Important Items to Consider When Consulting With a Plastic Surgeon

Consulting with a plastic surgeon can take you another step closer to realizing a dream. It may be that you are sensitive about a cosmetic issue, such as the size of your breasts or the shape of your nose, or you have been through a traumatic event that has left you with a physical abnormality that you would like to fix. Regardless of what the case may be, it is important that certain items be considered when you consult with a plastic surgeon.

First, check with the American Board of Plastic Surgery over the credentials of any doctor you may be considering. You will be shocked to hear that any doctor, regardless if they are licensed in plastic surgery or not, can in fact perform the procedures. However, going with a doctor who is licensed will help you rest assured that they are trained in successfully doing the procedure you have hired them to do.

Second, make sure that the plastic surgeon you are considering works with an accredited facility by the medical board in your state. You should never agree to plastic surgery that doesn’t take place in an accredited hospital or nursing facility, regardless of any discount in cost you may receive.

Next, even if you are having your work done at an accredited doctor’s office, you should always make sure that the doctor you are working with has hospital privileges and the ability to use the operating room at a local hospital. This is important to remember, if something goes wrong while you are under the knife, you want to make sure that local facilities will admit you for emergency procedures.

Finally, make sure you check references. If you are going in for rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a nose job, make sure that you speak to other patients who have had that same procedure about their experience with the plastic surgeon you are considering. Ensure that other patients were happy with their experience, results and follow up treatment.

The Voyager Prolift

Savaria Concord is a leading, service-oriented accessibility products manufacturer in the US. The company has been active in the field, providing value-added services for people with limited mobility by making available high quality accessibility products. The Prolift Voyager from Savaria Concord is an excellent option for residential use. It enables physically disabled people to access different levels of their house with maximum ease and comfort.

These elevators are designed to suit your budget and requirements. The Prolift Voyager minimizes space requirements, resulting in fewer configurations to your home and offers a smooth, stable ride.


o Load carrying capacity of 1400 lbs (635 kg)
o Running speed 30 fpm (0.15 m / s)
o Travel distance of up to 40 feet (12m) and 5 stops
o A variety of cab sizes up to 47 "(1194mm) x 60" (1525mm) and 35 "x 84" Casket Lift Cab.
o Power Supply – 220 Single Phase, 50 Amps or 208 Three Phase, 30 Amps
o 1: 2 cable hydraulic drive system provides reliable, smooth, quiet, and dependable operation
o Automatic Emergency Cab Lighting in the event of a main building power failure
o Door interlocks
o Stainless steel handrail
o Telephone cabinet in stainless steel finish

These elevators are available in a variety of colors and finishes which can be matched to the lightings and to the color of your wall. These can be personalized to complement any decor. Prolift Voyager Elevators from Savaria Concord are easy to install and maintain. They come with a limited warranty of 36 months for repair and replacement of defective parts. Safety features are given top priority for every product designed at Savaria Concord. These elevators follow the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards prescribed for dependability and safety.

The benefits of using Savaria Concord Prolift Voyager Elevators include:

o Inexpensive operation
o Long lasting and reliable
o Increase the resale value of your home

When you select a Savaria Concord Prolift Voyager, you can be confident that you are selecting the finest accessibility lift available in the market today. Depending on the limitations of your residential area, financial plan and requirements, you can select the residential elevator that is most suitable for you. Customers who plan to purchase the Prolift Voyager can contact the Savaria Concord dealer in their region. These dealers provide you with all necessary assistance for the correct installation and maintenance of your elevator.

3D Printing Technology

3D printing is a type of technology called additive manufacturing in which 3D object is created using a 3D printer. A prototype of an object is usually produced using this printer. This type of printer is more affordable, more user friendly and typically faster than other type of technologies. Printing of parts of a material is can be done only in a single process is one capability of this technology. Since 3D printers are now more affordable for medium and small scale business in which rapid prototyping are brought to office location.

When this kind of technology was not yet discovered, prototyping of a material takes a long time. More expensive tools, machinery and man power are needed just to create a single model of a certain product. To less the cost of this system of prototyping, rapid prototyping was developed.

Inkjet printing is one form of 3D printing, which prints prototypes in a full color and considered as the fastest technique in printing. This kind of printing uses power to create a shape.

