What is Found Inside Human Semen?

Semen is ejaculated from a male body’s penis after he has reached orgasm, usually through sexual intercourse or masturbation. It is usually a white or yellowish thick liquid that turns watery after it is being exposed to air. There are many chemicals and substances found in semen, and they are there to help protect the sperms when they are released from the testicles.

During ejaculation, sperms are mixed with the fluids that are produced from the seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles can produce a large proportion of the seminal fluids, which makes up about 60%. This fluid is alkaline in nature, which explains why semen is slightly alkaline. This is very important for the survival of the sperms when they enter the vagina. They need to travel up to the uterus before any fertilisation can take place. The environment inside her is slightly acidic, therefore the semen can neutralise some of the acids, thus prolonging the lifespan of the sperms.

You can also find a variety of amines such as spermine and cadaverine, which are greatly responsible for the strong taste and smell found in semen.

The seminal vesicles fluid also contain a lot of proteins, fructose, Vitamin C, zinc and other enzymes. Fructose is needed to provide energy to the sperms once they leave the man’s body. Zinc is needed to protect certain DNAs found in the sperms, and a deficiency may lower your fertility rate. You can also find mucus which can help the sperms to move faster in the vagina because it provides a channel for the sperms to swim.

Prostate Massage Therapy – A Natural Tool To Improve Prostate Health

Men are often left wondering if they have a natural choice when it comes to helping problems with their prostate. Prostate massage therapy has been used for hundreds of years as a natural tool to improve the health and well being of this male only gland and is worth considering because of the potential benefits.

This male only gland is located beside the rectum and is a necessary part of the male reproductive cycle. Its main function is in the production seminal fluids. This gland is highly prone to infection as it is situated near the rectum which is always full of bacteria. Studies show that 1 in 3 men by the age of 60 have at least one problem related to the prostate so it is important if possible to avoid all such problems as early as possible.

In a medical setting, a urologist often performs this type of massage. This can be an uncomfortable experience for the patient as the massage is performed through the anus. The doctor will insert his finger and massage the prostate gland. This gland is like a small rubber ball and can be accessed through the anus but never directly touched.due to the wall of the rectum. The massage should only be performed by experts or professionals as any sort of inappropriate massage can cause damage to the prostate gland.

This procedure also helps in checking out any sorts of carcinomas present in the gland. An inflamed prostate can also be caught by this massage. The therapist will be able to tell if there is any problem with the gland by massaging it. This therapy can alert the patient of any existing ailment however, certain drawbacks need to be kept in mind. If a cancerous growth is present, it can spread to other parts of the body if the massage is improperly performed. Also, presence of prostatic calculi can cause the membranous lining of the prostate to rupture. If the patient is already suffering from prostatitis, then blood poisoning can be caused by this massage.

So as we see, this type of massage can be a very good tool medically speaking to check the health of the gland as well as possibly giving some relieve to men with certain conditions. As well, this type of therapy helps to release accumulated fluids that can can additional pain in an unhealthy prostate. Consider finding a qualified therapist or clinic that has experience in doing this to make sure you won’t have any problems.

So in summary, prostate massage therapy can help to diagnose potential health issues as well if done correctly, relieve certain problems in a natural manner that can be very beneficial.

Keeping Kids Hydrated This Summer – 6 Quick And Easy Tips

Under the hot summer sun, keeping kids hydrated turns into a parent’s number one priority. According to Parents magazine, children become dehydrated much more quickly than adults. They lose water through sweat and their bodies produce more heat. They’re more interested in having fun and running around so paying attention to keep kids cool and well hydrated is important. Here are 6 easy tips you (and they!) will appreciate:

1. Always Bring Water – Fill up reusable water bottles before you head out on a day trip or head out to the park to play. You may be able to buy water at the park or find a water fountain, but you never know. It’s best to be prepared.

2. Avoid Going Outside During the Hottest Times of the Day – If you want to take your kids out to the park, try to do so in morning or in the early evening, after things have cooled down slightly. From late morning to early evening, the chances are much higher that the kids will become dehydrated.

3. Schedule Regular Water Breaks – According to Kids Health, the average child needs a drink of water every 20 minutes when she is exercising or playing a sport. A child should drink between 5 and 9 ounces each break, depending on her age. Have your child take a drink even if she claims she is not thirsty.

4. Add Some Flavor – Some kids think water tastes great on its own. Others like a fruity flavor in their beverage. You can add a slice of lemon or lime to the water for a hint of flavor. Other options are to serve fruit juice diluted with water so the kids get the flavor without having to worry about all those calories. During sports and other strenuous activity, it’s fine to give your child sports drinks to keep her hydrated.

5. Skip the Caffeine – While soda and iced tea technically keep your kids hydrated, both often contain caffeine, which can make dehydration worse. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it causes the body to lose water. Another drawback is that it can also mask dehydration symptoms.

6. Think of Fruit – Some fruits and vegetables have a high water content and help to keep your kids hydrated. If they’re not interested in water, have them eat fruits such as cantaloupe, oranges or watermelon instead. Watermelon, for example, has a water content of over 90 percent.

Finding ways to make sure keeping kids hydrated this summer doesn’t have to be challenging. Get your kids used to drinking water regularly and you may soon find that you do not need to remind them that it’s time to take a drink.

