Free Standing Electric Cookers – More Information

Free standing electric cookers or ranges these days have a multitude of options and features that differentiate a family of models across a near one thousand dollar price point. How can there be so many variations in something as straightforward as a free standing electric cooker or range? Well the devil is in the details and over the years those details have improved tremendously. The older cookers are still being manufactured that have those old drop-in electric coil ranges. You will pay a premium for freestanding ranges though and with them a bevy of features fit for a commercial kitchen.

There is usually no difference between electric and gas cookers and also of great importance is the type of oven that is packaged with the electric cooker. Some manufactures manage to cram an oven and a smaller toaster into the space of one conventionalized oven. It may also be simply aesthetics that govern the utility of a free standing electric cooker. Some models come very small and streamlined, perfect for small rental units for example, while some are larger and better suited for a family kitchen.

There are as many varieties of electric cookers as there are styles but the most cost of all features is the slide-in range which is now very popular. Instead of the classic single drop-in ranges there is now a series of cast-iron grates perfect for grilling and also flexibility when cooking with pans. Previously you were limited to just the four hot spots but the grate allows the heat to be distributed over a wider surface. This makes it more practical and easier to clean. Another note is that it has become very in vogue recently to have stainless steel offers, just a warning that this will tack on a couple extra hundred to that free standing electric cooker.

Vinyl Siding

Tired of repainting your house every 5 to 10 years? Vinyl siding may just be the right solution that you have been searching for. This type of siding will usually entail a lower cost upfront as compared to conventional siding such as a traditional cedar siding. Some may believe this exterior finish looks plastic in appearance, but many siding manufacturers have made great strides to give the product a more painted 'wood like appearance' with grain accents and a lower gloss finish.

Over one-third of home exteriors in the US have this siding. When choosing exterior cladding, a budget friendly solution that is aesthetically appealing is what most homeowners look for. Past concerns with vinyl siding including yellowing, fading, rigidity and warping. Thanks to titanium oxide and other innovations, this siding is manufactured to resist weathering and maintain a fresh appearance over extended periods of time. Low maintenance exteriors on a home are also typically desired by most homeowners. Vinyl siding offers a piece of mind and is easy on the pocketbook. Let's look at some of the various ins and outs of this exterior finish.

Color, Appearance & Other Options

In the past, vinyl siding was passed over because of the color fade over time. However, most siding manufactured today shows limited fading over the years. Another advantage of vinyl siding is the full range of color choices available. The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) has certified over 300 colors of vinyl for colorfastness. There are quite a few options available for this siding including fish-scale shingles, simulated wood grain, smooth panels and the list goes on. Different sizes in siding is also possible with the most common being 3, 5 or 8 inches.

The Elements

This type of siding can withstand sub-zero winter temperatures up to the hottest of summers. It is also built to withstand high winds and hail.


A unique advantage of vinyl is that it can be installed over almost any type of surface. Even over stucco or brick. Vinyl siding is not for every home as it may not match the character and style. And, not all siding installers are created equal. The majority of siding companies offer comparable products, whereas the installer's craftsmanship will vary much more. Because this type of siding expends and contracts more than other conventional siding materials, the more knowledgeable the installer is with this siding the better.


While vinyl siding does offer low maintenance, it may not be entirely maintenance free. Homeowners will not need to paint or stain it like traditional wood siding, but the cleaning of the vinyl may need to be done to mitigate any grime or mold build-up. Simply scrubbing or power washing the siding will go a long way in giving it new life and maintaining it for years to come. If fading of the siding does occur, a coat of exterior latex paint can be applied (as major paint manufacturers have exterior paint products specifically designed for this type of siding). And, vinyl does not have the ability to hide potential problems. When a house is sided with wood, the paint may chip or peel away when there is a problem.

Vinyl siding can be used in a variety of exterior home applications. This type of siding offers durability and often comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. According to the VSI, vinyl offers the lowest installation cost of all types of home siding. Whether it's new construction or upgrading an existing home, vinyl siding offers a cost efficient and low maintenance alternative to homeowners. In most cases, vinyl siding will have a positive effect on the home value.

How to Get a Rock Hard Erection and Say Good Bye to Erectile Dysfunction

If you are experiencing problems getting a hard erection, you are not alone. There are over 30 million men of all ages suffering from Erection Dysfunction (ED) today in USA alone. ED often happens when a man reaches the dreaded age of 40 but can happen sooner in some cases.

