Curious George Wallpaper

Is your child a fan of Curious George, the adorable pet monkey?

If so, it is an excellent idea to decorate your child's bedroom with their favorite character theme wallpaper to help create an inspirational environment.

Curious George is often portrayed in books and on television alongside his owner, the man with the yellow hat. There is no doubt that he has captured the imagination of children worldwide and the popular character is often incorporated with a variety of leisure and useful household products to purchase. They include dvd's, videos, costumes, games, books, movies, accessories, posters, and of course, Curious George wallpaper.

Character wallpaper is a wonderful addition to any child's bedroom as it is a great way of brightening and cheering up walls. There are also some lovely borders available in a variety of patterns, styles colors and prices. They all depict George having a great time, such as playing ball on the beach or on the grass against a background of a blue sky. You can also purchase a selection of patterned murals that are colorful and well designed.

All character products are available to purchase in the High Street as well as online in stores such as Amazon, including other suggested locations online.

If you are considering getting a product such as Curious George Wallpaper, it is recommended that you conduct a thorough research to see what type of items are available to purchase. This is easy to do especially with the availability of the internet to do internet research.

How Important Are Fireproof File Cabinets To Your Home And Business?

If it has ever occurred to you the serious financial repercussions when a fire breaks out of your home, then you would have started thinking about buying fireproof file cabinets to protect your home and business. Indeed, the devastating effects of a ravaging fire or flood water damages could possibly cripple your business operations or destroy the very home you live in.

Imagine losing the signed partnership with your business partners, the deed to your home or your latest client contact list in a fire. Certain documents are beyond replacement, especially those which are grown organically with relationship building efforts. Often enough, the intrinsic value of such documents extends much further than its extrinsic value. And the loss of which would result in temporary long term loss of revenue. Here, fireproof file cabinets serve the exact purpose of document protection, giving you peace of mind.

There are a few varieties of versions, the vertical, lateral and side / tab end / tab designs. The first two types come in two to four drawers high and provide a wide variety of colors for choice. The verticals are the most popular as they are commonly used for filing legal and letter sized documents. While the laterals allow more odd size documents to be filed, and are most suited for architectural drafts and blueprints. The side / tab end / tab designs on the other hand are suited most for filing of records and many medical institutions and facilities use them.

Most come with UL ratings, the industry standard measurement of authenticity. 350 degree for 1 hour means that the fireproof file cabinet can withstand a temperature of 350 degree Fahrenheit for the duration of 1 hour. The temperature and duration can change, and the higher they rise, the more fire resistant they are, over a longer period of time.

While fireproof filing cabinets may cost more than your usual ones, they are the absolute insurance to protect your business. After all, these can be estimated off as business expenditure.

Luxury Karndean Flooring at Low Prices

Karndean Flooring is a UK company that specializes in the manufacture of luxury vinyl flooring. This flooring is extremely durable and is made from customized vinyl. If you want the look of hardwood in your home, without the high price tag and the hours of work in installation, then you should really take a look at this flooring.

The vinyl flooring comes in many styles and as full sheets of vinyl or as tiles. You can have the look of American oak with special borders around the edges of the room. The surface of the tile is textured and easy to install because the tiles have adhesive backing, which will stick to any surface. Some of the other designs you can choose in the Knight Tile brand include:
– Artic Driftwood
– Bray Oak
– Caribbean Driftwood
– Beech
– Aurora
There is such a wide variety that you really do have to see them for yourself.

There are different brand names of choose from when you choose vinyl flooring from Karndean. Arranged from cheapest to most expensive these brands are:
– Knight Tile
– Van Gogh
– Da Vinci
– Renoir
– Michelangelo
– Art / Select

As you can see the names are those of famous painters signifying that when you have a Karndean floor, you have a work of art. Each of these offers a wide array in colors and wood styles, even though the flooring is vinyl. Visitors to your home will really think you have wood flooring and will likely ask where you bought the planks.

