Energy Conservation With Outdoor LED Flood Lighting

In these contemporary times, more and more people are becoming aware of the effects of global warming. Advocates are trying to spread the word to the people, and encourage them to join their campaigns through various forms of media.

Through these broad campaigns, individuals have become conscious of their environment, and are now starting to save it in their own ways. The most common means of saving Mother Earth is through their household. This is done by replacing their appliances with their eco-friendly versions. There are even others who went full-on and had solar panels installed to their homes.

But when one has solar panels installed or not, a popular choice would be to have their standard bulbs replaced with those made with light emitting diodes or LEDs.

These LED bulbs have become a popular choice among families because of its cost effectiveness. This is due to the fact that these LEDs emit more lumens per watt than other standard light bulbs or tubes which, in turn, results in energy conservation.

In line with being cost effective is the long life of these LED lights. Since these last at least ten times longer than the other alternatives, this allows for low maintenance fees. At the same time, it assures the user that these LED bulbs will take quite some time before having them replaced.

However, these bulbs are not to be limited to indoor use only. In fact, outdoor LED flood lighting has already become a trend. This is not just because of their big savings, but because of the efficiency and safety they offer.

Although most of these outdoor LED flood lighting is used to light up large spaces like stadiums and football fields, others prefer to have them installed outside of their homes for added protection. And though it produces extremely bright light, these LED bulbs will not use too much power.

Another advantage of switching to outdoor LED flood lighting is its low heat emissions. Standard light bulbs often converts the excess energy to heat, therefore making it unsuitable for long term use and in areas of extreme temperature. Since these LED lights do not emit high amounts of heat, this makes it more suitable for them to be placed near plants, without causing any fire-related accidents. This also quality also makes LED bulbs the lighting of choice in either high or low temperature areas, since they are not easily affected by whatever the temperature may be in the area.

Having these outdoor LED flood lighting installed will be a worthy investment. Although the prices may be intimidating compared to standard lighting systems, these LED lights will prove that they are the more efficient and cost-effective choice in the long run.

The environment is to be protected by everyone. It is where human beings live, and get food for daily maintenance. If it is to be taken for granted, what will the future look like for their children, and their children thereafter? That is why, as early as now, it is encouraged that ways be promoted to preserve and further protect Mother Earth. And every deed – no matter how small – will always be of help.

Entertaining Wallpapers With Their Distinctive Styles

With the rapid development of the mobile phone industry, phones have changed and updated dramatically with new technology both in terms of style and function, so is the case of mobile phone wallpaper. Anyone who has or had a mobile phone before can tell you that a wallpaper is an indispensable part of a phone and can add much fun to the cell phone. Nowadays, phone wallpapers have become more and more popular with the mobile phone users. So we can see how big a market potential it can be in wallpaper designing. One can easily change their wallpapers as he likes, for there are innumerable web sites that provide the downloading of wallpapers with thousands of choices of wallpapers. To add to your woes, you are expected to find that unique different wallpaper among the numerous various categories in which distinct subjects and styles are classified.

Now let's check out what can be found in a typical mobile wallpaper site. More often than not, there will be at least five typical subcategories of wallpapers, the first category always belongs to beautiful ladies which have proved to the most downloaded ones; the second one typically includes wild animals like a cute panda or a sweet dog; the third is always pertinent to some photos of big stars of your time. Well, having your icon as your wallpaper on your mobile phone can be quite cool, the fourth one being usually wallpapers themed with big cartoon stars like the lovely Hello Kitty or funny Mickey Mouse, etc; the last one includes some specially designed pictures which look quite funny and ridiculous. They are made just for entertainment and will in some way make your mobile phone much enjoyable and then make your life rich and varied. With so many different wallpapers available online, you can choose whatever suits your taste for fun without any hesitation.

Role of a Fireproof Filing Cabinet in Disaster Management

Many times it has been reported that people working in different business houses charge over the expenditure being done on buying the fire proof cabinets for the office. These cabinets are very exorbitantly priced as compared to the normal steel cabinets. The bone of contention is the money spent on these rather than giving a salary hike to all the workers. But, mostly, workers tend to forget the important and pivotal role played by these cabinets in saving all the important documents that form the part and parcel of any office. These cabinets are used to keep documents like-

1. All the contact numbers of the workers, vendors, business associates can be stored in these cabinets.

2. All the policy papers relating to the workings of the company, legal documents and financial transaction details can also be safely placed in these cabinets.

3. These cabinets are the safe place for keeping all the audio and video records of all the dealings, conferences, launches and visits by dignitaries.

