How to Fit Plasterboard Around Sockets

If you've ever tried to fit plasterboard then you will know that one of the most difficult parts is when you have to make the cuts around sockets and things. This is where it all goes wrong for many people and they are left with huge big holes that later become a nightmare to fill and make good.

Would not it be nice if just for once, you could make one cut and have it fit perfectly first time. Well now you can because I promise you it's such a doodle when you know how.

I'm about to give you a little tip that will save all the rigmarole and make the job a so much easier. All you need to do is hold your piece of plasterboard up to the wall in the place that you want to put it, then where your sockets, or rather back boxes are (these are the metal boxes that the plastic socket cover with the plug fittings screws into), give the board a good tap and you will make an mark on the back of the plasterboard where the cut needs to be. Simply cut it out with a sharp blade and when you fit the plasterboard permanently in place, you should find that it fits accurately around the socket.

Another way of doing this is also leading the front of the back box around the edges with a pencil before pressing the board up it to get the impression in the right place. Believe it or not, I've even known people to mark the socket with 'tomato sauce' to make the impression onto the board. Now tomato sauce may taking matters a little bit far, but I guess the idea here is to just get that impression on the plasterboard where the precise cut needs to be.

Next time you're taking on a project where you need to fit plasterboard, be sure to try this simple but very effective and time saving method. Please always be cautious and careful when working around any electrical sockets. Where possible, you should always isolate the sockets power supply to ensure complete safety. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician to do this for you.

Flos Lamps – Novel Illuminating Concepts

Flos Lamps have come up with novel illuminating concepts. Their exotic range of custom-made residential and commercial lighting systems has changed the rules of artificial illumination. The systems are designed in such a way that they generate balanced lighting for any space.

Change the way your home looks by choosing from the exciting and wide range devices. Table lamps, pendants, and chandeliers reveal your sense of style. Moreover, it should also make the room look more lively and cozy. You should take great care while choosing the fixtures for your home or office as you will not be changing them for many years.

How to give a new look to your home?

While decorating your home with the latest illumination devices, the first thing which you should keep in mind is the décor of the space. If you have modern furnishings then bright lights will be appropriate. On the other hand, if you do have more traditional room décor then soft lights will work wonders. You may even opt for traditional chandeliers. Switches to dim lights also add appeal to all types of décor.

Flos offer a wide range of designer fittings to suit every type of décor. These devices are masterpieces by the international designers from across the world. Cutting-edge technologies are used to enhance any indoor or outdoor environment. You can get eco-friendly fixtures as well.

* Types of fixtures available

* Pendants and chandeliers

* Table lamps

* Wall scones

* Outdoor lighting systems

* Room illumination ideas

You should select fixtures according to type of space that you want to light up. Flos Lamps offers an interesting collection of lighting fixtures for every room type. Clavius ​​LT table lamps, Columbia wall systems, and Venus II wall sconce are some of the living room devices offered by Flos. Poppy suspension lights and totem pendant lights are some of the modern bedroom illumination fittings. In order to make your kids room exciting you can install mini button ceiling lights, giovi wall sconce, muse pendants, and leaves ceiling lights.

Outdoor lighting ideas

Flos also provides an exciting range of outdoor lighting options. This viable range of structures comes in fluorescent and incandescent versions. Some of the outdoor lighting fixtures include Nikko outdoor light, Havana outdoor pendants, polo outdoor wall lights and fixtures made of stone.

Some of these devices may seem somewhat expensive. But in the long run a good illumination system is cheaper because it is more durable and stylish.

How Do Neon Lights Work?

Neon lights are actually one of the oldest forms of lighting available, and their history goes back all the way to 1910. They work be running an electric current through the neon gas in the center of the tube. This process accounts for both the good and bad properties of neon lighting. In this article, I will discuss how neon lights work and how this process sets them apart from other forms of lighting.

Neon lights were originally invented by the Frenchman, Georges Claude. He discovered that the recently discovered gas, neon, will illuminate when an electrical current is run through it. What happens is that, as the electricity runs through the gas, the gas gradually ionizes and eventually it will emit light. If you run enough current through the gas, then the light will be constant.

So-called “Neon lights” actually aren’t entirely made of neon. In fact, some have no neon at all It was very quickly discovered that the other noble gases, such as helium, argon, krypton and xenon, had exactly the same reactions when electrified. Moreover, they glowed in different colors. Helium is pink. Neon is orange. Argon is light blue. Krypton is light purple. Finally, xenon is dark purple. When mixed in different quantities, the noble gases can produce many different colors of light. They all retained the name “neon light,” because neon was the first gas used in this kind of lighting.

