What Are the Pros and Cons of Attached and Detached Garages?

Whether they prefer an attached or detached garage is a difficult decision for many home buyers, builders and renovators. Attached garages are exactly as they sound, a built-on part of your home. Detached garages, by contrast, comprise an entirely separate building.

For some, this decision is pre-determined. Often the size and layout of the lot determines which sort of garage is best, but on large suburban or rural lots, the homeowner has more leeway and must make the final decision unaided. The truth is, each has advantages and disadvantages in several areas. The homeowner hoping to solve this dilemma must ask himself several questions.

Which is more convenient?

Attached garages are generally connected to the rest of the house by a door. This makes accessing them as easy as opening that door. This may be especially important to the elderly and those with physical limitations. By contrast, detached garages expose one to the elements, meaning that in times of inclement weather, you will be rained, or snowed, or hailed upon. It is possible to add a covered or enclosed path, but at added expense.

What do I prefer aesthetically?

This question does not have a simple answer. Attached garages are built at the exact same time and of the exact same materials as the house. As a result, they can always be expected to match it thematically. With detached garages, there are no guarantees. Some are built at the same time, some a great deal later. An attached garage will always look like what it is: a part of the house.

On the other hand, if you have a small house, the attached garage can quickly become the dominant feature. Some homeowners may find this irksome. One advantage of the detached garage is that it can be set back from, at an angle to, or even behind the home, out of sight for those who prefer a less garage-dominated facade. The space freed up by an unattached garage might make room for an extension, an outdoor room, or a garden.

Which offers better security and safety?

If you have expensive cars or other equipment stored in your garage, a detached garage can mean the expense of a second security system. Most attached garages are incorporated into the household security system.

What is my garage for; and what will it be for in the future?

If you mean for your garage to double as a hobby area, a detached garage may prove advantageous, particularly if your hobby is sound-intensive like music, and you don’t wish to disturb the rest of your family. Some hobbies (i.e. woodworking), create byproducts such as dust. This is much less of a problem in a detached garage.

It would be difficult to use an attached garage as a hobby shop without disturbing the rest of your family. Soundproofing would be a necessity. Any dust particles could easily enter the home, definitely creating a nuisance and potentially creating a health risk as well.

If you expect to make future changes to your garage, to allow it to serve further functions, again the decision is dependent upon what you expect to change. Detached garages are generally easier to expand if you’re adding an additional vehicle, but attached garages are usually easier to convert into living space if you need to suddenly add an extra room.

How concerned am I about general health issues?

In addition to dust and noise, carbon monoxide and other car-related fumes can make their way into the home from attached garages. According to Iowa State University, warming up your car for only two minutes – even with the garage door open – increases carbon monoxide concentration in the home to 500 parts per million (the normal concentration is 0.2 ppm.) During their study, ten hours after the car had left, there was still a measurable elevation of carbon monoxide levels in the garage.

This is especially problematic in the winter, when in the typical house, air flows in from attached garages. The amount varies from house to house, but a Minnesota study found between five to 85 per cent of the air leaking into the house came from the garage.

Detached garages greatly reduce these issues and are better for the storage of paints, fuels, and other hazardous materials.

How important is my household’s energy consumption?

If you place a high priority on reduced energy consumption, the attached garage has some distinct disadvantages. If there is minimal insulation between the house and garage spaces or if your family habitually leaves the door separating the two spaces ajar, your energy bills can be expected to increase as a result.

Decision time

With aesthetics being so subjective, the outcome of your decision between an attached or detached garage will be mostly dependent upon your answers to the rest of the above questions. If convenience and security are your primary concerns, you’re most likely better off with an attached garage. If health, energy consumption, or hobbying are your priorities, a detached garage is probably better.

Boost Your Business Communication With Video And Web Conference

If you are not quite satisfied about the working arrangements of your business in another location, and if you are worried that you are not being able to attend different units of your business at the same time, it is time for you to breathe a sigh of relief. Wondering why! Well, you can now avail the option of video conference, which can certainly help a lot in boosting the level of your business. With such facilities of conferencing, you will not only be able to arrange for important meetings and discussions, but at the same time, you will also be able to communicate with people in different units visually.

