Best AMD Processor – Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition

Are you a hardcore gamer or a computer enthusiast that is looking for the best AMD processor? The Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition is perfect for you. Why? Read on.

This processor is our first choice for number of reasons. First, intel processors are insanely over priced comparable to its equivalent AMD. Second, AMD are able to compete head to head with intel. Third, intel changes their socket frequently every time they launch new processors and AMD stick to their socket.

AMD Phenom X4 prices are close enough with AMD Phenom X6 there before it would be wiser for us to choose the Phenom X6.

Available AMD Phenom X6 processors are 1055T 2.8 GHz, 1075T 3.0GHz, 1090T 3.2 GHz Black Edition and the latest 1100T 3.3 GHz Black Edition. Notice the increase in their frequency increase at.2GHz and.1GHz for 1100T respectively.

The 1055T is available at $ 179, the 1075T at $ 199 and the 1090T is at $ 229. The price increase between them is at $ 20 to $ 30. If you're happy to throw in some extra money on it you better go with the 1090T black edition.

Now, here comes the latest 1100T 3.3 GHz black edition priced at $ 280. There's a big difference in their price compare with the 1090T but small in speed (at.1 GHz). I think the 1100T does not justify much their price and not worthy to spend some cash on it.

The Verdict

The winner for the best AMD processor here is the Phenom X6 1090T 3.2 GHz Black Edition. The performance level of this processor is above my expectation and more than its price. If you pair it with a descent motherboard for this processor like the Crosshair IV Formula you can push it further up to more than 4GHz. If you're a bit short in budget go for the 1055T and you can go far if you overclock it.

Master the Female Orgasm – Discover the Secret to Opening Up Her Floodgates of Pleasure

Are you struggling to satisfy ladies? Are you looking for ways to improve your sex life? Do you feel like you are lacking in certain areas in the bedroom? Do you wish you had the knowledge to make a woman orgasm every single time? That's good! You have taken the first positive step forward. By doing so I'll be pointing you in the right direction – allowing you to satisfy women for the rest of your life.

It is never nice going into the bedroom if you do not know what you're doing. The problem with most women is they will not talk. If you are rubbish in bed, then they will probably just ignore you from then onwards. This is why you need to take the initiative to learn and to ensure that she has a good time as you do!

What I've learned is that the internet is the best place to find the information. The only problem is there is so much its hard to distinguish the good from the bad. Personally I now avoid all free resources. Subjects like this one are extremely specific and need experts to lay out guides and facts, not amateurs to help you get worse than you already are!

It depends what you want to do. You can waste time by messing about with free resources, or get straight down to business and get a professional guide. Do not think you are a pro, or that you need to be. Acknowledging that you are weak or need improvement is the best thing you could do, as it will allow you to learn!

Get a Better Smoke Ring

One of the most cherished attributes of a barbecued brisket is the deep red smoke ring that forms on the outer quarter inch of the meat. Many people have trouble getting the perfect smoke ring to form and hopefully the following tips will help.

The most important thing to remember about smoke rings is that in order for them to form you have to have nitrite come into contact with meat. Nitrite is a trace byproduct produced by burning wood and charcoal.

In order to facilitate the interaction of the nitrite and the meat there are two approaches commonly utilized. The first approach is to light coat the brisket with salt a few minutes before it is placed in the smoker. The salt will draw moisture out of the meat and create a tacky surface which readily adsorbs the nitrite from the smoke. It is important when using this approach to use a very light dusting of salt and other seasonings. If a heavy coat of dry rub seasoning is applied the nitrite will not be able to work its way through the seasoning layer to interact with the meat.

A second approach to helping the nitrite and meat interact is to dramatically increase the surface area of the meat by tenderizing with a jacquard. This device will punch hundreds of small holes into the surface of the meat allowing the smoke to penetrate even through a thick layer of dry rub.

A different approach to generating a smoke ring is to supplement the nitrite from the smoke with nitrite from a dry rub. There are several commercial products such as Morton Tender Quick that are sold for use in meat preservation. These products contain nitrite which serves to inhibit botulism in cured meat products such as dry aged country hams and salami. By incorporating some Morton Tender Quick into a brisket dry rub you cal directly apply nitrite to the surface of the brisket.