4. All the payment details of the employees and the log books are also safe in these cabinets.

5. Any new plans relating to the company in the form of drawings and maps can also be housed in these fireproof cabinets.

The important consideration that has to be kept in mind while buying these cabinets for the company is that the cabinets should have an approval of tested and passed from the Underwriters Laboratories. These once tested, get certain specifications for temperature and time which are as follows-

1. Temp is the first number that is put on the marks on the cabinets. Eg. 125- back up media, floppies; 150-DVD; 350- paper files; 375- standard papers. All these indicate the maximum temperature that can be handled in different categories mentioned above.

2. Time rating follows the temperature marks. Time usually progresses from half an hour to umpteen hours with a slot of thirty minutes each.

3. Most of the papers are not able to withstand temperature of more than 400 degree F while 140 degrees is the limit for fire to burn films, tape and plastic cases.

4. The fire can sustain for a temperature of 800 degree F and so it becomes imperative to control it by this temperature so as to avoid any major mishap.

For most of the business houses, it becomes difficult to build up their empire again if they fall prey to fires. Most of the valuable information, once burnt or destroyed is difficult to be retrieved again. So it becomes absolutely necessary to install fireproof cabinets to save the important papers not only from fire but also from the gushing water that is thrown by the fire fighting engines and also theft in some cases.

So, all you workers, do not worry about the salary hike as it is more important to save the business from being gutted away in the devastating fires! If the business sustains, the salary hikes will automatically come your way !!

Building a Surround for a Wood Burning Stove

A surround for your wood burning stove has a functional purpose as it protects non-combustible surfaces from the heat of the fire. However, it also serves a decorative purpose, with a range of ready-to-fit surrounds available in a variety of styles.

A fireplace is generally comprated of the heart, the surrounding and the mantel piece although some wood burning stoves are fitted straight into the chimney recess, with no need for a surround. In this instance the stove itself provides a decorative feature to the room, but a hearth is still necessary for fire safety reasons. With fire recesses, there are also Building Regulations relating to the surrounding walls.

Building Regulations

In accordance with building regulations a hearth must be fitted to protect non-combustible materials from the heat of the stove and from any incidental spillages of ash. The hearth itself must have been made from a non-combustible material, such as concrete or masonry.

There are set guidelines as to the size of hearths for wood burning stoves fitted into a recess and for freestanding stoves. With recesses the hearth should reach at least 150mm past the sides of the stove and 300mm in front, and with freestanding stoves the hearth should be at least 840mm x 840mm in size. The hearth should also be at least 125mm thick with a space of 50mm between the hearth and any combustible material, or otherwise 250mm thick.

Surroundings should also be made from non-combustible materials, and if the stove is fitted into a chimney recess there are set requirements regarding the thickness of the walls and the materials that they are constructed from. For example, the walls of masonry chimneys should be at least 100mm thick, but if the walls separate the room from another compartment or dwelling, then they should be a minimum of 200mm away from the inner surface of the flue liner or have a gap of 40mm from the outer surface of the chimney.

The fireside recess and the chimney should also be made from non-combustible material, and the internal walls should be a minimum of 200mm in thickness. Flue sizes must also comply with Building Regulations for safety reasons.

Any work undertaken should be informed to your local planning department so that they can make sure that all the requirements are being met. Alternately, you should employ a qualified installer who will be familiar with Building Regulations.

If you buy ready-made hearths and surrounds from a specialist stove supplier, they will usually ensure that these parts meet with Building Regulations. It is best to check with the supplier to make sure though.


To fit a fire surrounding you need to start by marking the walls according to the measurements of the surrounding so that you can make sure it fits. Masking tape is useful for this task. Next, you need to mark where the studies are in the wall as the spacers will be fixed to these. The studies are the upright posts that form part of the framework of the wall. You will also need some non-combustible spacers, and screws to fix the spacers to the wall studs.


Suitable materials for wood burning stove surrounds are cement board, slate, or granite tiles. For reasons of safety, wooden surroundings are not suitable. However, providing all Building Regulations have been complied with in terms of thickness and materials relating to the chimney walls, then it is possible to have a wooden mantel shelf. Many suppliers sell mantel shelves complete with fittings in a range of woods and finishes. Again, the mantel shelf should be a suitable distance from the stove and flue.

With some fire surrounding the mantle place forms part of the surrounding as it juts out from the wall. Therefore, you will not need to buy a separate mantel shelf for these types of fire surroundings.

