Luxury Outdoor Chandeliers and Outdoor Candle Chandeliers – The Two Extremes

Dream of lovely evenings, spacious sunsets, and quiet areas … Then an outdoor chandelier would fit right in. Chandeliers can come in the simple to the extravagant. Large, expensive, and intricately made, luxurious hanging lights of this vintage are perfect for some outside spaces. A six to ten light model is suitable for lighting a larger area. Smaller areas would be better suited for the two or three light selections.

For a less formal, more intimate setting, an outdoor candle chandelier would please many. Candles produce soft, delicate light. The dance flames add to the whimsical, almost fairy tale qualities of a romantic evening. Some only weighing a mere eight pounds can even be suspended from a lattice covered area. With no wiring to worry about, these lights are indeed unique.

Luxury outdoor chandeliers can weigh seventy five pounds or more. The electrician has lots of fun hanging them and their even heftier cousins. But well worth the effort, company and guests will be impressed. Lighting is a very important feature design. Without it, one would not have their interior or exterior design illuminated for anyone to even view. Higher end outdoor chandeliers can price anywhere from a few hundred dollars to five thousand and more. Things such as intricate metal work can make the price increase dramatically.

Outdoor candle chandeliers serve a totally different purpose than the luxury ones. Although much less expensive, the price tag far from explains the enjoyment earned from them. A six candle chandelier is fairly common. This size casts a nice even glow across a small area. Also having it suspended keeps the flames from coming into contact with napkins and other flammable table items. Some caution should be paid that the candles are not left burning unattended. Also they should be extinguished if the people enjoying them are getting tired. A quick nap could result in an unplanned fire.

Outdoor chandeliers are of every type and style. Candles to luxury outdoor chandeliers are just a few in the rainbow of options. Lighting outside spaces increases relaxation time. It also provides a perfect escape for that warm evening with someone you care about.

Kate Spade Handbags

Kate Spade handbags are not for the meek and timid who do not like to attract attention. The Kate Spade handbag is funky, lively, and modern, perfect for the attention seekers of the world!

When Kate first arrived in New York she barely had two cents to rub together, but that did not stop her from becoming the fashion editor for Mademoiselle magazine. Occasionally Kate started her own handbag company with Andy Spade, her husband. Using Kate's first name and spade, her husbands last name, she created a new line of Kate purses that were very unique and stylishly chic.

Handbags designed by Kate spade, although fairly new to the purse market, seem to have grown in popularity to the point where they are comparable to Gucci handbags. Kate Spade designer handbags have so much personality that you may find yourself getting compliments from complete strangers as you walk down the street.

All of Kate's handbags are made in Italy and many are lined with a supple soft suede. The crinkled leather handbags are very durable and well made. Your Kate Spade designer handbag will never go out of style as they are made using modern and classic handbag designs instead of trendy short term designs.

If you do not already own a piece of Kate Spade, be sure to get in on the action and get your own Kate Spade designer handbag.

Safe Snow Shoveling Tips

Shoveling snow is a hard and potentially dangerous task. If you prepare properly and understand the safest ways to shovel then you will be able to prevent injury to your back and make shoveling a bit easier than a task.

It's also important to understand that shoveling is not for everyone. If you have a heart condition of any kind of have had a heart attack then you should not shovel. It is also recommended that people with low physical activity or those who rarely exercise abstain from shoveling. The stress shoveling can put on your heart is very real and the sudden stress on an inactive person's heart could cause a sudden and serious problem.

Prepare Properly
o Avoid caffeine and a heavy meal just before shoveling as both could add stress to your heart.
o Dress warm-wear cotton socks, insulated and waterproof boots and a warm hat that covers your ears. Also wear gloves that are not too bulky so that you can get a good grip on the shovel.
o Bring a large water bottle with you outside which will help you remember to drink and make it more convenient as you wont have trail snow inside your home when you want to go get a drink.
o Make sure you stretch and go for a quick 1-2 minute walk to get your heart beat up. It will actually make the shoveling easier.

