KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer Complete Review

When it comes to mixing dough and making batter for your kitchen, a proper machine for the job will definitely make things easier. In that regard a powerful stand mixer is often your best bet and you can not go wrong with one from KitchenAid. Today we will take a closer look at their top-model, the KitchenAid professional 600.

Product Features:

The KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer is widely viewed as packing the best features in the industry and rightly so.

It has a built-in electronic speed sensing unit which is used to maintain the pace of the mixer, keeping each revolution in sync with the prior and in check to it's 10-speeds available. This allows for perfection in your mixtures and overall a higher quality end result than offered by other mixers on the market. Also, the KitchenAid Pro 600 comes equipped with an auto shut-off feature allowing the mixer to recognize when it is operating too hot and turns off the machine in such a case. In doing so, the mixer anticipates imaging activities that could break it otherwise. Another excellent feature of the mixer is it's soft start. This reduces the initial splatter which is both common and annoying in similar appliances.

Product Construction:

The KitchenAid Professional 600 is manufactured absolutely with the finest metal parts including it's durability and reliability. The mixing bowl that comes with this KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer is six quarts in volume and is composed of high quality and stylish stainless-steel.

What Can It Be Used For?

The KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer serves a variety of uses ranging from small endeavors to commercial level tasks. The immediate benefit of using this appliance is the ability to let the machine do the mixing hands free. This allows an individual greater efficiency in the kitchen, as time is freed up that they can use on other preparations. Not only that, it can be used as a means to reduce waste and less the number of messes to clean up. This is thanks to the perfect coordination the bowl and mixer have pair together that is not available in hand mixers.

There are also a variety of different heads available which are included with the KitchenAid Pro 600 that extends it's usefulness even further as an appliance. One of which is a spiral dough hook, this removes the otherwise burdening task of kneading dough manually. A wire whip is also included for general mixing but can be used for mousses and other common batters. Other attachments allow for a great deal more of functionality such as a meat grinder or ice cream maker.

Maintenance And Ease Of Use

The KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer is bound to get messy from time to time. That is just the way stand mixers work, however, KitchenAid has put great thought into the clean up situation when all the work is said and done. The all metal design blocks out marks from things like chocolate and protect the finish of the mixer from acidic mixtures. The stainless-steel is remarkably easy to clean up, a wash cloth and some water generally does the trick. For more heavy build up, a mild liquid soap can be used and wiped clean as well.

The mixer also is designed to be useful and easy to use. With the previous mentioned speed sensing technology, almost all of the guess work that used to be needed when adding ingredients is no longer involved in the process. Also, changing attachments to fit your needs could not be simpler. This is done using the attachment hub which has a hinged cover feature for quick and painless installation of attachments.

Warranty, Capacity, and Accessory Information

As with most other KitchenAid appliances, the KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer comes with an useful and peace of mind offering warranty. The warranty from the manufacturer itself is a one year plan that covers the product in full. If the device fails a new one will be delivered to you free of charge, and will also include another one year warranty.

The capacity of the mixer is impressive in comparison to others on the market. The standard stainless-steel mixing bowl that comes with the mixer holds up to 6 quarts of ingredients within. This grants the KitchenAid Pro 600 the ability to mix up to 14 cups of flour at one time.

There is a wide range of accessories available for the KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer at this time. For instance a pasta roller and cutting tool. Other functionality enhancements include attachments such as a grain mill and citrus juicer.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Versatile and easy to use design allow for the KitchenAid Pro 600 to fill many roles. Simple to clean and easy to change attachments. Great warranty and the appliance is very durable.

Cons : It can be a little noisy. Gears can potentially begin to wear out with excessive use. Other than that very small batches are often a little difficult to prepare in the 5 quart bowl.

How are the Consumer Reviews?

Scanning over a good portion of over 1,000 reviews, places the KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer at different sides of the spectrum.

Positive customer reviews adore the appliance, cutting it's sturdiness and high power motor blows the competition away. They also seemed to enjoy the fact that mixer makes everything simple to operate, some reviews even mention their children being able to use it.

Negative reviewers all seem to say the same things, not how the internal mechanism wear out quicker than they expected. It seems they have problems with the gears becoming overheated, however, they do note replacement mixers were covered by their warranties.

How Many Different Ways Can You Cook a Chicken?

The often asked question to cooks all over is “how to cook”. It challenges me to ask myself how many methods of cooking are there out there that can be applied to a main ingredient. Let’s try this with the ever so famous chicken. And mind you, every part of the chicken can be turned into a dish. Have you heard of chicken feet as a specialty?

I will go in alphabetical order so that we can add-on if we find more.

1.Bake – there are many recipes to bake a chicken; either whole (a.k.a. roasting) or chicken pieces/breasts. We can also bake lovely chicken pies.

2. blanche – you can put the chicken into boiling water first, and then into ice cold water, before grilling the meat. That way you get to lock the juices in. Also the water used for boiling can be used as chicken stock.

3. boil – boiling chicken either gets you a nice chicken soup or chicken can be boiled before shredding and served as garnishing for noodles soup dishes. Also boiling the chicken before grilling shortens the cooking time.

