Golf in Tuscany

If you have never been to Tuscany, you are missing a real treat. The rolling hills and medieval towns are a joy. The villages are picturesque to the nth degree and some of the old hill towns are to die for. But have you thought of all this and golf too? If not, you will certainly need. There are some beautiful courses set in gorgeous surroundings and you will be made very welcome indeed. It's easy to fix up accommodation near golf courses these days using one of the many online golf ports and you will often be able to book tee times. It's worth asking your hotel or guest house if they can get you a discount as this is pretty standard across Europe.

Some of the better known courses include Ugolino – a natural course named among the 50 most beautiful golf courses in the world by the American writer Chris Santella. Pavoniere with its immense greens, undulating fairways and clusters of pines and cypresses. Montecatini – set in the Tuscan hills and offering many natural hazards such as lakes, streams, forests and ditches. Pelagone – one of the most beautiful courses in Italy set amidst vineyards and olive groves. Poggio dei Medici – a championship course built to USGA standards. Versilia – located only a mile from the sea, this course is dominated by water hazards which feature on eleven of the holes. Thick woods and forest surround the course and the greens are well protected and fast running. Bagnaia – this a Robert Trent Jones Jr designed course located in the gently rolling hills above Siena.

Florence is the jewel in the crown of Tuscany and Poggio dei Medici Golf Club is easily reached from the city. Florence can be really crowded during the summer months but early spring and late autumn are great times to play golf in this part of the world and also the best times to visit Florence without the queues. My personal highlight in Florence is the Piazzale Michelangelo from where you get a beautiful view over the city which is difficult to appreciate from the narrow streets. Up here you will also find reproductions of some of the famous statues such as the David. Florence offers lots of excellent restaurants and you might like to try the local specialty which is Bistecca ai ferri – charcoal grilled beef which washes down beautifully with a glass of Chianti.

Option Trading Basics

Options trading can increase the profits you make when trading Stocks if you understand how to use them and know what you are doing. Options can be a very useful tool that the average investor can use to enhance their returns.

This article – Options Trading Basics, looks at what options are and discusses some of the options trading strategies traders can use with these versatile instruments.

Options – An Overview

Options give the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy (a call option) or sell (a put option) the underlying Stock or futures contract at a specified price up until a specified date.

In other words, options are like tradable insurance contracts.

An investor can purchase a Put option as insurance against a decline in the Stock price or a Call option in case the Stock rises. Buying an option gives the purchaser time to decide whether they will buy or sell the underlying Stock. The price is locked in until the expiration date, which in the case of LEAPS can be years into the future.

Options trading has several advantages that every Stock Market investor should be aware of, such as high leverage, lower overall risk than owning the physical security, more versatility and the ability to generate extra income from a current Stock portfolio.

An option of value fluctuates in direct relationship to the underlying security. The price of the option is only a fraction of the price of the security and therefore provides higher leakage and lower risk – the most an option buyer can lose is the premium, or deposit, they paid on entering into the contract.

By purchasing the undering Stock of Futures contract itself, a much larger loss is possible if the price moves against the buyers position.

An option is described by its symbol, whether it's a put or a call, an expiration month and a strike price.

A Call option is a bullish contract, giving the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy the underlying security at a certain price on or before a certain date.

A Put option is a bearish contract, giving the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to sell the underlying security at a certain price on or before a certain date.

The expiration month is the month the option contract expires.

The strike price is the price that the buyer can either buy call) or sell (put) the underlying security by the expiration date.

The premium is the price that is paid for the option.

The intrinsic value is the difference between the current price of the underlying security and the strike price of the option.

The time value is the difference between current premium of the option and the intrinsic value. The time value is also influenced by the volatility of the underlying security.

Up to 90% of all out of the money options expire worthless and their time value primarily Declines until their expiration date.

This clue offers traders a very good hint as to which side of an options contract they should be on … professional options traders who make consistent profits usually sell far more options than they buy.

The option contracts that they do buy are usually only to hedge their physical Stock Portfolios – that this is a powerful distinction between the punters and small traders who consistently buy low priced, out of the money and close to expire puts and calls, hoping for a big payoff (illegally) and the guys who really make the money out of the options market every month, by consistently selling these options to them – please read the rest of this article.

The seller of the option contract is obliged to satisfy the contract if the buyer decides to exercise the option.

Therefore, if he has sold Copped Call options over his Shares, and the Stock price is above the option strike price at expiration, the option is said to be in-the money, and the seller must sell his shares to the option buyer at the strike price if he is exercised.

Sometimes an in-the-money option will not be exercised, but it is very rare. The option seller (or writer) has to be prepared to sell the Stock at the strike price if exercised.

He can always buy back the option prior to expiration if he chooses to and write one at a higher strike price if the stock price has rallied, but this results in a capital loss as he will usually have to pay more to buy the option back than the premium he received when he originally sold it.

Many option writers simply get exercised out of the Stock and then immediately re-buy more of the same or another stock and simply write more call options against them.

The buyer of an option has no obligations at all – either either sells his option later at a profit or a loss, or exercises it if the stock price is in-the-money at expiry and he can make a profit.

The vast majority of options are held until expiration and simply decay in price until there is no point in the hapless buyer selling them. Very few options are actually exercised by the buyer. The vast major expend worthless.

