Refurbished Solar Panels For Your Home

For many people, buying something new makes little sense if they can get something refurbished for far cheaper. Refurbished solar panels tend to work the same way, but they can cost you in the end unless you understand the situation.

Refurbished Solar Panels For Your Home

Some families would love to try running their households on solar energy, but might not be able to afford the large price tag. Outfitting your home with solar panels can run into thousands of dollars, and that doesn’t include all of the equipment and adapters you need to use solar energy to its fullest. Refurbished solar panels can be a great way to defray the cost of using solar energy, and can also add to the green aspect of using solar energy, as you are not just harnessing the sun’s energy, you re recycling as well.

Refurbished solar panels are sold by many different online and offline retailers. Whether you choose to buy refurbished components from large businesses or surplus items, resellers are able to obtain the solar panels and then sell them to you. You also have the choice of buying broken or partially working solar panels, for those people who would rather build their own solar panels cell by cell. There are even online bidding sites that offer a place for hobbyists and home owners to sell their refurbished solar panels, and other resources such as newspapers often yield ads for refurbished solar energy products.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when shopping for refurbished solar panels. Older panels will most likely be the cheapest; because newer solar panels are smaller and take up less space. People buying refurbished panels will pay more for the newer models. Therefore, you’ll get the most wattage per dollar by buying the older refurbished solar panels. Some solar panels that are listed as broken may only need simple repairs, such as soldering. Cracked glass or condensation under the glass of solar panels, however, means that the panel will not work and it is probably not worth your time to repair it. Even solar panels that are over 20 years old can still be going strong, so you can take a chance on buying much older solar panels if they appear to be in good condition.

Buying refurbished solar panels, however, comes with a major financial catch. There are massive tax incentives to going solar these days. When I say massive, I mean massive. Various government entities offer thousands of dollars in tax credits and discounts. It is almost universally required that the systems must be purchased new for you to claim these benefits. If you purchase refurbished solar panels, you will miss out. Make sure to calculate the savings of buying refurbished panels versus new before making your decision.

Choosing solar energy is a step that benefits not only your household, but the whole world. When buying refurbished solar panels, you are also helping to recycle what might otherwise end up in a landfill. Given the financial benefits of buying new systems, make sure you calculate the best direction to go for your particular situation.

Taste the Difference! A Cedar Plank – One of the Ultimate Barbecue Accessories!

Barbecue accessories have also become a popular sign of summer with many stores stocking up on stainless steel spatulas, silicone marinade brushes, rotisserie attachments and even different varieties of charcoal.

However not all barbecue accessories have to be store bought. One of the most enjoyable, flavorful and economic barbecue accessories available is a simple cedar plank!

Plank cooking has reached a new level of popularity in the past few years. This is mainly due to the rise in healthy living and the increasing number of people who have turned to grilling fish as a more health cautious alternative.

Though most people choose cedar as their wood of choice for plank cooking, almost any type of wood will work. For added flavor some grillers use apple or cherry wood, where others choose a more dense wood such as alder or oak.

Regardless of which type of wood you choose, you will find your foods’ flavor is richly enhanced and your wooden planks will quickly become one of your favorite barbecue accessories.

The following are step-by-step instructions which you can use to achieve and enjoy the full flavor of plank cooking.

Choosing your wood. Make sure to use a plank which has not been treated with any sealers or stains. You also want a plank which is long and wide enough to accommodate your chosen meat.

Soak your plank. Once you have decided on your plank of choice, whether purchased or found, you will need to soak the plank for at least an hour. The more water absorbed by your wood the more smoke will occur and where there’s smoke, there’s flavor!

Add a touch of Olive Oil. Brush the cooking surface of your plank lightly with olive oil. You don’t need to brush the oil on all sides of your coking plank, just enough on one side to ensure that your meat does not become burnt or stuck to the plank.

Season your meat. Prepare your chicken breasts, fish fillets, or thinly cut pork however you like and place the meat onto your cooking plank.