Fitting the Surround

Start by fixing the spacers into the studies using screws. The purpose of the spacers is so that there will be an insulating gap between the wall and the face of the surrounding. You can then fix the fireplace surround, which should be made from a non-combustible material. You do this by using screws that are long enough to fit through the spacers and then into the wall studs. There should be a gap at the top and bottom so that air can heat up and flow through the gap.

Once you have fitted the surround, if it is not supplied with a decorative finish, you can decorate it using a fire proof material such as stucco, tiles or heat-resistant paint. Remember to cover any surrounding areas to protect them from spillages.

Fire surrounds come in a wide range of styles to complement any room in a variety of materials. You can choose from contemporary or traditional. Whatever style of surround you select, it is sure to enhance the appearance of your wood burning stove making it a great focal point for any surroundings.

How To Strengthen Your Home's Foundation

There can be many reasons why your home's foundation may need to be strengthened, including:

* The foundation has moved or moved due to earthquakes

* Soil has eroded beneath or around the foundation, causing cracks, sloping or sinking

* You want to add a second story to the existing structure, which will exceed the amount of weight the building and foundation can support

* The foundation has declined over time

* There has been a change in how the structure is being used

* The soil was poorly compacted when the home was built

* Weak and poor quality materials were used when the home was built

* A basement has been added to the structure

* A new building has been constructed near the home with a defect foundation

* The foundation has settled due to poor soil conditions or a lowered water table

In Los Angeles, homes that were constructed before 1940 were not bolted to their foundations. During an earthquake, these structures can be easily shaken off their foundation. Many homes that were built after 1940 used weak materials on cripple walls. A cripple wall is the wall that surrounds the crawl space under a house and connects the home to the foundation.

If you live in an older home, bolting the house to your foundation is critical for earthquake preparedness. The bolts should be placed every 4 to 6 feet and more than one foot away from each joint. For homes that are built on a hill, make sure you also bolt the wood that is "stepping down" on the grade.

Underpinning can also increase the strength and stability of your foundation. The process involves either extending the foundation in depth or breadth so it rests on stronger soil or distribute its load across a broader area.

Using concrete foundation repair is one of the primary methods used for underpinning. Sections beneath or around the home are excavated and then filled by the concrete. The concrete is usually mixed with aggregates. Once the concrete is scattered, it will typically take 2 days to set.

Other ways of underpinning involves the use of screw piles, brackets and beams. Sometimes the soil can be strengthened by adding grout.

The strength of cripple walls can be increased with plywood. How do you know if your cripple wall needs strengthening? If the exterior of your cripple wall is made of wood siding or stucco, it will need to be strengthened with plywood. The plywood should be nailed to the walls on every side of the house.

In addition to stabilizing a home and preventing future damage, strengthening a foundation will make the structure much safer to live in, as well as easier to insure and sell.

When a home is showing any signs of foundation settlement or damage, seek a local foundation inspection from a licensed foundation repair professional. A local foundation expert can tell you what is causing the problem and how it should be corrected. This may include strengthening your home's foundation to prevent any further damage and reduce the opportunities of your home sliding off the foundation or collapsing during an earthquake or even house leveling.

Five Flooring Design Tips

Tip # 1: If you're laying tile flooring and want to make the room look bigger, use larger sized tiles (18 x 18 or larger) and lay them on a 45 degree angle (diamond pattern). What this does is draw your eye to the two widest points of each tile, giving your flooring the illusion of a larger space. And the larger sized tiles have less grout lines to look at so your flooring does not look as 'busy' across your larger area as say a 12 x 12 would.

Just keep in mind installing tile on a 45 uses more tile because there are more cuts to be made.

Tip # 2: If you want a clean, contemporary look, ask your installer to use the narrowest grout lines possible, either a 1/8 or 3/16 and for natural stone 1/16. Larger grout lines give a more rustic, earthy look. And higher gloss (polished) tiles are contemporary whereas heavily grooved and rough give an aged, worn look.

Tip # 3: To give your flooring another illusionary trick, lighter colors give the room a more spacious feel while darker colors give it a cozier, smaller feel.

Tip # 4: There are many flooring patterns available so do not hesitate to use them! Too many shoppers I met would obsess over what floor everyone else is doing. This is your home, not anyone else's and you should get the floor that makes you happy. Do not be afraid of not looking like everyone else. That's the whole point! if you want to differentiate a room, then lay different flooring.

Tip # 5: I'm a big fan of using matching or contrasting inserts to transform the flooring into a masterpiece. But not many really can create a room. You know, these deco pieces, listellos and natural stone inserts may cost you a couple hundred dollars all up but they give your room an unsurpassed look. Now I strongly recommend when doing these special flooring designs to only hire a certified flooring installer. DO NOT TRY and do them yourself without you really know what you're doing. I've seen it too many times.

