Stair Banisters – Protect Your Family

A number of posts known as balusters support the upper rail of the stair banisters. Places like museums, manor houses and public buildings have huge balustrades. These balustrades are often made up of concrete or stone. Balustrades are known to be the oldest form of banisters. As compared to the banisters of yesterday years, banisters of today’s era are far lighter in weight.

Often the first thing that a visitor looks at when he/she enters your house is the staircase. Hence you need to take that extra bit of care in maintaining your staircase. By making use of the banisters, you can make your staircase look nothing less than stunning. Usually, when we are thinking of improving the house or about renovating the house, we often forget about the staircase. You need to make sure that you give your staircase its due respect.

Having a good looking staircase can add a lot of value to your house. You can yourself be very creative when it comes to designing your staircase. You can choose the right kind of banisters for your house. You can opt for an old, antique looking banister in case your house has a lot of old furniture. On the other hand, you can even go for a new, modern looking banister if your house demands so.

Wood is the material that is commonly used for making banisters. Wood helps in giving the banisters a rich and glowing look. The best thing about a wooden banister is the fact that, banisters made up of wood look good both in the old form as well as in the new contemporary form. Apart from wood, material like maple, oak and beech is also used to make banisters.

Another material that makes the stair banister look elegant is Wrought Iron. Initially, wrought iron was only used in the making of doors. Later on, wrought iron was used for stair banisters. Wrought iron is known to be a highly decorative material. Nowadays, people prefer having wrought iron balusters with wooden banister handrail. The combination of wood and wrought iron gives the stair banister a perfect look.

Staircase is something that is often neglected when it comes to styling. You need to make sure that you invest some time and money to make your staircase look beautiful. A good looking staircase will only increase the charm of your house.

Stair Banisters serve as protective measures for the people who use the stair cases. Stair Banisters are nothing but railings which are situated at the side of the stair case. Banisters prevent death and injuries as they prevent a person from falling. You must be encountering stair banisters almost everyday. Stair banisters are available in many different styles. They are available in modern complex structures and at the same time they are also available in simple pipe like structures. You can choose a stair banister according to your taste and the structure of your house.

What Is Switchgear and How Does It Work?

Switchgear refers to electrical equipment that regulates the flow of electricity within an electrical system. It is used by utility providers and private facilities alike for two reasons: to prevent overloads and short circuits, and to de-energize circuits for testing and maintenance. The most familiar types of switchgear are circuit breakers and fuses, which interrupt the flow of electricity to a circuit when its current becomes too high; and power transfer switches, which transfer a buildings source of electricity from a primary source to a secondary source, such as accessing generator power during a power outage.

Basic Types of Switch Gear

Switchgear is initially categorized according to its interruption technology, the method by which it extinguishes its electrical arc. Using this categorization, there are five types of gear available on today’s market: oil circuit breaks, which vaporize oil in order to send a jet of oil through an arc; gas (SF6) breaks, which stretch an arc and then rely on the SF6 to extinguish it; vacuum breaks, which extinguish their comparatively small arc by stretching it; air breaks, which typically use a puff of air to extinguish an arc; and hybrid breaks, which use more than one type of breaking technology to extinguish an arc, such as gas and air.

Additional Classifications that Affect Equipment Choice

Within the classifications above are sub classifications that also determine what type of gear is installed in certain facilities and how it is serviced. In addition to interruption technology, breakers have at least eight more classifications: interruption standard (make before break/break before make, circuit break, or isolation); voltage level (low, medium, or high); general construction type (industrial, utility, marine, etc.); insulating medium (air, gas, oil, etc.); method of operation (manual, motor, or stored energy); type of current (alternating or direct); application type (transmission or distribution); and purpose of operation (isolation, load break, or grounding).

The Importance of Generator Switch Gear Maintenance

Regardless of the type of breakers a facility employs, their proper maintenance is crucial to worker safety and the preservation of assets, as faulty electrical equipment is a common cause of fatal fires that destroy commercial facilities. Yet, special attention is often paid to maintaining generator switches due to their critical role in emergency power production, switching a facility’s electricity source from commercial supply to generator supply in the event of an outage, and the back again when commercial supply resumes.