Some of the peculiarities of neon tubes are the result of how they work. For instance, have you ever wondered why neon tubes can flicker? The reason is that they will build up a current slowly, but will only emit light once they reach a certain point. When the current is weak, the gas is not receiving enough current to replace the current it has just emitted as light, and it drops below the point at which it glows again.

Also, have you ever wondered why neon tubes are so common for street signs? The reason is that, at the end of the day, a neon light is just a tube of gas with electrodes at each end. It doesn’t require a filament, like an incandescent bulb, or a fluorescent coating, like a fluorescent bulb. So, the tubes can easily be bent into almost any shape. In fact, the tubes can be almost indefinitely long as well, but because they are cheaper to replace if broken, people usually use much shorter tubes.

Neon lights have a fascinating history and are unique in their design. They have been an important part of lighting design for generations and will be for generations to come.

Portable Sound Barriers: Solving Gas Well and Gas Rig Noise Problems

Noise pollution from oil and gas drilling and production is an important issue for many landowners living in close proximity to these developments.

Landowners often complain about noise levels produced by natural gas compressors. The noise level variates with the size of the compressor and distance from the compressor; and it changes with shifts in wind direction and intensity. Depending on wind speed and direction, the constant roaring sounds of a gas compressor can be heard three to four miles from an oil drilling site.

Noise from oil and gas development comes from a number of sources: truck traffic, drilling and completion activities, well pumps and compressors. For some landowners, noise from oil and gas operations is so loud that it makes them feel as if they are living in an industrial zone. For people who live in rural areas, the arrival of a new, industrial noise source can greatly disturb the natural environmental sounds that they are accredited to.

An acceptable noise abatement solution is necessary to protect the area residents from unwanted noise pollution. Typically a Sound Barrier Wall would be installed to eliminate industrial sound. This is not a viable solution to oil and gas drilling however, due to its constant changing of locations.

There are new mobile absorptive sound wall units which are easy to assemble, disassemble and move. Since oil and gas drilling are temporary projects, moving from one well to another, a portable sound wall can be used to eliminate the unwanted noise during the drilling and moved from one site to the next with little effort.
With the inclusion of a mobile sound wall in oil and gas drilling activities near residential areas, residents will be able to enjoy their peaceful quite vicinity through the completion of the project.

Wallpaper and Borders – Tricks of the Trade For Decorating Or Accenting a Room Decor With Ease

Putting up wallpaper is a task which very very people enjoy. Aside from the obvious mess, it can take an extra amount of time and preparation. There are a couple of tricks or techniques to avoid a challenging mess. However, before a finger is even lifted to open a roll of wallpaper or border, choosing the pattern, color and theme can take some length of time.

The selections available for the various patterns, themes and colors of wallpaper and wallpaper borders are astounding. Big block home improvement stores almost always have a very limited stock available. The most popular designs are kids' themed or flowery types. Settling for what is in stock is never a good idea. Ask the clerk for a catalog or other samples. Better yet, visit a shop specializing in wallpaper, paint and home décor. It will be far easier to match up color palettes so that clashing does not occur.

If the home owner is decorating from scratch, it will be much easier to pick the main colors to be used from swatches and coordinate wallpaper with those swatches. Should the walls already have a main paint color or wallpaper applied to the walls, try to find the original piece of wallpaper or paint to create a swatch. Sometimes this just will not be possible. In this case carefully remove a small obscured piece of the existing wall decor, if possible, from the wall to use as a sample.

Once the wallpaper or border has been purchased and the home owner is ready to begin applying the wallpaper, there are a couple of tricks to take advantage of in order to maintain the nearest work area possible. Having a large open surface, such as a countertop or dining room table in or near the room to be decorated, is a must. If none is available, an inexpensive 4 'by 4' folding table will serve to set the water trough on used for submerging the wallpaper. Having the trough elevated near waist height will save a good amount of back pain and stiffness later. The worst case scenario is using a bath which is clean from any cleaning chemical residue or a wide plank of wood.

A very sturdy foot stool in prime condition will usually be easier to maneuver than even the smallest step ladder. If the room being decorated has cathedral type ceilings the home owner may not have this choice. It is vitally important not to step on the top or the second ladder rung from the top. Over extending one's reach while standing on a foot stool or ladder is also the most common cause for ladder injury. It is almost guaranteed that the individual will fall. DO NOT DO THIS!