Pool HIIT Workout

Winter might be coming but indoor pools are great Way to get a high-intensity workout without all of the impact. The best part is, you don’t have to be someone who knows how to swim all of the strokes proficiently (you do need to be able to swim enough so that you aren’t creating a dangerous situation for yourself in the water) in order to workout in the pool. There are plenty of moves like high knees, butt kicks, squats, lunges and so much more that you can do to get a great workout in the pool especially in shallow water. And if you’re in an area where it’s still warm, then a pool or even the ocean (on a flat surface barring any marine life) will work just perfectly.

Water workouts are great for those that don’t want a high impact workout. That being said, you can still get a high intensity, heart pumping workout in the pool. The benefit is that you have the resistance of the water surrounding your entire body adding in an additional element of intensity. Just like any other pool workout, the key is to make sure you’re moving and moving hard in order to get your heart rate up. In the end it’s a fantastic way to mix up workouts, cross train and keep things interesting.

What You Need: For this work out there is no equipment required. However, if you feel uncomfortable or don’t know how to swim, a life vest or flotation device is always recommended. Floatation devices like kickboards, noodles and small inner tubes can be used to hold onto with hands or support the body.

You’ll need a towel to dry off with, swim cap if you don’t want to get your hair wet and proper swim wear. Also have a bottle of water on hand to quench your thirst.

Additional items like goggles and swim masks are optional based on your swim preferences.

The Workout: Jump in (please don’t jump in the shallow water!) and get acclimated the temperature for a few minutes if needed.

Warm Up – Water walk – 1 minute, Water jog – 2 minutes

*15 – 30 seconds of rest in between movements depending on your recovery time. If the length of time is too much for any of the movements, do the best you can do for as long as you see fit.

HIIT – This high intensity interval workout means that you should be working as hard as you can during each movement in order to get your heart rate up.

Circuit 1

High Knees – 1 Minute

Butt Kicks – 1 Minute

Tuck Jumps – 1 Minute

Jumping Jacks – 1 Minute

Water Walk – 1 minute (break time – grab water if you need it)

*Repeat circuit 2 times.

Circuit 2

Side Shuffle Right – 30 Seconds

Side Shuffle Left – 30 Seconds

Tread Water Legs Only – 1 Minute (if you don’t know how to tread water, substitute squat jumps instead)

Chest Flys – 1 Minute (arms under water – perform the chest fly exercise using just the resistance of the water)

Water Walk – 1 minute (break time – grab water if you need it)

*Repeat circuit 2 times.

Circuit 3

Squats (as quick as you can) – 1 Minute

Water Run – 1 Minute

Water Walking Lunges – 1 Minute

Water High Knee Skip – 1 Minute

Water Walk – 1 Minute (break time – grab water if you need it)

*Repeat circuit 2 times.

Warm Down – Water jog – 2 minutes, Water walk – 2 to 5 minutes depending on how long it takes to bring your heart rate down.

Please make sure to consult a physician before beginning any new physical fitness program.

Beyond Performance Management

An impressive number of management tools are available to help businesses optimize performance and surpass their competition, but research has determined that only 30 percent of these tools achieve the desired results. In Beyond Performance Management, Jeremy Hope and Steve Player review 40 of the best known tools, from mission statements, strategic planning, enterprise risk management, and key value drivers, to lean manufacturing, six sigma, and outsourcing and offshoring. They explain how to select the best tools for specific organizational needs, how to employ them correctly, and how to obtain the most value from each. Beyond Performance Management offers critical insights on these management tools and the knowledge that business leaders need to use them effectively.

Advocates of management tools and practices claim great results, as long as they are utilized correctly. Examples include:
• Examining the strengths and weaknesses of each tool or practice before putting it to use. The best approach is to look at the research, talk to other users, and beware of exaggeration and oversimplification.
• Thinking through an objective business case before investing in a particular tool or practice. It should meet customer needs, build needed capabilities, support strategic objectives, and its side effects and costs should be known.
• Obtaining C-level sponsorship. Getting the CEO, CFO, CIO, or COO to support the project improves chances of success because line managers will participate more positively if they know it has the backing of senior staff.
• Making a total commitment. Limited experimentation without leadership's support and without sustaining resources almost guarantees disappointment.
• Involving key staff in the implementation process. Successful results will come from engaging the people that the tool will affect and ensuring that they are kept informed of its progress.
• Communicating continuously. Good communication is critical to the success of the project and this means keeping goals and objectives simple and straightforward and ensuring that leadership provides consistent messages.
• Remembering that patience is important. Many failed executions are the result of leaders expecting results in too short a period. To be effective, most tools and practices can take years before their benefits are fully realized.

