How to Choose a Chandelier for Your Dining Room

The ambience of your dining room and how you and your family enjoy a meal can easily be affected by your lighting. The perfect chandelier for your dining room is not hard to find by using the Chandelier Buying Guide below. Following a few simple steps and by answering a few simple questions, you can find the perfect chandelier that will create the dining experience you desire.

When picking a chandelier for your dining room, it is important to consider the size of the room, your style and the desired function of the room. These considerations are discussed in more detail below.

The most important thing you most do is measure the room. Measure the floor to the ceiling, there should be at least 30 inches in between the dining table surface and the bottom of your chandelier. What about the size of the chandelier? The size your chandelier should be half the width of your table. Also, when measuring the room, consider the size table you have. For tables seating 4-6 people, the Table Width should be 40 "-48" and the Chandelier Width should be 20 "-24". For tables seating 6-8 people, the Table Width should be 50 "-58" and the Chandelier Width should be 25 "-29". For tables seating 8-10 people, the Table Width should be 60 "-72" and the Chandelier Width should be 30 "-36".

After you picked the size of the chandelier you want for your dining room, next you must decide on the style. A chandelier can single-handedly change the whole look of a room, so it is very important to think about what style you would like. Do you want the chandelier to be the focal point of the room? Or do you prefer it to be a minority addition? Is the style of your room more traditional or do you prefer sleek modern lines?

The style and the desired function of the dining room often coincide. Is the dining room going to be the area of ​​your home where exclude meals are served for dinner guests? Or do you prefer a casual dining space? If you prefer a casual dining area, a chandelier with fabric lamp shades may be preferred. Also, chandeliers do not have to adhere to the traditional notification of grand opulent crystal adornments. Chandeliers can be sculptural and range in shapes and style; use this fixture to showcase your personal style.

Also, when deciding the function of the room, the amount of light you want the chandelier to emit should be considered. If your children will do homework on this table, sometimes the fixture should emit plenty of task lighting. Task lighting would entail the light facing downwards to the area where work is being done. However, if romantic dining is your objective, well-diffused ambient light is optimum. Remember, however, that with the right dimmer switch, a chandelier can emit plenty of task lighting for your children's homework and quickly dim down to softly glow during a romantic meal.

3 Great Pairs of Kate Spade Shoes For Winter 2010

One of my favorite brands of shoe has always been Kate Spade shoes. I love the variety in her product line, and I always seem to find a pair that's right for almost every occasion.

With that in mind, I'm really enjoying what I've seen so far when it comes to her Winter 2010 line, and I want to take the time to discuss three pairs of shoes that may appeal to you. Let's have a look now.

I'm personally a big fan of the Kate Spade Gala shoe. The dogs are a bit high on these at 3 1/4 inches so they can not be worn everywhere, but the name should give you every indication that these are perfect for formal occasions.

They're currently on sale at a few places, marked down from their MSRP of $ 275 to a much more reasonable price of $ 139 or so.

This next pair is one that's a bit more adventurous, and it may not be suitable for anyone. After this, I'm in love with the Kate Spade Clarice shoes, which comes in a hot pink satin color that really stands out.

I've read about some people who even wore these at their own wedding, so you can rest assured that they'll be a perfect fit at any event that commands elegance. They're also known to be really comfortable fits. The best price I've found on these is $ 298.

The last pair I'll discuss here is a pair of flats. We've gone through two pairs of formal shoes, so we might as well discuss something more comfortable too.

These are known as the Kate Spade Frenchie shoes, and their leather lining andsole makes them really nice flats at that. They're priced at $ 195, but the quality is really high, and they're really great for walking in. I might be so inclined to grab a pair myself soon.

There are many other Kate Spade shoes that I'm sure you'd love, so keep on searching if none of these three do the job for you.

Plastic or Metal? The Story of the Snow Shovel

The lowly snow shovel has been around in various forms for hundreds of years. Starting with some of its earliest forms made from wood the snow shovel has progressed through the years and can now be found both in plastic and metal forms. With out this lowly and humble piece of equipment a good part of the world would struggle to maintain a comfortable form of life. Moving snow is essential to both our economy and our standards of living. Without it we would not be able to get out of our homes or for that matter keep our home safe.

