Different Types of Contemporary Chandeliers

It wasn’t long ago that the mere mention of the word “chandelier” would conjure up images of lavish glass and crystal objects hanging in every room of some 18th century mansion. All right, so that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the general impression people have regarding chandeliers is that they are too bold, too fancy, and most of all too expensive. While this may be true of some higher end chandelier designs, there are many different types of contemporary chandeliers that can add originality and style to your home at a very reasonable cost. What’s more, these chandeliers can offer a whole new way of looking at the rooms you may be taking for granted. Let’s examine some of the different types of contemporary chandeliers that may be a perfect fit in your life.

The main purpose that a contemporary chandelier serves is to give your home’s modern decor an additional focal point, without being over-the-top. While a crystal chandelier is certainly a beautiful piece in the proper setting (such as a spacious dining area or a Victorian style bedroom), many of us live in more laid-back settings. Different types of contemporary chandeliers represent perfect complements to nearly any modern interior living space.

What are some different types of contemporary chandeliers? For starters, contemporary chandeliers can be made of many different metal finishes, such as bronze, brass, nickel, chrome, and silver. They can also be designed with glass, which tends to be more expensive than chandeliers made of metal. What really sets contemporary chandeliers apart from fancier counterparts is the attention to shape, design, and function. In fact, most contemporary chandeliers implement various color schemes and patterns, which help to add a distinct and warm glow to any room. Contemporary chandeliers also feature unique patterns of not only shades and holders, but also of the lights themselves. The features on most contemporary chandelier shades are what make them so distinctive, and in most cases the only limit to these designs is your own imagination. As for the lights, very few contemporary chandeliers use candles, but instead offer porcelain lighting for a subtle ambiance. How many lights are used in most contemporary chandeliers? This is again dependent upon your personal taste of style; these chandeliers can feature as few or as many as you desire. The options truly are limitless with these different types of contemporary chandeliers!

The days of classifying chandeliers as pricey or garish are certainly behind us. With so many different types of contemporary chandeliers available, we now have the ability to turn our own homes into something of an art gallery. These intimate pieces are sure to give the rooms in your home a different personality, and they are sure to become a topic of conversation (and admiration) among your family and friends. Whether you decide on a contemporary chandelier that is simple and understated, or one that is bold and colorful, you can’t go wrong with adding any one of the many different types of chandeliers to your home’s interior.

Calling a Spade a Spade

Living in a state of denial for an extended period of time does a person little good. Some times it takes a whack up along side the head to literally jolt one out of denial and into reality.

In three totally separate incidents last week in Rapid City, three very good friends of mine had a “chat” with me about my weight issue. I mean to tell you, none of these three was easy on me; none of them minced words or beat around the bush in any way.

My first response was OUCH! I can’t say it didn’t hurt a lot (‘cuz it did), but after the initial shock and awe, I got my head straight, and I realized how very thankful I am that these three dear people cared enough about me to speak up. I know it could not have been easy for them to tell me what was on their mind, and I know that they only had my best interest at heart. I truly am a blessed man.

It’s not ever easy for someone to get real, to reach out, and to be sincere by, as they say, “calling a spade a spade.” It certainly takes a special quality to be able to be painfully honest with a friend, and say what needs to be said.

As I have indicated, change is taking place. I am taking action, and am already enjoying some major successes. Just saying “no” to my self is a huge thing. I am drinking lots of water, watching my portions, and am setting up accountability systems. I know it will be a process, but I know I have lots of people to encourage me along the way.

I share all of this with you today, in an effort to encourage you. Maybe you are like me, and know that there is something others have been telling you needs changing in your life. You don’t feel so good about it, but you have to admit you have just let some area of your life go too far out of control, and you know they were only “call a spade a spade”. Take time to thank those that are urging you to change, and then take the action necessary to make that change.

On the other hand, you might be one who is in the position of having to confront someone. You don’t want to do it, but you realize now is the time to get your cards on the table and “call a spade a spade.” Though the truth can, and probably will hurt, telling the truth is the kindest thing you can do for a friend.

