The Benefits of Fireproof Home Safes

A home fire can destroy your house and all your belongings. You probably have smoke detectors on every floor, have a family escape plan, and know to call 911 in a home fire emergency. But have you protected your valuable possessions?

A fireproof home safe is an easy way to protect your most important documents and belongings in case of a home fire. A safe deposit box at your bank, however, is the safest way to store your important papers. But if you need more space or would just like to keep your important belongings at home, you need a fireproof home safe.

Most safes are fire-resistant, not fireproof. The fire-resistant safes are rated by the Underwriters Laboratories. They rate safes based on how long they can protect paper in a fire at different temperatures. Class-C fire-resistant safes will protect paper from a 1,700-degree fire for one hour, a class-B safe for two hours at 1,850-degrees, and a class-A for four hours at 2,000-degrees. You will need a specialized safe to protect computer documents like disks from fire.

Small fireproof safes start at around $ 50. These hold only a few hundred cubic inches and weigh less than 20 pounds. If you need more space, then you will need to spend more money. Larger fireproof home safes start at around $ 200, but can cost thousands. Fireproof safes that are expensive are usually for guns or commercial use.

Many Internet retailers sell fireproof home safes, many at low prices, but you may have to pay for shipping. Try to see the safe in person before you buy it, since returning the safe will be expensive. Check out your local home security stores. Remember, you are putting your most important documents in the safe. Make sure it is the one you want.

DIY Fireplace Mantel Surround and Fireplace Stone Facing Remodel – A Great "How To"

Ideally, your fireplace and mantel system should complement the design of your home as a mantel is frequently the key focal point of a room, if not the entire home. We like to think of a mantel surround as a three-sided picture frame and the brick, stone or tile fireplace facing that surrounds the fireplace opening can be thought of as a mat inside the frame. For the last 30-odd years, fireplaces were commonly built with a simple brick facade (facing) and there may not have even been a mantel or if there was a mantel, it might be a simple frame mantel or a mantel shelf that needs a makeover. Fireplaces like this let you start with a clean slate to design a look you like and one that fits with the decor of your home!

When considering returning or upgrading your mantel we suggest you also look at renewing the fireplace facing, too. As shown in most images of fireplace mantel systems, wood mantels that surround wood-burning fireplaces typically have a non-combustible facing (eg, tile, brick, stone, marble or granite), which completes the design from an aesthetic as well as a safety point of view. Most damaged, chipped, stained, outdated or uninspired fireplace facings can easily be removed or covered with something more appealing and when coordinated with a new mantel you can truly design your space!

Fire codes vary across the country but most require five to six or more inches of non-combustible facing between the opening of a wood-burning firebox and the leg of a wood mantel and codes commonly call for ten to twelve inches of non-combustible facing between the top of the opening of a wood-burning fireplace and the bottom of a wood mantel header. In addition to facing on the wall around a fireplace opening, wood-burning fireplaces require a non-combustible heart that extends beyond 18 to 20 inches in depth from the fireplace and 8 or more inches to either side of the fireplace opening. Always check local building codes concerning minimum clearances!

Note that gas or electric Fireplaces typically usually require less facing on the wall around the opening than wood-burning fireplaces and the fireplace owner's manual (or its manufacturer) can provide minimum clearance information. (Clearance information is sometimes detailed on a tag or sticker attached to the fireplace itself.) TIP: For optimal aesthetic appeal we recommend that gas or electric fireplaces also have several inches of facing between the fireplace opening and the mantel and a stone hearth on the floor under the mantel! This will help it look more like a natural, wood burning fireplace.

Granite Fireplace Facing is popular because of the variety of colors available and because it is much more durable than most marbles or ceramic tiles. Also, granite is much more stain resistant that other stones and it can bring a luxurious, color-coordinated design to your home! Popular granite facing colors include: absolute black, tan brown, sparkling pebble verde and golden sand, and there are others, as well.

Full granite slabs (vs. 9 "x 9" or 12 "x 12" tiles) are preferred by most homeowners and interior decorators and designers since full slabs provide a customized fireplace facing system without the need for individual tile fitting and grouting seams that you have with square tiles. Most granite facing kits are available at at least two sizes and custom cutting services are usually offered for proper sizing! Standard facings sets typically include four pieces, a Header, two Legs' and a large Hearth for the floor. Optional Risers are also available, too, for use in situations where the bottom of your fireplace opening is raised above the floor / hearth.