It is always recommended to have a helper nearby when hanging full rolls of wallpaper and sometimes borders. Not only will this speed up the process, but will also be easier for the decorator. There is a well kept secret "trick", however, which even many professionals are not yet aware.

There is a specialized tool designed to make applying a wallpaper border quite simple and fast without a second wallpapering or border buddy. The tool allows an individual to spool out the border, with only one hand and temporarily and quickly secure itself to the wall while the user slides the foot stool over to continue spooling the border out. What can easily take two people a couple of hours to apply a border to just one average room; the average person with this tool can do it in perhaps a half-hour.

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Fireproof Gun Safe

In today's society, purchasing a gun or any firearm must be licensed, and at the same time, one should have the responsibility of keeping it in a secure place. Firearms are dangerous if left unsecured in the hands of children or thieves. Keeping it very secure in a fireproof gun safe is the best way to keep it out of reach from anyone unauthorized to use it. Before buying a fireproof gun safe, consider the ff. factors:
1. The Size of Your Gun Safe

There are different safes for firearms that can be considered. There is a much longer and bigger rifle safe for storing 3 to 5 rifles and other valuables as well. There is also a much smaller gun safe for handguns that can also accommodate other valuables as well. Whatever size you choose, you need to be aware of how much valuables you need to keep inside of it as well.

2. Purchasing a Gun Safe

If you plan on keeping legal documents and films, and other computer media items as well, it is better to invest in a gun safe that has a much higher temperature range. Paper and films can easily be charred, and the best way to keep them secure is having a safe which will not damage these valuables easily.

3. Maximum Burn Time

How long do you need the safe to be fireproof? Fireproof safes range from one to three hours burn time before it can infiltrate the contents of the safe. Determine how far you are from the fire station and where your house resides. Are you living in a provincial area or within the city? If you are within the city, chances are you are located near a fire station. If you are in a provincial area, it would take much time for a fire truck to extinguish the fire. Thus, you would need a much longer burn time for a safe.

4. Kind of security lock to be used

A combination safe has security locks ranging from simple to complex. If you want to have a safe which can not be opened easily, you can keep all your valuables like jewelry and cash. On the other hand, if you need to open the safe using a much simpler combination lock, you can keep valuables that you think you need to have access easily.

5. Location of your safe

Before purchasing a safe, imagine where you want your safe to be located. If it is on the upper floor of your house, can it secure the heavy weight of a much bigger safe? If you want it on the first floor, you can try an in-floor safe that is firmly bolted on the ground. This is much more secure and safe.

Just remember all these factors mentioned before purchasing any fireproof gun safe. Try to research about different kinds of fireproof gun safes, compare and ask the differences and canvas as well. It is better knowing what kind of fireproof gun safe you will be needing, than investing in something that is impractical for you.

Installing Laminate Flooring – What To Expect

Installing laminate flooring doesn’t have to be hard. If you do your research and read all the directions that come with your purchase, you should have a handle on what to expect when you are installing laminate flooring.

The first thing you need to know before installing laminate flooring in your home, is that laminate flooring must be allowed to acclimate to its new environment. You can do this easily by placing the boxes of laminate in the room where you are planning on installing your laminate flooring. Do this for at least 48 hours, with 72 hours being ideal. If you don’t do this, the flooring may buckle. This is the most common mistake that is made when installing laminate flooring.

You must leave a gap between any obstacles and that includes walls. If you don’t leave a gap, this too may cause buckling after installing laminate flooring. If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s directions to a T, you may invalidate your warranty.

If you plan on installing laminate flooring over a concrete surface, you will need to erect a vapor barrier. You should tape seams with a tape that is moisture resistant. You should never install laminate flooring over a drain.

Some makers of laminate flooring say that installing laminate flooring over a carpet is acceptable. It should not be carpeting that has a low pile or a hard twist. You need to watch out for separation when you are installing laminate flooring over a carpet.

When installing laminate flooring, the smallest piece shouldn’t be any less than eight inches in length and the width shouldn’t be less than two inches. You should measure the room where you intend on installing laminate flooring. Proper preparation procedures can make installing laminate flooring a breeze and can help you to avoid costly mistakes later on.

Before installing laminate flooring, ensure that the surface has no soft spots or dings. If you have a squeaky floor, installing laminate flooring over the problem will not fix it. Installing laminate flooring can be a challenging project, but armed with the correct knowledge; installing laminate flooring can be a snap.

Is Jeff Cavaliere’s Athlean X Training Sytem Overhyped?

