What Are the Advantages of the Downdraft Gas Cooktop?

It is inevitable that when you are cooking your home will be filled with the smells of food. In the short term this is not necessarily a problem. However, after a while you may find that your home has rather unpleasing lingering food odors, and if you are frying or grilling, smoke may also become a problem. This is where the downdraft gas cooktop comes in particularly useful.

The standard solution to this particular problem is to install a cooker hood which incorporates a fan and filter, or a venting system. In this instance, the fan in the hood draws the odors, steam and smoke in stopping it from drifting around your home. The problem with this arrangement is that installing a cooker hood is often often impractical in many kitchens. Cooker hoods do take up a lot of space and in some kitchen arrangements are just impossible to fit. Also, for those people for whom aesthetics are important within a kitchen, they can be considered to be unsightly.

The duddraft gas cooktop provides a solution to this particular problem. This appliance has a powerful fan as an integral part of it. This allows for the cooking smells, steam and smoke to be drawn quickly away before it has chance to leave the immediate cooking area. The offending odors are then sent out of your home through a pipe, often out under the floor.

This, of course, goes against nature. The warm air that carries your kitchen odors wants to travel upwards as it is lighter than the cooler air around it. In order for your downdraft gas cooktop to be effective therefore, the fan that sucks down the warm air needs to be very powerful, but at the same time it is not so powerful that it becomes an irritation. It also means that they are somewhat impractical for small kitchens are there is simply not enough airflow. Larger kitchens can take downdraft cooktops much better as the increased space means that there is greater airflow around the cooking space.

In conclusion, the downdraft gas cooktop does offer some significant advantages in some specific circumstances where space is limited or where you simply do not want a cooker hood due to how it may look in your kitchen.

Paint Markers For Auto Dealers, Body Shops and Parts Suppliers

Paint marks automative repair and automotive retail industries.

Windshield paint markers up to 1 1/2 "in width were developed as a convenient delivery system. Markers are easier to use and create less mess than brush and bottles applicators. 25 cents per letter as compared to 3 cents per letter with paint marks. Tips are acrylic and initially take a few minutes for the paint to wick down and load the tip. are acrylic, water based paint with UV resistant additives and specifically designed to be rain resistant yet come off easily with mild cleaners or a razor blade. The paint also will not "ghost" windshields. from manufacturers such as Posca, Artline, and Sharpie.

Body panel marks have become popular with insurance adjusters and collision shop estimators as a means of identifying damage and customer information on body panels and windshields. Similar in characteristics to the windshield markers: panel marks are resistant to water yet removable with most mild cleaners. Tips are available in medium tip (5mm), broad tip (8mm to 12mm) and broad tip (17mm to 20mm) and up to nine colors. The most popular colors being fluorescent orange, green, and yellow. Popular brand names include Posca, Autowriter, and Artline.

Permanent paint marks for permanent marking of parts are used in place of tags and labels and available in melt tip for smooth metal surfaces, solid paint marks for wet surfaces, and steel tip marks for rough surfaces. Permanent markers use oil based enamel paint that have the ability to mark on oily surfaces and resist weathering. Popular brands of industrial permanent paint marks are Dykem, Markal, Unipaint, and Artline.

Bowling – Common Mistakes And How To Fix Them

I want to address one of the most common mistakes facing most bowlers. Fast feet is a huge problem that most bowlers deal with, fast feet is when your feet are ahead of the swing during or at the end of the approach. When bowlers are facing fast feet they are generally slightly off balance and are turned sideways by the end of the approach.

Fast feet also cause mistakes in other areas of the bowler’s game, such as dropping the shoulders, the inability to stay down with the shot and maintain balance at the foul line once the ball is gone, and inconsistent release.

These are some ways you can solve the fast feet plague, oops I meant problem.

The big mistake: Poor ball placement

Listen closely when I say good ball placement is absolutely necessary, fast feet is related to poor placement of the key step. Another mistake is pushing the ball upwards from a waist high position.

How to fix it: When the heel of your foot touches the floor during the step, try to time your ball placement.

The big mistake: Shoulders too far forward

When your shoulders are too far forward it causes too much bend at the waist and not enough bend at the knees which results in the ball reaching the lane way too early, leading to loss of leverage and an unbalanced feeling during the approach.