You can also double boil a chicken; this is slow cooking over a few hours, requiring you to cook the chicken in a pot placed into another pot of boiling water. It is cooked using indirect heat for a more even cooking. Delicious but you have to be patient for the end result.

4. braise – this is like stewing; you add liquid just enough to cover the meats (dark soy sauce or just water) and let the chicken cook slowly. This is usually done for tough chicken pieces, like the “ayam kampong” (the tough free range chicken).

5. broil – this is like grilling chicken; we moisten the chicken pieces with some gravy, put them on a baking pan and cook them for a few minutes. These are lovely for sandwiches or salads.

6. ferment – yes you can ferment chicken and bake it thereafter. Sounds like a specialty.

7. freeze – freezing is arguably a method of cooking; cooking without heat. Works for ice creams, sherbets and yogurts, but don’t think you should try it on chicken though.

8. fry – this is common in Asian recipes. There are many delicious recipes for deep frying chicken. We use a “kuali” or wok for this for best results. The other is stir frying. Again, best results are produced using the wok. This is quick and shallow frying on high heat. Juices are locked in and the chicken is cooked in small pieces for quick cooking. Best served hot. You can cook simple one-dish meals, like fried koay teow, using this method. Yummy!

9. grill – one of the more common methods of cooking chicken is to grill or barbecue.

10. microwave – is that a cooking method? You can add some spices and seasoning and microwave the chicken. What cooking method is it then if not microwaving?

11. pickle – yes there are pickled chicken recipes. However, this is best eaten with something mild tasting like fresh salad and plain rice given the strong pickled flavor.

12. poach – gently cook the chicken in some water over low heat.

13. roast – this is another famous method of cooking chicken, and there are just so many lovely roasted chicken recipes that we can try.

14. sauté – sautéed chicken is a very simple recipe. It takes just a few minutes to sauté chicken with a little oil and herbs/a light sauce. Delicious!

15. scald – this is the first process to clean the chicken; scalding with boiling water to remove the feathers.

16. scramble – cooking scrambled chicken is like cooking scrambled eggs; cook shredded chicken or small chicken pieces in a light seasoning. In fact, we can cook scrambled eggs with chicken. How about that. Then eat it with rice or as a sandwich.

17. sear – searing chicken gives it a nice brown crispy exterior while leaving it soft on the inside, just like browning. It is accomplished through applying high temperature quickly to the chicken pieces.

18. simmer – gently boil the chicken; the gravy thereafter can be used as a sauce.

19. smoke – smoked chicken is not the easiest way to cook a chicken, but if done right, the result can be a deliciously aromatic, tender and juicy smoked chicken. Yum!

20. steam – steaming is a very simple and healthy alternative of cooking chicken. Simply add ginger and or mushroom.

21. stew – chicken stew needs no introduction. This is a slow cooking process that is worth the wait; we put some water, vegetables etc and leave to boil to a heavy gravy.

22. sweat – this is a term that I have just heard as a cooking method; you can cook chicken in low heat over a little oil.

23. tandoor – you’ll need to have this large clay oven for this method of cooking, but worth the while if you have one. This is chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, and grilled in this special clay oven over a charcoal fire. Hmm.. heavenly!

24. toast – Toasting is another form of grilling. Perhaps we can mix cooked chicken meat with sauces and spread this on some bread to toast.

So there you are… all the various methods of cooking chicken. Never knew we have so many ways of cooking them. Happy cooking. Bon appetite!

For some delicious Malaysian recipes, chicken or otherwise, visit us at

Top Reasons For Undergoing Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery intervention that aims at improving the aesthetic aspect of the nose. It is currently one of the most requested surgeries, since people are always looking for some ways to achieve physical perfection. Rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that restructures and restores the natural shape of the nose by repairing or correcting the imperfections that are due to trauma or hereditary deformity.

Rhinoplasty can be done on purely aesthetic grounds or to solve problems of breathing. One of the most significant advantages of this medical intervention is that it can enhance your appearance and confidence. Most surgeons choose to only operate people over the age of puberty, in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

Unfortunately, there is no surgery without risks. However, most of the complications are insignificant and minor. There are large differences between patients in terms of the healing ability, so the income is never completely predictable. After surgery, small red spots may appear on the surface of the nose due to the breakage of small blood vessels. As for the scars, they will not be visible at all if a suitable method is used for removing them.

As part of the preoperative indications, patients should not eat or drink anything the night before surgery. In addition to this, drugs containing aspirin should be avoided as much as possible, since this substance can cause unwanted complications. What is more, the surgeon should be informed whether the patient wears contacts lenses in order to pay more attention while performing the surgery. Finally, make sure the doctor is informed about every single aspect of your medical history, including problems such as epilepsy, diabetes or neurological ones.

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, depending on the patient's preference, and is combined with a mild intravenous anesthesia. Even though in most cases the surgery takes about an hour, the more complicated procedures are associated with a longer waiting time. During surgery, the skin of the nose is separated from the bone and the cartilage is then sculpted into the desired shape. The incisions are usually made inside the nose in order to be as less visible as possible after the intervention.

