Solar Spot Lights – Powerful Night Lighting

Solar spot lights, just like the other popular outdoor solar lighting, rely on the energy coming from our sun to offer sufficient lighting during the night time. And because the gadget runs on solar power, home owners need not connect into the electric grid to operate. This is great news, since dependence on the solar energy would only mean these solar spot lights will still work despite any possible incidents of brownout.

This type of outdoor solar lights is available as a single lighting unit or as a set of lights. Usually a pair of these lights comes with a corresponding solar panel which can be placed either near or far away from the lights. It is recommended that the solar panels of the lights are placed a few feet away from them.

The distance between the panels and these outdoor solar lights themselves actually allow for the former to optimally accept the energy from the rays of the sun, whether or not the lighting devices are exposed to the sun rays themselves. And while the solar panels of the spot lights are not built in, this means there are models that have more than average sizes. This allows for the solar spot lights to have more stored power which means longer lighting time.

More capacity to generate and store power also allow for multiple LED units to light up. It is ideal that 5 to up to 10 Light emitting diodes should be in solar spot lights in order to provide really powerful and bright illumination. The strong and focused light is the reason why it is called a spot light in the first place. If a light only has one or two LED, then this has less illumination, much like an accent lighting gadget.

Solar spot lights are best utilized to provide bright lighting on most part of your garden during the evening. You can train the light on a particular décor or tree to draw attention to it. Such lights are also ideal for making your garden and walkway visible and safe for your night visitors to walk through.

Gun Safes Are an Essential Purchase If You Own a Firearm, But Make Sure You Do Some Research First

If you own a gun or a rifle then it’s essential that you have somewhere secure to store it. Gun safes are ideal for this and you can find a good range of options on the web. It’s always important to ensure that you’re safe when you have something like this in the house so make sure that you do plenty of research to find the right options for your needs. Buying online will give you a much larger range of products to choose from.

Most of the time, people will find that owning a gun is a necessity, because of where they live or perhaps to go shooting if they live on a farm. Because of this, it’s important to remember that owning a gun is a big responsibility. Don’t forget that you’ll need to ensure that you’re storing your gun in a safe and secure location while you’re not using it.

Gun safes are widely available and you can find a huge range of options on the web. You will firstly need to do some research to find out what sort of gun safe is going to be practical for your needs. Depending on the type of gun you own, you’ll need to find a safe that’s large enough and secure enough.

There are plenty of different security options such as different locking mechanisms and various different ways to keep the gun secure. You may want to opt for a very safe option such as gun safes that require a fingerprint to open etc. It really depends on your needs as well as who else lives in your home.

If you have children for example, you’ll need to buy something very secure. There are a lot of child proof gun safes on today’s market and it’s probably best to buy something like this even if you don’t have kids. That way, anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can’t access your firearm without you knowing about it.

Overall, buying gun safes on the web is very important if you want to keep your firearms secure. A lot of the time, people forget the responsibility that comes with owning a gun. It’s so important to make sure that your gun is safe at all times and this is why buying something like this is a good move.

History of the Inclinometer

Early inclinometers or clinometers were made up of two basic parts, one of which is a flat side, or base, on which it stands, and the second a hollow disk just half filled with some heavy liquid. The glass face of the disk is surrounded by a graduated scale that marks the angle at which the surface of the liquid stands, with reference to the flat base. The line 0, being parallel to the base, when the liquid stands on that line, the flat side is horizontal; the line 90, being perpendicular to the base, when the liquid stands on that line, the flat side is perpendicular or plumb. Intervening angles are marked, and, with the aid of conversion tables, the instrument indicates the rate of fall per set distance of horizontal measurement, and set distance of the sloping line.

The earliest electronic inclinometers used some form of a weight, an extension, and a potentiometer. Early in the 1900s precision curved glass tubes filled with a damping liquid and a steel ball were introduced to provide accurate visual angle indication. Common sensor technology for electronic tilt sensors includes accelerometers, liquid capacitives, electrolytics, gas bubbles in liquid, and pendula. Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems technology is fast becoming the new standard due it’s tiny size and low cost. Inclinometers and clinometers generate an artificial horizon and measure angular tilt with respect to this horizon. They are used in cameras, aircraft flight controls, and automobile security systems. The tilt angle range is the range of desired linear output measured in degrees.

