Red River Gorge Cabins – Tips For Renting the Right Cabin

Anyone planning a trip or vacation to the Natural Bridge State Resort Park, Red River Gorge and Slade areas of Wolfe County and Powell County in Kentucky will find a multitude of Red River Gorge cabins being offered for rent. Before you choose a cabin or chalet rental, keep these tips in mind to insure a pleasant stay.

Red River Gorge cabins are found virtually everywhere in the area and they continue to spring up. Some are close to Natural Bridge State Park, some are near the Gorge while others are a few minutes from each. Consider renting a cabin close to your main area of ​​interest or one that is conveniently located near all the attractions. Less time traveling to and from your cabin Leaves more time for enjoying the sites!

Many of the Red River Gorge cabins are located off the beaten path. While they are a haven for those seeking the ultimate in privacy and solitude, they can be difficult to find, especially at night. Be sure to find the exact location of the cabin before you rent it. Ask the owner for detailed directions and use one of the map services. There's nothing like getting lost to put a damper on vacation fun.

Another location-related consideration about Red River Gorge cabins are road conditions. Some cabins can be on dirt or gravel roads and are better accessible via a 4-wheel drive. Getting to many during the winter can be a treacherous affair if you are not prepared. The area is mountainous so be aware of cabins located on roads with a steep terrain.

As with rentals anywhere, make sure the Red River Gorge cabins you are considering are typically in a clean condition. Some are run as a business like a motel while others are family owned with a personal touch. If looking online, look for testimonials from previous guests.

Some of the Red River Gorge cabins are pet friendly while others are not. Bicycles and motorcycles are welcomed at some time being prohibited at others. If your cat or dog travels with you or you want to enjoy riding while on vacation, be sure to ask the owner if these are allowed.

Red River Gorge cabins come in many different flavors as far as the amenities are concerned. Included items you may want to ask about are ovens, working fireplace, television, cooking stove, refrigerator, microwave, type of heat or cooling system, grill, hot tub, satellite TV access, internet connection, shower, hot tub and maybe even a porch swing. Do not be surprised after you rent!

The sleeping capacity and arrangement also varies among the Red River Gorge cabins. Be sure to find out exactly how many people the cabin or chalet can comfortably sleep. Of course, the odd person out may may enjoy sleeping in a bag underneath the beautiful Kentucky stars!

Staging an Open House

Houses for sale will receive more offers when an open house is staged correctly. The reason that this works so well is that clearing out the homeowners personal things potential buyers can see their things in the houses for sale easier. To stage a correct open house and receive more offers for the home, there are steps that you must take.

Step one

Look at your home with a buyer’s eye and see what turns you off about the home that can be fixed for a small amount of money and little time. One thing that is an easy fix it change unattractive paint colors. It is best if you choose neutral colors or some shade of white. This makes it easier for a potential buyer to picture the walls done in their favorite colors.

Step two

Once you have any paint issues taken care of look at any fixes that need to be dome to the outdated or dated areas of your home. For example, in the kitchen the cabinets can be updated by just changing the hardware. If they have been painted and the paint is peeling, you should scrape the paint off and either paint them again or varnish them. Although it could be expensive and time consuming if the floor is tile or linoleum and it is stained or cracking you should replace it. No potential buyer wants to walk into a room and see stained, cracked flooring. This goes for the bathroom also. In the bathroom, make sure that if there is tiling around the tub or the shower you need to make sure it is clean, mildew, and mold free. You also need to make sure that the carpet is clean and odor and stain free.

Step three

Many houses for sale have small repairs that will need to be repaired before hosting an open house. Take time to check out every room for any repairs such as loose floorboards, a missing railing on the staircases, cracks in the walls, electrical sockets that do not work, or burnt out lights.

Step four

Rent storage unit and move personal accessories and unneeded furniture to the unit. This can include small or large pieces of furniture that does not need to be in the home, personal collections, and family photos. You can make the rooms look more spacious if you keep the furnishings down to the basics. Make sure that every room serves a purpose like a family room, bedroom, etc. You can add accent pieces but not more than is necessary. These pieces can include plants, artwork, and pottery. Make sure that the lawn is mowed.

Following these tips for a successful open house will get more offers on houses for sale.

What Are the Qualities of the Synthetic and Natural Rugs?

When searching for the most attractive rugs to modernize the home, you'll definitely have a range of choices. A first issue to consider is likely to relate to the fabric and whether it is best to shop for the synthetic or natural products. Each of these products offers their own unique qualities, so it certainly helps to investigate the different choices to make sure you are able to invest in the right type of carpet or rug to match the lifestyle and needs.