Given that so many men are facing the problem today, it is no wonder that ED drugs like Viagra are in hot demand. While prescription drugs like the blue pill can indeed give you some reprieve, so to speak, they also come with severe and often fatal side effects that you must be aware of. These negative side effects include :-

1. heart attack

2. stroke

3. priapism (painful erections due to prolong and uncontrollable erections)

If prescription drugs are so dangerous, where else can you turn to for help? This article will give you the lowdown how to get that hard erection you had before (or always wanted to have) without risking your life on risky ED drugs.

Thanks to the research of many health enthusiasts, there are certain sex boosting exercises which help you get an incredibly hard erection without any drug. These sex boosting exercises can surely be called a modern wonder as their effects on the male genital organs are highly salubrious. But it should always be remembered, although these exercises surely help men regain rock hard erection, it is not possible for you to get a hard erection in a day or two. Take the example of body building. You can’t build your body in a few days. You will have to work out for a few weeks to get a nicely shaped body. Same is the case here.

You will have to stick to these sex boosting exercise plan in order to get good results.That said, now below is a highly effective, sex boosting exercise to help you get a strong erection naturally.


The plank is an exercise that strengthens your abs, your core.As your core muscles improve, they become more muscular and toned.As a result, these muscles start to demand more blood supply.Improved blood supply to your core also improves blood supply to your groin because the arteries that supply your ab core also lead to your groin.

The plank is a superior exercise for developing core strength. It is better than crunches for developing a strong core. You are naturally doing a plank if you are having sex from the missionary position without resting on your woman.

Do you want to get rock hard erection without taking any medicine? Erectile Dysfunction No More is perfectly for you.

Get Your Passport Long Before You Plan To Embark On A Trip To Russia

Russia has been a mystery to most of the rest of the world for hundreds of years because it seems to offer so many contradictions. While it is home to some of the world's more prosperous entrepreneurs who command great riches, it is also the scene of tremendous areas of poverty.

While many of the leading achievers in medicine, science and the arts have come from Russia, the country has also produced a number of delicious despots responsible for the country's darkest days. The people of Russia are known as good-willed, resourceful people, while Russian leaders have long been associated with corruption and over-regulating every aspect of citizens' lives.

One could easily discuss some of Russia's great contributions to culture and beauty, yet you could just as easily find examples of the country's polluting industries and substandard housing. Its climate and topography ranges from frozen tundra and snow-capped mountains to warm, sunny beaches along a scenic coastline and dense, lush forests.

It's there that you'll encounter fortresses that have stood for ages, the swirling spires of Russia's famous churches and tiny villas that have remained unchanged for centuries. You may be ready to take a plane tomorrow, but bear in mind that all citizens of the 50 states must have valid US passports if they aim to make it to Russia.

You'll also have to do the paperwork to obtain Russian visas before you make your journey to this country that is full of history, beauty and bountiful natural habitats. It's crucial to get all of your permissions and documents in order as early as possible, but once that's all taken care of, start making an itinerary of the places you want to visit.

You'll probably want to start by seeing the most popular, often photographed sites that most visitors to the country flock to in droves each year. Moscow is usually the first stop for tourists because it is the most well-known place in all of Russia, and offers views of the country's great art and architecture.

Many tourists come to Vladivostok and to Kaliningrad as part of their tour itinerary. Traveling to Russia does not have to be limited to city life, as you'll find if you take a journey to the country roads of Russia and explore some of its natural resources.

If you're in the mood to spend time by the sea, try Zelenogradsk, formerly the old Prussian resort of Kranz, positioned in the far western Kaliningrad Region.

A beacon to many, the Black Sea town of Ochakiv is a prime spot for history buffs, with its ancient settlements and fortresses, and history of Russo-Turkish Wars battles. Perhaps you're a veteran of many a foreign tour, but with its intense expanse of land, Russia is a large-scale undertaking even for the seasoned tourist.

In its strength, it's a good idea to experience Russia as a series of countries that require time, patience and sometimes return trips to fully take in.

Preventing Mishaps on Stair Treads

Stair treads are one of the most aborted parts of your stairs. This comes as no surprise since the other name for them is the 'step', meaning that they are being stepped on boundlessly every day. This is also keeping them always safe to use is a must for every home or office. After all, you've already heard about many accidents that happen on the stair case. So here are some effective but simple ways to prevent mishaps with stair treads:

A good point to start with is ensuring that your stair treads are durable enough to withstand constant abuse and pressure since they take the bulk of the weight of whover is using the stairs. Investing in stair parts that are durable will also ensure the safety of your stairs.

