two thousand blows per minute. They are made to allow for fast changes between heads based on what the job you are doing requires.

Depending which system you buy you may find ones that are made with vibration isolation systems. This is designed to diminish the stress on the worker and lesser then tiredness they will feel using such a powerful machine. This will also make them easier to control. The grips will also be made to lessen stress on the hands and improve comfort. Some of the more advanced air tools will also have as part of their built in system the ability to reserve the power. The advantage to this is that it prevents the machine from have a power clog based on a job that is slowing down the air tool. Buying a hammer kit is likely going to be an expensive purchase but it will have many advantages. All your tools will work from one source. So you will be comfortable with the air tool barrel you are using and not spend all your time readjusting to the tools you are using.

Choose Carrara Mosaic Marble Tiles For Home Designing Today

Tiles are perfect for designing floors, walls, countertops and other surfaces. Since tiles have many applications, they come in several designs. One of the most famous types is carrara marbles, based in Italy. Carrara tiles have many variations, including those with tumbled and soft surfaces. Further grouping include clear and patterned tiles. Good examples of the latter are carrara mosaic stones.

If one can describe them in one word, he or she would say fantastic. These strips are charmingly gorgeous because they contain many patterns on their surfaces. Many of you know that other types of marbles exist, although carraras seem to excite everyone. They have so many benefits to them. If you are looking to buy a marble mosaic tile today, choose these European stones. Do you know why? They feature so many different patterns.

A person who no longer wants one color marble floor, walls, backslash and so on could switch to mosaics. If you choose them today, you will have the pleasure of choosing your favorite pattern. Choose among basketweave, round, hexagon, diamond, bread, brick, herringbone, dog bone, and penny round among others. All of them are very stunning. Note that one tile style could feature a combination of colors.

For instance, you can find white and black, white and grey, and other combinations. It is up to you to choose the most suitable currara mosaic stone for your home. Another major detail that you want to remember as you choose the product is that finishes are not similar. You can find tumbled, which is a stone with round edges and light background color.

You can as well find honed finish with a matte appearance. A polished style is what many fashionable people would choose because the stone looks very shiny, smooth and charming. In addition to the finishes, you should know that the tile cuts are not the same. Some have round edges and others have sharp or straight cuts. Now is your chance to add marble mosaic tile to your home.

If you are on budget right now, ordering these stones is not a problem. If you shop with wholesale websites, you will cutback the entire cost for ordering and shipping. On the other hand, if you use retail stores, you might end up paying more money. Currara mosaic is a widely used stone and that explains the reason why it is affordable. To learn more about marble mosaic, you could use the Internet too. These are not different from most tiles you already know, as you soon realize.

Basic Yard and Garden Tools List

This is a list of commonly used yard and garden tools. For those that maintain their own yard, you will probably say that all the tools listed are already in your garage or backyard shed. The list was developed for first time home owners wanting to care for their own lawn and garden. This should provide them with the basics- enough to begin normal lawn maintenance. On the other hand, it may be enough of a warning to help them decide that they do not want to tackle what seems to be never ending task of lawn care.

To prevent this article from sounding like an advertisement, I will not list any lawn and garden maintenance companies for those that prefer not to purchase all the necessary yard and garden tools. After factoring in the time, manual labor plus the cost of the tools, there will no doubt be some drop outs for the do it yourself lawn maintenance program.

For those of you that want to go join the club and go forward with caring for your lawn, you may notice none of the tools have related prices. There are several reasons. Mainly the prices can change at anytime and I simply cannot keep up with them all. You can get pricing while shopping for the tools. I recommend that you do that anyway.