What Are the Best Whole Food Sources of Calcium & Magnesium?

Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in our bodies. 99% of calcium is stored in our bones and the teeth. While the remaining 15 is to be found in the blood, muscles and the fluid between cells. Calcium is needed for healthy bones and teeth, used in muscle contraction, blood vessel contraction and expansion, heart action, nervous system maintenance and for normal blood clotting.

In order not to have a calcium overdose, this recommend intake for calcium should be followed. It is 1,200 milligrams per day for men and women 51 and older, 1,000 milligrams per day for adults 19 to 50 and 1,300 milligrams for children 9 to 18. The limit for calcium intake is 2. 5 grams daily.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in our body. 505 of total body magnesium is found in the bones while the other 50% is found inside cells of body tissues and organs. Only 1% of magnesium is found in blood.

Magnesium is essential to good health as it is needed for 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Magnesium is needed to maintain normal muscle and nerve function, support a healthy immune system, keeps the rhythm of the heart steady, and keeps bone strong. Magnesium is also used to regulate blood sugar levels, promote normal blood pressure and is also involve in protein synthesis and energy metabolism.

The whole foods that are good source of calcium are milk, yogurt and cheese. The recommended intake for individuals two years and older should eat 2-3 servings of dairy products per day. An example of such a serving would be 1 cup (8fl oz) of milk, 8 oz. of yogurt, 1.5 oz. of natural cheese and a 2.0 oz. of processed cheese.

Other whole foods that have calcium are an 8 oz. of plain yogurt, 8 oz. of low fat fruit yogurt, 3 oz. of canned in oil sardines, 8 fl oz. Of non-fat milk, 8 fl oz. Of buttermilk, 1 and ½ oz. Of part skim mozzarella and 1/2 cup of trim tofu.

The whole foods that are a good source of magnesium are green vegetables such as spinach because the center of its chlorophyll molecule contains magnesium, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds and whole unrefined grains. Bread made from whole grain, and tap water also contain magnesium. Eating a combination of these foods will help meet the daily requirements for magnesium intake.

Other whole food source for magnesium are 3 ounces of cooked halibut, 1 ounce of dry roasted almonds, 1 ounce of dry roasted cashews, 1/2 cup of cooked matured soybeans, ½ cup of cooked frozen spinach, 1 ounce of dry roasted mixed nuts, 2 rectangular biscuits of shredded wheat cereal, 1 ounce of dry roasted peanuts, 2 tablespoons of smooth peanut butter and 1 medium baked with skin potatoes.

That is just about it and whole foods. Bye!

When to Apply Lime to Your Lawn

Before you know if you need to apply lime to your lawn, you need to know the pH level of your soil. The pH level will indicate whether your lawn soil is too acidic or alkaline. The pH level range from 1.0 to 14.0. A value of 1.0 indicate extreme acidity and a value of 14.0 indicates extreme alkaline. A desirable or balanced pH level is between 6.5 and 7.0. If your lawn soil has a pH level in this range, your grasses will grow healthily and there is less chance of weeds growing. If the pH level of your lawn soil is less than 6.5, it is acidic and you have to add lime to bring it back to balance.

In general, when there is an increase in rainfall, the acidity of your soil will also increase. Other factors that can cause acidity include irrigating with water that has a high acid content and decomposition of organic matter.

You can purchase a soil test kit from your nearest nursery or garden center to test your lawn soil pH. However, the test result will only tell you if your soil is acidic or alkaline. You will not know how much lime is required to bring the soil back to balance. A better alternative is to send a soil sample to a soil test lab for testing. You can look up the yellow pages to find one that is located in your vicinity. Once the soil test is completed by the lab, you will receive a report with an accurate analysis of your soil chemistry and composition. There should be a section in the report indicating the amount of lime you need to apply to your lawn.

There are a few type of lime available in the market. The most common type being pulverized limestone, which is relatively inexpensive. Another type is dolomitic limestone, which contain magnesium. This is used when the soil test indicates that your soil is low in magnesium. The more expensive type of lime is pelletized limestone, which is cleaner and easier to apply. When applying time, you should use a rototiller to work the lime into the soil for best result.

You can apply lime any time during the growing season but not when the grasses are wilted or frost covered. Do not apply fertilizer immediately after a lime application. Give the lime about two weeks to improve the soil before applying fertilizer. If you have a new lawn, you should apply the lime before planting any seed.

A soil test should be done every three to four years. Apply lime to your soil only when the test result indicates such necessity. Too much lime will cause your soil pH to go off balance, which will lead to other lawn problems. As long as you are able to maintain a balanced pH level for your soil, your lawn will have a easier time to grow healthily.

Important Bar Supplies Needed For a Successful Pub

The process of running a public house or a bar these days is as hard as ever, with so much legislation to take into account, as well as a harsh set of economic circumstances. One of the major aspects of running a bar-based business is getting hold of good quality bar supplies.

The term bar supplies really covers a huge range of items that are necessary for the smooth running of a bar. This article intends to look at what the most commonly needed supplies are, as well as where someone who is new to the business might go about obtaining the required supplies.

