Little Tikes Race Car Bed – Tips When Buying and Assembling

With the release of the Disney animated Cars and its soon to be follow-up Cars 2, the Little Tikes Race Car Bed has once again become popular in the bedrooms of many little boys. If you are thinking about buying one of these great beds, then read on and I will give you the top tips that you would need to know when purchasing and assembling one of these great beds.

Why Choose a Race Car Bed?

That’s a good question, and the answer is that most parents have found these beds are great when their little boy has been making the transition from crib to bed and with these beds it couldn’t be smoother. Many parents have been thrilled to find that their little boy has even been going to bed earlier, just for the pleasure of sleeping in his new race bed. Going to bed can now be a pleasurable experience, and he knows that he will be sleeping in comfort with his new friend and better still in his own room.

Which Bed To Choose?

First up, what are the choices of Little Tikes Race Car Beds? Well, first there is the most popular bed which is Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Race Car Twin Bed. This is the bed based on the little character from the aforementioned Disney movie. The bed is in a red color with decals matching those from the movie. This little character has been popular with little boys everywhere and having a bed like this has never been more fun.

The second choice of bed is the standard Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed which is exactly the same as the Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Race Car Bed in dimensions and shape, but without the Lightning McQueen decals. These beds come in a selection of colors of either primary blue, cherry red, white, green, yellow, black, and there’s even pink for your little Miss Penelope Pitstop.

Finally, Little Tikes has produced the Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler Bed, so now even little boys from between the ages of 15 months up to 5 years can have their own cute little bed. These beds look exactly the same as the previous beds, but are of much smaller dimensions.

Sleeping Safely: How Safe?

This is one of the most important questions parents want to know, and with a Little Tikes Race Bed, you can rest assured that he will be very safe.

The sides of these beds are high enough that you won’t need to add rails, and these sides become higher towards the top end of the bed. They become lower at the foot, which allows our Little Boy Racer to climb up on to his bed or slide down and out. One thing to not worry about is there won’t be a problem with him rolling out in his sleep.

How Strong are These Beds?

These beds are strong! If you are familiar with other Little Tikes products, you would know that they only manufacture quality products, and these race car beds are no exception. Made from double-wall plastic construction, these beds are made with the “pebbled” plastic common with other Little Tikes products, and these beds will be able to handle the most boisterous of games.

What Should I Consider Before Buying One of These Beds?

The most important thing to consider is the space needed for one of these beds. They are larger than a standard bed, so make sure that you have adequate space. Also, if you are ordering on-line, make sure you schedule the delivery time for when you are in because the box is large.

What Isn’t Supplied with One of These Beds?

These beds are designed to fit a standard size twin mattress which you must supply yourself. The Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler Bed uses the smaller U.S. standard crib mattress. Also you should supply your own box springs, or if you prefer, you can use a bunk bed support board.

The bed does come with three wooden mattress supports, but these alone won’t support the mattress. These can be placed at two levels depending on how high or low you would like the mattress to be.

Will I Be Able to Assemble One of These Beds?

Yes, don’t worry, you won’t have a problem. The only tool you’ll need is a screw driver and the assembly instructions are very clear to read and understand. On average it takes about one hour to assemble, with some people doing it in less.

The only care that is really needed is when applying the decals as these can be a little fiddly. It’s probably best to apply these first before assembling the bed, although you won’t be able to do this with the wheels because they must first be screwed on because the decal will then cover the centre screw. The thing to remember when applying the decals is to just be patient and take your time. I would personally advise you to have someone help so they can hold the other side of the decal as it is being applied.

Racing Off to Dreamland

Just watch the surprise on his face as he enters his new bedroom to see his Little Tikes Race Car Bed waiting there for its new friend, and most importantly you will be able to rest assured knowing that he is happy safely dreaming of the open road through Dreamland.

Types of Jewelery Mounting Techniques

Stones and gems are often an essential element in a jewellery piece. They can add more charm, appeal and shimmer to the design of these precious pieces. However, these stones are not mere glued on a piece of jewelery, jewelers use appropriate techniques and ways of mounting called Jewelery Setting. Here are some jewelery setting techniques often used in mounting precious or semi precious stones to jewelery.

The Prong Setting is primarily used in mounting diamonds, pearls and gemstones. It consist of four to six vertical posts poked up from the base benefit the stone. These posts create a seat on which the stone will sits. The prongs or spikes are then folded over, onto the stone to embrace and hold it in place. This setting provides an modest and sleek appearance.

