Female Hair Loss On Sides, Temples, And Around Edges

Female hair loss that occurs in the temple area, edges, or sides of head could be caused by several different disorders.

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

Frontal fibrosing alopecia is a newly discovered condition. It was first described in 1994. Characteristics include symmetrical hair loss along the top hairline and the sides of scalp. Complete or partial eyebrow loss can also occur. This condition does not happen suddenly. It is a slow, gradual process. The bald area progressively recedes farther and farther back, forming a “band” around the top and side edges that resembles a receding hairline. The baldness can extend as much as five inches past the original hairline. There may be a slight or noticeable contrast in the appearance of the skin in the affected area. It may appear pale or mildly scarred.

The condition was originally named “postmenopausal frontal fibrosing alopecia” as it was originally thought to only affect women of postmenopausal age. Now it is being seen in younger women as well. Although it was once considered very rare, it is increasingly becoming more common. The cause is unknown but there is speculation that the immune system and/or hormonal system may be involved.

Because it is a type of cicatricial alopecia, scarring occurs under the surface. The scarring creates a closure over the affected follicle, making it impossible for that follicle to ever produce hair again. Treatment revolves around stopping the progression rather than trying to re-grow the hair that has already been lost. Early intervention is necessary.

Alopecia Ophiasis

Ophiasis is a more severe and dramatic variation of alopecia areata. A pattern of baldness occurs at the temples, behind the ears, along the sides, and extending to the nape (or entire occipital area) of the neck. The bald areas often occur on one side or in one area first, gradually connecting together to form a band around the perimeter of scalp on the sides and along the bottom of neck area. Ophiasis is a Greek word meaning serpent, referring to the snake-like pattern that is formed as this condition progresses.

With alopecia areata in all its various forms, the follicles are not damaged or destroyed so there is always the possibility of regrowth. The prognosis for ophiasis is not as positive as it is in less severe forms of this disorder, but as long as the follicles are still alive the opportunity is there. Early intervention provides better results.

Because it is an autoimmune disorder, proper treatment would include calming, nourishing and balancing (but not over-stimulating) the immune system, as well as treating the hair loss itself. Autoimmune disorders require specific anti-inflammatory diet that may also require elimination of gluten and other possible food allergens. Natural or synthetic agents may be used to encourage follicle stimulation and new growth.

Traction Alopecia

Traction is one of the most common causes of temporal thinning in women and girls. This occurs from wearing tightly pulled hairstyles consistently for prolonged periods of time. The sustained tension on the scalp strains the follicle, causing the underlying strand to loosen from the follicle. Persistent tension may eventually damage the follicle.

Treatment involves wearing hair loose as much as possible and massaging area with essential oils, coconut oil or jojoba to provide nourishment and circulation to follicles. Early detection is necessary as scarring can occur with this condition. Once scarring occurs, hair loss is permanent.

What Is an External Timber Cladding Wall?

Timber covering is an environment congenial process that's employed to clad constructions. Panels or planks of woods are employed to frame the outside of a construction. Conventionally, timber cladding was similar with agricultural constructions such as barns, and applied rough cut, unprocessed planks of woods as the primary construction material. With the progress of technology and invention, this cladding has developed into an advanced choice. It's at present a well-known option with designers and constructors and is employed broadly in residential and commercial constructions.

External Timber Cladding Facade
Timber cladding wall constituents the outside frontage of constructions. It works as a rain-screen cladding which is the external timber covering wall of a dual wall building. The interior timber cladding wall is divided by a cavity that's well vented so that any moisture that gets through the cladding becomes evaporated or runs out. This cladding is applied on brand-new or existing constructions as a second bark for causes such as developing the aesthetics of the construction, thermal holdings, environmental certificate, simplicity of use and light building.

Cladding is put in an amount of different manners in accordance with the aesthetics needed for the construction. Panels are adjusted vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Slim bits of woods known as battens are located to the interior acoustical wall panels as back up for the cladding. If the cladding needed is horizontal, the battens are fastened vertically. The space between the outside and interior walls has insulator, a waterproof tissue layer and a ventilation system cavity. Tongue and furrow and ship-lap joints are applied to match the panels together. They're as well open joined or overlapped.

Medical Marijuana Issue in Florida: One Big Pot Hole

On August 29, 2013, the Federal Department of Justice issued a memorandum stating it will continue to rely on state and local authorities to address marijuana activity through enforcement of state narcotics laws. Neverheless, in light of new state laws allowing for possession of a small amounts of marijuana and regulating production, processing and sale of marijuana, the Department designated eight criteria to guide state law enforcement. States must (1) prevent the distribution of marijuana to minors; (2) prevent revenue from the sale of marijuana from flowing to criminal enterprises; (3) prevent the diversion of marijuana from states where it is legal to states where it is illegal; (4) prevent marijuana activity from being used as a cover for the trafficking of other illegal drugs; (5) prevent violence and the use of firearms in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana; (6) prevent drugged driving and the exacerbation of other adverse public health consequences associated with marijuana use; (7) prevent the growth of marijuana on public lands; and (8) prevent marijuana possession or use on federal property. In the event that the Federal Government determinates that States are not adhering to such criteria, the Federal Government reserves its right to challenge State laws. The Feds did not say how any of that was to be done. They simply said the states should do that. But Florida has apparently been looking the other way.