The secret to plank cooking is to maintain a relaxed and patient approach to grilling. Once your plank and meat are placed on the barbecue, simply leave it alone. Your smoking flavors will be lost if you are constantly opening the barbecue lid.

Business Plan For a Spa – Operations Systems to Plan

Creating the business plan for your spa is a great opportunity to look ahead past the pre-launch and fundraising phase, which is probably all you can think about at the moment. The operations plan requires an understanding of the key operations systems for your day spa. Whether they use software or paper checklists, these are operations systems you should cover.

Sales and Fulfillment System

You should map out the sales and fulfillment process, starting from the moment a customer walks in the door to the completion of the service. Considering the experience from your employee’s point of view, but, most importantly, consider the customer’s point of view. Plan for situations that are unusual but extremely important – such as when a customer is unhappy with how they are served. The entire system may become a checklist or a manual for employees, but it is only useful if employees understand the reasons for following it and do so.

Inventory System

If a portion of your spa business depends on the sale of products you use in treatments, you will need a way to track what you have in stock to know when to order more and whether items are going missing (called inventory shrinkage). To take inventory, a form should be designed that is laid out in the same order as items on shelves in your spa. Standard accounting systems, like Quickbooks, include inventory management to save this information digitally and convert it into dollars.

Human Resources

A human resources system is more than files for each of your employees with a copy of their ID. The HR system should include the processes for hiring (what questions to always ask and how to make decisions between hires), scheduling employees to work (on seniority?), evaluation (on what terms, how often, and with what results?), and firing (what chances will an employee get to fix problems?). The system can even detail when you will offer raises, creating a more transparent system which may be a great motivator for employees.

Staircase Marketing Concept – A Unique Marketing Strategy

We have all seen staircases, rising up to the next level. Some sweep to one side, elegantly; others are straight and direct; still others turn as individual landings are reached. Which style are you picturing right now? Or are you envisioning you’re sliding down the hand rail?

When I was younger, that is exactly what we did. We slid down the handrail in our older home and landed at the bottom on the floor; a black and white checkerboard floor. Our railing had a slight flattening portion at the end so that we could catch some air prior to the floor. The trick was to nail the landing and of course, the difficulty was dependent on how far up the rail we began.

Online marketing can be looked at as a staircase; a staircase with many landing areas on the way up.

Follow along here; each landing represents a goal needing to be reached for effective marketing strategies to work. The handrail is considered your ‘mentor’; there to assist you so you don’t fall. If your marketing staircase is without a handrail, your climb to the top level will be long, difficult and could be fatal.

Planning Your Staircase Marketing Concept

In planning your marketing strategy, the importance of marketing your business is directly related to your business success. Using the Staircase Marketing Concept strategy, write out your goals, starting from smallest. Listing each one as they come to mind then rearrange them in succession to achievement (easy to get completed to most difficult).

Each of these goals now represents your individual landing areas. Each landing area will have steps necessary to conquer before that landing area can be reached. Looking at one goal at a time, list out the steps that must be completed to reach it.

The more detailed you can get with your steps; the simpler that landing area is reached. You may see where your efforts are required and where you may need to ‘grab a hold of the railing’.

Each step will be necessary to engage. If you do take the time to write out your Staircase Marketing Concept, placing the correct marketing term within the stepping process, it won’t be long before you begin to see your marketing freedom taking shape. Practice with minor goals first and the small steps required to reach that intended goal before tackling the bigger ‘boys’.

Before long using this unique marketing strategy shall be easily incorporated into your daily routine and that ultimate goal may be easily obtained as well; by using the Staircase Marketing Concept.

Steps in Selecting the Right Railing

A balcony or staircase is a nice addition to any spacious home. Isn’t it that this is the dream of many of you who wish to have a comfortable and attractive home? It is always possible without having to spend too much so go for it.

Railings are of various types. There are just numerous designs and styles available on the market today. If you have a front porch in your house or a balcony from your room on the second level, these wonderfully designed railings are absolutely great additions.