How to fix it: Shoulders need to be upright and your knees should be a bit flexed. As you begin your approach, your knees should gradually deepen their bend (not too far though) and your waist should be slightly bent forward.

General rule of thumb: The deeper the knee bend the less the waist needs to be bent forward.

The big mistake: Steps too long

When you take your steps, they’re each as slow as molasses (I was kidding, I hope they’re not that slow). Holding your steps too long result in your swing floating through the approach which means you won’t get any power behind the ball.

General rule of thumb: If you’re taking a five step approach, the second step is crucial so you must definitely watch the length of that step.

How to fix it: Since I’m playing the role of the bowling mechanic in this section I want to help you fix this problem. Take a normal walking step and all the other steps will fall in place, during the five step approach, the first step is for the momentum and it’s usually shorter than a normal key step.

The big mistake: Walking on your toes

This is a very common problem, I throw a chair every time I see somebody walking on their toes during the approach, well maybe I don’t get that upset, but I think you get the point. When you walk on your toes you have too much speed in the approach, your shoulders will be too far forward and you’ll lose lots of leverage.

How to fix it: To avoid walking on your toes, place the heel first and the toes last in each step, this results in a much more smooth approach. When walking in this way you can slow down the entire approach.

General rule of thumb: Since you build momentum from the back to the front movement of your feet, your leverage will also increase.

The big mistake: Muscled arm swing

Most bowlers I deal with think that having their muscles all flexed up during the swing will give them more power when releasing the ball. I am here to tell you that flexing your arms during the arm swing will not increase your throwing ability but it’ll probably win you a body building contest or an arm wrestling contest if you’re lucky. A muscled arm swing can also lead to injury such as pain in your arm, shoulder or wrist.

How to fix it: When you swing the ball, it needs to come from the shoulder with a minimal amount of muscle flexing. If this seems difficult, practice on relaxing your arm and just swing it back and forth without a ball in your hand. Your goal here is to get the arm as relaxed as possible. Doing this allows the weight of the ball to direct the swing throughout the approach.

Well there you have it folks, the most common mistakes facing most bowlers who always wonder why they can’t consistently throw a strike or why their game won’t improve. My mechanic shop has just given you the fix – it’s to go out and bowl the right way.

5 Steps To A Successful Account Plan

Writing or developing an effective account plan is essential if you want to deliver the right results in sales. However many people get confused and over complicate the matter. Having worked in Sales for 16 years, I have written my fair share of account plans and certainly reviewed many (good and bad). What I have learned over that time is that the steps for a good sales plan are essentially the same whatever business you may be in. As Nelson Mandela said

Vision without action is just a dream

Action without Vision is just wasting team

Action with vision can change the world

If you follow my 5 key steps to building a sales plan, then you may not change the world but you will definitely improve your chances of success.

1. Be specific about your objectives

When looking at an account it is critical for you to have a set a clear overall objective for that account. What is it that you are actually trying to achieve. Typically look at a timescale of a year but for a more holistic picture look over 3 years so that your actions do not become too short term. Keep this objective in mind through your activities to ensure that everything you do drives this objective.

2. Focus on decisions

The next step is to analyze the objective / s and break them down into the decisions required from your customers in order for your objective to be met. There will typically be several decisions to be made and you need to clearly understand what these are if you want to be successful in utilizing the right time and resources to effect these decisions positively in your favor.

3. Analyze the Decision Making Unit

Once you know what decisions are critical to the success of your objective / s you need to understand which customers are involved in that process. The Decision making unit for that decision are the people you need to focus on in your sales process to ensure that those decisions are effected positively in your favor.

4. Vision into action

A promise is nothing until delivered and up until now it's all been theory and planning, it is now critical to act on the information you have collected and develop a sound action plan from what we've learned. For each of the decisions you now need to develop an action plan which will enable you to push that decision in your favor and hence get 1 step closer to achieving your objectives. Eg

Objective: to increase market share share in account by X% over the next year

Decision 1: Customer must agree to stock our product in the first instance

Decision 2: Customer must agree to start using the product in preference to product A

Action Plan (for Decision 1), will then be actions relating to understanding how to get your product stocked and then physically getting it stocked.