Basic Yard and Garden Tools List

  • Gloves
  • Rake
  • Hoe
  • Shovel
  • Spade
  •   Trowel 
  • Pruner
  • Pruning Saw
  • Sprinkler
  • Garden Hose
  • Lawn Mower
  • Edger
  • Weedeater – gas or electric
  • Blower – gas or electric
  • Fertilizer Spreader
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Hedge Shears
  • Tank Sprayer
  • Hammer
  • Heavy Duty Extension Cord

Again, this is not an all inclusive list of yard and garden tools. It does cover most of the basic tools necessary for regular lawn maintenance. While many home owners have acquired a large number of other gardening tools over the years, the basic list here should be enough for the average startup home gardening and lawn care maintenance project.

The benefit of shopping for the tools yourself is that you can find the best prices. An additional benefit is that you will learn more about each tool and its respective manufacturer. So, review them all. Whether searching locally or on the internet, you will learn about quality and prices. Both will help you determine the right yard and garden tools for your lawn care needs.

How to Write a Column About a Personal Experience

I once read a column in my local paper about the experience of a person adopting a kitten. The theme of the column seemed to be that it was hard to get exactly the kitten she wanted because of what the columnist argued to be a lack of unwanted kittens our province, British Columbia. The columnist ended up buying her cat at a pet store, which was OK, according to her, because it was sent there by a shelter in Quebec, which was overcrowded.

This column provoked some backlash as expected. Instead of the paper running letters to the editor, the columnist ran edited snippets of the emails and calls she had been getting. The quotes were highly redacted to make the callers and emailers look unreasonable, and the columnist accused them of being on their “high horses.”

The whole thing got me wondering, what makes a good personal column? We’ve all read personal columns that have been bad, and ones that have been great. It’s very hard for an inexperienced writer to walk the fine line between the two. Many of the papers running the worst variety are small weekly papers that tend to hire entry-level writers. They have a tendency to want to fill space, regardless of whether or not they have anything to say.

That’s the first issue you need to tackle before you sit down to write about your pets, your kids, your garden or your trip to New York City. Does your column have a point? Your life is interesting to you, your family and your friends, but why should it interest other people? No matter how exciting your trip to the top of the Empire State Building was for you, most people in town can top it with their own experiences.

Pick a theme

Think about the theme of your article before you write it. The columnist mentioned above had an interesting theme: there’s a shortage of kittens due to increased awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering.

Ask yourself some questions about your own experiences: What does raising kids teach you about life? What advice can you give people about gardening based on your own experience?

Maybe you enjoyed your trip to the top of the Empire State Building, but later that evening you got lost and turned down a dark street where you stumbled upon the best jazz club you had ever visited. Maybe the theme is that you should take some time to stroll off the beaten track if you really want to experience New York City.


While the columnist above had an interesting theme, she didn’t research it to make sure it was true. In fact, one of the “high-horse” emails was from a local animal shelter assuring her that they have plenty of kittens available for adoption. One might even say, there was “no shortage” of kittens available for adoption. Another angle she could have taken was to examine whether it’s OK to sometimes buy animals from pet stores rather than shelters. Again, she would have to do the research and not just rely on the word of one pet store sales clerk.

A lot of reporters enjoy writing personal columns because they think it’s a “break” from the heavy-lifting of researching and reporting. Not so. You still have to be credible. If you’re making a statement, check it out.

Make sure people can relate to your experience

When writing for a general audience, people may need a little help relating to your experience. I once cringed while reading about someone’s highly uneventful meeting with her favourite rock star – a singer whose name most of our readers wouldn’t have recognized. “He shook my hand. He said, ‘I like your shirt.’ Who knew?”

I’m not saying, you shouldn’t write about unusual hobbies or interests, but try and connect it to experiences people may already know. For example, “for me it was the same feeling my mother had attending her first Elvis Presley concert.” Your feeling of excitement will be more interesting than the colour of Doc Martens your hero was wearing that day.

Adopting a pet is a highly relatable experience, but one of the reasons the cat columnist fell short was that people couldn’t understand her desire to find the exact variety of kitten she wanted. We might be able to relate to wanting a kitten rather than a cat or a short-haired cat rather than a long-haired cat, but her detailed pickiness made it impossible for many to emphasize. However, if she was writing for a cat magazine, she might have found a more sympathetic audience.