In either case, be of courage. It’s never too late to do the right thing.

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Garden Shovel Sharpening

Who would of thought that people would use dull tools for digging holes, cutting grass, branches, limbs or anything in the yard that needs cutting. But, I am here to say that I have seen it too many times to be astonished anymore. It just boggles the mind! The main use of, say a shovel, is to dig. To dig, means cutting small segments of dirt. If you “cut” the dirt with a sharp shovel, then you will do that task as fast as you can dig. But… If your shovel is dull, like I’ve seen a lot of people I know, then you are digging and using your weight to dig and dig and spending much of your time just spinning around and tiring yourself out.

If you have a project that requires cutting of any substance whether it be dirt, grass, branches of anything else, then sharpen the tools you are going to use for the task.

To sharpen your shovel, use a medium file and file about a 55-60 degree bevel on the top of the shovel. If you see any pits on the back side, then file them smooth at the same angle as the back of the shovel before filing on the front.

I sometimes use a rotary stone to grind my shovel instead of a file. Care must be taken to not to grind too much material off the edge. Also, if you decide to use a grinder, take care to not let the cutting edge of the shovel get too hot while grinding. This can change the temper of the metal and cause way more problems when you are digging.

One thing to remember. Dirt is the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to cutting. Dirt will dull any type of cutting tool faster than anything you can imagine. So if you have a need to cut through dirt, you should expect to be sharpening your tools more often than you would normally imagine.

Portable Wheelchair Lifts for Temporary Access

Portable wheelchair lifts cater to the needs of those with limited physical mobility by opening up the outside world to them. Portable wheelchair makes travel easy for them. They help them get on with their day-to-day life and help them easily access elevated platforms, stages, porches and outdoor bleachers.

The device can be used on both straight and curved stairways and operated with and without electric power. Most advanced models are available in various configurations. They are equipped with safety features like locking cable for unauthorized use, failsafe electromagnetic brake, integrated tie down straps for holding wheel chair securely on the platform, rocker option, handheld controls, limited wiring and manual back up systems to provide reliable operation during power failure.

Ease of Operation

The person using this portable lift can slowly place the wheelchair on the platform of wheelchair lift and push the power button on it to move the platform to a higher floor. The portable model can be used in any place where stairs are a barrier and can be operated either on a tower or wall, depending on the requirement. It can be compactly packed and put away when not in use.

The easy-to-use Mobilift CX is a manually powered model ideal for use where installing an elevator is impossible or expensive. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and needs no electricity, battery or hydraulic components to operate.


Manufacturers like Adaptive Engineering and Savaria offer portable wheelchair lifts in unique designs including conventional adult wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and child wheelchairs. Purposeful evaluation and survey would help you get a product suited to your needs. For competent installation and service, get in touch with an established lift and elevator dealer.

Try using the manually powered portable wheelchair lift – Mobilift CX where installing an elevator is impossible or expensive. The multi-purpose, Mobilift CX is a vertical platform lift manufactured by Adaptive Engineering. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications since no electricity, battery or hydraulic components are necessary to operate the lift. With the support of these quality portable wheelchair lifts, handicapped persons can easily access elevated platforms, stages, porches and outdoor bleachers.

Besides this, DAY Elevator & Lift offers portable inclined platform wheelchair lifts manufactured by Savaria. We have Roby powered stair climber with rich features. Uniquely designed models manufactured by Adaptive Engineering and Savaria, include all types of wheelchairs – conventional adult wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and child wheelchairs.

Natural Mood Elevators

Our moods depend on a complicated interplay of factors, but the truth remains that some of us are more prone to mood variations than others. Depression and anxiety are among the most common mood disorders, and those that suffer these conditions may feel they are more easily influenced by negative emotions and environmental cues. Do you cry easily during movies? Is a negative encounter at the bank likely to cause you to stress for the entire day? Do you have difficulty lifting yourself out of a depressing mood? Everyone struggles with a bad mood from time to time, but if you want to gain greater control over your mood, there are actually natural mood elevators available to you.

