25 Bridal Makeup Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Wedding season is knocking at the door and if you are in for this wedding season then surely preparations and planning have already started. Wedding is a big day in anyone’s life that happens only once in a lifetime and so planning and arrangements are always grand in this occasion. Now if you are a bride then you surely there’s load going on in your head. Makeup and perfect bridal are one of those things that you worry about the most. But somewhere if might end up making few mistakes while obsessing over perfection.

25 Make Up Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

1) Bunking Rehearsed Make up Look: – This may seem extra cost to you but it’s of great help. So going for pre bridal make up trial will actually worth it. Plan your makeup trial at-least three months before your wedding. By chance if you don’t like the first trial then you will enough time to go for the second trial. Thus, keep much time in hand before the actual wedding for the trial makeup.

You can also try out for free by attending any free beauty event that’s going near you. Keep looking for such events near your area. Before wedding season many beauty institutes offer free bridal packages along with other spa packages. That’s one good way of saving your money.

2) Going Not Prepared for the Pr-Rehearsed Makeup Look: – Once you have planned for the trial make up, going unprepared is one of the mistakes you can make. What kind of looks and hair style you want if you go without any photo it may be difficult for them to understand? Take photos of hair style and makeup that you want. Showing pictures than verbally speaking is lot more effective.

3) Getting Stuck in Beauty Trends: – Lately wherever you see, all speaks about beauty trends and no doubt people are crazy about it as well. Trends come and go but keep in mind wedding picture are timeless. You will be showcasing them the rest of your life when no such recent trends will exist. Thus, keep your wedding makeup natural and usual. Go for something that will enhance your original beauty.

4) Experimenting with New Look: – Wedding day is not the ideal time at all to try out new looks and makeup style. This one of the major mistakes you can make. Avoid it strictly. Once you try out something new and somehow you find you aren’t happy with the outcome, you’ll have no time to change it and end up making a big blunder. Select bridal makeup that you feel comfortable with and can carry well, because focus will be on you across the entire lot. So, make sure you go with something of your choice and taste.

5) Changing Your Regular Skin Care Routine: – If you have sensitive skin or go through skin breakouts easily then abruptly changing your regular beauty regime is another mistake that you should avoid. Wedding time is not the ideal time to start with new beauty routine. You will not have sufficient time to recover it. Be consistent with your beauty regime. Also make sure to keep your skin hydrated every day in the morning and night.

6) Tanning sessions: – Opting for tanning session just the day before your wedding day I snot a healthy option. If you want tanning to be done then do it gradually over the week till the big day arrives. That way it looks natural. First start the tan session with the lightest color. This will help it to understand whether you like it or not. Then build color shades evenly for a better tan look.

7) Over-Tanning Process: – Never go overboard with the tanning session. A lot of brides seen going excess with the tanning process and expose the body in the sun before the wedding. Remember your dress must complement with your body skin and if you overdo the tanning process that will not make you look bright during your big day. Thus, avoid the mistake of over-tanning.

8) Don’t go for Spray-Tan: – There are various types of spray tan available in the market and many goes for this option, but looks very abnormal. Instead for air brush tan and ask your tan artist to skip the face part as it makes it look unnatural with eyes and lids all covered in dark color. Go for bronzing your face that matches with your body skin tone; specially neck and chest and your middle part of the face should reflect light.

9) Waxing just before the wedding day: – Many presume that waxing body before the wedding day is accurate, but it’s not. Waxing your body and eyebrows at least 5 days before the wedding day is the correct time to avoid any rash marks or scabs. If it’s your first time of waxing then surely avoid waxing just the day before.

10) Not properly prepping your skin for the big day: – A healthy and nourished skin is most essential to hold your makeup well. A nourished skin will also blend and set your makeup well making it look even and refreshed. Thus, proper skin prepping is very much needed before this big day to make everything look perfect.

11) Bunking Body Make-up: – Your face area is not the only part that’s going to be reflected in the big day. Other parts of the body need attention too during this big day. So, ending the make-up just up to your jaw-line is not the correct thing. Your body needs makeup as well. Your back, neck, hands all these displayed parts need proper makeup to match with your face. Else it looks very absurd. So never skip the body makeup process.

12) Layer of Heavy Foundations: – What most brides think is that putting multiple layers of foundation on the face will make them look bright. What they forget is it’s a matter of almost the entire day and putting tons of foundation will eventually start making the face look cakey. Actual mantra is a sheer application of foundation is the key to look natural and bright in the focus light. It reflects stunning bridal portrait looks in the bridal photographs. Also, too much foundation will not last longer. Just apply a good primer before applying foundation. A good primer base makes your makeup stay longer and makes it look flawless.

13) Going Overboard with powder: – Powder brings the matte effect in the makeup, but while applying too much powder it can magnify any wrinkles under your eye area. So, avoid such look don’t apply too much powder, apply little bit of powder for a subtle look. Just add a touch-up to the entire make-up to look beautiful and fresh.

14) Airbrush application of Foundation: – If you want an even finish with minimum even coverage then airbrush is just the perfect. But a director of one renowned beauty institute once stated that if you seek full and heavy coverage, then sticking to the traditional applying of foundation is a better option to opt for. Since wedding day is a matter of whole day, by chance if you sweat a lot or there’s any rubbing off makeup by mistake, then second time airbrush applicator creates a problem. So, safe way is to go with the regular one.