How do you install granite fireplace facing? For an entire fireplace facelift many homeowners will simply use construction adhesive (one specifically labeled for masonry applications) to apply new marble, granite or stone facing right on top of the existing brick. Others will remove some of or the entire existing surface before installing new facing stone. After the new fireplace facing is in place you can install a new wood mantel on the wall. Most mantels are designed to overlap the outside edges of a stone facing for a clean / professional installation and for an updated and truly designed look!

Many mantel sources offer multiple wood fireplace mantel designs, usually broken down into collections based on general pricing guidelines, priced from $ 400 to $ 2000 or more. Mantels can usually be ordered in your choice of wood (suitable for painting, like Poplar or Birch, or if you prefer to see the natural beauty of wood grain, you can get many mantels in furniture grade Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, or Oak woods. You sometimes have your choice, too, of ordering your mantel either unfinished (for finishing on site during or after installation) or for a modest increase, many on line retailers will professionally finish your mantel at the factory with a wide selection of finish colors.

Some retailers offer only standard sizes but the best sites will also offer custom sizes to accommodate the width, height and depth of your stone facing. The outside edges of the facing are typically overlapped / covered by the inside of the wood mantel and any remaining space between the facing and the back of the leg is neatly and professionally concealed after installing the scribe molding that is included with the mantel.

You can be assured that your mantel will fit, if you go with a reputable company that provides a line dimensioned drawing of your custom mantel before charging you or starting to build your mantel. Nearly Twenty Years of experience have helped Design The Space develop a near infallible system of designing and building properly sized mantels for our clients. If you provide us all the requested fireplace dimensions we will guarantee that we will design a mantel to fit your space!

If your fireplace is different and does not seem to match up with any "regular" illustrations fill out the form as best you can, and submit a few photographs. As we all know, a picture can say 1000 words! We have built mantels for almost every situation and would be happy to work with you on your project as there is probably a variety of mantel design solutions for your unique fireplace.

Ways of Finding Low Cost Dental Implants

For many finding low cost dental implants is somewhat of a holy grail, dental implant insurance is one option available to make the treatment more affordable, but it does not necessarily mean that it is low cost. Here I take a look at different ways that could be used to get low cost dental implants.

Implants are becoming more more popular as a way of replacing missing or broken teeth. An implant is fitted into the jaw bone to replace the root of the tooth, onto which is fixed a new tooth, bridge or denture. From the time the treatment commences to the final restoration can take a number months and the patients will be billed based on the number of implants they have done. As implants are far from cheap anything from $ 800 (Â £ 500) upwards, even more if the procedure requires a bone graft; This type of treatment is not readily accessible to many.

If you're looking for low cost dental implants its important you do some thorough research before committing, so with this in mind what choices do you have

Search the Internet
Take the time to search the internet for the various dentists in your area who offer this type of treatment and compare prices, you will be surprised at how much they differ between one another

Maybe you know someone who has already had this type of treatment and can recommend a good value for money dentist to you

Dental Tourism
If you are really keen on seeking out low cost dental implants then one method which is gaining in popularity is dental tourism. More and more people are looking outside of their own country and traveling abroad for cheaper treatment. As the cost for implant treatment can quickly build up it maybe that the expense of the travel is more than offset by the savings that can be made. One thing to be aware of though are that return visits could required, costing you more money and time for the return travel

Two options which do not needlessly offer you cheap implants but do make the treatment more affordable are dental insurance and payment plans

Dental implant insurance is a policy you take out to cover this type of treatment, paying an annual / monthly premium you are entitled to either the full or partial coverage of the treatment. Payment plans tend to be offered by the dentist themselves and provide a method of paying for the treatment, spread out over a number of months.

Finding low cost dental implants is never going to be an easy task, but by doing some thorough research, comparing prices between different companies and being willing to travel for the treatment, then you should be able to save yourself some money and still get the treatment you desire.

The Differences Between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer

The differences between an interior decorator and an interior designer may seem inconclusive, but there are actually many things that set these two careers apart. People who work as professional interior designers typically have more education, typically in the form of a bachelor's degree from a four-year university.

Some designers also extend their education and complete a graduate degree in a design specialization, which makes them more desirable to future employers and clients. Interior decorators may also receive training and education in their chosen field, but usually it is either from a community college or online distance learning institution. This difference is just the beginning, though.