Here is a general comparison of the synthetic versus natural rugs –

Synthetic Rugs

Polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, and polyester are four of the more significant choices in relation to the synthetic rugs. Synthetic rugs are certain to offer a variety of appealing features, such as those relating to:

Inexpensive – One of the major attractions of the synthetic rugs is the low-cost. They are quite inexpensive to manufacture due to the comparatively low-cost of the raw materials. However, certain rugs made in these synthetic materials can be quite expensive, especially those woven by hand and not mass-produced by machine.

Durability – Most of the synthetic materials are tough and hard-wearing. Qualities include fade-resistance, water-resistance, and stain-resistance. If likely to place the rugs in an area of ​​high foot traffic, it will certainly benefit to rely on those manufactured in the synthetic fibers.

Cleaning – Because the synthetic materials are more durable, it is much easier to eliminate stains since you do not have to be so gentle when it comes to washing out the marks.

Natural Rugs

If preferring the natural rugs, you are certain to notice a lot of attractive features, which include:

Eco-friendly – A high percentage of the synthetic made rugs are petroleum-based and this is not an eco-friendly option since it does not naturally degrade. If you're looking for the more environmentally friendly options, it certainly helps to look at the availability of the natural rugs.

Hypoallergenic – For those that suffer from allergies, a natural rug is highly likely to offer a friendlier option. Many of the synthetic rugs are known to contain a variety of chemicals which can cause allergic reactions. For instance, a sisal rug is appreciated for its ability to repel dust mites which is certain to help those suffering from dust related allergies.

Touch – A further attractive prospect of the natural rugs relates to the touch or feel. A natural material is certain to offer more comfort and bounce compared to a similar synthetic fabric. A favorite option is likely to include those rugs manufactured in wool which gives a high level of warmth and comfort.

Select the Right Hotel Carpets

Selecting the right carpets for your hotel is an important decision as they will likely take up a fair amount of your décor budget, and cover a lot of area in terms of your hotel's aesthetic. Here's a quick look at a few things to consider.

Noise reduction

One of the main benefits of using carpets in hotels is that they are soft underfoot and also sound absorbing. This is an essential in a round the clock business, where when guests are sleeping, room service and housekeeping will still be on the go.

Choosing hotel carpets according to area

The requirements of your carpet will vary according to the use of the space. For example, the reception area has different needs to corridors, stairs or guest bedrooms. As far as budget is concerned, broadly, the more you spend, the better the quality. The main concern here is footfall – hotel corridors and stairs will see fairly high footfall and potentially wheeled traffic in the form of trolleys etc. It may be wise to invest in good quality carpet for these areas to ensure durability in the longer term. Bedrooms, on the other hand, will not require the same level or durability, but aesthetic will be important in terms of a feeling of luxury and personality.

Design and space considerations

Hotel carpets play a big part in the overall look of your hotel's interior. The reception area creates the all important first impression of your hotel. This area is likely to be fairly busy with people, luggage and possibly trolleys, so any carpet should be reasonably hard-wearing. Depending on the look you are going for, you could try a patterned carpet here, which not only creates a stylish or dramatic entrance depending on the design you select, but also has the additional benefit of disguising any marks or stains.

When thinking about space, it's worth remembering that lighter carpets will create the feeling of more space, so they're a particularly good choice for smaller bedrooms. Darker carpets however, are great for larger areas as they have the added benefit of being more forgiving and not showing marks and scuffs so easily.

Although wool has traditionally been used, nylon is extremely hard-wearing and with advances in technology, has become far softer underfoot. It's also stain resistant and very easy to clean and there before it is increasingly being used for hotel carpets.

Choosing the right carpets for your hotel is a very important budgetary and aesthetic decision. To achieve longevity, quality is essential. It's always a good idea to talk it over with a carpet professional to ensure you make the best selection for the future of your business.

Home Treatment of Skin Whitening

Skin lightening or whitening is a condition exploited for the method of visible light complexion. Graceful clear and flawless looking is the feeling of every human existence. In particular women wish for beautiful skin but almost everyone at some point skin problems such as pigmentation of the skin is darker and the appearance of dark spots of the meeting. Most of these problems are caused by a biological procedure of old or harm caused by immoderate vulnerability to sun and pollution. Black skin is the effect on the accumulation of melanin the pigment that gives skin too dark. But this pigment provides protections against ultraviolet radiation from the sun which can cause dark skin are less susceptible to damage from the sun.