Distance Is Not A Factor:

With the facilities of video conferencing available today, it is very important to learn that distance is not at all a factor today. Irrespective of the location, you can easily communicate both verbally and visually with people in other locations. Therefore, if you want to know about the status of your business in another location currently, you can easily set up these conferencing facility and talk and communicate with people there. Simultaneously, you will also be able to see their reactions while they are talking to you.

Revolutionary Development:

The development of communication has not stopped only with video. It has been revolutionized to give the gift of conference online by means of the internet. It cannot be denied that this form of conferencing has further boosted and influenced the way in which different businesses work. The best part of this kind of conference is that it can not only help in effective communication, but at the same time it also reduces the cost of infrastructure to a great extent. This can certainly help you a lot in saving your money, as a whole.

This is the reason why you will find that there are large numbers of business owners today that are largely dependent on web conference today. Only a PC and an internet connection is sufficient enough to carry out conferencing with the people who are available on the other side. Consequently, the business can always remain updated, which in turn can also increase the profitability of the business, as a whole. As a business owner, you can also carry out online meetings, which will surely cut down on the travel expenditure, as well. Therefore, it will prove to be of immense benefit in every sense.

Painting Contractor – Different Types of Contractors For Every Need

Nowadays, painting is very important to every property because they would increase the value of the house. At the same time, the property would to look more beautiful. Just imagine a majestic place without any paint. Doesn’t it look very dull? This is the reason why paints are used for properties.

And for people who would need painting services, it is better if they would hire a painting contractor to paint their properties. The reason for this is that they are experts when it in painting these properties so they can do the job properly and at the fastest time possible.

In the world of painting, you will find two kinds of painting contractors. The first is for the residential while the other is for the commercial establishments.

House Painters

These are the contractors that would paint residential areas. In this way, the house will look its best because of the how it was painted by the house painters. They can do house painting not only for the interior part of the house but of course on its exterior.

Commercial Painting Contractor

These are the contractors that can paint big establishments. May these be offices or malls, they can do perfect interior painting inside the establishment. Of course, they also have the needed contraption in order to pain the outdoor part of the establishments.

The good thing about the contractors is that they can paint a property at a speedy manner because of the fact that they know the right way of preparing the property for painting. At the same time, they can paint with less or no mistakes at all. This means that they will finish the painting in no time as they do not experience any problems during the tasks.

If you are looking for the perfect painting contract for your home, you can just start looking online and you will see all the contractors available within your area. With all the companies to choose from, you have the chance to compare their prices in order to get the cheapest one possible for your budget and the service that you need.

Painting is very important to properties in order to make the look very beautiful. And if you will need their services for your house, you will find a lot of companies that are willing to extend their services to you and can even help you in choosing the color that you may want for your home.

Garage Doors – Roller Door Versus Up and Over Door

If you are thinking of replacing a garage door, then the chances are that you already have an up-and-over door (U and O) and therefore you might want to consider some of the other opening systems that are available. These include the roller, sliding, side hinged and sectional garage doors. If you have a canopy style up and over door, then the retracting version of this door style would see an upgrade “of sorts”.

At the top of the garage door “options” list is the roller garage door. This is generally considered to be the Rolls Royce of household garage doors and there are many good reasons for this, especially when you contrast it with the up and over alternative.

Roller versus up and over

Starting with the operating mechanism, the roller door has a smoother and more effortless motion than the up-and-over. This in turn makes it more durable and gives it a longer life expectancy. It is also difficult to dislodge or damage the roller door’s mechanism which is located above the garage’s opening. The same is not true of the U and O door.

The mechanism of the roller door also makes it ideally suited to motorisation and remote control, something that is not so true of the up and over door, particularly the canopy version. In fact the roller door is probably the best type of door to select if you want an electric operating garage entry system. It is also a door that is stable and secure once in the closed position.

A big advantage that the roller garage door has over the up-and over door is in space utilization. The U and O door requires a free open area, both to the sides of the door opening and in the roof space where the open door is stored. This can limit roof space and it makes it impossible to store taller items to the sides of the walls where the door tilts and lifts.