Biotech firms and some academe are eying the 3D technology and previously understuded for its potential use in tissue engineering purposes. In which body parts and organ are created using inkjet printing. This printing can create custom-made body organs in a single production. This field of study is sometimes called bio-printing, organ printing, computer-aided tissue engineering.

The duplication of a factual object without the aid of molding method can be done with the use of 3D scanning.
Other potential application of 3D technology might be use for creating furniture prices for modern home and business office.

One advantage of 3D printing are it can save cost and time and minimize the aid of man power by eliminating the design, printing and assembly process in producing a single absolute model of a certain product.

Crystal Balls And How They Affect Our Daily Activities

Crystal balls are one of the tools that psychics, clairvoyants, fortune tellers, sorcerers and even magicians use in their craft and are believed to possess powers associated with abilities to see the past, the present and the future of the world and of persons. Religious Celtic tribes in Britain were believed to be the first to employ its use in division so it is also believed that the British are the promoters of its use. Today, these balls can be seen everywhere such as in the field of entertainment, education, psychology, interior design, traditional medicine and architecture.

Crystal balls are used in interior design by many 21st century designers in choosing chandeliers, lamp posts and balustrade decors. Some even place crystal ball-like structures and lightings in hotel restrooms, reception area, counters, lobbies and gardens. For whatever purpose they are used, it is certainly not only for esthetic reasons but for a more meaningful purpose.

In entertainment, magicians use these balls as props in their performance and helps in supposedly creating illusions. As crystal balls, being clear, luminous and transparent, are symbolic representation of the ability to see the past, fortune tellers and clairvoyants use it as a main medium in their craft.

Among the Chinese community, the crystals are one of the Chinese elements and are symbolic of Earth Energy. The crystal ball is the most favored tool in enhancing Feng Shui in Chinese and even non-Chinese families believed to harmonize family relationships, improve business opportunities, mental health and careers and protection from diseases. Crystal balls depending on the number, color and size placed on strategic locations and body parts capture light or energy which are converted into positive or good energy known as chi in Chinese language.

In psychology and related studies, the use of these balls promotes relaxation, healing and tranquility just by gazing into it. Wearing of crystal bracelets or just carrying crystal balls helps an individual from being consumed by stresses of daily life such as pressure from work, school, peers and environmental stimuli such as pollution, traffic and heat. In acupuncture, placing crystal balls over the area being treated helps to generate healing and faster recovery.

For whatever purposes and reasons why these balls are used and placed in offices, homes and business establishments, people share a common goal – that is for the greater good and benefit of all. Human as we are, even if we are living in the 21st century where science and technology dominate every individual's mind and home, the traditional practices that were passed from one generation to another and from one race to another remains deeply enclosed within.

Stair Banisters and Handrails for Your Home

Banisters are not just for security purposes, they play an important role in jazzing up the home interiors. The term "banister" is often used interchangeably with "handrail" which precisely refers to stairways.

Stair banisters are railings installed at the side of staircases of which their main function is for preventing serious injuries or death from falling. They are everywhere and we come across of them almost everyday, and anywhere. From the very simple pipe mounted on the wall to avoid falls, to the complex structures, banisters come in assorted and in a lot of styles. The type of stair banisters used in every home and building gives emphasis to the style of architecture.

Nowadays, styles and materials are quite modern and slight, not like the stone and concrete used in the olden times.

Your staircase, is always the first thing people will see in your home. They give attraction, pride and joy for your home especially if the styles and the materials used rhymes so well with your interior decors. Many times the staircase is given less priority when people think of improving their homes, but it should be known that staircase banisters create a dramatic and eye-catching effect.

As people go up into the upper floors, the spectacular handrails of the staircases can add an exceptional feature to the home.

With the availability of materials and designs, you may be inspired to design your own banister through your own work of art. Wooden stair banisters wherever in traditional or current styles will always give a charming effect to your home. Wrought iron was also thought of as one material to be used for outdoor railings due to its water resistant and durable properties. It has even become very popular for custom designing of stair banisters inside the homes.

The versatility of wrought iron makes it easier to work it into complicated designs for stair banisters . One of the fashionable style today, is to have a wooden banister handrail with wrought iron balusters. This gives an exceptional and modern look without being expensive ..