After rhinoplasty, a short hospitalization period is required, during which the patient should remain under close medical supervision. Any bandage will be removed after 24 hours, when the patient will be able to breathe normally.

The Inner-Workings of Proform Elliptical Machines

If your purpose for exercising is weight loss, a weight bearing exercise should be considered. Otherwise, you would need to exercise four times as long doing non-weight bearing exercises like swimming and bicycling which are not as efficient for weight loss programs. It would also take about as long to receive the same benefit of running or using an elliptical machine.

A Proform Elliptical machine is perhaps the best type of equipment you can exercise on. An elliptical provides a more complete workout than running or exercising on a treadmill and it is more comfortable due to lesser stress on the joints.

Proform Elliptical machines are a combination of stair climbers and cross-country ski machines. Your feet are on pedals that allow for your feet to move in an oval shaped motion. It is this range of motion is what makes it better on the joints as compared to running on a treadmill. Your hands also have handle bars to be grasped that can move back and forth providing for an upper body workout. Adding to that, the machine also has varying resistances against the movement of your arms and legs for a more challenging workout.

Apart from the varying resistance, Proform Elliptical machines, whether designed for home use or for commercial health clubs, also allow you to change the incline on the legs. This is an ideal feature to have to be able to workout the different muscle groups in the legs. In addition, the direction of the leg movement can also be reversed to be able to work out a different set of muscles. In other words, it is easy to get a complete body workout just by changing some machine settings.

What truly makes elliptical machines pass a treadmill is that it provides a weight-bearing exercise that helps you lose weight but at the same time helps protect the bones and joints with the stress associated with running on a treadmill. It also burns the same amount of calories in the same amount of time but with less perceived work exertion.

Basically, Proform Elliptical machines can give you the body that you want without you having to exert so much effort and suffer through pain. The machine is easy to use, provides a lot of benefits and even protects against bone and joint injury, all while giving you a full body workout to lose weight and achieve the body that you want and need.

How You Can Use a Solar Generator to Save on Your Power Bill – And Conserve Our Planet

Who does not enjoy walking or basking in the warmth of the sun on a fine spring or summer day? Why not hatred the sun's heat and light that we enjoy so much for some of the other energy needs we have? The sun is an endless supply of free energy and yet we seem to ignore it as an available source. Given that non-renewable sources of energy are being dramatically depleted and with the cost of this energy ever-increasing in price, solar energy seems to be a logical solution to sourcing economic renewable power that is environmentally friendly.

How can solar energy be used?

There are many uses for solar energy and it is especially beneficial in today's times of energy crises.

Some of these uses include:

• Cooking: A cooking utensil known as a solar cooker uses solar energy for cooking. It only uses the light from the sun as an energy source. They can provided food quantities in a meal for one to five people, and can roast or bake as well boil food. The only drawback is when using the solar cooker the time frames involved are longer.

• Providing power: Using a solar generator it is possible to convert solar energy and store it, so that there is a continuous supply of power to use. All electrical appliances can run from a generator and power is available at night due to power being stored in cells.

• Providing heat: Using solar energy heating systems, you can provide sufficient heat for your home and save on power bills or completely eliminate them over a period of 3-5 years.

What is a solar generator and how does it work?

A solar generator is an independent mechanical device that does two things; it converges the sun's light into electrical energy and stores this energy for use when the sun is not shining. This light energy is captured and converted using solar cells, called photovoltaic cells, into electrical energy, which can be used or stored. An advantage of this unit is that it contains storage cells that enable power to be available when the sun is clouded over. A solar generator is the silver lining on a cloudy day.

What are some other advantages of using a solar generator?

Easy to maintain: A solar generator requires very little effort to maintain, so that you spend very little time and energy on keeping it working well.

Easy on the budget: The solar generator converts free energy into a usable power source, saving fuel costs. After the initial set-up costs have been recouped, the solar generator produces free power.

Easy source of "rainy day" energy: The solar generator can store energy in the event that there is little sunlight to be converted. This means that there is an uninterrupted power supply available to your home on a daily basis.

Easy on the environment: A solar generator works for the environment in two ways, it produces no pollution to further jeopardize the current planet's position and it does not further deplete the earth's non-renewable resources. A user can safely use this source of energy without creating further negative impact on their local and more broadly their global environment.

From an economic and environmental point of view, solar energy is a realistic alternative source of energy not reliant on limited local and national resources and puts the control back into the hands of the people. A solar generator is well within the reach of anyone keen to contribute to helping our planet and at that same time cutting their own energy costs dramatically. Some people have been able to produce sufficient energy to help boost local supplies as well as for their own use.

Solar Panel Kits – Are the Solar Panel Kits Really Worth Considering?

You may have heard of the solar panel kits available these days. These kits help people to build their own solar panels at home. These kits are much in demand these days. Have you ever thought of considering these solar kits for your own use? Those who sell these kits claim that with the help of these kits you can easily build as well as install your own panels.

Solar energy is one of the best sources of alternative energies. It is renewable and it is also eco friendly. The only problem with DIY panels is that they do not seem to work when it is raining or it is cloudy. But this is really not a problem as you can still produce solar energy in cloudy weather.

