Smart Ad Tools To Increase Your Sales

Advertisement can enrich any business, if run strategically with appropriate tools and knowledge. That's a total myth that "a good product does not need advertisement"! Every product, every service and every company needs to be advertised to get more customers and become more popular. You need to share the stuff with customers, otherwise how would they know about your business ?!

It's just about being smart and flexible in running the ad marketing. You should make researches and be on point. Learn what are the most compelling ways of running the ads and implement necessary tools to make it as viable.

One of the most important feature of any ad is the attractiveness. The ad should be constructed so that it will catch the customers' attention from the first sight. It should entice and intrigue the customer. Move the interest of the customer so they will have a will of checking your offer. Charming colors and interesting images / videos in the advertisement are the key components to bring desired results to your marketing.

Of course, the second essential part of the advertisement is the content, the text via which you're going to share your offer with your customers. Make sure it's positively enticing for your customers. Use all your rhetorical skills to make the offer as enticing as possible.

Another point is the displaying options of the advertisement. Again, you should think of the ways of making it as prompt as viable. So it will catch the attention at once!

The best solution in this case is the usage of popups to show the advertisement in the best attractive way possible. This is a total guarantee that the user will see your message and be engaged to your offer.

Counting down offers

Discount offers are something all the customers are fond of. Nothing can be more stimulating for sales than a perfect discount offer shown in the right time. This is the nature of all the customers – we agree to subscribe for all the newsletters to get a great discount for shopping.

As a clever website owner you can not but use this trick on your eCommerce website. Gain dozens of new subscribers offering subscriptions with profitable discounts for your shoppers. These kind of offers can be offered once a month, or on holidays.

There's something that will make an even better effect in fastening the process of getting the customer subscribe to your newsletter. Create a "fake" illusion of rush to push them to not waste their time and quickly subscribe to get the discount.

An ideal way of showing this type of offer is the usage of "combo" popups. Like Countdown + Subscription form. The countdown will insure the illusion of rush, as the users will not want to waste any time estimated to get the discount for shopping. And the subscription form is there to get them subscribed to your newsletter.

More Video Tutorial

Video tutorials are real life savers sometimes. When you read the description over and over again, but still can not figure out the way it works. Sometimes you need to see it to get the idea clearly. This is when the video tutorials are the most needed.

Generally, this is a great practice to provide video tutorials when you're explaining some technical stuff, or teaching something to your readers / users.

You can collect subscribers using your video tutorials. Grow your mailing list, offering video tutorials for subscriptions. Add a video popup on your blog posts. Include a subscription button under the video, so the users can subscribe to your list to receive more video tutorials from you.

The point is to show the popup on the right time so the users will want to watch it and subscribe for more. Show the popup when the reader has scanned the 80% of the page, so he'll see the tutorial after having read the overall post.

And, another essential point is making the video with high quality and with clear instructions. The users will not need more tutorials if they do not like your first one. So just put much efforts and take it serious.

One day coupons

There's nothing better than a discount coupon for online shoppers. What can move the shoppers to make more purchases than a sales coupon offered when they just land on the online store?

Make your offer prompt, add a text to motivate the shopper and state the availability of the discount. If you mention that the coupon is available only for that one day, the shopper will be super-motivated to use the code and make as many purchases as he can.

Use quality and attractive images as a background to make it look pleasant for the eye. We should not never forget about the look, when it comes to the details on the site. Every little thing can affect your sales. So just be careful and choose appropriate design attributes.

Let's proceed to the way of displaying this super-profitable offer on your shopping site. Take all the components mentioned above – the attractive image, the stimulating text and a button for the coupon code. Include this whole package in a popup and voilà! Your perfect offer is ready to bring more sales to your store and flourish your eCommerce business.

The only thing remaining is to add the popup on your front page to enchant the users to make purchases just as soon as they land on your site.

Webinar announcements

Webinars are one of the greatest innovations recently appeared. Experts in different fields organize online seminars helping people to learn some new things. Answering questions on live basis and it all feels like an online web-lecture. This is a great practice, and websites that share webinars for their users have more popularity and success among others in the same field.

So, if you're one of those website owners who provide webinars on the site, you should acknowledge some aspects to have more success. That's actually perfect that you have webinars, but you also need a lot of watchers, do not you?

This is why you need to make ads for your webinars, make announcements to have more representatives when your webinar starts.

If you've already estimated the time the webinar will start, advertise it on your site beforehand. A simple Image popup will just be perfect for your brief announcement. Simply pick a background image that will suit your webinar subject and add the start time of your webinar on the image. Just tell what the users should expect in one sentence and cover this all in an image popup. It's super easy, if you have an appropriate tool for this. Many services and WordPress plugins are there to choose from. After the creation of the popup, simply add it on all your pages so no one will miss your announcement. That's it! Just wait for the watchers when the webinar starts!

Perfect Ad in a popup

Even the tastiest chocolate needs to be advertised to get more popularity. This is what it is.

So, if you want to present your chocolate to the public and have much sales on it, think of a good video ad for it.

A creative idea is the start of any advertising video. If you have one, just proceed to the preparation process of the video. Record an enticing video animation that will best suit the subject of your advertisement. Do not forget to pick a slogan that will strike the watchers minds and make them watch the video full of enthusiasm.

"What could be better than a bar of sweet chocolate in a gloomy day ?!"

This is one of those slogans that will definitely attract your visitors and move their interest to check out your offer.

Next thing you should think about is the way you're going to present your ad on the site. Of course, you can place it somewhere on your page so the site visitors will check it.

But for better results and a guarantee that the video ad will not be missed by any of your site visitors, you should put it in a popup. The popup will flash on the screens of your site new comers and there's no chance of them not to notice your ad. All of your site comers will see your enchanting ad and the sales of your chocolate will rise for dozens of times.