When it comes to health and fitness issues, it’s difficult to know who you should believe, so before investing any money I always conduct some research on my own. I suspect you found this page because you want the straight goods on Jeff Cavaliere’s AthLEAN-X Training System. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I believe that I can save you some time by sharing my insights.

In case you didn’t know, Jeff Cavaliere is the former physical therapist and assistant strength coach of the New York Mets. That’s right, Major League Baseball, so immediately bells start going off in my head:

“How’s a baseball guy going to show me how to get fit, order me to take grounders and shag some flies?”

In fact, I’ve read some reviews that really harp on Jeff’s real motives for using AthLEAN-X to enter the fitness mainstream. Like he’s jumping on the “Build lean muscle, burn excess fat at the same time” bandwagon and wants to be like that infomercial fitness guy I keep seeing on TV. All for a fast buck…

However, as I dug a little deeper into AthLEAN-X, I soon realized that there was more to Cavaliere than met the eye. Sure, he works with celebrities and pro athletes like Mets’ third baseman David Wright. Yes, his baseball background influences the AthLEAN-X package. Still, it looks like Jeff is doing US a favor by taking the best stuff from his Mets’ days and combining it with his unique training background to offer a formula for getting a ripped, Athletically LEAN, muscular body.

Sounds to me like a good base from which to work from (no baseball pun intended!).

As I continued with my research, I was quite impressed with the number of customer testimonials from people who went through the 90-day AthLEAN-X program, and continued to stay with it long afterwards.

Some people really liked the variability of Cavaliere’s program (N.B. Jeff offers over one-hundred forty exercises, all fully illustrated and personally explained). Others like the simplicity of the daily and weekly program breakdown. Everyone seemed to appreciate the intense, compact nature of the workouts themselves – at most forty minutes a day of either strength or conditioning (not both), five days a week.

Some guy even put up his ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures:

Before: A sick and exhausted looking guy after going through two months with a competing product.

After: Same guy, now full of energy and confidence (and defined abs) six weeks into AthLEAN-X.

Based on what I learned about the AthLEAN-X Training System, I went ahead and picked up a copy and wrote up a full review of the product.

Overall I ranked it an 8.5 out of 10.

2011 Audi Q7 Review

This model is 110 pounds heavier than its predecessor and available with 21 inch alloy wheel with titanium effect and metallic shades. Audi Q7 may face some tough competition from BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne. National base price of 2011 Audi Q7 is around $ 45, 700 which excludes destination charges.

Styles and Trim Level:

2011 Audi Q7 is a full size crossover Sports Utility vehicle which is capable of accommodating seven individuals. This sedan is available with three trim levels which include Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige trim levels.

2011 Audi Q7 Premium trim is offered with 18 inch alloy wheels, roof rails, rear parking sensors, dual zone automatic climate control, power lift gates which include programmable opening angle, automatic wipers, heated eight way power front seats with lumbar adjustment and leather upholstery . Some of the additional features offered with this sedan are split second row seats, tilt and telescopic steering column, auto dimming rear view mirrors, Audi's Multi media Interface, Bluetooth connectivity and audio system with 11 speakers, console mounted sic CD chargers, satellite radio, single CD player, I-Pod interface and satellite radio. TDI premium model is offered with additional chrome trim and 19 inch wheels.

Audi Q7 Premium Plus trim is offered with xenon headlights, panoramic sunroof, LED running lights, power folding mirrors, auto dimming rear view mirrors, driver seat with memory function, driver seat with memory function, Bose Premium audio system with DVD capability and HD radio and navigation system. This model can also be armored with Warm Weather Package which includes four zone automatic climate control, deep tint panoramic sunroof and manual sunshade for tail gate and rear doors.

2011 Audi Q7 TDI Prestige trim is added with 20 inch wheels, keyless ignition and entry, blind spot warning system, adaptive headlights, power tilt and telescopic steering column, warm weather package and ventilated front seats. Audi Q7 3.0TS line Prestige trim is added with some extra features which include 20 inch wheels, super charged V6 engine, head light washers and S line exterior trim and styles. S line accessories are also available with TDI Prestige trim as an optional feature. Some of the optional features available with Prestige trim include adaptive air suspension, adaptive cruise control, 21 inch wheels, Bang and Olufsen Sound system with 14 speakers and S Line package with special interior trim.

Some of the optional features on Audi Q7 are cold weather package, heated steering wheel, heated rear seats and Towing Package.

