Top 10 Abs Workout Equipment – Your Complete Guide

It is a fact that bodybuilders work hard to create great six pack abs and washboard stomachs. However utilizing one or more Abs workout equipment can lead to having great abs. This look can be achieved by anyone who could spare some time to perform exercises to tone these muscles. The key is to isolate your workout of your stomach muscles and oblique muscles and combine this exercise with a good cardio exercise routine. The isolation of these muscles can easily be achieved through the correct use of one of many abs workout equipment.

The simplest workout equipments are the floors of the house and a mat. Really, anyone can do crunches with just these two. However, for those who wish to directly target their abs and sculpt a ripped midsection then it is recommended that one of the following Top 10 Abs Workout Equipment are used.

10. Ab Tightener

The Ab Tightener is a simple piece of equipment that can be used anywhere, and at any time. In fact, this equipment can be used while watching TV, sounds interesting, right? The equipment is very easy to use. While seated with the legs folded at 90 degrees, the user places the bottom of the tightener near the knees. Then, while holding unto the handles, the abs muscles are contracted so that the upper body is folded down into a crunch, then, back to the starting position. What is so great about this equipment is that it targets the abs with a simple motion but tightens the whole abs as well as the obliques.

9. Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel is an inexpensive piece of equipment that provides a fantastic and effective Abs workout. Although it looks quite easy to use, caution must be exercised at all times when using the wheel as the user can easily fall flat on the floor. While bending, the wheel should be placed just in front of the user’s feet, making sure that the arms and the legs are straight. Slowly and carefully, the wheel must be rolled as far as the user can. Then, without standing up, the body is pulled back up to starting position. Quite challenging but effective once mastered.

8. Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle combines a cardio exercise with an abs workout. The main position for using the equipment is by kneeling, with the knees placed inside the knee bowls while the hands firmly grip the handle bars. There are difference exercises that can be done on the Ab Circle but the simplest would be the right/left side flexion where the body must swing towards one side and to the other side. These exercises tone the obliques, abs, and the upper body.

7. Ab Swing

The Ab Swing targets all the abs muscles. The user sits on the cushion while holding the handlebars firmly; the feet should be resting on the foot rest. The body is then tilted to one side so that it sits on the left/right buttocks. By contracting the abs and the obliques, the legs are pulled up, then, down. The procedure is repeated for the other side of the body.

6. 45 Degree Slant Board

The Slant Board is used to tone the back muscles but those who have one at home or at the gym can use it to trim the abs. This can be done by turning the body sideways on the board, with the feet secured on the supports at the bottom. With this position, oblique exercises can be performed.

5. Medicine Ball

The weighted medicine ball can be used for abs workout. It can be moved around to ensure a challenging workout routine.

4. BOSU Balance Trainer

The Both Sides Up or BOSU Balance Trainer is a domed equipment use for balancing and other exercises that can also tone the muscles at the abdomen.

3. Exercise Ball

The Exercise Ball is among the most versatile and inexpensive equipment used for abs workout. It can be used for a variety of crunches, planks, and oblique exercises.

2. Captain’s Chair

The Captain’s Chair is a padded exercise machine where the user can also get great abs. The starting position is letting the legs hang towards the floor. While gripping the handles firmly, the user slowly raises the knees towards the chest and back to the starting position.

1. Ab Exercise Machines

To best target the abs, abs exercise machines are the equipment of choice – an example is the horizontal ab exercise machine. It strengthen the legs and thighs while toning the abs. These equipment allow the user to do crunches and other abs exercises.

The road to having washboard abs is long and difficult but can be fun and easier with the help of any of these top 10 abs workout equipment.

Chat Rooms To Make New Friends

Online chat rooms, where heated discussions about almost anything and everything new and hot in town take place. Almost all those who are used to the cyberspace through the use of the internet have a log in address to any of the many places available online. The more popular ones are obviously those chat rooms that allow users to register and log in free of any registration charges.

Many social networking sites have chats enabled in them so as to increase their popularity and members. Moreover, chat helps people with similar hobbies and interest to share their ideas and express their perspectives on various current topics. Chat windows also have added extensions like audio chatting, video chatting and chatting via text messages. Many online game sites also have chat applications embedded in them.