Advertisement is the stimulator for any business, no matter what sphere it is, every product and service needs it. You should present your product / service to the public so they will know about the existence of the product / service you want to sell. The good point of the usage of ads is that you can show all the positive aspects of your product / service so people will like it.

The same referes to the process of collecting new subscriptions for your email list. You should have something to offer to the users instead of getting their email address in your list. People love to be bribe

There are thousands of ways to realize the advertisement for certain products / services. Just make a research and select the best suit for you.

Use popup marketing to make your ads even more prompt and effective. Popup combos are there to get more subscriptions and increase your sales. Make your announcements shout louder displaying them in popups and being sure all your visitors will be informed.

Video advertisements will reach more people and have a stronger effect if you record them creatively and display in popups to hit the views.

Computer Programming and Software Engineering Programs

Computer software engineering has become a career of choice for many people considering its dynamic nature and exciting well-paying career opportunities. It is a branch of computer science that deals with design, documentation, development and management of software. Some of the subjects that will be offered by a programming school will include internet programming, application development, database development, custom business applications and web development.

A programming school will offer basic education on how to develop a computer program that is adaptable to the peripheral needs of each user as well as a chance to do research on relevant issues that are facing this field. A software engineering research includes analysis of software processes as well as measurement and modeling of computer usage behaviors.

The study modes offered at a software engineering school involve intensive and rigorous mixture of lectures, practical classes and tutorials. Extra remedial classes can be offered to poor students to enable them catch up with their colleagues. Before conferment of the degree, diploma or certificate to the student, they have to go through thorough assessments in form of course assignments and exams. A program especially the degree would not be complete without a project whether done in a group or individually.

Computer programming courses can be offered either as associate degrees, diplomas or certificates. The higher levels will go up to the masters and PhD ranks. There is a number of software engineering schools that offer online programs which enable their students to take the course regardless of where they are located. This distance learning facility also enables people who are working but may wish to further their education to do so without necessarily quitting their jobs.

A course in a software engineering school prepares the student for a whole range of exciting career opportunities. The information technology industry is very accommodating as the graduates can get a chance to work in whiche organization that makes use of computer services. Better still a course from a good and recognized programming school will enable the student to be absorbed in the job market even without the working experience.

Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy in Ramadan

In Ramadan, it's important that you maintain your health while fasting. The first thing is to have a healthy eating habit. Given below are some tips that can help you stay fit and healthy in this holy month.

Never skip the First Meal

Just like breakfast, Suhour is the first meal of the day in Ramadan. This meal will help your body keep hydrated until the Iftar time. Moreover, it will help you avoid overeating at the Iftar time. Make sure your suhour meal consist of foods rich in fiber, carbs, and protein.

Eat Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and veggies make a great snack. In fact, they are a great alternative to the junk food we consume on a regular basis. Ideally, you should opt for fruits and veggies that are full of water, such as pumpkins, squash, melons, and cucumber, to name a few.

Do not have Processed Foods

It's a good idea to stay away from processed foods, such as white flour and sugar. They contain a small number of nutrients and a lot of fat.

Eat Slowly

You may have the urge to eat a lot at Iftar, but this is not going to be good for your health. So, it's better if you slow down while eating.

You can eat a few dates and then have some water. Dates are full of energy and they help your digestive system as well. After having some dates, you can have some lukewarm soup.

Your meals should not contain a lot of heavy oils and fats. Ideally, you should have some veggies to meet your need for protein and carbs.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you have a minimum of 8 cups of water on a daily basis in Ramadan. Staying away from sugary drinks like Hibiscus and Tamarind is a good idea. While milk, soup, and juices can help you stay hydrated, know that nothing can take the place of water. So, it's better to have small quantities of other drinks.

Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

As far as keeping hydrated is concerned, caffeine is the worst thing you can have in Ramadan. So, it's better to avoid drinks like colas, coffee, and strong tea.

Avoid Deep-Frying

Deep-fried foods are no good either. In other words, it's better to avoid foods that have a lot of oil in them. If you want to have them anyway, make sure you use as little oil as possible. For instance, you can use half a cup instead of one full cup of oil.

Also, it's a good idea to opt for monounsaturated fats like corn oil, canola, and sunflowers. Do not go for olive oil either.

Consult your Doctor

If you are over the age of 50, do not forget to consult your doctor before Ramadan. In the same way, kids, people with diabetes and pregnant women should follow the same advice. You do not want to make your health condition worse in Ramadan.

So, these are a few things you should keep in mind to stay fit and healthy in Ramadan.

How to Use Caviar for Weight Loss and Improving Your Health

In this article, we would like to tell you how caviar can help you be healthy and lose weight. There is a lot of information about red caviar, but no one writes about other types of caviar and their health effects. We would like to write about pike caviar, because this type of caviar is as popular as red and black, and it is also much cheaper.

Sometimes diets consist of a large number of carbohydrates and a small number of proteins. Everyone should know that if you want to lose weight, it is not enough just to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, but in your menu you need to add protein-containing foods. Everyone knows that products like meat and cheese contain protein, but everyone forgets that seafood (especially caviar) contains a large amount of protein and contains less fat than red caviar. Delicatessen pike caviar can help you add high-quality protein to your menu. Low caloric content of this type of caviar can be useful for everyone who wants to lose weight.

Pike eggs have many useful properties. It is recommended for people with problems with low hemoglobin. This caviar contains iron, which helps improve blood. Caviar is one of the few sources of fluoride. This helps to strengthen the enamel of the teeth and prevent tooth disease. The product also contains chromium, copper, calcium, which increases its biological value as an additional source of minerals. Traditionally, caviar is recommended for people with high mental and physical stress, those who wish to recover from diseases, operations and injuries. It is useful for those who want to maintain and improve their health in a difficult, stressful period of life.

