The Fireproof Cabinet Offers More Implicit Benefits Than You Can Imagine

We use many types of cabinets for storing different items. Some people use the cabinet to just hold their goods until they are there. For example a bike driver may place his / her helmet in their cabinet until they stay in the office. There are certain things that have to be held by a normal cabinet. When it comes to the fireproof cabinet, it actually takes up the function of the safety vault. It not just holds the items placed within its stores and shelves, but also makes sure they are protected against the human factors (burglary) and natural factors (insects, dirt, dust, moisture, fire and flood). You may read ahead to learn about the various features that you have to check before buying one such safety cabinet.

  • You should never hesitate to get the best vault for your purpose, even if it means shelling out a few more bucks from your wallet. Remember that these few more bucks would be keeping your future and the guarantee that you can promise to your forthcoming generations.
  • The vault should have a good locking system that is burglarproof. There can be multiple levels of security levels in the vault before accessing the actual contents. This ensures that even if one mechanism fails, the other one covers for it to protect the valuables stored within.
  • Make sure that the strongbox has thick walls wherein the holes can not be drilled or can not be cut off by welding methods. These are the normal methods used by the burglars to break open the strongbox.
  • The doors should be airtight to ensure dust and dirt does not get into the vault. When the minuscule dirt can not get into the box, it is impossible for the insects and mice and geckos to get into the box.

The fireproof cabinet has many shelves. You can segregate different items in each of the fireproof cabinet shelf.

What Types Of Buildings Can Better Withstand A Fire – Metal Or Concrete?

One major question that arises when constructing a new building is whether to use steel or concrete. Both substances have inherent positives and negatives. They differ in terms of cost, ease of use, the amount of time required to use them, availability and many other factors.

When you are constructing a new building, safety issues are one of the most important considerations. You will want to be confident that the structure you are creating can withstand natural disasters, floods, or even terrorist attacks. You will also want to know how well your building will fare in a fire, which begs the question: will concrete or metal buildings fare better in a fire?

In a fire, how well a building maintains its structural integrity is critical. Obviously, a burning building is a big problem. A burning building that partly collapses is a total disaster. One of concrete's main benefits is that it can end fire for a long time without losing its structural integrity. Concrete's thickness and lack of ductility make it a good safeguard that can keep a fire from becoming worse. Thick concrete walls are also able to withstand very high temperatures without deforming or cracking. They can also potentially block explosions.

Concrete walls and partitions effectively split a building into compartments, separating different areas from each other, reducing property damage and making it easier for firefighters to contain a fire. Concrete buildings generally are less expensive to insure because of this.

Steel buildings almost always require additional fireproofing to meet fire codes. That said, a steel building in its most basic form will not protect against fire, explosion or earthquake as well as a concrete building.

However, advanced engineering and protections such as spray-on fireproofing, and high-quality sprinkler systems can greatly increase a steel building's ability to withstand a fire. Also, the choice of other materials used when constructing a steel building can make a big difference. For example, a steel building that was built with a large amount of wood would be more susceptible to fire.

Steel is non-combustible, but can potentially bend in a hot fire, putting the structural integrity of the building at risk. Conversely, steel's ductility can be a benefit to safety. In an earthquake zone, steel buildings are more common because they can better withstand massive shock. In an earthquake or a large explosion, stiff concrete walls are more likely to fall than concrete.

Steel is often used to build rigid frame that allow builders to cover large spans with less support. This is a very beneficial characteristic in many ways, but it can increase fire risk by creating a large, open space for a fire to spread through.

Different Types of Lighting Explained

Bollard Lighting
Bollard lighting is a type of outdoor lighting that is mounted on short units. When you are walking through your local town or city you will probably see them as they are well known for illuminating streets or lighting steps.

They come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes all depending on how you need them to be displayed. For example a fixed head bollard will direct light down an entry or a pathway, whereas short bollards can be used as basic marks for things such as drive ways or to highlight a dark path.

Ground Lights
They have a number of different purposes such as brightening up the façade of your house or a path, however when you are selecting one you need to be careful because they all have different purposes. If you want to illuminate a building you would use a metal halide light but if you want to light up a driveway it would be best to use a marker light.

Metal Halide Floodlight
There are different types of floods depending on what you need them for, a metal halide produces a white light and it is commonly used for industrial businesses or large outdoor yards. The reason for this is because the beam is very strong and it is a perfect deterrent against criminals, there are lots of different wattages available depending on what type of location it is needed for such as an outdoor yard or a football pitch.