Dark skin or pale skin

To solve the problem of dark skin or pale skin looked in younger we often tend to use commercial products such as skin whitening creams, lotions or bleach. But many of us know that many products are available for some whitening effective skin only. Not only safe for skin lightening is used, but moisture and revitalizes the skin. Well here are some simple remedies for whitening the skin for you. Lemon is natural bleach for the relief of skin tone and can be used as skin whitening. you can use lemon juice, alone or with rose water. With cotton swab to apply it on face and keep it within 5 minutes then wash it with hot water. Then the lemon juice with almond oil with honey and milk powder are mixed to make more effective treatments for skin whitening.

Some important agents of skin whitening

Oatmeal and cottage cheese are two very important agents of skin whitening. Both oatmeal and cottage cheese should be well mixed. You can add tomato juice to the mixture to become more efficient. Apply this mixture of cheese, cottage, oats and tomato juice in face gently and hold for 20-25 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and lukewarm water. Keep it for 5-10 minutes on the skin after rinsing.

Skin whitening using homemade pasta

Make homemade pasta that combines sandalwood powder, lemon juice and tomato. Allow the glue to dry before rinsing water to whiten the skin. Natural products such as sandalwood, lemons and tomatoes are used to make your skin fresher and lighter. For damaged caused by sunburns use lemon juice and turmeric. Both are excellent bleach to lighten the skin. A home remedies for skin whitening easiest potato. Simply place a few slices of raw potato on your face for a few minutes, which helps to remove spots and stains. Paste through a combination of finely ground with honey. Please use your face and let dry. Then rinse with clean water for beautiful skin and bright to get. Instead of honey, you can use milk to make a paste.

Tip for skin whitening using orange zest

Grind some orange zest, sun dried well and add the cheese or milk to make a paste. Apply in person and operates 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with water. This will not only lighten the complexion of the cutis but also help get rid of spots and do it. However, natural skin care or use of skin whitening treatment at home is not enough to get a nice cutis. This should be complemented by a balanced diet containing plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water can also help, because water is known that toxic substances from the body and hydrates the cutis.

Material Handling – Warehouse Control Systems For Food and Beverage Sector

According to Jerry List, vice-president of QC Software (, "First we have to understand the core competency of the Warehouse Control System (WCS)." WCS evolved from the Warehouse Management System (WMS), due to the fact that the WMS was just trying to do too much and technology just could not keep. Routing, sorting and processing cartons through a transport system are very different from tracking inventory and orders. for goods to be picked, packed and shipped in an expeditious manner, due to the corruption factor. In the CMC should be able to process packaging Cardboard efficiently avoiding recirculation in the process of processing thousands of cartons an hour. "

Manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler contributed to the current issue of the International Food Security Network and Quality (IFSQN), the feature titled, "WCS Expands to Food and Beverage" details the decision-making process often trafficked out by food and beverage distributors and manufacturers.

According to Cutler, "There is a significant shift between (Warehouse Management Systems) WMS and WCS (Warehouse Control Systems) in the area of ​​merging local data warehouses into an enterprise data storage that provides the tools necessary to efficiently and economically operate a warehouse or distribution center. "

Traditionally, a Warehouse Control System (WCS) executes instructions provided by an upper level host system, such as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system or a WMS. True Tier 1 WCS software provides advanced management capabilities including inventory control, scheduling and resource management orders. The best of the breed WCS systems are modular in nature, easily configurable, platform independent, with a scalable architecture to meet the needs of any size warehouse.

Unlike a typical WMS software solution, WCS directs real-time data management and interface responsibilities of the system for material handling, as well as provides common user interface screens for monitoring, control and diagnostics.

The focal point for the management of the operational aspects of material handling system, WCS provides the vital link between the batch-time data reception and real-time programmable logic controller (PLC) system for material handling.

The PLC coordinates the various real-time control devices to achieve the daily work. At each decision point in the distribution process, the WCS "determines" the most efficient routing of the product and transmits directives to the equipment controllers to achieve the desired result. The decision-making process is often controlled by two utilities, the type and the Administrator of the Route Director.

WMS systems are designed to manage information, are planning systems versus systems implementation, however, it is fair to say that the CMC is the market economy to the warehouse because it directs the tasks.

The solutions provided by QC Software enable companies to streamline their warehouse operations with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry increased corporate profitability.

Storage Sheds – Adding Convenience To Your Yard

Storage sheds are used by millions around the world for a number of purposes. If you are looking to purchase one of your own, then you will have to take a number of things into consideration. Some of the factors that you will be considering include size, material, functionality, and mobility.