As you will be installing the railing outdoor, the most recommended material is the wrought iron or stainless steel. These two are durable materials that can stand all types of weather and even the harshest elements. They also require very little maintenance hence, they’re considered to be a good long term investment. Wood is also a classic choice but may deteriorate fast when exposed outdoors.

In selecting a railing for your balcony or front porch, consider the style of your home. Being installed outdoor, they should match or at least complement each other. So a wrought iron railing with intricate design is suitable for a house with a Mediterranean theme. Stainless steel as it is or combined with glass is great for modern homes.

For the front porch, you can choose to use wood if the area is covered. The typical railing that features vertical balusters can match a home with a rustic theme. But while wood can stand on its own, it can also be combined with other materials such as stone and wrought iron.

But don’t forget that you need to take into account as well the purpose of the railing which is safety for you and your family. This is the crucial part that should not be ignored. For this reason, you need to install your railing properly by following the right specifications in accordance to your area’s building codes. This is to ensure that accidents are avoided in your residence.

The safety aspect should actually be prioritized by homeowners who have small children or old people in their house. These people need to be protected from slips and falls so make sure the railings around your home such as in your staircase and balconies are safely secured.

With the prices of railing materials becoming more affordable today, homeowners have every chance to achieve their dream house. Creativity and safety are what very essential in order to provide the best protection possible to all members of your family as well as guests who may be visiting your home every now and then particularly during special occasions.

What’s important is you do a little research first in order to find that perfect design suited for your personal style as well as your home’s overall architectural design. You can conveniently browse through numerous websites on the internet or through home improvement as well as architecture magazines. If you aren’t sure about your choices, feel free to consult a contractor or a professional designer to help you pick the most suitable design for your home.

Newport RI – In Class of Its Own With These Four Experiences

Whether you’re out to experience the vibrant harbor area, relive the Gilded Age in a Newport Mansion, soak up the stunning views on Ocean Drive, or trek the famous Cliff Walk, then Newport RI is in a class of its own and your gateway to all this… and much more.

Newport RI is located at the eastern mouth of Narragansett Bay. Either Newport Bridge from the west on route 138, or Mt. Hope Bridge from the North East on route 114 can reach it.

Founded in 1639 Newport quickly became an important seaport with trading routes to the West Indies. It’s years as a major seaport ended with the British blockade in 1776.

In the 19th century Newport once again attracted attention, but this time as a summer playground for the rich and wealthy of America, who also bought their yachts to race at Newport.


The center of the harbor area is Bannister’s and Bowen’s Wharf’s. Here you can yacht “watch” while sipping your favorite beverage or savoring a few steamed mussels – my personal favorite.

The alleys in the wharf area are full of specialty shops, restaurants, and open-air bars. In the summer this is a good area to visit mid-morning or late afternoon when it’s not so busy.

To Really experience the harbor take “The Spirit of Newport” harbor cruise that leaves from Bowen’s Wharf. This is a one hour narrated tour and passes by many striking attractions.


For many their reason to visit Newport RI is the Newport Mansions.

The mansions were affectionately called “summer cottages” by the original owners because they were only used 6-12 weeks of the year during the summer season. These are 70 and 80 room houses, and showpieces right down to the last beam of timber – or marble!

There are about 13 mansions in all to visit in Newport RI, with most located on or in the vicinity of Bellevue Avenue. The Preservation Society of Newport County operates ten of these and offers combo priced tickets. I suggest you try and visit no more than three in one day.

The most popular Mansions are The Breakers, Marble House, and The Elms. But to experience something different visit The Astors’ Beechwood, where you’ll literally be treated like a guest by role-playing hosts.


Ocean Drive is a 10-mile route that starts on Bellevue Avenue and follows Ocean Avenue around a rocky peninsular with fishing coves, swimming beaches, and public parks.

The Ocean Avenue part of the drive is probably the most scenic with magnificent houses on rocky necks amidst the backdrop of a windy Atlantic Ocean. You’ll see plenty people fishing and others clambering over the rocks searching for creatures in the tidal pools. Why not stop yourself and join them?