Having said all this, lets look at an example of how to use options to gain leverage to a Stock price movement when the trend does go in our favor …

For this example we will use MSFT as the underlying security. Let's assum MSFT is trading for $ 24.50 a share and it is early January. We are bullish on this Stock and based on our technical analysis we think that it will go to $ 27.50 within two months.

In this example, we will ignore Brokerage costs, but they do have an effect on the percentage returns. The prices and price moves of the Stock and the options are hypothetical – they are intended as a guide only.

Buying 1000 physical shares will cost $ 24,500 and if we sell our position at $ 27.50 a share, we will make a profit of $ 3,000 or a 12% return on our capital. We will have $ 24,500 at risk if we take this position for a potential of 12% or $ 3,000 profit.

Instead of using cash to buy the physical Stock, we can buy 10 call options with an expiration that is at least three months into the future and a strike price that is close to current price of the underlying security.

10 contracts represent 1000 shares of the stock, a call option is bullish, three months until expire gives us some time for a quick move, and buying an option with a strike price that is close to the current price of MSFT allows us to get the full potential of the intrinsic value.

We buy 10 MSFT $ 22.50 April Call options. These options are currently selling for $ 2.80 and they are in the money.

$ 24.50 (the current price of the Stock) minus $ 22.50 (the strike price) is $ 2.00, which is our Intrinsic value. $ 2.80 (the option premium) minus $ 2.00 (the Intrinsic value) gives us $ 0.80, which is the Time value.

If the price rallies to $ 27.50, as we believe it will, the intrinsic value of these same options at that point will be $ 5.00 ($ 27.50 – $ 22.50). That means that if the Stock gets to $ 27.50 a share, our option premium would be at least $ 5.00 plus a small amount of time value, depending on the remaining time until expiration.

Ten option contracts will cost us $ 2,800 ($ 280 times 100) and if MSFT goes to $ 27,500, we could sell our option contracts for at least $ 5,000 ($ 500 by 10 contracts), maybe more.

We will have $ 2,800 at risk if we take this position, rather than the full price of the Stock ($ 24,500) for a potential of 80% or $ 2,200 profit, plus whatever time value is left in the option, probably another $ 100.

Our options buying strategy cave us a much larger percentage profit with a much smaller potential risk. Do not forget that, for us as the buyer, these options will expire worthless if not sold or exercised by the expiration date.

The option seller or writer simply has to sit back and wait until expiry to see if he is going to be exercised. If the Stock price is below the strike price at expiration, it keeps the premium and can write another option over the same Stock.

If the Stock price is above the strike price, he will most likely be exercised and will have to sell his shares if he does not exit the position by buying his options back on the open market (quite often at a higher price than he originally sold them for).

The downside of buying the option over the physical Stock is that if you bought the Stock itself, even if the price had not moved, you would still own it, but by buying the option, if the price does not move in the desired direction , you lose part of your trading capital.

To make options trading work, the undering security must move fairly quickly in the direction you expect, or you will lose money at an ever increasing rate as the expiration date draws nearer.

As you can see, options strategies can offer much higher percentage returns with less risk for the same trade. The majority of your cash is still safely in your trading account rather than being exposed to the market.

This is just one example of using options trading to increase your Stock Market returns. There are many more strategies and ways to use options and I encourage you to explore them further.

All options expire worthless if they are not in-the-money at expiration, so the buyer must close out or exercise his position on or before the expiration date or he will lose the entire premium.

The time value portion of the option premium decreases periodically until expiration date. The closer to expire, the faster the time value decreases, as there is less time for the option to move in the desired direction for the buyer.

For buyers, top traders advise never to hold an option with less than 30 days to expire due to the exponential rise in time decay during this period.

For sellers, it is usually most profitable to write options that have 30 days or less to expire, due to this same time dece effect … the buyer of these options has the odds stacked against them and will require a large price movement in his desired direction to make a profit – remember, the vast majority of options expire worthless – so this is the side of these instruments the wealthually find themselves on – just a thought …

There are many other intricacies of options trading that investors and traders should be aware of. This article is only an introduction to options trading and there is a lot more information for you to learn.

For a more in-depth look at the various Options strategies available, visit

This page has a series of articles on options trading and outlines some of the strategies merchants can use to profit from these extremely flexible vehicles.

We encourage you to study these instruments carefully if you decide to trade them. Then use the trend trading strategies outlined in these stories and articles to position yourself on the right side of the market – whether as a buyer or a seller.

To Your Trading Success,

Really Get Away From It All: The World's Most Remote Hotels

Sometimes we all need to get away from it all; sometimes the further away the better. When you're usual holiday destination will not suffice (out of boredom or a need to put as much distance between yourself and your everyday life as possible), there are a host of hotels around the world that will meet your needs. Some of them offer extreme luxury amid exotic surroundings, while others offer entirely new experiences in locations you would never have dreamed of visiting. Read about the top five most remote hotels in the world and start planning your next holiday.

Bloomfield Lodge, Cairns, Australia

Bloomfield Lodge is located in Queensland's far north and trips guests to not one but two World Heritage Sites: the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. The lodge is recognized as one of the most exclusive luxury resorts in Australia. Only 34 guests are permitted at a time, so you can sure that your every need will be promptly met.