Natural remedies for mood elevation include B Vitamins, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, St. John’s Wort, Lavender, and even sound therapies.

B Vitamins

B Vitamins are known to provide a boost to your immune system while also providing natural mood enhancement properties. Some B Vitamins are even converted into serotonin which is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter (brain chemical) that is associated with feelings of happiness. Excellent sources of B Vitamins include lean meats, bananas, beans, and potatoes.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids have received a lot of attention in health news over the past decade. In fact, these fatty acids are great for heart health and can help combat depression. Cold-water oily fish such as salmon, anchovies, and sardines are great sources for Omega 3 Fatty Acids, but you can also find these acids as a supplement in many products including yogurt.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is a commonly used herbal supplement for everything from a topical remedy for wounds to a treatment for depression. In fact, it has been used for hundreds of years in the treatment of depression and is easily accessible at your local drug store.


Used in aromatherapy to improve relaxation, lavender releases an essential oil that is also an effective mood elevator.

Sound Therapy

Finally, extensive research has shown that sound therapies can target brainwave patterns to improve mental states. Combined harmonics and subliminals can improve mood and motivation just by listening to the sounds. Depression may be the result of poor sleep, lack of interest in our usual activities, fatigue, or a general sense of dissatisfaction. Sound therapies help to change an individual’s mood state, prevent depression, and improve motivation and relaxation.

Improve Restaurant Dining Room Service – Clear Finished Plates at the Proper Time

Recently, a chef called me on the telephone and posed a question: “When is the correct time to remove a plate after a customer is finished eating?” The chef who asked me the initial question had been sitting at the bar of his restaurant watching the dining room service on his off hours. There were three people at the table, one person had completely finished the plate of food, but the other two customers were still eating their plates of food. The chef felt that the “one finished plate” should have been cleared immediately by one of the busboys or waitstaff.

His inquiry was a simple restaurant dining room service question (quite legitimate) that may actually have more than one answer. It depends on the the restaurant’s “level of service,” the “situation at the hand”, and/or what the customer desires “at the moment.” Certainly in any restaurant service situation, before clearing a plate, the staffer obviously must wait until the customer is finished eating from their plate.

Whether it is a completely empty plate in front of the customer, or if the customer has placed their knife and fork side by side in the middle of the plate, or if the customer hasn’t touched their food in 20 minutes, the staffer must make the proper decision to clear the plate or not.

But to really answer this question in full detail, I had to ask some preliminary questions of my own, as consultants often do, especially about the desired level of service in the restaurant: Were there white tablecloths covering the tables? Was the floor completely rugged? What are some expensive items on the menu?

After receiving the some answers, I concluded that, yes, it was a fine dining restaurant. Therefore, my immediate answer to the chef’s question was to wait until all of the customers are completely finished eating, then start the process of clearing. In most cases for a fine dining restaurant, if the one plate only was cleared while the other two customers were still eating, all three customers might have been offended thinking that they are being rushed out of the restaurant.

That is the “book” rule, yet a few more points must be added to this answer. What about the “situation at hand?” What about the customer needs “at the moment?”

The answers may actually warrant the act of clearing that “one finished plate” immediately. What if the customer had a train to catch and wanted to leave the restaurant quickly before the other two parties sitting with him/her? What if the customer asked to have the plate cleared? What if the customer, who had finished eating, put the credit card on the table wanting to pay and leave the restaurant quickly?

A big empty plate may get in the way of the customer signing the credit card receipt or counting out the correct amount of cash to pay the check. Even worse, the dirty plate may soil the customer’s sleeve with an accidental sideswipe of the plate. In this instance, “by using common sense,” the staffer can ask the customer: “May I remove your plate?”

In a casual dining restaurant service situation, where the plates are enormous (and sometimes way too big for the tables), removing the plates ahead of time as customers may be the norm. There may be no other way to get the clearing job done before an enormous entrée course arrives.

