Shears and Shovels – Quality Garden Tools For Your Lawn and Garden

Shears and Shovels are a couple of quality garden tools you really can not do without if you do a lot of gardening and lawn work. Their primary function is to assist in removing plants and soil from area to another. They have a mountain of uses to the average gardener.

Let's talk about shears. Shears are really a simple looking tool. They look like a giant pair of scissors, and basically that's just what they are. They both work under the same principle. Their job is to cut certain items. So the shears have to be able to cut, not necessarily just sharp. The blades have to come together just right to make the whole process work. There are a lot of different shears out there. Some are curved and have to come together just the right way. There are many designs to choose from. The only way to really know if a pair of shears will work the way you want them too is to test them out.

The second thing you have to look for in a pair of shears is do they fit your hands just right. If they do not fit your hands properly you will not be able to operate them to high efficiency even if they are the sharpest shears in the world. When choosing a pair of shears for trimming bushes, weight becomes an important factor in picking the right pair. If you do not pick one that fits your hands and is heavy enough you will not be able to close them and cut the branches. The curved shears, which are used to trim small plants, have to fit your hand precisely. If it does not, you will not make the cuts you need to make.

Now let's talk about shovels, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are an invaluable tool for any lawn and garden. With the progress in super hard plastics, the handles for shovels have been made more light weight than ever before. They have not made a plastic yet that can replace the metal used in the shovel blade. You want a shovel that will not rust and a blade that will not go dull, so that it will hold up to the hard rocky ground that you may have to dig in. You want a blade that is solid and is connected to an unbreakable handle as well. The first thing to normally go in your shovel is the handle. The shovel blade is very durable, but the handles come and go. Handles need to be able to withstand the rugged work ethics a shovel has to go through.

Metal handles are more durable but tend to be too heavy for constant shovel duties. Wood handles are great too if you get a piece of wood that is strong enough to stand the test of time. Plastic handles have come along way. They still need some work before they can hold up for the long haul. There are basically three types of shovels, the rounded blade, the triangular square blade and the long handled narrow blade.

If you have all three of these shovels than you are on your way to success and you can avoid some back breaking work. Well, no more work than you would normally do with a shovel. The long handled narrow shovel is excellent for removing weeds without having to bend over and kill yourself and for digging small holes and getting into smaller areas that a regular shovel just can not seem to reach. Yes, these tools are great to have around any lawn or garden and will make life so much easier. You have to pick out the right design for you and then make them work out. They are quality garden tools you can depend on.

How To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman – Here's A Unique Technique That Will Turn TURN HER ON During Foreplay

This article is for guys who like to SEXUALLY SATISFY their women. If that's you – please read on carefully because you are about to discover a very powerful FOREPLAY technique that you can use to instantly take your woman's sexual arousal up a few levels.

In other words – if you want to get her hot, wet, horny and BEGGING YOU for more … you will find this foreplay technique extremely useful …

Most men make the big mistake of ignoring foreplay. They see it as boring and unnecessary.

But the reality is that if you want to sexually satisfy your woman, foreplay is necessary.

In fact, it's very necessary.

Foreplay is the time to turn your woman on and get her IN THE MOOD and if you do not do this – she will not enjoy the arbitration as much as she should. And if she does not enjoy the intercourse, sooner or later she'll stop wanting to have sex.

And when women stop wanting to have sex with their men (because these men are not doing them right), a very high percentage of these women end up cheating.

So do not let that happen to you.

Always give your woman good foreplay and enjoy the process.

Anyways, let's talk about the technique I promised you …

This technique can be used in the very early stages of foreplay (when you are both still clothed) and it's designed to INSTANTLY increase her sexual expedition.

The technique puts you in a DOMINANT position and your woman in a very submissive position – something she'll love.

She'll love it because women are sexually submissive in the bedroom.

Here's how you do it:

As you are kissing her, back her up against a wall (do this gently so you do not hurt her).

Then smoothly turn her around so that the front of her body is against the wall. You'll notice she gets more TURNED ON when you do this.

Then start kissing her neck and let her feel your crotch rub on her ass. At this point – she'll start breathing deeper and she'll be getting very SEXUALLY EXCITED.

Now, here's the clever bit …

Lift her top / shirt, so that her back is exposed. Let the top / shirt ride up all the way up to her arms, but do not take it off completely. Instead, leave it on her arms and use it to hold her arms overhead.

So she's still still facing the wall, but now you have her arms overhead and resting on the wall and you are holding them using her top / shirt.

