Dog House Designs

Dog houses are now not just a matter of shelter for dogs. Today, equal importance, if not more, is given to beautifully designed dog houses which add an extra charm and beauty to the landscape of the owner's house. Here, new attractive designs emerge regularly, reflecting our evolving choices. TJ Designs, Ash Custom Wood, All Dog Houses, Pet Street Mall, La Petite Maison, Lilliput Play Homes, Petsmart, Petmate, Post Modern Pets, Improvements, Solid Cedar Dog Houses, and Orvis are some companies that provide amazing variety of designs among dog houses.

Dog houses are available in different material – wood, plastic, fenced wires, and much more. The design of the dog house diffenders accordingly too, keeping in tune with the material used in building the dog house. Among woods, cedar, Asian fir, and pine are possibly the most used in building. Fancy, playful designs such as mansion, bungalow, houses with porches, houses with roof porches, and cabin log house are made up of the aforementioned woods.

Barn-shaped and A-shaped dog houses are possibly the most common designs adopted by novice dog house creators and companies. But the flat-roofed dog house, which provides a generous view of the surroundings, is quite popular too. TJ Designs, Petmate, and Pet Street Mall deal with barn-shaped designed dog houses.

Beside wooden houses, several unique-designed dog houses are available in the market too. Precision also provides log houses with slight slanting roofs, a change to the routine flat roofs. Igloo-shaped dog houses are much convenient to clean and maintain too. Improvements and Petmate among others make such homes too.

Completely portable dog houses are those provided by Petmate. It resembles a human tent and is made up of 'heavy-duty polyester' and has 'nylon zipper'. Usually can be set up within minutes, it is a very convenient mobile dog house.

Dog houses completely customized to suit and match owners homes are created and provided by La Petite Maison. Dog houses are either made on the site or made first and then shipped to the desired location according to the size of the dog house.

Tote Bags to Complete Your Look

For most women, bags may seem to be a part of their everyday lives. It sounds very practical though. This accessory have great significance because of its versatility features. For those people who are always on the go, they might think of buying this useful item every year. Both men and women need bags, however, it is just well known that women use them more than men. For most men, they aren’t a big deal. This is somewhat a common argument between a “she” and “he” when they talk about accessories. .

Fashion totes are very popular today. Every year, different styles and designs are born. Popular fashion designers make different fashion lines with this item. Hottest personalities and Hollywood stars are the first to try trendy totes to complete their look.

This item is basically made for stylish working women that need more spacious storage for their necessities. And to make it widely available to everyone, such fashion tote bags are now available in a different variety of styles, designs, color and shape to incorporate with different outfits. This would be a great companion that fit in everything you need for long hours of work everyday.

They fit in everything you need for a long working day. These tote accessories are popular because they provide comfort and convenience without compromising their style factor. This is one great reason why fashionable ladies get lucrative with this trendy accessory.

There are lots of tote bags available at local stores and online stores. If you search for an ideal bag for a certain purpose, you will find out that your sources are endless. Different materials are used when making these items such as leather and canvas. Buying a leather tote makes an impression of success to most high profiled ladies. Leather makes a unique and sophisticated look and with high durability. And besides, a thorough maintenance of material like this can give a new look for each bag. A right choice for women, that want to retain their lady-look that matches their corporate attire, are bold and sassy leather tote bags.

For a cooler and funkier look, canvas totes are the best choice as compared to the leather. They can be seen in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs because of the flexibility of its material used. Teens are commonly seen carrying canvas totes because they perfectly suit their funky and colorful lifestyle. It can be used also by mommies during a casual outing where they need to carry plenty of stuff. So basically, this type of bag is usable by different ages.

Personalized items such as embroidered totes and monogrammed tote bags can make a great gift item ideas for ladies. You may hand it as a special present during birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation gifts and other celebrations. This is made special because you’ll be able to embroider and monogram the initials of your receiver, that of course can put a smile on her face. This can be bought at your local stores and online stores. Most online stores offer cheaper rates, and lucky enough if they don’t charge extra fee for embroidery or monogramming.

Get It Right The First Time: Winter Boots For Men

Unlike women, men are not that conscious when it comes to their clothes they wear or the shoes they use, as men tend to choose function over fashion. But over the years, men are starting to wake up from fashion hibernation and are starting to see that they need to step up.

Some men are now conscious of what they wear, and how they carry themselves. They now follow the trends in fashion by wearing flip flips during summer and by starting to scarf it up by around autumn. This also proves true to footwear, where men now know not to wear canvas sneakers during the winter season. Men nowadays pair up their black designer trench coats with winter boots.

When shopping for a pair of winter boots that are not only fashionable but also comfortable, you may want to wear the same kind of socks that you would wear when you finally have those boots. This pair of socks will play a huge part in selecting the right pair of boots.

No person in the world is comfortable walking in shoes with wet socks. So when looking for winter boots, you may want to find out how heavy the snow is usually at your place so that you can purchase boots that are lengthy enough. In relation to this, it is also impossible to be comfortable as well as fashionable if you have sweaty feet. If you feel like you will be wearing your boots more indoors, you may want to consider getting a pair that is not too hot to allow some air to flow to your feet.