The essence of an interior design career is more than just creating the outward appearance of a room, building or space. Interior designers often have experience with architecture and understand how to pull elements from the building itself into the room and implement the other items that are arranged through the design space. They can handle everything from choosing and arranging the furniture to configuring the lighting to dressing the windows and doors, or even choosing where the windows and doors will go in the case of new construction. Interior designers may also change the current structure of the architecture if it fits with their design plans.

Interior decorators are more concerned with the outward, aesthetic appearance of a room, building or space. They may choose the furniture, paint colors, wallpaper, flooring, cabinetry, tiles, linens, window treatments, artwork and accessories that are placed in a room. They are experts at picking out and arranging things to achieve a desired look. Interior decorators may be hired by individuals to decorate a room or an entrenched home, or they may work for corporations, small businesses and / or nonprofit organizations that need help decorating their offices or retail space.

While interior decorators usually work with all types of homes and businesses doing all sorts of decorating, interior designers typically have a specialty such as commercial spaces, offices, art galleries, private homes or building exteriors. These two professions also have a lot in common, though, and it's not uncommon to find designers and decorators working hand in hand.

Let’s Know About Business Process Management


Business process management (BPM) is a systematic and business solution approach to make an organization’s workflow, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. It allows all the processes to run smoothly and effectively. It is a way that leads to the “process optimization”. BPM views a business as a set of processes or workflows or we can also say that it is a set of activities that are to be performed for the overall development of the firm. BPM Software is software which enables businesses to model, implement, execute, monitor and optimize their processes.

The goal of BPM is to reduce human error and miscommunication and focus stakeholders on the requirements of their roles. BPM is a subset of infrastructure management, an administrative area concerned with maintaining and optimizing an organization’s equipment and core operations. For running this infrastructure we require some BPM tools that are as follows:

1. Planning and budgeting

2. Key performance indicators (KPIs)

3. Balanced scorecard (BSC)

4. Benchmarking

5. Business excellence model

6. Enterprise risk management (ERM)

7. Six sigma

8. Performance dashboards

9. Customer relationship management (CRM)

10. Performance appraisals

These are the tools or sub-system components residing within BPM, that plays a major role in the organization development.


Horizontal BPM Solutions:

These are those BPM solutions that can be applied across several industries. Horizontal frameworks deal with design and development of business processes and are generally focused on technology and reuse.

Vertical BPM Solutions:

BPM solutions that are specific to a particular industry or type of process. Vertical BPM frameworks focus on a specific set of coordinated tasks and have pre-built templates that can be readily configured and deployed.

BPM Life Cycle

The BPM life cycle follows a chain of steps that are as follows:


Process design encompasses both the identification of existing processes and the design of the processes. Areas of focus include representation of the process flow, the factors within it, alerts and notifications, escalations, standard operating procedures, service level agreements, and task hand-over mechanisms. What processes should be present or what process are not required are to be done under this stage.


Modeling takes the theoretical design and introduces combinations of observations that are needed for the further steps. It determines how the process might operate under different circumstances.

For example-“What if I have 70% of resources to do the same task?” “What if I want to do the same job for 80% of the current cost?”..


It takes care of, how these applications rarely execute all the steps of the process accurately or completely. Another approach is to use a combination of software and human intervention; however this approach is more complex, making the documentation process difficult. Business rules have been used by systems to provide definitions for governing behavior, and a business rule engine can be used to drive process execution and resolution.


Monitoring encompasses the tracking of individual processes, so that information on their state can be easily seen, and statistics on the performance of one or more processes can be provided. An example of this tracking is being able to determine the state of a customer order (e.g. order arrived, awaiting delivery, invoice paid) so that problems in its operation can be identified and corrected.

In addition, this information can be used to work with customers and suppliers to improve their connected processes. Here Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) extends and expands the monitoring tools generally provided by BPMS.


Process optimization includes retrieving the best of the process performance. It is the most important phase of the life cycle of the BPM as the main goal of the BPM is to get optimized processes.


When the process becomes too noisy and optimization is not fetching the desired output, it is recommended to re-engineer the entire process cycle. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) has been used by organizations to attempt to achieve efficiency and productivity at work.