When considering which type of shed or out building to purchase, one thing that will play a role in the final decision will be the size of the shed that you wish to purchase. If you are planning on using it to store your lawn maintenance equipment, kids toys, and other odds and ends items that are used around the house, then you are probably going to need a fairly large building if you want to be able to store all of those items conveniently.

Most storage sheds come in predetermined sizes, but you do have the option of customizing yours to fit your needs. There may be a little more cost involved with this however. If you are simply looking to store a few yard work items such as rakes, shovels, gardening tools, and so on, then you might be able to get by with a smaller one that will cost a lot less.

These out buildings can be made of a number of different materials including metal, wood, plastic, brick, or just about any other material that you can think of. Most commonly used is probably the wood material because it is both cost effective and durable.

Plastic materials are more commonly used in smaller sized sheds, and metal can be used in any model that you require. When it comes to weather protection, all of the above mentioned materials will help keep your items dry and protected from the different weather elements.

Functionality and mobility are two other factors that can play a role in helping you decide which storage sheds to purchase. If you are looking for one that allows you to drive your lawnmowers and other yard equipment in and out of, then you will want to go with one that has swing doors and a ramp that will provide you with easy in and out access.

If you want to move your shed around the yard from time to time, you might look at purchasing one that is easily movable. Perhaps you might even be able to find one that is equipped with wheels, which would really make moving it around simple.

Storage sheds are a convenient thing to have especially if you have a lot of equipment, tools, and other outdoor items that you need to store in the winter months. If you're looking to purchase one, keep the above factors in mind and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect match for your yard.

Check Apartment Ratings and See What Makes Bentwood Homes Ideal

It is crucial that when you look for a home, you do some research. This is because the place where you move to will be the place you will be spending most of your days in. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that your new home include basic and relaxing amenities and work opportunities in town that can provide for your needs which you can easily do with the help of apartment ratings.

Firstly, apartment ratings can help inform you about the practical amenities found inside apartments like Bentwood town homes. It allows you to look into a list of amenities that will assist you in doing your daily chores like its contemporary kitchen equipped with electric appliances for preparing and cooking meals. There's also a kitchen pantry that helps you store your groceries particularly the things you will need and a breakfast bar where you can have your meals when you're not in a hurry. Other significant things you can check with ratings of apartments in the internet also include a dishwasher, walk-in closets and high-speed internet access.

Secondly, the device can aid you in checking into relaxing amenities inside and out. With Bentwood town homes, this means being able to enjoy its basketball court and children's play area in one's leisure time. And because these homes allow cats and dogs, you can have a wonderful time in their company especially when you live alone in your rental unit.

Finally, the device allows you to check into the business establishments and other jobs available in town. In the case of Bentwood town homes, you can choose to work from any of its 8 Fortune 500 companies mostly concentrating in beer like Budweiser and local brokers such as Wells Fargo Advisors and Edward Jones. Other major employers in the area also include those that are influential in the national setting such as Energizer, Playtex and Schick. The universities in the area such as Washington University School of Medicine and University of Missouri-St. Louis are equally prominent ones especially for those who desire to teach or work in the administrative level.

All in all, Bentwood apartments truly is a great place to stay in for those who want to live in a practical place that can provide for their basic and relaxing needs. It also provides them with opportunities for work which is available so they may be employed while they stay in the city which is mostly helpful if you have yet to find a job after you move in. All these are made possible with the help of apartment ratings.

Residential Flats in Kandivali – Offering a Luxury Comfort

Existing admits the happening towns of Borivali and Malad, lives a well-established destination, Kandivali. Developers in Kandivali are still witnessing a process of urban makeover with its improved transport system and infrastructure. Thus home buyers from other areas are being lured here to sense a life of quietness and peaceful environment and nature-friendly.

The homes designed by Kandivali builders are very impressive, fulfilling all needs. The elite residential flats of the area are sold for reasonable prices and yet include amenities like play parks, swimming pools, clubhouses, gyms, parking facility, and a lot more. You can find a hospital in case for emergency, your child can walk down to school, everything is just around you.

Kandivali has a multi-ethnic mix of its houses and of shopping malls, leisure sector and entertainment zones, making the location a wise choice for anyone. The majority of the population here includes married couples and families looking seeking for permanent or rental homes with quality lifestyle. The other project such as highways, shopping centers, public services were planned and executed very quickly.