Some people consider the use of curing agents such as Morton Tender Quick to be cheating as they feel a smoke ring should only be generated by smoke. It has been proposed that it is possible to tell which smoke rings have been faked with dry cure agents as the ring will be streaky and uneven.

The basic point to remember in getting a better smoke ring is that you want to increase the amount of contact between the meat and nitrite. You can accomplish this by helping the nitrite stick to the brisket, by increasing the surface area of the brisket or by directly rubbing nitrite onto the meat.

7 Explanations Why We Are Fascinated By the Moon

The moon, one of our most admired heavenly bodies’, creates awe and excitement every time we gaze at it in the depths of the night sky. We are fascinated by its illumination taking center stage among the stars and other celestial bodies in space.

With the help of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the capability for humankind to explore the moon, and learn about the discovery of our universe, solar system, earth and space, pioneered a universal opportunity for science, aeronautics and space exploration. President Dwight D. Eisenhower established NASA in 1958 and President John F. Kennedy’s vision of the United States of America sending astronauts to the moon by the end of the 1960’s became a reality. With the help of the Apollo 11 spacecraft, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to walk on the moon on July 20, 1969. Thus, Moon Day is celebrated each year on July 20.

Why is there such a fascination with the moon?

1. The lunar illumination dramatically transforms from the new moon to the full, waxing and waning phases. This type of metamorphosis is intriguing.

2. The mystery, commanding power, energy, intuition and presence the moon has, captivates our curiosity about this celestial body.

3. The moon is the sole universal body that can be seen from Earth, without needing the assistance of a telescope. It is the closest heavenly body to planet earth.

4. There are many legends associated with the cycles of the moon that transcends generations.

5. The peculiar behavior that occurs among humans and animals during a full moon is studied and analyzed.

6. The moon influences and inspires writers to compose poems, novels, nursery rhymes and other folklore about it.

7. There is a connection to divine creation and wisdom with this cosmic sensation.

Watching a lunar eclipse, witnessing the moon’s presence during daylight or staring at a full moon as it casts a spotlight on a starry night makes people pause, and gives them the motivation to observe and wonder about the other planetary bodies that find their place among the heavens. The reasons why people are so fascinated by the moon encapsulates scientific curiosity and discovery, as well as inspiration for creativity and meditation.

ESL Teachers – Breaking Down The Language Barriers

While browsing the Classified Ads of Craigslist, I noticed a lot of job openings looking for English language teachers and tutors. These are online jobs where the teacher and the student get to talk to each other using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Thinking that this looks like a good part-time job, I did some deeper research and I found out that most of the clients seeking this service are Asians and Europeans. ESL (English as a Second Language) Teachers, as they are called, help these students obtain better English proficiency skills particularly in oral communication. In this kind of work, students are taught how to speak English in a neutral accent with proper diction and grammar.

Much to my astonishment, I found out that most ESL teachers, especially online ESL tutors, are Asians – specifically Filipinos. However ironic this may appear to be, it is reasonable since English happens to be the second language spoken in the Philippines.

Your state is in need of ESL Teachers []

Given this case, it is quite absurd because only a few Americans pursue this kind of job. It is obvious that they have greater credibility in teaching English. First, they are the native speakers of the language (as from the Britons, of course). Second, it's their accent that most foreign students imitate. Also, apart from learning the language – ESL students are also interested in learning about US fashion, humor and culture. These are areas that could have been better addressed by Americans themselves.

ESL Teachers are well-compensated, with an average salary of $ 43,910. Foreigners are beginning to realize the advantages of being able to speak English in their own careers, providing a staggering expected ESL teaching job openings by 2016. To those who wish to pursue a career in ESL teaching, online degrees are now available through the web.

Fireproof File Cabinets – For That Ultimate Sense of Security in Your Business

When you have important files and documents that just have to be left on site at the office you should be very concerned with damages done to them in the event of a fire or flood. In such instances, fireproof file cabinets will become the ultimate answer to your problems. Whether you use them at your business office, home or at your home office, you will find peace of mind that your documents are in good hands. That said, the authentic ones come with lifetime product warranty and replacement warranty for damage caused in a fire. These are peripheral conditions which help to complete your sense of security.