Start off with your material. If you are using wooden stair treads and a fully wooden staircase, it's best to use hardwood made from a reliable supplier of stair parts / supplies. If you are using concrete or steel, it's also a good way to have a safe and durable staircase. Do not forget to keep it too. Always be on the lookout if it needs repair.

Do you have small kids in the house? Then installing some anti-slip treads should do the trick. This type of stair treads has a non-slip surface which offers great traction whenever you step on them. Trips and slips are drastically minimized when these are used. Also, never leave anything lying around near or on your stairs. Things like toys and rugs should be kept away from stairs. If it makes you feel safer, you can also install end gates for your stairs. You can put these at the topmost and the bottom end of your staircase. This is to prevent your small kid from using the staircase without your supervision.

Using high shine floor polish on your stair treads is a very bad idea, because this will be only increasing the chances of slips. Stair carpets should also be secured completely. When it comes to maintenance, it just basically involves wiping down the treads, stair railing, and balusters, just to keep dust at bay. Just keep the high shine effect on the hand railroads or on the balusters.

Preventing mishaps on your stair treads is easy if you will follow the tips previously mentioned. Making sure that safety of your stairs is not taken for granted should be every homeowner's priority.

Wood Railings Add a Beautiful Touch to Your Porch

Wooden porch railings add character and class to your home's looks. Wooden porch railings add elegance to contemporary and victorian homes, as well as classic and traditional style homes. The look of traditional railings is best achieved by rails crafted from wood, rather than newer materials such as metal. There are many benefits to wooden porch railings besides their classic good looks, however. Designers like to work with wooden porch railings because of the range of freedom they can have in the design. Because of the popularity of wooden porch railings, there is a wide range of components available in wood, at very reasonable prices. The top and bottom rails, the balusters, the posts and all of the other accessories are available in wood of many different styles. These wooden parts are easy to customize to the homeowner's taste, and, once installed, are easy to maintain. Wooden railings are extremely durable while still blending beautifully with the exterior of most homes. Interior wooden trim and flooring also blend nicely with wooden porch railings; this lends a lovely cohesion to a home.

Wooden balusters can be cut into an infinite variety of shapes: square, flat, or round. No wonder wooden porch railings are so popular. There are few other materials that offer the beauty and variety of wood at such a reasonable price. Woodbis an abundant commodity, and so the price of wood is still relatively low. Wood can be cut, sawed and carved into so many different shapes and designs and wood railings are very easy and quick to install. Wooden railings can be weatherproofed with the proper material, making them very durable over time. Wrought iron railings are subject to peeling and corrosion durable if they are not painted frequently.

People frequently choose wood railings over other materials because they can be customized by hand crafting to create a unique look for their home. Lovely custom made railings are easily installed with nails or wood screws. The accessories and
furniture people choose for their porches are set off much better with wooden porch railings. Wicker chairs, porch swings, wooden furniture and rocking chairs all look even pretty against the backdrop of a lovely wood railing. Hanging plants and
potted trees also look prettier on a porch with wooden railroads.

There are many other materials available for porch railings. These include stone, concrete, brick or metal. You can even combine materials such as wood and metal. But for character and class, nothing beats wood. It is the material one always
associates with a classic, traditional style. Add to this feature the fact that wood railings are inexpensive and easy to install, you have a perfect fit with wooden railings

8 Things You Should Consider When Renovating Your Home

1. Plan your renovation properly and stick to your plans, as changing your mind during a project can be cost and can really slow down your progress.

Ensure you apply for and get permission, if needed, from the correct regulatory bodies for your project before you begin work. You will not want to have undo any hard work you undertake because of a technicality.

Do not try to take on a whole property at once, you should work on one room at a time ideally. That being said, do not blow your budget on a single room. New homeowners especially, find this very easy to do. You can initially finish a room and go back to add decoration or other finishing touches later on.

2. Always double, and even triple, check all your measurements and remember that judging perception can be very difficult for an untrained eye.

Whether you are measuring for new stairs, doors, kitchen units, or even just so you can organize your furniture in a different way, accurately measuring is always vital. If measurements are just slightly off it can mean that things do not fit properly and the finish will not look good. The key to an expensive and professional looking finish, even when working to a tight budget, it accurate measuring and taking note of each dimension. Spending that extra time at the start of the project can save you a lot of time and money later down the line.

Ensure that larger installations will actually suit the space. Overly large units, fireplaces, staircases and other installations can ruin the look and feel of a room, and it can be difficult to judge how they will look before they are fitted.