These places are generally designed in such a way as to club people from the same region or country into the same pool leaving the members an option to choose friends from different regions if they are willing to chat. Chat room service providers have also ensured that no abusive use of the application is entertained as there are provisions for users to issue a complaint against any other user if any such problems arise.

Many of these places are buzzing with activities involving youngsters although grownups also have profiles in many chat rooms. Chat topics could vary from recreational activities like arts and sports to business and current depending on the interests of the people. They are also helping friends to conduct group chats with multiple numbers of friends joining to hold discussions on subjects common and applicable to all of them.

During times of distress and daily worries of the job and other responsibilities, it would always be refreshing to have a talk with a close friend or family member. But, what if this person is located far away from your place or places in another country. No problem chat rooms are here to bridge such distances and help us to stay in touch.

Constructing a Mantelpiece From a Floating Shelf

If you're looking for the stylish mantelpiece to install over a new or existing fireplace, a floating shelf could be the perfect solution. These shelves are quite attractive, easy to install, and can add a clean and modern look to your fireplace area. Whether you use a pre-made shelf or decide to build your own, the results can be beautiful. Here are some tips you can use to help decide if the technique is right for you, and how to get the job done right.

Is a Floating Shelf Mantelpiece the Best Choice?

In many cases, a floating shelf can be the perfect mantelpiece shelf. They are easy to install using only simple tools. Additionally, they are available in a wide variety of styles, making it easy to customize the look to match your room's overall decor. Using a floating shelf as a mantelpiece can also be an economic choice. However, although they are quite stylish, they are not as strong and can not support as much weight as many other mantelpiece options. If you plan to store weighty items such as heavy art pieces or books on your mantel, you'll either want to take extra care to secure the floating shelf, or choose a different mantelpiece option.

Building Your Own Floating Shelf

If you do not want to use a store-bought shelf, you can simply build your own. Choose a board that is two inches thick and long enough for your mantel area. In most cases, a mantelpiece looks best if it extends approximately two inches on each side of the fireplace area. A circular saw can be used to cut it to the correct measurements. Cut a long rectangular notch on the back of the plank to assist in securing it to the wall. Sand the shelf smooth, and stain if desired. Applying a polyurethane finish will help make the shelf more durable and can add shine. To hang the shelf, first screw a piece of scrap wood to the wall in the proper shelf location, sized to match the notch you cut in the back of the shelf. Then screw the shelf brackets securely into the wall, measuring carefully to make sure they are straight. Apply good quality wood glue over the notched area then install the mantel over the piece of mounted scrap wood. Measure carefully and use a level to make sure everything is straight. Secure carefully and allow to dry.

Using a Pre-Made Floating Shelf

If you do not want to make your own shelf, you'll find plenty of styles to choose from in stores or online outlets. Choose one that is sized correctly for your fireplace area, in a wood shade that coordinates well with the rest of the room. Install the shelf by simply following the accompaniment instructions. Before you know it, you'll have a beautiful and contemporary floating shelf mantelpiece.

Decorating Your New Floating Shelf Mantelpiece

As previously noted, you should not display items which are especially heavy on a floating shelf. However, you can certainly decorate and accessorize your new mantelpiece with knick knacks, memorabilia, framed photos, a vase of flowers or other beautiful items.

8 Top Places to Eat in Chester

Someone told me once that Chester has over 360 pubs, more per square something than anywhere else in the UK and I'm sure they were right because this small city in the North West of England attracts over 2 million visitors a year and that's on top of the 140000 people who live in Chester. That makes Chester a great place to eat out and there is no shortage of quality or variety of eatery. In this article I bring over ten years of living in the walled City to your taste buds. Now admittedly I have not eaten at every restaurant in Chester so this could not be called a definitive guide but I have eaten at quite a few and these are all personal recommendations.

Chez Jules
A French restaurant in Northgate Street. Good food and service, nice atmosphere. More chain than independent and consistently popular.

Cafe Naj
Great little Indian restaurant on Hoole Road with a great chef. They do a great value Sunday 4 course meal of your choice for £ 6.95. Ive been many times

This is one of the top restaurants in Chester and is part of the Chester Racecourse. It does a great deal on a Sunday £ 25 for a couple for 2 courses each. Any other time is probably too expensive for me.

The Fat Cat
Nice bar near the Racecourse on lower Watergate Street that does chunky chips and good pub food.