The earliest electronic inclinometers used some form of a weight, an extension, and a potentiometer. Early in the 1900s precision curved glass tubes filled with a damping liquid and a steel ball were introduced to provide accurate visual angle indication. Common sensor technology for electronic tilt sensors includes accelerometers, liquid capacitives, electrolytics, gas bubbles in liquid, and pendula. Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems technology is fast becoming the new standard due it’s tiny size and low cost. Inclinometers and clinometers [] generate an artificial horizon and measure angular tilt with respect to this horizon. They are used in cameras, aircraft flight controls, and automobile security systems. The tilt angle range is the range of desired linear output measured in degrees.

Jeep Tops – Preparing For the Fall

The final days of summer are winding down. Before you know it, the leaves will be changing colors, the kids will be heading back to school, and pumpkin patches will be sprouting up. The endless summer days filled with cloudless skies perfect for off-roading will soon fade into misty, overcast mornings and cool, crisp evenings. It’s important to realize that the change of weather will have an effect on your Jeep.

Jeep tops are basically an essential component for any Jeep once the colder weather starts to sink in. Not only will you want to avoid shivering when that sharp, cold wind hits your skin, but you want to protect the integrity of your Jeep from the harsher, unpredictable weather. Of course depending on where you live, the change from summer to fall can be a gradual progression or a very sudden shift. Not all environments will need the same type of Jeep top. Thankfully, there are a variety of Jeep tops available that range from just a little extra protection to complete coverage.

Bikini & Brief Jeep Tops
As the leaves become brittle and begin to fall from their precarious perches, the last place you want them to land is the interior of your Jeep. But if you’re ever forced to park under a tree and don’t have the protection of a Jeep top, the cab can rapidly fill up with this suddenly annoying foliage. Bikini and Brief Jeep tops will keep them out, and provide a number of other benefits.

  • Provide basic overhead coverage from leaves and other debris.
  • Act as a sunshade against the lingering summer rays
  • One of the cheapest and simplest available
  • Best for environments where the weather stays pretty steady and you just need a small amount of protection.

Windjammer & Duster Jeep Tops
As you’re driving your Jeep to work one morning, you suddenly notice what was once a cool breeze wafting across your face is now a biting wind that feels like it’s cutting into your cheeks. Bikini and Brief Jeep tops don’t have the side panels to protect you, which is where Windjammers and Dusters come in.

  • As their names suggest, they will protect you from wind in addition to any overhead leaves and debris.
  • Are more effective at keeping out rain
  • Slightly pricier but still on the more affordable side
  • Best for environments where you’ll see a slow progression from summer to fall to winter.

Jeep Soft Tops
These are the ultimate fall Jeep tops. Not only are they made from heavy-duty fabric that will protect you against cold wind and rain, but they are also incredibly easy to remove in just a few minutes so you can still take advantage of those last few sunny days. Plus, they’ll last for years to come.

  • Marine-grade fabric will be long-lasting and won’t stretch out from changes in temperature
  • Will protect you and the interior of your Jeep on all sides
  • If you live in a mild climate where the weather remains fairly consistent year-round, these are perfect because you won’t ever need more protection than this.

Jeep Hard Tops
Even though winter is still months away, don’t waste your money on a Jeep top that will be great for fall but fail you once winter hits. If you know that you live in an environment where you’ll eventually have to deal with snow, it’s not practical to consider Jeep tops that are only good to you a few months out of the year. Look to hard Jeep tops instead.

  • The solid material provides the ultimate protection
  • Include a lot of optional features, like rear window defrosters and dome lights, to make for a more comfortable ride
  • Best for the harshest climates, as they will stand up to pounds upon pounds of snow

With so many types of Jeep tops on the market, it’s not difficult to see that there’s a Jeep top for everyone’s environment and needs. Now you can welcome the colder seasons feeling confident that with your new Jeep top, you will be prepared and your Jeep will be protected.

Garden Paving – Outdoor Living at Its Best

There are various advantages which are afforded by a well managed garden paving project. In the case of rain or snow, an unpaved surface becomes muddy and slippery. Backyard elements will be linked together by a well defined paved pathway and the features of the outdoor are brought together like the rooms of a house.