When you’re thinking of your topic, think of your audience. If you don’t think they can relate, ask yourself why not. Then think about how you can make it more understandable. Don’t dumb it down. Just situate it in your reader’s own frame of reference.

Don’t brag

Have you just single-handedly discovered a cure for cancer? In that case, it’s probably no big deal that you received a promotion, raise, commendation, certification, new car, etc. Is there something interesting about your achievement? Did you go back to school after raising children? Write about that experience, not about the achievement itself. If there’s something extra-special about it, people will notice and congratulate you anyway. If you’re just tooting your own horn, trust me, people will notice that, as well.

Changing Mats – Clean and Safe

Something I just about any parent should have is a changing  mat . This allows you to change your baby’s diaper no matter where you are safely and cleanly. This negates the need to run to the restroom every time you change your baby’s diaper, and you will have to worry about the germs that are present on the  mats  in public areas.

Sometimes a baby changing that is called a changing pad. These are both essentially the same things, and they work in the same way. Either or should have a couple of pockets to keep diapers and other essentials in, as well as enough room for you lay your baby down comfortably. If they are too small, then you could get mess on something other than the  mat . If they are too large, then they could take up much room to get dirty the other things.

You can find these  mats  in several different colors seem to be sure there always be cute. Many of them also come with handles, which make them very easy to carry just like little bags. You can fold a changing  mat  with a handle up and secure it with Velcro in order to carry safely. This is very convenient if you are a have to carry enough, including your purse and your baby itself. It’s better to have a free hand paper your baby than to have to carry a whole  mat  around.

Sometimes you may have difficulty finding this type of  mat  at regular retail stores. If this is the case, then you can look at baby specialty stores or on online retailers. You’ll be able to find a large amount of  mats  either one of these types of resources. Finding the perfect one is a snap either way, as there are plenty of different styles to choose from. Many have different numbers or sizes of pockets and the general material if they are made of various as well.

These  mats  are run you anywhere from $15-$50, depending on the brand and quality of  mat  that it is. The pockets can have a big affect on the price, as can the handle. Do not spend too much on one of these  mats  if you do not go out often with your baby. It is no point spending a lot of money on something you will not use often. But if you do go out often and would like to be able to change your baby’s diaper safely, then these are great investment and the higher priced ones will have enough pockets to keep everything you possibly think of in. A changing of your baby is a good way to ensure that always be free from unnecessary germs when you are changing their diaper.

Carpet Protection Film

Shielding Carpets from Dirt caused by remodeling, moving, an Open House, parties or other hazards can be challenging. Tarps and paper covering can move and tear. They can also become a slip hazard. Carpet Protection Film is the answer.

What is Carpet Film? Carpet Film is a 3 Mil plastic film that has an adhesive side that sticks to carpet. It is made from Polyurethane that is strong enough to resist tearing and puncturing to maintain protection for your carpets. The adhesive is water based and will not leave a residue on the carpets.

How do you apply Carpet Film? Just roll it out by hand or use an applicator tool. The rolls are usually “reverse wound” meaning that the adhesive is on the outside of the roll. This allows you to roll it out without a lot of bending and finessing the film in place.

What do you do when the job is finished? Just peel and toss the film. It gathers up in seconds and should be recycled with other plastics. The carpet underneath will look just as it did before you applied the film.

Can I use the film on other types of floors and surfaces? Yes and no. Carpet Film is specifically made for synthetic carpeting typically found in homes and offices. For Wood and other hard surfaces, you should use a Hard Surface Film. For Marble and Granite surfaces a Marble and Granite Film made specifically to adhere to those surfaces should be used.

What size rolls can I get? Rolls are typically 24″, 36″ and 48″ wide and either 200′ or 500′ long. There is also 32″ X 200′ roll made specifically for stairways. This roll is not reverse wound making it easier to apply to stairways.