15) Using Foundation with SPF: – These days majority of the foundation comes with SPF, which is good for everyday look. But for your wedding day it’s better to stick with the normal regular foundation with no foundation. SPF added foundation will make you look white in the flash photography. If you are going for outdoor setup then you can apply sunscreen under your foundation. That way the SPF into your screen rather than sitting on top of the foundation.

16) Not Giving Adequate Time for the Makeup to set: – What mistakes most of the brides make is rushing for makeup just before the wedding event starts. Applying makeup steps one after another without giving any time to set may make a blunder. Allowing the makeup to dry after each step will make it last longer and look natural and even. After every application of each makeup step allow it to dry so that the next step of application sits perfectly on your skin. This will not only last your makeup longer but will also make it look bright and healthy.

17) Not Going for Waterproof Coverage for Makeup: – It’s your wedding day and you surely want your makeup to stay all day long. You always go for waterproof mascara but do you know applying waterproof foundation is also essential. There’s no such embarrassing moment when in the middle of the event you have smudged kohl dropping down your eyes or that flaws of your cheeks peeking through your foundation. Thus, applying a waterproof foundation and other waterproof base is a must. No application of waterproof makeup may blunt everything once you start sweating or have tears as it’s an emotional day too.

18) Incorrect application of Blush: – A good blush and look will surely make you blush this day. But not applying correctly may make your make-up look all messy. Obviously, you don’t want to look a clown this day with high blush on. Apply blush on the apple of your cheeks, which is the natural spot and then blend it with bronzer underneath it. Many tend to drag it to the temple which is wrong.

19) Applying Shimmer Highlighter in the wrong Place: – Applying highlighter in your make-up is one of the key parts that can make or break your entire look. Wrong application of shimmer highlighter can destroy the whole look. A shimmer highlighter reflects light back. So, applying it wrongly will not make the light reflect accurately making your wedding pictures dull. Apply shimmer highlighters on top of the lips or cupid bow, temple of your cheeks, underneath your eye-brows, also top of your brows on the side of your fore-head. That way your face will be in perfect focus with the light.

20) Going for Loud Dramatic Eyes: – Bridal makeup is already heavy and loud. Moreover, your lipstick will also be of dark shade, so going for too much dramatic eyes will cut down the attention of your entire bridal wear. Your eyes will draw the maximum focus and it will dull the rest look. Hence, opt for soft bright eye make-up. Smoky eyes tend to create a shadowy look in photographs that makes it look as if you have dark-circles. Highlight underneath the brows to enhance the eye makeup and avoid dark shadows.

21) Too much Lip Gloss: – Now lot of you love glossy lips and so the obsession of putting loads of lip gloss in this wedding day as well. But what you are overlooking is it’s not the regular day, it’s your wedding day and too much gloss will ultimately rub your lipstick. Go for matte lipstick finish, it will last your lipstick the whole day. On the other hand, too much shiny lips will lose the definition of your bridal look in the wedding photographs and your lips will pop the most. Thus, to make it look even avoid lip gloss.

22) Choosing wrong false lashes/enhancements: – A very popular beauty trend these days is false lash extensions. It is better to go for lash enhancement two weeks before the wedding day so that you can have enough time to cure if there arise any allergic reactions. Also, if you go for false traditional lashes then go for individual ones rather than strips. The tears make the glue/lash adhesive less sticky and thus there’s a chance of tripping off the lashes. Thus, going for single ones looks more natural and prevents from tears during this “emotional day”.

23) Overlooking the eyebrows: – What most brides overlook is the eyebrow that’s the one of the key parts of the entire face. A good pair of brows will enhance the look in the first place automatically. Go for eyebrow color that matches with your hair color and complements your skin tone. Too dark shade may make you look weird. So, right brow application and brow makeup is also vital.

24) Forgetting about your maids’ makeup: – Remember about the members who are going to be with you all day long and will take as many photographs with you. So, skipping and overlooking their makeup is one of the mistakes you should avoid making. You want to look well along with them. So, they need proper makeup too that you should take care of.

25) Overlooking to pack enough emergency-kit: – You may opt for the highest end perfect makeup but still you need to keep few things in backup for touch-up after few intervals. You don’t want to look oily this day so keep oil soaking tissues, soft cotton balls to erase such issues. Some other stuff such as translucent powder, lipstick, make-up spray, adhesive for false lashes if wearing them.

Make sure you check this out for avoiding any little or big mistakes on your grand day. Below are some tips to help you from not making any mistakes and blunt this Bridal Makeup. The list of common and few massive mistakes are gathered above so that you know what and which to avoid.

Preventing Common Apartment Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are an extremely critical part of an apartment building’s operation. The average life span of commercial water heaters is between four and eight years, depending on the water quality, location, and its environment. Most owners often overlook them until they need repair. Luckily, most general maintenance problems have easy solutions that can ensure lower cost and improve longevity.

The most common problems are caused by improper air circulation and negligence. Developing awareness about your particular water heater is the biggest aid in avoiding problems. Mixing/crossover in the water system is often confused as a problem and will be discussed below.

Get to Know the Forgotten Appliance

The sheer size of a commercial water heater can be somewhat intimidating, and many owners are reluctant to familiarize themselves with the appliance. Because there are many different types on the market, knowledge is power. It is important to know which type of water heater is installed. These include: standing pilot, an electronic ignition, boiler and storage tanks, High Efficiency heaters with a hot surface ignition, and tankless water heaters.