A pathway invites one to explore the nooks and crannies of the outdoor space. Imagine exploring a rustic cottage garden which hides its delights around corners and behind foliage.

There is a paving design which will suit your garden. It is a matter of looking at the space in a practical and creative manner. There is a great range of shapes, sizes and colours of paving slabs to choose from, so finding something appropriate should not be an issue. The enhancement of your outdoor space will provide you with practical benefits and pleasure for years to come.

Garden paving material is available in two basic materials: composite and stone.

Manufactured composites allow for greater flexibility with their large range of shapes and colours, and there is likely to be something appropriate to your requirements in terms of price, practicality and beauty.

High quality precast concrete pavers come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, but if flexibility is important you may consider using poured concrete because of its shaping and aggregation qualities. It allows for creativity in planning and will result in a durable surface.

A popular choice of materials with many when undertaking a garden paving project is bricks. There is a good range of bricks available and laying them in different patterns creates different effects. Most garden paving involves bricks of some kind, and although they may not always be the cheapest alternative, they are, nevertheless, a good option in most circumstances.

Paving stones are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours. They can be a little pricey so keep an eye on your budget as you shop around.

Limestone doesn’t have such a range of colours, but is easier to work with than some of the other materials. Slate is considered by many to be most beautiful of paving materials, but may be less durable than some of the other paving stones.

Perhaps the toughest of the paving stones is granite. You will find a great range of colours, and being such a hard stone, it is an excellent choice in terms of durability.

A popular choice is sandstone, which also comes in a large range of shapes and colours, and is somewhat easier to work with. It also tends to be cheaper.

A creative project master will happily combine different materials in their undertaking, and the result of intelligent combinations of materials can be both surprising and pleasing.

There is something available for everybody when they are considering a paving project. They just have to combine the materials and ideas appropriate to their taste and to their budget. For much more information about all types of paving projects for the home, please feel free to visit our Garden Paving website

The Rule Of 14

The Rule Of 14 is a bridge bidding convention used in Acol bridge. It is used by the responder when they are replying to their partner’s opening bid.

When the opener has opened with a bid of one of a suit and the responder has a weakish hand with a suit that can be also be bid at the one level it is usually right to do so rather than making a bid of 1NT. However, if a change of suit response would take us to the two level and we have fewer than 9 points that is when we would usually bid 1NT. It doesn’t mean that we have a balanced hand, it just means that there are no other bids available to us and we have 6+ points and therefore shouldn’t just pass.

Here is an example:

(Our hand) South

Spades: 5 2

Hearts: K 9 8 6 3

Diamonds: J 10 5 3

Clubs: Q 6

Partner opened with a bid of one spade. We only hold 6 points and don’t have enough spades to support partner’s spade bid. Ideally we would like to bid our hearts at the one level, but we can’t. We don’t have enough points to bid at the two level, so we are forced to make a 1NT bid. This doesn’t show a balanced hand, it just tells partner we have a weak hand and not enough spades to support.

How can we decide if our hand is strong enough for a response at the two level? This is where the Rule of 14 comes in.

Using the Rule of 14

Start by adding up the number of high card points held. Then add to that the number of cards in the longest suit. If the total is 14 or more than the hand satisfied the Rule of 14 and we can make a bid at the two level. If the total is less than fourteen then we should make a 1NT bid.

Here are some more examples:

Example 1


S: 10 7 2

H: 8 5

D: A 9 5

C: K J 9 7 3

Partner has opened with a bid of 1 heart. We can’t bid our clubs without raising to the two level. Using the Rule of 14 we have 8 high card point and 5 cards in our longest suit. This gives us a total of 13, so we should respond with a bid of 1NT.

Example 2


S: 8 7 6

H: 8

D: Q 9 2

C: A Q 10 6 5 2

Partner has opened 1H. As with the previous hand, we want to bid clubs, but this would mean raising to the two level. We have 8 high card points, but this time we have 6 cards in our longest suit. Adding these two gives us a total of 14, so we can bid 2 Clubs.