PIR LED floodlight
A Passive Infra red floodlight is a type of floodlight that has a motion sensor that scans an area and switches on once in detects movement in an area. The usual detection distance that the sensor can pick up is between 8-12 meters depending of course on the brand you use and they are commonly used for security and as a deterrent against burglars.

GU10 Down lights
A GU10 down light is a type of light that is inserted into the ceiling of your home, the way it works is using springs inside the down light fitting so that they are pushed down the down light into position. There are many different types available with different styles and colors to match your home.

I hope this article has given you a better knowledge of the different lighting available and I hope this makes it a bit easier if you are changing lights in your home.

Kitchen Flooring Options

For many families the most used room in the house is the kitchen. It is the focus of many activities. More than any other room, it reflects your lifestyle and values. Inevitably floating in kitchens takes a beating and has to look good doing it. Whether you go with inexpensive vinyl flooring, or the best marble if it does not stand up to the beast and fit in with your lifestyle you will want to change it faster than anything else in your home.

The most popular and common kitchen flooring is vinyl. It is not the best at anything but it really does not have many glaring weaknesses either. It is durable, resilient and inexpensive; and you can get it in an almost infinite variety of patterns and colors. It has a nice cushy feel that you do not always find in some of the other hard flooring choices. You can get it in tiles or sheets. Vinyl tile flooring tends to be more attractive because of the variety of patterns and colors available. But be careful, the self-adhesive variety does not always stay down for long. Spilled water is more likely to get underneath the tiles and potentially cause a variety of problems. Because of the resilience of vinyl flooring, it requires a totally flat surface. Use a good underlayment before you put the vinyl down. If you put new vinyl over old vinyl tile, the pattern underneath will always show through in the new vinyl. If you go with vinyl flooring for your kitchen, make sure it is done right or you might regret it later.

Linoleum and vinyl are often confused with each other. They both look about the same once installed. But vinyl is made from all synthetic materials, whereas linoleum is made from all natural materials. Usually linoleum has a melt, canvas or burlap base with a combination of linseed oil, cork and wood powder mixed in natural resins on top of the base. The popularity of vinyl flooring has overshadowed linoleum. But the truth of the matter is linoleum is much more durable compared to vinyl. It is not uncommon for a linoleum floor with a good underlayment to last 35 to 40 years; even in heavy traffic areas. If durability and practicality are high priorities, do not dismiss sheet linoleum as too old fashioned or out of date.

Laminate flooring is a relatively new option that may be the perfect compromise for your kitchen. It is intended to give the low cost, resilience and low maintenance durability advantages of vinyl and linoleum flooring. At the same time it can give the look of more expensive flooring such as hardwood, ceramic and marble. It is a compromise and will not look as beautiful as a real hardwood or marble floor. But for many people, it is an excellent all around choice.

For many, the ultimate floor for a kitchen is a hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring is usually high maintenance, expensive, slippery and not as durable or scratch resistant as other flooring options. But despite these drawbacks, you can not anger with the timeless warmth and beauty of a real hardwood floor.

If cost is not an obstacle there are many marble, travertine, granite and other stone flooring options available for kitchen use. They are all expensive, but no other kitchen flooring option will last as long or look as refined and beautiful.

Penis Bruising – Ten Common Causes

Bruises on the penis can be alarming, especially when they are accompanied by pain or other unpleasant symptoms. Most bruises on penis skin are not serious and are not likely to cause long-term problems, but in some cases, prompt medical attention is required. Being aware of what causes bruising and taking adequate care of the penis may help to prevent long-term consequences from penis injury. Ten of the most common causes of bruising on the penis are described here.

1. Trauma to the penis– Any type of trauma, or sudden injury, to the penis may cause bruising, which is characterized by discoloration of the skin, soreness, and in some cases, inflammation. Bruises may have a dark, purplish appearance which typically fades to brown, then yellow before disappearing completely.

2. Fractures– Unfortunately, the penis really can be fractured; this occurs when the erectile tissue in the penis is ruptured, usually during sexual activity where the partner is on top. Men who hear a loud popping sound in the penis should seek emergency medical attention, especially if it is accompanied by severe pain.

3. Injection of drugs– Injecting drugs into the penis – whether for treating erectile issues or for other reasons – can result in bruising and soreness around the injection site. Men are strongly cautioned not to inject any substances into the penis except on the specific advice of a qualified physician, as this can result in long-term or severe injury.

4. Entrapment in clothing– While no one wants to think about it, it happens from time to time – a bit of skin on the penis gets caught on a zipper. Whether or not the skin is broken, some bruising may occur around the site of the injury.

