Are Hydrogen Booster Kits Safe For You and Your Car? Read on and Find Out

Safety should always be uppermost on one's mind when dealing with flammable substances.

Recommended safety precautions should always be strictly observed.

Safety is definitely a lot cheaper than an accident.

Compare the hazards of dealing with combustible substances such as gasoline and hydrogen.

It is my view that hydrogen gas, in its uncompressed state and in an open space, is less hazardous than gasoline.

Spilled gasoline will present a fire hazard until cleaned up or evaporated.

Spilled hydrogen gas, being lighter than air, will disperse very quickly and more or less disappear.

It will disappear so quickly that you will not have the time to flick a lighter in an attempt to ignite the gas.

Just do not try this in the privacy of your home!

Yes, you will ask, but what about the Hindenburg Zeppelin? Good question!

Hydrogen gas, unlike most other substances, is invisible when it burns. When the Hindenburg Zeppelin burnt there was plenty of visible color caused by the burning fabric coating of this magnificent airship. The highly flammable coating, prior to electrostatic buildup, of this airship is claimed to be the cause of the fire and not the hydrogen gas.

An airship filled with noncombustible helium and coated with the same flammable coating would also go up in flames given the same circumstances. However, this would result in less dramatic adjustments since there would be no hydrogen enhanced combustion process.

When you purchase the, very well written and reviewed, "Add on Hydrogen Gas Generator" instruction manual to help you improve your fuel economy and beat high gas prices, you have to follow its safety instructions to the letter.

Unfortunately, a lot of people either do not pay attention to manuals at all or barely read them.

I design pictorial assembly manuals with as little writing as possible and rest assured, no matter how foolproof I think I designed the manual, there is always a better fool just around the corner; you just can not beat them.

Far too many people want to cut corners and decide not to install a highly recommended flashback arrestor, which is designed to protect the Hydrogen Gas Generator cell from a possible engine ignition flashback.

When installing the wiring and electrical connections ensure that the hydrogen generator can only ever operate when your car engine is actually running and also install a separate isolating switch so you can turn off the hydrogen generator at anytime, even when your engine is running.

This isolating switch will also help you to see more accurately how much fuel economy you are achieving with this hydrogen enhanced combustion.

Engineers are not really boring people, they just get very excited about really boring things.

5 Tips On Selecting The Right Developer For Property In Malaysia

I do not know about your country, but in mine, Malaysia, when you're looking to buy property of any type, one of the important criteria you would want to look into is – the developer.

The project is important, but you would agree that the developer plays even a larger role; in ensuring that you're getting the best property deal in Malaysia.

So, you might want to read on to find out, who would be your ideal developer …

Well, basically, these are the criteria to look for:

1. Reputation and Reliability

Need I say more? You already know this, do not you? But …

The most important thing is: How do you find out reputation and reliability of a developer, right?

Simple, just ask around residences or owners of previous property projects by your targeted developer! You should be able to get some hints from these neighborhoods.

While you're there, open you eyes; BIG and WIDE ! Observe their workmanship. Would you be happy with the quality of work that you see right before your eyes?

You can also check who their financers are. Do they owe their contractors, vendors and suppliers? You would not want to be involve with a bad pay master, would you?

One more thing …

Find out if this is their first project? If they are not from a developer background, you should think again …

2. They should be registered under REHDA

REHDA, or the Real Estate and Housing Developer Association, is the association that keep track of a developer's records.

Reputable property developers in Malaysia are members of REHDA … and if it is not registered … well, you know what to do, right?

3. Timeliness in Delivery and Quality

While checking out the previous projects by the developer, find out about their timeliness. Are they delaying project consistently? What is their compensation for the delay? Is the compensation fair and following the legal requirements?

4. Credibility, Management Effectiveness, After Sales Services.

These are the normal things to check. A MUST!

When you're missing the background of the developer of property projects in Malaysia, find out about their credibility, their management teams and effectiveness, and what is the quality level of their services?

And now … the most outrageous criteria !

5. License!

Huh? Property developers in Malaysia MUST have a license, do not they?

Alright, before I go about embarrassing my lovely state … let me explain:

You see, there are certain licensing requirements for properties in Malaysia. And not all property projects are necessarily regulated. Thus, there's no pre-requisite to have a valid license for certain project types.

Property projects that requires a valid license in Malaysia are any buildings that are intended for human habitation, partly or wholly. Examples, low and medium cost apartments, condominiums, terrace houses etc.

