6 Tips To Start Your Auto Repair Shop Business Today

So you want to start an auto repair shop business here are 6 tips to get you started off right.

1) First as with any business you need to write a business plan:

Businesses that do not write a business plan usually fail you must know what you expect for the business. Where is it headed? Will you some day have a franchise or will you only have one location? What type of advertising should you do? How much will it cost for shop equipment employees tools lifts etc. You must write a plan to know where your business is headed. You would not plan a trip with out looking at a map would you? Make sure to map out your business to see future plans become a reality.

2) Register for a business license:

Call your local SBA they are the best place to start. They can tell you about loans, free publications and so much more. You must register your business with the local city hall. You should call the court house to find out what business licenses you will need as they vary from state to state. In my county you do not need a fictitious name if the business is in your name such as David's Car Repair but if you want Elite Car Repair you must file with the state for a fictitious name which can be done online.

3) Open a business account:

This is very important you will need an account just for the business to pay for business expenses. This is where a lot of businesses fail they spend business profits on personal bills. In the first few years of business the business must keep 80% of income to sustain itself and grow. I know it is tempting but be careful. Contact your local bank and get a no fee checking account for your business.

4) Get insurance:

You must have garage insurance if you will have employees you will need worker comp insurance and you should check into whatever ever other liabilities there may be for your area fire, hurricanes, tornado etc. Insurance can make or break your growing business if you have insurance and the shop burns down insurance will pay to replace your shop. Or if you have disability insurance for just yourself if your a one man business. If you break your wrench hand you can sustain the business for months until you get well.

5) Pick a location:

The old adage location, location, location is true with auto repair shops. You should make sure to find a shop right by the interstate or the main highway. If you can put your shop in the middle of your busy town. If you can find a shop location by the highway it will be very lucrative for your business.

6) Advertise:

To me this is one of the most important things you can do for your shop. The old adage "when you do not advertise a funny thing happens" Nothing is true in the auto repair business. The first thing you do if your car needs repairs and you do not know any one to fix it for you. Most people would check the phone book go online check the newspaper. A good source of advertising is tow truck companies in you area. What do truck drivers see daily that is right broken down vehicles. Offer them a referral fee for every customer they send you. You could pick up 10 or more repair jobs a month from them alone. Marketing is very important in any business get creative have fun and always under promise and over deliver and you will be successful.

Different Types Of Automatic Garage Doors For An Entirely New Look And Experience

The market for garage doors has undergone a sea change in the recent times. The usual manual doors have been replaced by a whole range of automatic gates that are made of a variety of materials and are capable of giving a completely new look to your house. When people plan renovation and beautification of their homes, they forget about a garage door system by default. But, these doors should probably form the most important part of a makeover of your home, because they are the first things people are probably going to notice, when they walk by your neighborhood.

These doors are also a very important part of your home's security system, so you have to make sure that you maintain these regularly, and keep them properly functioning at all times. Trends show that in the past a major number of robberies have been committed with criminals breaking into homes through the garage doors. You should remember that this part of the house is often neglected and is since the most vulnerable part of your house. By spending some money to buy an efficient garage door system and then ensuring that the system is maintained properly, you could be saving yourself from a major crisis situation.

There are a variety of doors available for garages in the market with different types of systems fitted for different kinds of spaces. If you're trying to find a gate that would be cheap, you could go for the swing doors or the slide doors. However, if you have scarcity of room around your garage area you might have to opt for the automatic gates that can fold up on the ceilings saving a lot of space. Most people prefer to go for these automatic garage door systems. Although, they are slowly on the expensive side they look great and give you the peace of mind that you require.

In this category, the most well-liked door by far are the up and over garage doors that are available in two popular types canopy and retractable. These doors are manufactured out of a variety of materials starting from steel and timber and moving up to PVC and GRP (also known as fiberglass). Sectional garage doors are another type of door available in the market that can fold up to the ceiling. These doors are made of separate horizontally hinged panels and give you ample space at the front of your garage, so that when you drive in you can pull up right in front of the garage door while you walk up to open the door.

If you have a loft in the ceiling and would rather not compromise on that space you can go for the roller doors that work on a roller and lath system. These doors are perfect for garage spaces with arched doorways and driveways that are cramped for space. However, if you have a lot of space in your garage and do not want to use it for parking your vehicle you can think of using the side hinged doors and they will give your garage the conventional homely look. However, if you're using these gates it is recommended that you use door places. The beauty of these automatic garage doors is that they make your garage extremely accessible, while being uncompromising on the security of the space.