Beside keeping the driveway clear or the side walks clean often time we must also shovel off our homes, sheds and cars so they will not suffer damage. Without doing this we would be stuck staying inside or trudging through the snow on our own two feet which is no easy task. In the not so distant past snow removal simply invaded citizens going into the streets to level the drifts for sleigh traffic by hand. Today of course we have many other ways to remove snow but the shovel is still the most common of those methods for our personal properties. The question here is which makes the better shovel. Plastic or metal?

The metal shovel came first. At first these were heavy and cumbersome being made of steel. Often this also kept size to a minimum as the larger the blade the heavier it became. Today the metal shovel is often made of aluminum so the weight problem is a thing of the past. You can find them in all different sizes and shapes. Some of the most popular ones are similar in shape to a snow plow that you might find on a truck. With its curved blade it is easier to push the snow up in to piles. You can still get the standard flat style as well which is used better for scooping the snow up and throwing it into piles. One draw back of the metal shovel is that the tend to bend when you do not have an absolutely flat surface to shovel. Also snow can stick easily to some of them and when you try to get the snow off by sitting it on the ground upside down you usually end up bending it more. All in all though it is light weight and easy to use.

The plastic shovel is newer than course since plastics were not always around. They are light weight which is one of their greatest advantages. You can get them in all shapes and size just like theirs metal counterparts and with plastic you get more color choices as well. Snow does not tend to stick to these shovels as much as the metal ones and you can hit them on rough edges or hard surfaces and not worry about bending them. There is one concern with the use of plastic shovels though; they can break. Depending on the type and quality of plastic used they can break in colder weather. Another concern some have about using plastic is that when they do break and you give it the toss it can harm the environment since the plastic takes a long time to degrade. Some could argue the same for metal but metal is easier to recycle.

So which one do you prefer or say is the best choice? For me I will stick with plastic. With its light weight, ease of use and no stick qualities I find the plastic the better choice. I also prefer the scoop style rather then the traditional flat style. I can still pile the snow up high when needed but the scoop allows me to push the snow around with less lifting since I do not need to empty it. Which ever shovel you choose or prefer I am sure it will get the job done. And without we all decide to heat our driveways and sidewalks so that snow and ice never sticks; we will always have a place for the low but but very essential snow shovel.

The Motorized Wheelchair – Is It For You?

The concept of a motorized wheelchair has been around for some time now and the designs are currently available on the market are extremely varied. Your choice of model will usually depend on your needs and the amount to which you need assistance in being mobile. You must factor these things in before making a purchase as electrical wheelchairs are often not the cheapest of items and represent an investment in your quality of life. Should you buy a model you are not happy using you could find yourself having spent an awful lot of money for absolutely nothing.

There are several types of wheelchair that are motorized; the most common of these are the models that still look like a normal wheelchair. Often these units can still be pushed around like normal but when the occupant finds themselves alone they can use the motor to get around. There are several ways that these models can be adapted to be control by the user. Some work with a simple hand controlled joystick where as others has been made that are controlled by the users mouth. It all comes down to the amount of mobility available to the user.

Another common type of power wheel chair is the electric scooter. These four wheeled little beauties are normally used by the elderly to get around. They come in two different types, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive. Front wheel drive models are often smaller and used to get around whilst inside a building where as the rear wheel drives models are designed for getting out and about. These models are often capable of quite high speeds considering their usual occupants. The range on this kind of mobility scooter is normally around 25 to 30 miles so it does open a lot of doors to the less mobile.

Whatever you reasoning for wanting to buy a wheelchair that is motorized there will certainly be a model to suit your needs. You might want to talk to your doctor or your health insurance company before making a purchase though as often there are means of buying them at a discounted price if you fulfill certain criteria. If the price of buy new is going to be too much there is always the option of buy one second hand. There are quite a few on the market at extremely reasonable prices. The choice is all yours at the end of the day.