This give you all the power and she'll get off on your dominant position.

Okay, so there you have it – a simple and highly effective foreplay technique that'll instantly increase your woman's sexual excitment.

Of course, this technique on it's own will not guarantee that you give your woman GREAT SEX. To give your woman great sex and totally sexually satisfy her – you must do lots of other things, including giving her VAGINAL ORGASMS.

Cleaning Business Skills – The Elevator Pitch

When it comes to getting your business to take off, like the cleaning business, marketing strategies, used at the right time and in the right combination can definitely generate results; for your cleaning business, opportunities open one after the other.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

Have you ever taken an elevator ride? Have you ever noticed how long it takes? An elevator ride is an average of 60 seconds, more or less. So an elevator pitch is your sales pitch, which you deliver to a prospective client within a timeframe of approximately 60 seconds. Can you do that?

Apparently, believe it or not, 60 seconds, or 1 minute is quite a long time if you don’t know what to say – and too short if you have a lot of things to say. So create for your cleaning business opportunities by preparing an elevator pitch, practice it until your delivery of it becomes natural, and see it work wonders. By the way, it is called an elevator pitch because of the length of the pitch, and doesn’t necessarily have to be done only in elevator rides.

What is Included in an Elevator Pitch?

First of all, can you summarize your business and services in a brief explanation of about 60 seconds? Yes you can. First, write down the key points of your business and the key points of your services. Then work on those key points on coming up with a few lines about your cleaning business, marketing it to yourself first. Do you sound convincing enough? That’s the first line of your pitch: interest. Say something that will interest the other person you’re talking to. You need that person’s attention for 60 seconds, and you need that person’s attention right away.

The person you’re talking to may not directly be your prospective client. However, he or she may know someone who could be your prospective client, or they could be suppliers or contractors that can help you with your business. So whichever they may be, always do your best in delivering an elevator pitch.

So to make this work, use memorable words when talking about your house cleaning business. Memorable words are often remembered because it made an impact on the person. So use these words or phrases when making your pitch. For example, you may say “with cleaning services, you can save lots of money. I can help you on which services to choose to get the best deal”. So after saying something memorable, you can end your pitch by repeating your name, and that of your house cleaning business too.

Communion Plate – The Significance

For Christians, the first communion is important and equally important would be the dresses, the gifts, the communion plate and other paraphernalia needed for this important moment in your child's life. Most of the time, children go through first communion at the age of seven.

It is a special time in your child's spiritual life and should be shared with family and friends.

Before we delve deer, let's take a look at the history of the communion and how it came to be considered as an important part of a Christian's life.

Before anything, it is best to understand what a Communion is. This is actually a holy rite of the Christian faith.

During a communion, bread and wine are conscrated by a priest or minister and these are given to the members or the congregation of the church.

This bread and wine is representative of the blood and body of Jesus Christ. The bread is usually placed in a communion plate. It is then dipped in wine and given to the member of the congregation.

This communion plate that holds the consecrated bread is called a Paten. During earlier times, the use of real bread in the service meant that an actual and ordinary plate was used.

The use of the ordinary paten remained the same up until the Middle Ages came, since the wafer that was used for the Eucharist or communion was significantly larger than what they later used during the 12th and 13th century until today.

Natural Vent Wood Burning Stoves – All You Need to Know

A natural vent wood stove is the ideal equipment if you want safety, quality and a clean heating agent. Moreover, as energy bills just keep on increasing, a wood burning stove would always prove to be a good alternative to the electrical ones. These stoves also use scrap or wood that can not be used as fuel. So, you do not have to bring trees down to fuel this stove!

It can also redirect heat through the vents of the house. They use the ducts of the existing fireplace of the house to direct heat into rooms without a fireplace. An interesting feature is that it has a blower already installed in it. The stove also comes with a remote control so that you can switch the blower on or off as per your requirement. You can either choose the settings or stick to the pre-programmed mode. The temperature programmed so that whenever the temperature reaches 71degree Fahrenheit, it shuts off automatically. Moreover, the smoke is sucked out, then leaving the room odorless.

A natural wood stove is not only looks attractive but is very safe as well. A simple stove will have the following features:

o A cast iron body

o A solid steel grate

o Circulation of heats

o A fire screen as an extra safety measure

It can also be a traditional, antique or a very modern stove. You can choose the type you want based on your budget and taste. Although the antique stoves are very attractive to look at, but maintaining those might prove to be expensive.

The interesting feature is that some of these can be even used for barbequing. The tops of these stoves are designed in such a manner that they can be used to roast and cook food. However, these stoves require more care and maintenance than the normal ones.