Choosing the Proper Television Wall Mount

Advancements in flat screen television technology has progressed so much over the past few years. Because of this there really is no reason not to pick yourself out a flat screen television if you are thinking about getting a new TV. The quality of the picture has become very clear, which means that it does not matter what angle you look at the TV, you should be able to get the full effect of the TV from a wide variety of angles. Another benefit to flat screen televisions being readily available to consumers is that it has made it possible for you to mount your TV to your wall. Mounting your television to your wall is the perfect solution for rooms where you need more space for other items in your room.

Flat screen televisions are attached to the wall using special television wall mounts that can be purchased at many stores. Mounting your television to the wall is a great solution if you want to make sure your TV is securely fastened to the wall, provided you installed everything properly. Most of the wall mounts allow your television to be fixed to your wall securely. However, there are some more advanced wall mounting systems out there that allow for much more versatility when it comes to viewing the TV. There are swiveling wall mounts (they swivel left and right), tilting wall mounts (which tilt up and down), and articulating mounts (allow you to swivel your TV left and right, as well as tilt it up and down).

The most important thing that you will want to consider before you make your purchase of a wall mount, is to make sure that your mount is solid and that it can support the full weight of your television. The last thing you want is to improperly mount your beautiful (expensive) new flat screen television to the wall and risk allowing the television to fall to the ground and most likely break. Make sure that you inspect your wall mount thoroughly just to make sure that everything seems to have a high quality feel to it.

Make sure that you research different brands and make sure your wall mount is easy to assemble and hopefully install by yourself your by a professional. Once your wall mount is installed make sure it feels like it can hold the weight of the television and do not risk letting the precious television fall.

How to Get Rid Of Hammer Toe

Yes, hammer toes are very ugly to look at and they are very hurtful. I am very certain that you badly want to get rid of them as soon as possible as these toes of yours are continuously deforming, contracting and curling in a way that is very painful and so unsightly. Therefore, if you are already dying to get rid of them, then you click on the right link because this article will certainly be very helpful for you.

Why are you having hammer toes, anyway? Well, maybe because, for a very long time, you wear shoes, mainly because it is very beautiful and not it is very comfortable for your feet. If you always wear badly fitting shoes, then that may be the reason why you are developing hammer toes right now. If you do not want to develop hammer toes in the first place, then you might need to always be sure that the shoes you are wearing are comfortable, and of course, beautiful. However, if you are suffering from genetics problems, aging or arthritis conditions, then those may be are the reasons for your hammer toes? If you are seeing calluses, blisters on top of your toe, corns and experiencing rigidity, cramping and weakness, then it is positive. Sadly, those are signs that you are already forming hammer toes.

Now, if you are already experiencing these things, then the only thing you have to do is t act on it immediately so it will not get worse anymore. First thing you have to do is replacing your poorly fitting high heels with flat footwear or shoes with lower heels. If you wanted to do some shoe shopping, make sure that the footwear you will be buying has width space so your foot can freely move. These types of shoes can give your fee space to breathe. In addition, do not pick shoes with pointed toes; instead go for that footwear with rounded toes so you will feel more comfortable. If you also feel that the pair of shoes you tried has a mildly tight fit on you, then do not get it. Remember, you are buying shoes that should fit very nicely and perfectly on your feet.

Exercising your feet will also help to get rid of your hammer toes. Try to wiggle your toes at least once a day. You can also flex them and curl them. You can also try walking barefoot while at home so the tendons of your feet will stretch out.

These are just some of the tips for you to get rid of your unpleasantly looking hammer toes. After following them, in no time, you can already have the perfectly shaped toes that you have been wanting for so long. Most of the time, you’re going to find that you may have to consult with a Doctor to get it surgically removed. If this is the case, you may find that you will want to talk with your insurance company to ensure that they will cover it. By doing so, you will find that there are many alternatives.

Mosaic Wall Tile – Quick & Easy Installation Technique!

You wouldn’t believe how easily you can redecorate any surface at home by using DIY remodeling. Unlike other tiling options available, it seems like these nature-made panels truly provide a natural look and feel to any surface you choose to coat. In the following review you will learn about new ideas on how you can easily transform your home contemporary & decorative.


We can describe this quick tiling method as the following: Mosaic Wall Tile redecoration is made of grouping seamless small flat stones selected by hand and then fixed onto a sq/ft mesh backing seamless tile. The exotic S.E. Asian islands are mostly known for their beautiful resorts and seashores – did you know that most of these tiles are originated from these seashores? You can practically tile anywhere and for any purpose: All bath surfaces including showers, kitchens, walls, flooring, backsplashes, patios, fireplaces, and pools.