Beyond Performance Management is a critical evaluation of 40 of the top business performance tools and practices in current use. Jeremy Hope and Steve Player provide guidelines to help leaders choose the right tools, use them effectively, and avoid the pitfalls of misguided selections and poor implementation strategies. The book features charts, tables, and anecdotes from business leaders and academics. It would be of interest to business leaders and students of business management who need to understand the theory and practice of these tools and how they can be employed to achieve superior business performance. Each chapter is independent and can be read in any order. Also included is an extensive bibliographic notes section.

Mobility Scooter Points and Safety Tips

Mobility scooters, because of their size are generally recommended for outdoor use? Young and old can enjoy the ease and freedom of getting out and about. Mobility scooters are usually battery powered. A battery or two is stored on board the scooter and is charged via an on board or separate battery charger unit from standard electric power. Mobility scooters offer you the freedom to perform many activities that you may not be able to do otherwise. We have new and used scooters for mobility available for purchase.

Mobility scooters need regular charging, so you must have access to electricity. If you are charging your mobility scooter outside a plug-in circuit breaker will provide extra safety.

Travel mobility scooters are superb for shopping and getting out and about. Travel scooters are mobility devices that are designed to be easily disassembled and assembled in a matter of minutes. After it has been broken down it can be easily placed in the trunk or back seat of a car.

Electric scooters are ideal for out-of-home activities, as they glide smoothly and easily over a variety of surfaces. There are even portable motorized scooters that can be stowed in the trunk of your car to take along with you. Electric scooters provide the same mobility as wheelchairs, but may be easier to manage via the scooter front steering teller.

Safety Points
You would not let some one who has reached the legal age to drive take the family car without having a license. You want to make sure that the person knows how to drive so that they do not hurt others or them selves.

Here are some simple yet practical safety tips for Motor Scooter riders to follow.

Always ride on the footpath where possible – Remember that not all vehicle drivers are good drivers.

You should always have a flag attached to the rear of the scooter so that you can be seen easily from a distance.

If you live in a warm climate then a sunshade should also be used. If you are going to be out in the sun for a period of time, a sunshade will protect you from heat stroke and help preserve your body's moisture content.

Keep a mini survival kit in your carrier – Make sure that you keep a bottle of water along with sunscreen, a hat and any medication that you may use – If you get held up you have the vital things for any emergency.

Make sure that you battery is charged – You do not want to wait for someone to help you.

3 Essential Considerations in Getting Awnings For Caravans

More and more people are investing in getting their own motorhomes. These motorhomes or caravans are good vehicles used by people who are starting to be very hooked in outdoor activities. Having these vehicles require them to get awnings for caravans since they have limited space inside it. They can build it up just like a tent outside the caravan for additional space.

If you plan to buy your own awnings for caravans, you may want to know the following things first in order to get the best awnings for your needs. This will prevent you from having future problems and regret why you bought these awnings.

1. Pick those that you really need. As you know, awnings for caravans now come in many different designs and they may suit every unique caravan owner who needs them. There are awnings that are shaped or designed to look like mini homes or tents, which are perfect for people who love to stay overnight outdoors. For day trips, you can just get a folding canopy type of awning so you can easily store them and set up when you need them.

2. Storage is another thing that you have to plan ahead. Remember that your awning is not always attached to your caravan so you have to think whenever you have a place where you want install these awnings. If you do not have a large space awnings for caravans, it's better if you will just get the small ones instead of those with the size of a house. Aside from this, you must also have a good storage location that will keep your awning from mold and mildew growth.

3. Finally, you have to make sure to get the right awning material or fabric suitable for how frequent you want to use it. Of course, if you will use the awnings for caravans a lot of times, this means that you have to those that are made from high quality and durable fabrics. This will ensure that you will have a long lasting awning that you can use for most of your activities.