The Grosvenor Hotel
Another 5 star offering at the Arckle Restaurant. This is Michelin standard food and Michelin standard prices but if you're looking for something amazing then this is the place for you

A recent addition to the list Oddfellows on lower Bridge Street has a Michelin star chef and modern classy eating areas. Again its pricey but chic and impressive for a dinner date

Francs has been around in Chester forever and its one of my favorites. Rustic French peasant is how I would describe it. Simple French food really nicely done. Good set menu at lunchtime.

The Living Room
Another modern offering attached to one of the most popular bars in the City.

Nice ambiance to this chain pizza place. Wood fire oven and chef on view, tasty pizzas and good service. Just by the Amphitheater.

Happy eating

Motherboard Purchasing Guide

When you start building a personal computer, the model of motherboard should probably the first thing to consider. It connects almost all the other hardwares you need in a computer such as computer processor, memory, a AGP or PCI-E video card. All of them have to properly attached to the motherboard. As a result, the type of motherboard you choose would affect what processor and video card you can use.

You may not know exactly what brand you should choose when coming to motherboard since there are so many of them exist in the market such as gigbyte, esc and asus. Well, it would be wise to look at the chipset rather than the brand of the motherboard since actually all the motherboards use mainly 3 different chipsets regardless of who manufactures the motherboard. Basically, you will find all motherboards are equipped with either SiS, VIA or nVidia whereas SiS focus on the lower end market nVidia is known in the higher end chipset market. When you compare the motherboards, look at what are the chipsets on the motherboard because the north bridge controls the communication speed and processor, memory and video card. So if you want a faster CPU and memory, make sure your motherboard supports that or at least you motherboards supports a higher front side bus speed (FSB), which gives you the room you need for upgrading in the future.

Finding the Suitable Size Rug

There are many different size rugs available when you shop online. You will find that rugs are designed to fit in every room in the home even the hallway and door way. So finding the right size rug for your living style will not be difficult as long as you know what size you need before you start shopping. The benefit of shopping online for rugs, though, will prove to be time saving as well as money saving. You will find many great deals for large rugs over the internet that you probably would not be able to locate at your local furnishing store or rug store. By browsing through the different selections of sizes online you will be able to find the best suited rug for your needs- small or large.

When you are taking down the measurements for the room where you plan on putting your new rug, you will want to take into account several factors. First, if you want the rug to fit all the way to walls you may have a difficult time finding a rug that large if the room is very large. If you will still want to leave a little bit of room from the baseboards or walls when measuring. Keep in mind that some rooms have unusual sizes so you may not be able to get the exact size you need. In this situation you may want to choose an area of ​​the room where you can split or break up the room from the rest of the living area. Perhaps you can use some furniture pieces here so you will have a clear point where the room starts and stops based off where the furniture is placed and the rug will be placed down.

You can also have rugs that are placed in front of the furniture in the room or, in some cases like in the bedrooms, you will want to get large rugs that will be able to fit properly in the center of the room where the bedding and other pieces of furniture inside the room will fit comfortably on top of the rug. Rugs come in many different sizes because of this particular reason. People have different ideas for what they want for their rooms so you will be able to shop online and browse through many different selections of rugs. Just by clicking on a certain size you will be able to browse through hundreds, if not thousands of different styles of rugs that comes with many different patterns, colors, and fabrics for the room. By shopping online you will save money as well because you will also be able to search through different rugs for sale that have been put on clearance or discount for whatever reason. By shopping on the internet for rugs you will be able to find the perfect size without any hassle or trouble giving you the best shopping experience possible.

Plato's Cave

In the book The Republic, Plato tells the story of prisoners of war that were held captive in a cave for such a long period of time, they could not remember their lives before their captivity. These men were forced to face the back of the cave wall for decades, while a fire burned behind them for illumination. The only objects that the prisoners could ever see were the cave wall, their own shadows and the shadows of the beasts guarding them. This was both terrifying and paralyzing for the men.

One day, one of the men found the courage to look back at the fire and the beast guarding them. What he found were ordinary men guarding over them. The guards had cut-outs of monsters and directed the shadows to the back of the cave where the prisoners were held. This was the easiest and most effective way for the guards to control the prisoners.