Those who moved to Kandivali explored the nearby locations as well. But due the unexpected rates, they found Kandivali builders offering budget based homes. Kandivali, is not only reasonable but also has spacious homes with a surrounding of greenery. Since the crowd is less even children love to live and play in the place.

The location still has a lot of open land and space available that can be used for commercial and residential development. The next years are sure to see this happening and Kandivali builders have already laid down their plans. No doubt the property rates are increasing but that does not keep the crowd from flocking in. There are enough reasons for people to make a good decision of buying home here.

To live away from intense pollution and traffic blocking, many people started seeking for developers in Kandivali and most of them are happy about their decision. After relocating, they spend more time in convenient traveling and free spaces.

Those who moved from the elite suburbs to larger homes Kandivali used to fear that the horror stories he had heard. But they are very surprised by what they found. The town did not only give them peace of mind but Kandivali builders kept up to their promises.

Since it is an upcoming town, there are many projects listed for the near future. The people and developers in Kandivali certainly have a bright future ahead.

Being an ideal destination for accommodation and business, Kandivali is easy to commute with its flexible road and railway system. The nearby shopping centers provide all the necessary things. Specifically the east of Kandivali still has a lot of empty land, this is even appealing people who wish to buy huge lands and make investments. The area is blessed with fresh air, the national park nearby, greenery and hilly skirts close to nature. The best thing about this place is its atmosphere of friendship, safety and easy transportation.

Just like a dream home, you can certainly find residential flats in Kandivali that is sure to offer you comfort to suit your lifestyle.

Modern Applications of Fiberglass Rebar

Despite leading research and studies, fiberglass rebar markets have seen slow growth. Since first being introduced in the USA in mid-nineties, it gained repute in North America when it was codified in the Canadian highway bridge standards. It started a chain reaction with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials or AASHTO creating and developing specifications for the usage of glass-fiber reinforced polymer. Even the U.S. Department of Transportation gave it thumbs up with its own design guidelines. As a consequence, there are more than 400 applications, namely bridges, with fiber rebars.

With civil engineering research and technological advancements, new approaches have led to the possibilities of manufacturing next generation of fiberglass composite rebars.

Hollow Rebar

Originally developed by engineering professors in the USA, hollow fiberglass rebar is a fairly new product which is soon to be commercialized. It is a hollow, as the name suggests, but continuously reinforced rod that has a supporting sleeve which is bond to the bar to give it extra support. The vinyl ester resin pultrudes the inner sleeve giving it unbeatable durability, stability, and longevity. The outer layering of the composition sleeve extends flexibility to it which can be reinforced with carbon, glass or other fibers. The inside layering sheath helps with management of loads. The carrying of huge loads is an essential factor that makes it unique and reliable which is provided to it with the inner continuous-glass sheath. For increased protection of the hollow bar, reinforced BMC sleeve serves well against installation damage, storage accidents, and rough handling while transporting while giving it resistance against microcracks and moisture attacks. Some of the tensile strength is attributed to the above normal and larger diameter range. In addition, hollow fiberglass rebar is increased in an application, the tensile strength expands and increases per unit. Also, the weight of the product has massive benefits being light and easily movable. As a building material, imagine the relief of workers who would be lifting seventy-five percent less burden as compared to steel. Delivery time of project can even be improved with fast mobilization and lesser efforts in installations.

Even speculated to be considered for use in fiber optics, the conduit for wiring or cabling whereby enabling voice and data transmission. Sensors can be housed in the hollow fiberglass rebar in case of monitoring structural integrity and health. Other possible applications can be climate control. Bridge and ship decks can be protected against freezing in severe temperatures by using heating fluids circulating in the inner layer. The world is eyeing more innovative ways to use this highly effective environmentally friendly creation of current engineering efforts and they may be on to something!


Scientists and companies alike are scrambling at the notable trend of developing fiber-reinforced products due to its mega-advantages. Major companies are reportedly in the race to grab a great portion of a market with their products as the world is becoming aware of the practical applications of this lightweight, strong, and durable material. So, to offset FRP rebar, much work is being conducted to come with a number of items with vast practical usage like thermoplastic tapes, windings, and even reinforced thermoplastics. As the modern world opens up to this revolutionary building material, much can be ascertained about the future and what it holds for fiberglass reinforcement and its infrastructural value.

Purchase Locks On-Line

Can locks be purchased on-line safely? The answer to this question is yes, however, not every on-line merchant will serve you well. You must answer this question, what are you trying to secure and how valuable is that to you? If you need a padlock to lock up a lawnmower then buy that padlock from any on-line merchant.