But then again, The Minister may by notification published in the Gazette, exempt any housing developer from any or all of the provisions of the Housing Development (Control & Licensing) Act, 1966 .

So, these 'exempted' developers may not need any license as well!

Now, you probably would ask: What else does not require a valid license?

Here's the loopholes …

If the developer is building less than four units; or the units are only sold after full Certificate of Fitness for Occupation has been issued. No license is required.

Besides that, any approved commercial development, no valid license are required.

Examples, service apartments, commercial buildings, shop lots, shop offices, bungalow plots and / or land, orchard land and / or agricultural land, industrial and / or factory lots, and other types of properties not specified as 'Housing Accommodation' under the Housing Act

Ouch !

Now, how are you going to find out about these?

Well, frankly …

Information about these are perfectly rare. You can ask even an average Malaysian, who lives her whole life here – she may not know all these either!

So, the most important task you need to do is to get hold of reliable and information-packed resources to aid your property quest in Malaysia, do not you agree?

And the good news for you is: There's such a material now available online for immediate download. Check out the link at my bio-data. It's a definite valuable resource for investors in Malaysia properties.

Can Office Chair Mats Prevent Floor Covering Damage?

Chair mats can be a good idea for the office as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

The Problem

There is little doubt office chair casters can do a lot of damage to floor coverings, particularly where the wrong casters are fitted.

Broadly speaking office chair casters are designed for either carpeted or hard flooring surfaces, so before doing anything check your office seat is fitted with the correct casters for your floor covering.

Even when the correct wheels are fitted, they can still do a lot of damage to floor coverings, this may be minimal with good quality carpet tiles and a serious problem with foam backed carpets as the wheels have the effect of shredding the foam backing over time .

You'll know when this is happening as the carpet will become uneven and may develop ridges and show signs of early wear.

So, you've got the correct casters on your chair and perhaps are still concerned about the marks left by your chair and decide to fit a chair mat, will this sort things?

Making The Best Use Of Chair Mats

Chair mats act as a barrier between the casters and your floor covering and will indeed protect your floor from wheel damage.

This can actually throw up a fresh problem because when the mat is left in place what happens in time is the surrounding flooring will begin to wear with use, yet the mat will prevent wear to the flooring underneath it.

Consequently, you may end up with a situation where you reverse the problem you originally had where the protected flooring shows little or no signs of wear and so stands out against the rest of the carpeting.

To minimize this problem it's best to always lift the mat each time you vacuum your carpets and clean it as well, this will also raise the carpet pile too reducing the likelihood of the pile becoming flattened by continuous use of a mat.

Where possible, try and move your workstation and chair around from time to time so you are working on different parts of the carpet as this will help even out wear and tear on your flooring.


Here's a summary of the points to check when considering chair mats.

  • Make sure you chair has the correct casters
  • Move and clean under the mat to revitalize the carpet pile
  • Where possible, try moving your workstation occasionally to even carpet wear

Superpump 250 Reviews

SuperPump 250 can be utilized by healthy individuals in a range of sports. Superpump 250 is produced by Gaspari Nutrition, a supplement company that is recognized throughout the industry because of producing first rate supplements that deliver what they say and claim they will. SuperPump 250 is a powder that Gaspari recommends being used every day 30-40 minutes prior to training, preferably on an empty stomach.

Unlike regular nitric oxide pre-workout supplements that decline in potency over the course of time, the positive effects of Superpump 250 continue to be felt and will actually increase with time. After Protein & sometimes Creatine pre-workout Nitric Oxide products are probably the most popular supplements and for good reason; increased stamina, mental focus, intense energy bursts & increased strength. Choose the right pre-workout supplement to make the most of every workout.

Superpump 250 is a pre-workout bodybuilding supplement that is comprised of creatine and nitric oxide agents, which will assist in muscle recovery, deliver extra muscle pumps and increase muscle strength and endurance. Superpump 250 is considered a solid and reliable supplement and some people swear by it, even though it's not thought of as the most potent muscle builder out there. In terms of pre-workout supplements superpump 250 is by far one of the best in this category.

This type of supplement is generally considered saved and without side effects, but one never knows how a new supplement will react with their body. Because of this it is a good rule of thumb one should always consult their doctor prior to starting any new supplement or workout regime.

The Future of a Successful Organization

At the first meeting I had with one of my clients, he told me that he would like to introduce TPM (Total Productive Maintenance-productive maintenance) in the production factory. I asked him "Why?". My client looked at me surprised and answered: "Because this is what they want from me."