For example, for every insert, you need to make 4 cuts, one for each connecting tile. These cuts need to be pretty much right on, otherwise any unevenness will flash at you right away once its installed. And if you insist on doing it yourself, just remember two very important words: wet saw and diamond blade!

Pumping for an Occasional Bottle

Have you ever wondered, "If I am breastfeeding all the time, how am I supposed to ever be able to pump milk for a bottle?"

Here's how:

After breastfeeding your baby, pump both breasts.

Try to do this around the time when you seem to have the most milk. For many women, this is in the morning. Perhaps your breasts feel fuller or heavier in the morning, or baby only feeds from one breast rather than her typical two. You are more likely to get a higher yield if you pump at this time than if you pump at a time when your breasts feel more empty after breastfeeding.

Pump inside about 15 minutes of finishing breastfeeding. You do not want to wait too much longer than 15 minutes before you pump because you will start to cut into the milk that is refilling for your baby's next breastfeeding.

Do not worry about how much you get out. You may get one ounce total or four ounces total; that means nothing about how much your baby is getting to eat from the breast and has everything to do with your milk supply. Actually, it makes the most sense that you would get very little out when pumping because your body is not used to making milk for the baby!

Your baby will need a two to four ounce bottle to replace a missed breastfeeding session, so do not be surprised if you have to pump for a few days to get that amount. After pumping for a few days, you will notice an increase in the amount you are pumping out. That is because you increased the demand on your body and it takes about three to five days for your body to respond by increasing supply. (Look out! The first day you do not feel like pumping, you may become uncomfortably full since your body was expecting the pump).

Remember the Rule of Six:

Milk is good at room temp for about six hours , in the fridge for about six days, and in the freezer for six months .

Depending on when you plan on using the milk will determine how you will store it.

So, how do we make the most out of this lovely three to four hour block of freedom you just pumped for yourself? I know you do not want to bring that pump with you on a date and you do not want to wake up to pump in the middle of the night. Do not! Here's how this works.

In 24 hours:

Total number of baby feedings (breast or bottle)

must equal

Total number breast stimulations (breastfeeding or dumping)

But , those feedings and stimulations do not need to be at the same time! Only rule? Try not to go longer than about six hours without pumping if baby is eating during that time. That means do not skip more than one breastfeeding without pumping.

Note: If baby is sleeping longer stretches at night, you should be sleeping those stretches too. If your boobs wake you up before the baby, just pump to take the edge off so you can go back to sleep. Your boobs need to learn not to make so much at night if baby is not drinking it. (Do not worry. That milk will move over to daytime.)

Here are some lovely examples of ways your life could get 198% better tomorrow:

1. Breastfeed your baby at 11:00 pm. Pump after this breastfeeding. Take whatever milk you pumped and give it to your husband to feed to the baby when she wakes up (if it is not enough, no worries, just borrow some from the fridge or freezer). Go directly to bed with earplugs in your ears so the baby does not wake you up at the next feeding. When the baby wakes up next around 2:00 am, your husband should promptly feed the baby the bottle, making the least noise possible so as not to wake you up. You are still sleeping. No pumping. At the next feeding, around 5:00 am, get up and nurse (that was six hours of uninterrupted sleep !!!). You may want to pump after this feeding if your breasts feel full from that skipped feeding or if you did not pump enough the night before for the bottle and you needed to borrow from your fridge or freezer. You could also wait until the next feeding if you just want to go right back to sleep.

2. Breastfeed around 7:00 am to 9:00 am, then pump both breasts. Stick this milk in the fridge for your hot date later that night. Nurse your baby right before you go out for the night. Do not bring your pump on the date if you are going to be gone for four to six hours or less. That is a real buzz kill. Stay out long enough to miss one feeding and get home right in time for the next feeding. Nurse baby on both breasts if she is willing. Technically you do not need to pump once you get home because the morning pumping made up for the missed breastfeeding while you were out, but you can pump if you are still feeling full after baby has breastfed.

3. Breastfeed first thing Saturday morning, then pump. Leave the bottle in the fridge, put the baby in your husband's arms, and go on an out of your choice (yoga, get a massage, the gym, clothes shopping, out with girlfriends, get a mani / pedi, walk around the park , sit in the car by yourself in complete silence) for the next four hours. Stay out long enough to miss the next breastfeeding session, but not long enough to miss the following breastfeeding session. (Bonus: turn off your phone).

