The Benefits of Drill Machines

Drill machines are probably the first mechanical device developed with the principle of rotating a tool to make holes. It is also the most common and essential machine in many industries. These type of machines come in different kinds, types and sizes from hand to computer controlled. These machines consist of a column, a base, spindle, table and drill head. The drill head has three handles that when turned on, move the spindle and vertically chuck, parallel to the column axis. Table in the machine is vertically adjusted and is moved by a pinion or rack. The older model relies on the operator to re-clamp and lift the table in place.

Drill press sizes are measured in terms of swing. Throat distance is the distance starting from the spindle center to the pillar closest edge. Drill machines have many benefits and advantages that are essential for people who use it.

One of the benefits of tools is that it requires less effort than older models. The chuck and spindle movement is due to the lever working on a pinion or rack that provides the operator with a reliable mechanical benefit. The table allows a clamp to lock and put the work in place that makes the operation secure. Spindle angle is fixed to the table that allows the holes to be drilled repetitively and accurately.

The speed of drills is changed manually by moving the belt across a pulley stepped arrangement. Increasing the speed range adds another stepped pulley. The modern machines can use a speed variable motor in combination with the pulley stepped system. Older tools have a based traction that continuously transmits variables for a range of speed chuck. Drill machines are commonly used for Misc workshop tasks such as honing, polishing or sanding by honing wheels, mounting sanding drums and many rotating accessories.

Drill machines allow a vast degree of accuracy for drilling, exactly placed holes and for repetitive drilling operations. It needs less manual effort to run than older handheld drills. It runs using a motor to turn the belt that agitates the drill bit at the largest rate of speed. When lowered into a piece of wood or metal, the drill bit scrapes away the material and the size depends on the drill bit sizes. Spindle secures the chuck that holds the drill bit in position while it spins at the largest speed rate. The chuck is tightened to a drill, but with the use of a screwdriver like tool that closes and opens the cylinder containing the chuck.

Drill machines can make permanent holes. It helps most people who are into industries that need drilling machines for their products and other materials. With these benefits of tools, many can lessen their efforts in making holes. With the use of drilling machines, correct and precise holes are created permanently for easier and faster works than manually controlled tools.

Zip Code Radius Calculations Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel “custom functions” can be used to carry out many tasks related to address and location-based information, such as importing demographic data, checking address accuracy, even calculating driving time and performing route optimization. Custom functions, also referred to as User Defined Functions (UDFs), perform complex calculations or tasks and are used in cell formulas just like standard Excel functions such as SUM or AVERAGE. In this article we will discuss how custom functions can also be used for identifying zip codes within a specified distance or “radius”.

Zip codes can be extremely useful for analyzing demographic information, and can help you better target customers and plan marketing campaigns. For example, identifying zips within a specified radius of potential new store locations can help you select a location most accessible to your customer base. But instead of drawing circles on a map, a much easier approach is to use a custom function within Excel that can do the work for you.

Let’s say you are evaluating a possible store location in zip 07470 and need a list of all zips within a 10 mile radius. To use a function named RADIUS, simply input a formula in a worksheet cell like this: “= RADIUS (ZipCode, RadiusDistance)”. For this case the formula is “= RADIUS (“07470″, 10)”, and the worksheet will display all results within 10 miles of 07470.

The formula can be tailored to output the data as a text string listed in a single cell, or as an array with individual results in multiple cells in the spreadsheet. To return a formula as an array in Excel, simply highlight the destination range with your mouse, then hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and press Enter. The returned data can also include the calculated distance and sort these by closeness to the target zip. Additional options can be added to have the distance returned in kilometers or miles.

The custom function automates the process of finding all zips that fall within the given radius by searching a local database and performing distance calculations based on latitude and longitude. All of these actions occur in the background, so the user works entirely within Excel and sees only the resulting list of zip codes displayed in their worksheet – there is no need to learn a new application or import a zip code list from a web page.

A big advantage of custom functions is their ability to process large amounts of data in a spreadsheet format. To perform zip code radius calculations for a list of zip codes in column A, for example, simply input the appropriate custom function formula in cell B1, such as: “= RADIUS (A1, 10)” where “A1” is the worksheet cell location of the first zip code. Then just copy and paste this formula as needed in column B; in this way you can perform radius calculations for literally thousands of zip codes, without the time-consuming manual input required for other programs.

There are other useful Excel custom functions that complement these radius calculations, such as calculating the distance between two given zip codes. The custom function formula in this case would be something like “= DISTANCE (ZipCode1, ZipCode2)”. The calculated distance can be “as the crow flies” or can be estimates of actual driving distance or time.

A radius custom function is an excellent example showing how Microsoft Excel functions can be used to automate complicated tasks, all within a simple spreadsheet formula. From calculating driving distance and time between addresses, to identifying zips within a specified radius, custom functions are a very useful approach to analyzing address and location-based information in Excel.

Car Cleaning – How Often You Should Wash Your Car and Why

Washing your automobile is a very important task to do if you want to keep up with your automobile the correct way. Washing your car regularly will help keep the paint and clear coat on the body in shape. A car that has not been washed or maintained on a weekly basis will start to get a build up of pollen, dirt, or tree sap that has accumulated on the paint surface.

In addition to the build up and other substances on the paint on your body, the underside of your car is also at risk. Many people are not aware of how dirty the undercarriage of an automobile can get. It is very crucial that users clean and wash the underside of their car or truck. There are a lot of cars, either new or used that have drainage plugs on the underside of their car that needs clearing regularly. If a car or truck owner ignores cleaning the undercarriage and chassis, a large amount of rust and other debris can build up, a problem which could cause bigger issues in the long run.