In many cases, facilities trust their switch maintenance to a provider of industrial power solutions that specializes in servicing emergency generators, both with routine maintenance and retrofitting, the latter when an older generator needs minor technology upgrades and not complete replacement. To learn more about which type of gear is right for your facility, contact a provider of industrial power solutions today.

Frontal Baldness – Can Be Treated With Medication

The first impression of any person hugely depends on his or her personality. The looks of a person also play a big role in creating an impression. There is no doubt that a young person really scores over a middle-aged person as far as looks are concerned. Thus everyone just doesn’t want to let the young age pass by quickly. For many years men and women have tried various formulas to look young. But if you lose hair at a younger age then all of a sudden you look like an older person and this creates loss of self-esteem in many. There are a lot of treatments available to fight this problem, which is known as frontal baldness. Propecia is one such medication that has been successful. Hence, frontal baldness and Propecia are spoken in the same breath today.

People who are balding feel reluctant to socialize. There are two types of losing hair, normal and abnormal hair loss. Daily as a natural process we lose some hair. We don’t have to worry much about this hair loss. If we lose a lot of hair daily then we should be concerned and take proper care of it. When you are around 20 years of age the hairline takes shape. In this period some start losing hair rapidly and this is termed as baldness. This balding in many cases can be seen in the frontal portion of the head. The front head looks bald and you look much older. To prevent this there are treatments and surgeries. There is a medicine called Propecia that is very good in treating frontal balding. The track record of Propecia is impressive and many have experienced good results. It starts to work within a week and you can see this as hair loss decreases. In some cases Propecia has successfully re-grown hair.

Architectural Plans For Commercial Buildings

When you are ready to create a new commercial building for your business, you want it to be an expression of what your business is about – a part of your brand. Besides being just the place where your business happens to be located, your commercial building can say a lot more about you, and communicate the impression that you want your customers to have about you.

Quality commercial building plans need to include unique design features that will make your building stand out from the competition. With the right appeal, it can actually add to the attractiveness of your business and make people take notice as they drive by. Such an appeal can add to your bottom line and increase the number of your customers and your success rate – even before your doors ever open.

The process of getting the right architectural plans for your commercial building starts out with obtaining a set of complete blueprints for your building. Architectural drawings will need to be made for each aspect of the building.

This will include:

•Foundation plans

•Floor plans

•Exterior views

•Framing plans

•Electrical plans

•HVAC plans

•Plumbing plans

•Sectional Plans

•Roof plans

•Site plans

•And a few more as needed.

Besides needing the basic plans and a great exterior, you will also need commercial design plans for the interior of the building. This should also be given much thought because the building layout is important in making your visitors feel at home – and wanting to come back. The appeal needs to be inside and outside.

Adding into your commercial building plans the needed sizes and features for those with disabilities will further ensure that your customers are happy with your new building design. This may benefit both your visitors and possibly some employees, as well. Having these features will also enable your building to resell faster, too, because little upgrading will be required if that need should ever arise.

Once the architectural plans are complete, you can take a set of presentation drawings to potential lenders. They will need to see what you are planning on doing and these drawings from your architect or designer will be able to sell them on the idea. Most likely, you will want to take an isometric drawing and a floor plan.

Depending on where you live, your architectural plans for your new commercial building will need to be examined by the local planning commission. This group, as well as the building inspectors, will look over your plans and make sure that everything fits either into the local plans for the future, and for any potential problems with the design.

Selecting a contractor is the final major step in the procedure. You will want to find one that is familiar with commercial building construction and also has a solid reputation. It is also very important that you have the contractor agree to follow the architectural blueprints as given.

DIY Options and Advice for Exterior Home Facades Considered

There are few types of house sidings which can compete with vinyl siding for looks, price, ease of installation, and longevity. And whereas wooden sides have a lot going for them, along with a long tradition, they can rot, split, decay, dry out, and they require maintenance. Steel and aluminum facade sides are great, absolutely, and they come in many colors, but not nearly as many as all the vinyl siding styles and colors. Steel and aluminum sides also cost much more.