Are there limitations to what you can do with Carpet Protection Film? There are 2 biggies. First you should not use Carpet Film on Wool Carpeting. The fibers are not strong enough for the adhesive and they can become ruined. Also you should not leave Carpet Film on any carpet for more than 45 days as the adhesive can break down and leave a mess.

What should I look for when buying Carpet Film? Buy a product made in the USA that is 3 mils thick. There are many good brands available, but typically the imports use a solvent based adhesive that may leave a residue. Also the imports don’t generally use a true 3 mil film. By using a 2 or 2.5 mil film they cut the import shipping weight by 20 to 30%. The cost difference of just a few dollars is not worth the liability of having to fix or replace a carpet.

Who uses Carpet Film and why? Anyone who has carpeting that can be exposed to a temporary hazard of being soiled should use it. This film is so much less expensive than new carpet or even a carpet cleaning. At less than 9 cents per square foot Carpet Film is a bargain. Contractors who use it show their customers that they care about cleanliness in their home. Building managers understand the financial cost of cleaning or replacing carpets. Home Owners and Realtors appreciate the ease with which it goes down to avoid costly and time consuming cleanups for parties, open houses and inclement weather. Kennel Clubs use it to protect areas during shows and competitions.

Discount Wool Rugs

People looking for a quick and fairly low cost way to spruce up their living space, are advised to consider purchasing discount wool  rugs . Wool  rugs  come in all forms of shapes, colors, patterns, designs as well as different quality levels.

Placing a kitchen area  rug  on the floor instantaneously warms up a room. It gives the room a more inviting feel. The kitchen is a common place for wool  rugs . There are a variety of wool  rugs  designed specially for the kitchen. The most common choice for kitchen placement is the braided area  rug  as it has a conventional look and requires very low maintenance.

If the traditional look isn’t what people desire, they should consider purchasing contemporary area  rugs . These tend to be made of material such as bamboo, cotton and other synthetic fabrics combined with wool and have bolder colors and designs. Wool and bamboo area  rugs  in particular, can become a focal point in a room rather than an accessory. Such  rugs  are also offered at a discounted price as the presence of material other than wool reduces the cost of the  rug .

Discount wool  rugs  can be found in a number of places, from outlet carpet stores and large chain stores to online vendors and donation centers. People generally prefer to purchase a discount  rug  in a general style and color before going in for a high-end product later on.

Often  rug  dealers and shop owners offer wool  rugs  at a discount in order to hasten the sale of a slow moving variety or design. Apart from this, they may also be sold at a discount because the designs have been discontinued. Increasing demand for wool  rugs  has also increased their supply. Mechanization has made it possible to create good quality wool  rugs  at a lower cost. As a result, sellers offer discounts to fight competition, attract customers and increase sales.

Hotel Accommodation

To be competitive nowadays, hotels have to offer more than accommodation; they have to provide additional services including childcare, restaurants, gyms and swimming pools as well.

Hotels are often the accommodation of choice for people traveling on business, as they are usually equipped to hold conferences, thereby giving delegates the convenience of working and staying on site.

Most hotels nowadays also offer meeting rooms and business centers so guests traveling on business can stay in touch with the office and meet with clients in a professional setting.

The price and quality of any hotel is generally an indication of the amount of services it

offers. To avoid confusion, many properties offer a star rating system, an unbiased rating system that allows consumers to easily compare hotels.

The star rating system is used worldwide so, whether you are visiting a major

capitol city or a remote village, you will be able to identify the level of service and accommodation offered by any particular local establishment.

Within this rating system five (5) star hotels are generally the highest ranking and would be expected to offer the most luxurious services. Although, new six (6) and seven (7) star hotels are now emerging. At the other end of the spectrum, one (1) star hotels are the lowest ranked and usually consist of very basic rooms with no additional facilities.

