The VHS Tape Worth a Lot of Money

Frank Halfpenny had been poor most of his life. Every day he drove an old beat up 1971 Ford Dart to work at a thrift store five days a week, eight hours a day, approaching just enough to squeak by monetarily. Frank lived in a rundown old trailer and could only afford what he could buy at the local Dollar Tree Store.

At work, Frank collected cheap forms of entertainment, mainly VHS tapes. His kind manager knew he was poor and let him have or borrow what he needed. Frank collected all the movies he could watch on his VHS machine that had been running smoothly for at least ten years.

One day, Frank bought home some VHS tapes to watch. When he slipped one of the tapes into the VHS player and clicked "Play" he saw an elderly man digging a hole next to a young magnolia sapling on a green hill with scattered trees. The tape continued to play showing the man continuing to dig for roughly 30 minutes. When the man stopped digging, he appeared exhausted, trying to catch his breath. He put down his shovel and slowly walked out of the scene. Five minutes later, the old man returned, carrying a medium-sized plastic box.

Then he walked up to the camera and opened its contents. Frank marveled when shiny silver and gold coins appeared upright in the box. "My name is 'Burt McCoy' in the woods here in Savannah, Georgia This is my rare coin collection inside this container that I began when I was in my 40's. Now, I'm going to bury it, because they're be here in an hour. " He paused and continued, "If anyone finds this tape, I give you permission to search for my collection that I'm about to bury. These include old gold and silver coins in the best conditions."

Wondering why he was burying the coins, Frank thought who were "they"? As he watched the reminder of the video, he witnessed Burt burying his coins and filling in the hole. Then, McCoy walked back to the camera and said, "I live on …" Suddenly, the distant sound of screeching of car wheels and humming made by trucks with maximum horsepower racing into his driveway made McCoy look to his right and he panicked . "Oh no! They're here for me. I need to go now and hide!"

McCoy quickly walked to the camera and turned it off. Then the tape ended with a blizzard pattern of static running across the screen. That was the end of the tape. Frank stared at the screen for five minutes with his eyes and mouth wide open. He quickly became resolute about finding McCoy's coins, if they were still buried.
Frank had to find out more about Burt McCoy. So he walked to the closest library.

He sat down at a computer and went to the Google prompt already waiting and typed in "Burt McCoy, Savannah, GA" and pushed the "Enter" key. Several hits looked promising, but one grabbed Frank's attention: "March 14, 1982: Elderly local millionaire shot on his property while driving crooks off from his house with rifles." The next prompt stated: "Burt McCoy murdered by thieves, caught by police."
Frank began to fit the story together with the video clip of the man named "Burt McCoy". He surprised where Burt lived, but none of the articles he checked given an address. He typed into Google: "Burt McCoy, Savannah, GA, home." No luck.
Frank then searched a list of people who the man might have related to, by typing "McCoy, Savannah, GA" but got almost no hits. Then, he decided to type in "old McCoy home, Savannah, GA". Fortunately, he got one good hit: "McCoy home demolished; estate turned over to local government."

This news article was dated September 2, 2018. Not long ago !, he thought. Also, the street name of the old man's home was included in the article, and Frank quickly wrote it down. He also searched the internet for hits of any kind derived from typing "missing coin collection found". Fortunately, news about the treasure was scarce, which was encouraging that nobody had discovered the treasure yet. But McCoy's yard had to be located first.

Frank raced back home to get a shovel. Then he went to the thrift store to check if they had any metal detectors. Fortunately, his boss gladly let him borrow an old one without all the modern bells and whistles. He practiced with it for half an hour until he felt comfortable using it.

Then, Frank's heart began to race as he drve to the property. When he came closer, he watched in horror as bulldozers were combing an area towards the back of the property. After panicking slightly, he tried to calm himself in order to recall clues from watching the tape. First, McCoy had been digging next to a magnolia sapling, which would have grown a lot since 1982. Then, Frank recalled McCoy facing his right when he heard the noise made by the engines of the automobiles that were coming for him.