If you are securing something valuable like your family by buying front door locks, then you should seek out an on-line merchant that specializes in locks and security. At this point you are not buying a commodity lock you are buying a security solution.

Here are some things that you should look for in an on-line lock merchant:

  • Do they sell only locks and security items?
  • Can you call them and speak to someone knowledgeable in security?
  • Are they authorized by major lock manufacturers?
  • Can they custom build security solutions?
  • Can they sell "High Security" locks?

When you view their web site do you see only locks and other security items. Does their web site give you enough information to make a decision? If not can you easily contact them via email or phone? And if you do contact them by phone you can talk to someone that can help you select the correct lock.

Are you able to order "Custom Assemble" locks. Custom assembled means assembled to your specifications, such as keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed. Can you order just the quantity of keys that you need. This is a very important part of key control. You should have just the amount you need and the ability to orders more in the future if needed.

Can you order "High Security" locks. These have patent protection on the lock and key, that helps prevent unauthorized key duplication. They also are built from high quality material to exact tolerances. And they are built to provide strong physical security.

Does this on-line merchant sell quality locks such as; Cobra locks, Abloy locks and Medeco Locks. If they do that is an indication that they are an authorized service center or manufacturer themselves and will be able to provide the proper help and solutions to fit your needs.

As I mentioned earlier in the article and in many articles in the past, your decision on where to buy and how much to spend comes down to "What are you trying to protect and how valuable is that or they to you".

What Is Net Neutrality and How It Can Affect Your Business

The subject of net neutrality has been the topic of many discussions on the U.S. forums and discussion boards since long now. To first understand why many businesses are so upset about the subject, you have to understand what net neutrality is.

What is net neutrality? According to an article in Business Insider, net neutrality prevents Internet providers from dictating the kinds of content users would be able to access online. Instead, Internet providers are required to treat all traffic sources equally. Why is this topic so controversial that the U.S. Court of Appeals had to weigh-in? Because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast want to charge for use of their networks. Meaning, these providers will have the ability to pick and choose what consumers see online and to then charge content providers.

The internet speed is basically a fixed sum game. If your competition can afford to pay to drive on the fast lane, then by default your small business gets put in the slow lane. The deeper the pockets of the company, the more competition they can speed past on the way to new customers. Right now many small bloggers and start up websites are afforded the exact same opportunity to reach an audience as the big corporations. However, it is important that you understand what net neutrality is and how it can affect you. When you boil it down, net neutrality means that all data is equally accessible via the Internet. This means that regardless of whether you are a small accounting firm or one of the big name international firms, you have equal access to placing information and accessing other information via the web. You must also factor in things like advertising and marketing budgets to get the word out, but in terms of accessibility, you’re on a level playing field with the big dogs. If net neutrality goes out the window, so does that equal accessibility. Some things to consider:

Paying More For Better Access:

No net neutrality means that Internet service providers (ISPs) will be able to create tiers of accessibility, meaning they can start demanding more money for better accessibility. Smaller businesses with tiny budgets won’t be able to compete for access with the larger companies who can afford to pay the new fees. It also means that there’s nothing to stop big companies or competitors from paying ISPs to slow access to other sites, thus effectively putting them out of business.

Limited Access to Content:

ISPs will be able to limit what you have access to base on their own corporate interests. From Business Insider: “For example, Comcast would probably like to promote NBC’s content over ABC’s to its Internet subscribers. That’s because Comcast and NBC are affiliated. But net neutrality prevents Comcast from being able to discriminate, and it must display both NBC’s and ABC’s content evenly as a result. That means no slower load time for ABC, and definitely no blocking of ABC altogether.” If net neutrality is gone, there’s nothing to prevent corporate discrimination like this, meaning your window shopping for vendors may be limited to just those on Rodeo Drive. Your favorite information sources may not be as fully available to you as they are now.

Limited Access For Potential Clients:

While the previous example explained how you would be limited in what you could access (potentially increasing costs for your business as your options dwindle), it works the other way as well. Prospects will now have a harder time finding you as well. Entrepreneur likens this to when you buy cable TV: “Instead of being able to sell to anyone with an internet connection… entrepreneurs would find their customers limited to those who paid for the ‘internet package’ that covers access to their particular website. It would be like your cable TV plan: The more you pay, the more channels you receive.” In essence, your clients may only be directed to window shop Rodeo Drive and not realize there are more efficient and equally effective options like you out there.