Overcoming Injuries With Water Therapy – the Burdenko Method

Water has long been used for its therapeutic effects. Russian immigrant Dr. Igor Burdenko has combined water therapy with land exercises for some incredible results. Among his success stories is former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan.

Many athletes have been helped by the Burdenko Method, but the results with average people, who have had serious injuries, is probably more newsworthy.

He has gotten results with some, where other methods failed, from knee and back problems to those with varying degrees of paralysis. One of the distinguishing aspects to this method, is exercise for areas of the body away from the pain.

Good therapists know that the body works as a unit and that where it hurts is not necessarily the problem, but the result of a problem elsewhere.

Burdenko starts his patients in deep water with a light flotation vest, allowing them to stretch and move in ways that would be hard to do, otherwise. This reduces the effects of gravity, making it easier to move.

This also allows them to be in a vertical position, which helps place some transaction on the bones. This mild stretching creates space between the joints, taking pressure off them.

The water both supports the body and provides resistance, at the same time. Exercising in the water is less stressful on the joints. When you do movements in the water, it can help reduce swelling in the joints, partly due to the movement itself and also because of the water pressure.

Gradually, patients incorporated exercise in shallow water and on land, to prepare them for working against the forces of gravity. By combining water and land exercises in a specific manner, this method has seen some great success.

The Burdenko Method looks to develop balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed, and strength.

Putting the body through movement is key in trying to restore function and reduce pain.

What Makes the Cathedral of Girona So Magical?

The Cathedral of Girona is located in the highest point of the city and is perched on the highest part of the city, at the top of a monumental staircase, the cathedral of Girona impresses the visitor at the first sight. It is an imposing monument, on which twenty-five architects have worked since the eleventh century.

The cathedral of Girona is built on the highest point and thus dominates the city. Dedicated to Sainte-Marie, its construction began in the eleventh century and ended in the eighth century. Early Romanesque, the construction of the cathedral of Girona passed in Gothic style in the thirteenth century. The Gothic part includes the second largest nave in the world, all styles combined, after the Basilica of St.. Peter in Rome. Its elevation is 35 meters.

As you walk from the Cathedral Square to the west, the building offers a breathtaking view. It is a medieval skyscraper. You can see the facade and the belfry above a large staircase of 93 steps and with terraces with six sides and decorative railings. The staircase is one of the largest of the baroque art.

The Church

The church has the widest gothic nave in the world, almost 23 m. It is 35 meters high and was built between the 14th and the end of the 16th century. It has four rafts with their big keys. At the lower level there are several chapels, and above is the stained glass level. A magnificent episcopal seat of white marble of the Pyrenees behind the main altar of the cathedral is a must-see. Originally Romanesque, rebuilt in the Gothic period, this venerable seat is called "Charlemagne's chair". According to legend, every couple who sits there together will be married in the year, and any man who sits there alone is bound to remain single. The altarpiece of the high altar in embossed silver of the 14th century, overlaid with enamels and precious stones, is one of the jewels of the Spanish goldsmith. The religious architectural has the widest gothic ship in the world – about 23 meters – and basically meets the Romanesque and Gothic styles, with also baroque and contemporary elements.

The treasure of Girona Cathedral

The treasure of Girona Cathedral contains remarkable works of religious art of great value, such as the codex of Beatus (Xe) or the tapestry of creation.

The Beatus of Girona is an illuminated manuscript, notably the Apocalypse Comments written in the eighth century by the monk Beatus de Liébana. Written and painted between 970 and 975, the manuscript contains 160 miniatures painted by the monk Emeterius and by the nun Ende, inspired by manuscripts produced in the Carolingian period.

Practical Information:

The Cultural Visit includes the Nave, the Treasury and the Cloister

Ticket price: € 7 (with audio-guide), under 16 years old: € 1.20, under 7: free

FREE visit on Sunday (from 10 to 14h only Treasury and Cloister – see cult) (audio-guide: 1)


April – October: 10 to 20h

November – March: from 10 to 19h

Hours of worship (cultural visit impossible)

Saturdays and eves of religious celebrations: from 16: 30h

Sundays and holidays: from 10 to 14h

The cultural visit does not take place on Christmas, January 1st and 6th and Easter Sunday

Ticket revenues are for the maintenance, conservation and restoration of the Cathedral.