The New Law

In passing CS / CS / SB 1030, Florida has missed some key issues. Consider, for instance, the new law, which has the following features:

It makes "low-THC cannabis" legal when prescribed by a medical doctor or osteopathic physician for a patient who has certain medical conditions. Which conditions? Cancer, seizures, severe or persistent muscle spasms. Seems clear enough. Here's where the Florida Legislature decided to go off track-

A patient is considered qualified to receive this treatment if (among other things), the patient is a permanent resident of Florida and the doctor determines that the risks of ordering the pot are reasonable. How does a physician determine if the patient is a permanent resident? Is there any protection for making that decision in good faith? Nope. How does a physician make the reasonableness determination? Is the study of marijuana use even part of the medical school curriculum? No.

Surprisingly, the Florida Medical Association and the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association have responsibility, starting October, 1, 2014, to educate prescribing physicians via an eight hour education course. How the Legislature decided to allocate that function to the FMA and FOMA, why they even want that task (beyond collecting non dues revenues) and how the drafters came up with eight hours (does that include water and bathroom breaks?) Is a wonder. And how such training pertains at all to the daily medical practice of the doctors taking such a course is also absent. Can an orthopedist do it? Sure. What about a pathologist? You bet. A dermatologist? No problem. Why would a successful, practicing physician decide to pursue this new direction? How is that the "highest and best use" for an excellently trained cardiologist, family practitioner or anesthesiologist? Assessing a patient with cancer or who has severe seizures who might benefit from medical marijuana requires no more than an eight hour course? I thought it required training in internal medicine, neurology and … cancer. So, is this a medically, clinically driven law designed to help people in need or one that just makes sure everyone gets their piece of the pie? It seems to miss the mark.

Florida has reportedly had a long and lingering problem with the issue of drug diversion. People from all over have come to Florida not just for the sun, but also for the oxies, roxies and many other controlled substances. Has that problem been licked? Was law enforcement sentenced on any of the public safety issues involved in the law? Were they in the drafting room when the bill was created? I do not know, but it is hard to see any of their fingerprints on the new law. It seems we have just dumped this issue on them! Where, for instance, is the roadside test to test people operating motor vehicles under the influence of pot, medical marijuana or otherwise? It does not exist! There is no way to protect the public from this yet. The best they can do is to send it off to a confirmation lab and wait a day or so (at a large expense the taxpayers will bear). It is a law without meaningful consequences, and all doctor training fees and licensure fees will do is put money in the pockets of the government and businesses waiting to pounce on the opportunity.

One bright spot … the Legislature has decided to study the use of medical marijuana. Yep. They have set one one BILLION … I mean million dollars (about the cost of a website) for the Department of Health Biomedical Research Program to study cannabidol and its effect on intractable childhood epilepsy, a really laudable seeming idea. So where the rest of the money come from to do what the law mandates-the Department of Health is to create a Compassionate Use Registry which (among other things) requires a patient seeking prescribed pot from multiple physicians; Establishes dispensing organizations throughout Florida; polices the trained doctors, the dispensing organizations and patients who may be abusing the law? Who knows. Question: why not study this BEFORE green lighting the whole idea? Colorado and Washington have both led the way on the issue, so why not study the public health and clinical issues before passing a law with so many open issues?

The Proposed Amendment

The proposed Florida constitutional amendment makes the law passed by the Legislature look meticulous. It makes the whole issue look like a façade for the agenda of waltzing into both big business and recreational use. For instance, the amendment allows the use of marijuana (not just the low THC variety) for a variety of ills, including "other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would reasonably outweigh the potential health risks for a patient. " I can translate that because I'm a lawyer. It means "ANYTHING." Oh, and better yet, the person who makes such a determination? A "physician," a definition which Florida law includes not only MDs and DOs, but also dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors and optometrists. The good thing about the proposed amendment: It clearly prohibits the use of marijuana at any school, place of employment or smoking it in a public place. [The Florida law states that using a vaporizer is not "smoking."]. Good. Now, how will people be tested? There is currently no quick on-the-spot test for blood level.

So … let's be honest here: the proposed amendment is just a way to create a new industry, one that really can not be regulated, one that has no agreed on science behind it, one that doctors have not had the time to seriously digest or conceive of. It's mud bogging, plain and simple. Should not this sort of thing come from the doctors and scientists who can guide the legislative process?

So, back to the Justice Department criteria. Does the Florida law or proposed amendment accomplish any of them? Nope. Instead, it takes the whole problem and just dumps it on an already overburdened law enforcement system. Do they prevent the distribution of marijuana to minors? In word only. Where is the funding for that? Do they prevent revenue from the sale of marijuana from flowing to criminal enterprises? No. Do they prevent the diversion of marijuana from states where it is legal to states where it is illegal? No. Do they prevent marijuana activity from being used as a cover for the trafficking of other illegal drugs? Huh? Do they prevent violence and the use of firearms in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana? Not a mention. How about preventing drug driving and the exacerbation of other adverse public health consequences associated with marijuana use? The tool does not exist yet! Do they prevent the growth of marijuana on public lands or prevent marijuana possession or use on federal property? Please.