The installation and maintenance of a simple natural vent wood stove is very easy, making it very user friendly.

Blended Teas Create a Unique Flavor Profile All Their Own

So Who is Earl Gray, Anyway?

Earl Gray is one of the most recognizable and popular blended teas, but there are many others that fill the need for those tea drinkers who wish to have the very same flavor profile with each and every cup.

They want to know that each time they purchase an Earl Gray or English or Irish Breakfast, it will always be the same strength and flavor. And to satisfy the needs of their customers tea blenders work studiously to recreate that same flavor profile over and over again.

It's not an easy task to replicate the exact same flavor profile repeatedly. Tea blenders must taste hundreds of samples of different teas to come up with the perfect combination, sometimes mixing over thirty different teas to arrive at just the right blend.

It's a complicated process, with teas from different regions, tea estates, and seasons, being tested to come up with the right recipe.

Tea tasters work within a rigid set of standards, with samples of dry leaf set out, each in their own containers in a long row on a testing bench. The tea is then carefully measured to a specific weight (usually 5.2 – 5.6 grams / 0.18 – 0.2 ounces), and placed in a special lidded brewing mug. Boiling water is added to black teas and slightly cooler water added to the more delicate green or white teas. A timer is then set for five to six minutes (or less for certain green teas). When the tea is finished steeping the lidded mug is tipped on its side in a tasting bowl where a serration in the lip of the mug allows the brewed tea to run into the bowl.

In a process much like wine tasting, the wet tea leaves are poured onto the upturned mug lid and placed near the tasting bowl. The tea taster then uses a rounded spoon, quickly slurping the tea so it hits his taste buds, then rolling it around in his mouth to determine the full flavor of the tea before spitting it out into a portable spittoon that moves along the work bench.

The tea taster evaluates not only the quality and value of the tea, but also the appearance of the dry and wet leaf, and the taste and aroma of the liquor.

Once he arrives at just the right recipe, the combination of teas is loaded into a large cone shaped hopper, with a blending drum that thoroughly combines the teas together. The tea is then packaged and sent to the customer.

The Classic Blends

Over many centuries certain teas have developed according to specific likes of individual nationalities. For example, the British like a strong, robust tea to get them going in the morning. It's a totally different story in Russia where they have developed a taste for a dark, smoky flavored tea. For nearly every taste and desire, there is likely a tea to satisfy the demand.

Some popular blended teas include:

Earl Gray – this is probably one of the most popular and recognizable blended teas in the world. Using a traditional blend of China and Indian teas, Earl Gray is flavored with bergamot, an essential oil from the citrus like bergamot fruit, which resembles an orange in taste.

Depending on the amount of bergamot oil used, Earl Gray can taste wonderful, or absolutely awful. If too much oil is used the tea can taste like dish soap. But if too little bergamot oil is used, you may as well be drinking plain tea. When done right, though, you have a wonderful refreshing cup of tea with a hint of citrus.

Many different tales exist on how Earl Gray got its name. One tells of a British diplomat on a mission to China, who saved the life of a Mandarin. Deeply grateful the Mandarin gifted the recipe for the flavored tea to the diplomat and also to the Prime Minister, Earl Gray, who served from 1830 – 1834.

Another version tells of how it was the Earl himself who saved the Mandarin's life, and was then given the recipe as thanks. Yet another story tells of how the recipe was a gift to the Prime Minister at the end of a successful diplomatic mission.

It's not likely any of the stories are true, but no matter the circumances surrounding it, Earl Gray still remains today, one of the most popular blended teas ever marketed.

Today you can find many different versions of Earl Gray, using China tea, Darjeeling, Ceylon, Silver Tip, smoked tea (Lapsang Souchong), and even green tea, oolong, and decaffeinated teas.

Breakfast blends – these blends are designed to go with heavy, fatty foods such as bacon, sausage, fish, smoked meats, and fried eggs. Some of the more popular breakfast blends are:

English Breakfast – this is usually blended with teas from Assam for their malty, smooth flavor, and Sri Lanka and Kenya for their strong deep flavors. Also some American companies use blends of China Keemun teas exclusively as a base for their English Breakfast teas.

Irish Breakfast – this tea is usually strong and dark, made with a blend of Kenya and Indonesian black teas.

Indian Breakfast – is usually a blend of Darjeeling and Assam, or Assam and Nilgiri, or sometimes a mix of all three. Indian Breakfast is generally a lighter, more fruity blend with slightly astringent Darjeelings.