According to Forbes's list of remote hotels, to reach the lodge one must first charter a plane, then one has to drive through the Outback for a few hours and finally cruise some way down the Bloomfield River. When you ever arrive, however, you will find that all your troubles were worth it.

For starters, the lodge is nestled on the very edge of the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef is just across the bay. There are guided tours of the forest or you can follow some self-guided trails if you prefer. You can also go on guided bird watching tours, enjoy some relaxing fishing or more adrenalin infused tropical fishing out at sea, and laze in the seclusion of Kangaii Beach. Activities based around the lodge include an outdoor Jacuzzi, freshwater pool, spa and well stocked library with paperbacks and a selection of books and journals devoted to the ecology of the rainforest and region's local history. There is also a two-hour guided river cruise that will take you to the local Aboriginal community at Wujal Wujal, while giving you an opportunity to look out for birds and crocodiles.

Kokopelli's Cave, Farmington, New Mexico

If you want remote but do not want to travel to the ends of the earth, Kokopelli's Cave might suit you. The cave, which is not a natural formation and is privately owned, is rather difficult to reach; even the owners recommend that you only try it if you¡¯re physically fit. But if it's seclusion you're after sleeping 70 feet below the earth is ideal.

The cave is located near the Mesa Verde National Monument in New Mexico and if you climb to the top of the cliff you'll be able to see all four states of the Four Corners area. It is only accessible by dirt roads and they are rough. They can be traversed by ordinary cars (up to a point), but 4x4s are recommended. If you're in a conventional car you will have to park it at the upper parking lot and walk the rest of the way, 4x4s will get you quite a bit further. If you're footing it, you'll have to follow a marked trail that leads steadily downward. The way out is even more difficult because it's all uphill.

You'd be well advised to note that no meals are served at the cave, although you can arrange for special occasions to be catered. There is a fridge and some cabinets that provide breakfast things and some fruit, but you'll have to bring everything else. There are all the creature comforts you could want, including a Jacuzzi and waterfall shower, but there are only two local TV channels, so be prepared to entertain yourself.

The Andean Cottage, Peru

Staying at the Andean Cottage has been likened to a spiritual experience. Aside from a butler, who is on call 24 hours and who appears at night to light the two wood-burning chimneys, guests are truly alone. The Andean Cottage is the only one in the area and guests have the lakeside beach all to themselves. You'd better be prepared to embrace rustic living, as there are no cars and no electricity (which means no TV).

What you get is a spacious two-bedroom home with a lake all to yourself. The master bedroom boasts a super king bed size and a large bath which provides open views of the lake.

You get there via speedboat; the trip takes 4.5 hours and the boat leaves daily from the private pier at Casa Andina, Puno. On the way you stop at the Uros Floating Islands as well as the traditional Alsuno community of weavers on Taquile Island, before arriving at Suasi. Alternately, guests with their own vehicles (4x4s strongly recommended) can drive to the dock in Cambria and go the rest of the way in the lodge's Zodiac dinghy.

In terms of things to see and do, you can go on a number of nature walks, canoe on Lake Titicaca, visit the cultural hut, which serves as a museum and library, trek up Itapilluni Hill to admire the sunset and enjoy stargazing such as you will never experience in the city.

Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

For an authentic Mongolian experience you can do no better than Three Camel Lodge, which offers a taste of a rugged nomadic lifestyle but with luxury Gers (traditional nomadic tents) and five-star dining to fall back on. The Deluxe Gers come with private bathrooms, king size beds and felt slippers and Mongolian bathrobes, as well as locally produced toilets. The more traditional Gers are furnished with wood-burning stoves, felt carpets, hand-painted wooden beds and ceilings that provide an unobstructed view of the stars.

The lodge is located in the heart of the Gobi desert and was built according to environmentally and culturally sustainable methods; electricity is provided by solar and wind power. The lodge offers guests a number of opportunities to explore the vast Gobi desert, including Bactrian camel tours, four-wheel drive excursions, hikes (which provide an intimate glimpse into the ecology of the region including its plant, animal and bird life) and overnight field explorations. It's also possible to remember dinosaur fossils, as a paleontologist from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences takes guests out to dig sites and supervises the expedition.

Getting there is an experience in itself. First you will need to take a two-hour flight from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar (alternatively there is a three-hour flight from Seoul), then you will need to board a prop-plane for a further one-hour flight to Dalanzadgad, followed by an hour-and-a-half drive on a rough dirt road. The chance to meet local nomadic tribes, dine on local produce at the Bulagtai Restaurant and bask in the stars more than makes up for the inconvenience.

Hotel Arctic, Greenland

For possibly the most extreme experience of your life, you can not beat the Hotel Arctic, which is the northernmost 4-star hotel in the world. The hotel is located on the edge of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, which is a World Heritage Site. It's not all that difficult to reach; almost all major European cities have flights to the airport at Kangerlussuaq, which is in turn a short 45 minute hop to Ilulissat, but it is actually at the end of the world.

The Ice Fjord is the region's primary attraction. It covers 3000 square kilometers and contains one of the largest and most active glaciers in the world. The glacier moves approximately approximately 20m per day, and is described as a park full of sculptures that are constantly changing.