After examining the landscape, looking for grown magnolia trees, he spotted three. He searched where the house used to stand which was to McCoy's right. Unfortunately, all of the magnolias were prime candidates for the location of the treasure. Frank wasted no time opening his car's trunk to get out the detector and the shovel.

Frank thought he was racing against time to find the treasure because the bulldozer operators might see him and come over to see what he was doing. Frank picked one of the trees and quickly turned his detector on, swiftly swinging it back and forth. He did not get any statements with the first. He walked as quickly as he could to the second magnolia and swung the machine all around it. No luck there either. The last tree had to be the one.

By now, Frank had attracted the attention of one of the bulldozer's operators from one hundred yards away and he got off the machine. Frank saw him and swung the detector wildly and quickly got a strong signal. This had to be it! He thought. So, he dropped the detector and wielded the shovel into the ground just outside of the signal.

He dug so fast he almost did not care about harming the container that contained the coins. But, the bulldozer operator picked up the pace, walking quickly towards Frank.
Frank dug until he found the plastic container. As he pulled it out of the ground. It felt fairly heavy, which was a good sign it was loaded with coins inside. The bulldozer operator recognized what Frank was carrying and he began to pick up the pace. Frank transported the container, detector, and shovel all at once to his car as fast as he could. Then he took off, right before the guy got to Frank's car door just as he peeled out.

As soon as he pushed up to his trailer, he opened the old, dirty plastic box and saw the coins. He looked through them and started throwing them in the air, yelling "Eureka..I'm rich!" Frank taught just how rich after bringing the coins to a reputable coin dealer in Atlanta who estimated the total value of the treasure at $ 3 million, which, at auction bought $ 4 million.

A month later the money became available to Frank, who already knew what to do with his wealth – buy Burt McCoy's land and build a modest house almost where the old one stand. However, he kept his job at the thrift store in case he discovered any other hidden treasures.

Barriers to Business Success

Whether you are in business online or offline you are in business. You've shown that you can take initiative and do not wait on someone else to determine your success in life.

It's a well known fact that a lack of capital is one of the biggest reasons for business failure. There are other barriers to business success, that will just as easily result in business failure.

I will list a couple below.

The first area I'd like to talk about is: A lack of vision. This is like planning to go on a trip with no idea of ​​where you're going. Put it like this if you do not have a vision for your business or for life you'll follow any path and end up with pure frustration.

Answer the following questions:

What is your motive for going into business? Where are you now and where would you like to be 1 year from now? What can you do every day that will lead you to that goal 1 year from now? Who are your customers?

Lack of Knowledge is another barrier to business success.

I've seen many individuals start business endeavors only to slowly or abruptly come to a halt because they did not take the time to educate themselves in the area of ​​their focus. They saw John Doe doing it and was successful so, they jumped in without one ounce of knowledge.

The internet and library are full of ideas and information. Be careful when responding to free offers, most are leading you to other products for sale. Which is not a bad thing, you just have to be prepared and make wise choices. If you would not be interested in the information for a cost do not bother responding to the free information. The word here is focus. There is good information to be had and sometimes it's free, just stay focused.

Take courses online and at your community colleges.

Subscribe to newsletters in your area of ​​interest.

The next area is – Poor health You can have all the vision in the world, develop this plan and that plan, however, if your health is failing, you will not last and if you do, you'll be miserable. Total Wellness is a priority in every area of ​​your life.

Improper Balance Sometimes we can get carried away with building our businesses and over work ourselves and / or our families which only results in burn out! I speak from experience. I've had to set guidelines for how much time I will commit to my business. I even set specific hours that I work within.

You also want the support of your family. They will soon resent you if you seem to have become a permanent part of the computer:)

Take care of your relationships now. You do not want to work hard to build your business only to have it come tumbling down because you built it on … ROCKS! Lay a solid foundation.

The above are just a few barriers. I'm sure you can think of many more. I challenge you to make a commitment to Total Wellness in business and every area of ​​your life.

Here's to your Business Success.

Decorating Tip: How to Wallpaper Around an Electric Socket or Light Switch

The finishing touches when decorating and wallpapering a room can make all the difference to a professional looking job. Taking the extra time to paper around a socket or switch can really pay dividends.