If you’re considering setting up a bar, you’ll obviously need enough chairs and tables so that your clientele can really relax in your bar. These items would normally be purchased through a furniture retailer, rather than a pub furniture or bar supplies specialist. Genuine bar furniture can often be found at auctions (following a recent pub closure for example) or other clearance centres.

The brewery your pub or bar uses will no doubt provide a certain degree of advertising/artwork – especially beer mats, which offer a good way of protecting the wood varnish of the tables as well as putting certain beer brands in the minds of customers.

Among the most crucial items among bar supplies is the ice machine – or ice maker. Without one of these you will have a drastically reduced number of customers. Many drinks require ice in them – and in recent times even cider has been given the ice treatment. Ice makers can be found in many retail outlets, although the internet is probably one of the better places to find a reasonably priced machine of this kind.

Among bar supplies – even more crucial than an ice maker – are glasses. Hundreds of these are required in order to deal with a typically busy Friday or Saturday night, where a great many glasses will be required. Having too few glasses means that bar staff will need to be constantly walking around picking up glasses. There will naturally be a few breakages along the way too.

There are a wide range of wholesale suppliers of glasses that offer good prices when glasses are bought in large volumes. If your pub intends on putting on live music or dealing with a rowdy football crowd, then investing in a back-up set of plastic glasses is a good idea. You will need a great many of these as they are obviously not recycled (or at least shouldn’t be!).

These are just a few of the major bar supplies required in order to run a successful pub or bar.

Sounding – Male Sexual Pleasure

The device used in sounding is known as the sound. The device is inserted into the urethra at the tip of the penis. When inserted correctly the tip of the sound will rest close to the prostate and with manipulation will provide enhanced sensations to the user of the device. The history of the sound is that it was created to be used after a male contracted gonorrhea. The device would open the urethra so the male would have an easier way to urinate due to scarring brought on from the disease. Today, it is used as a male sex toy instead of medical purposes.

To use a sound the male needs to lie on his back with a soft penis. You should not use a sound if the penis is hard. If the penis becomes hard, the sound should stay in place until the penis is soft again. Always ensure the sound is sterile and use a bit of lubrication such as KY jelly. It is best to use a packet instead of using a tube of KY that can have germs from using over and over again. The packages of KY are just enough to lubricate the sound without any worries of germs that can bring infection.

Never push or force the sound into place. The tip of the sound will fall into place due to the weight. Using one hand, hold the handle and guide the sound while the other hand holds the penis. The plane of the sound handle should be perpendicular to the plane of the curve on the sound.

Prior to inserting the sound, learn as much as you can about the shape, the location of the handle as well as the curve. The sound should insert easily into place and once in the correct location should be comfortable.

Once the sound is in place, it will need support. Sounds are heavy and may fall over which can cause damage if not supported properly. After the sound is in place, just a bit of gentle movement such as tapping the handle will provide pleasure. Often a vibrator can be used for added pleasure.

Not all sounds have curves on the end, but are inserted in the same fashion with the penis at different angles.

The most popular sounds on the market today include the Drill, The Striker Urethral Sound, Inner Demon Urethral Sound, Ribbed Urethral Sound, and the Vibrating Urethral Sound. There are also kits for the beginners, which include the Hegar Urethral Sounds kit and the Pratt Urethral Beginners Sound kit. This is only a few of the most popular sounds available today. There are other sex toys such as the penis plug, which are used in a similar way. Discovering more about the various sex toys available for male stimulation will help you decide if a sound is the best choice. There are even several different toys that can be used at the same time as the sound to heighten sexual pleasure.

If you are up for the adventure, you should do your homework and learn more about the way sounds work and the proper way of inserting. Follow the directions for positioning as well as safety.

Experimentation is always exciting, however, if you do not use any sex toy in the way it was meant to be used, there could be damage to the internal muscles of the penis or other organs. It is always best to read the instructions and follow them to avoid dangerous situations. Sex toys and male stimulation gadgets are wonderful ways to heighten and enhance sexual pleasure, but you must ensure you are using the device in the proper way.

How to Drain and Refill Your Water System

If you intend leaving your home or property unoccupied for a lengthy time during the winter months, it is advisable that you know how to drain and refill your water system. Failure to drain your water system may result in your pipes freezing while you are away, which could cause them to split and burst, leaving you with a nice expensive repair job when you return.

You can drain your complete water system by following these simple steps.

  • Switch off the main boiler or emerging heating units.
  • Rake out any solid fuel boilers and give them time to cool down.
  • Switch off your main stopcock located on your rising main, and then run off all the water coming from all of the hot and cold taps.
  • If you have a drain cock located on the rising main itself, drain any water in the pipe using that drain cock.
  • Flush your toilets
  • Drain your hot water cylinder

You do not have to drain all the water from your central heating system, however, you could make sure that the system contains some antifreeze. If where you live it tends to get very cold, it may be wise to add some salt to your toilet pan in order to prevent the water in the trap and u-bend from freezing.

Refilling your system

In order to refill your system, make sure you close all the taps and drain cocks, once this has been done open your main stopcock.Once the system starts to fill, make sure that the float valves are working properly.

Any trapped air in the system might cause the taps to gurgle and splutter until the air is forced out.If the air does not clear the system naturally, you may have to remove it using the mains pressure.