What is in it for us?

Let’s examine what is in it for us and how it can easily enable you to redesign any surface at home:

* Easily adjusted to almost any surface size especially when it comes to tiling around taps and small narrow areas.

* Can be used on surfaces at home that have high traffic and that need to stand up to a lot of action.

* Can be used inside as well as in the outside.

Important tips & advices!

* Use a tile saw in order to cut stones to fit edges or corners.

* If this is the first time you install these tiles, it is recommended to learn from other’s experience – there are plenty of forums and demonstrational videos on the internet where you can find useful information about first time installation.

* Measure the designated area first, and then add 5%-7% more to your order just as a backup for future use and in case you may need to repair or cut small tile pieces in order to tile small /narrow spaces.

We could easily find many other great benefits provided by this popular and easy home improvement alternative simply because any home-maker can use it at minimal effort.

Final words

If you wonder why this technique is highly popular it’s because it offers countless options, as these ‘Nature-Made’ panels come in many shapes and colors that easily match the decor of any home or office setting. If you wish to succeed with your first installation it is recommended to remember the above tips and advices once you decide on installing these panels.

Sir John Everett Millais – Painter With Some Controversy

Sir John Everett Millais was born in Southampton in 1829. His parents were well known and successful people. They moved to Jersey for a while and then to London in 1838 in order to help their son develop his art career. Millais became the youngest ever student at the Royal Academy in 1840, and was known as “The child”, and his talent caused envy among the other students. He was very agile on his feet and afraid of nothing and this helped him survive the time at the Academy. He made lifelong friends at the Royal Academy in William Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rosetti. This meeting caused the beginnings of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhod.

Millais is regarded by many as the most gifted of the three, and his attention to detail and long painting time for his works produced some amazing scenes. It is said the he would paint outside landscapes in summer and in winter add the figures.

A quote from Millais himself in 1888 describes some of his technique:

“For my own part, I have often been labored, but whatever I am I am never careless. I may honestly say that I have never placed on idle touch on canvas; and that I have always been honest and hardworking; yet the worst pictures I ever painted in my life are those into which I threw the most trouble and labor, and I confess that I should not grieve were half my works to go to the bottom of the Atlantic-if I might choose the half to go.”

His early works, as with the early works of the other Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, were not accepted well. A prominent art critic of the day John Ruskin wrote an article in The Times, supporting the young artists and it was not long before Millais and Ruskin got to know each other. Ruskin, his wile Effie and Millais went on a holiday to Scotland and a strong attraction developed between Millais and Effie, an acrimonious divorce followed, Effie and Millais married in 1855 and quickly had eight children. Even so, Ruskin provided critical support for this young painter.

After the marriage, Millais’ style changed, and he was no longer economically possible to spend so much time on each painting. Some of the detail was no longer included, but it was in keeping with the style that was eagerly purchased. He also started painting portraits and is regarded as one of the best English portrait painters. Many have debated the economic circumstances paved the way for the new style and the world lost a great painter. In 1885, he was the first English painter to be made a Baronet.

In his later years, Millais could see that the quality of his work was declining. In 1892, he thought that he had influenza, but it turned out to be throat cancer, which he had contracted because of many years as a heavy pipe smoker. His health continued to deteriorate. In 1896, Queen Victoria, asked if there was anything that she could do. Millais asked if his wife could be accepted by her, as she had been excluded because of a scandal associated with the annulment of her first marriage. She became Lady Millais. He died a few months later.

After his death, many wrote against Millais for a variety of reasons, but in the end he produced some amazing pieces of art that are still appreciated today.

Residential Art Glass Lighting – Design Trends in Chandeliers, Sconces and Pendants

Much in the way jazz altered our concept of music, glass art has changed our expectations of residential lighting. In fact, glass art lighting is being hailed as one of the hottest new trends to hit luxury home design. According to 25-year Southern California interior designer Greg Griffith, G. Griffith & Co. of Destin, FL, “It’s emerging as a transitional point for a more energetic look. From Asian to 18th Century, every style and design can incorporate glass art lighting. The fact that these are actual sculptured pieces means you’re adding art to the room without cluttering the wall.”