4 Simple Steps to Building a Perfect Escalator – Not Elevator – Speech

The trouble with a classic elevator speech is that in tele-sales no one has the time or the inclining to hear what you have to say.

Communicating by phone is different than face to face where a suspect or a prospect will grant you a few more moments if only to be courteous. On the phone it is simple and easy for a prospect to terminate the call and that's one of the main reasons why you need an escalator speech.

An escalator speech is an abbreviated version of an elevator speech and it is absolutely vital in the world of B to B tele-sales. Whereas an elevator speech is based on the promise that you present what you do over the time it takes to travel a few floors up an elevator, the escalator speech is based on the promise that you present to travel only one floor.

Why Else You Need an Escalator Speech

Apart from the fact that the prospect can easily wriggle out of a phone conversation, you need an escalator speech because the average prospect can only absorb so much from an unsolicited call. Too often, tele-sales reps try to cover all the bases of what they do and, at best, this confuses the prospect with clutter and at worst, it overwhelms them.

A good escalator speech is short, simplified, succinct and laser-like. In effect, it impresses a single core message that is more likely to be remembered by your prospect. If you do this you'll have a competitive edge.

How to Craft a Good Escalator Speech

Step # 1: Identify Who You Work With

Define you target market. If you sell to engineers or single moms or small business owners or IT managers or high school educators or whoever, say that up front. This simple tip creates instant affinity. At a conscious or subconscious level your prospect understands that what you do relate personally to them.

What you DO NOT want to do is say that you are a 'sales rep,' an investment advisor, a consultant, a business development rep, an account manager or whatever. That's a title, not a description. Who cares and who acquaints?

Step # 2: Relate What You Do Well to a Problem or an Opportunity

Weave in a motivator. You must reference to a "pain" or "gain" or a problem or an opportunity that you can solve or help achieve. You need to pick at a scab, so to speak. This will get their heads to turn. You do not have to heap it on; just make reference to the irritant or benefit.

Step # 3: Use the WIDI or WWDI Template

Is order to bring absolute consistency in the delivery of your message (and to make it easier to learn) use one of these to help build your escalator speech:

WIDI – What I do is.
WWDI -What We do is.

Putting it all together here some simple examples:

"What I do is I work with engineers and architects who struggle to find the time to get their annual accreditation."

"What I do is I work with single mothers who are worried about their retirement future."

"What I do is I consult with chiropractors who are interested in growing the revenues and profitability of their practice."

"What we do is work with small hardware stores who struggle to find affordable, every day products."

"What I do is work with B to B distributors who struggle to use the phone to sell and market their products."

"What we do is help hospitals manage product costs."

Notice the brevity of each escalator speech. Sure you may do more. Heck, you may do a lot more! But no one is interested at the stage of the game. Play your strongest card. If you catch the client's interest they'll ask for additional information.

Step # 4 Practice

You are tired of hearing it but practice DOES make perfect. Practicing will make the words flow. It will make the speech sound natural and relaxed. If you do not practice you'll be self conscious and you'll stop using it.

Where to Use the Escalator Speech

You can use the escalator speech

– opening statements after you identify the name of your company
– as an introduction to your company in your presentation
– as a heading on your e-mails, letters or faxes
– on brochures
– on business cards
– at networking events
– Virtually anywhere


Elevators spokes are important. An escalator speech can easily be expanded to an elevator speech when you are granted the time or the opportunity. Use the escalator when time is important but also when you want to make a single, memorable impact

Blacksmithing – Crafting Mail & Plate Armor

Blacksmithing is one of the 11 primary professions which can be chosen in WoW. If you decide to become a Blacksmith you will need a Blacksmithing Hammer which you can purchase at one of the trade supply or general good vendors in any of the larger cities. To begin with you will need to visit your Blacksmith trainer who will learn you this profession and can also teach you to craft new and better items as you go.

As a Blacksmith you will need loads of ore which can be mined from the veins that are scattered all across Azeroth and Outland. There are several ways to obtain these ores and the best way is by taking Mining as your second profession so you can gather the ores yourself because the ores are really procy on the Auction House.