5. Priapism– Priapism is a medical condition in which an erection occurs that lasts for more than four hours – usually unrelated to sexual stimulation. Bruising of the skin may occur at the same time. Men who experience priapism should be treated immediately in emergency care in order to prevent long-term injury or loss of function.

6. Circumcision– Ablation of the penile foreskin can cause bruising, bleeding and scabbing in the affected area following this common surgical procedure. After circumcision, the directions of a doctor on caring for the area should be followed specifically.

7. Masturbation– Aggressive masturbation, especially without the benefit of a lubricant, can damage the blood vessels under the surface of the penis skin and lead to bruising and soreness.

8. Thrombosed lymphatic vessel – Lymphatic vessels can be found all over the body – they are responsible for delivering lymphatic fluid. Masturbation, sex, and the use of erectile enhancement devices such as vacuum pumps can lead to bruising of this tissue.

9. Sexual intercourse– As with masturbation, partner activity can lead to friction and bruising; penile fractures accompanied by bruising may also result from rough intercourse.

10.Hematoma– A hematoma refers simply to the accumulation of blood outside of a damaged blood vessel – a hematoma on the penis may be caused by numerous minor skin injuries.

Maintaining a healthy penis

While nearly all men can expect to experience problems with the penis skin from time to time, caring for the member properly can go a long way toward preventing disease and injury and speeding healing when problems do occur. Keeping the skin well moisturized with natural hydrating agents such as shea butter and vitamin E can boost the skin’s natural lubricating qualities, reducing the risk of friction-related issues. In addition, applying a high quality penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing nutrients such as vitamin C (needed for the formation of healthy circulatory tissue and the repair of blood vessels after injury) may be helpful in speeding healing and recovery after injury.

Lean Muscle Mass Bodybuilding Routine For You To Follow

After a few years of fruitless weight training and diet I suddenly discovered the secret to building a powerful and muscular body without a lot of gain gain or taking steroids.

You see, once you reach your genetic limit in muscular bodyweight that's it – no more, and that's NOT a bad thing. For me personally a bodyweight of 185 pounds in lean condition was and is my limit. I am about 5 '10 1/2 "tall. Sure, I once took my bodyweight past 200 pounds but why? I thought it would make me bigger for a contest. Most people never even reach their genetic limit of muscular size and weight.

The reason other guys in the gym would gain 20 to 40 pounds was the use of anabolic steroids. Guess what, I still defeated many of come contest time. Why, because they were preoccupied with size and weight when they should have been thinking about muscularity and balance. The ancient Greeks knew this. A balanced and muscular physique is much more appealing to the eye than a bloated and out-of-proportion physique. Beside that most of the steroid users burn out and eventually quit training all together. They never understand the science behind building muscle and health, proper weight training and diet.

Want visual proof? Just look at the retired bodybuilding and power-lifting champions of today. Most look like they never lived a weight in their live, on top of that they have bad joints, tendon's, weak hearts and are very unhealthy.

Bodybuilding Champions from the 40's 50's and early 60's looked like physique champions well into their 60's and 70's and were still training till they passed away, most in their 80's or 90's. Can not say that about today's so called champions.

So …

Is it possible to build muscular size, muscular strength AND muscular balance all at the same time so you can look and feel like a Champion Bodybuilder ??? YES !!!

Here's how!

You have to combine a program of powerlifting training with good bodybuilding movements that have been selected to compliment the lifts, and sculpt the developing muscle mass at the same time.

You should expect to have a bit tired and worn out form the following program if you're giving it all you've got. If you're serious about building a lean, balanced and muscular physique then you'll need to get serious about your diet, sleep and keeping a positive mental attitude.

Get Started With This 6-Week Program


Light stiff-leg deadlifts – 3 sets X 12 reps

Squat – 1 X 8, 1 X7, 1 X 6, 2 X 5 (Increase weight with each set)

Lying Laterals – 2 X 8, 2 X 6 (Increase weight for last two sets)

Light-medium bent-arm pullovers – 3 X 10 reps

Bench press – 1 X 10, 1 X 8, 1 X 5, 3 X 3-4 (weight increase after each set)

Situps – 3 sets of 50 reps

Note to you – You MUST work to using HEAVY weights in the squat and bench press or you're just wasting time and energy.