With modern homes today space has always been the concern. The common option to this is a spiral or a helical staircase with a spiraling banister. You can have your own design from the simplest to the most complicated one. You can also build a beautiful stair banister around a staircase that is curved. It does not matter whether your banister is all wood, a combination of wood and wrought iron, or all iron. As long as they get well with your inner decor they will create grace and elegance to your home's entire atmosphere. I seriously encourage everyone to give importance to your staircase designs as your plan for your home improvement. Banisters will do a lot to make your home look elegant.

Frontal Cortex and Marijuana

Frontal Cortex and Marijuana do not seem to reflect a harmonious relationship. As difficult as it may be, parents must be the anti-drug and provide information to their teens regarding the short and long term effects of marijuana on the brain's Frontal Cortex. This area of ​​the brain continues to develop well into the persons twenties. The frontal lobes are responsible for decision making, judgment and reasoning and realization of long term consequences. Marijuana or more specifically tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) slows blood flow to theses areas affecting functioning in an already slow developing process. Many teens that live just for today and fail to accept or have the foresight for long term consequences will find it even more challenging after smoking weed.

Frontal Cortex and Marijuana consumption can lead to other problems. The person that smokes marijuana often becomes involved in risky behavior as a result of impaired judgment and difficulty with making serious decisions. They have problems with short term memory and reduced inhibitions which lead to other problems. Proponents of legalizing Marijuana argue that it does not lead to other drug use. With the injury listed above it should be obvious how marijuana leads to the use of other drugs.

Parents have to be on the front lines of this anti-drug champagne because they should be the first to recognize the symptoms. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has reported that to date more than 656,000 people have entered drug rehab centers with marijuana as their primary addiction.

How To Open Your Presentation With Commanding Attention

You have a few seconds to set the tone for your presentation. A good start paving the road to success while a weak opening can slam shut the door to success.

Your opening must do three things for you. Grab attention, set the direction and establish rapport. Without their attention you have a room of non-listeners. Without knowing your direction your audience will feel lost and confused. Without rapport you might have a room of enemies.

You can grab attention with contrast, relevance and credibility.

You can set the direction by answering the question, "Why are we here?"

You can establish rapport by demonstrating empathy, common interest and confidence.

The Marcel Marceau Opening

Use this powerful technique to open your presentation.

When it's your turn to speak, walk slowly, proudly and smiling to the front of the room. Take your position. Face the audience. Stand tall. Smile confidently. Say nothing. Glance at one individual, then another, and another. Do this silently for up to eight seconds.

This is how you claim the room. It allows everyone to stop fidgeting and focus their attention on you. They will be amazed at your self confidence to look so good and patiently wait before you speak. They will anticipate listening to a powerful presentation. Choose your first words carefully because they will be listening intentionally.

5 Presentation Opening Mistakes to Avoid

Speaking on your way to the front of the room

Doing this diminishes your perceived confidence and power because you appear unwilling to wait. In addition many people might not hear what you said while walking to the front of the room.

Telling a joke

This was standard advice to public speakers five decades ago. It was bad advice then and even worse today. Do not start with a joke. In fact you should never tell jokes in your presentations. Most jokes make fun of somebody else and that's not the way to establish rapport with your audience. A painful example of this was for the speaker to tell a lawyer joke before opening the speech to a room full of lawyers.

Testing the microphone as you open

Perhaps you've witnessed a speaker tapping or blowing into the microphone and saying "Is this thing on?" The time to test the microphone was before the meeting began. Get into the room before the audience arrives to test the audio and video equipment.

Before I begin

Think about that statement. The speaker walked to the front of the run and started with, "Before I begin." That's like a runner at the start of a race. The starter pistol sounds and everyone dashes off except one person who says, "I'm not ready yet." The race started without you. Your presentation started when you were introduced.

Reading your opening

Listening to your reading your speech seldom presents authentic to your audience. Reading your opening will feel cold and distant. You will not connect because your audience is likely to think, "Are you talking to me or only reading a prepared statement?" The worst case of reading your speech is reading your self introduction, "Hello, my name is George." I've seen speakers read their own name. That's usually the beginning to a boring speech. When you are reading, you are not making eye contact. You're not building rapport. You might as well be in another room.