With the roller style door neither of these issues occur. The door is made from a series of hinged sections that are retracted upwards and then wrap around a cylindrical drum. This means that they take up a minimum of space and do not interfere with the roof space or the areas adjacent to the garage opening.

Another advantage that the roller door has over the U and O is in the ability to open it without it projecting forward beyond the threshold of the garage opening. This means that vehicles (or anything else) can be placed inches from the door when the door is being opened or closed without danger of damage.

A big disadvantage with the up and over garage door is that it has to be either open or closed. Having this kind of door partially open will lead to it either closing or opening on its own and, if in a semi open state, it will project forward. The roller door does not have this problem. It can be left in a partially open state allowing someone to dip under it without it interfering with anything left or stored nearby.

What House – Style, Is Best, For You?

There are many different styles of houses, and individuals have different tastes, needs, financial capabilities, etc. Therefore, before one, makes the commitment to purchase a home, of his own, which for most of us, is purchasing our single – largest, financial asset, does not make it sense, to better understand and appreciate some of the differences, including advantages and disadvantages, and other relevant factors? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, examine and discuss, some of the most – often, seen house – styles, and discuss, some important factors, to better understanding, prior to beginning one's house – hunting process.

1. Cape Cod: Named after the New England community, which is believed to have originated this type of house, in most cases, these houses are the least expensive to purchase, because, not everyone, feels comfortable, because of some of the inherent characteristics. The traditional Cape Cod home, was small, with two bedrooms, and a bathroom downstairs, and two additional bedrooms, upstairs. The upstairs rooms often have the recognizable, pitched ceilings, caused by the shaper of the roof – line. In most cases, these are relatively small homes, with small rooms. As needs changed, many individuals expanded this style, creating what is referred to, as an, Expanded Cape, which is generally achieved, by adding on, either upstairs, only, or through the house. In some cases, these houses, have been changed, and are no longer recognizable, from the original style, but, in most, the characteristic roof-line, and upstairs ceilings, exist.

2. Ranch: These houses appeal, to those ,ishing, or needing, to live on one floor, and being able, to avoid climbing up, and down, stairs. Depending on the area / region, these are built in a variety of sizes, but it is believed, especially, in the Northeast, most, originally built, have three bedrooms, and one bathroom. Many have been made larger, while remaining as ranch houses, and are called, expanded. Other individuals, decided to change the configuration, and build, up, adding a second floor, as their personal needs, changed.

3. Split level: Split level houses, are often, originally built, because of the grade, of the land, and so, one entered into the foyer, walked downstairs, to various rooms, etc, and upstairs, generally to bedrooms, etc . Most have been built, as four bedroom, and two bathrooms.

4. Splanch: Splanch houses, are hybrids, between, ranch and split level homes. Probably, originally built, to maximize / increase interior space, while conforming to the land restrictions.

5. Colonial: Colonial homes were traditional, up, and down, design, houses. usually with a bathroom, living room, dining room, den / family room, on the main floor, and bedrooms and additional bathrooms, upstairs. These are, in most cases, the most popular styles, because they are efficient, effective, and possess, a good flow. Center – hall colonies, are those, which have the staircase, in the middle, entries on both sides of front of house, and are the most, in – demand

6. Other styles: Some other houses are referred to, as Contemporary or Modern, or are some hybrid / combination of the style above.

In most cases. Center Hall Colonials, tend to be the most expensive to purchase, and Cape Cod houses, the least. In some neighborhoods, the contemporary / modern, and / or hybrids, have become, the most, in – demand.

Free Fall with a Skydiving Lesson in Las Vegas

A Skydiving lesson in Las Vegas is a great way to begin the sport. Skydiving is a very popular extreme sport it today's society. The rush of jumping out of a plane and slowly floating to the earth in a peaceful surrounding is an urge many people can not ignore.Skydiving lessons in Las Vegas are not difficult to locate.

CalAdventures offers assistance with finding a skydiving lesson in Las Vegas as well as other extreme sports like backpacking, dirt bike and ATV racing and riding, bungee jumping, and cave exploration.