It's easy to wallpaper around a light switch or socket – just make sure you follow basic safety precautions by turning off the electricity supply at the main fuse box first.

With this handy 5 stage guide we'll teach you how to safely and easily wallpaper around a light switch or electrical socket.

1. Turn Off the Power!

You will need to make sure the electricity is off before decorating around the socket or switch. Not doing so can be very dangerous.

2. Loosen the Switch

With a screwdriver, the loosen the screws in the switch or socket so there is a space around the edge. Hang the wallpaper as usual, letting it cover the switch or socket.

3. Cut Out the Hole

Gently press the wallpaper onto the switch and lightly mark the edges. Make a cut in the center of the paper and then outwards to the corners, stopping about a centimetre inside the edge markings.

4. Tidy the Edges

Smooth the paper onto the wall, gently pulling the socket or switch away to tuck the edges of wallpaper behind it. Use a wallpaper hanging brush to smooth out any bumps near the socket edges.

5. Screw the Switch Back

When the wallpaper paste has discharged, the socket or switch can be screwed back into place. You might need to clean excess paste off the socket but do this very carefully, with only a slightly damp cloth, to prevent water running behind the socket. When you have finished you can turn the power back on.

TOP TIP: Do not use a knife or Stanley knife to cut the paper. You might end up teasing the paper or worse still scratching the surface of the socket or switch. Always use scissors to cut the hole.

So in summary, turn off the power, loosen the switch, gently press the paper on the switch, cut out the hole in the paper, tuck the edges of the paper behind the switch and then when the paste is dry screw the light switch back on the wall.

That's it, you should now be able to paper around a socket or switch without any problems at all, giving you a professional finish every time.

Fireproof File Cabinets – How to Make the Right Choice

You will always have greater peace of mind with fireproof file cabinets. Even as a fire disaster strikes you are well assured that very important files remain safe and secure. You should know though that fireproof filing units are not all the same. Different brands and models resist different degrees of fire. How do you make the right choice?

The first point you should check is a filing cabinet's UL classification. Some brands are certified for one hour fire resistance while others are certified for two hours. Aside from resistance to fire, file cabinets are also often tested for impact and explosion tolerance. These are also factors you should check to ensure that your papers get the best protection possible.

Fireproof file cabinets should also be chosen based on their filing capacity. Bear in mind that their primary use is, after all, for the storage of paper documents. You there before have to choose a cabinet that is best able to secure the kinds of papers you will be dealing with. Like the usual filing units, those that are fireproof come in lateral or vertical type and can accommodate either letter or letter and legal size documents. Drawers can range from two to five.

To help you make a quick decision, it makes sense to go for a trusted name in the industry. Research on the names of various manufacturers of fireproof file cabinets and look for corresponding buyer reviews and feedback. This is the fastest way for you to find out which brand names buyers prefer to put their money on.

Building With Fabric

Building with fabric enables the creation of structures with stunning architectural profiles. In addition to providing "freedom through form," architectural membranes boast unique light transmitting properties that enable an open airy feeling of outdoor ambiance indoors, filling commercial developments, large sporting complexes and industrial facilities with diffused natural daylight. When lit at night, architectural membranes form distinctive and dramatic illuminated structures that enhance the interior and exterior aesthetics.

Fabric Options

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Membrane is the most cost effective and common material choice for both temporary and permanent tension structures. PVC is available in a variety of colors and types to meet a wide range of applications and structural requirements. PVC membranes are coated and treated with specific formulas to protect against UV, staining and fire resistance. Warranty for PVC fabrics range from 5 to 12 years.

PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) is a Teflon coating over woven fiberglass fibers, a high quality material suitable for only permanent applications. It is UV resistant, noncombustible, and boasts a high reflective capability. Due to the smooth Teflon surface, the membrane is washed clean every time it rains and therefore normally does not require additional cleaning. With a life expectancy in excess of 30 years, a PTFE membrane structure will stand the test of time, with warranties for PTFE ranging from 10 to 15 years.

ETFE (copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene) have specific advantages such as a translucency of 90%, high absorption of radiation, low absorption of UV and visible light that give associated advantages for use where covered landscape areas are required. ETFE is an increasingly popular film material that is typically used for pneumatic Cushion Structures.