Managers should know the location, its model and serial number, if it is gas or electric, how to reset it, and the contact information of a technician should the it experiences a serious problem. Gas water heaters require oxygen, fuel (natural gas or propane), a source of ignition — such as a pilot or spark (electronic ignition) — and water.

Without fresh air, the flame cannot survive and the water will not heat properly. Air starvation can cause the flame or pilot to extinguish; soot to collect in the system, and the build up of dangerous carbon monoxide gas. So, making sure it has access to ample air and open spaces is a simple way to avoid the premature failures.

Warm Water

When using showers or sinks, if the water does not get hot in a timely manner, it may be time to investigate the function of the water heater and the water system itself. As previously mentioned, mixing or crossover is a problem caused by the mixing of cold and hot water. This leads to lukewarm water all around the complex. Single-handled showers or faucets are often the culprits. Additionally, the recirculation line can cause this problem if the check valve is malfunctioning.

An entire apartment complex that shares one water heater will all be greatly affected if mixing is present. The apartment furthest away from it will experience the worst symptoms: a lack of hot water, or, if they’re lucky, lukewarm water. By having them serviced annually, problems such as mixing can be diagnosed and repaired early. This can prevent expensive repair costs later if they are missed.

Mineral Deposits

Water quality can affect the corrosion of anode rods. These are the devices intended to protect the glass lining from corrosion. The calcium present in hard water settles at the bottom of the tank, and decreases the life of the water heater. It acts as an insulator, impedes the heating process, and can cause premature heating element failures due to overuse. If calcium buildup occurs, the costs to heat the water will rise significantly as the unit’s efficiency plummets.

Water softening is a process which substitutes sodium ions for magnesium and calcium that causes serious deterioration to the anode rods.

Location, Location, Location

The environment and location of the water heater can also affect its efficiency. Water heaters require lots of clean air to burn and vent, so air infused with foreign compounds can lead to premature failure. Flammable items and vapors from bleaches, soaps, salts, cleaners, paint, or gas that contaminate the surrounding air, and should not be stored next to it.

If stored in or near a laundry room, there is considerable danger of damage from soot caused by lint runoff from dryers and even carbon monoxide. Lint can clog orifices, catch on fire, block fresh air vents to the water heater closet, and make a water heater operate at minimal capacity.

Finally, the weather can also affect function. Be sure the appliance is properly covered to prevent weather damage if installed outdoors. Weather that cannot be avoided, such as rain, wind, or salty ocean air can cause nuisance service calls, so try to protect it from the weather as much as possible.

Most problems can summed up in three words: “lack of maintenance.” Develop or contract a Preventative Maintenance Program, and watch your expenses disappear until it’s time for a replacement for a more efficient unit.

Tips on How to Get a Flat Stomach

Millions of people all over the world want to get a flat stomach but only a small percentage of us will succeed. Genetics has nothing to do with it; it is all about wrong lifestyles, bad eating habits and uniquate exercise. This article will help you get the flat abs you have always wanted. Here are some tips:

Stop thinking sit-ups are the answer. This is a waste of time! Sit-ups are essentially useless because they are a low intensity workout. Many people waste time doing hundreds of sit-ups each week. If they were a higher intensity workout, these people would not be able to do so many. Although, they do make for a good warm up, do not make them the focus of your exercise. Making them your primary workout will only lead to failure. We lose weight from our entire body so it's likely to take a while to see results in our targeted area. Another tip is to think of your entire body instead of just your abs. In order to get a flat stomach we need to become lean everywhere because weight does not just fall off of our target areas.

Once we are lean overall, we will see results in the abdominal area. This means taking care of the entire body with cardio and weight training workouts. There are also a zillion commercials that promise an easy way out to get a flat stomach. Do not fall for these advertisements! They tell you what you want to hear. Getting a flat stomach takes time and effort. There is no easy way and it is a big commitment. Be prepared to spend the necessary time to achieve your goals. Being tempted to take the easy way will only make your efforts more difficult.

Mobile Phones & Mobile Phone Accessories

For many people, mobile phone accessories are as important as the phone itself. Honestly, we can’t blame them; in fact, mobile phone accessories are irreplaceable. A phone without accessories is actually missing something.

There are two different kinds of accessories, a type that a mobile phone cannot function without, and the other type of accessories that are not essential but necessary.

A phone cannot function without a battery and a charger. While it still can do without headphones, car chargers, protective cases, and other types of non-essential mobile phone accessories.

Overall, accessories can make your phone much powerful, entertaining, easy to use, and functional.

Accessories also depend on the type of phone; smartphone manufacturers are now racing time to provide huge stacks of accessories for their customers in order to make their smartphones more involved in their lives than anytime before.

Here is a list of the most widely used mobile phone accessories:


Probably the most widely used accessory in the history of mobile phones. It just makes it easier to use your phone especially for people who speak too much on their phones. You don’t need to hold your phone to your ears for an hour or two, a headset will do the work for you. Also, listening to music hasn’t been any easier. There are so many kinds of headphones that provide the best sound quality and ear safety.

