Increase Vertical Jump – Steps to Jump Higher

Everything you should know about Jumping:
Being active in sports such as basketball, volleyball or football requires you to have a great vertical jump. That is why most sportsman wants to increase their vertical jump, but not all have been successful in improving it despite the passion. Improving and increasing a vertical jump is not easy. One should understand that it is not only through exercising and exercising so much energy as the only way to increase a vertical jump. There are few tips one could follow to achieve this goal.

Knowing your Bodys' Capacity:
First is know your bodys' strength and weaknesses. Before undergoing programs or trainings in improving your vertical jump, you should be in good health and physically fit. Follow proper nutrition so that your body and mind could perform at your best levels. Eating small meals 5 to 7 times in a day is highly recommended. The diet should consist of carbohydrates, protein and essential fats. Carbohydrates is essential because it is the best source of energy for our body and they could be found in breads, pastas, etc.

Our body needs proteins basically because it helps muscle development, increases strength and improves athletic performance. Protein can be found in meats, legumes, vegetables, milk products and many others. And lastly, essential fats such as Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 that can be found in most nuts, seeds and fish. These fats are essential for our health and normal body activity. Also do not forget to get yourself vitamins and make sure that you drink a lot of water which is at least 8 glass a day.

Exercises and Trainings:
Next step in increasing vertical jump is exercising. When exercising, it is important to keep your muscles strong. Make sure you are doing abs, obliques and lower back exercises. Also maintain your post to keep your back and abs lean. Every workout, begin with it with warming up your muscles before doing extensive leg stretches. By doing this, you will be building muscle fibers or lean muscle tissue to improve your vertical jump, and that itself could help you jump higher. Exercises that should be quick but explosive. You do not have to over train yourself but keep its intensity high.

There are exercises that could help you increase vertical jump. You could do jump rope for excellent cardiovascular condition; Incorporate sprints in your workouts to build muscles and heighten your jumping ability; run stairs and start it with running a flight, then take two steps at a time that could be repeated as many times as you can manage; and you can do elevated jumps, explosive jumps and double jumps. When doing the jumps, make sure to watch your time. It is important that you know how long you take to complete the set and the rest time. Decreasing the amount of time when you complete the exercise will guarantee your improvement results. A well-founded program or training should be performed in no more than 1 hour a day with a day off in between training periods and it can increase your jumps substantially within just a few weeks.

My Sliding Door Doesn’t Slide Very Well

Have you ever tried to open a sliding door and it doesn’t budge or comes out of the railing? This is actually a common problem when it comes to these types of doors or installations.

There are many causes for this kind of problem that can easily be fixed.

  • Dirty rail – when the door was manufactured a number known as a tolerance was used to make sure that the parts fit perfectly together. If there is the slightest bit of grime the door will stop at certain points. Make sure that you get rid of the grime before the door compresses the dirt and fuses it to the rail. The best way to clean the rail would be to use a hard bristled brush such as a nail brush. Be sure that you dust the particles away from the door so that they don’t get lodged again.
  • Rusted rail – this part of the door installation is usually made from steel to remain strong. Unfortunately, iron does rust and will create particles along the rail. If rust is present the sliding door will get stuck at certain points. Did you know that a simple application works as a short term solution? If you rub a candle along the rusted areas it creates a frictionless surface and lets the door slide smoothly.
  • Worn rail – constantly sliding open and sliding closed will wear down the metal. This makes the central part shorter that makes the door prone to popping out of place. This type of problem should be fixed by a professional as you may need to have a new frame installed.
  • Door stops – sometimes the bottom of the door will get stuck on the rail whilst the top will continue to move or slide. The problem could be that one side is being pushed upwards more. There is a proper way to open doors without causing uneven wear. Make sure that you pull the door towards you without pulling it upwards or downwards.

A door that doesn’t work can be a nuisance. A fully functioning door should always be present so that everyone in the household can open and close the door correctly. A custom door manufacturer can make a door that is perfectly shaped and designed so that you don’t have to deal with such issues. Plus you could add extra features that work to your convenience and makes the home a safer place.

How to Choose Mold Removal Products

Different kinds of mold removal products are available in the market for the elimination of those ugly mold stains and even that familiar but nasty odor in your home. Mold, which is a type of fungi that loves warm and damp places, can be found in those areas that have these characteristics, such as the laundry room, based, closet, attic, kitchen, bathroom and shower. Mold colonies have a tendency to form on organic surfaces like leather, natural fibers, wood, paper and surfaces that often have a film of organic matter. Thus, before going out to purchase mold removal products, you may need to take note of the kinds of surfaces that you have in your home and the kinds of materials used to ensure that the cleaner chosen is compatible with them.