Many small businesses or home based businesses survive on the continuity of their operations. In the event of a fire, most small businesses will have to come to a halt, pending the retrieval of important documents like billing information, customer contacts and mailing lists. All these important information once lost are non-replaceable and the business down the road with them could be lost forever. The lost would also mean that you need to start all over again in soliciting for new businesses. In comparison to the cost, the financial loss to the business is insurmountable to say the least.

Safekeeping your important information in fire proof filing cabinets need not be very expensive. The key is to be able to list the purchase as a capital cost or a business expense in which case you could write off under expenses or depreciation.

An alternative is to make duplicate copies of the important documents and keep them at home instead. Some may not be able to make use of this option as certain documents are of utmost confidentiality.

Be sure to protect your critical documents in the best available fireproof file cabinets and insure yourself for that ultimate peace of mind.

Nursery Wallpaper – Eco-Friendly – Why Not Go Green?

For the majority of us humans, the most wonderful exciting time of our lives is when we are expecting or bringing home that new bundle of joy. We want to make everything perfect and that definitely should include the baby's nursery. Since the walls are the foundation of the room why not create the perfect eco-friendly nursery by starting with the walls first.

Wallpaper has made a big comeback for wall decor. With its patterns and textures it gives you a vibrant feel rather then just color on the wall. Green wall coverings are better for your baby's health than conventional materials that are widely used. The inks used in eco-friendly production are usually water based containing no heavy metals. Let's face it, who wants their new baby surrounded by nasty chemicals? Inhalation of even the slightest amount of chemicals can make your baby restless and unhappy. A build up of pollutants can interfere with a normal baby's breathing and can exacerbate respiratory function.

Most eco-friendly wallpapers are made from natural renewable sources such as; bamboo, rice papers, flax, cork, arrowroot and recycled paper. There are grass cloths made from honeysuckle vines and there is an organic line made from green tea, coffee and mug root.

You should not stop with the earth friendly wallpaper. You should also use homemade wallpaper paste. It uses only a few ingredients that most of us have on hand all the time. You can find the recipe online and it's easy, inexpensive and best of all healthy for all to breathe.

We are becoming more and more an eco-friendly environment. Because of this trend companies are listening. The green movement is anything but neutral and nursery wall decor is no exception. You can even acquire the wallpaper pattern you choose for the crib bedding and wall art to complete the eco-conscious motif.

Green wallpaper comes in many attractive themes, colors and patterns. You should try to pick a pattern that is stimulating with a soothing theme. For the best scenario you should try to strike a balance between the two. You want to entrance the child, but also make them feel comforted. Vibrant light primary colors with simple shapes like circles, triangles and rectangles will help stimulate your child's imagination. This will give a boost to their development. The sooner the baby feels at home in the room the easier it is for everyone involved in the baby's care. The main care taker must also appreciate the room. Remember if you are happy and relaxed, the same should go for the baby.

You might also want to add wallpaper borders around the doors and windows. Choose a border design or color that matches the wallpaper. When applied correctly these adds flair and enhances the room. It gives the room an additional dimension.

When choosing a theme, try to explore themes that will grow with your child. After having two of my own, I can tell you truthfully that they grow faster then you think. They become small individuals with their own tastes and attitudes. Make this room one that the child can enjoy for years and everyone will win.

The eco-friendly papers that I have come in contact with or purchased are easily maintained and perfect for a child's room. They can be wiped clean with a damp sponge or removed easily with no fuss or bother. Depending on which paper you choose, there is sure to be a good selection that will appeal to everyone's budget.

The most important aspect is to plan everything in advance before making your first purchase. This will ensure that your vision comes to reality. Decide on your colors, then theme and you will be on your way to creating a masterpiece.

I wish to congratulate you for doing right by the environment and especially for that special bundle of joy.

Fireproof the Movie Review

A flower may wither, but, will it die? That depends on you.

Fireproof the Movie is a story of anticipation that captivates you from the very opening scene as Captain Caleb Holt, played by Kirk Cameron, is reaming out another fireman (Eric Harmon) about leaving his partner at the scene of fire a fire. Since the buddy system is required to save lives, a man alone in a fire may indicate his partner has fallen. At home, Caleb's buddy is his wife Katherine, played by Erin Bethea. There is no friendship there and cinematically, they are ships passing in the night. When they speak, all guns fire on both sides leaving the audience wondering how this will ever work itself out.