The cedar shake or cedar shingle traditional home facades were quite common but highly unpractical. Today you can get vinyl shake or vinyl shingle in almost any color or shade, and this simulated vinyl facades cover, which looks just like the real thing, only it lasts a lot longer, is guaranteed forever, and costs next to nothing to put in. A vinyl installer will charge far less than any of the other siding installers and he can make your home look any way you want it to.

If you look at a home from the curb, you will not be able to detect that it is vinyl shake siding or vinyl shingle exteriors rather than actual cedar exterior siding. You might suspect because it always looks brand new, but as you get up close, your suspicions get the best of you. Thus, you have to go up and feel it to see for yourself. Is it real or is it merely a fa├žade; vinyl shake exterior sides or vinyl cedar shingle facades?

Some say vinyl exterior walls lowers the value of a home, and yet the reality is that it always looks new, and old rotted out cedar shake or shingle facades that needs repair and maintenance is sure to lower your curb appeal and thus, the real value of your home as well. Please consider all this.

How to Easily Connect Copper Pipe Without Soldering

Soldering copper pipe together can be frustrating for some people. The process can be very difficult especially in tight places where the pipe is close to walls or other areas that are difficult to work in.

If you are one of the solder challenged and ever wondered if there was a way to connect copper pipe together without solder, then you need to look at a new type of plumbing devices that actually do the job efficiently and without the hassles of solder connections.

If you have a need for redoing an area and have procrastinated because of the cost of getting a plumber, then the snap fitting system is what you have been searching for.

These little gems come in different configurations such as unions, tees and ball valves and other configurations that provide easy leak free connections. With a cut, snap and click, you will be able to quickly connect copper to copper or transition to CPVC piping without much effort.

If you ever need to reconfigure a previous connection, a little tool can be used to disassemble the connections and allow you to easily retool the area without much effort.

In summary, if you are a do it your selfer who cringes at plumbing work, because of the potential soldering that the job needs, then you must look into these snap together fittings that take the entire soldering process out of the equation. Plumbing connections without solder can be a dream come true to many who think they need a high cost plumber to complete their small bathroom or kitchen job.

Intel Socket 1155 Processor – What’s New With The Latest Sandy Bridge Processor?

People are wondering why Intel was came up again into another different socket for the new Sandy Bridge processor. They released the new Intel socket 1155 processor leaving us many questions. Let me help you to answer some of these.

There’s a big confusion between the previous Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors. In this way it’s hard for them to identify which one is dual core and quad core except for the six core because i7 is the only one. One more thing is that they uses different socket that doesn’t fit to each other making it harder for us to upgrade.

The Sandy Bridge

Finally, Intel releases the Sandy Bridge socket 1155 processors. Socket 1155 is totally different from socket 1156 although they differ in only one pin. Physically 1155 processors doesn’t fit in the socket 1156 and also they have a complete different architecture. In short, they are not compatible to each other.

Intel does a great job here in making a standard socket for all i3, i5 and i7 processors which is the socket 1155. Good news for the consumers. Sandy bridge processors use a 4 digit number which is the 2000 series such as 2100, 2300, 2400, 2500 and so on.

The new architectural design for this type of processor is the integrated graphics processor (IGP). The inclusion of the IGP on the sandy bridge processor is their main advanced features just like what they did in socket 1156 architecture.

Intel has taken the integration of the IGP into the main processor giving them more advantage. Having the IGP enables the Quick Sync, an Intel features that provides a faster conversion of videos into a different a format. Despite of its fast performance it consumes relatively less power.

The inclusion of the IGP on the processor itself enables them to control the video display and the memory that makes it even faster considering the travel time. This eliminates the northbridge chipset that makes it less expensive in the production for its motherboard.


I agree that Intel does a great job here to came up in a one socket fits all just like the AMD. The integration of the IGP is a big factor for them thus, making it much cheaper for the manufacturing of motherboard that supports them. Unlike socket 1366 that uses a high price X58 chipset to support the graphics and memory. I think Intel came up with this kind of idea for them to answer the AMD lower price processors. This is good news for us consumer to have the freedom to choose the best price processor with more advanced in technology.

Opening A Small Business – First Things First

First ask yourself what sort of business to I want to own? Most people start a business without any pre planning. I always think about Demings 85/15 rule 85% of your effectiveness is the system 15% is the skill of the individual. If your thinking about opening a small business please do a little pre planning and save yourself a lot of frustration in the future.