Moreover, you may also want to read reviews online for certain mold removal products. And before you go out to purchase a commercial mold and mildew remover, you may want to check if you have household products like vinegar, bleach, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide at your disposal. These materials can also be used for getting rid of mold. Distilled white vinegar is a relatively safe chemical to use. It is placed inside a spray bottle and it is sprayed onto the affected areas. You leave the vinegar on the surface for about an hour and then wipe it off with water. Another household product that can be used for mould removal is hydrogen peroxide. It is also a relatively safe chemical to use because it does not give out toxic fumes. It is also sprayed onto the surface like vinegar.

Meanwhile, commercial products for mold and mildew removal are often sold in spray bottles for the convenience of the user. Some of them have the unique capability of completely surrounding the spores so that they are unable to get into contact with water and food sources and will therefore die. The spores will also be unable to stick to the surfaces. Then after performing these particular tasks, these chemicals usually remain as shields to protect against the return of the molds.

The next step to take after using mold removal products is to prevent the regrowth of mold colonies. If there are leaks in some of the water pipes or cracks in the insulation, ceilings, walls and other places of the home, moisture could get in and provide a favorable environment for the rapid growth of molds. It is also necessary to make sure that the relative humidity inside the home falls within the 30 to 50 percent range. If the humidity is too high, mold colonies find it easier to grow. Thus, it would be advisable to get a dehumidifier or to ensure that the air conditioner can bring down the humidity to within that range. You can also use exhaust fans to minimize the humidity in bathrooms and kitchens. You only need to make sure that the air from these places do not accumulate in the attic but go directly to the outside.

Designing a Workspace That Ensures Growth

With the advent of new technologies and dynamic mix of different generations in the workforce, the way employees work has drastically changed. All of this demands the physical design of the workplace to undergo major transformation.

According to the new paradigm, workspaces are being treated as places where employees collaborate, share ideas, and communicate with each other. Therefore, they should be designed in such a way that they contribute in enhancing employees performance, mood, and efficiency.

There are numerous ways to design an office or a workplace that can help to re-evaluate and maximize space when required.

Below mentioned steps can help you develop an office design that caters for growth

  • Design that Justifies the Business Idea

To get optimum results with less disruption, you need a comprehensive office design consultation that runs parallel to your business strategy. For that, you need to start with understanding your spatial, employee, and infrastructure requirements. All this is followed by space planning, color coordination, and furniture to ensure that your business is clearly portrayed within your office environment.

  • Flexible Space

When designing an office for your business growth, you should always take care of the flexibility of the space. Your office space should be designed in such a way that it can be reconfigured to accommodate growing number of employees and amenities.

Designing your office in an adaptive manner can keep your business stand out in such a huge competitive world. There are numerous design features available that can be used to exploit your workplace in an effective way so as to make it more productive.

  • Office Fit-outs/Furniture

Furniture and fit-outs play an important role when it comes to designing a workplace. If you have the right kind of furniture in your office, it can help in enhancing the productivity of employees and maintaining their dedication towards work.. Also, with a well-planned office furniture, you can strike a good impression on your clients.

If you are confused about where to find the right fit-outs and furniture, there are myriad online furniture stores that provide comfortable, stylish, and modified office workstations at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Incorporate Technology for Office Growth

Apart from furniture, the technology has a huge impact on office growth. The hi-tech features of flexible offices can include automation systems, lighting, and heating control systems that are designed to increase the productivity and decrease energy bills. Offices that embrace smart tech solutions are becoming an effective option for savvy businesses looking to grow their operations and teams.

You should create a space that reflects culture of your organization; a space that is not only attractive to the employees but also improves their retention rates in the organization.

7 Fatal Kitchen Tools

1. Hand towels

Hand towels are the most common kitchen item used everywhere. But did you ever give it a thought that the hand towels can be the dirtiest thing in the entire kitchen! This is because we often tend to use the same towel before washing our hands, after washing our hands, for wiping the utensils or for holding the hot utensils. Just read it again and think that the same towel being used for every purpose! In order to avoid, keep at least 3 towels for different purpose and make a regular habit of washing them in every 2 weeks in warm water. This will keep them clean and free of germs.