Regular-grip chins (no weight) – 3 X as many as you can do

Single arm rowing with heavy dumbbell – 3 X 10 each side

Prone hyper-extensions – 20 X 20 (no weight)

Deadlifts – 2 X 6, 2 X 4, 3 X 3-4, 1 X 1-2 (weight increase after each set)

Barbell curls – heavy – 4 X 6-8 (try and reach a new maximum weight for the last set without your energy is low that day)

Leg raises – 3 sets of 20 no weight


SAME AS MONDAY WORKOUT, but add: barbell curls (same as Wednesday schedule)

I can hear you asking the questions right now !! "Dan, what about calf, triceps, and all the other exercises you did not put in the routine?"

To build the ideal, most muscular body you need to adapt, change and grow.

The body adapts to everything, that's why people who do heavy manual labor only get so big, then stop growing. The workout I just brave you will keep you growing for 4 to 6 weeks. Then it's time to advance to a more customized Muscle Building Course.

Sun Awnings – Difficult Installations

Patio Awning provide a perfect shade from the sun and can also be used as a shelter from light showers. Awnings can provide excellent room shade, keeping your room cool and protecting your furnishings from the rays of the sun, or even provide a sheltered area to sit under outside.

Often it can appear that an Awning would not be able to be fitted to your home due to not having an obvious flat wall to fit to. Luckily there are some solutions for several of these types of problems.

Low roofed homes such as bungalows can appear the most difficult property to install a Sun Awning to. It is important that you never fix your awning into the top courses of bricks as there is no strength there. If you do, the chances are the bricks will pull away causing the awning to collapse as well as damaging your property.

Spreader plates are the ideal solution to this problem. As the name suggests, they spread the load of the awning down the wall. Usually they are flat plates that are around 50cm in length. They have three or more fixing points down them allowing to spread the load and take the fixing points away from the top courses.

Low roof lines can also cause an issue with the awning height. If you have a low roof then the awning will be installed low. This means that the front plate will be extremely low and cause a hazard for bumping your head on! Usually there is no scope for putting a decent angle on it to let water roll off appropriately if it rains. This will lead to water pooling on the fabric and will damage the awning very quickly.

Brackets can be used here that brings the awning out from under the soffit and up to or glance above the line of the guttering. This will allow for a much better pitch and still keeping it above head height. Again, the bracket spreads the load down the wall.

This type of step out bracket is ideal for many other situations. For example, tile hung walls are very popular but usually the tiles start right when you want your awning. A small step out bracket will solve this problem.

If you have a solid wall you may still hit another problem. What if you have a pipe in the way? Pipe brackets are the ideal solution here. These compact brackets extend the awning away from the wall to clear these types of obstructions.

There are some instances where no bracket will allow installation. Perhaps the brickwork is old and crumbling or sometimes you want an awning for your static caravan or mobile home. In these instances the best solution is to use support posts.

Support posts are generally made out of 80mm box section and they are sunk into the ground by around 600mm. They are colored to blend with any environment. The posts are installed as close to the wall as you like. They are totally freestanding so there is no strain on the building itself.

There is rarely an instance where a sun awning can not be installed at all. Often these methods do cost a little bit more than a straight on the wall installation but the benefits that a sun awning can bring to your life is well worth the extra investment.

Useful Facts of Driveway Paving Services

All of us want to beautify the surrounding area of ​​our home and offices. A house looks good when the surrounding is good and appealing. The beauty of the house is enhanced manifolds with the nicely paved roads. The article throws light on the several aspects covered under paving.

Paving has played a very dominant role in building establishments. Paving plays a great role in building civilization and industrialization of any nation. The various bodies involved in paving services include construction related firm, architects, contractors and builders. The use of stone was an integral part of human since the dawn of civilization.

• Paving services add value and charm to your home and property.

• It can do a lot in making your yard look great and adds beauty and aesthetics to your dream home.

Materials Used For Paving Purposes

Paving adds durability, elegance and beauty to the walkways and driveways. The various materials used for paving are;

Granite: It is beautiful, long lasting and durable for exterior floor coverings. It is a hard stone and mainly used for exterior paving. It is the most durable building stone from an architectural point of view.

Limestone: It is an excellent material for both external as well as internal paving.

Slatestone: It is popular for both residential and commercial exterior paving application.

Sandstone: It is beautiful, durable and long lasting. It is a mostly widely used paving material. It is an important part of both exterior and interior decoration.

Safety Measures

In paving services the most critical point that is given top most priority is the safety measures. All the reputed companies are the stringent follower of the safety norms and give key priority to the safety. The company uses well tested paving equipment in all of their constructional work. Paving involved practice of laying pavements, driveways, parking lots and roads. Here, the individual has to decide the type of color and pattern they want to see in their pavement.