Brenton State Park is a halfway point on Newport RI Ocean Drive, and is one of my family’s special stopping spots to have a picnic and fly a kite. The park allows pets, and has tables and grills – bring your own charcoal though.

As you head out of the park you’re heading back to Newport Harbor, and while the scenery heading back isn’t quite as spectacular you’ll pass the Castle Hill Lighthouse, Hammersmith Farm, and Fort Adams State Park.


The Cliff Walk will provide you spectacular views of the ocean, but parts of it are more of an adventure experience than an easy ramble, and it’s not recommended for small children.

It’s 31/2 miles in length over paths that in some areas have been eroded and battered by the natural weather patterns of the area. Wear sneakers if you can, and show caution.

The North End Cliff Walk starts where Memorial Blvd meets Easton’s Beach.

The first part of the walk is easy on good pavement and leads you to The Forty Steps. After the steps you’ll have great views of Ochre Point, Ochre Court, Cave Cliff, and Vineland.

You’re now heading towards Bailey’s Beach at the South End of the walk. This is a rough section and at times the path gets small and even seems to stop. However, by scrambling over the rocks you’ll be home free soon and be able to take in more stunning views of the ocean area.

So are you ready to experience Newport RI? Put on your sneakers, pack a picnic, and get ready for many Kodak moments on this trip.

For more details on these experiences and many others visit the town’s official web site at

How to Reverse Baldness – Make That Receding Hairline Go Away Forever!

Seems like everyone wants to reverse the effects of baldness and this is certainly the case if you’re suffering with things like a receding hairline. This is one ugly condition that can make you look many years older than what you really are.

But the trick to eliminating baldness is to target some of the root causes for why your hair is thinning. Often times when it comes to receding of the hairline, it’s because of a lack of blood circulation in that region of the scalp.

The frontal region of the scalp lacks the most circulation while the top, sides and back get the most. Reversing baldness is easy when you know how to get more blood to the follicle roots. That’s where this article comes in.

There are several ways to promote further hair growth naturally. That’s right, no hair loss products needed at all. Scalp massage is a perfect way to do it. If you haven’t begun putting to use this simple exercise, then you’re missing out totally.

What you can do to make sure this works out much better for you is massage oils like rosemary, jojoba and lavender into your scalp in all thinning hair areas. Just 15 minutes per night will do the job for you.

Most men will find that their male pattern baldness has occurred because of a buildup of the hormone DHT resting on their scalps. In such a case like this, your receding hairline can be stopped by taking herbal DHT blockers such as saw palmetto and nettle root. These are proven fighters against baldness and you should make them a regular part of your dietary supplement routine.

Comparing Rents in Your Strip Mall Tenancy Mix

When you select new tenants for your retail strip mall, you should do so on the basis of the right tenant for the right location, paying the right rent. Not all tenants can pay the same rent simply because they are located in the same property. The tenancy mix has to be a balance of tenants that complement each other and draw in the customers. The rent that they pay is secondary to the tenant that you choose.

A retail shop business has its own margins of profitability based on the product or service it provides. This means that the shop rent will and should change based on the retailer type, not the location of the tenancy.

Broadly speaking the comparable rents from other tenants will give you a place to start from when setting new rents, however the tenant’s ability to pay the rent is fundamental to the equation. For example there is much more profit margin in a fast food retailers business versus that of a newsagent. The fast food retailer can spend more money on rent in a strip mall property.

You cannot however fill a property with fast food tenants simply to keep the rent up. The tenant mix offering will not well service the customer. What you need in the ideal tenant mix is a mixture of convenience retail, fast food, specialist retail, destination retail, and an anchor tenant or two.

Design your property so that the tenants are clustered into zones that sell off each other. This has been found to be highly successful as a tenant mix strategy; if you put complementary retailers into the same cluster, more sales result across the board. When you get more sales, you underpin the landlords rent, lower the potential for vacancies, and help the property perform more directly.

A well designed tenancy mix will create an ‘ant track’ where people and customers walk. It is the ‘ant track’ that will elevate your rental on the corners and the areas of congregation.