Blacksmithing is actually quite easy to level up as long as you have access to the much needed ores. With Blacksmithing you will learn to make nice items. At first you will primarily be making Weapons and Mail Armor. At a certain point you will start learning how to craft better Weapons and Plate Armor. Plate Armor is worn by Death Knights, Paladins and Warrior which makes Blacksmithing a perfect match for these classes.

As you continue to level up your Blacksmithing you will be asked to specialize yourself in either becoming an Armor Blacksmith of Weapon Blacksmith. As an Armor Blacksmith you will still gain access to most of the plans that allow a Blacksmith to craft weapons though and this also goes the other way around. If you specialize in Weaponry or Armor you will be able to learn several patterns that teach you how to create several rare items. The choice is not that heavy because because you will still be able to create most of the good stuff that the Blacksmithing profession offers you anyway.

Especially when you reach the higher levels of Blacksmithing it becomes interesting because you will be able to make nice & shiny epics! The items you can make can be either worn by the Blacksmith or can be placed on the Auction House to earn some gold. Beside epic armor and weapons you can also create Belt Buckles. These can be used on belts. Once used you will see that you receive a socket on the belt which allows players to place a gem in their belt which makes the item better.

You also have the advantage of being able to create Socket Bracer and Socket Gloves. You can apply these two on your gloves and bractors to create a socket in your Bracers or Gloves which will also allow you to place a gem in them. Socket Gloves and Socket Bracer are two items that become soulbound once created which means that the Blacksmith can only use these himself and that they can not be sold.

Altogether, Blacksmithing can work out really nice for people that wear Plate Armor. If you choose to make Mining your second profession Blacksmithing is quite easy and cheap to level though you can make nice amounts of money out of money out of it at later levels.

If you want to get the most out of Blacksmithing, then check out our WoW Blacksmithing Guide for more on leveling your character and making tons of Gold, plus a video review of Penn's Professions Guide one of the most comprehensive and coolest World of Warcraft Professions Guides available.

Electric Griddle Or Stovetop Griddle?

Why would you need a griddle? There are lots of great uses for a griddle, mainly for cooking. Actually, I hope that's all you use it for, but what I mean is, you can cook lots of different things on a griddle. What can you cook with a griddle? I love to use my griddle to cook pancakes, but you could also use it to cook burgers, breaded chicken for chicken parmesean, vegetables, quesadillas, and all sorts of other great food.

When it comes to home cooking, there are basically two kinds of griddles. You could use a griddle that you put on your stove-top, or you could use an electric griddle that you plug in and put on the counter.

Which of these two types of griddles is better? There really is not one that is better than the other. It all depends on your specific circumstances and what you prefer. One person may love the electric griddle while another person just can not get any use out of it. The stove-top griddle is ideal for someone who lives alone or with one other person. It can be used right on top of the griddle which makes it very convenient. It will also save you counter space if you have a small kitchen.

If you want to take up even less space but still have the cooking quality and performance of a griddle, you could choose a round griddle pan for the stove. It is round like a skillet but has no lip so you can use it like a griddle. This is especially great for someone who lives alone.

An electric griddle is great for big families. If you have more counter space but need the stove to cook other stuff, an electric griddle utilizes the counter space freeing up more burners. You can plug it in away from the stove.

There is no right or wrong griddle to use. If you still are not sure, go to your kitchen and look around. Where do you have extra space and where can you not give up space? Choose your favorite and start cooking!

Crock Pot Recipes With Chicken – Easy & Quick To Prepare!

These crock pot recipes with chicken are quick, easy and delicious. Just check these out and I'm sure you'll be amazingly surprised.

So here we go for some crock pot recipes with chicken

>> Crock Pot Chicken And Rice

1 t poultry seasoning

1 t chicken bouillon

1/2 c onions, chopped

1/2 lb mushrooms, fresh

1/4 ts salt

2 c water

2 lb chicken, raw

3/4 c rice, uncooked

Slice mushrooms. Remove skin from chicken. Spray 12 skillet with nonstick spray coating. Brown mushrooms, onion, and chicken pieces on all sides over medium heat about 15 minutes.