The general rule – do not give pike eggs to children under 3 years old. In the earliest period of life, it is recommended to use other available sources of vitamin D and fatty acids. At an early age, natural sources of collagen can cause allergies in children.

It is necessary to monitor the quality of pike caviar. Raw caviar can often have a parasitic infection. In general, classical dietetics does not recommend the use of fresh raw caviar, even if you can find many recipes with fresh caviar. It is usually recommended to mix pike caviar and salt. Raw fish without parasites are safe, so if you have the opportunity to test the product, you can eat caviar fresh and without salt. We do not recommend eating large amounts of salted caviar for patients with hypertension, people with kidney, liver, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases. More often, salty snacks are contraindicated for people with arthritis, gout. We do not recommend them to use during the period of exacerbation of any chronic diseases.

The Modern Man’s Guide To Grooming

How important is mere appearance to a man? Well, a man can’t lie to himself – very important. A dermatologist takes a close look at the products and processes designed to make a man nice to be near to; and spell out the A-B-Cs of good grooming.

Is your bathroom mirror a location you approach with trepidation each morning for fear of the tale it will tell? Namely, that your appearance could do with a bit of sprucing up?

Well, stop worrying that pimple, and quit reflecting on that bald pate. If you really want to turn over a new look (and women don’t have the monopoly on good looks!) there’s nothing to stop you.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:


In dusty cities and other polluted areas, it is a good habit to wash your hair every day. “Daily washing does not ruin the hair,” says Dermatologist. “In fact it is hygienic and makes the head less prone to infection.”

Many men shy away from shampoos believing them to be exclusively a woman’s beauty aid. But, basically, shampoo is for hair and hair has no gender. Shampoos produce lather better than soap and, because the surface tension is less, it makes it easier to clean the hair.

Conditioners break the disulphide bonds of the hair, thus making the hair more manageable and easier to groom. Today, shampoos are available with built-in conditioners, making them a convenient cosmetic aid.

No woman likes a man with a dandruff problem. Dandruff is one of the great put-offs. But, contrary to popular thinking, “dandruff is not a disease,” informs Dermatologist. “It is an accentuated physiological problem. That is, the skin is shed regularly under normal circumstances and when the shedding is excessive it is called dandruff.” Most so-called anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market only wash away the dead cells from the scalp. The exception is selenium sulphide, an ingredient that reduces the turnover or formation of cells, thus retarding, though not curing the problem. The best advice you could follow is to keep the scalp clean by daily washing.

A balding head – every man’s Achilles heel! Quite a few ‘losers’ have turned to minoxidil as a hair restorer. While regular application of minoxidil does sprout fine hair on bald areas of the sclp, as soon as application is ceased, the hair begins to fall off again. Even more important, minoxidil affects the heart, and cardiac problems. Therefore it should be used only under a doctor’s supervision.

Go for a haircut to your neighbourhood saloon and in most cases you will be given a head massage as a perk (sometimes you pay extra). Indeed, the massaging action does perk up blood circulation, but it is mistakenly assumed (and assured by hair-dressers) to also improve hair growth. “That is a myth,” says Dermatologist, “for the growth and life of your hair are determined by your individual genetic pattern.” So, enjoy the relaxing effects of the massage by all means, but don’t expect miracles to sprout above your hairline.


Now for blood and tears, otherwise known as shaving. Your grandfather probably used soap, but today it is more fashionable to use shaving creams. There are the conventional ones which have to be lathered on with a brush, and there is also the spray variety which spreads foam at the press of a button. Essentially, however, “soap and water would do as well,” argues Dermatologist. Like shaving creams, they simply fulfil the basic requirement of softening the hair for a better shave. The only advantage that a shaving cream has over soap is that it produces a thicker lather which does not drip or dry as quickly a s soap does.

Use a sharp-edged blade while shaving. A dull-edged blade can cause irritation because of the repeated friction on the skin. Stroke with the grain and wash the razor clean after a shave – a dirty razor can cause skin infections. “Fungus on the shaving areas of a man’s face can almost always be traced back to an unclean razor,” says Dermatologist.

After-shaves are big business. They are advertised as a lifestyle. But he main ingredient in all of them is a high concentration of ethyl alcohol. The only differences between one and another lie in the percentage of ethyl alcohol and in the additives used (cologne, lime, musk, etc.) After-shaves are advisable because the ethyl alcohol performs two functions. It is anti-bacterial, meaning it destroys germs and bacteria on the skin’s surface. Secondly it is an astringent, which means that if you nick yourself (rather a common occurrence during shaving), the after-shave will cause coagulation of serum in the cut areas. This seals off the wound, making it impervious to external infection. Finally, an aftershave and when you smell good, you feel good, too.

Coming to skin care, more and more men are going in for facials and related treatments these days. They steam, massage and even bleach their faces at beauty salons. Steaming improves blood circulation because of the warmth, but more important it helps to soften plugs (white and black heads), making them easier to remove. Please note, bleaching cannot change skin colouring because pigmentation goes much deeper. Bleaches only lighten the melanin in the dead layer of the skin which sloughs off within 7-14 days when a new layer forms.

A facial massage, done by expert hands, helps to stimulate and tone those muscles that are not exercised in daily living. But while the massaging action may be beneficial, the oils and creams used as lubricants can form residues on the skin surface and block pores. “I’ve had many cases when the oils used become comedogenic (causing blackheads) and acneigenic (causing acne) after facials.” That is why, if the skin reacts adversely to a massage, it is best avoided.


The human body has two sets of sweat glands. The apocrine glands – which lie in the armpits and the genital areas – are the ones that give off odour. The secretion they exude reacts the surface of the skin, releasing what we know as body odour. It is therefore advisable to keep the area clean and dry a much as possible. Since hair provides a retention site for the sweat, the problem can be greatly lessened by shaving off underarm hair.