Slower Load Times:

So let’s say ISPs don’t altogether block access to those sites that aren’t part of their approved network. That doesn’t mean they won’t try to incentivize you to visit their preferred sites. They can do this by interrupting streaming or slowing load times on websites that don’t pay a premium. The speed and reliability of a site can make or break you. Admit it, you’ve just decided to leave a page when it took more than a couple of seconds to load. That impatience is universal and could affect traffic on your website. And if you wanted to engage in video marketing and stream on your website, you might be up the creek without a paddle (slowly, very slowly drifting).

Leveraging Video Marketing:

SMBs that depend on video (such as YouTube, Netflix, etc.) as part of their marketing strategy could be impacted if net neutrality is eliminated. For instance, if your company streams videos to homes across the country, or if you want customers to view your company’s product videos, then there’s a probability you might be affected. Similarly, if SMBs can’t afford to pay ISPs to share their content, their prospective customers may be unable to view the product videos and may not be enticed to purchase their products. Moreover, the investment on producing and optimizing the videos will result in a financial loss. The FCC decision, thus, could have an impact on your SMB and how you are able to access the internet in the future.

As a small business owner, it’s important to understand net neutrality. The decisions being made could possibly have an impact on your small business and how you are able to access the Internet in the future.

Marketing Reverse Mortgages In a World That Doesn’t Trust Mortgage Brokers

Reverse Mortgages are a tricky subject. No one wants to discuss them, and yet, for some it can be an excellent solution. The Elder’s heirs might not appreciate it much, but it can be a life-saver. Kind of reminds us of that bumper sticker you see on the back of motor-coaches; “We are spending our children’s inheritance!” Now then, how do you market reverse home mortgages if you are a mortgage broker? Remember it’s a tricky topic. Below is a one-page marketing piece you can use to modify and come up with a decent strategy of your own. Your modification of this could be used for an email marketing campaign, web-page, brochure or advertisement.

— — —

Reverse Mortgages

Have you been considering a Reverse Mortgage but aren’t sure if it’s right for you situation? Would you like to get the facts and talk to someone who has all the answers, someone who can answer any remaining questions you might have? Sometimes reverse loans make sense, and sometimes they don’t, it depends on your situation. There are certain rules, restrictions and costs on Reverse Mortgages that you need to know upfront.

We offer reverse loans because they can be a life-line and a nice strategy when the conditions are right. These mortgages can be life-changing when structured correctly. Are you ready to talk seriously about a Reverse Mortgage and make an informed decision? Contact us now and we can schedule a meeting, look over your financial situation and help you make an informed decision.

There are many different types of structures and strategies for reverse mortgages, each one has its own benefits and disadvantages – reverse mortgages are not a one-size fits all – by knowing your options and having the right knowledge you can decide for yourself. Below are a few of the choices within the “Reverse Home Mortgage” category to consider:

– Single Purpose Reverse Home Mortgages, which are from local, state, non-profit agencies.

– Proprietary Reverse Home Mortgages – jumbo reverse mortgages.

– Standard HECM – Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, which are backed by HUD.

– Reverse Mortgage Refinance – refinancing a current reverse loans.

– Home Purchase HECM when downsizing to new more appropriate sized property.

The rules and regulations on reverse home mortgages are in place to protect seniors from being sold something that isn’t appropriate. These are probably well-intentioned by authorities, but they don’t protect you from making a poor choice. You need someone who can explain everything to you upfront, based on your actual needs now, and the needs you see for your future. We are is here for you, ready to explain all the details and answer all your questions – then get the ball rolling and make it happen.

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Just because the Federal Reserve has raised rates doesn’t mean there aren’t other markets out there to keep your business busy and keep your team gainfully employed. I hope this helps you think about your future marketing strategy.

How to Use Twitter As a Marketing Tool

Twitter is one of the social media. It is pretty much a blog combined with a chat room, so, basically, it allows you a platform to get your ideas out before a group of people in real time.

Before we get into the meat of my article, I want so share something amusing that happened as I was writing it: As I was dictating the title of my article, my dictation software spat out this sentence instead: "how to use torture as a marketing tool "

Back on topic: It might be helpful to briefly discuss how Twitter works: It is sort of like a walkie talkie in that only only people who have switched on to your channel (by following you) can receive your messages. In the same way, you will only receive messages from those people whose channel you have switched on (by following them.)

So, the first order of business, after you join, is to start adding people to your followers list. You will then be switched into their channel and be able to receive their messages.