Afternoon blends – these include the "O-Clock" tea blends (Four-O-Clock, Five-O-Clock teas), which usually include a blend of India and Sri Lanka black teas, sometimes with a hint of jasmine or bergamot oil .

Some companies prefer to keep their afternoon blends lighter, using a base of Darjeeling or China and Taiwanese teas.

Russian Caravan – this blended tea uses a combination of black China teas that have a slightly smoky flavor, trying to recreate the original teas that were transported by horseback to Moscow from China.

During the seventeenth century when Chinese tea producers first began making black teas for export to far off lands like Russia, the manufacturing process employed drying tea in large ovens using local pine wood, giving the teas a slightly smoky flavor.

The teas may have had an exposure to smoke from the caravan's many camp fires along the trade route on the journey back to Saint Petersburg. The smoky flavor is an accepted one, but today many consumers worldwide, swear by it. A small amount of Lapsang Souchong is usually added to the blend to give it the slightly smoky flavor.

Today you can find just about any flavor combination to suit your taste. And if you can not find just that right blended tea that is to your liking, you can easily make up your own blend of teas. Just get some fillable tea sacs or bags and choose your favorite loose leaf teas and you're ready to go and experiment to your heart's desire.

Just remember to take lots of notes along the way, so you can always recreate your perfect blended tea.

Plank Exercise Variations – Do the Plank Abdominal Right

The plank exercise is a pretty well known static stomach exercise that can help you build strength in your abs. It is a highly recommended element in any good abdominal workout. However, most people know and perform just one version of this fine exercise.

In this article I would like to share a few more variations of the plank so you can use them to further boost your abs workout and build a stronger stomach.

The Standard Plank

In the standard plank, you assume a position similar to that of a push up. The difference is that instead of placing your palms on the floor, you rest on your forearms. You keep your back and neck straight and your eyes on the ground. You then hold this position for as long as you can, breathing normally.

Your abs will be under a lot of strain while you do this as the abdominal plank works the entire abs and core muscles.

This is the basic version. Now, let's tweak it a bit.

Stability ball plank

Using a stability ball to do a plank increases the intensity of the exercise. The reason is that you need to work with your internal core stabilizing muscles to keep your body motionless while the stability ball is an inherently unbalanced platform.

There are two ways to use the stability ball to do the plank exercise: placing your feet on the ball and placing your forearms on the ball. Each will strain your abs in a different angle. Working the abs in a variety of angles and intensities will help you to achieve a better overall workout.

Tip: using a stability ball may also prove beneficial with additional stomach exercises. It's a highly recommended piece of fitness equipment.

Side plank

If you want to better target your obliques, you should incorporate the side plank in your workouts. A side plank needs to be done on each side for a symmetrical workout.

Here is how it's done: rest on one forearm and turn to the side so that your body is at a 90 degree angle to the floor. One side of your body should face the floor and the other the ceiling. Your legs should be stretched out with your feet crossed and touching the floor. Your torso should not touch the floor, just the sides of your feet and one forearm.

You hold this position for as long as you can to work the obliques.

In conclusion

Try different variations of the plank to work your entire abdominal muscles.

Guide to Advertising Appeals – The 7 Ad Appeals Explained

The unwritten rule of effective advertising involves creating ads that appeal to people’s emotions, these appeals can be broadly categorized into fear, sex, humor, music, rationality, emotions and scarcity. These appeals are something that are experienced by everyone universally, regardless of race, financial stance or intelligence.Think back to an advertisement that you can remember, what appeal did it have? chances are it fit into one of the “magic 7” appeals, perhaps even using a mixture of the appeals. Needless to say the successful advertisement is not only the one you remember, but the one you remember in a positive light. Successful marketers are able to create advertisements customers favorably recall in memory… and we all know positive attitudes lead to positive behaviors, such as consumers buying your product! Below is a guide to using the appeals, highlighting both positive and negative consequences associated with using the advertising appeals.

Fear Appeal – The first advertising appeal and perhaps the most effective to date, is the advertising appeal of fear. Fear is an emotion that has existed as long as intelligible life has walked the Earth. Fear advertising concentrates on emotional responses from customers to a perceived threat, typically severity and vulnerability. An example of a fear appeal would be an advertisement for a “web hosting” company focusing on the severity of downtime experienced on the site and the customers vulnerability of losing business due to downtime. The Good – Fear appeals tend to be very persuasive and are great for capturing peoples attention, such as an eye-catching advertisement of an injured car crash victim due to drink diving. The Bad – hard to gauge how much fear to use, too much and you can scare people away from your ads and too little fear and nobody will notice your ad.