Create Long Term Advertising With Custom Auto Sun Shades

Custom auto sun shades placed in cars are mainly used for 2 reasons. The first reason that a person would use these car sunshades is to help reduce the heat in the vehicle. The second reason to use auto sun shades is to prevent people from seeing into the car or vehicle. This is especially useful when shopping and when items purchased are left in the car. The old saying out-of-sight, out-of-mind comes into play here.

Businesses like to offer car sunshades that are custom printed with their logo or message. Just think of the advertising value created from handing out a useful promotional car sun shade with a company's logo message in exchange for the receiver to use and promote the message by placing the custom auto sun shade on the windshield of their car.

The types of companies that use car sun shades in their marketing and advertising planning are: car dealers, insurance companies, auto parts stores, companies which parking areas are in high sunlight areas.

Non-profit groups and associations who look for unique fund-raising methods, also look to promote their association or event by selling custom printed promotional sunshades. A unique way to help offset the cost of the imprinting cost and purchase of the sunshades is to look for a sponsor. The sponsor's logo can be added to the imprint onto the car sunshades in exchange for advertising dollars spent. This will reduce the cost to the fundraiser group so increasing the expenses and increasing profits. These car sunshades will actually reduce the overall heat in the vehicle by a few degrees as well as reduce the heat of the seats and steering.

Another reason to consider vehicle sunshades is that they have a long advertising life and are considered a valuable item by car owners. Seek out a promotional products distributor for the sunshade options available where a logo can be imprinted onto.

Aluminum Awnings – An Economical Way To Cool Your Home

Aluminum awnings offer an inexpensive way to cool down your home during the heat of the summer day and protect your furniture and flooring from the fading effects of the sun. These awnings also shelter your windows and doors from the elements of the weather. The explicit instructions that come with these awnings and patio covers allow you to do it yourself without having to pay for professional installation. Aluminum awnings can easily be set in any position and all the hardware you need for installation comes with them.

The Alumawood do it yourself patio covers are made from lattice and can really transform the look of your patio. This type of aluminum awning is sold in kits and you can have the awning attached to your home or have it free standing. You can also order custom made aluminum awnings that are created to your specific measurements and designed to fit the architecture of your home. The alumawood awnings, like aluminum, will not rust, crack, warp or peel.

When you decide that the Alumawood do it yourself patio covers are what you want to have, you will have a patio covers that are essentially maintenance free. The aluminum awnings are built to give you years of enjoying the outdoor space of your home. The Alumawood awning is an aluminum awning that looks just like wood. It is lightweight and durable and is finished in a richly textured wood grain. With the weather coating included on the aluminum, it will never need painting. Just a regular washing of the patio cover will do the trick and keep it looking new.

Along with the Alumawood do it yourself patio covers, you get matching color fasteners. Simply reading the directions before you start will show you that this is something that you can do yourself. These aluminum awnings are easy to install and come with a lifetime warranty. Each of the do it yourself kits for installing an Alumawood patio cover is available in five different colors. The kit for the aluminum awning or patio cover also contains the support beam, rafter beams, lattice tubes and posts.

The components of the aluminum awnings that you can install yourself are all interconnecting. This will make the installation process quite simple and the only help you will need is to have someone hand the pieces to you as you put them in place. It will not take you long to have the Alumawood patio cover in place and then you can sit back and enjoy your new living space. With aluminum awnings, you will not realize what you have been missing until you get the first one installed.

Be Clever While Asking For Paving Quotes and Block Paving Quotes

The new neighborhood you moved into has not been mended for a while. The asphalt around the pavement seemed to be edgy and it could easily come alive with some work. Your new house too needs some work and you are thinking why not work on your drive way and the block pavement by yourself, do your bit for the neighborhood. However getting hold of good contractors is always difficult and if you get stuck with the wrong contractors it could haunt you for your last last time.

The process of dressing up the pavements starts with asking foraving quotes and blockaving quotes. You are new to the neighborhood, so are obviously not aware of the best contractors the town has to offer. You want the job to be well done but you do not want to spend all your money on doing up the blocks' pavement.

So be wary as to the contractors' you get in touch with. Most of them today will offer you low quotes and will do a low quality job as well. There are a number of aspects you have to consider before you decide on which contractor is going to beautify your living space for you. You could start your search by picking random phone numbers off the telephone book. However that is not advisable as telephone directories do not come with recommendations and qualifications.