Bluetooth Headset

Well, headphones had an annoying flaw, the wire. It has always been annoying especially to tall persons, they need a taller wire or to place their phones in a higher position. Bluetooth headsets solved the problem. Now, you can still be speaking on you phone without even carrying it around. Taller people can feel great and relieved. Most importantly, car drivers can now speak on their phones without the need to be on the loud speaker of the car or the crazy option of wearing headphones while driving. One additional thing, the elegant look it gives you.

Car Chargers

One of the most important accessories any traveler makes sure it’s right there. Sometimes, or may be always, your battery fails you. Being of such great importance, car chargers have always been an essential piece of accessory that comes with, nearly, any phone.

USB Cables

They are very important nowadays. They are essential to connect your phone to the computer. They are used for charging, moving data, software installation and maintenance, and much more important uses.

Phone Cases

A phone case is a very important accessory especially for people who tend to be less careful with their phones. They can protect your phone effectively from most of the daily situations that may break or damage it. A protective case and screen are good enough to provide 99% protection to your phone.

Power Banks

The need for power banks is increasing lately. Smartphone has always had disappointing batteries. In fact, a smartphone without overwhelming battery issues has become a dream for most people. Phone companies are trying to do their best to resolve this matter, but it seems that the technology is still a bit limited. Ideally, power banks offer a temporary solution for this problem. If you’re out of your home and not in your car, you can use a power bank to re-charge your phone.

5 Essential Beekeeping Tools To Make Things Easier For You

Bees are a sweet affair because of what they produce in the end. But whether you are into beekeeping as a hobby or for commercial reasons, you must ensure that your interactions with the bees are safe and simple. Apart from getting familiar with the basics of beekeeping, you will also need to know the best equipment to use in the field and how to actually use the tools correctly. You can start off with the most essential beekeeping supplies and then upgrade as per the demands of your beekeeping endeavor.

1. Protective gear – Beekeeping for beginners should start by prioritizing personal safety and this means getting yourself protective gear. This is what will keep you protected to stings and bee venom that can be dangerous. The suit should be made up of pants, jacket, and beekeeper’s veil. They can come separately or you can opt for a jumper styled suit that is easy to wear. Consider getting gloves as well to complete the gear and gumboots as well. The suits are made from different materials and you should make sure that you consider the pros and cons of each before buying what is suitable and what you can actually afford.

2. Hive tool – This is a solid flat metal tool that can be 7 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick. It has a tapered sharp end and a curved tapered end. It is what you will need to use to scrap off propolis to maintain a cleaner hive. You can also use the tool to open the honeycomb and squash intruders like hive beetles. Some models feature small holes that you can use to pull out nails when necessary. Choose a hive tool that you can trust to serve your needs and one that is easy to use.

3. Bee brush – It is a soft bristled brush that you will use to remove bees from frames and honey supers. They are soft to keep them gentle on the bees so they do not end up going on the rampage. You should ensure that you use the brush appropriately so you do not end up damaging bee parts like wings and legs; remember you still need your tiny friends to keep the business or hobby fruitful. Get the best brush and learn to use it properly.

4. Smoker – It is the most iconic and most used in beekeeping world. This is what releases smoke needed to buffer honeybee’s pheromone alarm system. The presence of smoke makes it impossible for the bees to communicate temporarily so you have enough time to extract the honey. Your smoker should be made from high quality materials such as stainless steel and should have metal guards to protect your hands, a solid chimney and leather or wood bellows.

5. Extracting equipment – you can choose electric or manual, commercial or small scale extractor. They pull honey from frames and make bottling easy to do. There are so may models so be sure to select what you feel makes the tasks smoother.

Unique Coffee Mugs to Start Your Day

If you are also a coffee lover then it is quite possible that you agree with me when I say that the taste of my coffee doubles when I sip it from my favorite coffee mug. A boring traditional style is long gone and mugs nowdays are designed in accordance with different preferences or personalities of coffee lovers.

The elegant and delicious cups are nice when you have some special people visiting you.

In fact, these are the preferred vessels to serve in, in the so-called "polite society". But you must notice that I am not talking about the coffee mugs. These are appropriate for the less-formal social setting, where one is sitting with friends and having fun sipping coffee or may be during a brain storming session in office.

There are different styles and shapes in which coffee mugs are available. Metals, porcelain, plastics and glass are the materials that are normally used. The shapes of these mugs are varied and can be anything from a usual circle to a heart-shape mug.

Ways to use them

In the recent times, coffee mugs are perfect souvenir items, decoration items and novelty items. In fact, big business organizations nowdays customize them and use it as a promotional item that rolls in both fun of drinking coffee and profit for the business, together. Needless to say, for many coffee lovers, it is still a mug that holds their coffee in the morning and gives them a good start for the day every morning.

So, there are different types of mugs that are available in the market to suit the preferences of different coffee drinkers:

Porcelain mugs

These are one of the most favorite mugs all coffee drinkers since ages. There is nothing that can deny the fact that porcelain mugs are more capable of resisting the heat than metals and plastic mugs and also somehow gives a better flavor to your coffee as well. You may find macho, whimsical and pretty designs of these cups. However, one drawback is that, they can break easily. And they also do not have lid attached over the top so as to avert coffee from spilling, unlike many other coffee mugs.

So, if you are working on a computer or on papers with some important official work, you would definitely prefer mugs made from any other material that has an arrangement to prevent coffee from spilling.