The main point is that there are always “standard rules of restaurant dining room service.” But occasionally, the servers and bussers must use “common sense at the moment” to get the job done safely, cleanly and efficiently. Again, one must always politely ask before removing a plate as nothing could be more rude than trying to clear a plate while the customer is still enjoying it. But, unfortunately, this problems does occur with careless restaurant service.

This situation is the “grey area” of customer service which should be taken very seriously and discussed in every restaurant staff training class. Since restaurants are essentially a people business, there is truly an infinite number of situations that can occur. The trick is to anticipate the customer’s and the pro-act in the hope that the end result will be a very pleased and satisfied customer.

Why Replace a Wood Stove With a Pellet Stove?

There are many reasons people have wood burning stoves in their homes. They are nice to look at while watching the fire crackling and can be very romantic. However, many traditional wood burning stoves are not that fuel efficient and can cause many hazards both to the environment as well as to you. Usually they don’t provide adequate heat throughout the home and burn fuel poorly. Using wooden logs uses up our natural resources as well.

If you just can’t get away from that fireplace, then a good alternative is to purchase a pellet stove. These are available in either a stand alone model, or even as a fireplace insert. These are better burning alternatives, and use variety of different renewable sources, such as sawdust, and other kinds of biomass discards pressed into pellet form. With a pellet stove, almost all of the fuel is burned, and the waste is a fine ash that can be removed easily. They do require a certain amount of electricity to operate, and this has to be taken into consideration.

Prices of pellet stoves vary from several hundred dollars to well into the thousands, and you have to buy the pellets also. Pellets are fairly reasonable, and a little can go a long way.

You should check with local dealers to get a good idea of what is available, how much your costs are going to be, and if the installation is part of the cost as well. You should ask them a lot of questions to be sure you are informed of all of your options before purchasing a pellet stove.

So if you want a better burning wood stove that is safer for your family and the environment, you should at least consider a pellet stove as an alternative to traditional wood burning stoves.

Electric Cooker

In this modern era, we can hardly find out time to cook meals for our families. This leads us to dependency on first food. For this, our next generation is suffering from obesity and various kinds of diseases. The invention of electric cooker gives us a way to minimize our cooking time. It helps us a lot to reduce the dependency on first food also.

As the name, electric cooker is operated with electricity. There is no presence of flame. Some coils which are connected to electric plug get hot, when the cooker is switched on. Because of electricity flow the heat provides by the coil is higher than normal stove. So it makes possible the faster cooking.

There are different types of this appliance are available in market. Such as; rice cookers, steamers, slow cookers etc. There are also some electric cookers which combine all these types together. As an electric cooker, rice cooker get huge popularity. It has a timer. If you preset this timer, then it will automatically start and finish the cooking. In a rice cooker, there is a separate compartment for steaming vegetables.

Slow cookers cook the food at low temperature. So it takes more time. If you set the temperature level very low, then it will take 8 to 9 hours for cooking meal. So you can set it before going office. Returning from office you can enjoy your hot and fresh meal. We can say the electric cooker an automatic cooker, as we need not to supervise the cooking process at the time of using it.

According to the structure, there are two types of cookers ran by electricity. These are built in cooker and free-standing cooker. Free- standing cooker takes some extra place in your kitchen but a built in cooker does not need an extra place. For faster and hassle-free cooking you can easily depend on electric cooker.

Contemporary Plexiglass Closet Doors

Plexiglass closet doors are quite popular for teenagers and those with a vast wardrobe. In modern homes, bedrooms are the number one area that these interior doors are used. Contemporary designs are available for these, including but not limited to solid wood with plexiglass windows, beveled glass around the edges of the Plexiglass as well as painted louvered areas in the panels.

Interior doors are generally overlooked when redecorating or renovating a home, and interior designers suggest that all bedroom closet doors be the first ones changed. They can make or break the look of the room, so choosing the right one for your contemporary style is important. There are many designers that will recommend specific retailers to find the best prices and variety for bedroom and wardrobe plexiglass doors. There are many online retailers that specialize in plexiglass, and prices are normally within the same ranges as those offered in brick and mortar home improvement stores.