Tensile fabric has become a popular building membrane for the following reasons :

  • Long-life / Durable : Architectural textiles can be highly durable, with a long life comparable with traditional roofing materials: 15 – 30+ years. The composition of the basecloth used in tensile fabric architecture gives it strength, stability, elongation, and tear resistance. The coating and varnishes applied to the basecloth provide superior fire resistance, UV resistance, self-cleaning properties, and color fastness. Tensile structures maintain their original shape even after years of withstanding high wind and exposure to climatic variations.
  • Sustainable Designs : Minimal materials are required to enclose large spaces and the fabrics are recyclable, making tensile fabric structures sustainable designs
  • Lower Construction Cost : Using tensile fabric for the creation of large, free span roofs reduces the amount of supporting steelwork required, making construction easier, more affordable and faster to install than traditional building designs.
  • Reduced on-site costs and installation time : A primary advantage is in building with prefabricated components which requires no on onsite engineering or fabrication. Therefore, build times are faster and the simplicity of installation reduces time on site. Installation methodologies, programs and safety procedures are all determined prior to mobilization so before reducing any interruptions once installation begins.
  • Relocatable : Structures can be designed to be used at one site temporarily and relocated to another site; thus further increasing the lifespan of the structure.
  • Low transportation cost : All components are prefabricated and lightweight, which reduces the cost of transportation of materials, steelwork and time on site providing direct upfront cost benefits.
  • Natural Light transmission : Architectural membranes boast unique light transmitting properties that enable an open airy feeling of outdoor ambiance indoors, filling large areas with diffused natural daylight. The translucent nature of the fabrics available reduces daytime running costs.

What Are Some Advantages of Using Ceiling Fans?

There are a lot of compelling reasons to integrate ceiling fans with the design of your home that go far beyond just providing cooling to a room. The use of ceiling fans all across the home will help in reducing energy costs, while also being a source of style, comfort and good looking lighting.

Here we bring to you the top benefits that you can get out of a ceiling fan which involves both function and fashion.

Ceiling fans are helpful in lower energy costs

The use of these fans has the potential to bring your electricity bill by nearly 30% or 40%. Although it does not actually help in decreasing the temperature in a room, the rotation of the air makes you feel as though the room is cool – this allows you to increase the thermostat and still be comfortable in the room.

Here is a design tip for you that you will find very useful. The fans that have stars provided to them based on their energy consumption are normally around 60% more efficient when compared to the conventional fans and units of light, thus offering more savings in energy.

Ceiling fans as accessories happen to be driven by style

They can be bought in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes which helps you in complementing the unique and beautiful style of your room. Fans are not just functional, they are more than that; they have the potential to act as a piece that makes a statement or can be used as the focal point for the room.

Here is another design tip for you that you will find useful. Try to buy fans that have blade sets that can be interchanged. Such kinds of fans help to very easily do a reinvention of the design for your fan that suits your mood. All this can be done without having to replace the whole unit.

Ceiling fans provide versatility from one room to another

Whether they are installed in the bedroom, the living area, the kitchen or the screened porch, they always end up contributing to the environment by making it more enjoyable in almost any of the rooms that form part of a home. In addition to that, the more the number of fans that are put to use all through the house, the larger will be the savings when it comes to your energy bill.

Ceiling fans give functional and beautiful illumination

The fans that also have lights give you an opportunity so that you can make your contribution to the lighting design that is layered in your rooms. You just need to pick out a fan that has a light built inside it, or you can easily undertake the installation using a kit for installing fan lights. This will provide you with the general benefits of illumination.

Here is a tip you will find useful. You can pick a lighting kit which coordinates with appliances and fixtures in the other portions of your home.

Important Steps to Laminate Flooring Installation

Every laminate flooring installation may differ slightly based on the manufactures specifications for their particular materials. However, there are some basic rules that do apply to most laminate flooring installation jobs you will do. This article will help weed through some tips, tricks, and other information you might need to know to complete your laminate flooring installation successfully.