This is why people are looking forward to building a renewable energy panel in their home. At this point of time the solar panel kits promise to be of great help. But people keep on asking whether these kits are really worth considering. The answer is yes. These kits are the best way to build your solar panel. Other than being the best they are also the cheapest way to build your DIY panels.

These solar panel kits are widely available on the internet. The guides which are contained in the kits include information about how to assemble the various parts of the panel. It will also tell you about all the materials that are required to build your home made panel. The energy which can be created for your home through these solar panels actually depends on two things.

First of all it depends on the amount of the wattage which you choose for the solar panels. Other than this, it will also depend on the amount of sunlight that the solar panel receives. You need to make sure that the solar panel receives direct sunlight. It is better to install the panel either on the rooftop or in the balcony.

The solar kits that you need to purchase will depend on the amount of power that you want to produce. Do you know that if you produce more power than what you require you can even sell it to the electric companies? This is one of the greatest benefits you have when building renewable energy source. This system is called grid on and grid off.

When you are purchasing your solar panel kits you are actually investing in your long term future. You will get the returns once you start using your DIY solar panel. You can even take someone else's help in building the panel if you are not sure about doing it alone.

GoToWebinar, Automated Webinars, and Google+ Hangouts

Video conferencing or video calls are not a recent phenomenon. There have been many instant messengers and software tools that facilitated video calls and conferences. However, none of those applications or tools offered as many features as the likes of Google+ Hangouts and GoToWebinar provides.

Companies across the world have started using Google+ Hangouts, GoToWebinar and automated webinars within the organization, to host client meetings and to attend to myriad purposes. Professionals who telecommute are also using GoToWebinar and Google+ Hangouts to make life simpler and easier.

While all the three are popular choices, there are many differences between GoToWebinar, Google+ Hangouts, and automated webinars.

Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts are a free service that comes along with having an account or profile on Google's social network. There are no payments to be made and all facilities within Hangouts are completely free. Users can add as many attendees or participants in a webinar on Google+ Hangouts and every attendee can speak, listen to others and see everyone in the conversation or conference.

Google+ Hangouts also offer the facility to exchange files, videos, send textual messages, to share video links and to host presentations or share the screen display with others. In a nutshell, Google+ Hangouts come with several features that a video conference or webinar would need.

On the flip side, Google Hangouts does not appear to be completely professional. It can not be customized and there is a certain concern with privacy. Since users or attendees can add people within their social networks or list of friends on the social network, the webinar can not always be kept conferred to the invited or desired list of attendees.


GoToWebinar is a tool that provides all the resources, features and facilities to host a perfectly professional webinar. Up to 1000 attendees or guests can be invited and participation of attendees is only by invitation. This feature more security and privacy to conferences hosted using GoToWebinar. It is a paid software tool and it comes with all kinds of technical support. Companies that need to host commercial webinars, conferences with clients and need frequent video conferences with employees at other sites or remote locations would benefit from a state of the art tool like GoToWebinar.

Automated Webinars

Automated webinars are prerecorded presentations, not live, that are broadcasted as per preset schedules. Automated webinars can be simply a presentation, can be interactive with a set of choices for participants, may engage one person in the audience at a time or pull in many attendees at the same time. Automated webinars can be broadcasted on websites, video sharing sites or to invited attendees using software like GoToWebinar.

Freight Management Solutions

Business models of all sizes have complications. The goal of businesses in terms of logistics basically narrows down to having what the consumer desires, at a price they are willing to pay, in the quantity they wish for when they want it. That is not too much to ask right? Companies with issues in logistics are continuously searching for freight management solutions often times turning to companies that specialize in providing this service for companies big and small.

This is done in one of two different ways; third party logistics or fourth party logistics. Third party logistics uses outside companies to carry out the various logistic operations that have been accredited to being done internally. An example of this is when a company that has its own storage facility decided that it will now use an outside transporter to carry out distribution. Distribution was previously done by the company but in evaluating it was determined to be more cost effective to bring in a third party for this sector of the supply chain. This was determined to be an effective freight management solution.

Fourth party logistics is somewhat of a new concept. This is when a company determines that the freight management solution that desire is one in which the whole logistics procedure is outsourced to another party. This company has a sole purpose of providing logistic solutions to companies. They bring together their companies resources and technology and pair it with other organizations to plan out, operate and maintain a fully functioning supply chain.

The main difference between the two; third party logistics and fourth party logistics, is that the third party is specifically targeting one function of the supply chain solution where as with fourth party they manage the entire process from beginning to end. In general a fourth party logistics provider is a contractor serving the entire logistic needs for a company.

Fourth party logistic providers are the future of freight management solutions. Consulting companies are now offering so much in the way of cost savings and services to companies that they are becoming hard to live without. It is easy to see how needed a fourth party logistics company is when examining inbound logistics and outbound logistics. In smaller companies especially it is important to have support that specializes in all aspects of logistics. To pay specialized logistic personal to be on staff would not be nearly as cost effective as hiring companies, with a system already in place to help manage that piece of the business puzzle.