You need to do your research. You need to figure out who is offering you the best quotes and blockaving quotes to make an informed decision. You can start this process by asking around in the neighborhood, making a list of contractors that may come of help. Once you have the list and phone numbers of the contractors, check for details on the internet.

You want to pick a contractor who can provide you with the best service and good quality at affordable prices. Check out the company he works for, if you like the look and feel of his website, give him a call and ask him to give you some quotes and blockaving quotes.

The contractor would ideally come over to check the area and then give you a quote. Make sure you have at least two or three contractors come and check the space. Ask them questions off guard like what is the price of asphalt these days? How long is the paving process going to take? How much do you think the cost for the entire project is going to be? Will it withstand the crazy monsoon and winter snow?

Now that you have all the information in your head, when you receive theaving quotes, you can catch them if they were fibbing. Ask them to fax or email you the quotes. Once you have all the quotes and blockaving quotes with you make a comparison on basis of price and the quality that is being provided, if you do not understand what you are reading, call them up and quiz them about the details. It is imperative that you understand theaving quotes to make a good decision.

Get at least threeaving quotes and blockaving quotes to make an informed decision. Because the decision you make today could haunt you for a lifetime. So, be careful.

The Amazing Wonders of India

The Asian continent itself is a pool of unanticipated and uncommon attributes and if you are planning to go to the Southern Asian region, you will find India as one of the most naturally and culturally rich getaway options that is distributed with a wonderful range of fabulous and unusual phenomenon covering the entire plateau of this gigantic, geographically diverse and populated country. Many travelers from around the world have found the country of India as a great way of witnessing the past, present and future of the mankind and have explored many amazing wonders that can not be described in words. With our recent voyagers in various parts of the India and by considering fellow bloggers, we have come across many beautiful and the most amazing wonders of India that will surely make you book flights to India in an instant and experience the charm and diversity in person:

1. The Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

The largest adventure for road trip lovers in India, a biking trip to the otherworldly lands of Ladakh Valley isported with an abundant number of uncommon phenomenon, yet the largest of all time on the entire journey has been the Magnetic Hill which is also known as the Gravity Hill. A place that has been giving an optical illusion that can make you feel that the magnetic fields around here are gravity-defying and leaving vehicles roll up on the slant roads. However, the natural position of the attributes around the road make an optical illusion that can surely make you feel that the vehicle is steering upwards, whereas it actually goes downwards. Just leave your four-wheeler in neutral without parking gear and you can witness the amazing sight which will make you believe that the magnetic powers are surreal here.

2. Balancing Rock, Tamil Nadu

Balancing a small stone or even a ball over a plain surface is enough hard, but what if you find a place where a giant rock is steadily and firmly standing on a slant, slippery surface without an inch of moment? Yes! Such things can only be found on the heavenly lands of India. The balancing rock in Tamil Nadu has recently got its fair share of fame after a massive exposure, this big boulder of Mahabalipuram is something that can be an eye-popping experience for you. with its engaging sight that have been the largest attraction for many selfie lovers, this rock is standing firmly on a slippery slope making people wonder the theory behind it. Needless to say, many people have tried their sheer physical strength to tumble down this giant boulder.

3. Belum Caves, Andhra Pradesh

One of the largest cave systems in the India, Belum Caves of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh has been a big attraction for underground world lovers. The cave system that was constructed by the Mother Nature itself after centuries of natural water flow through at a destructive pace has been the reason behind this roomy and giant cave formation. You can easily find some exquisite views of nature's artistry and even witness some of the most gorgeous sights of airways, waterways, small ponds and much more which are itself a delight to witness in person and experiencing what power the Mother Nature have in its arms.

4. Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra

Have you ever wondered what would have happened when the giant rocks from the skies dropped on the surface of the earth? Apart from the theory that was given by many scientists about the extinction of the dinosaurs, there are many more passages that can give you the real picture of the destruction made by the meteorologists and one of them can be seen in Maharashtra, India. Lonar Crater Lake is the oldest meteoric crater-lake on the surface of the earth which holds the title of being the third-largest crater lakes in the size. Existing for over 50,000 years now, this lake is something that can woo you easily by its sheer beauty and give you the idea of ​​the forces floating the orbit above us.