It is very important to know that a wash or cleaning isn’t something that happens every couple months are so, washing your car should be something that should be done on a more frequent basis. Cleaning your car is especially important if you live in an area with a large amount of annual snow fall or live close to the beach and your car is exposed to salt air. When your car has been exposed to either heavy snow or salty conditions, the cleaning process must happen even more often to make sure the automobile stays in good shape.

At the end of the day, the most important part to keeping your car clean and keeping it in good condition is to keep or hold the car’s value. As a car starts to get dirty and be neglected of cleaning the value can start to decrease very quickly. Many car buyers are looking for a well-maintained and overall clean car when they are in the market for a buying a used car. Even if the car is an older model, if the car is taken care of properly then it is worth more. Not only do you want to keep your car or truck in good shape for resale, but driving a clean automobile leads to much satisfaction.

How to Hire the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

When hiring a commercial cleaning company there are several things to consider. Taking the time to do some basic research will help expedite the search for the right company. Gathering references about a company is a great first step and source of information. References can give you an overall positive or negative view of a cleaning company before contacting them. Other basic things to look for in a company include the types of cleaning services that provide and what their general schedule is like. This can help to narrow down the choices of what cleaning company would provide the services you are looking for.

Commercial cleaning companies provide many cleaning services, from general to specialty. Take into consideration what level of professional cleaning you need for your business, whether general light, maintenance cleaning would work or an industry specific cleaning is necessary. Some Businesses in certain industries such as the healthcare field need much more specialized services than places such as regular business offices. If your business is one of these, make sure the company you hire has the ability to maintain your business to the standards that your industry requires. If you already have an in-house cleaning staff for daily maintenance, you may need special cleaning services that your staff is not trained for or certified in. Also consider what cleaning schedule would best fit the needs of your business. Professional cleaning services can be scheduled for a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time basis.

Emergency cleaning is an additional service that may be provided. This type of cleaning service may include clean-up after damage caused by flooding, fire, or smoke. When looking into a hiring a company for every day maintenance cleaning, finding a professional cleaner that also has the ability to provide post-emergency cleaning services is a good business investment.

Looking at what type of professional training or certifications a company has before you hire them is another important step. There are several common certifications that cleaning companies may need according to the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association. Some of these include Blood Borne Pathogens Certification, Mold Inspection & Remediation Services, Green Cleaning Company Certification, and Chemical Hazards Certification. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration, better known as OSHA, a division of the US Department of Labor, must approve the training of many certificates such as blood borne pathogens cleaning certification. Making sure the company you hire has the right training and certificates will ensure cleaning services up to the regulations and industry standards of your business.

Some companies may offer free estimates for potential customers. One company in particular that offers free estimates is N & A Commercial Cleaning Services . They will come out and evaluate your business, your daily needs, your monthly needs, and your current expenses. Taking advantage of this type of offer is a cost-effective way to research a company. Free estimates can be a great source of information about a company for both maintenance services and specialty services.

There are a few things to consider before hiring a commercial cleaning company. Taking the time to research different companies, making sure the company has the right training and certificates will help you find the right company to fit your business' cleaning needs.


1. International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association. "Certification Courses"

16 April 2016

Carpet Cleaning: 12 Things To Know

Carpets, there in all of our homes. Of course it’s a given that at some point you will be doing some carpet cleaning. Here are 12 things to know about carpet cleaning that will make your life easier.

1. Toxic

Most of the products on the market for carpet cleaning are safe and will have a minimal impact on the environment. However some of the carpet cleaning products do contain toxic chemicals which can be hazardous to the person using them as well as other people in the house or pets. So be sure to read the labels carefully before using. Always try to choose a product with the least amount of chemicals and in the mildest you can find that will work.

2. Clean Often

It’s always best to clean your carpets on a regular basis. If you do not clean your carpets on a regular basis you will need to use a stronger chemical product because the dirt will have ground itself deeper into the carpet and it becomes more difficult to lift. Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis is easier on the environment, your health, and it will help extend the life of the carpet.

3. Use Caution

Read labels very carefully. Not only on the product but on any documentation provided with the carpet. Should you use the wrong product or a product with stronger chemical than your carpet can handle you could damage the carpet.

4. Hire The Pros

If you are not comfortable with cleaning your carpets yourself or you can’t be bothered to rent a carpet cleaning machine, drag it home, and get to work, then hire the pros! There are many professionals that will clean your carpets for a very reasonable fee and give you a guarantee on the work they do.

5. Installation

If you are laying new carpets chances are the reason you are doing this is because you want them to look appealing and accent the room while at the same time providing functionality. If you install the carpet poorly or install the wrong type of carpet for the area you will have a higher maintenance cost and the carpets will need to be cleaned more frequently. So make sure you choose the correct carpets. Regular vacuuming and spot removal will also lower your cleaning maintenance costs.

6. The Right Underlay

The underlay is more important than you might think and is directly related to carpet cleaning. You need to match the underlay to the type of carpet you will be installing. Carpet should not be placed in areas were water, chemicals or hard to clean products could be spilled on the carpet. Kitchens, copy rooms, lockers, and entrances to buildings are not a good location to place carpets because your carpet cleaning costs will be high. Poor grade underlay will affect how the stain soaks into the carpet and how difficult stain removal becomes.

7. Stop The Worst

The worst soiling on your carpets comes from outside. So if you stop outside soil from coming in contact with your carpet you will reduce the amount of chemical cleaners you will have to use. Place a large walking mat at all outside entrances Every few days you should vacuum the mats this will prevent soil from entering the carpeted areas of your home. Have visitors remove their shoes so that they aren’t dragging that loose dirt across the carpets.