Snow Shoveling Tips
o Choose a plastic shovel over a metal shovel. Plastic shovels are lighter and will therefore be easier to use.
o Spray a silicone lubricant on the blade of the shovel. This will make the snow slide off and also prevent it form sticking.
o Do not throw snow over your shoulder; the safest way to shovel is to actually push the snow away from you.
o Shovel safely by bending legs slightly at the knee, letting thigh muscles do most of the pushing and lifting work; this will reduce strain on the heart and back.
o Use a shovel with a smaller blade. This will limit the weight of snow that you will be pushing and therefore limit your chances for injury.
o If you are at home during the start of a heavy snowfall, consider heading out to shovel after just a few inches. Going out a few times to shovel may be inconvenient and cold, but in the end it will be easier and quicker then shoveling many inches of heavy snow.
o The safest way to shovel to prevent injury is to always bend your knees slightly and gently lean over.

After Shoveling
o Make sure you re-hydrate yourself, especially of you did not drink enough fluids while you were out shoveling.
o Warm yourself up with a protein filled soup (like chicken noodle soup or a vegetable lentil soup). Not only will you get warm up quickly but you will quickly feel your energy level return to normal.

Follow these snow shoveling tips for easy and safe shoveling. If snow shoveling is not for you or you just do not have the time or energy to tackle it, then consider hiring a snow removal service to do it.

Best Ski Resorts in the World

Skiing has a lot of health benefits. It strengthens your joints and bones and it also boosts your mood. Skiing also improves your endurance and heart health. It strengthens the muscles in your lower body. Skiing also improves your flexibility and the quality of your sleep. If you're a die hard skiing enthusiast, here are the top ski resorts that you should definitely visit:

1. Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort is located in Utah and it is considered as one of the best ski resorts in the world. The resort hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. This resort was established in 1963 and it has around 314 trails. This area is mostly for intermediate skier. But, it has trains for beginners and expert skiers, too.

2. Whiteface Mountain Resort

This resort is located in Lake Placid, New York. It was established in 1958 and it is the host of the 1980 Winter Olympics. This resort is known for its beautiful panoramic scenery and excellent amenities. The Whiteface mountain resort has over two hundred eighty acres of skiable terrain. It has 11 lifts and over eight trails. This resort is great for skiers of varying skills. It is also kid-friendly. It's a great destination for a winter family get-away.

3. Val Thorens

Val Thorens is the highest ski resort in Europe, about two thousand three hundred meters above sea level. Whether you're an expert skier or a beginner, this area is perfect for you. It has a beautiful scenery and it is reliably easy to get to.

4. Zermatt

Zermatt is one of the most popular ski resorts in Switzerland. It has a great panoramic view. The area is filled with chalets, hotels, and charming restaurants.

5. Lake Louise Ski Resort

The Lake Louise Ski Resort is located in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. It is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world. It has 139 marked ski runs that are mostly for intermediate skiers. It also has a sightseeing gondola that's open all year round, offering a panoramic view of the natural springs, glaciers, and wildflowers. You can also do a lot of other things in the resort such as ice skating and dog sledding.

6. Aspen Highlands

Aspen Highlands is definitely the most popular skiing mountain in the world. It is located in Colorado and it was developed in 1958 by Whip Jones, the father of the ski industry. The mountain is steep, so this is perfect for skiers who are looking for a little challenge. This place is filled with amazing restaurants, ski and ice skating schools, and hotels.

7. Alyeska

Alyeska is located in Girwood, Alaska. It was founded in 1954 and it has around 1,400 acres. This place is low key and relatively affordable. You can also do a lot of other activities in the resort including tubing, scenic flights, dog-sledding, cross country skiing, and boat cruising.

8. Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It has the largest ski area in North America and it is accessible via 2 high speed squads and 3 gondolas. The Microsoft XP was codenamed "Whistler" as many of its developers and coders skied at this resort during its development period.