What about the effect of medical marijuana on the Americans with Disabilities Act? Will people with cancer have the right to receive the prescription now under that federal law? Will doctors be legally liable for failing to prescribe it? What if it's used to treat pain? Will a pain clinic license be required? Where is immunity for prescribing it legitimately (assuming it could be), in light of the fact that federal law prohibits it! Did Florida enter into some agreement with the federal government or are we now just on track to accept that there are federal laws (criminal ones) that we just have to assume will not be enforced? How is anyone expected to navigate that?


The most cynical of us will see both the law and the proposed amendment as a financially motivated dash by the government to raise funds and by business people to make money. The more pragmatic of us think there may be value to medical marijuana and that the issue needs study and careful attention because there are personal and public health risks that have to be considered. Many very sick people claim that medical marijuana is a game changer for them. But the way the issue is being handled in this state does not seem at all like a serious investigation of the value of medical marijuana. It just looks like a mosh pit of hopefulness or greed.

Apple MacBook Pro MPXX2LL / A Guide to All of the Great Benefits & Features This Quality Laptop Offers

This notebook has a lot to offer, including a 13.3-inch 2560 x 1600 resolution Retina display and Touch ID sensor, which is integrated right in the power button. The Apple MacBook Pro MPXX2LL / A has a premium design, and it's available in either a classic silver finish or Space Gray. The full-sized keyboard is easy and comfortable to type on, and the trackpad is large, intuitive, and full of functionality.

The processor is probably the most important piece of hardware in any computer. In this laptop, a 7th gen. Intel Core i5 processor is equipped, with an impressive 3.1 GHz speed. With Turbo Boost speed, it goes up to 3.5GHz. This is a dual-core model that is capable of 64-bit computing.

The 13.3-inch display has an LED backlight and features a wide color gamut. The edge-to-edge glass display is very nice and goes well with the unibody aluminum frame. As for memory, you get 8GB of provided (soldered) RAM at 2133 MHz For storage, the (soldered) PCIe-type SSD has a 256GB capacity.

This machine comes with good graphics: Intel Iris Plus graphics (650). While typically not intended for gaming, you can still get some pretty decent gaming performance with the Iris Plus 650 when it's combined with the 7th generation dual-core processor. The 8GB of RAM really help as well.

The newer Apple MacBook Pro MPXX2LL / A models come with USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports that allow you to connect additional displays and devices, charge your laptop, and even provide power to the connected devices, all via one simple USB-C connector. Connect multiple devices simultaneously by "daisy-chaining" them to each of the Thunderbolt 3 ports. A headphone output is also included in the interface design.

The Touchpad of the Apple MacBook Pro MPXX2LL / A

Another area where this laptop really stands out is with its Force Touch trackpad, which takes all of the capabilities of a standard multi-touch trackpad and adds force sensing technology for detecting subtle differences in your gestures as you apply pressure. It's easy to get the hang of as the gestures you make are similar to those you already make on your iPhone screen.

Speaking of iPhones, all of the popular Apple store apps come already installed on the MacBook, so the system is easy to setup and use. Even if you do not have any Apple products and are not familiar with macOS, you still should not have any difficulties with it.

In summary, the Apple MacBook Pro MPXX2LL / A is an excellent laptop with durable, premium build, great features, advanced technologies, and connectivity. There's a place for it in any home, dorm room, or office.

Get your Apple coupons today and start ordering this laptop, along with any other accessories and devices you need. With an Apple MacBook Pro MPXX2LL / A discount, you will not have to worry as much about the price.

Mouth Watering Steak And Mushroom Pie

Last night I cooked dinner for some friends, and since its winter here in South Africa, I wanted something tasty, hot and delicious, Steak and Mushroom Pie. To make it different I used a gravy recipe that I would normally marinate and cook Greek Lamb. Holy Moly! Everyone begged for the recipe. Here it is! enjoy !!

Ingredients for 6 people:

2 Kg good Stewing steak such as Blade Steak or Soft Shin cut in cubes
(In a large bowl put a c cup flour, 2Tbs of Aromat and 2 Tablespoons Ground Black Pepper dry mix and mix the meat cubes to coat well)
2 Medium Onions peeled and sliced
1 Packet button mushrooms
3 or 4 medium sized carrots peeled and sliced

Next: Ingredients for Gravy

Make 450 Mls Gravy:

1 Heaped Tablespoon gravy powder
1 Oxo cube if you have
1 Tablespoon Bovril
1 Teaspoon dried Rosemary
Te Teaspoon oregano
1 Teaspoon Crushed fresh garlic or ready made
1 Teaspoon dry Mustard powder
2 Teaspoons Black pepper
50 Mls Lemon juice

Add 450 ml Boiling water and stir until ready (the mixture may seem thin for gravy but it will thicken when added later to the coated meat cubes) – Set aside the gravy


Select a big but fairly deep casserole pan (Cast Iron with lid is best)

Put just enough Olive oil or Sunflower oil in the pan to coat the bottom, heat up to fairly hot and now brown the coated meat in 2 or 3 batches turning quickly until until seared and nicely browned – Take out of the pan and lay away.

Add a little more oil if necessary to the pan and over a medium heat fry the Onion rings and Carrot slices until the Onions are fairly soft and opaque

Now add the browned meat cubes and mix thoroughly with the Onion and carrots and pour in the 450 Mls gravy mix and gently stir the mix.