Apple MacBook MK4N2LL / A Guide – What Users Need to Know About This Light, Mobile Laptop

With a 12-inch stunning Retina display, optimized pixel design, and gorgeous color options (including gold), the Apple MacBook MK4N2LL / A is a very nice looking machine. It comes with a new Apple-designed, full-sized keyboard that features a "butterfly mechanism" for typing precision. The keys are larger, yet thinner, and allow for a comfortable typing experience.

Weighing just two pounds and measuring 13.1-mm thin, this is the thinnest and lightest MacBook ever. Two things everyone looks for in an ideal laptop are functionality and mobility. It's not always easy to combine these two aspects, as a lightweight device does not normally have the room for powerful hardware and a large storage capacity. This is not the case with the new MK4N2LL / A unit; it offers both functionality and mobility very effectively.

The trackpad is another important feature of any notebook or MacBook. This one is designed to allow easy navigation of the laptop's features and interface, as it is "pressure-sensitive". Depending on the amount of pressure you put down when using the trackpad, you can create specific functions. Its Taptic Engine utilizes haptic feedback to deliver click sensations.

The Apple MacBook MK4N2LL / A comes with all of these great specs:

• OS X 10.122 operating system

• M 1.2 GHz Intel Core dual-core processor (up to 2.6 GHz with turbo speed)

• 8GB soldered RAM (1600 MHz)

• 12 LCD widescreen display / LED backlighting / 2304 x 1440 resolution

• 256GB or 512 GB flash storage

Intel HD graphics 5300

Apple MacBook MK4N2LL / A Storage Speed

Since the storage comes in flash form, it's a lot faster than the average spinning hard drive. With Turbo Speed ​​technology, the processor adds some speed to the MacBook as well. Choose the amount of storage space you need. You can save money if you stick with 256GB, which is plenty for the typical user. However, if you like to download a lot of large multimedia files, you might want to opt for the 512GB storage.

All of your data syncing and charging needs will be taken care of with the versatile USB-C port. The native DIsplayPort offers video output (via adapter) for VGA and HDMI. While the 12-inch display is nice to look at, many people prefer to connect their laptops up to larger displays.

No Apple MacBook MK4N2LL / A review is complete without mention of its long battery life. The 39.7 Wh capacity battery is capable of returning for up to ten hours when fully charged. Also, the fanless architecture means that the system runs quietly. There is effective heat dissipation to prevent the machine from overheating.

Grab yourself some Apple coupons before ordering products online. You will likely be able to obtain Apple MacBook MK4N2LL / A discounts if you do your shopping at an internet retail store. If you've never used a MacBook before, the transition from a Windows notebook is an easy process – especially if you already have other Apple devices.

How to Successfully Market Your Products

Regardless of your knowledge of internet marketing, understanding the successful steps to marketing your own product will bring you years of success in your online career. Most people do not understand the principles involved with marketing their products online even though this practice makes millionsaires on a daily basis. By learning this skillset you can effectively reach a wide range of internet users who are already poised to purchase your offers.

Marketing your own product involves an extensive plan and a set of goals in which to follow. The research and planning should occur prior to the initiative and include an evaluation of your target market. If you are not aware of your target market, your labor will be in vain and you will not sell any units. A lack of understanding of your target audience is similar to opening a swimsuit store in the snow capped mountain areas of Colorado. Without a vested interest, people will not buy what you are selling.

In order to successfully sell your products on the web, you will need a strong knowledge of the internet community. You should understand principles such as search engine optimization, lead capture pages, social media and video creation, to name a few. A great campaign will include every new marketing technique to spread the word to your potential customers.

Successful product marketing also involves payment gateways as well as a strong customer service team. Your buyers may require some additional help or need some answers to their questions. You must be available to answer emails and comments referencing the specifics of your products. Once they buy, they may need ongoing support to fully grasp the material present.

Although this looks overwhelming, especially to the new internet marketer, new business opportunities that will not only give you excellent products to sell, but will also teach you everything you need to know to successfully bring them to market. In addition to education, they will also supply you with the tools and resources to begin your marketing campaign and mentor you through the entire process. Companies such as Carbon Copy Pro offer extensive support and all of the web tools you will need regardless of your skill level or the type of product you are selling. Take advantage of those who have walked in your shoes, made the mistakes and succeeded.