How to Skin and Clean Shark


If you’ve never cooked up those little sharks one catches in bays and the surf, you’re missing a big treat. Some call them sand sharks but they’re really called smooth dogfish sharks (Mustelus canis). At least this is what is caught along the North American Atlantic seaboard from Main to Florida.

Note that the dogfish does not have those sharp pointed teeth which cut and tear at their prey. They crush and grind instead. The dogfish is relatively harmless and timid. They come in various shades of grey and have white underbellies.

The purpose of this page isn’t to tell you about sharks, but rather to tell you how to deal with them once caught if you intend to turn them into tasty morsels.

The primary thing to realize is that shark urinate through their skin. This also applies to related species such as stingray and skate. They say that smaller and younger shark and related species usually don’t have an off taste, but I prefer to treat them all the same. The off taste is that of ammonia. As soon as a shark or related species dies, the ammonia flavor and odor begin to permeate. The urea-like compounds in shark blood will immediately start to break down into ammonia.

Here’s the key to cleaning shark and avoiding the buildup of offending taste and odor:

1. As soon as the shark is caught, remove the head, gut it, bleed it and skin it:

What you’ll need: A sharp fillet knife, stainless steel needlenose pliers, a towel, a relatively clean surface, fresh water and a cooler with lots of ice. It wouldn’t hurt to have kevlar or metal mesh gloves if handling a shark with big teeth. You also may want to have a hammer or club to kill a shark that’s oversized for your ability to deal with before attempting to remove the head. The cooler needs to be big enough to hold all the shark meat you’ll be storing.

A word of caution. The dogfish shark as indicated above doesn’t have sharp teeth, but other sharks do, and you need to exercise caution when handling a live shark with razor sharp teeth and snapping jaws.

A. Have a relatively clean surface to work with the shark body after the head has been removed and the shark bleeds out. The idea is to keep sand and grit from getting on the shark meat. You can remove the head, then use some water to rinse off the rest of the shark and put it on the clean working area.

B. Place a towel over the head, holding the shark in a stable safe position and use a club on the head to kill it.

C. Use the fillet knife to remove the head and let the body bleed out for a couple minutes. Run the fillet knife down the underbelly of the shark; from where the head was removed to where the inner cavity ends.

Remove the entrails.

D. Rinse sand from the body and from the inner cavity where the entrails were removed and then place the body on your working area.

E. Use the fillet knife to remove all the fins, slicing them off close to the body. Slice off the tail just where the the tail starts to thicken from the underlying meat.

F. Run the fillet knife just under the skin from the end of the open belly cavity to where the tail was removed. Next run the fillet knife under the skin on the top side of the shark where the head was removed and split the skin from the head end down to the tail end. The sharks skin is now separated from the top and bottom into a left and right half.

G. Shark skin is tough to remove, but once you get it started, and have a decent grip, can be ripped off the meat. Take your needlenose pliers and pinch them on a corner of the skin at the top, head end of one side. Get a good piece of the skin pinched and then keeping a tight grip on the pliers, roll the pliers one or two times allowing the skin to wrap around the end of the pliers. Grip tightly and yank a few times to get the skin to start peeling away from the meat. The hole the shark with your other hand (a friend is helpful here), and pull hard to continue to tear the skin away until the entire side of skin has been removed. Once you have a pretty good portion torn away, you can remove the pliers from the skin and use them to grip the skin near areas still attached to the meat to pull more of the skin away. Do the same thing with the other half of the skin not removed yet. Since the skin is so tough, it’s likely you’ll be able to remove the entire section at one time. If the skin does tear away from the main piece, just pinch the skin again and roll it again until you have the skin pulled away more. Continue the process until all skin is removed.