One important note that you need to be aware of is that each manufacture of laminate flooring may require certain methods to be followed during installation in order to validate their warranty on the product. You may want to consult with the manufacture warranty information for the products you have purchased if you are wanting to avoid this mistake.

Before you install your laminate flooring you should make sure that you allow it to sit for at least three to four days before installing it. This period is called the "acclimation" period. During this acclimation period it is important to place the flooring in the same room or at least the same conditions as the room in which you will be installing your new flooring surface so that it will adjust to its new surroundings properly.

Regardless of which product you will want to make sure that the surface that you will be applying your laminate flooring to is flat, clean, and dry. The sub floor should be solid with little bounce to it. If you find any high spots or other variations in the sub floor you will need to address those by sanding or grinding them off first.

The next step to laminate flooring installation is to make sure that you allow inch inch gap around the side of the flooring edge. This step is extremely important as the flooring must not be touching the sides at any place or it will most likely fail to install correctly.

Laminate flooring installation can be a tricky job, but with some roper care and preparation you will be very pleased with your new flooring surface. If you have little experience with this type of flooring you will want to consult with some others who have had success with it before proceeding. You may be able to find some good forums for laminate flooring instillation online.

5-ACP Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Review

Is excess water on top of your pool cover going from an annoyance to a major problem? Well check out the review of the 5-ACP Little Giant Pool Cover Pump to see if it is the right pump for you.

Price: This pump is slightly overpriced compared to its competitors. You can save some money by purchasing this pump online, but it is still going to take a hit on your wallet. However, owning a pool is not cheap so this may be something that you need to invest in to keep your pool at its maximum potential.

Extra Features: Compared to some other models, the automatic shutoff switch that comes with this pump can be very important. It also has a stabilization plate will allow you to use this pump for other water removing purposes if you choose. Other than these two features, everything else included is pretty much standard across all pool cover pumps.

Reliability: This pump is reliable when used according to the manual. Unfortunately most pool pumps are not designed to be able to handle freezing. If you allow the pump itself to freeze it will break the motor. However, you are going to run into this problem with nearly all models so when you buy a pump, make sure you are using it for drainage and that you bring it back inside during freezing temperatures. The quality here is about average so do not expect this pool pump to last more than 5 years.

Power: This pump has sufficient power to do the job. Look for this pump to be able to clear out 1200 gallons per hour according to the Little Giant manufacturer’s specifications. This should be plenty thorough enough for your pump

Warranty: Yes, a warranty is included with this product

Overall: This is a very average pump. You are going to pretty much get what you expect out of the 5-ACP Little Giant Pool Cover Pump.

Safety Tips to Make Spring Break Fun and Safe

Many of us as students and parents look forward to the Spring Break period in which there would be a change in our daily activities. Perhaps for students it is a time in which they would take a break from the books and have some fun, while at the same time relaxing. While as parents, it is a time for spending time with our children.

Well, whatever our reasons may be for looking forward to this time of the year, we are all looking forward to enjoying ourselves and as we do this, we could keep safety in the forefront our minds. Therefore, the following suggestions are put forth.

Expose and Cover Up

Sometimes, during this time of the year, the sun and the humility could get very high and on the days in which it is over bearing although we may not want to do this, it would be best for us if we stay indoors.

Neverheless, there is also the option of going to the beach and if we choose this, walking with a large umbrella, sunshade, suntan and a hat and lots of water, would be appropriate. If we are living or would be visiting an area in which there is easy access to the beach, others may have the same idea and there before the possibility of playing volleyball or any other beach sports may be possible.

Therefore, wearing clothes and accessories that would protect us from the heat, while at the same time air, as sparingly as it may appear to be, could flow through them. Additionally, drinking lots of water would help to keep us in the game.

Do not Drink and Drive

This is a time in which some of us may choose to drink toxicating beverages and afterwards we may choose to get into our vehicles and drive.

You know, the law does not say, "Do not drive when you are drunk," instead, it says, "do not drink and drive." Therefore, if we were going to be drinking during this time, it would be best for us to leave our vehicles at home and make arrangements for someone to pick us up or we could opt for a designated driver or choose any of the other options that are available to us.