Travel coffee mugs

For such people, there are travel mugs, ie for coffee drinkers who desires to avert accidental spills. They are made with an amalgamation of plastic and metal and have the capacity for insulation that keeps your coffee hot for a longer duration. Typically, the coffee in these mugs is sipped from the hole inside the lid so as to avoid any spills. Such hold ups are perfect when you are driving.

Puzzle mugs

The name sounds unusual. Is not it? So are these unique mugs. These novelty mugs require intuitiveness and manipulation if you want to drink from them. Confused? Well, this is what they do! These mugs have a hidden drinking method that you have to find.

Here, they enhance the experience of sipping coffee even more, especially when it suits your preference. So, make a careful choice to add onto your coffee drinking enjoyment.

Fruit Cake Recipes – Make Some History!

With Christmas right around the corner, many people are turning their attention to the making of fruit cakes-that much maligned and often scorned delicacy that is associated with holidays and weddings. Fruit cake has been made for thousands of years, but it's only in the last 80 years or so that it's becoming a running Christmas joke; This is because the fruit cake that is mass produced and sold in stores is dry, hard and tasteless.

Fruit cake has been made since the days of ancient Rome in one form or another. It was not called "fruit cake" until the Middle Ages when people began to put preserved fruit, spices and honey for sweetness in the cakes. When the American colonies became a source of cheap and abundant sugar in the 16th century, people in the colonies and Europe discovered that fruit would keep for a long time when preserved with a large concentration of sugar in sugar-water syrup. An excess of preserved fruit was created which, in turn, made the preserved fruit cheaper and made the baking of fruit cakes more popular. Nuts were not used much in fruit cakes until the 18th century when Europeans started putting nuts in the cakes at harvest to ensure good luck and a good harvest the next year.

There are so many different kinds of fruit cakes and ways to make them; the recipes for them would quickly fill a very thick book! Recipes for fruit cakes vary broadly depending on the country they come from and the fruit that's available in that country. There are countless fruit cake recipes from the United States, because we grow so many different kinds of fruits and nuts. The most popular recipes here are light fruit cake and dark fruit cake; so named because of the color of the fruits and nuts used in them. There are also fruit cake recipes that have been handed down from mother to daughter over the generations and are an honored part of the Christmas traditions for their families.

A fruit cake that's made with care by hand and allowed to age tastes and looks splendid and is a testament to the baking skills of the person that made it.
Fruit cakes are at their best when they're well made in advance of the holidays. They need a period of time, usually a few weeks to a few months, to age properly. When a fruit cake is stored it picks up the flavor of the liquor or juice it's soaked in; this also makes the fruit cake much moister and helps to reserve it. And, as the flavors of the different fruits and nuts in the cake intermingle it contributes to the delicious signature taste fruit cake has.

So, try your hand at baking a fruit cake this holiday season. You'll be making a little bit of history!

Brief Overview of Rome Hotels – Italy

Bring yourself to Rome which is known as the eternal city to whole universe. In this city you can find a perfect abundance of historical treasures everywhere. The city offers a lot of luxurious hotels and restaurants to its visitors by paying a warm welcome and making a comfortable stay. So book a room at Rome Hotels and enjoy your stay.

Hotel Le Royal Meridien Eden Rome is one of the famous hotels of Rome. The rooms were nicely decorated with wall hangings, curtains and Romanian handcraft bed sheets, satellite television, free internet connection, telephones, hair dryers and other modern equipments. Included in these restaurants are having marble bathrooms including gilded mirrors, bathrobes, slippers, and complimentary toiletries.

The Royal Meridien Hotel is well known for its frequent visits paid by world famous celebrities, great politicians and leaders. The great Italian cuisines and wine make the guests delightful. The multilingual 24-hour front desk staff can provide room service around the clock and arrange dry-cleaning services. Valet parking is available for guests arriving by car.

Hotel Eden of Rome has an exclusive array of spa and fitness centers. The resort is also having numerous bars. In evening hours you can enjoy the live piano music with a cup of coffee, tea or pre-dinner drinks. This luxury hotel of Rome also serves the cuisines from whole through the world.

Grand Hotel Olympic is located just a few steps away from the Vatican City museums. This luxury hotel is also near to some of the tourists destinations of Rome. The rooms are elegantly decorated with well furnished furniture, fine arts and other modern antiquities. You can also get a proper guidance of the tourist places from the concerned staff of the restaurant.

The grand hotel also has the facility of a nice lobby lounge and offers drinks complimentary buffet breakfast. Grand Hotel Olympic is set between the Vatican City and Piazza del Popolo, within walking distance of the main points of interest in Rome. The hotel is a right place for leisure and business travelers.

Samujana Villa Development, Koh Samui – Luxury Villas With Awe-Inspiring Architecture

Located on Koh Samui Island, Thailand, Samujana is a luxury villa development offering 3, 4 and 5 bedroom villas for sale and holiday rental. The luxury development was designed by the internationally recognized, award-winning Gfab Architects and is truly a pinnacle in modern, contemporary design. Located on the busy NE of Koh Samui in the popular Choeng Mon area, the development is less than 10 minutes drive to the tourist center of Chaweng and only a kilometer from popular yet unspoilt Choeng Mon beach.

The designer's use of natural materials allows the hills to blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings and the hills have been built into the gently sloping hillside, giving the sense that they are an integral part of the Koh Samui coastline. The positioning of the villas allows a fine panoramic view from every area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach property towards the sea, over Koh Matlan to Chaweng Bay.