2. Once the steps in item 1 are done, you’ll see a dark or red strip that runs down both sides of the length of the meat. Use the fillet knife to slice just under the dark surface to remove it. Slice under it again if the darkness or red is still fairly pronounced. Depending on the side of your cooler, you can cut the shark into lengths that allow them to fit into the cooler.

3. Immediately put the finished product in ice to keep it chilled until you’re ready to cook it. You can cut small sharks it into 3, 4 or more inch pieces to fit it into a plastic bag when putting it on ice.

4. Fresh or thawed from frozen, you can soak it in milk or a sodium bicarbonate soak for an hour or so.

Note that this applies to shark you’ve caught and know are fresh. If you’re purchasing shark or skate, take a whiff to see if it’s got an ammonia odor. If so, don’t buy it or ask for another piece.

The whole idea is to keep the shark from any deterioration which starts the conversion to an ammonia process. In all likelihood if you follow the above handling steps, you probably won’t have to soak it in milk or sodium bicarbonate. I just do it out of habit.


Exploring a Marquise Cut Ring

A marquise cut ring possesses one of the oldest cuts in the world. Also referred to as the Navette cut, the marquise cut did not come into being if not for the French king Louis XV. Perhaps he loved his mistress so much, Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, that he commissioned the jeweler of his court to cut a certain piece of diamond according to her smile.

This is the main reason why the marquise cut has an elongated look. It is an excellent cut for longer gemstones such as diamonds as well as for those that are round or oval shaped.

The Unique Look

One of the distinct characteristics of the marquise cut is its look. You will hardly find any other cut that is elongated. Moreover, the oval- or round-shaped diamonds or other gemstones are cut in a manner that only their tips appear pointed or edged.

Looking at the marquise cut, one may think that it is pretty easy to do. The truth is it is not. This is because there is a particular aspect ratio that has to be followed. It is 1: 2. This means that the width is 50 percent longer than its length. The cutter also has to make sure that the pointed ends would not easily break. Otherwise, it will certainly reduce the value of the gemstone.

There is also the challenge of taking as little as possible from the gemstone. In the case of the diamond, for example, he or she needs to ensure that much of the stone is being retained.

On the part of the owner, it is important that you have a gemstone with the least amount of inclusion as possible. Keep in mind that your stone will certainly be highlined once it is already set on the ring. Any kind of flaw will most likely become very visible or noticeable.

You should also be determined on whether the bow tie effect is fine with you or not. The effect happens the ideal ratio changes. Because the cut does not need to follow the normal patterns of the stone, they create a shadow that appears like a bow tie in the middle of the gemstone. Others call this a flaw, while many consider it as a unique attribute of the cut.

If you are in a tight budget, you can certainly opt for the marquise cut, which has the ability to improve a stone's brilliance.

Hiring a House Painter – 7 Questions to Ask Their References

Painting your home is more than just paint colors and wall textures. When you are selecting a company to paint your house they are going to be spending time inside your personal space so you want someone that will not only do a great job, but someone you can trust, too.

When we repainted our house a few years ago we took extra precaution, because we knew the painter would have full access to our home while we were away at work.

We made a list of criteria, and then interviewed several different painters before making our selection. We wanted to review references, proof of license and insurance, and of course information about how they planned to paint our house.

If their quote was in the right range, and they had proof of insurance and licenses, the next most important thing for us was their references – we asked for them to provide us with customers names and phone numbers – and then we called them.

When people give interviews that they often refer to give a bad reference for someone they know – so do not ask ONLY questions that have yes or no answer, encourage them to have a conversation about the painting experience.

Remember, your are entrusting your home and its contents to the company you select, it is important that you can rely on them to be trustworthy.

We asked several specific questions when we were verifying the references:

1) On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being perfect and 1 being disappointed, how would you rate your satisfaction with the painter and the results and WHY?

2) What do you wish the painter had done differently?

3) Did they finish their work within the scheduled time?

4) Was the work completed professionally?

5) Were there any hidden charges or extras that were not included in the original price quote?

6) What was the best thing about working with this painter?