Inbound logistics is a basic process in the business equation which includes purchasing, arranging the movement of materials coming in, parts and finished inventory from suppliers to manufacturers, assembly plants and stores. Outbound logistics is related to storing and moving the end goods and information from the end of production to the end user.

The field of logistics is complex and absolutely integral to a business's success. Without the proper logistics in place a company could be losing money with increased shipping costs or improper communication through the supply chain. In order to give the client what they want, when they want it, at an acceptable price and time a highly functioning freight management solution should be maximized.

Planning a Hollywood Vacation? Visit Grauman's Chinese Theater

No Hollywood vacation tour is complete without visiting the Grauman's Chinese Theater. It is located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood. This movie theater was commissioned in the year 1927 by a partnership headed by Sid Grauman. The theater looks like a giant Chinese pagoda, a huge dragon in the front and two stone lion-dogs guarding the entrance. Over two million visitors visit the Grauman's Chinese Theater every year.

The most attraction here is the Grauman's Forecourt where Hollywood stars have been immortalizing themselves by implanting their hands and feet in cement. Every major Hollywood star has had their hands & footprints embedded in the Grauman's Forecourt. It is open free to all visitors and can be visited at any time but the facade is pretty at night. At present the forecourt adds prints only once or twice a year due limited space.

Grauman's Chinese Theater was opened on May 18th 1927 with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille's The King of Kings. The theater is a popular spot for movie premieres and therefore every visitor can see the forecourt filled with cameramen, technicians, lights and carpets. It is therefore better to arrive there at early morning to avoid disruption by the movie peoples.

The theater has hosted the annual Academy Award ceremonies also. It has appeared in some movies like "Singing in the Rain," and "Speed." In A recent film, the "Mighty Joe Young," a giant gorilla climbs up the side of the theater and perches atop its roof. In another TV show, "I Love Lucy," there is a scene when Lucy stealing the cement block of John Wayne's footprints at the forecourt. Long back the theater was renamed "Mann's Chinese Theater" after it was purchased by Ted Mann but later it regained its original name.

Even after seven decades the interior of the theater is in still in good condition. The theater's interior is a dazzling blur of exotic Asian motifs. The lobby has elaborated wall murals and a colossal Chinese chandelier. The vast auditorium has 2,200 red seats with red carpeting kept in a good condition. The balcony has been divided into four private opera boxes for visiting celebrities. Anybody can see the interior of the theater and watch the well maintained furniture and costumes for the price of a movie ticket.

The theater offers 70mm projection and THX sound system. The Grauman's Chinese Theater is located at the northeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Orange Drive. Guided walking tour is available at the theater for a small charge. The tour takes guests inside the theater and the guide tells about the history of the theater, about the footprints and handprints in the forecourt and about the world premieres that have been held there. The Grauman's Chinese Theater is a must see in any Hollywood vacation package.

Vegan Breakfast Recipes – Easy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes

A common misconception held by many individuals is that a vegan diet is lacking in nutrition and variety. Many apparently believe that meat and animal products must be in a diet to help them sustain a healthy life filled with tasty food, but that is certainly not the case.

There are many variety-filled vegan recipes out there for all meals during a day. Some of the most simple and scrumptious are vegan breakfast recipes, which use absolutely no animal products on the path to making a nutritious, wholesome and delicious meal to start the day.

One simple vegan recipe is for blueberry pancakes, an all-American breakfast table staple. To make this dish, simply combine two cups unbleached white flour, three tablespoons sugar, three tablespoons baking powder and one teaspoon salt together in a large bowl. Add two cups vanilla soy milk and three tablespoons canola oil to the dry mixture and stir it all together until the batter is smooth. To one side prepare a bowl full of 1/2 cup frozen or fresh blueberries. Ladle the batter onto a hot pancake griddle or skillet, adding blueberries to the top immediately. Cook two to three minutes per side and serve warm.

Another recipe is a vegan take on potatoes and bacon. To make a potato and "bacon" hash, dice four medium white potatoes, place them into a pot, cover them with water and bring them to boil over medium heat. Allow them to boil 10 to 15 minutes, then drain and rinse them with cold water. While the potatoes cool, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat in a small skillet. Add 8 ounces of tempeh that has been cut into 1/2 inch cubes, along with 1 1/2 tablespoons soy sauce and 1 1/2 tablespoons liquid smoke. Cook the mixture until all liquid has been absorbed, then flip the pieces of tempeh over and sprinkle with the remaining soy sauce and liquid smoke. Cook until the tempeh is crispy. Finally, heat three tablespoons olive oil in a large skillet, then add one diced onion and the potatoes to the hot oil. Cook approximately 10 minutes before stirring in the tempeh, salt and pepper. Serve hot.

Being vegan does not have to limit a person's food choices at all. With a little research and time, anyone can cook delicious vegan breakfast recipes to start their day off on the right foot.

Thinking About Plastic Surgery? Four Signs It’s Right for You

Are you unhappy with a physical feature? Are you hoping that plastic surgery can alleviate back pain or other physical ailments? If you think you’re ready to undergo a procedure, it can be tempting to make a spontaneous appointment with your doctor. Check out this checklist of four tips and pieces of advice to determine if you may be ready for plastic surgery.