Opening a small business can create financial freedom and extra time to spend with your family friends and loved ones. Unfortunately many fail to do so properly in my experience over the last 11 years I’ve found that well held small business board meetings are one of the constants in successful businesses.

There is mountains of work about what you should do before opening a small business, today I’m going to focus on the business entity management.

It doesn’t matter if you setup an LLC or a corporation. You will need to have a corporate formalities system in place for the entity.

This is your Directors (if a corporation) Managers (if an LLC) Officers. Almost all small businesses don’t pay much attention to these roles or the corporate formalities that go along with them. All of these small businesses generally stay small and don’t end up giving their owners the financial rewards they are looking for.

Not only is it a requirement to hold business meetings you need to accurately document them. Most view corporate formalities as trivial. This is a grave mistake! Not only will documented corporate formalities keep your assets safe they also give you as the owner to develop a strategic plan that will end up paying huge dividends for the owners.

There is something to be said about opening a small business and figuring things out as you go. You don’t want to spend all your time sitting around writing business plans and making fancy flyers.

I suggest a sort of hybrid to opening a small business. Once you have chosen your business entity you are going to use do what you need to do for your business to thrive. At the same time plan on holding monthly or quarterly board meetings. This keeps your business on track and you personally protected if a lawsuit ever happens against you and your business.

If you start to get into the mindset that board meetings are going to be fun and productive you will start to see drastic changes in your business faster than you can imagine.

Entrepreneurs love to strategize over time the day to day grind can wear down the entrepreneur and just leave him in a tactical rut. By holding regular board meetings and practicing corporate governance you will spend more time implementing new strategies and getting results than spinning your wheels and getting burned out.

To recap. Start taking massive action. Do what needs to be done to get your business up and running. Hold board meetings to strategize. Implement what was voted on at the board meetings. Before you know it the best financial idea you ever had was opening a small business.

Hole In Heart – Congenital Heart Defect

If you have a hole in heart then you could be in big trouble. This is what is called a congenital heart defect and occurs between the chambers of the heart in the tissues that separate the chambers called the septum.

Congenital heart defects, or septal defects, are fairly common, according to the AHA, or American Heart Association. The AHA estimates that approximately 1.3 million people have this type of heart defect. These defects can have quite serious side effects.

The first and foremost symptom that may be noticed is an arrhythmia. An arrhythmia is when the heart is unable to beat a nice constant rhythm. The heart beat is erratic and speeds up or slows down at irregular intervals. The heart can even skip a beat or two. If the heart muscle stretches out due to blood pumping between the chambers then the heart will not ever be the same and cannot recover. You may be able to tell you have an arrhythmia just by feeling your heart beat. If it seems irregular, talk to your doctor about the causes.

Another problem that may arise with a hole in heart is pulmonary hypertension. Blood is pumped from the right lower ventricle of the heart to the lungs to get oxygen. Then the blood goes back to the heart where it is supposed to be pumped through to the rest of the body.

If there is a septal defect the blood really does not know exactly where to go and the heart has to work so much harder to get the blood from the wrong chamber to the correct one.

When bad blood continually mixes with good blood then the arterial walls start to change and they get thicker increasing the pressure of the blood flowing through them. This can be a precursor to congestive heart failure, a very serious condition.

Because the blood is not flowing normally, then the chance for blood clots forming in the heart and traveling to other parts of the body is enormous. If the blood pools in the right side of the heart and there is a septal defect the clot can travel through the defect to the left side of the heart and get pumped out to any number of bodily structures, including the brain. This is called a stroke, also, very serious.

When the heart has a hole in it, it has to work a lot harder than a normal heart. The energy drain on the rest of the body is huge and there is not much left for the body to have for normal growth and development. This is called failure to thrive. Children with this condition just do not seem to ever have enough energy to play like the other normal kids.

Because the heart has to work harder it gets taxed. Well, these are some taxes that it may not be able to pay for an extended period of time. This is called heart failure. If too many arterial changes have occurred because a hole in heart caused pulmonary hypertension, the heart will eventually fail.