While the star rating system is helpful for prospective travelers, one must be mindful – that smaller boutique-style hotels may offer luxury style accommodation on par with that of a five (5) star hotel but they may have a lower rank based simply on the fact they do not offer as many additional services as a their larger-named counterparts.

Even within the one hotel you will find a variety of different rooms types and standards available, from suites and penthouses – often the most luxurious – to single rooms, being the most basic.

Most hotels also offer smoking and non-smoking rooms and, the choice of a balcony room or room with a view. This is generally more expensive than your standard room.

Nowadays, where bigger is better, numerous hotels considered to be destinations in themselves. Dubai, a country known for its wealth, is home to the worlds first seven (7) star hotel. South America, is famous for its Tree House hotels, in which accommodation is built using living trees as a primary structure.

In Australia, a town called Coober Pedy is famous for cave hotels, as are certain areas in Spain and Turkey, in which hotels are built within natural cave formations and many rooms are actually located underground.

In Sweden, Finland and Canada Ice Hotels are a major tourist attraction. Certain parts of their structure actually melt each spring and are rebuilt each autumn.

Whether you are a backpacker wandering the globe nomadically or a business person traveling to a strictly structured itinerary, there are many different ways in which to choose and book hotels. While the amount of money you have available to you will greatly affect the type of hotel you will be able to stay in – there are a number of excellent hotels available nationwide that offer quality accommodation at an affordable cost. With tourism being such a booming industry, you will be hard pressed to find a major city that doesn’t offer a plethora of hotels to choose from. Due to the amount of hotels available you can generally find quite competitive deals for most hotels. While booking last minute doesn’t work for everyone, and can sometimes lead to disappointment, it can also have its advantages, namely significant reduction in the cost of rooms. Special last-minute deals can often be found online.

While five-star hotels are magnificent – realistically not everyone can afford to stay in them. There are a number of quality hotels around that offer great accommodation at an affordable cost. With the emergence of various discount airlines worldwide it is meaning that interstate and, more significantly, international travel is no longer something restricted to only the wealthy. With this realisation has come the creation of numerous budget stay, cheaper hotels.

Define Residential Housing – Some Terms

Before we can start to invest in residential property, we need to know some terms and definition so that we are able to make a good judgement on the property in which we are interested.

A residential area, or zone in the US, in one where the predominant use is for  housing  and this can include a varied type of property. In inner cities, the main type would be flats of apartments so that you can get the maximum use out of the minimum ground footprint. As you start to move out, terraced houses start to proliferate and these are usually single family units and might include their own outdoor space

Further out still, in the more affluent suburbs,  housing  will take the form of semi-detached and detached propertied with substantial outdoor space and again for single family units. These might be two story or three story “town” house properties and even include some single story building (bungalows) which have, in the past, been used by older people who have downsized.

Most property investors start their portfolios in the terraced house areas as these are popular both with new buyers and with long term renters so you both have a ready-made market for your property and also a easy exit strategy.

When looking for property, a substandard  housing  definition must be known so one can make a judgement on investing. For mortgage purposes, a property must have a room that is seen as a bathroom and a room that is seen to be a kitchen. This does not mean that a bath and a kitchen need to be installed, but they must be seen to be such.

Substandard  housing  is one in which neither of these is actually in place so although you can purchase the property, before it can be let these features must be installed. Other requirements are that the property will provide shelter for the family in a safe environment which means that gas and electric services are fit and proper.

Although you may be buying your investment property in an area that you would not want to live, you must make the property to the standard that you expect in your own home.

There is a call today for affordable  housing  in many cities and the workforce  housing  definition sets this out for many new developments. If a local council is selling land to a developer, they write in the contract that a percentage of the buildings must be affordable for the local workforce in the US, or key workers in the UK. These type of classes of worker include school teachers, firemen, nurses, etc and other critical skills that usually find it difficult to start on the property ladder.