Design and Decor Tips for Your Salon

Remodeling an existing salon or building a brand new space for your salon involves so many decisions for you to make. Your goal is to make your salon beautiful and functional. A well designed and decorated salon impresses clientele and helps promote your business no matter how big or small. Here are some design and decorating tips to get you started.

1. Style

You will need to define the style of your salon. You will want your salon to be memorable and stand out from the rest. Have your salon reflect the services you offer. Decorate with colors, furniture, and accessories consistent with the message that you want to convey.

2. Color

Choose colors that promote the atmosphere you would like your salon to have. You should have balance of warm and cool colors. The lightest color should be used for the ceiling and the deepest tone closest to the floor. This gives the illusion that the roof is raised. Neutral toned walls will emphasize the quality and openness of your space.

3. Lighting

Lighting is very important in your salon. Overhead and fluorescent lights can sometimes be unflattering and too bright. You will need lighting that illuminates work areas but also creates a relaxing atmosphere. Some suggestions for additional lighting are wall sconces and floor lamps wherever possible. This will help to soften and diffuse the light from overhead.

4. Equipment

Choosing and purchasing furniture and equipment is a big part of the design and décor of your salon. First you will need to create a list of equipment your salon needs. Some items to get you started on your list should be styling chairs, styling stations, dryer/dryer chairs, and shampoo units. You will need to think of your reception area as well. Supplies for your stylist can be included in this list. Some salons like to have a washer and dryer on the premises. This should also be included if you desire. Get together with your team to brainstorm what all equipment they will need and where it should be placed in salon.

5. Décor

So many little things can add to the atmosphere in your salon. Choose mirrors that are appealing to look in. Metal or wood framed are good choices. Calming art or soothing nature images are nice to display on your salon walls. Live plants enhance the beauty of your shop. Have the outside of your salon appealing as well. Potted flowers and maybe a nice bench are great little touches that clients will appreciate.

Once all the design and decorating is done you will be able to see that all your time and effort was well worth it. Your salon will leave a lasting impression with your clientele.

Hair Transplant Procedures To Help In Enhancing Your Appearance

Hair transplant procedures are becoming popular in the modern world where image is perceived to be as strong as character. It includes strip grafts, slit grafts, micro-grafts, mini-grafts and punch grafts procedures resulting into a modest change in the fullness of the hair. On the other hand, skin flaps, scalp reduction and tissue expansion are also procedures performed on patients who are looking for a major change.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss is caused by changes in hormones, family history of baldness and / or aging. Primarily, the earlier the hair loss begins, the baldness becomes more severe. Hair loss can be caused by trauma or burns. Therefore, hair replacement surgical procedures are recommended for such cases. They have been performed for many years now since you can be comfortable with the procedures for when the doctor determines that the transplants are the best option for you.

Hair replacement procedures go a long way in enhancing the appearance and self-confidence of an individual. Before making the decision to undertake the surgery, it is important to evaluate your expectations to discuss them with the surgeon. You need to understand that the techniques for hair replacement use the existing hair. The purpose of some of the surgical procedures is to determine the efficient uses for your existing hair.

Candidates for hair replacement

The candidates for hair replacement need to have healthy hair growth on the sides and back of the head for purposes of serving as the donor areas. The donor areas on the head serve as the places from which flaps and grafts are taken. Other factors like texture, hair color and curliness or waviness affect the results of the surgical procedures. Different techniques can be used in replacing the hair surgically. Two or more methods can be used to achieve the best results. Neverheless, patients with little hair may not be advised to undertake hair replacement surgery.

Hair transplant is notably an individualized treatment. For purposes of ensuring that the surgical options are available for you, it is important to find doctors with a vast experience in involving different types of replacement and tissue expansion. Therefore, you can consider looking elsewhere in case a particular doctor informs you that they have perfected one technique.

During the first consultation, the surgeon evaluates the hair growth as well as the loss. The surgeon will also review the history of tour family in terms of hair loss and try to find out whenever you have had earlier replacement procedures. The surgeon also inquires about your lifestyle and discusses your expectations and limits for surgery.

Hard Drive History

The hard drive is an important part of modern day computing, because it allows for information to be stored and then accessed at a later point. However, the modern day drive has its roots in technology that was developed over 50 years ago. The first drive was developed in 1956 and resembled what would look like a modern day air conditioning unit. The units of yesterday had extremely small storage capacities yet took up 100 times as much room. As technology evolved, the capacities of hard drives increased while they took up less and less space.