The knowing prisoner found an opportunity to escape the cave and did so as soon as he could. When the free man stepped out the cave, he could not believe his eyes. The sun, that he now remembered, was much brighter than the cave fire. He smelled the flowers, remembering their scent from his youth. The free man watched as people went about their daily lives, remembering his life before captivity.

The free man was overwhelmed with the joy of remembering his former life, his real life. The free man wanted to free his fellow prisoners as soon as he could and planned his quest. The next day at an opportune time the free man made his way back to the cave. When he found the guards away from their posts, the free man sprang into action. Running to his fellow prisoners and telling them of everything he discovered to be real, both inside and outside the cave. He told his friends of the cut-out monsters that terrified them. About the sun outside the cave that was much brighter than the fire that illuminated the cave. The free man told his friends about all the wonderful things he had discovered again in his new found freedom.

After hearing everything the free man had to say, the prisoners showed disbelief, mockery, and hatred toward the free man. They thought, how could this man know better than they did? How dare the man pretend to know more than they did.

The free man left the prisoners in the cave and walked back out into his freedom.

In today's world, we are allowed to walk anywhere we want to inside the cave, its encouraged. The cut-out monsters are projected on every wall, floor and ceiling as well. Our scary shadows come from the same place that lights our cave. TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper etc .. Once we free ourselves from the Maya (Illusion) we can walk back outside the cave and remember who we really are, again. The first step for the free man was to recognize the Maya. The second step was to understand who he was not. The third step was to understand who he was, to "Know Thyself."

As far as we going back into the cave to save our fellow prisoners … the Illusion is slowly fading away. Many will cling onto, "the good old days." Cling onto the projections of shadows that were on their cave walls. Others will finally leave the cave and find a sun brighter than the cave fire and a SELF greater than they could have imagined.

Bathroom Design Ideas – Now Or Never

Bathroom design ideas are available for every bathroom in every house. If your house is a rented one, you can use the ideas to change the look of the bathroom. In case you are constructing a new house or are planning to redo the old bathrooms, there are plenty of ideas available for you to choose from.

Some important points need to be kept in mind before deciding on the changes you want to make. The size of the family staying in the house and the people using that particular bathroom will help decide the course of the renovation.

The master bathroom can have the works like a bath tub or a Jacuzzi, condition to space being available. The location of the fitments also needs to be planned carefully. If the couple wants separate sinks, this has to be decided in the beginning itself.

The bathroom design ideas can help decide the location and type of sanitary ware, which has to be as per the people using the bathroom. In a guest bathroom, a shower closet should suffice. A single sink with adequate storage area around it will be well appreciated by the guest.

In a children's bathroom, the bath tub has to be small to avoid accidents. The height of the sink and toilets has to be correctly placed.

In case of any handicapped person staying in the hose, the bathroom can be made handicap-friendly using bathroom design ideas. There are many options available in the market for fittings made especially for them. It is a very thoughtful investment and a must in the house.

A variety of tiles are available for the bathroom. You can experiment with the colors and try something new for the bathrooms. The children's bathroom can have lots of color to make it a lively place.

The sanitary fitting like the toilets, sinks can also be color coordinated to make the bathrooms look more vibrant. The plumbing fitments can be selected carefully after going through the range of options available.

Ample storage space is to be provided in the bathrooms to store all the necessary toileteries. Using the bathroom design ideas, the cabinets can be planned properly. The color scheme for the cabinets too can be matched with the rest of the furnishings in the bathroom.

The flooring of lighting is very important in the bathroom. Lights should be present near the sink and the mirror. Bathroom design ideas help to decide what to buy or not.

You can try and experiment with different sizes of mirrors. Various shapes and sizes are viable in the market. You can place large full length mirrors along with small hand held ones for some dramatic effects.

No More Excuses for Small Business Owners for Not Growing Their Businesses

When talking about business related issues, solutions, and technologies, you will almost always group businesses as small and large. While the separation is there, it won’t be wrong to say that in a modern where digital technologies prevail, it should not be a problem for small businesses to compete with large ones. The large corporations have the advantage of having more resources without a doubt. However, there was not a time in the past when growing and expanding was as easy for small businesses as it is today.