Bring to the boil and then turn down to simmer, at this stage I add my favorite ingredient – 200 Mls red wine … Yeah!

Put the lid on and simmer nicely for 2 to 3 hours checking Quite often to ensure that the gravy is not thickening too much, if it is add a little more water or more Red Wine … Yeah!

Lastly about 30 Minutes before finish – Add the mushrooms and stir in – Should be plenty for 6 and some to freeze for another supper for 2.

Pastry, I just use a Pkt of TODAY Ready Rolled Puff Pastry. No need to roll, just cut into squares, lay on a pan greased
With margarine, brush with beaten egg and bake in hot oven 220 for + – 20 mins or until nicely reven and light brown

Suggestion: Serve with Mashed Potato and shredded white cabbage boiled in 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water. I usually crisp 3 or 4 rashers of bacon break them up and add to cage before cooking it really is delicious!

SSL Certificates – What Are They and Where To Get Them

Your new business site is hosted in a PCI compliant environment, you've just signed up with a reliable merchant provider, and you have a secure shopping cart – certainly there's nothing else you need, right? Wrong! While online security protocol may seem redundant, each measure has its purpose, and one you do not want to forget is the acquisition of a SSL certificate.

All right, you're wondering, what are SSL certificates, and why are they important?

What They Do

SSL certificates are used to confirm the identity of a website server, encrypt transmitted data, and protect the integrity of data during transmission. SSL layers, which stands for Secure Socket Layer, are cryptopgraphic protocols that provide security of network communication, such as communications over the Internet – the world's largest network. More specifically, they prevent deciphering by third parties by scrambling the data transmitted between a customer's browser and server the business is hosted on. Once the encrypted data arrives at the secure server, it's safe to be unscrambled once again.

In a few split seconds, a lot happens to keep your data safe:
1) the browser and server exchange encryption options and agree on an encryption method for the transfer;
2) the browser authenticates that a server's certificate was issued by a trusted certificate authority;
3) the encrypted data is sent from browser to server;
4) a key is used to authenticate the transmission's integrity.

As you can see, a lot happens at the press of a "confirm" payment key and avoiding the perils that can befall customer's private financial data is essential for online businesses, which is why you need an SSL certificate. The only question is, then, where do you get one, and is any certificate acceptable? That is, do all SSL certificates extend the same level of security?

Getting Properly Secured

In the end, the security level of any data transfer is limited by the capabilities of the browser, but most newer commercial browsers support 128 bit data encryption, which is almost mathematically impossible to crack. For SSL certificates offering 128 bit encryption or better, there's no significant difference in security. However, each CA (certificate authority) is responsible for verifying that a business is, in fact, a legitimate entity who owns the domain in question, and different CA's may require different authentication requirements.

When purchasing an SSL certificate, keep in mind that consumer trust of SSL CA's (certificate permissions) may vary, and you want your customer's to feel protected, so look for a brand with strong online recognition. One reliable inexpensive company offering SSL certificates with their affordable ecommerce program is http://www.awdcommerce.com/


Prices for SSL certificates may vary. We served one client who reported paying $ 120 for his existing SSL, but most CA's are significantly less expensive.

Be Sure Your Grin Will Find You Out

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and I appreciate it so very much. I recognize I'm difficult to purchase presents for because I have my books, my pens, what else do I really need?

Once in a while I get a Christmas present to beat all Christmas presents. This year was one of those "once in a while's."

It's a pretty well known fact that the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and myself differs when it comes to culinary likes and dislikes. How we got along for so many years is really a miracle, I suppose.

She, for example, loves vegetables, particularly broccoli. (Excuse me, I need to go and wash out my mouth.)

On the other side of the table, I love Apple Fritters. (Excuse me, I need to relish the thought of an apple fritter.)

Through the year, she tries tricking me into eating vegetables. I'll take so much, but then I draw a line in the sand. That sand sometimes gets a little disheveled and I know who is disheveling it.

I have tried to tell her that a good mother will make Apple Fritters for her family. She dismisses that and says quite emphatically, "No good mother will ever do anything of that nature.

And so the "discussion" goes on and on.

We were watching the news as they were reporting on the funeral of the 41st President of the United States. Someone was giving some kind of aiology concern that president and said something that caught my attention.

According to this eulogy, the 41st President hated broccoli. Let me repeat that, he hated broccoli, as well as all other vegetables.

I looked at my wife and said, "I'm in good company."

She just dismissed that and went on with her work in the kitchen. I grinned a lot and relished the moment. I just do not get too many moments like that.

Then, something wonderful happened.
Christmas cards were coming from family members all over the place. I think people send an early Christmas card to make sure we will return a Christmas card. I was opening the Christmas cards and came to one that made my Christmas the delight that it has become.

Some of my wife's sisters were sending her through the year recipes from their mother in their mother's own handwriting. I did not take much note to that because I'm not allowed in the kitchen to do any cooking.

Very nonchalantly, I was opening these Christmas cards and then I came up "the" Christmas card. I noticed it was from my wife's sister and as I opened it, there was a little card inside that made my life a true joy.

The sister was sending in her Christmas card one of their mother's recipes written in their mother's own hand. You will never guess what the recipe was in that card!