5. Living Root Bridges, Cherrapunji

India is known for many things and one of them is one of the wettest places on the earth which is named as Cherrapunji. A small town in the eastern state of India Meghalaya, this small city has many exquisite attributes that can give you the most bewitching experience of your life. The most amazing attractions of all time in this region is the living-root bridge which is the most spectacular and unbelievable sight you can ever come across. The wonderful bridge that is made of the roots of Ficus Elastica Tree, this twin bridge is a netting of tree roots that are extended up to 3000 feet in total and giving locations a safe passage to cross the local waterbody. The natural artist and sheer power seen here appears to be unreal and offer people a delightful sight to witness and remember for the rest of their lives.

India is filled with many more bewitching phenomenon that will surely give you the goosebumps with similar category yet absolutely different attributes. A visit to India is not just about tasting the delicious gourmet or getting to know about the culture and heritage of this huge country, it is also about witnessing the blessed nation that has been getting many boons from the nature and shining like a star among fellow countries. So, if you are intrigued by the charming attributes of this superlative country, then all you need is to pick your travel dates and book your flights to India with your trusted travel agent and you can have an astonishing getaway that is featured with an abundant variety of exclusive features.

Assemble Jewelry From Home For Fast Cash

I am sure that you have seen it. The beautiful beaded jewelry that is handmade. The expensive, beautiful jewelry that is handmade. I am stressing the handmade because I want to tell you about the perception potential that is involved in it. Think about it for a second, the demand for something so unique must be incredibly high. How is it even possible for the people that sell it to keep up with the demand. Maybe it is a lie, maybe the jewelry is made by machines that would make more sense would not it?

That is the not the case at all. The truth is that for all of these online companies that sell the jewelry there are about 500 people working from home assembling it for them. These people, are people, that are just like you. The only difference between the two of you is that they are making way more money and they are doing it from home.

If you are interested in the potential income that is out there for you than search online for the companies that are hiring. The company will send you the supplies that you need to get started and then you will mail back the finished product. If they like your work they will send you a larger supply kit. You make as much money as you want by working as fast or as slow as you want to. Just make sure that you always send them a high quality product or they will terminate your employment

Installing Wall Mount Brackets For an LCD TV

Installation of mount brackets for LCD / Plasma TV is a cumbersome task that needs expertise and knowledge of various dimensional issues. Sufficient expertise is very important to finish this task properly. The best way is to contract a professional and pay special attention to various safety measures during the whole installation process.

Select of Mounting Place

Selection of the best place for mounting your LCD or Plasma TV is very important. The place should be flat as well as perpendicular for the best viewing experience. Plain colored wall with soothing color patterns are best for a better ambiance. Ideal place for mounting your favorite Television can be the front walls in your drawing room, or bedroom. Ensure that you do not have to move your neck for viewing television. Mount the television in front of eyes on ideal height.

Follow Instruction Manual

All mount brackets come with an instruction manual. When you purchase LCD / Plasma TV brackets from the Television dealer itself, they will provide you installation manual. Even if, you purchase a mount brackets from a specialized mounting brackets manufacturer, they will provide you all the things required for mounting along with step by step guide to install your TV brackets.

Be sure to install the wall mounting bracket strictly to the wall following the instructions in instruction manual. Ensure all the screws are properly fixed and tight on their appropriate positions. If any of the screws are loose, they will fall out resulting in a fall of TV bracket and causing injury and / or property damage. Be sure to use the appropriate screws for installation of TV brackets. The use of only specialized screws and attachment parts supplied with your wall mount brackets are recommended. Use of any alternates to these things may result some damage or loss of your warranty for your wall mount brackets.

Follow all steps given in wall mount installation manual, do not apply your own mind or logics behind that. Because, the manual describes the best way of finishing the installation task for your wall mount brackets. It is very important in order to ensure maximum safety of your LCD or Plasma TV.

Hammer Throwing Technique – Basic Tips On Training For The Hammer Throw

There are many famous track and field events, of which the hammer throw is certainly not one of them. It is more of a fringe discipline but still requires a great deal of technical proficiency and physical strength and power in order to succeed. Hammer throwing technique is crucial, and this should form a significant part of your training. When training for any event, consider these tips.

Your training should be divided into three distinct phases, the first of which should focus on preparation, the second of which should focus on precompetition work, and the third of which will be the actual competition itself.