In order to mount flat-backed stones like cameos or cabochons, the Bezel Setting is employed by jewelers. This jewelery setting features a thin rim of precious metal which can be of either a decorative or simple designs, encircles the stone entirely or partially. The rim is then bent a little inward towards the stone to adhere it in place. A diamond mounted by bezel setting looks more elegant and is coseted from accidental rubbing. This setting is more secure so the precious gem is illegally to be dislodged.

The Channel Setting is described as a trough or a channel in the metal. This jewelery setting is akin to the bezel setting with no sides nor prongs. Notches are present on both sides of the channels on which the stones are mounted. These levels the stone atop the channel and sets the stones in a solid line.

The Channel Setting also has its variation called the Bar Setting. This mounting kind provides a look where a number of stones are apparently floating in adjacent berths as every gem is docked in its respect private channel and separated from its neighboring stones by two pieces of thin bars of metal.

The Pave Setting is utilized in jewelry making to create a surface which seems to be filled with small round stones, usually diamonds. Every piece of the gems lie in the drilled hole in the base of the setting. The stones are then fastened by small bead of metal pressed up against the stones. It creates an appearance of a stones blanket since each stone is slightly set apart by the width of the small beads.

The Bead Setting is a type of jewelery mounting that sets the stone into the metals through the use of graves or burins (tiny chisels). The metal surface is directly drilled with a hole, then a ball burr is utilized to create a concave hollow with the same size as that of the stone.

Flush Setting is a variation of the Bezel Setting and is sometimes called the Gypsy Setting that appears similar with the bead setting. This is a recent type of setting that creates a fashionable appearance. Sandblasting is used to finish the mounting process. In this type of jewelery mounting, a window is cut from the base where the gem is set and secured underneath, the top or the crown may reach over the base which allows the gem to twinkle with light.

Hammer Curls For Beginners

What Muscles Do Hammer Curls Work?

Hammer curls work the biceps muscles which are located on the front of your upper arm. The biceps consists of the biceps brachii and brachialis . These are the muscles that every guy (and gals, too) like to show off when they flex in the mirror. Having good-looking biceps is not only an eye-catcher, but strong biceps will also help you with other exercises.

Hammer curls is also the best exercise to work the brachioradicis muscle of the forearm. This is the muscle that sits on top of the forearm closest to the elbow joint. To some extent, it also affects some of the other forearm muscles called the extensor carpi radialis brevi and longus .

What Are The Benefits of Hammer Curls?

Hammer curls not only work additional arm muscles but they also take the stress off your wrist and elbow joints as well as the forearms because of the more ergonomic grip on the weights. Your arms normally hang at your side with palms facing you. Try walking around with palms facing ahead of you. Not very comfortable, and then not very ergonomic.

Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Alternating hammer curls are done with dumbbells. They can be done standing or sitting on a bench which reduces 'cheating' or the use of other core muscles when the dumbbells are too heavy.

1. Stand (or sit) straight with feet comfortably apart while grasping a dumbbell in each hand. Palms should be facing inward to your body.

2. Inhale and raise your one forearm to chest height.

3. Exhale while slowly lowering the dumbbell back to the starting position.

4. Now do the same for the other arm.

Concentrating on one arm at a time takes patience and focus. Your grip will also improve since you will be holding the dumbbell at your side while the other one is busy flexing.

However, you can also do dumbbell hammer curls simultaneously with both arms. You will still get the benefit of full work for each arm but maybe with slightly less concentration.

Hammer Curls With Triceps Bar

Do not worry, we're still doing biceps. This special bar was originally designed for working the triceps muscles (the muscles on the back of the upper arm) but it can be used to work other parts of the body, including biceps.

The bar comes either with a standard bar or an Olympic-style bar with rotating sleeves. It does not matter which one you use but keep in mind that the Olympic-style bar will be heavier because of the thicker sleeves.

The bar is ergonomic because it is designed with a couple of small vertical bars built into the handle of the bar. You grab onto these bars when performing hammer curls.

When you are using the triceps bar, you are obviously using both arms at the same time, so it will reduce the workout time to half. The downside is that the dumbbell version is usually more concentrated and each arm has to do the same amount of work. With a bar, your stronger arm can sometimes do more of the work and your weaker arm never gets the achievements its full potential.

Things To Remember

  • Start with light weights so that you can comfortably perform 8-10 repetitions on each arm for 2-3 sets. You can add weight as your arms get stronger. The last 3 reps should be more difficult to complete – when they are too easy, it's time to add some weight.
  • Keep your wrists 'locked' at all times to avoid injuring them.
  • Develop a counting system when performing alternating dumbbells to keep on track.
  • Keep your elbows tucked in tightly to your sides to get maximum effect of the curls.
  • If you need back support, either sit on a bench with a back support, or lean against a wall.
  • And finally, do not overdo the amount of weight you are using. It's better to use a lighter weight and be stricter to get the full stretch of the muscle than by cheating with a heavier weight and risk injury.