Enter mom and dad (John and Cheryl Holt) as Caleb is ready to divorce Katherine. Dad has no words of wisdom except for hope to put his plans on hold for forty days and take the "forty day dare." Day one is rough, but it's going to get better, right?

Christians who come to this movie will not be disappointed, as will non-Christians who see a message of hope with a little grace in the mix. How can two people come together when she is considering another love interest, and his thrills come from the internet? How long can they pass in the night before love is reignited, or will it be?

As a movie, I was glad Fireproof did not use tired themes like putting fireman Caleb in a life and death situation with Katherine sitting by his deathbed replaying their lives until she realizes she loves him. The supporting cast in the fire department (Ken Bevel, Wayne Floyd, and Eric Young) was great demonstrating what it takes to be a man's man. The comic relief of a not-trying-to-be-nosy neighbor added to the fun of this movie. Also inspiring was the not so usual credits, where the volunteers and donors were recognized for helping to bring this moving to the big screen.

This movie is a joy to watch with your spouse, your best friend, or anyone who has struggled with anything in their marriage over their lifetime. I highly recommend it.

A New Way to Build

Stronger · Safer · Smarter

The entire building industry has a vested interest in making buildings that cost less to operate, are healthier and more comfortable for occupants, and are extremely better for our planet. We can reach those goals by using strategies aimed at increasing performance, reducing waste, and improving quality of life. By going green you not only save the environment, but also save on energy and material costs. One of the ways to go green is light gauge steel framing. Steel is the most recycled material in the world. A 2000 sq.ft. home can be built with steel made from just 8 recycled cars. Annual recycling by the steel industry saves the equivalent energy to electrically powered 18 mln. houses for a year. Light gauge cold formed steel framing has emerged as not only the most feasible alternative building material, but also the most cost-efficient for residential and light commercial construction. Here are some of the numerous benefits of using steel in construction:

General benefits: Dimensionally stable – does not rot, warp, split, crack or creep. No nail pops. Does not expand or contract with moisture content Mold resistant – Promotes healthy indoor environments Termite proof Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material Non-combustible Where the steel is not constantly wet, steel frame will be very resistant to rust and corrosion

Benefits for builders: Lighter than other framing materials Easy material selection, no need to cull or sort the pile Consistent material quality – straight walls, straight roof lines, square corners, fewer callbacks Smaller punch list, fewer hassles on the site Less scrap and waste (2% vs. 20% for lumber) Environmental selling and green positioning

Benefits for home owners: High strength results in safer structures Low maintenance, slow aging of structure Fire safety and protection against termites Not vulnerable to any type of fungi or mold Lower probability of foundation problems Lower probability of damage in earthquake Lower probability of damage in high winds

Strong flexible profiles and pre-engineered wall panel system cuts the fabrication process down to one fully integrated step. Structures built with steel will not look any different on the outside than others and it can be designed to withstand winds of 150 mph or more in any part of the country.

The steel frame offers better protection than any other construction system against lighting. It provides the path of least resistance straight to the ground, reducing the likelihood of explosions, secondary fires, or personal injury. A steel framed home built to the "Fortified Home" standard is eligible for homeowner's insurance discounts that are offered by some insurers. With the proper insulation techniques, steel framing can be designed to meet or exceed governmental energy efficiency standards. And because it does not expand or contract with humidity change, the are no air leaks that can result in a cost loss of energy. The healthy house institute recommends steel framing for chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious homeowners who are seeking the best possible indoor air quality. Pre-punched halls for plumbing pipes and electrical wires makes job easier for electricians and plumbers. No drilling and extra cuts will keep structure sound and safe. Job will be finished faster that means saved money. Which can be used for renewable energy systems and your home will be even more green and energy efficient. Steel frame can be remodeled in the same way like a wood frame structure.