Sex Appeal – Another universal aspect of being human, sex has been used for years by marketers to capture attention of the sexes. The use of sex can be subliminal, sexually suggestive, nudity or sensuality, ever notice how most people that appear in ads tend to be attractive? An example of sexual advertising is with the America’s Next Top Model TV series, which has ads showing the girls in sexually suggestive clothes to lure in male viewers to watch episodes. The Good – Sex is proven to cut through clutter, if your advertising in a busy time-slot using sex appeals will help your ad get noticed, this helps increase brand recognition The Bad – Sex appeals can be provocative and may cause negative reactions with different cultures (non-western) and sex appeals are so prevalent nowadays that they no longer carry the WOW-factor they once did.

Humor Appeal – Everyone loves to laugh and most people have negative attitudes towards advertising but positive reactions to humor, a consumer watching a humorous ad laughs, tells people the joke and remembers this greatly helps marketers. There are many memorable TV ads that use humor to promote their brands, the John West Salmon ad where a man fights a bear for salmon effectively leverages the humor appeal The Good – Humor is one of the best methods for cutting through advertising clutter as funny ads are more easily noticed by the increasingly time-scarce consumer, humor gets attention, stays in peoples memories and typically win awards The Bad – it is important that the joke does not overpower the brand or its associated motto, if people remember the joke but not the brand this is not effective. Advertisers must also be culturally aware as what is funny in one culture may be offensive in another.

Music Appeal – Music is something that everyone enjoys, music is something that is both personal and causes people to recall moments that are both good and bad in their life. Music helps capture attentions and link to the consumers emotions. An example of music appeal is soft drink company 7UP using the song ‘sunshine’ by the Partridge family, this helped resonate the message to their target market. The Good – using a well known song can bring back positive nostalgic memories in consumers causing them to have positive attitudes towards your brand, music’s intrusive nature means that people can still be attracted to the ad even if they are avoiding ads in general. The Bad – certain music can cause negative reactions in consumers if they relate to bad memories in the past.

Rationality Appeal – The rationality appeal relies on consumers actively processing the information presented in the ad, this appeal is typically used in print media due to the consumers having more time set aside to read the advertising in this medium. Typically rational appeals focus on the practical, functional or utilitarian needs of consumers. Rational appeals are typically used in advertising drugs or healthy lifestyle products like Vitamins, such as recent ads by pharmaceutical company Swisse which used Australian Cricket captain Ricky Ponting who asserted the individual vitamins to appeal to knowledgeable consumers. The Good – rationality is great for high-involvement products and for B2B advertising The Bad – the rational appeal must be credible as false claims can cause negative brand attitudes.

Scarcity Appeal – Scarcity is based on limitations, typically this is in the form of limited time to purchase or limited supply. Scarcity is often used with fear appeals, to help empower customers by missing out on a potential immediately negative event. Australian advertisers use scarcity appeal in cricket memorabilia advertising, by offering The Good – scarcity is great for encouraging users to take action, and is often effectively used with other promotions like coupons, sweepstakes and contests The Bad – scarcity appeals must be genuine or consumers will harbor negative attitudes towards your brand.

Emotional Appeal – Appealing to the emotions of consumers is an effective technique for capturing attention and fostering attachments for a consumer to your brand, it is generally more effective to concentrate on positive emotions like happiness, joy, trust and love. Typical industries that use emotions in their advertising copy are banks and insurance agencies who often center on optimistic emotions like happiness and joy in an attempt to reconcile commonly held stereotypes of these industries as corporate mega powers. The Good – emotional appeals combine with nearly every appeal very effectively, can be the key to building up brand loyalty amongst customer base The Bad – emotional appeals must match the target market and current PR history of the company, consumers are increasingly aware of advertising messages.

In summary, the seven appeals of advertising are useful to understand when in the beginning stages of creating an advertisement whether it be online or offline, building your advertisement around a given combination of appeals acts as a good starting point. Some tried and tested combination’s of advertising appeals includes the combination of fear and rationality (typically used in anti-smoking advertising), and the use of music and emotion generally are a good basis for any advertisement. In the end the appeals should be taken into consideration with other factors, namely your organizational marketing objectives, media strategy, target market make-up and brand strategy. If for example your organization is a local newspaper that caters to a demographic of 40 and above, and its looking to improve its brand loyalty by expressing its concern and care for the local community, a emotional or rational appeal would be most appropriate in helping you reach your marketing objective of brand loyalty with your target market.