Who should you follow? Anyone who is interested in your niche. So if you are promoting a make money offer, you should follow people who are interested in making money. If you are promoting a dog training book or technique, then people interested in dogs would be appropriate. Use the "find people" tool at the top right of your screen when you are logged into your Twitter account and type in keywords related to your niche. You will then pull up a list of Twitter accounts tagged with those keywords. Pick one or two accounts as a "base" account out of that list and start following people who are following that account.

I should insert a word of caution here: Twitter does not have a follower limit: you may follow no more than 2000 at a time until 2000 or more people are following you. After that point, you may follow an additional number of people no greater than 110% of the number of people following you.

Correspondingly, you should be careful about which you follow. Do not feel the need to follow someone just because they're following you. You want followers who will actually read your tweets, and are not just following you to increase their follow count.

Once people start following you, you will be able to send them messages. What should you "tweet" about? Well there's no hard and fast rule here, other than you should always aim to send no more than one promotional message for every three messages that you send out. The reason for this is that you want to give your followers a reason to keep following you, and constant promotional messages (like one after the other, all day long) is probably the fastest way to get "unfollowed" really quickly.

If used judiciously, Twitter can be a great marketing resource. You can use it to build a list of followers highly interested in what you have to say. That, in Internet marketing terms, is like having money in the bank.

Hot Colors for Cooler Days

Labor Day not only marks the end of the summer season, but also summer fashion as well. I’m sure you’ve heard the old fashion adage, “don’t wear white shoes after Labor Day!”. Does this same restriction apply to pink lip-gloss? What about lime green eye shadow? Always wanting to be cosmetic-ly correct, I enlisted the help of hair stylist & make up artist extraordinaire Shea-Shea Johnson co-owner of Thaanx 2 U Hair Salon. Shea-Shea’s impressive celeb list of clients include Alicia Keys, A.J Johnson, Gary Dourdan, Kellita Smith, Kerry Washington, Spike Lee & Tisha Campbell. Anyone talented enough to powder fine @(#* Gary Dourdan’s nose is definitely qualified to share beauty secrets with a want to be like me. Read on as Shea-Shea offers us some “MAC-nificent suggestions to transition beautifully into Fall.

Changing Faces

Q. With cooler days ahead, I asked Shea-Shea if wearing hot, bright colors on our eyes and lips is breaking “the rules”?

A. “Simplicity is key. I don’t follow “the rules” but I do believe in keeping it simple. If you want to wear a bright eye shadow it’s important to apply it in moderation, and make sure it is blended well. The object is to not let the eye shadow over power your face.

Fall into Beauty

Q. Can you recommend any essentials as we transition into Fall?

A. “Hydrating the skin is essential! Drinking water is the first step to having healthy, dewy skin. Also, it is important to continue to use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Sunscreen not only protects our faces from sun damage but also acts as a barrier against cold winter weather. So skincare first, then makeup. For fall I prefer natural, earth tones like Samoa Silk eye shadow. Tan-Ray eye paint, Peaches blush, & Oh Baby lip glass, all by MAC Cosmetics.

Beauty Express

Q. With the end of summer also comes the beginning of school. For many moms with school age children, that can also mean less time in the bathroom. Any advice for looking polished in say 10 minutes?

A. Definitely. Starting with a clean face and groomed eyebrows.

1. Lightly dust face with a MAC SPF 15 Foundation.

(Remember the key is moderation. You don’t want to over powder)

2. Apply 2 coats of mascara.

3. Apply blush or bronzer. (Peaches by MAC works on just about every skintype)

4. Apply lipgloss. (Oh Baby by MAC works on just about every skintype)

What’s in Your Makeup Bag?

Q. Your going to be stranded on a desert island. What do you definitely pack into your makeup bag?

A. Definicils Mascara by Lancome, Pink Freeze eyeshadow by MAC, C-Thru Lip Glass by MAC, MAC shadow brushes #’s 224, 252 & 266 and Fashion Fair Skin Treatment Program (Cleanse, Rinse, Moisturize) because it is so important to wash off your make up before bed!

Face Painting

Q. Thank you Shea-Shea. I’ve enjoyed talking “shop” with you and I’ve definitely added a few items to my beauty-shopping list. But I also need help with makeup application. Do you teach makeup application?

A. I do. I give makeup consultation as well as workshops on makeup application. I also do makeovers from head to toe, and I do make up for bridal partys, special events, etc. I can be reached at (510) 262-9220 or (510) 812-8602 for an appointment.

There you have it ladies…pro tips on Fall Beauty. Of course, inner beauty is the best beauty because it doesn’t wash off! But if you need a little help painting your face don’t hesitate to give my girl a call…who knows you just might see Gary!