The introduction of the Lean manufacturing in the production or management is NOT, or should not be, a goal by itself! The followed goal with the introduction of the Lean system should be to improve the performance, to reduce the delivery time, to increase the innovation degree etc., so to improve the quality as a whole.

The Lean system has two different components:

1. Techniques and methods, like 5S, TPM, SMED, VSM, etc. These ones are for the improvement of the performances.


2. The philosophy that is behind the techniques and methods, philosophy which has the goal to remove the eight types of wastes (overproduction, waiting, transport, overprocessing, inventory, motion, defects and the waste of unused human talent); wastes that exist in every human activity.

The Lean philosophy is the one which assures the continuous improvement of the results achieved using the Lean techniques and methods.

For the long term success it is required the awareness and the deployment of the organization on the Lean philosophy and principles.

The Lean techniques and methods are forming an assembly being dependent one of each other. For example, SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) can not be implemented successfully without 5S or TPM. It has to be based on the people's responsibility, standardization, Kanban. And the examples may continue. Because of these interrelations, the techniques and Lean methods can not be implemented separately.

Even though the deployment of a certain technique or method can have a short term success, the results will be sustained on a long-term only if the Lean system would be implemented in assembly; this will lay the foundation that will lead to standing and continual improvement. Lean manufacturing can be seen as a chain in which every technique and method is a linked link. When all the links are connected, they will "pull" the performances' continuous improvement, but when a single link is missing the unity of the whole process will be lost and quickly interrupted.

Going back to the client's request to implement TPM because this is what they wanted from him, this type of work represents a long term waste which is contrary to the principles of the Lean philosophy.

The deployment of the Lean manufacturing system in the output or services provides major benefits to the company and, in this way, the raise of the product's / service's value. To obtain these benefits it is necessary the involvement of the whole company, in the first place, the involvement of the management which has to assume their responsibility on the deployment and the compliance with the system. The problems which will inevitably occur to be solved, not masked or avoided.

Asphalt Paving Problems and Solutions

Protecting your asphalt investment from deterioration is the key to keeping an attractive looking parking lot or driveway. Sealcoating new asphalt within one year of installation is the best and most cost efficient way to avoid expensive repairs due to pavement failures. However, let's take a look at some common asphalt problems and their solutions:

Oxidation and Graying
Over time, traffic, water, gas, oil, the suns unrelating rays, especially in Florida, will wreak havoc on asphalt pavement. The older the pavement gets, the more exposure to elements, the more the asphalt pavement will fade and take on a gray appearance. This graying is a sign that the asphalt is oxidizing and drying out. The drier it gets the more brittle it will become and the more prone to cracking. It's a downward spiral at this point if nothing is done to stop the water from penetrating the asphalt cracks. It is critical that asphalt repairs are made as part of an ongoing asphalt pavement maintenance plan to avoid further decay.

Another asphalt pavement maintenance issue to be aware of is raveling. When the binder, which acts as a glue, that is used to hold the stone and sand particles that make up the asphalt starts deteriorating, this is called raveling. Pieces of aggregate will loosen and breakaway from the pavement surface making it thinner and thinner as it deteriorates.

The surface of the asphalt pavement will appear rough as pieces of the asphalt away and separate. This can create a void for water to penetrate into the base material.

Linear Asphalt Cracks
Transverse and longitudinal cracks are fairly common in asphalt pavement as it ages. Starting small, they will expand over time. Again, any crack in asphalt is an opportunity for water to penetrate. Pavement expansion due to hot and cold temperatures will continue to cause the cracks to expand.

Cleaning out any dirt or debris from such cracks, asphalt repairs can be made to stop water from seeing below the pavement and help stop the crack from growing.

Sealcoating the pavement early on helps lock-in the binder and results from cracks from occurring.

Vegetation Growth
If cracks, gaps or joints in asphalt are left unfilled, grass, weeds and other plants – even trees have been known to grow right through a parking lots surface. Not only does this make for an un-kept looking parking area, but the roots of the vegetation can cause severe damage to the base of the asphalt. Additionally, as the plant grows, the roots and the visible vegetation will widen the gaps letting more water penetrate the surface eroding the base materials. A simple asphalt crack repair before vegetation has a chance to take root can save property managers thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement.

Verse Bridge and Choruses Defined

Song forms are made up of 2-3 elements that consist of a verse and a chorus. some songs even contain the third element which is the bridge. The most common and traditional song form in rap is chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse Below are brief definitions of the 3 elements that make up song form.