The other set of sweat glands are the eccrine glands, which lie all over the skin’s surface. Their main function is to control the body’s temperature. When the temperature rises, sweat serves to cool the body surface. The eccrine glands do not produce odour, but if skin areas are allowed to remain moist, fungus can set in.

Are there men who do not suffer from sweaty feet! One good hygiene habit is to wash and dry feet as footwear is taken off. In a hot and humid countries, cotton socks are a better choice than nylon ones. Cotton absorbs the sweat, leaving the feet dry.

Again, because of the sweat, shoes remain moist. Most men use just one pair of shoes for daily wear. Often, the gap between the time a man takes off his shoes and puts them on again is not enough to allow the leather of the shoes to dry. This dampness can lead to fungal infections on the feet. You may never have thought of this before, but it might be a good idea to have at least two pairs of shoes to be used on alternate days.

Keds and sneakers are popular footwear today, but the PVC/rubber soles, as well as the other material used in these shoes generally retain heat. Hence the feet tend to remain moist. If you sweat too much, place cotton wads between your toes. The cotton will absorb the sweat and, by keeping the toes apart from each other, will reduce friction between them.

Broken or dirty finger and toe-mails are an ugly sight. Give yourself a regular manicure to keep your nails trim and clean.

Finally, watch your style! Your lifestyle, that is. Unsightly bags or puffy eyes can be the result of too much partying or too little sleep. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs can also be to blame.

Pamper yourself – but in the right way. And it will show in the way you look. You’ll enjoy coming face-to-face with yourself in that bathroom mirror! And others will enjoy an encounter with you.

Martial Arts Training Shoes – 4 Compelling Reasons to Wear Them

Martial arts training shoes are not generally worn by practitioners, especially those who train the various Japanese martial arts. It is much more common to see people training barefoot in the dojo while doing karate or judo. There are two main reasons. Firstly, removing outside or training shoes shows respect for the art and its traditions. The second reason is purely practical. In throwing arts such as judo, jujitsu and aikido, matted training areas are used. So outside footwear is removed to prevent dirt from ruining the mats, and also to protect them from damage, so they do not need replacing too often.

Chinese Martial Arts Versus the Others

The Japanese art of ninjutsu is different to other Japanese fighting traditions in that footwear is worn. This footwear is called tabi, and can consist of both tabi boots and tabi socks, both of which are characterized by having the big toe separated from the other ones.

In Chinese kung fu it is fairly standard for shoes to be worn, whether they are of the kung fu slipper style that Bruce Lee was known for, or simple black plimsolls or sneakers. However, if training in a dojo, especially if they are using a matted area, the Chinese kung fu practitioners will train without their shoes, both as a sign of respect to the martial art normally practiced there, and also to assist in protecting the mats .

Reasons to Wear Martial Arts Training Shoes

The question to consider is whether martial arts shoes should be worn by all martial artists in the twenty-first century, or whether it is better to respect the traditions of our martial ancestry. Here are four compelling reasons to at least schedule some training sessions using footwear.

1. Hygiene

It is very common in areas where lots of people go barefoot, for skin and fungal infections to spread. This problem is particularly prevalent in locker rooms and sports changing rooms. For martial artists who train barefoot, this poses two potential problems. Firstly, if the student is respectful of his fellow classmates, he will not train while suffering from a skin condition. This course is detrimental to the student's training term.

The other potential problem is if the student ignores a skin health problem and trains anyway. This is not pleasant for the other students and the infection can then rapidly spread. An easy preventive measure is for the students to train wearing martial arts shoes.

2. Self-Protection

Many martial arts classes meet up to train in a rented room which may not be part of a professional school, or even in a sports complex. Instead, the room could be in a church hall or some other local building not used exclusively for martial arts. If the room is not normally used for any kind of sport or exercise activity (such as yoga or pilates) then the floor may not be ideal for training barefoot. It may be a simple, cold concrete floor, or a rough wood one with damaged or uneven boards. These kinds of floor can pose an unnecessarily high risk of injury. Even proper matted judo surfaces have been known to cause broken toes, as it is easy to trap a toe between the mats if you end up on the receiving end of a sweep kick. Light training shoes are imperative in cases like this to prevent needless injuries from occurring.

3. Protection During Sparring

Most martial arts include sparring as an integral part of the training, so that students can practice techniques against a real opponent. Some commercially available martial arts training shoes are elasticated slip-on type shoes, which incorporate thin padding across the top and instep. These can be helpful to both students when practicing during light sparring. They are also normally light-weight and thin enough that proper shin guards and foot padding can be worn over the top of them for more intense, full-contact sparring.

4. Authenticity in Real Self-Defense Situations

The most obvious reason for doing part of any sparring training wearing shoes is that it is extremely illegally that you will be attacked while you happen to be barefooted. It does pay to train for this eventuality, but in general, any need to use self-defense techniques will occur outside the home and while you are wearing shoes or sneakers. If you are not familiar with executing your martial arts techniques while wearing shoes, the you will be at an automatic disadvantage in any physically dangerous situation.

So even if your martial art normally trains barefoot, it is certainly advisable to do some occasional practice sessions wearing everyday clothes and shoes, in order to make your self-defense training as realistic as possible.

Securing Your Pool

Accidental drowning is the leading cause of death in kids aged one to four years in the United States today, so keeping your pool area safe should be a number one priority. Using the proper fencing and gate can go a long way to keeping your pool one of the safest on the block.

While you may think that any old fence will work around a pool, experts warn that you should use a fence that is hard to climb. Normal chain link grants offer tons of small hands for little hands and feet and are easy to climb. The best fence for a pool is one that completely surrounds the whole area and one that is hard to climb. This is why we see so many skinny and shiny poles about 3 "apart in a lot of pool fencing. to and they're slippery to boot. For an extra deterrent, some people also opt to put spiky toppers on their poles.