Engine and Performance:

2011 Audi Q7 3.0T Premium and Premium Plus trim is armored with 3.0 L capacity Supercharged V6 engine and Audi Q7 3.0TS line trim is armored with more powerful engine which is capable of generating 333 HP of power and 325 lb-ft of torque. Both powertrain is mated with all wheel drive channel and eight speed automatic gear transmission.


* Base Number of Cylinders: 6

* Base Engine Size: 3 liters

* Base Engine Type: V6

* Horsepower: 272 HP

* Max Horsepower: 4750 RPM

* Torque: 295 ft-lbs.

* Max Torque: 2250 RPM

* Maximum Towing Capacity: 6600 Pounds

* Drive Type: AWD

* Turning Circle: 39.4 feet


* City: 16 MPG

* Highway: 22 MPG

* Combined: 18 MPG

Audi Q7 TDI is armored with 3.0 L capacity V6 turbocharged diesel engine which generates 225 HP of power and 405 lb-ft of power. Under test conditions this model accelerated from zero to 60 MPH in 8.6 seconds.


* City: 17 MPG

* Highway: 25 MPG

* Combined: 20 MPG

Design and Features:

Audi Q7 scores maximum marks for its interior. Dash is perfectly driver oriented which houses Multi Media Interface which is easy to use. Front seat of this sedan offers maximum head and legroom and rear seat is little cramped which can easily accommodate average individual and third seat is comfortable only for small kids. When both second and third row seats are folded then this sedan offers 72.5 cubic feet of cargo space which is sub-par when compared to its competitors.


* Wheelbase: 118.2 inch

* Length, Overall: 200.3 inch

* Width, Max without mirrors: 78.1 inch

* Height overall: 68.4 inch

* Track Width Front: 65.0 inch

* Track Width Rear: 66.0 inch

* Min Ground Clearance: 8.1 inch

* Min Ground Clearance: 9.4 inch

* Lift over Height: 32.9 inch

* Cargo Volume to Seat 1: 72.5 Cubic Feet

* Cargo Volume to Seat 2: 42.0 Cubic Feet

* Cargo Volume to Seat 3: 10.9 Cubic Feet

* Passenger Capacity: 7

* Passenger Volume: 133.2 Cubic Feet

* Front Head Room: 40.0 inch

* Front Leg Room: 41.3 inch

* Front Shoulder Room: 58.7 inch

* Second Head Room: 37.2 inch

* Second Leg Room: 37.1 inch

* Second Shoulder Room: 58.1 inch


2011 Audi Q7 is armored with some standard safety accessories which include stability control, antilock brakes, traction control, full length side curtain airbags, parking sensors and front seat side airbags. Audi Q7 is also offered with rear view camera which is available only with Premium Plus and Prestige Trim levels. All the trim levels are offered with optional second row side airbags.

Braking Distance (from 60 MPH to 0 MPH): 132 feet

In government crash test Audi Q7 received five stars for side and frontal crash protection. This vehicle has also received GOOD rating for side and frontal offset crash protection from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Other Specifications:

* Suspension Type Front: Independent with Adaptive Air

* Suspension Type Rear: Independent with Adaptive Air

* Brake Type: Power

* Brake ABS System: 4 Wheel

* Front Brake Rotor Diameter: 13.8 x 1.34 Inch

* Rear Brake Rotor Diameter: 13.0 x 1.10 Inch

* Front Tire Size: 255 / 55R18

* Rear Tire Size: 255/55 R 18

* Spare Tire Size Compact

* Front Wheel Size: 18 x 8.0 inch

* Rear Wheel Size: 18 x 8.0 inch

* Spare Wheel Size: Compact inch

* Front Wheel Material: Aluminum

* Rear Wheel Material: Aluminum

* Spare Wheel Material: Steel

* Steering Type: Power Rack and Pinion

* Steering Ratio Overall: 16.5: 1

2011 Audi Q7


Available with diesel variant

Top safety scores

Well crafted interior


Limited cargo space

Lacks DVD entertainment system

Cramped third row seats.

Enhancing a Relaxing Water Spot With Retractable Awnings

Water features like pools, jacuzzi, hot tubs are a daily vacation, a way to relax with friends and family or have a few moments of healing tranquility. These areas are for features which provide cooling shade, privacy, and intimidation – all possible through the protection of retractable awnings. That's why one of the most common uses for retractable awnings is shading a pool or hot tub. As finishing Touches to existing pools or as part of plans for a new one, incorporated retractable awnings into the landscaping design to expand the usability and comfort of the outdoor escape.