Light gauge steel framing can be used for custom residential and commercial buildings. To eliminate some expenses at the planning phase there is an opportunity to own pre-designed and pre-engineered homes, commercial buildings, garages and sheds. We offer homes with a wide variety of floor plans to meet any homeowner's desires. With models ranging from 800 sq.ft. to 3,600 sq., ft., these homes will provide adequate space and variety for any buyer in the market. Structure is designed and engineered in compliance with all National codes. The all steel framing provides true "Green" construction framing and is 100% recyclable.

For light commercial applications we can offer the most complete, ready to use metal building system available today. Unlike conventional metal buildings, it can easily accommodate standard energy efficiency insulation, residential doors and windows. Since the structure is stud and truss based, as soon as the assembly is completed it is ready for whatever wall and ceiling finish material you select, with no additional expensive framing required. For pre-designed commercial building are used unique Flex Panels. These panels allow the customer to select the location of the overhead doors in the building, and since the building is provided with a full metal sheeting package, the door openings can either be utilized or not. In addition, each Flex Overhead Door Panel location includes all the structural components you need to add an overhead door as your needs change.

Garages and sheds are an economic detached structures strong enough to protect a homeowner's automobile and belongings. This is a great solution for those in need of extra storage, car space, or a spacious workshop.

The quality of our finished product depends on the quality of raw material we use. We are working with NUCOR products. NUCOR has been considered "best in class" among steel producers for many years. Now that quality can be delivered directly to home owners.

Caring for Antique Wood Flooring

When you choose antique flooring for your home, you are choosing something that is endowed with a rich history. Everything it has been through is shown on its lined surface, and that is what makes this kind a wonderful type of flooring. Antique flooring comes in many different types of wood, including oak and pine. Its rough craftsman look is what makes it so appealing to many homeowners. This spectacular flooring can come from a variety of places, old houses, barns, and old public buildings. That is why it has such a rich history. When you buy antique flooring, you will cherish it for its beauty and the fact that each line in the flooring tells a story about its past!

The care and maintenance for antique wood flooring varies depending on what type of wood the floor is made out of, and what kind of protective finish the floor has. It is easy to find directions on proper care, but here are some tips to follow in case you get stuck without instructions on maintenance. Antique floors are usually old, and you should handle them with care. You can help protect your floor from scratches by placing mats around the house in places with a lot of traffic such as the kitchen or living area. Another good idea would be to use area rugs that are both stylish and serve the purpose of protecting your floor from dust, harmful UV rays, and also the wear and tear of everyday life.

When it comes to cleaning the floor, never use harsh chemicals. And when you absolutely must mop, use small amounts of water to avoid warping. You may use a duster or a vacuum several times a week or to your own satisfaction. Antique floors can be damaged from furniture such as dining room chairs, so frequently moved from one place to the other. Because of this, it is a good idea to reserve the look of your floor by adding pads to the legs of your chairs and other items that could damage the flooring. Also, never use oils or sprays on the wood, and keep potted plants from leaking onto the surface of the wood. This can also cause damage.

Sunlight can also take its toll on antique flooring, leaving sunspots on the flooring. To prevent such damage, you should place blinds or curtains on windows that allow the sun to make direct contact with the flooring. This will be sure to keep your antique flooring from fading or any other sun-related damage. By following these simple steps your floor will keep its beauty and grace for many years to come. Antique flooring is a special type of flooring that requires special care, so be sure to always use the proper care and maintenance instructions.

Never forget to take into consideration the type of floor you have and what kind of protective sealing it possesses. The care can be different for some depending on those facts. By placing antique floors in your home, you are adding a certain touch of classic beauty that only antique floors can bring.

Outer Space Sunglasses – Save The Earth Through A Solar Lens

Over recent years, many scientists have been designing new and expensive technologies with the aim to save the earth, or reduce the effects from global warming. One of these ideas lies in a concept of giant solar shades.

Much like ordinary sunglasses you place over your eyes in bright sunshine, the solar shades in question block out some of the suns harmful rays, only with one major difference. These shades will rest a million miles above our heads.

The logic behind this invention is to provide the global population with one giant sunshade consisting of 16 trillion outer space solar shades. These solar shades are super thin and lightweight glass discs which act like a lens on your average sunglasses to divert the suns rays.

Dr. Roger Angel (the brains behind the glass optics) is one of the worlds most recognized experts in the field of glass optics. He is responsible for designing the mirrors on telescopes, and believes glass could answer the solving global warming.