When done properly, hammer curls will give you great-looking biceps and forearms. You'll be the most impressive person in the mirror.

Glass Mosaic Tile Art – Mosaic Glass Cutters

Making wonderful glass mosaic tile art is easy! Let me show you how.

Wheeled glass cutters are essential for creating glass mosaics. I use it to cut and shape vitreous glass and stained glass. It can also be used to cut smalti. The wheeled cutters make cleaner cuts than tile nippers. The two carbide wheels (or steel, if you buy cheap cutters) are fixed in position. Instead of scoring and breaking, the wheels apply even pressure to the top and bottom sides of the glass, causing it to fracture along the line of the wheels.

The wheels are replaceable and ever go dull, but not before several thousand cuts. Each wheel is held in place by a setscrew (usually an Allen screw). As your cuts became noticeably less clean than when the cutters were new, use an Allen wrench to loosen the screws, rotate each wheel about 1/8-inch, and then re-tighten the screws. By changing the location of where each wheel touches the glass, you have, in effect, replaced the blades. It'll take a long time and many cuts to use the entire circumference of the wheels, especially if they're carbide.

When the wheels finally do become dull, I suggest buying a whole new tool. The wheels make up the bulk of the tool's cost, so you will not save much by just buying replacement wheels. With a brand new tool, not only are the wheels sharp, but the rubber handle grips are new and clean (the rubber wears down and becomes dirty) and the spring is secured in-place. Every now and then, the spring breaks free from my cutters. The tool still works with a loose spring, but there's nothing to keep the handles from spreading too far apart. When that happens, the spring falls off. It's quite annoying to drop the spring, watch it bounce out of reach, and then have to get out of my chair to retrieve it. I tried soldering it permanently in place, but it did not work because I could not get the metal hot enough. So, until I buy a new tool, the spring constantly falls off. Another reason to buy a new tool instead of just replacement wheels is, if you drop the tool, it's possible to knock the wheels out of alignment. So, after several projects when you think the wheels need replacing, I suggest buying a whole new tool.

When your new tool arrives, use an Allen wrench to tighten the screws as tight as possible. Then, use an engraver, paint, felt-tip marker (or whatever you have that makes a permanent mark) to make a small tick mark on the side of each wheel where it Touches the glass when cutting (the two tick marks should be aligned opposite each other). I use an engraving tool for making the tick marks so I do not have to worry about paint or ink ever rubbing off. After a few hundred cuts, loosen the screws, turn each wheel slightly, and then re tighten the screws. After several of these adjustments, the tick marks have gone full circle indicating that it's time to replace the tool (or just the wheels, if you prefer).

Do not be surprised if the wheels rotate by themselves. No matter how hard I crank down on those screws, it apparently is not enough enough because the wheels slowly rotate by themselves from the pressure executed during the cutting action. After several days and many cuts, I notice the tick marks are no longer aligned directly opposite each other, which indicates the wheels have rotated slightly. Maybe I'm a weakling, but I just can not get the screws tight enough to keep them static. However, that's okay with me because, if they turn by themselves, then I do not have to manually do it.

Remember, making mosaic art is easy. You can do it. Yes, you can!

How to Install Expansion Joints When Pouring a Concrete Driveway

If you are going to install a concrete driveway you have to make sure that you put in expansion joints. These are necessary because because concrete expanses and contracts depending on the temperature. If your driveway was one big slab it would crack, the expansion joints prevent this from occurring by giving the concrete room to expand. Installing expansion joints is fairly easy if you know what you are doing.

The first thing that you have to do in order to install expansion joints in your concrete driveway is to determine where they are needed. As a general rule you are going to want to limit each section of concrete to being no bigger than a 4 foot by six foot slab. This however requires a lot of joints and most people think that it destroys the look of the driveway. You can get around this problem by using steel grids to strengthen the concrete which means that you can have larger sections. If you do this your best bet is to put one expansion joint down the center and then have them going horizontally every six to eight feet.

It is also important to realize that how closely you need to space your expansion joints will depend on the concrete that you are using. High quality concrete is much stronger than low quality concrete and it does not need as many expansion joints. It is therefore a good idea to ask your concrete supplier how many joints they recommend for their product.

When it comes time to actually install the expansion joints there are basically two options that you can use. The first is to put wooden slats in between each section of concrete. These slats will then need to be removed once the concrete is hard enough that it will not flow in and fill the slats. In order to make sure that you can get the slats out you will need to spray them with a flight agent that keeps the concrete from sticking to them. This approach makes it easier to ensure that your joints are straight but it does take more time because of all the prep work that is involved. It also offers the disadvantage of requiring quite a bit of wood which adds to the expense of your driveway.