Remember the action plan must be

  • Driving the overall objective
  • Focused on the decisions
  • Only focused around the individuals in the decision making unit

Make sure your actions are all Specific. Measurable. Achievable Realistic. Timed & Trackable (ie SMART)

5. Breathe life into the plan

Try and ensure this is a living breathing plan which drives your business, not something that just gets done for reviews. To help with this make sure you have a system, be that excel or online that supports your planning process and lets you update your plan as necessary.

The Least Expensive Way to Build Stairs

Having a house with more than one level usually means that the house will need to contain stairs. If one is building a home from the ground up, there are so many costs involved, including materials and labor. When certain projects or portions of the home can be done in a cost effective manner, it is of benefit to the person who owns the property. When searching for the least expensive way to build stairs, there are many different ways that a person can save money when building the stairs as a do it yourself or DIY project.

The following is a list of tips to consider when one's goal is to find the least expensive way to build stairs:

Tip # 1: Do not exceed the standard stair width of thirty six inches. While a larger width, such as forty inches, may seem elegant and attractive, it will cost more money in materials and labor.

Tip # 2: Plan on building carpet grade stairs. If you choose to build stairs where the wood is exposed, you will spend a huge amount of money on wood that is high grade enough to use as a showpiece.

Tip # 3: Use OSB or plywood to construct your carpet grade stairs. You do not need fancy wood to construct stairs, if you are planning on covering them up with carpet.

Tip # 4: Consider doing the job yourself if you have some construction know how. You can save tons on labor costs this way, and this is one of the Least expensive ways to build stairs. Or, hire someone who is a good rough carpenter and offer to assist them with the job so that you can save on labor costs as well.

Tip # 5: Do not opt ​​for fancy railroads or expensive handrails. They are not needed. You can buy an inexpensive unfinished wooden handrail and stain or paint it to serve the purpose.

Above are tips that detail some of the Least expensive way to build stairs. By taking some or all into consideration and utilizing them, a person can save quite a bit of money on his or her stair building project.

The 3 Steps to Creating Safe Deck Railings

Railings are the most visible element of any deck. They make an instant design statement for all to see and admire from a distance and close up. Deck railings do more than add a safety feature to a deck. They establish the style and limits of the deck space itself. Local building code standards will not affect the near endless number of deck design choices and construction choices to be used. Railings are not necessary on all decks but when they are, usually because of the deck's height above ground level, it is important to make a wise choice as to their design and structure.

Step # 1 – Deck Height:

Railings are generally required for decks over 36 inches high above ground level and for any set of stairs. However, 24 inches may be a better minimum because in today's society people are more likely to sue a homeowner in the event of a fall. All it takes is one too many drinks and no railing for an accident to occur. In many cases the injured parties who launch these lawssuits are relatives or friends who just happened to be the individuals most likely to be on your deck. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Step # 2 – Railing Height:

Railings are generally 36 to 42 inches above a deck's surface. They can be as low as 30 inches or as high as 48 inches depending upon the height of the deck above ground level. The rule of thumb is: The higher the deck; the higher the railing. This is all done for safety considerations. Deck railings can have wood, vinyl or aluminum balusters as well as louvers. They can be built with solid facings that can include plywood siding, plastic panels or tempered glass. However, they need to be a height height above the level of the deck.

Step # 3 – Railing Construction:

Railings are made up of vertical posts capped and joined by a cross member laid flat. The cross member may have the same width or wider than the posts. The spacing distance between the posts depends upon the cap's size and the horizontal rail's length. For example, 4×4 posts can be spaced up to 4 feet apart under a 2×4 cap while 4×4 posts can be spaced up to 6 feet apart under a 2×6 cap.

The strongest and simplest railings are those with horizontal parts secured by bolts or screws to the outside faces of the posts. For a cleaner, more streamlined railing, the horizontals would have placed between the posts. Building codes specify the maximum space between balusters, often 4 inches. Screws and bolts are always a better choice for the construction of railroads.