Design the opening to your presentation with the care that you should prepare the curve view of your house when you put it up for sale. If people do not like the curve view they will drive by. Do you want your audience to drive by – or to quickly embarrass your presentation?

LED Strip Lights and Light Therapy

Light is not just for furnishing our homes. It can also serve remedial purposes. The most notable example is ‘light therapy.’

Light therapy is a form of alleviative treatment where patients are exposed to specific wavelengths of artificial light for set number of hours a day. It is used in the treatment of common skin disorders, psychiatric disorders and sleep disorders and has been proven highly effective in most cases.

The therapy itself entails the use of devices called light boxes. As the name suggests these are containers filled with light bulbs or LED Strip Lights and covered by a pane of frosted glass.

The light emitted by the box is directed towards the effected area of skin or shone directly into the retinas, depending on the type of ailment in question.

In the case of skin disorders the light is concentrated on those areas of the body needing attention. For psychiatric disorders light is shone directly into the eyes.

Light therapy has been shown to be particular effective in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD relates to the regulation of two important hormones (mood altering chemicals) produced by the brain’s hypothalmus; melatonin and serotonin.

Melatonin is a sleep regulating hormone. Production of this hormone is inhibited by light and stimulated in its absence.

Seratonin is a mood regulating hormone. It is produced under reverse conditions to melatonin.

During the dark winter months when sunlight is in short supply there is a tendency for people to suffer a seratonin defficiency, thereby making them unhappy and despondent. The onset of SAD is marked by symptoms such as saddness, general lack of well being and insomnia. Symptoms recur on an annual basis between mid-autumn and lasting right through until spring.

Light boxes can be used to correct the imbalance of seratonin in the body by shining light directly into the eyes of a patient. The light is UV filtered to avoid damage to the skin or retinas.

Non-seasonal depression and other psychiatric disorders, such as bi-polar depression, can also be alleviated through the use of light therapy.

A study conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration reached the conclusion that “for patients suffering from non-seasonal depression, light therapy offers modest though promising anti-depressive efficiacy.”

The treatment of SAD is particularly important for businesses, particularly offices, as it can retard the performance of employees. Upgrading the lighting system in an office to an improve Colour Rendering Index (CRI) has been proven to increase the happiness and comfort of employees, and therefore raise productivity. Cool White LED Strips have exceptional colour rendering, making colour appear more vibrant and natural beneath their light.

A Short Guide to Buying Property in Thailand

In 2016 Thailand saw almost 33 million visitors flock to its sandy shores, with a number of those guests revisiting multiple times. Understandably it is very difficult to resist falling in love with the lush tropical climate, the kind and warm culture, the friendly people and the breath-taking natural landscapes. Some of those visitors even went as far as to buy a property in the country with the prospect of potentially retiring in this beautiful Kingdom. That being said, as attractive as it sounds; foreign ownership is not exactly the simplest of endeavors.

Some expatriates who have little or no family obligations are able to retire whenever they desire. However, when you are deciding on where you wish to retire and spend your twilight years there is much for you to consider.

The most important of all if you ask me, is the climate! I do not know about you; but the thought of retiring to somewhere with snow does not sound ideal. You will also have to bear in consideration the cost of living – will your pension comfortably cover you? Language barrier; security; political stability; the overall quality of life; medical facilities available and suitable accommodation – these are just some of the questions that you must ask before making the move to another country.

While Thailand is not perfect, it certainly is not far off, as many of the above boxes have been ticked! There is a wealth of quality developers in Thailand so there is certainly no shortage of attractive investment opportunities. In fact, all over Thailand in places such as Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya there is always a number of developments on the go.

So which is the best? A house, villa or a condominium? The options are endless, each with their own benefits. Many people opt for the condominium unit as they are much cheaper. That being said the process is much more complex, given that foreigners are unable to own Thailand and property outright. The assistance of professionals is generally required if you are going to be able to pull it off without a hitch. The important thing is to ensure that you fully understand the documents that you are signing.