Also, figure out how you will use the winter boots. If you will use it a lot while you’re plowing through the snow, get boots with deep treads. If you plan to go in and out of the house regularly, get those with shallower treads. Deeper treads are there in order to allow quick walking on the snow, while shallow treads will cut back the slush that gets trapped in between.

Winter is a great time to layer clothes. This is also a big opportunity to enhance your wardrobe, where you can easily put together articles of clothing that you never thought were possible. Winter boots are a great addition to any wardrobe, be it for fashion’s sake, or functionality. So buy a pair that would serve both purposes well.

Interview With a Network Marketing Master

Christopher Terry. By day, stocks trader. By night, network marketing genius. Because of his second “night” job, Terry will be resigning from his primary day job. The really amazing part of that is he will have done this within 5 short months of joining his network marketing company.

Within the network marketing company itself, Terry is a leader and a mentor. He does not abandon his downline members. He keeps us informed of company events and policies on an almost daily basis. He lets us know he is here to support us; as long as we are willing to do the work, he will do anything within his power to help us succeed. He is a network marketer’s dream upline sponsor.

How did he do it? What is his secret? I sat down with him to find out and share with you his ideas for success.

Denise: Thank you for granting me this interview, Chris.

Christopher: Thank you, Denise!

D: How long have you been working at your career as a stocks trader?

C: I have been a Stock and Futures trader since the mid 1990’s. I owned a construction business prior to that. I wanted to be able work and make money from home. Although I started trading in 1995, it was not until 1998 when I was able to walk away from my construction business and trade full time.

D: How successful were you at doing that?

C: I have done very well. I find it fascinating that I can create wealth from home. I love the fact that a person can take a relatively small amount of money and create a growing stream of income; however, it’s all based on your own efforts. For example, in my business if I don’t trade, I do not earn income. Also, trading takes years of dedication, time and effort to become successful; in other words, there is no such thing as an overnight success.

D: I understand you became a leader and motivational speaker in your industry. Share with me how you rose to that level.

C: I was actually in Amway for several years in the 1990s. I was fortunate to hit levels of success here in the United States in that company. I then went overseas as Amway opened up new markets, which gave me the opportunity to have an international business. I owe my “positive thinking” to that network marketing experience, since the leaders in Amway always recommended we read positive thinking books and listen to positive thinking tapes. At the time many considered it “brain washing.” Today it is called “Laws of Attraction.” So, l was into positive thinking and Laws of Attraction before it was a cool thing to do. That time period in my life gave me the foundation to grow both mentally and financially. I started a business outside of Amway, and then I went into the trading business.

D: What qualities do you see within you that helped you achieve success in your trading career?

C: I would have to say vision and foresight. I look at the future of what things can be, not as they are, and then I take action. I have always taken action, I am not afraid of whether that action turns out right or wrong. The worst thing to do is to have an idea and a plan but never actually do anything to put that plan into action. It is better to do something and fail than to never have done anything at all. I have always had a drive for success once I realized I have the power and the ability to become whomever and whatever I want. There is a four-letter word to success, and its spelled W-O-R-K; the reality is anything worthwhile takes work, trading and network marketing included!

D: Do you think those same qualities helped you build your network marketing business?

C: Those, and also reading positive thinking books and books on success, as well as overcoming my fear to speak to people. I was very shy growing up, so I learned to say “Hi” and start a conversation, to truly become interested in other people and what they had to say. I also am not afraid to work; if I had to dig ditches for a living, I would be the best ditch digger I could possibly be. I believe once you get your mindset right and you learn to ask the right questions, the game is 90% won, and success will be yours.

D: Tell me how you got involved in network marketing.

C: Interesting story! I was dating a girl and she was bragging about how her boss was making $5,000 a month in some business and that I should talk to him, so I did. He signed me up, and then my girlfriend, the very one who told me to speak to him, wanted me to quit because it was Amway! I told my sponsor that I had some problems and I had to quit. He told me, “Get rid of the problems.” So, I broke up with my girlfriend and built Amway, and as you already know, I became very successful in that business!

D: Were you familiar with network marketing before that?

C: No, I was not.

D: What were your thoughts and, perhaps, preconceived notions, about network marketing in general, prior to joining your first network marketing company?

C: I had no idea what it was, all I knew was I had to bring people in the business with me, sell some products and I would get rich. Unfortunately, though, it does not work that way!

D: Could you elaborate on that idea? Most of us are brought into this industry with that same notion, and we all eventually experience the same rude awakening that you just described, that it is not as easy as they make it sound. So please, for the people reading this who are not yet in network marketing and are considering it, as well as for those who have started and perhaps are failing, explain what you mean.

C: Well, of course you do not just get in and get rich, this is the most common misconception about network marketing. There are people who enter the business and think everybody they know will get in with them. Then there are people who come in saying they have this “one guy that if he gets in, he will make us all rich, he knows everybody!” and it is the furthest thing from the truth. This business is a numbers game. To be successful, you must expose people to the business every single day, to be consistently meeting new people and telling others about our dynamic opportunity. The more people you come in contact with, the more likely you will find people who want to become a part of your team and earn an income with you. This is true from day one; even though you may have a list of 100 or 500 people that you know, you still want to always be in the creative mode and working what I like to call the ABC’s – Always Be Contacting. You do not know where the next million dollar earner will come from.