7) Would you recommend them to your family?

Number 7 is my personal favorite, there are folks you'd recommend to work for your friends, but do you like them enough to recommend them to work for your family.

Ultimately the painter we selected had not only great references, but bought along a portfolio of painting jobs to show us the styles and options and not just a bunch of paint chips.

As your shop around for a house painter, always remember to check their references.

Brushed Nickel Chandeliers – Elegance in Lighting

Chandeliers are becoming an explosive trend in home decor and remodeling. Trends in chandeliers are moving away from the highly reflective polished finishes and large sizes. The muted finish of a brushed nickel chandelier provides a warm and ornate appearance, without the glare of the highly polished chandeliers. They are wonderful lighting treatments that can be used in a number of rooms in the home. Chandeliers are quickly becoming an essential part of home renovations because they provide essential lighting and a beautiful focal point. They are no longer the huge fixtures that are imagined in the movies, instead, there are a vast number of designs including a number of small chandeliers.

There are more designs and variations of chandeliers than ever before. Designs come from just about every artistic school. There are modern designs that focus on the simple linear design. There are other designs that focus on the ornate or scrolling of the metal. Classical designs may incorporated beading with chain and crystal accents. Some of the designs will hang from a chain, suspending the chandelier in the room. Other mounting designs will have a long chandelier dip down from a solid ceiling mount. A design that is gaining in popularity does not interfere with the room, but stays close to the ceiling.

The variations on the designs make the decorating possibilities virtually endless. Lighting and glass styles are the most common variation within any design. The type of light that is installed in a chandelier can make a huge difference in the impact it makes. Some favor the softer, candle flame designed lights. Others may prefer a bright white to soft white bulbs. The glass variations are also important. There are chimney globes that are reminiscent of candle lit chandeliers, frosted glass, clear glass, globes and cups. No matter what the design, lighting, or glass options, brushed nickel finishes accent them all.

The style of chandelier that is chosen should depend upon the decor of the room, ceiling height, room size, and desired effect. Shorter rooms should not use designs that hang low from the ceiling. Larger rooms with raised ceilings may want to hang the chandelier further from the ceiling. The lighting and effects of the glass should be dictated not only by the decor, but also by the function of the room. If the chandelier is the only light in the room, then brighter lights would be needed. When the chandelier is used as an accent to the room, the softer lights may be just as useful.

Make Sure You Install Your Spade Terminals Properly

Spade terminals are a great way of terminating your cables: not only do they make hooking and unhooking a connection much easier, they also help to protect the poor copper wire found in speaker cables from corrosion which can seriously impact the overall performance of your system, so it's little wonder that spade terminals are so widely used.

If you buy your speaker cable with the terminals already installed then you do not have too much to worry about, though it would be worth while just to check that the manufacturer has installed them properly. However, if you buy your spade terminals separately and terminate your speaker cable yourself then it is really important that you install your terminals properly.

In the best case scenario a badly installed spade terminal could degrade the signal and there would be a noticeable drop in sound quality; but in the worst case scenario a badly installed spade could cause your system to short out, resulting in irreparable damage being done to the sensitive electronics inside your audio components.

There are so many different designs and styles of spade terminal that it would be impossible to discuss them all, but most of the higher end terminals feature some kind of insulated jacket, or sleeve, that covers the area where the bare speaker cable is actually attached to the spade lug. If you are using a spade like this then be sure that there are no stray wires sticking out and then carefully fit the insulated jacket.

However, if your spade terminals do not feature this jacket, then it's up to you to ensure the connection between cable and spade lug is properly insulated. Not only will this help to protect your audio equipment, it will also ensure that you get the very best levels of performance out of your system, and as an added bonus it also makes the connection look much neater and more professional which is important for people who have their audio components on display. Do not worry; fitting your own insulation jacket to a spade terminal is actually a much easier job than it sounds!