One company offering skydiving lessons in Las Vegas directly is Adrenaline Air Skydiving of Nevada. All of their instructors are fully licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Parachute Association.In addition to traditional skydiving lessons, they also offer tandem jumps, also known as jumping with a partner for people who are new to the sport, a full service training course for certifying jumpers whichincludes static line training, tandem transition or accelerated free fall methods, and solo free fall jumping for certified skydivers. In addition to the jump itself, you can get video and photos to remember the jump.

A skydiving lesson in Las Vegas is great

AdventureCenter Skydiving also offers skydiving lessons in Las Vegas. They advertise offering California's highest tandem jumps. They take first time jumpers up to eighteen thousand feet and allow them to jump strapped to an instructor. Tandem jumping is a great way for novices to experience this extreme sport. First, you take about a half an hour of a skydiving lesson [http://www.skydiving-parachuting-guide.com/learn-how-to-skydive.html]. Then you put all of your gear on including a harness, goggles, and a jumpsuit. After that, it's off to the plane for a fifteen minute ride up. You and your instructor leave the aircraft together for a one minute free fall and a five minute glide to the ground. The skydiving lesson is maintained during the free fall as you learn to practice your landing and control your chute.

Another skydiving lesson in Las Vegas can be taken at Air Adventures. They offer accelerated free fall training. In this course, you spend approximately one day learning to jump. During the jump, two instructors stay with you, and yours stay in constant radio communication. You spend about one minute free falling during each jump. The extreme sport of skydiving has eruted with participants and companies willing to help. A skydiving lesson in Las Vegas is easy to locate.

Common Commercial Roofing Materials

The most important part of any kind of building is the roof. All roofs are designed to protect the rest of the structure. If the structure is not built with a roof that is compliant with the overall structural design, the building would be destroyed by nature alone.

Commercial roofing is a building material that is used for protecting and sealing the top of a commercial structure. Unlike residential roofing that is steeply sloped, commercial roofing generally has a flat slope.

Different materials are used to create commercial roofing systems and each type has benefits and disadvantages:

  1. Slate roofing Slate roofing is expensive. However, slate can last from tens to hundreds of years. So, if you consider the longevity of the material, it can turn out to be the most cost-effective roofing material. Slate roofing materials are beautiful roofing systems available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. They are also low maintenance because slate is naturally resistant to algae and moss. Slate roofing systems are fireproof and water repellent. They are also highly resistant to hail and wind. Slate is also eco-friendly in that when they need to be replaced they can be discarded as clean land fill or they can be recycled and used for roofing again.
  2. Asphalt Shingles Asphalt shingles are commonly used by many steep-slope commercial roofing applications. It comes in many colors and styles. They are affordable and application is easy. However, this material deteriorates easily. It is not resistant to high winds and have been known to be blown off the roof. Asphalt shingle scar very easily under that hot sun and they are prone to mildew and moss in places with moist climates. This material is also not environmentally friendly.
  3. Metal roofing Metal roofing involves a high cost of installation. It is also susceptible to wind damage. It can be quite noisy when it rains or when it hails. In addition to that, a metal roof is easily scratched or dented. Despite these disadvantages however, it is still a favorite of many roofing experts because it is strong, durable and fire resistant. It is very low maintenance, earth-friendly and recyclable.
  4. Built up roofing These roofing systems are often referred to as "tar and gravel" roofs. It is one of the oldest and most reliable commercial roofing systems for flat roof structures. It consist of multiple plies of roof felts laminated together with bitumen. The original cost of a BUR system is greater than other roofing systems but it is a favorite of architects, engineers, building owners, roofing manufacturers and contractors. It has a proven track record of reaching 150 years. It is thick and durable and can be used in waterproofing applications. Even after many years of service, it can still be maintained and repaired for extended life. However, it can be quite expensive to transport this material. It is heavy and the material is not stable at high temperatures.
  5. Modified Bitumen Modified Bitumen roofing is asphalt-based and closely related to Built up roofing (BUR) and is also used on low-slope or flat roof structures. Modified Bitumen gives designers a bolder array of options compared to BUR. Additionally, Modified Bitumen products undergo the same fire and uplift resistance testing standards that BUR goes through. A big disadvantage of Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems is that it is not absolutely effective on flat roofs because it has only one layer and when there is a downpour and the roof area becomes totally submerged, water can find even the smallest opening. If this happens, water will see through your roof.
  6. Single Ply Roofing Single ply roofing systems are formed from multiple layers of barriers and insulations that have been pasted together mechanically. It is reliably easy to apply since it is lightweight and thin. It is environmentally friendly because you can recycle it. However, these roofing systems are more expensive than other materials. If people are going to step on this material, it will also need a protective surface.