The hardest thing for me is I cannot take the feelings inside my heart and mind that motivate me and give them to someone else, although I wish I could. The truth is, everybody has to find their own will, desire, and hunger to succeed; without them, they will end up like the rest, having some success, but not truly creating wealth. We all know or have heard the hard, cold fact that 98% of the people in this great country are broke and do not have a backup plan; if they lose their job or business, they will be 90-120 days away from poverty. People can blame it on the government, but the responsibility ultimately falls on each one of us. We should be proactive when we do not actually need to be and start our own home based businesses, which will get us out of that 98% and into the 2% income earners.

One final thought on this topic: I think the reason most people fail in the network marketing industry is that they treat it like a job and not like their own business. When you act as if it is just another job, you do the least amount of work possible for whatever pay you can get. These people want to work very few hours and get rich right away. Unfortunately, this does not happen in network marketing. Those who invest their time and effort into growing the business, even if there is no income at first, can see the vision of the future. At the beginning they will work 20 hours a day for zero pay, because they see that putting in 20 hours will pay the equivalent of 2,000 hours’ worth of work one day, and eventually zero hours will pay 10,000 hours. Fortunately, in our business the compensation for our work is amazing, but if you do not expand with people, you will not take advantage of the true income potential of network marketing.

D: Thorough and well said. I would like to add that when you said one should always be in the creative mode, in addition to working the ABC’s, I think the creativity part should apply to marketing your business. Be creative in your marketing efforts. Think outside of the box and create many different marketing campaigns. Utilize technology and the internet. The more you put yourself out there, the more you achieve exactly what you are saying, Chris, which is maximum exposure of the business to as many people as possible so you can increase your odds of signing up significant numbers new members into your downline. I do this on a daily basis myself, and I also make it a point to talk to people every day to make new contacts, as you have recommended.

Getting back to my questions, what were your first thoughts when you were introduced to the specific business we are in together?

C: I was actively looking for an online business to get into. I was not looking for network marketing/multi-level marketing, I was searching for an online business that was cutting edge and in which I could earn a residual income. When I saw this business it was in a cutting edge industry, doing business in 170 countries, it offered a strong income opportunity without having to sponsor people, yet by sponsoring people, it offered the ability to create wealth and long term residual income. They say to be successful you need a product that people want, need and can afford, that will be used over and over and is desired in the market place. I found it!

D: As we already know, this is not the only network marketing business you have ever been involved in. Were there any others besides Amway and ours?

C: I looked at a few others along the way, but I did not join any.

D: Why not?

C: Well, I am a high income earner in the trading world, both as a trader and an educator. I have been doing this for 17 years, and nothing really struck me as good enough for me to give it my full attention. I have seen MANY companies, products and services. When I saw the opportunity in the industry you and I are in together, I saw an industry that was young, dynamic, and that people loved. It has a place in the market because it meets people’s desires to find a bargain and/or make a deal. Also, it is VERY profitable, so I wanted to be a part of it. I got in first, and then I learned about it as I grew with it. I have not looked back. I have built an incredible team that’s growing in leaps and bounds. You are a part of that team, Denise, an amazing student and downline member.

D: Thank you, Chris! How do the other network marketing companies you’ve analyzed compare to the one you and I are in together?

C: They cannot compare.

D: Besides what you have already stated about our company when you actually found it, what made you think that this was the company to join?

C: I have no products to carry around, no juices or vitamins to purchase or sell, I did not have to sneak up on my family and friends, and I do not have to sell expensive products that I can buy in the store cheaper. We get paid to advertise. Period.

D: Now, I would like to share with our reading audience your own personal tips for network marketing success. Please tell me, what works for you?

C: Relationships are everything; your network is your net worth. I am always in the creative process and always opening doors to new people, saying hello and breaking the ice to get a conversation going. In network marketing, our job is to leverage time and money; without people on your team it becomes impossible. I would suggest genuinely becoming interested in others, going to events, whether it is a show or a business event, or any gathering where good quality people who you may want to work with will attend. I also suggest speaking to people who you would not normally speak to and might even make you feel a little uncomfortable; those are often your best prospects. We tend to feel heroic because we got the number of the drive-through window guy at Mc Donalds; meanwhile, we get false impressions of success when we see somebody dressed in a nice suit and tie and just assume they are already successful, so we say nothing to them because we think they’ve got it all already and don’t need a change in their lives. Both of these people may be your best prospect, or your worst, but you will never know unless you open up the door and say something to break the ice. With the “successful business man” (or so we assume) who we are often afraid to approach, you can start with something as simple as, “Hey, nice tie, where did you get it?” Then see where the conversation leads.

D: Is there anything that you’ve done that didn’t work so well?

C: Yes. As I’ve mentioned before, it takes years to become an “overnight success.” I have made, will make, and will continue to make mistakes. It is okay to fail; the more you fail the closer you will get to winning. Becoming immune to failing is the key to success. You may wonder why I say this. Well, if you have somebody who is not used to failing and thinks failing is bad, then when he/she hears “No” enough times, it damages his/her confidence, and that person is afraid to keep trying. However, if you are not afraid to fail, you will not let those “No’s” stop you. Instead, you will become more motivated to find the people who will say “YES” to your opportunity or presentation. Become a failure to become a success. This goes for ANY business!

D: What is the ONE business building idea you can share that you think is the MAIN reason you are where you are today, about to retire from trading, and about to embark on some major journeys in life, both literally and figuratively?