2. Plastic containers

Plastic containers are commonly used in kitchens but in order to retain their quality of preservative and freshness, they include huge amount of toxic chemicals. Avoid keeping fresh vegetables in plastic containers as they add up to harmful chemicals. Also it is advisable to use glass or borosil containers for heating dishes in microwave as microwave contains harmful rays and using plastic containers only add up to the health risks.

3. Sink

Kitchen sinks can be a regular place for the bacteria to breed and cause health diseases. Dirty utensils kept in the sink for a longer periods of time builds a mini house for the bacteria and make an environment filled with germs. Ensure that the kitchen sink is regularly cleaned and dirty dishes must not be kept for long.

4. Burners

Gas stoves carry a huge risk in kitchen. Ensure that the burners are always closed when not in use. Gas stoves or burners release harmful gases and can lead to fire in the kitchen. Nowadays the use of LPG pipelines have increased in comparison to gas cylinders. Unlike gas cylinders, pipes are comparatively more safe and feasible but they too can cause short circuit in case of any small leakage.

5. Sponge

Sponges are used as a cleaning material but it can itself be one of the harmful kitchen substance.

Once the dish cleaning is done do not leave the sponge wet. It attracts bacteria and germs very quickly. Rinse it thoroughly after the use or keep it in the microwave for 30 seconds. This will dry put the sponge and retain the bacteria entering into it.

6. Grinder

Vegetable or meat grinders can be very harmful tool in the kitchen. Though it is fast enough to chop off the vegetables fast yet it is risky and requires presence of mind while using it. Just be ware that you do not chop off your fingers along! They have a tool that pushes the vegetable and the it gets chopped in small pieces. One should always read the safety instructions before using them.

7. Garbage disposal

This essential item of the kitchen is found everywhere. It is important and requires regular cleaning. Vegetable peels or any kitchen garbage material have foul smell and they are the favorite area for flies and mosquitoes. Since these are thrown in the kitchen garbage, regular cleaning of dustbins is required. Kitchen dustbins should be cleaned on a regular basis and try changing it within six months.

Kitchen is the most essential tool of everyone’s home. It calls for regular cleaning and washing. As per the old saying “safety comes first”, this safety starts from the kitchen. This article might have left you amused that how everyday kitchen tools can be far too dangerous and the health hazard can be beyond imagination.

Best Ten I Want You Back Songs

Once again my mental discography has been ignored by the hosts of Sound Advice, the popular music discussion show on National Public Radio. On a recent their topic was what they called I Want You Back songs, and each host presented his six favorites.

Among the half dozen of Jim DeRogatis was "If I Can not Have You" by Yvonne Elliman, her first single after a successful tenure as the backing vocalist for Eric Clapton. Its lyrics lay bare the pleading to get her old! Over back, Boeing that no one else could ever replace him.

Co-just Greg Kot offered a different six pack, highlighted by "Working My Way Back To You" by the Spinners. The legendary pop group songs about a guy who has grown to regret his infidelity, now that the girl he had taken for granted has left him.

Here are ten other songs that could have been mentioned in a program centered on songs about someone wishing to get his former lover back.

Baby Come Back by Player

In the chorus he owns up to the fact that he was wrong and can not live her, a confession that is gorgeous backed up by a beat that would make peers Hall and Oates proud.

I've Returned by Squeeze

After calling her friends a bunch of Muppets as well as insulting her sister, the apologetic male has come back intending to win her heart again.

Bad Boy by Ray Parker Jr.

As a sequel to a previous hit on which he confessed to having fallen for another woman, the Raydio front man is now expressing his desire to return to the one he jilted.

Come Back To Me by the Bongos

His girl left him in the old heartless way by leaving a Dear John letter, but soon he is now begging her to return to his arms.

Can not You Hear Me Calling? by Bill Monroe

This timeless bluegrass classic centers on a man filled with regret after misusing his former woman, who he hopes will return to him.

Band of Gold by Freda Payne

In most cases the ring has to go back to the man, but on this Sixties smash hit the jilted girl would much prefer to have the liver than the piece of jewelry.

Boy With a Problem by Elvis Costello

Squeeze lyricist Chris Difford provided the words for this Imperial Bedroom track, which has Elvis willing to roll over and play dead now that he is in her doghouse.

Do not Pull Your Love by Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds

Because his former girl is leaving him, the guy swears that he will cry for a hundred years and drown in his tears.