When looking for plexiglass closet doors, it is important to have the dimensions of the door way prior to purchasing, as older homes have smaller and larger dimensions than newer homes. Older homes built prior to the early 1900’s have closets from 18 inches to 74 inches in width, and this can limit or open up options for your doors. Bifold plexiglass doors are available, as well as accordion and even sliding plexiglass doors. With unfinished wood doors and windows, you have the option of painting the door to match the rest of the room, or simply keep the unfinished wood look for a more rustic appearance. When it comes to interior design, most anything goes with modern and contemporary styling.

Many of the doors that are available with plexiglass as an option are also available with glass and vice versa. If you find a great closet door that has glass, you can also contact a custom company to replace the glass with plexiglass. Using a custom company can also afford you the options of finishes, shapes being cut into the surface as well as even having louvered slats placed inside. With the options available to you with a custom company, there are no doors that must stay factory made. You can have them painted, lacquered, finished, scoured, covered or even have larger or smaller windows with plexiglass installed. Regardless of your needs, there is a company that offers the things you are looking for.

Plexiglass closet doors can be found in online and offline businesses. These generally come in widths of 54 inches for one panel, 24 inches for two doors such as bifold doors, and even 74 inch models for accordion and retractable style doors. These doors offer small plexiglass windows or entire panels that are created from the plexiglass, depending on your needs. With all the options you have available, there is no reason any closet door should not be replaced and updated with contemporary styles and creations.

Wide Plank Flooring – Caring Tips

Wide plank flooring certainly has many advantages. Realize the exquisiteness of this type of flooring by learning more about it. You will soon realize why it is increasingly becoming the flooring choice in many modern homes today.

If you are planning a home improvement project, wide plank flooring could be your ultimate answer. If you wish to give your abode a face lift and shower it with subdued charm and elegance, then go for this form of wooden floor. Not only are they spectacular but they are sure to turn your dreams of a perfect home into a reality.

Wide plank flooring is made of solid wood planks. The unique designs that form on its surface replicate the distinct artistry of nature. Furthermore, its unbelievable toughness and resilience gives your home a lifelong value that is yet to be equaled. Even in prior centuries, wood plank flooring was used to produce wonderful pieces of craftsmanship. Presently these same qualities are conveyed to your home, providing your interior with a remarkable aura.


Delicate wood types are inappropriate for floors as they are not tough and strong enough. Typically the types of lumber used for wood plank flooring are solid Oak flooring and Cedar hardwood flooring. If you fancy eye-catching wood floors, you can go for Walnut flooring, Redwood, Ebony, Ironwood, Tiger wood, Rubber wood or Teak flooring. Some individuals still deem wood plank flooring as rural due to its features. If you think in the same way and crave a more classy and up to date look then pick a pale type of wood to make it less country looking. These planks can also be colored, painted or left without a finishing treatment. It comes down to your likes and selected outcome.

What’s wonderful about wide plank flooring is that when it gets damaged, it can be returned to its former condition without remodeling the whole floor. This is especially advantageous for sections that are subjected to heavy traffic. Whilst wood plank flooring is sturdy and can deal with tremendous traffic, they will involve some repair after a period of wear and tear.

Maintaining your wood plank flooring in good condition is fundamental. Be sure to clean the floor on a regular basis to relieve particles that can bring about possible harm. You can use a damp mop, hardwood vacuum cleaner, or a gentle brush to protect your floors and keep them in good shape. Be aware that too much water is a concern for wooden floors so mop up any spills straight away with a cloth and let it dry completely.

Be wary not to use heavy or high heeled shoes indoors as it can lead to scuffs. Furthermore prevent dragging furniture around to inhibit scratches, alternatively use furniture pads to safeguard your floors. You can also use wax to keep your floors looking polished and shiny as well as giving them additional protection from excessive scratches.

Improve Your Deck With Metal Balusters

As important as it is for you to remember to pick the best railings for your deck, you may want to add some additional depth and uniqueness by adding some metal balusters. You can’t build a structurally sound deck without making sure that you have installed hand rails for the safety of your family and friends. That is why it is very important that before you start building your deck, you take some time to learn what the building codes are for your location. If you already have some of your materials, make sure you check to make sure that everything is also in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations as well. Even if you have many years of construction experience, it is always best for you to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for their products, or else you could end up voiding any warranties and putting everyone’s safety at risk.