The verse lyrics are going to be the same melody but different than the chorus. Its wise to try and have the verse connect with the chorus, but dealing with rap you do not needly have to. However if your verse lyrics do not connect with the chorus a great tool you can use is a line or two in the beginning or ending of your versions that connects to the chorus.

Verse Bridge and Choruses Defined


The chorus is the repetitive part of the song that looks to catch your ear. The chorus lyrics give us the life of the song. The title of the song is almost always in the chorus.


bridge is rarely used in rap songs but you may come across one if your featured on a R & B song. The bridge is going to have a different melody and chord progressions than the verse and chorus sections. Try switching your flow over bridges and see what type of variety this add to your song. Bridges are used to separate the repetition of verse and chorus and at times used as an emotional turning point in a song. Until next time …. Good Luck

Why the Picture on Your Screen Differs From the Printed Result

Let's explain that because it is a bit confusing: Let us imagine you have a 1 x 1 inch, 144 ppi image and your monitor only has 72 dpi (dots per inch), the image is actually going to be displayed 2 x 2. Why ? Well that is because your monitor only shows 72 pixels per square inch so it needs 2 inches to show the 144 pixels that make up one edge of the image.

Now if we understand how an image adjusts itself depending on the monitor or screen resolution then it will be easy to figure out that the relationship between image resolution and screen frequency determines the quality of the detail in the printed image.

Two things to consider when printing:

· Laser Printers: Most desktop laser printers have a resolution of 600 dpi, for image setters the resolution is 1200 dpi or higher. In order to determine the appropriate resolution of your image when ready to print in any laser printer, check your "screen frequency" and that is found in your printer documentation or consult your service provider.
· Ink jet Printers: The printing method is different, although most inkjet printers have approximately a resolution of 300 to 600 dpi and are quite good printing images of up to 150 ppi.

Last item to consider: The digital size of your image is proportional to the pixel dimension. Image resolution can be compromised between image quality and the size of the file. The more detail your image has the heavier the file will be and more difficult to store and edit. The format of the image, such as GIF, JPEG and PNG vary significantly for the dimensions of the same pixel.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

If you are planning on installing a ceiling fan in an outdoor location, it is important to purchase a fan that is specifically designed for that purpose. If you install an indoor fan in an outdoor area it is likely to short out (which can be hazardous) or simply break down prematurely. Outdoor ceiling fans are designed differently than indoor ceiling fans because they need to be able to the forces of mother nature.

Here are some of the ways that outdoor ceiling fans differ from those made for indoors:

  1. The decorative motor casing is either sealed or designed to prevent water or moisture from coming in contact with the actual motor inside.
  2. The wiring is a higher grade with additional shielding.
  3. Screws and other components are typically made of stainless steel.
  4. The finish on the motor casing and hardware is usually a weather resistant powder coat, stainless steel, or has some additional protective coating that can handle exposure to the elements.
  5. The blades are often made of ABS plastic rather than plywood. ABS is a very strong durable material that resists warping and discoloration from moisture or UV exposure.
  6. Light fixtures are sealed on top and designed for outdoors
  7. The mounting hardware is either water tight or designed to prevent water from entering from above.

There are 2 types of outdoor ceiling fans , those rated for DAMP locations and those rated for WET locations. There is a noticeable difference between the two and it is important that you choose the right type for your application. In either case, make sure the fan you purchase is UL Listed for the application you need so that you know it can be safely installed without creating a potential electrical hazard.

Here are the differences between the two types of outdoor fans:

Damp rated outdoor fans are designed to handle moisture but not direct contact with rain or running water. Therefore, a damp rated outdoor ceiling fan can be installed in a covered area such as a patio or screened in porch or other areas that are protected from rain or dripping water.

Wet rated outdoor fans are designed to handle direct exposure to rain. They can be installed in virtually any indoor or outdoor location, covered or uncoovered. So you can install a wet rated outdoor ceiling fan in an open gazebo, lattice covered lanai or other similar shade structure as well as under a covered porch or patio. Because wet rated outdoor fans are pretty much water tight, you can actually clean them by hosing them off … which is a great reason to buy a wet rated fan even if all you need is a damp rated model.

Commonly asked questions about outdoor fans:

Can an outdoor ceiling fan be installed indoors?

Yes, you can install an outdoor fan in your living room or any other room in your home where you want a fan. Many people will do this simply because they like the look of a particular outdoor fan. Also, outdoor fans are highly recommended for laundry rooms and bathrooms or any other room inside your home that that offers to have excessive moisture. In more humid climates, outdoor fans are a great choice for every room in the home.