“This article is not to be considered medical advice of any kind and is only for informational and entertainment purposes only. As always you, the reader, should consult with your personal physician or another Licensed Health Professional.”

Crystal Chandeliers And Your Bathroom – A Perfect Fit?

A bathroom is an important part of the house; it’s a room that can have different functions depending on the cultural context.

In the most standard sense, the word bathroom means “a room with a bath”. Since the traditional bathtubs have partly made way for modern showers, including steam showers, the more general definition is “a room where one bathes”.

In a standard bathroom, there can be just a shower, just a bathtub or both; and often both plumbing fixtures are combined in the bathtub. The room may also contain a sink, often called a “wash basin”, “hand basin” or “lavatory”, and often a toilet fixture.

Bathrooms Are One Of The Easiest Parts Of The House To Decorate

Bathrooms can be one of the easiest rooms in your entire house to decorate, and yet they are sometimes overlooked. Why not make sure that your bathroom is decorated as thoughtfully as the rest of your house? Are you quite hard-pressed in finding the excellent idea for decorating your bathroom? Well, check out some of these ideas.

The right lighting can also make a large improvement on your bathroom. Lighting may not seem like a bathroom decoration, but the right light fixture cannot only add to the style of your room, but it can also make all of your other special details in your bathroom truly stand out. The right lighting can also make it much easier for you to get ready in the morning.

Installing A Crystal Chandelier Would Depend On A Bathroom’s Size

The most basic rule in choosing the appropriate size of the chandelier is to measure and imagine the chandelier’s placement on the desired location. Whatever you may feel that would work the best with your budget and taste, it will definitely work for you.

Once you have established the room’s measurements, you can now shop for the perfect chandelier of your choice of crystal. Since most crystal chandeliers are designed for large halls, living and dining rooms, the best lighting fixture for bathrooms would be wall sconces, 1 or 2, 3 or 5-light bathroom wall lights, that have varied classic designs which are comparable to a crystal chandeliers elegant features.

How To Brighten Up A Bathroom

If your home’s bathroom is too dark, there are several options. If you have a 3-light fixture, would changing to a 5- or 7-light fixture give the light you need? Check on the options. Second, select a higher watt bulb if the fixture can accommodate it, or you could also add additional light fixtures or recessed lighting.

However, if there’s just no solution with the bathroom lighting fixture you have, replace it with one that allows for more light. This is a good opportunity to choose one that enhances your decorating theme and fits the style of your bathroom. You might get a fresh look and more light by simply replacing the glass globes from frosted to clear.

Lighting and mirrors are two things that you may want to consider spending for for your bathroom. Less expensive bathroom decorating ideas include simply getting matching paint, shower curtain, bath mats and bath accessories. It all would depend on the resources and options available to you. Have fun trying out the different lighting options.

Crystal Chandeliers –

Barriers to International Business

Firms desiring to enter international business face several obstacles; some are much more severe than others. The most common barriers to effective business are cultural, social, and political barriers, and tariffs and trade restrictions.

The first one to effective business is the cultural and social barriers. A nation’s culture and social forces can restrict international business activities. Culture consists of a country’s general concepts and values and tangible items such as food, clothing, and building. Social forces include family, education, religion and customs. Selling products from one country to another is sometimes difficult when the cultures of the two countries differ significantly. For example, when McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Rome, it was met with protest. The people of Rome objected to the smell of hamburgers frying. McDonald’s overcame this objection by changing the exhaust system of the restaurant.

The second barrier is the social forces that can create obstacles to international trade. In some countries, purchasing items as basic as food and clothing can be influenced by religion. In many nations, individuals do not have the same choices in food, clothing, and health care.

The third one is political barriers. The political climate of a country can have a major impact on international business. Nations experiencing intense political unrest may change their attitude toward foreign firms at any time; this instability creates an unfavorable atmosphere for international trade.

The last one is the tariffs and trade restrictions. Tariffs and trade restrictions are also barriers to international business. A nation can restrict trade through import tariffs, quotas and embargoes, and exchanges controls.

Fireproof Movie Review

A review of Fireproof from a Christian perspective.

Fireproof is a very realistic portrayal of marriage when it is suffering. I was very impressed by Kirk Cameron’s acting and the feeling behind each role in this movie. Many times a Christian movie misses the mark…however, in this case the movie was top notch.