The Early Days

The first idea of ​​a unit to store and receive data was imagined in 1953 by engineers at IBM. They recognized the need of a piece of hardware that could have high capacity, rapid access to the data, and be cheap to construct. The first technologies considered were wire matrices, rod arrays and even drum arrays. However, the disk drive was finally settled on as the unit of choice because of its ease of construction and easy mechanics. The first drive was the IBM 305 RAMAC system which could store 4.4 megabytes at a cost of $ 160,000 in today's money.


The IBM 350 disk file turned out to be a very big success for IBM and the age of the hard drive was officially born. However, the performance of this first device was laughable in comparison to what the cheapest units can achieve today. The IBM 350 disk file was capable of accessing the information in less than 1 second – in comparison almost all hard drives in existence today can access information in just a few milliseconds. However, access time soon decreased substantively and by 1961 the 4000 series disk drives were capable of an access time of just 50 ms. In 1973, IBM introduced the IBM 3340 disk drive. This was the first hard drive that made use of lubricated and low mass media to ensure smooth operation and less maintenance.

The Personal Computer Era

When the personal computer revolution began in the 1980s, the primary means of storing and retrieving data on a computer was via floppy disks. Thus, most personal computers lacked a hard drive because they were still too expensive to manufacture and they could not compete with floppy disks in terms of pure storage capacity. However, by the late 1980s they were starting to replace floppy disks as the primary method of storage on personal computers. By the mid-1990s virtually all personal computers shipped with some type of internal drive because they were now much cheaper than floppy disks in terms of the amount of storage available.


After the hard drive became a staple in the personal computer industry in the early 1990s, they have continued to become faster, smaller, and with higher capacities. Hard drives are currently extremely cheap and can store large amounts of information, some on the order of up to 5 terabytes of data. The future of the devices is not clear, but most experts agree that they will be phased out and replaced with the much more technologically advanced solid state drive. A solid state drive does not have moving parts and therefore has a longer lifespan and is easier to maintain versus a normal hard drive.

Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Speaking Voice

The human voice is a beautiful and complex element of our being. Factors such as stress, health, geographical origin, genetics, education, emotional and psychological influences all come into play when you open your mouth to speak. Your speaking voice is also highly influential and one of the first impressions you make upon meeting others.

So are you speaking to the best of your ability? Is your voice clear and forward or does it have a swallowed or strangled feeling? Are you often hoarse after speaking for a prolonged period of time? Are you enunciating when you speak? Do you like your speaking voice?

Here are a few simple, easy exercises to improve your speaking voice right now. Try them out before an important meeting or interview. Better yet, start off your day with a few of the following exercises and you’ll find a new, more organic and relaxed voice evolving in no time:

Humming: One of the easiest and most accessible ways to improve the quality of your voice. Rumor has it that Frank Sinatra used this technique as his only “warm-up” before singing onstage. To prove its efficacy, speak a sentence prior to humming. Then hum for five minutes. Feel your lips vibrate. Hum high, hum low. Then speak the same sentence again. You’ll notice a cleaner, more forward sound. That’s the natural sound and placement of your voice.

Yawning: Could this get any easier? That’s right, yawn with sound (that natural “slide” sound from a high note to a low note). Don’t feel like yawning? Then fake it. Try this a few times in a row. Notice the relaxed opening in the back of your throat. Most of us restrict this part of our throat, due to stress and fatigue. The idea is to keep the same open “yawn” sensation when we speak throughout the day.

Donkey Bray: That’s right, donkey bray. (You may want to do this one in private!) Bray like a donkey – let your lips flap together and include sound (similar to the yawn “slide.”) Keep your lips loose and relaxed. Do this several times. Follow it up with some facial stretching – smile hard, then relax. Open your face as if to scream, hold for a second, then relax. Finish up with some gentle head rolls. A relaxed face and neck is a necessary vessel for a relaxed, assertive voice.

T-time: Enunciation is one of the weakest elements in most of our speech. Making some small changes in the way you pronounce words can change the way you are perceived. True or not, people who enunciate properly are often considered intelligent and well-spoken. So how do you start cleaning up your speech? Say the words “notice or “little.” If you “notice”, you probably say something closer to “nodice” and “liddle.” For one day, focus on your T’s. You don’t have to overdo it – small changes make a big difference.

Let Your Words Breathe: Most of us have a tendency to speak in a “slurry” manner, eliding one word to another. Pretty soon, an entire sentence sounds like one word! Grab your nearest magazine or newspaper and read from it. Exaggerate each word, focusing on the separate quality of each and every word. While you may not want to speak like this on a daily basis, you’ll get a sense of what true enunciation is all about.