Benefits of Hydration

Cool, clear blue water, breaking into little crystalline reflections. Frothy hot bubbles. Smooth tile. Just thinking of a pool or hot tub can unwind stress-tight muscles. Pools and hot tubs are installed for just that sensation of peace and tranquility.

Although they target health in slight different ways, on the one hand emphasizing smooth-moving exercise and the other warmth and relief, pools and hot tubs accomplish the same beneficial effects: physical and mental health. There are a number of different ways that pools and hot tubs help improve overall lifestyle:

o Stress relief, easing the effects of tension, headaches, even insomnia
o Low-impact exercise
o Pain relief for muscles, joints, bones, and injuries

Pools and hot tubs are even social features, providing a meeting point for friends and family and giving an emotional and relationship boost.

Whatever the reasons for installing a pool or hot tub, assessing how it will be used makes it clear how a retractable awning can help. For a pool that you'll use on sunny afternoons, use a retractable awning to create a cooling, shady area to sit or play; for evening swims, a retractable awning at the west end of the pool can cut the glare of the sun. With hot tubs, drop screens can provide privacy, while lateral arm awnings provide additional sun, glare, heat, and UV protection.

Planning the Atmosphere

Aptly-located retractable awnings give harmony and balance to the design of the water feature – and only a few minutes into a pool project will show there is more to a pool or hot tub than setting in a unit.

Pools and hot tubs set a mood, and that atmosphere is maintained by the elements around the pool: plants, seating, lighting, and accessories like toys and towels. Retractable awnings play a role, too, by bringing adjustable shade elements that can protect plants, cut both UV rays and glare, control temperatures, and provide privacy.

One great asset of retractable awnings is controlling sunlight. Temperatures under awnings can be 20 degrees cooler than exposed areas, giving welcome respite from hot summer sunshine. Blocking UV rays is good for the skin, and Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic, a popular retractable awning fabric, is actually endorsed by the American Skin Cancer Association. Using a retractable awning to shade west- and southern-facing areas mitigating the worst of the sunlight.

The retractable awning fabric can even be a design feature. The sunlight beaming through the woven solution-dyed acrylic gives a diffuse glow of color, so peppy hues like yellows, pinks, reds, and oranges will naturally make the area look happy and festive, while cool tones like greens, lilacs, and turquoises will make a tranquil, seaside atmosphere.

The most traditional style of retractable awning is a lateral arm, which is a simple, flat stretch of fabric held taut by two or more arms. These can be quite large, large enough to fully cover a patio. Lateral arm retractable awnings are ideal for shade and temperature control, so they're perfect to protect seating near a pool, cover a hot tub, or shade shallow areas in a pool for lounging. Retractable awnings are good for the plants landscaped around the water feature by preventing the sun from burning them at the height of the day.

Vertical drop awning systems are another common type of awning, which hang and retract vertically. These are perfect for added privacy, as well as blocking bugs, dust, and pollen, and are popular for hot tubs.

Living the Good Life

Using retractable awnings around your pool or hot tub can be easy. Motors move awnings at the touch of a button or remote control. Light sensors can lower drop screen awnings at night for intrusion and privacy or to position lateral arm awnings to best prevent sunburns. Incorporate retractable awnings into parties – string Christmas lights or very lightweight paper lanterns across lateral arm awnings for a festive look, or use a drop screen as a makeshift movie screen. Retractable awnings are a lovely home feature in and of themselves, and incorporating them into the daily use of pool and hot tub features gains the peaceful, spa-like atmosphere of your own backyard.

Moscow – An Interesting Place to Visit

When in Moscow the sun is falling, at the east side of Russia the sun is rising. This is what makes this country different from its European neighbors. Its farthest regions are at the east side farther than China; the island of Sajalin practically Touches Japan and over the ice of the Bering Strait, that separates Siberia and Alaska, from time to time an Eskimo crosses from side to side.

Russia owns cotton plantations in Central Asia, petroleum in Volga and Daguestall, big woods, etc. A sixth part of our planet is occupied by Russia. A country with those dimensions has to have a capital that shows to the exterior world the power of the nation. The tradition says that Moscow, the same that Roma and Bizancio, was built over seven hills; these hills might not be appreciated, but what can be seen from any point of the city is some of the "Seven Candles or Seven sisters of Stalin", an encyclopedic skyscrapers of Baroque-Gothic Russian style. Among them, the hotels Ukraine and Leningrad, and Lomonosov University, placed on Lenin hill from where the whole city of Moscow can be observed.