Keep in mind that when you are choosing your metal balusters, you want to envision what the final picture will be in your head. Sometimes it helps if you look at some other completed decks until you find one or a few that fit your goals.

Remember, if you are using metal balusters you need to pay special attention to the spacing requirements that are set forth in your local building codes. If you space them incorrectly, you are putting any child that comes onto your patio at risk for serious injury. There should be no more than 4 inches between your railings and their attachments. Anything less than 4 inches is perfectly acceptable. There are several ways you can mount your metal balusters to your deck. Some come already assembled to the railings, others come with mount kits. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, installation is often the easiest task when it comes to constructing a deck.

When you choose a particular style of railing, try to go with what is most appealing to you. If you are concerned about whether or not you and your guests will have trouble seeing the landscape; pick railings, and attachments that offer more transparency for you to see past them. Take pictures so you can visualize how well a certain type of design will compliment you home’s exterior. If you are not comfortable with adding color or are having a hard time choosing a complimentary color, you can always resort to traditional blacks, whites or some other neutral colors. Experiment and see what kind of interesting and unique combinations you can come up with. You don’t have to match your railings and balusters with each other. Sometimes mixing and matching colors can create very impressive combinations that work well with the vision you are trying to create.

Keep in mind that depending on the type of railings and metal balusters you choose, you may need to do some maintenance on them a few times throughout the year to help keep them clean and in good condition.

Wooden Railings for an Elegant and Stylish Home

Wooden Railings are liked and admired by most homeowners and almost everyone would like to include some kind of wooden products in their home deco. However the general fear is that wood items and balustrades require a lot of maintenance and tender loving care and are therefore disadvantageous. Though the elegance and style portrayed by wooden articles is unmatched, yet such kind of fear discourages homeowners from using wood in their homes. This article will tell you the various benefits of wood and how you can increase its durability with almost no maintenance hassles.

Wood Railings portray Elegance and Style

There are various types of materials available for balustrades in the market but one material which remains a preference of many is wood. This article will guide you by giving info on wood railings and wood products and also updated you on how you can extend the life of your wood products with the right care.

Wood balustrades create a serene ambiance in the home

The benefits of having wooden products and items in your home are well known. Wood has always been appreciated as a home deco accessory and the very presence of it in a home not only adds to the class and beauty but also gives a pleasant and soothing feeling to all.

Products like railings made from metals reflect light and can be disturbing at times. Wood does not have this property and therefore wooden balustrades and other wooden products are soothing to the eye.

Wood made Railings – The various advantages

Listed below are the various benefits and merits of installing these kind of railings particularly inside your home.

1. Wood always portrays an elegant look and feel. Therefore having wooden products and items inside your home can add to the elegance value and visual appeal of your home.

2. Wood is considered a high maintenance material and thus believed to be an expense for those who use it. This however is not true especially for wood balustrades used indoors. All you need to do is that during installation, polish the wood well and add lacquer to it and you will not have to face any maintenance issues.

3. The durability and long lasting nature of wood acts as an important factor in construction related work. The durability of wood makes it last for a long time and this makes it a prime choice for wood balusters.

4. A good railing idea,The sight of a the railing with its broad top almost always encourages children to slide down the palings rather than climb down the staircase. Even adults know the thrill of sliding down the balustrade and sometimes for fun or due to nostalgia or to merely avoid the trouble of taking the steps, adults too enjoy a slide down the rail.

Wooden Porch – A wide choice

The various types of wood such as Burma Teak, Cherry, Beech, Maple, Poplar, Red Oak, Mahogany, White Oak, Walnut, Cedar, Ash and Yellow Pine are good to utilize in the manufacture of wooden palings, newel posts and balusters. Modern technological advancements like CAD, CNC machine as well as the traditional hand artistry is used by manufacturers to make rails, balusters and newels of any type and design you can imagine.