Curing an airlock

A simple way to remove trapped air from inside your water system, is to attach a piece of hose pipe to both the hot water and cold water taps in your kitchen as the cold tap is connected directly to the mains.

Turn on the hot tap and then the cold tap and leave them turned on for a few minutes.The pressure from the cold water mains should blow the airlock out of the hot tap.

You may have to repeat the process a couple of times until the water starts to flow freely from both taps.

How to Fix a Hole in Your Muffler Cheaply

Whats that terrible noise coming from your car? It was not there yesterday. Have you ever experienced this? Your car suddenly sounds like an overworked racing car. It’s attracting the attention of your neighbours as you leave and come home from work. When you start attracting the attention of your local police officer, that’s when it becomes a bigger problem. If you have not got the price of getting a new muffler there is an easy way to fix it temporarily and cheaply.

By temporarily I mean it should last more six months, which is more than adequate time to save up for a new one. I have used the method I am about to describe to you myself. Before you do any job you should get all the materials you need to do the job, especially this job. You don’t want to be half way through this job and suddenly remember something. You want to do this job as quickly as possible if you are like me, I don’t like working on cars. This job should take half an hour at the most, if you have all the materials readily accessible so you are not searching for them. The materials you will need are a thin piece of plate copper is good, steel or if you have to use tin which will rust eventually.

Depending on how big the hole is you want the plate to more than cover the hole with overlap. I was lucky enough to find some copper plate. Go to the $2 shop and get some picture hanging wire. Look on the packet, the wire should be enough to go round the muffler three times. You will need some good quality muffler putty. I know what your thinking putty does not last long but using it my way it does because most of the pressure is on the plate not the putty. You will also need some eye protection. Some old clothes to work in and and an old sheet or blanket to lay on. When you have all those things put the car where you don’t need to move it for at least 12 hours.

Do all your shopping and other chores while you are out so you have everything. If you have a garage well that’s even better. The picture hanging wire is very pliable and will be easy to bend around the muffler. So lay your old sheet or blanket on the ground under the muffler where you will work and get your old clothes on. Measure how much you need to go around the muffler with a bit extra to play with. Make sure the extra can be tied comfortably. Now cut the wire in three, the same lengths that you measured three times in other words. Now lay under the car with the three wires you now have and the piece of plate. Working the first piece of wire around the muffler until you can see the end so you can join it to its other end. Put a loop in one end and twist the end of the looped part around itself so it looks like a hangmans knot. You are creating a slipknot so the wire will be tight around the plate to help prevent fumes.

Now put the straight end into the loop and pull it like a rope around the centre of were the hole in the muffler is. Once you have your wire slip knot over the centre of the hole tight get the plate and slide it under the wire to cover the hole. Then tighten the wire as much as possible. Make sure the plate is flush against the muffler. Now do the same with the other two wires putting one over each end of the plate and slipknotting them tight. Just cut off the excess wire once it is secured to itself. Just check around the plate for gaps. There should not be any if you have done it right. Now all you have to do is go around the edge of the plate with the muffler putty.

If the putty did not come with a putty knife just use an old kitchen knife. It’s better to let the putty dry overnight for a better harder result. The whole job should take just half an hour. Having the plate over the hole and not just the putty puts less pressure on the putty and it lasts longer. The whole job should only cost $20 at he most and should last until you can buy a new muffler. I hope this has helped to keep you on the road until you do buy that new replacement muffler. The main reason it works so well is that a hard skin (the plate) is being put over the hole and not just the putty or a soft bandage. It has worked well for me I hope it works well for you. Happy motoring.

Understanding the Quality Differences in Pop Rivet Guns

In industrial and commercial manufacturing and production pop rivet guns play an important role in the joining and fastening of metal and other materials. In the aircraft manufacturing, the fuselage, air wing, and just about every external surface of the body panels are fastened with pop rivet guns, making them an indispensable manufacturing tool.

On the commercial production line, pop rivet guns are used to fasten things like the handles on shovels, and suitcases, carrying cases, bags and many other items where the joining and fastening of parts and sections of products is required. In high volume production or assembly lines air pop rivet tools are used to make repetitive and constant riveting smooth and efficient. In applications where uniform fastening under high torque conditions are required, the ratcheting or flex lever pop rivet tool is commonly used to apply the specified amount of tension to a part for secure fastening. In the automotive industry small cordless guns will be used to fit in tight spaces under a dashboard, or other area where larger guns will not fit.

Taylor Pneumatic makes a variety of guns for just about every application, from home repairs, to commercial needs like truck trailer manufacturing and repair. The pneumatic pop rivet gun is commonly used in high volume situations where speed and accuracy are required in fast paced production lines. These guns that fail or break down constantly will hold up a production or assembly line and cause delays. There are also computer controlled robots that perform automated riveting with air pop rivet tools that are installed on an arm that can quickly and efficiently places a large number of rivets on a part or section of sheet metal faster than a human with far greater precision. These robots are very popular in vehicle assembly lines.

The more modern guns are made to be able to use larger stainless steel or other strong rivets. The rivet guns are relatively light weight and can be operated with a single hand. This makes placing rivets very close together easier and ensures a very strong joint. In assembly lines less complex guns are used to secure gardening tools, computer cases and even parts of toys. As technology advanced so did the rivet gun. Today there are guns that fasten and drive rivets, while also cutting and smoothing any protruding parts of the rivet.