Professional Porch Railings by Do-It-Yourselfers

You have big plans to install a porch railing, but even though this is the first time you are trying such a project, you want it to look professionally done. Like all projects that you want to come out really well, the most important part of the project is the design and planning phase. There are a lot of parts to a railing and you have to make sure you know how to work with each one of them such as the top rail, bottom rail, posts, balusters and finials. All of these can be obtained at your local home improvement center or lumber yard. And of course, today, you can even shop for these items on line.

Proper planning is critical to a project such as this. It is not complicated, but it is necessary. Make sure you know all of the measurements you will need and make sure you have all of the materials and tools you will need.

There are certain features of a railing that are the hallmark of professionalism. A professional is able to add certain features and touches to a railing that will make it special and unique. Today, you can buy woodwork that adds that special touch without being custom made by a professional.

Of course, if a shoddy installation is done, the job will never look professional. If you make sure you have all of the proper materials for a good installation, yours can also look professional. Use finishing nails, a good drill, file and saw, and, if you plan to paint the railing, the right grade paint for it. Proper measurement will also assure a professional look; nothing looks more amateurish than gaps. If you measure properly you will have no errors.

You can do your railing installation in an afternoon as long you have the right equipment. Here are some important hints to make is smoother and easier: Wear safety goggles to avoid injury while sawing and drilling. Double and triple check your measurements. This is most important. Measuring everything carefully will safe you a lot of time and money on wasted mistakes and materials. Measure the total space for the deck as well as the points between the posts and balustrades. Cut your lumber at the top and not at the bottom. You can hide a poor cut under the top rail, although you would be better off if you get pre-cut pieces in the lengths you need. When you have cut the balusters, mark where they will go on the rail with a strip of colored tape.

Your relationships can be in any style, so if your home is Victorian, you can have detailed looking ones, and if your home is modern or contemporary, you may want very plain ones.

Once you have completed the railroads, make sure you weather proof them against the element so they will continue to look good after all of your hard work.

Quick Tips on Installing Iron Balusters

If you are a sucker for the modern minimalist look, then iron balusters are just the thing for you. These offer you durability aside from its visual appeal. You simply can not go wrong with these since iron is known for its versatility. Convinced? Here are some quick tips on how to install your iron balusters:

First off, what is a baluster? Technically, these are the vertical posts that attach the stair rail to the base of the stairs. They come in various designs and are made out of all sorts of materials. One of which is iron. They are the most visible part of the staircase, although it is the stair treads which consist around 60% of the entire structure.

Iron balusters are now fast becoming a favorite among homeowners who want to inject a dose of modernism and minimalism into their interiors. Compared to wood, these last much longer and are more versatile. Iron balusters are also widely used in condos, apartments, country and urban homes, offices, schools, and other establishments.

A quick tip to remember when choosing a baluster is to stay away from those that basically rely on a few screws to anchor them in place. These obviously give less stability and are potentially dangerous. Quality is also a main contributing factor, so be sure to get them only from the reliable sources.

Before marching off to buy some iron, plan first the lay-out. This will help you determine how many balusters you will need. Do not forget to estimate the space between the balusters, it should be enough to not let anyone fall through while not looking overcrowded at the same time. Using a drill during the actual installation process will help finish things up at a faster pace. There are also others which will only need epoxy to install. If you pick such balusters, make sure that you are purchasing a high grade epoxy which is trusted stair builder also recommends.

Installing iron balusters into your stairs is not exactly rocket science. Just like always, accuracy in following instructions is the key when it comes to installing them successfully. Lastly, do not forget that knowledge can go a long way. This is why you should also invest in a lot of time for research whenever you want to install your balusters and make your staircase look like the best it can be.

Stainless Steel Balustrading

A balustrade is a decorative railing or wall designed to prevent people from falling over the edge of stairs, balconies, landings, etc. Balustrades are most commonly made of timber, iron, wrought iron, aluminum, stone, concrete, glass, and / or stainless steel (commonly abbreviated as S / S). Balustrades have been used since as early as the Assyrian civilization and, while they were not used in the architecture of either the Greek or Roman Empires, balustrades were used extensively in buildings of the Renaissance period. Balustrades today are more popular than ever and whilst they may not always be made of stone, they are neverless an important feature of many buildings and homes.