Core strength is an absolutely fundamental element of hammer throwing and therefore this is something that should be incorporated into all of the different phases of your training. The only times when you should not be focusing on core strength training will be during your days of rest, but in general it is important to train five days a week in this way.

Your technique is something that should be developed during the preparation phase of your training schedule. Unless you have or be knuckled down on the proper technique it simply will not matter how much strength training and core training you do. As such, focus on getting your technique right before you move onto any other aspect of your training.

During the second phase it is important that you track your progress in competition style throws. Make sure that you are recording every throw that you do note down progress you are making.

Feedback from your coaches is a crucial element and unless you do this you will never be able to improve. During the final stage of competition and the lead up to that competition you should eliminate weight training completely. Instead, maintain your focus on core training, conditioning, and improving on your technique if required.

Roman Mosaics, The Hidden Methods

Ever wondered why there's a line of white tiles (tesserae) around figures in a Roman Mosaic? Look at any Roman figural mosaic, whether it be one found in Britain, Spain, Italy, North Africa or the Middle East and you will see the figures out there.

This is just one of what I would term 'The Roman Rules', methods of setting the tesserae which if you know them you can see in every mosaic across the Roman Empire. If you do not know them then the chances are you would not notice them at all. This is what differentiates Roman mosaics from modern mosaic work. In modern works they follow no rules, these pieces can not be criticized. What a lot of contemporary artists do not know is that the visual effects that they are trying to create can be dependent on the use or non-use of these ancient rules.

Why did they have them?

Roman floor mosaics were designed to be seen as a whole, what the mosaicicsts did not want was for there to be any point of focus. One area of ​​the floor which draws the eye in every time the room is entered. You may have central panels which have quite fine figural work but the idea is for all the lines of tesserae to 'flow' To give you an extreme example, imagine you have a floor, say 5m x 5m. The floor has had a mosaic laid and this has been done using tesserae which are about 10mm cubes, so that's about 260,000 tesserae. Now imagine that the mosaic has been laid using only white tesserae, all in horizontal lines.

Each of these horizontal lines needs to occupy its own space, ie each line starts on one side and continues straight across to the other side. If the mosaicist did not keep the lines straight and 2 lines ended up blending into 1 line then where this occurred on the floor it creates a point of focus. Once you have noticed this then every time you enter that room your eye would be drawn to that spot. Obviously this is an extreme example but these rules were applied all the time. Next time you see a Roman mosaic of a figure look for the borderline, if it's not there then it's a mistake, or a very bad copy.

Waterproofing Foundation – What Are Your Choices?

If you are going to build a new home you need to waterproof the foundation of it so you will not have a wet basement in just a few years.

There are different waterproofing products and systems on the market so it really can be confusing. Here are your options?

Here is the short overview of the most common foundation waterproofing systems to help you to decide:

1. Liquid rubber foundation waterproofing membranes

Are elastomeric polymerized coatings made from liquid rubber – the same quality material your car tires are made from.

Advantages: They are easy to apply, quick to dry, cold applied. You can do it by yourself, by using sprayer, roller or trowel. The liquid cures into an elastic rubber coating, able to fill up current small holes and bridge possible future cracks in foundation wall as the building settles down. Rubber is flexible. They also usually come with a long warranty, and many are environmentally friendly with low solvent content, or solvent free. Very economic.

Disadvantages: Possibility of inconsistency in coverage, but the newest products will help you to determine the "right" thickness by the intensity of color, ie if you apply the product and you see any lighter patches, you just add more liquid. Additional surface preparation and curing may be required. If there are bigger cracks or holes in the structure you have to fill in with cement or other trowel-grade material before applying the overall coating. Also some of the liquid membranes require longer curing times for the concrete before they can be applied to insure proper bonding.

2. Hot applied Liquid Rubber Foundation waterproofing product:

It is a rubberized asphalt compound that forms a strong, flexible monolithic waterproofing membrane. Can be also applied on roofs.

Advantages: Adheres to virtually any structural surface. Ideal for rough uneven surfaces. Monolithic, free of seams, watertight, eliminates water migration and buildup of moisture. Offers strong protection because of the way it has to be applied.

Disadvantages: The surface has to be primed by primer first. The cost is higher because the product has to be applied in layers – basically you apply first coat of hot liquid rubber, then you have to quickly firmly press on the fabric reinforced sheet into that hot layer, then apply a second coat of hot liquid rubber waterproofing. Also, depending on the local building code you may have to apply 2 or 3 of these sheet layers. Because of this, the elasticity is low. And because it is Hot you have to be very careful – the best is to have it applied by a certified specialist.