Railings should coordinate with the architectural style of the home in some way. This can be done in terms of materials used, detailing and connections. It is important to check with local building code bylaws to clearly determine the requirements in terms of railing height, material types, lumber sizes, distances between support posts and distances between balusters.

The important things to do in the building of deck railings are to create a railing that integrates your overall deck design, to comply with local building codes and to take the time to do the job as well as possible. In no time you'll have a railing system in place on your deck that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Journey of Stone Carvings From Classical to Modern Genre

For thousands of years, humans have been using decorative stone pieces to create picturesque art, fountains, and statues. Decorative stones are the best thing to consider in order to decorative and accentuate the overall room's interior. In fact, different regions and cultures have shown significant mix and use of stone carvings in castles, forts and big mansions. Today also, people prefer class decorative figurines, carved fireplaces, marble columns, staircases, water jet medallion, carved marble sculpture, and marble balustrade to infuse artistic culture & aesthetics. All these things not only make homes' interior beautiful, but as elegant as needed. It is also the matter of great prestige and value for the people.

Stone Carving Standards

Historical evidences have shown that people in early ages mainly prefer stone carvings and stone work for decoration. Some stone carvings, like embossed or engraved art is heavily used in the historical times. In fact, the tool and weapons are made of stones at that time. Other ornamental carvings, like the big interior or exterior figurines can be easily found throughout the architecture of Europe.

Classical Stone Carving

Stone carving became significant during the classical period when emperors made the lavishness of stones. They emphasize on the minute carvings for the life-like sculptures out of a variety of soft and hard stones. These ancient cultures also utilized carved stone to build intricate structures and frameworks. Artists have also made stone columns that are both practical and aesthetic in varied senses.

Modern Stone Carving

Today, stone carving has got different dimensions and artists and manufacturers are providing complicated designs and engraved structures for different purposes. People chose marble columns, staircases, water jet medallion, carved marble figurines for rejuvenated look. Stone workers and manufacturers utilize latest technological innovations, including computer controlled machines, in order to create passionate and elegant pieces, infusing classic & advanced style into newly created designs. Manufacturers also develop exceptional carvings from ultra thin lightweight non fragile stone panels and tiles, for commercial as well as residential projects.

Today, people also select thin layers of stone backed by aluminum honeycomb for interior or exterior walls, floors, ceilings etc in order to make the interior amazing and mesmerizing.

Whether you are interested in heavy and elegant stone columns or high-quality (marble or granite) stone countertops for your kitchen, the experts create as per the requirement and budget. They create attractive designs and practical layouts for impressive interiors. Manufacturers provide awesome landscapes, columns, slabs and tiles and mosaic designs for unparallel look.

A Clean Fresh Spring – A Painting Service Can Help

The winter months can leave someone feeling very drab and unmotivated. When you look around, you are missing the bright, vibrant colors that come with spring. When you see trees and flowers blooming, you begin to feel a little more refreshed. You can start this refreshing feeling by contacting a painting service to discuss adding a new touch to the outside of your home. A painting service will touch up your home and any metal that you have, like swings or arches in the yard.

When you have your home painted, you will find that you want to spend more time outdoors, just looking at how great it looks. You may have the house painter use the same color paint that is already there or you could make a drastic change that will really alter the appearance of your home. When you use the same color, you will be covering up the fazed look of the old paint and your home will look fabulous and new. When you change the color all together, it will feel like you have gotten a new home. You may even miss it and drive on past a few times before you get used to the new look.

House painting is a wonderful way to spruce up your property. You can have that new build look from the outside just by paying for painting services. This is a much more cost effective way to find a way to fall in love with your home once again. You do not need to move to another home. When you add some updates to your current home, you will see just what drew you to the home in the first place. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint does for both the appearance of the home and the happiness of the homeowner.

When you reach out to the house painter that you have in mind, be sure to consider all of the work that you want to have done. If you have a banister outdoors that is metal and needs new paint, be sure to ask the painting service if they do this type of work. If their painting services do not include this type of house painting, it is time to look around for another option. The person that you hire to do the work should be able to provide all of the painting services that you need and should be able to do them at a reasonable price.

Once you have seen the results of adding some new paint to your home, you will certainly see how much better it looks and how much better you feel about your home. You may want to host a gathering at your house soon just so your friends and family can see how well it turned out. They will certainly be surprised and will likely ask for the name and phone number of the painting service that completed the work for you.