1. You’re doing it for yourself, and not anybody else

It can be a red flag when people look into cosmetic surgery just because their partner or family is urging them to do so. Not only does this create undue stress about the procedure, but it can also lead to unrealistic expectations for the patient. If you are still not sure if a procedure is right for you, but someone close to you is pushing the issue, it may be time to work through things with your loved one before calling your surgeon.

2. You’re aware of the recovery time

No major procedure comes without a period of rest. Often, surgeries require that a patient takes a significant amount of time off of work or their favorite activities for bed rest. While some surgeries do not require quite as long a period of recovery, be certain to speak with your surgeon about how long you should realistically expect to be off your feet.

3. Surgery isn’t a spontaneous decision

Many people have had thoughts about improving their appearance. If you are looking to plastic surgery, it is highly recommended that you’ve given yourself ample time to consider your choices. Plastic surgery is always a procedure which should not be rushed. If you’ve only just begun to wonder about the possibilities of a procedure, it may be wise to take more time to think it over before making the appointment.

4. You’re in good health

To be a successful candidate, you will need to be in good health. This does not mean that you have to be a triathlon winner, but your blood pressure and cholesterol should be manageable. Having a history of health concerns will not necessarily rule your procedure out entirely, but it may put you at an increased risk for complications. Previous health issues may also mean that your recovery time is lengthened.

Plastic surgery can be a wonderful option for those who have considered their options and are in good health, but it is also a serious decision that should not be made lightly. Consider these tips and pieces of advice before rushing into surgery.

DR Digital X-Ray Prices Finally Low Enough To Compete With CR

Direct Digital Radiography (DR) traditionally have been priced so high that only large medical facilities could afford to install them. The alternative for digital x-ray output has been Computer Radiography (CR). Typically a new X-ray system equipped with two fixed DR detectors (one for the table bucky and one for the wall bucky) were priced in the $ 250K – $ 300K range. If you wanted to retrofit an existing system, you were faced with a expenditure of around $ 90K per DR detector. The logical alternative was CR. You could purchase a CR system for $ 30K- $ 90K and it could accommodate multiple buckys or even multiple systems.

Of course, when offered a less expensive solution, there generally are several downsides, and CR is no exception. The first and most obvious down side is throughput time. Whereas DR can produce an image in less than 10 seconds, CR needs to be manually manipulated which takes time. First the CR cassette / plate needs to be inserted into the bucky. After the exposure is completed, it needs to be removed, walked over to the CR reader and inserted in the reader. Within 30-60 seconds the reader will produce an image, then it will erase the image from the plate and then needs to be returned to the bucky for the next exposure. This process can take anywhere from 3-5 minutes, a far cry from the 10 second DR time. The second downside is that the CR plates have a limited life and after 1000-2000 exposures will need to be replaced at a cost of about $ 1000 each. The last and maybe most concern downside is the dose requirements of CR. DR and even film require less exposure than CR, this could become a problem as x-ray exposure is continuously being scrutinized by the FDA and ACR.

The good news is high performance DR is now available at prices which compete with mid range CR systems. As the price of DR continues to come down and CR remains relatively the same, competition is becoming real. However, it's not just the price of DR that has reduced, but the application has become different. Instead of using two fixed DR panels in a system, many facilities are opting for one portable DR detector. The least expensive is the tethered detector which has a cable attached that can allow it to me moved from bucky to bucky without plugging in or unplugging the cable, it simply stays with the panel. Starting at $ 55,000, this solution is much faster than CR, is less expensive than a high end CR and about the same price as mid range CR. The alternative choice is a portable DR with a wireless detector. This solution is similar to the tethered DR detector but with no cable. It can be moved from bucky to bucky without moving a cable with it. The wireless DR subsytem begins at about $ 69,000 again competing with high end CR.

DR systems – fixed, tethered and wireless – have pretty much the same components – DR detector (s), PC console workstation, acquisition / manipulation / viewing software with full Dicom capability as well as full workflow interface capability, including PACS, RIS, HIS and EHR.

The good news does not stop with fixed x-ray systems. Portable DR is the main component of portable digital x-ray. The pricing to retrofit a portable x-ray unit with a tethered or wireless DR system is pretty much the same as for a fixed system. A portable x-ray unit can be upgraded to Tethered DR for about $ 55,000 and to wireless DR for about $ 69,000.

The question is will CR go the route of Beta video tape and DR become the VHS of the digital diagnostic imaging world or will they both remain viable in their particular applications?

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Features to Look For When Purchasing a Portable AC Unit

When buying a portable air conditioning unit, you need to know what exactly you're looking for. There is a wide range of air conditioners to choose from. These all have different specs and features. In the end, it depends on your choice, taste, and preference. However, it is still practical that you are aware of the features to keep in mind when shopping for a portable AC unit.

1. Match the BTU or the British Thermal Unit to the size of the room where you're putting the portable AC unit in. Remember that you need more BTU in portable air conditioners as opposed to a regular air conditioner. You can do your own research on what is the right amount of BTU for a specific room size or you can seek help from an expert.