First of all you will need some shrink wrap tubing. You should be able to get this from most audio or hardware stores; you can even pick it up in most car maintenance stores too. When this tubing is heated it shrinks and forms a neat jacket that helps to isolate the connection between the speaker cable and spade lug; it will also help to keep the connection securely fastened.

Fit the spade terminal onto the end of the speaker cable as per the instructions and then cut a length of the shrink wrap tuning so that it is long enough to cover the joint. Slide the tubing over the top of the joint, leaving just enough room to slightly cover the actual spade lug.

Use a heat gun to shrink the tubing onto the cable to create a secure seal. Remember you are trying to get the tubing to cover as much of the exposed metal as possible in order to minimize the risk of shorting out your entire system; making sure most of the exposed metal is covered in shrink wrap also helps to reduce the risk of corrosion. If you have never used shrink wrap tubing or a heat gun before then it's a good idea to have a few practice attempts before you actually do this for real since it can be hard to judge how far the tubing will shrink, which can lead to some messy or insecure seals.

Once you are finished you can use a sharp knife to trim away any excess shrink wrap to leave you with a professional looking result. Now repeat this process for the rest of your spade terminals and then sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that your home entertainment system is fully protected.

Shovel: We Are All Diggers!

We all use tools in our daily life, from carpentry tools to automated tools we always make sure that they are all well taken care of because we know that these tools make our chores light and easy. Regular inspections done to make sure safety in the next use. Tools are just like human body that needs special attention so they can do better and give us quality output. They are already part of our lives especially the shovel that had long before we exist. It said that during the Neolithic times humans are using animal scapula for digging. Maybe it's hard for them to use the bone but it was certainly very productive during their times. As humans evolved in longer periods of time so were the tools. Today shovels are more solid to with the laborious work. They may have changed in appearance and composition but the main purpose is not lost – to dig.

Shovels have different types depending on what to use on; for construction use, agricultural use, gardening use and even construction use. Different types of shovels do different task just imagine using a spade shovel for gardening, right? So always pick the right shovel for your chosen odd jobs. Most manual shovels have upgraded for heavy digging of materials commonly seen in constructions (like loaders and backhoes) they may have installed engines in shovels but they are the same in function – to excavate or transferring materials. Manual labors are lessening because of this power shovel. Manual shovels developed but are not gone. In fact, they categorized as per task involved.

The commonly used shovel in our household is the spade or the square shovel. The spade shovel has a sharp tip to dig hard ground, the square shovel has square tip used for transferring soils, or materials. Gardening shovel is useful in breaking clumps of dirt in the garden they are easily manoeuvred since they are a small version of spade shovel. Trenching shovel is for digging trenches. The scoop shovel is for scooping materials that does not need force to execute. Fireplace shovel, taken from its name it is purposely used in fireplaces to tend ashes. These are just some of the manual shovels that helped us in our responsibilities.

The shovels are helping us and with proper handling and cleaning will make your shovel last for a longer period. There are mainly two parts of the shovel and these are the handle and the head. Taking good care of the handle will prevent them from breaking easily; because the handle is wood it would certainly get rotten and ever will break apart. It is advisable to store the shovel in a dry place it would be better to hang your shovel. The head steel so it will rust if neglected after using, if this will happen your shovel can not do its task so. It is best to regularly sharpen your shovel.

Home Elevators – 10 Facts & How They Can Help Your Loved Ones Not to Feel Lonely

1. Cost of home elevators has become much more affordable because the demand has increased. Instead of just searching for a new home, you can stop and consider if a home elevator would make sense to install in your current home.

2. Elevators are now easily installed in existing homes and need no more space than a large closet. This is amazing. In years past elevators were only in buildings. They have come along way, especially due to the need.

3. The addition of an elevator in your home will improve the resale value of your home. Not only that, it is a true investment that will improve the quality of life for all family members. A person no longer needs to be confined to only one floor. Imagine the possibility this alone would open.