Can You Achieve the Unachievable?

Do you think that you are capable of achieving the unachievable?

How will you know till you try?

Throughout history people have realized things that others thought were unachievable.

It takes a total disregard for the Status Quo to achieve the unachievable.

You must not believe in the limitations that you or anyone else has placed on you. You have no idea of ​​what you are truly capable of until you attempt to achieve the unachievable.

For years people were adamant that the running of a sub four minute mile was impossible.

They had all sorts of theories about what would happen to the human body if it was to run at the required speed to run a mile in under four minutes.

My personal favorite theory was that the human body would somehow spontaneously combust.

Everyone thought that it was impossible for someone to run a sub four minute mile, except for a certain young English fellow by the name of Roger Bannister.

He was determined to achieve the unachievable, when they told him it could not be done just carried on training regardless, he paid no heed to the naysayers and pessimists.

On the 6 May 1954 on a windy Thursday Roger Bannister achieved the unachievable, he ran a mile in 3min 59.4sec.

The unachievable record managed to stay unbroken for a mere 46 days until Bannisters great Australian rival John Landy achieved the unachievable and ran a mile in 3min 58sec.

Since then the record has been broken numerous times and it now stands at 3min 43sec.

It just goes to prove that you have no idea of ​​what you are capable of achieving until you achieve the unachievable.

You need to aim beyond what you think you are capable of.

Set your sights on an unachievable aim and then achieve it, you have no idea what you are capable of achieving until you achieve it.

Do not set limitations on yourself, the only limitations that you have are the limitations of your mind.

You are capable of so much more than you imagine, you are only limited by your imagination.

Nothing is impossible.

Nothing is unachievable.

Turn your vision of what you once thought was unachievable into the achievable.

Do not give in, do not give up and do not doubt yourself.

Always remember, "what ever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Hardware Keyloggers Explained

What are hardware keyloggers?

How do they work?

What can they do?

What advantages and disadvantages do they have over normal keyloggers?

How do they work

They are basically made out of 2 parts. The first part is the interrupter which interrupts the signals sent from the keystrokes and then stores them. The storage is actually the second part of a hardware keylogger. The storage can vary from 2mb to 2gb of flash memory, and 2mb are enough for a week of use (with gaming).

This memory is often encrypted so that it can be accessed only by the person that has placed the device.

Access to the device is gained by pressing a special combination of keys which switch between “keystroke capturing” mode and “usb flash drive” mode. After the keys are pressed you usually get a message saying that a new usb disk drive has been found, inside you will find the keystroke logs that were gathered and a configuration file that you can modify to change the secret access key.

Types of hardware keyloggers:

1. usb keylogger

– works on all USB keyboards. Including MAC keyboards.

2. ps/2 keylogger

3. Frame recorder

– This is some of the more advanced technologies. IT is a keylogger that literally steals the monitor input from the cable every few seconds. It is attached on the VGA, DVI or HDMI cable.

4. Wifi

– This type of keylogger can send the captured information over the internet to your email address. Cool!

5. Invisible

– This one is a little tricky to place because you need to literally open the keyboard and stuck it in a specific place (you get a manual with it) after closing the keyboard you have a totally invisible keylogger, both from software and from the eye

Advantages and disadvantages over software keyloggers:


The good thing about these keyloggers is that they work on all platforms. Including MAC, WINDOWS and LINUX.

Another good thing about hardware keyloggers is that they are extremely simple to use, you just plug and play. No installations. No antivirus problems. No memory consumption. And no detectability problems.

The last advantage over software keyloggers is that they can catch bios passwords because they are running all the time, not only after windows gets booted up.


– lack of organization

The hardware keyloggers are usually scattered… you don’t know where what has been written and you have to guess. And this one is huge! Scanning trough the logs of a hardware keylogger can be really excruciating compared to scanning trough the logs of a normal keylogger.

– Lack of features

Even the most advanced hardware keyloggers are far behind the software keyloggers. Just check out this keylogger review comparison to see the all the different features of a normal keylogger. A good software keylogger can even spy on a microphone and a webcam.