8. Vacuum Often

Believe it or not daily vacuuming with a good vacuum cleaner that has good suction and a power head with a brush type power bar will help to eliminate soil build up and reduce the amount of times you will need carpet cleaning performed. That’s because the dirt gets picked up before it has a chance to get ground in and soil the carpet.

9. No Drinks

Limit the places you allow the kids to have drinks and messy foods. If you have young children make them stay seated while drinking. If you are really concerned about reducing staining then don’t let any family member’s family drink or carry soft drinks, coffee or other food items across the carpet.

10. Act Fast

If you can react to the spill immediately and any spots you see with a good spot remover you will help prevent stain from becoming permanent and it will save you having to use a carpet cleaner. Be careful what you use to remove stains because if you use the wrong chemicals you could smear the stain and spread it further and deeper into the carpet. Always first try clear cold water and blotting with a cloth to remove the stain and only move on to a stronger product only as a last resort.

11. Toxic Chemicals

You should know that carpet spot removal cleaning products contain some of the most dangerous chemicals found in any cleaning products. If you us these products be sure to wear gloves and use the cleaner according to the manufactures directions. Avoid all type 4 spot removers because they contain Tetrachlorethylene which is very toxic to people and pets.

12. Steam Cleaners

Steam or rotary cleaners for carpets use a fairly mild products so they are an excellent choice. But you can still misuse them so follow the directions carefully. If you use this type of cleaner you will have to be careful that you do not saturate the carpet with hot water because if you do it will take longer to dry and may result in damage to the carpet.

Some of the cleaners supplied with the machines you rent from the local store are highly toxic so be sure the room or rooms you are working in have a good supply of fresh air. Be sure to keep kids and pets off the newly cleaned carpets until it is dry because there is always a residue left on the carpets that can be harmful to kids or pets. Always let the carpets dry completely and then vacuum right after it is dry to remove any residual contaminants.

These 12 things to know about carpet cleaning that will make your life easier much easier and keep you on top of the carpet cleaning game.

Natural Hair Color

'Dye' your hair naturally, with no chemicals, no lead, no artificial dyes. Commercially available Hair Coloring uses chemicals that remove, replace, or enhance the natural pigments in the hair shaft. There are many adverse effects that can result from their use.

– skin irritation, itching, burning, irritation, redness, discomfort
– allergies to the chemicals like PPD (p-Phenylenediamine)
– hair breakage or weakening, over-processing
– skin discoloration or drying
– unpredictable coloring (mostly with at home dyes)

As well as the undesirable effects listed above, there are more serious health concerns that are potential problems from chemical hair colorants. While there is some debate as to the reality of the problems from hair coloring, the risk simply does not need to be taken.

There are publications relating to the dangers of hair dyes including:

– An FDA study that found lead acetate in many dyes to be toxic.
– Articles that refer to the development of some forms of cancer including leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, bladder cancer, blood cancer, and multiple myeloma as a result of hair dye usage.
– Prolonged use of permanent dark hair dyes can potentially double a person's risk of getting various types of blood cancer.
– Some experts suspect that hair bleach can kill brain cells.
– A known human carcinogen, 4-ABP, was found in some home hair dyes.

Natural hair colorants such as the plant powders Henna, Indigo, Cassia, and Amla (click on each to read more about it) can safely be used to enhance or change your hair color. They are plant powders that are mixed with lemon juice, water, and / or yogurt, in your own home, to make a paste that is applied to your hair and scalp.

Because they are natural, and do not strip the natural pigment from your hair, the color you get from these powders will depend on the color of the hair you are coloring. For instance, henna alone used on white hair will produce red, while straight henna on brown hair will result in auburn hair.

These powders are safe to use on chemically treated or dyed hair, also. They are safe to use as often as you wish. If you color your hair with these powders and get a color that is not dark enough, you can easily deepen it with another application.

It takes a few days to realize the final color of your treatment, since the color will continue to settle into the hair shaft for a couple of days, due to the oxidation process. This natural process occurs as the plant colorants are exposed to the air similar, to how a cut apple turns brown with time.

You're likely to find that most hairdressers are "anti-henna" since they have only been exposed to "compound" hennas mixed with dyes, lead acetate or other metal fixants in them. Our powders are pure leaf powders with no fixants or anything else in it. You can be assured it is the best quality and will not give poor results.

As with any product, test for allergic reactions. You should also try the paste on a small sample of hair (take hair out of your hairbrush for this) to see what the resultant color will be on your hair.


If you are using Amla, or Indigo you do not need to premix the powder with lemon juice. ONLY HENNA or CASSIA NEED TO BE MIXED WITH LEMON JUICE AND SIT OVERNIGHT. Indigo and Amla can be mixed and combined with the henna when you are ready to apply it.

Whatever combination of powders you use, follow these guidelines in mixing:

100g combined powders for short hair

200g for collar length straight hair

300g for shoulder length straight hair

500g for waist length straight hair

Please note that these are starting guidelines and your hair may need more or less.

Mix henna or cassia with enough lemon juice to make a paste with the consistency of mashed potatoes. If your skin is sensitive to lemon and is itchy after using henna, use orange juice, grapefruit juice, or a liquid that is less acidic than lemon juice.

Cover the container of paste with plastic wrap and let it rest overnight at room temperature or in a warm area. As the henna or cassia rests, the acid in the lemon juice will release the color from the plant powder. This slow, acidic release will get you the best results. If you're in a hurry, put it in a warm place, but NOT a hot place! Your henna will be ready in two hours at 95F.

Once the paste is done sitting, stir in a little more lemon juice or a fragrant tea to make the paste about as thick as yogurt. Add a little at a time to get the right consistency.