Care of Wooden Railings as well as Wood in general

Wood products are easy to maintain provided proper attention is paid in the very beginning to avoid decay and ensure longevity of the wood. The main cause of wood deterioration and decay is the formation and spread of micro organisms and the exposure to water. Thus taking precautions to avoid this very occurrence can help you to have hassle and maintenance free experience with wooden products. To avoid the formation and spread of micro organisms you need to treat the wood with chemicals. To keep outdoor palings from losing beauty, you need to paint them sometimes. Similarly if you want your general wood products and indoor rails to last long, you need to keep them clean, wax them when the dull look sets in and use lacquer on them once a year.

3 Steps to Earn Cash Online

You can earn cash online in your own business, if you choose to implement the top 3 steps to succeeding in your own business. These methods are simple and easy for you to put to work in your efforts to earn cash online. Before you take any other step or read any other article, take the time to soak in these three tips and begin your own business today.

The three steps to earn cash online and your success are:

1. Ready

2. Set

3. Go!


No doubt, you have spent some time researching and investigating man different opportunities to earn cash online, and therefore you have likely gained some very important knowledge and insight in how to proceed. At this time you are READY to proceed and it is now the correct time for you to take action.

Literally, you could spend years learning how to earn cash online, however, you will never make it a reality until you begin today. Rather than wait until you know everything about an online business, you should just start now and learn as you go. This is the same methodology many successful people accomplish in their own careers, such as doctors, Lawyers, and any other professional. You do not have to know every nook and cranny to start; you just need to start. Then you can practice while you earn cash online.


Set your mind in a positive winner’s attitude. Instead of trying to convince yourself you need to know how to do this or how to do that, put your mind at ease and convince yourself you already know what to do to earn cash online, because you do. Your mind is waiting for your body to take action, and until you do, you will continue to have an apprehensive mindset.

A good example is found on May 6, 1954 when Roger Bannister amazed the world with a breathtaking and seemingly superhuman feat. Until that historic day, no man had ever run the 1-mile in less than 4 minutes. In fact, physiologists and doctors believed it was impossible and even dangerous to put the human body at such a strain. Yet when Roger Bannister had shattered all records and awed the world with his superhuman strength, man now believed it possible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. In fact, 4 minutes today is considered slow! After Bannister broke the record; hundreds of athletes were able to exceed this same feat almost immediately.

You too can achieve what others have, set your mind to it and you can do it. Put forward a positive attitude to earn cash online and soon you will discover how easy it really is.


Now that you have the basic knowledge and the positive mindset to earn cash online, it is time to GO! Begin today, do not waste another minute reading another article, go in, and take the plunge. Get your feet wet and learn as you GO! This is the absolute best strategy to earn cash online. You can not fail if you begin now, you can only learn more from your experience.

Have a winning attitude, and make every effort to learn more as you travel the road to earn cash online. This experience will make you smarter, more motivated, and wealthier. As Roger Bannister once said, “The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.” So, delay no more, Ready, Set, Go!

Virtual Switching System: A Switching Technology

Virtual Switching System :VSS is network system virtualization technology that pools multiple Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches into one virtual switch, increasing operational efficiency, boosting nonstop communications, and scaling system bandwidth capacity to 1.4 Tbps. At the initial phase, a VSS will allow two physical Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series. The VSS is made up of the following:

  • Members of VSS: Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches (up to two switches with initial release) deployed with the Virtual Switching Supervisor 720 10GE
  • Virtual switch link (VSL): 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections (up to eight using EtherChannel) between the members.
  • The 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections have to be one or more of the modules: Switching Supervisor 720 10GE: 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports

VSS enables unprecedented functionality and availability of campus network by integrating network and systems redundancy into a single node.VSS is Cisco validated design. It is Cisco Safe Harbor program tested and certified. It allows us to

  • Maximize network performance
  • Increase network availability
  • Simplify network architecture
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Support virtualization


  • VSS1440:-

VSS1440 refers to the VSS formed by two Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches with the Switching Supervisor 720-10GE. In a VSS, the data plane and switch fabric with capacity of 720 Gbps of supervisor engine in each chassis are active at the same time on both chassis, combining for an active 1400-Gbps switching capacity per VSS. Only one of the virtual switch members has the active control plane. Both chassis are kept in sync with the interchassis Stateful Switchover (SSO) mechanism along with Nonstop Forwarding (NSF) to provide nonstop communication even in the event of failure of one of the member supervisor engines.