Fireproof shows the major marital struggles of Caleb and Catherine. They are so far apart emotionally that all they do is fight and accuse. A little while into the movie Caleb’s dad gives him a book called the “Love Dare.” He makes his son commit to doing it and walks him through when it seemed like it will never work.

Caleb’s character finds the Lord in this movie and it gives him strength to overcome a powerful stronghold in his life and press on to save his marriage.

As you all know, I do not like to give too many details in my reviews, so I will move on to things to watch for with the kiddies…

There is no actual sexual content. However, there are innuendos to Caleb’s pornography issues AND Catherine has a flirtation with a doctor at the hospital she works at. However, nothing develops that would make it off limits.

As far as violence, there are couple scenes where Caleb and Catherine yell at each other and Caleb screams in her face. He appears to scare her when he does this. There are also a couple of intense fire and rescue type scenes that may scare younger children.

Overall this is an AWESOME movie. I give it a 4 out of 4 stars. I HIGHLY recommend it to all married couples no matter what sate your marriage is in. I also recommend that if you PLAN to get married it would be a great movie to watch. It may prepare you and help you prevent the failings you see in Caleb and Catherine as individuals.

Wallpaper – Why it is Better Than Paint For Adding Value to Your Home

In our present economic situation, it is apparent that more homeowners are choosing to make improvements to their homes, rather than taking a loss on the current housing market.

Many of these people are choosing to add wallpaper to their home renovations list not only for the many design and color options available, but for the value it adds to their home.

Did you know that wallpaper outlasts paint by almost seven years when it is applied correctly?

Consider this:

You buy and install wallpaper once every fifteen to twenty-five years. Paint would have to be reapplied several times over this same time period, costing you more in materials costs and in labor.

Also, it is impossible to get the same effects with paint as you can get with the many new styles of wallpaper that are available today. For instance, wallpaper can give you the rich look of textured leather on your walls with the use of a faux leather wallpaper product. Faux paint techniques can be difficult to learn and timely to complete, whereas you can get the same look quickly, easily and more cost effectively with wallpaper.

If you have to make a repair, it is very easy to do so with wallpaper. Following a few simple steps:

1. With a utility or craft knife, simply cut a piece of wallpaper from the leftovers you have saved from your project. You’ll want to make sure that it is larger than the damaged area that you are trying to replace.

2. Place the piece you have just cut over the torn area while trying to match the pattern of the wallpaper.

3. Once the design is matched up, make sure it held securely in place. Blue safety tape works great for this.

4. Trace the edges of the leftover wallpaper with your utility or craft knife, cutting the damaged wallpaper in the process.

5. Remove the leftover wallpaper cutout and moisten the damaged area with water to loosen the adhesive for removal.

6. Carefully remove the damaged area. Use a putty knife for areas that you can’t lift off with your finger.

7. Clean and prep the wall surface where the new piece of wallpaper will be added. It may be necessary to apply wallpaper primer if you are down to bare wall.

8. Apply wall covering adhesive to the new wallpaper section and carefully place it on the wall, making sure to line up the pattern.

9. Wipe off any excess adhesive from the surface of the wallpaper with a damp sponge and then make sure to smooth any air bubbles. Wipe off any moisture to complete the repair job.

In order to complete a repair on a faux paint project, it would be virtually impossible to match the colors and design correctly. You would have to buy more materials and repaint the whole wall. Not only costly in materials, but also in time.

These are just a few of the many reasons why wallpaper is better than paint when trying to increase the value of your home.

Coca-Cola Syrup – A Beverage for the Kidneys

Researching and writing about coca-cola syrup,

mentioned in over fifty Edgar Cayce readings, brings up the issue of

carbonated drinks in general. What did Cayce say about


A number of A.R.E. members familiar with the

readings may know that such soft drinks were referred

to as “slop.” Two readings utilize this rather descriptive

term. “No slop, or those of soft drinks of any kind,

should be taken…” (5545-2) When listing a diet for

the noon meal, another reading added, “…and don’t

drink a lot of slop in the form of drinks!” (542-1) Yet

despite this rather degrading connotation, at least seven

individuals were specifically advised to drink carbonated

beverages, including coca-cola. However, many more-

the majority-were told to avoid them entirely, or use

them only in a syrup form without the carbonation. In

one reading a mixture of one-half carbonated water with

one-half plain water added to the syrup was suggested.