For Indigo or Amla, simply mix with enough water to make a paste the consistency of yogurt. This does not need lemon juice. Simply use warm water, adding a bit at a time so it does not become too thin. Once your Indigo or Amla is mixed, you can stir all your pastes together that you plan on mixing. Make sure you stir it completely so you do not get streaked hair.

You can also apply one paste first, let it sit, rinse it out, then apply another paste to your hair at a later time. If you apply the pastes at separate times, you will get deeper or darker color.

For instance, to get a very deep black hair color, you should first color your hair with henna, then color it with indigo after the henna'd hair has dried. If you do not want as deep of a black, you can simply mix the henna and indigo together and apply as a single paste.

This process can get messy, so wear gloves to avoid tattoing yourself with the paste. You can prepare smaller amounts to cover roots between full colorings. There is medical test evidence that henna is relaxing, and can soothe headaches. The paste can feel heavy on your head if you have a lot of hair.

To apply the paste to your hair, wash and dry your hair, then comb it through. You may want to section your hair for easier application. Start at the back and work the paste all the way to the scalp. Apply the paste thickly like frosting. More henna makes a richer stain and better coverage. Bring down the next section and cover that part.

Continue until all of your hair is covered, then pile all of your hair onto the top of your head and wrap with plastic wrap. Cover with an old towel if you wish, but the towel may get dyed if the paste gets onto it. Clean off any exposed skin to avoid dyeing it.

Allow the paste to sit on your hair for 2-4 hours before checking the color. If your hair is very resistant to dye, you can keep it on longer. Find a comfortable spot and rest if you wish. If you plan on moving around, make sure you wrap the hair securely, or it will start to drip or see out of the plastic.

Finally, wash the henna mix out of your hair. Simply rinse with warm water. You can either jump in the shower or hang your head over the tub and rinse most of it out. Finish removing the paste by shampooing the last of it out. Dry and style as usual.

Your hair will probably have a distinct odor to it for a couple of days. If you dislike the smell of the paste / powder, simmer a teaspoon of lavender bud or rosemary powder in water, strain out the plant residue, and rinse your hair with lavender or rosemary tea to combat the herb-y smell. Or, you could add cinnamon to the paste before applying it.

At first, hair dyed with henna may seem copery bright. Do not panic. This will darken during the next several days if you used an acidic mix. Body art quality henna dyes hands and feet easily, but not your ears or the nape of your neck. If you wiped off the henna, you will not see anything at all. If you did not clean it up, the stain will fade in three days or so.

Your hair will take 3 days to set into the true color. This is the oxidation process like when an apple browns when exposed to air. Be patient and do not panic. The coloring might be best done on a Friday night when you do not have plans for the weekend so you can let it settle before going back to work on Monday. Thicker, longer applications mean richer color. Apply henna like cake frosting. Get it down to the scalp.

This works on bareds and mustaches, too.

Henna powder is ground from discharged leaves of the "lawsonia inermis" plant. When mixed with a mildly acidic liquid, henna will stain skin, hair, and fingernails reddish-orange. It strengthens hair, adds shine, and is anti-fungal, helping eliminate problems like dandruff, lice and ring-worm. It strengthens the hair shaft as it colors, leaving your hair shiny, healthy, and beautif

Henna has long been used as a natural temporary tattoo. Skin is painted with henna, and left to sit for a length of time. Then, the skin carries the color in the form of a tattoo, but fades with the sloughing of skin. It is often used overseas in wedding rituals, and much more.

Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. It is also a powder ground from a variety of plants, including many of the Indigofera species. It is used as a food coloring, known as FD & C Blue No. 2 in the US. The sodium salt of indigo is used as a dye in renal function testing and as a reagent in the testing of milk. When used with henna or amla it can produce a wide range of colors, resulting in the dark hues in brunette colors. It is a basic, or alkaline, paste, unlike henna, so it does not need lemon juice to activate it. It creates strength and shine along the hair shaft.

Amla comes the fruit of a deciduous tree, which is called as Emblica Officinalis. All parts of the plant are used for various ayurvedic herbal preparations, including the fruit, seed, leaves, root, bark and flowers. It is commonly used in inks, shampoos, hair oils, and for fixing dyes in fabrics. It is also taken internally for a variety of reasons.

Used with henna and indigo, it creates a softer brown. It is probably nature's best hair conditioner. Use the paste weekly to protect, strengthen, and create shine on your hair. It can also be made into an oil and applied to the hair daily. It has a smell like raw cranberries and tree bark. Amla enhancements waves and curls, but can also be used on skin as a mask to tighten and firm skin.

TO USE: after the henna sits overnight, mix in the amla (1/3 to 1/2 the amount of henna that you used to start) into it, then add water to make the mixture yogurt consistency. Complete the process as listed above.

Cassia is an excellent conditioner for any hair, regardless of color. Cassia is a green leaf powder that smells strongly like mown grass when mixed with water. It is alkaline like Indigo, and does not require lemon juice to activate the color molecule.

It makes hair glossy and thick, shiny, silky and strong – even damaged or bleached hair. Cassia has a golden yellow dye molecule. It will not alter the color of dark or red hair, but will make gray or blond hair turn golden. You can mix it with any other powder combination, or alone, with equally fantastic effects. The condition effects last for about a month. Mix cassia and henna to make shades of blond, strawberry blond and coppery red.

These plant powders work great and give you beautiful hair without worrying about chemicals and the after effects. Try it yourself, and you will be glad you did.

Time-Tested Home Remedies For A Brighter Smile And Fresher Breath

Having a sparkling smile and flawlessly fresh breath doesn’t necessarily require stocking up on expensive commercial tooth whiteners and mouthwashes. In fact, the perfect oral hygiene preparations could be as close as your kitchen.