And then there is the permutation side of things. There are costs and official fees included, plus tax. There are also the recurring costs of living in a condo unit such as electricity, water and management fees which you should bear in consideration. But do not let this all put you off! Provided the due care is taken and you are thorough in your research; moving to Thailand is an entirely viable and wonderful opportunity.

All in all, there is much to consider, although absolutely it is always worth the effort. The opportunity to move your life to a new and exciting place with boundless opportunity, relaxation and culture. Again, there are many quality developers in Thailand building some truly magnificant properties with a wealth of stunning and attractive features and amenities. Take a chance and make a change!

Penis Enlargement – Effective Methods

Penis enlargement is a hotly debated subject. Some say it works, others say it does not. Some swear by supplements and similar male enhancement pills, others say they are at best ineffective. Some say penis extenders are the best way to get bigger, others talk about exercises being the most effective. In this article we are going to get to the bottom of this hotly debated matter, and find out what actually delivers results and what can be written off as ineffective, potentially dangerous. So by the time you finish reading, you should be able to better decide what's best for you.

Penis Enlargement Supplements.

There are so many supplement products out there, too many to count, and each one promises positive results with no side effects. Now, we all know that these outrageous claims are nothing but marketing hype, but there are some products that can be beneficial. Beneficial does not mean they can dramatically increase your size. There isn'ta supplement out there that can get you bigger, the only thing the good ones are able to accomplish is the appearance of a larger penis. Increased blood flow is the reason, as your appointments get harder and "fuller". This can be beneficial when combined with other methods. These results are not permanent, meaning as soon as you stop taking the supplement, the "gains" wear off. These are great if you are an erectile dysfunction sufferer.

Penis Pumps

Pumps are being used by a lot of men around the world. They force blood into your shaft, making it "swell up". A lot of men use these with great results, but like the supplements, the results are not permanent and have to be maintained. When starting out, the proper way to use them is to start out "aggressively", and then cut down on the usage to maintain their gains. However, there is a fine line between aggressive use and injury, so you should always follow the instructions included in the package you receive.

Penis Extenders

Extenders are the safer choice compared to pumps, but their mechanics are completely different. An extender is a device you wear for a certain amount of time to lengthen your penis, and these extenders are typically accompanied by an exercise program to speed up the process. They are also great for penile curvature, which is when the penal "points" left or right, up or down. A lot of men say that results are permanent, but in my opinion the only permanent results are from surgery. So you have to maintain your gains like with other methods.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Exercising the penal, also known as jelqing or "milking" is one of the oldest form of penis enlargement. They are generally considered as the safest method available. Some users combine exercises with male enhancement supplements for added blood flow to the penile shaft. Many users are getting significant gains from advanced exercises, but in order to increase your size considerately need to dedicate yourself to them. Much like bodybuilding or general fitness, in order to see any significant results you need to prioritize and focus.

So in order to effectively increase your size, without going under the knife, you will need to decide which of the above options is best suited to your needs. Men have different needs. Some are having erection problems, others simply want to try something out to see if this works or not, and then there is the group of men who are so focused and dedicated to increase the size of their manhood, that they will stop at nothing until they reach their goal. This group also has the highest rate of injury, so be extremely careful if you decide to use the more extreme methods like pumping.

All-wheel Drive for Porsche 911 Targa

Porsche enthusiasts are excited about the new offer from Porsche. This offer is all about the permanent all-wheel drive given by the automaker to Porsche 911 Targa. The vehicle is now on sale.

All-wheel drive (AWD), otherwise called as four-wheel drive, 4×4, 4WD, is a term used to describe a 4-wheeled vehicle with a drivetrain that is capable of allowing all four wheels to simultaneously obtain power from the engine . This feature is commonly associated with off-road vehicles nonetheless; all-wheel drive is critical in providing better control on slippery ice and race tracks on paved streets.

The term is originally used to describe truck-like vehicles that necessitate switching between a 2-wheel drive mode for roads and a 4-wheel drive mode for low traction conditions like ice, gravel and mud. AWD is common for identical drivetrain systems that will be marketed for both the upmarket and downmarket branding. However, it is also common for different drivetrain systems that will be marketed under the same name for brand homogeny.