Digital Marketing for Everyone

Digital marketing starts with a website today. When it comes to website designs, more money does not always mean a better design. If you are working with the right people and are clear about your requirements, your website can be just as impressive as the website of a large business. In fact, internet users today are more in favor of simplistic websites with a focus on the information they are looking for rather than the glitter and sparkle.

As for social media marketing, there is no difference in the size of the market that small and large businesses have to target. They are both targeting global audiences and how good they are at it is not defined by how much money they put in their marketing efforts. Social media marketing is free marketing, so there is no excuse as to who has more resources.

And if you believe that the large corporations make it to the top of the search engine results, you always have a better and more effective niche to compete within – local. With local search engine optimization, small businesses can compete with the medium and large businesses head to head. In simple words, regardless of the size of the business, everyone has access to the same market and same people today. What matters is who does it better.

Digital Solutions Are Available Specifically for Small Businesses

When it comes to software solutions for businesses, the focus is not on large corporations anymore. Today, all types of software solutions have their versions built specifically for small businesses. These digital solutions allow small businesses to cut down their costs and make use of the same technologies that large companies are using.

Take the example of CRMs. At one point, there was a notion that customer relationship management software are only for large businesses, but the things have changed quite a bit today. Web-based CRM are a revelation for small businesses. First, these CRMs provide great marketing, database, customer service and sales solutions to the businesses. Second, they are unbelievably affordable. If you own a small business, you don’t even have to worry about software integration, hardware compatibility, updates, and upgrades, etc. Keep in mind that with in-house solutions, these are the costs that make it difficult for small businesses to grow financially.

With web-based solutions designed for small businesses, you can now have access to a world-class CRM at a fractional monthly or yearly cost. Other affordable digital solutions available include invoicing software, bookkeeping software, payroll software, etc.

Customers Have the Power in Hands

The Internet has empowered customers like never before. You can’t say that just because a business is in multiple countries, it will be impressive enough for people to buy its products. The amazing thing about today’s economy is the power that customers have in their hands. Online reviewing websites, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. are among many platforms that allow customers to know more about businesses. In fact, even Google now puts business ratings and customer reviews right within its search results.

What this means is that when a customer searches for a business today, he/she is already able to see the reputation of the product they are going to buy. Furthermore, negative reviews from customers can greatly affect the sales of business, giving other businesses a chance to make their name.

Furthermore, it’s not just the quality of products that matters today. In the modern world, businesses are competing for better customer experience. If your business can give customers the experience they are looking for, your growth is inevitable despite the small size of your business.

Funding Is No Issue for Startups

It is always the starting days that matter the most for business. When you are a startup, you are looking for ways to fund your business so you can materialize your idea and polish your product/service according to the requirements of the customers. Finding a platform where you could connect with investors was a challenge in the past. This is not an issue anymore.

With like our websites, it is easier than ever for small businesses to get in touch with investors and get the right amount of investment that sets them on the path of growth. These are websites that act as a bridge between investors from all around the world and startups. With traditional banks and lenders, you are only limited to a local audience of investors. When you can’t find an investor in your local market, your hopes are almost dead.

With online funding websites, all you have to do is create a convincing pitch that explains the viability of your startup to the investors and its scope. Your pitch along with all the necessary information that you think investors should see goes on the website where it is visible to hundreds and thousands of investors. If you have done your homework and have a team of right professionals on board, getting the right investment is just a matter of hours or days.

Final Words

You can see that a small business can overcome almost all of their challenges much more efficiently today. Starting a business has become so easy that even students can be entrepreneurs today. They can lay the foundation for a business using just their pocket money. From connecting with the right investors to cutting down operational costs, all can be done from the comfort of a person’s home. The only thing that makes the difference today is if you are confident enough to take the first step.

Walking Your Weight Off

If you're like a lot of people and endless hours at the gym or calisthenics just do not appeal to you then do not fret, you can still shed those unwanted pounds off easily, naturally and effectively.

Walking is the new jogging; walking actually directly burns more body fat than jogging. While jogging is an effective calorie burner, walking works away at your body fat more efficiently. The great thing about walking is that most of us do it anyway!

Walking is easy to do, you do not need any fancy equipment or expensive gimmicks in fact all you need is a comfortable pair of walking shoes or sneakers. Unlike jogging, you can do it longer; This is the key to better fat burning. The longer and more consistently you do a physical activity, the more fat you can burn. Almost anyone can walk to lose weight, even if you're overweight or unfit, walking is a great way to improve your fitness.