Just like other building materials, you have to consider many factors before you decide what kind of roofing material you will use for your business. While you may have your own preference, it is best to consult a roofing expert so that you will make the right decision.

Contract Warehousing Helps Improve Operational Efficiency

Contract warehousing is a third party storage facility that offers specialized storage services. Companies often require such services because they need to store all their goods in one centralized locations. So when the goods need to be transferred to the desired destination, no time is wasted. By warehousing items in a centralized location, companies can reduce transportation costs to a great extent. Moreover, the orders can be processed in the shortest turnaround time.

With the increased warehousing and distribution requirements of different companies, the market has seen the emergence of 3PL logistics and 4-party logistics providers. 3PL firms are ones that provide outsourced logistics services to their customers. Ideally, such a firm would specialize in integrated operation, warehousing and even transportation. Each of these services can be custom-planned to meet customers' requirements, the delivery time frame and the products to be delivered.

Following are some of the advantages of contract warehousing:
• Specialized services: Most companies prefer to outsource their warehousing and distribution requirements instead of investing heavily in the same. By paying a fixed amount of fees, such companies can avail tailor-made solutions related to packaging, cross docking, inventory control and management, transportation and quality control. With a third party to take care of these storage and transport transactions, companies can focus on increasing their productivity.
• Costs: Just as a private warehouse provides storage and warehousing services, a contract warehouse does the same. For a company to set up its own warehousing division, it needs to incur intensive capital investment. The same services can be rented at a fraction of the cost.

• Private services: Private warehouses that offer 3PL logistics offer highly specialized services such as CCTV surveillance, access control and monitored alerts. Most public warehouses do not provide any such services. Private warehouses go out of their way way to ensure that their facilities are actually dust-free. These warehouses also using certified racks to store goods; these racks are certified to more than 7 on the Richter scale. All these precautions ensure that goods remain safe even in the most extreme conditions.

• Suitable for varied businesses: Whether you are a bicycle manufacturer or a medical product dealer, your warehousing and distribution requirements can be met by a contract warehouse. 4PL and 3PL logistics providers make use of the latest IT solutions in order to ship products in the shortest turnaround time. They maintain an error free inventory database which offers a competitive advantage and helps reduce costs.
Here, contract warehousing is a service that does much more than just delivering your products from one place to another. It's a complete solution that helps increase your operational efficiencies.

Show Your Personality With An Ideal Bedroom

Bored of your dreary bedroom setting? Want something that better reflects your personality? The bedroom is your personal space; a place not only where you sleep and keep your personal items, but also a place to generate ideas. A place so close to the heart, it describes to be designed according to your tastes and persona.

We spend most of the day outside our home, so we often forget about organizing our bedroom. However, bear in mind that the bedroom is like our sanctuary after a long, hectic day. An organized and tidy room can help us to think clearly and relax after the stress of work. Oak bedroom furniture adds up to the beauty of your bedroom and is durable, sure to last a long time.

Before you start working on your bedroom though, here are some of the ideas which may go with your personality.

Bold and Beautiful

When you enter in someone's room, the first thing that catches your attention is the color scheme. If you are in your early twenties, you may have already looked for color scheme inspiration and came back disappointed. Many home décor sites suggest on keeping the color of bedroom uniform; with a simple, monochrome theme. However, if you're more extroverted or an audacious person, this may not suit your style. Play with the colors and considering making a color contrast to complement your oak bedroom furniture. If you have already planned for an oak bedside table and oak wardrobe, considering choosing a color palette that matches the bedding and curtains.