Our choices in entertainment should not put our lives as well as the lives of others in danger.

Do So With Friends

Whatever we may choose to do during this time it would be better if we do so with people we trust. This may seem simple, but unfortunately some of us would have found ourselves in danger because we had chosen to accept an invitation to a house party, sleep over etc. from an acquaintance, someone we do not know and what we do not have any reason to trust.

If we are going to accept any invitation during this time, it would be best for us to do so with at least three friends and telling our families where we would be going would be the best way to go.

Porch Awning – Make the Exterior of Your Home More Functional and Inviting

Once you have taken care of the large majority of landscaping elements of your home, what more can you do to make the outer space more inviting and functional? Often, projects such as outdoor kitchens and in-ground swimming pools are nice and luxurious improvements that are just too darn expensive for most of us. But an addition that can be a real difference maker, both in attractiveness and functionality, is the porch awning.

An awning for the porch can give you protection against harsh weather (independent of the season), help you save on heating and cooling, all while adding an attractive feature to your home. A well-chosen and well-placed awning can make your porch a desired place to gather while offering, in many cases, an all-seas shelter against the elements.

There is no end to the variety of colors and styles of awnings and awning material with which you can dress up the porch. The strongest awnings are built, by and large, with a primarily metal structure. Aluminum seems to be the common metal of choice in most cases. Lightweight and sturdy, the best of them are built to last a lifetime. Take your time doing your awning research and you will be sure to find one that combines well with your home's existing design and color scheme.

One of the things that you should insist on when shopping for a porch awning is some kind of solid guarantee that it will end occasional harsh conditions. Manufactures will take different things into consideration in the construction of an awning, depending on the kind of weather that is typical in any given area of ​​the country. Most companies that are worth consideration will stand behind their work. Do some additional research on any of the companies that you are considering to make sure that they are businesses in good standing. You might even explore with the BBB to verify that no history of complaints exists against the manufacturer that you are considering.

Inquire as to the wind resistance of an awning that you are contemplating buying. What kind of load can the awning support? Do you want something permanent? Would you prefer a retractable awning? The answers to these and many other questions will depend on the kind of weather that is typical of where you live and what kind of budget you have established for just such an expense. A very popular choice and one that can spur on ideas of your one are the Alumawood Awnings. Check out some of the examples on the internet to make proper comparisons.

It is quite possible that you are enamored with the more traditional canvas awning look. Most of the manufacturers of this type of awning have been able to integrate a practically unlimited number of colors and designs for your porch. This makes it very easy to find the perfect match for your home.

You can also choose between retractable and permanent awnings. The more sophisticated retractable versions offer easy-to-use motorized features. There are a host of highly reputable brands from which to choose, but you should certainly consider awnings by Fiamma and Sunbrella to get an idea of ​​some of the variety of very attractive and high-quality designs.

Regardless of whether the awning is for your home patio or for the RV porch, having one will make your outdoor living infinitely more enjoyable. Give your porch a little TLC and extend your living area today.

The Reception Desk – The First Place to Go

When new customers of clients enter an office, where is the first place they go? The answer is: the reception desks.

Ah yes, the reception desks. It sees as though reception desks complete a room of a store or office. When an entrance to an office does not have a reception desk, it is like it is not fit for business.

Think about it this way: let's say you have a brand new office. You have just fitted it with the most beautiful walls and painted it to completion. Your interior decorator says that the room is complete. There is just one thing missing – furniture. You go to the furniture store and purchase as much as you think you need. Desks, chairs, they're all there, except for one thing: a reception desk. Two months later, you're open for business. Your clients enter, excited to see what this new store entails. They walk through your nice glass windowed doors and quake their eyes upon your huge indoor logo. But where do they go? Where do they check in? Where can they make an appointment to see you? The answer is: now.

You see, a reception desk completes the building. It lets people know where to check in. And this is probably the most important thing, as far as the look, of an office.

Please, take this advice and heed it. Use these words to better yourself and your business because we all know, "A reception desk can not be without a business as well as a business can not be without a reception desk."