One of the things that catches the attention as soon as you get Moscow is that the pavement of the city is undulated. Even the Red Public square, that one imagines plane, results to be excessively convex, which produces a sensation of profundity. What in Russia is called Krasnaja Ploscard (Krasnaja means red and beautiful, because red was considered the most beautiful color), the republic square where it can be seen the walls of the Kremlin, the famous Gum Stores, the Museum of History, and the magic Cathedral of Saint Basilio, is the core of the city and of all Russia.

Crossed by the extensive turns of the Moskova, before becoming into that beehive of more than 100 millions of habitants, before lodging the fastest and most beautiful "metro" of the world, before leaving space to exuberant wooded boulevards, the city was limited only to the Kremlin. It used to be said that: "over Moscow, it is the Kremlin and over the Kremlin, it is the sky.", With its cathedral, palaces, and public squares.

Develop Six Pack Abs With "Static Prone Bridge" Exercise

Resistance training is an activity that uses a large number of muscle groups in a rhythmic movement through free weights and exercise machines. People who perform resistance training over a given period of time are at a significantly lower risk of dying from obesity-linked health complications such as cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and hypertension.

Resistance training allows your body to use oxygen more efficiently. It helps improve muscle coordination and stimulates your digestion. Moreover, it improves your posture and delays the effects of natural aging process.

A regular resistance training routine promotes a good psychological and emotional health. Numerous researchers have revealed that people who perform 3-4 sessions of resistance training per week are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than those who do not resistance train.

Before you begin a low intensity exercise program, you should get a complete physical examination to assess your fitness level. Your physician can also recommend you an exercise stress test so that you can lay out a fitness plan suited to your needs.

Static Prone Bridge is an excellent exercise that helps shed fat from abdominal region. Perform this exercise at least thrice a week to develop sexy abs. In order to begin this exercise, use forearms and elbows to suspend your body off the ground. Hold your position for approximately 45 seconds. Perform 2 sets, 12-20 reps each.

Static Prone Bridge makes a medium difficulty exercise and it should be performed in the supervision of a qualified professional fitness trainer. Not only will a personal trainer tell you the right technique to execute it safely, but he will also guide you on how to cut back on your calories take. Moreover, a gym trainer will guide you down the path to fitness by creating a specific resistance training routine for you.

In order to lose weight fast, make sure that you follow a healthy and balanced diet plan. Replace junk foods such as pastries, biscuits, cakes and hamburgers with fruits, vegetables and nuts. Avoid the consumption of fizzy drinks such as sodas, beverages and alcoholic drinks. Drink fresh fruit juices, water and milk. Do not consume processed foods as they are loaded with saturated fat, preservatives and calories. Frozen meals are packaged with sodium and trans fats and their consumption must be avoided. Remember that your meal should contain no more than 8g of saturated fat and 350 mg of sodium. Swap full-fat dairy products for low-fat products.

Cable Assemblies Vs Wire Harnesses – What's Different?

On the outside, it may seem that there are no major differences between cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Oftentimes you will hear the two terms used interchangeably by experts and professionals alike, which can lead to confusion, not to mention the potential for wasted time and money. Some of the main differences are highlighted here so that you will have a clear idea of ​​what exactly makes cable assemblies and wire harnesses so distinct.

Wire Harnesses

As the name suggests, in order to assemble this you will need a wire, which is also referred to as a conductor. The wire can be an individual strand or a group of strands which is then covered by sheathing, which is typically a type of thermoplastic or thermoset. These groupings of wires need to be bound together and held in place with either a cable tie, tubing or woven braiding. One of the slight drawbacks of wire harnesses is since the wires only have one layer of sheathing, protection from natural elements such as rain is limited.

A major upside is that it is much smaller in size and weight than a cable assembly. This means that you will save money on both material and labor costs. If you are not concerned about environmental vulnerability and exposure, or your installation is minimal, then this may be the preferred choice for you. More often than not, a wire harness will be found inside items such as vehicles, computers, control cabinets and electronic assemblies.

Cable Assemblies

These are found in various places and more often than not they are exposed, unlike wire harnesses. You can found cable assemblies in medical devices, military electronics, industrial controls and security products, just to name a few. One of the advantages of a cable assembly is that, unlike a wire harness, there are extra layers of plastic sheathing which will provide more protection against the elements. This is especially important if you are working in volatile environments. Having all of your conductors in one neat bundle also makes it easier to work around and transport.