Big Mouth Strikes Again by the Smiths

On this great side two opener from The Queen Is Dead, Morrissey bemoans the recent occasion on which he threatened his now ex by bludgeoning her in her bed and smashing every tooth in her head.

I Threw It All Away by Bob Dylan

One of the five singles from Nashville Skyline, the regret here in obvious in lyrics like "I once held the mountains in the palm of my hands, and rivers ran through every day."

Six Pack Abs For Women – 3 SECRETS!

So ladies, you want a 6 pack.

Well believe it or not, it might not be as difficult as you would think. It all boils down to HOW MUCH you want it.

Look, let's get straight to the point here. I want to give you 3 SECRETS about how and how not to achieve that elusive six pack.

Secret 1: You will NEVER achieve a 6 pack by relying on the latest weight loss pill or the latest trendy diet. They just do not work! And you've probably already tried!

Secret 2: You DO NOT need to do hundreds of 'crunches' every day or use the latest 'Super Abs Machine' being advertised on the shopping channels

Secret 3: You ALREADY HAVE a six pack !! Yes, it's true, you already possess a six pack, it's just that it's not visible because of the body fat hiding it!

If you are a woman and want to gain an impressive six pack, your main goal needs to be losing the belly fat which is hiding the abdominals from being seen.

And here's another thing, you can not target one particular area of ​​your body for weight loss, it just will not work. You need to lose weight in a controlled manner from all over your body and as this starts to show results then obviously there are certain key exercises which will help accentuate the abs which you are just starting to forget from below that flabby tummy!

Now achieving this weight loss is a very achievable goal but like anything worthwhile in life, you'll have to put in a bit of effort. Unless you are determined and have a bit of discipline and 'stickability' for the task at hand, you will always just be dreaming of that flat toned stomach which all women want.

But if you are serious about achieving this then you should be really glad that you're reading this article right now. I have done all the time-consuming research for you and found 2 quite brilliant programs, one focusing on six pack abs in particular and the other on general weight loss which will obviously make your existing abs visible! Both can be accessed through the links at the bottom of this article.

It's good to hear what some others think of programs which I also like and recommend because because you should take my advice when you do not even know me. So here's what Jennifer Nicole Lee, author of The Fitness Model Program (TM) says about the author of the six pack program I've researched for you …

"Vince DelMonte is not only a living transformation specialist for whether you're skinny or chubby (male or female), but a highly qualified fitness expert in his field who I look up to … he will give you the results that you want and deserve, using all techniques necessary to build solid muscle and to get a sleek and sexy six pack "

Both programs which I've uncoated for you contain so much good stuff, there's no point in me even starting to go into details here. You'd be far better just clicking the links below to at least have a look and gain some more free advice in the process.

So, please do not waste your money on any more or ab machines. If you REALLY WANT that sexy six pack, go check out my site where you can get lots of free advice and great tips both on the site itself and also through my 6 part mini-course. You've got nothing to lose! (except hopefully some weight!)

Advantages of Renting Office Space

Rather than purchasing commercial properties for your businesses, you can rent office space as it can be a convenient solution for all your business requirements. Though purchasing a property can have a few benefits, it is not ideal for every business. In the present environment, following a huge financial downturn and recession that engulfed the world over the last few years; renting office space has turned out to be a great advantage for a lot of businesses. You can rent office space for various reasons, which includes the following list of advantages:

Save Money:

You will save money since you won’t be spending on the mortgage as well as the expenses that come along with owning premises. Instead you can use the money that you save towards your business to make things move along smoothly. Additionally, most offices that are put up for rent are usually ready and well-equipped for occupancy. So, if you intend to avoid the hassle of undergoing the planning and construction stages of your office, renting would be the perfect way to go.

Hassle-Free Maintenance:

It can be more affordable when it comes to maintenance. You won’t have to be concerned about any issues pertaining to the property as those will be dealt by the landlord. If something breaks or requires to be repaired in your office, a professional maintenance company will repair it without charging you as it’s included in your monthly rent. This facility also includes cleaning or maintenance bills, electric bills, water bills, phone bills and internet charges. Additionally, your company will be provided with security and parking spaces. These facilities can be highly beneficial for you as it can help to save huge amount of time and money.

All-Inclusive Amenities:

You can get state-of-art premises for your business along with lots of amenities. Moreover, office spaces can be personalized to completely suit your requirements – from size to services, small offices to large factory space together with other facilities such as furniture, electrical devices, telephones, internet access etc. Renting also provides conference, meeting and training rooms, a waiting or reception area, a kitchen, the cafeteria area and lounge to relax in the office. All these additional amenities can most certainly ease the whole process of running a business.