Paving Services

Paving is a very diverse field and the services are generally used for road work, parking areas, driveways, curbs, patching, speed bumps, car seals, parks, tennis courts, municipalities, school, office building, gravel work, retail center, shopping halls, cycle path and the list goes on. It can be of metalling, asphalt, concrete or composite surface depending upon the need and requirement of the clients.

How to find a good paving service provider?

The paving service provider caters diverse need of clients in both commercial and residential areas. There are a large number of reputed paving service providers that you can easily find by putting some effort on the internet. In this regard you also consult your friends and relatives.

Bridge to Terabithia – A DVD Review

If you have not had the chance to see this movie, go see it. Rent it. Buy it. Whatever. If you're not familiar with the book or the story, the twist will catch you offguard. The trailer, as I recall, seemed to hint at a Narnia-esque story, but it was nothing of such at all.

Terabithia was about the growing pains of Leslie and Jesse, two middle schoolers who developed deep love between each other, and how they coped together with their pre-teen unrests. The story drew you into how their lives changed as soon as they met after encountering the school bullies. The story was told from Jesse's point of view, the talented introvert who's blossoming artist was in danger of ever getting buried by the burdens of a young man's traditional familial responsibilities. His parents kept telling him to stop daydreaming and, instead, to focus in contributing to the family in practical ways since they had money problems. Jesse was constantly torn between his parents' needs and his growing passion for his art.

Enter Leslie into his life. A new girl in school and his new neighborhood who was growing up unconventionally. Her family did not believe in television and many other conventional, sometimes unnecessary, home furnishings. As a result, Leslie used her deep imagination to entertain herself and to deal with adversity such as when being beaten by bullies. She showed Jesse the power of imagination as they explored the woods near their house. It was here that they made up a place they call Terabithia – their place, their magical kingdom complete with mystical warriors protecting them from nearby creatures of mayhem. Jesse succumbed to Leslie's lead and fully embroiled himself in a world that only exists between them.

By this time, I anticipated and hoped that Terabithia would become real and the two would be able to escape their problems together. I was really pulling for a cheesy happy ending for these two. But something terrible happened. I will not give it out because it's such a big part of story. And it does make you cry. For now, let's finish this review by saying that in the end, our young artist with Leslie's help was able to free his mind and enlighten another with his imagination.

The acting was superb, not just from the leads Josh Hutcherson (Jesse) and AnnaSophia Robb (Leslie), but also from the supporting casts including Zooey Deschannel (Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2). The movie had plenty of sticky situations typical in middle school. It's a perfect setting on how two people can find each other from amongst the turmoil and how the right relationship can enrich a life forever.

Diagnosing Repair Parts on the NSS Stallion 8SC Carpet Extractor

The NSS Stallion 8SC carpet extractor by National Super Service is one of the best carpet extractors sold in the United States. This extractor is easy to use and is extremely portable and lightweight. Over time small issues might arise with this unit and it may need to be repaired. The extractor itself has four likely areas where things could go wrong and parts need to be fixed. It is important to use OEM NSS parts when repairing this extractor to ensure trouble-free use down the road. The four major areas that could go wrong are the vacuum motor, brush motor, pump and brush assembly. NSS parts are readily available through online National Super Service parts dealers and local NSS dealers.

A common problem with this carpet extractor is that the brush bearings tend to go back prematurely. One of the main reasons for this is that some extractors sit for extended periods of time and the bearings start to rust because water was left in the brush assembly and it was not given time to dry out. There are two ways that bearings can be replaced. The first way is to disassemble the main brush remove the bearings, remove the axle, and replace with new NSS bearings. The second and easiest solution to this problem is to purchase a whole new brush assembly which includes the brush, bearings, axle and bearing clips. There are two screws on the outer housing of the brush assembly, remove the screws in the brush should drop from the machine. Remove the belt from the brush and pull the brush away from the machine. To install the new brush wrap the belt around the pulley, but the brush into the machine and screw in the two outside screws. This is an easy fix to the most common problem with Stallion 8SC has. A great way to ensure that bearings within the brush not go bad is to let air circulate around the brush when the machine is not in use. This will prevent the bearings from rusting and seizing up over time.