The other option that you have for putting in expansion joints is to simply use your trowel while you are smoothing the surface. To do this as soon as you have poured the concrete and smoothed the surface you will want to take your trowel and make the joints. The big issue that you will have here is making sure that they are straight, it is usually best to run a piece of string from on side of the driveway to the other attached to wooden spikes along the edge of the driveway that you can follow to stay in a straight line. The other big thing is to make sure that you get your joints to the right depth, they should be a quarter of the thickness of the slab. So if you have a four inch slab you need your expansion joints to go down 1 inch.

Gothic Conventions in Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho and Matthew Lewis’ The Monk

Gothic fiction was a very popular genre in the late eighteenth century. Generally considered to have been inaugurated with the publication of Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto in 1764, the genre reached its peak of popularity in the 1790s and early 1800s. Two of the most famous Gothic novels, Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho, first published in 1794, and Matthew Lewis’s 1796 novel The Monk were both bestsellers in their day. Lewis’s novel also attracted controversy due to its lurid content. These novels helped establish a range of narrative conventions which occur with almost predictable regularity in other Gothic literature.

The literary theorist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick identified many of these eighteenth century Gothic conventions. She observed that the novels were usually set in the past, often in a Catholic European country, such as Italy or Spain, and the bulk of their narratives took place in a vast and crumbling edifice or religious institution. These buildings would frequently be situated in wild and rugged landscapes. The Mysteries of Udolpho is set in sixteenth century Italy while The Monk is set in medieval Spain. Much of the narrative of Radcliffe’s novel is played out in Castle Udolpho, a sprawling medieval fortress, whilst Lewis’s tale takes place in the monastery of the Capuchins.

The principal characters in Gothic novels were generally a young female protagonist, her lover, and a villainous older man. This triad of characters is apparent in The Mysteries of Udolpho with the heroine of Emily St Aubert; her lover, the dashing young Valancourt; and Count Montoni – a sinister nobleman bent on acquiring the estate of Emily’s late father, St. Aubert, and prepared to go to any lengths to achieve this goal. In The Monk however, the arrangement of character roles is decidedly different from Sedgwick’s observations. The protagonist is a male character, Ambrosio, a monk who functions as a sort of anti-hero as he is tempted away from his monastic vows. Ambrosio’s temptation is effected by Matilda, a woman disguised as a monk who later transpires to be an instrument of Satan. Matilda assists Ambrosio in seducing the innocent Antonia, a young woman who he later rapes and kills.

The theme of incarceration figures prominently in The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Monk, and is another Gothic convention noted by Sedgwick. The orphaned Emily and her aunt, Madame Cheron, are essentially trapped in the remote Castle Udolpho, which is located high up in the Apennines, by the rapacious Montoni. In Lewis’s novel, the nun Agnes is imprisoned in a dungeon under her convent.

Regarding narrative form, Sedgwick describes the typical Gothic novel as being discontinuous and involuted, in that it frequently digresses from the central story. This is particularly apparent in The Monk, where a series of vignettes are interspersed throughout the main narrative. These include the stories of the ‘Bleeding Nun’ and the ‘Wandering Jew’.

The revelation of obscure family ties in the denouements of many Gothic novels is another of Sedgwick’s observations regarding eighteenth century Gothic fiction. Both The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Monk feature significant revelations concerning their principal characters. In Radcliffe’s story Emily learns that the Marchioness de Villeroi was not the lover of St. Aubert, as she had long supposed, but in fact his sister. In The Monk meanwhile it is revealed to Ambrosio that he has unwittingly committed incest as it transpires that the murdered Antonia was also his sister.

Painter and Decorator – Using Handyman Services

A house does not really become a home until it reflects the personality of the homeowner and there is no better way to convey that personality than through painting and decorating. Now we all believe we know what we want and how to apply the fines, but the best way to insure the job is done right and completed on time is to hire a painter and a decorator to help you choose the colors and a painter to perform the work.

Now you may be lucky enough to find a painter that knows his or her colors and can discuss what it is you are trying to achieve, but many times this is not the case. When looking for a decorator, try to get suggestions when you are shopping for furniture. Many times a decorator will be there to help you as a courtesy provided by the store. Other times a qualified family friend or neighbor may help you out for a small fee. The best hope is that you are perfectly qualified and have researched what it is you want so when the time comes to hire a painter you know what you want.