Listen to the Pros: The next time you are listening to a newscast, imitate the anchorperson. These professionals are trained to speak quickly, clearly and concisely. Notice how much authority they radiate simply from speaking well. Try it on for size.

Breathing: Ultimately, breathing is the “root” or support of our speaking voice. If you are an anxious or uptight person, you need extra help here. When you wake up in the morning, observe your breathing. It is slow, steady and seems to come from your abdominal area. Take one minute each day and breathe deeply. Place your hand on your abdomen and focus on your breathing emanating from there. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your chest relatively still. This amazingly simple exercise not only changes your speech, it’s relaxing and reminds you of you true, natural breathing pattern.

These exercises are at your disposal throughout the day, so there’s no excuse not to try them! Remember – your voice is one of the most essential aspects of you – keep it tuned up and working well. It’s an easy way to improve your communications with others and ultimately, your confidence.

Ceiling Lights: Determining The Right Size And Height

Choosing the lighting type and style for your decor is hard enough, but making sure the size of your lighting fixture is right for your room is an important factor in bringing it all together.

Although there are some rules to determining size, they are not hard fast, stringent rules, as other factors apply to choosing the right size and height to hang your ceiling fixture.

One popular rule that designers and decorators use for hanging fixtures over tables is start by measuring the diameter or width of the table. Then select a fixture that measures half of the total diameter or width of the table top. For example, if you have a table that measures 64 "in diameter, you will look for a fixture that is 32" in diameter.

The first thing to consider when selecting a ceiling fixture, however, is the visual heaviness or weight of your selected light fixture. For example, a crystal chandelier is visibly heavy and there will lend itself to a smaller diameter or width, while a ceiling light with thin wrought iron branches can easily fill a larger diameter with it's lighter feel.

The size of a fixture that will be hung over a table depends on the table and not the room size. This is the case when it comes to the hanging height over a table as well. Lights hung over tables should be centered in the middle of the table (without two fixtures are hung over an extremely long table) and the bottom of the fixture should hang at least 30 "above the table.

When you are hanging a ceiling light and there is no table to help you determine the correct size, you must consider the size of the room as well as the ceiling height. The guideline to follow for hanging height is to allow 2 1/2 to 3 "per foot of ceiling height. So, if you have a 12 foot ceiling, (12 ft x 2.5") your light would hang approximately 30 "from your ceiling . Lights should never hang lower than 7 feet from the floor for clearance purposes. To determine the correct width of your fixture, determine the room dimensions. is 8 feet wide and 14 feet long, this equals 22 feet. Convert this number to inches, and viola, this is the approximation width of the needed light fixture for this room; 22 inches.

So now that you know how to make sure the width and hanging height of a ceiling light are proportionate for your room, there is one more thing to consider when it comes to ceiling height. Understandably, if your ceiling is very high, although you may make sure that your width and hanging height are correct, if the light is too short, it will look silly. So, what to do … although common sense may be the simple answer, there is a formula or rule that is often followed in the design world for this too. The height of the actual fixture should be approximately 2 1/2 "for every foot high the room is.

Cheap Pool Heating

The cheapest way to heat your pool is to use the free heat of the sun, but the initial out lay for the kit is quite high. Lets have a look at whats needed to heat a pool, and how it can be done on a budget.

Every solar heating system takes pool water, pumps it through a heat exchanger, and returns the water to the pool at a higher temperature. The method of pumping the water is usually the pools filtration circulating pump, which can often be quite large, in the 1 to 2 horse power range. This means that to heat your pool you would need to run your filter pump for up to 8 hours a day, which uses 6000 watts of electricity a day or 6 kwh.

The second part of the system is the heat exchanger, commonly these are glazed solar panels with a pipe looping back and forth across the panel to absorb as much of the suns heat as it can, typically the area of ​​the solar panels needs to be greater than 50% of the pool area, and often up to the whole pool area in size to give a sufficient increase in temperature.

The forth part of the system is a controller that ensures that the system only runs when there is a difference in temperature between the heat in the heat exchanger and the water in the pool. If the system was to run while the pool was hotter than the panels the heat would be radiated away.

A solar heating system using the traditional solar panels could cost you between $ 2000 and $ 4000 depending on the manufacturer you choose,


If you have ever left your garden hose laying in the sun you will know how hot the water can get, so lets consider using black ventilation hose to heat the water, you will need an area that is as large as possible, possibly a roof where you can loop the pipe back and forth without kinking it. The area needs to be flat, (no humps and bumps) but can be inclined. The water would be pumped to the top of the incline and allowed to run back to the pool picking up heat on the way, the more pipe that you can add to the run the better, think in terms of 500 meters of three quarter inch inside diameter tube. If you are laying a patio around the pool, lay as much of the pipe in to the concrete just below the tile level as the concrete will get hot in the sun and transfer that heat to the tube. The cost of 500 meters of black irrigation pipe should not be more that about $ 100.

The pump is the next thing to consider, the 1hp filter pump will cost around $ 0.75 to $ 1.00 a day to run, so lets look at a 12 volt dc surface pump that will lift the pool water to the top of the incline, and if you connect it to a solar electric panel will work all the hours of sunlight for nothing. the other advantage of this method is that you can do without a controller as the pump will only work when the sun is out.

You would need to make sure the pump you choose will lift the water to the height that you need, but you should be able to find a solar pump for under $ 200, which apart from the time it takes to install will give you a cheap solar pool heating system for about $ 300 with zero running costs

7 Things That My Painters Should Do to Guarantee a Proper Paint Job?

If you are considering having your house painted, there are some things you should know in order to make sure that you receive the best house painting job possible. The first and most important part of the process would be to hire a reputable and qualified residential painter to do the work for you, unless you are going to tackle this enormous job for yourself. Here are 7 tips that will help you to identify quality house painting work.

As a general rule, most residential painters are not working on a house that is empty and devoid of external design elements. It is important that painting technicians are careful to protect your landscaping from paint spills that will not only make them ugly, but could also destroy the health of your plants. Landscaping is costly, and good painting contractors will take care to protect it.

The same goes for the interior of your home. House painting contractors should protect your furniture and floors from spills, and the same thing goes for all the fixtures around the house. You don’t want to have to deal with paint in places it doesn’t belong.

If proper techniques are not used to prepare the home for painting, the paint job will not last for long. Prior to painting, your residential painter must clean the surface of the walls and make sure they are free of dirt and grime, mold and mildew as well as other elements that will prevent the paint from adhering to the walls properly.

Once your home has been properly cleaned, your house painting contractor should use caulk to fill in holes and cracks around trim and window frames to prevent water from seeping in behind them which could cause a great deal of damage. Caulking should continue on the inside of the home as well to seal up holes that could invite insets. Along with protecting the house from damage, caulking also adds to the overall good looks by preventing unsightly lines.

Residential painters should always be careful to make sure that all the transitions from one color to the next have clean, straight lines.

Quality house painting professionals take the time to use masking tape around doors, windows and trim to prevent colors from being misplaced. Doorknobs, hinges, light fixtures, and electrical outlets deserve the same consideration.

Professional house painting contractors will never let a drip continue to run down a wall. They will quickly wipe it up and retouch it by sanding it smooth and adding another coat of paint.

Once your professional residential painter has completed the job, you will want to inspect it prior to writing out a check. A quality house painting job will not show any inconsistencies. There will be no evidence that there was any other color on the walls before, and the colors will be even.

With these 7 tips you will be able to identify when you have received a proper paint job, and you will also be able to tell when references you received prior to hiring your residential painter have received the same.

The Benefits of Anvil Sous Vide Circulators for Restaurants and Hotels

In this busy and fast paced world, chefs need to be able to keep up with the pace that restaurant and hotel customers demand. Fine restaurants and quality hotel kitchens need to exceed the expectations of their customers. The Anvil Sous Vide Circulators give you the advantage over competitors.

The Anvil Sous Vide Circulators are particularly suitable for precision cooking and it can reproduce dishes with the greatest consistency. This catering equipment can be clipped onto pots or onto 200 millimetre deep inserts via a versatile clamp. This allows you to clamp the unit onto the pot and leave it to heat and circulate while you're waiting to other tasks.

This catering equipment is used in water to heat and circulate the liquid. Therefore, the parts that are submerged are made from stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean. In commercial kitchen setting it is essential to use catering equipment that is convenient to clean in order to save time. The heating elements are also made from stainless steel. This ensures that it is not susceptible to rust and will function for a long time.