The term plain water was usually used to designate what

the cola syrup was to be mixed with for consumption,

probably meaning pure water.

Carbonated: Yes or No?

A number of statements in the readings express

emphatically that a certain substance is not to be

consumed-with no explanation or reason given. Luckily

we have access to others’ readings to compare, contrast,

and “flesh out” these statements. In some instances,

then-using the topic “coca-cola” as an example-an

individual may be told that carbonated beverages were

either all right or not to be consumed at all, yet coca-cola

was OK if taken in moderation. Here are some examples

from these readings:

“Carbonated drinks may be taken,

especially Coca-Cola or those of such

derivatives. These will aid especially in

purifying the activity and coordinating

same through the kidneys and the

eliminating system.” (849-26)

“Just leave off…the carbonated

waters, save Coca-Cola…” (1724-2)

“Keep away from any carbonated

waters, save at times-or rather

regularly-we would take a little Coca-

Cola. This, with some of the activities

in same, acts upon the kidneys to aid in

relieving the tensions there.” (584-8)

“When carbonated waters or drinks

are taken, either Dr. Pepper’s or Coca-

Cola may be taken; but let such as these

be rather as any extra drink and not too

regularly-and of Soft Drinks beware.”


“Soft drinks such as Coca-Cola,

Cherry-Cola, Pepsi-Cola or any of

the Cola drinks, may be taken in

moderation…” (1945-1)

Note that in the last two excerpts one

individual was advised to “beware” of

soft drinks (with the exception of Dr.

Pepper or Coca-Cola), while the second

was told they were suitable to consume

“in moderation.”

In a fifty-one-year-old woman’s first

reading this recommendation was given:

“Any of the drinks where carbonated

waters are used are very well, especially

Coca-Cola or those of that nature-just

so there is not used any preservative

in the preparation of same.” (1703-1)

In a follow-up reading two months

later she asked why Coca-Cola and

carbonated beverages were good for her

and received this answer: “To prevent

the formation of gases in the system.”

(1703-2) This reason is rather surprising

since a number of people experience

the opposite effect: carbonated drinks

tend to trigger gas in their systems.

Carbonated drinks are “charged”

with carbon dioxide, a colorless,

odorless, incombustible gas that is also a

product of respiration; the gas creates

the fizz and bubbles in these soft


As stated earlier, the majority

of people were told to avoid such

beverages altogether; however, one

exception was made: for coca-cola the

syrup alone without the carbonation

could be taken mixed with plain

water. According to certain readings,

such a combination is more beneficial,

aids circulation in general, and helps

detoxify the body. One reading,

5097-1, gave the mixture as “1/2 oz.

or 1 oz. of the syrup [added to] plain

water.” The amount of water to be

used is not mentioned. Directions on

the bottle, purchased in the present

day, recommend a dilution of 1 ounce

of syrup to 5 ounces of plain water,

or the syrup can be poured over

crushed ice.

Indications for Use

Several readings refer to Coca-Cola

as a stimulant, which might

be taken if one desires, though in

moderation. “Taken when tired,

very good; but do not gulp-drink

slowly.” (257-167) The diluted syrup

would “assist in purifying the flow

through the kidneys” (2367-1), is

“helpful for the kidneys and for the

purifying of the blood flow” (2766-1),

or it will “purify activities in kidneys

and bladder.” (3390-1) One reading

stated that this mixture “will react

with the circulation between the

kidneys and the liver, and will clear

off much of the poisons which will

be more beneficial for the activity

of the sensory system.” (5058-1)

Its beneficial effects for kidney and

bladder disorders may stem from the

syrup being both “an alkalizer and a

diuretic,” according to An Edgar Cayce

Home Medicine Guide (p. 31).

How was this beverage to be used?