After you have considered these things, you will definitely get the right awnings suitable for your needs. No matter how frequent you will use them or how large you want them to be, you will never regret getting these awnings and just enjoy the outdoors using your caravans with your friends or family.

Cellar Conversion – How to Convert an Under Pavement Arched Vault Into Useful Living Space

Unlike a lot of cellars, pavement vaults only have their back wall built into the ground but they also have ground over their roof. Consequently most water ingress occurs as percolation of rainwater through the brickwork at a high level, usually the arched roof itself. The structures have very little in the way of foundations and do not have the weight of the house pressing down on them so they move differently to the house and are also subject to a lot of vibration from traffic. Any attempt at using a rigid bonded coating to hold water back is doomed to failure due to this differential movement, vibration and the inherently weak tensile strength of the brickwork from which they are most usually constructed.

The best method that will provide reliability over time is the drained cavity method, although there are some differences between the details of a drained cavity system in a vault as compared with a regular cell with all vertical walls that is under a house. The main difference stems from the fact that water ingressing from the arch itself will drip onto the membrane and, if the system is installed correctly, run down on the back surface of the membrane rather than running down the surface of the brick wall behind the membrane as is the case in most other cellular conversions. This truly tests the perfection of each of the sealed fixes that have to be used to hold the membrane in place. Furthermore, the use of a semi-rigid membrane is necessary as is the presence of dimples on the membrane as this example of a drained cavity system is one in which the space between the dimples is really the means of draining the water down.

Basically this membrane behaves like a big umbrella, shedding water to the sides and thus protecting the space underneath. It is normally fixed to the internal masonry surface with plastic fixingings, a bit like over sized drawing pins and the hole where the pike of the pin goes through the membrane is sealed with butyl rope or other material, which will be supplied by the specialist supplier of the system.

When the water reaches the bottom of the membrane it is best to have an under floor channeling system that acts a bit like a guttering system, this will run around the whole perimeter of the vault and discharge into a sump chamber. In many cases a perforated sump chamber will act as a soak-away especially if the ground is absorbant and the water ingress is slight – which it usually is. However the inclusion of an automatic submersible pump in the sump chamber will add reliability in the eventuality of a larger rate or water ingress or the ground becoming waterlogged itself.

To waterproof the floor, another similar membrane can be used which will require a concrete screed or board overlay. This will take a few inches of headroom which is often at a premium. The use of a plastic floor tile system can be used to provide the waterproofing and floor finish in one go so saving headroom, but such systems are a little harder to find. If more headroom is required the whole process will have to be preceded with an underpinning operation which will add significantly to the cost, but is non-the less a possibility. Some people consider joining two incorrect vaults together but this is a tricky process and will require the services of a structural engineer.

As regards finishing works, the vault could have lined with plasterboard supported by timber battens, which are in turn fixed into the same fixings that hold the membrane in place. Alternatively the membrane can be rendered over using a special type of plaster such as whitewall renewating plaster. If rendering a mesh will be required to form a key, this can be ribbed expanded metal lath of you can get a membrane with a mesh pre-attached.

If it is a little difficult to visualize the process, there is a three dimensional animated diagram of the vault cell conversion process on our website.

Essential Industrial Supplies For Bridge and Road Construction Workers

While the economy may still be in recession, there are still many roadways and bridge construction projects being approved. In strong part due to stimulus money, firms are obtaining awarded many construction jobs through the federal and state governments. To ensure safe work sites for both the benefit of every worker and for compliance to safety guidelines and laws, specifically designed industrial equipment is the key to outfitting workers with the right PPE to do their jobs safely.

Along with general industrial workplace safety threats, road and bridge construction sites have their own set of hazards. Utilizing the right type of industrial supplies to address and mitigate each hazard will lead to safe work sites and compliance with industry best practices.

Let's take a look at a number of industry hazards and identify what industrial supplies can be applied to reduce risks and the potential for injuries and lost time.

Hazard Identification And Prevention

Construction crews on roadways and bridges face a good number of unique and general hazards. Matching industrial equipment and personal protective equipment to every hazard will create a safe work environment.