It is predicted that only 2% of the suns rays need to be diverted in order to save the planet from increased global warming. The solar shades will have to cover a distance of 100,000km in width. The proposed area for the solar shades to orbit at is known as the "L1 point". This is the point of zero gravity between the sun and the earth.

The solar optics will have tiny solar panels attached which can act as rudders to provide a gliding ability for the optics to change direction if needed.

A huge problem associated with this invention will be the process of transporting these solar optics into space. Dr. Angel has calculated the total weight of the tiny sunshades to be around 20 million tonnes. Presuming if this method is chosen to save the world, and the space shuttle is still the best space exploration vehicle, it will take 870,000 trips into space to deliver the entire solar shade as the space shuttles cargo weight can be only 23 tonnes a go.

There are currently four other extraordinary ideas in play, competing against this one to be the savior of our home on earth, it will be interesting to see if any of these will ever make it to the production stage.

We need to look after our environment, and the use of natural energy (such as solar electricity) should be our first focus, along with any reduction of our fossil fuel intake and carbon emissions.

Retractable Awnings For Outdoor – Just Relax and Unwind

Retractable awnings can be installed at different places in home. Doors, windows, patios, decks, porches and gardens are some of the common places where awnings are found. Under the shadows of patio awning and porch awning, one can enjoy the fun of outside comfortably; sunshades not only protect you from scorching heat and rain, but provide you with some private spaces with the flavor of nature.

Outdoor awnings include patio awnings, porch awnings and deck awnings. All the three allow you to relax and unwind outside your home, yet in a safe and comfortable manner. Under the shade of an outdoor awning, you can rest peacefully, chat with your guests and visitors, and have some fun-time with your family while having breakfast.

Just imagine how difficult and expensive it could be if you were asked to make the patio, porch and deck cool during the summer! With customized shades you can achieve the same at ease.

As a matter of fact, retractable awnings save you money by reducing the power consumption at your home. Once you attach shades over the windows and doors, lion portion of sunrays is blocked and indoor temperature comes down automatically. So you would not need to use the cooling system as much and you would save on energy bills at the end of the day.

People often complain that the color of the household furniture, carpets, fabric of sofa, curtains and valuable antiques are getting faded day by day. Although corrosive materials and pollutants are very much responsible for discoloration of materials, we can not ignore the role of sunlight as well. Retractable sunshades, so, not only keep your home cooler normally, but keep your property and furniture in perfect shape.

Apart from making the outdoor cool, patio awnings reduce the indoor temperature too. By covering the doors and windows of adjacent rooms, patio awnings protect the interior from exposure to sunlight as well. It gives adequate protection from rain and snow. While going out in the rain, you can stand under the patio awning to wear the raincoat or open the umbrella. Similarly, you can escape rain by waiting under the patio shade for someone to open the door and let you in.

You can have your retractable patio awnings tailor for your requirements. While contacting awning manufacturer, provide them with the measurements of your patio, deck or porch. They will craft the shade accordingly so that it best fits the place.

Manufacturers are kindly to offer you a color swatch to choose the color of your patio, deck and porch awning. You can get the shade designed in such a way so that it goes with the look and feel of your home.

And when you wish to pull it back, just push the button, pull the wire or retract the spring-held arms and the shade would be pushed back automatically, without giving any manual effort.

If you find automatically retractable awnings to be expensive, you can buy shades that are retracted manually. Even manual retraction does not involve much effort. The user manual provided by awning manufacturers guides the users on how to fold and unfold them.

Awnings simply offer a lot of advantages and that is why they have restored their popularity in recent times. Find a local awning manufacturer and start saving money while enjoying the fun of outdoors.

Why Sealcoat My Asphalt Parking Lot Or Driveway?

Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot or driveway will protect your expensive asphalt investment saving you thousands of dollars. This simple period maintenance can double the life of your pavement and reduce the likelihood of larger repair issues, while providing a jet-black finish for your asphalt that will beautify your home or business. This simple, low-cost procedure can save you a significant amount of money in the long run by eliminating the need for more extensive and typically types of services such asphalt repairs, paving, asphalt overlay and crack repairs. Sealcoating asphalt pavement with coal tar emulsion sealer slows pavement deterioration by protecting against the enemies of a parking lot or driveway.