3. Always have a contingency as well as an estimate for costs and materials.

You will want to have a ballpark figure of what you want to spend at the start of a project, but you should always prepare for overspending. Things can change and things can go wrong for any project and if you run out of money before things are finished it can turn a small problem into a disaster.

You must also allow for violations and over cuts of materials. It's advisable to order more than you need and return unused items. Things that can easily be cut short by mistake or broken include molding strips, such as dado and picture rails, stair spindles and handrails lengths and flooring panels.

4. Remember the unseen details. Skimping on the features that are not actually visible can be a big mistake in the long run.

Never ignore structural faults, like cracked walls, as this could create more work in the future. Having things such as adequate drainage, heating and ventilation are absolutely critical in all properties.

Other details to consider are things such as high-quality underlay for floors or linings for wallpaper can have a real benefit. Opting for underfloor heating rather than a luxury rug will keep your feet warmer for longer. Tackle the mundane first and work on the finished decoration later.

5. Consider all options when looking at materials generally. Cost, longevity and appearance should all be considered.

Hardwood floors are popular and can look stunning, but if you have kids and pets, or even if an area has high traffic, laminates may actually be much more suitable. You may also be surprised by the quality, feel and strength of modern laminate and vinyl flooring options.

Granite works can look stunning, but you should look around and consider that cheaper options as well.

Choosing the wrong paint or wood care product can cause problems and may require you to do regular touch-ups. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms will need moisture resistant paints. Doors and windows need to be finished correctly at installation and also maintained over time to ensure they are as long as possible.

Remember sometimes it pays to choose the more expensive, longer thinking options, but not always, so do your research.

6. It does not always pay to go for the cheapest options. This goes for materials, furnishings, tools and contractors.

You should shop around and consider all options. Cheaper materials might actually cost more in the long run if they do not last, and you should always look at references and genuine examples of work with contractors as well as prices.

If you are undertaking any work yourself it will pay to invest in some high-quality tools to ensure high standards are met. These tools will usually come in handy at other times later on.

7. Do not be afraid of rearranging more permanent fittings and appliances, such as plumbed features. Adapting the layout of your bathroom or kitchen can have some real benefits in the long run that will outweigh the effort it takes initially. You may be surprised how easy it actually is to move a toilet or shower, and it can make a huge difference to the feel of the room.

8. The latest trend may not always suit your home's style and may not always be practical. You should always consider the heritage and the overall structure of your property and respect it. Some design schemes will just not suit every home.

You will also find that if you follow the latest trends too rarely you can shorten the lifespan of a room as trends change quickly and you can find yourself with something that suddenly looks dated not long after it's finished. Consider choosing a simple base design for a room that you can easily add accessories to when you want to incorporate the latest style choices.

Outdoor String Lighting

You have a party coming up and you want it to be as spectacular as possible. You have everything planned out already. The food is simply scrumptious; the decorations are divine; but then you stop and think – what else did you forget? String lights, of course! The party would not be complete without the right twinkling lights to highlight the beauty of your home and decorations. What is also great about these lights is that you do not have to spend a dime on them. Remember those Christmas lights you have stowed away in your attic? Well, it is time to bring them down and use them as part of your decor. Here are a few tips on how you can use those decorative string lighting sets to add a twist of newness and beauty to your party.

You have to remember that in throwing that perfect shindig, party lights add an element of great ambiance and fun to the atmosphere. You can choose several spots in your house to put these lights. If your party is indoors, then a great spot for these lights could be looped around the banister of your staircase, or perhaps strung from the ceiling. And you can even add a few other decorations to make your lights more festive than usual. If your party is the minority kind, then those all white string lights you have would be the perfect choice. This light helps in injecting the right kind of atmosphere in your party: elegant and classy!

You have the freedom to choose and purchase other kinds of lights if you are not satisfied with what you have. There are online stores and even your own party planning stores that sell these types of decorating lighting. String lighting sets tend to be very affordable and you can buy as many as you want. There are even lights that follow a special motif. You can have lights shaped into stars, snowflakes, flowers, hearts, pumpkins, bats and even dragonflies – perfect for outdoor parties and get-togethers.

The choices are endless when it comes to stylish party lights. Just remember that the creativity that you inject into your party will be remembered by not only you, but by those people who took part in it as well.