C: First, let me clarify something very important. The word “retire” is loosely used in the network marketing industry. I have been trading for 17 years and it is time for me to take a break. Do I think I will stay out of it for long period of time? No, it has always has been and will always be a passion of mine. I have built my name and reputation as a trader and educator, so I will most definitely return to the industry; however, I welcome a break in the action right now.

I love to help and give to others, so this is my current mission. There is nothing better than creating a profit in network marketing and helping others create wealth in the same fashion. Then, bringing my profession back into the mix, profiting on those profits as a trader too is a home run! However, I really do have the freedom to either work or not work; that is how large the income that I have created in our network marketing business is already. The MAIN reason I am where I am today is I will do whatever it takes; I will work 100 hours in a 24 hour day until I make it. As I said earlier, the main ingredient for me is that four-letter curse word, W O R K… and I have a LOW “IQ” (“I QUIT”) level!

D: Lastly, you are extremely jazzed about the network marketing company we are in together. What are the defining qualities of this company that makes it so good? Based on that, what should people look for in their own network marketing company or when deciding to actually join one?

C: Well, it seems lately I am sleeping no more than 3 hours per night! The energy of the team, of the company, and of the industry has taken the world by storm, and this keeps me “jazzed” as you say! I believe I had already mentioned earlier the reasons why I like our company, because there are no products to lug around and there is no trying to sell to friends and family a product or service they do not want. I have been approached by other network marketing companies that involve selling legal insurance, utility companies, juice companies, vitamin companies, weight loss companies, you name it! I have found that ours is so simple; our work is to advertise and it takes no more than two minutes per day. I am from the Amway world. I got my PhD in network marketing. In my opinion, the most ideal situation is the one that does not require a person to sponsor people to become successful, yet offers the opportunity to earn larger income because you do sponsor, train, and motivate others, and once you help them earn income, you earn additional bonuses. I come from a world where, when you help enough people get what you want, you in turn will get what you want. Everybody has their own version of what is best for them. Some may like a particular industry. My advice? Do your due diligence, figure out what you are passionate about, and run with it. That’s all.

I want to thank Mr. Terry for taking the time to answer these questions so thoughtfully and thoroughly.

On a side note, Christopher Terry is one of the most benevolent and philanthropic men I’ve ever met, and he does it without creating great publicity or accolades for his generosity. He believes very strongly in the idea that “it is in giving that you shall receive.” I am honored to know him and very glad we have gone into business together.

So there you have it. Christopher Terry’s story and his tips for helping you create success in your own network marketing company. If you want have any questions or want to learn more, please email me at

The Benefits of Contractor Insurance for Limited Companies

A career in contracting usually starts with a few simple steps. Usually an individual leaves their current professional position (this departure is often a voluntary action, but redundancy can also spur someone down the contracting route) and then decides to take the plunge into contracting. Professional workers and employees are increasingly contracting as their line of work for a number of reasons: the ability to own, run and work for their own company being a highlight for those who previously held a position as an employee.

Being a limited company contractor certainly has its advantages over static employment in many cases. Among the numerous reasons, being able to dictate your own schedule and being subject to a lower tax bracket are top of many people's list. As well as these perks, many professionals relish the opportunity to work for themselves, a career in contracting being technically a 'self-employed' profession, and one that appears attractive to most.

Being a company owner, shareholder and worker does bring with it many potential downsides however, these far surpassing the niggling annoyances that can come with employment. As a person in charge of a business, whenever any misfortune or error occurs professionally, it will unduly be the contractor that must take the wrap, and most importantly foot the bill. As a result of financial instability in this sense, sufficient contractor insurances must be purchased in order to oust any potential vulnerability concern company finance.

The first port of call for any budding contractor is undoubtedly professional indemnity insurance. As a form of cover, the policy protects any law suits resulting from claims of negligence being made against the policy holder. Negligence claims arise often within business, but usually the firm or corporation will hold some overhanging insurance that covers all of its employees. Obviously with contractors this can not be the case, and because of this they must purchase PI insurance as a means to protect their financial assets should a negligence claim be made. Professional negligence can be as a result of an accident, error, mistake or misconduct, and fundamentally stems from the actions of the contractor resulting in a loss for the end client. This is the major factor that the professional indemnity insurance covers, although the policy also also happens to have added benefits.

As a limited company contractor, in the eyes of the tax office an individual working through a personal service company should be visibly operating as a business in their own account. There are many things that can aid a contractor's position here, and professional indemnity insurance is one of them, adding value and providing representation that a limited company is working as a business in its own account (as opposed to an employee posing as a contractor) .

Contractor insurance is a competitive market but is available in many places and from many service providers. Specialist suppliers of insurance for limited company professionals, specialize in PI insurance and IR35 cover, but with a wide collection of other quality products on offer.

How To Maintain Your Percale Sheets

People like to know that when they buy something it is not going to need replacing in a few short months. This is especially true for people that prefer spending more for things with higher quality instead of buying things with shorter useful life. Percale sheets are known to be a bit expensive compared to other fabrics because of their crispness. Quality can be lost if the sheets are not treated with care. Here are some suggestions you can follow to maintain that fresh, crisp feeling of your percale sheets.