There is also the opportunity to stay in an igloo on the edge of the fjord. The igloos are not made of ice, mores the pity, but that means you are assured of all the modern conveniences.

An Introduction To Vending Machines

The very first vending machine was said to have been invented by Hero of Alexandria, a 1st century inventor. His machine accepted a coin and then dispensed a fixed amount of “holy water.”

Basically, a vending machine is a machine that dispenses merchandise after a customer deposits money. Vending machines have a currency detector which determines if the money inserted is sufficient to purchase the desired item.

Common locations where vending machines are usually placed include: next to the entrances/exits, next to the water fountain, in front of the restroom, in the break room, by the coffee maker, next to the other vending machines, by the receptionist, next to the cash register, next to the listening station at a music store, next to the change machine or in the waiting area.

The items sold in vending machine vary. In the U.S. vending machines may even carry alcoholic beverages such as beer and cigarettes. This practice is increasingly rare though, due to concerns about underage buyers. I

n Japan, there seems to be no limits to what is sold by vending machines. These include: drinks and cigarettes, bottles of wine, cartons of beer and pairs of underwear. Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita, with about one machine for every 23 people.

Vending machines are classified mainly according to the products it carries. Below are just some of them:

Newspaper vending machines

With newspaper vending machines, a customer could open the box and make off with all of the newspapers after paying for one. Such assumes that the customer will be honest.

Candy vending machines

Candy vending machines are mechanical machines that vend a handful of candy, a bouncy ball, or perhaps a capsule with a small toy or jewelry, for one or two quarters.

Soda snack/vending machines

Soda/snack vending machines are, as the name suggests, sell cans or bottles of soda and/or small packages of snacks. For operators, soda/snack machines have the advantage that many locations recognize their need for such machines.

Specialized Vending

Specialized vending machines are those that dispense personal products, typically in public toilet facilities. These vending machines are often found in toilets used by transient persons in high traffic locations, such as bus stations and truck stops.

The machines in ladies restrooms typically sell sanitary napkins, tampons and tissue paper. In men’s rooms, the vending machines contain tissue paper, cleansers and sometimes condoms.

These vending machines use a spiral kind of mechanism to separate and to hold the products. When the machine vends, the spiral turns, thus pushing the product forward and falling down to be vended.

Most vending machines are designed as large safes. They have also been extensively tested and designed to inhibit theft. Like any machines, vending machines are susceptible to malfunction. The causes are many-fold.

Coin acceptors often jam up, especially if a child inserts a bill or other foreign object into the coin slot. Bill validators sometimes falsely reject a legal tender bill that happens to be crumpled, ripped, or dirty. Vending machines usually have a phone number that angry users can call for service.

One of the newest vending innovations is telemetry, which is made possible by the advent of reliable, affordable wireless technology. With telemetry, data can be transmitted to a remote headquarters for use in scheduling a route stop, detecting component failure or verifying collection information.

Online Casino Slots Trivia

Slot machines are the most popular casino game in the world, both at land-based casinos and on Internet gambling sites. This article reveals some little-known facts about online slot machines.

Generally, slot machines account for about 70% of an online casino's income.

The main categories of online slot machines include classic 3-reel slots, video slots, fruit machines, and progressive slots.

Classic 3-reel slots are computerized versions of the slot machines that were invented by Charles Fey in 1887.

Classic 3-reel slots are perfect games for the beginning slots player because of their easy and straightforward format.

Video slots are modern 5-reel slot machines. Many of the newer video slots games have bonus features, such as free spins.

Fruit machines, also known as Amusement with Prizes games, are UK-style slot machines. They are very common in British pubs.

Online progressive slots accumulate deposits from their players from a number of online casinos to create jackpots that grow by the minute.

Online progressive slots can be 3-reel or 5-reel, have bonus features, and have multiple pay-lines. For example, Major Millions was a 3-reel, 3 pay-line slot game when it was first launched. Now there is also a 5-reel, 15 pay-line version.

Cash Splash was the first online progressive jackpot. It was launched in 1998 by Microgaming software.

Mega Millions, a Microgaming progressive slot machine, is the only progressive jackpot that has ever paid out jackpots surpassing $ 1,000,000.

There are now over 150 companies that provide software solutions for online gambling casinos.

The major software providers for the online gambling industry include Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Boss Media, Rival, Vegas Technology, Parlay, and Cryptologic.

Microgaming developed the first "genuine" online casino software in 1994. Cryptologic and Boss Media were established in 1996, Parlay and Realtime Gaming were launched in 1998, Playtech was founded in 1999, Vegas Technology was established in 2005, and Rival was launched in 2006 .

The majority of online slot machines have a unique theme, such as success and old money, secret potions and jewels, Indians and squaws, bees and honey, pirates and ships, hillbillies, American diners, science fiction, chocolate, Las Vegas showgirls, witches , romance, mythology, and Christmas.

It is estimated that Microgaming casinos account for about 70% of online gambling revenue.

Pay-lines at online slot machines range from 1 to 100. Single pay-line slots have been around since slot machines were injected back in 1887. Microgaming introduced Cashapillar, its first 100 pay-line slot machine, in May, 2008.