Equality In Art

Racial equality has long been a sensitive topic in the United States but typically when the issue arises, the conversation typically centers around career opportunities, salaries or political aspirations. Recently, the debate has been resurrected in the world of art. In many instances it's not the artist that is frustrated, in fact, in many cases the artists have long since passed away. Instead, it is the people who appreciate this art that seem to be disappointed and seeking a more visible stage for the pieces to be appreciated by the world.

American artists of African descent pre-date even the official formation of the United States itself. Early black artists were often actually slaves and many of their works were not framed and hung in a gallery, but rather they were portraits of their master's family or hand-crafted items created for use by their masters. In fact, the ability to paint portraits could lead a slave to having special privileges or even allow him to barter for his freedom. In today's society it's difficult to imagine the amount of pressure that was endured by these men. Although many artists are self-critical and known to possess an inner drive to improve their skill, it's impossible to think that any duress felt by an artist today could match that felt by a man who's very freedom depended solely on his willingness and ability to hone His self-taught skill to the very highest level. This may explain why many in the inner circles of the American art scene feel so consistently that African American art has yet to receive the recognition and respect that it describes.

Some of the first widely recognized African American artists including Patrick Henry Reason (1817-1850) of Philadelphia and Joshua Johnston (1765-1830) of Baltimore, who were both well-respected portrait artists. These men gained both recognition and respect for their craft in a time when many African Americans struggled to even make a living in a society dominated by whites. There is no doubt that the hard work and success of these men helped pave the way for hundreds of African American artists that followed.

One such artist was Edward Bannister, who experienced his own hardships and persevered to find success. Edward Mitchell Bannister (1828-1901) was actually born in New Brunswick, Canada, but he experienced the racial inequity in the United States first-hand when he moved to Rhode Island in 1871. Although he founded the Providence Art Club and received praise from Numerous artists that appreciated and respected his work, he did not immediately receive the respect and admiration of everyone in the art world. In 1876, he became the first African American artist to receive a national award when he won first prize at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition.

However, he would later recount that the experience was not exactly pleasant when he went to claim his prize. Neither the officials nor the bystanders were happy to be asked by the colored man or respond to his inquiries about the prize winning painting. Those that paid any attention to him, glared and made rude comments about why it mattered to him which painting won the prize. It was only after he explained that he was the artist that their attitudes changed and the official apologized. Experiences like this one nearly 100 years after Patrick Henry Reason began painting portraits for wealthy families help frame the cultural environment that many African American artists have resorted to in an effort to utilize their ability and make a living. For more information on African American artists visit the Smithsonian Institute online at .

In 2007, over 200 years after the first African American artists developed a reputation for their talents and works of art, hundreds of pieces are displayed throughout the country from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to the Chicago Art Institute to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC However, few people could actually name an African American artist. Their works span the history of our country covering major turning points in the development of the United States such as the Civil War and the civil rights movement. The artists themselves have experienced their own movements, most notably the Harlem Renaissance which introduced African American art of all sorts to all ethnic groups. It is because of these facts that many art historians feel the art community around the world has been missing out on a large piece of American history that was documented through the works of African American artists.

What Is 'Hot Standby'? Your FAQs Answered

How long could your business survive in the event of a problem which caused in the loss of your own IT system?

How you answer that question might significantly influence the type of emergency IT standby arrangements you put in place.

The standby solution that reduces your 'downtime' to maybe almost zero is called 'hot standby'.

What is 'hot standby'?

It is essentially the provision of a complete IT infrastructure that mirrors your existing live system.

Typically, though not necessarily essentially, that mirror-image of your system and its data is in a third-party location. That's because should a major environmental problem (eg a fire) at your normal site cause the total loss of your infrastructure, it might also destroy any mirrored systems should they be in the same location.

What does it do?

The basic idea is that if you lose your normal live IT systems, you can automatically or at the flick of a switch, simply switch over to another identical system to enable you to keep running your business.

Your downtime is there reduced to somewhere between basically nothing and sometimes more practically, a few minutes, as you throw the appropriate switches to connect you to your hot standby site.

What is required for this type of standby service?

The exact specifics will vary significantly depending upon the nature of your production system.

You will normally contact a specialist IT service provider who will work with you to analyze your requirements and build a mirror-image of your systems on their own IT infrastructure. It will also be important that on a normal day-to-day business, your live data is frequently updated on to your mirror site in order for it to be up-to-date.

That's because cutting over immediately to a hot standby site in a crisis might not be of great use to you if its databases are hours, days or even weeks out of date.

Can I mirror my entire IT establishment on an emergency standby site?