The next component that is most likely to fail is the brush motor. Before placing the brush motor check to see that the belt is in good condition and has not snapped. Many people assume that the brush motor is bad and do not check the belt first. This NSS belt is extremely inexpensive and easy to replace. On the lower housing of the machine there are screws which need to be removed to access the brush motor and belt. When replacing the belt make sure to check that the brush motor sprints freely and that the pulley on the brush spins freely. A common reason that brush motors go bad is that the bearings on the brush seize up and this will either snap the belt or put an excessive load on the motor causing it to burnout.

When you notice your machine is losing suction it could be that your vacuum motor is starting to wear out. A good thing to do before replacing the vacuum motor is to check all seals especially on the dome and check the dome gasket. Leaks here will cause loss of suction and prevent carpets from being cleaned properly. To access the vacuum motor there are two screws on the back of the unit undo the screws and the top of the unit will flip forward exposing all the internal components. When doing this make sure that the machine is empty in both the solution and recovery tanks. If the machine is not empty water will spill from these tanks onto the floor. To replace the vacuum motor undo the hold down screws and remove the air outlet from the vacuum motor. Repeat the steps to replace the unit.

The last area that can be problematic on the NSS Stallion 8SC is the pump. On the user control panel there is a red button, when pressed this will cause the pump to start and water will be released from the jets on the lower unit. Before replacing the pump check the jets to see if they are clogged. It is common for water not to come out of the unit when these jets are clogged. The easiest way to clean jets is to soak them in a delimer product. Over time calcium from hard water can build up and plug the tiny holes causing them not to release water. After the jets have been soaked do not try to clean the jet holes with anything sharp. The optimal way to clean these jets is to blow compressed air through the top of the jet, this will release debris and free up the whole. If you’re jets are clean and there still is no solution coming out of your machine then you might have a bad pump. To replace the pump under the two screws from the back of the machine until the top of the machine forward exposing the internal parts. Remove the pump and replace with a genuine NSS Stallion 8SC pump. It is important to use only National Super Service parts to ensure extra longevity of your machine.

When working on the NSS Stallion 8SC is important that the power cord be unplugged from the wall and that no power is running to the unit. The Stallion 8SC has now been replaced with the Stallion 818 SC. The major difference between these two carpet extractors is that the Stallion 818 SC has a 18 inch cleaning path instead of a 16 inch cleaning path in the older unit. Some parts for the Stallion 818 SC are interchangeable with the older Stallion 8SC but not all. The main part that is not interchangeable is the brush assembly, so when ordering parts it is important that you order the correct part for the correct machine.

What to Look for When You Buy an LCD TV?

The TV captures a corner of your room, and is a very good entertainer. LCD TVs have been developed rapidly in just a few years. LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. LCD is sandwiched with two perfect backlight glass plates. It displays with fluorescent backlight. It has less glare and reflection. LCD TV is slim and can be mounted easily in walls or ceilings.

LCD TV works with the same technology of digital clocks and computer monitors. It has a very good display screen. It has a flat panel, which has the bright and high contrast images. The screen size is 27 inches and below. The display of an image is measured with tiny dots, which is known as pixels. Pixels give the sharper resolutions. Pixels have three chambers as red, blue and green. All LCD TV screen will have a fine function through the life with the supply of dead pixels. It displays in the ratio 16: 9, which is the proper one to view HDTV and DVD players. It is capable to display HDTV, conventional TV and home videos. It acts as computer monitors. LCD TV is built in with speakers, free view and tuners. Speakers have the Dolby surround sounds.

Things to note before you buy

LCD TV has many features as brightness contrast of a picture, viewing angle, response time, other equipments to be connected, and life span. First you should note the brightness contrast. Brightness is measured in cd / m2, which is the intensity of light. Contrast is measured as how many of white tones are produced in the image than a black one. The larger number of brightness contrast gives the high quality of picture. The next is the angle to view the TV. Horizontal angle is of 150 and 170 degrees and vertical around 130 degrees. You can view the images in the TV sitting anywhere in the room. It can be viewed also in wide angles. Response time is measured as milliseconds. The speed of the pixels is between 20 to 30 milliseconds. Slow response time will cause the image as streaking and ghosting. The other equipments will be connected with a SCART sockets, S-video and Component inputs. SCART sockets can be chosen with a RGB input. S-Video is super natural videos. HDMI is a High Definition Multimedia Interface, which has the high quality to connect both audio and video data. The average life span of the television is 60, 000 hours. It will have the life up to 20 years.

When you go to buy a LCD TV, you should keep the above consideration in your mind. Right LCD TV will display of high quality of pictures, many types of equipments can be connected as your wish and it occupies the small portion in your house.