Save Money on Ford F250 Super Duty Windshield Replacement

Finding it hard to get a good price on your F250 Super Duty windshield replacement? You are not the only one. Most people are not aware that there are options. Yes there are options that will work and save you money. Most Ford F250 Super Duty windshields from 2003 to 2007 have "SUPER DUTY" in the windshield above the rear view mirror. This is also called a third visor. This logo on the windshield can only be purchased from "Carlight". Carlight makes auto glass for Ford. So if you want the "Super Duty" logo, Ford is making money on you. The part number for the logo windshield is DW1522. Retail price for this windshield is $ 505.15 as per Nags price Jan 10, 2011.

Now what most auto glass shops will not tell you or may not be aware of, there are two other options for your F250 Super Duty windshield replacement. First option is a aftermarket windshield with a third visor with out "Super Duty" above the rear view mirror. What is good about this windshield you are still getting a sunshade over the rear view mirror making it easier on the eyes looking in to the mirror. The part number for this windshield is DW1537. Retail price for this windshield is $ 224.50 as per Nags price Jan 10, 2011.

Looking to stay with "Carlight" auto glass for your F250 Heavy Duty but want to save money. Take a look at this. Ford has a windshield with out a log or third visor. The part number is DW1505. This windshield can be ordered with a blue tint across the top. This will replace the third visor and save you money. Retail price for this windshield is $ 227.40 as per Nags price Jan 10, 2011. That is a savings of $ 277.75 if you use part number DW1505 instead of DW1522.

Always take the time to call around. Not all shops offer the same service and take short cuts to save time and money for them self's. Ask how long it will take to do the replacement. If they tell you 15 or 20 minutes most likely they are taking short cuts that will cost you more money down the road. To properly replace your windshield the windshield wipers need to be removed and the cowling below the windshield needs to be removed. This all takes time but assures that you will not have water or air leaks.

Awnings – Learn Your Alternate Options

Among several types of awnings found in the marketplace, but basically an awning is usually a fabric cover that protects your window, door, garden or yard. The fabric used for awnings are generally constructed from weatherproofed substances although it is also available to buy an awning crafted from a metal like aluminum. Either its robust sunshine during the hotter areas or heavy rain while in the cooler areas in the planet, awnings offers coverage for both your home together with the families remaining there. They help in securing your patio furniture from becoming pale as well as destroyed.

You may find many types of awning on the market from smaller to great, from manually controlled to motorized, remotely controlled variations. A typical example is certainly the form of awning that extends out of your wall from a residence out towards the backyard mostly over a porch – this translates into a blanketed seating spot. Similarly freestanding, movable form that may be relocated to your expected spot could be another kind of awning. A smaller kind of awning goes over a window or even door, these are often preferred in very hot areas since they help to manage the temps at home plus turn into a screen right from robust sunshine.

Movable awnings are usually freestanding structures that are not unnecessarily mounted on anything. They can be transported around much like your prerequisite and convenience. They usually are made up of a frame, poles together with a huge part of fabric that slot over to the frame. You may use the 2 pole sorts awnings for caravans as lengthened, sheltered exterior seating section for a holiday break. The four pole types might be put just about anywhere and may be categorized as a canopy, these make for a good, instantaneous coated seating area anywhere you satisfy.

Quite simply within sizzling nations, permanent or fixed awnings are usually applied to last for an extended time. Commonly they are spotted over the doors or windows though, you might have watched them set up above patio areas in gardens. You are offered with a wide variety of preference incorporating color, trend and shape which makes you easy to find a very good suited one to the outside decor of your home or business. If you prefer the awning manufactured from a lot more substantial material then metallic awnings can also be available for sale.

With a perspective to supply people maximum benefit, the company introduced launched retractable awnings with sophisticated functions which can be rolled apart when not utilized. Some of them happen to be attached with integrated lighting and heating system that facilitates you to stick for just an extended duration in the nights. Some of the retractable awnings happened to be showcased with sensors that discover the variance within the climate. If it becomes overly windy the awning could automatically retract to prevent it from becoming ruined and if the sun becomes robust it would appear to aid offer shade and settle down the space.

Lines and Squares – A A Milne Chronicles the Children’s Game

Most of us, if you say ‘bear’ and ‘A. A. Milne’ would come up with Winnie the Pooh, otherwise known as Edward Bear who seems to be fond of honey and sitting halfway down the stairs, along with Christopher Robin. But a particularly poem, Lines and Squares doesn’t seem to be about teddy bears, it is about real grizzly bears, who seem to wander the street.

But how can you conjure up this bears? Simple, just stand in the cracks in the pavement. (Ok, in America they are known as sidewalks, but this is an English superstition, ok?) They are called ‘sillies’ who stand on the corners, and understandably so, after all no one wants to be eaten by bears.