The average payout percentage is defined as the percentage of winnings to wageed amounts. For example, if there are $ 97.69 in wins for every $ 100 wagered, the payout percentage is 97.69%. Likewise, if there are $ 93.45 in wins for every $ 100 wagered, the payout percentage is 93.45%. Payout percentages for online slots range from 89% to 99.5%.

Online slots come in both download and no download versions. The download versions are more popular because there is a wider selection of games to choose from.

Online slots games have better odds than those at land-based casinos.

Tomb Raider is probably the most successful online slot machine game to date. Tomb Raider's success is partly due to its association with the popular computer game, The Tomb Raider Series. A sequel to the game, Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword, was introduced April, 2008.

So there you have it, 20 little-known facts about online slot machines. Whether you play slots online or at a land-based casino, remember to gamble only with the money you can afford to lose. Decide beforehand how much you wish to spend, and do not exceed your spending limit should you lose. Finally, have fun and quit while you are ahead.

How To Choose The Best Satellite Receiver For Your Viewing Needs

DirecTv or DishNetwork? High definition or regular? These are just a few of the choices you need to make when you decide to install a satellite television system in your home. Many people are choosing to change from high priced cable television to a satellite system because they sometimes offer more viewing and package options as well as more competitive prices.

Over the years, satellite receivers have become more technical and now offer a variety of options to choose from. So, how exactly do you decide which satellite receiver is best for you? Here are some tips to help ease your decision.

First, you need to decide which satellite company you want to purchase your programming from. This will greatly narrow the choice of satellite receivers you have. You may choose your satellite company depending on which company offers services in your area, which company is able to get you the best price on your desired services as well as which company offers the channels you want. Do not be afraid to shop around for satellite options, you are the one who has to pay for the services.

Once you decide which satellite company you want to do business with, the biggest decision you will make is finished. Usually someone from the company will talk to you about the options that they have for satellite receivers. Generally all companies will offer a bare bones receiver with only one purpose – to change the satellite signal into a form that is watchable.

However, there are also a variety of more technical boxes you can choose from. If you have an option in mind, be sure to ask about it. One of the options you may decide to go with is the high definition receiver. These receivers are specially formatted to work with your high definition television set to provide you will the most real life picture you can get.

A new and very popular option for satellite receivers is the digital recording option. This option allows you to program your receiver to record the programs you normally watch. During playback you can automatically fast forward through commercials. Many times these recorders also allow you to rewind or even pause a live television program so you do not have to worry about missing one minute of your favorite show.

Some of these receivers with recording features are so advanced they can even predict which shows you might like to watch. The receiver does this based on the types of shows you generally watch. It then scans the list of upcoming programming and tags that are similar in nature. If you wish, you can watch these shows live, or even have your receiver record them for you.

Satellite receivers have evolved from just a box that transforms a satellite signal into a watchable show into a piece of equipment that allows you to watch shows whenever you wish. These boxes work with your high definition television to provide crisp clear pictures as well as recording your favorite shows so you can watch them at your convenience.

Age-Proofing Your Hair: The Secret Behind Lustrous, Thick And Healthy Hair

What is the secret behind shiny, radiant, thick and healthy hair? This is the question many people are asking. Generally, people expect changes mostly in the eyesight, the skin, the body, etc. However, they hardly think about the skin of the scalp that is also aging, causing aging hair. Although we may color our hair to hide gray and try the current processes and styles for a youthful look, that does not stop our hair from ageing. So what can we do to recapture that youthful lustre to our hair?

The food we eat matters a great deal. Eating the right foods will help us enjoy a radiant skin, augmented physical and mental energy, improved mood – and great-looking hair. Lack of healthy fats results in our skin and hair being dull, lacking sheen and glow. Protein deficiency affects people regardless of their age and is usually visible in the skin, more so the face and hair. It gets worse as we grow older.

Proteins, healthy fats and antioxidant vitamins are vital nutritional elements for age-proofing your hair. When you include these nutritional components in your diet, it can lead to lustrous hair and promote its growth.

Some of the foods that you need to add to your shopping list for healthier hair include:
Coldwater Fish

Salmon and a number of coldwater fish are an extremely valuable source of protein and healthy fats. The superior quality protein found in these fish will speed up cellular repair, keep the hair strong and boost hair growth. They have a very high content of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that are crucible for a healthy scalp and glossy, healthy hair.

Vitamin E Rich Foods
Vitamin E rich foods are also necessary not only for healthy hair, but hair growth as well as prevention of dry, fragile hair. Vitamin E promotes the growth of capillaries which advances circulation and consequentially blood flow to the follicles. This can simplify hair growth. Since Vitamin E is fat soluble, it can help prevent dry scalp and split ends.

Olive oil, seeds and nuts are rich sources of monounsaturated fatty acids which can stimulate a smooth and glowing complexion, thus keep wrinkles at bay and maintain the skin's elasticity. Also, almonds and sunflower seeds have a high Vitamin E content and are an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron, potassium, biotin, Vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium and magnesium.


Coconuts consist of caprylic and lauric acids that support the immune function. Scientists have also found the lauric acid fraction in coconut oil containing antiviral and antimicrobial properties. These antimicrobial properties are very cruel in preventing hair loss. Microbial action on the scalp and hair roots is one of the major reasons behind hair fall and hair loss.