Porsche aficionados can now enjoy the fact that AWD is now made permanent for Targa. Aside from the AWD, Targa is equipped with lots of breath-taking Porsche car parts. Both Targa and 996 have a common denominator and said feature contribute significantly to its "wow factor." The striking feature is the huge glass roof and opening rear window. The glass roof plus the rear window are capable of inviting light and fresh air when they are left opened. The glass roof can be opened by up to half a meter in a matter of 7 seconds. This can be done by employing 2 electric motors. According to the automaker, to fully open the roof, it would take about 0.45 square meters.

Porsche factory parts for the roof panel of Targa are built of 2-ply tinted glass, which is lighter by 1.9kg than its predecessor. The automaker has developed a sealing system that minimizes wind noise. Also, wind deflector reduces turbulence inside the car. Targa also allows open-air free-spirited driving when outside temperature is accommodating. Subsequently, the semi-translucent roller sunblind is used to provide shade in the interior of the car when the roof is closed. The roller blind and the glass roof can be maneuvered using a rocker switch.

Porsche 911 Targa is powered by 3.6-liter six cylinder 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine that delivers 239kW. The S variant, the most powerful among the variants, uses a 3.8-liter engine that produces a top speed of 355bhp. The car is also equipped with the Porsche VarioCam Plus valve control system, Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), and other striking car features.

Highway Pavement Marking

When considering which material to use for the marking of highway asphalt or concrete, one should take note of the various options that are available for purchase, and weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each. For the longest time, pavement paint was considered the marking device of choice, due to its relative longevity versus what were then flimsy tape alternatives, which were easily stripped or warped by passing traffic. Paint sufferers from such significant disadvantages as having to block off the newly painted area for a period of time while waiting for the paint coats to dry, and the hassle of having to paint several coatings to form lines that are sufficient reflective. Eager to provide a cost-effective alternative choice, manufacturers of pavement tape have been quick to design and offer a series of pavement marking tapes that outperform paint without much added cost to the consumer. The resulting products function just as well on the road for permanent lane marking tasks as they do in the delineation of temporary construction zones for asphalt overlay and repair work. To attain this level of flexibility and utility, these particular grades of marking tape must conform to certain minimum standards.

Each such tape product is typically comprised of several layers – a reflective top layer in the standard white or yellow colors, a middle backing layer that provides reinforcement, and a precoated pressure-sensitive adhesive bottom layer to permanently adhering the tape to the pavement. The top layer is pigmented with a color that catches the light quite capably, and usually enhanced with large glass beads to further boost the reflectivity of the tape. Certain variations of standard-grade highway paving tape use a metal middle layer, usually aluminum, supplying a material that is both resistant to wear and flexible enough to conform to different pavement surfaces and directions. The bottom layer adhesive should be of sufficient strength to ensure that the tape places put without requiring a liner for protection from blocking, pre-adhesion or contamination.

To keep the cost down for a product that seeks to achieve so many things, the average thickness of the tape material is relatively low, but not less than 12 mils, as any lower measurement would compromise the advantages provided the component layers of the tape. Even at this level, however, the marking tape, when applied as the manufacturer has instructed, is both weather resistant and durable against wear, and will not fade, lift, shrink or otherwise deteriorate during the term of its useful life.

Highway paving marking tape is typically packaged in standard commercial containers that are built to protect the product from damage while it is being shipped, and when it is stored. Since storing conditions may vary, the material should be comfortable in storage for up to one year, in temperatures of up to a balmy 100 degrees F. When you open that container, you should check that the tape is of decent appearance, free from cracks and edges, and no more than 3 splices for every 50 yards of tape to insure integrity.

Building Background – Benefits of Using Sentence Frames to Build Background Knowledge

Even as native English speakers we sometimes struggle with just the right word to explain, describe, clarify, or elucidate what we want to convey. We always understand more than we can speak. One of best ways to engage English language learners (ELL) in actively acquiring new material is to connect their background knowledge to the new topic. So, let’s give them some sentence frames to help them use language.

We will be most successful if we remember to always start with the concept or theme.

#1 When beginning a new topic, let pairs pretest one another. Write this sentence frame on a board, overhead, or PowerPoint, or make your own blackline master with the sentence frame repeated four to six times on a page so you can cut them into strips to hand out to the pairs.

A: “Do you know anything about (topic)?