No fence is a good fence unless it has a good gate attached to it. For a pool it is recommended that you use a gate that has a self closing and self latching feature. When you go through with your arms full of pool toys or chemicals, for example, you do not have to put everything down to close the gate behind you. The gate will just shut itself. No worry, no hassle.

You of course have to make sure the gate is the same height as your fencing and that it too is near impossible to climb. Also, the latch should be high enough so that little kids can not reach it and it should be difficult to get to, located on the inside of the gate. Another thing to think about is to have that pool gate swing to the outside, not inside towards the pool. If little hands do manage to get that gate open, they have a few extra seconds negotiating the gate and going around it before they get near the water. Those extra seconds could save a life.

Other things to consider is to keep that pool covered when not in use and to take all pool toys out of the gated fenced enclosure when not in the pool. Safe kids are happy kids!

Archery Tips for Beginners – Old and Young Using an Anchor Sighting Device

If I was teaching a young person to shoot a bow, I would consider the age of the person and their ability to draw and hold a compound bow. If very young and using a traditional style bow I would teach them to shoot instinctively, not using a peep sight or front sight but simply aiming the arrow at the target. If you want your youngster to stay with archery you should keep it entertaining – adding balloons to the target gives them instant gratification and makes shooting fun which is most important. You want them to get passed any frustration they may experience at the start of the learning curve. Safety is always a good thing to discuss. Arrows can be sharp and even with low poundage bows can do damage.

If the person is older and just starting to shoot a Compound Bow I would have them shoot using a front sight only. Once they get consistent groups on target, which means they have established good shooting form, add an anchoring sighting device and line it up to that same eye position/anchor point. Now, you have a precise method to shoot accurately while using the anchor point you chose and come too naturally.

It should be noted that traditional thinking about ones shooting accuracy is that it can only be obtained by repeating the shot time and time again until you establish perfect form. The good news is, with the aid of an anchoring sighting device you will repeat whatever form you sight in with and you learn to repeat the same form time and again because the device will only line up when using the form you sighted-in with, you can also tweak your form to your personal shooting style.

Establishing an anchor point by whatever means has one main purpose – and that is to position the eye the same every time so you can line up the front sight to the target accurately. The truth is; if you can position the eye the same every time and don’t torque the bow handle and release the arrow without moving a thing you will hit the target… regardless of form. So choosing a shooting form should be based on comfort and not dictated by the position of a peep sight which may not be comfortable or offer you the best shooting position. In addition, peep sights limit your vision, especially in low light conditions which commonly lead to missed opportunities in the field.

Shooting without a peep sight on the bow string makes your arrow fly faster, opens your field of view and makes shooting much more enjoyable.

The Impact Of Residential Waste Collection Services

Planet Earth, in the 21st century, is experiencing an explosion in population. With this, a number of issues that pose an immediate threat to the natural resources of the planet because of steady drain of the same have also risen. Here is the chain of unconverted circumstances that has occurred as a result of the unbelievable increase in the number of residents of terra firma. It starts with an astonishing increase in consumption and dies out in the consequent production of waste that the surface has no space to accommodate. Such has been the impact of production of waste that our scientists can not be blamed for considering sending the stuff flying through space (as in the universe) in its compacted form.

But then, the fact of losing 'matter' has forced the geniuses to think otherwise. The next best solution that is aimed at catering to this contingency has been introduced by the name of waste management. This is one of those multifaceted procedures that help tremendously in the conservation of resources while protecting the environment from potentially lethal pollutants. The nature of the former is such that it is applicable through all the different layers of the civil human society beginning with the households at the grass root level followed by the corporate entities and the manufacturing industries.

While the focus of the matter has always been directed at the manufacturing plants and industries for all the obvious reasons, the impact of residential waste collection has also been exemplary. For a very long time, households were oblivious to the idea of ​​not wasting wastes , which lead them to cause the loss of 'matter' that could otherwise have been put to good use. One can offer credit to certain proactive waste collection services that took it upon themselves to approach individual households to enlighten them about the concept in general. Hoards of television programs, shows and advertisements later took the cause up making it more of a moral duty than a mandatory imposition.

Today, following the spread of the word, it will not be too surprised to find every other house installing different waste bins for different types of waste. Dedication of one trash bin for organic wastes and the other for the inorganic ones can be stated as an example. This has also made it easy for the providers of residential waste collection services in their efforts in the process of waste management. At the same time, more and more people are becoming aware of the idea of ​​reusing than replacing. Say for example, more and more people are buying into the idea of ​​using reusable kitchen towels made of cloth than the paper ones.

Taking the matter up and ahead from just enlightening households about managing waste, the services dedicated to this end have added to the cause of preservation of the environment from hazardous damage caused by dumping. Dumping is a term that is used to describe mindless disposition of useful and harmful substances all together in an area that may be damaged because of such actions. In certain countries, the concept of dumping wastes is still rampant which needs to be deal with iron hands. The providers of waste collection services have ensured reduce decrease in dumping (be it in land or water) in different parts of the world with massive strokes of success.

Cold Water Protective Clothing Guidelines

After their raft flies in the cold waters of the South Fork Boise River, Russ Campbell and Amy Gerver cling to the upside down raft through a long rapid. They are experienced rafters and are dressed in "Farmer John" neoprene wetsuits, neoprene booties, neoprene gloves, waterproof paddle jackets, life jackets, and helmets. However, within only a few minutes in the very cold water, they are unable to respond to instructions, or swim to shore. They die soon thereafter of hypothermia or drowning. Their unharmed deaths have been a catalyst for my research into water temperature ranges, survival time in cold water, and protective clothing for cold water boating.

Water temperatures March – July, in the Northern Rockies. These temperatures are a summary of measurements taken on Fish Creek, a tributary of Idaho's Lochsa River, and at the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery near Stanley on Idaho's Salmon River.