When hiring a painter it is important to check out their prior work and to interview several different painting contractors for price and qualifications. Make sure you get references to check out his previous performance. Neatness, timeliness and quality are the most important factors when hiring a painter to work at your house. Price matters, but when it comes to your home make sure you know what you are in for. Having a painter and decorator help you with making your home an extension of your personality will make you a proud homeowner.

Mini Crystal Chandeliers – A Modern Alternative

Twenty or so years ago, the word mini crystal chandelier used to mean an expensive hanging light fixture that was made of crystal and glass. They were seen in expensive homes and hotels around the world. Many people believed that these chandeliers were very expensive and too ornate for their homes. However, the new mini crystal chandeliers are becoming very popular with homeowners. They are clean and sleek fixtures that are available in many different sizes, designs and styles. There is a chandelier for every home décor. The chandeliers typically have a metal frame. Common finishes are chrome, nickel, bronze, silver and brass. Bronze is one of the most popular metals and comes in different finishes like imperial bronze, dorian bronze, sable bronze patina and weathered bronze. The nickel framed chandeliers are finished in brushed nickel, old iron, old pewter, a nickel and chrome combination and many countless other possibilities.

There are many different shade styles available for mini crystal chandeliers. They are available in etched glass, marble glass, opal glass, scavo glass, umber glass, teadust glass, alabaster glass and many more types of glass. Silk shades are also common on these chandeliers. Some chandeliers are made entirely of glass, but they are quite expensive. The more affordable chandeliers are made of metal. The fixtures come in different colors, designs and styles. They create a beautiful illumination in any room of the house. These light fixtures will become conversation pieces in your home.

Mini crystal chandeliers can have many different numbers and types of lights. Some chandeliers have one or two lights and others have several lights arranged in unique patterns. There are many styles to choose from so that your chandelier can compliment the other lighting in your room. These chandeliers give a modern feel to any room and they will meet your decorating preferences.

You have the option to choose a mini crystal chandelier that is clean and simple or bold and stunning. There are so many choices that you can not go wrong with your selection. It takes a little time to find the chandelier that will work best in your home. Before shopping for your chandelier, spend some time in the room that you will have the chandelier in and look at the room, furniture and existing lighting fixtures from different angles. Relax and think creatively and you will be able to find the best chandelier for your home. For more information about contemporary chandeliers, please visit our website.

Spades In Cartomancy – Tarot Reading With The Suit Of Danger And Troubles

Cartomancy is the art of divination using a common deck of playing cards. Spades is the suit of warning of danger and troubles ahead. Take care to learn the meanings of the various Spades in a clients reading, or even your own.

Cartomancy roots in the Tarot

When we think of cards and division, we thank of the Tarot. In fact, modern playing cards are discontinued from the larger and more ornate Tarot deck. With the Major Arcana stripped away, excepting the fool, now converted into the modern Joker, playing cards became simple to mass produce, and were a common pastime in most homes. It only stands to reason, that divination with cards would also pass to the new simpler deck. Originally, the meanings ascribed to the cards were an oral tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Later, with the advent of the printing press, these meanings were tabled and printed, becoming a fixture with parlor games, and with actual believers in this power.

Spades and the Client Card

When we perform a reading for someone, we pick a card to represent them in the layout. This placeholder or client card is by tradition either the King or Queen card from one of the four suits. The King of Spades is the usual card chosen to represent a dark haired older man. Likewise, the Queen of Spades is the preferred card to represent a dark haired older woman for a reading. Of course, if you use a card to represent the client in a reading, its inherent meaning as a reading card should be ignored. The new meaning of the card is to serve as a place holder to determine the distance of other cards and their corresponding effects from the client. Cards which fall next to the client card have their effects magnified, and will tend to happen sooner than cards which fall far away from the client card.

The Spade suit and its Meanings

Here are the common meanings of the cards in the suit of Spades. Keep in mind that Spades warn us of dangers, and troubling effects in our lives. The Ace of Spades precedes a highly emotional conflict or a failed love affair. It can also predict the death of a friend of loved one. The King of Spades calls for an encounter with an ambitious dark haired man, he will not have your best interest at heart. The Queen of Spades foretells a meeting with a dark haired woman who will act selfishly against you. The Jack of Spades predicts an encounter with a friend or acquaintance who is ineffective in assisting you; he means no harm, but his laziness holds him back. The Ten of Spades is a card of general ill-luck; it foretells misfortune due to your own attitudes or actions. The Nine of Spades is the "Bad Luck" card. It precedes failures for you due to events and actions outside your control. The Eight of Spades is the card of Ill wind; it warns of troubles in the future which may still be avoided by quick action on your part.