Offers Flexibility:

It can allow you to be flexible. When you are unsure about the success of your business or if you plan to relocate to some other place in the future then purchasing a space can prove to be a waste of money and time. Also, if you decide to expand your business and feel the need to shift a bigger premise or to a different location then having a flexible rent agreement can be more convenient than having to sell the property and re-establish the entire set up elsewhere.

How to Avoid Auto Repair Ripoffs

Auto repair is like any other business-there are some unscrupulous cheats out to take your money. But you can avoid getting ripped off for auto repairs if you keep your wits about you. Here's how to do it.

First, get a referral to a reliable, trustworthy mechanic. Friends are a good source for referrals. Ask them who they've had good experiences with, and who they would avoid. That's probably the best way to find a winner.

But do not simply take a friend's word for it. Check out your mechanic! You can call the Better Business Bureau to see if he's had any complaints. Look for certificates like an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) seal, which means he's at least met some minimum standards for skills and service.

Before you get any work done, ask about labor prices and prices for parts and supplies. Not asking means you really have no right to be shocked if they pad your bill. And be sure to find out about the warranty on parts and labor (do not forget the labor piece of the puzzle).

Most important, get everything in writing. That means the estimate for the work, the details of the warranty on parts and labor, everything. If a mechanic will not give a written estimate, he's either too lazy to do it, or he's leaving the door open for fraud. You do not want to play either game. And once you're armed with the price and warranty information, do not be afraid to shop around to see if you can lower your cost.

If your problem is a little out of the ordinary, such as those annoying intermittent rattles most cars experience from time to time, take a test drive with the mechanic beforehand to show him exactly what you need addressed. Do not make him guess. If you can show him the problem, he might know exactly what to target, which will save you labor cost, and probably save him from making unnecessary repairs.

Before you pay the bill, go for a test drive to make sure the car is fixed to your satisfaction. If it is not right, ask the mechanic to make it right. Even great, honest mechanics who pay attention to detail can miss things. A test drive can bring those misses to light, and probably save you a hassle later.

And speaking of the bill, read it. Check it over carefully. Ask about anything you do not understand, or that does not sound right. If you just pay the bill without checking, it's like signing a mortgage document without reading it. Silly, right?

Finally, pay your bill with a credit card if you can. That gives you maximum flexibility to protect yourself from fraud. If something goes wrong, you can call the credit card company and dispute the charge. Many cards also offer some fraud protection, so you might have another line defense.

As with most things, you can avoid getting ripped off for auto repairs by being informed, and by being careful. If you will do a little work up front to prepare, and take small steps to protect yourself, you can save yourself aggravation and expense.

The Best Beard Oil of 2018 – Complete Reviews

Ignore the negative comments, because beards are here to stay for a long while. Each year, the beard trend is increasing in magnitude and becoming more and more popular. Every guy is either growing a beard or really wants to have one but is scared away by the idea of taking care of facial hair.

The easiest and most valuable approach to the upkeep and maintenance of a beard is using beard oil which will soften the hair and moisturize the skin underneath. All types of beard products are flying off the shelves, but none of them match the popularity and utility of beard oil. Carrying tremendous benefits for the facial hair and skin, here are the best beard oils discussed in detail.

Product 1: Bossman Beard Oil

This is the very first jelly beard oil in the world and has definitely disrupted the beard industry. Because of the increased viscosity of the jelly, it bonds robustly with the hair follicles and skin pores.

Product Highlights

Fashioned with carefully selected natural oils, beard growth is stimulated with the help of this product, and this proves to be a blessing for men who are already struggling with this issue. It gives the beard strength and thickness while keeping the tamed appearance.

The other oils are runnier in texture, so they dry out quickly as compared to Bossman Beard Oil. They are also unable to penetrate the pores and follicles whereas this beard oil does because of its unique texture.

You will find that most beard oils are only available in small 2 oz. bottles, but in Bossman Beard Oil the quantity is doubled. The scent of this oil is an exuberant blend of vanilla oil and rich sandalwood that gives you a warm aroma.

The Good/What I Like

The increased quantity available at a reasonable price is a major positive element of this oil. It is different from the rest of the beard oils available on the market because of its unusual texture and its ability to stay in the facial hair for a long while.

The Bad/What I Don’t Like

The smell might be too strong for certain people, as it is definitely going to have a strong impact on their surroundings. Moreover, the beard oil might not be suitable for all skin types because of its exclusivity.