Another thing is subsidized  housing  definition whereby the local authority will create a  housing  association and pass on some or all of their social  housing  to that association which can then be sold on to local residents. Typically the new buyer will buy 25% of the property with a mortgage and then rent the remainder off the  housing  association. As they save more and increase their income, they can buy a bigger percentage of the property until, eventually, they own the whole house or flat.

Dave P Thomas

Building Structural Design for Steel, Wood & Concrete Material Framing

The selection of building material and framing system depends on load bearing capacity, functionality, economy and desired lifespan. The framing system must have sufficient bending characteristics to accommodate architecture style of the building and non-structural elements. Frames are basic skeleton of the building made with wood, steel, reinforced concrete or prefabricated materials.

Light weight wood frames are most popular for the construction of 2 to 3, single or multiple residential apartments. Structurally it is a repetitive bond of wood joists on wood studs. All wood buildings are engineered in compliance with the International One and Two Residential Building Code. Commercial and industrial wood buildings commonly have larger floor spans with few retaining walls.

Steel buildings are made up of repetitive framing of steel beams and columns. The beam-column connections are completely developed as a moment connection to withstand lateral loads. Lateral forces are transmitted by steel decking to the moment resisting frames. These frames can be placed almost anywhere in the structure. Steel buildings are typically more flexible than wood buildings in their design and offers benefits of fire resistance, offsite fabrication of components and low cost.

Steel buildings made up of light frame are usually pre-engineered and fabricated with solid frames in the transverse orthogonal design. These frames offer maximum strength when columns and beams are built up of light steel plates.

Precast Concrete Frame buildings contains floor and roof decking made up of precast concrete members for better earthquake resistance. Precast concrete columns and girders support the decking system along with reinforced steel to interconnect these elements. Higher strength and deformation capacity of these connections help resist lateral loads as desired in major seismic upheavals.

The building structural engineer must ensure their designs meet desired load, safety, architectural, serviceability and performance criteria. It should easily withstand massive live and dead loads along with climate changes and natural disasters.

Post your queries related to Structural framing design and calculations to us.

A Review on Beam Trolleys

Beam trolley is a type of boon for transporting load in construction or production sectors and also in various commercial and maintenance sectors. they are widely used in complex and also assembly line factory setting and as well employed by cleaning companies for maintaining sand cleaning the outer region of sky scrapers.

These beam trolleys are available in powered and non-powered variety. The non-powered ones is rather the obsolete the one that uses manual labor for transporting loads. Nowadays these are available in various models with various sophisticated settings and they are also light in weight so that they are able to be easily dismantled and transported from one place to another. There are numerous companies which produce these beam trolleys with competitive prices. Some of the common varieties are discussed in the following paragraphs.

The push and geared travel beam trolleys are anchoring points which can be fitted to beam and suspended from the ceiling beam. Loads could be carried on these trolleys on their hooks and they can also be transported along the direction of the beam. The manual push one and geared ones are moved cross the beam in with the aid of a hand operated chain. Hence by pulling and pushing the chain the trolley could possibly be moved precisely the same mechanism like utilized in venation blinds. These trolleys are adjustable and ready to release but some pivoting options are also available in these varieties.

Additionally, there are wheel guard, anti drop plate ones available. These light weight tools are simple to operate and works extremely well anywhere because they are mobile. They are strongly suggested in the maintenance sectors like the building maintenance organizations for reaching at the very high corners of the skyscraper. The adjustment bars on to enable them to be used in any width of the beam. Most of these products do not require any separate tools for installation. These could be easily fitted and adjusted on the beam with help of the locking mechanism. These light-weight ones are appropriate for homes and workshops and they are also very safe.

Some electric travel beam trolleys can also be found in the market. The electric trolley doesn’t need any manual handling and the speed can be set on its motor and accordingly it could transport the load. As an illustration they can be utilized in large butcheries where the stacks of long meat are moved to the chopper at a fixed time intervals, once the prior one has been chopped. These have different power supply options 110v to 400v and single dual and also variable speed. These are suitable where manual handlings are not possible or not required like deep eaters, in refineries or places where there is use of harsh chemicals.