There are many options for a balustrade "in fill", but the best ones that do not obstruct the view is to use either glass or S / S wire rope. Glass balustrades look good and, if tinted glass is used, can provide a little privacy. The downside to glass is that it needs regular cleaning. Stainless steel wire rope, on the other hand, requires only periodic cleaning and obstructs the view less than tinted glass. Whilst occasional tensioning may be required with S / S wire rope, this is a simple task that will only be required every 3-6 months at worst. Some have opted for system where the glass is used for part of the height of the balustrade and stainless steel wire rope is used for the reminder.

Under current Australian law, wire rope or bar balustrading "in fill" can be horizontal for heights lower than four meters, but must be vertical if any higher than that.

The most common types of balustrade posts and rails used are timber, powder coated aluminum, powder coated mild steel, and stainless steel. Powder coating can chip and scratch. Mild steel will rust without powder coating or where the powder coating has chipped or scratched. Some timber finishes will also fade over time and some may even peel. Many timbers will dent if accidently knocked. Stainless steel looks better than aluminum and is more resistant to the elements than all of the other materials. Many people opt for the combination of timber posts and rails and stainless steel wire rope. As with anything architectural, the option chosen depends largely on environmental issues (eg the style of building, the view (if any), exposure to the elements, pollution level, procurement to salt water, etc), the level of maintenance desired, budget, and, of course, the eye of the beholder.

Search by Cellphone Number For Name and Address

In the United States, cell phone records are confidential and protected by law. This is why cell phone numbers are not listed in your local phone book or any public telephone number directory. While looking up someone's cell phone number is possible, this is about searching the opposite. This information is about finding the billing name and address associated with a cellular phone number and cellphone service provider account.

The process of searching a phone number to find a name and address is called a " reverse phone number search ." Residential and business phone number reverse search records are widely available to the public free of charge, however the situation is different with private, unlisted, and cellphone numbers.

Fortunately for you, not only can you find the owner of a cellphone number's name and address, but you can also access detailed information about a person too. The details revealed in these background checks can be shocking. This can include, criminal history, court records, marriage records, divorce records, and even information about a person's family, friends, and neighbors. Although this is entirely 100% legal, sometimes I think it should not be.

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What is Paranasal Sinus?

Paranasal sinus reflects to all the four sinuses that are air filled spaces communicating with nasal cavity. There sinuses are divided into four groups according to the site of their location and the bone associated with them. Let us see, what are these four sinuses?

The paranasal sinuses are divided into four groups:

Maxillary sinuses: They are also know as maxillary antra and they are the largest of all sinuses. They are located under the eye and due to the maxillary bone checks in this region they are called maxillary sinuses.

Frontal sinuses: These sinuses are located over the eyes which are associated with frontal bones and hence called frontal sinuses.

Ethmoid sinuses: The space between the nose and the eyes are located with paranasal sinuses called ethmoid sinuses.

Sphenoid sinuses: The sinuses located near the sphenoid bones is called sphenoid sinuses. Its located at the center of the skull and under the pituitary gland.

Now all these paranasal sinuses have some biological role to play in our body. What are these? They decrease the weight of the skull, shape the facial bones, increase resonance to voice, provide a buffer against any blow to your face, Insulate sensitive structure like dental roots, fluctuations in the nasal cavity, and protect eyes. The process of heating and humidifying is an important function of these sinuses.

All these paranasal sinuses are vulnerable to infections by bacteria and others. They can infect any of the four sinuses that we have in our domestic region. When they infect the sinuses we call it sinusitis. The infections cause great trouble to the patient. When this happens this is called sinusitis. Sinus infection is not something very deadly! They can be get rid of naturally.

You can consult your doctor for the medications and besides medication you can do the following in home to avoid any problem of paranasal sinuses. Hot Water Treatment. That is expose your face to lukewarm water and allow the treatment for five minutes everyday. The warmth not only relieves the pain and but also helps in killing the germs causing infections.

Along this natural treatment to get rid of a sinus infection naturally you must try to avoid those food that help aggravating sinus. These are like wheat, cheese, spicy food, milk and many more.

Elements Of Streetfront Retail Site Selection

There are many components which make up a successful streetfront location. We can gain a significant edge using in depth statistical and demographic information to help ensure your success with each new potential site.

We have listed our top 15 tips on site selection below in order to help you gain an edge on your competition and ensure success! … You may also want to benchmark some of these elements with an existing successful location for added insight.

GENERAL ELEMENTS (The Neighborhood)

TRAFFIC OR VEHICULAR COUNTS: Information on the estimated number of vehicles passing the retail node is very helpful in determining the success of the area and potential site.

PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC COUNTS: Data, estimating the number of pedestrians passing by the potential site during certain day parts; This also helps us understand the audience of the market and the retail node.

DIRECTION OF RETAIL RUN: Generally, if the retail node runs east / west, with retail locations fronting on the north and south side of the street, the greater pedestrian flow is usually on the north side due to the sun shining predominately on this side of the street. There is true true retailers generally prefer the north side of the street, which corresponds with greater traffic flow, higher rents and more sales revenues. Destination type retailers may sacrifice traffic flow for a reduced rent; generally the assumption is the customer will vent across the street to visit their store … instead of an impulse type purchase.

PARKING: Parking is an important element of a successful retail streetfront node and location.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Bus / Streetcar / Subway access is an important element and greatly increases pedestrian flow.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Demographics within a specified trade area can greatly help us understand the node and customer base. Using some statistical and demographic information, as well as benchmarking some of these elements with existing successful locations, can also help evaluate the success of a proposed location.

FAMILY EXPENDITURE: Family expenditures, within our retail type and within our defined catchment area, can help us understand the area and location; they can also give us some estimated projected sales figures.

MAPPING: Mapping of the area with competitors, traffic generators, parks, public transit stops, etc., can also help us understand the area and potential site.

BIA: Talking with the local Business Improvement Association can also give us some good insight into the local flavor with regards to needs of customers and area residents.


FRONTAGE: The larger or more width to our potential promise, the more exposure and signage, etc., provides us with better merchandising, better visuals and generally provides a better shopping experience.

CEILING HEIGHT: Higher ceilings provide a more comfortable and more spacious feel, which generally encourages more positive results.

GLAZING / STOREFRONT: Storefronts are the front stage for the shopping experience. It is very important to have the correct "look and feel" for your concept. If necessary, the storefront may need to be altered or re-configured to reflect your brand.

FLOOR PLAN: An important element in your site selection … the retail location should not feel "long and narrow" or too "open and boxy". A typical 1,200 square foot retail promise would lay-out nicely at a dimension of 20 feet of frontage by 60 feet of depth. This provides both adequate frontage for exposure and depth for merchandising.

ON-GRADE: The potential site should be on-grade or level with the side walk or entrance … steps leading up or down negatively impact the shopping experience.

Flow: The potential site should be located in the area or side of the street where the pedestrian flow is greatest.

Site Selection is critical to your business success. The information in this article can help you get started, giving you the basic foundation for a strong retail location. However more detailed information on each variable is readily available when a thorough and more detailed assessment is needed or when you need to make an educated decision between different sites.

Soldering As a HVAC Repair Method

The big payday on HVAC jobs is when you get to replace a whole system. However there are many simple fixes, both temporary and permanent that can be used to save customers a great deal of money. One of these is soldering metal.

One of the first things that hvacr techs learn about soldering is that you can not weld copper pipe with water still in the pipe. Before any repairs can start, the pipe needs to be drained, closed and dried. This causes problems because sometimes if there are multiple leaks say in a water cooling system, water might keep migrating down as you try and repair the pipe.

Fortunately there are a few tricks to try and work around this problem. One is called the bread trick. Take some white bread without the crust and stuff it into the pipe above the area you need to solder. This only works for very slow leaks, but it is effective because the bread swells as it absorbs water. Once water pressure is restored, the bread will dissolve. However you may need to remove strainers along the system.

The more technical method that I have seen HVAC in Denver workers use are pipe freezing machines. This freezes the pipe and its contents solid so that it can be cut. This is much more expensive and uses highly specific equipment, however it works perfectly, unlike the jerry rigged bread method. Just be careful to only freeze the area you are working on. Freezing the whole pipe can cause it to burst.

When working on pipes that contain coolant, Denver air conditioning technicians use different technology called brazing. Brazing uses oxyacetylene for refrigeration. Instead of lead, use silver soldering. Silver chemically binds with copper to make a leak free joint. The oxyacetylene torches are used to heat the whole pipe up to above five thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Of course this means you need to use the proper safety equipment for these kinds of torches. This especially means a welding mask to save your eyesight.

To properly braze, you need to clean the pipe. Once it sets it should be solid. The inner and outer joints need flux applied before heat. The torch should not heat the solder. Instead evenly heat the pipe so that the solder makes a uniform fit. Use just enough solder for a fit fit. Too much and it could break up and foul up equipment. The final step is to perform a pressure test. Apply soap to the outside of the pipe and look for bubbles indicating an improper seal. Once pressure is applied, any drop indicates a leak.