Some of these time-tested home remedies for tooth whitening and eliminating or preventing bad breath may not be for everyone – a few are notably short on the powerful minty flavor that most of us have come to associate with oral care products – but they’re cost-effective, convenient, and they work.

Whiten Your Teeth

Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and plain old table salt, alone or in combination, are the backbone of the home tooth whitening arsenal. The simplest method is to simply dip your dampened toothbrush into baking soda and brush away; it’s a safe, effective, and relatively fast way to get whiter teeth, though the taste leaves a lot to be desired. Follow up with a thorough peroxide rinse.

Mixing small amounts of baking soda and peroxide together will create a safe but strong whitening paste, and adding table salt will boost the power. Hint for the taste-sentitive: adding a tiny dab of toothpaste can make it tolerable.

A less powerful but undeniably more pleasant home tooth whitening technique is to rub the teeth with the inside of an orange or lemon peel. You can also make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda, or just squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto a damp toothbrush dipped in baking soda. The taste is pretty intense but the mix actually works, and the chemical interaction, which makes the soda bubble and fizz, is fun.

Freshen Your Breath

Herbs are the original breath fresheners; for centuries thoughtful people have been discreetly chewing sprigs of fresh peppermint, parsley, spearmint, rosemary, basil, or tarragon after meals.

No fresh herbs on hand? Chewing fennel seeds can freshen the breath, but so can chewing an apple (which is not only a lot tastier, but a heck of a lot easier to come by in the course of a busy day). Actually most crispy or juicy fruits and vegetables do a surprisingly good job of freshening the breath, and they also help prevent bad breath by acting as a kind of natural dental floss.

A strong solution of salt dissolved in water is a very effective mouthwash that will kill germs, which lead to bacterial problems that are often the cause of persistent bad breath.

5 Things You Need to Know About Parrots!

Parrots are beautiful birds with very distinct colors. You may have seen one in the wild or even own one as a pet. However, we wanted to give you some important facts about their behaviour that makes them different from your average companion animal.

Here are a few of our favorites about them:

1. Parrots prefer to have their head feathers stroked towards their beak

While your dog or cat may appreciate being stroked from head to tail, this is often merely tolerated or it can be sexually stimulating to companion Parrots.

I prefer to see a Parrot who fluffs his head feathers up in a big ball in anticipation of a few head scratches. Touching on the head is definitely a great way to foster your relationship. They will like it!

Look at your bird’s body language to guide you as to whether your Parrot is just taking it or can’t get enough.

2. Puking on us is how Parrots show love

Isn’t that a funny one? Yes, it is true, this is not a joke!

Parrots may try to dribble this usually smelly gooey mush into your hand if you make it available. This courtship behaviour is also one that caregivers will want to avoid reinforcing. The beak will be brought to the chest and the head will arc in a repetitive motion as food is brought back up into the mouth. A Parrot who has decided you are its chosen mate will express its love by regurgitating for you. Weird isn’t it?

3. Not all Parrots can fly well, not because they have colorful feathers

In some places it is common to clip the flight feathers on Parrots right about the time the bird would first attempt flight. If this happens (or you keep them on a cage that is too small to allow flight) during that time in development when flight should be happening, it can lead to a loss in flight for the rest of that bird’s life. Teach them to fly.

There are also Parrots that find it naturally hard to fly due to their heavy body such as Amazons, Macaws and African Grey Parrots. These typically are the birds that were clipped during this critical stage of development in which their genetics would have been urging their body to attempt flight. Instead of flight, each launch off from the perch would have been met with a crash landing.

Behaviours such as recall, station training and developing flight skills make living with flighted Parrots a pleasure

4. Parrots are super-duper visual

If your dog is an expert sniffer and your cat hears the slightest rustle of small insects, then your Parrot can see the tiniest speck of a spider on the ceiling. This means he is also carefully watching you. Especially if he is interested in your attention and companionship.

You should know common Parrot behaviour when petting them, because you can’t just ignore their stare.

5. Parrot friendships can take time, but can be super rewarding

Most of us are accustomed to being with dogs or cats and love to interact with our furry friends. In general, most dog and cat friendships seem easily earned compared to Parrots.

Many Parrot species are not as social as we might think. In the wild they live with only one partner or small family groups. Flocking may only happen under certain circumstances such as foraging or roosting. Therefore automatically accepting new individuals may not be the norm for those species. Learning history also plays a role in how quickly a Parrot may be inclined to respond to a new potential friend. That is where training can help.

Even though your Parrot’s behaviour may present challenges that might be a bit different from your dog or cat, don’t give up! They are often eager students and ready to learn.

Let us know if you found some of these facts eye opening by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear from you. Until next time, all the best from the OUR TEAM.

Get Waste Removal Done Most Efficiently at the Easiest Skip Bin Hire

Directly concerned with the environment and its preservation, waste removal has become one of the greatest contemporary headaches. Besides the esthetic concerns of maintaining a pretty surrounding around the town, it is a question that directly affects health. Hygiene and sanitation must go hand in hand and all kinds of waste need to be immediately removed and disposed of appropriately. Segregation of waste, hazardous waste, recycling and landfills are some major issues. Get the solutions from the experts at the cheapest Skip Bin Hire Prices.

A company that works punctually and diligently

As you go around the locality, a variety of wastes is common. Agricultural and commercial waste, construction sites, dumping grounds, hotels and marketplaces etc. The amounts of waste generated like the food thrown away each day would help feed large numbers of people and animals. Unless the wastes are properly managed, they can become very harmful to humans, animals and the environment, and that is happening all the time. Just imagine the problem in less developed countries where severe health problems arise because of mismanaged waste. One would wish that all the materials like plastics and metals are recycled and reused, and that is being attempted on a large scale.