If you compare properties locally you can see what works and what doesn’t. The way to analyse the tenant mix and rentals of other properties is to look at:

  • The location of the shop relative to the ‘ant track’
  • The size of the shop
  • The frontage of the shop
  • Proximity of the shop in a ‘cluster’ that works
  • The number of people visiting the other property and the best days for shoppers
  • The length of the lease term
  • The type of rent (net or gross) that is paid and when it was set

It is surprising what other tenants in other properties will tell you if you just ask. You will likely find out about levels of trade, the other landlord, and the customer mindset that the retailers see. All of this is of high value when you are setting your plans for your own retail strip mall property.

5 Myths About Laptop DC Jack Repair-Replacement

“If you have a power jack problem the motherboard needs to be replaced”.

This is the number one quote I hear from users looking for power jack repair. Many computer repair centers and large companies (dell, gateway, acer, Toshiba, etc.) will tell you the only way to fix a dc jack is to replace the entire motherboard. This is very costly and simply untrue. The dc jack can be safely and successfully removed and new power plug installed.

“Can I repair the jack myself?”

This is a pretty common question I get asked. It’s not impossible to do this yourself but you need the equipment such as quality soldering iron (and tips), desoldering braid or pump, and a steady hand. I’ve heard people say, “soldering is easy”. Soldering can be easy but desoldering is usually the tricky part for most people. Also knowing where to pry and how to properly remove cables without breaking retention devices is a must. Lots of laptops that people have attempted the repair themselves can’t get the old solder out and or broke the connections on the motherboards for things like touchpads and keyboards.

If the dc jack gets repaired once it will fail again.

This is true and false. A quality dc jack repair can last for the life of the laptop. At the same time it can go bad again. Some laptops have poor design or design flaws that can’t be changed and are likely to reoccur.

Epoxy and epoxy like substances should be used to reinforce the power jack.

The problem with epoxy is it suffocates surrounding circuitry causing motherboard failures. Components on a motherboard (voltage regulators, capacitors, power filters) heat up due to voltage running through them and should not be covered by epoxy products. Sometimes dc jacks fail due to cold solder joints and epoxy will do nothing to combat that problem except make it harder or impossible to get the dc jack off safely.

All laptops with jack problems are repairable.

If your laptop is displaying the symptoms it might not be the power jack or a symptom could be another different problem. For example, I get inquiries stating the laptop won’t charge the battery. I also find out the laptop does work when plugged in. This means the dc jack is working but something else on the motherboard has failed. Another example would be sometimes when the laptop is disassembled I find out the motherboard is burnt near the voltage pin. This is a pretty common occurrence on gateway laptops and replacing the dc jack won’t help. The entire motherboard would need to be replaced in this case.

How to Make an LED Night Light

LED lights as a night light are often used by many people as it tends to illuminate more space than traditional lighting. It emits brighter light. But that is just one of its many appeals.

This type of lighting system requires minimal energy. But despite that, it still produces brighter lights compared to other lighting systems that use more energy. Also, it has longer life. The bulbs do not burn out easily as it does not use filaments. You may spend more on LED bulbs but technically, you are saving more.

Here is a step by step procedure on how you can make your own LED night light:

Step 1: You need to prepare all the materials first. Most of the materials are recyclable stuffs. Get a glass bottle (transfer the contents of a glass bottle to a pitcher if you have an unopened bottle in your fridge), a switch, some wires with copper inside, pieces of broken glass, a cutter, soldering iron and of course the LED bulbs. You can purchase the bulbs from an electronics store.

Step 2: Using the cutter, puncture a hole on the top lid of the glass bottle. The size of the hole should fit the switch. You can also purchase switches, preferably a rocker switch at the electronics store or the hardware store. You can also use the switch of your old flashlight.

Step 3: Now attach the switch to the hole. Make sure that it is secured tightly. Use adhesive tape or glue so it won’t come off. If you used glue, give it a few minutes to dry off completely.