Wash Yourself – As you know, sweat, dirt, and grime can lead to the deterioration of your fabric faster due to their acidity and the fact that they can grind against the fabric of the sheets, making micro-abrasions that speed up the aging process . Therefore, showering before bed means there will be less of these bad stuff on your bedsheets. Beside, it's the right thing to do.

Wash Your Sheets – This is as good as taking a regular bath for human bees. In the case of percale bed sheets, washing them regularly ensures the removal of dirt, grime, oil and sweat that thickens on the layer of your sheets. These substitutes, if left for too long, can hasten the breaking down of your fabric and would eventually affect its quality. On the average, washing it once a week is enough to keep it in good shape. This frequency should also not make you feel overworked with all that washing. Having an alternate sheet can also keep the damage when washing to a minimum.

Line Dry If Possible – One of the characteristics that makes percale bed sheets attractive to people is their "crisp" feeling. This feeling is achievable easily by hanging them on a clothesline. Doing this is also effective for avoiding damage since the clothes do not go rumbling inside the dryer. Should a dryer be needed, it is better to use low heat so as to minimize the stress of high heat on the fabric.

Enjoy Them As Often As You Can – Nothing lasts forever, much less your percale sheets. There will come a time when they may need to be replaced due to damage or wear and tear. But do not be afraid to use them. With proper care, your percale sheets will last longer than any other fabric in the market. Be thankful if you have such a fantastic set of percale sheets and remember that enjoying them every time you can not such a bad thing.

Tips to Choose the Right Welding Machine

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you may need a good welding machine. You can find different types of welding machines. Some are cheap and some are expensive. For aspiring welders, it's a good idea to find out more about different types of welding machines. Given below are a few tips that can help you opt for the right equipment.

1. Consider the Type of Metal

Typically, the welding job is done on carbon steel. Actually, carbon steel can withstand a lot of heat. Therefore, it supports most of the welding machines you can find in the market.

Since stainless steel can resist corrosion, it's a good choice for the storage of edible items or beverages. Moreover, it supports MIG and TIG machines as well. Aside from this, it does not consume a lot of power.

Aluminum requires consistent heat in order to ensure that the weld pool does not dry out. Moreover, the amount of heat leads to the deformation of the piece. So, you need a complex welder in order to work on aluminum. This type of equipment allows you to do pulse welding.

It's a good idea to make an assessment of the metal that you want to conjoin prior to opting for a machine.

2. Choose the Right Amperage

The price of the equipment depends upon the amount of power it can produce. You need more current to work on thicker metals. So, before you make a choice, do not forget to consider your needs.

For instance, if you need to work on a pipe or steel that has 1-inch or higher thickness, you need a stick welding machine.

For tin metals, you need a machine that is more sensitive. You need the right amount of heat to do your work

3. Opt for an Ideal Site

The workplace is also an important factor to keep in mind when opting for a welder. For instance, domestic facilities have 115 or 220 volts power supply. So, you may want to get a welder that works on either 115 or 220 volts. Some powerful welders require a three-phase power supply. So, you may want to keep this in mind.

4. Check the Specs Sheet

Do not forget to read the specs sheet. It will help you know a lot of important things that will help you make the right choice. For instance, by reading the specs sheet, you can find out how much work a welder can do in a given time period.

Duty cycle refers to the number of minutes that a machine can weld. If you keep working even after the given time is over, you may risk damaging your machine due to overheating.

5. Compressed-Gas Requirements

Lastly, you need to consider the type of compressed gas as well. Common names include carbon dioxide, argon, and oxygen. Based on your requirements, you should opt for the right type of compressed gas.

Long story short, these are the 5 tips that you need to consider while buying a welding machine.

Hosted PBX Small Business Phone Numbers

Hosted PBX small business phone numbers are an ideal choice for SOHO company owners who wish to expand their business beyond their present region of operation in an economic way. These hosted PBX phone numbers help small businesses as well as medium businesses to achieve an impressive corporate address in addition to a professional image. With a hosted VoIP PBX system, companies can handle their businesses in various geographical locations without relocating over there.

Virtual phone numbers can be acquired from the service providers of hosted PBX systems. You can choose local and toll free numbers with the area code of your preferred location. While local numbers create the impression that your small business is a local one, toll free numbers can suggest a nationwide presence. Calls to these numbers will be diverted to the appropriate destination by the virtual IP PBX system. You can receive calls on your mobile handset, residential receiver or any other number of your choice.

The callers are not charged anything extra for making calls to these numbers even if they are long distance calls. The calls are transmitted through dedicated phone lines or high bandwidth internet connection, so the communication cost is much less with a virtual IP system when compared to the conventional phone system. If the calls remain unattended even after several rings, they will be routed to the voicemail system.

The hosted PBX phone system is equipped with cutting edge features which are found on expensive communication systems implemented by large conglomerates. The high-end features that one can receive along with hosted PBX small business phone numbers include:

o Auto attendant
o Virtual receptionist
o Caller ID
o Find me-follow me call forwarding
o Music on hold
o Voicemail
o Fax to email

The auto attendant can be programmed to greet your clients with a professional sounding greeting message. Moreover, the auto attendant system presents the callers with a menu of options such as dial by name, dial extension, group dialing and zero out to live operator. These sophisticated interfaces presented to the callers help in strengthening the image of a flourishing company.