The bears seem to act all innocent, as if they aren’t about to gobble children up. But of course they are…

This poem seems to preempt the viciousness of Roald Dahl’s stories where adults get eaten up, but of course there was the famous poem recited by Stanley Holloway of a lion who ate up a boy called Albert. Earlier the Queen of Hearts ordered people’s heads to be cut off in Alice in Wonderland

The actual game goes back a long way, it seems to go back to an ancient belief of not breaking the square-which possibly represented the Earth (which was also believed to have four corners). There is a rhyme which goes:

Step on a crack, break your mother’s back. Step on a line, break your mother’s spine.

Recently the British cartoon programme, Charlie and Lola featured this game.

What is a Bridge Loan?

A bridge loan can be considered as a short term loan that is used by a person or a company in order to meet his current financial need. This bridge loan is taken by a person or a company until he is able to get a permanent financing alternative. As the name suggest, it bridges the gap between times when financing is needed. It is also known as "interim financing" or "gap financing". A short term loan can last up to one year. The interest rates are high on these loans and they are normally backed by collateral (such as real estate) or it can also be backed by inventory. In my opinion, a bridge loan is definitely more expensive than conventional financing due to the high interest rate involvement. But a bridge loan can be arranged quickly with less documentation formalities.

It is basically a sort of temporary financing for an individual or a business person until a permanent financing arrangement is obtained. For example: you have a desire to buy a house. Here with the help of a real estate agent, you start hunting for a house and arrive at a suitable choice. But the only problem is that you need to sell your house in order to buy that new house. In such a situation, taking a loan comes to your rescue. You must have enough equity in your present home which will then qualify you to get some cash so that you can make a down payment and buy the concerned new house. As there can be a time lag between the sale of one property and the purchase of another, a bridge loan allows a home owner to enjoy the benefit of flexibility.

The loan helps you to make an advance payment in order to get yourself good deals for a new house. Bridge loan facilitates quick investment once a borrower opts for it, he then can make a payment for his current mortgage and the remaining funds can be used towards making advance payment for the purchase of a new house. Once the old house is sold, the borrower will use the funds to repay the bridge loan. The borrower who gets the amount does not have to pay interest if the house is sold within the time period of six months. If the house does not get sold out within six months, then the borrower only have to pay for the interest on the loan amount. A bridge loan is normally used for commercial real estate purchases to quickly close a property, release a real estate from foreclosure or just take an opportunity of a short-term loan for securing a long term financing goal.

A bridge loan is often used by developers in order to carry on a project during the process of approving the project. Most banks do not offer the facility of real estate loans. The main reason is because of its speculative nature, risk involved and lack of full documentation which does not fit within the bank lending rules. In such adverse circumstances a bank will have to then justify its lending practice offered to its investors. Here, bridge loans are often offered from individuals, investment pools and businessman that involve in higher interest loans.

How To Use Conflict Resolution Skills In Business

Conflict resolution is a key business skill when dealing with situations that can raise with collections, contacts, customers and clients.

In particular it is pivotal to understand the pieces of the puzzle that compose a solid conflict resolution strategy in order to strengthen client or customer satisfaction, maintain your productivity and avoid suffering damage to your reputation.

The Right Mindset For Conflict Resolution

When a situation arises that has led to conflict it is important to approach it with the correct mindset from the very outset. On the most fundamental level, you have to really WANT to resolve the conflict before you start. Note that this is different to simply feeling like you should want to address the problem. Instead you must have a sincere, genuine desire to seek a resolution before even beginning to take action to achieve the best result.

This is also means ensuring that you create 'win-win' resolutions rather than pursuing a very dogged win-at-all-costs strategy. The latter can often appear to produce a good resolution for you, but that may be at the expense of creating a counterproductive resentment in the other party. This in turn can manifest itself as negative actions towards you, and potentially breed future conflicts that come back to the surface later.

Getting To The Core Of The Problem

To provide a satisfying resolution to any conflict, it is vital to discover what the real problem is at its heart. It is not unusual for people, consciously or subconsciously and for a variety of reasons, to mask the real reason for conflict with other varying reasons. Regardless of the intent, the outcome is the same in confusing specifically which problems needs to be addressed to provide a resolution.

For example, when a customer who is waiting on a delayed delivery is angry and emotions are running high, they may become critical (for no valid reason) at other, unrelated areas of your service or treatment. Instead of arguing against each of these practices, it is better to get to the core of the problem, which is that they have lost confidence in your service and are worried about not receiving their important delivery (and potential serious knock-on effects). If this core problem is addressed, by your show of empathy to how the situation has made the customer feel, plus you have indicated the steps to solving it, then you have gone a long way to a satisfactory conflict resolution.