I live in a very windy area and have had problems with blades breaking off … are there any outdoor fans that are made to handle high winds?

High winds can in fact sheer the blades off a ceiling fan, especially cheaper models that use lightweight materials. Usually it is the metal blade holders that attach the blades to the fan that break rather than the blades themselves. So if you are in an area prone to high winds, outdoor fans that do not have blade holders are your best choice. If the fan is to be installed in an area that is 9 feet high or less, a hugger style outdoor fan is even better. A perfect example of such a fan is the Minka Aire Concept II Wet , which is one of the very few outdoor fans that meets this criteria.

Are there any outdoor fans that are designed to be taken down easily or that have blades that are easy to take off when a storm is coming?

This is a very common question. Unfortunately the answer is no. There are no ceiling fans designed with a "Quick Disconnect" mechanism or with blades that snap on and off. However, I suppose that if any fan manufacturer came up with such a fan it would be a big seller.

Running wires and installing a junction box can be difficult in many outdoor applications. Are there any outdoor ceiling fans that are battery operated?

Although DC powered ceiling fans are now in fact available, they are not yet powerful enough to handle the needs of outdoor applications, nor are they being designed to work from batteries. Currently, most DC powered ceiling fans use an AC / DC converter, so they still require electrical wiring. However, I would look for this to change in the near future … most likely in the next year or two.

Can a remote control be added to an outdoor ceiling fan?

Most add-on remotes or wall controls are not rated for use outdoors, so unless the control is specifically designed for the fan you are considering and is rated for the correct application (Damp or Wet), then you should not use it. If a remote control or wall control is important to you, look for outdoor fans that have such a control included with the fan.

Can any light fixture be added to an outdoor ceiling fan?

No. Just as ceiling fans are rated for Damp or Wet locations, so are the light fixtures that are used with them. Make sure you purchase a light fixture that is made by the manufacturer of the fan and that has the same rating. If you want an outdoor fan with a light fixture, your best bet is to purchase one comes with one, this way you can be certain they are compatible.

Throw a Delightful Kid’s Spy Theme Party!

A spy party is a great one for boys and girls alike…

Send Spy Party Invitations with a Poem:

“Detective, spy… Private eye

Can you figure out the clue?

Mystery… Come and see

A birthday party for – guess who?”

Spy Party Dress Code

  • Ask Party goers to dress in black and wear sunglasses.
  • Call everyone by his/her code number (use the last 4 digits of the child’s phone number)
  • Come up with an Organization name… “Robert International Spy School” (“RISS”)
  • “Robert Bureau of Investigation” (“RBI”) or the “R-7” (If Robbie is turning 7)

Spy Party Invitations

  • Try writing the invitations backward (read with a mirror).
  • The birthday child could deliver the invites door-to-door (ring the bell then run and hide) so receiving the invite is more mysterious.
  • Come up with an Organization name… “Robert International Spy School” (“RISS”) “Robert Bureau of Investigation” (“RBI”) or “R-7” (If Robbie is turning 7)

Spy Party Decorations

  • Add chalked body outlines outside (on pavement/sidewalk) for an interesting touch
  • Tape maps and different country flags to the wall.
  • Print out the “foot prints” and stick them to the walls/ceiling with painter’s tape.

Bomb Prop

  • A “bomb” can be made out of a piece of plasticine with old wires sticking out of it and bits and pieces of metal stuck to the plasticine, then put in a box, stick in a flashlight, bike light, egg timer… anything.
  • Have the aim of your treasure hunt be finding the secret “diffuse the bomb” directions (use an oven timer/ alarm clock/ ipod to count down the time).

Believe it or not the CIA has a kid’s page on their website that has Games (!)

Spy Academy

  • Put your guests through a Series of “Tests” to see if they are “Spy Material”
  1. Physical tests (a-Obstacle course, b-relay races, c-balancing contests… )
  2. Fingerprinting tests – One way to do this is make a fingerprint on a smooth surface and then lightly brush on graphite dust (rub a pencil against sandpaper to create some graphite dust). Then lift the print with some scotch tape and place the tape on a piece of card.
  3. Observation tests – Show a set of objects… then cover them and remove an object, then have the “spies” figure out which item was removed
  4. Have a volunteer (parent/ neighbor/friend) burst into the room and “steal” something and ask the surprised children try to give correct eyewitness accounts (you could put them into 2 teams and the teams could battle it out)
  5. Decoding games – try close up pictures of objects printed on regular paper… or “eyeball bender” also write things out in “code” and have the children translate them).