Stir in seasonings and transfer to crock pot. Can be refrigerated overnight. Start crock pot on low. When ingredients are heated, add rice. Cook until done.

Here's another crock pot chicken recipe mixed with noodles.

>> Crock Pot Chicken And Noodles

1 chicken

1 large onion sliced

1 teaspoon dried basil

1/2 teaspoon pepper

2 carrots cut up

2 stalks celery cut up

2 teaspoons salt

4 cups uncooked noodles

Place the veggies on the bottom of the pot, put the chicken on top, followed by the seasonings. Pour 3 cups of water over. Set it on low and cook for 8-10 hrs. Take chicken out (carefully, because it will come off the bones) and put noodles in the broth, turning it up to high.

Let the noodles cook for 45 min., While you take the meat off the bones. Mix the meat in. This is like a very thick chicken soup and the basil makes this delicious!

That's it for today! If you want more crock pot recipes for chicken, be sure to visit us today at:

Preparing Your Home For A Home Air Conditioner Repair

If you are expecting someone to come in for a Home Air Conditioning Repair Service, then it would be best to get your place ready. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the upcoming repair project in your home.

Clean the immediate area around the AC . Inside the house, make sure there are no obstructions around the area where the AC is installed. This way, the technician can proceed with the job right away and not have to gingerly walk around boxes, furniture, or children's toys.

Provide plastic groundsheet . Most air conditioners are fitted into the houses' walls. If you have such an assembly, then you will need to provide a big enough sheet of plastic. This will be placed on the ground directly below the exterior of the air conditioner. The plastic serves as a protection for your garden plants should the refrigerant Freon accidentally leak during the course of the repair.

Have your own set of handyman's tools within reach . Of course, it is the AC technician's responsibility to bring in all necessary tools for the repair. But it would be smart to have your own set ready for backup purposes.

Have money ready for additional expenses. The technician should bring in all the needed replacement parts to complete the repair. However, there may be some instances when other materials will be required for damages that were not initially seen during the inspection. Having some ready cash with you will save you from a lot of headaches and it will also help to expedite the whole process too.

Now, if you know that the air conditioning repair will take hours to finish, then get some food and drinks ready. This way, the technician need not have to leave to buy something to eat so that he gets to continue working without unnecessary interruptions.

How to Choose a Bow to Use It In a Fiddle Contest

When considering the best bow for fiddling, iit may seem that every fiddle player has a different opinion. Choosing a bow is a very personal decision. Fiddle music is very demanding and a having a responsive bow is a must. I have observed that fiddle players use everything from the most inexpensive bows to fine old French bows valued at over $ 20,000.

One option that is becoming very popular is carbon fiber bows. The advantages to carbon fiber bows are that they are very stable, difficult to break and do not warp. A favorite carbon fiber bow is the CodaBow brand. CodaBow makes several models which are designed to accommodate many different levels of players.

When playing demanding fiddle tunes, a bow with a strong stick may seem to perform best for many players. Keep in mind that the stronger the stick, the less hair tension is needed. Each bow will dictate, depending upon strength of the stick and its camber (the arch in the bow), how tight it needs to be. A common mistake is to tighten the bow so much that it becomes bouncy and hard to control. There is no rule about how tight a bow should be. Again, it depends upon the individual bow and the player's preferences.

A common mistake is to put too much rosin on the bow. Many players and teachers feel that they should rosin the bow every time they play. This is not the case. Rosin should be used to help the bow grip the string. If you find a white cloud of it coming off the bow hair when you play, then you are using too much. With rosin, generally less is more. If you feel the hair slipping on the string then apply more of it sparingly until you feel the bow grip the string.

It is important to remember to loosen the bow when you are done playing. When tension is left on the hair, it will stretch. Once the hair is too stretched out your bow will no longer tighten. If you can not tighten the bow, do not force it. Take it in to you local luthier for a rehair. Many bows have been damaged by trying to force them to tighten. The other reason for loosing the hair is to let the stick relax back into it's natural cambered shape. If a bow is left tight for too long it will lose its camber and can warp.