The Seven of Spades is the "Break Up" card; it precedes the loss of a friend. The Six of Spades foretells a calming of troubled waters; troubles are passing, and things are looking up. The Five of Spades predictions setbacks and temporary problems; it also calls for future success once these problems are overcome. The Four of Spades predicts problems of a personal nature; Jealousy, worry, and minor illness are all possible manifestations of this card. The Three of Spades is foretells some kind of personal betrayal; someone has chosen to not keep faith with you. Lastly, the Two of Spades is like the root Ace card but to a lesser degree. This card foretells a possible scandal, and decption by someone close to you. It can also predict a separation between you and someone you trust.


The Spade suit can predict possible problems and dangers for you in your life. These cards, along with the other three suits provide clues as to where your life will take you.

ADA Compliant Commercial Elevators

Commercial elevators that have the features and safety standards specified by Americans with Disability Act (ADA) are referred to as ADA compliant commercial elevators. The law is enforced by the United States Department of Justice and defines the codes and specifications for all types of commercial elevators including stair lifts. This law was created for the comfort of physically disabled people and is mandatory for all types of commercial buildings. Most elevator manufacturers have now revised their elevator specifications to meet the standards of ADA.

Standard Features Required by ADA

ADA compliant elevators need to be automatic and the elevator car should have self-leveling features. For hall call buttons certain standards are specified; all lanterns, raised and Braille characters should be provided for the convenience of blind people. Reopening and door protection devices, door and signal timing for hall calls, floor plan of elevator calls, switch control for lights, indicator to know the position of the car, door delay for car calls, provision for communication during emergency are some other standards. In addition to those elevators should be on an accessible route and follow 4.10 and the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.

Exceptions in the ADA Standard

As per the act, elevator exemption is given for buildings having less than 3 stories, or those having less than 3000 square feet per storey. However, for such business buildings, installing low cost elevators will be a great service that they can provide for their customers.

Best Companion for Your Clients

As ADA compliant commercial elevators are provided with all required features and safety measures, they are ideal for regular day to day use. These elevators are affordable for small and medium enterprises including schools, lodges, hospitals and other commercial buildings.

Established companies including Savaria Concord, ThyssenKrupp Access and Federal Elevator provide different models of ADA compliant commercial elevators. These dealers provide all assistance for quality installation and maintenance of the elevators. On analyzing the features of ADA compliant commercial elevators, it is evident that they are the best suited models for modern commercial needs.

Pros and Cons of Plate Heat Exchangers

In 1923, Dr. Richard Sellingman invented the first plate heat exchanger, and forever revolutionised the process of indirect heat transfer. Now, these products can be found in many homes, commercial institutions and manufacturing plants of various industries. Their inherent design give them a distinct advantage over other types of heat exchangers, like shell and tube types, adiabatic wheel types, etc.


Let’s take a look at the different advantages of plate heat exchangers that make them arguably the best devices for many heat transfer applications.

Compactness. They use thin sheets of metal to transfer heat from one liquid to another. These metal plates are lined with corrugations that give them a large surface area for a very small volume. This gives them a very small form factor as compared to other types of heat exchangers, saving valuable floor space that can be used for other purposes. It is possible for it to have the same thermal coefficient as that of a tubular type up to five times its size. This is particularly helpful in small homes, offices, and manufacturing plants that need all the space they can get.

High Thermal Efficiency. They operate at higher thermal efficiency than other heat exchangers due to the large surface area of the plates. The cooling and heating liquid spread over the plates, giving them more contact for heat transfer. The narrow chambers between each plate also seek to maximise the volume of fluid in contact with the metal plates.

Economical.  These exchangers are relatively simple and cheaper to produce than other types. Because of their size, they require less material to fabricate. They also give the highest thermal capacity for relatively low-cost. This makes them the most economic choice for heat transfer tasks.

Flexibility. They are very flexible in that they can be used in most applications with only minimal modifications. And if modifications are to be applied, they can be implemented with relative ease, negating the need to buy a new heat exchanger. They also work on a wide range of fluids and thus, make them compatible with a wide range of industrial applications.

Easy Installation and Maintenance.  They look relatively similar on the outside; this makes installation of new devices relatively easy as one would not worry about incompatible gasket sizes, varying input and output valves and pipes, etc. Given the right tools, these robust machines are also easy to dismantle and take apart. This makes cleaning and other maintenance tasks easier to perform.


Leakage. Although the plates and gaskets in them are sealed tight, there is a greater potential for leakage than shell and tube types heat exchangers. But as long as you don’t run them outside of normal operating regions, one shouldn’t worry too much about this.