Aside from aesthetics, the benefit to glass art lighting is that it’s so flexible, it ends up resolving many design conflicts. Take, for example, the story of the Wisdom Window. This stained glass piece was created by a California glass artist to create a welcoming light at the end of a dark, New York apartment hallway. The artist created four matching sconces, but wanted the end of the hallway to feel like a window. He innovated a design where a diffuser sheet will be installed underneath the stained glass piece, and lit from behind.

One New York glass artist developed a unique way to illuminate her bathroom. She created her own mosaic glass sink and lit it from underneath to create a warm, amber glow. It also doubles as her nightlight. To underscore the look of an underlit sink, matching sconces are ideal. Some kitchen designers are commissioning glass art sconces and pendants to match underlit glass kitchen countertops. This creates interesting, ambient lighting in a more finished-looking lighting package.

Glass art lighting can be a subtle accent, or a prism through which the light bathes a room in a swatch of exotic colors. “I find many decorators driving d├ęcor based on the lighting fixtures,” says Seattle-based glass artist, Suzanne Guttman. “It’s easy to fall in love with a tentacled pendant light or chandelier and make it the centerpiece of a room.”

The Cost of Beautiful

Investing in gorgeous glass art lighting is less daunting than one may assume. A Bellagio budget isn’t necessary to incorporate museum-quality glass lighting into a residential design. Sconces range from $400 to $1,200; small pendant lighting (suspended by one point in the ceiling) ranges from $300 to $600; larger pendants and chandeliers can range from $1,500 to $10,000. Serious collectors consider glass art an investment as well as being an aesthetic piece, just as they would an original painting, or a piece of antique furniture.

Glass Art Lighting 101

Once a homeowner decides on glass art lighting, it’s helpful to know a little about the glass and where it should be used, based on its physical characteristics. Here are some tips:

Blown glass has some limitations to the size and diameter that an artist can create. Some blown glass lighting utilizes many pieces in its design to create a larger, more sculptural effect.

Cast glass is very beautiful, but quite unusual in lighting because it is very heavy to suspend. One glass artist has created a woven glass technique that takes on the look of woven fabric, and results in a glass art lighting fixture that feels like a glass blanket.

Fused & slumped glass is popular for glass art lighting. Through the use of molds, fusing allows the artist to create large diameter canopied type lighting, thus enabling a single shade to be up to 48″ in diameter. This creates consistency in shape and wonderful, unusual textures.

Etched glass is another wonderful medium for flat panel lighting. Pieces such as The Three Graces, by glass artist Margaret Oldman, can be lit with plain or multi-colored fiber optics, depending on the look a designer is trying to achieve.

Mosaic and stained glass are similar, in that they’re both ideal for flat panel lighting. Artists will often incorporate Italian smalti glass, blown sheets of transparent glass broken into small pieces, or dichroic glass, which is coated on one side with a metallic-like mirror finish.

Buyer Beware

One thing homeowners should remember, especially with lighting, is to be sure that the glass artist they’ve chosen understands how the electrical specs will dovetail with the piece, and that they know U.L. standards. As founder of Glass Artists Gallery, I estimate that close to 30% of our first-time customers come to us because they had negative experiences commissioning residential glass art lighting on their own. We are very careful about screening the artists we represent to make sure they understand the technical specifications

In short, glass art lighting choices become a very personal way to reveal a homeowner’s fingerprint on the interior design. As George Bernard Shaw once said, “You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.”

Gemstone Trade Names or False Marketing?

I’ll never forget the day I was standing in my local bead shop buying my favorite big nuggets of African Turquoise. They were beautiful, and inexpensive, and I had already sold them several times in necklace form on eBay thinking that they were turquoise from Africa. While I was perusing the strands I heard someone say; “…of course African turquoise is not actually turquoise”

“What?!” I said, turning towards them.

They all looked at me like I was an idiot. Like everyone was supposed to know this.

Well, how would they know?

If you’re in the jewelry making business – or even if you make jewelry as a hobby – you will rapidly come to know that certain commonly known “trade names” given to minerals are very misleading. But, if you ask me, there is something wrong with buying African Turquoise only to find out that it is not turquoise at all.