The cost of implementation of a virtual PBX system is less as you are not required to install any expensive equipment at your concessions. The service provider handles all the upgrades and maintenance tasks as well. So, companies can save huge amounts by opting for hosted PBX small business phone numbers.

The Evolution of Television Service With Satellite TV

It used to be that the only option when it came to watching television was to tune in via rabbit ears, waiting for the local and national networks to tune in and tune out their programming each night. Switching channels used to consist of having to get up and turn a knob, and static after midnight was a common occurrence. So it's amazing to think of how fast things have managed to change in the world of entertainment, especially considering that there are still people alive today who can remember vividly the minimal options of television.

After your typical rabbit ear television set, there was a move towards more and more high tech technology. Today, you're more likely to find a HD tv in someone's living room than a large, boxy set with a screen that takes up far too much space. And the best part about this is that it no longer costs an arm and a leg to have this sort of technology around, meaning that practically any living room can enjoy something close to the big screen but for everything from movies to movies from the couch instead of somewhere else.

But the absolute best way to make the most of your new television set is to make sure you are using the absolute best step in evolution towards service providing. Because cable was a step in the right direction, it meant the ability to enjoy more channels at all hours, but the offers were still something limited. As satellite was introduced, cable tried to up its game, and managed to succeed in many cases, but it also failed in quite a few others. For one thing, it stopped paying attention to things like HD TV content, and that means that satellite managed to step forward a lot quicker and steal the market away in that regard.

For another, satellite TV just does a better job of providing the right sort of options, ones that allow for consumers to pick and choose various channels instead of dealing with the same old package deals. This is somewhat like the freedom to actually watch television after midnight, and it is a critical step in the right direction of the evolution of television that is only possible thanks to satellite stepping up its game.

So if you've been looking for a better way to watch television that is not going to cost a ton of money, it's time to get with the evolution of service and to go with the dish instead of with the cable box. As cable was the reigning king of television for awhile, it has gotten a bit bit comfortable, and it's not interested in presenting any sort of innovation, whereas satellite is far more tuned into what people want, how service can improve, and how all of these exciting innovations and offerings should not have to cost regular consumers an arm and a leg.

Fast and Effective Weight Loss System

Planning to lose some weight? There is a fast and effective weight loss system that you can easily follow for everyone.

There are lots of easy weight loss workout tips but you can at least choose the best for you.

Here are my recommendations on fast and effective weight loss system:-

Drink lots of water. Water may act as a suppressant in your cravings for food. It also hydrates your body and flushes out toxins with the help of your kidneys and liver.

Fiber intake is highly recommended for losing weight. Like water, it also flushes out toxins and it definitely cleanses your digestive system. Start your day by eating high fiber cereals and consume fiber for about 8-25 grams.

One of my best weight loss tips is protein consumption. Protein may keep you full for long hours. It may aid in balancing carbohydrates by blocking the sudden surge of insulin thus preventing you from sugar cravings. Protein also adds up protein mass.

Eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. Some people try raw food diet for fast weight loss. Raw food diet consists of consuming raw fruits and vegetables. These fresh foods contain higher quantities of vitamins and minerals to help strengthen your system.

Consume foods that increase your metabolism. Foods that speed up the metabolism rate are important to burn fats in your body. Try eating a bowl of cereal or oatmeal in the morning; it helps in burning up more calories.

Carbohydrate intake is sometimes unavoidable. The best thing to do is to replace simple carbohydrates to complex. Simple carbohydrates intake will suddenly spike up your energy because it is digested easily. Complex carbohydrates like whole grains, dried or pulpy fruits are longer to digest and speed up metabolism.

Exercise can be a fast way to lessen up your weight. Start your exercise by walking as a warm up then you can do mountain biking or running on thread mills and other exercise regimens for losing weight.

Consume healthy fats. Not all fats are bad for us. There are also good fats like Omega 9, Omega 6 and Omega 3. These healthy fats have linoleic acid and linolenic acid. There also products that has zero Trans fat or unsaturated fat, these maintain our normal blood levels.

Consider enrolling in a fitness gym. There are fitness professionals who can help you lose weight. They will provide a weight loss program that is fit for you.

Make a daily journal on your weight loss regimens. This will give you vital information on how many pounds you lose and what are the foods that you have consumed for the day. You will also be able to monitor your calorie intake in maintaining your weight.

There are available weight reducing supplements that you can avail of in leading pharmacies. But remember to consult your general physician or doctor first. It is because some of commercialized dietary supplements are not duly approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration.

So take no worries in losing weight, try these effective tips and you will definitely see the results.

Pre-Natal Vitamins Are Just As Important As The Nutritious Foods You Eat When Pregnant

Pre-natal vitamins are very important for pregnant women. There are even some doctors who would prescribe the supplements for women who have plans on getting pregnant. Good prenatal vitamins should contain folic acid, calcium and iron on top of the Vit B complexes.

Folic acid is very important for the first month of pregnancy and for women who want to get pregnant. The folic acid lowers the chances of birth defects like the cleft palate, brain defects, and spinal defects. The US Public Health Service has actually recommended that all women who can get pregnant should take the follic acid along with their regular vitamins because of the research results revealing that most first pregnancies are unplanned.