Skip bins for hire solve the waste disposal issues

Domestic waste is hardly a problem unless it is a very large family and easily got rid of, often with free services. Segregation is necessary with waste on a larger scale between the wet and dry wastes to adhere to certain procedures and rules. Penalties may be imposed for non-compliance. Skip bins would be hired according to need. They are available for hire in a large range of sizes. The capacities of skip bins range from 2 m3 to 10 m3. The dimensions are indicated as length x width x height.

Bin hire prices vary and let us attempt a comparison of the smallest and the largest

The 2 m3 size is 1.800 m x 1.400 m x 0.900 m. General Waste $230. Commercial Waste $180.

The 10 m3 size is 6.000 m x 2.350 m x 0.900 m. General Waste $750. Commercial Waste $700.

Probably, most waste removal applications would require the medium sizes of skip bins rather than the smallest or the largest! Skip Bin Hire Prices would be rather reasonable too for the middle sizes.

Plan the waste removal by calculating the size of skip bin required

If the bin asked for turns out to be too small, additional expense, time and harassment would be spent in arranging for a second bin. Further, overloading has to be avoided. After filling up the bins, that is not the end of it. Waste disposal still remains to be done, according to the nature of the waste.

The company is well equipped

The startup has been working hard to understand the complications of the skip bin hire and waste removal business. They hire out as many as 20 different sizes of bins and work with 4 staff members and 3 dumpers.

Some dos and don’ts about putting different kinds of waste in the bins

Be informed and follow the rules and avoid getting penalized or having waste returned if they do not follow the conventions. In general, toxic, dangerous or poisonous substances cannot be dumped in the bins for obvious reasons. If you do possess such waste, some alternative means of disposal would have to be found.

Green Waste could include grass and leaves, branches and plants. Green waste could be included in other kinds of waste with no strict rules applied. You cannot include oils, thinners, and paints. You cannot dump LPG gas cylinders, Tires and batteries. Keep out e-waste and asbestos.

General Waste could include food leftovers and clothes, toys and carpets, timber, furniture and green waste. Make sure that paints and oils, chemicals and thinners are not dumped in the regular waste removal bins. You might face extra charges or the bin may be returned.

Bricks and concrete, sand and soil cannot be included in the general waste. Different forms of concrete and tiles, bricks or pavers cannot be a part of the general waste.

Get the most suitable bins and the Skip Bin Hire Prices are quite affordable. The company would make it possible to manage waste removal most efficiently and safely too, without a fuss.

History of Real-Time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy (RTS) games are arguably the most popular genre on PC and rightly so, as they are highly competitive and long-lasting due to the many different ways an RTS can be played. Today I want to provide you with a hisORY of RTS that will give you an idea of ​​where it all started.

RTS games are still a fairly new genre compared to others because early computer strategy game revolves around a turn-based strategy, which while fun does not offer the frenetic thrills you can expect from an RTS. The following is a discussion of the most important RTS games:

Herzog Zwei – Surprisingly enough what is now considered the first RTS game was in fact released on the Sega Megadrive back in 1989 instead of the PC. The game focused mainly on split screen multiplayer action, (Yes that's right a split screen RTS) where each player had a main base with several support bases, the maps also considered neutral bases that any player could capure and use to their advantage. What made Herzog Zwei work on the console is the control of a single unit only, with all other units acting as support, a rather ingenious move that could have been implemented in future console RTS games.

Dune II – After Dune II was released the RTS front suddenly became quiet until late 1994, when Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was released by Blizzard Entertainment. This game moved away from the sci-fi aspects oof Dune II and into a magical fantasy world that was thoroughly entertaining. There are two resources to be harvested in this game; lumber and gold. The two would have to be managed successfully inn order to build a mighty war machine. The units on both sides were essentially mirror images of each other, however they still looked distinctive from each other.

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans – After Dune II was released the RTS front suddenly suddenly quiet until late 1994, when Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was released by Blizzard Entertainment. This game moved away from the sci-fi aspects oof Dune II and into a magical fantasy world that was thoroughly entertaining. There are two resources to be harvested in this game; lumber and gold. The two would have to be managed successfully inn order to build a mighty war machine. The units on both sides were essentially mirror images of each other, however they still looked distinctive from each other.

Command & Conquer – Westwood responded to the release of Warcraft in 1995 with the release of Command & Conquer, which was a spectacular evolution of the Dune II formula. Command & Conquer could have been released under a different name but Westwood decided it was time to make a fresh game without a license attached. Command & Conquer follows the story of a charismatic batle between GDI (Global Defense Inititive) and the Brotherhood of Nod, led by the ruthless Kane. The game made use of cut-scenes, which were rather cheesy but proved a hit with gamers.

Conclusion – There you have it these are the most influential games in RTS gaming history and all except Herzog Zwei have spawned various sequels and clones. In this day and age developers often merge RTS elements into other genres and it is not difficult to predict that this trend will continue as more advanced technologies are released allowing for more creative expressions from software developers. The genre may start to re-emerge on consoles, as attempts made recently have been more successful, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars being a good example.

Introducing the Benefits of Epoxy Paint

If some of you are not really familiar with epoxy paint, it is time to learn more about it. The benefits of epoxy paint will be helpful to protect the surface of painted objects. So, epoxies will provide hard surface and some other effects, such as the resistance to heat, abrasion and corrosion. In this case, epoxy can be defined as a thermosetting polymer which comes in a two-part system. They are called resin and hardener.

Those parts are then combined to start the chemical reaction. This reaction will produce heat which hardens the paint. It is possible for you to add the color into the epoxy mixture if you desire particular effects. If you can harden the paint, you can also remove such thing. The epoxy paint removal can be done if you use a chemical called Methylene Chloride.