The three major elements that deteriorate asphalt are:

1. Sun and Oxidation: Sealcoating events oxidation and resists ultraviolet rays. Asphalt pavement begins to deteriorate almost as soon as it is placed. As the pavement is exposed to oxygen, the asphalt binder (tar) hardens. This hardening results in a brittle surface that ever cracks. Cracks in the pavement enable oxygen and rainwater to penetrate the pavement, often into the sub base, reducing it and reducing the pavement's strength. Sealcoating protects the surface and fills surface voids, reducing pavement's exposure to oxygen and water and extending pavement life.

2. Water and Ice: Sealcoating resists water & ice. The sealer provides a protective shell that prevails water from penetrating through the asphalt. Water will soften the base causing larger more expensive repairs such as sink holes, depressions and cracks. In colder climates, the water will freeze and expand which will create pot holes and cracks through the asphalt. Sealcoating your parking lot or driveway can save you a significant amount of money by preventing water and ice from penetrating the asphalt surface.

3. Oil & Gas Spills: Sealcoating resists oil and gas spills. This is especially important on driveways and parking lots where cars are parked or worked on. Oil and gasoline soften asphalt. A professional-grade coal tar sealer contains additives that enable it to resist any such leaks. By filling surface voids, sealcoating also reduces the depth to which oil or gas can penetrate the pavement.

Sealcoating will help protect the asphalt from harmful elements and enhance the curve appealing of your home or business. Please visit to learn more about the sealcoating process and how it protects your asphalt investment.

What Is A Bridge Loan?

There are many great loan programs being offered in the market nowdays that could really answer you present financial need. One of the best loan programs available in the market is the bridge loan program. Now, do not start thinking that this loan is intended for those construction companies that build bridges because that is really very far from the real nature of a bridge loan.

What is a bridge loan?

For those of you are not familiar with this term, it is actually a short-term bank loan, which you can avail from a bank based on the equity of the home you are selling. This loan is intended to bridge the gap and fill your needs at the moment when you are still in between selling a home and buying a new one. How does a bridge loan program works? Bridge loan is an interim financing, which could help you knot a situation.

For instance, you are selling your old home but before you can close down your old home, you will need a place to live. Taking a bridge loan will help you buy the new home before the payment of the old home is actually actually received. The key to getting a bridge loan is to have a qualified buyer of your old home and a written contract signed by the buyer and you that the buyer is indeed going to pay for the home you have put up for sale. If you have this document, the bank or the lending institution will now issue a bridge loan or an interim financing will be settled as soon as the payment of the old home is received.

PIC Programming With the Basics – Article 1 (Assembly)

This article will help you to develop the knowledge of your Assembly language, which is used to program a pic. Example programs, projects would be covered in the next articles.

PIC (16f) has only 35 instructions.35 means not that much. Every specific instruction would be done a specific task. The whole article is reserved to understand the tasks of the each and every instruction.


Some PICs have slightly different instruction sets, but if you know the basics, you'll be able to handle the differences with just a little study.

Here there are some of the instruction were discripped. Take a look at them. We will use these instructions little later when we get in to, tutorials of Assembly language.


Example: MOVLW 07

Side effects: none

The W register is central to most programs. This instruction moves a constant into the W register.



MOVF temp, W

MOVF temp, F

MOVWF temp

Side effects: Sets or clears Z flag (MOVF); none (MOVWF)

These instructions allow you to move data between registers and the W register. The first example moves the value in register temp into W. The third example moves W into temp. The second example moves the value of temp into temp. At first, that seems pointless, but it sets the Z condition flags without disturbing anything else, so it is useful for conditional jumps. If the number moved is 0, the Z flag is set. Otherwise it is cleared.

While you can use a number for a register is more common & easy to name them using EQU.

For example:

temp equ 0 × 70

movlw 0 × 10

movwf temp



ADDWF temp, W


These instructions do the specified operation on the W register and another register of your choice. Add and subtract work as you'd expect. The logical AND, IOR (inclusive OR) and XOR functions are the classic boolean logic primitives.