When I opened it up, I could not believe my eyes. My eyes have fooled me quite a bit down through the years, but this time I had to rub them several times in order to believe what I was seeing.

There in their mother's own handwriting was her recipe for "Apple Fritters." I had it in my wife's mother's own handwriting.

You can hardly imagine my joy. There is no Christmas joy equal to the joy I felt looking at this recipe.

Now, how was I going to present this to my wife and get all the benefit out of it?

I put all the cards back together and laid this particular Christmas card on the top. I invited my wife to come and sit down and look at some of the Christmas cards that had come from the family.

She sat on the couch and I gave her the Christmas cards and then returned to my chair to watch her opening up these Christmas cards. In the meantime, I had such a big grin on my face and I did not know how to hide it.

As my wife is opening up the Christmas card, she looked up at me and said, "What in the world are you grinning about?"

"I'm just having a happy Christmas season."

Then she opened the Christmas card containing her mother's recipe it her own handwriting for "Apple Fritters." She just stared at it for a few moments and then looked up at me with one of her classic stares.

"What did you find?" I said as calmly as I could.

"You know exactly what I found." She was quiet for a few moments as she looked at that handwritten recipe from her mother.

"So," I said rather slowly, "when can we expect that recipe to be used in our kitchen?"

She looked at me, then look back at the recipe card and spontaneously we both burst out into hilarious laughter.

I do not think I could have received a better Christmas present than that. Proof positive that good mothers do make Apple Fritters. Maybe there will be some changes in our kitchen.

Thinking about that I was reminded of a Scripture in the Old Testament. "But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out" (Numbers 32:23).

No matter what it is, it will always be exposed in the end.

Homework Organization For Students (And Their Parents)

I spend a lot of time at my seminars and workshops, on the phone and via email discussing the subject of homework organization. Actually, I spend a lot of time listening to parents complain that their children’s homework disorganization is driving everybody crazy!

Many students have such a hard time getting it together that by the time they finally sit down to do their homework, they are exhausted. No wonder they don’t want to do it! Getting organized will help alleviate exhaustion, bad attitudes, procrastination and rebelliousness.

Homework organization just makes life easier for everyone.

These are the homework organization tips that I use as a student, teacher and parent. Print this list and read it with your children. Then, post it on the fridge and refer to it often so that everybody (parents, kids, babysitters, grandparents) will be on the same organized page.

At School:

  • Write down every, single homework assignment in one place. I strongly recommend using a bound or wire notebook- definitely NOT a loose leaf binder. I don’t care how careful you are, pages will fall out, and then what? You won’t know what to do nor when to do it! A plain notebook is fine, but a datebook or calendar is the best. Some schools even provide these to students. Use it.
  • Write down homework assignments as you get them. This is mostly for older students that change classes and teachers, but it is a good habit for everyone. If the teacher says, “Oh, tonight I want you to read Chapter 4,” write that down in your notebook.
  • Write down every, single due date for a project or paper- even if you have a handout or syllabus. Handouts disappear (I think they hang out with loose socks), but you will still know what to do and when to do it if you have everything written down in your homework notebook.
  • Keep ALL of the day’s homework assignments together in one place. Don’t have a special place or page for math, another for writing, etc. You want to see everything in one spot.
  • Check your homework notebook Three (3) Times A Day: Before you leave school (or each class), double check to make certain that you have everything (books, paper, materials, etc.) that you will need later.

At Home:

  • Before you start doing your homework, look at your notebook and make sure that you are doing the right assignment, the right page, etc.
  • Before you put everything away, take one more quick look. Did you do everything? Good!
  • Make a decision about where you will put your completed homework: into a binder pocket, a special homework folder, etc. You may decide to have a color-coded folder for each class. If you choose to use folders, I strongly recommend using 3-hole punched folders and keeping them together in a 3-ring binder. Whatever you choose, stick to it! Don’t put your homework in your a binder today, a folder tomorrow… And, never, ever fold your homework into a book or throw it loose into your backpack! Shudder!
  • Use your Magic Homework Box. You do have one, don’t you? The Magic Homework Box is a box with all of the homework supplies and materials a student needs on a regular basis. These supplies only come out of the Magic Homework Box during homework time, so you always have what you need. Now, that’s magic!
  • Clean up as soon as you are finished with your homework. Now, not later! Put completed pages in your homework folder, then put the folder and homework notebook in your backpack. Not only will mornings will be less crazy, you won’t have to sit in class knowing that you did your homework and forgot it at home (doh!). Don’t forget to put away the dictionary and any other books you may have used.
  • Remember to put everything back into your Magic Homework Box. In my house, homework is not “done” until everything is cleaned up and put away.
  • Keep your backpack organized. Throw away all of those candy wrappers and random pieces of paper. Keep one area or pocket filled with a few items (pencils, a sharpener, maybe a calculator) so that you can do your homework anywhere- maybe even before you get home! Remove any graded test, project, report or paper that your teacher has taken the time to return to you. Why? You might need it to study for a test, for a portfolio or for a project. You can throw everything away at the end of the semester or the school year, but until then put each item in its own subject file, but NOT in the homework folder. Remember, homework folders are ONLY for completed homework that is ready to be turned in!
  • Don’t give up! They say it takes 21 days to form a good habit. If you forget to do something on this list, don’t stop trying. Hey, maybe if you remember to write down all of your homework or clean up for 21 days in a row, your mom or dad will do something extra nice for you! (Parents, that was a hint!)