Treasure Hunt

  • Hunts are great fun for the children – Find the “stolen” loot bags/cake/pinata/formula/bomb diffusing instructions
  • Make Invisible Ink (write in lemon juice or milk then warm the note and reveal it by placing over a warm toaster/candle… carefully)
  • Scramble the letters (if the first and last letter are not changed it is quite easy to unscramble… For example: if the fsrit and last lteter aer not canhegd it si qitue esay ot usnrcmalbe..


  1. Cipher (make/use a cipher wheel)
  2. Rhyming clues “Stop to think… You’ll find it under the __________” (sink)
  3. Eyeball benders (extreme close-up photographs of things)
  4. Pig pen Cipher
  5. Use another language as code – Russian is a good one.
  6. Morse Code
  7. Code Stick/Scytale code (cut a long narrow strip of paper and wind it around a specific stick/broom handle then write the message across the wound paper and then unwind… revealing a long strip of paper with seemingly random numbers on it!)
  8. Write Backwards (use Mirror to decipher)
  9. Use Braille
  10. Put clues into ASL (American Sign Language) pictures
  11. Block Code
  12. Reverse Alphabet (A=Z, B=Y… and so on… )
  13. Try a semaphore (Read every 2nd or 3rd, 4th, 5th letter)

Spy Party Food

  • An easy cake to make for a spy party is a “bomb cake” (round ball pan) iced black with a black licorice “fuse”.
  • Serve juice and soda concoctions that are “Shaken not stirred” (Shirley temple style with cherries and lemon twists and paper umbrellas)
  • Have food taste tests
  • Fortune cookies can have new messages put into them (just replace the old messages carefully with tweezers)

What To Keep In Mind when Adding Chandeliers Or Other Lighting Fixtures To Your Home

Chandeliers make for impressive home lighting fixtures. When deciding on what type or design to choose, you need to consider these questions like, what kind of mood should the lighting fixture create ?, what types of activities take place in the room ?, and what decorative elements do you want the chandelier to attract attention?

Overall, to effectively create an elegant and inviting atmosphere in your rooms, you could also utilize three to five light sources in every room, and not use the chandelier as the room's focal lighting piece.

Aspects To Consider When Choosing Appropriate Chandelier Designs

To simplify your home lighting choices and decisions, and should you choose to purchase a chandelier, there are many options available that suit an individual's preferences, whether it be classical, old-world looks, or modern, sleek and futuristic designs or patterns. You could also complete the main lighting piece by adding applicable pendants, wall-mounted sconces, as well as floor and table lamps.

How Chandeliers Set The Tone In A Room

Chandeliers are famous for helping set the overall tone of a room, whether it be the living, dining, bedroom or the home's other major rooms. For example, if you wish to fashion out or create a formal dining room, you could install a crystal or polished brass chandelier. If you prefer adding a much casual ambiance to the room, you could select a lighting fixture that has a antique, old-world or washed finish to harmonize the room's existing set of colors.

Verify The Exact Measurements of Your Lighting Fixture

In determining the appropriate chandelier size for your home, you first need to measure the width of your room's center table, for instance your dining room table, and subtract 12 ". next step would be to mount the lighting fixture so that it will hang by around 30 "above the center of the table. If your room's ceiling is higher than 8 ', install the lighting piece by an additional 3 "higher for each foot.

Other Extras To Consider

For homeowners, selecting a chandelier that has a downlight, helps to heighten the level of light on the table, and give excellent accent lighting for your room's centerpiece.

To aid in lighting your room's tabletop, you could also install four recessed lights in the ceiling above the outside edges of the table. With some chandelier styles, a homeowner can increase the glow of light on the table by mounting small shades on the individual bulbs, as these shades force more light down to the table and effectively help in reducing glare.

Whenever you embark on a home lighting enhancement project, you first will need to fully evaluate your home's existing electrical circuitry, and ensure that your home's power can handle the extra wattage that the additional fixtures will be adding. You may also have to upgrade the circuitry in your house to avoid tripping the circuit breakers.

If you want to install additional lighting to other rooms, you should first try to estimate the additional wattage for the entire home at one time to make sure that the upgrades done on you electrical circuitry will be appropriate and will help you avoid the additional extra costs contributed from hiring an electrician more often. – Golden Age USA

Are Overweight People Lazy?