The result can be placed in the W register or back in the original register as you wish. For example:

MOVLW 1; put 1 in W

ADDWF temp, F; add 1 to temp, store in temp

; w still equals 1 here

ADDWF x, W; W = x + W, x is unchanged

The subtraction operation always computes FW, so be careful that you do not mean WF. So if W contains 3 and x contains 10, performing a subtraction will result in 7.

To compute the two's compliment of a negative number, write the magnitude as a binary number. So for 7, we have 00000111. Then invert all the bits (11111000) and add 1 (11111001). You can easily reverse the process, so if I tell you the subtraction yields 0xF9, you can write it as binary (11111001), subtract 1 (11111000) and then invert the bits (00000111) to know that it means -7.

All the instructions in this section set the Z flag if their result is zero. Otherwise, the Z flag is clear.




XORLW 0x80

These instruction act just like the normal add, subtract, and, inclusive or, exclusive or instructions except they operate on a literal.



adds 2 to W (and, of course, leaves the result in W). All the flags are modified just as they are in the register-based versions of these instructions (see above). The subtract instruction computates literal-W which is often confusing. So instead of writing:

SUBLW 2; computes 2-W

You probably mean to write:

ADDLW-2; This is probably what you really want



CLRF temp


Side effect: Sets the Z flag to 1

It is a very common operation to load a zero into a register and this instruction can do that in one step. The CLRW instruction clears W, which is odd since MOVLW 0 will do this also



INCF temp, W


Another common operation is to add or subtract 1 from a register. These instructions do that (INCF is +1; DECF is -1).



INCFSZ temp, W


These instructions are similar to INCF and DECF. They add or subtract one of the listed register and store the result as directed. However, these instructions do not set the Z flag. Instead, if the result is zero, they skip the next instruction. This is useful, of course, for loops. Here's an example:


MOVLW .10;

MOVWF i; i = 10

MOVF x, W; W = X

LOOP: ADDWF y, F; Y = Y + X



; Leave here with the answer in y



RLF temp, F

These instructions move the bits in the register left by one bit (RLF) or right (RRF).

This is often useful to manipulate bits, but there is another interesting property: shifting left multiplies a number by 2 and shifting right divides by 2! You can often combine this with adding to get easy multiplications. For example, suppose you want to compute y = 10 * x. Well, that is the same as y = 8 * x + 2 * x, right? So try this:

BCF status, C; C = 0

RLF x, F; X = 2 * X

BCF status, C

RLF x, W; W = 2 * X (so 4 * X)

MOVWF temp

BCF status, C

RLF temp, W; W = 2 * X (so 8 * X)

ADDWF x, W; W = 8X + 2X = 10X




BCF status, Z

These instructions clear (BCF) or set (BSF) the indicated bit in a register. The bit may have a name (like Z) or you can use a number from 0 to 7 (0 is the least significant bit and 7 is the most significant). Sometimes you can use these to save a few instructions. For example, suppose you had written:


ANDWF temp, F

You could replace this with a single BCF temp, 7 instruction. Not only is this faster and takes less space, but it does not destroy the W register either!



GOTO main

As you'd expect, the GOTO instruction forces your program to resume execution at the label you indicate. The instruction only holds an 11 bit address, so the top bits of the new program counter come from the PCLATH register.




RETLW is exactly like RETURN except that it loads a literal value into the W register before it returns.




This will Sets GIE

RETFIE is exactly like a return, but it also sets the global interrupt enable (GIE). When a hardware interrupt occurs, it clears GIE and executes what amounts to a CALL instruction. Using RETFIE allows you to enable interrupts and return to the main program all in one step. If you do not want interrupts enabled again, just execute a RETURN instead.



BTFSS temp, 7

When you want to perform a conditional jump, you need one of these instructions. They test a bit and skip the next instruction if the bit is set (BTFSS) or clear (BTFSC). Most of the next instruction is a GOTO or a CALL, but it could be any single instruction. For example, this code tests temp to see if it is zero. If it is, it loads temp with 0 × 80. Otherwise, temp is unchanged:

MOVF temp, F; set Z flag, no data really moved

BTFSC status, Z; skip if not zero

BSF temp, 7; since temp was 0, now it is 0x80!




This instruction informs the watchdog timer that your program is still executing.

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