* Month / Fish Cr. Temp / Salmon R. Temp
* March / 35-39 ° F / 33-43 ° F
* April / 39-43 ° F / 36-47 ° F
* May / 43-46 ° F / 41-52 ° F
* June / 46-54 ° F / 45-58 ° F
* July / 54-66 ° F / 51-59 ° F

Fish Cr. measurements, courtesy of Idaho Dept of Fish & Game, Alan Byrne 1998 (My Lochsa River pundits tell me Fish Cr. is one of Lochsa River's warmer territories. Salmon River measurements, mean temps 1999-2000, courtesy of Sawtooth Fish Hatchery, Idaho Dept of Fish & Game

Water temperature is influenced by air temperature, percent of snow-pack melting, groundwater temps, and solar warming. Expect colder water at higher elevations and at further north latitudes. Also, dam control water may be significantly colder in the months of June-August. This is a major factor on South Fork Boise River, South Fork Payette below Deadwood River, and in the Grand Canyon below Lake Powell, where river temperatures remain in the 40 ° F range at mid-summer.

Cold Water Temperature Survival Time
Water conductors heat 22 times faster than air, quickly reducing body temperature.

Water temp ° F Time before Exhaustion or Unconsciousness
– 32.5 ° – Under 15 minutes
– 32.5-40 ° – 15-30 minutes
– 40-50 ° – 30-60 minutes
– 50-60 ° – 1-2 hours
– 60-70 ° – 2-7 hours
– 70-80 ° – 3-12 hours
– Over 80 ° – Indefinite

This table is widely available on line. Based on Alexander Report

Survival time in cold water is also affected by: body temperature, glycogen (blood sugar) level, percentage of body fat, physical conditioning, mental attitude, exertion, and most importantly ——- protective clothing worn.

Protective Clothing & Hypothermia

Protective clothing is important in the boat, as well as in the water. Kayakers will experience direct conductive cooling from cold water through the bottom of their boat. Both kayakers and rafters will cool down when out of direct sunlight. Also wind, rain, and wave splash will cool down boaters quickly. A cold boater will react more slowly and is at higher risk of accident.

The very best Cold Water Survival advice is: Stay Warm while out of the water !! If shivering starts: RE-WARM by stopping! Add more dry clothing, eat high sugar foods, and drink hot non-alcoholic fluids. Some dry-land exercise may help re-warming. Alcohol should not be consumed by cold boats: it dilates the capillaries and causes further cooling of the skin.

As humans cool down: available glycogen (blood sugar) is depleted and core temperature drops from the normal 98.6 F. to the mid 90 degree range. A boater who is shivering, may show signs of fatigue and fatigue and will probably be less closely coordinated (symptoms of Mild Hypothermia). They can make really stupid decisions, and may be irritable or apathetic. They are much more likely to have an accident and be forced to swim.

Since water is much denser than air: it conducts heat from the body approximately 22 times faster than air. When boats with Mild Hypothermia enter water below 60 degrees F: remaining body heat is quickly lost. They will cool down very quickly into Moderate or Severe Hypothermia, because their body temperature is already lowered and their glycogen stores are depleted. Within a few minutes in water below 60ï, ° F —— hands will lose dexterity; then the mind fogs and swimmers may be unable to save themselves.

Warmer boats have a longer survival window in cold water because: higher body temperatures and higher glycogen levels allow a longer period of physical and mental agility.

Clothing for Cold-Water Survival.

There is some agreement among cold-water survival experts as to what protective clothing should be worn to survive in water below 60 ° F. Most experienced boats have a good idea about what water temperatures may be, and what clothing should be worn for a particular situation. Unfortunately a lot of beginning and intermediate boats do not have a clue about water temperature, or correct clothing. In many cases, these are the people most likely to swim and least likely to have the right clothing for cold conditions.

The major choices are DRYSUITS and WET SUITS.

DRYSUITS are designed to keep you dry. They are generally constructed of waterproof nylon fabric, with a waterproof entry zipper. Neck and hand openings are sealed with waterproof latex gaskets. Feet may be encased in the suit or stick out through latex ankle gaskets. Drysuits are worn with a light insulating layer inside for warmer water, heavier insulating layers for colder water. Insulation worn under dry suits should be synthetic insulations or wool. Cotton or down will hold water and lose all insulating value when wet.

Survival time in a drysuit is lengthy, even in very cold water. Coated nylon drysuits can be sweatboxes in air temperatures above 60 ° F, but Goretex and some other water-proof breathable drysuits may be worn with relative comfort in air temperatures up to 90 ° F. Drysuits have become standard garb for most experienced cold-water boats.

DRYSUIT PLUSES: They really are waterproof! Except for your head, there is no entry shock of cold water contacting your body. Trapped air inside adds considerably to swimmer buoyancy. (Note! Kayakers must immerse themselves in water and remove most trapped air from dry suits, "burp the suit," to retain neutral buoyancy needed to Eskimo roll). Dry suits also keep body warmth when paddlers / rowers are experiencing cold air temperatures, shade, wind, rain, and wave splash

DRYSUIT MINUSES: by nature of their technical construction, drysuits are expensive: prices range from $ 360.00 to $ 1,000.00. Some new users find the latex gaskets, especially the neck gasket uncomfortable. The neck gaskets can be pre-stretched over bowls or smooth helmets, or cut to fit larger: but most users do not mind the snug gasket fit. Drysuits can be sweaty in warmer temperatures, but Goretex suits do not have a very wide range. The suits are somewhat time consuming to put on and take off, and bathroom stops do require partial suit removal, without extra option zippers are installed.

Drysuit gaskets are natural latex rubber, should be regularly touted with 303 Protectant, and depending on use, will probably need to be replaced every two to five years. Drysuit fabric should also be periodically treated with durable water repellency treatments (DWR) to prevent heat loss from the fabric "wetting out." (Note on pricing: drysuits are generally less expensive thanerals.)