Temperature Difference.They work well with fluids with minimal to normal temperature differences. However, it does not work as well as a shell and tube type heat exchanger for fluids with huge differences in temperature.

In the end, the advantages of plate heat exchangers make them ideal for general heat transfer applications. The next time you need heat exchangers for your home, office, or industry plants, why not try getting a plate heat exchanger?

Benefits Of Wood-Burning Stoves

Freestanding stoves are more effective than fireplaces. These can be less harmful and can help in controlling fuel as well. The rise in costs of energy has made people buy energy-efficient cars and wood pellets for heating homes.

Pellets can be utilized to heat your entire house, but fuel is most commonly used for feeding fireplace inserts as well as for freestanding stoves. When you are in your room, you can switch on your stove and can save money by turning off the household thermostat. The wood burning stove is the one with multi-fuel and wood stoves which are widely being used all over.

There are many people who do not have their home equipped with thermostat in all the rooms, so the warmth from insert or the stove might give the feeling that the entire temperature is set at a level, but this results in the adjacent rooms being cold and you would want to increase the thermostat there. This will end up decreasing the chance of saving money and the purpose of a stove or an insert is lost. Your only saving is dependent on the fuel cost and the fuel you use. Unlike fuel oil or natural gas, wood and its pellets burn with a residue. This is a problem for the person with respiratory difficulties. Stores like Edinburgh wood burning give you a careful insert.

Wood-Burning Techniques

There are different techniques of choosing the best wood burning discussed below:

  • If you get a fireplace, it will not heat up your entire house, but will rather just affect the room it is located in. The efficiency of the fireplace is not good; so, you can get a fireplace insert for better heat. The firebox allows ventilation and causes the entire place to heat up.
  • The heat loss that takes place is incumbent on where you take and the installation in the ceiling along with the external wall space. It also depends on the quantity of windows or whether there is a heated space in the room or not. You can estimate how much energy is required for your area and then have an appropriate stove.
  • The value and cost of fuel depend on two things. One being its value and the other is its heating value. This depends on the competency of the heating machine.

Difference Between Wood And Pellets

There is much dissimilarity between wood and pellets discussed below:

  • Wood pellets are not readily available and due to this, the cord wood has to be bought. A real cord has a length of 8 feet, depth of 4 feet and a height of 4 feet.
  • There are 2 kinds of wood pellets. Standard grade is composed of more ash, while premium grade is more expensive and has a clean flame. Multi-fuel inserts or stoves can light pellets made of wood and similar alternatives such as the Edinburgh wood stoves.
  • The fireplaces that burn wood and are old or traditional produce less smoke and are inefficient. The new wood burnings and stoves are more efficient and provide good heat. In some parts of the country solid wood is prohibited while pallet burning is unrestricted.
  • Wood burnings need a lot of handwork, while pallet burning can be automated but it requires electricity to work.
  • Solid wood burns could produce sparks and shift ashes and creosote. Wood can transmit mold, mildew, etc. inside homes and the piles of cords can provide shelter from insects, rodents and termites. Moreover, there are risks of poisoning as well, so you need to regularly test the smoke.
  • Sometimes the fireplace inserts or freestanding stoves are made to be seen. They occupy the public space of the house and are available in many styles and sizes.

Why Oak Flooring Planks Cup and Other Misbehavior

Oak Flooring, Cupping and Moisture

Properly cleaned and manufactured oak plank flooring should be stress free and contain a moisture content between 6-9%. That's the industry standard. But, that's not suitable for every installation. Some environments require flooring that has a higher or lower moisture content. And, since oak flooring is hygroscopic, it will adapt to that different environment. The trick is to make sure that adaptation is accomplished prior to the installation! That's where acclimation comes in. The environment in which oak flooring will be installed should be checked for two types of moisture content – that in the subfloor and that in the air. The relative humidity of the air should be in the vicinity of 35% to be most comfortable for human habitation. It turns out that that's perfect for an oak floor. And, the subfloor should be no more than a percent or two different than the oak flooring. If either are out of sync, the floor installation must wait until they are in compliance. What can go wrong if I can not wait? Lots.

How Moisture Effects Oak Flooring

Although, nothing will happen that is structurally dangerous – except in extreme cases – the result can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Cupping of the flooring planks (when their stairs rise) and crowning (when their centers rise – or edges recede) are the two most common misbehaviors – and, will look bumpy and feel ridged underfoot. The cause of both conditions is an imbalance in moisture between the planks themselves and either the subfloor or the air above the planks – after installation. If the subfloor is wetter than the flooring planks, the planks will begin absorbing that moisture and their bottom surface will expand – or, if the air above the planks is drier than the planks, the top surface will begin to contract. Both of these conditions will cause the floor to "cup". Conversely, if the subfloor is drier than the oak flooring planks, the bottom of the planks will begin to shrink as they lose moisture – or, if the air above the planks is too humid, the upper surface of the planks will begin to expand – causing the floor to "crown". The good news is that both of these problems can be avoided if a thorough investigation and proper acclimation is conducted prior to the installation.