B: “I’m not sure, but I do know _____.”

or “I think it could be _____ because I learned _____.”

After students copy the sentence frame, or use the handy strips, erase the word ‘topic’ in the first sentence. Write in the topic for today. It might be a theme, or a characteristic, or an emotion.

  • Read the sentence frame aloud to the students.
  • Read it again, and this time the students should repeat after you.
  • Give them sixty seconds (yes, really time it, using the entire sixty seconds) to look at the word and think about everything they know about it. No talking. No writing. Just thinking.
  • Next, let students use another 60 seconds (yep, time it again) to write words and phrases to capture their thoughts about the topic.
  • Finally it is time to talk.

This is time well-spent. Your lesson will be stronger and more relevant. Your students will be engaged. You can continue to spiral the content, connecting it to what they already know or previously learned. The ELs will build confidence as they are encouraged to think, write, and talk about what they already know.

#2 Plan more opportunities for student interaction. Here’s another sentence starter than can be used with individuals, then shared in small groups.

This new theme of _____ reminds me of a time in my life when _____.

#3 Make sentence frames with the word ‘because’ to have students explain connections between previous learning and the new topic.

“I think the next topic will be _____ because our last lesson was _____.”

This kind of sentence frame encourages prediction according to prior learning. This is a good time to show the students how much they have learned and how it all links together.

#4 After reading a story, a sentence frame can be used to let students speak with a partner. You can expand this speaking activity to include a second partner, like elbow- partners and across-the-aisle partners. Provide a sentence frame:

For example, “I think _____ is a hero, because _____.”

#5 Ask students to make comparisons to concrete objects in linguistic ways. Hand out objects to students and give them some time to think and write again, before speaking.

Try this sentence frame with a variety of objects:

I am like this _____(Snickers bar), because I am _____ (nutty).

I am like this _____(Matchbox Ferrari), because I am _____ (small and fast).

I am like this _____(red pencil) because I am _____ (my face is red because I have to talk aloud).

The objects you use can be almost anything!

Now that your imagination is gearing up, make up some sentence frames to use tomorrow.

  • Think about how you would want the smartest student in the school to speak.
  • Then use your target vocabulary and academic language to make a sentence frame.
  • Encourage your ELLs to speak in complete sentences in all conversations in the classroom. This will increase their academic vocabulary, which maximizes learning, and builds confidence.
  • Kids like to feel smart!

Bar Code Scanners – Know the Features

Barcode Scanners are hand-held or stationary devices used for capturing information from barcodes. A barcode scanner consist of a code reader and a decoder. These devices are connected to a computer through compatible ports

The earliest, most basic and cheapest barcode scanners consist of a fixed light and a single photosensor. Modern barcode scanners have polygonal mirrors and use laser scanning technology. Laser barcode printers have the advantage of reading barcodes from any angle.

Barcode scanners are available in different varieties like hand-held, hands-free, wearable, rugged, scan engines, laser and digital. Pen-wand scanners are the simplest and most portable type of such devices. They have to be kept in direct contact with the barcode and held at a precise angle to interpret the barcodes. Modern day digital cameras have enough resolution to capture both 1D and 2D barcodes.

Barcode scanners will become famous soon enough as follows:

  • LED scanner: Also referred to as CCD scanners, even though the CCD is in fact the photo imaging sensor, not the light source.
  • Laser scanner: More expensive than LED scanners but are generally capable of longer maximum scanning distances.
  • Imager scanner: These scanners take an image of the linear barcode, generally more rugged as they have no moving parts.
  • 2D Imaging scanner: These scanners take a 2D image of the barcode as in a camera and can be used to scan 2D barcode types such as Datamatrix as well as the more common linear barcode types.
  • Handheld scanner: With a handle and typically a trigger button for switching on the light source.
  • Pen scanner (or wand scanner): a pen-shaped scanner that is swiped.
  • Stationary scanner: Wall- or table-mounted scanners that the barcode is passed under or beside. These are commonly found at the checkout counters of supermarkets and other retailers.
  • Fixed position scanner: An industrial barcode reader used to identify products during manufacture or logistics. Most often used on conveyor tracks to identify cartons or pallets which need to be routed to another process or shipping location.
  • PDA scanner: A PDA with a built-in barcode reader.