With assemblies, you also have the bonus of being able to allow connectors on the ends of the cables to be over molded. This essentially seals the entire cable off and further protects against wear and tear and potential damages. The main drawback to a cable assembly is due to all the extra layers of sheathing, the size and weight will be considered increased. In certain situations this will make transportation and assembly more difficult and the cost for materials and labor will increase. However, the money you will save from environmental damages far outweighs these initial investments in security.

While there are many differences between cable assemblies and wire harnesses, they are both extremely useful and necessary in today's world. No matter what profession you find yourself in, more than likely you are using both of these items both in the workplace and at home.

Corruption Due to Resizing of Mounted Ext2 File System

The Ext2 (second extended) file system is an advanced file system for Linux kernel. It is possible to resize the Ext2, while it is mounted. This is possible using the ext2 online utility. However, you should always have a complete and valid backup of your mission critical data before uploading an online or mounted file system. In case anything goes wrong, you may come encounter serious data loss situations, which requires Linux recovery software to be fixed.

You can resize only the mounted Ext2. In order to use the ext2online utility, you must have Online ext2 resize support (CONFIG_EXT2_RESIZE) option enabled in your Linux Kernel. You can enable this feature after applying an appropriate patch for 2.x kernel series.

The files system, which is specified by the device, or the mountpoint must be mounted currently. By default, the mounted files system is enlarged to fill up the device. If you have specified an optional size parameter, then it uses the specified size instead. If optional modifier is not available, it is taken from Ext2 blocks.

The ext2 online utility does not modify size of actual storage device. When you want to enlarge it, you should expand under storage device first. You can do it online for the logical volumes, using the lvextend tool that combines files system resizing and LV extensions.

The original architecture or design of Ext2 does not provide online resizing option. There are some limitations to the amount of resizing, that you can do while your file is mounted. Without any preparation, you can resize Ext2 to next 256 MB range for 1 KB, 2 GB for 2 KB, and 16 GB for 4 KB.

You should always keep in mind that resizing the mounted file system is integrally risky and causes corruption. At this point, Linux data recovery becomes essential.

Linux recovery is best possible using advanced and powerful third-party applications, known as Ext2 Recovery software. With interactive graphical user interface and read-only conduct, they are completely safe and easy to use in all data loss situations.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software ensures absolute recovery of lost Linux data using high-end scanning techniques. The software recovers data from Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12 volumes. It works well with all major distributions of Linux operating system, including Red Hat, SUSE, Mandriva, Fedora, and Ubuntu.

A Basic List of Hand Tools Needed For Kids to Get Started in Woodworking

You can buy the tools that you don’t already have as you get to them in the book or you can go ahead and buy them all at once. In the article below I give suggestions as to sizes and styles that can help children get the most out of their use. The advantage in having all your tools ahead of time is that it will save you from having to run around trying to find what you’ll need the day before you start a new project just to find out it’s sold out. Another advantage is you can often times find all the tools you need online at one site. This can save you time and money.

Here is a list of tools you’ll need. Use this to compare what you already have to what you’ll need to purchase. You can buy each child their own set (which would be nice since one of the first projects is a tool box) or they can share tools. (But getting kids to do that is an entire book unto itself.)

A. Measuring Tape (12′) they make measuring tapes that have the fractions labeled on the tape to make it easier to read especially if your child is just learning about fractions.

B. Ruler (12″) wooden ones are easier to read than the clear or colored plastic ones.

C. Hammer (7 – 10oz for smaller children, 16oz for older children with better hand eye coordination)

D. Screwdrivers: flathead and Phillips

E. Nail set

F. Handsaw (western or Japanese style)

G. Coping saw

H. Block plane

I. Brace Drill (Hand drill)

J. Rasp

K. Sandpaper (100, 120, 150, 180 grits)

L. Glue (white or yellow) water proof for outdoor projects

M. Screws and nails (a box each of 1 ¼” and 1 5/8″ drywall screws and a box each of 3d, 4d, and 6d finish nails will get you through most projects in this book).

N. Clamps (See the lesson on building the step stool for information on clamps).

O. Safety glasses (it may take some extra effort, but find a pair that fits your child. They will become frustrated quickly if every time they start to swing a hammer they have to push their glasses back up on their noses. Manufactures do make child size glasses it just might take some looking around to find them.)

P. Combination square

Q. Speed square

Again, this isn’t a complete list of the hand tools needed to build any project imaginable, but it’s a great start. Armed with the above list of hand tools you can conquer all the projects in our book, “Woodshop 101 for Kids”