The long, glossy and beautiful hair of the Polynesian people has been partly attributed to their consumption of coconuts and their generous use of coconut oil on their air.

The Importance of Drinking Lots of Water When Weight Lifting

Nearly one third of the US population is estimated to be suffering from dehydration at any one time. People just do not drink enough water. The minimum you should be getting is about 8 cups per day, however if you exercise regularly you should drink even more. Staying hydrated is an extremely important part of any exercise regime.

Water is essential to cellular function. It regulates the body's temperature, lubricates joints, and protects body tissues. These functions are all highly relevant to a weight lifter. Your temperature will increase when lifting weights, and you need to be hydrated to keep your body's temperature in check. Your joints should be moving smoothly to get the most out of your reps, and again water is essential here. And finally your body tissue will be growing and expanding. As you challenge your muscles they will grow. If they are to grow effectively and at their maximum potential, once again you need to be properly hydrated.

It is easy to stay hydrated. Take a bottle of water with you to the gym, and have sips between sets. Your muscles will not be able to perform effectively without water, so give them what they need. Thirst is not a good indicator of hydration as we often become thirsty far beyond the point when we should have started to replenish fluids.

In addition to having a bottle of water with you at the gym, you should carry one with you all day, and routinely force yourself to drink in the morning, at lunch, and at dinner. Also remember that for every fifteen minutes of exercise your perform, you need to drink one additional cup. If you are to stay properly hydrated, you will need to take on board far more water than you did when you were inactive.

By paying attention to your hydration, you will improve the effectiveness of your exercise efforts, and reduce the chance of injuries.

Health Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy In Women

There are complementary hormones which are administered through hormone replacement therapy. In women, these can offer multiple benefits. But with many different treatment options of varying effects and processes, the choice of treatment must be specific to the needs of the individual. Hormone treatments vary and will depend on the diagnosis of a medical expert to determine what can best benefit a woman. One of those treatments is HGH therapy.

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is a hormone inherent in every person. It determines the way the human body recovers, how and how fast cells and tissues repair and regenerate. Both sexes experience a decline in HGH as they near their 30s or 40s, lower cell regeneration and recovery rates. This is more visibly seen as the body's aging process.

HGH therapy can be administrated on both women and men. On each gender, the therapy produces both similar and varying effects and benefits. But how does this program benefit women in particular?

An increase in HGH levels has been shown to increase bone density, which is especially good for women who, in general, are more prone to osteoporosis than men are. Apart from maintaining a calcium-rich diet paired with exercise, women can protect their bones through supplementation of HGH.

To further increase calcium retention and keep the bones healthy, estrogen may also be applied through hormone replacement therapy. In women, the addition of estrogen to the program also offers a defense against the symptoms associated with the menopausal stage.

Women, young and old, generally have more fat and less muscle than men, and this only worsens as they age. Aging causes atrophy in muscles, organs and bones. It also slows down metabolism, which in turn makes it easier for women to accumulate fat. Excessive weight can make a woman highly prone to weight-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

For middle-aged women who are already struggling to keep a healthy weight, HGH therapy is also known for its ability to retain healthy levels of muscle mass and also preventing weight gain due to a slower metabolism.

Finally, HGH therapy delays the signs of aging. Weaknesses of the body as well as the mind are slowed and lessened. So even in an advanced age, a person can remain in perfectly good health. The efficacy of the replacement therapy may differ from person to person and by dose, but whether in men or in women, it offers some general benefits.

These are just some of the effects of hormone replacement therapy in women. HRT can be tailored to a woman's health needs through the expert diagnosis and administration of a medical professional.

Numerous Types of Healthful Foods

Quite a few folks take into account that a very good healthy meals is a delicious meal with no joyful of scrumptious sensation. In addition, several people concur that the healthy diet period is something inconvenient contemplating that enjoying a tasty meals is the amazing factor in lifestyle. It has to be found that in fact the healthy food could be the largest menu in your everyday diet.

Even so, you bought to throw away your perception that a excellent foodstuff is just a head of spinach or lettuce on a plate. Taking into consideration the big positive aspects that you would get by consuming this diet regimen, you could do many efforts to create the delightful and nutritious meals for the entire household. Additionally, excellent foods that is complete of nutrient would appear to you in a selection of dimension, tastes, and shapes.

There are numerous types of beneficial food items, which every single of them altogether has a specific wellness benefits for your entire body. Typically, they are the organic foods to offer the safe foods devoid of any facet-effects. Also, evaluating with the very processed foods that deliver a powerful taste, the organic and meals is reduced price possibilities.

Fruits and veggies are the great food items to contribute the healthy lifestyles. The nutritious fruits could be apples, oranges, grapes, papaya, banana, mango, and much more. Thus, the examples of incredible greens are spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, squash, fennel, and far more. You could insert a new development of these meals in your recipes. Discovering a wealth of scrumptious possibilities would be the excellent thing to make you substitute for processes foods.

These days, there are numerous suggestions and measures provided to create a great meal from a natural food. It signifies that you could generate the excellent scrumptious meal from many fruits and greens. You would be so guided with the actuality a good healthy foodstuff could be as tasty as the high-priced.