Duplicate Bridge Scoring

Learning how to score at bridge makes it easier to understand the bridge bidding system. Once you know how to score you will understand why it is better to play in hearts / spades / NT than diamonds or clubs and why players will continue bidding to the 4, 5, 6 or even 7 level instead of stopping at the 3 or 4 level.

Let's start with the absolute basics.

  • No points are scored for the first 6 tricks. A contract for 1 of a suit (or 1NT) means you think you will make 7 tricks (6 + 1 bid). A contract for 4 of a suit means you think you will make 10 tricks (6 + 4 bid).
  • High Card Points = points score for cards held. Four for each ace, three for each king, two or one queen and one for each jack.
  • A "game" contract is one that would score 100 points if achieved. If you achieve (or exceed) the contract you score a 300 point bonus.
  • A part score contract is one that would score less than 100 points if achieved. If you achieve the contract you score a 50 point bonus.
  • If you bid a part score but actually make enough tricks for game you will only get the part score bonus as that is what you bid for.

Points scored per trick (above 6) = 20 per club / diamond, 30 per heart / spade. In a No Trumps contract score 40 for the FIRST trick and 30 for subsequent tricks

No of tricks needed to make "game" = 11 in clubs / diamonds, 10 in hearts / spades and 9 in No trumps

Minimum contract needed to score game = 5 clubs or diamonds, 4 hearts or spades and 3 No trumps

High Card Points needed for game = 27 for a minor suit, 25 for a major suit contract or NT contract

If you fail to make the contract you bid for, your opponents score 50 points for each trick you failed by. So, if you bid 3 of a suit (bid to make 9 tricks) and only make 7 tricks your opponents score 50 points for each of the two tricks you failed to make (100 points in total)

If you think that your opponents are illegally to achieve the contract they are bidding for you can "double". This means that your side will score double the points for each trick the opponents go down by, but also means they will score double the points for each trick if they make the contract. They will also score an extra bonus of 50 points for achieving the contract.

If the opponents are certain that they will make their contract they can "redouble". In this case they will score 4 times the usual point value for each trick made if they achieve the contract, plus a 100 point extra bonus.

To add a little extra "spice" to the scoring one, or both sides become "vulnerable". This rotates between either side vulnerable, EW vulnerable, NS vulnerable and both side vulnerable. If your side is vulnerable and you fail to make a contract then your opponents score DOUBLE the number of points for each trick you fail by.

If your side is vulnerable and bid for and achieve game, then your game bonus is increased.

No increase for part score – 50 points scored

Game score – bonus increased from 300 to 500 points if vulnerable


There are two types of slams. A small slam (12 tricks) and a grand slam (all 13 tricks). You only score an additional bonus for these if you bid to make them.

So, if you bid a contract of 3 hearts (to win 9 tricks) but actually win all thirteen tricks, you will just score the regular game bonus and will not score the additional grand slam bonus. You will only score the additional small or grand slam bonus if you bid to win 12/13 tricks (6 or 7 of a suit).

If you bid and make a small slam you will score an additional 500 point bonus (or 750 if vulnerable)

If you bid and make a grand slam you will score an additional 100 point bonus (or 1500 if vulnerable)

Both of these are in addition to the regular game bonus.

Tropitone Patio Furniture – Table Assembly

If you recently bought several pieces of patio furniture then you know how hard it can be to assemble it. Oftentimes, you'll be required to assemble the chairs, the lounger and sometimes even the table. A few weeks ago, I was in this very position. I had purchased a Tropitone patio furniture set and was forced to assemble the table by myself. After putting it together, I decided to re-trace my steps and document how easy it was. Here are the steps that I went through to put together my patio table.

Your first step is to place the table-top frame upside down on a smooth, non-scratch surface.

Next, I attached the table legs to the angled interlocking double posts on the bottom side of the table-top frame.

Moving along, I placed the leg support brace into the clamp on the table legs. I used the 3/16 "Allen bolts and split washers that were supplied and installed them on the table legs.You will need a little patience for this step but it sets you up nicely for the table top assembly.

In this next step, I placed the top of the table-top upside down on a smooth, non-scratch surface. Then I placed the frame of the table upside down on the table top matching the table top frame with the frame channel.