Yes, you can though there may be some very minor differences.

It's important to note that there may also be some legal issues surrounding data protection. The law is very specific about your rights to move confidential customer data to a third-party site although permission is usually made for things such as standby and disaster recovery contingencies.

Your specialist standby services provider will typically be expert in any legal issues that might arise.

It may be worth keeping in mind also that sometimes there could be issues with moving copies of your customer data outside of our domestic legal jurisdiction in circumstances where you choose to use an overseas provider of standby services.

That is something worth taking specialist advice on if you are considering doing so.

What happens if the disaster affects my office work space as well as my IT infrastructure?

There may be little point in having your main application and data systems replicated on a mirror site if, following a disaster, your staff could not actually access it because your office promises had been damaged or destroyed.

It is perfectly possible to take out a hot standby arrangement where an emergency office work space could be made available to you at another location within a very short space of time. That could then be your base of operations from which to use your mirrored system until such time as your own systems and concessions were restored.

Once again, your specialist IT services provider will be able to offer further advice on that one.

Why Full Frontal Male Nudity is Good For Games

You might be asking yourself, how in the world can male nudity in video games possibly be good for the industry? Well young padawan sit right down and I'll tell you how. In short: Main stream acceptance. For the past few recent years a war has been waged up our beloved hobby claiming that games will never be considered art, even main stream figures such as Roger Ebert composing treats about how and why it will never be so. Now this may be understandable if we were speaking of Custer's Revenge featuring 8-bits of raging genocidal rape, there's nothing artistic about that.

It's easy from an outsider's perspective to just write off video games as an art because they have no appreciation for how far it has come. Starting out with a Commodore 64 and aging with the industry I can remember that there was actually no story in the early days of video games. "Thank you Mario. But our princess is in another castle!" is not exactly Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut. But, as the years have progressed our industry has matured along with its audience and has started to develop games that contain stories that rival the writing of movies and television shows.

One of these developers pushing the envelope in more ways than one is Rockstar, the accused developer of the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA 4 has gained numerous accolades for its writing and overall excellence. In the expansion, (The Lost and Damned), just recently released, there is a scene containing full frontal male nudity. Now, being a male of the heterosexual persuasion, my first reaction was; "Really? That's not necessary at all." Upon thinking about it more, though I came to the conclusion that sometimes letting it all hang out, pun intended, is the best way to advance a movement. For example, when Mortal Kombat was first released it was railed against as incredibly violent and in my eyes totally awesome. If you have not played Mortal Kombat, the game features "Finishing moves" that allow the avatar to perform amazing feats of martial arts expertise such as removing the head along with the spinal chord, thereby killing ones opponent. Legislative happy mothers of the time, including Tipper Gore, lobbied congress to remove such games from the parties opting for legislative parenting. This is, in my eyes, an extreme over reaction. Upon my parents viewing these totally awesome moves, they were also appalled, but then started to play with us … for hours. My parents made sure that we understood that these acts in all of their blazing 16-bit glory were in fact not real. This is what parenting should be people. The government should not decide what is acceptable for children to view. The parents should because that is what real parenting consists of. I digress.

I think that part of the hesitation on pundits to label video games as art is that it takes a whole team of developers often to consist of 40 plus people to complete a game. To that I answer this: It takes just as many, if not many more to create a film, on top of that who says that art needs to be created by a single person or a small team? It scares pundits that art can exist outside the boundaries of their frigid paradigm. Continuing along this thread of thought, since we consider much of what makes up a game as microcosms of art (technical artists, concept artists) and do not yet accept coding as an art (many would argu the virtues of beautifully written code) we write off the entire end product as a whole because a portion of it is not "art". I would argue that video games CAN and often times are art. Just because some games are pure trash (X-men 3: The Movie: The Game anyone?) Does not mean that the rest of them should be dismissed as a slight. If we did that to movies, 'Transformers' would have ruined it for 'The Departed', (I'm sorry Michael Bay, but do not leave so many harmed plot holes in the sequel and maybe you wont get called out.) This all looks fair enough, right?