Hardware keyloggers are better to use for some specific situations. Like when you need the bios password, or when you need to be extra sneaky and fast and you don’t have time to install a software keylogger (mission impossible). However, if you do have time to install the software keylogger I would suggest that you do that, since it will be a lot easier to go trough the LOGS.

A Bigger Package In An Instant? Frontal Enhancement Underwear for Men

Did you know that a bigger package can be yours without pills or hormones or even surgery? Nowadays, no matter what your body flaws are, there is a solution for it. Some people may be surprised to learn that they make frontal enhancement underwear for men …. but for others, these products are literally an answer to their prayers. No more hiding No more self-consciousness. Just the incredible profile that you've always wanted below the belt.

Padded Underwear vs. Frontal Enhancement Underwear

The difference between the two is really an issue of semantics. Obviously, padded underwear can enhance your frontal measurements but frontal enhancement underwear does not always include foam or silicone padded inserts. Follow me for a moment. Some men's underwear avoid adding all of the extra material and instead rarely upon a bit of technology to make your bulge look bigger and fuller. How exactly does this work? You can thank a special pouch sewn into the front of the underwear that gently lifts and makes your package look pronounced. How much frontal enhancement can you expect? According to industry standards, you can expect to add somewhere between 1.5 to 2.0 inches to your frontal measurements.

Two Brands You Need To Know About

First, there is the Andrew Christian Show It Collection. This men's underwear line features a wide variety of styles with one thing in common – these undies are designed to maximizeally enhance your package. There are no padding or uncomfortable hidden straps. You slip them on just like regular underwear. The only difference is the hidden pocket for maximum frontal support. You will be thankful for the extra 1.5 inches added to your package (and equally more thankful that the pouch is completely invisible to the naked eye).

Andrew Christian also has another line you may be interested in – it's called the Shock Jock collection. Shock Jock underwear is slightly different from the Show It collection in that it includes a bulge-enhancing contouring cup. The active painting cup is responsible for extra shaping, support, and protection. It is also removable. But who would want to remove the cup once you discover that it adds an extra 2 inches to your frontal measurement?

Shock Jock vs. Show It Collection

The Andrew Christian Show It and Shock Jock collections are both among the company's bestselling items. Which is the best product to choose? Making this determination totally depends on your preferences. The inclusion of the active shaping cup places the Shock Jock collection more along the lines of men's padded underwear. If the idea of ​​a contouring cup insert is a bit disconcerting, then you can trade the extra half an inch of enhancement for the Show It collection. Rather than adding something that is not actually there, the Show It underwear line simply lifts and profiles the best of what you have below the belt. Either way, judging from the popularity of these underwear, chances are that you will not be the only dude on the block who's thankful for the incredible looking bulge once you take off your pants.

Should You Start Your Own Detail Shop in 2010 – Does it Make Sense?

This last recession has been hard on everyone, far too many people lost their good paying corporate jobs with excellent benefits. Many people are tired of the boom and bust business cycles, and they are fed up with corporate America laying them off every time the economy turns south. You only have to go through a few of these cycles to realize that if you're not in a profession that is somewhat recession proof, it is really hard to budget and plan for the future.

Perhaps, it is for this reason that so many people are considering starting their own business at this time. If you love automobiles and would like to be in the automobile sector running your own company, then sometimes you will consider setting up a car detail shop. There have been tens of thousands of people that have been laid off as mechanics from car dealerships after General Motors and Chrysler cut thousands of car dealerships from their franchise agreements.

Luckily, if you'd like to start your own detail shop right now this might be a very good time because many industrial properties are "for-lease" and there are some extremely good properties that have auto bays with good frontage on main roads that are now available for a good lease price. In fact, you might be up to pick up a 10-year lease guarantee that the price will not increase even though we are over the recession, and headed into a business expansion period.

For many years myself, I was in the automobile sector, and we did run some detail shops. I did enjoy the fact that there are more cars than there are people in the United States, and that we really are a nation of automobiles. No, the mobile sector is not for everyone, but it might just be right for you. I hope you will please consider this.

Critical Thinking: Does The Government Create Problems To Justify Its Own Existence?