Some agricultural crane trolleys are also use these equipments. They are a kind of mobile crane bridge, which is installed in pairs between two beams in an over head space. They are low cost manual as well as electric crane options.

There are some heavy weight ones available which can carry load from 380Kgs to 1000 kg. These have a self locking mechanism and also have an anti drop plate for maximum speed application. These have maximum security and have minimum maintenance. These have a very practical and simple design and can also be tailored to your needs based on the production or works set up..

Another light weight push trolley option is also available in the market. These have a very low head room and are used in industrial sectors. The load shaft can be adjusted and can carry weight up to 3000kgs.

Most of these beam trolley available in the market have great utility in the industrial sector. The best part about these overhead trolleys is that these do not use any floor space and hence other work can be done when the goods are being transported simultaneously. These have seen use in major industrial sector like car industry or any form of assembly line production system and they have helped in speeding production. Heavy loads can be easily transported from one end of the factory to another for the next procedure in minutes with the help of these beam trolleys.

How to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Every girl I’ve talked to agree that the reason our nail polish is constantly chipping is because we spend so much time typing on keyboards and the constant clacking on our BlackBerries. Our technology addiction is doing a number on our nails, but in most cases this can’t be helped. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think telling my boss that I couldn’t finish that proposal or get those emails sent off due to the stress it put on my manicure would go over very well. Nor is switching careers a viable option. Luckily, there are several tricks to making your hands look like they live the life of luxury.

#1 – Keep your nails short with a rounded tip. This length bangs against keys less and is less likely to bend (another common cause of nail polish chipping).

#2 – When you file your nails, only file one direction. When you go back and forth with a file on the end of your nails, you end up with minuscule rips in your nails. Those little rips will turn into big rips, resulting in nail polish chips.

#3 – Buff the tops of your nails. Nails naturally have ridges in them. How defined these ridges are varies greatly between people, but everyone has ridges in their nails. Buffing these ridges out allows for a smoother nail polish application. The smoother the nail polish application, the longer your manicures will last.

#4 – Ask your manicurist to apply a swipe of base coat, color and topcoat across the tip of each nail.

#5 – Apply a layer of topcoat to your manicure every morning for 8 days of chip free digits.

#6 – If you paint your own nails, make sure you use a high quality base coat, such as ones made by OPI, China Glaze or Essie. Then apply two layers of color, allowing time for each coat to dry before applying the next one. Finally, apply a high quality topcoat.

#7 – Natural oils found in our nails and hands keep polish from adhering as well as it could. To minimize these oils, use pure   acetone  as your nail polish remover. Nail polish removers that claim to be “moisturizing” or for “brittle nails” contain oil. While they might remove old nail polish, they are distributing ingredients that keep new polish from sticking. Always use pure  acetone . It’s the best for completely removing old polish quickly and easily. After removing old polish with  acetone , wash your hands well. Then use rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to wipe down each nail bed to ensure there’s no traces of oil left before starting to paint.

#8 – Use high quality nail polish brands. They might be a little more expensive than some drug store brands, but if you’re painting your nails less, it’s lasting longer, thus cheaper in the long run. The most popular of these is OPI or Essie. Both brands have a vast array of colors and can be found loads of places. OPI is even available at your neighborhood Target!

#9 – Become a fan of light pink and nude color nail polishes. There is not a difference in the formula of light colors vs. dark colors, but if you do get a chip, it’s less noticeable with light colors, making you look like you always have perfectly manicured nails. My personal favorite is a pink shade by OPI called Bubble Bath. It looks classic, clean and shows the world that you care about your appearance, without looking old or overdone.

High-Tech Architecture

High-tech architecture, which is also known as the Late Modernism or Structural Expressionism, is one of an architectural style which emerged in the 1970s. The various features of the high tech industries were used as a design to build new buildings.