Juice Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

Dieting and juicing are the new trends when it comes to fast weight loss. These methods prevent the formation of the fatty deposits in the body in addition to burning the bulges that are already a part of your figure.

More and more people are opting for fruit and vegetable juice plans to deal with weight issues. It is however important to remember that weight loss has little to do with depriving the body of everything lovely and more to do with eating healthy and burning extra calories. Nonetheless, here is a 5 day diet juice plan that can help in losing weight quickly.

Daily Juices

7 AM: The first recipe we have on board is a blend of spinach, cucumber, apple, wheatgrass, parsley and kiwifruit. This juice is nutritious and makes a tasty breakfast drink. You can alternate between this juice and other delicious smoothies to keep you going through the day

10 AM: The second recipe is a detoxifying juice blend of grapes, pineapple, carrot, ginger, apple and celery. Ginger spices up your drink. This is one drink you will savor to the last drop.

1 PM: Heat up tomato and lentil soup. It is good enough to keep you feeling fuller for much longer and its delicious too.

7 PM: Combine some healthy food portions with cranberry juice. A full stomach will ensure a good night's sleep.

Healthy Diet

You will survive taking the juices only diet for a few days and actually lose weight really fast . You however will find it harder to manage without food and could end up feeling nauseous and dizzy. Headaches also become frequent with severe diet changes. As soon as you start experiencing the negatives, it should be time to kick in some healthy diet food plan. A few days of juicing only will definitely help you lose weight quickly, but to keep up with healthy weight loss, you will have to start healthy foods too.

You can begin by cutting out fatty, sugary foods and going for healthier options. Cutting out calorie intakes is the way to go. Beside, you should aim at burning more calories than you eat. This means striking a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and taking meals that are either too big nor too too small. Eating smaller meals, but frequently will keep metabolism going and help burn calories without much effort.

Weight Loss Tips

Vegetables and fruits should be increased in your meals as you cut out carbohydrates. They will supply the body with all the minerals and nutrients that it needs to keep up with the weight loss process.

To keep the body well hydrated for proper functioning during weight loss, drink plenty of water at the same time keeping off sugary, soft drinks. The juices make up part of the body's requirement of water, but you still need water to keep everything running smooth.

Learn to prepare healthy meals yourself. This way, you will manage to control what goes into making the food to have a healthy low fat meal at the end of the day.

Preventing Injuries and Falls on Stairs and Staircases – 3 Tips

Every year many people fall and get hurt or die on stairs and staircases. This happens not only on dimly lit and slippery stairs, for example outside when it's rainy or icy, but on just about any set of stairs anywhere.

This was really brought home to me this summer when two events occurred. First, my elderly mother in law fell down her basement stairs. She was found by the gardener, and may have been unconsciously briefly. She definitely banged her head hard. She had her head examined as well as the rest of herself at the hospital. Fortunately, she's a tough old bird and other then being quite bruised and hurting, it was not serious. Secondly, I slipped and almost fell on an outdoor staircase. It was slightly wet, and nothing serious happened, but had I fallen it could have been a long and dangerous fall.

Here are 3 safety tips to prevent falls on stairs.

1) Clean off those stairs. It does not matter if it's leaves on an outdoor staircase, or "stuff" on an indoor staircase, people can slip because of it. Our indoor stairs are no longer the storage area they seemed to be – the junk is gone.

2) Install a handrail if appropriate. I did this a while back on a cell staircase that worried me.

3) Install stair treads on all potentially slippery stairs. These can be simple cheap rubber or vinyl treads, fancy carpet treads, or even heated treads that melt snow and ice!

The Best Sunburst Deck Railing Designs Make a Dramatic Impact on Your Backyard Deck Design

Your choice of deck railing design plays an important part in your overall deck design. Whether you're looking at the deck from the back yard or you're standing on the deck looking out into the yard – the style of railing will greatly impact the appeal of your deck. To increase interest and to keep your railing design from becoming boring, consider adding some sunburst deck railing (also called starburst deck railing).