WETSUITS were originally made from neoprene, but now come in a wider range of stretchy fabrics. Suits range from one piece full coverage "STEAMERS" that are the warmest, to vests and shorts. Thickness of material also varies, but 1mm to 3mm thickness is available for river users, because thicker neoprene limits movement. Per the name, water enters the suits and is warmed by body heat. Fit should be snug to prevent circulation of cold water. Boaters can combine wetsuits with waterproof paddle tops to increase warmth when out of the water.

WETSUIT PLUSES Wetsuits are much less expensive than drysuits, ranging from $ 80.00 to $ 195.00. Other than occasional washing, there is little maintenance. The thicker suits do improve buoyancy and pad against impacts. Wetsuits help protect swimmers from hypothermia in all but the coldest water.

WETSUIT MINUSES The suits lack breathability and can be uncomfortable in hot weather. Full wetsuits can be difficult to put on and take off.

Swimmers have died of hypothermia in reliably short times in cold water in "Farmer John" wetsuits that leave the user's arms unprotected. The deaths of wetsuit wearers Amy Gerver and Russ Campbell, is a sad lesson that wet suits do not maintain body warmth for survival in very active cold water. I have checked float time through the rapid they died in —– as less than 5 minutes. I believe they were already suffering Mild Hypothermia before the accident. That is the most likely explanation for why they became incapacitated so quickly.

People get hypothermia in wetsuits most quickly when the suits drain and refill: so cooling body core temperatures. This can happen repeated when swimmers are clinging to the side of a raft that is going up and down through a rapid. It also happens when a boater is constantly getting slapped with waves while paddling. There can be a considerable loss of body heat from wind and water related evaporative cooling of a wet wetsuit. Some new wetsuit materials are designed to reduce evaporative cooling.

Insulated head, feet, and hand covers will keep paddlers warmer both in and out of cold water.

Recommended Clothing for Water Temperature
Water Temperature Recommended Clothing

Over 80 ° F Minimal.
– 60-79 ° F – Light wetsuit vests, paddle tops, Kayakers-drytop 60-69 ° F.
– 50-59 ° F – 3mm body, 2mm arms / legs Full or "Steamer" wetsuit, or dryuit with light insulating layer, Kayakers add drytop with insulation.
– 40-49 ° F – Drysuit-light to midweight insulation inside. 5mm "steamer" wetsuit (availability limited). Kayakers need heavy insulation: drysuits with head, hand and feet insulation.
– Below 40 ° F – Drysuit with midweight or heavy insulation, head, hand, and feet insulation. Or just say no!

The US Coast Guard, which has Gore-tex drysuits available for its small craft crews, mandates those crews wear drysuits when water temperature is below 50 ° F.

In Closing, I must agree no boats expect to be swimming for more than a few minutes before they are rescued or make it to shore. Unfortunately, long swims take place. My experience with this was: chasing my sister-in-law down the very cold and flood swollen Bruneau River (3,300CFS), after her raft flipped right in front of me. She was in the water, in a drysuit, for about 15 minutes in constant Class IV rapids, clinging to the flipped raft. When rescued she was very tired and slightly cold, but alive.

Further Suggestions:

– Read a book on river rescue -Les Bechdel's "River Rescue" is the classic.
– Take a swift-water rescue course.
– Take a comprehensive first aid course with a CPR component.
– Boat with people who have taken the above suggestions.

Dress smart to stay warm, both in and out of the water. A cold shivering boater is going to cool down and become incapable of self-rescue much more quickly than a warm boater, when plunged into cold water.

A Few Reasons to Consider Buying a Manufactured Or Mobile Home

Probably the number one reason people beginning looking at manufactured homes is because of the price. Lets face it, you are going to get a better deal with a manufactured home than with a stick built. The downside of course is that manufactured home will depreciate in value, while the stick built probably will not.

So if you're not looking at your next home as a piece of investment property you may want to take a look a manufactured housing.

Mobile home communities are not what they used to be. In the past the word trailer park conjured up some pretty negative images of what you might expect if you should be moving into one, however as more seniors have taken to purchasing manufactured homes, the communities themselves have began going through some facelifts.

For one thing, the parks are pretty well maintained with regular lawn maintenance, keeping trash from building up in front of properties, not having 4 vehicles in your front yard etc. In fact many of today's communities look like their bigger brothers that are springing up on the outskirts of fast growing towns.

There is a strong sense of community in many of these parks often having a Saturday night pot-luck or a wednesday bingo game. Whatever the community is geared towards. Being over 55 does not mean you are ready for the rocking chair by any stretch. You will often find swimming pools, tennis courts, bike paths, and walking paths in many of these communities.

Along with the community feeling comes a sense of security just by knowing who your neighbors are and that they will probably be watching the area because they appreciate having a safe community. Speaking of security, many of the communities in today's age are gated, often times with a security guard to give the residents even more peace of mind.

All in all the choice is yours. The thing to remember is that manufactured home communities have come a long way from their beginnings and it probably would not hurt to give it a look. For more information go to

Horse Games – Board Games

Board games are an interesting alternative to online horse games. While specialty games may not always be high quality, some are actually quite fun. While not all horse themed board games are aimed at children, for example the horse race games, others are an enjoyable way for children to share their love of horses with friends.

Race games are probably the most common horse themed game, but they are more geared to adults. These game simulate the race track, allowing for betting and ownership of various horses depending on how in depth the game is. These can make a fun night for grown up parties, but may not be appropriate for young children.

Other horse games focus more on trivia, with movement around the board largely secondary. If your child is obsessed with everything horse, this may be a fun opportunity to show off what she knows or even to learn more interesting facts. It is also a nice alternative to more adult trivia games that may leave younger children feeling left out.