A Note to Parents about Homework Organization

Please remember that your job is to give your children organizational tools and show them how to use them. Your job is NOT to organize your child’s homework! So, in the beginning, you might check your son’s homework notebook to make sure that he is writing down all of his assignments in one place, but you would never dream of calling the teacher and checking. You might watch as your daughter copies the science project due dates into her homework notebook; you will not do it for her.

Yes, I know that it is hard to let go- I’ve been there! But, we want our children to be organized and independent learners, right?

You can do it!

(For more information about recommended homework organization products and The Magic Homework Box, please see site information below.)

The 7 Archangels – Archangel Jophiel

The next article in my series on the 7 Archangels is on Archangel Jophiel. Once again, the 7 Archangels' names and roles are:

• Archangel Michael – Angel of Protection

• Archangel Jophiel – Angel of Illumination

• Archangel Chamuel – Angel of Love

• Archangel Gabriel – Angel of Communication

• Archangel Raphael – Angel of Healing and Abundance

• Archangel Uriel – Angel of Peace

• Archangel Zadkiel – Angel of Transmutation

Archangel Jophiel – Angel of Illumination

Jophiel works on the Second Ray which is the Yellow Ray of Illumination and Wisdom. The Archangels each have an associated Ray of energy and light that they work with and which you can call on to help you. Simply imagine yourself bathed from head to foot and all around you in the relevant color as though you were cloaked in colored light. In this way you will draw in the gift that each Angel offers us. For Jophiel, that is the gift of illumination and wisdom. A wonderful, Spiritual and very useful gift!

Archangel Jophiel's name means "Beauty of God." His Archeia or Twin Flame is Christine and their etheric retreat is above the Great Wall of China near Lanchow. Another article will be written explaining how you can go "on holiday with the Angels" – simply and easily by visiting them in their etheric retreats and conversing with them for guidance, direction and advice.

Jophiel is the Angel of Illumination and will help you when you need wisdom, clarity and insight. Whether you're a student at high school or a professional academic and scholar, Jophiel is a great Angel to call on to assist your studies – whatever level, whatever subject. He will, however, help anyone who asks for wisdom or even a bright idea on a problem in life. Jophiel can also be asked to overcome addictions and negative thoughts and thinking.

Jophiel will also assist you in seeing the beauty in life and everything around you. He will bring beautiful thoughts to your mind. He will dissolve ignorance and pride and replace them with loving thoughts. Jophiel also aids in cleaning up pollution and the planet. Jophiel is sometimes depicted as female, a woman carrying a light. The light represents the illumination of souls.

SAMPLE PRAYER: Jophiel, Jophiel, Jophiel, I'm having trouble studying for my exams. Please send me some wisdom to help me. Thank you for your loving assistance, in love and light.

Lighting For Stitching Needlework

It is amazing to see incredibly fine works of embroidery from times past, which were worked when there was no electricity and therefore no artificial lighting. When you consider that many women would not have had the chance to do any embroidery during the day, because that's when they were out working in the fields or in the home, how did they see to stitch in the evening ?! I do not really know the answer to this. If you've ever tried to stitch by candlelight during a blackout, you'll marvel with me at their achievements.

If I am stitching in the day time, it is my preference to sit by a window and allow the natural daylight to illuminate my work. The colors are more accurate, and it adds nothing to the greenhouse effect or to my electricity bill! However, sometimes I want to stitch in the evening, when there is no or little daylight available. Because of this, it is wonderful that today we have the advantage of electricity and many wonderful lamps to light our work and make it easier to see as we embroider. This will assist with accurate needle placement, and with guarding against tired eyes or eye strain. So how do we use these lamps to best help us?

Incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, true color etc.?
There are many different types of bulbs. Many needleworkers feel that true color lamps such as Ott lights and daylight lamps are the holy grail of lighting for embroidery. They provide lighting that does not give a warm or cool color cast to the light as many other types of light do. If color is important in your needlework, a true color lamp may be what you need.

However, regular incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in your lamp can also work well. They are much less expensive than true color lamps, and there's certainly no reason why you can not use them. I do! Just be aware that they are not true color, and will change the colors of the threads and fabric that you are using. If you are using these types of bulbs, do all your color checking and choosing in sunlight.

Halogen lights are a popular type of lighting in contemporary homes, and can be used for lighting while you stitch your embroidery. Keep in mind that halogen bulbs do produce UV rays which can cause skin damage (just like sunlight). Choose a bulb that filters these rays out so that your skin is safe.

Floor standing lamps
If you are a right handed person, the best place to position a lamp is so that the light shines over your left shoulder and onto your work. This will mean that your stitching hand will not obstruct the light as it falls on your work area. If you are left handed, you will want to position the lamp so that it shines over your right shoulder. Experiment with the precise position to get the best effect.

Desk or table lamps
If you are a right handed person, position the lamp on the table to your left. This will mean that your stitching hand will not obstruct the light as it falls on your work area. If you are left handed, position the table lamp on your right. Experiment with the exact position, and the proximate of the light to get maximum benefit.