Calcium is for bone density and can prevent osteoporosis. When pregnant, the fetus will get the calcium reserves from the mother and the mother can get depleted and can suffer from complications later on or after the birth of the child. A good source of the calcium is through milk specifically formulated for pregnant women and in vitamin supplements.

Iron supplements help fight against anemia. It is a well known fact that some women may not know that they are anemic and sometimes the pregnancy can cause the anemia. To prevent iron loss, iron supplements in the vitamins are encouraged. This will also prevent anemia of the fetus which is a dangerous condition for it. This can lead to low birth weight and it can also cause premature birth.

Of course, all these prenatal vitamins will not do any good if the diet is ignored. Eating proper amounts of green leafy vegetables like spinach and mustard greens is just as important as taking the iron supplements. The fresh fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of vitamin C; some beans are good sources of proteins and then the meats which are the main source of animal protein.

Lean meats without the fat and the skin are very important. It is also very important to remember that the pure form of fluids is water. Avoid the sports drinks that are actually filled with fizzy carbonations, sugar and chemicals for flavoring that actually contain a lot of purines which will lead to high levels of uric acid in the blood.

Vitamin D3 – What It Does For Your Body

While vitamin D is good for your health, very few people are aware of its two different forms and their effect on the body.

Vitamin D is often known as the sunshine vitamin and most people do not know that it has two forms, D2 and D3, of which only vitamin D3 is produced through the natural synthesis of sunlight on the skin. Plants and fungi on the other hand produce Vitamin D2. You can find vitamin D2 more commonly, as milk, cereals and juices are fortified with it. The two forms are commonly known as ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

What are the Differences Between Vitamin D2 and D3?

The biggest difference between the two forms of vitamin D is the way it is produced. Plants produce the D2 form while D3 is a byproduct of synthesis of ultra violet B rays from sunlight penetrating the body's surface. It can be found on the skin or surface of animals and is commonly found in the wool of sheep.

Of the two forms, D3 is considered beneficial to the body as it controls the level of calcium and phosphorous in the blood, which is vital for bone development and growth. It can be stored in the body tissue until it is required. D2 on the other hand is not a natural form in the human body as plants and other invertebrates synthesize it. It is not as easily absorbed by the receptors in the body and as a result does not have the same effect as D3. Both versions of the vitamin are available as supplements in pill or liquid form. D3 has the longer shelf life of the two. Because the supplements are made from animal sources, many vegetarians do not use them and opt for vitamin D2 supplements instead.

The Function of Vitamin D3

Although it is classified as a vitamin, vitamin D3 is a hormone. When sunlight falls on the body's surface – the skin in our case – it synthesizes to form vitamin D3, which is circulated in the blood stream to help in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous that is received from digested food sources. The calcium is used for building and strengthening teeth and bone mass. In addition, calcium also has a role to play in the production of hormones in the body by transmitting nerve impulses to the brain. Almost 99% of your vitamin D supply is used for regulating the calcium in the body; the remaining part is utilized for strengthening the immune system and maintaining muscle strength.

Benefits of Vitamin D D3

While excess vitamin D3 can be stored away in the fat cells for future use, deficiency of vitamin D in the body can have adverse effects on the health of an individual.

Getting the right amount of vitamin D can have numerous benefits on the body. It is responsible for strengthening teeth and bones, improving bone density and pregnancies weakening of the muscles as it promotes absorption of calcium in the blood. Older people with sufficient amounts of vitamin D3 are less prone to ailments such as arthritis, osteoporosis and osteomalacia. In children and infants, it can help in bone growth and development and prevent diseases such as Rickets.

Vitamin D3 also reduces the risk of certain types of cancer in men and women such as prostrate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. It can reduce the risks associated with certain pregnancy related infections including bacterial vaginosis that poses a threat of premature labor and fetal death. It advances or improves other conditions such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis. It can also lower the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It gives a boost to the body's immune system and can help prevent influenza and seasonal allergies.

Due to the role that vitamin d plays in influencing the production of hormones in the body, it can also improve certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and vitiligo, surrounding controlling moods. In countries that experience low sunlight conditions during a few months of the year, the body is unable to get its adequate share of vitamin D through natural synthesis. During this period, vitamin D3 supplements can help in decreasing the symptoms of depression and seasonal affective disorder.

So remember, for healthy teeth and bones, as well as good health, you need to get the right dose of vitamin D3. The best source is sunlight. However, you need direct sunlight as the UVB rays can not penetrate glass. The further away you are from the equator, the longer you need to be out in the sun to produce the right amount of vitamin D. Darker skinned people require a longer period of exposure compared to lighter skinned people. Sunscreens can also limit the amount of UVB rays that are absorbed by the skin. If you can not do this, then I recommend vitamin D3 supplementation to keep your body healthy.

Best Treatment For Acne Scars – 6 Natural Oils That Make Scars Fade Away!

There are so many treatments on the market for acne scars that you have to wonder if many of them actually work. Well, it is a proven fact that most natural remedies can be considered the best treatment for acne scars, and they are known to save people a lot of money too! What is particularly surprising to people is that many of these natural treatments contain oils, which should logically be doing more harm than good. However, what you find is that the properties in these oils help to combat bacteria that causes acne and leaves you with terrible scars.

Olive Oil — This age old remedy is good for a lot of things including acne scars because it helps to produce smooth skin and reduce the appearance of scars. It is considered by many to be the best treatment for acne scars because it produces really good results if a pretty short span of time.