The Anvil Sous Vide Circulators are portable units that weigh only 1.9 kilograms. It is light and small measuring at 145 x 130 x 320 millimeters, yet it is able to produce 1500 Watts and 230 volts of power. Consequently they are quite reliable and durable which is ideal for the tough commercial kitchen environment.

It has a powerful circulation pump which has a removable filter in order to ensure a uniform temperature distribution while cooking. You can control the temperature electronically by means of a large digital display which shows the time as well as the set temperature and the current temperature. The electronic controller offers high accuracy in terms of heating and it is able to reach a maximum temperature of 99 degrees Celsius.

This catering equipment has also been manufactured with safety at the forefront. It has a built in float switch which activates as a safety cut out. Plus it features an over-temperature safety with a rest button function so that it does not overheat.

The Anvil Sous Vide Circulators are designed specifically for the commercial kitchens that offer designer dishes. It is ideal for the high-end restaurant or hotel that welcomes customers who expect the best of the best in terms of quality meals. Restaurants which dishes focus on quality, flavor and presentation will benefit from this catering equipment due to the consistency it offers.

How to Get the Best Use Out of Your Solar Powered iPhone Case

This article is strictly on learning about the iPhone solar charger known as Surge. You will learn how to use the Solar Surge, how to determine the charge time, where you should place the solar charger, and how I use my solar charger. After you are done reading this, you will be able to follow the advice and use your solar powered iPhone charger more effectively.

You are probably reading this so you can learn more about the charger if so, you are on track, let us start. The beginning is always the easiest, at least on this subject. Unpack the Surge from the box, make sure you have the USB Cable, Surge, and the instruction booklet. If you happen to notice the plastic film on the solar panel of the unit, simply remove it. It is a protective film from when it was in the manufacturing process. Just think of it as peeling off that new film off a new cell phone, it is the same concept here.

After that, you will need to have your computer available, laptop or desktop will work, make sure that it has a USB Port. You will take the included USB Cable and plug the mini tip of the cord into the bottom of the Solar Surge. And the other end into the USB Port of the computer. It is recommended that you charge the solar powered iPhone charger like this first, for 3 hours. You are doing this to make sure the internal battery is fully charged so that the Surge will perform the way it is suppose to. After the 3 hours, you simply unplug the Surge from the computer and put your iPhone into the groves of the charger and press down, until you see that it has fit snug into the 30 pin connector. One thing to remember is, DO NOT FORCE the iPhone into the Surge. I repeat, DO NOT FORCE it into the charger. The Solar Surge is built specifically to fit the 3G and 3G(S), forcing it means that you could possibly damage the unit or your iPhone or both, making the convenience of the solar powered case pointless.

The solar powered case is ready for use. Now go on and live like you would like nothing has changed, if you do not and constantly think about the solar charger, it will drive you nuts, believe me. Go to the mall, the store, whatever it is that you do. Soon down the line, you will want to start using the solar power, correct? That is one of the major reasons for purchasing the solar charger. Keep reading, because we are about to talk about how to get the best use out of the iPhone solar charger.

You will now want to download the Free App, it is The Solar Planner. This App tells you everything you need to know in order to charge your iPhone for audio, video, talk time, surfing, and more. In it, is a meter which you select on whatever function of the phone you want to use. After you choose, it will do the calculations for you and give you a time length, which you tell you how long to leave it in the sun. This is a very helpful tool.

I recommend you charge your Surge in these places. At the work site, depending on what you do. Leave the solar charger on the window sill or on the desk with sunlight shining on it. There is also a indication window on the front side of the charger, it will have an indication that will light up red if it is a getting charge. Do the same thing for consumers at the home. After some testing, I have realized that you are able to charge indoors but you must have ample lighting and keep it very close to the bulb. You should just stick with the outdoor lighting, it is more powerful. Also, during those sun bathing times at the beach, leave the solar charger facing up towards the sun. And also if you are listening to music, keep it that way as well.

This is the way I use my solar charger. I will power up both the Surge and the phone while I sleep and in the mornings I take both with me. I leave the Surge in the passenger seat until I arrive at the office and then plug the iPhone into the Surge when I head in.

When Fridays come up, I do this same thing, but it changes up. I will bring the iPhone in the Surge in the mornings, but I take the Surge back out in the afternoons around 3pm and leave the windows cracked. With the case on my dash and the windows cracked I keep the charger from overheating and still get a charge. I do this because after work some of us at the office head to the restaurant. And I know that my phone will be ready for the night. As you can see, I get the most use out of my iPhone solar charger and I suggest you so the same.