The latest in barcode scanner technology is mobile barcode scanners which use color code and mCode (new two-dimensional code format) to scan barcodes.

General purpose barcode scanners are used at checkout counters and hospitals. These are also used to process identification documents. Certain other kinds of scanners, like rugged scanners, are used in harsh or extreme conditions. Of the different barcode scanners, laser scanners and camera scanners are widely used these days. Camera scanners scan and capture the barcode images, which are then processed by sophisticated image techniques to decode the barcode.

Barcode scanners have increased the speed of data retrieval and data processing. They have become a mainstay in commercial establishments, libraries, counters, and at virtually point-of-sale.

The benefits of barcode scanners are many. It greatly helps you organize your inventory, monitor the movement of goods, and ensure the security of your promises. Bar Code technology is helping enterprises worldwide streamline their business and control costs at the same time.

Choosing a right barcode scanner is an essential step for better inventory management and customer service.

Barcode readers come in different formats, sizes and prices. Their prices range from $ 50 to several thousands depending on the features, built, durability etc.

However, before purchasing a laser or CCD scanner, define your requirements:

  • The type of environment where you are going to use the scanner
  • Consider the portability factor
  • The symbology you plan to follow
  • The average scanning range

Choose a reliable and reliable company. Go for a bar code scanner which has proved its usability. POS Components has made it its goal to provide the customers with the right equipment, from the right manufacturer, and at the right price!

How to Mount Your Fish Finder Transducer

There are several different methods you can use to mount your fish finder. In this article mounting refer to attaching the transducer to your watercraft-boat, kayak, float tube, etc. "Mounting" your fish finder display is a separate topic. The common methods are: transom mount, through hull, and portable mounts. There is also a "Shoot Thru" hull mounted transducer, but this type is less common.

As the name suggests, a transom mount model mounts on the transom of the boat. The best mounting location is at the bottom of the transom, with the transducer face (bottom) parallel or nearly parallel to the transom itself. All major manufacturers recommend that installation be completed out of the water. In order to minimize turbulence and aeration around the unit, do not mount the transducer along strakes, behind through hull fittings or other hull irregularities as they can cause unusual disturbances around the transducer and cause improper readings. Thru Hull units, when properly installed, typically offer better fish detection and overall performance than other mounting methods. Since this mounting method requires drilling or cutting a hole through the hull, all through hull installations should be completed while the boat is in dry dock. As with transom mounted models, through-hull transducers should be completely submerged in water with good water flow through the unit. Objects such as strakes, fittings and propeller wash can disturb the water flow and cause inaccurate readings. Work to avoid any areas where the water flow will be uneven or disturbed. To eliminate leaks it is imperative to seal any holes between the transducer and hull. It is generally best to have a professional install through through-hull model.

Portable fish finders are the easiest to install, if they need any installation at all. Some portable fish finders have a transducer with a suction cup mounting system. Just take these models and stick the suction cup to your boat, kayak or float tube benefit the water line so that they are completely submerged. Again, make sure the transducer can have free, uninterrupted water flow. Humminbird also makes a line of portable fishfinders that use a clamp to attach the entire fish finder to your watercraft. The transducer is at the bottom of the fish finder shaft and will be submerged as all transducers should be.

There are also some portable fish finders that need no mounting at all. The Humminbird SmartCast series has a remote sensor fish finder that is wireless. Simply attach the sensor to your fishing line and cast it along with the bait. It will provide signals back to the display so you can see if there are any fish near your line. This type of fishfinder is an excellent choice for shallow water fishing.

The last mounting method is the "Shoot through" transducer. Unlike through-hull models, shoot through models do not require a hole in the boat's hull. Instead the unit is placed inside the hull and transmits and receives signals from there. This type of fish finder works only with fiberglass hulls and as with other methods, placement is critical. Usually a flat spot in the aft bilge area is the best location, but check with a professional.

There are several ways to attach a shoot through model. They can be bolted on or some can be fiberglassed or epoxied to the hull. There are also some shoot through models that are encased in a special enclosure. A professional can help you choose the right method for your fish finder and your boat.

Fish finder mounts can be difficult depending on the type. If you have any doubts about how to mount your model, it is always best to get professional help.