Let's be honest. A standard 2×2 deck railing design, while functional and efficient, is pretty boring – especially on a long run of decking. A sunburst deck railing design provides a more contemporary look and feel to your deck. It will cost a bit more than standard vertical 2×2 baluster railing, but not a great deal. You will still use 2×2 balusters, but the labor costs will be higher, simply because it takes more time to cut and install the sunburst style. There will be slightly higher materials costs as well, depending on the particulars of how you design and install your railing.

It is not necessary to surround your entire deck with a sunburst deck railing design. In fact, it is easy to overdo the design if you are not careful. I propose that each section of sunburst railing pattern should be separated by a section of standard vertical railing. Make the sunburst sections an accent, not a dominating feature. The result should be areas of added interest. Too much sunburst becomes too "busy" and detracts from your deck rather than enhancing your deck. As a rule, I suggest that individual sections of sunburst patterns should be between four feet and six feet wide. But, you say, my sections between my posts are eight or ten feet wide. No problem. You will just add vertical 2×4's, even spaced from your posts, so that you reduce the span to six feet or less. Then use standard vertical 2×2 balusters between the posts and the 2×4's. Fill in the space between the 2×4's with your sunburst design.

It is also unnecessary to have a sunburst design between each and every set of posts, although you may do that. It really depends on the size of your deck – specifically the length of the sides you want to spice up with sunburst sections. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Can I Do This Myself?
If you have reasonable carpentry skills, the right tools, and some time, this can be a do it yourself project. There is nothing difficult about the work, but it is important to plan it out properly. Remember to keep your span for the sunburst section under six feet. Draw this out on paper before you start. Measure the spans between your deck posts. If they are all the same, your job is easier. If not, you will need to select you sunburst section spans to conform with the spans between the posts. I'll briefly explain the installation process for sunburst deck railing, but this will assume you already have the ability to install a standard 2×2 railing design. If you do not, there are other places to learn that basic ability. For our purposes, let's assume you have eight foot spans between 6×6 posts, and you are going to put five foot sections of sunburst design in the center of some of those sections. First, install the top and bottom horizontal rails between the posts. You will need them there in order to have something to secure the balusters to. Place two vertical 2×4 balusters 18 inches inside the posts so that you can cut the center span down to five feet. Find the center and plumb your first baluster there. From that center baluster, work to each side by placing the bottoms of each baluster against the precedenting baluster, then fanning the tops out, leaving no more than four inches of spacing at the top. The code requirement remains four inches of maximum spacing. Continue this process until there is no space greater than four inches remaining. As you fan out, each baluster will get longer. Often the pre-cut balusters are not long enough for the longer pieces, so you will probably need to buy some eight foot stack pieces and cut them to length. Then simply install a second top and bottom rail to cover the ends of the balusters, and you're through.

If you want a tighter pattern at the bottom of your sunburst section, you can cut each baluster on an angle so that they will fit closer together. You will have to cut the end of each baluster at an angle where the join the vertical post (or 2×4 if you used one to reduce the span). The bottoms and most of the tops of the balusters will be sandwiched between two 2×4's so they will not be seen.

If you opt for a tighter pattern at the bottom of your sunburst railing design, you may need to include a half round piece at the bottom center to cover the angle cuts. Angle cuts will likely extend beyond the top of the bottom 2×4 rail, so after all balusters are installed, cut a half round or elliptical shape of sufficient size to cover them. This adds an additional bit of flair, so you may choose to do it even if you do not need to cover up any cuts.

Sunburst deck railing can add a nice touch of flair and sophistication to your deck. Use it to transform a simple railing system into an eye catching work of beauty. Whether you do it yourself or you pay a professional, your deck can become a focal point of your backyard.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer – Popular Applications For GRP

First developed in the 1930s, GFRP is a material that is now used in a wide variety of applications. Although many people may be familiar with a few of the ways in which Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer is used, the sheer number of GRP uses will likely be surprising to most. Read on to learn about the most popular applications for GFRP.

Public Infrastructure

This fiber reinforced polymer application is relatively new, but has proven to be quite effective. GFRP is now frequently used to repair and build many different types of civil infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and community buildings.