Are You overweight? Believe it or not, when you were born, your parents did not get to choose your size. Your parents did not get to choose your sex, hair color or any other physical character that makes you …. you. They did not choose your weight either, or your bone structure. They just could not take over that job; it was hard enough bringing you into the world.

Being overweight seems to be a pre-determined fate for so many Americans. An estimated 64% of Americans are considered overweight. That equates to over 125 million people that are overweight and need to loose weight. Or you can call a spade a spade, which equates to over 125 million FAT Americans, which also means that there are a lot of very unattractive Americans.

Supposedly having too much body weight has been the result of you being lazy, unhealthy, unhappy, selfish, greedy, and unattractive. NO, it has not been the result of any of those reasons! Overweight Americans are often some of the most tenacious skilled-conscious individuals. They are overworked and often fall into weight problems because they are working long hours, without enough rest and exercise! Approximately of of the other 36% of thinner adults choose to condemn those Americans who are not as fortunate to have a fast metabolism and the luxury of time to exercise. These very adults have the time, because they also find the time to ridicule the other 64% of the population that need to lose a few pounds.

This all may sound a bit harsh, but suck it up! The slogan 'Thin is in and Fat is Out' needs to go right back out the door with the aerobics instructor that bought it in. Sure, if you have a weight problem, you know you have a weight problem. It is not something you do not have the intelligence to see. See Barbie, while you were on the beach with Ken, the fat chics were getting an education! Being overweight is still considered one of the biggest sins someone can do to their own bodies, but what about the people out there with true medical problems that prevent them from being thin.? They still fall into the thin person's stereotype of a FAT LAZY person? The sad truth is that people who are exceptionally overweight allow others to ridicule them about their weight. The misconceptions that people who are overweight will not work, are overall lazy people, unhappy, unattractive is a load of bull.

Just take a look around you; Some of the most beautiful women in the world are either overweight now or have been at some time in their life. LOOK AT OPRAH! She is gorgeous, but she was not always the size she is now, but she was still a pretty happy woman, not to mention a huge success. If you look in the "heftier women magazines" you will find more beautiful women than what you find on the runways of New York, it's a fact.

Whether we want to hear it or not, the fact is that "grown-ups" still act like children to get ahead in life. It really is the "take the camera off of me and point it over there at someone else" approach. Think of your girlfriends. You likely have one in the bunch that is as cute and prissy as can be, but whenever she is not getting the attention from the opposite sex, she will inevitably draw attention to your weight. Do not pay it a second thought and here's why. Even though you could get into a dirt throwing contest and bring out all of her faults, (for example that she really wears a lot of make-up because she needs it!) So you might be overweight, big deal, you are a beautiful person inside and out. Can anyone thin top that?

A Hand Ax Stored in an Ax Sheath, A Bucket and a Shovel Are Essential Tools on a Camping Trip

Is your sport enthusiast well-equipped for that highly anticipated camping trip? Some essential starter tools to take on a camping trip include a good hand ax stored in an ax sheath, bucket and a shovel. When evaluating good camping trip equipment items that can be used for more than one task are best because they reduce the equipment required to be packed. It is important that all packed items are in good and usable condition because having arrived at campsite with a broken or damaged item may mean that a camper is now ill-equipped.

A nicely sharpened hand ax can be relied upon for several tasks around the campsite. A hand ax will serve well when chopping wood and splitting kindling. Using the back end of the blade will provide a useful hammer for banging in tent pegs. With care the hand ax can also be used for carving, shaping wood as well as for chopping wood. Some advanced uses that can be accomplished with a good hand ax include using it to build a fire stand or a fire screen.

On a camping trip many find that they avoid the use of an ax in favor of a saw because they have often neglected their ax by not storing it in an ax sheath and then even worse by trying to use a blunt ax. Over time even a saw will need sharpening so it is beneficial to learn some good sharpening skills. Once one has learned how little time it takes to sharpen and maintain an ax they will appreciate how useful it is to have a hand ax as an essential tool on their camping trips. Do not forget to store the hand ax in the ax sheath when not in use as it protects the ax blade.

On a camping trip despite the most essential piece of equipment is a bucket and a bucket can be used for many important tasks. For instance, water can be transported from one point to another for cooking, cleaning, or drinking. Firewood can easily be gathered and transported in a bucket as well as sand or dirt used when building a fire pit. On a trip to the campground main restroom area a bucket can easily carry all the campers grooming items.