Rebound Hammer – 6 Steps to Measure the Strength of Concrete

A rebound hammer is an instrument to determine the strength of rock or concrete. Since this is an essential element of structural design and is specified for compliance purposes, it is vital to know the strength of the concrete. This hammer is also known as the Schmidt Hammer in honor of its inventor Ernst O. Schmidt who invented this measuring device in the 1950s.

The rebound hammer test is based on the principle that the rebound of an elastic mass depends on the hardness of the surface against which the mass impinges. When testing the impact bolt of the rebound hammer strikes the surface of the concrete with a defined force. After the impact, a metal body, the so-called hammer rebounds. The rebound distance is measured by a sensor and passed on to the display unit as an electrical signal.

6 Steps to measure the strength of concrete with a rebound hammer:

  1. Use a grinding stone to smoothen the test surface.
  2. Perform a few test impacts with the rebound hammer on this smooth, hard surface before taking any measurements which you are going to evaluate. Perform a consistency check on the test anvil.
  3. Ensure all settings are correctly done.
  4. Position the hammer perpendicular to and against the test surface. Push the concrete test hammer against the surface at a moderate speed until the impact is triggered. Be aware that the plunger generates a recoil when it deploys. Therefore it is recommended to hold the rebound hammer with both hands, perpendicular to the test surface, before triggering the impact.
  5. Each test surface should be tested with at least 12 impacts dropping the highest and the lowest and then take the average of the remaining. The individual impact points must be spaced at least 25 mm apart. The British Standard BS 1881: Part 202 advices to test on a grid pattern with a spacing of 20 to 50 mm.
  6. Interpret the test results.

Guide to Basic Bricklaying Techniques

In this article we will discuss some basic bricklaying techniques that will help you get an idea on how to tackle any bricklaying job you may want, as an avid handyman.

A few bricklaying tips to take into consideration for a nice, neat and sturdy finish would be Getting the mortar right, using a trowel, and laying the bricks.

Getting the mortar right:

  • The sand should have a bit of clay in its consistency for body in the mortar
  • The sand should not be fine.
  • Clean sand, without any foreign matter, helps the finished quality of your joints.
  • For light coloured mortar finish use a lighter coloured sand, and for a darker finish use orange brick sand.
  • To get the best consistency out of your mortar follow the instructions on the cement bag for best ratios. i.e how many shovels of sand per cement. (where possible use measuring equipment, like buckets).
  • Water in the mix is crucial, it mainly depends on the amount of moisture is already in your sand. The mortar needs to be wet enough so that it sticks to your trowel, and dry enough to keep its body.
  • Apply small quantity of lime is used to make the mortar pliable.


  • Before you use the trowel get familiar and comfortable with holding the tool properly
  • Positioning yourself when laying bricks is very important for, neat, clean and tidy work. A right handed bricklayer should have his left-side of body (brick-hand) to the wall face, and right-hand side (trowel hand) to materials. Reverse this position if you are left handed.
  • A right-handed bricklayer should position their feet with the right foot slightly forward of the left, feet slightly apart to assume a well balanced position. Reverse this for left-handed bricklayers.
  • Maintain such a position at all times that will prevent clothing from fouling the line — approximately 100 to 150mm from the wall. Your head should be continually moved into such a position that will assist in hand- eye co-ordination.
  • The best way to apply the mortar to your trowel would be to scoop one full trowel and fold it one to two times, then scoop that up and apply to your brick wall repeating to cover about 3 bricks in distance. once applied using the tip of your trowel furrow your mortar bed.

Laying the brick:

The most important thing to consider whilst laying bricks is to take your time and not to rush.

  • Heap your mortar in the centre of your damp mortar board
  • Pick up enough mortar on your trowel
  • Spread brick bed with mortar for 2 – 4 bricks
  • Spread and furrow mortar bed, being sure to trim excess mortar off bed
  • Select your brick with your brick hand
  • Butter brick on each header face for your cross joints
  • Lay the brick on your brick line making sure to cut off excess mortar to keep the face work clear, and clean

Abstract Painting – Abstract … What does the Word Mean?

Webster defines abstract as: a.considered apart from a particular instance, b.expressing a quality apart from the object or c. having only intrinsic form with little or no pictorial representation. In other words; taking an object and focusing on its core fundamentalness. All three definitions very easily fit abstract painting in showing, telling, drawing and painting the very essence of the object without actually depicting the object itself.

How does an abstract painter arrive at an abstract design? Many stated that they started with a representational motif, that the motif was something readily identifiable. Then they dissected the motif so to speak, looking for the bare bones, the very essence of the object. They expressed this essence with colorful shapes, some beautiful, some drab, and some just plain ugly.