Tea Tree Oil — This is also one of those remedies that can treat just about any kind of skin scarring and can be applied directly to the skin. In no time, you will start to see your acne scars diminish.

Coconut Oil — When considering applying coconut oil to the skin with cotton balls, make sure you use extra virgin coconut oil, which has all of the natural properties needed to cure your skin of acne scarring. Coconut oil is also very effective at soothing and smoothing the skin surface without adding any bacterial properties. This miraculous treatment will help you have smoother and softer skin in a very short matter of time.

Oregano Oil — This is a product that can be applied directly to the acne scars. It will help to bring all the fluid in your acne cysts to the surface and allow it to drain out. Once the cysts have been drained, you can stop using this oil and then start applying peroxide to allow the cysts to scab over. Once they have scabbed over, honey is great at finishing the healing process so you do not get those nasty scars.

Groundnut Oil — When mixed as a paste with lime juice, groundnut oil can be used to help freshen the skin and create that natural glow that comes from having a smoother skin surface.

The best treatment for acne scars is the treatment you can put together naturally. Not only will you save money, but you will also get good results without the side effects that come with expensive, prescription acne treatments.

Window Treatments – Trendy Homes Demand Trendy Windows

Is the creative artist in you looking for a new home improvement project? Do you want to take on project that does not demand too much of your time? If you are unable to decide on the aspect of your home that requires attention, do not worry. Here's a window of opportunity for you: Windows.

When it comes to renovating a home or upgrading a room, homeowners neglect windows. Everyone focuses on the wall molding, paint colors and furniture. They forget about windows. Remember that windows can make or break the look of a room. If you are interested in making your home trendy, consider trendy window treatments.

Start Small; Think Big

If you want to experiment a new look for your home, you can consider different window treatments. It is better to select a room before making changes to the entire home. When thinking about window treatments for the living room or the bedroom; you need to consider the following things:

· The renovation budget

· The functionality of windows

· The architectural details of your home

· Your style

· Your color preferences

· The need for privacy and safety

· Energy efficiency

Window Treatments – Tips to help you get started

Once you create a budget and plan for the home improvement project, you have to think about different types of options available with you. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

· Hard window treatments involve usage of hard materials such as wood and vinyl. It involves choosing window shutters, blinds and shades. If you make use of drapes and curtains, it is called soft window treatments.

· If you entertain a lot of guests, it is best to opt for durable material for the living room and the dining area. Similarly, a kitchen window should have washable fabrics. You can consider silk and other delicate fabrics for the bedroom.

· If you want to restrict the natural light in a room, it is best to consider blinds and shutters. They provide you with more options to allow just the right amount of light you want.

· When it comes to energy-efficient window treatments, think of honeycomb blinds. They trap the cold and warm air and save your energy costs.

· If you live in a noisy neighborhood, choose multiple window treatments. You can go for window shutters with heavy drapes to block the noise.

· You can even consider decorative molding around the window to beautify it.

· If you want to give a trendy look to the window glass, you can go for stained glass and make the window a conversation piece among your guests.

· If you are in doubt about making changes, hire a home renovation contractor. He will provide you with various options and help you make the right decision.

Window treatments are an inexpensive way of making your home trendy. When you want to give a new look to your home without undertaking a big home improvement project, you can consider window treatments. Customize windows the way you like it and make your home beautiful.

Titanium In Construction

Many people wonder, just how is titanium used in construction? It is actually a very effective tool in building buildings. This is true in many aspects. One is in the cooling and heating systems found within the buildings. Typically, they are exposed to various elements such as chemical levels and humidity. Because of the rise and fall in temperature, most metals will be vulnerable to corrosion. Due to its corrosive-resistant properties, titanium is the perfect choice for cooling systems and heating systems in many buildings. As it is more resistant to corrosion, it does not deteriorate quickly.

As far as color and design go, titanium is a popular choice, as well. Some architects wish to achieve a particular color scheme in their designs. For this reason, they may often choose titanium. It has a hue that is different from other metals, like iron. Additionally, an architect can use titanium anywhere the desired color hue is wanted. Therefore, it is often found used as a door handle, or simply an accent piece that is intended to aesthetically coordinate the overall design of the building.

Titanium is also free of magnetism. This is important because magnetism can cause computer sensors, and security alarm systems to malfunction. This is an important characteristic to be aware of when building business buildings. Exposure to magnetism can actually render such items useless. Risk of damage is reduced when building planners use titanium in the areas that such components will be housed.

Speaking of security systems, titanium can achieve a greater security measure than other metals. Buildings, such as banks, require intense security. Titanium frames or plates are used in these instances because of its strength. Therefore, titanium is used to create safes, and as reinforcement to cabinetry or whole rooms in order to prevent vandalism or theft.

Since titanium is very lightweight, it is frequently utilized in roofs. Roofs require extra strength, however, too much weight in a roof could cause a collapse or a safety issue. Another place the light weight of titanium is taken advantage of is in the main pipes of a building. Along with the lightweight feature, pipes benefit from the corrosion resistant properties of titanium. It is easy to understand why construction has embraced this wondrous metal. The benefits of having a material with such strength, yet with lightweight and corrosive-resistant properties is a dream come true for many construction planners and architects.