All rooms feature air conditioning, satellite television, coffee / tea maker, complimentary bottled water, and free Wi-Fi. Overlooking the pool area is the covered lounge, dining and kitchen area which offers oversized soft furnishings, a dining table and ultra modern kitchen with high specification appliances. Behind this area is the staff kitchen where the villa Chef can prepare meals without disturbing guest's relaxation.

All villa bedrooms are fitted with floor to ceiling windows and spacious, luxury bathroom facilities with bathtub and both indoor and outdoor showers.

If all that outdoor living is too much for you, you can retire to the villa's custom-made audio-visual room with large, oversized, built-in sofas and projection screen or large LCD TV. Some of the larger villas have gone a step further and have custom-made cinema rooms. The cinema rooms are decorated with hard-wood paneling and feature terraced, built-in day-beds that could comfortably hold around 18-20 people. A 5 bedroom villa within the development has a whole floor dedicated for entertainment with pool table, several projector screens, all popular games consoles and built-in children's slide. Several of the villas feature a roof terrace, surrounded by tropical gardens, where the views are even more spectacular.

Samujana is a truly breathtaking, awe-inspiring modern villa development with design features that pack a real "wow" factor, a fantastic location and superb, panoramic views of the tropical island of Koh Samui.

The Benefits of Living In Senior Communities

Choosing to downsize and move into senior communities can be difficult. For some, it feels as though they are giving up their freedom and admitting they can no longer take care of themselves. While that may be the case for a select few, the vast majority find that the benefits of being in a retirement society outweigh giving up a large home.

Private Space

One of the things that surprises many retirees is that these communities allow you to keep your own space. Typically, these apartments are one or two bedrooms, but they can be small, single-story homes. You will be able to fix your own meals in your kitchen. You also have your own bathroom within your living space. In some (not all) lodging, you may even have a laundry room.

Activities and Transportation

Probably one of the largest benefits of senior communities is the monthly activities. These residences are geared to keep residents active. You can choose which activities to attend and which outings to join. They also offer monthly classes that teach you new hobbies and skills such as painting or computer skills.

In addition to having planned activities to keep you or your loved one busy, these services provide transportation to local area businesses. Instead of having to navigate your own vehicle into and out of traffic, you can simply take one of their group buses to go to the store, bank, and even the doctor's office.


One of the most common reasons because older people consider moving into senior communities or assisted living programs is the inability to maintain their home. Doing housework and chores has become a burden. That is why these residences provide housekeeping services.

In addition to helping you keep your residence clean, the management also staffs groundkeepers. They will ensure that snow is removed, grass is cut, and leaves are raked. In addition, maintenance is available to ensure items within your home are in working order.

Dining Options

Many senior communities have several dining options from which residents may choose. Some have onsite restaurants, while others have a cafeteria-style dining area. You can choose to pay for a monthly meal package or you can purchase meals individually, paying as you go. You can, of course, cook meals in the comfort of your own residence if you do not feel like walking down to the common eating area.


Unlike a traditional apartment complex, senior communities have added layer of security for their residents. Each unit typically has an emergency call system that allows residents to contact the office in the case of an emergency. If you need assistance, simply use the system and a staff member will come to assist you or call for an emergency vehicle if necessary.

How to Choose the Best Recurve Bow?

Recurve bows are a popular type of bow in archery and can be used for multiple purposes including target shooting, competitions and hunting. One might ask, “Won’t any recurve bow work for any of those activities?” and the answer would be a resounding “No”!

Each activity should require its own bow for maximum results. This is not saying you can’t use one bow for all activities, this just means that particular bows work well in target practice, however aren’t as efficient while hunting. That being said, it’s important to know the different types of bows and determine the best one for your needs.


Features: The bow needs to be quiet. This is crucial when hunting. Other needs are ensuring the draw weight and length are appropriate. Last is to preferably have easy transportation for it. This one is a suggestion, but not necessarily a requirement. Takedowns are ideal for this. Takedown recurve bows allow you to quickly detach the limbs, that way you can store it in a case.

Best Recurve Bow: Bear Grizzly, Bear Archery Super Kodiak and Martin Saber

Target Shooting:

Features: The bow should have a smooth draw to have the most accurate shooting possible. It should also be full of power. That being said, having a heavier bow does not equate to a more powerful shot. If the bow is too heavy for your build, then your hands will shake and your aim will be off. Be sure to determine the correct draw weight for your body type.

Best Recurve Bow: Martin Jaguar Takedown


Features: Definitely needs tons of power; however it also needs minimal vibration. Having grips is also key to ensuring the bow is stable in your hands. Last would be to have an ultra-accurate arrow rest.

Best Recurve Bow: Hoyt Competition

Of course, not only do you need to look at the activity use of the bow, but you also need to look at your experience. If you are a beginner archer, you may want to start off with a target shooting bow. Even if your end goal is to start hunting, it may be easier for you to start off with something a little easier to handle and then work your way up to a more advanced bow. If you want to start off with a hunting recurve bow, the next item to review is pricing. There are several hunting recurve bows that you can look at and you can either decide to buy the more expensive bow, therefore only buying once, or you can choose to start with a more inexpensive bow, practice with that, and then later buy a more expensive bow.