3. Sheet membranes

The most common are self-adhering rubberized asphalt membranes composed of rubberized asphalt laminated to a waterproof polyethylene film.

Advantages: The largest one is consistent thickness because they are "pre-made" to a required standard. Mechanically strong, resistant to hydrostatic pressure. Cover even the larger holes or damaged areas.

They can be applied to concrete, metal, wood or masonry surfaces.

Disadvantages: Harder to apply because of their very high "stickiness", also the cost for in-place is higher. Application requires at least 2 people to put in on properly.
Requires lots of additional work = additional cost. If there are irregularities on the surface you want to put a sheet on they have to be smoothed first with some coat to make the surface even. You also would need to learn of joint treatment, lap joints, corners, penetration, priming, patching etc. And once the piece is down you will not get it back up in reusable condition.

4. Cementitious Waterproofing

Is a cement based flexible waterproofing membrane. It can consist of Portland cement, sand acrylic mixture, plasticizer and other active waterproofing chemicals to increase it's durability and effectiveness.

Advantages: Very easy to use, just mix the powder with water according to manufacturers recommendation and apply with brush or trowel. Very accessible – available from suppliers of masonry products, or specialized dealers. Paintable. Also comes in a variety of colors. In most cases one coat is sufficient, although some areas may be needing a use of the reinforcing mesh. Low cost. Corrosion and weather resistant. Can be applied as a positive or negative side waterproofing.

Disadvantages: No flexibility – cement does not stretch, so as the structure settles down there are the possibilities of the future cracks. Before applying the surface has to be free from protrusions, gaping cracks, oils, paints, water repellents and any other foreign material that could act as a bond breaker. Holes must be filled with approved block filler.

5. Bentonite Waterproofing

is a bentonite clay below-grade foundation waterproofing product which consist of sodium bentonite clay sandwiched between 2 layers of woven and no-woven puncture resistant polypropylene fabric. Comes as a clay panels and sheets.

Advantages: Can absorb tremendous amount of water. And as it takes the water in the clay swells and pushes itself into cracks and voids where it holds permanently as a barrier against the water. It is flexible and resistant to most chemicals. Non-toxic, non-polluting. No fumes. Can be applied in cold weather.

Disadvantages: Because of the way the clay works the seal does not form until the foundation is backfilled and the water reaches the bentonite material, which means you can not confirm the integrity of the seal.


As you see a lot depends on your own situation, needs, requirements and what you feel comfortable with. The best way is to talk to the experts, check the manufacturers requirements especially for the concrete curing time, temperature limitations and additional labor requirements. Yes, waterproofing of the foundation can seem to be expensive at the first glance, but remember that it is a long-term solution which when applied properly will save you lots of time, headache and money in the future, so please, do not skimp on it.

Goya Paintings

Francisco de Goya was a famous Spanish artist who produced his paintings in the 18th and 19th century. This article covers his works and his style which left a lasting mark on the art world and it's development from renaissance to contemporary movements. Many love to buy Goya prints because of the qualities of the artist's original paintings.

The Fuendetodos-borm artist produced most possible works such as The Parasol, La maja desnuda, La maja vestida, The Second of May 1808, The Third of May 1808 and The family of Charles IV of Spain.

Goya actually began his art career through an apprenticeship at the age of 14, with the artist Jose Luzan. He later went onto study art in Madrid but took time to develop his style and receive acceptance. Goya went onto study in Rome and develop an understanding of European art styles. It was then that his characteristic use of tons of began to appear. It is this that helped him become recognized and for what he is most respected today.

Goya was now to involve himself in high levels of Spanish society where he built contacts and powerful friends who enjoyed his art. With this came agreements and regular work. One such person was Charles III. Others included Pedro Téllez-Girón, 9th Duke of Osuna and his wife María Josefa Pimentel, 12th Countess-Duchess of Benavente, María del Pilar de Silva, 13th Duchess of Alba, and her husband José María llvarez de Toledo, 15th Duke of Medina Sidonia , and María Ana de Pontejos y Sandoval, Marchioness of Pontejos.

Goya remains a much loved artist, one of Spain's best ever, and his work is an important topic to study.