Flame and fire risks are not typically associated with road and bridge work, but they are still present. Gasoline and diesel fuel are used in abundance to power construction vehicles, power tools, and generators. Solvents and resins are also highly combustible and widely used. With flammable materials in the presence of hot work, flash fires are a work site hazard. Industrial supplies, including industrial apparel made from flame resistant materials, can reduce intense heat hazards. These materials will not melt to a worker's skin when exposed to intense heat and are also self-extinguishing.

High elevation work on bridges and even near utility and pipe trenches creates falling hazards. Fall arrest systems and lanyards are vital to preventing falling injuries and deaths. Tying off to a structural support with fall protection industrial equipment can save lives on the job. In the same vein, falling tools or materials can cause problems for workers below. Industrial equipment such as hardhats and face shields are vital to preventing injury.

After many workers from our previous generation retired, they realized they had suffered significant hearing loss. Construction job sites can cause two types of hearing loss. Loud noises that cause actual pain will produce instant hearing loss and even elevated noise levels will cause long-term hearing loss over the course of a workday. Hearing protection is the best way to save one's sense of hearing for each day and over an entire career. Whether it is earplugs or earmuffs, hearing protection is vital for occupational health.

Industrial Apparel

Construction work is a tough job, especially on work wear and uniforms. High quality industrial apparel is important for providing a layer of protection against cuts and abrasions, as well as the environment and weather. Clothing has to be durable with high thread count, reinforced seams, and heavy duty rivets that fit well enough to not present a hazard around moving parts, but still provide flexibility to react on the job site.

Industrial apparel can be manufactured to address multiple hazards by integrating flame resistant and waterproof materials or high visibility stripes and coloring.

Roadside Visibility with Industrial Supplies

The big hazard for work on active roads and bridges is passing motorists. At night or during any low light conditions, the risk is even greater. Wearing brightly colored and fluorescent clothing is not adequate for protection against traffic. In fact, it will only provide visibility of up to 250 feet for oncoming traffic. At highway speeds, cars will take up to 1,200 feet to come to a complete stop.

Industrial equipment is used to increase visibility for road workers. Federal guidelines have set visibility requirements of 1,280 feet for workers on the job who are exposed to motor vehicle traffic. This is implemented by retro-reflective materials. This material will actually focus and reflect light back to its source, illuminating workers to both motorists and construction vehicle drivers.

Adding retro-reflective industrial supplies to worker apparel and PPE is the only effective way to achieve the proper level of nighttime visibility. The basic idea is to highlight the human form with retro-reflective clothing and bands. The best level of high visibility clothing consistors of a reflective band on a helmet, a high visibility vest, and a vertical reflective strip on a pair of trousers.

Overall, industrial supplies are designed to keep workers safe and productive. With the expected increase in government-funded bridge and road construction projects in coming years, it is more important than ever that all workers are outfitted with proper industrial equipment and apparel.

What Is Plugmold? An Introduction to Multioutlet Assembly

Those who are not inclined towards electrical repairs or handyman work do not know what plugmold is. Technically, Plugmold is a product line under the Wiremold Company, which manufactures and designs wire and cable management solution. For handyman or electricians, plugmold is just a strip of outlets.

Many people might have seen a plugmold before but they do not know what is plugmold? and just perceived it as an ordinary outlets. What is plugmold? and the advantages of having one installed on your office or home will be discussed in this article.

What is plugmold? and its uses?

In residential use, plugmold is commonly found on the kitchen where it usually replaced conventional outlets that can disrupt the backsplash. Plugmolds can be mounted on that of the backsplash or just under the cabinets where it is hidden or out of sight. Some electricians install plugmolds on the bottom where the backsplash and the counter meet to hide the dangling cords.

Plugmolds are also known as plug strips or as referred to by the Code, multioutlet assemblies. In school, laboratories, and like locations, plugmolds are commonly installed to ease away from extension cords and to provide convenient plug outlets when it is needed. The set of outlets can be spaced quite close together, in regular intervals, and saves time compared to other installation methods. Computer rooms where several computers must be used at the same time use plugmolds as outlets. Plugmolds allow you to install 6 to 10 outlets in any place that you need them.