• Comes at a reasonable price

• Good quantity

• Easy application


• The smell might be too strong for some

• Not suitable for all skin types

Product 2: Badass Beard Care Beard Oil for Men

If you have dandruff in your beard or are tired of the frequent itching, this particular product is the answer to all your worries and will help in maintaining a healthy, long beard.

Product Highlights

Containing food-grade and organic ingredients, it is a handcrafted, completely natural product. It serves to hydrate the skin and will promote the healthy growth of your beard while making the hair softer.

One of the best things about this beard oil is that it is manufactured by experts who have been in the field for a long while. They are absolutely aware of what is right for the beard and what’s not.

This beard oil is available in 12 different scents, so there are a myriad of options available. Ranging from soft to strong fragrances, it has everything to offer people with distinctive tastes.

The Good/What I Like

The natural ingredients used in this beard oil, combined with its excellent scents, give it an altogether different feel. The highlight of this oil is that it is handcrafted, so there is no doubt about its utility and the benefits it offers for the beard and facial skin.

The Bad/What I Don’t Like

The oil comes in a very small bottle, so it is not going to last for a long time. You would need to place an order for the second bottle relatively soon after the first.


• There is a wide range of scents available

• Only the most natural ingredients are used

• All your beard-related issues will be resolved

• A trial pack is also available at a very reasonable price


• The size of the bottle is very small

• Quite expensive

Product 3: Beard Oil by MOUNT BEARDMORETM

Manufactured using a premium formula which consists of all natural materials, this beard oil has a very high standard in the market. It ensures a sleek, shiny, and handsome look for your beard.

Product Highlights

As the product is prepared using all natural ingredients, there are no side effects. It is free from alcohol and has never been tested on animals. The natural oils are used to provide moisture to your hair and to freshen up the skin.

It serves as a cure for the brittle, dry beard which is totally unmanageable. Just a few drops are enough, and this natural oil will penetrate the hair follicles, providing them with strength and rapid growth.

It doesn’t have a greasy feel, so there will be no mess or oily residue after use. The area surrounding your beard will be completely dry, allowing you to use the oil with ease at any time.

The Good/What I Like

It is a perfect solution to all beard related problems, and the natural ingredients help you to bypass all kinds of side effects. The brand prides itself in the satisfaction it gives all of its customers.

The Bad/What I Don’t Like

The scent is a bit different because of the addition of musk, so it might not appeal to everyone. Moreover, the quantity is very low.


• Manufactured using only high quality and natural materials

• No oily residue

• A cure for the dry and brittle beard


• The scent might not appeal to some people

• Very high price

The Most Important Door in Your Home

This door is usually taken for granted every day and not really given a second thought. No, it’s not the front door, back door, or side door. Give up? It is your garage door. This large moving object keeps our vehicles safe and warm in the winter, it can act as an attached storage locker or even a makeshift workshop.


Whether your overhead door is attached or detached, it is still a part of your home. The look and feel of the door plays directly into the aesthetic of the house itself. They can be made from a number of materials including:

  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl

Some building codes require that door be made from specific materials or are able to stand up to specific wind forces. Be sure to check with officials in your area to be sure you are not violating any building codes.


For the home, they are most commonly available in a single panel (think: small door that fits one car) or as a sectional piece (think: large door that fits two cars). These doors are available several different styles ranging from classic to modern. The most popular residential garage door styles are:

  • Carriage House
  • Craftsman Style
  • Cottage Style
  • Coach Style
  • Raised Panel

Door Types

While regular doors in the home operate on the simple functions of locks and hinges, garage doors are bit more advanced. Using motors, springs, steel cables, tracks, rollers and panels; they have many moving parts. The biggest difference arises in the panels of the door itself. Some doors are composed of a single panel that swings up and out. The multi-panel doors slide together forming what appears to be solid door but in fact is made of several panels. These panels are aligned on a track that allows them to retract directly up and back into the garage space without having to swing out in front of the garage space like the single panel doors do.

These panels not only move but also feature window inserts to allow for style and natural light to enter the area. They come in a variety of styles and sizes each designed to match the style and décor of the home. These features are found in residential as well as commercial doors (you may see these driving through some commercial areas to help warehouse employees see more easily and reduce lighting costs).