“Eh?” Why not call a spade a spade? We don’t call Cubic Zirconium “African Diamonds” for a reason!

Well, just in case you’re still in the dark, here are a few examples. (I’m sure there are more):

– African Turquoise is not turquoise – it is a sort of chalcedony often dyed to have the color of turquoise.

– “African Jade” is not actually jade it is a type of garnet that resembles jade in color and texture.

– “New Jade” and “Olive jade” are actually serpentine.

– Yellow turquoise is not turquoise at all but Flower Jasper.

– Cherry Quartz is not quartz at all – it is glass. (In fact most “fruit” quartzes are not quartz but colored glass.)

These terms permeate the jewelry business so completely that we forget that people would not know this. But, I repeat, how would they know when no one tells them?

I did a search on eBay for “African Turquoise Necklace”. I looked at the first 20 auctions that came up and saw wording such as “Genuine African Turquoise”, “Rare African Yellow Turquoise”, …I even saw “AAA African Turquoise” (what is that?!). And several described the pieces as “turquoise” without using the word “African” (I have to wonder if they know themselves…).

Needless to say none of the sellers saw fit to mention that African turquoise is not turquoise at all.

So, here’s the question:

Is it unconscionable to simply list an item as “Cherry Quartz” without explaining that Cherry Quartz is just glass?

Wholesalers Fire Mountain Gems uses quotations around the word ‘quartz’ or ‘turquoise’ when it may be misleading. Is that enough?

I know it is hard to think of sticking one’s neck out when no one else does, but, in my opinion, if you market your goods to anyone less than a gemologist, you should explain yourself. Even if these are common trade names, they are misleading to the average person. After all, if I buy a wood table and it’s called “Amazon Mahogany”, I don’t want to find out later that Amazon Mahogany is just a trade name for pine.

Tips for Leveling Above the Ground Pools

Are you planning to have an above ground pool? Setting up an above ground pool is indeed a difficult task. Many times, above ground pool owners realize that the pool is not leveled properly. However, this realization occurs when the pool has been set up and filled completely with water.

It is possible that the ground was not level to begin with. Sometimes the pool also might appear level until it is filled completely with water. Do not worry as there are simple ways in which you can ensure that above ground pools are level. You can implement the given tips to fix the problem if you already have filled the pool with water.

Widen a pool net pole

This is the first step you need to follow while leveling the pool. Stretch a pool net pool and stretch it across the swimming pool. Take a ‘level’ and then place it on the pole. In this way you will know if the pole is in level. It is important that you move the level around the pool so that you will know if it is level or not throughout the edge of the pool. This will also help you to find out the uneven places around the pool.

Slowly, you need to lift the pole’s end till you are sure that the bubbles on the level are in level. Place the pole firmly and gauge the overall distance between the top part of the pole and the pole. Note down this number on a piece of paper. This will help you to know how to raise the pool’s side to level it.

How to correct the problem?

Carefully, slip the garden shovel under the pool’s frame tracking. Do not push it as it can damage the lining. Gently, lower the garden spade shovel and keep it on the ground till you get the desired level height. Hold the spade shovel in place in this position.

Scoop up the sand using the shovel and throw it at the base of the swimming pool. You will require the help of another person for this particular task. You can also avail the services of an expert for this particular task. Still using the wall for support, pack the sand under the wall till it is filled completely.

You should then lift the garden spade shovel up and slowly to lower the pool wall. It is possible that the level is still not correct. In this case, you will have to add more sand around the swimming pool to correct the level. You can also seek the services of an expert if you find the entire process difficult.

5 Steps in Acquiring Power Lift Chairs Through Medicare

Power lift chairs are special chairs designed for those who have mobility issues such as painful joints, weak bones, arthritis, leg injuries, and those who have had leg operations. With mobility issues, often the common problem is that there is a difficulty in standing, sitting down or even trying to lie down or get up due to the pain that is felt however with the use of power lift chairs these types of motion are easily done at the push of a button.

Power lift chairs run on electricity and they are sometimes referred to as electric lift chairs. These products aid mobility challenged users by slowly and steadily raising the seat until the user is at an almost standing position at the push of a button.