Step 4: Using the soldering iron, connect the lead wires of the bulbs to the switch. Once they are already attached, let the soldered part cool down first. Afterwards, insert the light into the glass and secure the lid.

Step 5: Now you can use your makeshift night light. Switch it on to see the effects. The glass should magnify the light. You can also use various colors of bulbs if you want a different ambience to your room. Also, you can include a potentiometer to the circuit to act as the brightness controller.

Make sure you follow these steps carefully so you can successfully make a home-made lighting system. Once you have mastered this, you can make your own circuit board and device a different kind of home lighting system that can work well in other parts of your house such as your garden.

SSL: The Positives and Negatives of Certificates

Secure Socket Layer, better known as SSL, and Transport Layer Security (TLS), are secure protocols used to transfer encrypted data through the Internet. Many websites on the Internet utilize SSL security to keep data transferred between them and the end user secure. Securing data is one of the first steps in avoiding crimes like identity theft from happening and is a great way to improve conversions by building trust between websites and users.

SSL encryption is a long and complicated process, but can be simplified into layman’s terms. A web browser starts by requesting the web server to identify itself. The web server responds by transmitting its certificate back to the web browser. The web browser then verifies that the certificate is authentic and issued by the proper web server. Once the credentials are verified, a secure encrypted browsing session begins.

Why is this extra layer of security needed? Without SSL the data between a computer and a website can be ready by anyone who can intercept it. A great example is users who use public WIFI or public networks where their data can be intercepted by anyone technologically savvy enough to watch network Internet traffic. SSL also helps stop something known as ‘DNS hijacking.’ That is when a virus redirects requests for a website from the legitimate server to an illegitimate server. A certificate will only work on the authentic server and a browser will not allow a connection with an un-trusted server.

That’s before mentioning how most users are taught not to enter their information on a website that isn’t secured, featuring either the lock, green bar, or other information showing that the browser trusts this website. Most new user tutorials and many websites teach users not to trust a website without an SSL certificate, which makes them an important part of building trust on the web.

Of course, all of this requires a website to have an SSL certificate. There are a lot of positive and negative consequences to using SSL security.

The positives have mostly been outlined. A site with an SSL certificate and proper encryption is trusted by users. It prevents their data from being stolen and gives them peace of mind. It can also reduce complaints and refunds from occurring. Users who feel that a site is to blame for their identify theft may feel the need to perform a chargeback. A website’s reputation can be damaged terribly by such things.

Yet, there are negatives associated with SSL security as well. The biggest issue in getting an SSL for your website is the price. SSL certificates can have hefty fees, especially ones signed by the most trusted certificate authorities. Prices can run up to £700 a year for a single server. This can cut greatly into a website’s profits. Inexpensive options exist, such as self-signing, but many browsers will pop-up an unattractive warning whenever a certificate isn’t signed by a trusted authority.

SSL certificates also slow down traffic between a user and a website. Extra time is needed to establish the secure connection and it may frustrate some users that it’s taking them longer than normal to load a web page. There is also the issue of needing to keep the certificate in working order. Should something go wrong then the website would be inaccessible until the problem is fixed, such as renewing a certificate.

While there can be problems, securing a website that transfers sensitive information with an SSL certificate is generally a good idea. The positives do outweigh the negatives and turning traffic away because a site isn’t secure generally isn’t a good thing. However, that’s up to each website administrator to decide if SSL certificates are right for them.

Opening a Soup Kitchen or Food Ministry – Five Step Tips

Opening a soup kitchen or providing free cooked food to a community for the first time can be a daunting task. Some tips on how to prepare to run a ministry like this can be helpful to avoid common pitfalls in the beginning stages.

OPENING DATE: If there is a kitchen involved, don’t schedule the health inspection until the place is perfectly clean and ready to run. Get the dining room area ready and serve donuts or cinnamon rolls and coffee once a week or daily until the kitchen can be operational – if you want to please the people who are looking for it to open to meet their perceived need. Add meals and more service as you have the money, time and volunteers. Have a dry run with the food and supplies you may already have, even if you are not ready to open right away.