Insulation Factors

An important fact to remember for garage doors attached directly to the house, especially in areas where the weather can get quite cold, is that your garage door must also act as insulation. A high quality door will seal off more open air space than a cheaper, low quality door. Garage doors are measured just as other insulation materials are, based on R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the door will be at keeping things warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Safety Measures

Most modern overhead doors are installed with sensors that detect objects within the path of the closing garage doors. The sensors send an invisible beam to each other. If an object or person breaks this beam, the door will stop moving and begin retracting back up. When this does not help is if you have a vehicle parked halfway in the garage and the beams are still able to make contact with one another due to the open space between the front and rear tires of the vehicle.

So the next time you click that button to open or close your garage door, stop and think for a moment about how easy it makes life for you.

Winter Auto Detailing Tips

The winter season can cause a lot of damage to your car. During the cold winter months, the car's plastic, glass, tires and paint work are at the mercy of the elements. Before the winter arrives, you can help protect your car with a little protective work. Let's take a look at a few things to keep your car protected for the winter:

Seal the paint work

A paint sealant like a synthetic wax is a practical option to apply to your car if it is likely to be left exposed to the extreme winter conditions. Use a proper paint sealant to give the desired protection against road salts and water. Many of the modern sealants are very effective at creating a useful barrier to stop oils, chemicals or other contaminants from causing damage to the paint work. A single application of a top-rated paint sealant has the potential to last the entire winter season.

Keep the car clean

Driving on the road in the winter can increase the risk of the car getting chipped or scratches because of the many items of debris on the road. Any deep scratches that are left in the car's paint work can lead to moisture penetration which will continue to freeze and thaw. Over time this will start to weaken the local paint work and oxidation will start to set in.

A regular car wash is a great way to minimize the risk of paint related oxidation. Also, the entire body of the car should be checked for paint scratches and chips. If any defects in the paint are noted, they can be repaired with a suitable paint sealant.

Treat the leather interior

The cold winter months can have a negative impact on the leather interior of a car. The dry and cold weather is very effective at pulling the moisture from the leather upholstery. The best course of action is to treat the leather before the start of the cold weather arrives. Ideally, it is wise to start the work on the leather before the daytime temperature drops below 50 ° Fahrenheit. If the treatment is left too late it can be difficult to get the leather to accept the conditioner.

Give the tires protection

Every part of the car has a tough time in the winter. This even applies to the tires, which can benefit from a generous application of a high-quality tire dressing to give a useful barrier against the natural elements. Also, a silicone based tire dressing is a further option for those traveling in snow because it can help to stop the buildup of road salt, ice and snow.

Jerusalem by Night

One fateful night – or so it is said – Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent awoke covered in a cold sweat. He had dreamed that while he was walking in an open field a pair of hungry lions pounced upon him and he was greedily devoured. When asked what the dream meant, Suleiman's adviser responded by suggesting that the Sultan quickly perform a good deed. And so, in 1538, Suleiman began restoration of Jerusalem's ruined city wall.

Impressive during the day, the wall is dazzling at night. Thanks to a municipal project put into effect at the end of the 20th century, dozens of the world's most historic and magnificent sites are artfully lit from Jerusalem dusk to Jerusalem dawn. One of the most beautiful sites is in the Russian Compound outside the Old City walls. Inaugurated in 1872, the grandiose Russian Cathedral of the Trinity is a stirring spectacle. This church is owned by "Red Russians", church officials who remained faithful to the Communist regime after the Russian Czar was overthrown in 1917. During the Cold War, Red Russian Orthodox trials came to Israel – and left – at an awfully rapid pace. To this day many believe that the continuing changing clergy were working for the KGB.

Also lit up is Notre Dame de Jerusalem, with an imposing stone facade and rounded turrets. Located outside the Old City walls, it was built in 1884 by the Catholic Order that pioneered penitential pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

During the 1948 War of Independence, Israeli defenders on the Notre Dame ramparts managed to halt the Arab Legion advance into western Jerusalem. Following the war, and until Jerusalem was reunited in 1967, Israeli soldiers guarded the city from posts on the roof of Notre Dame, directly opposite Jordanian soldiers stationed on the Old City walls.

No other site in Jerusalem is as laden with symbols as the magnificent Jerusalem YMCA, that glowing structure on King David Street. Reflected on its walls, ceilings, stones and pillars are manifestations of the world's three greatest faiths. The architect was Arthur Louis Harmon, whose firm designed New York's world-famous Empire State Building. A large glass window over the entrance is decorated with an olive branch. In order to keep this symbol of peace from being shattered during the War of Independence, the window was removed each time the Arabs started shooting. One day, a shell flew through the hole where the window had been hit the ceiling. Fortunately it did not explode and the damage was later repaired.