Pushing the envelope is essential to gaining acceptance into a category; this is the wonderful part about art. We do not need talking heads to say "OK, I say that this is so and it is now." As long as we ourselves see and understand that our chosen hobby is many things to many people, we may view them as whatever we want them to be. If a person can look at a pile of trash and claim it to be social commentary then we too can say "Hey, maybe Mario never finding the princess in the castle that the damn little toadstool said that she was in was a metaphor for perseverance in the face of adversity. "

Why Consider Buying a Blue Ridge Mountain Property

Buying a Blue Ridge Mountain property is the dream of many but the privilege of few. Every year thousands of tourists drive along the spectacular Blue Ridge Parkway that runs for 469.1 miles through these green and pristine mountains wondering what it might be like to live in such a pretty landscape.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountains, a vast system that runs down the eastern side of North America. The peaks are majestic and the views are spectacular.

For many owning a piece of land in this region is just a pipe dream. For others who make buying a home in this area a reality, there are many different types of property to choose from. Horse farms, log cabins, hobby farms or homes with a river frontage make up some of the real estate styles available.

If building a log cabin has always been your dream, there are lots of land available in the secluded forest with mountain views. In addition, horse farms complete with stables, barns and paddocks are available over all 4 states that are home to these mountains.

Virginia is a popular spot for hobby farm owners to make a living from the fertile land with crops and livestock. Complete with barns, creeks and acres of rolling hills, these hobby farms offer everything to sustain a family and make a profit.

Each of these real estate choices have one thing in common, the beautiful scenic Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop while you live a life of peace and tranquility away from the stress of the big cities.

Six Characteristics Of Naturally Seductive Men and Women

This is what I always say to men and women who come to me asking for my help approaching, attracting, seducing or playing hard to get with the opposite sex.

“You cannot RELAX and you cannot ADOPT THE FLEXIBLE UNAFRAID ATTITUDE that anything “sexual” calls for if you are not confident in your own sexual self”.

You may be technically good looking, fun, intelligent, socially charismatic and a really “nice” person but if your SEXUAL SELF is poisoned with neediness, disillusion, sense of inadequacy, need for control, low self esteem, bitterness and resentfulness, your AUTHENTIC SEXUAL INTENSITY will be held back, unnecessarily aggressive or superficial.

When the opposite sex sense that there is no AUTHENTIC SEXUAL INTENSITY in your words and actions they’ll treat you as someone who has no “relationship value”. This is when you really have to try hard and hang in there just to sustain a conversation or date, let alone a relationship. You try this pick-up line and that conversation starter, this flirting body language and that sexy pose, this seduction technique and that sexual position, to no avail. You can only helplessly watch as the man or woman in front of you or in your life slips away into someone else’s hands and life.

Granted, if you are really good looking, slap-knee hilarious, have great personal charisma (it’s possible to have personal charisma and no sexual charisma, those two are different) or if you have lots of money, you may be able to fool a man or woman for a few dates or even months. But if you are like most, after a while, carrying on with the “sexy” facade when deep inside you feel sexually inadequate gets really exhausting. You find yourself wondering and even resenting the fact that you have to pretend to be who you are not and do all those things just to please a man or woman — who may not even be showing any appreciation for your efforts and will in a moment take the next better offer.

What makes some men and women so intensely and effortlessly seductive is not a technique, good looks or even smart brains… what makes them so irresistible is that THEY ARE THE SEDUCTION!

1. They do not just PERFORM seduction, seductiveness is part of their makeup

Men and women with this kind of SEDUCTIVE PULL are so in touch with their sexual energy and so in sync with their sexual selves that seductiveness is WHO THEY ARE and not just what they say or do. This moment-to-moment awareness of the electrifying sexual energy flowing inside them makes it possible for them to walk around like MAGNETS. This is in contrast to what is commonly known as “hot woman” or “sexy man” where “being hot” or “being sexy” is a pose, an act, a tool entirely divorced from the sexual energy that directs behaviour and creates an AURA of sexual intensity.

2. They are confident in a way that inspires the other’s confidence and trust in them

They are certain of who they are, what they want, what they have to offer and the value of what they have to offer, yet they neither show off nor are they too eager to impress and please. This is very different from the “alpha-male” or “hot babe” all puffed up, detached or aloof confidence. This is a confidence that includes others — especially the woman or man they are seducing.

3. They operates on a personal and emotional level

Their seductiveness comes from their ability and tendency to focus on the personal and emotional state of others. They set the tone of “passionate” by demonstrating that they like who they are, that they enjoy the person they are with and that they appreciate the experience. This brightens the outlook of the man or woman they are seducing and heightens their responsiveness ultimately lifting the quality of the experience at hand.

4. They refuse to play a part — that of the Player or Trickster– and owe their seductiveness to this refusal!

They are NOT bound to any externally-driven techniques or egotistically designed rules and scripts, but instead have developed their own internally-driven self-regulation system (INNATE SEXUAL INSTINCTS) that informs and confirms their behaviours and responses in a given situation.