General Construction

When GFRP is used in construction applications, it is often referred to as architectural fiberglass. Architectural fiberglass can be used to craft a wide variety of products that commonly appear inside and outside of homes, hotels, casinos, restaurants, stores, and office buildings. Just a few products that can be crafted from architectural fiberglass include sculptures, domes, balustrade, fountains, columns, and entryways. When crafted from architectural fiberglass, products can be finished to match any color sample or mimic more expensive materials, such as gold or limestone.

Household and Business Equipment and Appliances

GFRP can also be used to craft a variety of goods used in homes and businesses, including several different types of appliances and power tools.

Aerospace and Automobile Products

The fact that GRP is so lightweight and weather-resistant makes it ideal for use in both transportation and aerospace applications. GFRP is regularly used to manufacture parts for all types of automobiles. Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer is also used to manufacture components for various types of commercial planes and military aircraft.

Consumer Goods

The number of consumer goods that are regularly manufactured from Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer is truly staggering. Because GFRP is not susceptible to rust, rot, or insect infestations, it is commonly used to manufacture outdoor furniture. Moisture-resistant GRP is also used to construct outdoor recreational vehicles like snowmobiles, as well as mobile campers. A variety of sports equipment, including golf clubs and racks, is also frequently made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer.

Obviously, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer is a versatile material that can be utilized in a wide variety of ways. Its lightweight properties, impressive strength, and durability make GRP a desirable substance from which to manufacture everything from tennis racks to prodigious architectural domes, and it's conceivable that GRP will be used in an even greater number of applications in the future.

Building Lingo 101

Even if you do not know how to fix a leaky pipe or build a house, it helps to understand the lingo. You may find yourself dealing with a contractor one day, and you'll sound a lot more knowledgeable if you know some of the common building terms and what they mean.

Take this little quiz and see if you know the difference between a soldering iron and angle iron.

Choose A, B, or C and view your answers below.

1. A narrow, vertical member in a railing is a:

a) Tread

b) Banister

c) Baluster

2. The temperature surrounding an object.

a) Ambient

b) Radiant

c) Ventilation

3. A non load-bearing wall separating two areas.

a) Partition

b) Gable

c) Plate

4. A rectangular, groove cut in the corner edge of a board or plank.

a) Dove tail

b) Rabbet

c) Notch

5. The vertical portion of the frame on which a door is hung.

a) Mantel

b) Jamb

c) Plate

6. A stud less than a full story high, similar to that found over or under a window.

a) Joist

b) Lintel

c) Cripple

7. The projecting decorative moldings under the bottom edge of a roof or ceiling.

a) Cornice

b) Gingerbread

c) Molding

8. The sawdust-like substance created by boring insects like carpenter ants.

a) Muntin

b) Heartwood

c) Frass

9. The vertical trim running along the edge of the roof to which the gutters are commonly attached.

a) I-beam

b) Fascia

c) Soffit

10. A horizontal structural beam that supports the load over an opening such as a door or window.

a) Lintel

b) I-Beam

c) Rafter

11. The space or passage in a chimney through which smoke, gas, or fumes are ventilated through

a) Hearth

b) Flue

c) Vent

12. A waterfall channel or conduit of metal or wood set below and along the eaves of a house to catch and carry off rainwater from the roof.

a) Eaves

b) Leader

c) Gutter

13. A post to which the end of a stair railing or balustrade is fastened.

a) Newel

b) Column

c) Butt Joint

14. A strip of formed sheet metal, sometimes combined with a thin strip of metal lath, placed on corners before plastering for reinforcement. Also, a strip of wood finish three-quarters-round or angular placed over a plastered corner for protection.

a) Corner Bead

b) Corner Braces

c) Cove Molding

15. An opening in a sloping roof, the framing of which projects out to form a vertical wall suitable for windows or other openings. This is commonly seen in Cape Cod style homes.

a) Gable

b) Dormer

c) Lookout


1. C

2. A

3. A

4. B

5. B

6. C

7. A


9. B

10. A

11. B

12. C

13. A

14. A

15. B