It can be normal for one to assume that the government is there to make their life easier. Whether it relates to their own safety, happiness or health, this entity is there to make sure that they are looked after.

Thus, even if one is not religious, they will have something out there that is watching over them, so to speak. As a result of this, one may find that it is easier for them to settle down and to get on with their own life.

One Part

If one is no longer in the education system, they could look back on this time in their life with great pleasure. This will then have been a time when they were given the tools that they needed to handle the world as an adult.

There may have been parts that they didn’t like, but overall, it would have been a valuable experience. They may believe that their life would be radically different if it wasn’t for this education.

Another Part

What could also come to mind is what the police, army and intelligence services do to combat crime and terrorism. These different agencies are then going to be doing their best to keep them, and their loved ones, safe from harm.

There will be what they deal with in their country and in other countries around the world. But regardless of what country these organisations are operating in, the purpose will be the same – to look after them and their fellow citizens.

A Priority

And, due to the amount of terrorist attacks that have taken place in recent years, one could believe that these types of people are more important than ever before. It could seem as though there are more threats out there than ever before, which is why more protection than ever before is needed.

One may be only too happy for their way of life to change if it means that they will be safer. More cameras, laws and rules, yet less privacy and freedom are then going to be something that is perfectly acceptable.

A Mad World

If one was asked to share their thoughts on terrorism, they could say that the people who are involved are animals who want to cause harm. For no reason, then, they will want to cause chaos and destruction.

As far as they are concerned, the sooner these people are dealt with the better it will be for anyone who values life. These perpetrators will need to be dealt with, so that they can no longer victimise others.

Two Levels

In the same way that a business can have two purposes, with their being the official purpose and the unofficial purpose, a government can also be the same. When it comes to a business, the official purpose can be to sell food and the unofficial purpose can be to launder money.

On the other hand, when it comes to a government, the official purpose can be to look after its citizens, while the unofficial purpose can be to control them. Therefore, just like a normal business, it can appear to be legitimate, but this is nothing more than a facade.

The Perfect Disguise

There are a number of reasons as to why this entity has been able to maintain this illusion for so long. Firstly, there is how it presents itself, secondly, there is the conditioning that the citizenry receive during their time in the education system and, thirdly, there is the part that the mainstream media play.

When it comes to the first point, the people who represent the government are often very good at coming across as decent human beings. These people often speak and dress well, for instance.

The Other Points

As for the second point, the education system teaches people what to think, not how to think. What this then does is defines how so many people see the world, taking away their ability to think critically and to see through this illusion.

The mainstream media is then there to make sure that populace don’t wake up and continue to see the world in a certain way. In other words, the education system gets the ball moving, but the mainstream media keep it going.

In A Trance

Someone’s mind is then programmed from day one and this programming ends up defining what they can or can’t see. And, if someone points out that what they believe has very little basis in reality, it can be as though they are saying that grass is red.

The person who points this out is then the mad one or the conspiracy nut that should be in some kind of mental institution. Unlike this person, one will be in the know and have their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Reading between the Lines

So, what is rarely spoken about is how the government actually puts its citizen’s safety and security at risk. One of the ways that this takes place by attacking countries that are not a threat, which gives people from these countries the desire to seek revenge.

Now, the government and their mouth piece, the mainstream media, may come up with reasons why a country needs to be attacked, but the reasons put forward are almost always lies. Ultimately, this entity will do anything to achieve its aims, and lying to the citizenry is just a means to an end.

Out of Balance

It has been said that the government should be scared of the people, not the other way around. The trouble is that in many countries around the world, it is often the other way around.

This entities priority is then to do whatever it can to keep the citizenry weak, fearful and dependent, even though it creates the impression that it is there to help people. Keeping people in this state is the perfect way to control them and to make sure that they don’t get in the way of their plans


In recent years, the divide and rule tactic has been heavily applied, with the establishment doing just about everything they can do create tension between men and women and different races. One way to look at this would be to imagine that the government is like a hand that continually shakes a snow globe, making sure that the globe is never settled.


Keeping people in a constant state of angst keeps them in fear and stops them from being able to think clearly or putting up any resistance. On the plus side, more and more people are becoming aware of what is going on.

Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A Overview: A Laptop With Bright Display and Innovative Design

If you're looking for a great machine that is nice inside and out, you really can not go wrong with something like the Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A. Its eye-catching 13.3-inch Retina display is stunning, and its keyboard is full-size. This notebook takes performance and portability to a whole new level, with its high-performance processors, cutting-edge graphics, fast storage, and more. It's even made to conserve energy when taking on light tasks, such as web browsing and emailing.

The MacOS powers the MacBook, as it does with every Apple laptop. This operating system is engineered to work seamlessly with the rest of the system and is very easy to use. It includes all of the most useful and popular apps, from iCloud to iTunes.

While you certainly get enough storage space for your files (256GB PCIe SSD soldered), the MPXT2LL / A also offers comes with good connectivity options that allow you to move data between it and external storage devices. The connections include two USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 types and a headphone output. Also, the iCloud is very useful for storage.

The case material is aluminum and the display is a 13.3-inch IPS model with LED backlight and 2560 x 1600 resolution (WQXGA). The display's variable refresh rate and large pixel aperture make it energy efficient. It supports a wider range of color than most other laptop displays out there.

When it comes to thin notebooks, there is less space for cooling. With the Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A, there are innovations incorporated throughout the system that allows heat to be efficiently eliminated. Airflow is increased during intensive tasks such as transferring large files and editing video.

Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A Processor and Battery

Additional specs include a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor (2.3GHz / dual core), 8GB memory, Intel Iris Plus graphics (640), and a 720p camera. The processor can be upgraded, and with Turbo Speed ​​it can go up to a maximum of 3.6GHz.

Use the laptop for longer than usual on battery charge thanks to the superior Lithium-polymer battery the machine comes equipped with. It's a 54-Wh battery with a maximum run time of ten hours.

Get improved video and audio as well, with the high-definition sound output and recording through integrated speakers and dual microphone array. Noise-cancelling technology ensures that the audio is always clear, whether you are talking or listening.

In summary, the Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL / A is a must-have for anyone who wants a high-quality notebook. It does not matter if you are a student, professional, or just ordinary user, it offers everything you need to get your work (or entertainment) done.

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How to Turn Your Articles Into Lean, Mean, Lead-Generating Machines

If it's one thing I can not stand it's a hassle – something that takes too long or is too hard to put in place. I want results and I want it right now. I'm not some big corporation with years to build a brand. I want sales immediately, not years from now.

That's why writing short articles is so important to making article marketing work for you. May consumers are just like me and they want solutions to their challenges now, now now! That's a good thing. Because if you provide results, they'll buy from you just as fast.

So how long does the article have to be?

Short answer : 500 to 700 words.

Long answer : If you can not say it in under 700 words do you really have a strong command of the subject matter?

The bottom line is writing short, concise articles takes expert status. If you are not got it, baby, then work hard until you've learned the ropes.

3 Ways to Cut the Fat from Your Articles

Since I spent several years editing, proofreading and generally skewering the writing of other journalists I can give you a few points for cutting down long articles into ezine article. My advice: Put your articles on a word-count diet. Instead of counting carbs, count how many words it will take to get your point across. Here are three tips that can help:

Article Weight Loss Tip # 1: Split those articles up.

If you have an article that's 1,200 words long, make it into two 600-word articles.

Article Weight Loss Tip # 2: It's all about the themes, baby.

Stick with one theme for each article you write and just expound on it. Really work to dissect one theme or piece of advice to solve a key problem everyone in your industry is facing. For accountants right now a good theme would be balancing your current rush of clients with cultivating new business relationships, keeping the new leads coming in so that when tax season is over you still have a steady stream of income.

Article Weight Loss Tip # 3: Use subheads, bullet points and numbered lists to break up your content. Scan your article and pull out the pieces of advice you give through the piece. More often than not you're telling people here and there what they should do to solve a problem. Put that information all in one place and you'll be surprised at how much you'll cut from the article.

To keep your articles lean and mean you'll want to focus more on giving the advice to solving a problem more than anything else. Really bring home that fact that you've been where your teams are now and you know the way to "freedom" from those challenges they're facing now.

That's what makes you the expert – and the one who can command top dollar for your products and services.