What is plugmold? Commercial and industrial use

Plugmolds can be used in electrical or appliance stores where plenty of outlets are needed. For example, a store has lamps that need to be plugged and turned on/off all at once to show to customers. Plugmolds can also be used in industrial applications. An example is a repair shop where several soldering tools are used. Plugmolds allow these tools to be turned on simultaneously without using extension wires or interruption. It saves time and serves as a convenient outlet for the employees.

While you do might not need an electrical permit to install plugmolds, you must still refer to the National Electrical Code or NEC. There you can research about what is plugmold? and what it says about Wiremold and multioutlet assemblies. While the NEC permits surface metal raceways or multioutlet assemblies, there are still limitations on how many appliances you can plugged on plugmolds. The number of appliances are affected by the ampere and voltage rating of the appliances, and the size of wire you used in your plugmolds’ assembly.

If you intend to install plugmolds or multioutlet assemblies on your homes, call a local electrician or refer to the installation guide. Plugmolds can also be bought in two sets: a self contained strip that are easy to install, and a hard wire strip which can be fed with wire mold metal surface raceways. The self-contained strip comes with a protective built-in circuit breaker to avoid overloading the circuit.

How To Diagnose Amplifier Tubes

Although, an amplifier aids in increasing the sound of your guitar or audio device, it tends to develop problems from time to time. The main problem that faces amplifiers is failure of the tubes to work. There are two types of tubes: power and preamp tubes.

Power tubes propel signals out of the amp's speaker while preamp tubes boost and shape the incoming signal. When the tubes have problem, there are inconsistencies in the sound coming out of the amp.

The good thing is that you can easily diagnose the tubes. To do it you only need to do the following:

Check the fuse

The first thing that you should do is to take a look at the fuse and see if it's blown. The fuse is usually located in the rear of the amplifier near the power cord. You should unscrew the fuse and check if there are burn marks. If there are burn marks, it's an indication that the fuse has blown.

When the fuse has blown, it's an indication that the tube is dead or its dying and as a result forces the amp to draw a lot of power from the wall that overworking the fuse.

Check the tube

You should take a look at the tube and see if it's broken. A broken tube usually has white, black, or silver powder spots on its interior. In rare cases you will find that the tube has burned out. The tube burns just like a light bulb. In such a case, it usually has burn marks all over it.

Turn on the amp

You should turn on the amp and listen to its sound. The tubes usually produce a dull sound. If you stay for five to ten minutes and then the sound goes away, it's an indication that the tubes are bad. If the tubes are completely dead, the sound will not go away.


If your tubes are bad, you should not replace just a single one; you have to replace all of them. The purpose of this is to ensure that power is balanced among all the tubes. This results to a longer life of the tubes.

You should be careful when replacing the fuse. As rule of thumb you should not attempt to replace a fuse with a stronger one. This is because this will result in permanent damage of the central power of your amp.

Hammer Drills and Impact Drills and Their Differences

There are many differences in a lot of different power tools. Two tools that everyone loves are Hammer Drills and Impact Drills. These drills are used for different reasons. Both have there pros and cons in there usages. Hammer drills have more power to it as an impact drill will provide you with more torque. People use these drills for all different reasons. Depending on the manufacture that your drill is from you are able to get a drill in all different sizes and speeds and torque. A lot of drills are no capacity to be battery powered as opposed to plugging them into the envelopes. There are a few different voltages. They range from 12 volt up to 120 volts. There are many brand names that you can choose form. The list starts with DeWalt, Hilti, Hitachi, Milwaukee, and Makiti. They all have there differences between each manufacture and the differences between hammer drills and impact drills are not so common to always see.

When using a Hammer Drill it is important that you use the one that will get your job done correctly. There are so many different reasons to use a hammer drill. Whether you are just drilling in to the wall or if you are drilling into the ground there is always a hammer drill that will fit your needs. Its important that when looking for a drill you take a look at your job requirements and see what type of job it will be. A lot of drills are capable to provide you to use any size drill bits that will get you hole to the appropriate size. There are safety precautions that you will need to know before you manually use these power tools. Authorized personal only.