Vary your walking by taking your dog with you for a walk or walking with friends. Even a few hours of window shopping will do wonders for you. Walking is such a natural way of burning away fat you can do it for life if you make it a habit. Do not park your car near to where you're going, make it a habit to park in a space that is the farthest away, try to walk to work if that is feasible, go for a nice walk on your lunch break, not only will you shed some unwanted weight, but it's a great way to refresh yourself and relieve stress. Using the stairs instead of the elevator is an excellent fat burning exercise and thigh toner.

The benefits of walking are endless:

• It helps you directly burn body fat and calories
• It can help you keep unwanted weight off
• Walking boosts your metabolism
• It strengthens your bones and helps prevent osteoporosis
• Walking improvements your circulation and benefits your cardiovascular system
• It makes you feel energized
• It lowers blood pressure
• It's a great stress reliever
• It can help prevent and control diabetes
• It can help prevent insomnia and help improve your sleep
• It's a great leg and thigh toner
• Best of all it's free and you can do it almost anywhere!

So what are you waiting for? Get those walking shoes on and walk the walk, you've nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The Best Christmas Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

The Harry Potter series has sparked a wide interest, globally. JK Rowling has delivered one of the best fictional stories to ever hit bookstores. In addition to outstanding books, there are now video games, movies, toys, collectibles, and even apparel available that directly relates to the Potter boy.

There are two types of people in the world: the die-hard Potter fan, and those who have no idea what they are missing! Love him or hate him, Potter gifts remains to be one of the most popular choices for Christmas gifts this year.

If you are a Potter fan, or are buying a Christmas gift for a Harry fan this holiday season, it is important for you to know the top movers. Here, you will discover the best Christmas gifts for the Potter fans everywhere!

1) The Harry Potter Book Boxed set complete with a trunk-like case is a huge mover this year! This excellent Christmas gift choice comes complete with a case that resembles Harry Potter's personal trunk, all seven Harry books, and even a privacy lock!

With this Christmas gift, the Potter fan can store away their treasured Potter books, or take the books out and store all of their "magical" supplies in the trunk! This is the newest release as far as Harry Potter collections are concerned!

2) The Harry Potter Limited Edition Gift Set DVD collection is a Christmas gift that all the Harry fans are looking forward to receiving. This DVD collection includes:

Harry Potter and the:

* Sorcerer's Stones

* Chamber of Secrets

Prisoner of Azkaban

* Goblet of Fire

* Order of the Phoenix

This excellent Christmas gift selection comes in a nice case that resembles his trunk. There are many extra features that will be included in this limited edition DVD collection. Since this will not be on shelves long, every Potter fan needs to have this DVD collection!

3) The Harry Potter Collection Game Set for the PlayStation 2 and PC is another collection that all Potter fans will adore! This set includes the following games:

Harry Potter and the:

* Chamber of Secrets

Prisoner of Azkaban

* Goblet of Fire

Now the avid Potter fan can enjoy visiting Hogwarts, and assisting Harry on all his various missions to keep the magical world safe from Lord Voldemort and the other similar villains!

4) The Harry Potter Time Turner Replica Necklace is another excellent Christmas gift choice for all HP fans out there! This unique gift includes a fun little Potter sticker book, and has highly detailed engravings.

* The outer part is engraved with "I mark the hours every one, nor have I still to out run the sun".

* The middle section states "My use and value onto you, are gauged by what you have to do".

* The inner section includes a fully functional hour glass and many little cutout moons and stars.

5) Harry Potter Skins are a great gift for the fan that loves electronics. You can find a number of highly detailed skins for your laptop computer, Sony PSP, Game Boy Advanced, and many other types of electronic equipment! This makes a personal and unique accessory for everyone who loves Harry!

6) The Harry Potter Scene DVD Game is a great Christmas gift for the fan who just "knows it all". This game can be played by numerous players and enjoyed by all! Now you can offer a true challenge to these fans that you are buying for!

7) Harry Potter cell phone plates are a great deal when looking for a Christmas gift for the ultimate Potter fan! These cell phone accessories liven up any cell phone! These HP cell phone face plates are available for many different cell phone styles and come with many unique graphics!