4. An elevator in the home needs no more space than a small closet. As far as the home elevator cost, remember that it will help your family member / s enjoy themselves on more than just one floor of your home.

5. There are freestanding elevators that operate even when the power is down.

6. Architects and builders routinely build houses to meet this popular demand.

7. If there is space at your home that can no longer be used and enjoyed because of a disability, an elevator for your home just could be the answer. It could save you from selling the family home or possibly a premature move to a nursing home. Some models automatically return to their up or down positions while the unit disappears into its parked position.

8. If you are interested in purchasing an elevator for your home, you will need to determine the correct model. Speak with a professional. Speak with your doctor for qualification of this need.

9. Obtain written statements from your medical team as well as the elevator company who is to install the elevator.

10. Do not procrastinate. Life is too short. Learn as much as you can.

Crystal Chandeliers Add Appeal to Your Home

In a room, there can be many things that can be added to make it look better. You can think of many appliances or fixtures to make your home sophisticated looking and you can even think of a theme to make the house have an appeal that suits your character. One of the best fixtures that you can use would be crystal chandeliers. This is an electric appliance that is not only used to add light to a room but also add style and appeal to it.

Through the use of crystal chandeliers you will be able to make your home more suitable to your taste. Also, you can decorate your chandelier in accordance with the style that fits you. This makes your home more beautiful and personalized. There are also many designs in the market so you will not have a hard time searching for the one that you think is suitable with your needs.

When you are out in the market, there are some features of the crystal chandeliers that must be considered. Although you already know that the design of the chandelier should be the first thing that you would check, there are more important thinks that must be considered so that you will be able to purchase the right kind.

Aside from the overall design, you should think of the size of the crystal chandeliers that you see in the market. You should remember that you have a room that needs to be filled but you must choose the one that really fits it. Something that is too big would not be good to look at and something that is too small would only look unfit. Thus, the size is an important consideration and it would really be helpful if you check on this aspect first before any other features. You can ask some help from the store that you are buying the crystal chandeliers as they may give you some pointers on the style and size and they can be ready with the crystal chandelier that you need.

Crystal Chandelier can be the center of your room. It easily catches the attention of other people so you should be very wary in choosing the one that you will put in your home. It should really fit the room and serve its purpose the best way it possibly can. You will only need to find the one in the market and find the perfect match of your room, your taste and your budget. It would also be helpful if you already set your needs so that you will not have a hard time deciding on what to buy. You will only have to think which one can give you best benefits.

Calling a Spade a Spade

Living in a state of denial for an extended period of time does a person little good. Some times it takes a whack up along side the head to literally jolt one out of denial and into reality.

In three totally separate incidents last week in Rapid City, three very good friends of mine had a "chat" with me about my weight issue. I mean to tell you, none of these three was easy on me; none of them minced words or beat around the bush in any way.

My first response was OUCH! I can not say it did not hurt a lot ('cuz it did), but after the initial shock and awe, I got my head straight, and I realized how very thankful I am that these three dear people care about me to speak up. I know it could not have been easy for them to tell me what was on their mind, and I know that they only had my best interest at heart. I truly am a blessed man.

It's not ever easy for someone to get real, to reach out, and to be sincere by, as they say, "calling a spade a spade." It certainly takes a special quality to be able to be painfully honest with a friend, and say what needs to be said.

As I have indicated, change is taking place. I am taking action, and am already enjoying some major successes. Just saying "no" to my self is a huge thing. I am drinking lots of water, watching my portions, and am setting up accounting systems. I know it will be a process, but I know I have lots of people to encourage me along the way.

I share all of this with you today, in an effort to encourage you. Maybe you are like me, and know that there is something others have been telling you needs changing in your life. You do not feel so good about it, but you have to admit you have just let some area of ​​your life go too far out of control, and you know they were only "call a spade a spade". Take time to thank those that are annoying you to change, and then take the action necessary to make that change.