The epoxy paint features the strong adhesion to some objects such as glass, fiberglass, acrylic and even ceramic. This paint is great to be used for various applications, including the marine crafts. If you have some marine crafts, it is important to care for those crafts. The basic idea of applying epoxy system is to provide good lasting protection for some parts of the crafts, for examples the boat deck as well as the boat undersides.

The protection above can help the metal, fiberglass or wood material to hold the great consistency and shape. If you want to complete the task perfectly, it is important to learn more about the waterline system and below waterline surfaces system. Those systems are different, thus the good understanding will be needed to provide the most comprehensive protection instead of damaging the marine crafts.

Which Style of Fishing Kayak Is Right for You?

Kayak fishing has become a major pastime. The surge in kayak fishing has been met by kayak manufacturers with more and more styles of kayaks designed exclusively for fishing. Generally these feature fishing accessories such as rod holders and are more stable to allow for movement without overturning as easily.

There are so many kayaks on the market- and specifically fishing kayaks- now that the choice at first can seem daunting. Kayaks come in a variety of lengths, shapes and materials- each designed for a specific purpose. It is best to select from those kayaks that are specifically designed for fishing. Even when you limit your search to fishing kayaks, there are hundreds of models to choose from. The sport however is dominated by a couple dozen models which are often the favorites among kayak fishermen. Often it is best to stick to a tried and true favorite. There are a number of considerations in selecting the kayak that is right for you and your intended use.

The first, most basic consideration in kayak selection is the type of kayak. There are essentially two types of kayaks- the sit in kayak and the sit on top kayak. There are other vessel options such as the inflatable kayak and pontoon boats and other small fishing craft.

A SIK is the traditional type of kayak that one thinks of when they envision a kayak. You sit in a cockpit inside the kayak. Any water that comes over the side must be physically removed by bailing or with a pump. Water can be invented from entering the kayak with the use of a "skirt" which is a membrane that goes over the opening of the kayak that has an opening for your torso. It is a required accessory for white water kayaking and kayaking a rough ocean. One advantage of the sit in kayak is that it can keep you dryer – especially when fitted with the skirt. Often greater stability and maneuverability can be achieved with a sit in kayak as your knees grip the inner walls of the kayak which is what makes this model the favorite among those who kayak for the sake of kayaking. The sit in kayak can however be more difficult to get in or to bail if they overturn, and in one you will have more limited mobility. Among sit in kayaks, the Old Town Dirigo 120 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak is a favorite for its stability and versatility.

The sit on top kayak is the more popular fishing kayak as they let you fish from a variety of positions and they have greater storage. SOTs are molded tubes that you sit on rather than in. Any water that ends up on the kayak drains through holes that run from the top to below the water line. These holes are called scuppers and they eliminate the need to remove the water as the properties of the designs does this. This means however that you will get wet so dress appropriately as you are exposed to the elements. The sit on top allows you to get on and of with greater ease and is easier to regain if you overturn. The sit on top is a great choice if you will be standing, getting off or on, or if you want to be in contact with the water or sit side while while fishing. Models such as the Perception Sport Pescador 12 angler kayak are a favorite for their storage, maneuverability and style.

Inflatable kayaks are another option. They have some advantages on their own over both the sit in kayak and the sit on top kayak- namely that they can be deflated and easily stored and transported. This might be necessary if storage is limited or if you would like to hike in to a remote fishing spot. These are essentially a bit of a hybrid between the sit on top and the sit in kayak as they are often open to the elements but have side panels that surround you. They have great stability but generally do not track quite as well as the SOT or the SIK. These can have the tendency to collect water and a baking pump or one with a drainage system is best for this reason. Bic Yakkair Fishing 2Hp Inflatable Kayak is a favorite for its light weight, carrying pack and built in water run offs.

Pontoon boats are another option for a small fishing vessel. If you like to fish on generally calm waters and like to be in a seat which allows you rotation and maneuverability, then this can be an excellent choice. There is plenty of storage space and increased movement while fishing. These can be extremely stable and, while they are open and one is exposed to the elements, the elevation of the seat keeps you from coming in contact with the water. These also can be fitted with a motor so this kind of boat is a good option for those who do not desire to paddle. Pontoon boats can also allow for increased mobility and excellent storage as some models collapse easily. If you fly fish the ability to stand and sight fish makes this a good option. The Sea Eagle FoldCat Inflatable Boat is a favorite for its easy of assembly and its versatility.

Want Her Back?

A good place to start is to look great, be healthy and filled with energy. Are you a bit on the heavy side of the scale? Society puts a high value on appearance and, chances are, so does she. It won’t hurt to be fit as a fiddle if you’re wanting to get her attention and win back her love. There is an assortment of ways that may help you with this, most of which you’re, more likely than not, already familiar with. The question is are you applying them.

Well, this is where the rubber meets the road. If you want her back, then you need to get started with these simple, yet challenging (for some) tips right away – Time is of the essence!… Look better, feel better, and go get her back.

Drink Water First

Drinking an eight-ounce glass of chilled water before every dinner will make you feel fuller because your body thrives when properly hydrated, and also chilled water, unlike just tap water may tend to go through you faster. The result-you may eat less. Let’s not forget that water does help to keep your liver and kidneys healthy and water detox is more effective and less expensive than any fancy artificial detox beverage being sold.

Practice Portion Control

Generally, it’s not “what” you eat but rather what “amount” you eat every day. Monitor your segment sizes and look to simply eating a meal that will fulfill your hunger. Take a few moments to ration your meals every day instead of simply eating whatever you have a yen for and you will start to shed that undesirable weight and belly fat. Work on those abs-a definite hook.