To finish the job, I secured the table frame to the table top using the attachment bracket and a Phillips screws and washers and then lifted the table into position.

To be completely honest, the entire process took me about 10 minutes and was really quite simple.

Mosaic Tiles – How to Lay Mosaic Tiles

If you want to add a feature to your ceramic tile project consider using mosaic tiles. They look great and are easy to fit especially in those tricky areas. Mosaic tiles normally come with a backing sheet made out of a fabric or mesh. In this article we are going to look at how you can fit them quickly, neatly and with that professional finish.

Because they are sheeted fitting is actually a lot quicker than most people imagine. It is always a good idea to begin by using a batten and spirit level to mark out in pencil the area you want to tile.

The next step is to apply your tile adhesive, simply spread it on using the notched edge of your tile adhesive spreader held at an angle of 45 degrees in order to create really deep ridges of an even depth.

Once your adhesive is applied it is time to place on your first sheet of tiles. Making sure you stay with the area you marked out with your pencil press the sheet into position with your hand. Then use a wooden batten or off cut to tamp the tiles level including the ones at the edge of the sheet (these can raise up when you apply pressure to the center of your mosaic tile sheet).

Mosaic tiles are commonly used for borders and splash backs. With this in mind it is not uncommon to come up against obstacles such as electric sockets and light switches. In this instance you simply trim out the appropriate section of tiles by laying them on a flat surface and using a Stanley knife.

Allow 24 hours for your tile adhesive to dry once all your tiles are in place. Then grout between the gaps of your tiles as required.

I recently used matching mosaic tiles as part of my bathroom ceramic tile theme creating a border around the center of the room. The end result looks really amazing with the border adding a really vibrant feel to the room.

Jules Cheret – The Father of Advertising Posters

Attention grabbing, colorful, and designed to attract passers-by. Posters are such a part of modern life and the environment we live in that we hardly seem to register their presence, but take a closer look around you. From the bedroom walls of teenagers to billboards around town, from shop windows to the sides of buses passing by on the street, they are literally all around us. But why do we surround ourselves like this, why are poster printers so busy and who started it all?

Putting information on walls is something people have done for thousands of years. We know that in ancient Rome and Greece notices were put up on public buildings to inform those who could read about the latest news from the government, or announcing public entertainments and spectacles. But these were hand written and contained only text. Posters as we know them today really came in to being around 150 years ago with the development of the printing process known as color lithography. The basic technique of lithography was invented in 1796 by the German Alois Senefelder, and this was then followed in the 1850s by chromolithography which allowed the addition of color. Being able to mass produce rich, colorful, designs that opened the door for modern poster printing.

The medium was quickly recognized by many artists as a way to express their talents and make a reasonable income at the same time, and it was the French artistic community that first really developed "poster art". Painters like Toulouse-Lautrec and Mucha took advantage of the commercial opportunity to produce artwork, that poster printers then copied many times, to attract the attention of passers-by to some event taking place.

Of all the French artists that produced posters, however, Jules Cheret is broadly regarded as the first to really focus on advertising placards. He was an artist and scene decorator by profession, and in 1866 opened a lithography office in Paris to specialize in poster printing. His technique was to use a mix of bright colors, attention grabbing large text and striking designs to catch the eye of passers-by. In order to produce the designs he really wanted though, he had to further develop the lithographic printing technique to include more color and a new typography that allowed for much more vibrant and eye-catching designs. In this way he not only developed the art form, but also the technology of poster production. His business soon soon became the foremost of the poster printers in Paris. Cheret is also said to have introduced sex appeal into advertising by being the first to use more provocative artwork of women on his posters, showing them as laughing and attractive creatures rather than the more demure images the public had been used to up to that point.

In all, he created over 1000 designs to advertise shows, exhibitions and products with his new and innovative approach and so, in a very real sense, Cheret led the way for art to provide an overtly commercial service in advertising.

As businesses recognized the power of this advertising medium, demand increased and others followed Cheret's lead. The fashion caught on, and with poster advertising becoming known as the "art Galleries of the Street", his poster printing talent ensured that advertising posters had well and truly arrived.