How To Get Fabulous January Umrah Packages to UK Muslims

The literal meaning of ‘Umrah’ is ‘to visit a populated place’. Although lesser in importance as compared to Hajj, Umrah is highly recommended in Islam and can be performed at any time during the year, except for the five days of Hajj. This pilgrimage is not compulsory for every Muslim as compared to Hajj, which is an obligation and one of the five pillars of Islam. However, one Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and the next one and has its own spiritual benefit for the pilgrim.

Today, Muslims residing in different corners of the world can make their journey to the holy city of Makkah and perform their ‘lesser pilgrimage’ with the help of umrah packages that include flights and hotel accommodations. They can also choose from a wide range of packages based on seasons and certain months of the year, which enables them to travel to the holy city and accomplish their pilgrimage according to their convenience. Here are some key considerations for choosing an ideal package:

Choose a suitable month: There are certain times of the year when schools in the United Kingdom (UK) are closed and the working class enjoy long weekends or holidays. One such month is December. The Christmas season brings plenty of opportunities for Muslims residing in the UK to visit Makkah to perform their Umrah. They can choose from the cost-effective December umrah packages that allow them to embark on a memorable journey to the holy city in Saudi Arabia to fulfil their lesser pilgrimage.

Book well in advance: There is a constant flow of pilgrims to Makkah. In the busier seasons, it becomes extremely difficult to get hotel accommodations and the prices of flight tickets go up significantly. It is, therefore, advisable for the Muslims living in the UK to plan their journey months in advance. If they are planning to go in the month of January, they can book their January umrah packages several months earlier. This would also help them secure some attractive discounts on such packages.

Stay close to Masjid Al-Haram: The pilgrims have the required convenience in reaching Masjid Al-Haram and performing the rituals of Umrah peacefully with an accommodation in any of the hotels close to the holy mosque. The heart-warming views of Kaabah and the feeling that one gets while being closer to the holy site is something beyond words. If one has to get the desired accommodation in such hotels, it is always advisable to check whether the package provides an accommodation in any of them and then book it in advance.

In recent times, one always comes across many travel portals and websites offering hajj and umrah packages while searching online. Some of them provide a limited number of packages, while others have a variety of them listed on their websites and classified according to the months and seasons, such as Ramadan.

The Muslims of the UK can also find some valuable information about Umrah on some of these websites. Such information is of immense benefit to individuals who are about to perform Umrah for the first time. Once the details of packages are carefully examined, they can book a suitable package based on what time of the year they intend to go on the pilgrimage, cost of the package and the flights and hotel included in the package.

Best Pick Up Lines To Meet Women in Bars or at Parties

You've probably found yourself in a bar or at a party where there were beautiful women and you'd wished you had something to say to them … Something that would work as a conversation opener … But then your mind just went blank, you legs started to shake and your hands got sweaty and cold … In this article we'll talk about pickup lines and how to use them … I'm sure you've already surfed the web for good pickup lines and you've probably already found a bunch of stuff like:

"Is your dad a thief? Because he must have stolen the stars and put them into your eyes" or "Are you OK? Because heaven is a long fall from here."

and maybe even "I'm wearing Revlon color stay lipstick, want to help me test the claim it will not kiss off?"

Even though some of them are funny and could work as an opener, you MUST understand that the pickup line itself is not going to get you anywhere!

What's really important is not what you say, but HOW you say it …

Think about it … if you walk up to a cute little blonde and start to stutter and sound like you are reading something from a book, she'll just think you're freak and quickly come up with some lame excuse to why she needs to get as far away from you as possible …

However, if you walk up to a woman with confidence and ask her something naturally, she'll respond nicely and after a few minutes, she'll be the one trying to pick you up … Nice eh '! The fact is, that most men gets nervous when they approach women and the only way you can get rid of that anxiety is to approach as many women as possible without thinking about the outcome … So rule # 01 is to stop thinking about the out … It does not matter if you get her number or not and you should not care less if she likes you or not. Try to keep the same mentality as you would if you were asking someone for directions or the time … Just be yourself. Now, let's talk about what you can say to a girl if you want to start a conversation and if you do not want to use a cheesy pickup line.

Use Your Environment

Instead of going up to her and ask if her daddy was a thief or if it hurt to fall from heaven, ask her something naturally … use your eyes and ears and notice what's happening around you … Sometimes you can comment on something that's happening at the party or the bar you're at, but you can also comment on her. A rule of thumb is that if you comment her (her shoes for example) be a little cocky and funny at the same time:

"Oh … those shoes are VERY nice … Did you get them at a 2nd hand store?"

Remember to smile when saying something like the above … if you do not she might misinterpret what you're saying and take it as an insult. Do not just give her a ton of compliments … treat her like you'd treat your best friend or an annoying little sister … It's okay to joke around. Doing so will take the top of the tension off and she will not notice that you're actually trying to pick her up.

Is Satellite Internet Really Worth It?

Is satellite Internet really worth serious thought? Well, that all depends. Have you ever been annoyed by your telephone company or DSL Internet provider? Have you ever been in a location that does not have terrestrial DSL or cable Internet available? Now you get the idea of ​​why this is quickly becoming a popular third alternative.