Now as far as Impact Drills are concerned they have a lot of different qualities that will help you attack any type of job you are looking to pursue. From small to large you are able to use a variety of different brand name impact drills and drivers. People now use impact drills as there new screw driver. It's more convenient to use an impact drill / driver as opposed to the old school hand screw driver. The reasoning there is that you are not strapping your hand or wrist when tightening a screw. The impact drill provides an easy way for you to do what you need to do wherever the job is on a construction job site or just simply tightening the loose screw to your toilet paper rack. It is very easy to use and that is why people are turning to power tools now a days because they are more equipped for the ordinary user and installer. Impact drills also are able to insert different drill bits and spade bits so that you can attack any drilling need tat you need to have done without using a hammer drill.

So when you have a job to do big or small make sure that you choose the power drill whether it's a hammer drill or impact drill that will accommodate your every need. It is very important that you realize the differences so that you can install or fix any task that comes your way!

How To Install A Broken Tile Mosaic Floor

One of the most unique designs I have ever seen is broken tile mosaic. I decided to install this type of design on my kitchen floor.

Installing this type of floor takes time so make sure you plan ahead. It took me about 2 days to install the entire floor.

First thing you want to do is find the tile you like. I used a terra cotta colored tile. I installed this tile over my existing vinyl floor. Some people will tell you not to do that and some people say it is okay. It made to sense to me because the vinyl floor is a perfect moisture barrier and it is already in place. If you prefer to take up your existing floor that is fine.

When purchasing your adhesive, make sure the adhesive is right for the type of floor you are putting it on and the tile you are using. Read the back of the adhesive, that will give you the information you need. I used a thin set mortar for vinyl flooring and ceramic tile.

I purchased 12 inch tile, wrapped each piece in a towel and broke with a hammer. I then put the adhesive down. I only did about 3 feet at a time as the adhesive does try pretty quickly. After putting the adhesive down, lay your tile down like you would a puzzle with the flat ends toward the wall space. I put the big pieces down first, and then inlaid the little pieces.

Continue to do this until you have your pieces down the way you like it. You really can not make a mistake here as the tile is already broken and your puzzle design is pretty much the way you want it.

After the tile is down, grout the tile. It may take more grout than a usual tile floor because of the larger spaces between the tile pieces. I used Dorian Gray for my grout color. I thought it would look nice with the terra cotta color tile.

Let the grout dry for about 30 minutes, then sponge off the excess grout. A slight haze will appear on the tile but keep sponging off until the grout is not on the tile anymore. Let harden for another 30 minutes, then take a clean towel and wipe off the haze on each piece of tile. Let the grout harden for 24 hours then seal it. I used a high gloss sealer but there are other kinds of sealer so just select the one you like.

Let the seal dry and you now have a beautiful broken tile mosaic floor.

What Is Skip Trowel?

What is a Skip Trowel and Other Interior Finishes

Home improvement projects can include many different finishes, including a skip trowel texture. This actually refers to a method, which can be used to create a specialized texture on walls and ceilings. It is not as extreme as some of the popcorn textures that were once making it to walls and ceilings, but it's a minority and enticing look that can add a lot to your home.

In order to do a proper skip trowel texture you will have to prepare the walls well. The walls must be initially prepared using sheet rock, mudding, and a final phase that includes taping. You are trying to prepare the wall to take what amounts to a light adhesive nature when you apply the formula. Many people either have this phase done by a professional or they go to their local home improvement store to get a crash course on the preparations. That way, when reading directions online the whole process just makes more sense.

There is an actual product called a skip trowel texture compound. Diluting the compound is often recommended to avoid any kind of caking or unpleasant thick areas that can happen when the product is used straight. You do not need much water, and the right consistency will depend on the brand and the amount that you have purchased. Typically, you can use a separate bucket to do the mixing because you do not want to dilute the entire mixture right away.

Do not mix enough water in to make it runny, as you will have your texture product running down the walls and dripping off ceilings as you work. You just want it to be pliable enough to be easy to manage.