VOLUNTEER WORKERS: Get a volunteer schedule going. Also, let people earn “Volunteer Bucks” certificates by putting in a specific amount of time as a volunteer. They can redeem the certificate when they want to eat there. Treat volunteers as very important (because they are, and you can’t do without them), and keep tabs on how they are feeling so you can keep them in there. Having a volunteer coordinator might be a good idea.

REPORTING WORK DONE: Have workers on important or pivotal projects each give an email or phone report on a daily or every-few-day basis to keep you up on what is done, or needs to be done. Base the type of report on how they relate best to you, not how you relate best to them. You need to be updated, and they need to be giving a report regularly so they are aware that they are accountable for how they spend time, even if they are volunteers.

PAID WORKERS: If you are not there to continually supervise a paid worker so that you feel comfortable paying them a salary, pay them by the project they are doing. Make them bid it, or tell them, “I need you to build this item (or research this item, or purchase this item, or fix this item, etc.), and it should take 5 hours, and I’ll pay you $50 (if you are paying $10/hour) upon completion” (no matter how much extra time they take to do it). Be willing to renegotiate if they think you are expecting it to be done in too short a time. If you don’t have the time to be there to negotiate these projects, have a person to coordinate it for you.

WORKER MORALE: Have someone you trust checking on the morale of the people to avoid any conflict or resentment building up. This means that they listen to people and relay to you how the “temperature” of the place is going without sharing names. This is so you are able to step in, help out, put out fires and encourage people where they need it without being confrontational.

Keeping things moving along towards opening and keeping people happy before and after the opening are the things that are most important for running a ministry to the hungry or needy in a community. It is best to consider these five things when preparing for opening day.

How to Extend the Life of Your Hole Saw

Here are some basic guidelines that you should follow when using hole saws and jigsaw blades in order to maximize their efficiency and life span.

How do I extend the life of my Hole Saw?

  • You must always run your hole saw at the correct speed. It is often tempting to use a speed that is too high to get the job done faster, however this will quickly wear out your hole saw and lead to a lower quality of workmanship.
  • The speed you should use is dependent on the diameter of the hole saw and on the material you wish to cut.
  • The various speeds can be found on the side of the box and if you are unsure or the material is not listed then please ask your tool specialist.
  • Please see below for some example sizes and speeds;
  • A 20mm Morse Bi Metal hole saw cutting wood or mild steel should be run at a speed of 425rpm.
  • However a 20mm Morse Bi Metal hole saw cutting stainless steel should be run at a speed of 210rpm.
  • You definitely need to reduce the speed when cutting through stainless steel.
  • Keeping the saw cool will also greatly increase its life.

How do I keep my Morse Hole Saw Cool?

  • There are many ways you can do this, though one of the most popular is to use a shop bought lubricant.
  • This can be quite costly, though, so if you are looking to keep costs down you can keep your hole saw cool when cutting metal by cutting a household sponge to the size of the hole saw.
  • Soak the sponge in water and place inside the hole saw. As you use the hole saw the water will trickle down the sides of the hole saw helping to clear chips and disperse heat and so improving the life of the saw.

How should I use a Jigsaw?

  • The jigsaw works along the same principles as a sewing machine.
  • The cutting speed of the upwards/downwards movements can be adjusted in degrees, or can be regulated electronically.
  • The cutting speed ranges from 200 to 3000 cuts per minute. (determined by machine and manufacturer)
  • When using harder materials, for example metals, lower cutting speeds are used. With softer materials like woods, higher cutting speeds are more appropriate.
  • The clamped sawing blade is designed to cut during the upwards movement. This is aided by the so-called pendulum cut.
  • The pendulum cut ensures that the blade is pressed against the material with extra force during the upward movement. In this way, it is possible to saw faster, while using the same amount of energy.
  • During the upward movement the blade is automatically drawn slightly from the material.
  • These movements together produce the pendulum motion (Pendulum Cut.)


Follow these tips and you should see the life of your hole saws and jigsaw blades extended considerably as they will need repairing and/or replacing far less frequently. This will in turn lead to a considerable reduction in tool costs.

Emergency Fire Blanket For Smoking Seniors

The cycle of life often dictates that one day we may be caring for a senior loved one. Being a caregiver is a challenging job for anyone and can lead to a great deal of stress and worry over your loved one. Two of the biggest concerns I often hear regarding the care of loved ones is the ability to call for assistance and concern over fire starting.

Today’s senior citizens grew up in an era where smoking was accepted and many still smoke to this day. I hear tales of cigarette burns in sheets or bed linens that leave caregivers on edge. A simple purchase can prevent fires from an accidental drop of a cigarette but should not be considered complete fire protection. Replacing your loved ones blanket with a fire blanket is inexpensive and can provide you with the piece of mind that your loved one will have some additional protection.

Fire blankets are made from wool and are machine washable. These fire retardant blankets typically are 62 inches by 80 inches long. Fire blankets once were available only in grey but now come in a variety of colors including forest green, khaki, maroon, and navy. The wool fabric is treated with Dupont X-12. This fire retardant treatment complies with the Federal Flammable Act, CS 191-53.

Additional steps can be taken to protect your loved one from fire related injuries. Caregivers of seniors that maintain some independence can rest assured that their loved one is safe and secure with the addition of a home security system that has fire and smoke monitoring. If a fire is detected the security provider’s monitoring center is immediately contacted providing a quick means of dispatching fire emergency response units. These security systems are more than just intruder detection and can monitor for carbon monoxide leaks, flooding in the home, and freezing pipes.

To provide caregivers with the assurance that their loved one can call for help if needed it is important to look into medical monitoring devices. Some security companies provide consumers with medical alert, video surveillance, and other helpful systems.

A medical alert system is a great way to give our loved ones the independence they desire. A button system is used to contact the customer monitoring center when help is needed. The personal help button can be a wristband button, a pendant or a stationary button. These alert systems have two-way voice communication with the intercom base unit. If your loved one falls a monitoring professional can speak directly with them in many cases. The pendant and wristband typically have a 300 foot range allowing your loved one to go out to the mailbox or to the garden with full protection.

These simple modifications can give caregivers the peace of mind they need in order to focus on their immediate family while caring for a senior loved one.

Cell Phone Wallpapers – Do it Yourself

How do you get unique cell phone wallpapers? A little bird told me there were two methods, one is to use the original maps reserved in your cell phone database and be content with all that came with the phone; second is to download wallpapers from the internet. Now I shall introduce an interesting and new way, that’s called “DIY” which means you make cell phone wallpapers by yourself.

Firstly you need to find a great high resolution picture, and then you can use graphical art software to edit the picture. I recommend using the normal graphics software – “Photoshop”. It’s helpful and easy to use. For example, we could select a beautiful digital landscape photograph. Next upload it from your PC, you know, from the location it has been saved as a data file in the hard disk of your desktop. Open this image file in Photoshop to modify it, we now need to edit it to make it perfect according to our own imagination with many graphical designs and styles, sometimes we also use computer-aided design to develop new artistic wallpapers. Make as many changes as you feel like to the photo, more the number of changes, the more splendid the end image will appear. The last procedure is to just upload the modified photo to your cell phone. Now you have the colorful cell phone wallpaper showcasing your own unique design.

How easy it is! But you need to master the graphic arts software; the graphic software is our basic tool for redesigning. To be honest, I am fond of wallpapers, it’s amusing. When you are skilled using these tools, you should start getting creative and start working on a lot of amazing pictures and enjoy the DIY process. Tony, a 12 years old boy, has established special wallpaper’s website which offer thousands of pictures for viewers to download. Last week, he showed me his latest cell phone wallpaper to me, it’s a highlighted portrait of his sister, and it looks like a photographic plate, very strange but smart, with a little carved sense. I did like it and asked him how he created it. He replied “Nothing, just a fault! Actually I failed to finish a key operation of Photoshop.”