Listen To Communicate Effectively

In order to fully understand the other person's dispute you need to ask questions and listen to their side of the story. You should also make sure that there are no misunderstandings by clarifying individual points in issue that need clarity.

This approach serves a dual purpose. Firstly, you will have the correct information to genuinely understand the position the complaint is coming from. Secondly, you are being seen to listen, to be understanding and empathetic which in itself can tear a previously heated conflict. Getting entrenched and defensive will not have the same positive effect that positive listening and communication will.

Select From A Variety Of Options

As with many problems, those requiring conflict resolution between parties may present a variety of possible solutions. It is important to enter into conflict resolution with these already thought out to the best of your ability.

It is the mark of a person skilled in conflict resolution that they 'come to the table' with a variety of options as to how the problem could be fixed. This is in contrast to the inexpert person who comes solely focused on one possible exit and ends up try to 'hammer a square peg into a round hole' if it is not favurable to the other party. Again, by showing imagination in your problem solving you will not only have more options at hand to resolve the conflict, but the other party will see that you have thought about the issue and shown it (and them) due respect.

Future Proofing The Relationship

Once a conflict has been resolved, there is still work to be done, namely to ensure that it does not show again. The last stage of conflict resolution is therefore one of the most important, or else you will be sapping productivity by resolving similar conflicts over and over again.

Use the positive momentum of resolving the conflict to briefly suggest and try to gain agreement for steps to ensure that such a conflict does not arise again. This may be a commitment by one of or both parties to a certain course of action or change in approach from this step forward.

Moreover, the final bonus step can be to apply the knowledge gained through resolving this conflict to other customer relationships where such a problem may potentially arise. In this way one resolution can streamline the process of dealing with future issues and improve your business effectiveness.

Tile and Mosaics – Anyone Can Afford It!

It is not just about simple home redecoration – Tile And Mosaics remodeling is about bringing different style and atmosphere into your home design. When you see these natural panels for the first time you quickly understand how to use them. In this article you will be able to explore the latest ideas that can help you to easily redecorate any of your home's spaces.

Basic introduction

What is the secret of Tile And Mosaic redecoration? It is the fact that it is made of grouping similar looking decorative natural stones fixed onto a sq / ft mesh backing. Among thousands of seashores around the globe it looks like the South East Asian beaches provide the largest variety natural rock panels. They are so versatile, enabling you to remodel anywhere: Bathrooms, bathrooms and showers – walls, flooring, counters, and backsplashes.

Quick advantages

Such simple solution brings several clear benefits:

* Provides unique atmosphere and contemporary look and feel to any surface.

* It can easily be adjusted to very small / narrow surfaces where other fixed size tiles such as conventional ceramic tiles can not.

* Made of natural and durable stones that hold for many years ahead.

Quick advices & tips!

* Order a small sample of the desired tiles prior to making a complete order – just to make sure it answers your expectations.

* Most recommended grout is sanded grout – it is suitable for both internal and external use.

* Measure the designated area first, and then add 5% -7% more to your order just as a backup for future use and in case you may need to repair or cut small tile pieces in order to tile small / narrow spaces.

We could list many other important benefits provided by this quick solution simply because it is similar like no other tiling method available today.

Summarizing this article

Installation process is so much fun with this technique; This is probably one of the reasons why Tile And Mosaic solution is highly popular among many home-makers these days. For a smooth and successful installation it is recommended to look at these tips and advices just before you start installing.

The Four Most Common Styles of a Mortar Joint

Marking an overall surface area of ​​17% of the whole brickwork, the mortar joints play a fundamental role in accentuating the appearance of the masonry. The color, shape and form of the joints in the brick units are all very important factors in building up the final look. Due to the strong influence of the mortar joints, many profiles have been developed and designed. In some of the walls, the mortar is kept recessed while in others it is protruding out. It can also be made in a way that the bricks and joints are at the same level, forming a homogenous, smooth surface. The most common styles which are used by Pointing services are flush, bucket handles, weather stuck, recessed or raked and keyed joints. The formation of the specified type of joint can be done at the time when the bricks are laid. The joints can be left untouched to be formed by the pointing later on when the brickwork has hardened. The excessive mortar is skimmed off with the help of a trowel. To do this, the trowel is kept at an angle under the extra mortar and it is cut off. The trowel should not scrape off the brickwork. After that the mortar joints are given the proper shape.