Clip on lamps
I find that small, clip-on, battery powered lamps with LED bulbs are an excellent portable option. By clipping the lamp onto my needlework hoop or frame, I can work with good lighting wherever I am, whether at my kids' after-school classes or sporting activities, in a cafe, or in a waiting room. For right-handed people, clip the lamp on the far side of the frame or hoop on the left side, and vice versa for left-handed people.

By choosing your lighting carefully, and positioning it well, you too should be able to make excellent embroidery too, just like in days of old!

Use Reliable Stomas Skin Barriers and Stop Stoma Skin Irritation

Skin problems are extremely popular in most stoma patients and these irritations can be very stressful to them. This will elicit annoying discomfort which will lead to insolence on their part.

Normally, irritations are the aftereffect of using ostomy supplies. That is why it is important to use only reliable hollister stomas skin barrier with flange. However, there are some who have skin “reaction” to the materials or the components used. If this happens, make sure to inform the nurse.

How to determine skin irritation?

To determine irritation, a burning and itching sensation will start to manifest under the skin barrier. This is usually the effect of leakage or a reaction of the product, either way immediate checking of the stoma must be performed.

What are the different skin infections?

When skin irritation emanates and is not addressed to right away, may lead to develop a skin infection. This is so because micro-organisms may start to proliferate because the stoma is warm, moist, and soiled. This may not cause major diseases but for patients that are suffering from general ill-health or diabetes or maintains immunosuppressive medication might somehow experience more complications.

For mild skin infections, an antiseptic may be used to cleanse the infected area. Further, oral antibiotics may be taken for those experiencing severe infections.

Fungal infections may include Thrush or candida, Tinea corporis or dermatophyte infection, and Pityriasis versicolor. Viral infections on the other hand may include herpes simples or commonly known as cold sores, viral warts, and molluscum contagiosum.

How to avoid skin irritations?

Avoid skin irritations by taking care of the stoma wound area. Follow these simple steps of skin care to have irritation-free stoma. Here’s how:

1. Cleanse the surrounding skin of the stoma with water only and use a cotton wipe. If cleanser is used, have it thoroughly rinsed immediately. Avoid oily or any perfumed products.

2. It is important to shave any hairy areas around the stoma at least once a week. Make sure that the razor blade is clean and sterilized.

3. Cover raw areas with a thin hydrocolloid wafer before putting the stoma bag, do this only if it is required by the doctor.

4. Also, a barrier film, pastes or powder is required to protect the skin and avoid leakage.

How to stop skin irritation?

Simple! Use only efficient ostomy medical supplies. This means that the ostomy products should obtain the following properties:

1. It must be soft, comfortable to use, and is made from a low-irritant material.

2. Adhesive tapes must be able to stick evenly to irregular body contours so as to inhibit unwanted leaks.

3. Stoma bag should be waterproof.

4. The ostomy products should be integrated with charcoal filter to keep it odor-free at all times.

Skin irritations may now be evaded with the proper cleansing procedure in as much as learning how to determine a dependable ostomy supplies. Use only reliable hollister stomas skin barrier with flange and make your patient comfortable and gratified.

Purchase your Hollister ostomy supplies only from online suppliers that have the capability to supply effective items yet, priced the lowest.

Fireproof Wall Safes – Unaffected by the Blaze

Safes are basically designed to safeguard its contents from burglary and theft. However with small additions they can be converted into fireproof wall safes and can help you protect the contents from fire.

Fireproof safes are not only more secure but the difference comes at a small price. Fireproofing between sheets of folded steel lend them an ability to keep out fire. Imagine what would happen if you keep your valuables in form of cash and a fire broke out? What about all the paperwork and documentation which might have to do with various investments? All of it can be gutted in a blaze and opting for a fireproof safe to prevent this from appearing seems a reasonable bargain.

When buying a fireproof wall safe make sure that you are buying the genuine thing. Many safes markeded today by companies of very less reputation, are not fireproof at all! Ask your retailer for test results and genuine certified documentation about the qualities of the safe. If possible ask them for test results and even demonstrations. Choosing a known brand keeps you from these problems, albeit a costlier option. However considering the value of the contents it is going to guard, it's hard a price to pay.

Its fireproof capabilities should not be the only deciding factor for you. When buying fireproof wall safes, you must also ensure that its basic function as just a safe is also fulfilled. Choose secure locking systems based on biometric technology. These can be accessed only by you, since it opens on the detection of your face, fingerprints, or retina scans. These ensure that forced entry is not possible into the safe, and the tumbler can not be adjusted from the outside to pop it open. With keyless entry and no combination locks even the most experienced code breakers can do nothing.

However for a less pricey pick, you can opt for digitally locked safes. These need a character combination to open and though they can be bypassed by experts and through computerized hacking of the code, they can serve as the basic security and keep out common burglars.

Personalized Wallpaper

As exterior personalization of your own computer is very important, such as deciding if we need just a simple printer machine or maybe a printer scanner and fax machine, also personalizing interior contents is very useful to create a place able to arouse nice feelings.

The easier way to do it, coupled installing all those programs needed and leaving behind all those not needed, is creating personalized wallpapers or screensavers, this means not just using preinstalled pictures already inside your computer, but that's too make us recall particular moments and feelings of our life.