Perhaps the most spiritual sites to see are along the Promenade, outside the eastern end of the Old City walls. From here you can see the Kidron Valley, mentioned by name 11 times in the Scriptures. Jewish and Christian traditions intermingle in this wadi, where Israelite kings, princes, practices and prophets are traditionally buried, and where Jesus was wont to walk.

Zechariah's Tomb is the only pyramid-toppled structure in the valley. Carved out of the slope's hard rock, and completely detached from the mountainside, it is over 10 meters high and dates back to the end of the Second Temple period. As time went on, the prophet's tomb became a pilgrimage site.

One year Jerusalem suffered from a terrible drought. Legend has it that the city's Arabs prayed to Allah, to no avail. They then sent a delegation to Jerusalem's Jews, warning them that if they could not make it rain, they would be in deep trouble!

After fasting for three days, the Jews made a pilgrimage to the tomb of Zechariah. Throwing themselves upon the ground they prayed. Then, while singing psalms, they circled the tomb seven times. By evening the sky was black. Heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightening, fell on the Holy City. The Jews were saved, the city's cisterns filled with water, and the sanctity of Zechariah's tomb was reaffirmed.

Next to Zechariah's tomb lights shine through the Hezir family burial complex. It housed the remains of a distinguished family of Christians mentioned by name in the Bible. Christians also call this the Tomb of St. James for, according to tradition, after the crucifixion Jesus' cousin James hid from the Romans in the Hezir family tomb.
Just above the Valley on the Mount of Olives, a stunning Basilica of the Agony (All Nations) gleams in the night. Designed by famous architect Antonio Barluzzi, the sanctuary's phenomenal golden mosaic and imposing facade combine to make the church exterior a Jerusalem landmark

Barluzzi also designed the beautifully lit Italian Hospital, nearby Musrara. Likened to Florence's 14-the century Vecchio Palace, this fabulous Italian Renaissance building now houses the offices of Israel's Education Ministry. Jerusalem the Golden is transformed after the sun goes down, when it becomes Jerusalem the Magical, Jerusalem the Uplifting. It is at night, even more so than during the day, that you really understand the unlenting pull of this mysterious, amazing city.

Indoor Rabbit Hutches

Rabbit are adorable pets as they are very timid and playful this is the real reason that people love to keep them as pets in their homes and to protect it they buy the perfect indoor rabbit hutches that are best suited for the safety and welfare of their pet Rabbits.

The internet is full of sites that are ready to offer you the best choice of indoor huts for you to choose from as they are available in different shapes and sizes and are also made from different materials. The indoor hutches are much safer for your pets as they can stay protected from the harsh weather conditions and will also be safe from the predators and enemies who are always on the look out to grab and eat them up.

Although rabbits like to run out without any restrictions but still you just can not simply let them run around inside your house as they may get hurt and also spoil your home too and so it's best that you keep them in indoor hutches for their safety as well as yours.

You should look for a quality design that is both convenient and easy to clean and turns out to be the best home for your bunny rabbit. Buy the hutches that have extra area for your rabbits to run about in and they should also have wire floors as this makes it easy to keep the rabbit hutches clean. Place the indoor rabbit hutches in areas with proper ventilation and buy the rabbit hutches that are thrice the actual size of your bunny rabbit.

A multi floor indoor hutch with ramps connects the level and provides the extra space for your rabbits to play in. Sliding doors are more preferred in your indoor rabbit hutches and the edges of the indoor hutches should be properly covered otherwise it may end up harming your rabbit.

You can get quality rated good quality indoor rabbit hutches at affordable prices from the online sites like Amazon. And you should consider all the relevant requirements of safety, hygiene and good of your pet rabbit before you buy the hutch.

The hutches are available in a wide range and all their floors are made of welded wire and they are mostly used by people who do not have our door space. The indoor hutches are more aesthetically designed as they are kept in the house and certainly have an effect on the house decor. This is also because when we keep our pet rabbits indoors we do not have to worry about giving them solid protection as they are already protected by the harsh climatic elements because the rabbit hutches acts as supplementary housing. But if you keep the rabbit in an outdoor location you need to buy solid protective rabbit hutches that will also protect them from the harsh weather conditions.

As the indoor hutches are more aesthetically designed they also end up costing more as compared to the regular out door hutches that rabbits live in.