Flush Joint: This type of joint is completely merged down with the brick. The bricks and the mortar are kept at the same level without any recession or protrusion. It does not require any painting or extra work but only requires the trimming of extra mortars. After the bricks are placed, the mortar is wiped off with the help of a cloth or a tool. This style does not show much resistance to water penetration as the surface is not compacted or tamed. In the Repointing, it is used for the bricks which have lost their sharp edges and are not suitable for any other type of joinery.

Recessed Joint: In the recessed joint, the mortar is scraped down and the edges of the bricks are protruding out. The depth of the mortar defines fine edges of the bricks and flaws a unique appearance. For a visually attractive brickwork, the depth of 5mm is considered as the best choice but there are masonry works in which the mortar is more recessed. Since this type of joinery obstructs the flow of water down the bricks, the masonry gets wetter and there are more chances of water penetration or the seepage. It is advisable to compact the mortar to increase its water penetration but the surface can be left rough. The tools which are used in this type of joinery are wheeled joint, square edge joint and a slipper iron. This style is famous for Georgian and Victorian brickwork but it is not recommended in the areas with heavy rainfalls.

Weather Struck: This style has the most promising ascetic results and the façade looks neat, properly done. The play of lights and shadows accentuates the look of the brickwork. The inset edge is kept at around 2mm depth than the brick and the forward edge is at the level of the brick. The skillful use of the trowel is the key in producing the right results. The edges of the brick must be well formed and repairs must be done with Brick repair services. Since this art requires a lot of time and patience, it is more expensive and less prevalent. The direction of the joint style is kept the same way to present a well-organized look. The thickness and pressing of trowel blade are very important factors and this is why it can only be done by experienced masons. The slope of the mortar must be smooth and well formed. Other than its strong visual appeal, it is also resistant to hard weather condition.

Bucket Handle Joint: This joint style is also called as concave joint and the mortar is recessed in the brick in a round shape. A half circle jointer is used and it is pushed along the edges of the mortar. Other than this, pipes or specially designed metallic tools can also be used. Brick cleaning services will be needed to clean off the dirt on a regular basis which accumulates inside the joint. The tool must be the same through the masonry to achieve an even look. The mortar must be compacted but it must be left a bit rough to give a more attractive look.

English Class vs Language Arts in Education

Most schools do not put enough emphasis on the fine arts, namely, as an example–the art of language. In an English class the teacher will focus on reading skills, reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary–but language arts is recognizing written word as an art form.

Yes we do want our students to study and master the English language. But the fine arts should be reserved as different kind of lesson, preferably in a creative writing class that is separate from English class. But every English class, if there is no specific language arts class required, should at least include a unit that focuses on the beauty and importance of literary accomplishments throughout the ages. Poetry, plays, song lyrics, screenplays, novels, from authors like Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, Ken Kesey, Harper Lee etc.

Language is composed of words–words carry specific meaning and sometimes carry double meaning. So the primary tool of language is words, another is sound. Words are, in combination with an almost musical goal, can show the transformation of words and basic communication into art.

Words are to the writer what paint is to the painter, they are what the instrument is to the musician, and they are what tone and pitch are to a singer. That is why children must understand that English is not just what they learn in English class–but the language itself is spawned the language arts years and years ago.

The empty page means to the writer what the score of music means to the musician or singer. The empty page is the blank canvas, the untouched page in a sketchbook and so on, the empty page is–the thing that the any artist of the written word must make to come alive.

As I mentioned before, there is a musical aspect and technique to literary language that is hard to grasp without providing prime examples of it. The musical technique involved in the art of language is well exemplified by the works of William Shakespeare, but he is just one of many. The poem, when read silently or aloud. Should have a certain song about it. Whether it in written in iambic pentameter, as a sestina or in the more modern style of free form, the music should be there. For example in a poem by Dylan Thomas, the first stanza reads:

” Do not go gentle into that good night

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

Because their words had forked no lightning they

Do not go gentle into that good night…”

The poem was written as Dylan Thomas watched his father lay dying, and there is a beautiful song here. Note the repetition. Note the syntax in which the words are used which is different than regular speech–there are articles like “the” or “a” that the author will drop–removed for the sake of rhythm. This particular poem is easy to find at the library or on the Internet, and I highly recommend it as a tool for any Language Arts instructor.

There is technique and beauty, form, use of syllables, pitch, pacing and sound even in prose. So demonstrate to your students the versatility of words.

If there is one thing I loved best about high school–it was what I learned in my Advanced English class, which was exclusive to the analysis of the literary arts