There are plenty of software developed to create personalized screensavers. These software use personal user pictures to create various kind of animations. Every user can download these software online for free, and these software are rather user friendly. Thanks to these animations every day in the office or at home you can (if you are good photographer) admire your favorite pictures, your holiday pictures or pictures of your family and your friends. You can also use your own pictures saved in a folder on your computer to create a presentation and use it as screensaver.

But not just this, to personalize even more your computer, now there are tons of software developed to create animated gift or personalized desktop wallpapers. To make the hours spent in front of the monitor more pleasant, you can change desktop wallpaper as many time as you want.

There are a lot of websites where user can download for free dozens of beautiful wallpapers according to your taste, but if you can not find the ideal picture, you can also create one yourself, using various software easily available on the web. Some of them are really user friendly, they allow you to create your own wallpaper even with no graphics knowledge at all.

Once you are on the website, you can choose wallpaper dimension and start satisfy your fancies adding a background picture among the dozens available, some main pictures to put to the fore that represent cartoons characters, movie stars, beautiful ladies, sport characters, cars or bikes.

You can also add some accessories to make your creation even better.
There are a lot of actions that you can do to personalize your own computer, which is the place where you have to spend most of the day and so it is very important it represents well our taste and makes us feel pleasant feelings.

Not just at work, but also on home computer, everyone feels the need to personalize their own account. Now you do not have to satisfy yourself with the few preinstalled pictures anymore, both on screensavers or wallpapers.

This personalizing process is very important, because this way men perceive machines as less frightening.

In our time of frequent changes, in which computer is more and more predominant in our lives, personalize it also means making it more human, less cold, more accessible to all of us. Machine is a little humanized, man does not perceive it just as a cold foreign body, but as something a bit warmer and closer to us.

Fireproof File Cabinets – For That Ultimate Sense of Security in Your Business

When you have important files and documents that just have to be left on site at the office you should be very concerned with damages done to them in the event of a fire or flood. In such instances, fireproof file cabinets will become the ultimate answer to your problems. Whether you use them at your business office, home or at your home office, you will find peace of mind that your documents are in good hands. That said, the authentic ones come with lifetime product warranty and replacement warranty for damage caused in a fire. These are peripheral conditions which help to complete your sense of security.

Many small businesses or home based businesses survive on the continuity of their operations. In the event of a fire, most small businesses will have to come to a halt, pending the retrieval of important documents like billing information, customer contacts and mailing lists. All these important information once lost are non-replaceable and the business down the road with them could be lost forever. The lost would also mean that you need to start all over again in soliciting for new businesses. In comparison to the cost, the financial loss to the business is insurmountable to say the least.

Safekeeping your important information in fire proof filing cabinets need not be very expensive. The key is to be able to list the purchase as a capital cost or a business expense in which case you could write off under expenses or depreciation.

An alternative is to make duplicate copies of the important documents and keep them at home instead. Some may not be able to make use of this option as certain documents are of utmost confidentiality.

Be sure to protect your critical documents in the best available fireproof file cabinets and insure yourself for that ultimate peace of mind.

Magnet Generator Plans Reveal How to Get Cheap Electricity

Without question, rising electricity costs has an extremely adverse effect on your budget, and is a huge reason that people seek out ways to get out of the clutches of the power companies. In response to this problem, more and more people are moving towards alternative cheap energy solutions to save money.

The most common of these resources includes; wind turbines, solar panels, and magnetic generators for free electricity production. However, unlike wind or solar energy, perpetual motion machines will work in any type of weather settings. Also, among these alternative energy solutions, wind turbine energy and solar panels requires a huge initial investment. However, getting magnet generator programs showing how to make a DIY overunity motor can be achieved very cheaply in comparison.

So please read on as I am going to reveal to you the top resources for finding the best solutions for getting cheap electricity for life. But first, let's look at the multiple advantages of making a zero point energy machine from scratch. A top advantage of using a homemade generator to power your home is in reducing your electricity bill substantially. Plus, these types of generators do not make any type of noise and are very eco friendly as it does not produce toxic or harmful pollutants of any source.

Because a perpetual motion machine has the advantage of using the force of physical repulsion and attraction properties, it will produce free electricity continuously for you. Another huge benefit of making an overunity motor is it's affordability. The materials and supplies needed to build a homemade generator can be found at most hardware stores. And because these devices are portable, they can be used anywhere at anytime for outdoor activities, such as camping, or as an emergency preparedness backup energy power source.

Plus, after getting your magnet generator plans you can make your first cheap energy generator within a few days. When talking about power generators, most type of devices use some kind of liquid fuel, like gas or diesel, in order to work. Of course, in using an ordinary power generator, it is impossible to produce free electricity. But an overunity motor does not use, or need, fuel to run because the device produces a constant supply of free power (IE energy).

Another important advantage of an overunity generator is their safety factor. They do not produce toxic fumes or gasses, and are noncombustible and can not catch on fire. And, you can get magnet generator plans that show you step-by-step how to make a homemade generator from scratch. A properly built homemade generator powers the inner-working of the device to run smoothly without requiring any additional external energy as input.

As the price of fuel continues to rise around the world, the energy companies will be forced to charge customers more and more money. As this continues to happen, more people then ever before are forced to either go without, or to find alternative ways to get cheap electricity. Among the cheap energy solutions available to you, such as; wind turbines and solar panels, the advantages of magnetic generators clearly out-weigh all other options.