Change Your Routine

Taking the elevator or escalator too much lately? Instead of elevators or escalators every day, take the stairs as frequently as possible. You might also want to get away from your desk for a change-get up and take a stroll around for a couple of minutes every day. The more you move your body, the more calories you are sure to melt away. And remember, a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

Moreover, make a commitment with yourself to workout (does not need to be strenuous) for a specific measure of time daily or weekly. Jot down the sort of activity you will do every day and stick to it. Following an exercise routine, no matter how simple, can make a great difference in your life such as:

— Help you achieve peak performance day after day after day.

— Drop fat that stubbornly clings to your body.

— Increase your sexual health.

— Flood your mind and body with renewed energy and vigor.

Engage a Friend

Having the backing and the help of a friend can be invaluable in reaching goal. For all practical purposes, having an accountability companion can help keep you on track and aiming more towards achieving optimal results. This can also prove to be useful should you need someone to talk to if you feel any desire to blimp out.

Pre-cut Fruits and Veggies

When you return home from work, and you’re excessively pushed or tired, the first thing on your mind may be to go after a sugary tidbit (kill that hunger). Can you think of an easier way to wreck an entire dietary routine?

One common sense approach to abstain from going after something fast and simple that is bad for you, and will certainly not help you achieve your goal to feel and look great, is by getting ready something nutritious that will. You can do this by cutting up a few apples or carrots and have these handy-chilled in the fridge!

Tip: Dip the apples in lightly salted water and remove-this will help them maintain a fresher appearance, It will also add to their sweetness… Yummy!

It is My Favorite Part of the Exercise Process – Recovery!

While all of that lifting and running and pushing and pulling can become quite a chore, the recovery phase of exercise is something I rather enjoy. It is a strange thing but many of us can be tempted to short change this vital part of the exercise cycle.

In our enthusiasm to build muscle, burn fat, or look younger we can easily start to exercise too much and not give our bodies the time it needs to repair and rejuvenate itself. We fail to give our bodies the time it needs to rebuild and grow stronger. But without an adequate recovery stage, all that exercise is tearing our bodies down. We need rest to build our bodies up. And exercising too frequently can lead to a greater chance of injury.

Injuries during exercise are not completely avoidable. But we can greatly limit them by taking two simple steps. Stretching properly before exercising and getting the proper rest between exercise sessions will go a long way in keeping you from having those nagging injuries that disrupt your exercise program.

You can make sure you are getting the proper rest for recovery by following a few simple steps. Take a day off after doing resistance exercise. Listen to your body and take a day off whenever you feel tired. Get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of water and get adequate nutrition.

It is okay to experiment with your exercise schedule in order to fine tune it for the best results. I am currently experimenting with lifting weight just two times per week. I figure that the added rest could allow my body to recuperate better now that I'm over fifty years old. I add extra sets to my workouts to try and make up for the lost workout each week.

So far, I think this regime is working for me. I look forward to each session. I feel like I am putting more into and getting more out of each session. If you find yourself dragging through your workouts maybe you should experiment with adjusting your exercise plan. Simple adjustments that allow you to get the proper rest can make a big difference in your temporary results.

5 Power Yoga Poses To Complete Fitness

Power Yoga combines the mental, the physical, and the spiritual aspects of yoga along with rigorous exercise in a great manner. It is a dynamic form of yoga, based on fitness. Its model is the Ashtanga yoga. Power yoga has become extremely popular recently and is available to all. Power yoga looks to have a similar look as aerobic workouts because of its brisk nature and high tempo. Here the poses are performed faster, maintaining a continuity. When practiced under supervision, regularly, power yoga makes your body become stable, balanced, poised and toned. The good thing is that, anyone can practice it.

List of the Effective Power Yoga

Among the best ways of staying fit naturally, power yoga has been considered one. Medically, it is safe, without any side effects. 5 power yoga poses contributing to your well-being are given below –

1. Wind-Releasing Pose – This pose helps you to lose excess fat in your abdominal region. It is called Pawanmuktasana. Place your back on the floor. Lift up the right leg at a 90 degree angle. Fold it and press your stomach by applying pressure on the folded leg for a minute. Hold it down with both hands to press it. Next, release and repeat this process with the other leg. This pose can also be treated by bending both legs simultaneously.

2. Cobra Pose – This pose helps you to firm your buttocks and also, tone your abs. First, lie down on your stomach facing the floor; place your palms beside your chest, upon the floor. Next, lift the upper part of body, that is, your chest from the floor. Then, bend it back up till where you can and, look upwards. Remain in this pose for five full breaths and then, release.

3. Bow Pose – Also known as Dhanurasana, this yoga activity tones your legs and arms by making you lose extra fat. First, you have to lie down on your belly, upon the floor. Then, you have to bend your knees. Next, you have to lift your legs up from behind. The, arch your body back, try to grab your legs by your hands. Remain in this position for four breaths, then, release and relax.

4. Side Stretch Pose – This asana will increase the heart rate, burn your calories and also help to reduce fat on the sides. Stand upright upon the floor, maintaining a straight posture. Place your hands on the side of your body, keeping your palms down. Lift up your hands straight, stretching them upwards. Bend on your right, stretching your right hand to your right side above your head. Repeat this on your left side. One side should take five breath counts. Then, Relax.

5. Warrior Pose – This pose is also called Virbhadrasana. It is a great exercise for reducing weight. It tones your abs, arms and thighs. It also increases the capacity of your lungs. For this asana, stand straight upon the floor; spread the legs as far apart as you can. Turn the right leg and the left leg towards your right. Next, raise your arms over your head and then, stretch them. Then, join the palms of your hands together as in a prayer, look upwards and relax. Hold it for five breaths.