Pop rivet guns help automate and speed up the fastening and joining of metal on assembly lines. They have become crucial to businesses where high volume production requires quality and efficiency. To be honest it’s hard to imagine any assembly line running efficiently without rivet guns.

Fencing, Vinyl Vs Wood

If you are considering putting a fence up around your house you might consider vinyl fencing as a great alternative to wood fencing. Though wood is a traditional medium for fence building things have come a long way in recent years and vinyl now provides a more durable and ultimately more cost effective means of fence construction.

How does the cost of a wooden fence compare to that of a vinyl fence?

Though a wooden fence is sometimes cheaper off the bat a vinyl fence is very likely to save you much more money in the long run. Wooden fences will often require replacement at your expense, but vinyl is significantly more durable and sometimes even comes with a guarantee of that reliability.

How is the maintenance different between vinyl and wood fencing?

Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance and can be brought to its original luster often by simply spraying it with a garden hose. Wood fencing on the other hand often requires resealing, repainting, and can often rot out requiring a complete removal of boards.

You can see that in terms of maintenance and price vinyl might be a good direction to go. If you own a home or a rental property and are looking for the most low maintenance option in fencing, it will be hard to beat vinyl as the best option. Another option you may not have considered is installing an aluminum fence. At first you might think of a simple chain link fence when hearing of a metal fence, but in reality aluminum fencing can be so much more. An aluminum fence can be just as beautiful as a wood or vinyl fence and depending on your particular preferences; aluminum might just be the best choice for you.

Aluminum fencing doesn’t have to look like urban fencing, but rather it can take the appearance of an iron fence you might see outside of a beautiful Victorian home. Aluminum of course offers great durability and great looks but you can also have a good deal of creative input on gate options. If you would like a monogrammed gate you can make it happen with aluminum, and intricate metal work can also be done to create the feel of a fence that is decades or centuries old! Certainly aluminum offers advantages and certain unique opportunities that no other fencing material can offer, so check look into your budget and your needs and see which material will work best for you.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make Building a Wood Fence

People build fences everyday and most are built correctly but most could also be built a little better. By applying the little known tips below you can build a fence that will last longer and look better.

You start a fence by making holes spaced about every 8 feet apart for the 4x4x8′ treated posts. These holes should be dug 2 feet deep with a post hole digger. Most people stop right there with a cylinder shaped hole since digging these holes is the most strenuous part of fence building. To ensure the post is well anchored the fence installer should use the post hole digger at an angle around the whole diameter of this hole to make a ball shaped anchor at the bottom of the cylinder. A post hole dug in this manner is much more secure and stable.

Another mistake people make is not realizing the fact that wood never sticks to concrete. Drive by any concrete job and you will notice they use wood forms to frame the concrete held up by nails and wood stakes. The next day the concrete workers take the nails out and these wood forms just fall off of the concrete. Another problem is bugs and water in the soil can deteriorate the wood posts. To prevent these problems the fence builder should put black roof tar on the bottom two feet of the fence post that enters the ground. This will prevent the post from rotting and enables the concrete to stick to the posts.

After the posts are leveled and set you should allow them to dry for one whole day before nailing on them. If you start nailing on them before the concrete is completely set you will knock the posts out of level.

Many people build a fence with only two rails to nail their fence slats to. To build a secure fence that will last for years, three rails should be used. The top rail should be placed on the top of the fence posts lying in a horizontal position. The fence slats should not be installed more than 8″ above this top rail. If so they will tend to twist and turn with age. The bottom rail shouldn’t be more than 8″ above the bottom of the fence slats for the same reason. The center rail should be placed evenly between the top and bottom rails. Although the top rail is placed in the horizontal position the middle and bottom rail should be placed vertically. This will prevent these rails from warping and makes a far better looking and stronger fence.

Ask any roofer about water drainage and he will tell you that water always goes in one direction – and that is down. He is almost correct but he doesn’t understand the lip or linger factor. There is one instance where water can and will travel up, and every fence builder should be aware of. This is also the reason why fascia boards almost always rot and warp.

Have you ever walked by a house with wood siding or a wood fence and noticed the bottom of the painted wood is bubbling and rotten? The paint or wood sealer should have protected the wood from moisture to prevent it from rotting however the installers weren’t aware of the lip or linger factor.

Many contractors never seal the bottom lip of the wood. Over the years as water drains down the face of the wood it lingers on the exposed bottom lip and begins to soak up into the wood causing it to rot.

If you want to water seal or paint your new fence, always be certain to coat the top and bottom lip.

How to Live in Luxury in the Philippines on a $2,000 Monthly Income

Do you envy the life of luxury being enjoyed by people in developed countries, wishing you too could life such a life but lacking the $10,000 of monthly income needed for such a life? Well, I challenge you to consider living in the Philippines, either on a full or part time basis. Retirement is not a matter of age; it is a matter of having enough ongoing income. With a $2,000 monthly income (or pension or annuity), one can truly live a life of luxury. I present how this is done and list the primary expenses of living in the Philippines as a foreigner.