Serene and Calm Shelter

Now this is something for the people who have a more calm and introverted nature. In contrast to the colorful theme of bedroom that work for more extroverted people, a more neutral color scheme can be magic for you. One thing which we need to clear is that sombre is not equal to tranquility. It does not mean that you can not do something bold with neutral color. It's all about creating a perfect ambiance for your bedroom. Complement this using oak bedroom furniture and accessorizing with plants, lighting or candles.

After all, you want something to resemble to your personality, not someone else's.

Movie Themed Den

So, you are someone who loves watching movies and have film posters hanging on your bedroom walls. However, this is just a simple way to express your love for cinema. You can do something more exciting to enjoy your movie time with style. You could set a corner area with some necessary items of oak bedroom furniture. This could be decorated with posters or any other piece of art to highlight your love of film. You can also invite your friends for movie night and have them admire your collection of movies organized in your oak TV unit.

Book Lover Corner

The whole idea is not about showing off the things you have interested in but creating a space for you where you can enjoy and relax. Book reading is an addiction to some people, so why not build a space to enjoy your reading time. A space organized for your reading with an oak bookcase to organize your books and magazines and proper lighting is your way to go. Your list of oak bedroom furniture must include bookcase and coffee table for this purpose.

Now it's up to you to decide how you want to decorate your space to creatively show off your passions.

Caucasian Rugs Origin & Weaving Patterns

Caucasian rugs originate from the Caucasus region located between the Black and Caspian Seas. This region – previously the south-western part of the Soviet Union before its disbandment – encompasses nearly 160,000 square miles of territory.

Caucasus History

Over the course of the past millennium, the Caucasus region experienced significant amounts of territorial, cultural, and religious conflict. The rocky terrain and expansive variety of culture made the area susceptible to frequent sieges and territorial conquests.

Before the Russian government absorbed the Caucasus region, the Arabs, Mongols, Tartars, Turks, and Persians repeatedly engaged in battle over the region. Due to the constant shifts in power, the indigenous population comprised a wide variety of beliefs and cultural traditions.

The main people groups – including Christian Armenians, Central Asian Islams, Turks, and Persians – suffered many forms of persecution, discrimination, and enslavement throughout the their history.

Caucasian Rugs

The violent history of this region heavily influenced its weaving cultures. The weavers of this region used a variety of bold, beautiful colors in order to portray their unfortunate past.

Given the menagerie of people groups that make up the population, the rug weaving styles display many cultural influences. Persian designs and Anatolian weaving techniques repeatedly peak out in Caucasian rugs; however, despite the similarities, Caucasian rugs have many unique qualities that they claim as their own.

It wasn’t until the early 19th century that the Caucasus region finally shifted entirely into the ‘folk art’ weaving traditions that the region is so well known for.

Caucasus Rug Weaving Styles

Within the past century, the Caucasus region has become very well-known for its ‘folk art’ pattern styles. Its textile art has significantly impacted the oriental markets, and the region is now very well known for these specific types of rugs.

In the mid-to-late 20th century, the Caucasian people switched to weaving their rugs in state-controlled workshops instead of nomadic tribes. These workshops regulate the type of wool and the quality of the overall rug. In addition to regulating the rug’s materials, the workshops also limit the rug designs to the older, more popular styles in Caucasian history.

Caucasian Rug Names

Unlike other cultures, the Caucasus names its rugs based on the rug quality or the design instead of by the place of the rug’s origin. This can make it more difficult to truly authenticate the product, and determine its history.

It may be difficult to determine the actual country of origin in Caucasian rugs because workshops and other manufacturing plants often copy Caucasian designs. As the rugs do not bare the origin name for the rug, it is important to closely examine the quality and design when deciding to make a purchase.

Glycerine – Industrial Applications and Facts

Glycerine is commonly called glycerol or glycerin. It is a sweet-tasting alcohol that is colorless and odorless. It becomes a gummy paste when frozen, although freezing it can only be achieved at very low temperatures. It melts at 18 degrees Celsius and boils at 290 degrees Celsius. Its chemical formula is C3H8O3. It is miscible in water and alcohol. However, it does not mix with oil. It is an excellent solvent. In fact, there are substances that dissolve better in glycerol than in water or alcohol.