On the other hand, you might be one who is in the position of having to confront someone. You do not want to do it, but you realize now is the time to get your cards on the table and "call a spade a spade." Though the truth can, and probably will hurt, telling the truth is the kindest thing you can do for a friend.

In either case, be of courage. It's never too late to do the right thing.

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Elevator and Lift Contractors

When you choose to install an elevator for indoor or outdoor use, elevator and lift contractors take care of the installation and maintenance of the elevators. They even provide repair and after sales service for more convenience. With advancing technology, one comes across various new-fangled models to choose from and this decision can be quite perplexing. Quite a few factors have to be considered varying from the price factor, durability, specific requirements and the like. Elevator contractors apply their expert knowledge in providing guidance regarding the suitability of a particular product, based on your requirements.

Good Elevator Contractors Provide Excellent Service

One must always approach experienced and authorized contractors for trouble-free lift installation and after sales service. These contractors examine your particular needs and install the approved elevator with minimum hassles. Several superior models of elevators made by leading manufacturers are being sold and serviced by the contractors. In the US, Savaria, ThyssenKrupp Access, Federal Elevators and some others have made their name because of the high quality models. The popular elevator models for residential and commercial use are Lev Home Elevator, Windsor Residential Elevator, Signet home Elevator, Panorama Elevator, Lula elevators and many others.

These elevator models can be customized by the contractors according to the need of the buyer with the help of their trained staff. They also ensure that the products they supply have safety features such as emergency brakes, emergency stop provision, power back up, disabled-friendly seats and so on.

Find a Good Elevator Contractor for Perfect Installation

When you hire the services of elevator and lift contractors be sure to opt for the best. A reliable contractor would ensure trouble-free installation and regular maintenance services. So be sure to research well and only then decide on who suits your needs best. Along with finding the right model, perfect installation and after sales care are equally important.

Crystal Chandeliers – Light, Shade and Other Unique Designs

Crystal chandeliers are one of the best ornaments you can add in a home. A perfect chandelier usually captures the attention of guests. If you want to make your crystal chandeliers attractive enough, make sure to choose designs which complement your home. It would also be best to choose crystal chandeliers based on their light and shade to make sure they look perfect in your homes.

Lights And Shades Of Crystal Chandeliers

Shade and lighting are very important in chandeliers. The lighting fixture has to emit enough light to give the room the exact illumination it needs. A small chandelier may provide insufficient amount of light to a very big room. And a huge crystal chandelier may result to overexposed small rooms. As much as you want to have the largest and largest lighting fixtures, not all room types can look good in this type of crystal chandelier. You have to balance the light and shade needed by the room against the lighting fixture you are eyeing on.

Tips In Lighting And Shading

Here are some few basics you should learn.

o Crystal chandeliers throw light directly into a person's face. Therefore, getting lighting fixtures which are too big for your homes may provide disturbing shadows to the face.

o Large lights add heat to the room. Bulbs which have higher wattage can add up heat in a specific area. If your place is not supported with air condition systems or a good ventilation, make sure to use lights which can contribute less heat in a room.

o Aside from lighting and shading, you need to choose a good crystal chandelier that can look nice in your homes.

o For better lighting, you can hang the chandelier a little bit lower. Just make sure that it is not low enough to cause visual disturbance on your guests.

Unique Crystal Chandeliers

Aside from light and shade, you might prefer chandeliers which can provide uniqueness in your homes. There are chandeliers which make use of semi-precious crystal stones. There are also black crystals which provide a good and striking appeal. There are those with simple ornaments but provide the best designs in a room.

To make the lighting fixture even more unique, you can have them custom made. You can choose specific designs which are not in the brochures and have them manufactured by crystal chandelier shop owners.

In buying lighting fixtures, always consider the costs. You have to purchase something which you can afford. There are plenty of nice designs around which do not oblige you to spend too much on these lighting fixtures. Just remember to shop and choose well to make quality purchases. – Crystal Chandelier