Manila is a bustling and exciting city, but full of congestion and expensive real estate, much as any major city in the Western world. The further one gets from Manila, the lower the cost of living accommodations. Of course, there is always the trade off of the more a remote location you to, the less comfort and Western world amenities will you find.

For this reason, I always counsel people to consider the major secondary cities of Cebu or Davao, or the Subic Bay area, or resort or university communities such as Baguio, Dumaguete, Tacloban, and Cagayan De Oro. The cost of housing in these areas is substantially below Manila, yet they have readily available air access in and out of the community, and because foreigners tend to favor residing in these areas, there are more upscale housing accommodations to select from.

The two cities with the most luxurious amenities for a Westerner, outside of Manila, are Cebu City and Davao City.

In these two cities you can expect to pay from $300 monthly for a small apartment to a high of $800 monthly for a luxury house in a gated community with a swimming pool. A similar rental in the USA would could about $3,000 to $4,000 monthly. A similar house in Manila would cost about $1,500 to $2,000 monthly, or more, depending on the location in Manila.


For the luxury life, you will want a couple of maids, one to tend to the cooking and shopping, and another to tend to the laundry and house cleaning. They will do all the grocery shopping (at a lower cost than you could ever get), wash and iron all your clothes, and have your favorite food ready for you at each meal. A real luxury which is completely unaffordable in the Western world on $2,000 per month. Two maids would cost less around $100 to $120 monthly.

A driver would probably be desired should you choose to purchase your own automobile. While living in Cebu City a few years ago, I had a new vehicle that I drove myself, but I found quickly that by hiring a driver for $80 a month, the vehicle was always kept in immaculate condition, and I had someone to tend to the vehicle while I was at restaurants, shopping, or at business appointments. I never had to worry about where to park the vehicle or petty theft or destruction of the vehicle. While living in Butuan City I tend to not use a personal vehicle as much, but I have found it still worth having a driver.


With $2,000 a month income, I would not opt for local Philippine health insurance programs, rather I would purchase an international for foreigners living overseas. Depending on your age and any preconditions, a policy for which you would pay $500 monthly in the USA would cost you round $200 monthly.


With your housing, maid services, transportation and health care provided for with approximately $1,200 monthly, this leaves you $800 monthly everything else. Utilities (electric, water, phone, cell phone, high speed internet service and cable TV) will add up to around $150 monthly, bring the cumulative total to $1,350 monthly.

This leave $650 monthly for food, entertainment, fuel for your car, travel, personal care items. Groceries will be about $250 monthly, and fuel and personal care items might total $50 monthly, which leaves around $350 for meals in restaurants, entertainment and travel. Eating dinners out a couple of times a week and monthly entertainment would cost around $200 monthly, so you would still have $150 monthly of excess funds for savings.


Each is different from the other in many ways, and Davao City living costs are less than those in Cebu City, so your lifestyle there can be even greater.

Cebu has a large population of foreign retirees in relation to its population. Foreigners are drawn to its abundance of beaches and resorts. It is a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. Like Manila, it too has its upscale, modern shopping malls, casinos, and a great night life.

Those who love living near the seaside, have interests in diving and other water sports, yet like the efficiency and amenities of a smaller modern city, then Cebu City would be your choice.

Davao City is THE city of Mindanao, and by square miles it is the second largest city in the world. Its population is approximately 1.4 million. Located on the southern of Mindanao, it is the more rural of the two cities, and it has the lowest cost of living. So, if you enjoy the lifestyle of a large city, and want more money in your pocket at the end of the month, then Davao is the place for you.

Davao City does not get large numbers of foreign travelers as does Cebu City, yet for those seeking outdoor adventures, the options are plentiful. Living in Davao is a bit like living in both an urban and a rural city, as the city has modern shopping centers, upscale gated communities and hotels, yet living there you become deeply rooted to the land outside the city.

The important thing in living in the Philippines is to do your research, based on your wants, needs and desires, and tie into someone who has gone before you and can provide you wisdom by guiding you through the array of questions and anxieties.

Cheap Travel in the USA – The ABC’s of Traveling on a Budget

If you dream of traveling and discovering the United States, one State at a time, this article will show you how to do it on a budget. There are three levels to traveling cheaply wherever you are attracted to traveling in the USA. The size and gas consumption of your vehicle, the activities you choose to do and the lodging you select will all influence the cost of your traveling experience. There is a traveling option to suit most budgets; as some lifestyles are more costly than others, some traveling lifestyles are cheaper than others. Leave your troubles behind and rediscover the joy in a simple adventurous life on the road, no matter your budget and no matter which State you may choose to travel through, just choose the option that is most appropriate for you. This article will show you the ABC`s of budget traveling so you can decide which is best for you.

The First Level of Cheap Travel in the United States

A)The Car and Motel Option

This option would interest you if you are planning on traveling by car and want to stay in motels across the States for cheap without ending up in some dive. In every State, you are able to locate inexpensive motels that are clean, comfortable and allow you to discover a new city with a good first impression. Do your homework! Visit Trip Advisor and other motel reviews online to get a good idea of the condition and service you can expect in available motels. To travel cheaply and to sleep comfortably, whether you are going to Montana, Utah, California or Florida, you need to research motels in the cities you want to stop in, then look at reviews from other people who have stayed at that motel. This is very enlightening and useful information to prevent disasters or at least be forewarned.