8) The Harry Potter Collectible Journals are an excellent choice for these fans that LOVES to write! These journals come complete with different artwork on each. For example, many come with Hedwig, and others come with the Hogwarts House pictures!

9) The Harry Potter 2009 Wall Calendar is a must for all Potter Fans! This calendar should be given as a Christmas gift to all individuals who love Harry!

Ideas for Making a Kitchen Cheerful

Most members of a family spend a fair amount of their time in the kitchen every day; even the friends who drop in seem to hang out in the kitchen. The kitchen therefore is more like a social center for friends and family making it a very important part of the home. It is natural that should display a cheerful, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The right decorations could easily transform a drab kitchen into a cheerful kitchen.

A little thinking will help you generate ideas for your kitchen. Involve the whole family and gather together as many ideas as you can. Throw in some fun ideas while you are putting up the cheerful decorations to liven up the atmosphere. Pictures and trinkets from a great family vacation can help bring smiles that light up the room.

A kitchen wall mural may be an unusual idea yet fun becoming the main focal point of your kitchen. Think of something fun and energetic, and talk to your friends about it. You might even be able to round up some help in painting it. You can find many ideas on the internet on kitchen wall murals if you need some.

Another idea that's a little more conservative, but can still be fun is to put art work on tile that you use in your back splash behind your kitchen stove. There are companies that put your favorite images on mural tiles, and you can get the images to be any size. You can send in your own images, or use stock images like a Tuscan hillside, or a basket of fruit. The results of tile murals in your kitchen can be dazzling.

Even if you plan on hiring a professional interior decorator you still want to generate most of the ideas with your family so that the hired help will help make it a kitchen that's suitable for you.

Take your favorite ideas and head down to your local specialty store to help you select suitable kitchen decorations. For very stylish and affordable kitchen decorations go to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier 1. These retail stores are very popular and their products are stylish and functional; their durable and very affordable kitchen decorations will suit any modern design for a cheerful kitchen.

Having an Action Camera Can Help You Become Even Better at Any Sport

In this day and time, technology has brought us endless possibilities. Having a video camera to record your action packed moments, comes useful in so many ways. When you use a camera to record while in a performance, you are guaranteed to see your faults and highlights. Being able to track your speed, measure your distance, record in High Definition, or even use a GPS are just some of the advantages action camera offer on the market today. Finally, having a action camera that provides sufficient memory, video quality, and durability is a significant factor when choosing a camera to best suit your needs. Having a quality action camera will give you the ability to focus on your sport and not the camera while in action.

Having a sports camera to record all your adrenaline pumping moments is rewarding. You will be able to review your performance or act as if you were reliving the moments. Being able to share your film footage with friends and family is always a rewarding feeling. Many sports enthusiast use a sports camera to critique their performances.

Many of the camera on the market today offer great features such as track mapping, GPS, High Definition, wireless recording, and weatherproof options. Having a action camera that records in High Definition is awesome for getting all those wide angle shots and the full range of scenery. If you are a motor sports enthusiast having a on board camera that has track mapping and a GPS, is great to track your every stop and turn.

Choosing a action camera that has good quality video is important to most users. When purchasing a wireless camera or a single cable camera you should choose a camera that has a resolution of 500 to 1200 fps (Frames Per Second). The higher the resolution the clearer and vivid your video quality will be. Most sports action camera on the market today use SD cards to record the memory onto. These SD cards are user friendly and can record anywhere from 3 to 6 hours on one card, depending on the mega bite size. You can simply insert the SD card into the serial port in your computer and download your videos instantly. Most wireless camera and helmet camera on the market today are weatherproof, waterproof, shock proof, and can even be submerged under water up to 100 feet. The durability of the housings and cables are sure to withstand most environments and conditions, excluding fire or a hard fall on the pavement.

All in all, having an action camera for recording all your adrenaline pumping moments and events will be a definite investment you will not regret. Deciding on which camera with which features to adapt to your sports or filming will be important to insure you get the best footage for your dollar. Whether your skiing or wake boarding, most of the cameras available are durable to withstand most conditions and climates. Having a action sports camera will improve most athletes and trainers with the ability to review footage time and time again.