Other areas to look at when choosing the best recurve bow are:

• Draw weight

• Draw length

• Eye dominance

These are all key to your success as an archer. It’s like choosing a running shoe if you’re a runner. Choosing one that is too small, big, wide or narrow can hurt your foot or interfere with your success as a runner. There are many different methods to do all three of the above areas, but we won’t go into detail here. Just know that you need to look at these first, and then look at actual recurve bows.

3 Ways Water Enters Your Basement

There are 3 ways that water enters your home. Cracks are created in the wall, footer and the floor.

The Wall

(Wall is usually made from Cinder Block, Poured Concrete, Brick or Stone)

Wall cracks are created through several different ways:

  • Lack of Parging and Tar – When you home was first build the builder puts a layer of parging and tar on the outside of your foundation wall. Over time the tar wears away just as the asphalt on you roof wears away and needs to be replaced. As the parging and tar disappear, water and ground acidity have direct access to your foundation wall.
  • Improper Backfill – When the builder used a bull dozer to push in the backfill around your foundation the pressure against a wall caused a crack.
  • Ground water – Water accumulates in the backfill area of your home and starts to pressure on your wall. Ground water gathers the Acid in the ground and deposits it against the wall of your home. Acid starts to eat away at the wall of you home and creates cracks in the foundation wall.
  • Settlement – When the home settles in to the ground clay the walls move slightly and crack.
  • Water is absorbed into the foundation wall and the area above the freeze line. The depth of the freeze line is 24 inches in Virginia. As the temperature cools and warms the wall expands and contracts. This causes cracks in the foundation wall.

The Footer – (A Footer is a 12-Inch-Deep by 16-inch-wide slab of concrete around the bottom of you Foundation) From a bird’s eye view the Footer looks like a side walk around your basement. It is place in the hard pan clay of the bowl in which your home’s foundation is built.

Cracks in the footer are caused by pressure from water forcing its way underneath the footer washing away the clay and gravel surrounding the footer. As the earth beneath the footer moves the footer cracks and moves.

Floor – (Floor is a slab of concrete poured after the Footer and Walls are placed in the home.)

Newly poured concrete and dry concrete do not bound together. Since the floor is poured separately after the footer and walls are built there is a natural seem between the wall, footer and floor. This is where water first appears. Usually you will see water in the corner near the where the wall, footer and floor meet.

The reason this occurs is due to the hydrostatic pressure that is created when water forces its way around the walls, underneath the footer and pushes on the floor. Hydrostatic pressure is pressure that is exerted at equilibrium at a given point within fluid due to the force of gravity. Hydrostatic pressure increases in proportion to depth from the surface due to the increased weight from the fluid exerting downward force from above. This pressure causes water to enter through the natural seem between the wall, footer and floor as well as push water up through the center of the floor.

How do you solve this issue?

In order to address water leaking into your home you must address all facets of the problem or the problem will continue and continue to get worse until you have non-reparable structural issues.

If you excavate and repair the wall will it solve your issue?

No – Repairing the wall will not solve the problem of water getting into the home underneath the footer and through the floor.

Will a French Drain solve the issue?

No – Putting in a French Drain alone will not solve the water affecting your wall and it will not stop the water underneath the floor. The mold mildew and smell will all still continue to grow.

The solution is to create a Water management solution that addresses the issues on the Wall Footer and the Floor. Water Management is less expensive and disruptive than excavation and provides better warranties.

Gymnastics Schools – 60 Ideas for Great Customer Service

Way to shut the Back Door

1. Friendly, knowledgeable persons answering phone and front desk 12 hours a day. Have no automated service with Four lines, message on hold, and friendly short voice mail.

2. Web page updated every Friday

3. Sign in front of building has to be good!

4. Spend money on things like annual flowers outside

5. Canopy on your building so kids won’t get wet when dropped off

6. New Student checklist along with lesson confirmation card.

7. Get up and open door if a mother has a stroller, or carrying babies.

8. Greet everyone, even if on the phone, who enters the door -know names of new customers.

9. Same desk person every week and have front desk person involved in themes. They can wear leis, witch’s hats.

10. Say goodbye and thanks for coming

11. Nametags out for new child and a child in a makeup.

12. Introduction of class theme, and review at the end for the parents!

13. Money back guarantee

14. Free trial classes

15. Video brochure

16. Encourage free tour and class placement

17. Referral payment $10.00

18. Makeup reminder cards

19. Unlimited make-ups in spring and summer

20. Dress code reminder cards

21. Parent handbook, so they understand the policies

22. Post class interaction with new Mom

23. Eyes taped to forehead first day-must look enthusiastic

24. Start on time, and finish on time

25. Joiner call-ask Mom how the child liked the class and review main policies

26. “Glad you could join us” postcard

27. I spend $300 for magazines for the parents (watch your image, suggestions-Christian, Parenting, Parents, Baby, Cat Fancy, Sports Illustrated, ESPN)