The compound absorbs water from the air. This is why it is known as a hygroscopic substance. Suppose you leave a container of pure glycerine or glycerol in open air, it will become diluted as it attracts water molecules. According to a speculation, a drop of this liquid in the tongue can raise a blister because it would draw out water from deep into the tongue tissue. But this remains a clever speculation.

The sweet-tasting alcohol is found in many skin moisturizing lotions and creams because of the water-retaining and water-absorbing capacity. Thus, it softens and smoothens the skin. It is believed, however, that this substance has other beneficial properties aside from simply moisturizing and attracting water molecules.

The compound originates from fats and oils. In fact, molecules of fat contain glycerol. One way to extract it from fats or oils is through saponification – a chemical reaction involving a fat and an alkali. This chemical reaction produces soap. Soap-making is a common source of this trihydric alcohol under discussion.

Extraction of glycerine from soap-making only began in 1889. Before this time, people did not know how to recover the compound. The only way to produce the compound is through candle-making using animal fats. In the year mentioned, an effective way to isolate glycerol from soap was at last discovered and later utilized. During this time and a few decades after, much of the compound went to production of nitroglycerin – a compound derived from glycerol used to make dynamites and explosives. During World War II, soap industry was not able to suffice the huge demands for the chemical. Hence, synthetic production was implemented.

The production, separation and purification of glycerol involve a tedious process. When lye (sodium hydroxide) reacts with fat, soap is produced but is in mixture with glycerin. Homemade soap does not run through intricate procedure, thus, the soap mixture contains all the glycerol that results from the reaction. Commercial soap-makers, however removes the compound from the mixture by adding salt. Salt curdles the soap, which is seen to float on top of the mixture. The floating soap is then scooped out or skimmed. This leaves the organic chemical with some impurities such as partially dissolved soap and extra salt. The trihydric chemical is then finally taken out of the mixture through distillation. It does not end here because further impurities are removed by passing the chemical into a charcoal filter or using bleaching techniques. The final product is a highly concentrated and colorless glycerin.

History has seen the making of the compound into explosives. However, it is never explosive in itself. It has to be changed into nitroglycerin first before it becomes explosive. Furthermore, nitroglycerin is not only used in explosives but is found as a medication for heart disease.

The compound has many uses. It is a preservative for fruits and food products. Lotions and creams contain this chemical as an emulsifying and moisturizing agent. In hydraulic jacks it serves as antifreeze. The antiseptic qualities of this chemical make it valuable in biological laboratories such as to preserve specimens in jars. Moisturizing soaps contain the compound. These soaps are usually clear and are easy to make.

Making a Craft Stick Birdhouse

I made one of these for my mother who collects birdhouses. This turned out really cute, they can be used as ornaments for the holidays or for anyone who likes birdhouses.

A hot glue gun is required for this project. First, it is best to have a pattern. I used a piece of cardboard for my pattern. I drew out the walls and ceiling the size I wanted (approx 6 small craft sticks for each wall) on to the cardboard. I then cut the pieces out. I drew a line on the sticks, the height I needed and simply cut the sticks with a pair of heavy duty scissors.

After you have cut all your pieces, glue the sticks to the cardboard pattern. To assemble, stand the walls of the house up to each other, run a bead of glue inside, between the walls, attaching them. The roof of the house was done in a similar way, by gluing the sticks to the roof pattern. In order to get a slanted roof, I cut out two small triangular pieces the size I needed. If you can not get the craft sticks as small as you like, due to splintering, just paint the card board the same color you are going to paint the bird house.

Attach the triangle cardboard pieces to the front and back wall of the bird house. Then attach the roof pieces by gluing them to the triangles. Once the birdhouse was assembled, I painted it and added the opening of the house by painting a black circle on the front. I finished up by gluing a piece of raffia to the back for hanging. This technique is not just for bird houses, you could make these in different sizes and make your own little village.

Supplies Needed:

Wooden craft sticks (Popsicle sticks)
Craft paint
Heavy scissors
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Raffia or ribbon (for hanging)
Small mushroom birds