In any type of painting the artist is making a statement. It's easy to say pretty pink flowers in a representational painting. What the abstract artist has to say must be said with his / her simple means; brush marks, color and interesting shapes. Also, since color is arbitrary, color is at the artist's whim, and may or may not be pretty and has nothing to do with the painting's success.

To make a meaningful statement without a recognizable subject is daunting. It's not a matter of simply looking and drawing. He / she must use all their wiles to engage us in dialog with their art, being limited, or we should say, unlimited, with unrecognizable shapes and unrelated (to the object) color. The artist must interest and speak to the viewer through form and color.

A weak, wishy washy, pretty pink flower painting says, "Weak, wishy wasy pretty pink flowers!" Bright, bold colors, without form and substance in an abstract painting says, "No form and no substance!" Neither painting is successful.

So ….. here we stand in front of the piece of art, having no understanding of abstract art, its purpose and intent. We would like to respond but we are without a clue. So, we hesitate in front of the art work, we do not know what to say, we do not respond to the color or design, so, we walk away saying, "that artist must be nuts! " And wondering what the painting was all about. What was its purpose? Was it good art or not?

There are some people who are of the opinion that a painting must be representative to be good art. And if they can not see every hair on the head and every leaf on the tree, then the art is not good. That simply is not true. You may prefer the see every hair but that is not necessarily an indication of good art.

What guidelines do we have in judging abstract paintings merits? The guidelines that representational painters must follow are the same for the abstract painter. The work must have readable values, color harmony and domination, repetition with variety in shapes, colors and lines, all that pertains to good art must also be in abstract art.

A collection of wild colors and shapes does not always add up to good art in abstraction or representational art. A good abstract can be more difficult to pull off than representational art because the artist is relying on his imagination and intuition to make something meaningful and of value. (not necessarily monetary value)

In trying to understand abstract (non-representational) art, approach it with the idea in mind to simply appreciate what is before you. Sometimes the title will give us a clue as to what the painting is about. That helps. Then look and take note of how it affects you.

Does the color speak to you? Are you lifted up or cast down by the color? You will have some reaction to a piece of art work, it will move you in some way, sometimes not much, perhaps a great deal. Identify what it is. Good art, whether abstract or representative, sets a mood, tells a story, however subtle, intrigues and interests the viewer, and as such, each painting must be appreciated on its own merits.

Chandelier Shades – The Basics

Chandelier shades are a simple way to update a lighting fixture or create a new look for a room in your home. Choosing a new shade design is an easy way to make a dramatic impact in any room you want. They add beauty to your light fixtures while at the same time casting a softer glow in the room.

Options range from fancy beaded chandelier shades to a more neutral look of natural linen. You can dress a room up, or down, depending on the occasion, with just a change of a shade. Shades come in various styles such as beaded, silk embroidered shades, woven, metal, faux leather, pleated, Victorian, paper, cotton, ruffled light shades, and floral patterned shades. They usually come with an easily attachable bottom that can be clipped onto the appropriate portions of the chandelier.

One advantage of chandelier shades is the dazzling array of moods and designs that can be created just by changing the shades. It's a relief to know that there is no need to dismantle the entire chandelier frame to do this. The lampshade can also be in different colors, so instead of just a clear light you can have a diffuse tinted glow.

Harmony is a key to a beautiful lamp; the lamp base and shade should compliment each other. The shape of the shade should follow the contour of the fixture. For example, a more square-shaped lighting fixture should have shades with straight lines.

Style is really a matter of personal taste. Of course you would want to match an elegant light fixture with an elegant shade. If one has a very decorative lamp that looks just fine with a more plain shade, then surely you may use it.

Light shades may have traditionally been white or off-white just to let plenty of light through. If you feel a shade is a bit plain, consider keeping the style but getting a different color. Colored chandelier shades can play a role in making the décor of a room. You can even match colored shades with the walls in a room. Whatever your taste might be, do not be afraid to put a little color on your fixtures – after all you might love it.

One very important thing to always keep in mind when shopping for these shades – pay attention to the maximum wattage allowed and the way that the brace attaches to a fixture because certain ones are manufactured to only accommodate certain certain styles.

No matter what your style is, different sizes, shapes, and colors offers something for every design theme; from very modern to rustic. Have fun with your decorating.

To read more about interior design ideas and lighting fixture ideas, visit the author's website at Hanging Lamps