See the Best of Brisbane on a Full Day Tour

Brisbane has so much to see and do, that the tourist can be forgiven for feeling just a little confused. You want to see the best sights without missing out on anything else of interest, but where do you begin? A great starting point would be to take a full day tour that has a little of everything. You can take a coach tour around Brisbane to see the sight, then go on a cruise and also see some good views and native Australian wildlife too.

The great tour does just that, encompassing all the best sights of Brisbane such as the oldest home, Newstead House where you will get the opportunity to stroll around the grounds and see the river. But prominent buildings such as City Hall, St John’s Cathedral and Parliament House are not forgotten either and they are all on the itinerary.

So what comes first? A coach tour through the city centre then morning tea at Breakfast Creek Hotel beside the Brisbane River. Afterwards you get to explore the grounds of Newstead House. Just imagine what it must have been like to live there all those years ago. Not so many building around then, but lots of bushes and trees.

From there you will board a river boat for the cruise section of the tour. Travelling up the river will give you a good idea why Brisbane is called the River City. You will see all the most prestigious homes, the sandstone buildings of Custom House and many more historic buildings. Your river boat will take you under the beautiful Story Bridge that spans the river and you’ll be able to see Kangaroo Point Cliffs before disembarking on the South Bank to sample all it has to offer. South bank is known as Mecca of Coffee shops where you can enjoy coffee flavours of all parts of the world. From there you could go to Brisbane Botanic Gardens which is adjacent to South Bank and entirely free for visitors. You can easily relax there and see some rare species of plants in the gardens. And that’s just in the morning!

The afternoon will bring even more delights with a visit to one of Australia’s biggest koala sanctuaries, Lone Pine. You will actually be able to cuddle a koala as these little creatures seem to be tame even out in the wild. Other Australian natives are there to see too; wombats, wallabies, kangaroos and more. You can also feed free roaming kangaroos here with your hands.

On the way home you will be taken to one of Brisbane’s most famous lookouts at Mt Coot-tha, for views that encompass whole tracts of land including the Great Dividing Range through to Moreton Bay and other islands This mountain is 287 meters above the sea level an is 6 km in the west of Brisbane. What a day! And you can be picked up and dropped off from many centrally located hotels, so finding your own way about will be no problem.

Tips And Tricks For Interior Paintings

Your house is the reflection of your personality and lifestyle. You can give your home a new look with interior painting. To do so, you must take the advice of experts if you decide to paint the interior of your house. In order to make a house look good, both from interior and exterior, a homeowner tries his / her best to give it a new touch of color and design. If you paint the walls of your rooms with a coat of neutral colors, it will surely be a good move.

To get a beautifully painted interior, follow the following steps properly.

Step 1: Prime Time

A primer coat should be applied on the wall to get a proper new painting done correctly. Spot prime may be chosen by you for the walls with flat-paint. These types of flat-painted walls only need minor repairs. A sealer or primer / sealer must be used on the walls with larger areas of patching plaster. Priming is done the same way as the painting. Go for painting only after the primer dries.

Step 2: Ceiling Brushwork

Begin the task with the ceiling. The perimeter and unpainted areas should have covered first around the fixtures.

Step 3: Ready to Roll

Start with the section of the ceiling that measures about six square feet. A series of overlapping "W" strokes must be used by you, first from right to left and then from left to right. If any other finish is used other than flat, begin the paint with the entire ceiling. Go for two square sections at a time in case of very large ceilings. Use overlapping, one-directional and non-diagonal strokes so that the paint blends perfectly.

Next, the same process should be repeated with the walls. 1-1 / 2 inches of all corners should have covered on the walls. Apply the final non-diagonal strokes from top to bottom.

Step 4: Wall Brushwork

If you are not equipped with an edging tool, the perimeter of the ceiling must be masked with painting tape. Paint the unclovered areas and the upper perimeter of the walls as well.

Step 5: Back for Seconds?

Go for the second coat only after the first coat dries. Label for the recoaning guidelines of the manufacturer should be checked.

Step 6: Trim, baseboards, windows and doors

Newly painted wall surfaces should be protected with the help of a paint edger or painting tape when the wood work is painted. A rolled-up newspaper can wedge open the door by placing the cloths underneath it. A flat door requires a roller, while a door needs a brush.

Follow the above methods to make your old house look like a new one with the touch of fresh paint.