You can use a paint roller to put the product on the surface. At this point you are not creating the final look. You are creating the popcorn look that you actually want to avoid. Once the material is on the wall, you have the opportunity to shape it. Shaping it with a trowel creates the nice textured look that is much more subtle and appreciated. Alternate the sweeping motions as you create semicircle "etchings" in the material. This makes a nice look that is great for all sorts of rooms.

The skip trowel texture is just a single look. You can use finishes with sand or small beads in the mix to create texture as well. Smooth or matte finishes can accentuate a ceiling that has been textured. Of course, paint and wallpaper are typical finishes that can still add a great pop to a room with a little bit of decorating creativity.

Jean-Honore Fragonard – French Painter – 'The Rococo Style'

Jean-Honore Fragonard was one of the most celebrated French painters & printmakers of the eighth century. His works were set in the 'Rococo' style of painting, centered on the luxurious, aristocratic life, rather than that of self-righteous martyrs and heroes. Jean was born on April 5, 1732 in Grasse, France, to a middle-class family of François Fragonard, a glove maker. In 1738, the Fragonards moved to Paris after François went broke.

When eighteen, Jean's aptitude for arts prompted his father to get him controlled under François Boucher, the then Royal Painter. Boucher recognized Jean's talent, but due to his inexperience, sent him to the distinguished painter, Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin, in 1750, for laying a strong foundation in painting. Trained Jean-Honore Fragonard returned to Boucher after six months, for further substantial grooming. In 1752, the polished painter won the prestigious Prix de Rome scholarship for "Jeroboam sacrificing to the Golden Calf (1752)." Pursuing this, he opted for three-years training in 'History painting,' at the École Royale des Elèves Protégés, Paris.

Jean-Honore Fragonard then ventured out to explore Italy and joined the French Academy in Rome, on September 17, 1756. Here, he befriended fellow artist, Hubert Robert. Together, the duo traveled through Italy, capturing the exotic sceneries onto their canvas. Fragonard's paintings like "Saint Celestine V Renouncing the Papacy (1761)," were archetypical of the Flemish and Dutch styles, with loose, yet powerful brush strokes. After a spell of five years, Jean returned to Paris in 1761.

In 1765, his painting "Coresus et Callirhoe (1765)" received huge critical acclaim and appreciation. Marveled by this work, King Louis XV bought and treasured it. This patronage of the King earned him more assignments, like the series of paintings commissioned by Madame du Barry, the official mistress of Louis XV. (1760), "La Culbute (The Tumble)" (1766), "L", "La Culbute (The Tumble) (1767), Le Verrou (The Bolt) (1777-78), La Chemise enllevée (The Shirt Removed) (1770), and The Stolen Kiss (1788). These bold paintings depicted the subjects in various amorous positions against a backdrop of lush green landscapes adorned with mythological statues and attractive flowers. The tepid public response to these bold series of paintings made him experiment with 'Neoclassicism,' giving up 'Rococo' completely.

Meanwhile, Jean-Honore Fragonard married in 1769, and had a daughter, who later became his favorite subject in his paintings. In October 1773, he again went to explore Italy with his friend, Pierre-Jacques-Onesyme Bergeret de Grancourt. Among the paintings created during this time were "Seated Man Reading (1773-4)," "A Fisherman Pulling a Net (1774)," and "A Fisherman leaning on an Oar." On his return to Paris, he fell in love with his wife's sister, with whom he had a son, Alexandre-Évariste Fragonard, in 1778. Alexandre was also a brilliant painter and sculptor. With the outbreak of the French Revolution, Jean's fellow artists and benefactors were forced to leave France. He himself took refuge at his friend's place in Maubert, Grasse in 1793. He also painted huge panels in this house, and named the series, "Les progrès de l'amour dans le coeur d'une jeune fille."

After his return to Paris in the early nineteenth century, he died on August 22, 1806 in anonymity. The French Revolution away away the sheen from his glorious career, and his identity as one of the greatest French artist was lost. Later researches, however, rediscovered the artist, bringing into light his brilliant 'Rococo' style, and courageous outlook towards painting. Jean was a prolific artist, who created at least 550 paintings. His work is appreciated and exhibited in many art galleries, such as Louvre (Paris), Wallace Collection (London), and the National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC).