Here's How Shipping Container Homes Help the Environment

It is a great thing that people are becoming very concerned about the environment and the planet. There are stringent efforts taken by people to take care of the planet in all aspects. With the increased awareness about the environment, people have started focusing on reducing the carbon footprint that actually ruins the environment.

One major way to reduce the carbon footprint and take care of the Earth is through recycling. There are many materials that can be recycled such as paper, glass, metals and plastic. When it comes to the construction industry, using the shipping containers for building is the best way to save the environment.

Numerous cargo ship containers can be found abandoned in shipyards but these can still be used in a great way. Many people have opted for this growing trend as it is possible to recycle these containers and transform them into great looking homes. Well, here is a guide that details the environmental benefits of the shipping container enclosures.

Recycling Intermodal Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are designed to be durable and long lasting. And, during their lifespan, these containers travel several thousand of miles across the world. When the shipping container owner keeps them well, it is possible to make them last for even a decade. But as we live in a disposable society, people trend to replace old things when they buy new ones. This applies to the shipping containers as well.

As there are numerous shipping containers up for sale, it is possible to recycle them and use them for various purposes. One best way to give life to these is by building container homes. These homes offer several benefits such as,

  1. Environment friendly
  2. Unique looks
  3. Functional and flexible
  4. Affordable
  5. Durable

Shipping Container Enclosures are Like Building Blocks

Designing an environment friendly home is possible with the use of shipping containers. These container enclosures are considered to be building blocks that are stacked together similar to the building blocks that children play with. These can be stacked either side by side or one on top of the other as per the requirement. It is possible to build a custom living space by creating large open rooms. This is possible to achieve by placing the containers side by side and taking off the internal walls.

Besides being restricted to homes, the shipping containers can be used for container site office structures as well. It is possible to weld the containers together to create a multiple story structure that is sturdy. People can create bespoke homes that are unique and eco-friendly with shipping containers.

Container Enclosures Use Less Cement and Concrete

The process of manufacturing cement and concrete is harmful to the environment. So, using recycled shipping containers to build a structure is definitely environment friendly. It is still important to use concrete but it will be used only to lay the foundation, which causes less harm. The amount of concrete depends on the size and structure of the building. If it is a taller building, then it will require more foundation to support its overall weight.

Reduced Carbon Footprint is No More a Dream

In addition to building shipping container enclosures using recycled containers, it is also possible to reduce the carbon footprint by incorporating other such recycled products. In tropical climates, wooden shingles made using sustainable sources or recycled materials can be used to cover the exterior of the building. Even plants with large bushhes or trees can be used to give shade to the building from the sunny climate.

Adding an external roof in order to provide shade is also a feasible option. This can be done by installing solar panels to reduce the energy consumption. Although solar panels are not sufficient to generate all the power that is needed, it can be used to power some appliances, which will reduce the use of electricity at least to a specific level. Some of the notably things that can help in achieving an eco-friendly home are,

  1. Rainwater harvesting
  2. Recycling bins
  3. Compost heap
  4. Vegetable and fruit garden

Get Enough Space for a Garden

Eco-friendly homes constructed using recycled shipping containers help in creating enough space for a garden that can grow vegetables and fruits. The organic waste that is treated of can be placed on the compost heap, which fertilizes the garden. It is also possible to collect the rainwater and use the same to water the garden. If everyone makes the effort to create a garden in your home, it is possible to achieve a greener Earth.

Affordable Homes

An eco-friendly container enclosure made out of recycled shipping containers will definitely be great. In addition to being environment friendly, such homes are also affordable as these are built using recycled and reused materials. And, the overall carbon footprint is also lowered as such homes will be installed with solar panels and high-quality insulation.

Faster and Easier to Build

When it comes to construction of container enclosures, time will not be a major concern as such structures are easier and faster to build. It would not take a long time to construct shipping container homes and container site office structures as there is minimal effort needed to raise such structures.

Although there are many environmental advantages associated with such homes, these are not perfect ones. One major downside is that these homes are considered to be temporary shelters by many people. As the containers are not too spacious, it will result in less free space for the occupants. The noticeable aspect is that these container homes need expensive steel reinforcements when they are stacked together.

How to Get Fit Without Paying Expensive Gym Fees

Gym fees can be very expensive especially if you do not use it. Many people sign up to a gym with very good intentions. This usually happens at the start of the New Year when everyone is making their New Year resolutions. However, after a month or two most people begin to slide and stop going. However, they still keep paying their membership fees under the pretense that they will go back again when they have time.

Well, there is another way and it will not cost you a dime. So cancel that membership, and listen up. You do not have to waste your time and money in a gym when you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Also, you do not have to spend any money on any fancy gym equipment as most of that is a waste of money anyway. All you require for these exercises is a little free time and gravity.

Try the following exercises to help build your upper body strength:

The Press-up

The press-up is one of the most effective exercises for building your upper body strength. No wonder the military love them. However, to get the most benefit out of them you have to do them correctly. Start by placing your arms shoulder width apart, your fingers forward facing and keep your back straight. Focus your eyes straight ahead and not looking down.

Begin the press up by gradually lowering your body to the ground. Ensure your elbows are not moving away from your body but backwards in the direction of your feet. Lower your body until your chest is and mid-section are about one inch from the surface of the floor. Then gradually move up keeping your back straightened. When your arms are straightened you will have completed one press up or a rep. If you are not use to press ups you will find them quite hard in the beginning. However, persist with them and you will begin to notice a difference in your upper body strength. When starting out focus on getting the technique right rather than how many you can cram into one minute. The numbers will come the more you practice.

The Incline Press-Up

Very similar to the traditional press-up however, the only difference being that you are pressing up and down on a raised surface. Ideally use a bench that is about 1 foot in height. Adopt the traditional press up position as outlined above and place your hands onto the bench. Gradually lower your body towards the bench keeping your body very straight in a line. You will find that the higher the bench the easier it becomes. If you are doing press ups for the first time you may want to consider doing the inclines first before doing the traditional press-ups

Shipping Container Repairs – Don’t Weld It, Patch It – A Quick Patch Hardens in Sunlight

I have sold shipping containers for a number of years and I sell them because I like them. I like the recycling aspect, I like the subsidised cost of them – subsidised because of the huge number of containers needed in the shipping industry. And I like the modern form of the symmetrical cube, a container home can be a thing of beauty but…

There are some serious issues to overcome if you are going to use a seacan for any of the numerous practical uses. Yes a container provides instant low cost storage. A shipping container can be easily modified as an office, workshop or cabin. Taken to their limits they are used as exhibition centres, hotels and of course homes. As long as they are primed, painted, sealed and elevated you can hold back the rust. But that’s a lot of effort if you purchased a rusty old seacan and need some easy non-insulated storage. Usually vehicle, materials or equipment storage.

So in the old days you either painted it or got a welder in every season or two. Now there are simple fibreglass pliable reinforced polyester patches that harden in uv light and are ready to sand, tap, drill or paint within an hour. Yes that is just sunlight! The patches will even bond to rusty surfaces, patches are waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures, extreme heat and cold.

If your working with UV Quick patches inside, UV light may be an issue but UV flashlights are available for around $20 available in hardware stores. Although for shipping container repairs you are probably working on the outside of the seacan anyway.

Identifying a leak in a container is in my experience as simple as going inside the container in the light of day, closing the doors and searching for light. Once a hole is identified, locate it on the outside of the can and remove the pliable patch from the silver foil and apply over the hole. You can cut and mould the patch to shape. Bond the patch to the steel with pressure. Keep applying pressure over the entire area of the patch for a minute or 2 and your done. I use my thumbs to press down on the patch. Applying the patch is best done on a clean dry area so take a cloth with you. A wire brush if you’ve got some surface rust or a grinder with a wire brush attachment for more serious rust issues.

The patch will be rock hard in half an hour on a cloudy day. 15 minutes on a sunny day. You have about 3 minutes to place your patch from opening the foil package. After an hour you can sand and paint the patch. Or drill a hole and hang a shelf. It really is a solid bond.

I have now repaired a dozen or so shipping containers using this method over the last 6 months and now the rain and snow have arrived my container inspections have proven that this product really does work well.

How to Kill Mold As Soon As You Find It

Black mold as well as other types of mold are a very real and serious problem in many homes every where across the world. This is such a serious problem because mold has the potential to cause health problems in the people who live in the house as well as doing much damage to the house itself, sometimes cause structural damage that can number into the thousands. This article will supply you with some answers on how to kill mold as soon as you find it.

Even though you may have found mold in one area of ​​your house, you should always be checking other parts as well. Sometimes mold can hide in different parts of your home so it's very critical that you check every part, especially cabinets, under rugs and carpets, and in your basement and attic, which are the two places that mold likes to form the most in. Once you have located exactly where every bit of mold is, you then need to find a way to remove it.

To remove the mold, it's highly recommended that you buy cleaning products that are all-natural and organic. These are very powerful and effective at cleaning all different kinds of mold. You should also take the proper health measures by wearing gloves and goggles as well as sealing off any area you are working in to avoid the spreading of the mold. If you really wish to find out how to kill mold as soon as you find it, look through the internet to find out more ways of doing this so you can get rid of it for good.

Best Abs Workout – How To Get One For You?

Finding effective abs workout for a fit and toned body is not a magical procedure. You need to do workouts with full sincerity. The day will not be far off when you will have your body as you desire. However, answer to the question that which abs exercise is the best is a tricky one. As every individual has the body composition that may or may not respond as desired to a particular workout, it will always be a matter of uncertainty to comment on particular exercise.

There are a number of abs workouts such as knee and leg raises, crunches, reverse crunch, exercise ball crunches and bicycle exercise. The effectiveness of these workouts is the reason for gaining popularity. You may have come across these abs workouts and would have tried few of them but the big question is – have you tried them with abs workout training tips? This question is being asked because you may have a workout, but if you do not know the exact procedure of doing that workout then that workout instead of giving you positive results will have an adverse impact on your body.

If no results are produced by the adopted workout then it is quite obvious that you will give a negative comment for that workout. Actually, any exercise has to be done in a systematic manner. Two types of workouts may not be same. In addition to the actual way of doing workouts, the number of repetitions and sets also varies among the workouts. How gradually the number of times the workout is to be increased is also to be followed in true spirit. The frequency of the abs workout in a week is also very important. The guide and technique for the workout should be followed strictly.

These techniques and procedures are developed over a period of time by the people who have done lots of studies in this field to get best results. The comprehensive guide to any workout program is to be understood clearly before actually starting a workout program. Doing any workout program with your own set of rules will not only produce failures but will also affect your body in a very adverse manner. If you have an intention of doing the abs workout cleanly and quickly for better results then make sure of going through the guide for workout thoroughly.

With people becoming health conscious, internet is full of workouts to make your abs perfect. While selecting the best abs workout , make sure that it is genuine since many of the workouts shown on the internet promising to be the best are really big scams. There are many shady offers that lure millions of people ready to shed extra fats on the belly. Any workout that suits your body together with a proper diet program will do wonders in achieving your aim of getting six-pack abs.

The Quickest Way to Get a Six Pack

If you could go to WalMart and buy a ripped set of muscles for the beach next Summer what would you buy? Let me guess, a ripped six-pack of abs? There is not one guy out there who does not want a ripped midsection to make heads turn on the beach. Yet it really is not as hard to do as most people make it out to be. I am going to share with you Your Six Pack Quest and how to get a ripped six pack for this summer. Read more.

Before you understand the quickest way to get a ripped six pack, you must first understand truth. Once you have separated truth from misconception, lies, myths, and rumors you can then get the ripped six pack you are looking for. Let me clear things up for you.

Even fitness experts are out to get you with their "equipment" or "supplements". Lets learn how NOT to get a six pack.

Here is NOT the quickest way to get a ripped six pack! –

1. Special abdominal machines. Your watching a show and that ad comes about about the best abdominal machine in the world. Just 10 minutes a day to ripped abs. nothing could be further from the truth. The quickest way to get a ripped six pack is dieting!

2. Doing countless crunches and abs work in the gym. Crunches are a decent exercise to build a decent midsection. However, they are not the most affective way of building your abs and can lead to injury if you perform hundreds the wrong way! People often tend to use their hip flexors to often while doing crunches, which has been shown to decrease muscle activity.

3. Starving diets. This is the largest gimmick out there. Starve yourself? This slows your metabolism down and instead of burning carbohydrates your body looks to your burn your muscle tissues. Yes, you will lose weight but most of it will be muscle. Your body will then start holding on to fat cells because it senses that it is not getting the nutrients it needs. Muscle tissues burn calories, which in turn burns calories and fat. Why would you want to use your muscle for energy? I know I would not want to! Not to mention starving yourself puts you at risk for diabetes.

4. Diet pills. Sorry. THIS is the largest scam out there. Diet pills are horrible for your health with no results! Usually they are loaded up with dangerous amounts of caffeine. They waste your health and empty your pockets. Diet and nutrition are your best friends to get a ripped six pack. Rely on diet pills and you'll be further away from your goal then ever!

What is this misconception that abdominal muscles are not muscles? You can not train your abs every day unless you are on steroids. High intensity, overload, and recovery will build you bigger and stronger abs. If your abs are your worst muscle group and you wish to improve them, why not train them first. Who says you can not train your abs first? Most people want a larger chest or legs so they prioritize doing bench presses or squats first. Why not start with your abs first? Prioritize your abs and you will get a ripped six pack. What is better for building a ripped six pack? Training once or twice a week? Twice a week, assuming you're recovered. If you want to build a ripped six pack then train your abs as frequently as possible, but make sure you are well recovered each session. Train your abs in separate workouts to stimulate muscle growth the best. Upper abs, lower abs, and obliques. If your looking for a program to teach you more loaded with sample diets, workout routines, 6 pack education, and more keep reading. The quickest way to get a ripped six pack? DIET! Diet and exercise, not supplements and scams. Here is the number one guide to learning the truth about abs. To learn more go to Google and type in The Quickest Way to Get A Ripped Six Pack!


Tips to Maintain Virgin Hair and Their Benefits

Are you looking for an option of hair extensions? Do you want to try a pure form of hair extension or hair replacement? Virgin hair is a pure form of hair extension taken from a single donor without any chemical processing and dyeing. Check out the benefits and different ways to maintain them.

Virgin hair is donated by a living individual person that is not chemically processed, styled or colored so that they possess the natural qualities and feel 100% natural with your own hair. They are often straight as they are not permed before use. In simple words, they are exactly the same which was on the donor's head.

These are often harvested from young women with long, full healthy hair, which will be clear of greys, split ends and other damages. They are usually collected in ponytails so that their cuticle remain healthy and already show shiny, soft texture. Virgin hair is the highest quality hair extension option available in the market.

When saying chemically untouched or not at all permed, it is meant the same before collecting the hair from the donor as well. Even prior to donation, the hair should not be styled, relaxed or not exposed to any type of hair treatments. These types often show an undamaged cuticle, which in turn results in the softer and natural texture of the hair extension or replacement.

Cuticles are the vital part in your hair. Once they are damaged, it may cause serious problems like tangling, dryness, frizziness, to the hair, whether your own or the extension you use. So it is important to keep them or to choose the best quality product. Cuticles may be replaced by silicone, but they fade away quickly.

Once used by the accepter, these extensions can be an easy styling component as they are too soft and easily manageable when used with appropriate products. If you want to maintain your hair's natural quality as such, just follow some basic habits while styling occasionally.

Instead of using chemical permanent dyes or colors, you can use temporary and conditioning dyes. These temporary ones can affect your hair less harshly than those persistent dyes and help to retain the natural quality. However, to get lighter shades of hair temporary hair dyes are not advisable as they need to be bleached.

Also, to get curly and permed hair, adopt natural or less wary methods that do not affect the hair very much. For example, to get curls, instead of permanent methods or harsh heating equipment, use temporary methods. Just braid or twirl your damp hair and pin it for a night to get temporary curls without damaging the natural beauty.

These donors may also donate their hair for patients who lose their hair due to treatments.

Inflameze & How It Can Help Your Joints


Inflameze has been developed to provide people relief from swollen and inflated joints. Inflameze is also used to reduce the pain of people suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis. The use of natural herbs can decrease any side effects considerably. The main ingredients of the product and the functions are described below.

Boswellia Extract

Inflameze contains 150 mg of Boswellia extract. This is the extract of the herb boswellia serrata. It is also known as boswellia. It is an effective anti-inflammatory triterpenoid that helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of joint conditions like in arthritis and osteoarthritis.


Inflameze contains 100 mg of Bromelain. It is a protein digesting enzyme that is derived from the pineapple plant. It is a popular digestive aid when used with ox bile in small amounts. This natural enzyme is extracted from a pineapple. It helps increase mobility in people suffering from joint problems by decreasing joint pain and swelling.


Inflameze contains 100 mg of quercetin. It is extract from Seed Pods of the herb Dimorphandra mollis. Experiments have shown that quercetin helps reduce inflammation and decrease blood pressure. It can also help the body recover from injury and stress quicker.

Curcumin C3 Complex®

Inflameze contains 50 mg of curcumin. It is an extract from turmeric root. It is a patented formula of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used for centuries as spice as well as traditional medicine. Curcumin herb is an essential ingredient in Inflameze for joint health and flexibility.

Yucca Root and Devil's Claw Root

Inflameze contains 50 mg of Yucca root and 50 mg of Devils Claw. Yucca root and Devils claw are herbs which extracts have been used for their anti inflammatory properties. Both herbs have strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These help relieve chronic joint pain and stiffness while providing other helpful benefits as well.

Alfalfa Herb

Inflameze contains 25 mg of alfala herb. It is an herb rich in vitamins. Alfalfa herb relieves pain. It helps the body recover from joint pains and arthritis. Inflameze uses alfala herb because it is rich in vitamins, beta carotene, and minerals.


Inflameze contains 68 mg of calcium. It is a mineral that plays a vital structural role of the body. It plays a vital role by maintaining the structure of body and cell metabolism. Inflameze provides extra calcium to maintain healthy bones.

Cetylmyristoleic Acid

Inflameze contains 300 mg of Cetylmyristoleic Acid. It is a combination of fatty acids. It is essential for a normal cell structure, physiological processes and other body functions. The use of Cetylmyristoleic Acid has been shown to decrease pain and inflammation. It may also decrease motion limits of arthritis in a short period of time. The use of Cetylmyristoleic Acid in Inflameze has shown greater progress than the use of essential fatty acids.

Life’s A Stage: The Tips And Tricks Of Grease Makeup

Whether you are thinking about using grease makeup for a theatrical event, a special Halloween party or some other occasion, you need to know what products are out there and how to apply them.

While grease makeup takes more time and preparation than regular water-soluble face paint, it also lasts much longer. Most importantly, grease makeup won’t smear or run under hot lights or conditions where you might perspire. With grease makeup you can create a more dramatic and even professional look.

In addition to your grease face-paints and pencils you will need:

  • face-cleanser or cream cleanser and/or baby shampoo
  • clean towels or paper towel
  • clothing cover-up and hair-ties or shower cap
  • possible shaver for men
  • mirror if you aren’t working from home
  • good quality painting brush, powder brush
  • professional setting powder, talcum or baby powder and applicator (see below)
  • Q-Tips or fine painting brush, tissue paper, paper towel are all handy
  • Other items that you might also consider:
  • light moisturizer
  • baby oil (to fix mistakes after painting has ‘set’)
  • charcoal pencil for eyes
  • mascara
  • sponge
  • mister or water-spray
  • glitter and other decoration

Before you start applying the makeup, you need to prepare your face so it goes on smoothly. Thoroughly clean your face, tying back hair where necessary, and for men, have a shave. (Bearded men can apply grease paint makeup but it can be tricky keeping it out of the hair.) Remember that grease makeup will stain clothes, so put on an old button-up shirt. After your skin dries, apply a very light moisturizer.

Working with the lightest color first – usually white – and a good quality brush or sponge, or your fingers, you can outline the area and then fill it in. Alternatively you can paint following the contours of your face. The grease makeup may not go on smoothly if it is too cold, which you can remedy by putting a little dab of the color of in the palm of your hand for a minute. After painting, use your fingers to ‘pat’ the makeup into your skin.

Unlike water-based makeup, grease makeup requires you to paint your face and then ‘set’ it with a professional setting powder, or baby or talcum powder. (If you go with talcum, be sure to confirm beforehand that you don’t have an allergic reaction to it.) You can ‘set’ the grease makeup either in stages following each color’s application, or at the end of all the painting. Some people prefer the latter, applying all the colors before setting with powder, because they can fix mistakes more easily. The downside however is that you risk mixing colors accidentally and smearing your work.

Whether you ‘set’ in stages or at the end, one reliable way to apply the powder is to partly fill a small, clean, cotton tube sock with the powder, tie it up, and then gently dab your face. Allow the powder sit for a half a minute or so before dusting the excess off with a powder brush. The painted areas should no longer feel moist or sticky – if this is not the case, you probably need more powder. Once the grease makeup has set, it should be fairly smudge-proof. If something needs correcting at this point, you can use Q-Tips soaked in baby oil, but remember that neighboring areas could now be smudged.

Be careful not to apply the grease face makeup thickly or in layers. If you do have too much in one spot, press down on it with your fingers to smooth it out. Continue to refine your face, using Q-Tips or a fine brush for the smaller areas. Grease pencils also can be used for the face, charcoal pencils for the eyes, and don’t forget color for your lips too!

Allow the grease makeup to thoroughly dry, and apply a last light coating of powder, dusting off any excess with a brush or tissue paper. A damp cloth at the end can help remove the excess powder, or spray with a very light mist of water. In warmer climates you can probably skip this step because the extra powder will absorb any perspiration.

If you are applying glitter, it should be done at the very end. Generally glitter is most effective when applied over the eyes or on the cheeks, A glitter gel is often used instead of dry glitter to minimize the chances of it flaking into the eye. With dry glitter, first slightly dampen your face and cheeks, then ‘poof’ on the polyester glitter. Remember to let the makeup settle for about half an hour before you go out. If you have stray paint on your eyelashes, cover it with mascara.

Products available

For just about any type of face design you will need at a minimum white greasepaint foundation and a black greasepaint pencil, but of course there are many colors in between and you will probably want to try at least a few of them. The leading producers of grease makeup are Mehron and Ben Nye. Mehron grease makeup is focused on the theatrical professionals who want ease of application with good coverage. Ben Nye also appeals to the same community, although Ben Nye grease makeup is actually a cream. Grease face makeup comes in a range of forms, from palettes (generally sold as a kit), to individual liners. Pencils, crayons and sticks are useful for smaller areas of the face. Both Mehron and Ben Nye also make eye-shadows, blushes, a range of glitter and setting powders and sealing mists. You may also want to consider sweat-blocker sprays for the face to help preserve the greasepaint under strong lights or in a hot environment.

Training Rock Climbing Footwork With Slacklines

Precise and powerful footwork in rock climbing often makes the difference between sticking a move and falling off the wall. All too often I have the finish of a boulder problem within reach, only to have my foot slip out from under me.

As routes get more difficult, it is incrementally necessary to have great footwork. This means trusting in your feet to provide balance, stability, and propaganda on even the tiniest of footholds.

This coordination can be very difficult, especially when you're tired and technique begins to falter. However, with correct training, good footwork can become second nature. This will get you up the wall faster, with less time spent thinking about your feet. Overall, this will take more strain off your arms and leave you energy and strength for harder climbs.

What is slacklining?

Slacklining is the sport of balancing on a narrow piece of webbing suspended between two anchors. This is different from traditional tightrope walking in two ways. First, the webbing is flat instead of rounded like a rope. This provides a better surface to balance on. Second, webbing is stretchy and dynamic, allowing the line to bounce like a trampoline. This aspect of slacklining opens up many possibilities and variations that are not feasible in tightrope walking.

You can make your own slackline out of climbing webbing, or purchase one online. Gibbon slacklines are very popular with beginner slackliners.

When learning, it is best to practice with a slackline set close to the ground. A height of two feet allows the line to flex, but is low enough to be fairly safe. Slacklines can be set up on almost anything, but two trees about twenty or thirty feet apart perfectly work and are easy to access. Try to set your line up over grass for a soft landing. Cover any dangerous objects you might fall on and use crash pads if in doubt about your safety.

How to train on slacklines

The first goal of slacklining is simply to walk from one end to the other. Slacklining is difficult, and it takes lots of practice to be able to walk on one. When you are first beginning, try to use as short a line as possible. This will make the line more stable and easier to practice on. As you get better, extend the length of the line for more of a challenge.

Going barefoot helps to grip the line better and gives you more tactile feedback. Start in the middle of the line where it is more stable. It is helpful to have something to hold on to while you get used to walking the line. Run a rope above the line at chest level that you can hold on to while learning. This assistance while balancing will make starting out less frustrating and will help you learn faster.

You will fall a lot at first, but keep at it! Building balance is tricky, and can be frustrating at times. Balancing on only one foot is easier than on two, so focus on just standing on one foot at a time in the beginning. You will be shaky at first, but after a few days your legs will adjust. Then you can try walking by quickly switching between which foot you are balancing on. Train a little bit at a time and you'll see progress.

Once you can balance for a few seconds, practice walking along the line. If you can make it from one end to the other you are doing great! Reaching this level can take a few weeks, and even then it is never simple to traverse a line. Even pros still wobble and have to concentrate.

If you are looking for more challenges, try turning around on the line. Walk one direction, then slowly turn around and walk the other way. Balancing well enough to turn in place is tricky!

Apply your new skills to rock climbing

After training with slacklines for a few weeks your legs will become stronger. You'll notice that you shake less when standing on the line and balance will come to you easier. These are all great skills that you can now apply to rock climbing!

Next time you are climbing, focus on how you can use these slackline techniques to help you on the wall. Trust yourself to balance on one toe, and notice how your legs feel more powerful when pushing you up the wall. Since your legs are stronger you can do less work with your arms. This will allow you to save energy on longer climbs, as well as give you the extra edge you need to exceed very difficult moves. Enjoy your new rock climbing prowess courtesy of slacklining!

Why to Opt for Ice Ball Molds

Typically, most of the people around the world wish to enjoy cold beverages on every sip. But now the traditional ice cubes quickly melt and dilute the drinks without completely drinking the content in a sipper. This is why most of the people get irritated of bored and old ice cubes.

A silicone ice ball mold created by The Original Ice Ball Co in Australia helps to enjoy your favorite drinks without diluting its flavor. These are becoming popular as they look very impressive to any beverage and the chillness of the cocktail or other drinks last longer just because they melt slowly to cool drinks down for longer. Here are the reasons why people switch to unique ice ball maker.

Slow melting Ice spheres: The ice ball molds are capable of making large 2.5 inch solid ice cubes which are big and beautiful round ice spheres like the size of cricket balls and these are perfect for longer cooling down cocktails, fruit juices and even iced coffee. These ice spheres melt much slower than traditional ice cubes and also has extra cooling due to the large curved surface of the ball. So you can enjoy your favorite drink without watering it down and diluting the taste of the beverage.

Easy to create and clean: These ice ball molds are available in online stores and come in wide range of colors. you can buy separately or combined into a pack. These are 6 cm in diameter and come with a hole on top through which water is poured to create perfectly round, large ice spheres. They have an opening at the center where the top and bottom portion join together. There are only four simple steps to create delicious ice sphere.

Step 1: Pour water into the mold from the hole at the top. Remember not to fill the water completely to the top, it is suggested that at least a 1cm gap should be left because the water needs room to expand when freezing. Not only water, you can also fill any other liquid and add some fruit slices, popping in a lemon or lime wedge or even raspberries of your choice.

Step 2: Place the mold in an upright position in the freezer for a minimum of 8 hours. For better results, it can be frozen overnight.

Step 3: Once the ice sphere is formed after leaving overnight or minimum 8 hours, pull apart halves of the mold to carefully extract the sphere of ice.

Step 4: Now place the newly formed ice sphere inside the drink for enjoying the chilled beverage for longer hours.

These trendy ice balls made of durable silicone and also dishwasher safe. So these ice ball molds are super easy to clean and use.

Are Wood Gutters a Good Choice?

Are you thinking about replacing your gutter system with a new one? If so, you will soon learn there are several options to choose from in terms of material, style, quality, and more. One of the choices you may come across are wooden gutters. Although a staple a hundred years ago, today, this type of set up is mostly seen on very old homes.

On the other hand, there are modern methods for using wood for a gutter system, and it is common for contractors to use these systems when restoring historical properties. But before deciding on a natural material like wood for your new gutters, be sure to consider all the facts. You may decide that wood is not the right choice for your home. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about wood gutter systems.

Maintenance and Longevity

When shopping around for major exterior components of a home, such as gutters, your top priority is generally to find a durable product that requires little maintenance and will last a long time. Unfortunately, wood gutters do not fit this description. Because wood is a natural element, it is more prone to damages caused by natural wear and tear, inclement weather, precipitation, humidity, heat, sun, nuisance wildlife, pest infestations, and more. With good care, a wood system can last 15 to 30 years or more, but it takes a lot of work.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance system that will last several decades, turn your attention toward alternative materials, like galvanized steel, aluminum, or even vinyl. These materials are the most popular and recommended in the residential and commercial gutter market.

Cost and Installation

Not only do alternative gutter materials require less maintenance and last longer, they are cheaper and easier to install compared to wood. Wood is heavy, and it is naturally-sourced, so it makes sense that it is more expensive to purchase, more expensive to install, and more difficult to install. When wood gutters are the only option for your personal preference, you must be prepared to pay more, implement a higher standard of care, and recognize that you may have to replace them at some point.

Types of Wood

If you decide to pursue wooden gutters, your best option is to choose a wood that is more resilient and durable than others, like Redwood or red cedar heartwoods. These are the go-to choices for historical renovations and wood gutters because they both contain natural oils that work well to repel water, which reduces the onset of mold, mildew, and fungal growth, as well as, water leaks. Furthermore, these natural oils work well against drying out (splitting and cracking), which is another common problem for wooden gutters.

If you need a cheaper option that will still do the job, Douglas fir is acceptable. Although it is cheaper than redwoods and red cedar heartwoods, it will not last as long nor stand up against outdoor elements as well. Routine painting and mineral oil application (do not use linseed or Tung oil) can help prevent these problems and increase the life of your wood.

4 Popular Types of Clothing Fabrics

Fabrics and textures in modern clothing are wide-ranging and vary in relation to their tactile visual qualities. The type of fabric can have an impact on the all-round appearance, and help create the preferred look. Here are a few of the most popular types of clothing fabrics:


Cotton is one of the most comfortable and common types of fabric for clothes. The actual fabric is strong, stretchy and soft which makes it an appealing choice for relaxed and casual items of clothes, such as underwear, pajamas and t-shirts. A great way to create the most interesting outfits is to combine a few different textures. For instance, it is possible to pair the rugged and rough denim jeans with a soft texture like cotton for the stylish, casual and cool look.


Wool is a material that is quite uncomfortable and itchy to wear against bare skin. But, the thick nature of wool makes it a great choice for those in search of an outfit that provides great warmth. Some of the typical pieces of outside clothes in wool include thick coats and hats. Also, this thick and insulating material has a texture that is perfect for making socks and blankets.


Silk is one of the most luxurious and chic choices for today's high-quality garments. It is a fabric that is not only cool, but very sturdy and a favored choice in the high-fashion market.


A garment with unique prints, textures, or bold colors can easily make a statement. One type of fabric that can help to create a symbol for the stylish, sophisticated and chic is the tweed garments. Tweed relies on different threads to create the garments that are instantly recognizable by sight and touch. This is a classic clothing option that has stood the test of time and has been a popular choice for decades.

Use texture to create an illusion

The particular type of texture can have an influence on the way an outfit drapes and looks when worn. The various types of textures have light absorbing, reflecting, bulk, size and weight properties. To create the slimline look it benefits to use one of the fabrics that is light to medium in weight and crisp, but not too stiff. The fabrics that are quite stiff can give the appearance of more weight to the body. This can include double knits, corduroy and twill. The textures with a matte or dull finish like raw silk, wool and denim are useful for making a figure look smaller.

How to Create Depth in Paintings

Creating a painting that has depth makes the work more real and lifelike. Without depth you do not feel the subject matter is real or lifelike. There are specific things to do to create depth, here are some I use.

First, when choosing subject matter and compositing I think of depth. I always choose to make the foreground part of the image a slightly bit bigger. If I am making a painting with flowers, I also choose one flower that will be larger than the other flowers in the portrait. If there are other flowers I make them smaller and off center. If there are leaves or twigs I think about where I place them so that the one foreground flower stands out to my eye.

When I layout the drawing I usually create some similar items that I can place in the picture that become smaller and smaller as they recede in to the background.

For this particular work of flowers, I would make the foreground main flower a little warmer in color. Then I would make the background images a little cooler in tones. Like a big flower that is bright yellow in the foreground, and for some leaves or twigs behind it, I would make them a dark cool green or brown color.

When I want to make the foreground image stand out, I use harder edges around the image. Like, I would put some brighter white around my yellow flower, but I would make the lines thick. To further make the background feel in the back, I would make sure I made leaves and twigs with very fine lines and edges. In the deep background I would try to make the colors blend together completely so you can not define any edges at all.

Overlapping elements also add depth to a work. Perhaps, I would create one big leaf that is connected to my flower that just slightly bends in front of it.

When items in the background get further away, I make them more blurred with little detail and I use faded tones of color. Sometimes colors are even hard to distinguish if the item is so far in the background it is very small and faded.

My main focus in painting and depth are light and dark colors.

1. When items are in the foreground, and need to appear closer I make the colors brighter and lighter.
2. When items are darker in color they appear to be further away.

Creating dark shading around images or darker gray shading also makes images feel like they are further in the background, as long as you use fine or fine lines. Creating white shading around images makes them stand out and appear larger.

Glazing is another tool to create depth. If you create images with layers of glazes, each layer of glaze adds a layer of depth to the painting. I Apply thin layers of under painting at first. Outline the basic painting with light colors, fill in the basic colors, then I finish off all the details in the painting using colored glazes.

I think all these steps make my paintings seem much more lifelike and 3D. I think this also gives the painting more emotional detail.