5.They are from tip to toe comfortable seducing – reveling in their own seductive energy and every bit immersed in the depth of their beingness!

For them, this is all part of living life in the most fully human manner possible. They make the earth (and life) feel like one great big playing field where their playful seductiveness come out to play and to eroticizes everything else in their magnetic field including the people that come in contact with their energy. They are interesting and fascinating to other people because they inspire others with their “let’s-live-life” intensity.

6. They are constantly changing and constantly emerging a new — always fresh in their words and actions

Nothing they say or do is rehearsed or scripted, everything happens in the unfolding moment of right now, right here, now-as-it-is-happening. This adaptable, flexible, innovative and creative ever-changing quality leads to a sense of personal mystery (thus “Mysterious”).

When you RECLAIM your AUTHENTIC SEXUAL SELF and give yourself the freedom to do things your own way — you become a conduit for a very powerful primal force. What you’ve done is given your primal sexual power the permission to stimulate your innate creativity, courage, tenacity and your CAPACITY TO STIR THE PRIMAL EMOTIONS and desires of others.

There is a natural seducer already inside all of us. Use your own natural instincts, sensations, emotions and desires to create very strong attraction.

Englyn Milwr – Solder's Lamenting Thoughts

Englyn Milwr, (pronounced en-glin mee-loor), is a unit of three lines in which the end words rhime. The three line format is referred to as a tercet rhyming pattern. This poem is of Welsh origin and generally has a theme of war. It is called the "Soldier's Englyn." Each line has seven (7) syllables and there is no limit to the number of stanzas the poem may have. This form is thought to have derived from the inscriptions on the Roman tombs in Wales. This style consists of three seven-syllable lines that rhyme. There exist eight types of Englyn poetry of which Englyn Milwr is only one type. The eight types of Englyn poems are as follows: Englynn milwr, Englyn penfyr, Englynn unodl union, Englyn unodl crwc, Englyn cyrch, Englyn proest dalgron, Englyn lleddfbroest, and Englyn proest gadwynog. The following is an example of the Englyn Milwr:

Soldier's Lamenting Thoughts

A soldier washed in passing

Heading for the front laughing

He was old and joints aching

By his wave I heard him say

Pray for me on this great day

That I may come back this way

One passed with a band head

He had a pocket with meds

His army shirt was in shreds

One held me close to his chest

He seemed stronger that the rest

Saying they will do their best

Their echoes left me a song

I know they could not be wrong

They were singing very strong

Bombs dropped, men died, side by side

Loved ones at home wept andried

In battle armies collide

One day I sat by the way

A soldier smiled that day

Going back the other way

He served his time on the lines

He gave me the blessing sign

Knelt, prayed and left me behind

What Vitamins Are in Meat?

Red meat contains high biological value protein and important micronutrients which is necessary for good health through life. It contains as well a range of fats, including essential omega-3 fats. Recent researchers have shown that there has been a major trend to leaner cuts of meat over the past two decades. While the nutritional composition will vary sometime according to breed, feeding regimen, season and meat cut, the following discussion will show that, in general, lean red meat has a relatively low fat content, is moderate in cholesterol, and is rich in protein and many essential vitamins and minerals.

In general lean red meat is a particularly good source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, zinc and iron, with 100 g providing more than 25% RDI of these nutrients. It also provides more than 10% RDI of riboflavin, pantothenic acid and selenium. Of the four meats, mutton is specifically nutrient-dense, and the richest source of thiamin, vitamins B6 and B12, phosphorus, iron and copper.

Protein and amino acids

Raw red muscle meat holds around 20-25 g protein / 100 g. Cooked red meat contains 28-36 g / 100 g, since the water content decreases and nutrients become more concentrated during cooking. The protein is highly digestible, around 94% compared with the digestibility of 86% in whole wheat and 78% in beans. Protein from meat provides all essential amino acids (lysine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, leucine, isoleucine, valine) and has no limiting amino acids. Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score is a method of evaluating the protein quality, with a maximum possible score of 1.0. Animal meats like beef have a score of approximately 0.9, compared with values ​​of 0.5-0.7 for most plant foods. The amino acid glutamic acid / glutamine is present in meat in the highest amounts (16.5%), followed by arginine, alanine and aspartic acid.

In conclusion: You can have red meat in you diet, and you'll still be able to lose weight, sine it's rich in all essential nutrients