2. Get an air conditioning unit that has wheels, casters, and handles so you can easily move this from one room to another. If you have this kind of model, you can also bring your portable air conditioner from one place to another; say from your home to your office and back. You have an air conditioner anyway; you might as well make the most out of it.

3. Look for portable AC units that have multiple and directional airflow with oscillating louvers. These allow more air to breeze through the room. You will realize that with this model, the room cools up faster and the air circulates more. You will definitely feel breezy in no time.

4. Read as many reviews as you can. You can compare one brand to another. You will also notice that experts prefer portable air conditioning units that have digital controls. The digital controls let the user set the temperature. The timer can also be set. If you want to save energy, you can just time the number of hours you want the unit on. When those hours elapsed, the portable air conditioning unit will automatically turn off.

5. Make sure that the air conditioner you get has an exhaust hose as well as a window adapter kit. The hose and kit makes life easier for you. If the model you get does not have these, then you would have to empty water buckets. If the model you want does not have these, then you can get a water-drain hose. Use duct tape if you have to seal the installation of the hose.

Another convenient and easy way for you to compare the features that each portable unit has is to check the online brochures. You can see that these are set and presented systematically which allow you to check the specs and features of each model side by side. The basic features to keep in mind when shopping for a portable AC unit can be found on review articles. The general features include coverage area, BTUs, noise, EER, heater, purifier, timer, and auto evaporative.

Coverage area is important because it gives you an idea on the range of the breeze that will circulate in your home. The BTU is cruel when you shop for any kind of air conditioning unit, including the portable ones. Any homeowner would want his portable air conditioning unit to have less noise as much as possible.

There are reviews that claim portable air conditioning units are not as effective as window air conditionings. However, if portable air conditioner is the only way to go for you, we suggest that you purchase a model with the high BTU rating for the size of the room you're putting it in. This is highly recommended so that you can get as much breeze as you can.

If You Must Fry – Do It The Healthy Way

We all know that fried food is not particularly good for us, but that doesn’t stop us craving the occasional crispy, crunchy golden brown something or other. Because frying means food comes into contact with hot fat all the flavour and nutrients are sealed in which makes it tasty. In moderation it isn’t the worst thing in the world, especially if you follow a few simple healthy eating guidelines to make sure that it doesn’t carry too much fat into your system.

First of all you should choose the oil you are going to use with care. Hard fats such as lard, margarine and butter are not good as they are high in saturated fats, as are many blended vegetable oils which contain coconut or palm oil. For best results it is advisable to use pure vegetable oils – sunflower, corn and safflower are good. Olive oil is a beneficial and nutritious oil but does not survive high temperatures so it is not good to use for very hot frying. Smoking temperature is important when frying, if the oil has a slight blue smoke or haze rising from it then it is too hot and will begin to break down which makes it indigestible. Sunflower and Corn Oil have the highest smoking temperature, and are probably the best to use unless you have a particular reason to use anything else.

There are a number of ways in which you can fry food. Deep frying means the food is completely immersed in the hot oil and is probably the least healthy method especially if too much food is placed in the fryer at once. This cools the temperature and causes the food to absorb oil rather than seal. If you must deep fry then be sure to drain the food on kitchen paper, turning it a few times to drain off as much oil as possible.

Shallow frying quickly seals the surface of the food and. As it is generally small items that are shallow fried, very little more cooking is required. If you do need to cook it more than turn the heat down once everything is sealed and allow to cook more gently. A healthier method of shallow frying is to dry fry. Using a good quality non-stick pan, heat it to a high temperature and drop the food in. It will then seal quickly and cook in any fat that it releases itself. This is particularly good for browning minced or ground meats, bacon and sausages. Again you should always drain everything on kitchen paper before serving. Shallow and dry frying are often used to brown off whole pieces of meat before putting them into a casserole or other type of dish and it can be very successful in removing any fat from the meats.

Stir frying is not really frying at all. It is generally used for vegetables and meat which have been finely chopped to allow for quick cooking. A tiny amount of oil is used, personally I put a little oil on a piece of kitchen paper and just wipe the inside of the Wok or pan that I am going to use. Once the pan is really hot I drop the food in, turn it quickly to seal and then add the cooking liquid I am using. It might be a well flavoured stock, a little Soy or Fish Sauce or even just water. The food then steams as the liquid flashes off. This is one of my favourite methods of cooking as it seals in all the nutritional elements, you can add all sorts of flavours and it cooks quickly as well as being very tasty.

Whilst frying is not really in accordance with healthy eating guidelines we have to accept the realities of life – we like fried food. Given that if you use some of the methods outlined and don’t indulge too often, the occasional ‘fry up’ won’t do too much damage.

Truck Performance 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

Today, the aftermarket gives truck owners more performance options than ever before. However, all the new truck performance products and gizmos can be a little hard to sort through. What you need for your specific truck’s performance will depend on what type of truck you have and what you use it for.

What is performance? Basically, it is the word used to describe speed, fuel consumption rate and towing ability. Performance is primarily measured in terms of horsepower (HP) and Torque.