Since they are not your everyday chair, these electric lift chairs tend to be expensive and the more features there are the more expensive they’ll become. However if you have Medicare you’re in good hands because they do cover the acquisition of recliner lift chairs as long your paper work is correct and that you fit their criteria.


For Medicare to reimburse the purchase of recliner lift chairs, you must first consult your doctor to see what sort of problem you have that affects your mobility. Medicare will only reimburse those who have any of the following: severe hip and/or knee arthritis and severe neuromuscular diseases.

This usually means that you cannot stand up using regular chairs or recliners without someone to help you do it, a loved one or your caregiver perhaps however you can move around without assistance once you’re not in a sitting position. Lastly, you should have “doctor’s orders” or prescription stating that the use of electric lift chairs as a mobility aid and to prevent your condition from worsening.


To be able to fill up the correct form, you should go to the Medicare website and download the form called: Medicare form CMS-849 or Certificate of Medical Necessity for Seat Life Mechanisms. You will be required to put in all necessary personal data such as your name and address.

You will also be required to put in your health insurance claim number, some basic information about your doctor and his or her National Plan Identification (NPI) number as well as the coding system number of the type of chair that is covered. It’s also required that you put in and exactly where the recliner lift chairs will be used: your home or the nursing home where you live.

In filling up forms, be sure that all information is correct because wrong information or false claims will affect your eligibility.


This section is for your doctor to fill in therefore you should go and see him again because all questions that he or she will answer here is about your medical condition, how long you should be using electric lift chairs, and some diagnostic codes that describe your condition.


This part of the form should be answered by the store where you’re planning to buy power lift chairs from. Ask them to describe in detail the type of chair your doctor has ordered for you and the extra accessories for better functionality.


Back again to your physician, who will review the form and determine that all information is true and correct to the best of his knowledge and then signs the said section.


Always remember that all information that all parties involved will enter should be true and correct otherwise the chances of being approved will be slim. You can also ask your power lift chairs supplier or your doctor to file the form on your behalf as this method is better received by Medicare.

There are also those who purchase the chair first and then file for reimbursement later and if this is you, keep your documentation intact because this is your proof of purchase. The last detail that you should know is that Medicare will only cover the lifting mechanism of the chair in the amount of $300.

Pressure Cooker Reviews – Comparison of Kuhn Rikon, Magefesa and WMF Pressure Cookers

There are three well-known European brands of pressure cooker namely Kuhn Rikon, Magefesa and WMF. These three companies all offer sophisticated and state-of-the art cookwares but each still differ to make their products unique and identifiable to them. Let’s take a closer look and compare them in terms of design, features and price.

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic is Swiss made and has been in the cookware business for more than 70 years. It has been tagged by by New York Times as the mercedes benz of pressure cooker making it all the more prestigious and reliable. It is made of stainless steel and has safety features like automatic locking system and spring-loaded precision valve. It has a solid thermal aluminum sandwiched in the bottom for better heat absorption and even browning. With the Swiss craftmanship and engineering in its design, its definitely durable and can stand the test of time. Price range is $150-$300 depending on the size and model.

Magefesa has its original headquarters in Spain where its known to manufacture pressure cookers, domestic and professional cookware and frying pans. The Magefesa Praktika Plus is made from 18/10 stainless steel, chrome & nickel and has a thermal diffusing base so its undoubtedly durable. Safety is the number one priority as it boasts of 5 security features – easy lock system, red pressure sensor, pressure regulating valve, safety valve and window. Price is $80-$250 depending on the quart size.

WMF pressure cooker is German made comes in several models such as Perfect Plus and Perfect Ultra. They are made from their prestigious and exclusive heavyweight Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel giving it a polished mirror finish. They are simple and easy to use with features such as ergonomic plastic handle, flame prevention and cooking scale. Safety is number one priority with parts like heavy-duty rubber ring and clear pressure gauge. Price is $200-$250 depending on the size and model.

Our pressure cooker reviews conclude that comparing the European brands, they have a lot things in common. They are all stainless steel made, expensive and crafted with safety as the number one priority. All have sleek designs, innovate styles and modern features. All in all, it all boils down to which brand you are more comfortable with. They are all highly recommended and even if price is on a higher scale, it will be definitely worth your money in the long run.