For example, if you research and find a really cheap motel and you want to know why it`s so cheap and what`s the catch? By looking online and doing your homework ahead of time, you can find the best bargains and you can decide what you can personally live with and endure to save money.

If you decide on a certain motel and decide to stay there even though the train goes by every 4 hours and blasts its horn, at least you will expect it and remind yourself that you are getting the room for $30 a night. Can you live with that or do you decide to opt for the $45 bed and breakfast?

You most certainly can find great rooms at excellent prices; all it takes is a little research. Since lodging cost can be the most expensive aspect of traveling the highways of America, this simple tip can save you lots of money and disappointment.

The Second Level of Cheap Travel in the United States

A)The RV, Motorhome or Truck & Camper Option

This option would interest you if you love the open road but want to be self-sufficient, in your own things and hang your coat at the same spot every night.

You will want to find suitable campgrounds and state parks with this method and again, doing your homework ahead of time will help you to get the best deals and will allow you to know what to expect once you get there. You can decide for yourself if the price is worth it for the services offered and the comfort of the location. Search online for RV Park Reviews whether you are headed to Vermont, Colorado or Louisiana to get a good idea of what you will get for your money in a certain park. This will help you to determine your best choices.

This is also the best option to choose if you wish to bring Fido or Max along for the ride. They will add much enjoyment to your voyage if you just can`t bear to leave your pets behind. With your own RV or camper, you will be able to give them a good walk before leaving them in the comfort of their own traveling home before escaping for a factory tour, restaurant meal or concert.

With this camping method, you will also save big time on food expenses since you will be able to make many of your own meals. Of course, your gas cost will go up. Does the comfort and convenience of sleeping in your own bed, the greatly reduced cost of lodging and the savings when making your own food compensate for the higher cost of gas? The answer to this question will depend on how far you plan on traveling and the gas consumption of your vehicle. Again, do your homework for maximum satisfaction.

The Third Level of Cheap Travel in the United States

C) Boondock Camping in a Small RV or A Camper Van

This type of cheap travel is ideal for those who want to travel for a long time: a month, two months, snow birding or full time traveling. Perfect for self-sufficient folks. The perfect boondocking couple would have one partner mechanically inclined and great with directions and the other good at meal planning and trip planning.

Boondock camping is also called rough or dry camping since most of the time this sort of camping offers little or no services. For those who have a small RV or a van, it is very possible to setup your rig to be self-sufficient for electricity, meal time, bathing and living joyfully well on an extreme budget. Boondock camping is mostly free or extremely cheap and therefore can allow for long term traveling for cheaper than it would cost to live at home for that same period of time.

Cheap boondock sites are available and waiting for you in Arizona, Texas, New York, Florida and every other state in between. Cheap travel in the United States of America is very possible and pleasurable. All it takes is some in depth planning, organization and an honest selection of the option that suits your family best.

A) Are you happiest traveling for shorter periods of time and staying in comfortable motels with great rates, or

B) Do you prefer camping in your own RV or motorhome with your own personal belongings, pets and do you enjoy making your own meals?.

C) Can you be comfortable while being self-sufficient, making your own energy, food and personal entertainment in nature or in city parking lots? Do you enjoy traveling for long periods of time in exchange for a strict budget?

Whichever option you choose, it all boils down to doing your homework if you want to save money and travel on a tight budget. When you put effort and elbow grease into researching your stopovers, your excursions, planning your meals and determining your own destiny, you can have it all on a tight budget wherever you may choose to wander across the USA.

How To Apply For Mitchell-Lama Housing

Affordable housing for middle-income residents of the state of New York became a law in 1955, largely through the efforts of then Senator MacNeil Mitchell and Assemblyman Alfred Lama.

Known officially as the Mitchell-Lama Housing Program, it was based on the mechanics of the private housing cooperative of Morningside Gardens in Manhattan borough which had been put up with tax money subsidy, and transformed the housing landscape of New York by allowing its middle- and moderate-income residents to become owners or renters of housing units.

The Mitchell-Lama Housing Program initially created 150,000 units of housing around New York, when non-profit organizations and private developers were granted substantial abatements in property tax and mortgages with low interest that were backed up by bonds from the City of New York and the state. As a quid pro quo measure, the owners of the buildings agreed to keep the rents low and to maintain minimum profits.

Today, qualifications for rental or ownership of housing under the Mitchell-Lama Program are based on composition of family, income and benefits obtained from monthly low costs. Restrictions on applicants who qualify include their ability to share units, sell, transfer or bequeath them.

The building owners registered with the Mitchell-Lama Program, as well as those listed in the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), have the “buy-out” option (buying out their building) after 20 years, whether it has remained owned by the housing company or association of cooperative owners, by paying off the balance of the mortgage. The current waiting lists of Mitchell-Lama for units are closed as these are all occupied.

The Mitchell-Lama Program has no specified master list and when units are vacated, those availabilities are openly publicized. Applicants must submit not only their own financial information but the financial information of people whom they would live or move with in the unit to the housing company which developed the unit.

There are minimum and maximum requirements for both income and number of unit occupants which must be met before an application is approved. A two-bedroom unit, for instance, entails a household consisting of three people or one guardian or parent with one child or two persons who are both adults.

Individual applications to different unit developments which are qualified will be added to the waiting list and given a spot. However, re-submission of all qualifying information, including the applicant’s financial condition, would have to be done. If there were changes in the applicant’s income or family size and they have been deemed qualified, the applicant becomes eligible for units other than that initially applied for, but within the same building, or added to the appropriate waiting list for this other unit.

Applications on the waiting list are based on a chronological order. Preferential status is given to local New York residents, disabled people, current occupants who have applied for eligibility for a smaller or larger unit, and veterans. The 2007 report of the New York State Office of the Inspector General, however, indicated some waiting lists of Mitchell-Lama projects which have been ignored or manipulated with regards to recipients of preferential status.

According to the terms and condition of the Mitchell-Lama Program, an occupant who dies or leaves the unit may be succeeded in the rental or ownership of the unit by immediate family members who have lived with the occupant for two years and are named in previous annual financial reports.

Immediate family members are described as spouses; children, including stepchildren and adopted children; biological parents, stepparents and adoptive parents; siblings; nephews and nieces; aunts and uncles; and parents- and children-in-law of the occupant.

Individuals who are not biologically related to the occupant but can prove “financial and emotional commitment” as well as interdependence between him or her and the deceased occupant are recognized as legitimate successors. However, if an occupant left because of eviction with due cause, no one may succeed after him or her.

An occupant is required to maintain the unit as his or her primary resident. Subletting, leasing or transferring the lease of the unit is just cause for eviction of the occupant and whoever else is occupying the unit at the time. The unit will go to the next applicant on the waiting list if the remaining occupant after eviction is not qualified for succession.

Both owners and renters of the units pay the same monthly costs and have the same rights and privileges. Owners who leave for reasons other than lawful eviction may not sell their units except to the housing company which redeem their shares for a certain value based on calculations of initial price of purchase and a percentage of the building’s amortization. Renters have no rights whatsoever to sell the units.

An occupant is required to submit annual reports regarding his or her financial status and income and those of the unit’s other residents. Changes in household membership must also be reported to the housing company. Additional children other than those stated originally in the application, divorce, widowhood, marriage, death and other occupants moving out of the unit are all household composition changes and must be indicated in the reports.

The terms and conditions of the Mitchell-Lama are flexible and extensive and include the privilege of the occupant to invite any family member, i.e. a distant cousin, to stay with him or her, albeit the fees and eligibility for the unit will be affected based on the new household resident’s existing presence and income.

An occupant is forbidden to take financial compensation or rent from any individual he or she invited but has not reported to the housing company. Prospective occupants who are unrelated to the occupant will require the housing company’s permission and the submission of the unrelated prospective occupant’s financial information.

If an occupant’s overall household income has an increase, their fees are accordingly increased and may go up to 150% of the original rates. Disabled occupants have some flexibility for increases or decreases in fees. Should the income increase more than 150%, however, the occupant and other residents forfeit the right to maintain occupancy of the unit, if the DHCR and the housing company so decide since they determine an occupant’s eligibility as well as the removal of occupants. Eviction for income increase rarely happens and a majority of occupants get off flagrantly with violations of the Mitchell-Lama Program’s rules and regulations.

An occupant’s income is a determinant for surcharge fees other than the rental and maintenance charges and will be assessed accordingly. Upon notification that a surcharge will be imposed, an occupant is required to submit a certified true copy of his or her paid New York State taxes for the year preceding the notification. If there is a discrepancy between the copy submitted by the occupant and the information given by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, the occupant should resolve the situation before any assessment could be made for surcharge fees

Any Program housing company or development is eligible for a buy-out through repayment of mortgage value to the city government of New York. This happens when the market for residential homes becomes lucrative, since the building is no longer accountable to the rules and regulations set forth in the Program after a buy-out. Owners profit by renting or selling units at prevailing real estate prices instead of being restricted by adherence to the mortgage terms stipulated by the city government.

In cases of building rentals, the owners are the housing companies who may decide unilaterally to opt for a buy-out. After giving due notice to renters and the public and the buy-out contract has been signed, the housing companies can legally charger higher rents.

The exception is the rent stabilization protection accorded to renters in the Program’s buildings which were built before January 1974 and located in Nassau, Rockland and Westchester counties or in the City of New York. Rental prices in this case are regulated by the DHCR’s Office of Rent Administration and may not be increased without review or evaluation by the Rent Guidelines Boards of the counties mentioned. Renters in these Mitchell-Lama developments are entitled to lease renewals and corresponding services and cannot be evicted except on legal grounds or explicit violations of the law.

Cooperative owners in Mitchell-Lama developments get to vote on issues like whether or not to consider a buy-out and have the freedom to charge prices higher than their initial investment for their units if they decided to sell.

But for renters who reside in buildings built after 1974, this situation leaves them vulnerable to more rental hikes and defeats the purpose that the Program envisioned, which is to help financially-challenged New Yorkers have, and maintain, decent living shelters.

Meanwhile, those owners who don’t want to move out after a buy-out and are not able to afford the high cost of carrying fees and those who have physical disabilities and experience extreme difficulty in finding a new place of residence fall prey as well to the precarious situation of a buy-out.