“Take the Coca-Cola as a medicine, not as a drink.” (3412-1) This suggestion

probably alleviates some apprehension

about its ingredients (see below) as well

as understanding its useful purpose; thus,

it was to be drunk occasionally, as the

readings stated, or “three to four times

a week” (3109-1)-not at all guzzling it

down as a thirst quencher.

A Historical Note

On May 8, 1886, Dr. John S.

Pemberton, a pharmacist, carried a jug

of coca-cola syrup to Jacobs’ Pharmacy

located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

The solution was mixed with carbonated

water, and customers paid 5 cents a

glass for it. Up to nine drinks a day were

purchased that year. The original drink

was not bottled, but sold from a soda

fountain. Today 1.3 billion drinks of

Coca-Cola are sold daily in more than 200

countries around the world. What were the

ingredients in Dr. Pemberton’s syrup?

Today the label lists these ingredients:

high fructose corn syrup and/or sucrose,

water, caramel color, phosphoric acid,

natural flavors, and caffeine. There is

a caution noted for those on a sugar restricted

diet to consult a health-care

professional before taking it. Essentially

the syrup has the same contents as the

regular, non-diet cola soft drink, but minus

the carbonated water.

In an old notebook belonging to Dr.

Pemberton was found the original recipe.

In addition to a variety of flavorings-oils

of orange, lemon, nutmeg, cinnamon,

coriander, and neroli-the ingredients also

included vanilla extract, lime juice, and

“F.E. Coco” (misspelled), which is a fluid

extract from coca leaves. In about 1901

the cocaine was removed from the drink;

it is estimated that due to the extraction

method used (mulching the leaf in 20

percent alcohol) that a 6-ounce bottle

contained probably no more than 8.5 mg

of cocaine. Dr. Pemberton felt that the

drink’s invigorating properties came from

the coca leaf, not just from the cocaine.

Taken in a limited quantity, as the

readings suggest, plus treating it as a

medicine rather than an entertaining

beverage certainly changes the perspective

on this familiar and popular drink.

Fiber Cement Siding is Non-Flammable & Low-Maintenance

A house fire can devastate all you’ve worked so hard to achieve. The investment in your home and your valuables inside can be totally wiped out and you can find yourself suffering a great hardship. While taking the proper precautionary measures can prevent house fires, you can’t rule out the possibility of one completely. That’s why it is important to choose construction materials that are non combustible and will give firefighters the time needed to fight the fire before it can completely consume your house.

Wood and vinyl are both standard choices when it comes to exterior home siding. But fiber cement siding is gaining popularity due to its versatility and durability. It is thick, wind resistant and easily maintained. And because this particular type of siding is flame resistant and non-combustible, fiber cement siding is the wise choice for fire-rated construction.

Fiber cement siding is made of a combination of strong and lightweight materials. Water, finely-ground sand, premium cement and natural cellulose fibers are cured and pressurized into a heavy duty plank that can be colorized and painted to match any home’s exterior. Because of the makeup of fiber cement siding, the siding remains non-flammable and non-combustible. These cellulose fiber-mixed cement planks require very little maintenance and resemble the natural beauty of wood, especially when installed with a horizontal overlap.

As well as being fire resistant, fiber cement siding is a popular choice for those who live in climates with extreme weather conditions. The makeup of this type of exterior choice makes it resistant to water damage (mold and mildew, warping, rotting, etc.) and is virtually unaffected by insects such as termites that can cause massive amounts of damage to wood siding. It is strong and durable in high wind conditions, able to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds and show minimal damage from debris or hail hits. After painting, this type of siding resists cracking and chipping, making it a great low-maintenance option for homeowners. Basic maintenance involves an easy wash with a common garden hose or light wash with soapy water.

Fiber cement exteriors are backed by long warranties (depending on the manufacturer) and is an unparalleled cost-effective alternative to the traditional cedar or vinyl siding, especially when compared to all the maintenance issues associated with conventional siding like painting, washing and replacement. While the price may seem steep at first, the long-term benefits far surpass any costs associated with the maintenance and upkeep you’ll have to perform with wood or vinyl siding.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance alternative to wood or vinyl siding, consider fiber cement siding. The strength, durability and longevity of fiber cement – as well as unmatched fire resistance – is the perfect way to protect your investment and have a home that shows off attractiveness and natural looking curb-appeal.