While camping, a shovel can also be used to do numerous jobs. A shovel can be used to dig a hole for a fire pit. A shovel can be used to haul rocks to be placed around the fire pit. Ashes or other material in the existing fire pit can be removed with a shovel. A shovel can be used to pack the dirt down and make an area on the ground as even as possible in preparation for placing a tent upon the ground. Waste, sewage, and garbage can be disposed or buried with a shovel so as to eliminate any odors that can linger around campsites.

Boxing – Improves Physical and Mental Fitness

If you want to improve your health and physical fitness a boxing training program may be what you are looking for. As well as building body strength and fitness it can also go a long way to improve your personal confidence. Of course, by taking part in boxing workouts you will also improve your fighting form.

People who have tried boxing as a form of exercise find it to have very positive results, arms and legs usually gain a lot of strength and become more defined in shape. However, the benefits are not all physical. People also find that they gain a greater sense of inner strength and feel more emotionally balanced.

Boxing as a form of training and exercise became part of the large fitness training arena a few years ago. Great benefits can be found from boxing workouts on muscle toning and the cardiovascular system. It was the release of many videos featuring Tae bo and kick boxing workouts that made boxing rise in popularity.

The many innovative variations on boxing such as power punches, defence and punch and kick exercises have all the components of aerobic exercise. As you progress you will find your strength will build along with your confidence as you are taught how to execute punch and kick moves more effectively for a far more intense workout.

Kicks and punches which are performed in various combinations on blocks are done with an imaginary opponent, you have no doubt seen this many times on television etc. where the participant through punches and kicks into the air. There are also training facilities where there is the necessary equipment such as punch bags and so on. In some cases there may even be a real opponent to hit, they have very good padding on their hands of course!

Cardin kick boxing gives many more benefits other than the physical factors, it is an excellent way to burn off excess calories. In just one hour of kick boxing you can expect to use in the region of between 350 and 500 calories. It is also very good for maintaining a good heart rate of somewhere between 75% and 85%. This has been proven to be the ideal rate for anyone in training or exercising.

Boxing as exercise is beneficial for the whole body. As well as increasing arm and leg strength through the repeated sparring and jogging whilst punching at the same time,it also helps increase resistance and strength whilst greatly enhancing the reflexes and flexibility of all your muscles.

The workouts involved help to greatly enhance balance and co-ordination which in turn gives you body great form and increased stability and also allows joint movements to be more flexible giving fantastic results in physical fitness.

There are many benefits to be gained from all types of boxing training, that is on top of the physical benefits. In the training process you will learn a great deal about defence skills which, in today’s world could prove to be invaluable. A great sense of satisfaction, self confidence, motivation and relaxation can also be gained from training.

The stresses and strains of modern living can be lifted and any anger and aggregation which may be building up inside can be released and lifted giving more peace of mind and help you relax more.

A number of aerobic fitness instructors do recommend some boxing training instruction for people starting out. This allows each individual to take things at their own pace depending on how fit you are already. The other extreme is boxing classes which will push you to your limit. In this case it is important that you have a safe environment with fully trained instructors on hand and that you are already physically fit.

You will see many positive results if you take up boxing training, you will be much more fit physically and mentally. You can take things at your own pace and most of all enjoy the fun of being involved in a training program.

Overcoming a Fear of Elevators Easily

If you have a fear of elevators, you no doubt want to try to get rid of it as quickly and easily as possible. Although you may not think so, this phobia can really affect your life in a negative way. After all, elevators are everywhere. The good news is that you can overtake this particular phobia. There are a number of things you can try.

A lot of people have benefited from virtual sleep therapy. You have to use an experienced and professional therapist for this. Simply put, as the patient you have to enter into a computer simulation. Typically, it involves an elevator which is located in a tall building. You will be able to control the elevator, moving it up and down the separate floors at your own pace. The sensation will be just like it is in a real elevator. After some sessions incorporating the simulation, you will move on to a real elevator.

Some people also benefit from being hypnotized. Hypnosis can be advantageous with a lot of different fears and phobias. Your subconscious will actually be reprogrammed where this fear is concerned. Again, however, make sure that you choose an experienced and reliable therapist.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, may be helpful as well. There are practitioners who specialize in this. It involves discovering the root of your phobia and why you are afraid of elevators. Learning how your fear is created can help you create a way to combat it.

Last but not least, energy therapy may be helpful as well. It is sort of like using acupuncture. The meridian lines of your body are used in this type of therapy, but no needles are involved. Basically, you will learn how to take control of the way you have to. Your thought patterns can be changed to combat your fears.