Horsepower, or HP, is by definition, the power of an engine in comparison to horses. For example, a truck with 100 horsepower is as fast as 100 horses all rolled into one. Horsepower is often indicative of a truck’s top speed. Horsepower does not necessarily mean that a truck is fast from a standing start (see torque) but instead it is often indicative of the speed attainable by a particular truck. This being said other factors such as weight and grade will impact the final speed achieved. In more scientific terms, HP is the common measurement when rating an engine’s power. One horsepower equals 500 ft-lbs. per second, which is basically the power needed to lift 550 pounds one foot off the ground in exactly one second or the power needed to lift 33,000 pounds one foot off the ground in exactly one minute.

Torque refers to a truck’s ability to generate pick up. Torque is one of the most important factors at the beginning of any non-rolling start. It is the ability of the truck to send power to the wheels and turn them – moving the entire truck forward. The dictionary defines it as: “The moment of a force; the measure of a force’s tendency to produce torsion and rotation about an axis…”. The most important thing to remember is that torque is what gets the truck rolling and is very important in towing.

The basics of performance, of course, center on your engine. Think of your engine as basically a big air pump. It breathes air in through the air intake and breathes it out through the exhaust. The easier your engine can breathe the more performance it will deliver. The stock engine you received from the factory comes with OEM air induction and exhaust. Modifying these two areas is relatively easy and can deliver significant increases in both HP and torque. One other primary factor affecting your performance is the engines computer. The stock OEM computer your truck came with is set to a “safe mode” to protect the truck against virtually any driver error…e.g., redlining. Although these settings are meant to protect the truck, they can impede performance significantly. Tweaking your truck’s computer can significantly increase HP and torque while still providing safety to the engine. We’ll look at each of these three performance enhancements below.

Air Intake

The air intake primarily consists of your vehicle’s air filter. Stock air filters are made of pleated paper. The problem with pleated paper is it often tends to become clogged which greatly reduces the airflow. Fragments of paper are ingested or sucked into the intake system creating a hole for gritty contaminants to enter the engine. In addition, these filters have to be replaced often to maintain a basic level of performance. Aftermarket filters are made of cotton gauze or engineered foam. These filters, made by companies like K&N, Airaid, Green Filter and True Flow significantly increase the flow of air through the filter. In addition, these filters defend against dirt at twice the rate or more than their paper counterparts and most come with a lifetime warranty…that’s one filter for the life of your vehicle. Installation of these filters is super easy…just replace your existing factory air filter.

The second factor effecting air intake is the temperature of the air coming into the engine. You’ve probably noticed that your truck runs better on cold days. That is because the air is denser and denser air allows more combustion when mixed with fuel and ignited. Stronger combustion means more power to move your piston in the cylinder. Aftermarket companies…many of the same mentioned above…have developed systems called “Cold Air Intakes”, that move the point of air intake from the top of your engine, which is normally very hot, to a point outside the engine. The result is that the air being sucked into your engine is much cooler than it would be using the normal air filter location. Cold air intakes require a little more handyman skills that just replacing a filter. However, they can be installed easily by anyone that has basic tools.

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust is the “exhale” to your engines lungs. The more twists and turns in the exhaust, the less your vehicle can breathe easily. Exhaust systems come with three primary elements…the muffler, exhaust pipes and muffler tips. The first two are the main ingredients that effect HP and torque. OEM factory exhausts are well made, but not designed to deliver maximum performance. Aftermarket systems from companies like Magnaflow, Banks and Gibson are engineered specifically for each truck and are designed to get the most out of your vehicle. In addition to more power, these systems also deliver an enviable “roar” that will let others know you have tricked out your truck. I do not recommend installing an exhaust system unless you are a true gear head and are prepared for cutting and welding. Although most muffler shops do not carry these products, they will be glad to install them for you.

Computer Chips and Programmers

Your truck’s computer is technically referred to by gear heads as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU that controls the engine is very complicated. OEM’s program them to satisfy emissions requirements, meet EPA fuel economy requirements and protect the engine against abuse. The computer does this by controlling many aspects of the vehicles performance, but primarily controls the ignition, fuel injection and spark time. As mentioned above, the OEM’s set the default value of the ECU to an “ultra-safe” mode to insure adherence to government guidelines and to protect the engine from abusive driving. Aftermarket companies like Hypertech, Edge, Unichip and Superchips manufacturer chips and programmers that will either plug into your ECU or programmers that will alter the factory settings. Chip manufacturers set the products for each specific vehicle to a default performance setting. Programmer manufacturers allow more versatility in that they allow custom modifications to compensate for other performance add-ons like cold air kits and exhaust systems. These systems are relatively easy to install by anyone that has a little mechanical knowledge.

In conclusion, you can significantly increase your HP and Speed by just making these basic changes to your truck. Some all-in-one kits can deliver up to a 40% increase in overall performance. Finally, contrary to rumor, none of these products will void the warranty of your truck. There is a federal law called the “Magnuson Moss Warranty Act” that prevents automobile manufacturers from voiding warranties from the addition of aftermarket products. These are just a few of the many performance products available from the aftermarket. I will be covering more advanced performance products, like superchargers, in a subsequent article.