  • Stateful SwitchOver(SSO) mechanism:

A VSS uses interchassis NSF/SSO as the primary mechanism for high availability between the two chassis. One virtual switch member chassis will act as the active virtual switch member, while the other member will be in hot standby state for the control plane. Note that the data planes of both chassis are active and hence forward traffic at full combined capacity of 1440 Gbps. When one of the virtual switch members fails, there is no reconvergence of protocols in the network. The access layer or core layer switches continues to forward traffic because they only detect a link failure in an EtherChannel bundle and hence do not need to reconverge any protocols. No disruption occurs to the traffic flowing through the VSS. The VSS mechanism during switch failure is far superior when comparison with the traditional model where one switch failure results indeterminist convergence of multiple control protocols like STP, HSRP and routing protocol.

  • Multichassis Ether Channel(MEC):

Multichassis EtherChannel (MEC) is a Layer 2 multipathing technology. This form of EtherChannel allows a connected node to terminate the EtherChannel across the two physical Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches that make up the VSS leading to creating simplified loop-free Layer 2 topology. Using MEC in VSS topology results in all links being active and at the same time provides for a highly available topology without the dependency of Spanning Tree Protocol. With the introduction of 12.2(33)SXI, the virtual switching system supports a maximum number of 512 MECs.

  • Virtual Switch Link(VSL):

The connection used for communication between the two chassis. VSLs can be configured with up to eight links between the two switches across any combination of line cards or supervisor ports to provide a high level of redundancy. If for some rare reason all VSL connections are lost between the switch members leaving both the members up, the VSS will transition to the dual active recovery mode. The dual active state is detected rapidly (subsecond) by any of the following three methods:

  • Enhancement to PAgP used in MEC with connecting Cisco switches
  • L3 Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) configuration on a directly connected link (besides VSL) between switch members or through an L2 link through an access layer switch
  • L2 Fast-Hello Dual-Active Detection configuration on a directly connected link (besides VSL) between switch members (supported with 12.2(33)SXI) In the dual active recovery mode, all interfaces except the VSL interfaces are in an operationally shut down state in the formerly active switch member. The new active virtual switch continues to forward traffic on all links.

Need for VSS: The process of designing a reliable, fast Network Infrastructure is challenged by new business requirements. The need for non-stop communication is becoming a basic starting point for most campus networks.

  • High-bandwidth environments
  • Virtualization (VMs)
  • 10Gbps
  • High-availability environments
  • Minimize network downtime
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Reduction in number of devices to manage.

Deployment areas for VSS:

  • Campus or data center core/distribution layer
  • Data center access (server connectivity)

Benifits of VSS:

VSS offers superior benefits compared to traditional Layer 2/Layer 3 network design. Benefits can be grouped into following categories:

  • Reduce administrative burden:1 active control plane = 1 logical switch. Using VSS there is a 50% reduction in the number of switches that must be managed. Time to properly prepare for a change window can be drastically reduced. Approximately 60% of network failures are caused by human error.
  • It Reduces the number of times you and I have to touch the switch and we might reduce network failures
  • Maximize network performance: Double the bandwidth

2 active forwarding planes (720Gbps each)

2 x 720Gbps = 1,440Gbps (1.44Tbps)

  • Increase network availability – Multichassis EtherChannel (MEC) allows us to reduce the number of neighbor adjacencies eliminate SPF, DUAL and STP calculations in the event of a – single link failure – VSS chassis failure.
  • Perform IOS and chassis upgrades with minimal disruption.
  • Only one gateway IP address is required per VLAN, instead of the three IP addresses per VLAN used.

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