Lots of steels and concrete was being used in this kind of architecture. This kind of architecture appeared to be a bridge between the modern architecture and the post modern architecture. However it is still not known that from where this kind of architecture started and where the post modern architecture ended.

In the year 1980s the high tech architecture started to look different from the post modern architecture. Many of the themes and ideas which originated during the post modern times were added to the high tech architecture.

As you would have experienced the brutalism, I must say that the structural expressionist buildings also revealed the design both inside and outside the house.

If you will look at some of the style’s premier practitioners then you will find that it would definitely include the British architect Norman Foster, whose work has since earned him knighthood, and Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava who is also known for his organic, skeleton-like designs.

Those buildings which have been designed in this style usually consist of a clear glass facade, with the building’s network of support beams exposed behind it. If you will look for the most renowned, the most famous and easily recognized building built in this style then you will definitely come across the I.M. Pei’s Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong. The World Trade Center in New York City, although generally considered to be an International Style building, was in principle a Structural Expressionist design due to its load-bearing steel exoskeleton.


Characteristics of high-tech architecture have really not remained unique and have varied somewhat, yet all have emphasized technical elements. They included mostly included the prominent display of the building’s technical and functional components, and also an orderly arrangement and use of pre-fabricated elements. Glass walls and steel frames were also hugely popular.

To swank technical features, they were externalized, often along with load-bearing arrangements. If you want to see an example then I must say that you will not find the more illustrious example than Pompidou Centre. The ventilation ducts are all outstandingly shown on the outer surface. This was a fundamental design, as preceding ventilation ducts would have been a constituent hidden on the inside of the building. The means of admittance to the building is also on the outside, with the large tube allowing visitors to enter the construction.

This kind of architecture are really quiet popular now days and you will definitely find out that they are more powerful as well.

Hammer Throwing Basics

The  hammer  and weight throw are enjoying a resurgence in American Track and Field. The USATF recently added the  hammer  to its youth schedule, and there is more and more interest among high school programs to include the  hammer . Hal Connolly, the 1956 Olympic gold medalist in the  hammer , is making major strides in promoting a grass roots effort to popularize the event in this country once again.

There was a time when American  hammer  throwers were the envy of the world. There were few others in the world that could compete with US  hammer  throwers at the early Olympic Games. As the event shifted from a strength event to more of a technique event, American throwers have slipped from their dominant standing. In fact, Hal Connolly (1956) and Lance Deal (1992), are the only two Americans to medal at the Olympic Games in the past 50 years.

Anatoli Bondarchunk of the former Soviet Union, has revolutionized the event with his technical philosophy and training methods. Even though he has been coaching for over 30 years now, his methods are still neglected in this country. The primary tenets of his technical philosophy include maintaining good posture, and pushing the ball. Too many beginning  hammer  throwers are still taught the old “grip it and rip it” method of  hammer  throwing, which can offer them short term gains, only leads to long term frustration and even injury.

In order for  hammer  throwers to develop to the best of their potential, it is important for them to focus on the winds and entry of the throw above all else. The thrower must set up a properly balanced thrower-implement system. If the system is not set up properly from the entry, it is impossible to correct through the course of the throw. Classic illustrations of setting the system up correctly can be seen by Bondarchunk’s star pupils, Sergi Litvinov and Yuri Sedych. Some of the top  hammer  throwers of today have refined the entry even further as can be seen by Ivan Tikhan of Belarus (now coached by Sergi Litvinov).

If the thrower sets the system up correctly from the entry, it is then a matter of “pushing the ball” and maintaining proper posture. Throughout each successive turn, the thrower should aggressively drive and turn the right foot, knee, and hand through each double support phase. As the tangential force of the ball increases due to its speed, the thrower must continue to lift his chin, or the crown of his head to maintain proper posture and prevent “breaking at the waist,” or crashing down on the right side.

The time has come for American  hammer  throwers to regain their prominence on the Olympic medal stands. Continue developing your coaching knowledge and actively working with young athletes to advance our sport.