28. “Missed you” phone call

29. Bounce back coupon-ask them to return and give them an incentive

30. Appreciation coupon

31. Birthday card

32. Daily postcards

33. Postcard when ring the bell

34. Birthday bulletin board

35. Lesson plan logic bulletin board

36. Staff photos and bio bulletin board

37. Anniversary with gym card

38. Call if ice bag, cries, having troubles

39. No hassle refunds

40. Graduation certificate

41. Preschool parent exchange

42. Holiday cards in mail

43. Thank you notes

44. Get well cards

45. Offer babysitting for siblings during parent and tot classes

46. Mom and tot class videos for christmas

47. PapaBear night-a special open gym just for the kids and the Dads

48. Mothers’ Day appreciation week

49. Speakers at your gym (Policeman, fireman, nutritionist)

50. Photos you take in class-mail to them

51. Business card bulletin board for members only

52. $5.00 off appreciation coupon/20 per month

53. List of moms and children’s names to classes

54. Use their names!

55. Notice new hair-do, nice outfit, new car

56. Send baby cards, sympathy, thinking of you

57. Under promise and over deliver

58. Backs and cushions on bleachers

59. Clean bathrooms with diaper changing table, extra toilet paper, tampon container

60. Air fresheners throughout the gym


• What gets measured gets done. Ask how you’re doing in person and in surveys.

• Disney says, “Wrap an experience around a service transaction.”

• Think relationships!

Budget Plan – An Unexpected Windfall

Now check this out — what if Santa Claus comes to town and leaves a nice financial windfall under your Christmas tree? What a sweet surprise! Maybe this is your reward for taking a chance and competitiveness for a lucrative assignment that by some miracle, you won. Along with making sure that you'll deliver, if not surpass, your new client's expectations, you should as well think about how you can effectively allocate the proceeds from the billable hours.

Most often, we approach the subject of financial contingency planning from the negative side and prepare ourselves for unexpected expenditures that could have destroyed a budget or seriously depleted our savings. But why not manifest prosperity and think about what you can do if your ship comes in? Here's a sampling of where extra money can be applied:

Erase debt

Without a doubt, pay off or pay down all outstanding debts. Interest rates are at loan shark levels and eliminating the burden will increase your credit score and decrease your stress level. If you are not in debt, then pay ahead on monthly installation obligations such as health and auto insurance policies or renewable business licenses and certificates. Payment of these types of accounts payable is recorded as an asset on your Balance Sheet.

Professional development

Are there continuing education workshops, courses, or certificates that, if acquainted, stand to enhance your stature and brand? Is there a conference that not only provides useful information, but also good networking opportunities? Explore how you might raise the bar on your qualifications and make yourself a more employable and more highly paid consulting Solopreneur.

Business investment

Maybe your billable hours are insufficiently generous to allow you to buy a new car? Ask your accountant or business attorney if the new automobile can be designated as a company vehicle and permit you to write off some portion of the expenses, plus depreciation, to sweeten the investment. You might also consider purchasing a more powerful computer and making other technology upgrades, or buying office equipment, such as a new desk or an ergonomically correct office chair. Much smaller, but still significant, branding upgrades that are worth an investment may include a new invoice statement, business note cards, stationery, or holiday greeting cards.

Retirement account

Fund your retirement account to the maximum annual amount with pre-tax dollars. If you have extra money, open a Roth IRA account in tandem with your primary retirement account and enhance your financial future with after-tax dollars. Verify first the financial guidelines required for simultaneously holding these two retirement funds.

General savings

You may also meet with a wealth manager, if you meet the investment minimum and can find someone who can be trusted. Alternately, on your own you can research and invest a couple of thousand dollars in a mutual fund that is indexed to the stock market and watch it grow (and it will, despite some ups and downs along the way).


Oh, go ahead! When's the last time you took a wonderful vacation? Solopreneurs work so hard and we worry so much about how we'll be able to satisfy our clients, find new clients, win back lapsed clients, generate relevant content marketing, distinguishing ourselves from competitors and on and on. I do not know about all of you, but I am sometimes so exhausted it's absurd! Recently, I've been able to take brief local vacations, but I dream of taking two weeks or even more in Marrakesh, Morocco. Or Bahia, Brazil. Or Shanghai. Or Rome. Or Tokyo. Or Mumbai.

Thanks for reading,


Architectural Rendering Symbols

Architectural rendering refers to the visualization of a proposed design. The architecture rendering of visualization presents the replica of the planned project for the approval of the person who wants it to be constructed. Once approved, the plan is then taken ahead for construction. Architectural renderings may include commercial or residential units consisting of complicated designs and lengthy animations. Architectural rendering symbols are used to simplify the designing procedure while drawing the blueprint of the project.

In earlier times, architects had to perform an extensive job of drawing and explaining their layouts in detail by mentioning every part of the designing structure. Architectural rendering technologies have now redefined the method and procedures of architectural rendering. The architects employ various “Auto-CAD”, Automatic Computer Aided Designing symbols to make their job easier and faster. These symbols have now become an integral part of architectural rendering.

These symbols are divided into different segments in order to provide a clear understanding and classify the areas of their usage. Every portion of the project is thus projected by different symbols typical to that portion of the plan such as bedroom furniture and accessory symbols, bathroom accessory symbols, accessories for interior designing and outdoor planning, cars and even human figures. Apart from these symbols, there are specific architectural symbols used for indicating plans, structures, floor plans and framing plans of doors and windows as well.

The initial layout starts with the convention architecture symbols used for depicting the construction features such as plot and the site plan. The layout is then carried forward according to the specifications by using typical rendering symbols used for different metals, wood, glass and other materials that are required to finish the project. Symbols are also used for displaying the various classifications for earthly materials, concrete materials, glass varieties and stone surfaces. These symbols, thus, play an important role in shaping up the final replica of the proposed project.