This internet service is similar to satellite TV. 22,000 miles away from the earth, a satellite floats in geostationary orbit and provides a signal, which will eventually reach the homeowner. The satellite is a powerful force to be reckoned with, considering that it allows high speed Internet access with minimal slowdown or downtime. Satellite offers high bandwidth and connection speeds, typically between 512 kbps to 2 mbps, which is standard in the industry.

Are there any beneficiaries to ordering this service? Possibly, but none of these negatives are exclusive to satellite. For instance, it's well known that weather problems can hinder the performance of a satellite Internet connection. However, weather extremes can also tamper with services provided by cable companies or telephone companies. Latency issues have also been cited by some critics, but every provider you choose will have similar issues. The fact of the matter is that it offers an uptime of 99%, comparable to other services currently in the market.

The signals received via satellite technology are so powerful that they can remain stable even for users who are traveling by vehicle or by sea vessel. This is sometimes the only choice for users who live in deep rural areas and have no access to terrestrial Internet connections. This new technology may be good news to you if you have ever been redirected service by a traditional provider because of your remote location. This is not to say that most people who choose satellite Internet have no choice in the matter; the newest findings show that many users switch to it over traditional DSL because of the advantages involved, not because of location.

How about pricing? In the past, this technology was very pricey. However, if you have been paying attention to satellite TV you know by now that it is less expensive than cable. Similar with Internet, the market has changed. Companies are aggressively marketing their services and aiming to compete against established Internet providers which offer terrestrial Internet access. This means that prices must come down and hefty setup fees must be reduced.

The best way to approach the situation is to contact every provider and get a rundown of all the best features for comparison. Pay attention to any contract terms, any special packages (such as deals that bring you satellite TV and Internet for a low monthly price) and any other inclusions or exclusions. You may also be interested in more than one satellite service option, such as a remote satellite connection that follows you wherever you travel.

Top 6 Asian Health Travel Destinations

We are going to take a quick look at top Asian destinations for health travel. This will give you a brief overview of what is available and will provide a starting point for deeper research.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, which has been allowed to maintain a high degree of autonomy in all internal matters such as economics and culture. The SAR carries forward its standards for medical treatment from its century-long tenure as a British Crown Colony. It has 12 private hospitals accredited by the UK's QHA Trent, with several having dual accreditation with JCI. Costs are quite low, being maintained at 20-23% of US costs as a matter of government policy. A medical-government alliance has begun a concerted effort to grow the role of Medical Tourism in Hong Kong. At present about 7% of patient beds are filled by medical tourists, a percentage which is growing rapidly. No visas are required for stays up to 180 days.


India is a major player in Medical Tourism, greeting over a million medical tourists per year in 2010. Unlike many countries, India provides a wide range of medical services, with emphasis on heart surgery, joint replacement, bone marrow transplants, and other advanced procedures . At present, 10 major hospitals in India have received JCI accreditation, and the Indian government is actively encouraging international accreditation and improving medical infrastructure problems which currently hinder the rate of growth of Medical Tourism. Medical costs in India are among the lowest in the world at 10-20% of US rates. The most popular democracy in the world, India has a healthy economy and encompasss vast geographical and cultural diversity. Visas are required for entry, but are reliably easy to obtain.


Malaysia will soon welcome almost a million medical tourists per year to its shores. The country is large English-speaking, and medical facilities are subject to a strong internal accreditation organization, the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health. In addition to national accreditation, many of Malaysia's better hospitals are also seeking international accreditation. Medical facilities are concentrated largely in Kuala Lumpur, sometimes one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Medical costs average about 25% of those in the US, depending on a somewhat erratic exchange value for the ringgit. Medical services are expanding from their initial focus on cosmetic surgery to procedures for more serious ailments.


The Republic of the Philippines, consisting of thousands of beautiful tropical islands, has been growing as a destination for medical tourism by about 8% per year. There are tight cultural, economic, and political ties between the Philippines and the United States, which may increase the role of the Philippines as a Medical Tourism destination. A substantial proportion of American medical professionals have been trained in the Philippines, reflecting a solid tradition of medical training and culture. The Philippines government has set a goal of attracting about 750,000 medical tourists per year, a goal that seems soon within reach. Medical costs in the Philippines average about 20-25% of US prices.


Singapore is considered to have the best health system in Asia, and one of the best in the world. Long an active destination for Medical Tourism (about a million medical tourists per year!), Providing medical services to international patients is the primary goal of a multi-agency government-industry partnership. Medical Tourists come from across Asia as well as from around the world. Medical costs are not the lowest, averaging about one-third of US rates, but Singapore's reputation as a clean, safe, cosmopolitan city-state where English is widely spoken makes the added expense worthwhile to many. A growing number of Singapore's hospitals are receiving international accreditation, with more than a dozen JCI accreditation as of 2006. A constant tropical rainforest climate makes Singapore a delight at all times of the year.


Thailand is perhaps the most active Medical Tourism destination, welcoming around two million medical tourists each year. One hospital alone treated over 50,000 US patients in 2005 at an average cost about 30% that of the US medical system. Nearly any medical procedure can be supplied somewhere in Thailand. Although many Thai doctors and nurseries are US or UK trained and hold those professional certificates, the Thai government does not emphasize the role of international accreditation of their hospitals. However, a few of the best private hospitals have obtained JCI accreditation.