Oak Flooring and Moisture After Installation

But, what if something happens that causes these issues to occur later in the floor's life? Whether from a dishwasher leak or some other environmental change, floors can suddenly deform years down the road. There's good news there, too. The same cellular structure that would cause the floor to absorb unexpected moisture, will also expel that moisture over time and if left alone, will allow your oak flooring to return to its original size and shape more often than not. So, all in all, an oak plank floor is your best bet for a lifetime of enjoyment.

How to Get a Cancer Man to Commit – Surefire Ways to Win His Heart Forever

You want to know how to get a Cancer man to commit. Your boyfriend is a Cancer and you’ve likely discovered just how remarkable men like this are. When a guy born under this sign falls for a woman, it’s an all encompassing type of love. He’ll love deeply and forever and being faithful seems to be part of the genetic make up of these men. That’s all incredibly appealing but the real question is how do you get him from being your boyfriend into something more? Capturing the heart of this man is very achievable once you understand exactly what steps you have to make now.

One of the most appealing, and also challenging, aspects of loving a Cancer man is his keen sense to understand what you’re feeling. Once you’ve dated him for a time he’ll be in tune to what you’re feeling at any given moment. That’s why you always need to be upfront and honest when you’re trying to get a Cancer man to commit to you. If you try and put on a false front or you try and trick him into a more serious relationship, you run the risk of everything falling apart. If you want the two of you to have a more committed relationship tell him. Don’t press the issue but definitely share what your desires are with him.

You can endear yourself to a Cancer man by accepting him exactly as he is. These men can be a bit quirky at times and some women enter into the relationship with the assumption that they’ll be able to change that. You won’t. You have to embrace everything about him. For instance, you’re going to find that he loves talking about things from his past. Whether it’s people he went to school with or a family member who has passed. Encourage him to share those memories with you, regardless of how many times he wants to share the exact same remembrances.

If you do want to get your Cancer man to commit, allow him the privilege of being the one to pick an engagement ring and make the proposal. You already know how old fashioned your guy is. He wants things to be a particular way and when it comes to commitment to him, that’s a man’s responsibility. Once you’ve made it known to him that he’s the only guy for you and you envision the two of you living a long and happy life together, leave it in his hands.

Aluminum Balusters' Advantages and Disadvantages

Aluminum balusters are metal products that are usually made in bulk to be placed in strategic places to protect people and objects from going through railroads. There are many different kinds of designs and patterns for these things. In fact, they can even be made to order to suit the preferences of the person who orders it. These products have a lot of benefits if the home owner or the building owner chooses to use them for the railings. These products also come in different materials such as wood and other forms of metal as well as plastic.


Among the advantages that come with using aluminum balusters is the variety of designs and patterns that it comes in. Due to the fact that this kind of metal is malleable and easy to manipulate, there are several designs that they can be made into. Custom made designs can be done if the person who ordered the design wishes to have a lot of them made. This means that the manufacturer will not be at a loss when it comes to income because of creating the design and the holders or molds of the design. Some manufacturers like to have more than a hundred made in order to have some form of income.

If the manufacturer thinks the design is profitable, it is possible that they will patent it or make sure to market it and make more sales. Another advantage of using this material is the abundance of it in the world. Although the processing of the material takes some time and effort, the process has been perfected and there are a number of manufacturing plants that can handle the demand with ease. Aluminum balusters do not have shortages unlike wood. The material is also resistant to a number of elements which it may be exposed to. It does not rust at all, unlike other iron, which is commonly made into similar products. It also does not react to snow and sun exposure which is a good thing. It does not rot or splinter like wood and unlike steel, the paint will not discolor after several years. This metal is unlike steel and iron which may shrink or expand according to the weather.


One disadvantage of using this material is the fact that there are some grades or degrees of this material that are softer than steel or iron. This makes them prone to dents if they are hit fairly enough. There are some grades that are stronger than others and one can choose to have these instead of the softer ones. Another disadvantage of using aluminum balusters is its resistance to paint. Usually they are anodized for a much longer tint. If one wants to paint them, a process is necessary to make them more susceptible to it.

These are just some of the disadvantages and advantages of using aluminum balusters for decks. The advantages of the material far outweigh the disadvantages that come with it which is why many business and home owners prefer it.