A few board games with horses actually have slightly more complicated gameplay. There are a few that allow the players to take the position of a rancher, collect a herd of horses, and chose events to embark on with the herd. These games encourage a little more imagination and may be more stimulating for your child.

The other option is to go with an old favorite based around a horse theme. The horse edition of monopoly takes the traditional game and places it in the world of horse ownership, rather than property procurement. This might make the game more fun for children who have not yet found any kind of interest in real estate.

Horse games, whether they be online or in board game format are often a staple of childhood. The horse phase is well known in many little girls and it can be rewarding to nurturer this passion.

The Efficiency of 2×4 Stripping Your Metal Roof

We have installed metal roofs on residential homes for many years now. This has been my main source of income over the last few years. I have learned some important techniques for making your roof system more efficient. 2×4 stripping each two foot sees to be the most profitable.

We have laid the metal straight down on the singles, laid it on tar paper, and laid it on 1×4's, and 2×4's etc. There are some important benefits to 2×4 stripping that you might what to know. For one, the spacing between the metal and the original roofing material acts as an insulation space (like storm windows) which does not allow the heat from the sun to penetrate your attic space. This allows easier cooling during summer months.

On most raised rib panels (not standing seam panels) there is open raised rib space every nine inches or so for the hot air to rise from all the way down at your eve to all the way up to your ridge and out the ridge vent made by the metal ridge cap. A vented roof system.

One important fact here is not to over fill the space created by the 2×4's with insulation so blocking the air flow to from your eve to your ridge vent.

* We actually did our own myth buster test on this theory. We built 2 identical boxes of wood with pitched roofs, completely sealed up from the outside. Both roofs were covered with singles.

On one roof we laid the metal roof straight down on the singles.

The other roof 2×4 stripping was added, then the metal roof was laid on top of the 2×4's.

A digital thermometer was installed in both boxes. On the very first test during a 85 degree sunny day the box without the 2×4 stripping rose to 112 degrees, while the box with the 2×4 stripping maxed out at about 95 degrees. That's about a 17 degree difference in the two attic spaces,

That's plenty of justification for spending the extra dollars to strip your new roof with 2×4's.

Can You Paint Tile?

There may come a time when your existing tile no longer pleases you. This may occur when either the color goes out of fashion or sometimes you are redecorating a room and the color of the tile limits your color choices. Replacing tile can be expensive. Is painting the tile an option?

I am a painter and ran into this very problem with a client. She had just bought the home and the kitchen tile was a salmon / pink color. She was death on pink of any shade. She planned to replace the tile in the future but wanted a stop-gap solution. Painting the tile was the way to go.

Painting tile most certainly can be done but like most things must be done correctly. The main issue is assuring that the paint will stick to the tile. Most paint is not composed to adhere to any very smooth surface such as glass or ceramic tile. Even other surfaces which when compared to tile would have considered rough need to be sanded to ensure a good bond with the paint.

The solution is a very clean tile surface and a special primer. It is called bonding primer. All primers are stickier than paint and that is why they are used before the paint goes on. The paint will adhere better to the surface to be painted. Bonding primer is configured to stick to very smooth surfaces.

For the very best finished look you should spray the primer and the paint to the tile. As most people do not have the proper spray equipment this may have to be done by a professional. If done this way the finish will look just like tile. You should not be able to tell that the tile was painted except up very close examination.

Of course, you could paint it using a brush and roller. You would want to purchase a very fine brush such as an ox-hair or similar bristle. You can also purchase small rollers that are designed for fine finishing. Any good paint store will be able to assist you with this. Just tell them what you are trying to achieve. I know that I could produce a very nice finish using this method. It will not be as good as sprayed but it would be a very pleasant look.

Benefits of Regular Aircon Service

Air conditioner has become a necessity for every home owner and it plays an integral part in the lives of the people. Your air conditioner is responsible for cooling the temperature in your home especially during the summer that is why it is highly essential to provide a regular service for your air-con unit.

The best way in keeping your aircon unit to run at its peak performance is to have a regular air-con service. Some people have not really realized the significance of having a regular air-con maintenance until they have found out that there is nothing they can do to make their air conditioner to function properly.

Regular air-con servicing has numerous benefits to every air conditioner owners. With regular servicing, one can essentially avoid risking the maximum performance of their unit. Remember that your air conditioner is an essential element in keeping your rooms more comfortable and convenient to stay in that that is why having a regular service is essential. One take this maintenance for granted to save money, but later did he know that it will cost him too much.

A maintenance check up allows you to save money because it can improve the efficiency level of your air-conditioner unit. You can not regularly check on your unit, and you can not always clean your system. An aircon servicing enables you to save energy bills because you can be assured that your unit will be cleaned. Cleaning the condenser coils of your unit reduces its energy consumptions. Reducing the risk of high repair cost is likewise another benefit bought by serving. This allows you to save money from any major repairs, and it enables to repair the small problem that occurs inside your unit.

It is essential to remember that every air-conditioner unit is losing its efficiency every year because of regular use. A regular air con service makes it possible for your aircon unit to function at its maximum level year after year. Regular servicing essentially increases the performance and the life of your unit. It will significantly serve you for a longer time than having no regular service. The regular unit checks ensure the performance of your air-con unit.

You have to remember the comfort that your air-con unit provides in your home, office, as well as in your school. A regular aircon serving enables your air conditioner to serve you well for a longer period of time. Regular servicing allows you to recover the efficiency level and performance of your air con unit.

It is true that installation of air conditioner in your home is an investment that is why it is of great importance to take care of your investment.

A regular service gives value to your money and your investment because it essentially prolongs that lifespan of your unit. The comfort that the air-con is providing your homes and offices will be increased, and the efficiency that was lost will always be recovered. Knowing these benefits of having a regular air-con service enables you to enjoy the comfort that it provides your home and family.